For yesterday’s release of Dark Explorers, has created a mini-website with a Darkrai theme to advertise the new TCG set. This website contains many interesting features that make it unique and fun to visit; a history of the “pitch-black” pokemon, a preview of the Dark Explorers set, information about new Pokemon-EX cards, instructions on how to receive a special Darkrai for your Pokemon Black & White version, a lot of free downloadable content, and even the entire movie Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai, available for viewing.


First of all, the website contains a “History” page that offers a short description of Darkrai and many explanations of video games and other media that Darkrai has appeared in.



The Mythical Pokémon Darkrai is one of the more mysterious Pokémon a Trainer could face. Known as the Pitch-Black Pokémon, it is said to be able to put people to sleep, and then give them nightmares! But Darkrai will battle ferociously for any Trainer that manages to catch it.



The next page is entitled “Next in TCG” and explains all of the features of the recently released TCG set, “Black & White: Dark Explorers.” This page lists some of the set’s new cards, Zoroark, Umbreon, and Dark Claw and its theme decks, Raiders, a deck themed around Cofagrigus, and Shadows, a deck themed around Zoroark. A wallpaper with a picture of Darkrai and the logo for Dark Explorers is available to be downloaded in many different sizes.



“New Pokemon-EX” is the website’s next page; this page shows previews of some new Pokemon-EX cards as well as in-depth descriptions of how one can apply each card’s strategies. The cards featured on this page are Darkrai-EX, Kyogre-EX, and Groudon-EX. This page’s wallpaper is EX-themed and shows the Dark Explorers package art alongside the Darkrai-EX and Groudon-EX cards.




The page “Get Darkrai” explains how one can receive a Darkrai on their copy of Pokemon Black or White version. This Darkrai has the features listed below; ¬†it can be of any nature, but it’s OT is 2012MAY, and it’s ID is 05092. It’s noteworthy that this Darkrai is holding the Enigma Berry, one the games’ rarest berries. This Darkrai is available from today until June 10th of this year, and the website’s “Get Darkrai” page gives in-depth instructions to help those who have not downloaded an event pokemon before. The wallpaper available on this page contains a high-resolution depiction of Darkrai.



Lastly, the website’s “Movie” page has the 2007 film Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai. The entire movie can be watched from your browser and the film features the anime’s protagonist, Ash, being drawn into an epic battle between Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia. A wallpaper is available on this page as well; it features art for The Rise of Darkrai.



Pokemon. com has really outdone itself this time, the Dark Explorers website is truly engaging. I can definitely respect the Pokemon Company more for offering their film free to those who visit the page. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend that you visit the site when you get the chance, I, personally, enjoyed browsing through all of its content. Make sure to get your Darkrai, pick up a pack of Dark Explorers, watch The Rise of Darkrai, and download those wallpapers while you still can; you won’t regret it!


– Ali Al-Karam


SOURCE:,’s Dark Explorers Website

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