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  1. The Ways of Destiny
  2. The Memoirs of No One
  3. Pokemon Sinnoh Journeys (ready for grading)
  4. Catching Problems|Ready to be graded!
  5. A Day at Bumble Beach
  6. Wrong place at the wrong time...Or was it?NOT 2 B Graded. just for reading.
  7. The Clown Priest [PG-13]
  8. Dead Shouldn't Write
  9. Untitled
  10. Shoes Off! [Probably PG/13] [Ready for grading!]
  11. A Magikarp Memory
  12. The Bouncing Gem
  13. The UnderWater Ballet
  14. Encounter at Lake Verity: Grade Ready....
  15. The Tales of Innocence
  16. A New Start To The Big World! Ready For Grading!
  17. Igniting the Winter Flame
  18. A PokeGreek Story [PG-13]
  19. Let it shine!
  20. My own version of book 1 its called pokemon Jihno region bewarned its only part1
  21. Open your Heart! A Shadow Pokemon Story!
  22. ~Pika Vs Karp~ (Ready for grading)
  23. |Explorers OF The Universe|
  24. Redemption
  25. Shock Runner [Ready for Grading]
  26. MY STORY (Ready for a grade, i guess. ._.)
  27. Ŕ la Parasect- In Progress
  28. Mick's Pokemon Adventures [Ready to be Graded]
  29. Fishing Troubles | Ready for Grading
  30. All Part of a Dream
  31. Gordy
  32. The Other Writing Competition - Final Round of Voting
  33. Zipper [PG-13] [OWC]
  34. Under The Sea [OWC]
  35. The Pickpocket [OWC]
  36. My Story [OW]
  37. Diseased [OWC]
  38. Hana and the Story of the Enchanted Garden
  39. The Minstrel of Justice [Ooooh, WC]
  40. Speak [OWC]
  41. _| Encounters of the Eighth Kind [SWC Entry]|_
  42. The Good Fight [OWC]
  43. All My Beautiful Pearls (OWC)
  44. Electrical Haze (Capture Story)
  45. Mystery of the Painter (OWC)
  46. Pounded!
  47. Passus injuriās ipsi inveniēmus [OWC]
  48. C.O.D: Sinnoh (OWC)
  49. Them Crazy Trees [PG-13]
  50. ► ♪...Music & Magecraft...♪◄ {OWC}
  51. Souls for Sale [OWC]
  52. A Photograph. [OWC]
  53. Vagrant Knight
  54. Darkened Reality
  55. [Capture Story- Finished] Swingin' Through The Trees
  56. A story that lacks a title
  57. Refusal
  58. Brand New Beginnings (Ready for grading)
  59. A New Order [OWC Entry]
  60. Snap!
  61. The story without a title
  62. A match-up for Machop [To Be Graded]
  63. Fiery Truths (Ready For Grade)
  64. Setting out into the sand: Ready to Grade.
  65. The Poliwag Conspiracy- READY FOR GRADING! (Action/Comedy)
  66. Pictures at an Exhibition [WIP]
  67. Deception: A tale of revenge.
  68. Sacrifice
  69. The Catch of the Day (Ready for Grade)
  70. A Surreal Adventure! [Ready to be graded.]
  71. Conflict Eternal [OWC]
  72. Sparking Water
  73. Chapter I: The Great Sandstorm [Ready For Grade]
  74. My Journey: Part 1, in which I meet my starter and battle a bug pokemon
  75. How to Fail at Catching a Pokémon
  76. Apocalypse
  77. Special
  78. From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
  79. The Bunny Hop [PG-13]
  80. The Legend of the shadows-Introduction
  81. Ninja the Ninjask [ready for grade]
  82. The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning
  83. The Journey of a Thousand Miles
  84. Stuck on You (Ready to be Graded)
  85. Bug Business
  86. King Karp!! (READY TO BE GRADED)
  87. Sand in the Eyes [READY FOR GRADING]
  88. Ragtime Sea (In Progress)
  89. Mother
  90. Dead People
  91. It's In Your DNA
  92. Not a Monster [SWC]
  93. [32%] Remember, Remember the Twenty Forth of September
  94. The Obelisks
  95. Always there for you! Shinx
  96. The Gaurdian Of The Sea
  97. First Day, First Catch (Hopefully) (Ready to be Graded)
  98. Stacy and the Thugtrio READY TO GRADE plz
  100. Sparks Fly (NOT READY!)
  101. The Mareep Exchange [Ready for grading!!]
  102. Some Writing Competition 2010 [FINAL ROUND]
  103. Battles and Confusions
  104. Shattered Memories (Romance/Feel Free To Grade)
  105. Early Morning Adventure [ready for grading...]
  106. Not another one... [Under construction]
  107. Hatsy, the forgotten hero part II: The well of the wishes (ready!)
  108. You've gotta be kidding me... [Not yet ready]
  109. Five, Six, Mad Vulpix. Seven, Eight, Ninetails Hate! [Grade Away]
  110. Viol3nc3 is always th3 answ3r..(Pg-13)
  111. Addiction(Collab w/ P12S)
  112. Calvin Likely and the God of Drowning Insects (WIP)
  113. The Bug-Catching Competition
  114. A New Pokémon Journey Begins (Ready to Grade)
  115. Trade Gone Wrong
  116. The Journey of the Widespread Wings(Chapters 1&2 ready for grading)
  117. Kingdom Hearts: Number XV
  118. Grades/Wages Workspace 5/4
  119. The Photo
  120. [READY TO GRADE] The Trio of a Deserted Playground
  121. Wittle Wurmple Ready for grading.
  122. An ecofriendly story
  123. Team of Trio. A Pokemon Saga. ~Chapter 1 & 2 to be Graded~
  124. Hand-Me-Down Shoes [ready for grade]
  125. A Fisher's Luck (Ready for Grading)
  126. Blackout (Ready for Grading)
  127. Kali and Alisha- A Vulpix Tail (Moved to BMGF)
  128. Winter Writing Competition '10
  129. Embers and Sparks
  130. Another Day At The Office [Ready For Grading]
  131. Suprisingly Shocking[Ready for Grading]
  132. Spiffy grader thing
  133. Ifle Chapters: The Rise and Fall of Asmosia [Ready for Grading]
  134. A Legand Begins
  135. Eevee signals
  136. Christmas Time is Near {WWC Entry}
  137. The transformation [ready for grade]
  138. The Present of a New Presence {WWC Story}
  139. SPACEPIRATEZOMBIES [Winter Writing Competition]
  140. Poison Bite [SSC]
  141. Nida and Nido (WWC, lost) (Graded)
  142. Story Removed.
  143. yet another magikarp story.... [my story gots graded, yay i caught the godfish :DD ]
  144. The Battles or The Contests? (Ready for Grading)
  145. Just Deserts
  146. my fishing trip
  147. My Wish for Excitement
  148. Story Deals R' Us
  149. The Dewott That Could
  150. Simply Sewaddle
  151. First Encounter!
  152. Continuing the legacy (First Story)
  153. Forgetting Fluffy
  154. Kanto Adventures (Moved to BMG)
  155. Starting the Blaise (Chapter 2, Ready for Grading)
  156. who said abilitys aren't helpfull?(ready)
  157. The Data of Rapture (Moved to BMG)
  158. Spring Collaboration Contest
  159. Purge
  160. Placidity Ruined
  161. Ghost in the Shadows 1: The Beggining(Ready for Grading)
  162. Not a Typical Catch...
  163. Story List: Updated 8/20
  164. Grader Log
  165. The Sand Demon (Ready to be graded)
  166. Summer Writing Competition
  167. [SWC]The Amagi Spirit
  168. Magickarp story. Title : All in, including the karp
  169. Hello, my name is Harriett
  170. Venipede Story - Finished
  171. _|-Learning the Truth-|_
  172. Heroes' Log
  173. _|-Day at the Zoo-|_
  174. Story List IV (Okay, I can't change the title any more. Hopefully recently updated)
  175. Autumn - ready
  176. who says abilitys aren't helpful (rewrite)
  177. The Berry Thief (ready)
  178. What's your"s is Minkey
  179. Star Child
  180. Winter Writing Competition 2011
  181. The Thing With Red Eyes (Fixed and READY)
  182. Pokemon Blaze Black (ready for grading!)
  183. Astoria: Pop Goes the Buizel (Ready for Grading)
  184. Weedle-ing My Way Out of it (Incomplete)
  185. Meet My Evil Twin
  186. Catching a Pokemon! (Non creative title is non creative)
  187. Being a Sewaddle Sucks (Graded)
  188. Only a Magikarp Can Do! (Not Finished)
  189. Summer Writing Competition 2012.
  190. The Great Karp Catch! Part 1 ( Ready to be graded!)
  191. SomeWing Wong
  192. A Political Adventure: Mitt Romney's Pokemon Journey
  193. Ten Reasons Why You Should Have a Magikarp
  194. The 50K Challenge
  195. An unexpected catch [Graded]
  196. Winter Writing Competition 2012
  197. Memories of Pallet Town [Awaiting Grading]
  198. The Not-So Legendary Gold Magikarp [Ready!]
  199. A Mother's Love [Rated T for safety]
  200. Decisions, Decisions
  201. Team Pinnace Strikes! [Ready For Grading]
  202. Write-a-Roll Competition