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Hey, for those of you who haven’t met me, I’m ChainReaction01, and I’m writing reviews of Pokemon in relation to the Ultra Role-Playing Game, a text-based RPG which is played right here on the PE2K Forums. If this article interests you in any way, you should go check it out!
Anyway, for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be investigating one of the most famous Pokemon: Charizard. The fiery red dragon is the only non-Legendary Fire/Flying, so he is useful in filling niches. However, as you’ll see, he can do much more than cover weaknesses. Furthmore, he’s rather easy to obtain in the URPG, so you can get a good Charizard up and running without too much effort. This week we’ll look at how Charizard can help you in Contests and Battles, and next week we’ll talk about how to get one.
General :
Charizard’s lowest evolution stage is Charmander, which is available in the PokeMart for $8000. This means it is easily procurable, although it is one of the more expensive Pokemon for sale. Thankfully, it doesn’t require an evolution item, so if you’re a skilful battler you can actually turn a profit on the Charmander’s evolution battles.
Despite the rarity of great non-Dragon Flying-types, Charizard isn’t seen much in competitive gameplay. This is mostly due to his Rock weakness, but everyone always forgets that as a Generation I Pokemon, he has an incredibly diverse movepool, and requires a fairly deep wallet to fully trick out.
Charizard used to be a powerhouse of a Pokemon with a plethora of options available to him. Unfortunately, his double weakness to rock meant that the introduction of Stealth Rock was essentially a neutering. If this entry hazard is on the field and Charizard is sent into battle, he loses a staggering 50% of his health. This turns a lot of normally less-worrying attacks into fatal blows.
Still, this doesn’t mean that Charizard is useless. Far from it. His Dream World Ability is Solar Power, which is an amazing gift. Charizard can hit hard right off the bat without any set-up, provided that sun is up. With a very respectable speed of 299, Charizard can outspeed almost all of the Rock-types that it fears, and hit back with a devastating Solarbeam.
Going physical is also an option with Charizard. He gets Swords Dance, Belly Drum and most interestingly Dragon Dance. His 267 base Attack isn’t anything special, but with a buff move behind him, his Fire Punch and Earthquake can really punch holes in targets. He also has plenty of coverage moves like Dragon Claw and Crunch for hitting the occasional counter.
Charizard’s liveability isn’t particularly good with his 360/255/269 defensive stats, but like lots of Flying-types he gets Roost. Good timing and prediction can even use the temporary typing loss as a bonus versus Rock or Electric Pokemon. He can also use Will-O-Wisp to cut the attack of any potential killers, negating his average-at-best Defense.
Charizard is a strong Contest contender as well, especially in RSE and DPPt Contests. He has lots of moves in all five Attributes in addition to all kinds of strategic options like Quick Attack and Focus Punch. Swords Dance should not be forgotten as a condition raiser, and he has access to loads of combos. Elemental punches all chain together nicely, and Sunny Day followed by almost any Fire-type move ever will net you loads of points. As a Generation 1 Pokemon, you’ll find that Charizard can adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.
Unfortunately, Charizard isn’t as good in BW Contests. In a gametype that fiercely punishes Trainers who allow their Pokemon to faint, the whole “burn bright but fast” battle style of Charizard can be detrimental. However, this is partially alleviated by the fact that a Charizard kill is only worth 3 hearts, and if Charizard can revenge-kill a 5-heart Pokemon, that’s probably worth the trade-off. It’s also interesting to note that his staple attacks (such as Flamethrower and Air Slash) are all very rewarding heart-wise. Moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast pay out 4 hearts, and Overheat gives as astounding 5 hearts. Definitely a move to use if you’re just about to faint.
Next week I’ll be taking a look at how you can obtain a Charizard and how useful it can be in the more creative areas of the URPG. I hope to see you then!

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