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As well as all the articles about Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite this month, the PE2K staff have been working hard to bring you a number of forum events.

Dratini Giveaway
Thanks to Paperfairy, this month we’re giving away special Dratini over Wi-Fi! How are they special, you may ask? Well each Dratini has flawless IVs, special egg moves and best of all, the OT of PE2K! These Dratini will only be available to claim this week, so get in now! For more information, click here. To claim your Dratini, post in this thread.

Drawing, Graphics & Sprite Contests
Special art contests have been set up to honour August’s POTM. The theme is set, so use your creativity to take out the top prize! Whle nothing’s been announced yet, it’s quite likely that the winners of these contests are in store for some interesting future perks… Shh! Entries close on August 22nd and voting will then begin to determine the winner, so enter while you can!
Sprite Contest
Graphics Contest
Art Contest


Creative Dex
Now’s the perfect time to submit your Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite artwork and fanfiction to the PE2K Creative Dex! Your submissions will eventually be honored on the PE2K website as a reference for the whole community of Pokemon fans!

Don’t forget you can comment on and discuss all the POTM articles posted on the site in their designated threads. You can also make new discussion threads on the forum if you have an interesting topic, or you can post your thoughts on this month’s POTM in this thread!

So don’t forget to check out the PE2K forums this month!

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