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Meowth, that’s right! PokĂ©mon Elite 2000′s very own moderator, RocketMeowth, is replacing Carter Cathcart as the voice of Meowth for TPCi.

After so graciously stepping down for the world’s number one Meowth fan, Cathcart will voice his final episode as Meowth in episode seventeen of the Black and White series, when a fellow professorial colleague of mine, Professor Seger, will debut.

RocketMeowth did state that she once talked to Maddy Blaustein, a former voice actress who voiced Meowth from the thirty-second episode of the entire show to when Pokémon dropped 4Kids after episode 419.

Believe it or not, to commemorate her last episode voicing Meowth, when Team Rocket blasts off in Pasta La Vista!, it is revealed that she said, “We’re Blaustein off again!” instead of, “We’re Blasting off Again!” Sadly, Maddy Blaustein passed away December 11th, 2008, being the only major voice actress or voice actor to die as of present.

This is Professor Geoffrey, signing off. I’m Blaustein off again!

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