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Sir Doomy Pokemon X and Y Starters

OH MY GOSH! They announced Generation 6: Pokemon X and Y!

I know you’re probably as excited as I am. This is going to be an amazing year. One of the best in the history of Pokemon!

Enjoy your Monday Laughs!

Editor’s Picks

Sir-Doomy (Above) – “Buy the new Pokemon ASDFJKL Version!”

Dorkly Comics – Reactions To New Pokemon Games, By Levels of Excitement.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – “I remember you!”

Drawn Pokemon Comics

Black Adventures – “It’s been some time since we’ve heard Plasma’s name.”

Dark Legacy Comics – Not exactly Pokemon, but close enough.

Funeral of Hearts – “You’re not a bug at all, am I right?”

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – “… this is it.”

Mokepon – “Goodnight Atticus…”

Nerd Rage – “SUPER NERD wants to fight!”

PMD: Victory Fire – “Stay in touch! I MEAN it!”

Pokemon Beta – “…that would be aborting our current mission!”

Pokemon: Bond of Hearts – “We were… exercising.”

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventurers of Light – “I can do this!”

Super Effective – “They’ve stopped coming near me after I stopped bathing.”

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke – “IF WE HURRY HE’LL NEVER NOTICE.”

Fatality: The Crazy Dice – “Don’t worry boss, I’m a good girl.”

NuzRooke – “Life’s too short for that.”

Kit’s Black Distortion Nuzlocke – “Dude, you better battle him!”

Pokemon Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge – “And why is it always them?”

Pixel Pokemon Comics

Losers’ Nuzlocke Challenge – “Stick to the plan…”

Pebble Version – He adjusted.

And More!

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