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Season 5 - Master Quest





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Episode 31 (Season 5) - Some Like It Hot!

Ash, Misty, and Brock face many roadblocks on the path to success, some metaphoric and others in the form of gigantic Magcargo that refuse to step aside and let a traveler pass.  When Misty’s Water tactics fail to move the stubborn Fire Pokemon, a passing trainer taunts her, declaring that Fire Pokemon, his specialty, are far superior to Water.  Their rivalry escalates into a full-on Pokemon battle, from which Misty emerges victorious.  The Fire Pokemon trainer doesn’t hold a grudge for too long, though, and in the end an unlikely collaboration between Fire and Water reopens the path to the Johto League.



Episode 32 (Season 5) - Hocus Pokemon

Brock rarely meets a girl whom he doesn’t find bewitching, but on encountering a particular young woman, even Ash and Misty can’t deny that there is something magical about her.  This is all explained when the young trainer explains that she is a practitioner of Pokemon magic.  Excited to see the completion of a spell that promises to allow humans to understand the feelings and thoughts of Pokemon, Ash and friends embark on a quest to gather the hodgepodge of Pokemon-related ingredients required for the spell.  Can anyone spare any Gloom nectar?  What about iron shavings sorted by a Magnemite?



Episode 33 (Season 5) - As Clear As Crystal

When a tangle with Team Rocket leaves Pikachu desperately exhausted, a young passerby offers to restore Pikachu’s energy, but only if the humans present promise never to reveal to another soul what they are about to see.  This trainer then proceeds to guide Ash and friends to a legendary lake that somehow seems to restore energy to the Electric Pokemon that live along its banks.  Unfortunately, however, Team Rocket manages to tail the young trainers as they enter.  Jessie and James are quick to make plans to lay waste to the serene lake, trading its pristine essence for personal gain.



Episode 34 (Season 5) - Same Old Song and Dance

In the midst of their travels, Ash and friends meet up with a young girl who, along with her two Igglybuff assistants, stars in her own musical variety television program.  Our heroes are content to sit back and enjoy the show, but unfortunately Team Rocket has other plans in mind.  Unable to steal the show, Jessie and James content themselves by stealing the young girl's Pokemon instead.  As Ash and friends run to her assistance, Jigglypuff shows up, disgruntled at having been left out of the show.



Episode 35 (Season 5) - Enlighten Up!

As Ash and friends approach the site where Ash will earn his eighth badge, they fall victim to an unexpected Team Rocket trap.  As they "prepare to fight," they are interrupted by a mystic and her Slowpoke.  This woman explains to them that the Slowpoke's distant expression evidences that it is pondering the meaning of its existence.  Ash and friends eagerly volunteer to strengthen their minds through training in this Slowpoke's shrine, and are surprised when Team Rocket does the same.  Jessie, James, and Meowth show their true colors soon enough however, reviewing to all that their actual motive is not enlightenment, but rather the valuable gold statues that decorate the shrine.



Episode 36 (Season 5) - Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Hearing of the posh reception prepared for the host and guest of a radio show to be recorded before a live audience, Jessie and James of Team Rocket quickly announce that they are in fact the long-awaited celebrities.  Their mastery of disguise is soon put to the test, as it turns out that the guest in question is to be none other than Professor Oak.  James quickly rises to the occasion, creatively answering arcane Pokemon questions from excited fans.  When the real Oak arrives, the children find his answers inconsistent with those received from James the day before, and ironically finger the real Oak as a fraud.  When the two Oaks finally face off, the real Oak slips up in a Pokemon trivia challenge, leaving onlookers to conclude that James is the real deal.  In the final test, it is decided that each of the two professors must compose a poem in the style for which Oak is renowned.  Professor Oak is confident that poetry—his second love after Pokemon—will secure him victory, but little does he know that James has a hidden knack for verse as well.



Episode 37 (Season 5) - Wish Upon A Star Shape

Ash, Misty, and Brock are traveling along when they notice a strange shape falling from the sky.  They run in to investigate, but soon realized that they were not the only witnesses of this event.  Two representatives of an organization devoted to uncovering secrets of the Pokemon world arrive just as our heroes discover that the mysterious falling object was a Cleffa.  Though these two Pokemon buffs seem a bit eccentric, Ash and friends share their interest in discovering from whence this Pokemon had come, and so they join forces in investigating a mystery that may shed light even on the very origins of Pokemon life on their planet.



Episode 38 (Season 5) - Outrageous Fortunes

On meeting up with a proud Pokemon trainer who dares all comers to face his Poliwrath, Misty and Ash quickly rise to the challenge.  Misty, in particular, encourages her Poliwhirl to watch closely as it may someday evolve into a Poliwrath.  As is often the case, the battle isn't long over before this challenger and Ash and Misty have become fast friends.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket, having furtively observed this battle and been convinced that the Poliwrath is a match even for Pikachu, decide to first capture it and then use it to capture Pikachu.  Unfortunately, this logic does not hold as they find capturing a Pokemon stronger than Pikachu even more difficult than simply capturing Pikachu.  A surprise is in store for Misty, as her Poliwhirl evolves not into a Poliwrath, but into another Pokemon altogether.



Episode 39 (Season 5) - One Trick Phoney

Seeing that Ash just can’t get enough battling, a trainer who loses to him suggests as she leaves that he give a local Pokemon battle park a try.  She explains that this facility is set up like an amusement park, but with all the attractions built around Pokemon battling.  Ash and friends set off enthusiastically toward the park, but get there after Jessie, James, and Meowth, who find the park to be closed for repairs.  Always prepared to make the worst of a bad situation, Team Rocket entrench themselves in the park and wait for Ash, plotting to use the park’s Pokemon to battle and capture Ash’s Pikachu.  Ash will have to battle hard: his opponents include Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard.



Episode 40 (Season 5) - I Politoed You So!

When Ash, Misty, and Brock pause for a quaint picnic by a lake, Politoed wanders off and is mistaken by another trainer for her own Politoed, the rhythm leader in her Pokemon cheerleading squad that had gone AWOL.  When Ash and friends clear up the misunderstanding, the trainer still begs for them to loan her their Politoed for use in an upcoming cheerleading competition.  Meanwhile, her own Politoed returns and, none too pleased to find another Pokemon in its place, immediately runs away again.  Not wanting to break up a happy Pokemon cheer team, Misty allows the trainer to borrow her Pokemon for the competition, but promises in the meantime to track down the missing Politoed and convince it to return to active duty.



Episode 41 (Season 5) - The Ice Cave (Unaired)

While journeying through an ice mountain, Ash and friends survive another Team Rocket attack. Unfortunately, Brock gets a cold from the experience. They take him to a Pokemon Center to get better. It's run by a Nurse Joy who loves ice Pokemon.



Episode 42 (Season 5) - Beauty Is Skin Deep

Finally reaching the outskirts of Blackthorn City, Ash pushes to quickly seek out the gym where he hopes to earn his final Johto badge.  Before he has the opportunity, he chances into a Dratini and learns that its eager trainer, Clair, is in fact the Blackthorn Gym leader.  Ash’s attempt to challenge her to a duel—and Brock’s attempts at getting her phone number—are both cut short when Team Rocket arrives, intent on stealing the Gym Leader’s Dratini right out from under her.  After dispatching with these hapless villains, Ash secures Clair’s promise to face him in her gym.  Cheerfully Ash and friends march the last few miles into the city.



Episode 43 (Season 5) - Fangs For Nothin'

No sooner has Ash begun what he hopes will be his final gym battle in the Johto League than Team Rocket once again throws a wrench into his plans, making off with the Dragon Fang, an invaluable heirloom long held by the Blackthorn Gym.  Ash and friends, along with the gym leader, give chase, but in their flight, Team Rocket leads them deep into a secretive area rarely visited by anyone but the Dragon Pokemon that dwell there.  Perhaps angered by these uninvited guests, a large beast flies directly at Ash and friends as soon as they enter this area.  Uncertain whether this shape be friend or foe, our heroes raise their guard and wait as it grows closer… and looms larger still.



Episode 44 (Season 5) - Great Bowls of Fire!

Immediately after entering an area considered sacrosanct by the Dragon Pokemon that dwell there, Team Rocket sets off a chain of events that enrages the area’s Dragonite guardian.  Unchecked, this Dragon’s rage threatens to destroy the area entirely and all those who dwell within it—including not only Team Rocket, but also Claire, the gym leader, and Ash and party.  Facing a Dragon of an opponent, the odds are stacked against Ash, but when an unexpected ally—Ash’s own Charizard—makes an appearance, Ash sees a glimmer of hope.



Episode 45 (Season 5) - Better Eight Than Never

Having finally seen stability restored to the Blackthorn Gym, Ash and Claire face off in a gym battle.  Ash opens with a surprise entry, his Snorlax, and defeats Claire’s Kingdra to take victory in the first round.  Claire quickly comes back, wearing Snorlax down with her Gyarados.  Ash sends in Pikachu, hoping its advantage as an Electric Pokemon will be enough to defeat Claire’s Water Pokemon.  It isn’t until he puts Pikachu’s speed to use, however, that he emerges victorious.  At two to one, Ash is only one win away from earning his final badge, but this last round—against Claire’s Dragonair—promises to be the hardest one yet.



Episode 46 (Season 5) - Why? Wynaut?

Having defeated Clair and earned his eighth gym badge, Ash must now set out for the Johto League championship, which he learns is to be held on Mt Silver in three months time.  As Ash heads toward New Bark Town, where he will register for entry in this competition, he is stopped by two reporters who ask for a shot of the trainer making his triumphant return.  The reporters turn out to be none other than Jessie and James of Team Rocket.  They trick Ash out of all eight of his badges, but the plan backfires when a passing Wynaut steals the badges from Wobbuffet.  Remembering each of the eight victories that earned him these badges, Ash sets out after Team Rocket, determined to get back what is rightfully his.



Episode 47 (Season 5) - Just Add Water

On the road back to New Bark Town, Ash and friends stop for a rest near the ocean.  There they spot a sign advertising a synchronized Pokemon swimming event.  They run toward the area where the event is being held, arriving just as it begins.  Close behind is Team Rocket, who quickly hatch a plan to steal all of the Pokemon from the swimming show.  After the first show, Misty, Ash, and Brock chance to meet the trainer in charge of this event.  A rivalry quickly develops between Misty and this Water Pokemon trainer.  Before these two trainers have a chance to battle however, Ash steps in and challenges her to a battle in one of her underwater arenas.  Due in part perhaps to this trainer's home-court advantage Ash quickly loses.  Misty then steps in and challenges the trainer to a three on three Pokemon battle.  Misty is hard-pressed to defeat such an experienced trainer on her own field, but will her intimate knowledge of water Pokemon guide her to victory?



Episode 48 (Season 5) - Lapras of Luxury

Ash and friends return to New Bark Town, but before Ash is able to register for the Johto League Championship, Professor Elm sends him on an errand to retrieve a Pokemon egg from a nearby marine Pokemon laboratory.  At the laboratory, Ash and friends meet up with a young researcher who uses the supersonic waves from a Lanturn to detect the singing voices of traveling Lapras.  She hands an egg over to Ash, asking that he deliver it to Professor Elm. When a school of Lapras arrive, one of them begins calling out to Ash.  It turns out that this is in fact the very same Lapras that Ash parted ways with in the Orange Islands.  Their reunion is cut short when Team Rocket arrives and kidnaps this Lapras along with all of its friends.  Unsurprisingly, Team Rocket fails miserably, but when their Magikarp submarine is caught up in a whirlpool, it drags Ash's Lapras's mother and the leader of the Lapras along with it.  The researcher's equipment cannot detect the missing Lapras over the roar of the whirlpool, but magically Ash's Lapras and its mother are able to communicate through Lapras-song, allowing Ash's Lapras to find its missing peers.



Episode 49 (Season 5) - Hatch Me If You Can

Questions as to what Pokemon waits inside the egg Ash and friends have been carrying for Professor Elm are finally answered when it hatches into a Larvitar.  Our heroes hardly have time to celebrate, however, as they realize that this Larvitar is unwell, its body temperature much lower than normal for any non-Ice Pokemon.  Even at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy is unable to do anything to stop this Larvitar's body temperature from dropping even further.  Just as she warns Ash that Larvitar's life may be in danger, problems are compounded by a sudden and unexplained blackout.  Desperately, Ash and friends set out to restore power to the Pokemon Center in time to somehow treat their ailing Larvitar.



Episode 50 (Season 5) - Entei At Your Own Risk

As Ash and friends continue their travels with Larvitar, it remains wary of all other Pokemon and people, particularly of Misty.  They stop briefly at a Hot Springs, and there meet a young trainer who reports that he is there searching for an Entei.  Jessie and James disguise themselves as snow cone salespeople and trap Ash and friends, but using their Pokemon these trainers are quick to escape.  Ash than challenges the Entei-seeking trainer to a battle in hopes of learning more about the secret attack that this trainer claims his Misdreavus will use to defeat Entei.  This secret weapon turns out to be Mean Look, an attack that prevents one's opponent from leaving a battle.  Moments after this battle, the enthusiastic young trainer runs off toward a sensor that is detecting the presence of Entei.  Ash and friends follow, soon after witnessing a battle between this trainer and Entei.  The battle doesn't go exactly as this trainer had planned, but leaves him nonetheless with a renewed respect for Entei.



Episode 51 (Season 5) - A Crowning Achievement

Brock leads Ash and Misty toward a beautiful lake he has read about in his guidebook, but when they arrive at its supposed location, they find nothing but a dried-up stream, surrounded by a number of thirsty Slowpoke.  Ash and friends spot a Sumo Crown, but are stopped from approaching it by a young girl and her Slowpoke.  The girl explains that she and her Slowpoke are researching legends surrounding the Slowpoke and a supposed Slowking.  Long ago, in a time of drought, a chosen Slowpoke had used the Sumo Crown to evolve into a Slowking and then led the other Slowpoke off to paradise.  It is her hope that began in this time of drought, a chosen Slowpoke will arise and lead its fellow Slowpoke to safety before it is too late.  Numerous Slowpoke attempt to approach the crown, but all are bitten by Shellder and transform into Slowbro before they are able to reach it.  The chosen Slowpoke must get by all the Shellder and reach the Sumo Crown before being bitten in order to evolve into a Slowking.  Just when it seems all hope is lost, this girl's own Slowpoke darts off toward the Sumo Crown.



Episode 52 (Season 5) - Here's Looking At You, Elekid

A troublesome Elekid begins harassing Larvitar only moments before Team Rocket swoops in and captures both rare Pokemon in a high-tensile steel net.  As Ash and friends give chase, they bump into their old friend, Casey, who is looking for her Elekid, a Pokemon she had recently acquired to help her in cheering for her favorite baseball team, the Electabuzz.  Ash and Casey manage to rescue their kidnapped Pokemon from Team Rocket's clutches, but in the process lose track of Elekid and Larvitar once again.  As Jessie and James move on, they bump into the same Magikarp salesman that has troubled James on many previous occasions.  That notwithstanding, James is talked into trading his Victreebel for one of this salesman's Weepinbell.  All parties converge as Ash and Casey find their Pokemon at the same time as Team Rocket.  In the heat of battle, James's Weepinbell evolves into a Victreebel.  This isn't enough to turn the tide of battle, however, and Team Rocket is defeated.  Upset by its hapless defeat, James abandons his second Victreebel of the day.



Episode 53 (Season 5) - You're A Star, Larvitar!

Ash and friends report back to Professor Elm as they reach the base of Mount Silver, where they hope to return their Larvitar to its birthplace.  On their way up the mountain, Ash faces a young trainer in Pokemon battle, pitting his Cyndaquil against the trainer's Magby.  This Magby—the pre-evolved form of Magmar—is much stronger that Ash unexpected, and Ash suffers a defeat.  Ash makes it up in a subsequent battle, when his Cyndaquil defeats a Quilava—the evolved form of Cyndaquil.  Following a few steps behind, Jessie and James note all of the trainers and their rare and valuable Pokemon preparing to battle in the Johto Championship to be held on this mountain.  Setting aside their usual plans for capturing Pikachu—and their usual hot-air mode of transport—they capture Larvitar and as many other Pokemon as they can muster and drive off with them in a specially made truck.  Only Ash and friends stand a chance of rescuing the Pokemon they hold dear.



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