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Mistralton City’s Skyla


Journey Through Route 6

Afte beating Clay, ride the lift back up to the top, where the trainers were nice enough to move the orange cone so you can just head straight back to the entrance. Heal up at the Pokemon Center before following the road to the West. When you do, Bianca will show up and challenge you to another battle. She has a Herdier, Musharna, and her monkey at Level 26, with her starter now at Level 28. Musharna will take a lot abuse before finally fainting, so be ready for it.
After winning the battle, Bianca gives you an HM02 Fly, which allows you to Fly to preZinzolinusly visited areas, making it incredibly useful to go pick-up items hidden behind rocks that you weren’t able to move before you had Strength. Before you do anything else, squeeze between the trees next to you to grab an Ultra Ball. Now you’re free to move onward to Route 6.


Route 6 Wild Pokemon
Deerling, Normal/Grass-type, Levels 22-24, Common(Normal Grass)
Karrablast, Bug-type, Levels 22-24, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Tranquill, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 23-25, Rare(Normal Grass – Except in Winter)
Vanillite, Ice-type, Levels 23-25, Rare(Normal Grass – Winter Only)
Foongus, Poison/Grass-type, Levels 23-25, Rare(Normal Grass)
Swadloon, Bug/Grass-type, Level 23, Rare(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 22-25, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Emolga, Electric/Flying-type, Levels 23 & 25, Special – Uncommon(Shaking Grass)
Unfezant, Normal/Flying-type, Level 25, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass – Except in Winter)
Leavanny, Bug/Grass-type, Level 25, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)


Route 6 is pretty curvy, with a few items that you won’t be able to grab until you have Surf. There are plenty of trainers to battle on this route, starting with a Scientist using a Level 27 Deerling. Next is a Ranger with a Level 27 Emolga and Deerling, she’ll fork over a Cheri Berry when you win. Talk to the Parasol Lady for another battle. She uses four Level 24 Tympole. Next is another Scientist with another Level 27 Deerling. The Scientist is standing outside of a laboratory that is investigating Deerling’s form changes. Show them a Deerling during each of the four seasons to get a Leaf Stone as a gift.
Outside of the lab is a Hyper Potion, and on the other side of the fence is an Elixir. Now, go battle the Researcher and her Level 27… Deerling! Some of the item balls in this next grassy area are actually Foongus, who will trigger a battle when you interact with them. The Parasol Lady in the puddle has a Level 26 Vannillite and Frillish, which is a Water/Ghost-type Pokemon, Normal or Fighting-type attacks are no good. The item between the two puddles is a Leaf Stone, so you don’t really need the laboratory after all.
The Ranger has a Level 27 Minccino and Emolga, and another Cheri Berry. Now, cross the bridge and head East to reach a house. The woman inside will heal your Pokemon to full health, while the little girl will give you a Shiny Stone, used to evolve Minccino into Cinccino. There’s also some thick grass, which as always, contains higher-levelled Pokemon.
Now, head North to reach the entrance to Chargestone Cave, which is blocked off by some electric web. Interact with the web, and Clay will appear to cut down the blockage, and he’ll also hand over that move, TM78 Bulldoze, which lowers the opponent’s speed as well as doing damage.


The Electrifying Chargestone Cave!

Chargestone Cave Wild Pokemon
Joltik, Bug/Electric-type, Levels 24-27, Common(Normal Rock)
Klink, Steel-type, Levels 25-27, Uncommon(Normal Rock)
Boldore, Rock-type, Level 24, Rare(Normal Rock)
Ferroseed, Grass/Steel-type, Levels 24-25, Rare(Normal Rock)
Tynamo, Electric-type, Level 27, Very Rare(Normal Rock)
Drilbur, Ground-type, Levels 24-27, Special(Swirling Dust)


There are a lot of Pokemon here, and you’ll have to battle constantly. The rarest Pokemon in the cave, Tynamo, is special in that it is an Electric-type, but also has the ability Levitate, giving it no weaknesses! You won’t far into the cave before a shady character appears behind you ninja-style and brings you to N, who discusses Team Plasma-related topics with you. You won’t have to battle him right now, but be ready for it in the near future. Follow him until you come across a path blocked by a crystal. Bianca shows up, wanting to know how to move the crystal. Professor Juniper shows up and gives you a Lucky Egg, which increases the amount of experience the holder gains!
Now, head to the crystal and push it from the right, knocking it into the larger crystal, clearing the path. Continue onward, pushing the next crystal from the left, and then grabbing that Paralyz Heal, which may come in handy. On the right staircase is a Scientist with a Level 29 Klink. South of him is a pair of crystals, push the crystal on the right, giving you a path to that Revive. Now step up the other staircase, and walk around the large crystal to the Ace Trainer that uses a Level 31 Archen.
The path above you has a Heal Ball. Work around the floating crystal, pushing the top one left, and the bottom one straight down. When you reach the next set of crystals, Juniper and Bianca will show up and mention Klink. Whatever, go talk to the Hiker if you want to battle his Level 26 Boldore and Gurdurr. Head South, where the mysterious character, and his identical twins, guide you across the bridge. The drop-off point is right next to a Hyper Potion.
Push the crystal down, opening a path to a Researcher with a Level 29 Klink. Head South and push the bottom crystal and open the path to an Iron. Now head down the staircase to the next floor.


Head over until you reach a pair of guys, who will give you two Nuggets!!! Which can be sold for $5000, but they can be sold for even more later on. The path on the left leads to the entrance of the cave, so you can hop down and march down to the house from before to heal your Pokemon, but if you think your Pokemon can handle one more battle, head to the path above them.
If you head through the narrow path on the left, you can pick up a Timer Ball, then head right to find a Doctor to battle. He has a Level 29 Swadloon, and when you win, he’ll heal your Pokemon whenever you need it. Now you don’t need the path to the left! Now then, there are a few Plasma Grunts you’ll have to battle. The first one uses a Level 26 Sandile, Scraggy, and Watchog. The second one had a Level 28 Scraggy. The third one has a Level 27 Trubbish and Liepard. The fourth has three Level 26 Trubbish. The final grunt uses a Level 27 Watchog and Sandile.
Head down and push the two crystals. Sneak through the path after the first crystal to pick up a Thunderstone, which evolves Tynamo’s evolved form. Now head North, for two more Team Plasma Grunts. The first has a Level 28 Liepard and the second has a Level 27 Sandile and Watchog. There’s some treasure and experience on the downward staircase, while the other leads back up, inching towards the exit. We’ll start by plundering the lower floor.


First, there is a Cool Trainer with a Level 30 Drilbur and Zebstrika. Push the floating crystal South and walk around the large crystal. Keep moving South to find another Cool Trainer with a Level 29 Gothita, Ducklett, and Lilligant. Lilligant is tough, but it yields a lot of experience. Right off the stairs is a Hyper Potion, and if you follow the cliff, you can get a Rare Candy, which means an instant level up!
Now, on your way back, follow the path on the right to a Brightpowder, which lowers the opponent’s accuracy when held, and then head back to the Plasma Grunts and the other staircase. There is an intersection which can take you to different battles. The West has a Scientist who uses a Level 29 Klink. The South has a Cool Trainer with a Level 30 Whimsicott and Tirtouga, there’s also a Magnet that boosts Electric-type attacks. On the East side, you will encounter N. He has a team of Pokemon found in this cave. A Level 28 Boldore, Joltik, Ferroseed, and Klink. When you beat him, you’re free to leave the cave. On the other side of the cave is a straight shot into Mistralton City.


Mistralton Gym Leader Skyla, Ready for Take-Off!


Mistralton City has an airport in it, the first in the Pokemon series. If you try and head past the Pokemon Center, a man claiming to be Juniper’s father checks out your Pokedex, and then up-grades it to record information on more Pokemon. You’ll also meet the Gym Leader; Skyla. After some more talk, the pair will leave, pointing you toward Route 7 and Celestial Tower.
Before you head off, pop into the Pokemon Center, where you will be able to buy four new TMs; Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, and Hail. These moves change the weather, granting bonuses to various types and hindering others. After healing up, make a quick stop in the house to the right of the Pokemon Center. Talk to the two people in the back. The woman is the Move Relearner, who will teach your Pokemon a level-up move they may have forgotten or been unable learn because of the level you caught them at. In exchange for this, she asks for one Heart Scale per move. The man on the right is the Move Deleter, he’ll make your Pokemon forgot any move, including HMs.
If you head to the building just to the right of the airstrip and talk to the guy standing next to the counter, he’ll give you a Sharp beak, boosting Flying-type attacks. If you head down the runway and walk around a plane, you can find TM58 Sky Drop, which carries the opponent into the air first turn, dropping them down the next. The cool part is that while the opponent is airborne, they can’t attack! This is useful for stalling out certain effects like Burn or for waiting out the effects of Taunt or weather moves. The gym is to the North of the airstrip, but you have to meet up with Skyla on Celestial Tower first. Head East until you reach the sometimes rainy Route 7!


Route 7 Wild Pokemon
Tranquil, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 26-28, Common(Normal Grass – Except in Winter)
Cubchoo, Ice-type, Levels 26-28, Common(Normal Grass – Winter only)
Deerling, Normal/Grass-type, Level 26, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Watchog, Normal-type, Levels 27-29, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Zebstrika, Electric-type, Levels 27-29, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Foongus, Poison/Grass-type, Levels 27-29, Rare(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 26-29, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Emolga, Electric/Flying-type, Level 27, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)
Unfezant, Normal/Flying-type, Level 29, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass)


There are some trainers lurking in the tall grass, but first, talk to the lady to the left to receive TM57 Charge Beam, which is an Electric-type attack that has a chance to raise the user’s Special Attack. If you follow that path, you’ll battle a Backpacker with his Level 31 Simisear. If you want to avoid all battles altogether, you can balance on the wooden beam, over the precarious grass.
There are two Youngsters in the grass, the one on the right uses a Level 30 Dwebble and Simisage. There’s an Ultra Ball waiting for you in the empty patch of grass. The second Youngster uses a Level 29 Palpitoad, Shelmet, and Scolipede. There’s an interesting trade offer in that house on the way. The Hiker wants to trade his Emolga for your Boldore. Emolga is only findable in shaking grass, and even then, its pretty rare.
On the other side of this patch of grass, a Cool Trainer challenges you to a Rotation Battle in Black, or a Triple Battle in White. He uses a Level 32 Liepard, Swoobat, and Watchog. Next is a Backpacker with a Level 31 Minncino. Keep heading North, and you’ll encounter a Pokemon Ranger with a Level 30 Swadloon, Simipour, and Tranquil. You’ll get an Aspear Berry for your trouble. There’s also a PP Up in the grass. The next Pokemon Ranger gives you another Aspear Berry, and also has a Level 31 Solosis and Axew.
Axew is a Dragon-type Pokemon with a high Attack stat, handle with care. If you head East of the Ranger, you can pick up a Max Ether. Keep going North to reach the Celestial Tower, where Skyla is waiting for you on the top floor.


Celestial Tower Wild Pokemon
Litwick, Ghost/Fire-type, Levels 26-29, Common
Elygem, Psychic-type, Levels 26-28, Rare/Uncommon/Common


The only two Pokemon in this tower are both worth mentioning. Litwick is a powerful Ghost-type with insanely high Special Attack when it reaches its final stage. Elygem is a defensive-minded Psychic-type that doesn’t appear on the second floor, but gets more common the higher up the tower you move.
There are a couple of trainers on the second floor you have to battle, starting with a Psychic using a Level 30 Elygem, Solosis, and Sigilyph. Next up is a Lass with a Level 30 Deerling and Gothita. Behind her is a Hyper Potion. Next up are two Pokefans. The first uses a Level 30 Emolga and Herdier, and the second has a Level 31 Swadloon. The second Pokefan is guarding a TM61 Will-o-Wisp, which inflicts a burn on the opponent if it connects.
On the third floor, you have to battle a bunch of Psychics.The first one has a Level 32 Musharna. The next one has a Level 31 Yamask and Golett. Both are Ghost-types, but Golett is also a Ground-type, so don’t use Electric-type attacks on it. The Psychic hiding under the staircase has a Level 31 Litwick and Swoobat. The last Psychic on this floor has a Level 32 Duosion, the evolved form of Solosis. Just past him is a Spell Tag, which boosts the damage Ghost-type attacks do. There’s a Nurse guarding the staircase with her Level 31 Gothita and Alomomola. Alomomola is a Water-type with the highest HP stat in the Unova Region, so use Electric-type attacks to take it down!
Now you’ll have a buddy in the Celestial Tower that will heal your Pokemon! On the fourth floor, there are a pair of Cool Trainers. The first has a Level 33 Stoutland, the fully evolved form of Lillipup. There is a Revive right next to him, so pick that up for sure. The second trainer has a Level 32 Swoobat and Gothorita. There’s also a TM65 Shadow Claw hiding behind a tombstone. Shadow Claw works like Slash, but it is a Ghost-type attack, meaning it can hit Psychic and Ghost-types for bonus damage!
Take the staircase up to reach the Celestial Tower Peak! Here you’ll find the Gym Leader Skyla, who seems a little down. Go to the bell and give it a good hit to boost her spirits. She’ll thank you and return to the gym in a hurry. If you have Pokemon with Fly, you should follow her back to Mistralton. If not, enjoy the long walk down the tower.


If you remember, the Mistralton City Gym is at the top of the airstrip. Get your Fresh Water from the coach and then load up the cannon. That’s right, in this gym, you are the human cannonball! It’ll launch you to a platform with another cannon, enter that one too. Next, walk down the stairs and enter the cannon again, but from the left this time. You’ll have to fight a Worker with a pair of Level 32 Tranquil. Head up the stairs and either fight the next Worker or ignore him. He has a Level 32 Ducklett and Woobat.
Enter the next cannon to shoot across the gym, battle the Pilot with his Level 32 Ducklett and Sigilyph. Get under the next cannon and walk forward, it will turn to launch you to the back of the gym. Enter the next cannon, battle the Pilot’s Level 33 Unfezant, then enter the same cannon. There’s a Worker with a Level 33 Swoobat blocking the last cannon. Follow the cannons, which will shoot you around in circles until you reach Skyla. Enter the cannon behind her from the back if you want to shoot back to the entrance to heal.
Skyla is a Flying-type Gym Leader, and a good Electric-type should have no problem against her. If you have an Electric-type, it should be at least Level 32, if not, aim for Level 34 before challenging her. She uses a Level 33 Swoobat, Unfezant, and Swanna. Her Pokemon aren’t that rare, except for Swanna, which is the evolved form of Ducklett, meaning it takes four times the damage it normally takes from Electric-type attacks.
When you beat her, you’ll get the Jet Badge and TM62 Acrobatics, which seems weak, but hits with double damage if you aren’t holding an item. This is a nice move to teach to your monkey, if you’re still using it at this point in the game. Two badges left until you can challenge the Elite Four, keep pushing forward!


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