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Dragonite – A dragon-type Pokemon that has long been with us since Generation I has now been chosen as Pokemon of the month!

Dragonite has always been good when it comes to battling. With base stats of 91/134/95/100/100/80 (HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPE), not only was it powerful both physically and specially making it a good mixed Pokemon, but it was bulky as well, able to survive a substantial amount of hits. Dragon/Flying is only weak to three types (Rock, Ice Dragon), resistant to five types (Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass), immune to one type (Ground), and takes in neutral damage from eight types (Normal, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Psychic, and Dark). Unfortunately Ice-type moves are pretty common, but this is solved slightly with the use of Yache Berry, which weakens damage intake from Ice-type moves. Once Generation III was released, our powerful dragon Pokemon was soon overpowered by a new, more powerful menace – Salamence.

Although this new powerful Dragon-type Pokemon came to existence, equal typing, and even better Attack and Speed, it lacked Dragonite’s unique bulkiness and extremely large variety of moves that it could use efficiently. During the majority of Generation IV when Wi-Fi battling was introduced, Salamence overpowered Dragonite and was seen on many team with different variations. Our old Pokemon was losing its luster, but not completely.

It wasn’t until the year of 2011 when Pokemon Black and White were introduced, bringing forth Generation V and a handful of new Pokemon. It also not only did that, but introduced us to new battling methods, editing to old moves, and extra abilities known as Dream World abilities that become helpful to some Pokemon more than others; luckily, Dragonite was one of them. This new generation gave Dragonite the Dream World ability known as Multiscale. This ability halves the power of all attacks dealt on the user when at full health. Even better, Dragonite using Roost could continuously bring its health back up to 100% and fully utilizing the ability over and over again.

Dragonite is now back in action with something Salamence doesn’t have. Dragonite is now seen more often and works very well now that Yache Berry isn’t really needed as much as before, and now can be replaced with another held item that used to always hinder Dragonite’s full capabilities. Full access to moves such as Extremespeed (which also got a boost in priority thanks to Gen. V), Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, STAB moves, elemental punches, moves that are beneficial to your team, and much more, Dragonite is fully capable of wrecking teams unexpectedly.

Dragonite is definitely a Pokemon to look out for and could fit in a large variety of teams. With a large amount of moves to choose from, it’s almost impossible to find out on the first turn what set your opponent has Dragonite wielding. What a wonderful Pokemon to be chosen for the month!

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