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  1. i need to join (lock me if in wrong part of forum)
  2. Team/Clan/League Tournament Sign Ups! There will be PRIZES! Battles will be recorded
  3. anyone up for a double battle
  4. Anyone for a battle ?
  5. Sorry please delete this.
  6. _-The Demons-_ (New clan, accepting members!)
  7. Battle needed...
  8. Iv Battle
  9. Another IV Battle?
  10. The Clan Index [Updated 11-25]
  11. battle
  12. IV Battle?
  13. Need someone that can access a Video camera, can battle on PBR, and can upload the vi
  14. I need an expert...
  15. no scrubs battle
  16. The Metronome Tournament
  17. battle?
  18. TEAM Legends calls out all clans
  19. Hall of Clans
  20. Team Abercrombie OR Doom's Desire!!!
  21. Project Delta:A New Light for Pe2k
  22. The Shadow Tournament (Almost Ready)
  23. Diamond Vs. Pearl Tournament
  24. any one want to battle?
  25. I want someone to battle me in PBR (I'm un-beaten)
  26. Battle Anyone?
  27. anyone wanna battle
  28. Anyone up for a challenge
  29. who wants to battle a noob?
  30. Battle Thread
  31. does any one want to battle?
  32. *wants to battle a lot of people to try out team*
  33. Meta league needs gym leaders!
  34. Wii Pals Gym Leaders
  35. Battle Anyone
  36. Step right up for a battle
  37. anyone wanna double battle
  38. koreys tournament for the prize of.......
  39. I Need Someone To Battle With rules inside this thread and i really need shiny eevee
  40. PokÚmon's Region City Gym
  41. Battle On!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. Team etc.
  43. lookin for a battle
  44. any one want to take me on!!
  45. Quick Battle Anyone?
  46. 4 Shinys for 1 Pokemon!
  47. *~*Champion's Power Tourney*~* HAS BEGUN!
  48. Mew Ruler Battle Center
  49. !1 legandary battle today
  50. Here is an awesome battle waiting!Yipee
  51. The B Button League Main HQ (Jubilfe) now taking adims,members,and banner makers
  52. Haelleah's Permanent Battle Thread
  53. Who's Considered the Best battler here?
  54. Any One Up For A Battle Buddys!!
  55. b button league veilstone [now with contest]
  56. Battle
  57. My Battle Thread (Permenent)
  58. Ribonuke's Challenge Thread!
  59. First Battle.
  60. megadracox's battle thread
  61. Making mini league, need members.
  62. -_~[ The Super Tournament Of Champs]~_-
  63. _-~*The Eclipse League*~-_ (Under Construction)
  64. any one up for a swap battle?
  65. doe anyone want to battle
  66. Take me on!
  67. seanrocks126 permanent battle thread
  68. Closed (dont Post)
  69. does any one want a piece of me!!!
  71. Looking for help
  72. Bird master challenge! Totally awesome!
  73. Treeky's Battling Bananza!!! The Ultimate test of skills!!!
  74. Clan Battles ~only The Top Members~
  76. -Alpha League- *Resuming Tryouts*
  77. Double Battle anyone?
  78. PBR Battle
  79. Last Chance For Diamond Vs.Pearl Tourney
  80. My Battle Record
  81. The Arceus Tournament! A Tournement For Trainers As Strong As Arceus!
  82. Ds Friends Battling Center
  83. Closed
  84. DarkSalamence's Fun Battles!!!!
  85. The Immortals -- Recruting
  86. The Wifi Noobers! (NOW RECRUITING!) :D
  87. will any one let me in their wifi clan?
  88. Looking for specific pokemon to battle for pokedex
  89. icecleclan can I be a fun battler?
  90. Tyler999's PERMANENT Battle Thread
  91. Don't mind this thread.
  92. The PE2K Battle Ladder *closed*
  93. Shadow Blade clan
  94. UU, OU, where art thou?
  95. Grievous's battle and trianing thread
  96. ~*~The Olympic Tourney of True Champions READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST~*~
  97. BL, UU, and NU Battle Finder
  98. The Rare Hunter {The new clan on the streets)
  99. Tyler999's New PERMANENT Battle Thread
  100. Pokemaster's Permanent Battling Thread::Looking For Worthy Challengers::
  101. Does anyone want to make a Grass clan???
  102. BL/UU/NU Battle anyone?
  103. The Meta tournament!
  104. New permanint battle thread!
  105. Good v Bad,Heaven v Hell, Choose your Team Now(Updated)
  106. Active Battler Needs Fcs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  107. Looking for some battlers
  108. The War Tourney!
  109. ~*~fullmetal's thread of battling CLOSED~*~
  110. ~*nOw rEcrUItIng!*~ThE KiLLeRS*┐ we'll cOme frOm the shAdOws!*~
  111. battle
  112. SIlver Falcons*old* go to new one
  113. The Spartans (SPARTANS will never die):Resuming Tryouts
  114. want to battle
  115. Okay i need people
  116. Quick IV Battle?
  117. any one want to do something
  118. I need your support
  119. ~*~The Shadow Alliance (TSA)-From nothing, to Strong~*~
  120. Delete this clan no longer a clan
  121. Seanrocks permanant battle thread
  122. 6vs6 singles anyone
  123. The Phantom league *recruiting* post in the new thread
  124. The Metallic gym leagues!
  125. The Daly Battle Thread!
  126. .-.-.-. The Banished Warriors .-.-.-. War please? Anyone?
  127. Owen_Guy's Battle thread
  128. 6 vs 6 single anyone
  129. URGGGGG(clan trouble)
  130. X Bolts clan reborn!
  131. #######join The Gladiators!####****!!!!@@
  132. Shade's Official Battle Thread
  133. Looking for a clan; any advice?
  134. ^_^ The Pe2k Wifi School ^_^
  135. ^^The Pe2k Wifi School^^*Part 2 Has Begun-Battle Your Opponents, Match-Ups On Pg. 16*
  136. wifi clan help?????
  137. *-The Dark Knights-*<The Underdogs of Pe2k>Back from the Grave-*-We need Members!!!!!
  138. Legends: The Final Discussion.
  139. XXX's Official Legit Battle Thread
  140. Footynutdyl's Permanent Battle Thread (Looking for a partner to start a clan with!!!)
  141. Join XD legends! free starter on offer to the 1st 5
  142. hey dumb question
  143. Team Shadow Cobra *Now Recruiting*
  144. looking for members to join The Shadow Strike Force
  145. Attention .
  146. Eh...hehe....
  147. novice lv battle
  148. ~The IV Battle Finder~
  149. Battle me and my new team.!!! free style!!
  150. .::Soul Revolution::. "open to Leader Vs Leader Battle"
  151. Need a PBR Challenger
  152. S H ° D E ' S Battle Thread. ACcepting ChallenGes!
  153. Hall of Wars
  154. Not over used pokemon
  155. PokeBattle
  156. Looking for a strong battler for co-admin to a refurbished Takers clan
  157. *no Longer A Clan*
  158. Takers - The Continuation
  159. ~~~Titan Tourney~~~Looking for members!
  160. Anyone up for a Use-tier battle?
  161. Want To Battle A Diagla!
  162. [*The OutKasts*] 'Evolution is the key to winning' (Need more members)
  163. ~*The TiTaNs*~*Here to Stay~*
  164. A mod please cloe this
  165. [ ╗ ]Envoy
  166. Envoy Team Tryouts
  167. Looking for a clan
  168. ~*(weak alone)| Divine Dragons Clan |(strong together)*~(CLOSED)
  169. it's my first battle
  170. Ribo's IV Battle Thread
  171. Betting Battles
  172. ~+*+*~[The Evolution: Ghosts Of Pe2k We're closed now,sadly]~+*+*~
  173. Join Are shiny Clan Today
  174. Confused
  175. Fun battling!!!
  176. The Phantom League*Attention Members Try Out For The OTHER CLANS IM IN*
  177. Seanrocks permanent battle thread
  178. ~Unofficial PE2K Elite Four~ Spaces Open!
  179. Pimp Juice's permanent battle thread .
  180. Team Shadow Cobra Event (Ev'ed T-tar Givaway!)
  181. ~.::The Cool Kids Clan::.~ Closed
  182. Ravager, llr2ll, Shell Shocker....
  183. Where did it go?
  184. battle
  185. Tyler999's New PERMANENT Battle Thread *OPEN*
  186. Want to battle right now
  187. watsup ppl im new
  188. anyone want to battle me
  189. -NOW RECRUITING!!! NEW NAME- the killers from the black emerald!
  190. Rules?
  191. Nobody can beat me
  192. The Legion of Supremacy(TLS)
  193. Calling You Out!!
  194. Tiers
  195. ! More For Tourney
  196. Disbanded, due to inactivity. Well done guyz.
  197. ~.:The Smashers:.~ NEED BREEDERS AND CO-OWNER!
  198. any1 wanna battle
  199. - The Clan Wars Index - LEAD CLAN : Spartans
  200. New clan coming
  201. ;-]The Dragon Revolution;-]Merged with The Soul Storm;-]
  202. The shadow revolvers-all mafia members and banner makers come here-
  203. The shiny clan
  204. The Rebelion -$- Elite Trainers Wanted-$-!!! NEED MEMBERS!!!
  205. Butterfree's Offical Challage Thread
  206. The Pe2k Rangers Leauge: Locked Please*
  207. Destroy this thread
  208. The Unbeatable
  209. {.:!}~The Mafia~{!:.}(-)Clan(-)[:now recruiting:]
  210. Joangaes permanent battle thread
  211. .::~The Original Mafia~::. (-)Clan(-) Now recruting
  212. Looking To JOin A TEAM!!!!!!
  213. Bored...
  214. ~.::The Original Mafia::.~ (Offical Clan Thread)
  215. Darkmanj And Thunder(#'s Battle Thread
  216. The Pe2k Battle Ladder
  217. Any moderator-please lock this.
  218. Ultimately Organized tournament: tourney of ultimates
  219. ~The Lunar Tournament~The Tournament Has Begun!-Please Find Your Opponent Immediately
  220. New Clan Motor Machine Gun Warriors by a newcomer
  221. THe Ultimate Typess Tourney!
  222. Unofficial UU/BL/NU Pokemon Tournament - FINALS!! It's Rocco147 vs. zukirin!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Shadiw Battelers Ready!
  224. ~Lunar Tournament's Permanent Training Center~
  225. Recuiting members for New clan Motor Machine Gun Warriors
  226. Some good competition here??
  227. Giving control of the original mafia
  228. ~Meh Battling Thread~
  229. [Offical]The shadow revolvers and the original mafia-JOINED
  230. .:the shadow dragons:. the shadow revolvers merged with mafia....
  231. looking for battles
  232. My official battle thread.
  233. Anyone feel like battling??
  234. Mudkipz Official Battle Thread
  235. lvl 50 battle anyone?
  236. Team Taro Looking For Doubles Battles!
  237. Shinies!
  238. anybody wannna a one on one pokebattle?????
  239. 6-day battle thread!
  240. "My" Official Battle Thread.
  241. korey11's p3rmanEnt batTlE thREAd┐
  242. anybody want a free battle?????
  243. -Please Lock Clan-Attention:All SFDC Members PM Me, I Need To Tell You Guys Something
  244. Team Taro Looking For Double Battles!
  245. ~~~*rel_12 Official Battle me Thread~~~*
  246. FinalLegacy's official "temporary" battling thread
  247. Anyone willing to battle?
  248. UBER Tournament!
  249. kOrEy11's sUpEr cOOl tOUrnAmEnt Of chAmps!!┐
  250. The Haloween tourney!!