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Chillin’ With Brycen


Conquering Twist Mountain


After beating Skyla, take the cannon behind her to the entrance. N is waiting for you outside of of the gym, and he’s got something to say. First he has some a bit of a problem with your lead Pokemon, and then he starts mentioning your hometown. Before he leaves, he mentions two peculiar items called the Light and Dark Stones, it’s safe to say these these items have something to do with the legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom. When N leaves, make a trip to the Pokemon Center. Then, head into the house to the North of the Pokemon Center and talk to the Youngster. He comments on your new badge, and then mentions an item he left on the airstrip.
If you go back and follow the runway South, you’ll eventually find the item he was talking about, TM40 Aerial Ace. After picking it up, the Youngster and his little sister will run after you, thanking you for finding it. They decide to let you keep it, lucky. Next up, you have to head down Route 7. When you reach the second beam, walk across it to cross the grass on the right, where you will reach a little house. Talk to the woman standing in front of the television to get your Pokemon healed, and then head up the stairs, where you’ll receive a call from your mom. The beam to the right of you has a Clown on it that uses a Level 30 Emolga and Sigilyph.
On the other side of the grass is a TM81 X-Scissor, one of the strongest Bug-type attacks in the game. Head North to another series of beams, which also has a Clown on it. This Clown uses a Level 29 Tynamo, Ducklett, and Tranquil. Cross the beam and you will come across the entrance to Twist Mountain.
Before you can climb the giant staircase, Cheren appears and challenges you to a battle. He has a Level 33 Unfezant, Liepard, and the evolved form of the monkey that he’s been using. He also has his starter at Level 35, and it is holding a Leftovers, which heals a little bit of HP every turn. After beating Cheren, Alder will show up at the top of the cliff and hop down, congratulating you on your hard-earned win. He also gives you both HM03 Surf, which allows you to cross bodies of water. Now that we have Surf and Strength, there are plenty of optional areas that are open to us, which will be covered in a later section.
Head up the staircase, battle the Hiker and his Level 34 Boldore and Gurdurr, and then head into the main area of Twist Mountain.


Once inside, you’ll meet up with Cheren and Clay again. Like before, the two are busy discussing Team Plasma before they go their separate ways. Keep following the tunnel and you’ll end up in the middle of Twist Mountain, probably the most disorienting area in the game. It’s actually easier to navigate in the winter, where there will be plenty of snowdrifts leading to shortcuts and new items on the mountain. There are plenty of Pokemon to catch here, including a couple of Ice-types.


Twist Mountain Wild Pokemon
Boldore, Rock-type, Levels 28-31, Common(Normal Rock)
Cubchoo, Ice-type, Levels 28-31, Varies(Common in Winter, Rare in Spring/Autumn, Very Rare in Summer)
Gurdurr, Fighting-type, Levels 28-30, Common(Normal Rock)
Woobat, Psychic/Flying-type, Levels 28-31, Uncommon(Normal Rock)
Cryogonal, Ice-type, Levels 28 & 31, Very Rare(Normal Rock)
Drilbur, Ground-type, Levels 28-31, Special(Swirling Sand)


Back to business. If you head North, you’ll reach a dead end with a Revive. In the Winter, that dead-end will be filled by a giant snowdrift, allowing you to cross over to the other side of the mountain, making it a great shortcut if you don’t want to bother with this mountain. Taking the southern path will lead to a Full Heal and another path inside the mountain. Inside, you’ll encounter a Hiker with a Level 33 Woobat, Boldore, and Gurdurr. There’s a way North next to him, but all that has is a Cool Trainer with a Level 35 Vanillish, Gothorita, and Duosion.
Keep moving through the tunnel, and you’ll encounter a Battle Girl who uses a Level 36 Throh. Back outside, there is a Worker you can challenge. He uses a Level 34 Boldore and Excadrill. Following the wooden path leads you back into the mountain. There are several clods of dirt, and the one just past the staircase is hiding a Worker with a Level 35 Swoobat. If you move East, you can pick up a Moon Stone, but then head down the stairs to the lower floor.
There’s a ton of dirt on this floor. There’s a Worker hiding in one of those piles, and he uses three Level 36 Boldore. Check the pile of dirt a few steps to the right to find a Stardust. Then head back to the left to exit the mountain once more. There’s a Max Potion outside, which fully restores your Pokemon’s health and then follow the wooden path to the end, picking up an Ether. Then head to the entrance you just passed and back inside the mountain. If you head up the first path, you can find a Nugget.
On the second path, you’ll encounter a Worker with a Level 35 Excadrill and a PP Up just past him. Head right and once again outside of the mountain. There’s a Doctor outside, and you probably need to heal yourself by now. Beat his Level 34 Duosion and heal yourself. This area will look VERY different in the Winter, instead of following the wooden path, you’ll be able to cross to the otherside.
If not, you’ll have to follow the wooden path. Head through the first entrance you come across and move North. You’ll have to battle a Hiker with a Level 34 Woobat and Boldore. Keep following the path and you’ll come across a Black Belt who has a Level 36 Sawk. If you head up the other stairs, you can grab that Ultra Ball, and then follow the path the Black Belt was jogging down. A Worker will pop out and throw his Level 34 Gurdurr and Boldore. Back outside, you’ll be at the bottom of the mountain, but on the inside. That’s right, you’re almost done.


Icirrus City and Sliding Ice Puzzle


If you head through the middle and loop around, you’ll find a tunnel that leads to an area with a giant icy crystal, hug the right wall and loop around to reach the TM91 Flash Cannon, which is a Steel-type attack that has a chance of lowering the foe’s accuracy. Back outside, if you head due right from the vending machine and head back inside the mountain, you’ll find Cheren talking to a member of Team Plasma. The Grunt and his buddy quickly leave, but Cheren stays behind. Oh well, you’re standing next to the exit of Twist Mountain, that’s right, the very end! Run outside, and the man from earlier will show up, commenting on the progress your lead Pokemon has made. He then goes into a long-winded speech before taking his leave, but who cares? You’re in Icirrus City now! Interesting fact, the puddles in this city contain Wild Pokemon,except in the Winter time.


Icirrus City Wild Pokemon
Palpitoad, Water/Ground-type, Levels 30-32, Common(Puddle)
Shelmet, Bug-type, Levels 30-32, Common(Puddle)
Stunfisk, Electric/Ground-type, Levels 31 & 32, Uncommon(Puddle)


Shelmet has an interesting method of evolution that’s worth mentioning. In order to evolve it into the incredibly fast Accelgor, you have to find a friend who has its counterpart Pokemon and trade the two. Remember Karrablast from earlier in the game? Well, you have to trade it for Shelmet in order to evolve both Pokemon. Karrablast will evolve into the Bug/Steel-type Escavalier.Unless you skipped to the optional areas, this will be the first place you’ll be able to Surf in.
Just approach one of the darker bodies of water and use the move, you’ll encounter some Pokemon in the water, but nothing you couldn’t find just by walking in the puddle. Inside the Pokemon Center, talk to the old lady to receive a TM31 Brick Break, a powerful Fighting-type move that can also break Reflect and Light Screen. It’s stronger than Rock Smash, so if you have Pokemon on your team that are still using that, teach them this instead. The old man in front of the counter is looking for rare items, and he’ll buy rare items like Nuggets and Evolution Stones for DOUBLE their value at other places. If you check out the second shopkeeper, he has three TMs to sell to you – TM14 Blizzard, TM25 Thunder, and TM38 Fire Blast. These three moves all have high power, but low accuracy. They also have a chance of inflicting Freeze, Paralysis, and Burn, respectively. If you don’t mind trading off accuracy and PP for power, these moves are worth teaching.
The gym isn’t hard to miss, its built into a cliff and covered in crystals. The house just to the right of the gym has a family that will freak out when you enter, and then ask you a question. Pick your answer from the word bank and they’ll reward you with a recovery item. The house just South of the gym has a couple of people in it. The old man will reward you with an item depending on how many levels your Pokemon has grown since you obtained it. Show him a Pokemon with a difference of at least 30 Levels, and he’ll give you an Exp. Share! There are three different items you can get, but you can only get the Exp. Share once. In the Winter, the crater below this house will reward you with a Rare Candy and Max Potion. There are a ton of items in the South area of the city, but those can only be reached in the Winter time as well.
A girl there has a RageCandyBar, it doesn’t seem like much now, but it is more special later on. Now then, head into the gym and prepare to tackle the sliding ice puzzle!

Like the other gyms, talk to the coach for your Fresh Water, and then you can hit the ice and start skating around. Step into the arrow and walk forward, hitting the curve and sliding into a brake patch. From the patch, step to the right, battling the Black Belt and his pair of Level 35 Cubchoo and a lone Cryogonal, then hit the red button and hit the arrow. You’ll slide in front of the staircase to the next puzzle, which is guarded by a Battle Girl and her Level 37 Cryogonal.
Slide on the ice, hit a ramp, and then battle another Black Belt. He uses a Level 37 Cubchoo. Slide into the wall of rocks, then go up, right, and up again, battling the Battle Girl with her Level 35 Cubchoo and Vanillish. Then slide into the wooden part of the curve, move right, and then walk around and slide into the curve, moving up from the brake patch to hit the red switch. Head up into the rock, then slide down from the arrow to hit the curve and move to the next area.
There’s a Battle Girl to fight after the ramp, and she uses a pair of Level 36 Vanillish. Step onto the ice and hit the rock wall. From there, you can head South and slide into the platform, and slide down back to the entrance so you can heal, or you can head North, deeper into the gym. Hit the curve, then the patch, slide right, hit the arrow, then step out into the curve, and then walk up from the patch. Follow the dry patch and slide across the ice, battling the Black Belt and his Level 36 Vanillish and Cubchoo. Now, hit the button, slide into the curve, then step left to hit the rock and slide down into the arrow. Walk into the curve again, which will fling you onto the brake patch.
From here, just head upward to reach Brycen, the Icirrus City Gym Leader. His line-up consists of a Level 37 Vanillish and Cryogonal, with his ace being a Level 39 Beartic, the evolved form of Cubchoo. Ice-types are defensively weak, and Brycen’s team is no exception. Level 36 is a good level to shoot for, if you have Pokemon that aren’t weak to Ice-type attacks. For beating Brycen, you’ll get the Freeze Badge and TM79 Frost Breath. You probably recognize Frost Breath from your battle, and if you aren’t familiar with the move already; you should take comfort in knowing that it always scores a critical hit when it is used. Critical hits are useful because they ignore any drops in your Attack and any gains in your opponent’s Defense. More importantly though, you just earned badge seven, just one more to go!


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