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Mwa Ha Ha HA! Yes, Yes. It’s Monday and that means, my citizens, a time to engage in the diabolical act of perusing Pokemon Comics! My evil plan has come to fruition!

Editor’s Picks

Pokeyman: Revolution (Top) – “Foolish Girl… This is MY city.”

Mokepon – Aww, thank you for the treat, Master. No, not the pokeball! My food!!!!

Pebble Version – And her hair is still on fire.

Drawn Comics

A Very JHALL Nuzlocke – A forever we shall be tortured by a rival who chooses… Second.

Curly Pie – I don’t get it either.

Funeral of Hearts – And Pikachu saves the day again?

Just Gotta – Cause clearly swords are a nonlethal form of combat.

Perfect Lie – She’s a little forgetful when waking up. Or is her memory problem related to her dream?

PokE Doujinshi – Helicopters flying in formation… Ominous.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – As usual, the villains get away as the heroes rush to save the day.

Pokemon Zirconia – No! The poor Charmander! Stupid Team Rocket!

Rare Candy Treatment – When the Diglett take to the skies, that will be a sign that the world is ending.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – Air would be good. Yes. Important to remember these things.

Stuff of Legend – Some advice, my friend. You won’t win a gym battle with one Pokemon unless it’s Ash’s Pikachu.

Super Effective – He must not be using AT&T since he gets service in that cave. Can you hear me now? Darn.

Sprite Comics

Pokemon Edge – Warning. Language! Language! Language, Will Robinson!

Pokemon Light & Dark – It must be pretty disturbing to see your own mutated, dead body.

Pokemon-X – It is tough to figure out which Pokemon you want to use, especially when you have so many options!

Pokemon Warpers – Ah, glad it all worked out. Cue the end-of-episode narration.

PE2K Comics

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