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Last week we took a look at the Pokemon Lucario, and how useful it was in the competitive aspects of the URPG. This week we’re going to find out how you can obtain one. It might even be easier than you think!
Lucario itself is a Demanding-rank Pokemon, but it’s standard practise to write for the lowest evolution stage of a Pokemon, so we’ll look at Riolu for writing purposes. Riolu is Complex, which is where the fanfiction needs to be really fleshed out. At this rank, the Graders are looking for interesting plotlines, cohesive characters, and good, consistent description. This can be really hard to pull off all at the same time, especially for beginning writers. It’s generally not advised for people to try writing at the Complex level until they’ve had a few Medium or Hard rank stories passed. Some examples of stories with successful Riolu captures are:
Profile by Nyurgh

Healing Aura by Hiding in Plain Sight

The Journey Home by Alaskapigeon
From an assisting point of view, Lucario can be a great side-character, i.e. not necessarily a Pokemon you’re writing for, but someone who appears in the story to help it along. Lucario are almost universally seen as kind Pokemon who strive to help good succeed over evil, which immediately invokes powerful feelings and ignites the imagination. Perhaps a Lucario is the leader of a group dedicated to saving the world, and they pick up your story target along the way. Another common occurrence is that the Lucario is seen as a teacher, perhaps passing on techniques to a Machop or a Meditite. Lucario can even step into the role of a villain – they’re powerful creatures who strive to do what they think is best, even if that means detriment to others for the sake of the greater good. This brings to mind an epic quest for revenge or justice against a Pokemon who lives in endless shades of gray as opposed to black and white.

National Park:

Lucario is a good Pokemon to take into the National Park. They can provide a strong character to roleplay around, and they usually make a fantastic straight man to the hijinks of a mischievous Trainer. Lucario can be curious, but they always stoically ready to battle, so you won’t have any problems for justifying a capture attempt with the Aura Pokemon around. The Lucario may even want to start a battle just to test their skills against the Wild Pokemon in question.

Practically speaking, Lucario is a solid choice but not a fantastic one. The Aura Pokemon’s wide movepool means not only can it hit almost any Pokemon supereffectively, but it also can use ineffective moves to weaken Wild Pokemon towards the end of a battle. Furthermore, Lucario is a great team player if you’re looking to go on a two-person Expedition. It can divert attacks with Follow Me and even heal partners with Heal Pulse. Unfortunately, that’s where Lucario’s uses end. It has no reliable way of inducing status. Lucario is best used as a heavy hitter and as team support, but you’ll want to bring a partner who can whittle down health and paralyse your targets / put them to sleep.

Lucario itself is found in Mount Oktori, along with its previous evolution Riolu. Lucario has a Minimum Character Requirement is thirty-five thousand characters, which is not something to be undertaken lightly, but is still quite possible for roleplayers with experience. If you intend to catch a Lucario in the National Park, you’d probably better bring a Voice Disk – Lucario makes up 1% of all Oktori appearances, and Riolu slightly less than that.

I caught up with MaverickKaiser, one of the URPG’s premier Lucario users. In fact, he currently holds the NUKEM Lucario at a very impressive fourty-two added moves.

So, Mav, why is it you like Lucario?

I liked it in the eighth Pokemon movie, and Aura Sphere reminds me of a Rasengan from Naruto.

Fair enough. Where have you been successful with your Lucario?

Quite a few battles, most of which have been Gym challenges. The most memorable one was my Ice Dojo challenge versus Roulette, back when he was a newbie. The only time my Lucario has let me down is when Pman haxxed him to death once.

In what situations do you like to use Lucario?

I like Lucario’s versatility. It can boost every single one of its stats except Special Defense, so I usually like trying to set up with it. Many people try to knock him out fast but with the right set-up and added moves he can sweep.

Do you have any advice for people who’d like to use Lucario better?

Daycare moves are your greatest asset. Lucario learns an attack of every type except Flying and Grass. Ice Punch, Thunderpunch and Blaze Kick are priorities. I’d also rate Magnet Rise as important, because Ground types will kill you with Earthquake, but they’re usually quite slow.

Are there any glaring weaknesses in Lucario that you think people should be on the lookout for?

Everything. Lucario is only weak to Fire, Fighting and Ground moves, but everything these days gets Earthquake, Bulldoze, and Brick Break. Try to know what Pokemon you’ll be facing and plan ahead. Lucario makes for a great Glass Cannon so I advise using it with either an Expert Belt or a Life Orb. Lastly, never, ever forget that Lucario has Extremespeed. I know people who forget Lucario has it.

Final Review:

Lucario is a excellent Pokemon that is definitely worth your attention in the URPG. It’s a powerful asset in both battles and Contests, a rare sighting in the National Park, and a common appearance in stories. As long as you recognise Lucario’s weaknesses – its lack of defences and inability to induce status, for example – the Aura Pokemon can be a serious help to you in your URPG career.

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