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NuzRooke Hello Gents

There are many kinds of days.

There are regular days when you’re neither up nor down. There are bad days when it just seems to rain.

And then there are days when you’re like a Psychic Pokemon in room full of Koffing.

Enjoy your Monday Laughs!

Editor’s Picks

NuzRooke (Above) – “Let’s talk.”

JHall Pokemon – “What, uh, is that?”

Mokepon – Well that seems a bit familiar.

Drawn Pokemon Comics

CharCole – “I’m down here!”

Funeral of Hearts – “… He is crying!”

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – “That’s not true!”

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – “I wonder what they’re thinking about…”

PMD: Adventurers of Light – “Do you have a crush on her?”

PMD: Explorers of Dawn – “Just give me a minute to wake up.”

PMD: Team Emerald – “Is that so?”

PMD: Thunder Blitz Treasures – “Stop that.”

PMD: Victory Fire – “Anything will do.”

Pokemon no Rakuen – “Why’d you save me?”

Shinka: The Last Eevee – Wheels and Feet.

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke – “Leave it to us.”

Crystal’s Soul Silver Nuzlocke – “Please come home to us.”

In Black and White – “She doesn’t understand you!”

Nuzlocke of Ernie – “Today is my last…”

Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Adventures – “Have you seen our King?”

Pokemon Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge – “Who are you?”

Pokemon: Hard-Mode – “I LIKE trumpets.”

Reign: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke – “You’ll thank us for this one day.”

Sprite Pokemon Comics

Jo’s Pokemon Journey – “Good job!”

Pebble Version – “That’s an oddly specific feeling…”

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