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In Pokemon Black and White, the sixth gym is the Mistralton City Gym, which happens to be my favorite gym. Skyla is the Gym Leader, and she is a specialist of Flying-type Pokemon.

When you arrive in Mistralton City, you’ll meet Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper’s father and the Gym Leader, Skyla. Cedric will leave and Skyla tells you that she has to go to the Celestial Tower on Route 7. You are required to go there and make your way to the top floor, but that’s a different story.

After going to the Celestial Tower, Fly back to Mistralton City and make your way towards the gym. When you enter the gym, talk to Clyde to receive a Fresh Water.

Go straight and enter the cannon to be shot to a different area. After that, go left and enter that cannon. Go down the stairs and enter the cannon again. Go up and you are challenged by Worker Cliff. Go up the stairs and talk to Worker Brady and you’ll be challenged by him.

Enter the cannon and you’ll be in a different area. Go left and up and you’ll be challenged by Pilot Ted. This cannon has two entrances: one on the left and one south of it. Enter through the south entrance. Enter the cannon to the right of where you landed, and you’ll land on the other side of that same cannon. Go left and you’ll be challenged by Pilot Chase. Continue going left and enter the cannon.

Walk up the stairs and you’ll be challenged by Worker Arnold. Enter the cannon next to him. You’ll land in a different area with yet another cannon. Enter it and you’ll land in another area with another cannon. Enter the cannon. Enter the cannon in the next area and you’ll land right in front of the Gym Leader.

Skyla has a lv33 Swoobat, a lv33 Unfezant and a lv35 Swanna. Rock-type, Ice-type, and Electric-type Pokemon will work just fine in this gym. Her Swoobat has Acrobatics, Amnesia, Heart Stamp, and Assurance as its moveset. It likes to Acrobatics and Amnesia. Her Unfezant has Quick Attack, Leer, Air Slash, and Razor Wind as its moveset. It’ll use Leer to lower your Defense and Quick Attack when your Pokemon has low HP. The pride and joy of her team is her Swanna. Swanna’s moves are Aqua Ring, Air Slash, Bubblebeam and Aerial Ace. It’s Aerial Ace never misses, and it’s Aqua Ring will restore some HP if it doesn’t have full HP. Defeat Skyla and you’ll receive the Jet Badge and TM62 which is Acrobatics.

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