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Neo Emolga
12-18-2010, 05:49 AM
TEAM RP: The Synth Crisis

Yeah, I'm putting it up a day early. I'm sure not too many people will complain about having some extra time to do sign ups though.

In order to participate in this RP, you need to be a part of one of the Team RP teams in the Groups/Clubs board (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=22). For more details, go here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109914). Sign ups will ALWAYS be open, there is no need to reserve. Repeat, sign ups will ALWAYS be open, there is no need to reserve. If you reserve, you are hereby crowned a silly bunny. Beware, this is not an achievement.


In 2015, the innovation of the Synth Power Plant had been created, an energy source that was powered by the chemical reactions of multiple man-made crystalline materials reacting in unison. At first, it didn’t seem like much of an innovation, but the key element here was that the energy created would be never-ending with no pollution at all, unless something happened to the materials. For centuries and even millennia, the energy created from the reaction would last endlessly and could create however much or however little the region would need. The only issue was that Synth Power Plants, once fully assembled and turned online, could not be shut down and taken apart without a serious risk of meltdown.

Everyone merely laughed at this risk, thinking it was trivial. With such an innovation, why would anyone take it apart if it could last forever?

In 2035, Synth Power Plants became the sole power plant source throughout the world because of their superiority, replacing the dead energy sources of gas, oil, coal, and so on. These plants were built in every region and effectively provided power for the entire world. However, five years later, the Synth Power Plant in Hoenn suffered a catastrophic meltdown, blasting the entire region with an ungodly amount of vicious, dark blue-tinted chemical gasses which made the skies darker and created an eerie dark blue fog surrounding the region. As a result, millions of people died without protection from the gas, unable to breathe as the gasses closed up their throats, leaving them drowning in air. The only survivors used gas masks and hazmat suits to filter out the Synth gas, and/or fled underground. The Synth Power Plant in Hoenn was later investigated and it was found that there was a critical engineering error that resulted in the power plant’s meltdown. However, the real nightmare had only just started…

It was discovered that this same critical error existed in every Synth Power Plant around the world. It was also predicted that in less than thirty years’ time, every one of these Synth Power Plants would experience the same catastrophic meltdown, and would flood the world with Synth gases that humans could not survive in. Meanwhile, it was deemed impossible for anyone to shut down these plants, and as a result, the people of the world were forced to flee underground and create breathing apparatuses to prepare for the poisonous gas flood. In thirty years’ time, underground cities and shelters would be created in a frantic pace in hopes to house every person at least relatively comfortably.

In the meantime, it was quickly discovered that Pokémon, no matter what species, had a natural resistance to the gas. In fact, Hoenn’s Pokémon had experienced only a very trivial amount of change because of these Synth gases. This caught the interest of several researchers, trying to discover what exactly Pokémon had to resist this. But, in their effort to find a cure, they faced the reality that it wasn’t Pokémon who had a resistance against this gas, but simply humans were too weak to survive in its toxicity. Meanwhile, it was impossible for humans to return to the surface without dying, unless a human was to undergo so much genetic manipulation that they practically became a Pokémon. They were ready to write this off as an insolvable case until one researcher strongly urged the others to consider investigating the use of genetic manipulation, realizing that underground overcrowding would be a horrific issue and no region in the world would be able to send all of its people into underground shelters. After the two Synth Power Plants in Fiore and Kanto had exploded, they realized their options were running short and already the plans for the Underground weren’t looking good. And since genetic manipulation had been approved by the government, they went ahead with it, creating the first Pokémon and human combination.


2057, twenty years later following the catastrophic aftermath of Hoenn’s, Sinnoh’s, Fiore’s, Isshu’s, Almia’s and Kanto’s Synth Power Plant meltdowns, the creation of the Hybrids (humans combined with a single Pokémon, like “PokéMorphs”) and the Chimeras (humans combined with multiple Pokémon) existed as the only solution for any person wanting to return to the surface world without the use of breathing equipment. These Hybrids and Chimeras not only had the resistance that Pokémon had, but also the powers, abilities, and potentials. However, it was clear they weren’t human as many of them were now adorned with fur, tails, wings, and all the other features of their selected Pokémon counterpart(s). However, only they were able to return to the world that was left behind where the Synth gas was, hoping to restart life above the ground. Meanwhile, there were those humans that absolutely refused to forsake their humanity to become Hybrids or Chimeras, insisting they would rather put on a gas mask and only come up every once in a while or be condemned to living in the underground “Subway Cities” that now existed.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the Synth Power Plants in Johto, Orre, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands, and Oblivia. Most of these nations have made preparations to hide underground, but as expected, the living conditions are horrible, overcrowded, and very few people can live comfortably. Before, very few humans were willing to consider becoming Hybrids or Chimeras, but after several decades of living in poor and confined conditions, more people have become these genetically altered humanoids. There are still many, however, that adamantly oppose the thought of humanity becoming these creatures.

In the meantime, many of the Hybrids and Chimeras essentially inherited what was left behind, and many of the confined humans resented them for taking what they could no longer have. However, in their defense, the Hybrids and Chimeras felt if they didn’t use what was on the surface, it would simply go to waste and deteriorate. Regardless, the humans didn’t look at them as being human anymore. Now, racial tensions exist between the Hybrids and Chimeras of the Surface, and the humans of the Underground.

However, it was in Isshu that the war between the Surface and the Underground became most apparent. Precious, natural resources in the forms of fuel, strong ores, and precious minerals were found in Isshu, resources that were once thought to be useless. Thinking nothing of it, the Surface Hybrids and Chimeras took and used the resources for themselves, but once the humans of the Isshu Underground found out about it, the surface was attacked by infantry wearing gas masks, and most of the harvested resources were stolen by the Isshu Underground.

Now, the war between the Surface and the Underground rages on. Only a precious few factions have learned to tolerate the existence of both humans and the Hybrids and Chimeras, but those that have hold the keys to liberating the world. Meanwhile, there are those that want the newly found resources in Isshu, knowing they hold the keys to unlocking more powerful, superior technology.

Which one of these factions will become the dominant rulers of this new world is still a question to be answered…


Regions Affected with Synth Gas – Hoenn, Sinnoh, Fiore, Isshu, Almia, and Kanto.

In these regions, Hybrids and Chimeras are the only ones on the surface. They live as nothing ever happened. However, these areas are where most of the Surface versus Underground battles take place.

Regions still unaffected with Synth Gas:

In this regions, humans can still live on the surface, but they live day to day in wariness, ready to retreat to the Underground if their Synth Power Plant hits meltdown. Chimeras and Hybrids are also on the surface, indifferent to the state of the power plants. For the most part, the races still get along here.

Orre – Synth Power Plant hits meltdown when the RP hits the 10th page.
Sevii Islands – Meltdown when the RP hits page 20.
Johto – Meltdown when the RP hits page 30.
Orange Islands – Meltdown when the RP hits page 40.
Oblivia – Meltdown when the RP hits page 50.

This is the map the RP will use. (http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/)


Role Players can be either Human, Hybrid, or Chimera. Note that if you choose the Hybrid or Chimera option, you may not pick a legendary Pokémon or Ditto. Also, Hybrids and Chimeras can talk to and communicate with Pokémon. Assume that all Pokémon can understand English.

Humans – Humans are pretty much your ordinary run-of-the-mill homo sapiens. While they don’t get the same kind of moves and powers that Hybrids and Chimeras have, their advantage is in the fact that they can wear mainstreamed armor that is more powerful, rather than weaker armor that has to be custom made for each Hybrid or Chimera. Also, for those not wishing to be subjected to Pokémon type charts or for those wanting maximum armor, this is the best option.

Hybrids - Hybrids are characters that have the stance and posture of a human, but have the features of one Pokémon, blended together to create a bipedal anthropomorphic humanoid. They also have that Pokémon’s attacks, abilities, and type designations.

As Hybrids, they have:

Access to ALL moves (level up, TM, Egg, Move Tutor, and so on) to the Pokémon they are a Hybrid of. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
They also gain that Pokémon’s Ability and their Pokédex benefits (Such as Rapidash’s ability to run at 150 mph). Dream World abilities are excluded.
They also gain that Pokémon’s type alignments.

Chimeras (Lesser) – Lesser Chimeras are characters that are like Hybrids, but have the features of two Pokémon blended together. They have:

Access to the level up, egg, and move tutor moves of those two Pokémon. NOT the TM moves. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
They may only choose one Ability that either of their Pokémon forms can have. Dream World abilities are excluded.
The may only choose one of the two Pokémon’s Pokédex Benefits to have.
Also, they may only have two Pokémon types at max. Which means if you want to be a Lesser Chimera of a Charizard and a Houndoom, you may not be Fire/Dark/Flying, but you can be any two of those three.

Chimeras (Greater) - Greater Chimeras are characters that are like Lesser Chimeras, but have the features of three Pokémon together (this is the max amount allowed due to the heavy genetic splicing). They have:

Access to the level up moves of all three Pokémon only. Nothing else. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
They may only choose one Ability that any of the three Pokémon can have. Dream World abilities are excluded.
They may only choose one of the Pokédex Benefits from the three Pokémon.
And like before, they may only have two Pokémon types at max. Which means if you want to be a Greater Chimera of a Charizard, a Houndoom, and a Manectric, you may not be Fire/Dark/Flying/Electric, but you can be any two of those four.

NOTE: In order to be able to breathe underwater, one of your selected Pokémon types must be Water. In order to fly, one of your selected Pokémon types must be Flying or you must have Levitate as the selected Ability.


Team Leaders have a high diplomatic immunity. After the fall of the world governments, Team Leaders are seen by the public as extremely charismatic, and the members of their teams follow them feeling they are the hope for new world order and prosperity. As a result, the team’s actions, regardless of who perceives them as cruel and unjust, will be seen a necessary by the team’s supporters for accomplishing a greater good, or as means to justify the ends. It will be extremely difficult for someone else to diplomatically turn a team’s members against itself.

Project Lists (Research and development progression lists at the bottom of RP posts) are okay. However, the maximum of items that can be developed at a time is three. No project can go over 50 posts. Generally, it is assumed that the more time that is spent into creating a project, the more potential it will have. This does not automatically mean a project that took longer to develop will automatically trump anything that took a shorter amount of time. All it does is justify a bit more potential.

The power of each project is generally determined by both time and effort. Projects that get a lot of time and description are considered to be more powerful than ones that are quick and don’t get very much detail.

Project Lists can look similar to this:

The Alpha Project (20% Complete) [5% per post]
Razorback Tank Series (80% Complete) [10% per post]
S.S. Thunderbolt Battleship (5% Complete) [5% per post]

Large vehicles like a large ship or large aircraft can only be developed separately. However, a new series of tanks, fighter/bomber planes, or conventional weapons can be developed as a series. Also, you can help advance another person’s project if they’re in your team to help build it or research it faster.

All RPer characters are considered to be elite members of the team they are a part of. The grunts and lower-ranking recruits are all NPCs.


Header: On the top of every post you make should be a header that includes:

Character Name & Ability (Such as John Doe and their Pokémon ability if they have one, such as Levitate)
Team Name (Such as Team Rocket)
Current Location (Such as Pallet Town, Kanto)

Traveling: The three post traveling rule is in place. Which means the first post should be about the departure, second post about the journey itself, and the third post about the arrival. No teleporting. Teleport moves only allow the user to “phase out” and “phase back in” within a 100 yard radius of where the move was initially used.

Other rules include:

No god-modding (sheer excessive and unjustified power acquisition, invincibility, and so on) or bunnying (controlling other people’s characters and not giving them a chance to respond, unless they have gone inactive). If someone hasn’t posted in the RP for over five days, their character can be bunnied into receiving damage or death. This is to prevent people from being “locked up” by having inactive people never respond to their characters actions. Also, under normal fighting conditions, you may kill another person’s character, but it must be done fairly and give the other person a chance to respond.
No use of nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction is allowed.
Though the technology level may be slightly futuristic, there should be no leaving the world via spaceship in attempt to colonize other planets. Simply assume the rest of the planets in the solar system are either made of gas and can’t be inhabited, or are simply far too volatile to settle upon.
Violence on all levels is allowed, and so is swearing, provided its somewhat filtered (like s**t or f**k). However, keep the sexual content down.
You’re allowed up to two characters. If you make two characters, please give them equal show time, don’t make an entire character just to be a one-time-use fall guy for the other. The exception is if your character is killed and you’d like to start another one. While you can have your first character struggle to get out of whatever afterlife they’ve been thrown into, there is always the option to abandon them after death and simply create a new one.
Please post relatively often. If you don’t and your character remains inactive for longer than five days, that opens the door for other RPers to kill them or abandon them. You may give me a notice that you’ll be gone for some time and I’ll grant you immunity from this, but if you don’t, be aware that this may happen.
Please post with proper grammar and spelling.


Name: (Your character’s name)
Gender: (Male or female)
Age: (How old your character is. Shouldn’t be lower than 16.)
Team: (What Team your character is on. You must be on a participating Team in the Groups/Clubs (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=22) board to take part in this. If you’re not in one yet, joining one is as easy as signing up for it.)
Race: (Either Human, Hybrid, Lesser Chimera, or Greater Chimera).
Pokémon: (What Pokémon your character’s DNA has been spliced with. Remember, no legendaries or Ditto.)
Ability: (What Pokémon Ability your character has)
PokéDex Benefits: (What Pokémon benefits your character has according to the PokéDex)
Type(s): (What Pokémon Types your character is)
Description: (What your character looks like. Two paragraphs minimum.)
Personality: (How your character behaves, their mental outlook, and their emotional intelligence. Two paragraphs.)
History: (The life and background your character has experienced prior and up to the RP’s events.)
Pokémon: (What Pokémon companions your character has. Choose 1-6, no legends.)
Skills: (Any real-life skill your character may have.)
Other: (Anything else not mentioned above.)

Neo Emolga
12-18-2010, 05:53 AM
You do not need to reserve, its pointless. If you post a reserve, I hereby crown you a silly bunny. Beware.

If your sign up is here, you're all set to go.

SHADOWFOX - AKA "THE BOSS" (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3224463&postcount=8) <TEAM NOX> PLAYED BY NEO PIKACHU
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This typically means something needs to be changed about your character before it can be accepted. Once you've made changes, post a notice so I can review it.

Means the Sign Up isn't done yet. As a note, I'm only going to read sign ups once they're fully done, so if you post an incomplete sign up and then complete it later on, post a notice that you've finished it.

KARAI HOROSHI (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3224474&postcount=4) <CULLEN> PLAYED BY BRONISLAV84

12-18-2010, 05:55 AM

Name: Ruzza Halluci (Roo-zuh Hah-loo-see)
Gender: female
Age: 29
Team: Team Nox
Race: Lesser Chimera
1.) Zoroark (#571 - national // #77 - Isshu)
2.) Nintales (#38 - national)
Ability: Illusion - When sent out into battle, it takes the name and appearance of the last non-fainted Pokemon within your party. It breaks when an attack does damage on the Pokemon but not from Weather Effects or Entry Hazards. (description taken from Serebii.net)
PokéDex Benefits: Ninetales
- 1,000 year lifespan
- thousand year cursing brought on by touching one of the tails
Type(s): Dark/Fire

Standing at 6"0' and weighing around 115 lbs, Ruzza takes on the recognizable form of a Zoroark. Covered in black and red fur, she resembles the demon fox close to perfect. The only differences on her are the traits of the Ninetales she also had genetically implanted in her. On each of her shoulder tufts are two tails while the last five were placed in the proper area for a tail. To try and keep her form looking natural, the tails from the fire fox were spliced color wise to match that of a Zoroark; mainly colored black with red tips. As a way to make it so she wasn't overloaded by the weight of the added on tails, along with her already longer than average hair, she had them shortened. This helps give her balance when running on both four legs and two legs.

Her large fox ears can easily pick up sounds while a very keen sense of smell makes tracking enemies down easy. However this also results in her becoming very sensitive to stronger scents. If she gets a whiff of a powerful scent it will practically paralyze her for a few seconds, forcing her to cringe as she covers her nose. Until she gets away from the scent, she'll be very vulnerable, unable to really defend herself because she can't uncover her nose.

After being given traits of Ninetales, Ruzza began noticing her body felt strange. There was a type of energy dwelling within her that she'd never felt before, even more than the illusionary powers of a Zoroark. She felt like she could live forever, as if youth was no longer an obstacle for her. This was the trait of the mystical fox, the thousand year life. As for the inflicting of the thousand year curse, another trait common to a Ninetales (inflicted upon the touching of a tail), Ruzza noticed that for some reason hers weren't as defined as she'd expect them to be. She discovered them to be practically range-less and unpredictable, at one point causing a cold and then suddenly giving cancer. She figured that because she is new to the Pokemon world, learning these things would take time. Eventually she'll be able to perform the thousand year curses perfectly, but for now she's like a child with a gun.

The only type of clothing she wears is a hoodless cloak that when she stands, wraps around her body completely. When running it looks more like a cape. There is only one sleeve on it that that sleeve covers up the only human part she has left, her arm. During her genetic alterations, the man changing her was killed before moving onto her left arm, that last part of her that was still human. Ruzza refused to let another person work on her, fearing that they wouldn't know where to take over and essentially do damage to her. She's not ashamed of the arm though, often seeing it as a symbol of what she was. She also wears in her right ear, four gold earrings. The lowest one is a loop, the one above it a bud, the next a square clip, and finally at the top another bud. She had these from when she was pure human and couldn't see getting rid of them.


Extremely hidden. She often tries to make herself seem more like a mystery to people, saying things in a way that could sound like both a question and a threat. She loves putting things out of context to confuse everyone around her, sometimes even putting cryptic messages in what she describes to see if anyone catches anything. It's like she's testing the world around her, trying to see if it can keep up with her. She's not cocky or stubborn, far from it in fact. She just loves to see the world struggle around her as it tries to solve a puzzle presented in hidden messages.

Always a fan of fire arms, she made is apparent to learn anything and everything she could about them. Grenades, handguns, rocket launchers, she tends to feel more at home with a weapon in her hand. She's also very good with non fire arms, learning how to wield all types of swords and knives in case there ever came a time where she didn't have firearms at hand. The reason she loves such violent tools isn't from a broken past or even a disastrous moment in her life. From the day she could talk and hold things, she'd always been interested in sharp and dangerous objects. As she aged, her personality became very involved with the enjoyment of these objects. When it comes to explosives, she isn't as involved with them but will show a fondness if offered the usage of one. Who can't deny the thrill of throwing a grenade and watching it explode, hitting your aimed for target?

She also likes to be very strategical, often trying to think up clever ways to do her opponent in. For a while she even tried never repeating the same type of assault twice, often coming up with clever ways to take her foe down, sometimes even before she was ever noticed. As she delved further into strategic ways of combing areas and locating her enemies, she became highly skilled in infiltration.

Her views on the way the world is now can be seen as near insane. Though it doesn't show her real personality, it gives hints that deep down she's not all sane. She sees this apocalyptic world as a new playground just waiting for kids to come and tear it up. With new obstacles and challenges, it allows only the worthy to venture into its hazardous depths. The worthy can range from humans, to hybrids, to any form of chimera weather lesser or greater. Only those strong enough to take on its games will be able to stick it out in its harsh reality.


Her home was within the Orre region, Pyrite Town to be exact. With a family poorer than poor, she often had to educate herself on old books given to her by neighbors, or books that she stole from the nearby book store. Her parents had terrible jobs, her father having to clean in The Under while her mother worked at the desk of the dingy hotel that never seemed to attract customers. Her home was incredibly run down, having only two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a small place to call the living room. Fans never works so as she grew, she became very tolerable to intense heat.

Once in her lower teens she found a gang of people that she seemed to be able to relate to. None of them complained about their situations, only looking to the present and future. It was with them did her love for weaponry, and her knowledge for them really blossom. It was there that she also made her first real friend, one she still has to this day, a guy by the nickname of Shadowfox. He never said what his real name was, and she never cared to ask. If that was the name he wanted, then who was she to judge?

When the explosion of the plant occurred, the Synth spreading through the air, both her and her parents evacuated with everyone else to the lower levels so as not to be killed. Life down in the subterranean levels wasn't nearly as wonderful as above, and at often it felt crampt. However she did what she could to make the best of it, keeping up with the gang she came to know as her second family, and keeping her friendship up with Shadowfox. After a while however, life grew dull and restless. It was then that Shadowfox came up to her suggesting the idea of going through this new thing called genetic transformation. At first the idea seemed rash, but the more Ruzza thought on it, the more she came to love it. A new body, a new life, being able to see the world in its disgusting state... it was too much for her to resist! She agreed to the idea and chose two Pokemon that Blackfox chose, the both of them agreeing to having similar forms.

However something happened when she was undergoing her rough transition into a full Pokemon chimera, one with no human parts left. The person changing her was attacked and killed in the process. Thankfully everything but the left arm had been completed. Nothing was left open and no wounds were visible. However when she woke, she was startled and slightly enraged to find that she had one human arm left. She found the boy responsible, remarkably a massive chimera of a Charizard and a Meowth. They discussed the situation and after explaining why she refused to let another doctor work on her, came to the conclusion of teaming up. It was by doing this would the chimera named Soloman repay her for preventing a full change to a Pokemon, like he was.

The two joined Shadowfox in his travels, ultimately joining Team Nox.


1. Blue Ditto - Record (male) :: He has a photographic memory and was often kept hidden from people because of his rare tone. He was given to Ruzza as a gift when she left. He was to be her reminder of what she could come back to if she ever felt the need to return home.
2. Pink Ditto - Bootleg (male)
3. Pink Ditto - Napster (male)
4. ??? - she may capture a Pokemon later on to fill this spot, but then again she may not. Just know she has an empty Pokeball on hand to use.

Napster and Bootleg were found after she and Record left with Shadowfox to the surface. They were injured from an explosion and with Record having a photographic memory he easily healed them, saving them from death. As thanks, the two decided to join up with Ruuza and Record, feeling that being with them would not only be safer (given this new worlds harsher atmosphere) but more beneficial for them. Ruzza agreed and they were placed in the Pokeball's Ruzza stole before she left to the surface. She has only one empty ball left, her other three occupied by her Ditto team.

Skills: She's got a great handle on firearms and non firing weapons like swords and knives. She can even construct them when given the right equipment, and knows how to repair firearms. She's moderate with explosives but doesn't know how to fix them if something goes wrong. She isn't even good at arming them, her knowledge fairly lacking in that area. When it comes to sleuthing around for information she's top notch. She had to do a lot of it when she was younger so it became like a second nature for her. Her Ditto is also very excellent at sneaking, often turning into a Keckleon and going invisible to get what he needs. The same goes for Napster and Bootleg. However they are no where near as good as Record is, but at the same time they aren't total mess ups who blow everything to pieces. She's terrible with computers though. She never had any experience with them at all throughout her life before joining Team Nox.



Name: Soloman Jethrow (he likes being called 'Sol' or 'Jeth')
Gender: male
Age: 27
Team: Team Nox
Race: Lesser Chimera
1.) Charizard
2. Meowth
Ability: Blaze
PokéDex Benefits: Charizard
- his fire can melt anything
- breath can inflict terrible pain on enemies
- fire turns blue when he's furious
- fire burns hotter when experiencing intense battles
- can reach altitudes of 4,600 feet
Type(s): Fire/Normal

He has lost all human traits, his body carrying the appearance of a tan dragon with brown colored muzzle, hind feet, and tail tip. The inside of his wings are also the same brown. Sitting on his head are large ears resembling a Meowth's while six long whiskers decorate the tops and sides of his head. They are sensitive to the changes in the wind, allowing him to determine what direction the wind is coming from. There is also an enlarged version of the unique charm that all Meowth pocess. It's incredibly durable and is nearly impossible to break. His arms and legs are very strong as well as longer than normal. He stands at a near ten feet tall while his weight breaks around 240 lbs. His claws are more like a dragon's than a cat, unable to retract willingly and always staying out. The unique part of his new look is on his mouth. Inside are extremely sharp teeth, but outside there looks to be a set of brown fangs that sit on the outer sides of his mouth, each one still fully visible even when closed. These are actually not teeth, but instead sensory points. When enraged he has no control over what he does and has his mouth open 70% of the time, 50% of the time fire is coming out. These sensory points tell him if something is touching his mouth, giving him the reaction to bite down instantly (like a crocodile). His tail resembles a Meowth's and can uncurl at will. It's long and thick and he often uses it as a weapon when fighting.

His ears are sensitive to noise, but nothing major. It goes only so far as ten feet away, maybe more. He can hear quiet changes in pitch, as if when a high frequency is being shot out. The only times he can ever be on fours is when he's kneeling down, in a defensive position, or if he's trying to pick up a scent. He can't actually walk on all four legs. His sight is pretty poor however, only being able to see up to twenty feet away. He also can't see what's next to him unless he completely turns his head. His eyes are too far apart for him to be able to do that. When he walks, he often stands at a hunch with his arms tucked in slightly against his chest. He doesn't understand why he does this, but he knows he can't help it. He thinks that it has to deal with his severe change and how animal like instincts seem to be taking over human ones.

Around his neck is a thick black collar with spikes. Each one is filled with a dangerous mixture of steroids, adrenaline, and caffine. There are around thirteen spikes on the collar in total and each one can inject him twenty times before the liquid is gone making 260 injections total. It doesn't take a lot to turn him into an uncontrollable beast. However once the affects of this have worn off, he's practically immobile, all his energy drained from the injection. He really has only enough left to get to his feet and walk. Nothing more. Another injection wouldn't occur until all his strength is back.


Jokester, sarcastic, and very fragile. He never had a terrible life so his personality seems to be much brighter than most would expect. He loves to twist what people say and turn them into jokes, or just poke fun of whomever he's with. He can very very serious as well, even upset, but he tries to keep those emotions lower. His goal is to try and be the light of a dark moment, making sure that no one turns to dark thought if something has upset them. However he's not perfect. Due to the mass amounts of changes from his genetic alteration, he's become very fragile emotionally. He does everything in his power to stay happy and composed, optimistic and pleasant, but there are triggers, simple triggers, that can send him into a crazed rampage. The triggers are mainly when his form is made fun of, or prejudice is placed upon him or anyone close to him.

Once triggered, his pupils turn into slits and he looses complete control of himself. His strength increases massively and his fire turns blue due to one of the benefits of having Charizard DNA in him. He'll attack everyone and anyone, team mates included, and will only stop once he's worn himself out or has been knocked out.


Born to a moderately rich family, Soloman had a nice life. The only thing was his parents never gave him any money. They felt that if he was to learn anything he'd have to earn it all on his own. He was greatful for this because it taught him how to appreciate what he had and what he saw others without. However at the same time it made it difficult to really get close to his folks. He'd often see them purchasing things without any trouble, never struggling to get what they wanted. However he had to work his butt off. He was still greatful, but at times it made him feel weak.

When his family evacuated with everyone, they lived uncomfortably down in the subterranean levels. His folks pretty much hated it down there, wishing they could move back up into the world where there was air to breath and space to move. When the genetics idea came along, it hit them quickly and they took no time in agreeing to it. However Soloman never wanted to do it. His belief was that if he was to be a Pokemon, he would have been born as one. Sadly his folks didn't listen, his mother telling him that no immidiate person in her family would die under the ground, like some weak person. The doctor that worked on him was not the same one that worked on his folks. The reason why was because the doctor that helped his parents refused to work on children for ethical reasons. The doctor he got was a man by the name of Johnson Gentic.

He regretted ever letting that man work on him. He awoke after the change to find that not only was he larger, over ten feet tall to be exact, but there was nothing human about him left. He also discovered that pinned into his neck was a black collar with spikes all around it. He tried relentlessly to get it off, but each time he pulled at it volts surged throughout his body. It was then that he discovered one of the fatal flaws of his change. Angry that the collar wouldn't come off, and terrified because of how it shocked him, his pupils turned into slits and he lost full control of himself. He rampaged through part of the underground city and even killed one of the doctors as he was working on a patient. After smashing his head into the thick wall, he was knocked out and awoke to see the girl standing on top of him. She told him what happened and he agreed to repay her by joining her and Shadowfox.

It is currently his belief that he was never mutated, but instead had his brain or mind switched into this created beast. The reason is because he has no feeling of humanity ever being apart of him, and the thought of killing and possibly eating a human doesn't sicken him. He swears that if he ever finds the person who worked on him, a person who wasn't even there when he woke up, he'd kill him.

Pokémon: none - he never had a Pokemon growing up, and he doesn't like the idea of owning one now that he IS a Pokemon
Skills: The only thing he has that can be qualified as a skill is his anger point being crossed. When he goes nuts his power increases immensely, and because of the charizard in him, his power increases more due to intense battles (making his fire even hotter) and his ability, Blaze (increases fire type moves when he's weak). Other than that he has absolutely no skills whatsoever.
Other: The Meowth side of him has given him huge cravings for fish.


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I was expecting you to start signups early but as it wound down I figured you might not, but I was wrong. Should have started mine yesterday. Ok I call dibs on this chimera combo. Mine! I filled in some but most is still undecided or I'm too lazy to fill until I fully finish. Thank you.

Name: Karai Horoshi
Gender: Female
Age: (How old your character is. Shouldn’t be lower than 16.)
Team: Cullen
Race: Greater ChimeraPokémon: Charizard/Aerodactyl/Dragonite
Ability: (What Pokémon Ability your character has)
PokéDex Benefits: (What Pokémon benefits your character has according to the PokéDex)
Type(s): (What Pokémon Types your character is)Description: (What your character looks like. Two paragraphs minimum.)
Personality: (How your character behaves, their mental outlook, and their emotional intelligence. Two paragraphs.)
History: (The life and background your character has experienced prior and up to the RP’s events.)
Pokémon: (What Pokémon companions your character has. Choose 1-6, no legends.)
Skills: (Any real-life skill your character may have.)
Other: (Anything else not mentioned above.)

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Name: Jingka Enji
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Team: The Haloclyst (Leader)
Race: Hybrid

Pokémon: Sableye
Ability: Keen Eye
PokéDex Benefits: Can eat rocks to nourish self, well hidden in the darkness, and digging.
Type(s): Ghost/Dark
Description: Jingka now, even as a hybrid, looks as beautiful as she does as half Sableye. Gemstones come from her skin, around her neck in a necklace form, coming from her temples and down around her eyes, her knuckles are also encrusted in gems. Her elbows are spiked, but she wears a more open long shirt and dress pants in a glimmering black. She only wears shoes when she knows that she's going to meet someone and they probably want their floors kept clean. Other than that, she usually goes around barefoot. Her eyes glimmer in white, and what's left of her iris is a bright silver. Her hair is also a darker shade of silver. Her skin is a violet colour, and her hands are merely claws, having no finger nails anymore. She often carries a back back, filled with recon gear, books and notes.

Out in the open, Jingka looks completely different. Her outdoor clothing is ragged, dust covered, looks like it previously belonged to a homeless person. On her back is a massive, cloth covered pack of which she can easily carry. She wears a mask, having heavy duty goggles, and respiratory filter during sandstorms. Her hands are covered in thick gloves made from the cured hides of a Rhydon she obtained from one of the elderly members of the Haloclyst with hunting experience. She is usually hunched over in her OD outfit, due to the balance of the pack she is carrying, as this often gives off the first impression of something creepy and more frail, and truly says 'scavenger'.

Personality: Jingka is a mental genius, and a psychological master or sorts. She watches everything on tv, listens to the radio, takes notes, posts them on a board for analysis. With this, she can determine from vocal tones, choice of words, responses to other's speech to see right into people. She can think out plausible intentions, analyze future decisions, and make plans in response to those, without meeting the person, or before meeting the person. Jingka is at first, questionable, often talking in confusing metaphors or using old sayings, proverbs, and such. Because of her current form, she comes off as enigmatic, a bit sneaky and creepy. Of course that's what the general perception of Sableye were back in the day. She has an IQ of over 130, can improvise within a matter of seconds, and most importantly, look at something once, and see what potential it has. Yes, this does include rocks, which makes her a bit out there.

Jingka on a more serious level is incredibly sharp minded. She does not make the first move in attacking, and this is on a long term scale. Politically, she is always out to talk first then act later, but if that prevents her from doing so, she reverts to not attacking first. Being trained in military recon and taken every psychology course known to human being, she knows when where and how to counter attack. Her plans may be extravagant, but they somehow work most of the time. Meeting a person for the first time, she acts polite and elegant in her tone, very neutral and without anger. Depending on the situation, she adds in slight tones to benefit the situation. Even with people she may not like, she keeps it without anger. Anger is a tool to her and is only to be used when necessary. She is always looking out for those lesser of herself and is willing to give everything a second chance. She knows every single member of the Haloclyst by first name basis.

History: Jingka was born and raised in Ekruteak city for the first few years of her life. Her mother, a highly sought out corporation associate, was constantly on the move, and being divorced to her husband, Jingka had to go along for the ride for many many years, and be home schooled.The little girl not really raised by her own mother, was first given a Pokemon to keep her occupied instead of always wondering where her mother was. This was a bought, shiny Charmander named Yenka, as Jingka was so young, she tried to call everything by her own name, though it didn't come out right. Still, the idea of a shiny reptile with a flame on it's tail was not the best idea for a mother to be getting their four year old. Thus, a nanny was hired to take care of Jingka, and was also dragged across the globe with Jingka's mother. Her nanny taught her that every person was different for a reason. This first teaching made a massive imprint in a four year old, in fact, they made the first possible memory in the girls head.

As Jingka turned thirteen, having more Pokemon bought for her by this point, she was old enough to remain at various homes for a time all over the globe, thus, with her second mother. By then, she started to study psychology, as she was far beyond her years to be put into a public high school. Still, Jingka insisted that she take the special course there, just to see how far along she was getting with her studies. This often involved her sitting in the hallway, people watching, or in the park, school grounds, even peering or being a guest in a classroom. She figured people out, and as many of the more aggressive kids tried to threaten her into not being so nosy, she would just see through them and pull out what they were hiding without so much as blinking.

At the age of fifteen, Jingka started watching the news, often about military reports, and any ongoing conflict. She watched and listened to every word, took notes and went over them. Afterwards, she'd post her opinions on the internet, leaving space for many to read. These were accurate in such a precise way that the military thought she had been hacking into their systems and finding things about their operations, or results, out. She simply explained that it was merely analysis, and when they didn't believe her, she offered them to prove it. With the counter being if she failed, being a hell of a long time in jail, she did her best. They presented her with a person she had never met, and they had a conversation. Then she watched the man have another conversation with another person. From that, she deducted that he was keeping something hidden away, something that probably shamed him when the mention of family showed up. Turns out the man had lost his wife in an accident he caused. After that, she was inducted into the military for advanced recon and cryptology/psychology departments, excelling in all areas.

When the Synth broke out, everyone had to head underground. By then, Jingka was around the age of twenty and her nanny stilled hung around to visit. Jingka was caught in a mad rush to escape, getting caught in the flow of panicking, and stupid mob to the airport. Her mother was nowhere to be seen, as she hadn't hear from her in three weeks. As Jingka was caught in the masses, a terrorist of sorts came into the airport, a suicide bomber coming in and taking out part of the bridge above the parking lot. After that explosion, all Jingka knew was extreme cold, and dark.

A long time had passed afterward, Jingka still on the surface, but she felt like she wasn't all there. This was mostly true, as she was no longer completely human. Taking a look at herself, she found gemstones on her arms, claws where her fingers were, and was half phased through part of a car muffler. Jingka was now a Sableye hybrid, but had no memory of how she came to be, or anything before the suicide bomber. The idea of suicide tore her up, but what was more, was the dead bodies around her. She could still feel the pain within the air, and she did not like it. A few feet away, she found a female, an o2 mask not too far away from her, and medical supplies, syringes, and such. It was clear that this person was a doctor of some kind, and where she came from, or why they chose to save Jingka out of all these people, was a mystery to her. One she would never solve. Taking this into perspective, she knew that this was a second chance, and something she knew she had to continue, just as the young woman before her had done for her. She took a few days to get used to her new form, and then a week to garner up supplies from what was left of the airport. Clothing, packs, food, though she soon learned that granite tasted just fine, and so on. She developed what she now calls as her OD suit, looking like something straight out of a post apocalyptic story. Thus, she wandered on, in search of people.

Jingka, eventually met up with all the Pokemon she had found were missing; some were stolen by other hybrids, some had escaped and were searching for her. As time went on, all Jingka knew was wandering, and more wandering. Soon she came upon some others who were trying to find there way, and she offered them her help. Many were scared of her at first, but soon numbers started to grow, and thus, she decided to take one step further into the future of the world. Thus the Haloclyst was born.
Yenka the Shiny Charizard
This is Jingka's first, the fast flying gunning aviator who is always burning with passion for the better of all. He isn't afraid to take on foes much more powerful than him is need be, and won't give up, refuses to give up, even if that means death.
Cayci the Denchura
Cayci is super fast, and super irritating in the sense that actually landing a hit on her is extremely hard. Jingka takes her on recon missions often just in case she needs to temporarily paralyze someone to get away, should they be hostile.
Era the Fearow
Era is Jingka's long distance aerial ride. Era is stubborn and can be rather short minded, but she's always going to get her job done. She's constantly pulling out trump cards for her opponents in battle, making her a hard to beat birdie.
Vio-Nai the Sazandora
Vio-Nai is the tank that if you hit in just the right spot, that tank becomes a Pokemon of Mass Destruction. She can dish out what she can take and them some, and then add in something else. When she's calm, she's utterly loveable. Jingka always brings her with her on look out missions just in case they come across a stray needing to find their way.
Rush the Rhydon
Obtained in military training, Rush is very much a smashing then asking Pokemon. Only on a walk is he ever calm, and that's when he's often used: in savage sandstorms, Jingka uses him as a mount and a shield.
Sonja the Kokoromori
Sonja is Jingka's little buddy that goes everywhere with her, sits on her shoulder, and often sends messages to other people for Jingka. Still, even as a more pet-like job, Sinja is the definition of annoying in battle. She makes the perfect recon distraction, or just a plain distraction in any situation.

Skills: Jingka has amazing analyzing abilities that let her extract information from just listening, seeing and or observing the slightest detail in mannerisms. Her high IQ allows her to think incredibly fast and work out plans for anything within a few seconds. She is also a great pilot and was involved in military recon, thus, she knows how to make her and herself invisible. She is also capable of weapons development and whatever advanced military training had to offer her.
Other: I'm assuming she's partly dead because she's part ghost type.
Theme Song: Derezzed, Daft Punk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6Afc2uzw4g&hd=1)
The above song is ear candy. Anyone who says other wise is made of deaf evil.

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Name: Lance Gerard

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Team: Cataclysm

Race: Human

Description: Lance has subtle brown eyes and curly black hair, with medium eyebrows and nose size. He is clean-shaven and has light skin due to living in the underground for so long. He has a light-build and he isn't extremely muscular at all. He wears glasses when in the underground, but he has a special mask with his prescription in the viewing section. This breathing apparatus looks very similar to the one seen in James Cameron's Avatar, with a filter stored in a pack Lance carries around on the surface.

As for clothing, Lance wears a blue wind-breaker with a black T-shirt underneath and blue jeans. He has the insignia of Cataclysm sown onto the right shoulder of the windbreaker, the symbol itself is a shield with with a cross dividing it into four sections, a star in the top-right corner and a sword in the bottom left. The colors of this insignia are blue and white, with the shield being white and the cross and details being blue.

Personality: Lance is a dreamer and an optimist. Unlike others who see a bleak future ahead, Lance believes that over time Cataclysm could help to rebuild the world and ultimately purify the air so that the human race could come from the underground and start anew. He also is working to topple the oppressive regimes in other regions, so that nobody would have to suffer famine and poor living conditions like the citizens of Sinnoh did.

Lance doesn't feel like he controls those under him. He believes instead that he is in debt to those who aided him in the rebellion, and that the only way he could truly repay them is by acting as a symbol for them, somebody to rally the soldiers when all seems lost. He knows that many do not think the Cataclysm can succeed in uniting the world, but he seeks to prove those people otherwise.

As a person, Lance is very calm and diplomatic. He has a moral code he checks himself by and keeps to his standards no matter how terrible the situation may seem. Though he understands that sometimes difficult decisions must be made in war, he doesn't use fear or intimidation to get his way, but tactics and planning instead.

History: Lance spent most of his life in the sprawling Underground of Sinnoh, a massive tunnel system that wound underneath the continent. A dark and gloomy place to live, Lance spent most of his childhood in the underground with the thousands of others who had fled there when the Hearthome Synth Plant had it's meltdown. Unlike other Undergrounds, Sinnoh's had been developed long before the Synth crisis, so there was plenty of space to live. Instead, Sinnoh's underground suffered a different hardship.

Food was scarce in the underground. A place with little light and water for anything to grow, Lance experienced firsthand the horrors of famine. Lance and his family, though previously having been middle-class on the surface, now struggled day to day to survive, living off scraps of food that were spread around by the government to keep the people alive. Though it was meager, Lance learned to live off of this small sustenance.

But later on in life, Lance discovered something that would change his life. At the age of 17, Lance accidently wandered into a government food storage room. There he discovered that in that one room not only did Sinnoh's government have enough food to give everybody twice as many rations a day, but their were enough seeds, sunlamps, and water to grow as much food as was needed in the underground.

Investigating further by spying on the day-to-day interactions of government officials, he found the reason why there was shortage was because of a gross inequality. As it turned out, those who where higher-up on the governments system were much better than the masses, eating four course meals everyday. This wasteful and cruel distribution of the food upset Lance, and he knew he had to do something about it. It was at this moment Cataclysm began.

Lance began to alert people of this gluttony that the government allowed. Gathering supporters over time, Lance soon gained the attention of the Sinnoh Government which declared him an outlaw at the age of 19. Since the Underground was so expansive however, Lance was able to evade capture and to continue creating his army. Soon, he had amassed a large rebellion force, tired of living in the terrible famine the government had imposed. Rising up, they attacked government warehouses and other major targets and began to corner the government. Even former soldiers of the Sinnoh Government began deserting, and eventually the Government was forced to surrender to the rebels. It was then that Lance found himself in control of a new nation.

But even Lance knew that the power over the Underground's populace he had now was too great for any one man to possess. Knowing that he needed to divide the power evenly and have it given to people that the populace trusted, he had the people of Sinnoh vote on two others to lead the newly formed nation with him. When they were selected, he placed each in charge of 1/3 of the army he had created. Together the Triumvirate decided that they would begin to reclaim the surface from the Synth gas and rebuild civilization. They knew other groups would try to prevent this and try to oppress the people once again, but they hoped that through perseverance they could overcome and be the start of a new world, a free world. Lance was now 25, and his work had only just begun.


1. Torterra
2. Steelix
3. Lucario
4. Gallade

Skills: Lance does not have any special physical abilities, though he can handle a pistol decently at best. Instead, he has a certain charisma and bravery that the people admire, and he finds it easy to gather willing followers. He uses this ability for good rather than evil, and despises manipulative leaders. He is also an expert in strategy, which is essential when your army is composed of mostly humans who don't have the strength or agility of a Hybrid/Chimera.

Other: Lance's favorite beverage is Root Beer. Also, be prepared for plenty flashbacks to the Cataclysm Rebellion.

12-18-2010, 05:10 PM

Name: Jebez Leval
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Team: The Cataclysm
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Kirikizan (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Kirikizan_(Pok%C3%A9mon)) (#625)
Ability: Inner Focus
PokéDex Benefits: Able to work together with and command Komatana and other Kirikizan
Types: Dark/Steel

Description: Jebez used to be a fairly normal human. Prior to his transformation, Jebez stood at just over six feet and possessed a muscular build due to his experience in prison and his training with the Cataclysm. His blond hair was kept in a buzz cut and he dressed in a very military fashion, favoring black leather boots and camouflage outfits consisting of soft grays and browns. Reflective sun glasses hid his brown eyes from sight, giving him a very intimidating presence. Jebez dressed this way as a show of solidarity with those serving as the Cataclysm’s basic infantry and because it served to inform those he was dealing with just how serious he was. His rare contact with civilians made frightening them a very rare occurrence.

After being spliced with a Kirikizan, Jebez found himself encased in a metal shell that left him looking much like a larger version of the Pokémon he had been combined with. Now at four inches taller than he previously was Jebez seems like a mechanical being rather than a living, breathing human. His face, now with the upper half yellow and the lower part black, has been nearly completely hidden by a crimson and black metal helmet that dips down to his nose with a double-headed axe blade rising through the middle of it. Jebez’s torso is also now a solid chrome black color, without the blades that are found on Kirikizan, as he saw them as fairly useless and asked that they not be added during his metamorphosis.

Jebez’s shoulders are also covered in dark red shoulder blades that resemble military uniforms of old. His charcoal arms end in silver gauntlets that open up to reveal his now black hands, but also have silver blades towards the back of the gloves that Jebez uses in physical combat. From the waist down, Jebez is now coated in metallic skin the same color as his shoulder pads and helmet. That is, until his silver feet start, from his knee ending in a short of two pronged hoof with two very sharp toes. Aside from his natural features, Jebez wears additional armor over his torso, the least armored part of his body besides his hand. This armor matches the color of his skin there and so it is often unnoticed by observers.

Personality: Jebez is, one thing above all, loyal to the Cataclysm. With his family disowning him and then being pushed out of power, the team is Jebez’s family, and one in which he has a fairly high rank at that. As such, Jebez’s devotion can take on an almost fanatic-like feel to it, but this is tempered with a very pronounced sense of duty. Jebez learned much from his study of military history and his time fighting the original government of Sinnoh. As such, parts of his military bearing can sweep into conversation, like addressing the higher-ups in the Cataclysm as sir and giving frank answers without a lot of beating around the bush.

Jebez primarily serves the Cataclysm as a diplomat, giving him an incredible sense of patience and tolerance that many never achieve. His dealings with hybrids and humans, revolutionaries and dictators, among many others have given Jebez a world view that sees all people as equal, an ideal carried over from his childhood, and have to right to determine for themselves the best way to be lead. This puts Jebez at odds with groups like the Brotherhood of Nox, although part of him admires their machine-like effectiveness and power.

Jebez is very isolated from others as his armor gives his a greatly reduced sense of touch, save for his face and hands where no metal covering exists. While granting him heightened durability and an impressive form of protection from small arms fire, Jebez often feels trapped by his armor and a large part of him would rather he still be human, or find some way to turn back. But he knows that this won’t happen anytime soon, and so Jebez will continue to do what he has for the cause, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.

History: Jebez Leval was a youth who grew up in relative prosperity, living the higher -class lifestyle, despite being sheltered in the underground his whole life. His father and mother both worked for the Sinnoh government, ensuring a constant flow of food to themselves and their two children. Still, whenever Jebez ventured outside of his family’s spacious home, he encountered others starving and wasting away, some resorting to catching and eating Rattata as a supplement to the limited rations offered by the government. As Jebez grew older, he became more and more angry at the squalid conditions that the majority were forced to live in. He began sneaking out in the middle of the night to distribute any leftover food to families in need, especially young children.

Jebez reached the age of sixteen and began hearing stories of vast amounts of food being kept from the public. Outraged, Jebez joined in a demonstration directed at the Sinnoh government. He and the other protestors were attacked by soldiers, some of which he knew, and arrested. Jebez would spend thirteen months in jail, the only social interaction he received outside of daily beatings was his father showing up to tell Jebez that he was dead to his family, leaving before Jebez could even say a word in response. As weeks went by, Jebez began to hear word of a rebel group fighting, and winning against, the Sinnoh government, mostly from bits and pieces that the guards said to each other as they changed shifts. Jebez began to develop a plan to join up with this mysterious force and other them his services.

When word came of the rebel forces approaching, the prison went into full lock-down, and prisoners were to be moved into a large secure room, known as the vault. Jebez, having been the ideal prisoner from the beginning, surprised his escorting guards by attacking them knocking them unconscious through the months of physical conditioning. Taking their keycards, Jebez set about freeing the other prisoners who greatly outnumbered the guards, due to the frequent skirmishes with the rebel army. Jebez and his group of criminals, mostly fellow protestors like himself, seized control of the prison and sent one of the guard’s Starly to the rebel forces, carrying a message that the prison was liberated, and there were more bodies, eager to join the uprising.

It was not long after that Jebez learned the identity of the movement’s leader, Lance Gerard. He invited Jebez to meet him, and Jebez pledged his support to him. But, rather than serving on the front lines, Jebez was engaged in espionage and sabotaged many of the Sinnoh government’s facilities prior to an attack. As time went on, however, the group, now known as the Cataclysm, was running short on weapons and other arms needed to deal the final blow to the corrupt Sinnoh regime. Jebez volunteered to be genetically modified and travel to other regions and obtain weapons for the movement. At the age of seventeen, his genes were spliced with those of Kirikizan, a Pokémon Jebez knew next to nothing about. The transformation was painful and extensive, leaving much of Jebez’s body in a cold metal shell. But using his new form, he was able to obtain help from other groups and returned to Sinnoh with enough arms to supply every member of the Cataclysm with one. It was only inevitable that Sinnoh’s tyranny would fall and Lance would ascend as ruler of the region. However, his splitting of power between himself and two others shocked and impressed Jebez. Still loyal to the Cataclysm cause, Jebez now travels to other regions and offers support to Cataclysm’s allies.

Chillarmy (M): Jebez's Chillarmy was hatched from an egg given to Jebez by one of his fellow diplomats as a gift for helping them negotiate a trade agreement. He is not usually used for battle, but rather its large ears give it excellent hearing and it usually teams up with Luxray to gather information. Chillarmy also usually stays out of its Pokéball and rides of Jebez's left shoulder, a somewhat funny sight considering his menacing appearance and Chillarmy's cuddly one.
Leafeon (M): Jebez's main battling Pokémon, he received Leafeon as an Eevee as his first Pokémon. Oddly enough, training it directly underneath the Eterna Forest managed to evolve it. Now Leafeon excels in battling weaker foes and scouting as his natural resistance to the Synth gas and the ability to photosynthesize energy allows him to go for long stretches in the wilderness.
Swampert (M): Swampert is easily Jebez's most powerful Pokémon, a tank capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage and hitting back hard. He was captured as a Marshtomp who had managed to find its way underground after its trainer had perished from the meltdown.
Luxray (F): Jebez's second oldest Pokémon, Luxray often teams up with Chillarmy to gather information, using its x-ray vision to find secret documents or to track humans deemed worth keeping an eye on. She was captured shortly after Jebez received Leafeon and regards him as her older brother.
Skills: Jebez possesses some skill with firearms, but often doesn't use them as his duties as diplomat of sorts to other groups somewhat restrict the likelihood that he'll get into a firefight. However, he does take an automatic weapon with him anywhere he goes. Its pieces resemble common objects such as a razor, a lighter, and such allowing for easy transport past customs. Jebez has some talents with explosives, and some rudimentary computer skills. But asking him to do something like create a bomb out of everyday household objects or to hack into a security system are things far outside his reach.
Other: One of Jebez's favorite strategies when confronting foes armed with pistols and other small arms is to simply walk towards them trusting in his armor to fend off the brunt of their attacks while he moves into prime position to slice and dice with his blades.

Neo Emolga
12-18-2010, 05:28 PM
Name: Shadowfox – AKA “The Boss”
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Team: Team Nox
Race: Greater Chimera
Pokémon: Umbreon, Ninetales, Zoroark
Ability: Synchronize (Umbreon): When this Pokémon becomes POISON, PARALYZE, or BURN, so does the opponent. However, Fire-type and Water Veil ability Pokémon cannot be BURNed, Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokémon cannot be POISONed, and Limber ability Pokémon cannot be PARALYZEd.
PokéDex Benefits: Ninetales
- 1,000 year lifespan
- Ability to inflict a 1,000 year curse if contact with one of the nine tails is made

Type(s): Dark/Fire


Standing 6’7” and weighing 230 pounds, Shadowfox is covered from head to toe to tails with black fur, though it is dark red in a few places. Shadowfox’s black hair with dark red highlights is also extremely long and very thick, thoroughly covering his back and parts of his sides until it almost touches the ground. Like a Zoroark, his long hair is also bundled toward the end with a yellow band, creating a kind of “pony-tail” effect. Besides that, a few long frocks of hair also slightly cover Shadowfox’s eyes and face. Meanwhile, Shadowfox’s two, pointed, black Umbreon ears are very long, and give him the ability to pick up on sounds that most others would miss. As for his face, it hasn’t changed all too much considering an Umbreon’s face isn’t too far off from a human’s, but the irises of his eyes have become a bright red color.

Shadowfox also has the yellow, glowing markings of an Umbreon on his forehead, his long ears, his upper arms, and on his upper thighs. Meanwhile, each of his nine tails has the same glowing ring around the end. When it comes to his nine black tails, each one of them starts small coming out of his rear but eventually grows to have the thickness diameter of a basketball. Also, each tail is mostly black, though the very end tips past the yellow rings are dark red. Due to their large size, Shadowfox’s back is almost entirely surrounded by the nine tails at all times. Because of these nine tails and their ability to inflict a 1,000 year curse upon anyone coming into contact with one of them, attacking Shadowfox from behind with a melee weapon is asking for a fate worse than even death. Meanwhile, his Synchronize ability ensures that virtually any abnormality that gets slapped on him gets slapped on his adversary as well. Add it all together, and he becomes a very difficult adversary to fight.

When it comes to clothing and armor, Shadowfox wears black leather armor that has metallic plates attached to the kneepads and the elbow pads. He just doesn’t really fit into most power armor configurations, nor does he think he needs all that protection. Like most of his fur, Shadowfox prefers to keep his armor colored black, helping him camouflage with the shadows. In terms of physical standing, he is very physically strong and able to use heavy weapons, but he isn’t quite as agile. Regardless, his highlight strengths are his physical power, endurance, and his perception.

Lastly, after becoming a Greater Chimera, Shadowfox gained the ability to live for 1,000 years thanks to the power inheritance of his Ninetales aspect. In that same light, he also has the power to inflict a 1,000 year curse on anyone that touches one of his nine tails, though he himself is immune to this effect. Generally, the kinds of curses that he likes to inflict the most are ones like blindness, deafness, monstrous ugliness, horrendous bad luck, or even monstrous morbid obesity (NPCs get the full brunt of these curses, but player RP characters will get something a little less horrific). It all depends on who is getting struck with it and what kind of curse he’s in the mood for. As a result, Shadowfox doesn’t really concentrate too much on melee combat, knowing there are very few people that would be stupid enough to dare attempt it considering the consequences of even touching just one tail, something that would be incredibly easy to do considering how large they are and how much of his body they cover. If melee combat does arise, sometimes Shadowfox will even fan them out a bit to spread them around him and maximize the risk his enemy has of unintentionally coming into contact with one of them. Instead of melee combat, he mostly focuses on heavy firearms. While he’s very outstanding with a sniper rifle for precision shots or a heavy machine gun for raw firepower, Shadowfox’s true love lies in his proficiency and craving for rocket launchers. If they’re not getting hit with 1,000 year curses to take with them even into the afterlife, they’re getting blown to puzzle pieces. As a result, it makes Shadowfox a very dangerous opponent from any distance.

In terms of leading Team Nox, Shadowfox is also very charismatic and has a fantastic way with words.

Personality: When it comes to Shadowfox’s demeanor, he is very cold, calculating, and devious. Meanwhile, he is also very unpredictable, guile, and is exceptionally talented at improvising and making even a sour situation turn right somehow. He also doesn’t look upon failure as harshly as other leaders might, as long as it doesn’t happen repeatedly out of carelessness and incompetence. When it comes to the occasional failure, he uses it in his favor, taking it out of context, making his enemies think they’re getting the upper hand, and using one beginning’s end to start a new beginning. At the same time, Shadowfox shows a significant amount of strength when it comes to deception, using his charisma and his smooth tongue to make even innocent bystanders a part of his schemes as either supporters or key players.

Shadowfox is also a saboteur and an assassin by trade, armed with a fond liking of fire and explosives. While common guns do the job and he knows how to use them, he feels more comfortable using explosive charges to inflict a massive amount of damage without predictability. But he also likes using fire to consume evidence since its difficult to stop and makes enemies suddenly step out of their hiding places. He considers these elements as “some of his favorite parts of the game.” In the battlefield, he typically keeps an Uzi at his side just in case, but he favors explosive weapons, making his enemies know he means business.

In terms of the Synth crisis, Shadowfox feels this is a new opportunity to remove old congressmen and elderly delegates from office, replacing them with the youthful energy of younger leaders. He established Team Nox as part of that vision, a new totalitarian world order that uses military superiority and strength as the highlight values, and puts those who fight for the power of the faction as the ones in charge. If there’s one thing he hates most, its old people living comfortably and sound in their mansions as they dictate where young people should fight and die. This is also why Shadowfox, even though he is the leader of Team Nox, continues to fight alongside his team members. He does not mind and even enjoys the danger, as he already knows there will be someone else that will continue the Team Nox vision even if the worst happens to him. However, considering he’s blessed with now having a 1,000 year life span, he’s not looking toward retiring from his leadership position for a long, long time, and he sure doesn’t expect to die either.

The last thing Shadowfox wants is for things to return to the way they used to be in terms of democracy. In truth, he despises democracy, where citizens are supposed to select from the lesser of two evils and then tolerate the luckier bastard who slithers into office, joining other corrupt officials that only stepped into office from process of elimination. Under the state of Team Nox, most of the people still have rights, but the rights to elect officials have been rescinded, reserved for only him and his highest ranking members. Instead, propaganda and media influence is used to boost citizen morale and assure citizens that the military and the leaders have everything under control and are strong enough to fight anyone that even so thinks of trying to break apart the Nox State. As a result, citizens of the Brotherhood of Nox loyally follow the faction, and believe all other factions are out to dismantle their way of life with their own, degenerative ideals.

In terms of relations between humans, Hybrids, and Chimeras, Shadowfox openly welcomes all within Nox and does not look kindly upon instances of unwarranted racial discrimination. However, he has set in motion programs, media influences, and other encouragements to convince humans to take the step toward becoming a Hybrid or Chimera, simply because of the powers and potentials it unlocks. However, he will not hold it against any human for not doing so.

History: Only Shadowfox knows his real name, but he doesn’t reveal it to anyone. As a result, he is an enigma, an anonymity that most Team Nox followers refer to as “Shadowfox” or simply “The Boss.”

Shadowfox originally lived in Pyrite City, Orre before the Synth Crisis. His parents were wealthy, but they had died in an airplane crash to Vermillion when he was only five years old. Instead, he was raised by his uncle, who also received a high paycheck but knew nothing about raising children. As a result, Shadowfox was on his own, and even though he had plenty of money, he never really knew what to do with it. There was no Pokémon League in Orre, so instead, he spent more time educating himself with street smarts. However, in the crime-ridden streets of Pyrite City, he was raised more by the gangs than school or his uncle. Ultimately, he found himself sticking with a gang called the “Hexagons,” where he learned how to make bombs, hack computers, and smuggle weapons. It was here that he also made friends with Ruzza, who was considerably much poorer than he was. The two of them became good friends, and kept in close contact.

When the Synth crisis broke out, Shadowfox escaped with his uncle to the underground. By then, he was a teen, but he hated the idea of spending the rest of his life in a crowded, underground bunker. When the whole prospect of becoming a Hybrid or Chimera had arrived and now made it possible to return to the surface, he strongly considered it, but he proceeded carefully, picking a form that he could make the most of and would help further his own image. As he had been told, there was no way to reverse it once it had been done. Still, to him, losing his humanity was worth it to finally buy the freedom to live on the surface again, and to tap into powers and capabilities that humans would never have. After meeting up with Ruzza again in the underground settlement, he encouraged her to make the same decision, and to join him when it came to undergoing genetic manipulation to live on the surface again. He also told her that he intended on becoming a Greater Chimera of an Umbreon, a Ninetales, and a Zoroark. She decided on doing the same, leaving only the Umbreon form out. Shortly after that, both of them had undergone the operation, hoping to take on a new life from there on in.

At first, upon waking up from the lengthy week-long operation, he woke up lying in a bed of his own fur with the realization he was lying on top of his new nine tails and the long bundled Zoroark hair he now had. Regardless, the operation was a success, and he was even granted the ability to live for 1,000 years thanks to his Ninetales attributes. Because of that, he decided to start planning for the future by changing his name, destroying his past records, and making a new life for himself knowing he was going to be around for quite some time. Given the 1,000 year life opportunity, he found good reason to use that time as authority, rather than a subject to follow someone else’s commands. However, he wasn’t too happy about the fact that Ruzza’s operation hadn’t gone as well, leaving her left arm still human while the rest of her had undergone all the changes. Still, she refused to have another doctor work on her, and he decided it was her choice and he respected it.

With the money his parents left him, he founded Team Nox on the surface, his means of picking the world up, dusting it off, and turning it into something he wanted it to be. In truth, his main focus went toward funding the purchase of weapons, armor, and safehouses, knowing military superiority would give him the strength to maintain a grasp on the surrounding area, regardless of any resistance that may be along the way. He also used a unicursal hexagram inside a chaos symbol (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/NoxSymb.jpg) as the symbol to represent Nox, representing superior confidence over the chaos that has consumed the world. With the police and militaries of the old governments now gone and scattered, he was free to recreate them in Team Nox’s name. He was also greatly on the lookout for abandoned property on Orre’s surface, claiming it for Team Nox and making it the team’s property. It didn’t take very long until Team Nox and its followers possessed most of Orre, and anyone that opposed them was quickly silenced. In time, more and more people joined Team Nox, even humans that had decided to use breathing equipment to endure the Synth gas. To boost their numbers, Team Nox was tolerant of the humans, though most of its members consist of those that have crossed over to become Hybrids and Chimeras.

Now, Shadowfox intends to reform the world to be in a totalitarian state with military leaders and personnel leading the operations, while others handle the administrative responsibilities. Since he wants to be the leader of this world for the rest of his millennium-long life, he has thrown away the whole idea of democracy.

Pokémon: Umbreon, Zoroark, Weavile, Absol, Sazandora, and Honchkrow

Skills: While Shadowfox is strongly skilled in explosive weapons, he is also talented in using explosive equipment, such as making bombs of many different types. He also knows how to defuse bombs and reuse them for other purposes. He also has a lot of knowledge when it comes to making electronics, as well as hacking into computers.
Other: N/A

12-18-2010, 05:42 PM
Hoo-Rah! The Sign-Ups are Up! This is probably by far one of the longest posts I've ever made.

Name: Jack Fallows Everet-Aka Blizzard
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Team: Nox
Race: Lesser Chimera

Pokemon: Weavile and Zororark
Ability: Illusion (It takes the name and appearance of the first non-fainted Pokemon in your party-the Illusion breaks if damaged by anything other than weather effects or entry hazards.)
Pokedex benefits: Weavile
-Impressive coordination with other Weavile
-Can carve symbols into rocks and trees with claws that are only understood by other Weavile.
Types: Dark/Ice

Description: Before his genetic manipulation, Jack had dark crimson hair, fear-inducing blood-red eyes, and a rather deceiving semi-athletic posture. It's deceiving because Blizzard had a lot more physical power than most would immediatly guess. He was rather tall and lanky, at a impressive 5-foot-7.

After the genetic manipulation, however, well...A few would say it was only an improvement. The smart ones.

Now Blizzard stands 6-foot-4, With a very athletic posture, that is again, very decieving, as yet again, he's more strong and agile than what would immediately be guessed, even by Chimera standards. His eyes have turned darker, and his left one has turned a very sickening and mysterious purple. He's also inherited a Weavile's fan-crown, which sheilds his hair, which is now black with blood-red on the tips, and is now in a incredibly long ponytail. He's also got the retractable claws and fangs of a Weavile, and a Zororak's tail.

However, his clothes remained simple-Black pants, Black Jacket, and Black Gloves. The gloves grew holes in them to accomidate the claws. His skin is also visible, albeit mostly covered in black fur-the same, highly dark color it always was, making almost no difference to furry parts or non-furry parts. He blends into the night perfectly-it's impossible to tell where he's at in heavy darkness to pitch-black darkness.

He has Nox'es symbol on his jacket-the only symbol of what side he's on. He does change it to make his raids on the other teams.

Personality: Truthfully, Very few actually have much knowledge into Blizzard's true self. He, on the outside, is a person who is deceptive, cunning, resourcefull, and incredibly bloodthirsty. He uses a gentlemanly tounge and graceful movements to acheive his means, and even if soneone was knowledgeable enough to know Blizzard's deceptive methods, Jack uses it to his advantage, and drives the person to insanity, or to his will. It's almost impossible to know what he's doing at any point.

However...For those that really know Blizzard...

He's actually insecure, really tearful, stressed, angry, and vengefull. This side is something Blizzard will kill you over-don't be digging in his journal. He is currently dealing with the emotional loss of his brother, the loss of his own mother's love, the death of his father, and the fact that most of his role models outside of Nox were really trying to purpously condem existance-even his father. His father, more of recently, has become a real weak point for the man, as his father was planning to kill him if he didn't show enough potential as a killer.

He's trying to put his past in the afterburner, and really hard. He's got only a few friends-Avalon, who killed his brother and father, his past role models, and ironically saved Blizzard's life from the Synth gas and revealed to him his father's murderous plot. He also has a slight crush on a civilian girl-Natalie, who has split personality disorder. He looks up to Shadowfox as his own dad, as much as he can, however, he's got his rapier ready in case Shadowfox tries anything similar to his father.

History: His birth in was a miracle unto itself-His father wasn't planning on marrige, but he fell for a woman, and the two got married regarldess of the fact (unknown to the unamed spouse) that Blizzard's father was a mass-murderer.

He was born in Hiun City as the eldest of four-along with two other brothers and a sister, named Quincy, Sora, and Ashley respectively, although later nicknamed Quake, Spades, and Ash respectively, along with his nickname-Frostbite (or as a degretory name, Jack Frost). All four were trained in the art of killing behind their mother's back by their father, along with regular school.

Each one was given a Pokemon by their father at the age of seven. Blizzard's was a Sneasel, Quake's was a Larvitar, Spade's was a Murkrow, and Ash'es was a Houndour. Each one was treasured, and was quickly evolved to their highest evolutions-at the age of ten.

However, the real big event in Blizzard's life happened when he was 15, after a few murder jobs, when it was reported that his Father was killed, by an unamed killer. He was furious at the time, as were the rest of his kin. However, it was later revealed to Ash the real deal of their father, and stopped moarning for him, and ran away. The remainder joined a man named Tyzzax in a group called the Arbiters, who had the religion that said that man had too much sin that nothing they could do could ever compensate for it-save the end of existance.

At 16, He and His brother found the killer, a chap nicknamed Avalon, who also (at the time) Lead a group of theives called Eon Sky. A battle of physical skill ensured, and the end result was Avalon escaping unharmed and Quake's death. Blizzard came back home crying, only to witness his brother holding a gun to his head. His brother found out about their father while they were gone. Spades Never shot a bullet, but left the home and ran away. His mother was also told about their father's little "lessons," and when Blizzard attempted to defend his father, his mother kicked him out. The next day, the Arbiters were destroyed, with Tyzzax being killed by Avalon, along with a majority of the members. However, that was when the true scheme of the Arbiters was revealed to Blizzard-which he took personally.

The real mental breakdown started with the Unova meltdown-He was inches from death, right next to the Synth Plant, when it exploded. His Weavile was killed from the blast (Explosions are explosions, and explosions are deadly, always.), But Avalon himself saved Blizzard's neck, grabbing and carrying the man to a sewer, through a complex of tunnels, to Eon Sky's secret base.

Blizzard almost killed Avalon, until Avalon revealed his Father's notorious methods to him.

Blizzard's life melted, it just did. His life was a lie. Every inch of it. He lived with Avalon (who did a good job of mental counseling), with slightly more comfort than most other People, as the base was rather spacious in comparison to the Subway Cities.

Team Nox found Eon Sky on a reconissance mission, and recruited the whole of the lot. Blizzard quickly rose the ranks to the point where he was in contact with Shadowfox on a weekly basis. The remainder of Eon Sky is now Eon Night, a special ops group. Avalon, still the leader, is now in contact with Blizzard on a daily basis. Blizzard's time in Orre also let him meet the Bellossom Hybrid Natalie, whom he has a slight crush on, despite her Split Personality Disorder. He got his genetic manipulation during the recruitment process, after Nox found his Weavile's dead body.

Pokemon: Sazandora, Shandera, Spiritomb, Tyranitar, Zororak, and Houndoom.

Sazandora: A prize for Recruitment, Sazandora is actually very timid, and if not being ordered by Blizzard, will hide behind whatever cover can suit him. He will not disobey or abandon Blizzard, however.

Shandera: His Father's Pokemon, Blizzard inherited it when he died. He liked it as the only reminder of his Father, and even though his father turned out to be a scumbag, he still likes Shandera.

Spiritomb: A trickster at heart, He'll do anything on Blizzard's command, and loves it when said command is sabotage.

Tyranitar: His brothers Tyranitar, He is actually quite quiet and docile ever since Quake died. Unlike Blizzard's father, Quake was something Blizzard still holds a grudge against on Avalon, and he loves as his major companion. The gentle giant, in turn, helped to comfort the loss of Blizzard's Weavile.

Houndoom: Blizzard's tracking dog, it's the head of a whole pack Blizzard has, and is the strongest of the pack as such. The group is an adversary that is extremely tough to take on alone, and even in a small group, it's a nightmare.

Skills: Blizzard is no joke when using his Rapier, it's his best weapon by far. Very few have been able to live after Blizzard lands one blow with the nasty Rapier. The Rapier's origins are from the Arbiters, and as such is decorated with the symbol of the Arbiters-A big circle overlapping three smaller ones, contained within a triangle. He's also got extensive experiance when using knives (throwing or otherwise), SMG's, Sniper Rifles, and Crossbows. He's also a contortionist, bending in ways most would find themselves incapable of.

Other: Blizzard, even with his genetic manipulation, still has his heart in an odd position-behind his lungs.


Name: Avalon
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Team: Nox
Race: Lesser Chimera

Pokemon: Togekiss and Metagross (The Metagross is shiny)
Ability: Serene Grace (Doubles any additional effects of moves)
Pokedex benefits: Metagross
-Extrordinary Intelligance
-Highly powerful Psychic abilities
-Weighs 1212.5 Pounds
-Can tuck Metagross appendages into chest for extra control while flying
Type: Steel/Flying

Description: Avalon is NOT seen without his trademark black beret, period. He also wears a Black Jacket, with a white shirt probably meant for use as underarmor. He also wears blue Jeans and dark gray gloves. Said gloves have more flexible plastics than fabric on the outside, but probably are pure fabric inside. All of his clothes are made to take into account the transformation he has undergone.

His eyes are Hazel, his hair is a shining beige, sometimes being red or blue at the tips, and separate in semi-spiky bunches. The shine is from the grease that is stubbornly stuck in Avalon's hair regardless of how many times he washes it. His back now includes the wings from Togekiss, which has similar coloration to his hair, along with Metagross'es 4 appendegaes, which poke out of his jacket to serve him as extra arms. His mouth is covered by a golden, mask-like X, which Avalon uses a half-mask to conceal. His skin feels like metal, but it's mostly covered in an almost-invisible down.

Avalon was rather stubby, at about 5 feet exact, but the genetic manipulation gave him an extra 7 inches to work with. His whole body gives off a sensation of healing.

There are a few oddities about his looks, the most noteworthy being the glowing indigo mark on his hand. One get's the idea of stars when it's looked at, but when drawling the mark down on a peice of paper, the same person would say it's more like a vortex of some sort. The only other strange thing about Avalon concerning his looks: The aquamarine gem on his neck. It's unknown what it is.

Personality: Compleatly contradicting the post-apocalyptic conditions of the world and his Metagross DNA, Avalon is quite the peppy guy, who seems to try and be ignorant of the world's current problems. He also hates death and war, and often makes it known to a few people how ironic it is that he is not only forced to kill and fight, but is also one of the best at doing just that. However, his seriousness can come out when the situation gets dire, and can really act heartless when he is serious.

His Metagross DNA really comes into play when he's serious. The IQ boost is always present, but Avalon doesn't really tap into it unless he's Serious. When he does, it's guarenteed to be incredible-He can instantly learn foregin languages, styles of martial arts, how to use a weapon to masterful extents, and more, along with the ability to know how to position units on the battlefield, create advanced technology, and other stuff.

Despite the happier side of his personality, he was never a people person, and at most can effortlessly tolerate two or three people at once, save the 1000+ members of Eon Night. However, he's a wonderful person to be friends with, as he's a constant companion, and will try to incorperate his plans and yours to make the best out of every situation. He can also quite accuratly guess your personality, even without the psychic powers.

History: Actually, Avalon wasn't even known period until Blizzard discovered him in person. However, Avalon's past is more devious than one would guess.

Avalon was the leader of the group of theives Eon Sky, whose goal was to topple the corrupt Unova government by taking out their resources, while removing or cooperating with the criminal groups. They only stole Governmental property, and didn't kill if they could help it. They were pretty much perfect-They rarely left a trace of anything, and the members, during their campaign against Unova, managed to stay unamed.

The group has been active strong and powerful for four years, so it was believed that Avalon started the group when he was twelve-quite a odd factor, considering most members are adults.

Avalon himself NEVER left the 1000+ Group of Eon Sky, period. The same applied to every member, actually, so that the group wouldn't lose members while they were alone. When Avalon met Blizzard for the first time, Avalon lured him and Quake into a trap, where the other members of Eon Sky were positioned, and they rained down on the unsuspecting duo. Blizzard lived, but Quake was killed almost instantly. In the same night, they made their raid on the Arbiters, killing every major member they found.

The word of the Synth meltdown in hoenn, and the flaw of the plants, quickly reached Avalon's ears, and in response, he decided to do something both incredibly risky and incredibly stupid-Save Blizzard's life. He swooped in seconds before the Synth gas exploded, and threw him and Blizzard into the sewer, traversing the mazelike sewers to the secret base of Eon Sky.

How Avalon managed to know about Blizzard's past was beyond Blizzard.

Eon Sky's base was found by Team Nox, who took the immediate initiative to recruit the legendary theives to Team Nox. Avalon accepted, regardless of the fact that he really didn't like Nox at the time. However, once he got to meet Shadowfox, and guess his personality (He never told Shadowfox), Avalon felt that he was trustworthy. He got his genetic manipulation from Pokemon he owned, and managed to get a high rank right off the bat. Team Nox renamed Eon Sky to Eon Night, and put Avalon under Blizzard.

Pokemon: Lesha the Pikachu, Gyro the Raichu, Shiny Metagross, Togekiss, Sazandora, Gengar

Lesha the Pikachu: Lesha is quite an odd Pikachu. She's the only Spiky-eared Pikachu in existance, to start. Her spiky ear is coated in metal (Avalon says it's the condition he found her in), and as such she can't hear out of it. She has blue cheeks, too, as well as a slight green tint on her whole body. She can speak English, and weilds weapons meant for her size-specifically a Mace made up of three blades called the Timekeeper Mace, and a Knife in the shape of a leaf, which is unamed. Her relation to Avalon is probably the weirdest thing about her-around everyone else, she's serious, bossy, and easily ticked off, but around Avalon, she's quite emotional, calm, and sweet, and the two have been seen kissing. The electricity she produces is blue. She's always with Avalon, save on his orders, and is never put in a Pokeball, period. Avalon says he trained her, but that doesn't really seem to be quite the case. Lesha shuts up the instant Celebi is brought into the conversation.

Gyro the Raichu: Like Lesha, Gyro can speak English. He's serious when the time for being seriousness comes, and otherwise is quite lax. He's sarcastic either way. His fur is a brown coloration, and he has a mark of a six-pronged gear on his left eye. other than that, he's your ordinary Raichu. His owner wasn't originally Avalon-according to him, he was willed over to Avalon. Gyro keeps who it is a secret.

Shiny Metagross: Avalon likes Metagross, and Metagross has extreme combat versatility, but Metagross doesn't show his affection to Avalon. He doesn't disobey Avalon, but his actions when Avalon doesn't give any are quite instinctive and violent.

Togekiss: Avalon and Togekiss are two very close beings, and Togekiss is slightly jealous of Lesha, who gets to be with Avalon 24/7. She had a slight crush on Avalon that turned not-so-slight when Avalon got his genetic manipulation done.

Sazandora: A gift for recruiting, Sazandora is a obediant Pokemon, and a very powerful fighter too. Avalon and Sazandora are rather distant, however, and despite the praise Sazandora often gets.

Gengar: Gengar is Avalon's personal assistant for trickery. If Avalon want's something sneaky done, Gengar is a big assistant. Gengar and Avalon share a moderate relationship.

Skills: Incredible IQ and everything that comes with it aside, Avalon has always had an ability to weild all sorts of swords like a natural. He also weilds MGs and SMGs with expert skill. Of course, he's a master of stealth, able to go about from place to place undetected. He's got some Parkour skills, too. Meele combat against this guy is pretty much suicidal, especially with his newfound physical power. Astoundingly, the added appendages and weight don't interfere with his ability to be stealthy.

Other: As Avalon weighs over 1000 pounds, he uses psychic power to lift himself up slightly so he doesn't destroy whatever he's under. If he's not being stealthy, he's been known to be slightly clumsy, sometimes destroying stuff with his physical power on accident. He really, really, really hates being suprised, which is ironic considering his ability to be so stealthy.

12-18-2010, 08:07 PM
Name: The Janitor. *Yes, I changed it do this guy not being a mad scientist. Hate unnecessary associations.
Gender: Male.
Age: Unknown.
Team: Beta-Green.
Race: Human.

Description: About 1.87m or just over 6 feet tall, weighing in at about 70kg or roughly 130 pounds. Basically above average height with an athletic build. Brown, slightly frizzy hair. Lightly tinted skin and bluish eyes. Has an indented scar running along the length of the inner side of his left forearm, measuring about 3 inches.

Usually seen wearing a 3-piece black suit with a white shirt before the Synth meltdown. He dons custom made shoes which appears like normal leather business type shoes , but are actually made to be like trainers with a metal tip.

Always seems to have either a briefcase or small sack near hand. He rather blends in quite easily and is someone who never gets a second glance.

Picture (http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/5900000/Crazy-Janitor-scrubs-5995814-845-1024.jpg) and smile. :crackup:

Personality: Straightforward, and to the point. Once The Janitor cracks a joke, you won't need to wait long for the punchline. There seems no apparent reason why he does what he does, save for the fact that it needs fixing. He's efficient all around. Only speaks when needed, only moves when required. He's basically as close to an android as one can get.

Whether it be when cleaning up personal problems or international incidents, The Janitor has never or will ever be likely to show any emotional response. He's rational up to the point of insanity. Either you are against him, with him or a third party. And everyone is expendable.

Dissociative by nature would describe his attitude towards other people best. Though it could as well be an occupational hazard. You don't make many friends in this line of business, though those who know him and lived do trust him for his rationality.

History: His memories are vague - OOC: yes, it's a hail Mary here - but all he knows is that he used to be in the Kanto Clandestine Special Forces back in his day. Though, whether that was 10 years ago or 50 is unclear. There he received most of his training and acquired his unique skill set.

After that, he went ghost for some reason. Whether it was PTSD, being burned or all hell breaking loose, who knows. He only cares about getting the job done. Cleanly, quickly, and without collateral.

He has worked for crime lords doing hits on their rivals or enemies, though his most daring feat was the assassination of the puppet president of Johto during a rally and getting away with it. -OOC: Yes, that was a reference to WAR V-.

After the Synth meltdown, the rational thing to do for the Janitor was to ensure his survival. When the option of Chimeras became available, he made sure he had a backup if he needed to. He implanted a viral incubator in a hollow tooth for when he ever needed to turn. But as long as that wasn't needed, he remained human. The odds of turning into something without opposable thumbs were far outweighed by the status quo.

Pokémon: Abra.
Skills: Advanced intelligence gathering - off and online. Conventional and unconventional small arms training, tactics and concealment. Advanced counter-intelligence and counter-terrorist training.
Other: He's The Janitor; fixing problems and 'causing mayhem is what he does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjSDrDykFns

12-18-2010, 08:17 PM
/resists urge to make Black Cat joke...

Name: Reno Adimari (REE-noh ADI-mar-rhee). Some call her Spirit of the Desert or some variant.
Gender: Female
Age: 16, but with the physical stature of a twelve-year-old.
Team: The Haloclyst
Race: HybridPokémon: Flygon. (Ha ha, I feel so pathetic, my poor character has only one superpowered animal running through her veins...)
Ability: Levitate
PokéDex Benefits: Wings that may start dust- or sand-storms, as well as make melodic sounds while flying a certain way. Known as the Spirit of the Desert.
Type(s): Ground/DragonDescription: For a reference pic, see the image above, but tack on appropriately-sized Flygon wings. My Photoshop skills are not that advanced. XD

Reno is in fact sixteen years old, but her stature would look more appropriate for someone just getting in to middle school. She is about five feet tall with an unimpressive body on all counts, except for the fact that it is green and scaly and has giant wings sprouting out the back. The ‘ears’ on her two-pronged hat move sometimes, when the short but sturdy Flygon antennae under them move, most often to accentuate an expression or to pick up on faraway sounds; for the latter to be useful, however, she must of course take off her hat. Reno had lived in the deserts of Almia all her life before being driven underground, so of course she is not accustomed to wearing many layers of clothing, but has recently adopted her long jacket and hat as her position as a member of the Haloclyst required her to move around the Regions. She stubbornly clings to the outfit underneath them, though, including he microshorts and strange animalistic boots. Her hair was very thick even before she became a Hybrid, and by this point, there is nothing she can do with it but tie it up in a green constrictive band and hope for the best.

Reno, being a Flygon Hybrid, has of course undergone some other changes as well. The most noticeable, as mentioned previously, are the giant Flygon wings that sprout from her back; just like a real Flygon, they’re not quite realistically big enough to carry her through the air, but they do and she is indeed capable of flight. Her skin is a covered by scales in a light shade of pea green, while her hair turned a little closer to neon, and her eyes shifted from their initial yellow to salmon pink. Of course, her mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth. She frequently puts her red goggles onto their rightful position over her eyes, when flying, fighting, neither or both, due to the suspicious absence of natural lenses over her eyes (Reno suspects it was just a fault on the part of the team who 'created' her). Within a pack attached to her hip is a six-foot halberd (held via hammerspace, of course), and she has a dagger placed strategically on her person.

Personality: Reno is a survivalist by nature. She is not one to willingly ditch people just because she has an excuse that she’s better off not sharing her supplies with them, but if someone is becoming too much of a liability and doesn’t seem to be pulling their weight, she will say something to them and eventually boot them out. However, in this manner, she has also managed to dig out hidden competency in a number of people, and she doesn’t kick anyone out unless she can obviously see that there is no hope for making them a productive member of society as they know it. She is a desert adventurer and is very resourceful, fair;y knowledgeable about living in the wild in most areas (what she hasn’t learned herself, she has learned from some relative or another, who share her thirst for adventure and have been worming all over the world for years). On the other hand, Reno is not incapable of loosening up and having fun, but she never disregards a call to action if it happens to arise while she is goofing off.

Optimisitc but also realistic, Reno sees things A. as they are and B. how they can be overcome. She can be crafty when she wants to, but most of the time, she keeps in mind that lies only solidify things that are not true, and when events come along to contradict them, she will be the one to blame. She is strong of mind and soul (other than her eccentric fashion sense), and is by no definition the woman that one would count on to sob in a tower while her prince goes on a dashing quest to rescue her. She would have devised a plan of action and sneaked out of the tower by the time he got there.

History: You can take the girl out of the desert, but you can’t take the desert out of the girl.

Right from the beginning, the Haruba Desert was where Reno lived, and unlike most of the area’s inhabitants she did not groan and whine at the… unique properties of the region. Instead, she rejoiced for them, because this arid place was quite possibly her favorite in the world. It always had been, really, right from the beginning, with her uncle’s stories as endless as the burning expanse they spoke of. When she was finally deemed old enough to go out on her own, with several years of training under her belt, Reno knew she had found the Place her mother had always spoke of; the Place, the one area where someone could feel complete and, well, magical. Reno felt the Cacneas hopping and skipping across the dunes, she felt the Baltoys whizzing past her face, she felt the Vibravas triumphing over all in the sky above. There was nothing she loved more than that dirty, sun-ravaged place.

Around this time was when she got her beginnings in fighting, as well as many other things. Many times she had been stuck in the house with her uncle, who was most easily compared to a tanned Indiana Jones. To young Reno, it seemed like Uncle Tazz knew everything, about everything. He taught her how to use the dagger and unique axe-like halberd that she now carries and wields, and was the one responsible for teaching her most of the beliefs she held as an adult. As a matter of fact, she saw Tazz as more of a parent than her father and mother; it was almost as if those two were the distant ones, the people she loved but never truly loved, and Tazz was the one who took that position. Fortunately, both of them lived through her childhood, miraculously avoiding the wicked twist that occurs to most little girls in this situation. Perhaps Fate felt that she had enough difficulties on the way.

She did.

In a few years’ time, she was huddled with her mother, father, uncle, and aunt, sitting and waiting to suffocate in the concealed world underneath Almia. The synth plant had exploded spectacularly, driving all of them underground, and scientists were only just beginning to understand the concepts of Hybrids and Chimaeras. None of the Adimari family was happy about this, but in his true fashion, only Tazz did something about it; he had heard of the genetic experiments being created, and designated himself to be among the first test subjects for the Almia round. Tazz had obtained a form for this, and when Reno found it… well, she wasn’t having any of that. She knew Tazz, and she knew the possibilities that this procedure had, including the deadlier ones. She also knew of the powers Hybrids, Chimaeras, and regular old Pokémon held over the humans, specifically their ability to withstand the synth on the surface of Almia. These two factors, along with her own slowly-disintegrating mind at being held under and far, far away from the place she held dear, her home, more than the building she was in now or the one she had been in then… well, this was an opportunity.

Reno filled out the form herself, and became one of the first Hybrids.

It had been getting to her, really it had, and this was more an opportunity than anything else. Reno had been greeted with much surprise from the scientists, who didn’t expect a girl of her age to be one of the first to volunteer, but she was steadfast and firm and demanded a desert Pokémon, any desert Pokémon, anything that could bring her back to her beloved Haruba. Using the money that Tazz had set aside for himself, coming out of the funds he had collected from various escapades over the years, Reno became one of the first Hybrids, and of course — like all firsts — she had a couple of flaws. For one thing, there was no eye guard, no red-tinted lens to protect her eyes from the multiple hells that sand brought them. This was easily fixed. And for another, she ran into one of the lesser risks of fiddling with DNA, i.e., the fact that her growth as a body would be considerably stunted. Very considerably.

There was no way to fix this catastrophe back in the day, and there still isn’t, so Reno has begun living out her life in the adorable form of a girl not even thirteen, with the mind of a sixteen-going-on-seventeen critical-thinking survivalist. Reno could see that she had a lot of challenges to overcome, not the least of which in convincing the other Hybrids at large that she was actually of legal drinking age. This was not easily accomplished… at least, it wasn’t until she ran across the band of nothings that were the Haloclyst. They welcomed all and clung to ideals that Reno actually agreed with, so it was no small wonder that she was soon content and among their ranks. She was among allies, infused with the purest form of her being — the Spirit of the Desert, in both meanings of the term. Even the guilt that was just beginning to settle in wasn’t enough to shoot her down now.

Reno had a lot of work to do.
Pokémon: Claydol M, Cacturne F
Skills: As mentioned previously, a survivalist, accustomed to hunger and not afraid to kill wild Pokémon and cook it (among other things, of course). Self-trained in ground and aerial combat with an axe-headed halberd, and by definition, a rough idea of how to handle most polearms.
Theme: Love is War, Instrumental Ver. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZlKu0U22Ug)
Other: Yes, this means that some unlucky chap may or may not find himself clubbed over the head by a twelve-year-old with Flygon wings.

12-18-2010, 09:45 PM
I do believe I have finished my Sign-Up

12-18-2010, 11:32 PM
Interestingly, so have I.

Master Zorua
12-19-2010, 01:26 AM
Name: Robert Masters
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Team: The Cullen
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Arcanine
Ability: Flash Fire
PokéDex Benefits: ARCANINE is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this POKéMON's body is its source of power.
Type(s): Fire

Description: Picture (http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww312/semater/Arcanine_Warrior__Color_by_Epoh.jpg)
Robert stands at 6 feet tall with a strong, muscular build. His face, hair and tail are covered with pure white fur. His ears, around his eyes and over the majority is covered with orange fur. Along his back, sides, arms and legs are black fur tiger stripes, while his chest is mostly black bare leathery skin with a downward stripe from the neck to mid-chest of white, feathering fur. White fur also sprouts from his above his blue eyes.

He wears some modified blue jeans with red cloth belted around the bottom. His large paw-like feet are covered in a modified black, white and gold pair of running shoes. He often wears a white lab jacket, but is known to go topless if he gets too hot. So far, no one seems to complain about it.

Personality: Robert is a rather hard worker. He hates it when he's forced to sit on his rump and do nothing while there's something that can be done, be it work or play. He is rather athletic and often competes in marathons and triathlons for the sport and exercise.

He is rather friendly and honest. Sometimes his honesty can be down-right blunt. He doesn't like sugar-coating the truth. He's very loyal to his friends and also tries to help those in need.

Being a first responder medic, Robert acts in the best interest of those in urgent need of medical help, regardless what side they are on. To a medic, the only enemies are time and resources. He believes the war was caused primarily by a build-up of stress, with the argument of resources being the catalyst that lit the powder keg, so to speak.

History: Robert was born and raised in Pewter City. Growing up, his interest in Pokemon was rather different than most others. He seldom fought, and he didn't pursue gyms. Rather, he enjoyed simply raising and caring for Pokemon, tending to them with the kind of care a Breeder would provide.

Of course, he still got into battles and competed in Contests. While he never won Top Coordinator, he was a very skilled Coordinator, and he had the respect of everyone he competed against, earning him several friends.

One day, over in Viridian City, Nurse Joy fell ill, and he was the only other person there at the time. The nurse instructed him on how to treat the many sick, wounded and injured Pokemon. Robert did exactly as he was told, and it was through this that he found his niche`. The gratitude of those Pokemon was greater than any other feeling he had experienced. with that, he entered into medical school in the Johto region. While he did not specialize in one type of medical practice, he became familiar with both Pokemon and human medicine.

When the first incident in Hoenn occurred, Robert was in Johto and was rushed underground with the rest of the civilians. Down below, everyone was given the option of becoming part Pokemon and moving back to the surface, or remaining human and living life underground. Robert at first decided to remain human. But once it was learned that there would be a great shortage of medical professionals becoming hybrids and going to the surface, Robert decided he would go ahead and become a hybrid. Although he had many choices as to what Pokemon he could be spliced with, he chose to only be spliced with one Pokemon: an Arcanine.

After the procedures were complete, Robert left for the surface with his Pokemon. He was unsure of whether the Synth energies would linger or eventually dissipate, but he knew they would have to work to help the humans down below with supplies.

Then the war broke out. Robert insisted that they should continue to help out the humans below and that the humans should trust the hybrids more, but it seemed that greed was destroying the moral fabric of both sides.


Lilly (Female Espeon)
Lotus (Female Umbreon)
Flare (Female Blaziken)
Mabel (Female Plusle)
Sable (Female Minun)
Silvia (Female Milotic)

Skills: Surgery, Vaccinations, Diagnosing & treating sickness & injuries, medical lab testing, inserting IV catheters, setting IV drip rates, using and monitoring EKGs and many other various medical knowledge and practice. Also knows how to cook human and pokemon foods, specializing in Pokemon nutritional health (ala Brock).

Other: Theme Song - Like Young Men to War - One Tree Hill (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azu-mKICwdU)

Name: Tatyana Albion
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Team: Team Cullen
Race: Chimera

Pokémon: Lucario/Vaporeon
Ability: Water Absorb
PokéDex Benefits: It’s said that no foe can remain invisible to LUCARIO, since it can detect auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see.
Type(s): Water/Fighting

Description: Picture (http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww312/semater/5a0f3ecf4e115f7548692f336e000c7b.jpg)
Tatyana stands at 5ft, 7in tall, not including her ear-fins, which adds an additional 2 inches to her height. She has a slender, sleek build to her body and wears a black one-piece bikini for the spring, summer and anytime she plans on being in the water where others might see her. She has piercing blue eyes, as deep and blue as the ocean.

While the majority of her human-like figure appears like a pure vaporeon, her arms from a bit below the elbows and down are pure, jet-black fur. Also, covered by her long, blue hair are four black hanging lobes, the only other trace of Lucario in her body. The rest of her body is skin with the vaporeon blue color and a white finned collar protruding around her neck.

Personality: Tatyana is a surfer girl at heart. She loves the water almost as much as she loves battling Pokemon. A fierce trainer, she has utmost faith in her Pokemon and won't ever back down from a challenge. Regardless of whether she wins or loses, she enjoys meeting new friends and rivals and keeping her Pokemon happy, fit and strong.

Unlike what most think when they imagine a surfer girl, she is quite intelligent. While she does have her blond moments, they are few and far in between. She loves a challenge, whether it be Pokemon battles or puzzle solving mysteries.

She is a very outgoing and friendly girl. While she can be quick to anger, she rarely ever hold grudges. She's also not shy about pulling favors from those who 'owe her' from a past mistake.

While she loves all Pokemon, she has a special place in her heart for water types. She specializes in them, but has been known to own and use a few pokemon of other types as well.

History: Tatyana was born and raised on the Sevii Islands. Throughout her life, she's loved swimming and surfing. However, her parents always made sure she completed her schoolwork and never missed out on school before letting her play in the water. Because of this rewards system style of upbringing, Tatyana grew up to be a rather intelligent girl.

Early in her life, while learning to surf, she ended up wiping out and nearly drowning. She was saved by an abandoned Buizel who had migrated to the Sevii islands. Tatyana befriended the Buizel and once she turned 10, Buizel became her first Pokemon Partner.

She traveled all over the world, competing in gyms and league tournaments. She won the Indigo Platuea Kanto league, but couldn't defeat the first of the Elite Four. Determined to get stronger so she could challenge them again, she headed for Johto.

As she traveled around Johto, news of the Hoenn meltdown hit and she was moved into the underground. She was horrified at the news of how everyone had to remain living underground for Arceus knew how long. But there was hope. A procedure that would blend her body with the genetics of a Pokemon. She agreed to undergo the process, choosing to become a Vaporeon. During the procedure, however, some Lucario DNA found its way into the mix as well. But the end result didn't seem to bother Tatyana. She felt much stronger and learned that she could use the power of aura to see, even in complete darkness. She traveled to the surface and lived in Johto peacefully, enjoying her new form and the ability to breath underwater.

When the war broke out, she became rather upset. She would often argue with both sides to try and get them to stop, only to end up getting attacked. One battle almost cost her her life, but she was saved at the last minute by an Arcanine Hybrid. The man removed her from the conflict area and tended to her wounds. After they shared stories, she decided she would hang around the fire type Pokemorph and work on trying to bring peace to the feuding sides.


Male Buizel
Female Vaporeon
Male Gyarados
Male Alakazam
Female Dragonair
Male Swampert

Skills: Surfing, problem-solving, cooking, swimming, Computer use, deep sea treasure hunting.

Other: Theme song - Illumination - West One Music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsn73W2O3aQ)

12-19-2010, 04:49 AM
This character kind of evolved while I was making it, and I'm not really sure what it's turned into...

Name: Ralph Lu
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Team: The Haloclyst
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Drifblim
Ability: Unburden
PokéDex Benefits: He is drowsy during the daytime. He can carry other people, vanish if noticed, and generate and release gas within his body.
Type(s): Ghost/Flying

Description: As a regular human, Ralph had basic Oriental features; black hair, small eyes, and pale skin. He stood slightly under six feet, and was unremarkable in appearance. After his transformation, that all changed. His bones weakened, becoming more rubbery and flexible rather than stiff as they should be; his skin hangs loosely, and can be inflated if needed, to rise into the air. A red X crosses his face, the intersection point at the space between his eyes, which are pale and slightly glazed over. Because of this, he is stooped much of the time, bent over while walking, and requires a cane to remain fully upright. When not inflated, his skin is pulled tight, as if he has just been through a famine; when Ralph begins to suck gas into his body, it inflates his disproportionately, so that his upper body and head balloon to tremendous, ridiculous size, and he will float upwards. However, he cannot control his flight and can only drift where the wind takes him. His clothing is sporadic, and he wears what he can find; however, he tries to keep a steady supply of shirts on hand, because they have a tendency to burst, Hulk-style, when he floats.

Personality: Ralph is subject to, not one, but two mental disorders. The first is known as hyperthesmia; Ralph can remember every detail of every event that has ever happened to him since he was seven. This disorder, while not without its merits, has lead to a kind of starry eyed dreaminess for Ralph; he spends much of his time contemplating his own past, and the memories are so fresh that, with every new experience, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to differentiate the past and the present. There is a permanent sense of detachment between other people and him, and while he is definitely all there, whether or not he is all here remains to be seen. By no means does this mean he is some kind of analytical prodigy or unusual genius; he can memorize a complex mathematical formula in a heartbeat, but he's just as stumped as you on how to use it.

The second of the two things that have twisted up Ralph's mind is called synesthesia; while not as severe a disorder as hyperthesmia, it still has a profound effect on Ralph's view of the world. The disorder is one in which the patient, upon the stimulation of one sense, another involuntarily provoked. In Ralph's case, he is a sound to color synesthete- he "sees" sounds, when he hears them.

With these two mental disorders in tow, there is something altogether unworldly in Ralph's demeanor. He never thinks on what is, but what was and what might be; time is merely a bit of an inconvenience, in his eyes. He absorbs everything he sees and hears with a kind of wide-eyed acceptance, and has a tendency to take things too literally. He takes the Haloclyst philosophy of re-usability and potential so seriously that it borders on what could be called a near religious fervor. He has an unending respect for those he calls "Teachers", any person who has contributed to his knowledge base, and will never forget a promise owed or vengeance unfulfilled. As suggested, he takes everything very seriously, but not in a stony-faced stoic manner, but, rather, an earnest kind of acceptance.

History: Ralph was born to a regular family in the small town of Lavender, in Kanto, he grew up thinking that his various disorders were normal. He attended school, got good grades, and went to Pewter for college. Once, when reprimanded for not taking any notes, Ralph stated that he did not, and stood up to repeat the lecture, word for word. It was at this point that he learned that his memory was unique, and was entered into psychological study. He learned the strangeness of his own mind, but thought little of it. A prominent scientist by the name of Alexander Luria began studying his behavior, administering numerous tests and publishing data about him, under the pseudonym of "RL".

When the synth power plants began to break down, Doctor Luria refused to enter the underground, because the squalid living conditions and lack of equipment would obstruct his research. He promptly entered himself and all his patients, including Ralph, into the Pokemon splicing program. Fearing that Ralph's mind would be compromised by the mutations, he received special treatment in the experimental procedures.

RL was the only patient who survived. Not even Doctor Luria managed to survive, and, contact being lost during the synth meltdown, Ralph had no family to rely on. He wandered, alone, for years, recycling and reusing what he could find to survive. At this point, he met a group of Haloclyst. They took him in, and, learning the purpose of the group, he came upon the philosophy of the Haloclyst. He pondered his own mind, the constant conversion of sounds into images, and came upon the realization- if you can recycle materials, why can't you recycle ideas?

In the now untouched libraries of the surface world, Ralph studied ancient texts, ideas and philosophies, tales of the destruction of the world and how it was rebuilt. He understood little, but every word stuck in his mind and he remembered.

He wandered the world, preaching the ideas of the Haloclyst to the world, and, soon, ragtag bands of followers joined the faction. Still young, but gifted with his ubiquity, Ralph quickly rose in the Haloclyst ranks...

Pokémon: None
Skills: As stated before, his memory is so great that it can be considered a skill in itself. His perspective on the world allows him to recycle things in unique and interesting ways, and his innocent and earnest demeanor has a charisma that makes people follow him.
Other: The disorders this character has were actually both found in the real-life Russian journalist and mnemonist, Solomon Veniaminovich Shereshevsky.

Eternal Moonlight
12-19-2010, 04:52 AM
Finally, I think this is done!

Name: Aurore Sonnen

Gender: Female

Age: 19, but almost 20

Team: The Haloclyst

Race: Chimera (lesser)

Pokémon: Espeon/Beautifly

Ability: Synchronize

PokéDex Benefits: (Espeon)
“[Her] fur is so sensitive, it can sense minute shifts in the air and predict the weather.”
-Aurore has the power to, essentially, be a built in metrology team, and can monitor sudden changes in the weather.
“[…] and predict [her] enemy's actions”
-To avoid god-moding, this only saves her from walking into an ambush situation or from being “stabbed in the back” by those pretending to be allies (when they are around her).
(from Bulbapedia)

Type: Psychic/Bug

Description: I know, this (http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww295/Nuit_de_la_lune/Aurorecolour-1.png?t=1292924846) isn't really good, but I tried my best ^^'

Aurore can be considered an odd sight, but at the same time, a common one. In any era past, someone with her physical appearance would certainly jump out, drawing stares and questions from those who walk past. However, since the rise of genetic manipulation, or more specifically, Hybrid and Chimera creation, such a girl doesn’t attract that level of attention…

Espeon and Beautifly, their genetics run alongside her own, each contributing specific traits, forever (or at least, up to now) alternating Aurore’s physical appearance. Granted, some features didn’t experience much, or even, any change. The young woman still stands a rough 5’4, has kept a perfect bipedal posture, and roughly similar bodily proportions. Equally important to note are her full ten digits, each working with the same effectiveness as previously, allowing for the efficient handling of an endless array of items.

However, like mentioned, both Pokémon have left their mark. Espeon’s light purple, velvety skin is now visible on Aurore, with no trace of its original state left behind. A tail of decent length is now present, a slim appendage that becomes forked towards its end. Her body also bares this Eeveelutions’s large ears, ever violet ears, with sprout to the sides of her head. The small ruby red gem located at the centre of her forehead is another such example, as is the lean nature of her body. Although it may not count as a true modification, Aurore’s hair, when not tired, always becomes pletted when reaching the cheekbones, almost imitating the “whiskers”.

Well sized wings, each baring a symmetrical pattern of yellow lines on the far larger topside, and two short lines on the bottom, blue and red, in that order. The style of this duo can be easily compared to that of a swallow-tail butterfly, although for Aurore, they aren’t really as useful. Flight can certainly not be achieved by use of these, even with the most feverish of flapping. Essentially, they can be considered useless from a transportation standpoint. However, one can tell if the girl isn’t feeling right by looking at them, drooping downward being the giveaway. Perky and well held up denounce the opposite, quite obviously. Oh, and the spores, can’t forget about the Stun Spores…

Crisp, large and buggy are three adjectives that could be used to describe her eyes, also from Beautifly. These are a rich azure in colour, and seem to dominate her face. The black pigmentation found in this Pokémon’s skin is expressed solely by the dark colour that Aurore’s hair has taken. One cannot forget to mention the twin antennae on her head, which mirror the butterfly’s exactly.

Brown, purple and blue are the dominant colours in most of the girl’s ensembles. The one depicted is her favourite outfit, and other then the colour; certain elements are carried over in the others. The first point is the numerous holes that must of cut in order for her wings and tail to fit through. The second are the jeans of various shades of blue that are dominant as pant wear, and unless her work prevents it, she doesn’t wear other bottoms. If it gets too warm out, Aurore will simply cut a pair at the knees, but no shorter. However, this doesn’t mean she won’t bare her midriff, which is also done when the mercury rises. The same can’t be said about showing off her flat chest, however…

Also to note: When working with oil, grease or other dirty substances, Aurore wears a long, chestnut brown overcoat, which takes all the stains for her clothes. Some her jeans are known to have dark stains though, especially around the bottom, where the coat doesn’t reach…

Finally, Aurore can usually be seen sporting a few accessories. The first is the light blue gem around her neck, which she is never seen without. Also, on occasion, she’ll wear a usual barrette, an orb the size of a shrunken Pokéball being the decoration on this.

Personality: When it comes to mechanics, the girl is an annoyingly hard worker, and usually won’t break off until the task is completed. This can be seen as a form of stubbornness, which can’t be considered inaccurate. When something doesn’t work, Aurore will very rarely give up, and instead, search for another alternative. If a certain thing continuously keeps failing, although a little frustration does arise, she generally stays optimistic and simple keeps going. It takes a lot to break her down, but note that this isn’t a completely impossible event.

Almost tying with this is her ability to make seemingly useless things work in her projects, which is a trait valued by her team, The Haloclyst. A small, chewed up wheel can serve as a gear, for a lousy example. Equally, Aurore tends to be frugal with parts she finds to be the most valuable, and tries to use them to their fullest value.

In the areas of working talking with other people (in a non mechanical sort of way), the young woman finds herself doing alright. She isn’t the most charismatic person around, certainly not the type to be making trade deals, although, she probably wouldn’t mess it up completely. When encountering problems with others, the girl stays calm, and affirms her ground. Fighting is usually only used as a last resort, but even then, Aurore would rather stun her foe and escape then open fire, either with a weapon, her Pokémon or her morphed body.

Aurore occasionally finds herself haunted by some past events, most commonly the Isshu fallout and her brother’s death. This, she doesn’t ever mention, keeping it on the inside and distracting herself with the current world events and her mechanical work. Since these don’t USUALLY bother her, nobody really has the chance of figuring it out, nor does it drag the girl down any. She, in fact, finds herself with rather sunny and cheerful disposition.

A flaw in Aurore certainly is that she’d rather escape her fears and troubles rather than facing, and tends to let nervousness ruin her concentration and thought. Also, she finds herself affected by heat, her abilities and even mood falling below their average levels. Lastly, she can be slightly paranoid about random negative things happening on missions, and usually over packs for even the smallest of things, bringing everything from peanut butter jars to an oxygen mask.

Also, the necklace she wears around her neck was a gift by her father and brother when it came time to leaving the Panula Cave, and this, she treasures. Don’t try and take it away… or you’ll get a bad reaction.

History: Have you ever looked on a sea of destruction, seen thousands of lifeless bodies scattered on un damaged streets, while you stand, untouched by the monster… the killer…

When Aurore has nightmares, it’s usually this scene that replays itself, the day that she visited Isshu, the hour that the plant had its meltdown, the result of this horrific event. At this point, Aurore was a Hybrid, and thus, immune to the Synth’s fatal effect and thus, sparing her from Death’s grasp. However, being part Espeon didn’t save her the psychological impact this sight could and does have…

Looking back, one could say that Aurore’s early life was great and be correct. The girl was the youngest, second to her, at the time, five year old brother and daughter to a skilled mechanic and gentle school teacher. Actually, an interesting face about her name is that it, in fact, is a typo. The sole “e” should in fact, have been another vowel, “a”. How it even happened, the young woman was never told, and also kept from her is why it was never rectified.

The house was well-sized, four bedrooms, a spacious living room, a modern kitchen and a comfortable basement, which served as the girl’s childhood home. Her father worked in the garage, serving the small community of Ringtown, Fiore. With her mother at work, and brother in school, Aurore spent most of her days playing around, but never in, the garage. During weekends, she would instead spend time with her older brother, who played a mentor type role in her life. They got along much better than typical siblings would, which helped keep a peaceful family atmosphere.

When Aurore turned six, she started wondering into the garage and watching her father work. The idea that he could return broken objects back to a functional state earned great admiration from the young girl. She began trying (and failing) to “fix” things, usually non-broken items, which earned her many a time out, but also, the attention of her father. While Aurore’s brother chose to apprentice at the Ranger Station, the girl had her eyes set on following in her father’s footsteps, a dream in which the man greatly supported her in. He could often take her aside to explain and demonstrate certain techniques, which she rarely even understood, in the beginning. However, overtime, Aurore began to comprehend and internalise what was being said.

Despite her interest in mechanics, the girl also enjoyed hanging around Pokémon. Her brother had befriended a Wurple while on a mission and it became his partner, both to the fascination and horror of his sister, who had a bug phobia (like most little girls). However, she eventually grew to enjoy the red caterpillar-like creature, and also, by her tenth birthday, would start following her brother on simple missions. The most noteworthy of which had the duo patrolling the Krokka Tunnel, and were caught in a cave in. During this event, her brother’s styler was damaged, and the siblings had little rations. It was then that the girl learned to lesson of frugality and improvisation, and how important these are. During the thirteen first days, Aurore had also been asking (and pestering) for the chance to have a look at the styler. Afraid that the device would be further damaged, the older boy always refused, but by the fourteenth day, caved. After a lot of tinkering, the girl did manage to pinpoint the problem, a small, disconnected wire. Remembering what her father had said, Aurore was able to solve the issue, and help was called…

And, as a reward for her skill, the Rangers offered the ten year old a Pokémon of her very own, an Eevee that had been found abandoned. This Pokémon the girl named “Winter”, after her favourite season. The small creature was weary at first, but after a while, they became great friends. Of course, Aurore continued to learn from her father, on top of doing independent reading and actually fixing simple things around the block.

During the next few years, the family began to travel, during one of these trips, the girl acquired a Trapinch. Now, being so isolated ment that news of the fallouts had been watered down by time it reached Ringtown. Her mother was gone to Isshu with some students when Fiore’s reactors blew, and the rest of the family, got lucky enough to be some of the few survivors of the fallout. The first of the underground cities was in fact the depths of the cold, icy Panula caves. During the first year in this location, her brother developed severe hypothermia, but managed to survive. This caused her father to urge his kids to both go and become Hybrids, so that they may escape the wrath of this new lifestyle. It was only really because of his worrying that during her first days of fourteen became an Espeon Hybrid. Leaving her relieved father and reluctant brother, Aurore left in attempts to find her mother…

Isshu was a huge place, when compared to Fiore. There were such large cities, Fall City couldn’t even compare to these giants. Aurore wondered around a part of this region, searching for her mom, living the adventure and still practicing her mechanical skills. Shortly after befriending a sociable Oshawott everything…went wrong…

After the fallout, things seemed veiled in a dark shade. It was awful being a witness to such an event, and things continued to dive from there. Soon after, news that her brother had fallen to pneumonia/hypothermia reached her ears and almost shattered her soul. Almost. The Beautifly that was his partner was also in rough shape, the dup having been involved in another cave in. Without any thought, the girl soon had this Pokémon’s genes run in her veins, which further modified her appearance. However, this also helped Aurore heal a little, and aided with coping.

At the age of sixteen, the girl returned to traveling, as more of the reactors busted, as more people grew resentful to her kind. During a visit to Kanto, Aurore encountered a member belonging to a team that called itself Haloclyst…

The young woman swiftly gained a higher position using her, by now, impressive mechanical skills and what she’d learned during her time in the tunnel. It is also important to note that, even though she isn’t over her brother’s death, isn’t in a depressed or pessimistic state either.


Winter: Glaceon (F)
Winter is Aurore’s first Pokémon, and the duo share a close friendship. She usually agrees with Aurore, and is sometimes called “Aurore’s yes-man” although there are times when she isn’t happy with what the Chimera does, and does voice her discontent. This Pokémon is the leader of the group, and isn’t afraid to fight back when pushed around.

Primavera: Flygon (F)
Primavera trusts Aurore very much, and is used mostly as transport, making her wings strong and the Flygon more tolerant to heavy loads then others. She is also very durable and can take a few good hits before finally falling. However, Primavera is quite sensitive to the cold and is weaker when the mercury dips too low.

Summer: Futachimaru(M)
Summer is quite the social butterfly and likes to interact with others. He’s considered to be more charismatic as his trainer, and likes to talk (and sometimes even charm) his way out of a tough spot and will always do so before fighting. The water otter isn’t the best in battle, but isn’t a picnic either. He and Aurore tend to disagree, but they’re also good friends. (And despite being a guy, he likes his “unique” name)

Autumn: Cyndaquil (F)
Autumn, the newest addition to the team, is a shy creature that doesn’t like too much attention. Additionally, she’s rather weak in battle, but is getting better. However, Aurore tends to use the Cyndaquil more as a wielding torch then a fighter, and this, Autumn is perfectly fine with. It looks like the duo get along well.

Skills: She’s excellent with a wrench and has both skill and a little luck when tinkering around. The previous point is aided by her big eyes, which help her see little details. Additionally, she’s pretty good at wielding, but is nowhere near perfect. The girl is also a mad, mad driver, being able to go fast while somehow keeping control of the vehicle. This can’t be said about aerial or naval units, however.

Other: Aurore, because of her large ears, can hear rather well, which is usually a helpful trait, but it also makes her very sensitive to loud noises.

12-19-2010, 05:10 AM
Name: Aeryn (unknown)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Team: Haloclyst
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Pidgeot
Ability: Keen Eye
PokéDex Benefits:
-can make a gust of wind capable of bending tall trees.
-can whip up a gusty windstorm with just a few flaps.
-can fly at Mach 2 speed.
-can spot prey from 3300 feet in the air.
Type(s): Normal/Flying

Dang drawing took longer than the whole sign-up. xD

Description: Aeryn’s skin is so unsaturated, it is almost grey. The surface is unnaturally smooth, but it is also thick and has the same firmness as rubber. She is almost six feet tall, seeming to tower over a vast majority of the general women’s populace. But, her bone structure is frail and narrow, and her cheekbones rest high on her face, giving her a very feminine and elegant demeanor. Her figure is as abnormal as a department store mannequin, but as equally appealing. A long, pointy, almost beak-like nose rests between a pair of bright orange eyes. Eyes that are slightly larger than standard with lightning fast reflexes. And, in the place where a human’s ears should be, are two microscopic sound holes.

Her body is completely hairless, unless you consider a long, body’s length of feathers protruding from the crown of her head to be hair. The plumage is a vivid red with a clear yellow stripe descending directly down its center. Other than this, and the massive eagle’s wings protruding from between her shoulder blades, her skin is completely bare of both fur and color. Even her lips and eyebrows. However, deep black, hook-shaped markings have permanently become part of the skin pigment behind her eye and curve down to her jawbone.

Aeryn’s hands are long-fingered, bony, and claw-like. Her fingernails grow long and sharp like talons. Her feet, however, are shaped entirely to that of a normal human’s.

Leather laced boots stretch up to a cloth-covered kneecap. The hybrid’s clothes are always lacking color. She finds the light of any normal tone on the color wheel to be distracting. Brown, grey, or black are most often the only shades ever found covering herself. She often creates her own clothes, as every shirt she could buy or trade for would always need re-modification regardless. Aeryn cuts a V shape from the collar, all the way to mid-back in order to leave room for her bird wings to unfurl unobstructed.

Personality: She has none. Nearly. After her body had been genetically altered, something during the process had gone wrong. She woke up in the underground laboratory without any recollection of who she was. If she has family, she does not know them. If she had a home, she does not know it. Her emotions, similarly, seem to have been lost as well. She finds it hard to have feelings, and she is not certain if her eyes are even capable of producing tears. Her view on this world’s minor and major affairs is entire indifference. She is as neutral natured as the word allows.

However, deep in her subconscious, in a memory even she is not aware of, she is forgiving, trusting, and generous. These attributes present themselves only faintly at rare and unexpected times, but they prove the human she once was still lives somewhere inside of her.

Heightened awareness of her surroundings makes the hybrid very anxious and wary at times. And often, completely oblivious to human interaction. She has trouble speaking, as she doesn’t have a memory of what many words mean, and relies on her faction to translate for her. It is as though she were trying to speak a foreign language in her native tongue.

In irony, her current personality is that of a bird.

History: In a previous life, Aeryn was an aircraft pilot. She flew planes of all nature, whether for leisure or transportation. At age 20, she flew her small jet through a terrible snowstorm, which ended in a near-fatal crash landing into Mt. Silver. She was left paralyzed from the waist-down, and was unable to ever walk again.

Life became cynical, always taunting her with what could never be. She rotted away her days in the seat of an iron wheelchair. She’d had no spouse or children, only a few friends, whom she never wanted to spend time with anymore, as she felt subjected to a parade of pity. So when a group of unethical scientists undergoing experimental tests for the gene splicing medical procedure found the cripple, hardly anyone noticed she was gone. They drugged her, forced her onto an examination table, drew blood, injected serums, and finally turned her into a hybrid, without ever asking her consent.

When she awoke, with the blood of Pidgeot flowing through her veins, no one was there to greet her. The laboratory was abandoned; all medical supplies, notes, information and evidence had been removed. She was lucky they did not simply dispose of her body. The true miracle of the unfortunate event though, was that somewhere along the lines, Aeryn regained full use of her legs (even though she did not remember them having no function prior to the experience anyway).

Aeryn ventured out into the world, with no memory, no name, and no idea what was going on. She studied people, relearned her world, and eventually crossed paths with a group she would soon become an important member of: Haloclyst. They welcomed her with open arms, passed no judgment on her lost memory, alien habits, or self-loss, and gave her a name: Aeryn. They taught her how to be resourceful, and use the world to her own advantage. But most of all, they taught her how to hope.

It was hard to hope when you had no familiarity with the meaning of the word.

-Mightyena - Male

-Umbreon - Male

-Absol - Male

Skills: Crafty. Aeryn can create something functional from many useless objects. She is also perceptive, and can read people almost perfectly. It is very difficult to lie to her. And lastly, while her mind was completely erased post-surgery, Aeryn acquired a photographic memory.

Other: B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A-well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word

EDIT: Aww, mine looks so short compared to everyone else's. :'( It's done though. Hope it's enough.

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Nice sign ups, guys, this RP will definitely be epic.

Saraibre Ryu
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Almost forgot one paragraph in that history...
I'm done Neo *pokes with sharp pointy stick*

12-19-2010, 01:09 PM
And now, by popular demand... MAD SCIENCE!


Name: Kansuke Kozaki, generally referred to solely as the Doctor
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Team: The HaloclystRace: Lesser Chimaera
Pokémon: Zoroark, Drowzee
Ability: Illusion
PokéDex Benefits: Zoroark's. Creates illusions at will; causes mass hallucinations of humans and Pokémon alike. (Random note: I love how this is put. "PokéDex Benefits". XD)
Types: Dark/PsychicDescription: See this image (http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs49/f/2009/228/1/0/Commission____Mad_Scientist_by_EmptyShadow.jpg) (drawn by EmptyShadow at dA) for a general idea of what Kozaki looks like. Bloodstains included.

Though he has many odd features about him, including a severely metamorphosed body, Doctor Kozaki generally keeps to more traditional garb, albeit ones that seem to restrict viewings of his bare skin. Most of his body is covered by a long, white, long-sleeved overcoat which buttons to one side and has a collar which goes up to his chin. Large black gloves cover his hands, with the sleeves of the jacket tucked into them, and he wears knee-high black boots designed for stomping painfully on lesser beings. It is not uncommon for one or more of these articles to be covered in a dark red liquid which looks suspiciously like blood. He also wears a pair of goggles over his eyes, in the event that they are needed for anything, and the sash around his belt doubles as a sort of ‘anchor’ for the hammerspace rift hovering near him at any given time. (Considering Kozaki was the one responsible for enabling the Haloclyst to use ‘personal hammerspace’, as it were, he does of course have one on his person, though it carries miscellaneous supplies — including a large and painful morning star — as opposed to a small armory, as he has found others doing.)

His face is covered in Zoroark fur of appropriate coloration, but despite that (and the lumpy nose that Drowzees are known for), his face has only small traces of a muzzle in terms of shape, but does have a dog-like nose instead of the human one he bore previously. His ‘hair’ fur is the typical Zoruark style of long brown fur with red tips, but this has been cut shorter by Kozaki himself, who insists that he doesn’t feel right with all of that fur weight dragging down the back of his head. Though as a Zoruark his body was supposed to be extremely thin and sticklike, the Drowzee provided enough padding to make it look somewhat human again, so if one were to take off his clothing they would find what looks basically like a rather overweight Zoruark. For this reason, he is not exceptionally skilled physically, and can’t run very fast at all. He doesn’t use his weapon very often for this exact reason.

Personality: Generally, after one meeting with Doctor Kozaki, most people can glean only two things about his personality: one, he is about as indifferent to human life as it is possible to get, and two, he’s nucking futs. Yes. This Zoroark-Drowzee-human combination is well and truly insane, with absolutely no regard for humanity as an individual or as a collective. Of course, every scientist of his caliber needs these attributes to one extent or another, but Kozaki takes it to extremes. Even those who consider themselves to be his allies, ‘friends’ even, can expect to have a turncoat on their hands if Kozaki finds himself displeased with them. It has happened before, on a considerable scale, and taking into account the mental improvement Doctor Kozaki has gained since then (none) it may well happen again. This funny bird is extremely intelligent, but of course, he’s been driven to the sour side of his mind despite — or quite possibly because of — it. He has his own perception of right and wrong, occasionally judging it based on its relationship with Team Nox (nobody is quite sure what he has against them) and otherwise based on its usefulness to him.

That said, when he’s not acting like a total lunatic (not often, mind you), Kozaki becomes very serious and work-oriented. He doesn’t talk unless he’s demanding something of someone else, and will not let a project alone until it is completely done. That said, once he is finished with it, he will typically set the person (for he works with living things) off on their way with the coldest shoulder imaginable. If necessary, Doctor Kozaki will go to extremes to make the subject understand that it is just that, a subject, at his total mercy.

History: In Phenac City, Orre, it was possible to find a young boy with fluffy black hair and thick glasses wandering around the place, just watching, or perhaps reading a book on a nice wall somewhere. That boy would have been a young Doctor Kozaki (before he earned the title of ‘Doctor’, naturally), the keen and adept little one who always seemed to have his nose somewhere it didn’t belong. Kozaki came from one of the wealthier families of the area, so of course he had received a good education capable of matching his great mind. As he got older and gradually began to realize that the city of Phenac — for all its sprawling maps and fascinating architecture — had expired its usefulness, there were many whispers sent around about what Kozaki would make of himself. Everyone knew it would be something exceptional, of course, and probably scientific, knowing the interest he had shown in such things (particularly relating to Pokémon), but none of them were quite able to grasp exactly what.

As it turned out, one of them was really right, but that was just a joke. There was no way anyone could have honestly predicted that sharp little Kozaki would turn into a classic Evilutionary Biologist.

They began to get a little worried when he went off to college, leaving his family in Phenac behind as a radiant world welcomed him into its brilliant confines. He had known about the problem with synth, everyone knew about that, and it didn’t take long for him to involve himself in the creation of Hybrids and Chimaeras. Though he was certainly on the younger side of the certified group (and yes, there was certification involved), he was also one of the more skilled, and eventually had such things done on himself. It was early, yes, so some things turned out a little less streamlined than they really could have, but he was quite satisfied just with having such power at his whim. The general idea for picking the species was as follows: with a Drowzee, he could will people into following him, and with a Zoroark he could scare them into following him. Because really, that was all Kozaki needed — someone to follow him.

Those ideals got a bit hazier as time went on.

In the beginning, he found himself allied with Team Nox. This was all well and good — they were powerful and knew what they were doing, he was smart and (usually) knew what he was doing. For those first few years, things looked good, but eventually it went a bit pear-shaped. Kozaki went a little bit too far with his experiments, in the way of the loony he would be perfectly happy to admit he was turning into, and considering that his botch-up had very nearly cost Team Nox their cover and one of their bases, he was exiled swiftly after. Of course, he was by this point too far gone to take the hint and just sink into anonymity, so with more half-crazy ideas and fully-crazy everything else, he soon found his way into the ranks of the Haloclyst. Now, Doctor Kozaki was among the craftier of gentlemen, and the ideals presented by the Haloclyst didn’t at all clash with his own (‘Help Kansuke Kozaki’), so he settled in rather well, all things considered.

Once the dog-tapir-person-thing had established a place for himself, he did the same thing with a name. The experiments started up again, with his insanity more carefully hidden this time, and all went well; he even brought the fruition of one of his long-time pet projects, the creation of a surprisingly simple ‘hammerspace anchor’ that enabled one to have a rift into hammerspace (a pocket stooge dimension) anchored from within a bag or other containment module. Previously, it took a number of years’ training to be able to use hammerspace effectively, but Kosaki changed that, and has managed to keep the concepts out of enemy hands — so far.

Sometime during this epic membership with the Haloclyst, Kozaki had been responsible in part for the creation of a method to remove disabilities from humans by undergoing a certain type of Hybrid-creation procedure on them; however, before they could bring the surely mind-wiped test subject up to speed, they had been discovered by a particularly touchy local government and been forced to flee the scene. Later, much to his surprise, he had come across what he believed to be that same first subject as an important member of the Haloclyst; a stoic bird-woman who seemed genuinely unaware of anything that had happened to her before she became the half-Pidgeot creature she was at that point in time. Seeing this as an incredible coincidence, Kozaki allowed her to delude herself into thinking him an ally…
Pokémon: None, but he does seem to have a strange hanger-on...
Skills: Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo da doo, WEIRD SCIENCE.

...I know, I know, I'm not drawing my own art. The computer I have access to which has both tablet and art program capabilities... well, it sucks beyond comparison, so you'll all need to forgive me. XD

12-19-2010, 01:18 PM

Name: Devlin
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Team: Team Haloclyst
Race: Hybrid

Pokémon: Kecleon
Ability: Colour Change
PokéDex Benefits: Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokémon. Kecleon is able to blend into its surroundings by changing the color of its body. Devlin can, too, blend into his surroundings, becoming virtually invisible.
Type(s): Normal

Description: Devlin... How to describe Devlin... ? He is an extraordinary looking boy, standing at about 5'11". He has a lean, slender yet slightly muscular body tone, and pale, nearly completely white, skin. His face, while unblemished, bears a single scar running from the top of his eyebrow to the middle of his cheek, even cutting across his right eye, rendering it near useless. Despite this, Devlin has near perfect eyesight, able to see things from great distances away. His skin is scaley to touch, and gleams whenever it hits the sun. His hair is lime green, and in certain places yellow. It is short, and usually naturally spikey. His whites of his eyes are also green, his pupil and the area around it being completely black. His mouth is full of small, yet very sharp, lizard teeth, and his tongue is quite long, unlike a normal humans. This is all due to the fact that he is a hybrid.

Devlin never usually wears more than black jeans and a white hooded jumper over a white t-shirt, however when on more important missions for his team Devlin dons a lime green hooded jumper and lighter than usual jeans. He always wears a green beanie.

Personality: Devlin is the quiet type, and following his teams motto he prefers mental fighting over physical fighting. When provoked, Devlin will try to reason things out with his opponent, but is not scared to turn violent. He rarely speaks, and even when he does, it comes out mostly monotone. He is portrayed as having no feelings.

This, in fact, is true. Devlin is hardly able to feel, mostly due to his past. He only feels for those who he has befriended, or family. Not that he has many of them left, that is. He is known to some as the speaker of many tongues, being able to speak in five different languages as well as his very own tongue created for talking to the Kecleon species. Despite this his voice in any and all languages remains monotone and bland.

History: Devlin began his still young life in Pastoria City, born into an already large family. Two sisters, a father and a mother. He grew up like a normal child, however devloping a strange fascination for the Kecleon species of Pokemon. He would spend days in the Safari Zone, hunting for a Kecleon in the Great Marsh zone. It is unknown as to how long ago this was, as Devlin has been around to The Haloclsyt and the rest of the Pokemon world since seemingly the start. In 2040, a sheet went around Pastoria asking for people interested in becoming the regions first Pokemon hybrids to list their names. Devlin was one of the people listed, interested in becoming a Kecleon.

And so it was done. He was the only member of his family that became a hybrid; sadly, he also became the only one to survive. When the Synth gases spread around Pastoria, the inhabitants had yet to retreat to the sewers. Only a few made it, and the rest of the Pastoria Synth Disaster survivors were the hybrids and a select few lesser chimeras. Devlin spent the next year or so learning how to adapt, salvaging materials from burnt down stores around his once proud city to make a new city in the Pastoria sewers. He found the Haloclyst some time later, and has since settled down with the team.





Skills: Devlin is an excellent scavenger, and is brilliant for stealth missions.
Other: Devlin's the man.

12-19-2010, 01:27 PM
My SU is done, and I am ready to RP.

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Name: Allison Zurn
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Team: The Cataclysm
Race: Hybrid

Pokémon: Lopunny
Ability: Cute Charm - The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with ATTRACT when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
PokéDex Benefits:
- cloaks body with ear hair when it senses danger
- runs with sprightly jumps
Type(s): Normal


A mere 5'4", Allison doesn't appear very threatening at first glance. In fact, she doesn't actually look threatening at all until she's in action. Some of her walnut brown hair falls almost to her shoulder, but the majority of it grows straight back in thick, solid cords. These "cords" become frayed at the end, and out of them grow light toffee-colored ears. Not far past the end of the human hair, there is a crook, where the ear stops growing straight back, and starts angling towards her back. They come to about her mid-back, but don't touch it, and are covered in fluffy, cream-colored fur, from a few inches after the crook to the end. Very, very soft, it grows back quickly and protects a delicate set of ears. They are pretty important to her.

Her face is shaped much more closely to that of a rabbit rather than that of a human. The whole bottom half of her face juts out a few inches, with the chin out the furthest and the rest a smooth slope that stops at the bottom of her hazel eyes. There is not a hair here, except for her eyebrows, which is peculiar compared to the rest of her body, covered in caramel-colored fur as it is. The fur is soft and warm, and starts growing at the top of her neck. From there, it spreads over Allison's unusually thin frame (that was an improvement in her book), breaking out into puffs of fur like that found on the ears around her wrists and ankles. Her feet are also devoid of hair, but smaller than the average foot of someone her height. Her hands are smaller than normal as well, with fingernails that are pointed into tiny, sharp claws on each of her fingers.

As for clothes, Allison wears a lot of stuff. It's always layers, no matter how hot it gets. A simple long-sleeved shirt of one color, with a t-shirt over top is the typical dress for her, but if it gets cold, she has a variety of sweatshirts to put over top. She enjoys jeans, as long as they are darker than average and straight, not boot-cut, not skinny. She wears wool socks over her feet, because they are often colder than the rest of her body for want of fur, as well as a pair of white tennis shoes.


Allison is a quiet kid. She keeps most of her observations and opinions on people and society to herself. To be talking about the state of the world would be a waste of breath. In her mind, nobody cared about most of the things humanity had to say. It was all fluff, either designed to waste time, or to beat around the bush and avoid something important. She had better things to do with her time than fritter it away in conversation. Therefore, she generally speaks in a polite tone, but keeps what she has to say to the bare minimum. Some people think that she comes off as blunt, but that's alright with her.

Now, this behavior is all in the public. Like many people, her actions change when the circumstances change. A very, very judgmental person, it's difficult to impress her, but once that happens she opens up a little more. As much as she hates to use it, and even more hates to admit she knows how to use it, she can wield an eloquent tongue and express many an opinion with aplomb. And there's very little in the world that she doesn't hold an opinion about. There's no two ways about anything, thinks her. Nobody can be neutral, or else that shows they just don't care. Once she starts talking, the blunt girl thought of earlier is hard to remember.

The motto that she lives by is this: "Actions speak louder than words." She strives to do everything assigned to her with success, and most preferably to perfection. She's not the one to mutter about her work, but rather gets on it with eagerness. Some things she can do with the confidence of doing it all her life, while others she has to study for a while to figure out. With a work ethic of steel, she has the willpower to do things until they are done, and not to stop before. Even the best focus can be broken, though, and hers has some weaknesses. They aren't weaknesses she is ever willing to share, or even ones that she acknowledges, but once exploited, it can be hard to build again.

Fire. One thing that not a lot of people really know about her is her unusual interest in it. She likes to look at it, deep into it. It awes her, everything about it. From the look to the warmth to the smell of the smoke it makes. She's not a pyromaniac, certainly not, for she doesn't even feel the impulses to set fires to achieve the euphoria she feels from seeing them. In her mind, fire is associated with majesty, and is just incredible in every way. The way it spreads so rapidly in the breeze, the way it can turn from red to orange to blue, the way it sucks up so much oxygen from the air. It can be a big distraction sometimes, or a motivator.


To a point, Allison's story is like several young girls before her. She grew up with a mommy and a daddy, and was an only child. Their family lived in Sinnoh, where the Synth power plant had already melted down. The Underground was a slightly crowded area, with people almost everywhere. It was hard to escape and find some alone time, which was necessary for the young girl to recuperate. There was pressure from every side, to either fight against those "filthy thieves" above the surface, or to join them. Whatever feeling the masses were experiencing was palpable to her, and it only intensified her own irrational fear. There seemed to be no cause for this fear, but it was present, in everything she did. She had to cope, somehow.

But everyone had to find a way to cope, so her story is still pretty plain, isn't it? For a long time, she tried to ignore the problems. For a long time, she had set her eyes on the prize, and that was excelling at chemistry. It was her favorite class, and the thing where most of her efforts went. She found it exciting and interesting, and for a long time, she thought that it was the be all and end all to getting through such a stressful time. She was well-liked-- by the teacher. The rest of the kids wanted nothing to do with her. Her social skills had never had the chance to be developed at this point in her life, and nobody cared to help her with them. She was essentially a freak, and one that nobody wanted to fix.

And so, with virtually no one to talk to, she turned to the only kids who would accept her. They were the only ones who would talk to her, invite her to hang out with them. They were a nice group, a funny group, a dynamic group. She enjoyed hanging out with them, and there learned how to behave in society. Unfortunately, this very step in the right direction was what turned her in a less "right" direction. Her focus wasn't so much on chemistry as it had been, and a little more on fitting in. She was still smart as a whip when it came to science, but that was becoming less and less important in her life.

A small section of the group was a little different than the rest. They had certain habits that weren't the healthiest, but really, who even cared? They were still accepted, and sometimes seemed to be having an even better time than anyone else. It was a particularly stressful day, a day where Allison had left home in the morning more to escape from the yelling and fighting of her parents than to really get anywhere, that they saw and reached out to her. Her parents had been fighting over the morality of losing one's humanity to become part Pokémon. On this, and only this, they were sharply divided. Never in a million years could they have imagined it would come to a decision as permanent as this, but it threatened to tear them apart. It hadn't mattered that she was in the same room as them, they still yelled as loud as ever, used as foul of language as ever, and had ceaselessly pounded at her brain until she didn't even know what she thought about it. Head in arms, she had only been trying to calm down, to relax, and to figure out what she would do in a situation like that when a friendly hand touched her shoulder, and another extended towards her a gift.

The smoke had felt good, soothing, and soon, she wanted more. In a world of fake light and mild chaos, it seemed to be the only thing that could bring back even a remnant of happiness. She hadn't thought that there could be any left inside her with the constant turmoil going on inside of her, but when she had a cigarette in her mouth... It was great. And the people in her friend group either did it too, or accepted her despite it. That kind of existence was a happy one.

Most people knew the damaging effects of tobacco. Allison did, too. She simply didn't care. The positives seemed to outweigh the negatives in her book, and she was all for it. Her parents, on the other hand, when they had made a short truce and started noticing what their daughter was going through, would have nothing of it. Suddenly, even the tedious nature of the truce solidified into a union of mother and father, determined to set the offender child right again. They said all they could, but Allison was too far gone to be helped. The only thing that would help "save" their daughter was becoming increasingly obvious, but neither wanted to state it. When they had not been fighting, they had been able to deal pretty well with the living conditions in the Subway Cities.

Eventually, there comes a time when even the most fervent opposition has to admit that there might be a little legitimacy in the idea that it opposes, and so was the case with Allison's parents. After a short discussion on what exactly would be done, her mom took her somewhere, while refusing to reveal exactly what was happening. She wasn't trying to be deceptive, but rather, was choked up with tears. She was more or less allowing her child the freedom to flee the nest. She was the one who had picked that Allison should be a Hybrid, she had been the one to choose for her daughter to be given the characteristics of a Lopunny. She was the last one to say goodbye.

But Allison didn't want to go to the surface just yet. She had heard stories from her buddies, stories about how the Sinnoh underground government used to be, before the rebels had taken it, why they had done it. She had sought them out, gradually working through the ranks until she was accepted as part of the group. She felt well equipped to do what needed to be done, spliced with a Pokémon as she was. On the Surface, or Underground, wherever she was needed, she felt confident she could go there and do it. Thank momma.

- Houndoom (female)
- Magcargo (male)
- Magby (male)

Skills: She's a problem-solver, and can whip out quick solutions to tide over most problems while she tries to think of real fixes.
Other: Pretty much everything's covered.

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Dr Scott
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Name: The Hostess

Gender: F

Age: 25

Team: Beta Green

Race: Hoo-man

Description: Standing at 5’6, The brown-eyed Hostess doesn’t look (http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs21/f/2007/239/d/f/Emma_Watson_Jedi_knight_by_Rhanubis.jpg) especially menacing or powerful. She has long, brunette hair with streaks of blonde that she keeps maintained. She looks even younger than she actually is, furthering the thought that she is less than she seems. The only thing ruining an otherwise smooth visage is a thin scar that travels down the middle of her right eye. She has the body of a runner, all lean muscle and thin limbs.

Her clothing choice depends on the occasion. Most of the time she can be found in practical but durable cloth, modestly covering her body. At times she will dress simply to blend in with the crowd, usually long cloaks that covers a good portion of her body and even her face. She usually accompanies this with a non-conspicuous background tool, which usually ends up being the lute she is adept at playing.

She is often to be found with various arm ornaments, from armbands to gloves. Her armor consists mostly of anti-Pokemon equipment, which allows her to block out Pokemon attacks while keeping her maneuverability as high as possible.

History: Aimee Ackbar is a survivor.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, the daughter of a merchant king and a pop star in Johto. She hated it all, everything from the stuck up children she was constantly pushed towards to the expensive dresses she was supposed to wear. Every day was a meal with someone important from work that one of the two were trying to impress, which meant hiding her feelings and lying about everything under the sun. Still, it showed her the importance of little white lies, especially within those with such fragile feelings.

The girl took every opportunity to be rebellious, such as hiring self defense tutors and history teachers that she knew her parents would feel were unimportant and unneeded for a spoiled princess whose future it is to be a pop star and take over her father’s business. These attempts were often scoffed as mere trifles, that no matter what her life was already decided. They even ignored her when she started learning from a local traveling magician.

This is why she packed a few necessities, left town, and traveled to the Orange Islands. Butwal Island, to be specific. There she did the only thing that she could do: survive. It was hard going at first, picking her own food and dodging the surprisingly hostile Pokemon attacks, but each day made her harder, stronger, more fit to live on her own. But then again, she wasn’t really alone. There were others with her, because in truth there was no way that she could fully get away from her parents embrace. Instead, she offered to go on a popular survival reality show, selling her parents on the fact that it would make her a national star. At least it was a start for real survival.

When she came back she was leaner, stronger, and had an air of confidence around her. There was life outside of her parent’s control! She loved the Orange Islands; everything from the calming beaches to the raw nature around her made her feel more at home than her home made her feel. To this end she went back to the reality show whenever possible, ironically becoming the star she never wanted to become.

The Violet City Massacre changed everything. A small troupe of impatient hybrids and chimera struck out against the humans, ready to take the resources that they believed theirs before the power plant actually blew. Her father died trying to protect his wife and children, who he truly loved. Aimee’s mother died trying to talk the hybrid’s down from attacking the rest of the city, a plea that they ultimately ignored. She was only saved by a late intervention from some Beta Green agents that were stationed in the vicinity. The rest of the hybrids were stopped by the local Cullen force, who quickly remedied the situation and put the offenders to justice while promoting stability throughout the remaining civilians.

The damage was done; however, and she quickly took all of the remaining resources and went to the only place that made her happy: the Orange Islands. It was on her second trip to Butwal Island that she met Scott, one of two founders of Beta Green. Recognizing this as the team that saved her she quickly signed up, using the only skill she knew, her charisma brought on by hours spent with rich company and on television. She quickly became a spokesperson for the group.

Her charm and confidence made her a great ambassador, but there was only so much talking she could do. The group quickly established itself as a major defender of the Orange Island government, coordinating retreat measures for when their power plant goes down like the rest and putting in measures to help keep everything in tact when the scavengers began to move above ground.

To help she became an assassin, her fame making it easy to get into any circle, though she could quickly fade into the background with a simple change of wardrobe and a background item to help blend in. She gained her nickname during her last assassination, where she pretended to be the hostess during a meeting for a group of chimera and human who were growing a little too ambitious. After learning that a small handful were part of her parent's murder and that they were looking for humans to help thicken the ranks she gave in to a rare bit of pure rage and killed them all.

Since this last job it was decided that she would be better suited in front line warfare, but someone in the upper echelons must like her, because she keeps on moving up the ladder. Currently she is a lieutenant.

Personality: Displaying a calm demeanor that can tend to be absolutely cold, she regained the nickname ‘Ice Queen’ back from her reality show days for the intense attitude she took when winning a multitude of challenges. She makes emotionless decisions in battle, seemingly able to put all of her feelings into a box for the duration of the battle to make the best decision possible. Some think she relies too much on facts and percentages that her robot constantly displays to help her along. Working alone she tends to be much more impulsive and innovative, though she doesn't get to do this much anymore.

Her facts tend to get a little muddled and dark when hybrids are involved; however, and instead of captives there tend to be more bodies.

Inside, she is filled with self doubt. Part of her feels that her parents were right, and that she is really only set up to be a pop star and merchant queen in the easy life. She has never really survived on her own; either her parents took care of her, a reality show did, or one of the teams. Aimee is worried that she will let her the others down, though this is something she doesn’t outwardly convey. This young female can be paranoid, constantly wondering when things are going to fall apart for her again. Finally, she has an almost intense hatred of hybrids and chimera, though she tries her best not to let this get the better of her.

Deeper inside, she is just a scared girl, trying to do what she feels is the right thing. Too young to have any of the experience required to have any kind of leadership role, she is just a young leader in a young team.


Archer (Beedrill)

Rambo (Machamp)


Magic: Aimee still considers magic a hobby, and as such is able to perform a variety of surprising tricks that include disappearing acts, sleight of hand, and escapes.

Technological Wunderkin: As the daughter of a merchant king, Aimee can tell a lot about goods just by looking at them, and as such is able to work things and guess their makeup from the moment she sets her eyes on the items.

Laser Warfare: Having taken a prototype her father’s scientists had worked on before she left home, she had Beta Green’s top scientists create for her a prototype. As the objects are experimental they allow her to try them out first. The lasers disintegrate bullets they come in contact with, and bounce lasers back to their source. Multi-functional tools.

Reality Show Survivalist: As a reality show survivalist, she has actually picked up a few tricks, even if it is only from the professionals. She also has an intense charisma, both in mass charisma (her ‘fans’) and the ability to lie (she was a tricky player during her time).

12-20-2010, 12:29 AM
Name: Zora Linthinite

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Team: The Catacylsm

Race: Human

Zora is a not insanely muscualar but he has some biscep, and ab action on his body. He works out quite abit to take care of his body, but doesn't obsess over it. He has a thick chest, abs and arms. His hair is this dark shade of orange that spikes upward and side ways in many strands. It stretches enough to cover half of his face, but he spikes it up to keep it out of his face. He puts quite a good amount of gel in his hair to keep it up and standing throughout the day.

He has a few streaks of crimson through his hair to make it seem more fierce and intense the way he likes it. He tries his best to keep his hair to a specific length not making it too short yet not too long. His eyes are this very light and crystal blue color. He gets regular trims to do so. He doesn't really have a style as long as he feels comfortable in what he's wearing. He will mostly wear muscle shorts and a jacket over it. To go with that he would usually wear just some plain old blue jeans and his black converse. In battle he is known to wear light armor to let him move about as he wishes swiftly and comfortably. His armor is usually an either crimson or a scarlet. He likes the color red quite alot.

History: Zora had lived with his mother, father and his two younger sisters in Sinnoh. His two younger sisters had both been born with a disease that eventually killed them off. So he had only know them for the first five years of his life. He had loved those two to death. They had lived in Snowpoint City but once his two sisters had died they moved to Sunnyshore City so that nothing could remind them of the sadness that befell them of his sisters' deaths. He lived some of his life normally there. He caught the pokemon on his team today and formed a bond of unbreakable friendship with them. Once the Synth Crisis occurred he and his parents had moved to the Underground where Zora lived unhappily. The whole place was crowded and a young man growing up needs to have space and he did not have that. He did his best to cope with the situation and had just hoped for the best. He didn't make many friends there so he spent most of his time with his family and training with his pokemon in his spare time. He went to school like anyother normal kid and didn't really care much for it, except when it came to english.

Writing was truely the only way he could express himself and he loved writing stories, poems, and all things like that. He truley felt free when he could write and pretend to escape in to a whole new world where he could make up what would happen in that world. Then he had begin to write stories about how he could solve this crisis and he began to make friends with the scientist people who had taken his ideas into consideration. So he had begun to make plans with the others even though he doubted it was do much good without them actually being able to solve it. He tries to think of new ideas to do this. But he seems to be doubtful if anyone could stop the crisis. He tries to be hopeful about this. He misses being able to feel the sun on his face and the wind threw his hair. He misses being outside in the wide open air. But he tries to cope the best way possible.

Soon enough he craved freedom and began to take action with a team that suited him well and gave him acceptance. The Cataclysm. He did his part to overthrow the governement with the rest of the group. He now does what he can to help the team. He beleives The Cataclysm can change the world and hopefully bring peace back to the world. He wishes to be able once again walk on the land he loved so much with his pokemon by his side. He fights for freedom which is the reason he strongly beleives in his team. He began intense training there as well became very familiar with technology and mechanical engineering. He could hack into system computers and even learn to construct machinery to help.

Personality: Zora is mostly quite and keeps to himself when around people he doesn't know very well. Since in the Underground there are quite alot of people who he doesn't know very well so he is mostly quiet all the time/ He can be supportive and outgoing when he is with someone he trusts. He can speak his mind but he seems to have some sort of self-blocking thing within himself. He blocks himself from speaking his true emotions, he feels it will make him vulnerable for some reason. He will get easily frustrated and angered by many things. He can tolerate many stupidity done to him by others except when someone hurts someone really and truely cares about or if he is lied to or deceived. He is untrustworthy and very insecure about himself, especially when it comes to making decisions. He thinks of things too much and always seems to second guess himself. He tries to look on the bright side when things come down to the deepest and darkest moments in life.

He always tries to keep a positive attitude so he doesn't make whoever is around him feel worse. He is not the selfish type, he really tries to do things for other people and not himself. When things get tough he is always the first to try to be brave for the sake of others and he will not back down from a challenge. He loves all things in nature and things that are beautiful. He love to listen to music. But he mostly likes to read and write stories. He also likes to write beautiful poetry about the beauty he yearns for so much with all his soul and his entire being. His stories mostly involve finding a cure for the current crisis and he enjoys to escap into various other imaginary worlds he creates within his stories. It helps him to cope and make him feel free. He liked to read and write so much he began to study different languages. He learned to speak fluently in many languages both ancient ones and some more modern ones.


Empoleon (M)

Infernape (M)

Torterra (M)

Pikachu (F)

Lopunny (F)

Ambipom (M)

Skills: He is able to write beautiful poetry and can read and right in very many different languages. He can hack into computer systems and can engineer machinery.

Other: Theme Songs: Awake and Alive by Skillet and Freak the Freak Out by Victoria Justice

Charizard Michelle
12-20-2010, 02:25 AM
Name: The Maid
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Team: Beta Green
Race: Human

Pokémon: N/A
Ability: N/A
PokéDex Benefits: N/A
Type(s): N/A

Description: Basic Look (http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=155408)
The Maid most of the time takes the appearance of a maid as shown by her codename. If she is just on a normal mission then her maid uniform is nicely iron and not ripped, contrary to what is shown in the image attached. The maid likes to keep her hair in pigtails since it keeps her hair out of her face when moving quickly and wears completely white gloves to keep her fingerprints off things she doesn't want them on. Black is The Maid's choice of color since it helps her stay hidden in dark areas since sometimes her work needs that type of skill. The glasses on The Maid's face are only for show and in reality she doesn't need them at all see.

Hidden within the maid outfit of The Maid are several surprises. The first is a bulletproof suit that is under the the dress and stockings that The Maid wears. Then hidden under the folds and in secret compartments of the dress are small weapons such as pistols, knives, small tools and small explosives that The Maid uses in her work.
Personality: People would say that The Maid is a bit eccentric and out there.She likes to act randomly and tries to keep people on their toes while interacting with other people. This could involve changing outfits on a change of dime and can do it quickly. Though when it comes to work she likes to add a bit of silly into the seriousness. She understands there is seriousness. The Maid though can change everything based on the situation which is useful due to her favorite little hobby so it can be a bit hard to figure out what is going on in her head. If anything she likes to think on the positive side and keep pushing forward.
History: The Maid at a young age lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident. So a little girl with beautiful blond hair was now parentless and had nowhere to go. No known family could be found so The Maid was sent to an orphanage under some name that not even she can remember. The only thing she could remember about her name was Mike E. Astronomy and that is what she told others when asked for her name. This eventually lead her to have a few nicknames.

As Mike got a bit older, the kids were adopted but she stayed due to the fact that none of the adults were interested in taking a girl that was so hyperactive. This lead her to take up the hobby of cosplaying in order to try to get adopted by dressing up like other girls she seen in animes and TV shows. This led to some success but for one reason or another she or the parents decided to backoff. One of these reasons was that Mike would sneak off the orphanage to have fun in Goldenrod City. She was very talented in 'disappearing' and would never get caught by the adults who ran the orphanage. They could never find proof that she ran off the grounds since they never saw her leave or come back.

During one of the sneak aways, Mike had bumped into a young person around her age by the name of Scott. The two hit it off nicely and were eventually known as a pair of pranksters. This was the first long lasting friend that Mike had due to the fact that any friends she made at the orphanage would eventually leave her upon being adopted. Mike would most of the time run off to Scott's house to hang out with Scott. Eventually Mike became eighteen and was released by the orphanage and with no place to go, she went to live with Scott. It was then that Mike's past was revealed as Scott had found some old family heirlooms of a group called Delta Green. They showed Mike that she was a descendants to a person name Mike, a general of Delta Green along with Scott.

This gave Mike and Scott a newfounded purpose in life. Scott started to gather resources while Mike used her skills to gain contacts. It was amazing what a girl could do with a few hundred bucks worth of clothing, the ability to change her personality on the drop of a dime and a room filled with business men. Together Mike and Scott were able to create Beta Green and gain the trust of the government of the Orange Islands. It was decided that they would run most of their functions on the Orange Islands under the shadows and hidden while keeping their known operations in Johto since that where Mike and Scott originated from and because that was where the original Delta Green was located.

Many years later, Mike and Scott were at the lead of Beta Green but things were a bit different. The two were able to make Beta Green how they envision it but the two felt that something had to change. Scott felt like he should disappear and so he did while Mike got tired with doing all of the upper management work and decided to pull off the ultimate disguise. She dyed her blond hair brown, put it in pigtails and slipped on a pair of glasses. Thus the rumor spread that Mike and Scott had gone missing on some sort of secret mission. Mike ended up wondering a bit, checking out the Orange Islands and looking at bits of Johto. She became much closer to her pokemon and did some training to improve herself. Eventually she returned to Beta Green under the name Mina Advent. In the beginning she did small task and did some cleaning around the base. During missions she would say things like "Time to clean up another mess" or "Its cleaning time!" which lead to her getting the nick name. 'The Maid'. As Mina, Mike eventually was climbing up the management ladder to a high position that didn't involve so much boring management. Mina is now charge of Special Operations allowing her to do mostly whatever she want.
Char- Charizard
Rod- Rotom
Rupert- Swampert
Ronni- Breloom
Ron- Bronzong
Skills: Mistress of Disguise, Super Stealth, Mistress of Small Weaponry

Dog of Hellsing
12-20-2010, 02:37 AM
Whewt, here's mah SU!

Name: Zara Ciso (usually goes by Zar or Zee)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Team: The Cullen

Race: Lesser Chimera
Pokémon: Ononokusu and Shanderaa
Ability: Mold Breaker (Ononokusu)
PokéDex Benefits: It has sturdy, blade-like fangs that can even cut through an iron frame. It is covered with hard armor. (Ononokusu)
*Her "fangs" can cut through just about anything
*She has hard armor-life scales that can turn away most attack
Type(s): Dragon/Ghost

Description: Zara is probably one of the more human-looking Hybrids out there, despite being a Lesser Chimera of two Pokemon that don’t resemble humans in the slightest. She stands roughly six feet tall and weighs a solid 200 pounds. Her body is covered in hard golden scales, save her chest, stomach, and legs, which have pale gray scales. She has red claws on her toes and fingers, and the “fangs” of a normal Ononokusu are actually sharply-hooked gray blades growing from her temples (one on each side). Her Shanderaa side gives her a long tail made of eerie lavender flames, and her hair, which hangs to about her knees, is also made of dark purple fire. There are four slender black “arms” that grow from her sides, two on each side, and the tips of these constantly burn with purple flames. Her eyes are a strange shade of yellow-red, a mix of Ononokusu and Chanderaa genes.

Even though these features sound like something completely inhuman, Zara actually looks more like a human with Pokemon features than anything else. Her face and basic body structure are those of a human, and she has five fingers and toes like a normal human (she has fangs and claws though instead of the teeth and nails of a human). Her stomach is a bit sunken in, given her a slightly starved appearance, but overall she’s muscular and lean, definitely a creature built to fight.

Since she looks more human than one might expect, that means she has retained her more womanly aspects. As a result she wears specially-crafted chain mail, both a “shirt” and “pants”. This not only gives an extra level to her already considerable defenses, it also gives her a sense of modesty. The chain mail is dark blue in color, almost black.

Personality: Zara, while friendly enough, is more of a loner than someone who likes being in large groups. She finds working on her own gives her more freedom to act, as she doesn’t have to worry about her allies getting hurt (or her allies hurting her for that matter). She does her best thinking when left to ponder her options on her own, oftentimes getting annoyed when people try to help out with advice. Rarely, she’ll realize a choice is bigger than she is and seek out opinions from those she’s close to, but she doesn’t like dragging others into her problems.

This might make Zara seem like an odd choice for the high rank she holds in the Cullen, but just because she prefers working on her own doesn’t mean she’s not good at taking orders. In fact, Zara takes to missions with almost frightening determination, following her commands to the letter and getting the job done in the way she’s been told. It’s very rare that a mission conflicts with her own personal views, and in those cases, she’ll do her best to stick as close to her orders as possible while ensuring the job gets done.

Zara, like everyone, has her limits. She refuses to kill unless there is a need for it, nor will she stand by while someone else is needlessly murdered, even if that person is a foe of hers. However, her views of what is punishable by death might be different from those of others, making it hard for the average person to guess what her lines might be. To her, honor and justice must be upheld above all else, and anyone who goes against those virtues are seen as scum in her eyes. That means if you do something she considers unjust or dishonorable, you may need to be killed, and thus she will have no problems slaying you if she’s told to.

To Zara, your allies are people you help and protect. Though she’s more of a lone-wolf, her comrades and friends are very important to her. She feels that others should be considered before oneself, and those that betray or use their allies are worthless insects to her. In fact, nothing pisses her off more than someone backstabbing one of their own, save for someone hurting someone she cares for. Those two things, along with belittling her belief in honor and justice, are sure ways to get her raging at her, and that’s not something you want.

In terms of emotions and such, Zara is calm, collected, and cool. In and out of battle she doesn’t get overly excited, planning out her actions and being a careful, analytical thinker. Even when she’s roiling with emotion she rarely shows it, presenting a blank slate to those around her. Those who know her well and she trusts are more likely to see her true emotions than the general public. When she gets mad, though…that’s another story. While general irritation and mild anger will go unnoticed by the average person, when she gets enraged, she explodes quite spectacularly. Her hair and tail, as well as the fire on her four black arms, will expand to engulf her whole body, and she will attack recklessly instead of being the level-headed fighter she normally is.

When Zara does have to work with others, she doesn’t get all irritated and bitter like one might expect. She actually works very well in a team, able to take lead of the group or follow another’s example. She just tends to work better when alone. She usually keeps to herself, rarely speaking at length and normally not speaking at all unless spoken to first.

History: Zara was born in Ramion City, or more precisely, in the Underground below Ramion. Like pretty much everyone else living in Isshu’s Underground, she grew up in crowded, unsanitary conditions, and was often sick as a child. However, she was always strong and usually managed to overcome whatever illness she came down within a few days. By the time she was ten she had immunities to all sorts of things that everyone else was falling victim to.

Because of the overcrowding present in the Underground, no one had any Pokemon except for the smallest ones, such as Eevee and Roselia. Because they were pretty much as poor as one can get without having no money at all, Zara was unable to get a Pokemon on her tenth birthday. However, one day she discovered a strange egg that had seemingly been abandoned, and it eventually hatched into a Monozu. Unable to figure out how a Monozu egg got into the Isshu Underground, Zara had to oftentimes fight off jealous people who wanted to take the Pokemon she’d spent weeks waiting to hatch. Thankfully, the little Dragon seemed to have bonded unusually strongly with Zara, and when people tried to take him, he would snap and bite viciously. Eventually people realized they wouldn’t be able to take him and left him alone, though they greatly resented Zara for having such a rare Pokemon.

Time went on, and eventually the Monozu, who Zara had named Snap, evolved into a Jiheddo. Because of his greater size, Zara was unable to remain in the crowded Underground of Ramion. Bidding a sad farewell to her parents, Zara had to head out to the very outskirts of the Ramion Underground at only thirteen years old. This was hardly the age for a young girl to be on her own, but there was no choice since Snap needed the space not available at Ramion. The dual-headed Dragon was a great protector to the youngster, though, and it only took a few months before people knew not to bother the girl with a Jiheddo.

For several years she wandered the Isshu Underground, battling and torn between going to the surface to a world she’d never known, or staying in the Underground and languishing in a world that was far too smothering. Eventually, she decided that going to the surface couldn’t be any worse than the hell she currently knew. By now she was seventeen years old, too young to get genetic splicing done without the permission of her parents. Thus, she had to head back to Ramion, but when she got there she learned both her parents had died from leukemia. Fearful of telling anyone her desire to become a Hybrid (as there was much dissent about them), Zara was worried she’d have to wait until she turned eighteen and was able to get the splicing done without parental permission. One of the elderly men, however, guessed at her desire. Not feeling resentful towards the Hybrids nor Zara’s owning a Jiheddo, the man agreed to act as Zara’s guardian to she could get the splicing done.

A few weeks later, Zara went topside as a Lesser Chimera, her body now containing the DNA of both an Ononokusu and a Chanderaa. Snap went with her, of course, being too closely attached to her to let her go aboveground alone. Zara, for months afterward, was struck by the openness and relative freedom of the world above the Underground. She traveled the world, seeing what there was to see. For those who’d grown up on the surface it might not have seemed like much, but to someone who’d spent all her life in cramped, filthy, dimly-lit spaces her whole life, it was wonderful.

And so for a few years she simply went around Isshu, at times mourning the death of her parents, but reveling in the freedom from packed areas. Having grown up in the conditions she’d endured, she had come to acquire a sense of wanting to be alone, save for Snap. She was never lonely, and in fact loved the fact that she was oftentimes the only one around. Even when she did run into others, it wasn’t in large numbers.

And then she became aware of the fighting between Underground and topside. It became especially apparent that things were becoming unstable when the Underground of Isshu struck against those living aboveground. Zara herself got caught in a few brief spats, but even though they never lasted long, the ferocity of them made Zara realize things needed to change, and quickly.

Having heard tales of a group named the Cullen, Zara realized their ideals matched her and that her efforts would be best used for their cause. She managed to find a party of Cullen members and convince them she wanted to join their Team, and once she was a member, she quickly rose through the ranks, reaching Beta rank just days before her twentieth birthday.

Now, Zara dedicates her life to putting an end not only to the war about to explode, but to the gulf that has split between human and Hybrid. She wants everyone to be able to live in peace and comfort, not in fear and squalor. To see that this happens, she’ll do whatever it takes. Very recently Snap reached his final form and is now a Sazandora, Zara’s only Pokemon and dearest friend.

Snap (Male Sazandora)- Snap is Zara’s first and only Pokemon. He bonded with her firmly after hatching, having imprinted on her and seeing her as his mother. He eventually came to realize this wasn’t the case, but it didn’t hinder his bond with her in the slightest. Having acted as her protector during her years wandering the Underground of Isshu, the bond between them changed and deepened. Now, as a Sazandora, Snap is ruthless in his defense of Zara, despite the fact that she is tough and very capable of taking care of herself. He focuses his natural aggression and inclination to try and eat anything around him into a force that makes him nigh unstoppable.

Skills: Zara is skilled in both melee combat (both with bare hands and weapons) and ranged fighting (usually relying on her long-range Pokemon attacks like Shadow Ball or Dragon Pulse).

Other: Her combination of Ononokusu and Shanderaa DNA gives Zara a surprisingly good set of stats. Defensively, her hard scales offer great protection, and the ghostly part of her allows her to temporarily become insubstantial to avoid moves that might deal more damage than normal. She has high Attack from her Ononokusu side and high Special Attack from her Shanderaa side, making her a "Mixed Sweeper" of sorts. She's also not exactly what you'd call slow, capable of moving faster than her size might lead you to believe.

On top of this, her Mold Breaker Ability lets her hit at full strength, letting her ignore the Abilities of others that would normally hinder her attacks. For example, if the foe has Flash Fire, she can use a Fire attack to deal damage instead of increasing the strength of the foe's Fire attacks. This makes her even better at fighting, since she can hit foes others might not be able to touch.

Lord Celebi
12-20-2010, 02:58 AM
Name: Raidon Makoto
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Team: Nox
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Starmie
Ability: Natural Cure
PokéDex Benefits: The center section is named the core. People think that it is communicating when it glows in 7 colors.
Type(s): Water/Psychic

Description: A tall, purple man dressed in a Naval Commander's outfit, complete with gold pauldrons and the Captain's hat. Attached to his back is a purple Starmie star, and on his belly lies his jewel, which he uses to communicate electronically with other ships.
Personality: Raidon is an incredibly intelligent and observant person. He tries to see the battlefield from all perspectives and predict as many of the enemy's moves as possible and formulates the best response. However, he is very quick to anger and is very violent in his responses.

Raidon was born on Citidark Isle, an island in Orre whose primary export was ships. Most of the factories on the island were dedicated to creating new waterborne vessels. Raidon worked as cheap labor in shipbuilding operations. Deciding that he wanted to build his own ships, he went to engineering school to learn how to create them.

He graduated with high honors and began to design ships. His ships drew the attention of many companies and organizations across Orre. However, the one that intrigued him the most was Team Nox. Nox offered him excellent pay and excellent benefits to design ships for them. What they didn't know was that Raidon was also an excellent commander. After one of their prototypes had been attacked at sea, Raidon took command and destroyed the pirates that were trying to raid the Nox prototype.

The leadership at Nox saw this and made him an officer in the Noxian Navy. Raidon quickly rose through the ranks to Admiral, and eventually Grand Admiral of the Team Nox Navy, reporting directly to The Boss. Raidon still designed ships. His dream is to secure the funding to build his masterpiece: The Deathwing. Luckily for him, the project was just approved by The Boss.

Pokémon: Dragonite, Electivire, Kabutops
Skills: Some commando skills when necessary, tactician skills, math skills, and engineering skills.
Other: N/A

12-20-2010, 08:42 AM
Changed a few things.

Also, making a morally grey and shady character without a backstory is hard...

Neo Emolga
12-20-2010, 03:15 PM
Second post has been updated. Nice work, guys. Loads of great sign ups. :3

Dr Scott
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I changed mine around, Neo, but it's nothing big.

12-20-2010, 04:56 PM
Name: Kotar Quartus
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Team: Team Nox
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Dusknoir
Ability: Pressure: increases the foe's PP usage by one for every successful hit. (uh, makes opponents more tired more quickly I guess?)
PokéDex Benefits:
-Communicates with afterlife and spirits
-Ghost-like abilities: passes through solid objects, can go invisible
Type(s): Ghost
Kotar has had the remarkably good fortune (or bad, depending what one wants) of remaining mostly human despite his transformation. Although he stands at a dominating 6’6 and has a powerful, muscular build, he has not grown additional body parts that would typically not belong on a human being due to the resemblance of Dusknoir to the humanoid form. His skin is a pale grayish, rather sickly, resembling that of a person who spends far too much time indoors under fluorescent lighting. His eyes, the most immediately noticeable non-human feature on his body, have black scleras and red irises, and lack a pupil, rather like those of the Pokemon whose genetic material Kotar shares. His transformation has also left his face with a more-or-less permanent expression of annoyance or mild anger, lending his happy face a malevolent air and his angry face killing intent. A naturally sharp nose, intense eyes, and clean, well-cut features complete the face of a honed man who stands nothing that he doesn’t want to. On his arms, Kotar has twin yellow rings near the elbows, as well as the trademark face on his chest, although these are typically concealed by his clothing.

For clothing, Kotar wears a custom-designed uniform of the Noxian air force’s highest ranking official: a formal, tuxedo-like suit of the most pure black available, with the cuffs and pant legs decorated with gold rings. On the left shoulder is emblazoned the symbol of Team Nox; the right is decorated with the symbol of the NAF, a stylized eagle with the unicursal hexagram at its heart. On the right side of the chest are the symbols denoting his rank. Although officially, the NAF has no uniform due to the difficulties of creating a standard outfit for all the hybrids and chimeras that make up the majority of the NAF’s ranks, many NAF pilots and soldiers have adopted the uniform when able.

Personality: After only a few lines of conversation with Kotar, an unfamiliar person would think that Kotar had no sense of humor. He would be right. Kotar treats the universe as a problem to be solved: unless one is doing something working towards the end goal, the one should not do anything at all. This pragmatic approach towards existence has earned Kotar a reputation of getting things done, often with massive deployment of high explosives. Kotar has been accused of lacking imagination, though the usual response to such a comment is more high explosives. He doesn’t speak much, only when it is necessary, and has an aversion to small talk and other kinds of conversation he feel is pointless. He also has a low tolerance level for stupidity, and his reaction to his perception of it can be excessive.

Nevertheless, Kotar has strong feelings of loyalty towards Nox and to his soldiers, as do they for him. Never one for sportsmanship in war, Kotar prefers to attack from afar or from positions of strength, with devastating repeated strikes leaving no room to breath or counterattack, leaving enemies crying “Not fair!” At the same time, he is the type to acknowledge his own weakness, and is unafraid doing some things others might consider cowardly or weak. He joined Nox in order to be part of creating a better world, but his personal ambitions within the organization are decidedly limited, being content with what he has and what he is given. Nevertheless, he will fiercely defend what he has and has no tolerance for internal power plays, especially those who are after his position.

In his personal life, Kotar has difficulty making strong, emotional bonds to people; he finds it far easier to have loyalty to a concept than it is to a person, for concepts are far easier to understand. He has a fondness for chess, poker, and perhaps uncharacteristically, oil painting.

History: Kotar was born in Pyrite City, Orre, to a lower-middle class family living in an apartment in the downtown area. As a child, he was easy to raise, asking for little while quietly carrying out whatever chores were assigned to him. His parents, however, worried feverishly over Kotar’s apparent lack of social skills. His grades in school were only slightly above average, and he took every art class available to him.

When high school ended, Kotar joined the Orre Air Force’s ROTC, in an effort to pay for college. His family could not afford to send him to a decent college, and he himself did not have the grades to win any major scholarships, so the military was the best way. Although his parents worried about the choice, Kotar took one look at Orre’s history of war (or rather, the lack of it) and knew that there would be no danger involved.

Despite originally joining only to pay to college, Kotar quickly fell in love with the military: the rigid regime of training, the expertise needed in all things mechanical, learning about warfare and its history. After completing a degree in computer science at Pyrite University, he went right back into the air force. With no war, however, there were precious few chances for him to distinguish himself, and so remained a low-ranking officer.

Eventually, the Synth crisis broke out. Orre was unaffected so far, but it was inevitable that it too, would suffer the fate of the other regions. As the crisis progressed and the Surface vs Underground battles took place, Kotar watched helplessly, wishing for a chance to show his valor. The chance came when Orre started running mercy missions to the Underground, and Kotar took the chance to fly those missions. However, the requirements meant that he had to become a hybrid. So he did.

As a Hybrid helping the Underground, Kotar was not generally well-received on his missions. Nevertheless, he carried out his orders to the fullest of his capabilities, receiving several distinctions as the missions were frequently caught in the middle of the war. It was this that eventually drew the eye of Team Nox. Although unsure of the organization at first, Kotar was eventually convinced that the world, indeed, needed a strong leader to lead it through the crisis, and that such should be done by any means necessary.

Pokémon: Froslass, Gabite, Shandera, Metagross
Skills: He can pilot just about any vehicle and is an excellent shot with a sniper rifle.
Other: My SU is so cute and tiny.

12-20-2010, 05:16 PM
Name: Carlotta Bianchi
Gender: female
Age: 18
Team: The Cataclysm
Race: Human
Description: Carlotta is tall and lanky (exact height around 5 feet 9 inches), with no figure to speak of. She's very skinny and bony, as she doesn't eat much. Her face is shaped like a heart, and her cheeks seem almost pushed inward, with her cheekbones almost exaggerated in the pronouncement. Her skin is pale from spending her life underground. She has sharp brown eyes and a medium sized nose. She has dark brown curls that fall to her shoulder blades, and tends to go everywhere. Her hair has long lost any healthy gloss or shine. She seems to always has a thin coat of dust on her, and is actually usually pretty dirty- the girl doesn't take care of herself. Her lips seem to always pout a bit, whether she intends them to or not. Her eyebrows are thin and seem to always arch as if she is constantly skeptical. She has a high forehead, so they have plenty of room to arch. Her exaggerated features make her look almost like a cartoon character.

As for attire, it varies, the only constant it being totally unflattering and a bit too small (or short, if it's a form of dress, pants, or skirt). Usually it has the Cataclysm symbol on it somewhere (shield with with a cross dividing it into four sections, a star in the top-right corner and a sword in the bottom left, with the shield being white and the cross and details being blue). She likes coats as well, especially when they're long and have plenty of pockets (lots and lots of storage). She also usually wears a headband to keep her hair out of her face. Her nonexistent sense of style leans more toward practical then stylish. Not that she particularly cares.
Personality: Carlotta is sharp as a tack, in both intuition and personality. She's very prickly, and her buttons are easily pushed. She quickly jumps to take offense to any small thing, and even quicker to retaliate. She doesn't hold a grudge, though, and quickly laughs it off, and forgets the slight before the offender does. Her brief bouts of anger are simply meant to show that she should be taken seriously, and if not, she will not be pleased. Her way of walking through the world is careless and blithe, and she often has a cheeky grin on her face. She takes very little seriously, and is quick to laugh at anyone who does. She never takes offense when it's an insult about her appearance, however- she simply never seems to understand the insult. Of course, she doesn't understand a lot about clothes or appearance. Vanity is certainly not one of her faults.

Rarely is Carlotta truly angry, though occasionally she'll have fits of temper followed by a few days of moodiness. Soon, she'll be back to her devil-may-care manner. She's rather saucy, and doesn't care who you are or of what importance you are, she's happy to give you plenty of cheek. This can get her into quite a bit of trouble, but she's always been able to use her quick wits to get out of bad situations. This lends to her cockiness, and also annoys people.

However, this is all sort of a guise. Carlotta uses her 'I don't care' attitude to convince herself that she really doesn't care. That way, she's above it all- nothing can touch her, she's invincible. She feels secure with this feeling of imperviousness, and the feeling that she can survive anywhere. Originally, it was just to make others think that she wasn't breakable, but now she almost believes it. Almost.

One of the few things Carlotta does take seriously is the Cataclysm, and when it comes up, a fervent light springs to her eyes, and her face shines with what she believes in so fully. It reaches an almost religious zeal for her, which often unnerves people, and usually they to not approach the subject again. Question a move made by the Cataclysm and prepare for a long, involved speech of it's merits and your faults.
History: Carlotta has always lived in the Sinnoh underground. She fought for life, she had nothing, no one. Her parents didn't want to be saddled with a child, who would eat up limited rations and supplies, and abandoned her at a young age. Carlotta, by some miracle, survived. She was reduced to petty theft and a petty existence. She felt as if she was nothing. The feeling that you are worthless is not exactly a self-esteem builder, but Carlotta took it a different way. She set out to make herself someone important. She didn't know how, but one day, she would be important. A pretty remarkable outlook, considering she was usually spending her time rooting through trash cans for something that looked remotely edible.

When Carlotta was ten, a young man named Lance began telling people in the underground that the government was lying to them. There was plenty of food for everyone, and the materials for growing even more food. There was a cruel double standard, and those who were higher up were eating finely on food most of them could only dream of. He asked them to help him get rid of tyranny that the government had become. His ideas inflamed Carlotta, even though she was very young, and she quickly gave him her undying support and swore to always be on his side. Those who think that children are incapable of making a serious vow have obviously not met Carlotta. She was one of Lance's earliest supporters, and always his fiercest, even when the government turned against him. Soon, Carlotta found herself in the midst of a revolution.

When the government was overthrown, Carlotta remained heavily involved in the Cataclysm, as the group was called. It was more than something she supported- it was her life.
1. Houndoom
Skills: An expert shot with a gun and various weaponry. Not a bad fighter, in a bar-room scrapper kind of way. She's a very quick thinker. And she can run fast.
Theme Song: Still Waiting- Sum41 (yes, it's a Kingdom Hearts AMV. I couldn't find anything better. x.x) (http://s243.photobucket.com/albums/ff156/SiEbEn_PiX/?action=view&current=Kingdom-heats_still-waiting_sum41_0.mp4)
Other: Doesn't require much food, since her stomach is so small from being used to small quantities of food. Really likes candy and sweet things. And when she gets excited about something, her speech gets faster and faster until it's basically unintelligible. Italian in heritage.

12-20-2010, 06:05 PM
I'm not done with Vanessa's sign-up just yet, but I may as well throw Matryoshka in here.

Name: Elliza “Matryoshka” Kendra
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Team: Nox
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Shuppet
Ability: Insomnia—not affected by any Pokemon moves or manmade tactics that cause sleep; can also go for long periods of time with no sleep.
PokéDex Benefits: Shuppet
- Gains energy by feeding off the negative emotions (anger, malice, envy, anxiety, etc.) of those around her. Doesn’t affect the target’s emotions at all.
- Can also detect emotions in people/Pokemon. (It’s important to note this is not sensing motive; Matryoshka can’t tell the difference between someone who’s sad because the bad guys got away or sad because their evil plot has been foiled.) This also functions as something of a radar, the strength of which depends on the strength of the emotion present.
Type(s): Ghost (Normal and Fighting moves as well as their human equivalents have a significantly lesser effect)

Description: The first thing about Matryoshka anybody would notice is her eyes. No, they are not orbs of shining beauty and intelligence that captivate you like in some bullshit romance narrative; quite the contrary, this girl’s eyes look like someone just slapped the eyes from her Shuppet infusion right onto her face without any regard for proportion or other sanity. As with any Shuppet, the huge eyes are egg-shaped pointing inward and have multiple colors: sky-blue “whites,” purple irises, and yellow pupils. And she never blinks. Ever.

Creepy eyes aside, Matryoshka’s skin is, true to her morph, a full purple; her scraggly, shoulder-length hair, previously brown, changed to a very dark purple for reasons unknown. She also has the horn characteristic of Shuppet, sticking right out of her hair tall and proud.

All that more or less covers Matryoshka’s Pokemorph characteristics; on the more human side of things, Matryoshka’s rather short, standing below most people; she’s also thin as a twig and has no curves whatsoever (it’d be difficult to tell her gender if not for her hair and face, quite honestly). She doesn’t keep herself terribly clean, if the messiness of her hair and the dirt on her face are any indication. It doesn’t help matters when she wears the same top; specifically, she’s extremely fond of a certain hoodie, bright red and with what looks like some sort of weird shark face on the hood (and said hood is almost always up, almost obscuring her eyes; she cut a hole in the top for her horn to stick through). Beat-up jeans, a worn leather belt, and shoes which appear to be more tape than shoe complete her post-apocalypse style.

Personality: If all the obnoxiously happy things in the world—children’s shows, pop, you name it—were stuffed into one body, and then this body was given crack and dropped on its head a few times, you might wind up with something close to Matryoshka.

Filled with childish glee every second of the day, one could definitely call Matryoshka the shining, optimistic light of Team Nox (though if you look too long, you might just go blind). She approaches everything she does—from fieldwork to paperwork—with the sort of massive enthusiasm usually reserved for sarcasm. No matter how mundane or icky the task may seem, Matryoshka will see it as an exciting game or test for her to pass with flying colors. This sort of optimism extends to people, too; Matryoshka will rarely dislike a person no matter how bad they might be, and “hate” is simply a concept she can’t grasp. Additionally, she’s made it her singular goal in life to spread her love and joy all throughout the post-apocalyptic hellscape; any pessimist or emo kid who hangs out with her will inevitably be bombarded by attempts to cheer them up and see the bright side of life.

Needless to say, she’s kind of annoying.

If this sort of personality sounds deranged in such a dark, dismal world...well, that’s exactly right. Matryoshka has definitely not hung on to sanity well after the operation; being optimistic is one thing, but acting like a world where more than half of humanity has died is a basket of roses crosses the line into cherry-picking from reality. While not homicidally insane, she’s nonetheless unhinged and illogical and selectively oblivious; also, while killing is diametrically opposed to her philosophy, this won’t stop her from doing so and then waving it off with a hasty rationalization if she needs to.

Matryoshka has two other intriguing quirks, each likely stemming from her ability to sense emotion. For one, she’s extremely truthful, only lying when she absolutely, absolutely must; by the same token, she expects other people to be just as truthful as she is. This makes her rather gullible despite her ability, and it also means people who lie are, to her, second only to murderers on the evil scale. Also, she finds herself fascinated with human emotion, grimy and good, and goes out of her way to constantly interact with and experience people.

Her dedication to making others happy and general demeanor brings her choice of team into question, but Matryoshka is actually convinced that Nox is out to improve the world for others rather than for themselves. Thus, while she’s very loyal to the team, that loyalty hangs suspended by propaganda and obliviousness; one particularly heinous act could well sever her from the team completely.

History: To be honest, Matryoshka’s—or, at that time, Elliza’s—life prior to the disaster wasn’t in any way extraordinary. She was born in Viridian City as the only child of Maston Kendra, an esteemed, serious businessman (who, ironically, had invested in the Synth Power Plants), and Alexia Kendra, a neurotic stay-at-home mom.

Throughout her childhood, Elliza was coddled and shielded in her upper-middle-class world from the rest of the society. Thanks to her elevated living and overbearing parents, Elliza was quite naďve and had few ambitions; she was essentially the archetype of the shy, overprotected girl, hiding behind her parents and being, while not quite happy, content at least.

The first Synth Power Plant suffered its meltdown when she was only two, spewing the deadly gas all over Hoenn. News raced to Kanto in a flash; the horrible revelation that other Synth Power Plants would be next followed not too long after. In their true overbearing fashion, her parents never talked with her about this and, indeed, tried to hide it from her as long as possible, all while making plans to hide in one of the underground cities. The Kanto plant blew soon enough, and the whole group fled underground.

Thus, Elliza grew up locked away from the surface world; her parents absolutely refused to let her go to the surface even with the proper protection. Elliza, however, didn’t particularly want to go up, since she didn’t remember much about the surface and everyone always talked about how poisonous and dangerous it was anyway. So she stayed in her underground prison, wilting under her parents’ restrictive care and growing more and more depressed as months turned to years.

One day, however, something quite interesting happened. Perhaps due to her negative emotions, a Shuppet came to Elliza. The little creature fascinated her, for her parents had never let her keep Pokemon due to the care required. After watching the ghost flit around by the house for a while, she left out some food; sure enough, it came back the next day, seeming quite happy to see the girl again. The relationship continued for almost a year; all the while, the two grew closer. Elliza recognized, however, that the Shuppet was a free spirit (pun unintended) and wouldn’t fancy being “owned” by anyone, so she never once tries to capture the Pokemon for herself.

During this time, her parents, sick and tired of the Underground, finally decided to at least visit the surface world. Elliza was perhaps the most apprehensive, but she reluctantly accompanied them; ironically, she was the most blown away by the world above. Obscuring gas aside, it was just so beautiful and full of life compared to the dingy subway city she called home; trees grew, Pokemon roamed, and, most interestingly, the Pokemorphs and Hybrids lived in happiness. Elliza descended with her mind made up: she would undergo the operation and become a Pokemorph.

Unfortunately, her parents balked at the idea of Elliza sacrificing her humanity and absolutely forbade it. Even worse, they speculated that her interaction with the Shuppet was causing her to have these bizarre thoughts. The very next week, they managed to find bottles of Repel at a garage sale, which had become so useless in the underground that the seller just gave them away. They sprayed the house with the stuff every day henceforth; Elliza never saw the Shuppet again.

For Elliza, this loss on top of everything was simply the last straw. Against her better judgment, she started nicking things from her mother’s jewelry and selling it, slowly but surely amassing enough money to pay for the operation as well as “convince” the scientists she needed no parental consent. Once this was done, she snuck off, leaving her life behind to become a new, surface-dwelling Pokemorph. The Pokemon to choose was obvious; she still mourned her lost friend dearly, so a Shuppet she would be.

However, undergoing the process was always a dangerous affair, and Elliza turned out to be an odd statistic. When the scientists were done, she was indeed a Shuppet Pokemorph, with a seamless appearance and all the abilities of her choice; however, her brain had been somehow affected by the operation, causing permanent and bizarre changes. She skipped out of the office, suddenly happy as a clam and she had no clue why, but boy, the world just looked so bright and cheery!

In the end, Elliza had become everything she had wanted to be: a happy, unrestrained, confident girl. Sure, she had lost a good chunk of her sanity, but what did that matter, in the end? “Sanity,” whatever that was, was but a limiter to how happy and free a person could become. Feeling completely different and ready to spread her philosophy to the world, Elliza ditched her old name, life, and personality. Now she was Matryoshka, so named after the Russian dolls, for she felt like she had shed her unnecessary limitations and been born anew in much the same way one doll pops out of a larger one (and it had such a nice ring, anyway!).

Thus aside, Matryoshka ascended to the surface world roundabout 2055; however, finding the clouds of gas annoying, she decided to travel to Orre. Once she’d hitched a ride there, she discovered Team Nox quite shortly, due to a timely run-in with a drunken member. The idea of reforming the world excited her; unfortunately, she misread Nox’s intentions quite badly, thinking they would reform the world for the sake of others rather than for themselves. This mistake still stays with her, after being with Nox for two years and, through her very unorthodox smarts, rising to prominence in special infantry. Now, she seeks to impose Nox’s rule everywhere, for the good of the world at large...and because being part of a secret club is just too fun!

Pokémon: Goliath (an unusually massive Garchomp) and David (a collectively-named pair of Pichu twins)*
Skills: There isn’t a whole lot; though not exactly skilled with any weapon, she at least knows how to use most of them. However, she has invested countless hours into dinking around with her new body and abilities; she’s very good at using her Pokemon moves to the fullest, in combat or otherwise.
Other: *No, I’m not actually making a laser-turret Garchomp and Pichu twins who have weaponized J-pop yet.

12-21-2010, 02:16 AM
Name: Kage Tsuyosa

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Team: Cataclysm

Race: Lesser Chimera

Pokémon: Gengar and Machoke

Ability: Levitate-Cannot be harmed by Ground type moves.

PokéDex Benefits:
-Can hide in shadows.
-Cools the surrounding area by nearly 10 degrees F.
-Incredible strength (no more than Machoke do when they have the belt on, though).
-Doesn’t tire from anything but lack of sleep.

Type(s): Ghost/Fighting

Description: Kage stands at an intimidating 6’’7’ tall and weighs 267lbs. He has the body type of a Machoke, and his skin is the same shade of purple that a Gengar is, making him appear even more intimidating. His eyes have been converted to glowing red orbs, his nose is no longer existent on his face, so his mouth is about the only facial feature of his that remains like it was before he became a Chimera. He has the red lines on his arms that most Machoke do, only they are more crimson on him and almost always covered up.

When it comes to armor, Kage wears bulky, black and red metal armor that covers his whole body except his face, making him look even more huge than he already is. Over the armor he wears a huge black trench coat letting very little indication that he has the armor on under it and a black packer hat. Over the trench coat he wears a replica of a Machoke’s “Power Saver Belt” just to make the enemy nervous if he should ever take it off.

Personality: Kage is the most secretive of the three leaders of Cataclysm, although you could hardly consider him as such. He very rarely makes any attempt to contact the populace of Sinnoh, and instead lets his subordinates relay messages for him. He doesn’t want the people of Cataclysm to do something just because they’re intimidated by him, so he has his subordinates tell the people that it’s from Lance. With Lance’s permission, of corse.

In terms of Humans, Hybrids, and Chimeras, Kage sees them as all being equally important to Cataclysm’s cause. Humans are needed in order to keep the Underground operational, with the majority of the operational civilizations are still located down there, and Hybrids and Chimeras are in charge of reclaiming the overworld, diplomatic negotiations, and just about everything else that takes place above ground. Although he commands mostly Hybrids and Chimeras, there are a few humans who hold high status under his command.

Many things don’t phase him that would phase many others, such as killing, cooking, and eating Pokemon on the spot. He is great at finding and cooking Pokemon, and knows just what Pokemon are good to eat and which are not. He also has a great sense of generosity, no matter how little food he may have, unless it would kill him.

History: Kage was born in Jubilife City, Sinnoh, into a family with literally nothing. His parents didn’t have jobs, or a house, or anything else. They relied on salvaging things they could and eating pest Pokemon that nobody wanted. When the Synth plant blew up, spewing the gas into the region, it was a miracle that he and his parents made it down there in time.

Once they had gotten into the Underground, it didn’t matter what kind of family anybody came from, they were all given equal amount of food. This both relieved Kage and his family, and annoyed them. They knew that they were used to living off the bare minimum, but they also knew most others down there wouldn’t be. While they didn’t agree with what the government was doing, they just figured what most people did at the time, that there was a shortage.

At age 19, Kage met Lance who, at the time, was just starting Cataclysm. When Lance told him about what the government was doing, he was furious. He quickly joined Cataclysm, becoming one of the first members of Cataclysm. He was put in charge of collecting and stockpiling, if possible, food and other resources for Cataclysm.

His task to collect kept becoming harder and harder over the next two years, until it became almost impossible for him to find any due to the growing size of the faction. There weren’t many options left, so he decided to undergo the operation to become a Lesser Chimera, having two Pokemon in mind to help him get the most food he could for Cataclysm. He chose Gengar because they could hide in the shadows and very few Pokemon would realize he was there until it was too late, and Machoke so he could take down larger Pokemon that could be eaten.

After the operation, which took a bit too long for Kage’s liking, he headed right to the surface with a few other men to get good Pokemon to eat. This task was easier than they expected, as the Sinnoh government had little to no presence here. They kept bringing Pokemon from the surface to the Underground until real supplies showed up, quickly ending the war in Cataclysm’s favor.

He was surprised when he was chosen by Lance to be one of three leaders of Cataclysm. When he questioned Lance about this, he was told that it was because he kept the people of Cataclysm alive until they got real weapons, thanks to a man named Jebez Leval. Kage thought, for a while that Jebez should have become the leader instead of him, but eventually just decided to stop thinking about it and start thinking about making the faction better.


Skills: Kage is good at salvaging supplies and capturing Pokemon that are edible, along with the knowledge of what can or cannot be eaten.

Other: I feel like I forgot so many things in this SU. >.<

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And it all starts tomorrow morning. Be ready!

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Name: Mujin
Gender: Male
Age: Mid twenties on average
Team: Haloclyst
Race: Lesser Chimera

Pokémon: Shedinja, Agirudaa
Ability: Wonder Guard
PokéDex Benefits: Can move extremely fast, very light because of very small weight level.
Type(s): Ghost/Bug
Description: Mujin looks like something between a ragged dune dweller, a bandit, and a ninja. Face concealed by a dusty old cape with torn and tattered ends, a long coat with wide pockets, high collar and thick cuffs in a grey hue, and a hood of black that fits around his head just perfectly. His hands are what look like to be kept in grey gloves with a point in each finger, and some pale gold wrist armor over them, but these are just his hands from his transformation. His eyes are a hollow, simple black and white, should you ever see them, and his skin completely matches the rest of his monochrome attire. He has crested shoulder blades from his Shedinja DNa that make him look like he is wearing something to hold out his shoulders, as if to be adorning a cape. Under his jacket are various weapons of that which he uses to kill his targets, or capture them, or track them, efficiently, and quickly.
Personality: Mujin has no voice, and is mute. His personality though, requires he doesn't even need one. He responds simply, and does as he likes. When he is asked to do something however, he gets it done, how the person who asked him to do it wants, without question. He is often out alone, and is never seen by anyone outside his home. He is stealthy and remains to be so. Other than that, he seems rather void of all other emotion, however at the time, he will defend another person if there is a break in the code of honor he holds high in his morale.
History: Mujin grew up with a strict grandmother, yes, you read that right, mother, not father, in a small shack out in the middle of nowhere. There he was forced to train in his ancestors ways and learn everything that they had, despite that being a few centuries ago. Training day in and day out like a human Meditite, Mujin began to start liking his training as he got older. After his grandmother passed away, he turned the small shack into a shrine, and left to travel in search of a way to better himself.

When the Synth crisis came, Mujin went underground with another small group of people, only to realize that his beloved Pokemon Sho, a Shedinja, was missing from the group. Kenji, the twin of Sho, was adamant on looking for his sibling outside the safety of the below surface housing. Mujin knew that was not possible without what he knew to be a hybrid transformation. Without much thought, Mujin went through books to best select a Pokemon that fit him, that being a Agirudaa. After a successful transformation, he went outside to look for his lost companion. He spent long weeks looking, and to time skip ahead, when he did find Sho, the lifeless caraspace was even more void of living aftersoul. Mortified and ashamed, Mujin carried Sho, going back to the same doctor who had given him the transformation, and demanding that the very Shedinja he had raised become apart of his own body. Even with the protests that a second procedure to become a lesser chimera after his body had already settled may kill him, Mujin did not listen, and thus the procedure went on anyway. As Mujin awoke, he found himself without a voice, and feeling like a chunk of his back was gone. He was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, finding the hollow space in his back now, and that his fore arms had pale golden exoskeleton over them, and his shoulder blades having the 'wings' of his Sho. His forehead bore a crescent crest, though not as extravagant as the real thing, he was pleased.

The problem was his recovery, It took him a few months to recover. At one point, he was forced out of care because patients with more dire circumstances needed the care. This is when Jingka came and found him, and offered him the time and place to heal. After this, he became entirely loyal to Jingka, acting as her wingman and doing everything she asks.
Kenji the Ninjask
Kenji is Mujin's trusted companion. He never goes anywhere without him, and will not let him die under any circumstance after what happened to Sho.'

Ushida, the Nincada
Ushida was the Nincada that never evolved because of her digesting fragments of an Everstone. She is commonly found clinging to Mujin's arm at all times, like some manacle. She excells in recon with her digging abilities.

Hensha the Scyther
The green assassin that is partner to every skill Mujin has. She mirrors Mujin's personality, with the only different being a slight temper to those who try and question her master.

Kagi the Gengar
The least mischievous Gengar on the face of the planet, Kagi is one thing, and that is ruthless. He is not afraid to kill, or possess someone to shoot another person, and well you get the idea.

Riverstone the Kabutops
Kamikaze fossil fighter is bipolar; one side is that he's an angry Pokemon ready to tear apart the world and then some, then there is the side where he is so calm that it's almost disturbing.
Skills: Your master assassin, tracker, CQC expert, stealth expert.
Other: Being partly hollow in his back, Mujin can store objects within his own body, besides the bag he carries with him. This closes with a flap of 'skin' that is part of his Agirudaa DNA.

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Miss Carlotta Bianchi is finished. But I'll be making another character soon.

Neo Emolga
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And updated. The RP is up by the way.

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Name: Victoria "Tori" Lynnly

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Team: The Cataclysm

Race: Lesser Chimera

Pokemon: Togekiss and Staraptor

Ability: Intimidate

Pokedex Benefits: Share blessings with those who respect each other's rights and avoid senseless arguing

Types: Normal Flying

Description: Tori has a red hook like hair formation at that top of her head that comes from the Staraptor. She has a crown like formation behind the red hook hair formation. She has long hair that has red and blue triangles all over her hair. Her chest is covered many layers of feathers. Her arms are talons that are sharp and fierce. She has two sets of wings on her back. She has a set of Togekiss wings above her set of Staraptor wings. She has a long tail of feathers like Staraptor. She has long white legs with red and blue triangles all over them. Her face is plain white and she has red intimidating eyes.

History: Tori was born and raised in Floaroma Town with her father. Her mother died a few days after Tori's birth. So she was raised by her father alone. They both lived happily in this happy town. Tori would stay out in the flower patches all day playing with her pokemon. She loved to sit there with her pokemon and feel the wind blow upon her. It made her feel free and peaceful. She dreamed of one day being able to soar through the skies happily. When her father was off from work Tori would spend those day with her father in the fields of flowers. They would have a picnic.

The day of the Synth Crisis Tori and her father sought shelter int he underground tunnels. There she lived unhappily. She felt trapped and surrounded by strangers. Everyday she would feel more and more restless. Soon enough she was very depressed and didn't have the motivation to do anything. She wanted to get the surgery so she'd be able to be above ground but her father refused for he thought it to be unsafe. One day her father died of malnutrition for he had given most of his food to keep Tori alive and healthy. After her father's death she vowed to set the whole world free and let them be happy. She got the surgery and was fused with her two favorite flying pokemon. She then joined the Cataclysm to help overthrow their opressors.

Personality: Tori is bold and brave. She is hard-headed and stubborn. She does what she beleives is right anytime and anyplace. She is a wild child who doesn't follow orders. She will swallow her pride and take orders when it needs to be done. She has alot of pride as well and that gets her into trouble alot. She is mischevious and always outgoing. She is a team player who is self-less as well. She will do what's best for her team. She will diliberatley disobey direct orders to help someone in need and that's another thing that gets her into constant trouble as well. She is also hot-headed, very short tempered. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and others she cares for. She may across rude at your first encounter with Tori but once you get to know her she'll be really sweet. She is polite but will switch tone easily from kind to furious.


Quilava (M)

Grovyle (M)

Wartortle (M)

Skills: Tori is very swift and agile. She is very good at stealth and air combat.

Other: Don't take any offense if Tori comes across rude. It's just the way she is. Themesong: Tear It Down by Mdott and Meahgan Martin and Greatest Everyday.

Neo Emolga
12-21-2010, 06:11 PM
You're in, Mick. Accepted.

12-21-2010, 06:12 PM
Mick: Why thank you kindly.

12-21-2010, 10:05 PM

Name: Drake Argall
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Team: The Cataclysm
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Absol
Ability: Super Luck
PokéDex Benefits:
-Can predict disasters
Type(s): Dark
Description: Drake is tall, lean, and muscular, though not in a overwhelming way. There's no telling what he would have looked like as a human, since he was spliced at a very young age. Nowadays, though, he has thick white hair with long bangs. His skin is coal-black, like an Absol's, and the long blade that grows out of an Absol's head does on his as well, which gives him an intimidating appearance. His face is tapered and thin, and his red eyes tilt slightly upwards. His eyes have a catlike pupil, and tend to be pretty intimidating. His eyebrows are thin, dark, and long, and his has a long straight nose. He has no human ears, only ear holes hidden by his white hair. Thick white fur grows on his chest, buttocks, and thighs. His back has sparse fur growing on it, but is mostly hairless. His arms are the same. His lower legs have no noticeable hair, and his feet seem almost pawlike with intimidating black claws. His hands are more or less the same as the humans, except that instead of fingernails he has black claws like his feet. He has very sharp teeth. A smaller razor blade like the one on his face grows out of his back end. He has long legs and arms, and pretty much everything about him seems long.

Drake wears simple attire, usually just a light jacket and pants. He doesn't see any particular reason to wear a shirt, seeing as he's mostly covered in fur, and the pants and jacket are mostly so he doesn't get weird looks. He never wears shoes, unless absolutely necessary, as he finds them very uncomfortable on his unusually shaped feet. Modesty is not a priority with him.
Personality: Predicting disasters does not do very much to make you an optimist, and such is the case with Drake. He likes to think that everything will go badly. And not just kinda badly. Really badly, usually ending with a 'and then we all die' kind of thing. No one takes him very seriously when he's simply being pessimistic, though they do when he's actually had a premonition. He's never cheerful, and has no patience for those who are. He finds them very annoying, especially when they're right. Drake dislikes being wrong, and is actually quite stubborn, even about the silliest of things. He can be slightly hypocritical in this regard, often telling the person he's having an argument with that they're just being stubborn. Normally, though, he's not arguing with people- more often then not, he's just avoiding them. Drake is uncomfortable around people, and they're uncomfortable around him, so he figures he'll just avoid them and everyone's happy. Well, not Drake, because he's never happy, but beside the point.

Not much fazes Drake. He's calm and logical, and usually pretty quiet. He's resourceful and smart, and tries to keep informed about everything that might be important. Which is a lot. He's solemn, and apparently incapable of making a joke or understanding one. Those who make jokes around Drake are taken seriously, which often makes the joke funnier to others, even if that's not his intent. He's usually restrained and quiet, but whenever he has a vision of disaster, he tends to get panicky and easily scared, and impulsive. Like an Absol, he tries to make his way to where the disaster will take place, and it's almost impossible for him to control this impulse.

Drake has a strange sense of honor. If you help him out, or save his life, he believes it in his debt to return the favor. However, the reverse is also true for if you insult him. He will be quick to seek revenge, and exact it in an extremely unpleasant way. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, after all...
History: Drake as a young child, lived out in the country with his family, with lots of wide-open spaces and plenty of love. He was an only child, and his parents adored him. The Synth Crisis, of course, threatened his happy home life, so one day his parents began looking around in the Underground for a place to live. When they took their young son down in the space, however, they made an unfortunate discovery. Drake hated the Underground and it's inclosed spaces, and his parents soon realized he was badly claustrophobic. Whenever he was taken down in a small space, he panicked, and was reduced to a shivering, incoherent mess. Searching for an alternate solution to their problem, they discovered hybridization and decided that it was the solution to their problem. Drake went first, and he was combined with an Absol. His parents would have undergone the procedure next, but the meltdown occurred and they were forced underground, with their young son aboveground.

Drake learned how to survive, more or less, with the help of some other Hybrids. He grew up aboveground, and eventually forgot his parents, and his home. While there were some fuzzy memories, Drake never thought too hard about it. He decided it was better not to remember. Though he was not aware of it, his parents had died, not long after entering the Underground. The exact causes were unknown.

One day, though, he received a premonition of disaster. He didn't realize the specifics, but knew that it would take place in the Underground. He could not control the instinct to go to the Underground, even though he hated inclosed spaces. He arrived at the Underground to find it as bad as he remembered, if not worse. Though he tried, he eventually collapsed in an alley, trembling with fear.

A girl named Carlotta Bianchi found him and asked what was wrong. Though he was not able to clearly communicate everything, she understood one word, 'disaster'. Worried, she decided to take care of him.

The disaster turned out to be the fall of the Sinnoh Government, though it was really more of a disaster for them than anyone else. Carlotta, in the meantime, had successfully helped Drake conquer at least part of his claustrophobia. According to his self-imposed sense of honor, he asked her if there was anything he could do for her. Her answer: join the Cataclysm. And so he did.
Pokémon:[/b] N/A
Skills: Very resourceful, and good at gauging whether he can win a fight.
Theme Song My December-Linkin Park (http://media.photobucket.com/video/my%20december/gathanh/mydecember.mp4?o=6)
Other: Still claustrophobic. And while he can stomach plants and such, his digestive system is really carnivorous nowadays.

Eternal Moonlight
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Neo Emolga
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Okay, I really need to fill my desire for some Call of Duty now. XD

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Name: Damien Fields
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Team: Team Nox
Race: Hybrid
Pokémon: Raichu
Ability: Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
PokéDex Benefits:
- Able to let loose 100,000-volt bursts of electricity.
- Able to use tail as a grounder to prevent from getting shocked.
Type(s): Electric

Description: Damien stands 6’4” and weighs roughly around 175 pounds. Meanwhile, his body has a cover of orange fur, except for his belly, which has white fur like a normal Raichu. Meanwhile, also like a Raichu, he has two brown stripe marks on his back, brown-furred hands and feet, along with two brown and yellow Raichu ears. Lastly, Damien also has a long Raichu tail, also armed with a thunderbolt-shaped tip at the end.

For clothing, Damien wears a pair of frayed and beat-up dark gray cargo pants with a frayed leather belt around his waist. Meanwhile, he wears a black tank top and a very beat-up brown leather jacket that he always leaves open. Besides that, he wears a silver chain necklace and a black bandana. He also wears a digital watch on his left wrist, but the cover has a slight crack in it. Damien also doesn’t wear shoes, thinking he can get along just fine without them. Damien’s fur and clothing often have stains from oil, dirt, and so on mainly from his wild nature and his mechanic position.

When it comes to physical attributes, Damien is mainly skilled in terms of extremely potent agility, charisma, and his seemingly ridiculous luck. If he didn’t have the luck he has, he probably would be dead from doing something crazy.

Personality: Wild, fun-loving, carefree, there’s nothing Damien won’t do and he’s often out to prove himself in the midst of peer pressure. Meanwhile, he has an obsession for speed, and is a road warrior with a craving for vehicular combat. Knowing he can fix just about any automotive issue, it doesn’t bother him to return home with a car that looks like it fell off a 1,000 foot cliff. In truth, he is a chop shop expert and a salvaging master.

In the meantime, Damien is energetic and loves loud rock and metal music, feeling the most important parts of the vehicle are its engine and its radio speakers. In truth, Damien has an unquenchable thirst for excitement and adventure, having gone skydiving, mountain climbing, jet flying, and just about every other activity that would require a truly fearless nature. Sure, he has a few scars from having done truly reckless and arguably stupid things, but he will always say they were worth it and the fun time he had was worth the little “flesh wound” he received.

Meanwhile, Damien just loves guns, notably machine guns and any other automatic weapons. His accuracy isn’t the greatest, but he feels when you’re shooting 100+ bullets at something, something’s gotta hit somewhere. At the same time, he’s also managed to teach Pokémon how to use guns themselves, just as a crazy hobby of his. As he’s learned, most Pokémon aren’t too good at handling them, but to him, that’s okay as long as they’re pointed at the enemy.

History: Damien was born to a Matthew Fields and a Joanna Fields, who both earned a living by having a Pokémon day care business in Phenac City, Orre. As a child, Damien was often considered wild, got into trouble at school, but it was mainly for not listening to teachers. He didn’t like studying much either, and Cs and Ds were perfectly fine in his book. Meanwhile, two of his favorite things were cars and Pokémon.

Damien didn’t own any Pokémon of his own until the day care business just didn’t generate enough revenue, and his mother and father were forced to have to sell the business. They were able to return most of the Pokémon back to their original owners, except for two Raichus and a Pikachu that one particular owner never came back to claim despite the family’s attempt to contact her. Later on, they found out the original owner of the two Raichus and the Pikachu had moved to Sinnoh, and seemed to carelessly forget about her abandoned Pokémon. Instead, Damien decided to raise the Pokémon himself, and they grew very attached to him.

When the Synth Crisis hit, Orre’s power plant hadn’t experienced a meltdown like the other regions had experienced, but the citizens were far too paranoid to simply stay on the surface while it was very possible disaster could strike at any moment. Normally, Damien wouldn’t care very much about the risk involved, but instead, he saw the opportunity to undergo genetic transformation as “cool” and “something fun to try.” In truth, he became a Hybrid not for protection or for the power, but mainly for the novelty, and because of peer pressure. He hadn’t even decided on a Pokémon to become until he got to the door of the clinic and he had to fill out the form. Shrugging, he just slapped “Raichu” in the box and the rest was history. Regardless, he actually found himself pleasantly surprised by his new Raichu likeness.

With the surfacing of Team Nox, Damien supports the cause by keeping watch on the rest of the world, and as a road warrior, travels often and keeps in tune with the word on the street.

Raichu – “Lashy”
Lashy the Raichu is a bit of a psychopath, who resulted in this way from Damien being a bad influence on any Pokémon when it came to lack of discipline. Half of the most ridiculous things Damien has done, Lashy has been there for the ride, and he loves it. Including skydiving. In fact, Lashy keeps asking Damien when they’ll do it again.

Raichu – “Max”
Max, like Lashy, developed a bad habit of trigger-happiness. He especially loves that crazy, hammering recoil effect when someone holds down the trigger the whole time. To him, a machinegun firing while he’s on top of it is like that crazy kiddie riding horse in front of supermarkets that goes jumping up and down after stuffing a quarter down the slot. He also likes hand grenades. And he gives them pet names before throwing them.

Pikachu – “Trevor”
Trevor suffers from a chronic caffeine addiction. The side effects include staying up all night, trying to sing along to Damien’s loud and pounding music, or lobbing far more grenades than he should. While Damien and those “two other crazy Raichus” like machine guns, Trevor seems to like explosions more. And loud noises. He also thinks it’s wonderful that those two things almost always go hand in hand.

Skills: Vehicle driving, as well as insane automotive repair and construction abilities. He may not have the engineering degree, but he knows how things operate and how to put things together so that they “just work.” He could care less about the math and science that goes on behind it.

Other: Theme Music: Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWhInhE6emE)
And he’s not gonna Raichu a love song.

Dog of Hellsing
12-22-2010, 02:12 PM
My other characters, whewt!

Name: Merun Panntai

Gender: Female, though just barely

Age: 21

Team: The Cullen

Race: Greater Chimera
Pokémon: Metagross, Alakazam, Porygon-Z
Ability: Adaptability (Porygon-Z)
PokéDex Benefits: Its brain can outperform a supercomputer. Its intelligence quotient is said to be 5,000. (Alakazam)
*She never forgets anything she learns
*She can close her eyes to heighten all her other senses
*She can use all kinds of psychic power
*Her brain cells multiply constantly
*She can outperform things such as Porygon-Z and Metagross
*She is extremely intelligent
Type(s): Normal/Psychic

Description: Merun was once human, like all Hybrids, but you can’t tell by looking at her now. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what she is period, since the gene splicing didn’t go over so well for her. Let’s start with the basics and go from there.

Merun’s Metagross side makes her quite large. She’s about eight feet tall and almost as wide. She’s not fat, mind you, just large, like a Metagross. Her body has an ice-blue tint to it and is practically as hard as diamonds. She has six arms; her once-human arms now resemble a Porygon-Z’s and are the same hot-pink hue, while the other four grow from her sides (two on each side) and are Metagross arms. Each of these arms contains the brain of an Alakazam, not of a human. Weight-wise, Merun weighs in at roughly 500 pounds, but this doesn’t slow her down thanks to her superior Psychic abilities (she moves around via telekinesis). Her Metagross arms have only one difference from those of the real Pokemon, and that’s that each one has five long fingers, each tipped with a sharp white claw. She also has a steel-gray ‘X’ across her face, with each arm beginning above each eye, crossing at her mouth, and ending at her jaw line.

Getting into more detail, Merun has the basic body shape of a Porygon-Z, though her head and face more resemble an Alakazam. She has a spiraling hot-pink horn growing from the top of her head, and a slender pink tail that’s separate from her body hangs from her rear. Two Alakazam horns grow from the back of her skull, and on each shoulder she has dark brown-blue plates of armor. Her chest is also covered in this odd-colored armor.

Merun has no hair whatsoever, not even the mustachios of an Alakazam. This means her eyes, which are an eerie shade of glazed red, are never hidden. She rarely blinks, maybe once or twice every five minutes, and this can make people uncomfortable around her.

Merun has no legs, getting around by levitating her bulk with her ridiculous mental powers.

Personality: Well, to put it as simply and bluntly as possible…Merun is ab-so-freaking-lutely bat-sh*t crazy. This isn’t the kind of thing that can be treated with medication; the girl belongs in a mental institution. She swings from any given emotion without warning or provocation. When not having epic mood swings, she tends to be withdrawn, distant, and disdainful, rarely interacting with others unless the need arises.

Merun’s unstable personality means that from day-to-day and even moment-to-moment, anything is liable to set her off. Also, something that got one reaction one day might get a completely different reaction the next day. Because of this, it’s extremely hard to know what to do and say around her, because something she was fine with before might activate her random Hair Trigger Temper. This is also true for the opposite; something that set her off in the past might turn out to be something she’s completely fine with now. This, coupled with her habit of ignoring and avoiding pretty much everyone to begin with, make it practically impossible to communicate with the Chimera. One has to keep in mind that Merun pretty much takes everything literally as well, so something meant as a joke or said figuratively will, 99.99% of the time, be taken very seriously and literally by her. That being said, don’t say something like, “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!” because Merun just might go out, shoot a cow, and bring it back for you. AND expect you to eat the whole thing. And if you don’t, you’d better hope she’s focused on something else, because otherwise she’ll probably rage at you.

Merun, being a Chimera of three of the most mentally-capable Pokemon known to exist, has such a frighteningly high intelligence that even the most gifted scientists tend to lose track of her when she gets going. Always having liked the scientific field, Merun spends much of her time working on new tech. This gives her a great amount of pleasure, and interrupting her work will oftentimes send her into a fit of anger. She can become so engrossed in her work that an explosion could be set off right behind her and she wouldn’t notice.

Because of how incredibly smart she is, Merun doesn’t socialize with others. She looks down on just about everyone else because there’s pretty much no one who can keep up with her in a conversation. She feels that if someone doesn’t understand her she shouldn’t waste her breath talking to them and that her attention would be better focused on whatever project she’s got going at the moment. There’s one exception to this, though, and that’s the Cullen’s leader. A promotion in recent times has left her with a fanatical devotion to the man. Her loyalty to her Team’s leader is terrifying in its depth. Merun practically worships him like some sort of deity, and this is pretty much the only stable thing about her personality-wise. Unless you want to get smashed into a bloody pulp or have your brain exploded, you really don’t want to say anything about her leader that she might even slightly consider insulting or threatening. She doesn’t really care about anyone else in her team, though there are a few (considerably lucky) people she’ll put up with and even a couple (even more lucky) people she doesn’t mind being around.

Merun isn’t a fan of fighting, believing it’s a waste of her time, but she realizes she’s an extremely powerful force and resigns herself to it whenever she’s faced with combat. While she doesn’t like fighting, once she actually starts her whole attitude about it changes. She becomes a single-minded entity whose only purpose is to defeat her foes. She never holds back, fighting at full strength from the get-go. She gets so drawn into the fight that she’ll even attack her allies if they get in her way. Once the battle is over, Merun immediately switches back to her general disdain of fighting.

History: Merun, unlike a lot of younger people, was born on the surface, shortly before the Synth plants started to experience meltdowns. She was born to loving parents and part of a family that had amassed a considerable amount of wealth over the past century or so. She was spoiled rotten as a baby, and her parents couldn’t have been happier with their little girl. Then, of course, the Synth plants around the world started to hit critical levels, and everyone in Hoenn was forced into hastily-built Underground structures. Many people didn’t make it, but that didn’t alleviate the cramped quarters that people now had to live in.

But life, as they say, goes on. Merun grew, as she got older, her parents noticed something not quite right with their daughter. She didn’t seem to be able to grasp ideas and concepts that other children of her age easily understood. She didn’t talk well and had problems walking normally. Even when she did seem to finally understand something, the next day she had usually forgotten what had taken days or even weeks to explain to her. At the makeshift schools children now attended, she was constantly at the bottom of her class, and her problems quickly isolated her from other children. They weren’t old enough yet to bully her, but they knew something with her wasn’t right and wanted nothing to do with her. On top of this, nothing ever seemed to hold her attention for more than a few moments, making it even harder for her to learn.

Merun’s parents took her to several specialists within the first five years of her life, getting the same diagnosis each time. The young child had moderate mental retardation, probably stemming from brain damage of some kind. Probing by one doctor caused Merun’s mother to admit there’d been complications during Merun’s birth, and at one point the girl had even been declared a stillborn. With this knowledge, the doctor explained that Merun most likely had brain damage resulting from lack of oxygen during the complications of her birth. On top of having MR, the girl also had moderate ADHD.

Now knowing what was wrong with Merun, her parents didn’t waste time to invest in a personal mentor for the child. Taking her out of public “schools”, Merun was taught at home and seemed to do much better than she had before. She was able to better learn and retain the information she was given, and by the time she was ten, her mental problems were only apparent after long conversations or to those who knew her well.

Unfortunately, Merun herself was one of the ones who knew she wasn’t quite normal. Most people with mental retardation or other mental handicaps weren’t aware that they were functioning at lower levels than most other people, but Merun was intelligent enough to know that she was different. When people realized she had MR, they would sometimes say cruel things that most others in Merun’s position wouldn’t comprehend. But Merun knew they were trying to be hurtful, and it upset her badly. It was even worse when kids around where she lived finally found out. They would flock to her, taunting and tormenting her until her parents chased them off.

Merun was nothing if not strong, though, and even though she was sad that people were so hateful towards her, she didn’t let it get her down. As she got older, she discovered a hidden love for the scientific side of things, eventually managing to learn at least the basics of her own handicaps. She started to become absorbed in learning, though it was very hard for her to understand even simple scientific concepts, and began to withdraw from the world around her.

One day shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Merun was on her way to a dingy little shop to get food for dinner. Her parents were both sick, having caught a bug that everyone in the Underground seemed to constantly have, and so they were unable to go with her. Worried for her safety, Merun’s father gave her a stun-gun that he’d found a few months ago. Unfortunately, Merun wasn’t exactly sure how to use it, and so when a group of people approached her on her way to the shop, she wasn’t able to figure out how to work the weapon.

The group, consisting of filthy, haggard-looking men and women, was made up of people whose anger and frustration with their way of life had finally reached the breaking point. Needing some way to release their pent-up emotions, they’d decided to take it all out on the “retard girl”. Merun was incapable of defending herself against one attacker, let alone a group of nearly fifteen people given strength by their rage. By the time they were done, Merun was a broken, bloodied mess. They left her lying in a tiny alley, badly hurt and in desperate need of medical care.

Luckily for Merun, a scrawny Pikachu had seen her beating and, afterwards, gone to inspect Merun’s injuries. Realizing she was in serious danger of dying, the Pikachu performed a Wish move to heal her. Before it had a chance to see if its Wish had worked it was chased off by a stray Poochyena. Merun woke a few hours later, sore and confused but at least alive. She was covered in bruises and for a moment couldn’t remember what had happened to her, but when it came back to her, she was so distraught that she was unable to return home. Her shame of being unable to fight back even a little drove everything else from her mind, and she wandered off into the Underground’s depths.

For six months Merun traveled, but eventually her shame at being mobbed faded and was replaced with shame for running away and abandoning her parents. Worried for them, Merun made her way back home and discovered that they’d both fallen into deep depression. When she hadn’t returned home that day six months ago, both had been certain she’d been killed or kidnapped. Shock and overwhelming joy greeted them when Merun returned home, and at first the young woman was incapable of explaining why she’d left. Eventually she managed to tell her parents what happened, and afterward, she dropped a figurative bomb on them.

Merun declared that she wanted to become a Hybrid. She was tired of constantly being a victim and never being able to defend herself against people looking to take their problems out on others. Her parents were at first against the idea, but after a while they realized Merun had every right to the procedure and that, in the long run, it might actually be the best thing for her. Afterward, the family went over possible results. Merun made it clear she wanted to become a smart Hybrid, a combination of intelligent Pokemon, hoping that such DNA would counter her MR and give her a more normal level of intelligence. Eventually, her parents came up with what had to be the greatest combination of Pokemon brains ever; Metagross, with its four brains that rivaled a supercomputer, Porygon-Z, which happened to be a supercomputer itself, and Alakazam, the Pokemon with the highest IQ and capable of remembering everything it learned with ease.

Once this was agreed on, Merun’s parents took her to get the genetic splicing procedure done. Because of the rarity of the three Pokemon she was to become a Hybrid of, the operation took a fairly large chunk of the family’s savings. Merun promised her parents that she would repay them for the rest of her life for giving her the chance to stop being a victim, and with those words, she was taken away.

Sadly, all major operations have their risks, and the genetic splicing operation was no exception. An unforeseeable complication arose when the genetic material of these three highly intelligent Pokemon were introduced to Merun’s body. Her brain was warped by the change, and instead of her new intelligence canceling her MR, it instead seemed to fuse with it, dealing a severe blow to her perception of sanity. She was no longer retarded and her ADHD wasn’t an issue now, but the way she perceived the world now wasn’t the slightest bit normal.

Thankfully, Merun’s attitude towards her parents didn’t change, except maybe it became stronger than before. Though her parents were at first frightened by her new appearance and personality, they grew to accept her relatively quickly. However, Merun’s new bulk made it impossible for her to remain with her parents in the Underground, so she was forced to leave her home and go topside.

Out in a world she was born in but had no memory of, Merun wandered Hoenn for a few months before traveling to Johto, having heard that it was one of the better places to live. When she arrived she learned of the Cullen, a group dedicated to bringing peace to the world and making it possible for humans and Hybrids to live in harmony. She decided, in a spur-of-the-moment attitude that was perfectly normal for her, that she would join this Team, this group, and fight for them. She wanted to put her abilities to use working for someone who could get her parents out of the hellish Underground and give them a normal, happy life. So she signed up and immediately started putting her insane intelligence to work, creating all sorts of useful items for the Cullen and for people in general. Filters for the Underground to provide cleaner air and water were things she was most praised for, though they were only a fraction of what was needed to make the Undergrounds properly habitable.

Her inventions and sheer intelligence quickly earned Merun a Gamma position within the Cullen. She was promoted just a few months after her twenty-first birthday, given her promotion by the Cullen’s leader himself. While most others would be honored to receive such a rank directly from their leader, Merun’s twisted sense of reality blew the whole thing entirely out of proportion. That day, she became utterly and wholly devoted to the man, to such an extent it often left others amazed and, at times, a little scared.

Ever since then Merun has applied herself furiously to her “profession” of being Head Scientist for the Cullen, developing useful tech at an astounding rate and doing everything in her power to make her leader happy.

Pokémon: Merun owns no Pokemon of her own

Skills: Merun is a prodigious scientist, using her intelligence to come up with brilliant tech. She can work just about any problem, no matter how complicated, and she can very easily pick up on the body language of others, even the things trained government agents would miss. This makes it next to impossible to deceive her, as she’ll usually see right through any lies or illusions.

An Alakazam is capable of several telekinetic feats, but Merun also has these specific abilities:

* Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things
* Clairvoyance - Perception outside the known human senses
* Medium-ship - Communicating with the spirit of a person who has died

Dog of Hellsing
12-22-2010, 02:13 PM
Other: Merun’s Adaptability Ability makes her a deadly foe in combat. Thanks to her Metagross side she has considerable Physical strength, but her real power lies in her Special abilities. Her Metagross side contributes fairly to that, but most of it comes from her Alakazam and Porygon-Z sides. Thanks to the combined Special Attack rating of these Pokemon, Merun is a frightening adversary to face. Coupled with Adaptability, moves like Psychic and Hyper Beam are almost always fatal if they hit.

Merun didn’t inherit a Steel typing from her Metagross side, but she does have the steel-hard hide of one. This means she has relatively high Defense. Her Special Defense is only a little higher than average, though. This rarely matters, however, since when in combat Merun constantly uses her superior data processing powers to use Conversion2. The rapid rate at which she uses this means she’s constantly changing her type in battle, making moves used against her weak or completely ineffective.

On top of Conversion2 making her resistant to the attacks of her foes, it makes her Adaptability even more dangerous, as for a few moments she can, at any given second, release an attack of the type she currently is. This means that she can gain a considerable boost in power not only from moves that match her natural types, but also from moves that are the same type as her temporary type.

Merun is quite fast, despite her bulk, as she moves around via telekinetic powers. People tend to underestimate her speed because of her size, though they usually learn relatively quickly that Merun can book it when she wants to.


Either this comp or PE2K is being a complete b*tchtard because I can't edit my last post, so I have to make a new one. Also Merun's SU is bigger than Zara's, which is funny because Merun is supposed to be like my Major NPC lol.

Also holy hell, for the first time I needed two posts for an SU! ACCOMPLISHMENT! 8D

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Name: Vanessa Gasai
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Team: Nox
Race: Human

Description: In contrast to her Pokemorph teammate, Vanessa is drop-dead gorgeous in what would seem to be all senses of the word. Her golden hair, straightened daily, comes down to the center of her back and always looks smooth and pure; her eyes, a deep, cold azul, are full of intelligence; her face, angular and womanly and always sporting makeup, appears almost sculpted in its perfection; her skin, pale as porcelain, rarely has a blemish on it; and her body, while thin, is also curvy in both her hips and chest. If one wanted, they could just skip all the descriptors and just call her sexy in general.

While Vanessa is fully aware of her feminine advantages and isn’t at all above using them, her dress is businesslike; she almost always wears a black suit, sometimes with pinstripes if she’s feeling particularly crazy that day. Her vision isn’t perfect, so she usually sports black-rimmed reading glasses when she’s dealing with paperwork or working on the computer.

Personality: If there’s one thing about Vanessa, it’s that she’s a loner to the extreme. She’s cold as dry ice; she never opens up to or trusts a single person around her (and, in fact, actively avoids social interaction and teamwork), and her emotions are constantly disguised behind a mask of indifference and calm (“sense of humor” and “fun” are two very foreign words for her). Trying to be friends with her is really a useless affair; she’s very uninteresting and unlikable and would probably just resent you for the effort anyway. In fact, she seems to resent everybody, regularly looking down on co-workers and bosses alike. Her superior attitude is partially due to her soaring intelligence, which she generally applies to strategic planning and computer hacking.

It’s when one works their way under the mask that things start to get very interesting...and, should one go deep enough, disturbing. Her mask of indifference is but a strong front to keep her mental problems under control and under wraps. Her morality is blatantly and completely broken—she has no sympathy for others, and furthermore, she’s utterly selfish. Worse yet, to the right person (which generally translates out to “Cullen member”; see history), she is calculatedly cruel to sickening degrees. Also, she suffers from schizophrenic-like symptoms and is plagued by demons of her past; though time has passed and she manages to keep it quiet and under control now, she is, in the right situation, prone to vitriolic mental breakdowns and vivid, horrific hallucinations.

It’s impossible to summarize Vanessa’s personality without noting a cornerstone thereof: the mysterious vigilante organization known as the Cullen. Her sole motivation in life is to rip their group to shreds and kill every last person who ever called themself a member; literally every move she takes can somehow be traced to this goal. It’s rather fitting, considering every psychological ill she has can also be traced back to the team.

Overall, Vanessa is a sociopath at best and an outright psychopath at worst; in either case, she’s not a person you want to be an enemy of.

History: Vanessa, even as a young child, was connected to the world of crime. No, she never stole, never fought, never killed—rather, her father was a powerful gang leader of Goldenrod’s notorious Underground. He was, by all means, a ruthless, cold man, indifferent to the death and chaos his gang caused and more than willing to off a rival or ten for more power and profit. With this kind of man as her father and her mother dead a year after her birth, one might think Vanessa’s story was one of abuse and neglect.

Oddly, though, nothing could’ve been further from the truth. Vanessa grew up pampered and adored by her father; she, in turn, loved her father deeply and stayed by his side on an almost constant basis. He understood all the ins and outs of her personality, having a very similar personality himself, he always treated her fairly, he was always there to listen to her problems...really, Vanessa’s father was not just the ideal father but also the ideal friend.

This was a good thing, because she had no friends whatsoever growing up; she found herself unable to connect with anyone on any sort of level save her father. In truth, growing up, Vanessa showed several somewhat schizoid tendencies, like antisociality and a lack of empathy; however, her father, having much the same “problems” himself, didn’t mind this at all and, in fact, encouraged it. After all, a future gang leader functioned best without emotions to get in the way.

Yes, her father’s influence was certainly not good, but he was still a family man at heart who mourned his wife and loved his daughter deeply. The disconnect between his work and his home life was strange, to say the least, but Vanessa, having never known much about his work life, didn’t mark it in the least. Her father did explain what he did to her, at one point, but she hardly found his work disturbing—no, she thought it was cool that her dad was an honest-to-goodness gang leader! Even if she’d been fully aware of the people he’d killed, innocent and not, Vanessa most likely wouldn’t have minded much aside from wondering what those stupid people did to make dad kill them.

The first Synth Power Plant suffered its meltdown when Vanessa was eight; news spread fast and panic followed quickly, but her father was more or less unconcerned. He assured the young girl he had everything under control, and Vanessa believed him completely; after all, her father was practically a demigod in her eyes, far removed from the troubles of the lesser people. The man arranged for a private shelter to be built underneath his mansion by the Lake of Rage; the complex was nearly as big as a house and reserved only for his daughter and himself. As always, this move characterized his love for his family as well as his complete and utter disregard for those outside it.

And this complete disregard earned him enemies. Not a person who knew him liked him, as his very presence encouraged chaos and lawlessness in the Underground; for example, fights he incited with his gang often killed innocent bystanders in the crossfire. Rumor quickly spread of his shelter; such a self-centered move was simply the last straw. Where the law failed, there was a second option for justice, in Johto at least; soon enough, the animosity and strife caught the attention of the Cullen, who quickly decided to mark the leader for a deserved execution.

Vanessa can never quite recall the date, but she knows for a fact it was a cold fall evening in 2042. It was late—11, at least. She, being still only ten, had stayed up far past her bedtime; thus, she was creeping down the hallway to the bathroom so her father, smoking a cigar in the living room, wouldn’t hear her. She got to the bathroom and shut the door behind her; right at that moment came a furious cry—wordless or not, Vanessa couldn’t recall—and the terrific bang of the front door being knocked squarely off its hinges. Stomping. Lots of stomping from a lot of people...

“The hell is this?!” her father had yelled, and she was sure, though she never saw it, that he reached for the gun in his drawer, because he’d showed Vanessa that gun many times and taught her how to use it should the house be invaded.

“Mr. Gasai, hands up!” Oh, she remembers that voice, that authorative yell. “We can do this painlessly, Mr. Gasai.”

“Oh, die painlessly or painfully? Quite a choice you give your victims, gentlemen. I must say, though, I’m flattered you’ve sought me out. Are you, perhaps, the Cullen?”

“Five seconds, Mr. Gasai! Get your hand out of the drawer and you’ll die quietly!”

“A man can hardly think a matter over in five seconds.”

“Two! O—”

Two gunshots went off and two different cries quickly followed. What felt like a thousand answered in full, tearing the air with explosive force. Oddly, her father didn’t make a sound as he died; perhaps he wanted to die with a bit of dignity, or perhaps he simply hadn’t the time to cry out, but Vanessa liked to believe the latter.

“Victor, Ann! Are you two alright?!”

“I...I th-think I’ll be fine, sir…”

“Alright. Victor! Victor?! ...Damn. F*ck! James, Alex, grab these two and get them immediate help. We should’ve just shot the bastard. God dammit. He got Victor right in the chest—”


“Hmm? Ahh, right. Kevin, Hector, fan out and search the house for any illegal or dangerous property. After that, we’ll clean up this mess and report back.”

“Understood, sir!” The two remaining operatives saluted and turned to go down two separate hallways; one, however, stopped cold as soon as he looked down the hall, eyes wide in shock and horror. The commander frowned and started to ask “What—” before he looked the same way and stopped mid-sentence.

In the hallway stood a young girl, eyes locked on her father’s bleeding corpse.

The Cullen as a whole didn’t suffer at all from this; the government treated the case like any other Cullen execution and the organization went on its merry way. The three men who saw Vanessa, who saw her just stare and stare in complete silence, too shocked and crushed to even scream or cry, weren’t quite as lucky; they, for the rest of their lives, were tormented by what they’d done. One of them took his own life some years later.

But it was Vanessa who would forever change after her singular source of warmth and stability and companionship was ripped from her. For months, she’d be plagued by horrific flashbacks to the grisly scene; for years, she’d be haunted by nightmares of her father’s body; and, for the rest of her life, she would lose more and more of her sanity to her crushing depression and—eventually—her burning desire for vengeance

In the meantime, Vanessa was far too broken to even think of vengeance. With no relatives, she was sent to an orphanage; there, she did little but cry. The matrons could probably remember the child that would occasionally just scream and cower from something only she could see. Her once mild symptoms thereof—social isolation, lack of empathy—exploded into full-blown schizophrenia, attacking the child with vivid hallucinations and voices from God only knew where. She refused to speak to any of the children at the orphanage, much to the staff’s worry.

Instead, she found herself attached to one of the orphanage’s computers—for some odd reason, she found the world of data and numbers a highly attractive escape. She reasoned later this was because data and numbers were absolute; stability was a frighteningly rare thing for Vanessa then. Whatever the reason, she absolutely immersed herself in the strange technology, teaching herself coding through websites, books she saved up for, and plain old experimentation. With her intelligence, she managed to get quite good even with her young age and fragile mentality.

It wasn’t too long before Vanessa started playing around with hacking. Getting into the orphanage’s database was pathetically easy, of course; bored and finding no good application for that, she set her sights higher. At this point, Vanessa had saved up enough money through odd chores the like to buy herself the parts for laptop, which she handily assembled; the next step was to see if she couldn’t tackle nearby places. The Goldenrod Department Store was her first target; she managed to crack it in a few days’ time and then amused herself by wildly changing item prices. Again, though, this was hardly useful to her.

It was here Vanessa considered using her skills to find out more about the Cullen. All she knew about them now was that they were some sort of secretive Johto vigilante force, extremely valuable to the government for their abilities. But what she really wanted were names, because even as a child, she understood that this “Cullen,” for whatever reason, was above the law. By now, after years of letting her depression and slipping sanity simmer, her turbulent being had at last solidified into a pure desire for vengeance. However, despite how badly she wanted to rip the organization apart, she recognized she wasn’t capable of that just yet. So she refrained, instead improving her skills while she waited for the right time.

It wasn’t until she was about 20 that Vanessa finally decided she was ready. She left Johto—after all, it was quickly falling under full control of the Cullen, which sickened her to no end—and went to Orre. Her plan, actually, involved minimal hacking: she would only be in the database long enough to get a list of names of Cullen members. That part went smoother than expected; Vanessa set up her IP address as coming from somewhere around Olivine City and only had to work a week to successfully get into the computer systems. Thankfully, there was only one Kevin and only one Hector in the organization—she’d get everyone else, too, but for now, her plan would only involve these two—so she went about downloading their profiles.

As she suspected, both of their profiles noted a “steep decline in morale” following “the Gasai case,” which couldn’t have made her plan any easier. Vanessa set about finding the two through the internet and making contact with them through IM and email; to Kevin, she was Alexia Gazella from Hoenn, and to Hector, she was Ellen Pierce from Kanto. She set about flattering them, slowly but surely gaining their trust and friendship—Hector in particular asked her if they could date, and Vanessa agreed, more than happy to accept anything that put him more under her control.

The process was slow and patient; a year later, her plan still hadn’t finished. Her opportunity, however, came on the day her father had been killed. Hector seemed more depressed than usual, and Vanessa, after a bit of prodding, coaxed a confession from him. He was scared, he still had nightmares, he wanted nothing more than to find that girl and apologize to her...it might’ve moved Vanessa, it was so heartfelt. Vanessa, seeing this, revealed her identity to him, claiming that she’d originally sought him out to try and kill him but now had fallen in love with him. She proposed a double-suicide, to erase the sins of their life and meet each other as new people in the afterlife. It was all too easy to get Hector to agree; one day later, Vanessa checked the government’s website and found an update mourning his death.

Kevin, meanwhile, required the opposite approach: when Vanessa had at last managed to get him to reveal what had happened that night, she again revealed her identity, but this time without any heartfelt forgiveness. She detailed to Kevin extensively how he’d destroyed her life, how her father was the only person she could trust and connect to, how she was now barely clinging to sanity even all these years later...

The site updated once more. Vanessa toasted herself with a new bottle of champagne, pleased that she’d killed two of her father’s murderers. But there was still work to be done. She wouldn’t—couldn’t—stop until every last member of the Cullen was erased from existence, and the organization itself fell to forgotten ruins. She would take everything from them that they had taken from her...but she was just one person.

To remedy this, Vanessa sought Team Nox, an organization rising to power in Orre. She could easily tell the leader—“Shadowfox”—planned to put the world under a totalitarian regime, where his word was law. This, she noted, was diametrically opposed to the Cullen’s ideals, meaning a clash between the two could easily erupt. Indeed, what team would be more willing to erase the Cullen for good? She enlisted just as quickly as possible, getting in easily with her ridiculous computer skills. These same skills, along with her soaring logic and intelligence, allowed her to quickly climb the ranks and become one of the team’s elite members.

But the team is still just the means to an end for Vanessa—an end which she’ll ensure at any cost...

Pokémon: None
Skills: Extremely good with coding and computers; experienced hacker
Other: Playing a hacker whilst I have no knowledge of programming whatsoever WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG

12-22-2010, 08:19 PM
Name: Zeth Fenix

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Team: Nox

Race: Hybrid

Pokémon: Kirikizan

Ability: Inner Focus

PokéDex Benefits: Can't find english pokedex description

Type(s): Dark, Steel

Description: Zeth is what a typical caucasian human male should look like. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, brown hair, and completely nothing remarkable about his makeup what so ever. His eyes are a startling blue color, at times it seems that pierce right through your skin, when he is glaring at you that is. His skin although seems to have a "sunburnt look" most of the time but within the limits of being called normal. He has more of a well rounded physique. He's not too close to being skinny but he also is not too muscular. He fits perfectly into what people would think of an average soldier.

One problem presents itself though. He is not an average soldier. In fact, he is a hybrid with one of the fifth generation Pokemon that were just discovered recently. That sunburnt look he has? That is caused from the hybridization. Under his clothes he is also hiding something. Most of his body is as hard as soft metals, with the flexibility of human skin, muscle, etc. This is another side effect from his hybridization. There are also two retractable blades that stick out from the side of his forearms that he can use as weapons.

Personality: Zeth is of the personality type that if you are not doing something, you are wasting your time. He is constantly doing things to either benefit himself or team nox. It drives him insane to just be sitting somewhere without doing something. This personality type leads him to have very few friends. He however is not always this way.

When he is not in that type of attitude he is more of a laid back friendly type. This is the reason he has any friends at all. He can actually be a pretty nice guy when you pass his exterion get it done outer self. He still is not the type that tells everyone everything but in reality who is? He is the type that believes you can do something to alter fate. His closest friends also seem to have this type of belief but all look up to Zeth to do something about it. They do this because Zeth expresses a natural air of charisma to those that see this side of him.

History: Zeth was born into a wealthy family. His parents had never worked a day in their lives seeing as both of them managed to inherit vast sums of wealth from their parents. This caused Zeth to be constantly accompanied by maids, nannies, and the like seeing as his parents would always be with each other, never paying attention to their child.

Zeth never knew of a life style that was not like this one until the Synth reactor in his area had exploded. This caused his parents to make the decisions of making their immediate family, as well as all of their workers that they paid, become hybrids. When Zeth was originally "asked" to do this he refused vehemently. Only after giving him a sedative and letting him fall asleep were they able to bring him to a lab to get him hybriditized. Luckily for Zeth they made him a hybrid with a very human looking Pokemon. At first he didn't even notice he has a hybrid until a few hours after the hybridization he had stretched and out of his arms came two blades. He immediately knew what had happened.

The decisions his parents had made had angered him greatly. Zeth, with his newfound powers, snuck into the bedrooms of every single hybrid living in his parent's mansion at that time, including his parents, and slit their necks. When investigators had come to examine the murder they performed a sloppy job seeing as the synth reactor was more important to them at that time and could find no murderer.

This new inner darkness led him to join Team Nox quite a few years later. No one ever learned of the part he played in his parent's death. Over the years he has contemplated his actions back then and finally found them just. He found the actions just on the basis that they had restricted his freedom and thus he had the right to overthrow their power. This twisted way of thinking seemed very logical to those close to him. This brought the notice of higher ranked officers to him and very soon he was soaring through the ranks and was now one of the elite of Team Nox.

Pokémon: Weavile, Sazandora

Skills: How to use melee weapons (mainly swords).
basic gun training
High levels of charisma.
Other: N/A

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Neo Emolga
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Name: Jacques Laroche

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Team: Team Nox

Race: Hybrid

Pokémon: Houndoom

Ability: Flash Fire

PokéDex Benefits:

1 -Pain from burns will never go away
2 -Pokemon retreat upon hearing howls
3 - In a Houndoom pack, the one with its horns raked sharply towards the back serves a leadership role. These Pokémon choose their leader by fighting amongst themselves.

Type(s): Dark/Fire

Description: Laroche is a tall, powerful looking man. Like that of a Houndoom, his skin is charcoal black. Around his neck is a thick silver necklace with a skull-like pendant. He has spikey gray hair with two horns that protrude from the top and curve sharply back and down. His eyes are a piercing blood red. Around his wrist, as well as just below his elbow, is a gray band on both arms. His legs have a similar feature but instead around the ankle and just a little below the knee.

He has three gray bands evenly placed on his back, these do not circle his entire body; only his back. He has three short claws on his feet. He also has three claws on his hands, but these are longer and extend from just below his knuckles. They are vicious looking claws. He doesn't wear much clothing; no shirt and no shoes, only pants. This are rough black jeans, ripped in a lot of places although still in wearable condition. He also has a long black tail with an arrow shapes symbol at the end.

History: I'm putting history before personality because it has a major effect on his personality.

Laroche was born in a wealthy rich family. Throughout his early years and into his teens he was spoiled by his rich parents. He was given everything he asked for and had his every desire fulfilled. There were no rules for him and got away with everything. This even extended to several serious crimes.

During his school years he played the role of a bully. He himself did not fight; he used his persuasive powers to get other kids to do the dirty work for him. A number of kids were put in the hospital from what his goons had done. No one would dare touch him though because they knew it would mean certain destruction. His family would let him hurt anyone in any way but it Laroche was so much as touched they would have the offender jailed.

The failure of the first synth plant was a time of change for Laroche and his family. They soon decided to undergo the genetic manipulation in order to survive on the surface of the planet. They each underwent their own change. For some unknown reason, Laroche's parents forced him to mix with Houndoom. This alone had no effect on Laroche's way of life, but shortly after their change a group of humans, who were against the genetic manipulation, kidnapped his family. His parents were murdered and Laroche barely escaped with his life. This caused Laroche to form a second personality, one that would help him cope with the pain as well as be free of the guilt he would feel from his future deeds.

This brought about the last change in Laroche's life. He stopped being a bully. He stopped being snobby. He began to hate humans and would do whatever he could to make all of them, innocent or not, pay for the murder of his parents. He would no longer tolerate them expect under a few special circumstances.
Shortly after the destruction of Kanto's plant Laroche traveled their himself. He searched for a group that he could stick with and soon found them.

Personality: Laroche's personality is split into two sections; before his parents murder and after.
Before: Laroche had no respect for other people. He was rude to everyone and demanded that he always have his way. He was, and still is, extremely intelligent and very manipulative and can easily deceive you into believing that he is a decent person. He gets a kick out of the suffering of other people. He himself is actually very wimpy and terrified but expresses this through anger and haughtiness. He also believes that he is better than everyone else.

After: Laroche's personality underwent a major change with the murder of his parents. The only things he kept were his intelligence and his manipulative powers. He became a gruff but kind and respectful person to anyone other than humans. These humans he hates with a burning passion and he will stop at nothing to make them pay for the pain they had caused him in the past. Laroche also gained a second personality, this personality only exposes itself around normal humans. This secondary personality is the one that acts upon Laroche's hatred. This second personality allows Laroche, by blaming it on his other-self, to justify the deaths he has caused. He is not affected by the problems of other people. He may on occasion try to help but it's not really that he feels bad for them as it is him trying to be kind. Pity is not one of emotions.

Pokémon: Laroche's four Houndoom are not kept in pokeballs; he fought with them to gain superiority and none have ever been caught in a pokeball.

1. Houndoom: Kerosene
Kerosene is the second leader in the pack, only just below Laroche. Kerosene is a wise and powerful Houndom and usually keeps the other three in check. They are all blindly loyal to Laroche but can at times get a little overly excited.
2. Houndoom: Singe
Singe is the arsonist of the group. He loves to run around and burn things just for the heck of it. He almost worships fire.
3. Houndoom: Coal
Coal is demon-like in his personality. He is extremely evil, constantly plotting against others and stopping at nothing to put Laroche in the most powerful spot possible. Laroche is the only being that Coal shows any respect to.
4. Houndoom: Scorch
Scorch is best described as insane. She has no line of reasoning and no motivation other than serving Laroche. She is not the best of followers but she does try; she just has a tendency to mess up and get them all into a lot of trouble.

Skills: Laroche is very skilled with electronics. It's almost like he has a sixth sense that tells him exactly how to use a piece of technology. He also has incredible persuasive powers and is an extremely skilled sniper as well as proficiency with many other types of weapons.

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12-24-2010, 01:17 PM
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(I know this isn't as good as some of you other guys, but...)

Name: Bren Higgins

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Team: Cataclysm

Race: Hybrid

Pokemon: Umbreon


Type: Dark

Description: Bren looks like any other umbreon, but his stripes match his red hair. He is also taller and considerably more well built. He has a little 5 o'clock shadow growing on his chin, with deep brown eyes.
He is naturally quick, but even more so him than others. He is faster than the speed of light, literally. He can out match anyone who come up against him, on speed alone.

Personality: Bren is usually the life of every party, but sometimes his perverted mind could get him in trouble. He is mentally unstable, and addicted to Berries, like a human would be to drugs. He gets mad very easily, most times resulting in complete mental breakdowns.
Despite all of this, he is perfect in a fight. This is down to one thing. Determination. Once he sets his mind on one thing, he doesn't stop until it's done. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, no matter how blunt his remarks can be. He is very prone to just spontaneously start singing, no matter where he is, or what he's doing.

History: Bren started out as any pokemon trainer would. However, his first pokemon was an Eevee. He usually was very shy, as he was smarter than other kids and didn't have and didn't have many friends. When the gas hit, he was 11, and his Eevee an Umbreon.

His parents survived the meltdown, but died shortly after due to lack of food in the subways. A few years since, he'd begun to hear of gene splicing, and that it was the only way to return to the surface without dying. After much soul searching and pressure from friends and his other pokemon, he decided to take part. He bonded with his Umbreon.
Afterward, he felt like a new man. He knew he'd gotten much stronger now than he'd ever been, but just being in the daylight made him happier.

Skills: None

Pokemon:(Apart from the Umbreon he bonded with) Sviper

Other: Bren speaks with a strong Irish accent, expect some Irish dialect.

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Sorry I'm late to the ball, but while everyone else has most of their free-time over Christmas break, that's the very busiest time for me. I literally only had time and attention to write a couple of sentences a day. Thankfully, Christmas is done, New Year's Eve is past, the family's all gone, time to kick it up!
I had it mostly finished except for the history, which I cranked out all but the first paragraph I think...today! I'm kinda surprised how long it turned out. ^^'

Name: Essie Tandelle
Gender: female
Age: 23
Team: The Cullen
Race: Hybrid
Pokemon: Weavile
Ability: Pressure- When this Pokemon is hit by a move, the opponent’s PP lowers by 2 rather than 1. (what if I say ‘it’s harder for the opponent to attack after she is hit’?)
PokeDex Benefits: Very agile and stealthy, with claws strong enough to cut stone. Able to work in cunning unity with others.
Type(s): Dark/Ice

Standing about five feet four inches, Essie has never been very tall. She has a slender figure, not skinny, with very lean muscles that can propel her in any direction with great speed. An extremely dense coat of very short, very fine hair keeps wind and most water off her skin. Other than the small amount of light reflecting off the dark blue-grey color, you would have to feel it to notice this sleek layer of fur that covers her body. Essie was born with dark green eyes, but thanks to the Weavile genes now part of her DNA, her eyes are a piercing shade of red able to see in even the dimmest places. Her once brown hair is now almost black and contrasts against the short crest of crimson feathers that slip out from her hair like a headdress. Her ears have become pointed and red, though also shorter than those of a Weavile. She has a narrow collar of red feathers around her neck, as well as two long tail feathers and a large gold gem on her forehead. Also noticeable when she smiles, some of her teeth have become sharper, especially her canines which sometimes show from under her top lip. A set of heavy, lightly curved claws are on both Essie’s hands and feet. Three of the fingers on each hand, leaving her thumb and pinky-finger, have practically been replaced by the sharp claws that begin at her knuckles. They extend beyond the reach of her fingers, but are able to retract just enough to be a normal length. Her feet are stronger and her toes have been replaced by three thick claws that help her to climb and grip the ground for speed.

Essie’s clothes are generally simple in style, but of good quality and fit her well. With the ice type, she does not have to worry about wearing layers for warmth. You will usually see her in a short, sleeveless dress in her favorite color, navy blue, with a pair of shorts or leggings underneath. She does like her clothes to be functional after all. Essie always has a black, double-belt wrapped around her hips to hold her pokeballs and various small pouches for any necessities she might need. She keeps her dark hair pulled back loosely in two low pigtails. Due to the sharp claws on her feet, she wears sandals or other open shoes. This serves a double purpose: it allows her to use her claws for grip if need be, and saves on the destruction her claws do to close-toe shoes. There are two broad, black cuffs that she wears on either arm. The left has a compact PDA contained inside with net connection and functions as a PokeDex, GPS, and camera among other things. And yes, it tells time, too. The right cuff hides communication and several slim tools should she ever need them.

Quick-thinking and cheeky, Essie has a very distinctive attitude that is rather like a thief. She would not deny it...and is very truthful. Don’t take this that she is a bad person who steals a lot. She actually doesn’t like to steal she simply enjoys knowing that she is able to. Even though she speaks her mind quite often, Essie is always ready to hear what others have to say, especially her friends. And, she has many friends. This comes from her being amiable with nearly everyone she meets, including those who are not so friendly. Even among enemies, she has an almost irrepressible good humor. When she does get angry, you can bet it is with good reason, though her anger generally does not last long. Essie is capable of being serious, but prefers not to be whenever possible. This can often get her into trouble with allies and enemies alike who think she is making a joke of them or the situation. She’s athletic, enjoys competition, and if you ever ask what she likes most, you probably won’t get a definitive answer.

Essie is not a genius, but she is intelligent and has a natural ingenuity, making her very good at problem-solving. When caught in a sticky situation, she rarely takes a lot of time to think through it. Weighing her options at a glance, she’ll go with the most acceptable solution at the moment, whether it is risky or not. Her resourcefulness has given her pretty good survival skills. She never considered the possibility of staying underground, not really comfortable with the enclosed space. While many regions can no longer actually call their air fresh anymore, Essie still says there is a staleness underground that does not go away. She prefers to be able to come and go as she pleases and not be restricted to a certain place. And she can come and go quite easily. Somehow, she always manages to find her way out of trouble that she generally gets herself into. Fairly agile and having practiced some combat skills, she was always able to take care of herself, more-so since becoming a hybrid. She now shares the speed, skill, and sharp senses of her Weavile. Of course, this has only added to her confidence which she was not really lacking before. Don’t mistake this for weakness and do not underestimate her, she may surprise you.

Once you have her friend, you will have a friend for life. She dislikes crooks, saying they give honest thieves a bad name, and bullies. Essie is incredibly loyal to the Cullen, agreeing with the team creed and its purpose through the increasing world danger. She greatly respects the other team members and it’s very hard to lose her respect. Seeing most everyone as a possible friend or ally, and never having a lot of family herself, she appreciates the unity and companionship of the Cullen. She is also impressed that they were able to remain a secret for so long. Being able to create such an expansive underground society right under everyone’s feet was the best bluff she ever heard of, and it felt right up her alley.

Essie lost her parents when she was only two, so she does not remember much of them. She was raised by her great-aunt, Alice, in the rural country outside Olivine City. Unfortunately, her great-aunt was quite old and never had any children of her own. It was difficult for her to adapt to child-rearing, especially with the free-spirited Essie. Still, Aunt Alice did her best to raise her great-niece well, growing to understand her need to explore and teaching her to respect others. This is what kept Essie, with all her curiosity as a child, from taking whatever struck her fancy but wasn’t hers. It’s a lesson that continues to stick with her, at least most of the time. Essie loved living in the country and by the time she was five, knew almost every rock and tree around her home. More than once, she would get run out of a barn where she had found Pokemon to play with, until she learned to keep her ears open for anyone coming and stay out of sight till they were gone. Essie had many friends in the local children. They admired her fearlessness and, despite being a preschooler, she would often stand up to kids twice her age, encouraging others along with her. There was always a neighbor or parent who said that Alice had no control over Essie, but whenever they would make accusations that she was running wild, the girl would appear right beside her aunt. Though they would become frustrated that she had proved them wrong, it was difficult to stay angry at the small girl smiling charmingly.

Everything would change with the meltdown of a Synth power plant in Hoenn. When the Kanto plant reached a meltdown, people grew worried and the government, in an effort to maintain control and knowing that the Johto plant would reach that critical level at some point as well, ordered the start of an evacuation. They began to move people into what were practically underground cities no one had ever known existed. During the evacuations, it was revealed that a group called the Cullen was responsible for the underground cities’ existence and control of the region was turned over for them to help maintain peace through the crisis. Fearful of danger, most of the people around Essie’s home quickly moved with the evacuation underground as soon as they could. Aunt Alice was reluctant to move so quickly when they were not yet in danger. With less of her friends around, Essie spent more time on her own. Late in the winter, she came across a young Sneasel that was tangled in the wire over a farmer’s fence. It was unusual to see a Sneasel in the area so late in the winter and she figured that he must have been left behind or stuck on his own. Looking up at the caught Pokemon, Essie winked at him and pointed to a stack of barrels farther down the fence line. “You should’ve gone for those to jump over instead of climbing. You got yourself in a real mess there, huh?” More than anything else, the Sneasel looked more irritated at being seen in that position and lectured by a seven year-old girl. Still, Essie smiled and shook her head. “I know that farmer and he’ll just be mad you were around his silos, even if you were only after Rattata.” The dark Pokemon looked surprised that she knew he was after Rattata, but really Essie had only put two and two together, along with the bit of violet fur caught in his claws. At the sound of a truck near the silos, he watched as she easily climbed a tree branch overhanging the fence to help disentangle him. He landed hard on the ground, his leg asleep from the wire that had been wound around it. Even though Essie was only about a foot taller, she helped him up and ran straight for home where Aunt Alice took care of the scratches made by the wire. The Sneasel stuck around, mostly out of curiosity at the seven year-old who came and went wherever she wanted. Essie named him Shard and, even though he did not always seem to follow her out of any sort of loyalty, became his friend.

When she was nine, Essie’s aunt was finally convinced to the Cullen’s evacuation and made the move underground. Even after she was able to take Shard with her, Essie was against it, but finally consented for her aunt’s sake. For a long time, though she tried, the young girl could not understand why they had to live in such a dreary, confined place when there was no danger above them yet. At first, there was a lot for her and the Sneasel to explore –and get into- since it was such a new place. But, she disliked being underground. Everything about it felt wrong to her. The space was often cramped, the air was stale, hardly anything changed; it was as if time had stopped there, and it began to press in on her. More than once, she tried to find a way aboveground, but it was generally frowned upon for children to head to the surface alone. There were very few ways out of the Subway City, and all those were monitored. She finally got lucky after watching the utility team work on an airshaft. Most of the air was circulated by massive fans, but some fresh air was pumped in from a station on the surface. After learning the schedule for the fresh air vents, Essie and Shard were able to make their way through the shaft up to the station. Since the air was still clear in Johto, they did not need the complicated filtration system yet, making it easier for the girl and Pokemon to sneak through. Essie was thrilled to finally be back out in the open, even though she knew they could not stay since her great-aunt was still in the Subway City.

By the time she was fifteen, they had made the trip so many times it was like clockwork. They had almost run into trouble one or two...six (maybe) times, but not enough to worry over. Shard had evolved and Essie had caught more Pokemon, and by this time was old enough for permission to go to the surface for short times. Her Aunt Alice had also grown older and very tired, now in her eighties. She became very ill, and despite the doctors efforts, could not get well again. Essie did not make any trips aboveground during this time, staying close by. Though she was worried, she knew that it was always her bright mood that made her aunt happy. A couple of months went by before Alice passed away. She was taken back to the small village outside Olivine City to be buried. Essie had cried herself out before she realized there was no reason for her to stay where she was. It was late at night and the transport would not be going to the surface, so Essie and Shard went the way they always had before, through the ventilation shaft. What she did not expect upon exiting the exhaust vent was to collide with the Alpha and a maintenance crew from the Cullen. Sitting on the ground she looked up with a smile and asked that he pardon her intrusion. Several of the crew seemed irate that she had been using their vents as a pathway. The Alpha looked from her to the Weavile face-palming in the open vent and remarked they had found the source of the scratches that had appeared in the shaft. He then asked how and why they had come out that way. She shrugged saying that it wasn’t hard- they had done it for almost five years. She frowned at the ‘why’. “I guess I don’t have a reason to go back there anymore.” After being asked where she was planning to go on her own, she once again smiled and shrugged saying that she had always managed to find a use for her time. The Alpha thought for a moment before telling the crew that all external vents needed to be more secure if a kid had managed to sneak through them, then asked Essie if she would like to have a place to go back to. It took all of four seconds for her to decide if she wanted to join the Cullen. After all, what better way to use time than doing something?

She quickly fell into the Cullen, enjoying the close-knit team and happy with what they were working for. There were one or two higher-ranked members who would grow irritated with her cheeky, good humor and impulsive decisions, though most were impressed by her skills and confidence. Essie went through hybridization under the Cullen so she could stay away from the underground as much as possible since it still felt confining to her. Choosing a Pokemon was a simple task. She had always been impressed by Shard’s abilities and skill; light and quick on his feet, able to reach places most couldn’t, and hefty claws that could get him in or out of places much easier. Although she still teased him about that one wire fence. It took some time, but she learned to use the claws that replaced most of her fingers almost as deftly as if she had never lost those appendages. She learned quickly and her best training was with simple electronics and explosives as well as flying. Essie had never really thought about being a pilot. From the time her Pokemon Luce had evolved to a Togekiss, she had always relied on him for air travel. After some training though, she showed great ability in the cockpit and loved climbing into the openness of the sky, so different from the confines of the Subway Cities. She still likes to explore and has been useful more than once in searching difficult areas, and she still manages to get in and out of trouble. As the Cullen deals more and more with the crisis going on, she is more than happy to jump headlong into any trouble that arises.

Weavile, Shard – His feathers are a deep, brick-red, darker than normal. Shard always seems to have a smirk on his face, like he knows something you don’t. He’s always been quiet, but even now that Essie can understand him he still doesn’t say much, which doesn’t matter since she always seems to know what he’s thinking anyway. He’ll get irritated at times, but mostly doesn’t show whether or not he cares at all about what’s going on. Like Essie though, he does enjoy a good challenge.
Ivysaur, Jasmine – The pink bud on her back is tipped white for reasons unknown to her or her trainer. It did not occur out of illness, it has just always been that way. She gives Essie help in hard to climb places and is usually the voice of reason, until she gets into a good battle. Then it’s onward!
Rotom, Byte – Essie acquired this little prankster playing in an old movie theater. He fits in very well with his trainer’s good humor. His abilities also make him very good at getting past electronic locks.
Vulpix, Amber – Her name comes from the light color of her eyes. She’s a bit stuffy with others, but all-around a good Pokemon. She can be leery or even distrusting of anyone she doesn’t know.
Aipom, Kiwi – Look out when this one is around, she gets under your feet. Able to climb and get through spaces even Shard can’t, she likes to collect things and she’s like a miniature tornado, fast and energetic. She gets along with Byte very well and loves his pranks.
Togekiss, Luce – Shy and quiet, he may look like a mismatch among Essie’s team, but he gets along well with his trainer’s optimistic and genuine outlook. He dislikes going into region’s affected by Synth gas with all the turmoil it has caused.

Skills: Think of her like a thief. Able to slip in and out of places unseen or find a way out of a tight situation, and skillful at lifting objects (pick-pocketing if you want the simplest explanation). She has a charming attitude and being quick and agile is her greatest strength in a fight. She does not usually carry weapons since blades are unnecessary and guns are awkward with her large claws. She is fairly good with small explosives or EMP emitters that will blast locks and fry electronics. Essie has also become an excellent pilot under the guidance of the Cullen.

Others: I feel kinda like she’s a rather light character for this RP. ^^’ But, I think she’ll work out. And yes, I chose a dark type. Nox can't lay claim on all of them. =P
If it’s ok, I’m gonna have a jet with an autopilot and tracking system.

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01-06-2011, 01:56 PM
Looks good, no problems here. And thanks for the heads up notice.