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03-17-2011, 06:02 AM
So, I beat my Black game a week after it came out (I'm at the fifth gym for White, and yes, I have both). Now I am focusing on getting six Pokemon to level 100 for a battle between me and a friend in May (just to prove that I can totally kick his butt).
He's not a strategist at all and I'm only slightly a strategist, prefering to keep to the Pokemon I caught at the beginning and only breeding Pokemon if I just got them.
So here's my problem. I have eight Pokemon I want on this epic battling team. Four slots have been taken, so I have two remaing and four Pokemon fighting for this spot.

Here is my team so far:
-River the Gentle Samurott |M
-Lola the Brave Gothitelle |F
-Elisa the Naive Chandelure |F
-Cherry the ??? Hydriegon |F
(Cherry hasn't hatched yet, but I'm working on her)

Now for the Pokemon I want on my team and why.

Slot One;;

Jillian, Timid, Female
Before, this wouldn't have been a choice at all. But then I saw her as a Sewaddle in Pinwheel Forest and I though shiny. Yes, she is my first shiny Pokemon ever (not counting the red Gyrados) and I will get her to lvl 100, I'm just not sure when.
After I first used her as a Leavanny, I was startled. She was faster than my Zebstrika. Something was seriously wrong with this, so I check bulbapedia and serebii and found that she had a very nice base speed, though it isn't anything to boast about. And her Attack state is quite amazing. I found that with a single Swords Dance, she could defeat just about any Trainer as long as they didn't have a Fire or Flying mon. She also works well with my Chandelure, as well as my other option: Whimsicott.
Plus, she's shiny.

Patch, Timid, Male
This was going to be my grass Pokemon at first. Nothing would change my mind, I was going to catch a male Cottonee in Pinwheel Forest and name it Patch and love it to death. Then I spotted the shiny Sewaddle, so my plan was diverted.
Whimiscott is one of my favorite Gen V Pokemon, maybe even my all time favorite, though I do like Joltik as well... Either way, Whimsicott is my all time favorite grass type. It's not that strong offensively, which is something I tend to look at... I've never been much of a defensive person.
But Whimsicott has access to Leech Seed and U-Turn, and has a high speed, which is nice. Plus, it works very well with Leavanny, which would be awesome if it weren't for the fact that they are both options...
Oh, and it is freaking adorable. It's cute burns... hm, I wish there was an attack like that. Burning Cuteness.

Slot Two;;

My favorite flying type in all of Gen V. It's design is just freaking awesome. Not much to say about him, though, besides the fact that he has an excellent Attack. And he's pretty.

This freaking awesome Pokemon is more of a if-Leavanny-isn't-picked-for-slot-one option, though I'm sure he can work well with Leavanny... I just don't really want any repeating types, ya know? Either way, it's a really neat Pokemon that evolves form an adorable Joltik and has an awesome combo of semi-high Sp. Attack + Compoundeyes + Thunder. And it's pretty cute, if you ask me.

So, thoughts? Combos for which I should put in the slots, of if I should keep both Whimsicott and Leavanny or Braviary and Galvantula (though I really want Whimiscott or Leavanny). Oh, and put some reasons why too, please.
And last, what I know about my friends team is that he as Serperior, Sawk, Liepard, Victini and, I think, the fire starter.

That's it. Thanks in advance!

03-22-2011, 10:50 PM
Anyone? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

The pokemaster
03-23-2011, 12:16 AM
Use your Leavanny, for sure. Even though it takes 4x from two pretty common types, it can hit hard and fast, and take down many pokemon with Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade and Shadow Claw. I usually combine my Leavanny with my Zororark usually, bring it out first disguised as Leavanny, take out the their first Pokemon, force them to bring out any flying/fire pokes that they have that could counter my Leavanny, take them out with a Night Daze, which should keep my Leavanny reletively safe.

I also use Whimsicott as a partner to Leavanny quite often, as a support. My Leavanny has Chlorophyll as an ability, so I use Whimsicott with Sunny Day, Solarbeam, U-Turn, and Toxic and a kind of a support for it, while being able to do some damage with Solarbeam and Toxic.

I like Leavanny lol...