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  1. Pokemon Icons
  2. Will there be another Victini event when Gray comes out?
  3. Need some help with EVing
  4. black & white double battle !
  5. DW Eeveelution problem
  6. Easy method for Smeargle moves
  7. What to do with these Pokemon.
  8. pokemon black and white remake
  9. MY Favorite Pokemons
  10. Hey
  11. Shiny Stunfisk Trade
  12. Who is your favorite character in B/W?
  13. Autumn Friendly WiFi Competition.
  14. Looking For Wffi Battles on Pokemon Black
  15. Breeding chain for Deino with both Earth Power and Dark Pulse?
  16. Finished the game... no National Dex.
  17. A little bit late.
  18. Chain-breeding in White, please help!
  19. swarms
  20. Get Your Croagunk
  21. What to do with an Audino? Have you already caught one?
  22. Dream World Berries
  23. Did you think before pick Black or White up?
  24. a polar bear Pokemon - finally!
  25. the best fire fighting starter
  26. Ultra Balls and no other ball anymore!
  27. Reset
  28. Spider-Mole
  29. Reshiram or Zekrom?
  30. Surf or Hydro Pump?
  31. red and blue Basculin
  32. do you usually teach an ice move for your water type Pokemon?
  33. A question on Salamence
  34. How can i have a lvl 9 reshiram under?
  35. What are the 4 orbs for?
  36. Help in dreamworld!
  37. ground vs. water/grass foes
  38. i would Trade anything for a rayquaza
  39. What are the green shards for?
  40. Where can i buy thesE?
  41. What is your pokemon team and/or dream team?
  42. 4x weak - to battle or to switch?
  43. anyone wantsba genesect
  44. how do i raise my stat?
  45. censured words in the game
  46. Rate my Serperior
  47. fake rumor about burn and Rain Dance
  48. I hate Bouffalant! I hate it very very much!
  49. the sinnoh region
  50. Leaf Storm or Frenzy Plant?
  51. need bagon and dont have many good pokemon to offer sry
  52. team building need help
  53. This is unbelieveable!
  54. Pokearus
  55. Different Natures from the Dream World?
  56. the spider that throws electric web
  57. Help on random matchup wifi battle
  58. Help on battle strategies
  59. Zangoose training?
  60. Is this a good team?
  61. Training Help
  62. Best Ev training spots for Black&White?
  63. Best Black/White Starter?
  64. cant get in DW
  65. Is Pokemon B/W for DS or 3DS?
  66. Aftermath of Pokemon League - PKMN WHITE
  67. Is Pokemon Black/White's graphic's focused on the wrong thing?
  68. which is better
  69. Is this a hack?
  70. Gen V Breeding
  71. i need some help with signing up in the dreamword
  72. Quick Question, Please help!
  73. A few questions about this gen
  74. Has N really Disappeared?
  75. PokeRus
  76. Pokemon Black and white 2 Rom
  77. Do you look at spoilers before you play new games?
  78. Deino attack EV's
  79. Wacky Teams
  80. Need help Relocating my Shiny Gible from platinum to black version
  81. EV Wings not working?!
  82. Are you team B or team W
  83. Dream World Abilities
  84. Time machine in Black and White?
  85. Pokemon Global Link
  86. Seismotoad or Toxicroak?
  87. Favorite 5th Gen Pokemon
  88. Tacky names?
  89. Building: Pollution Theme Team
  90. Cant re-do some daily events
  91. Rotom change spot in White?
  92. Uh...What ?
  93. Black and White Easy?
  94. Does Team Plasma final plan make sense?
  95. The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke!
  96. I think I broke my Musical?
  97. Review: Pokemon White Version (NDS)
  98. Ballstuck [White Nuzlocke]
  99. Hello fellow Poke maniacs!!!
  100. I need a Tornadus
  101. Trade Help