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06-23-2010, 10:23 PM
Heya! What are your favorite poke adventure games(ranked)and your favorite poke spin off games(worth buying) for DS, GBA, and WII??
My fave poke adv games-
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Heart Gold*
Pokemon Platnium*
Pokemon Firered
*- I don't own these games:sad:
Spin offs-
Pokemon ranger 1,2,and 3*

06-23-2010, 10:37 PM
Heya! What are your favorite poke adventure games(ranked)and your favorite poke spin off games(worth buying) for DS, GBA, and WII??
My fave poke adv games-
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Heart Gold*
Pokemon Platnium*
Pokemon Firered
*- I don't own these games:sad:
Spin offs-
Pokemon ranger 1,2,and 3*
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
Pokemon Platinum (I think it's a good game, I just didn't like Sinnoh by personal preference, so I didn't buy it. I probably would now, but I'm enjoying SoulSilver too much to get another game :)
I never played any of the Ranger games, and the only Mystery Dungeon game I played was Blue Rescue Team. And I just thought it got too difficult too quickly, and I was really frustrated by how I couldn't evolve my team.
And I've never played any of the Wii games, as I don't own a Wii.

06-23-2010, 11:06 PM
All of the Pokemon Pinball games.

Buried Alive
06-23-2010, 11:10 PM
In order:

1.) [Heart Gold/Soul Silver]: 2 regions, Pokemon can follow you. Lots of fun. What more could you want?
2.) [Platinum]: An enhanced version of D/P with the Battle Frontier, Distortion World, few new storyline element, and snow.
3.) [XD Gale of Darkness]: A 3-D Pokemon game for the gamecube that involves you catching and purifying Shadow Pokemon in the Orre region.
4. [Emerald]: An enhanced version of R/S with once again the Battle Frontier and a few new other things.
5. [Fire Red/Leaf Green]: A re-make of the old R/B games that's very fun and stays it it's roots. It also has the Sevii Islands which weren't in the original games.

06-25-2010, 04:14 AM
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06-25-2010, 02:15 PM
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and red,blue or green

Ana Mollie
07-01-2010, 02:54 PM
As far as spinoff games go: Pokemon Puzzle League (N64 * GB Color)
Best game ever; I've beaten it numerous times, taught it to tons of friends, and its the way my neighbor, sister & i bond every time she comes home from college. Such a good game!
I don't know about mystery Dungeon... It didn't look appealing. my sisters like the ranger games, so I might get the new one when it comes to the US
Stadium games= great
Pinball games= also great.
Colleseum.... Not that good. They really should have just made Stadium 3 for the GameCube. would have made me alot happier.
Trozei looks horrible(haven't played them)... Snap & hey you pikachu were somewhat interesting.
That's it on my opinion.

Ranking for the originals:
GBC: Crystal, Gold/Silver, Yellow, Red/Blue
GBA: FRed/LGreen, Emerald, Ruby/Sapphire
DS: HGold/SSilver, Plat/Dia/Pearl.

Although I'm really attached to my Yellow & Gold, Crystal changed gaming... B/c of the girl. Go into Erika's gym w/o this feature and tell me I'm wrong. ;)
Leaf Green might just be my favorite of all time... So much to do on it!
DS: I like them all, actually. Platinum wasn't much better than Pearl, and HG is really great because I don't have to worry about my internal memory destroying itself. :)

07-02-2010, 07:01 AM
My Fav. Adv. Games

Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
Pokemon Heart Gold

now it will be pokemon Black and White

I played all of the games above except GBC games and SS
actually.. i bought none of them with my money.. i downloaded them just for free :P

Professor Geoffrey
07-02-2010, 02:01 PM
1. Definitely HG/SS. Not only has the storyline improved, but the graphics have been improved to such a degree that they outdo all of the existing handhelds' graphics. Even when FR/LG came out, its graphics didn't meat R/S's graphics. But graphics don't really matter all that much to me. Oh, and the music has vastly improved. I should know; I have the entire soundtrack on three discs. =]
2. For its time, G/S/C, and I'll tell you why. Gold, Silver and Crystal have beaten Red, Green, Blue and Yellow in all ways except for possibly nostalgia, and even then it's really close. I've been into Pokémon since a little while after Red and Blue came out; I should know. But the thing is, most Pokémon fans that have stuck to Pokémon for this long have given up Pokémon either because they've grown out of it or the new generations have practically driven them out. G/S/C marked the beginning of a breaking point. Although I can't really imagine it doing this, I bet Pokémon may have lost some fans by introducing the second generation. They lost tons to the third generation. They probably lost even more to the fourth generation. How much are they going to lose to the fifth generation? I'm not sure, but G/S/C has held onto the most fans, compared to the third and fourth generations. Is this why they remade them before introducing the fifth generation? So fans could give them a second (or even third or fourth) chance?
3. XD or Colosseum. They're epic. I'm not going to explain them right now, but they're definitely better than the next three.
4. Platinum. I'm not even going to bother saying Diamond or Pearl, because if you get them versus Platinum, you're wasting your money. Platinum is definitely a game one should get because it seconds HG/SS in everything except for nostalgia, which is why it is third on the list.
5. Emerald. Again; if you get Ruby or Sapphire versus Emerald, you're wasting your money. But why is Emerald below Platinum? Because I believe Sinnoh is better as opposed to Hoenn. Hoenn cost Pokémon a lot of fans. I like it more than the first generation (gasp!) because it's not so bland. That's no offense to Lapras, my favorite Pokémon, however. I'm not talking about the first generation Pokémon, but the first generation itself. Sometimes new is better.
6. FR/LG. No, don't bother getting R/B/G/Y, because unless you want to actually collect the unused/unopened games, you're not going to want to play it. And don't tell me you actually like playing on that versus newer, easier to work with gaming technology. Nowadays, even the Game Boy Advance isn't even easier to work with compared to a Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi or even DSiXL. They tried to make the first generation better by adding the Sevii Islands, and I applaud them. Because it did, and it probably wouldn't have done as well without.