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The Land Where Dragons Roam


The Dragonspiral Tower That Pierces the Heavens


After thrashing Brycen, hit the rocky path and take the exit on the left, which is a giant slide back to the entrance, awesome. There is a warm welcome outside of the gym, both Cheren and Bianca have been waiting for you to return. Something’s happening in Icirrus City, made more apparent by the arrival of the trio of ninjas from before; the Dark Trinity. The trio disappears, heading towards the Dragonspiral Tower, which is just North of the gym.
Step into the Pokemon Center before chasing after them. When you reach Dragonspiral Tower’s Entrance, you’ll run into the old man, Bianca catches up pretty quick, and you soon find out that Team Plasma has launched an attack on the Dragonspiral Tower! You’ll also receive an Old Gateau, which heals any status ailments inflicted on your Pokemon.


Dragonspiral Tower Entrance Wild Pokemon
Tranquil, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 30-32, Common(Normal Grass – Except in Winter)
Deerling, Normal/Grass-type, Levels 31 & 32, Common(Normal Grass)
Mienfoo, Fighting-type, Levels 30-33, Common(Normal Grass)
Vanillite, Ice-type, Levels 31-33, Common(Normal Grass – Winter Only)
Druddigon, Dragon-type, Levels 31-33, Rare(Normal Grass – Except in Winter)
Cubchoo, Ice-type, Levels 33, Rare(Normal Grass – Winter Only)
Vanillish, Ice-type, Levels 31-33, Common(Thick Grass Only)
Sawsbuck, Normal/Grass-type, Levels 34-36, Common(Thick Grass Only)
Beartic, Ice-type, Level 37, Rare(Thick Grass Only)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 30-33, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Emolga, Electric/Flying-type, Level 31, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)
Unfezant, Normal/Flying-type, Level 33, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass – Except in Winter)


You can only reach the thick grass in the winter, but it holds the evolved forms of several of the Pokemon in this area. Now that the talking is done, you can head through into the Dragonspiral Tower. There’s a Team Plasma Grunt standing around, but he won’t do any harm. Several pillars in the area have been destroyed, and it looks like somebody shot a boatload of explosives into the heart of the tower.
However, there are some trainers and a new move to grab before heading into the tower. If you stand on the edge of the bridge on the right side, you’ll have the option to Surf over the water. Surf to the other side, and you’ll first encounter a Cool Trainer with a Level 36 Vanillish and Galvantula. Crossing through the thick grass leads to TM63 Embargo, which bans the use of items for five turns. There’s a second Cool Trainer in the regular grass, she uses a Level 35 Cubchoo, Darmanitan, and Leavanny. That’s all there is to do here, Surf back onto the bridge and head into the Dragonspiral Tower.


Dragonspiral Tower Wild Pokemon

Golett, Ghost/Ground-type, Levels 30-33, Common
Druddigon, Dragon-type, Levels 30-33, Uncommon
Mienfoo, Fighting-type, Level 33, Rare


There’s a lot of walking to do in this tower, but the path has almost know tricks to it, so just follow the road up to the next floor. The tower is plagued with tremors, no doubt caused by Team Plasma’s interference. On the next floor, Cheren calls out to you, he needs your help dealing with Team Plasma. Sneak through the opening between the pillars on the left, you’ll see an item ball hiding in the shadows of the pillar, so go pick up the Hyper Potion.
If you have a Pokemon that can use Strength, you can push the boulder out of your way to move onward. If not, there’s a downed pillar near the Hyper Potion you can climb and use to traverse the pillars. There’s a Stardust waiting for you on a broken pillar, pick that up before heading into the next room. Climb the staircase to find a small maze involving miniature ramps. If you played HeartGold or SoulSilver, this puzzle should look similar to the one found in the Tin Tower. Anyways, head down the first rampy, and then take the middle ramp. The middle path leads you to a Shiny Stone before leading you back to the beginning. Hop down again, and then take the bottom path to reach the next floor.
At the top of the stairway, Brycen and Cheren are seriously outnumbered by Team Plasma’s Grunts. They can handle the ones in the middle path, so just start heading South. The first Grunt blocking your way uses a Level 34 Watchog, while the second uses a Level 34 Liepard. The next Grunt uses a Level 34 Scraggy, and the one after him uses a pair of Level 33 Liepard. There’s one more Grunt on this floor, and he uses a Level 32 Watchog, Scraggy, and Krokorok. Head down the stairway to the right and grab a Dragon Fang, which boosts Dragon-type attacks. Now, take the stairway up North to be ready for a crazy 3D portion of the game.


This large gear-like device has a few walls and some items, the only way to reach the next floor is by navigating this area. Now, head right and cross the first plank, then head left, crossing the next plank to pick up a Star Piece. Head back across the plank and move right until you hit a wall, first moving outside to grab the Stardust before heading inside a ring. Now, keep crossing the planks until you reach the center tower.
Circle around, jumping off the ramp and crossing more planks leading outside of the ring. There’s a Revive on the third ring that will come in handy, with all the fighting you’ve had to do. Once you’ve reached the outside ring, head left and up the staircase. There are more tremors on this next floor, and a bunch of Team Plasma members. Follow the path, picking up the Max Elixir before moving into the center of the area. Here you’ll encounter another Team Plasma Sage, Giallo. You’ll then be swarmed by the Grunts and forced into battle.
There are four grunts, and their numbers will cause more trouble than the Pokemon themselves. First up is a Level 33 Watchog and Krokorok, followed by a Level 34 Krokorok, with a Level 33 Trubbish and Liepard jumping in afterwards. The final Grunt uses a Level 34 Watchog. Once you beat them all, you’re free to continue moving to the top. On the next floor, you’ll find N, standing next to a legendary Pokemon(Zekrom in Black, Reshiram in White).
Somehow, N has bonded with the legendary, and turns to face you. He plans on using the Pokemon’s power to overthrow the Champion, but before he does, he has a stop to make. He hops onto the Pokemon and takes flight, heading towards destinations unknown. Brycen and Cheren will catch up a few seconds too late, but they will lead you back to the bottom of the tower. Back outside, things seem pretty hopeless. But then, Alder shows up with some information on the Legendary Zekrom and Reshiram.
Apparently, the Light and Dark Stones N mentioned earlier are used to control the beasts, and finding them could be the key to stopping Team Plasma. Everybody splits up, seeking to find a clue to the location of the stones. Bianca has an idea, and suggests you search the Ancient Castle. Fly over to Nimbasa City and return to the Resort Desert.


The Hunt for the Light and Dark Stones


Make your way back to the entrance to the Ancient Castle, but when you attempt to enter, you’ll be stopped by Cheren. He and Alder have come to the same conclusion that Bianca had, and he suggests you wait for the others to catch up before entering. Ignore him and return to the Ancient Castle. Just like before, walk over the second sand pit, but this time take the staircase to the lower floor. At the bottom of the staircase is another Team Plasma Sage, Ryoku. He mentions Ghetsis before allowing you to continue on your way. There’s just a single sand pit on this floor, guarded by a Team Plasma Grunt with a Level 34 Watchog and two Krokorok. After beating him, sink into the sand pit to the lower floors of the castle.


Deep Ancient Castle Wild Pokemon
Krokorok, Ground/Dark-type, Levels 34-37, Common
Confagrius, Ghost-type, Levels 34-37, Common


You get dropped right next a Max Potion and a Plasma Grunt. Challenge him and his Level 35 Scraggy and Watchog before slowly crossing the sand pit. There’s a second Grunt guarding access to an item and a sand pit. Defeat her and her Level 36 Garbodor to reach TM30 Shadow Ball on the other side of the sand pit. Now, hop into the pit and delve deeper into the Ancient Castle. The nearby Grunt has a Level 36 Krokorok.
Cross the sand pit and grab the Max Revive, which revives a Pokemon to full health, instead of half like the regular Revive. Cross the pit again and battle a Grunt and her Level 34 Liepard, and a pair of Trubbish. Head across the sand pit to pick up a PP Up, and then drop down another floor. There are two Grunts standing in your way. The first uses a Level 35 Watchog and Scraggy, while the second uses a Level 35 Trubbish and Liepard. Drop into the last pit to reach of deepest level of the Ancient Castle.
At the bottom of the castle, you’ll find Alder and Ghetsis in a stand-off. Cheren drops in right behind you and the three of you keep Ghetsis pinned down. Here you discover Team Plasma’s plan. They intend to use the Light and Dark Stones to control the Dragons Zekrom and Reshiram and use them to interere with the Pokemon League. After getting the information you needed, Ghetsis pushes past you, leaving the castle. It seems like all of that hard work was for nothing.
When it seems like all hope is lost, you’ll receive a call via Xtransceiver. Professor Juniper is calling, and she seems to be in a panic. She wants you to meet her at Nacrene City as soon as possible. It sounds pretty serious. Once you reach Nacrene City, head to the gym, where the gang is waiting for you. Lenora also shows up, eager to find out what you know about the Legendary Dragons.
After some deliberation, it is decided that the only way to defeat Team Plasma is take control of the dragon they don’t have. Lenora will hand over the second stone to you, the Light Stone in Pokemon Black, and the Dark Stone in Pokemon White. Still, to be able to control the beasts, you’ll have to find somebody with even greater knowledge of the legends than Lenora. Professor Juniper suggests the Gym Leader at Opelucid City, which is where you’d have to go anyways. Bianca tells you to travel to Route 8, where you’ll be able to cross the Tubeline Bridge to reach Opelucid City. Fly back to Icirrus City and get ready for the long journey.


The Road to Opelucid City

The path to Route 8 lies under one of the wooden bridges in Icirrus City. When the weather isn’t freezing, there are plenty of puddles to find Wild Pokemon in. During the winter time, the puddles freeze over, making it harder to navigate the area.

Route 8 Wild Pokemon
Palpitoad, Water/Ground-type, Levels 30 – 33, Common(Puddle)
Shelmet , Bug-type, Levels 30-33, Common(Puddle)
Stunfisk, Ground/Electric-type, Levels 31 & 32, Uncommon(Puddle)
Seismitoad, Water/Ground-type, Levels 15-40, Special -Very Rare(Surf onto Surfacing Fish)


On the Northwest area of the route, there is a Pokemon Ranger that uses a Level 34 Cubchoo, Palpitoad, and Maractus. You’ll be given a Pecha Berry for winning. There’s a Poison Barb just up ahead, and TM36 Sludge Bomb just across the pond. Walk around the pond and talk to the Parasol Lady to get another battle. She uses a Level 34 Frillish and a Ducklett. Feel free to grab the Full Heal next to you where you’re finished. Now, there’s a branch in the road.
The Northern path leads to the Moor of Icirrus, an optional area that will be covered later on. The Southern route is a more direct route towards the Tubeline Bridge. Talk to the Parasol Lady to receive TM42 Facade, which doubles in strength if you are suffering from a status ailment. There’s a Fisherman up ahead with a pair of Level 34 Basculin. Talk to the next Parasol Lady to battle her Level 35 Almomola. Talk to the Parasol Lady hiding behind the sign to receive a weather rock, which increases the duration of moves like Sandstorm and Sunny Day from 5 to 8 turns. The one you receive depends on the time of day you talk to her. You can get a stone once a day, so be sure to come back and visit.
You’re also standing on the entrance to the Tubeline Bridge, so move on in… or not. Bianca stops by and challenges you to a battle. She has a Level 38 Stoutland, Musharna, and the evolved form of her monkey. Her starter will also be fully evolved and is now Level 40. After winning the battle, she’ll hand over a Full Restore. Now then, head through the bridge and make your way towards Opelucid City.
While crossing the giant bridge, you’ll find a Battle Girl running laps. Talk to her and you’ll get TM43 Flame Charge, which not only does Fire-type damage, but also increases the user’s Speed. Keep crossing the bridge until you encounter Ghetsis and get trapped by the Dark Trinity. He’s here to rob you of the stone you received, and he threatens you with a pointless speech. Once he finally quiets down, he’ll leave, apparently forgetting the reason he stood on that bridge for all that time. Whatever, just keep moving onward to Route 9.


As soon as you step out into the route, a Baseball Player standing outside throws something at you! It turns out to be TM56 Fling, which has you throw the item you’re holding, causing you to lose it permanently. If you insist on teaching it to one of your Pokemon, make sure you give it an item you’re willing to lose. There’s a Biker on the road who has a Level 38 Korokorok and Scraggy. There’s a Cue Ball just past him that uses a Level 36 Krokorok and Garbodor. Next up is a Bad Team, and they use a pair of Level 37 Scraggy. Make sure your first and second Pokemon are ready for them.
There’s another Biker cruising around on the beach. He uses a Level 37 Pawniard, which is introduced this route. The last Cue Ball standing next to the Vending Machine uses a Level 37 Scraggy. There are some nice Wild Pokemon in the grass around here, check them out.


Route 9 Wild Pokemon
Gothorita, Psychic-type, Levels 31-34, Common(Normal Grass – Black Only)
Duosion, Psychic-type, Levels 31-34, Common(Normal Grass – White Only)
Minccino, Normal-type, Level 32, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Garbodor, Poison-type, Levels 31-33, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Pawniard, Dark/Steel-type, Levels 31-34, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Liepard, Dark-type, Level 33, Rare(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 31-34, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Emolga, Electric/Flying-type, Level 32, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)
Cinccino, Normal-type, Level 34, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass)
Gothitelle, Psychic-type, Level 34, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass – Black Only)
Reuniclus, Psychic-type, Level 34, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass – White Only)


Now, head into that big building, where there are a few trainers and items to be plundered. First, battle the Waitress standing in front of the staircase on the right. She uses a Level 36 Minccino and Lilligant. There’s a PP Up in the room next to her, and then move up the small flight of stairs. Talk to the brown-haired boy to engage the Rich Boy in a battle. He has a Level 36 Liepard, but not much else. The shop on this side sells TM15 Hyper Beam and TM68 Giga Impact. These are both high-damage Normal-type moves that leave the user unable to move on the next turn.
The counter on the other side sells Pokeballs and recovery items. On the third floor, the two shops sell vitamins and X items to boost your stats. Talk to the Waiter if you want to battle his Level 36 Minccino and Lampent. The Lady standing in front of the vending machine has a Level 36 Stoutland for you to battle. Also, talk to the Worker and answer his question with a yes to receive a Thunderstone. That’s all there is to this area, so head back onto Route 9 and then move East to Opelucid City.


The Art of the Dragon


When you head into the City, you’ll run into Alder. Ghetsis and Team Plasma are there too, delivering another one of their propaganda speeches. After the speech, Alder will take you to meet up with Iris, the girl from Castelia City, and her grandfather, Drayden. You’ll become absorbed in a long discussion about Zekrom and Reshiram before the two of them leave for the gym. That’s right, they’re the Opelucid City Gym leaders. Iris will lead you to the Pokemon Center and beg you to hurry and follow her to the gym. Take a minute to enjoy the scenery before you meet up. Opelucid City’s appearance varies between version.
The general layout is the same, but in Pokemon Black, the city looks brighter and more modern than before. While in the White version, the city looks more quiet and simple. Go talk to Iris when you’re ready and she’ll take you to the mayor’s – Drayden’s – house. You’ll go more in-depth about the dragons and their abilities. After their discussion is finished, the Gym Leader will head to the gym, ready for your challenge. Your opponent will be Drayden in Pokemon Black, and Iris in Pokemon White. There are two hold items waiting for you upstairs, so go there first.
The first you get by talking to the Football Player, he’ll hand over a Float Stone, which decreases the weight of the holder. The girl sitting across from him gives you the Ring Target, which lets moves hit regardless of type match-up(e.g. a Normal or Fighting-type attack hitting a Ghost-type). The gym is on the west side of town, but there are still a couple of points of interest. First, in the house two buildings East from the gym, there are two Triple/Rotation battles waiting for you. On the bottom floor, the Cool Trainer uses a Level 39 Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour. On the second floor, another Cool Trainer uses a Level 39 Meinfoo, Elgyem, and Pawniard.
Now, head into the building next door and talk to the girl. She’ll give you a Destiny Knot, an item that takes effect when the holder becomes attracted to the opponent by the use of the move Attract or the Cute Charm ability. When this happens, the opponent will also be placed under the effects of Attract. Now, heal at the Pokemon Center and head into the gym.

It goes without saying that you should grab the Fresh Water from the coach. Now then, the puzzle to this gym involves a giant dragon that floats in the middle of the gym. Your job is to flip switches to maneuver the dragon’s limbs to guide you towards the Gym Leader. The first opponent you face is a Cool Trainer with a Level 41 Fraxure. It can use Dragon Dance, which raises its Speed and Attack, making it a threat if it isn’t taken out fast. Take the path to the right, following it until you reach a ramp with a yellow arrow on it. Jump off the ramp and battle the Cool Trainer. She has a Level 41 Deino, which is a Dark/Dragon-type with the Hustle ability, increasing the damage of its physical attacks in exchange for accuracy.
Hop off the ledge on the left, which causes the dragon’s head to rise. Walk along the dragon’s back and follow the path until you reach another Cool Trainer who uses two level 40 Fraxure. Hop off the next ledge, which changes the dragon’s position again. Climb the dragon’s back again, following the path until you have to battle a Cool Trainer. She has a Level 41 Fraxure, just like the first trainer. Keep following the path until you reach another jumpable ledge, which moves a second dragon around. Hop down the dragon’s back until you reach a Veteran who uses a Level 42 Druddigon. Be careful, because Druddigon has Rough Skin, which inflicts damage on you whenever you make contact with it.
Follow the path to the left, jumping down at the next ledge you see. Once again, climb the dragon’s head and follow the path until you reach a trainer. This time it’s a Cool Trainer with a Level 39 Deino, Fraxure, and Druddigon. Take the southern path, which will trigger another dragon. Jump onto the dragon’s back, and follow the tail back around, hitting the same switch a second time. Now you can walk across the dragon’s head, which leads to another Cool Trainer. This one has a Level 40 Deino and Druddigon. Hitting the switch will make the dragon’s head rise, allowing you to reach the next floor. Follow the path until you reach a fork in the road. Head right and you’ll have to fight another Veteran, a female this time. She has a Level 40 Fraxure and a Level 41 Fraxure. She is also the last trainer in this gym before the Gym Leader, so get ready for a fight. Follow this last path until you jump off a ledge, then turn left and trigger the button, causing the dragon’s head to rise.
The head leads you to the Gym Leader, where there are two options. First, you can challenge the leader provided your team is healthy enough. If not, take the teleporter behind the leader to return to the entrance and visit the Pokemon Center. Now then, the leader is either Drayden or Iris. Which leader you face has no effect on the team they use, except for the Pokemon’s gender. Iris’ team is all female, while Drayden’s is all male. The line-up includes a Level 41 Fraxure and Druddigon, with the main event being a Level 43 Haxorus.
They all know the move Dragon Tail, which switches your Pokemon with a random one from your party when it hits. Fraxure and Haxorus also know Dragon Dance, raising their Speed and Attack. Needless to say, this gym is worthy of protecting the eighth badge. I recommend trying to match Haxorus’ level before challenging, and be careful when trying to use Exp. Share to train weaker Pokemon, the last thing you want is to have it forced out with Dragon Tail.
When you manage to slay the beasts, you’ll be rewarded with the Legend Badge and TM82 Dragon Tail, which as I just mentioned, does damage to the opponent and switches their Pokemon for another one in their party. Congratulations on making it through all eight gyms. Now the only thing standing in your way of the Elite Four is Victory Road!


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