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Season 1 - Indigo League





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Episode 31 (Season 1) - Dig Those Diglett!

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are lost deep in the mountains. As they press forward on a rough road not even shown on their map, they suddenly hear a large explosion. Running toward the sound in surprise, the party emerges on a construction site where tractors are building a tremendous dam. Ash learns that the foreman is trying to recruit skilled Pokemon trainers because earth Pokemon, Diglet, are interfering with construction and delaying the completion of his work. The foreman has been recruiting Pokemon trainers to get rid of the Diglet. He will award free passes for travel to a luxurious natural hot springs to anyone who can accomplish this. As Ash scopes out the recruits, he notices a familiar enemy in the mix, Gary.



Episode 32 (Season 1) - The Ninja Poke-Showdown

Fuchsia Gym, the authorized gym where Ash seeks his next badge, turns out to be a hidden ninja’s lair. After finally discovering and entering the gym, he is held up by a complex system of traps. At last, the gym’s eccentric trainer challenges Ash to a match. Just as he defeats the trainer, the official battle with the Master begins. The battle goes out of control as Team Rocket also enters the gym and its vast array of traps. Can Ash actually earn the gym badge?



Episode 33 (Season 1) - The Flame Pokemon-athon!

Our heroes come to a prairie where the Laramies, a family of Pokemon Ranchers live. They learn from a daughter of the Laramie family that a race is held at the ranch once a year to measure the growth of everyone’s Pokemon. Team Rocket, however, attacks her, the race's top contender. Injured, the daughter of the Laramie family decides to give up on the race, but entrusts her hopes of victory to Ash. Who will be the winner in a race between Ash, Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket?



Episode 34 (Season 1) - The Kangaskhan Kid

On their way to a safari zone teeming with Pokemon, our heroes walk right into the middle of a jungle. Without knowing they are in a region in which Pokemon are protected, Ash tries to capture a Chansey and is arrested by Jenny, the safari ranger. After talking with the ranger, Ash is released, but not before he learns that there are Pokemon poachers in the area. Our heroes accompany the ranger into the forest, pursuing the poachers. Within the jungle, a young man leads a pack of Kangaskhan. His name is Tommy and no one knows the secret of his childhood.



Episode 35 (Season 1) - Legend of Dratini (Unaired)

Our heroes decide to take a trip through the Safari Zone, where they figure they'll be able to easily snag as many Pokemon as they want. What they don't count on is the heavily armed and trigger-happy game warden, who draws his six-shooters at the slightest provocation. After staring down the business end of the warden's magnum several times, Ash sets his sights on the mythical, legendary Dratini, a Pokemon that according to Professor Oak, is one of the most difficult to find creatures in existence. Team Rocket's in the Zone too, though. Just as Ash and crew leave the warden's station, Jesse challenges them to a winner-takes-all duel. Whichever side manages to grab the most booty in the Jungle Zone will get all of the loser's Pokemon and Poke Balls. The game is on, and Pikachu hangs in the balance.

As soon as Ash and company head out Pokemon hunting, Team Pocket manages to get the drop on the warden. While James holds a gun to the warden's head, Jesse begins interrogating him about the location of Dratini. The warden won't break easily though, and Jesse is forced to use a handmade "tickle-bot" to pry the information out of the poor guy. Dratini, it turns out, can be found in a lake in the local Dinosaur Valley.

Ash and Company arrive just as Team Rocket chucks a time-bomb into the water to stun Dratini, who has proven harder to catch using conventional means. Ash dives in and manages to grab the bomb, but only reaches the surface after he's saved by the huge Dragonair, who tosses the dynamite back to Team Rocket just as it blows



Episode 36 (Season 1) - The Bridge Bike Gang

In the course of a journey, one meets up with many different things. Returning to civilization after a long period of wandering, our heroes find a bridge that reaches 20 kilometers in length. There is no way to reach Sunnytown—on the other side of the bridge—but by crossing. The bridge, however, has been designed especially for bicycles. The party tries to purchase bicycles in order to cross the bridge, but lacking the funds and otherwise at a complete loss, they decide to stop by the Pokemon Center and re-evaluate their plans. At the Pokemon Center, by pure luck, a job awaits them—delivering medicine to Sunnytown.



Episode 37 (Season 1) - Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

Being caught in a sudden rain shower, our heroes are obliged to seek shelter. In the middle of a clearing, they find a small, ghastly cabin. Dragging the reluctant Misty, Ash and Brock enter the cabin, instantly getting the impression that they are not alone. Could this be a haunted cabin? They soon discover that it is the Copycat house in which the trainer of Ditto lives. Intrigued by Ditto, Ash proposes a battle between Ditto and Pikachu.



Episode 38 (Season 1) - Electric Soldier Porygon (Unaired)

Ash and friends find at the local Pokemon center that there is something wrong the pokeball transmitting devise. To find out what's wrong, everyone must go inside the machine.



Episode 39 (Season 1) - Pikachu's Good-Bye

The group come into a forest where it is quiet and peaceful. They notice a large group of Pikachu that Ash's Pikachu tries to make friends with. Ash scares them off, but Pikachu is later accepted when it dives to save a young Pikachu that was washing away down the waterfall. Ash starts to miss Pikachu as they hear a noise. Team Rocket successfully get all of the Pikachu in a net. Ash's Pikachu is the hero again as it chews a hole in the net and Ash and the group use the net they were caught in as something for the Pikachu to jump onto. Ash decides to leave Pikachu behind, but Pikachu doesn't want to. Ash refuses to keep Pikachu many times, but Pikachu persists until Ash realizes how much Pikachu likes him. He then let's Pikachu stay with him.



Episode 40 (Season 1) - The Battling Eevee Brothers

Tracing a path through the woods, the party comes across a tree baited with a plate of food and water. An Eevee is bound to the trunk with string. The address, Stan Town, block 3, number 14, along with a name—apparently that of the Eevee’s master—are written on a piece of metal hanging from the Eevee’s collar. Consulting their map, our heroes find that Stan Town is directly in front of them. They decide to take Eevee to the address on its collar and find out what is going on. When they reach the address, they find a huge home as exquisite as a Beverly Hills mansion. From inside, they hear loud cheers and applause. Could this be the home of this Eevee’s master?



Episode 41 (Season 1) - Wake Up Snorlax!

The further you journey, the hungrier you get. On empty stomachs, our heroes’ search for food brings them to a small village, but find there is no food at the bakery nor at the grocery store; even the town restaurant is out of food. Just as our hungry heroes lose the energy even to move, the town elder arrives and offers to feed them. He explains to them that a drought has made it impossible to gather a harvest in the village, but cannot explain why they suffer from drought even though it rains often. In return for the meal, our heroes follow the dry riverbed upstream, investigating the cause of the drought.



Episode 42 (Season 1) - Showdown at Dark City

In the middle of a terrible desert, our heroes inadvertently wandered into Dark City. With no name but Dark, the city has fallen into ruin. The streets, even at midday, are vacant of people. But suddenly, a rare figure appears and begins to throw stones at Ash and friends. They had heard at a restaurant in town, that this town contains two authorized Pokemon gyms, but that their Masters try to battle traveling Pokemon trainers anywhere within the town. This is said to be the cause of the town’s desolation. Will our heroes also be caught up in the whirlwind of these battles?



Episode 43 (Season 1) - The March of the Exegguter Squad

Our heroes continue their Pokemon training without a break even over spring vacation, when what should appear before them but a carnival. Ash, Brock and Pikachu join in the fun, eventually discovering a rather dull magic show being performed in a small cabin. The magician begs Misty to become his assistant, but because of his poor magic skills, the magician is fired. Feeling sorry for him, Brock, Ash and Misty suggest working together to create a Pokemon magic show.



Episode 44 (Season 1) - The Problem with Paras

As our heroes continue their journey, Team Rocket never let up with their constant interception, but today something seems strange. The coin on Meowth’s forehead is blinking red, indicating overheating. If something isn’t done soon, Meowth may die, but James and Jessie don’t know what to do. Just then, a young girl approaches. Unable to bear the sight of Meowth’s pain, she pulls a bundle of healing herbs from her backpack, crunches them into powder and, mixing this with water, feeds it to Meowth. As Meowth drinks, the redness gradually fades from its face.



Episode 45 (Season 1) - The Song of Jigglypuff

Our heroes trudge along, resigning themselves to the idea of camping out in the desert as the sun slowly sets. Suddenly they see bright lights in front of them: a glamorous city appears before them, covered in neon lights. They have found Neon Town, a city that is loud and boisterous 24 hours a day, famous for having no nights. The residents of Neon City sleep as little as possible and use all of their time to play. Behind the other side of the town’s glorious facade, however, people are always angry and irritated. Fights being an everyday occurrence, Jenny, the policewoman, is terribly busy. Having had enough of a town so noisy one can’t even sleep at night, our heroes head out into the peaceful forest. There they chance across Jigglypuff, the singing Pokemon.



Episode 46 (Season 1) - Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

Our heroes approach Grampa Canyon, famous for the beautiful scenery of its valley. As they approach, however, they find wave upon wave of people also heading for Grampa Canyon. Carrying backpacks, pickaxes, etc. they are all dressed like explorers. Ash has no idea what is so special about the canyon, but he notices a familiar face among the crowd—that of his rival, Gary. According to Gary, fossils from an extinct Pokemon have been discovered, triggering an ancient Pokemon excavation boom.



Episode 47 (Season 1) - A Chansey Operation

As our heroes sleep peacefully, Pikachu begins experiencing an unusual sensation. As though it were choking on something, Pikachu’s expression grows steadily more and more pained. It seems there’s nothing left to do but take Pikachu to a Pokemon Center immediately. Ash takes off running, carrying Pikachu over his shoulder, but the Pokemon Center is quite a distance away. Ash decides to take Pikachu to a nearby emergency room, but when he arrives, a sign hangs on the hospital door coldly stating, Hospital Closed Today. Is there any help for Pikachu?



Episode 48 (Season 1) - Holy Matrimony!

As our heroes pass the entrance to a small village, they stop in front of a strange sign. Finding something undeniably familiar about the face on that sign, they finally realize that though he looks much younger in the picture on the sign, they are looking at a picture of James from Team Rocket. Suddenly, a large man in a suit appears, throws them all into a limousine and speeds away. At first glance, the finger would point directly to Team Rocket, yet strangely, neither Team Rocket nor, more specifically, James, recollect anything about it. Perplexed, Team Rocket decides to pursue the suspicious limousine.



Episode 49 (Season 1) - So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

Even for our heroes, who are constantly in pursuit of developing their skills as Pokemon Trainers, there are times to stop and take a rest. As Ash sits on a rock, staring at his Pokedex, it displays Farfetch'd, an odd-looking Pokemon holding a leek. Because of excessive hunting by humans, very few Farfetch'd remain in existence, making it a very rare, valuable Pokemon. Hearing the word, 'valuable’, Ash is unable to sit still. Just then, coming from an opening in the trees and waving a leek like a baton, a Farfetch'd becomes visible. Will any of our heroes be able to catch this rare Pokemon?



Episode 50 (Season 1) - Who Gets To Keep Togepi?

When Ash and friends reach a certain Pokemon E. R., Joy informs Ash that a message has arrived for him, from Professor Oak. He promptly calls the professor and learns that in the time since they last spoke, his Pokedex has been upgraded to a new version, providing Ash with information on newly discovered Pokemon. With this new found knowledge, our heroes anxiously prepare for a fresh journey.



Episode 51 (Season 1) - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

In the course of his journey, Ash battles a mountaineer Pokemon trainer he encountered in a small wooded area. Ash deploys his Bulbasaur against the mountaineer’s Rhyhorn, but Bulbasaur is behaving very strangely, causing even Pikachu to be concerned. In the end, Bulbasaur defeats Rhyhorn, but Ash decides to go immediately to a Pokemon Center and seek help from Joy. What could be the problem with Bulbasaur?



Episode 52 (Season 1) - The Case of the K-9 Caper

While traveling through the forest, the group see who they think is a thief. Ash sends Pikachu after it, but Pikachu is scared because he holds a gun. When a Growlithe comes by to knock the gun out of it's hand, Pikachu goes. They are all stopped because he isn't a thief, but a police officer training the K-9 police squad. Ash wants to have them train Pikachu, but doesn't realize he must go, too. Jenny gets Ash and Pikachu early in the morning and they start. Ash and Pikachu don't make it as the course is tough. Brock suggests for him to not try because he feels Pikachu is already the perfect Pokemon. Team Rocket intrude as usual, this time with gases to confuse the smell of things and higher everyone's voices. Jessie and James dress as Officer Jenny and they use megaphones that give them different voices. They use a Jenny voice to command the Growlithe around, but Pikachu fights them. Jessie dresses as Ash then, and switches to an Ash voice. Pikachu is not confused, making Ash realize how perfect Pikachu really is. The Growlithe continue to attack until they realize the real Officer Jenny. They beat off Team Rocket and the group continue on their way.



Episode 53 (Season 1) - Pokemon Paparazzi

As Ash and the group continue on their way, they notice a boy trying to take a picture of Pikachu. The boy, whose name is Todd, invites them to his place for pancakes and he tries to get a picture of Pikachu. They don't know that Team Rocket had hired him to capture Pikachu. They misunderstood his ad stating he could "capture" any Pokemon. Team Rocket dressed up as an old couple, asked him to "capture" Pikachu and that is what he is doing. Team Rocket show up again and try to get Pikachu, but Todd saves them and Team Rocket is defeated as usual. He agrees to follow the group on their journeys so he can get some shots of rare Pokemon.



Episode 54 (Season 1) - The Ultimate Test

Ash and friends arrive at a school that promises that if you can pass their tests, you can enter the Pokemon League without getting all the badges. Ash enters the school and so do Jessie and James. The tests begin and Jessie is kicked out for complaining the tests are way too hard. Ash and James make it to the third part of the test where you fight with your examiner's Pokemon. Ash fights with Weezing and wins. James is delighted to see Pikachu by his side, but when he looses to a Graveler he sends out two Pokemon at once which is against the rules and is kicked out. For revenge, they attack the school with the Pokemon they got, but the Pokemon turned on them because they were owned by the instructor. Ash decides then that it would be easier to get all of the badges rather than go through these tests and he leaves the school.



Episode 55 (Season 1) - The Breeding Center Secret

While out with their photographer friend Todd, they are taking a few pictures of their Pokemon. They see an ad for a breeding center where they treat the Pokemon well. Misty brings her Psyduck there and hopes they will improve it. They find a restaurant where you eat free if you bring in a Psyduck. Misty and the group rush back to the breeding center to discover it is fake. It is a center run by Team Rocket, but not Jessie and James. The boss is angry because they always mess up and trusts this new plan to other members Butch and Cassidy. Team Rocket (Jessie and James) break into the center at the same time not knowing about it and try to steal Pokemon. They are all thrown in jail except for Misty who makes it out. Misty gets Pikachu to get Todd's camera which proves their innocence and takes it to Jenny. Butch and Cassidy are arrested as well as Jessie and James, although Jessie and James dig their way out.



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