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Valentines Day is all about love. It is the day where we can show love to the people we care for the most. They could be either family, friends or our significant others. Love also exists in Pokemon in the form of pairings.

The pairing of Pokemon characters have been around since the beginning of the fandom with Ash and Misty being one of the first ships. Over fifteen years later, the Pokemon franchise has gained many new characters to pair. Let me showcase some of the pairs that our Twitter followers support.

Kotone x Red, Saturn x Mars, Kotone x Silver x Hibiki, Kotone x Hibiki, Phoebe x Steven, Scrafty x Lilligant

Galeomania names a lot of pairings there. Some of these pairs I have seen before while others are completely new to me. I know that Kotone x Hibiki is a popular one based on the fanart I have seen. They can be pretty nice together seeing that both are popular because of the recent HeartGold/SoulSilver remakes.

She had a lot of unique pairings but I am sure that there are many others that ship at least two or three of those same people together.

This next tweet opened up the flood gates when it comes to the support behind it.

Bianca x Cheren is my OTP forever. uvu Candice x Maylene is nice, too!

Bianca and Cheren sound as if they will make a cute couple. They are complete opposites of each other with one being carefree while the other is strict. The perfect example of how opposites attract.

Still, it was the later half of the tweet that made people explode with excitement.

@FunkCandy @pe2k aaa CandicexMaylene is cute!!


@RevivedSin @UtaHimeMari @FunkCandy @pe2k Yeah I like this pairing too

As you can see, Candice x Maylene has a following that sparked a discussion on Twitter where RevivedSin joined in.

Candice x Maylene sounds to be a popular pairing among fans and may be one of the most popular ones coming out of the 4th Generation.

GoldxKrys, CandicexVolkner

Of course, there are other popular Sinnoh gym leaders who are paired together. These two characters may have not met within the games or anime but it doesn’t stop people from shipping them. That is one of the most important rules of shipping.

Gold and Krystal is one that I like as well. The first male and female heroes within the Pokemon games. It is only natural that they will be paired together.

UtaHimeMari also was able to provide another pairing as well.

Oh! And HikarixRiley

This one I have certainly seen before on the PokeTwitterverse. It sounds like a nice one to support.

Even Pokemon can be paired together as you can see in our the next tweet

Also Lilligant x Escavalier because shush I will ship Pokémon together if I want to

This shipping sounds very romantic. Liligant looks like as if she could be royalty while Escavalier is clearly based on a knight. The Queen-Knight relationship is the basis of many popular stories. It is only natural that these two Pokemon follow suit in this cliche.

Not even the PokeTwitterverse is safe from shipping as some of our favorite PokeTweeters have their own pairings.

Silver and Green are so kawaii

The famous master of love, Gold, apparently thinks that Silver and Green (Blue for non-US Pokemon Adventures readers) make a cute couple. He has been very supportive for his best friend and I am sure he is hoping Silver’s relationship will flourish.

Winona and me, of course.

The best part about the PokeTwitterverse is that it allows some people to live out their pairing. The Kanto Champion Lance is doing this right now with his long time girlfriend, Winona. I have mentioned in a previous article about how cute their relationship is. The magic of the PokeTwitterverse has allowed this pairing to become alive.

Though, not all think love is nice.

love sucks

Harsh words coming from the Kanto Master of Darkness.

What are my favorite Pokemon character pairings? I would rather keep that to myself. Even I have the guilty pleasure to roam around looking for fanart and fanfiction of my favorite pairings like many of the people above me have done. It is just a part of being a fan of Pokemon and its many colorful characters.

Special thanks to all that contributed to this article and I would like to wish everybody a Happy Valentines Day!

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