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Brawl in the Family Opposites

Happy April Fools Day!

Today will be full of many jokes and pranks. Some will be fun, and others will be not.

But regardless of what you see, know that today you get your dependable, and regularly scheduled Monday Laughs!

Editor’s Picks

Brawl in the Family (Above) – Sometimes opposites attract.

Awkward Zombie – This didn’t end well.

Burning Bridges – “That was PAINFUL!”

Drawn Pokemon Comics

CharCole – “I know exactly which Pokemon to use!”

Mokepon – You could have said that earlier.

PMD: Adventurers of Light – “The team name should be FluffyFace!”

PMD: Explorers of Dawn – Let sleeping dogs lie.

PMD: Team Emerald – “But I missed you the most.”

PMD: Thunder Blitz Treasures – “She showed me trouble.”

PMD: Victory Fire – “Jen, wake up…”

Pokemon no Rakuen – “Maybe the world has a sense of humor?”

Shinka: The Last Eevee – “Look who decided to show her face again!”

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke – “He’s a traitor!”

Dugg Flatz Gets a Dicky – “Not like this.”

Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode – “… You’re my only friend…”

Kit’s Black 2 Nuzlocke – “Oh are ye really surprised?”

NuzRooke – “So… I see you’ve found me.”

Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Adventures – “Let’s fight against the cruel world, and TAKE BACK YOUR FUTURE!”

Sprite Pokemon Comics

Pebble Version – “Forget sap, something that big could just eat the tree.”

And More!

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