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A Word From Your Editor

By Ataro
We’re back again! I’ve had a busy weekend and was able to only work on this in the weekends. Coincidentally, the publishing dates for the Times so far, all fall on weekends anyway. Without ado, I present to you this week’s Times. There aren’t as much content as the previous issue, but the important sections are still there, if you get what I mean. ;)

News And Events

By Ataro, Story Segments By Evanfardreamer
Recent Releases
The hold item, Eject Button, is back in the Pokemart! There have also been updates for the descriptions/mechanics in the Reffing Encyclopedia and All About Battles, for Eject Button, Mental Herb, Pickup, Fling, and Multi-Hit Moves. Do refer to the link if you want more details.
Click Here!
B/W Pokémon Tournament
The matchups for Round One are up! Get battling, gogo!
Click Here!
Yeah, that’s right! For those of you that have been wanting a gym! Vermillion City and Pummelo Island are open for application. If you want a shot at these, do hurry and apply for it. Don’t forget to read the rules though!
Click Here!
Auction House
It looks like Crustle is up for bid! Here’s your chance to get the first Crustle ever in URPG, as well as the first B/W Pok√©mon ever to be auctioned! Doesn’t it sound exciting? If you’re interested in a Crustle, or one of the aforementioned reasons, do quickly get over to either forum’s Auction House and quickly place your bid, because the bid is closing soon!
Click Here!
Winter Writing Competition
The competitors, in no particular order, are Mobile Suit Metagross by Taras Bulba and Dragonskin by Natorei. They tied in what was originally going to be the final round, and are now in a sudden death overtime. Make sure that you get over there and vote for the supreme winner, as you only have until Friday, March 18th to do so.
Click Here!
New Abilities in National Park!
The Park have now been updated with the new B/W abilities, as well as the changes to specific abilities that have had their mechanic changed in B/W! Roleplay is even more exciting now!
Click Here!
New URPG Professionals!
Ash K. and Shozuka are our newest baby referee and baby grader respectively! Let’s annoy them with our reffing and grading requests. I even provided you a link to their profile! :devil:
Click Here to bother Ash K.! Click Here to bother Shozuka!


Yeah, if you don’t know yet, we do take in announcement requests for The URPG Times. Don’t worry, for it is free of charge! If you would like to display an announcement for whatever reason, or shoutouts, just PM them to me. Of course, please keep it appropriate.
And here’s they are (only one this week):

By Bumblebee (AIM: thedinobot)
Hi, I am looking for a story deal for Elgyem. Please contact me if you would like to accept the offer.


Trading Section

By Ataro
The following are UFT offers. Do check the the Trading Machine if you see a Pok√©mon that you’re interested in!

  • Stinky: Honchkrow
  • Roulette Dares: Flygon, Lucario, Ludicolo, Machop
  • Gmandiddy: Camerupt, Dewgong, Drapion, Flygon, Gyarados, Nidoqueen, Ursaring
  • JokesterJesse: Cherrim, Dusknoir, Exploud, Feraligatr, Gyarados, Hitmontop, Houndoom, Kecleon, Luvdisc, Machamp, Marowak, Sceptile, Tyranitar, Walrein, Xatu
  • FlammenWarfare: Blastoise, Dodrio, Electivire, Gliscor, Machamp



Stats Collected By Gmandiddy
While there are no prizes for this, we get to have a good overall look at FFA winners for this week. And cheer, or make some noise, or whatever.

  • 1/11th: Team Pokemon with Cradily, reffed By Buzzer. Special Rule: KO to fully heal.
  • 1/14th: (Joint-win) Feng with Castform & Pidge with Bronzong, reffed by TheEvilDookie. Special Rule: KO a mon to take its ability regardless of if you want it or not.
  • 1/15th: We Taste Pies…, reffed by Team Evolution. Special Rule: Team FFA
  • 1/15th: WinterVines with Swampert, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: When you die, you may give a move to someone.
  • 1/16th: TheEvilDookie with Claydol, reffed by Pidge. Special Rule: For each head your Pokemon has, you can distribute +2 in stats of your choice.
  • 1/21th: Pidge with Dragonite, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: Auto Permanent Air Lock.



By Ataro
Since we had zero submissions, I figured I would just feature some of the comics that were entered in the 2009 version of the URPG Comic Competition.

Decision by The Jr Trainer
This is really funny if you get it. XD

Life and Times of URPG Leaders by EmBreon
My personal favorite.

May and URPG by Haze
If you would like to view the other comics (they were all pretty funny), you can visit this thread. That’s all. Remember, I pay $1,500 for each submission. You don’t have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to me, Ataro.

Featured Gym Leader Interview: Synthesis

By Ataro
This week, we managed to catch an interview with Synthesis, the newly appointed gym leader of Nimbasa City.
I looked at my watch, while continuing to run quickly over to my destination – a wide plain with nothing but lush green grass, and the two awkward chairs right in the middle of nowhere. I took a sit and it seemed almost like I was in a dream, I was sitting on a chair, in the middle of a vast field. How random is that?
As I made myself comfortable on the chair, I reached into my pockets and pulled out two rechargeable batteries; inserting them into the battery compartment in my butt. I made sure I had enough power left, so that I could finish this interview without any major crop ups.
Just as I was done, I saw a average built, male teenager walking towards me. The most striking feature of him was his yellow hair, which might explain why he was the past gym leader of Vermillion. I suppose it was some kind of ritual thing, to show his dedication and loyalty to the gym … although he was now the gym leader of the new Nimbasa City.

“Sit please,” I said.
I stared at the person I was supposed to be interviewing, as he fumbled with his seat and almost fell off, then letting out a cough once he finally found back his balance. All of a sudden, a wave of claps and laughs sounded and I looked around to study the mysterious source of the sound, but there was nothing in sight. Weird.
“Alright, so I heard that you recently became the new leader of Nimbasa City. What are you thoughts regarding being the leader of a completely new gym?”
Suddenly, I heard an unusual noise again. This time, it was the sound of a bee that was buzzing, and it actually started to speak…
Suddenly, someone started to groan in an annoying voice. He had a tag named ‘Bumblebee’. “It’s not new, its been around for a few years, jeez.”
“Well, I thought Buzzer was trying for it so I just had to get it. And, I’ve also wanted to have every Electric Gym; taking them one by one. I was kinda worried about all of the pros wanting the new badges though,” replied Synthesis.
… Oh right, I almost forgot Nimbasa City was an Electric Gym.
“I know how you feel about the badges part… Anyway, what are your favorite parts of being a Gym Leader?” I asked.
“I love how you’re restricted to just one type and the lengths you go to defend the Gym. It’s also a really great way to help realise what niche each Pok√©mon fills and how to use them best. Besides, Gym Leaders get all the girls!” replied Synthesis.
“Uh, I hope that’s appropriate for our URPG community… Moving on! What is your favorite Gym Pok√©mon, and why”
I looked at him; awaiting his answer, as he started to stretch his chin while thinking of his answer.
“That’s a really tough question to answer as I love them all equally. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Raichu. It’s so fast and versatile… not to mention unpredictable. It’s great at playing mind games with the opponent and causing them to rip their hair out in frustration.”
“Interesting. So is there any specific way to defend a Electric-type Gym? Or have you perhaps learned better or new ways to defend it?”
Suddenly, I spotted a young man walking towards us from nowhere, yet again. He was wearing spandex all over, exactly like how Superman would have dressed, except his clothes were of a moldy green instead. Instead of the ‘S’ Superman had on his chest, this guy had a ‘G’ instead. He continued walking towards us, while holding a chair in his hands. Once he reached towards us, he propped the chair onto the ground and started to speak.
The person, whom was apparently named Gman, started to speak. “Late arrival is late.”
“Uhh…” I mumbled, not knowing how to respond.
“Well, seeing as Ground types are immune to Electric attacks, I soon found out how difficult they could be. Luckily they take at least neutral damage from rain-boosted water moves so they usually don’t last too long. Tyranitar are also really common– ruining my lovely rain or sun. Luckily they are easily disposed of. As for common attacks… there seems to be an endless supply of Dragon Dances. Thunder Wave, Will-O-wisp, Snatch and Psych Up really help remove those stat-uppers,” replied Synthesis, seemingly not affected by our uninvited guest.
“Sounds like you use rain as your weather of choice most of the time,” I replied.
“Most of the time, yeah. It depends on the opponent’s Pok√©mon however.”
The uninvited guest started to speak again. “Umm anyone else, what is some good Daycare Moves for Lucario?”
Who the hell is he talking to…?
“What Gym TM do you give out to winning challengers again?” I asked, while trying to ignore Gman.
“ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Blaze Kick, Magnet Rise,” replied Synthesis.
In shock, I replied, “What!? That’s a lot of TMs!”
“Oh no, I mean Volt Switch.”
He had me there…
“Well, I like to switch a good bit so I liked the thought of getting in a free attack and then switching to a counter to block the incoming attack. Seems pretty nifty!”
“It does! Were there any specific battles that were more memorable or special?”
“The time Stinky faced me was certainly a tough battle. I saw he liked Steel-types so I set up sunny weather to try and mess with him. He sent Tyranitar and messed with my evil plans by using Roar. I got my Eelektross in and it managed to take out his Salamence after a bit of luck, despite having no TMs. But Tyranitar’s sand got in the way of my attempt at stalling. My battle against Bumblebee’s was quite memorable as well. There was a lot of switching.”
“Well, it looks like we’ve reached the end of the interview. Is there anything you would like to add on, or shoutouts?”
The dude named G-Man starts to cry and wail loudly.
“Yeah, as a closing statement I would like to say that Emolga is not ‘a flying rat’.”
As Synthesis finished his statement, he showed an unhappy frown that looked something like this: :conangry:. With the interview completed, I offered to treat Synthesis to a cup of coffee, as we walked off towards the café down the hill, while the weird and mysterious looking guy continued to sit on the chair and sobbed away.

Pokémon Of The Week

Randomly Chosen By Gmandiddy
In every issue of the URPG Times, I will randomly choose a “Pok√©mon Of The Week”. If you’re a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pok√©mon, you will win $1,000 URPG dollars! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It’s that simple!
The Pok√©mon Of The Week is a weird-looking, furry-like, large brown Pok√©mon. The most distinctive features would have to be its long pointed nose and its three broad leaves; acting as its hands. It’s … Shiftry!

Trainer Of The Week

Stats Collected By Gmandiddy
Spreadsheet Data for Trainer Of The Week
I’ve decided to award two prizes for this, starting from now. The person with the most number of total battlers will get a prize, as well as the person with the most number of non-basic battles.
In this week, the same person got the highest amount of total battles and non-basic battles! It’s Morru Magnum with an astounding number of 105 total battles, and 95 non-basic battles. Congrats, you battling machine or something…!? You’re the proud new owner of $1,500 URPG dollars! Congrats! Just reply to this thread to collect your prize!

Story Of The Week

By Evanfardreamer
The more or less arbitrarily selected story of the week is Falling In Balance by Alaskapigeon. The story aims to catch a Scyther, and is about a post-apocalyptic journey between a man and his chitinous green friend. The epic quest they take upon themselves brings the story together at the end, and it does have a bit of mature content in the vein of blood and descriptions of violence, but as long as you aren’t currently eating it should be fine.
Alaskapigeon also gets to collect $1,500 for being the author of the selected Story Of The Week! Congrats!

Roleplayer Of The Week

By WinterVines
This week’s Roleplayer Of The Week is Stinky. As far as I know, it’s been since before the revamp that he’s visited the Park, but despite that, he started off his run like an old pro.
It’s great seeing more and more people come to the Park, especially Vets. Stinky’s goes a great job with his character, giving him quirks and a real personality that’s fun to read. He also impresses with his creativity and pro technical terms (Chemistry anyone?) for a great time. Also, isn’t it wonderful seeing runs on pe2k?
Smellypoo, you get to collect $1,500! Congrats! Just reply to this thread to collect your prize.

Spendthrift Of The Week

Stats Collected By Ataro
Spreadsheet Data for Spendthrift Of The Week
I’ve also decided to award a prize for this. It seems kind of senseless to have this section and the HARD WORK COUNTING, and yet no one gets anything. For the previous issue, Monbrey and Team Evolution each get a rebate of $1,500. XD
For this week’s Spendthrift, it’s Roulette Dares. He spent a grand total of $114,500. Congrats! You get a rebate of $1,500 too!

Closing Comment

Like always, I do welcome feedback. Was it as good for you as it was for me!? Do post and tell me what you think! Also, thanks to the following people, Gmandiddy, Evanfardreamer, and WinterVines, for helping me with the individual sections in this. Thanks to the people who offered to help as well!

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