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Welcome to the second edition of Collector’s Corner. This time we have information on the new Banpresto promotion featuring everyone’s favourite Eeveelutions, a brand new line of chibi Pokemon figures and plush and a recap of the merchandise on sale this month in Japan.

News time!

Pokemon ‘Kyun Chara’ chibi figure line announced

Kyun Chara is a line of chibified figures popular in Japan. Many different games and anime series have their own Kyun Chara figures, and now it’s Pokemon’s turn. At the recent CharaHobby fair in Japan, a number of Pokemon and human Kyun Chara figures and plush were revealed, including Team Rocket, Ash, Pikachu, Charizard, Mew, Mewtwo, Lucario and the Kanto starters. No date has been set yet, but Pokemon Kyun Chara items are expected to be released some time in early 2013. For more images, check out this report of the CharaHobby toy fair.


Banpresto’s I Love Eevee Promotion continues

Banpresto has recently begun it’s “I Love Eevee” promotion with the release of a big, fluffy Eevee plush and smaller keychain plush of each Eeveelution. The fun continues with the next wave of plush – beautifully designed deluxe Flareon and Jolteon. Just look at those adorable faces!


Jakks Pacific drops Pokemon

As reported earlier on PE2K, Jakks Pacific has chosen to drop their license to produce Pokemon toys outside Japan. In the past, Jakks Pacific have been criticised by fans for their sub-par quality plush, choosing obscure Pokemon to create merchandise for and for poor distribution, with some products being much harder to find than others. While the quality of their Pokemon toys has certaintly improved of late, many fans are hopeful that another, larger company will pick up the Pokemon license and offer a wider range of products with greater distribution, both in the US and internationally.

Now on sale!

Pokemon Time

In the last edition of Collector’s Corner, we showed off the Pokemon Time items for 2012. Those items go on sale in Pokemon Centers across Japan today! The line includes clearfiles, notebooks, figure straps, deck sleeves, deck boxes and pens. A second wave of Pokemon Time items is due in October, this time including plush! Stay tuned to PE2K’s Collector’s Corner for further news. Pokemon Time is a very popular promotion, so if you’re interested in purchasing any pieces from the collection, don’t delay!


Halloween Promotion – “The Pokemon Night”

The Pokemon Center’s annual Halloween promotion is now on sale! This year, trainers have brought their Pokemon to star in a Halloween film, titled “The Pokemon Night”! Products on sale include mugs, metal charms, pins, keyrings, plush and a phone holder and feature Pokemon such as Mismagius, Rotom, Litwick, Lilligant and Pikachu!


Gym Leaders & Champions feature

Clearfile and bookmark sets to celebrate the Pokemon World Tournament in Black and White 2 are now available at Pokemon Centers. The sets are arranged nicely in boxes for display and feature the latest Sugimori art of each human Gym Leader or Champion and their star Pokemon. A set of metal badges based on those from Pokemon Black and White 2 are also available if you want to feel like a real Pokemon trainer!


If you’re interested in any of these Japan-only items, remember you can purchase or pre-order them from Sunyshore PokeMart or PokeVault, two highly reputable sellers of Pokemon goods picked up directly from Pokemon Centers in Japan!

Until next time!

That’s all for this edition of Collector’s Corner. As well as news on new starter Pokemon plush and a Lugia promotion, we will have reviews of Pokemon merchandise in our next edition. In our next article we will ask fans the question “What’s your favourite piece of Pokemon Merchandise?”. If you’d like to contribute and have your answer featured in our next article, just register at the PE2K forums and post in this thread. Until next time!

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