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03-29-2010, 11:47 AM
Now everybody knows that for all Pokémon HeartGold and SouSilvers version outside of Japan, the Game Corner was stripped of gambling, and the slots were replaced with a game. I know right, a game in the game corner! OUTRAGEOUS. Anyways, if you didn’t know, you can say goodbye to losing coins ;A; You can thank European gambling restrictions for this. So anyways, the new game is called Voltorb Flip, located in the usual Game Corners of Celdaon City and Goldenrod City. I’m no expert, but I’m sure that I could at least get you started.

So here’s the game itself, summarised;
• There are 25 panels on a board.
• You flip these panels.
• The panels contain either a 1, 2, 3 or a Voltorb.
• Flipping over a Voltorb is a loss, no coins gained.
• The first number you flip is your starting number.
• All numbers flipped afterwards are multipliers.
• The goal is to earn all the coins you can in one game.

Okay, anything you noticed so far to help you? The coins you get are based on multiplication, and since 1 does absolutely nothing in that, flipping over a 1 is useless. Focus on flipping 2s and 3s.

But how, you ask? Well this game is not all chance, like the slots. Simple things (and difficult things >_>) can be worked out. But first thing’s first, there are panels along the right side and the bottom, what are they?

Well the number next to Voltorb is the number of Voltorb panels there are in that line of panels. Because there are no more than 5 panels in any line, there cannot be any more than 4 Voltorb. This is because the number on top indicates the sum of all the multipliers in that row, so if there was a 5 there, and 3 next to Voltorb, there can only be a 2 and a 3 multiplier in that row. You can work out what multipliers are in the row, but to save time for you I’ll write it here.
(V = Number next to Voltorb, S = Number at the top)
V+S = 5 (all 1)
V+S = 6 (2, rest 1)
V+S = 7 (2, 2, rest 1 / 3, rest 1)
V+S = 8 (2, 2, 2, rest 1 / 2, 3, rest 1)
V+S = 9 (2, 2, 2, 2, 1 / 3, 3, rest 1)
And I think you would’ve found the pattern by now. All left to do is to match them up. Some of it will be by chance, but you can get a lot without guessing!

This is where the memo feature comes in, by tapping Open Memo or pressing X button; you open a memo area where you can mark the panels, speculating which panels are which. I find this method a good way to narrow multipliers down and avoid a LOT of Voltorb, but if this doesn’t work out for you then I’m sorry.
So here’s what to do, as you know, flipping 1s are useless, and any line of panels that have the V+S totalling 5 means that the panels are either 1s or Voltorb, so mark those with a 1 and a Voltorb. You won’t need those at all in the end anyway, so save yourself the trouble. Next, you hunt down any lines with NO VOLTORB AT ALL (that does actually have a 2 or 3 multiplier) go crazy with those, as they will help you work out some more lines. If there are none, then you must work out a panel that has a higher than average chance of revealing a multiplier (you wouldn’t flip a panel between 6[V+S] and 7[V+S] as a first guess, as 7 can have a 3 multiplier whereas 6 cannot.) But if you did find a line with no Voltorb having a V+S higher than 5, congratulations! By revealing the 2 or 3 multiplier on that line; you can work out the other multiplier needed on the line that meets the 0 Voltorb line at the multiplier panel, and then work out more, and more, and more.

Voltorb flip works in levels, increasing in difficulty. This could mean more Voltorb, or maybe less predictability, anything to make it harder for us >_> But completing higher levels racks up more coins, so it’s always good to try (no coins are lost anyway)

EDIT: And as Tasteless and Kenny_C.002 have noticed (I didn't :c) by getting a higher number of panels before hitting Voltorb, you ensure yourself more safety of going down less levels. So if you should go crazy with any line you see that has no Voltorb panels. It is difficult to tell where the Voltorbs are in the line, so it is still safer to skip out on the [V+S]5 lines.]

Like I said I'm no expert at all this and probability is not really my strong point. If anyone would like to help me with this guide I'd be grateful c:

Anyways, I hope this guide has helped you, if you had trouble understanding some of it (or all of it, knowing how confusing I get ^^;;) then please ask me for more details. I’ll try to re-explain it as good as possible. I’ll try to put up pictures later, as that coooooould help the learning process.

This guide was written by PapaLuLu27 of PE2K / Papa. L of SPPF / PapaLuLu27 of PokeCommunity. Everything in it was figured out by him. Please do not repost without permission.

03-30-2010, 12:45 AM
Nice guide. You may want to add that if you lose very quickly on a higher level (within the first 2 flips is what I've observed, but it may be more), it will drop you all the way to level 1.

03-30-2010, 02:13 AM
Good start to the guide.

Best to add in the concepts such as probability, as in what is "probably" safe to flip.

Correction to the post above, flips do have a set pattern to how you drop in level, and it is proportional to the number of flipped tiles you have before hitting your voltorb. Flipping 1's have only the purpose of insurance so that you won't drop levels when you hit a voltorb.

03-30-2010, 03:05 AM
That's what I said. I didn't say it was random, I said it was if you don't flip a certain number of safe tiles before getting the voltorb (in my experience it's been 2, but the number may be higher, I haven't gotten a voltorb on the 3rd, 4th, 5th tiles yet to see)

03-30-2010, 07:49 AM
Ah thanks, I hadn't really noticed xD I'll add in some things now.