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Saraibre Ryu
05-19-2012, 06:00 AM

The wondrous world of Pokémon as we know it is full of dreams and ambition of freshly sparked spirits. From all over the globe, Trainers, Coordinators, Breeders, Gym Leaders and those of the Championship all convene together with the Pokémon they know and love dearly. Even times seem unusually peaceful around the world, but no one bothers to complain, peace is something hardly achieved on such a large scale. People did not need to worry about large criminal organizations trying to rule the world, tampering with the balance of nature, or on their own wayward path to power. Everyone could sleep easy…

Or could they sleep…?

Only a few months ago, an odd illness has spread from the reaches of Unova and Kanto, one that puts a person and Pokémon into a great state of insomnia, seemingly, not affecting the person in much of any way health wise. However some humans and Pokémon, needing their sleep, were affected greatly, such species as Abra were beginning to lose their abilities, being unable to perform tasks properly or comprehend reality. Doctors worked around the clock to find ways to bring these people to a restful sleep, and when they did, they had thought they had succeeded when patients were starting to sleep for days, catching up on their lost hours.

Sleep they did, and was all they ever did…

After an abnormal amount of time in slumber, those affected with the previous insomnia, were stricken with a never ending sleep. In a coma like state they slept for days on end, some showing signs of nightmares, some being able to speak slightly within their dreams. Some were even able to sleep walk and keep themselves up kept, but never truly waking up. The epidemic seemed to have no solution for it, even with scientists, mystics and even philosophers trying to come up with a theory as to why this was happening. Dubbing the odd illness ‘Insomance’, many believed there was an unbalance between Darkrai and Cresselia causing both the incredible levels of insomnia and sleep. Having something to blame the issue on, many were starting to feel a broken bond between Pokémon in general. Unknown to everyone else, the legendary Pokémon that represented the moon were not to blame.

But something was…

So there you were…finally managing to find your way to sleep, after being stricken with insomnia for a long amount of time, too long. You find yourself wandering a forest, one with linking groves here and there, where ultimately, you came to a small fountain. There, you see other people, some confused as to where you had come from, wondering if they were dreaming a vivid dream. You have an odd urge to look at your C-Gear, Poke Gear, Poke Nav, finding it’s acting oddly in a way it never did before. Soon enough, you realize this is not a dream, and you are not asleep, but awake, in some odd place of light headedness and mystery. A large, shadowy, wispy being appears, looking like a Pokémon of some kind. Impulsively, your Pokémon attack it, defeating it quickly with a joint effort, having the beast fade away into nothing. After a moments time, a white blazing dragon appears before everyone, flapping its fiery wings, looking down upon you all.

'People of sleepless ambition, you have been granted the ability to walk the path of dreams. To never sleep, is to be able to fully submerge one’s entire mind into sub reality of people’s dreams, and also their nightmares. I am Reshiram, the embodiment of truth, and am here to warn you of the darkness of eternal sleep plaguing both Mon and Man. Use the Entralink to travel the mirror world of the subconscious and vanquish this entity. You may traverse both your world and the Entralink at will with your devices to aid you. Should you fall to rest however, you will remain so, forever…'

With that Reshiram was gone, leaving you and the others wondering…given this task, to fight the anomaly known as Insomance, is it possible to cure the world of insomnia and hypersomnia?

Playing as a Dreamwalker means that your trainer is plague with unusual insomnia that does not handicap their mental or physical state. They have the ability to go between the Real World and Entralink world, [a world exactly like the real one, only inhabited by odd, shadowy creatures known as the Insomnace] and defeat Insomance Pokémon and Person with their own. A Dreamwalker that loses or has their C-Gear/Poke Nav/Poke Gear destroyed, may not traverse worlds until it is replaced.

Insomance is an infecting, odd lifeform that is clinging to the subconscious of people and Pokémon alike. They come in an identical appearance to that of which they are clinging to, be it human or Pokémon, only in a solid black and purple form with white eyes, and blue wisps burning from their bodies. Having these beings attack you enough will result in your trainer falling into eternal slumber. If one of your Pokémon is defeated by these beings, they will also fall into eternal slumber. Defeating the Insomance that has put a Pokémon or person asleep, will result in the affected people/Pokémon, waking up, but being cured of both sleepness and sleeplessness. They only appear in the Entralink world.

Da Rulez:

No godmoding, flaming, spamming disrespecting other people.
Have fun! Yes, this is required.
Short posts are perfectly fine. We are not going to kill you for a single paragraph post, but remember, theres a difference btween one line and one set o a few sentences. ^^
Please let us know if you're going to be absent, inactive or are leaving the RP. No one is going to bite your head off if you do, but we'll still be sad about it.
Romance is allowed, but keep it PG 13, anyhing above that, move it to PM please, there are youngun's about!
Please keep cursing to a minimum. Mild curses are alright, but this isn't a Gordon Ramsey reel.
Ask questions if you're not sure! Nothing wrong with asking even the simplest of questions!
Again, have fun!

Ze Sign Up Sheet

Appearance: Pictures are allowed.
Pesonality: How your character thinks and their outlooks.
History: Your character's backstory, maybe even include when they became a Dreamwalker!
Pokemon: Up to six on a team, no legendaries though!
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Saraibre Ryu
05-19-2012, 06:06 AM
*Reserved for various purposes*

05-19-2012, 04:45 PM
Eh, might as well reserve a spot now. Everything is running slowly and your RPs are always interesting...and it's possibly another excuse to mess with Michelle.

Well, this is what I've got so far...I'll let you know when it gets finished.

Name: Michelle Toya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Michelle (http://winter-oneechan.deviantart.com/gallery/35272913#/d4p7hpo)(Pic drawn by ME steal and I will personally hunt you down like an animal to the ends to the earth)
Michelle is the kind of girl everyone seems to enjoy calling their little sister, standing in at about 5' 4" and barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, lots of people think she's younger than she is. She's clearly Asian to some degree, with her almond-shaped eyes, though they're a misty green rather than the common brown, and her hair is a reddish brown that looks almost mahogany that hangs around her face in loose ringlets down to her shoulder blades while her skin has a slight tan to it. She is commonly found wearing various black t-shirts and tank tops under an army green denim button-up dress that she wears like a jacket, it looks like it was done in a more gothic lolita style, with a lace-up back and a slightly ruffled bottom and three-quarter sleeves that she rolls back to her elbows, it's usually buttoned up to just under her chest and comes down to her just above her knees. She also wears a pair of dark legging-style jeans with the knees ripped out and faded in places with army green high-top shoes over them. It can also be noted she wears a dark silver chain-link stlye necklace that has a charm that looks much like a cage in the shape of a heart on it. She often wears an expression of sadness or no expression at all.
Personality: Michelle is a quiet thing, the kind of girl who you see with a group, but you never see speaking in that group. She is quick to back down when confronted, though she rarely ever speaks enough to trigger a confrontation in the first place, and takes most things said about her straight to heart. She doesn't have much sympathy for humans in general, considering that she has been walked all over without a word for the past few years, yet she doesn't mind helping those who prove themselves to be above those who walked all over her. Actually, she is pretty devoted to those who take the time to try and crack her open, prove that they aren't going to hurt her like all the others have since her brother left; to those very few people and pokemon that she calls friends. While a bit tough to crack open, Michelle's quietness hides a smart girl who is capable of being a wonderful listener--a girl that used to be very social among the right friends. She cares more for her pokemon than she does any human, and they return this care in the way they take up the bodyguard mentality.
History: Michelle was the second child of two, born to a fairly wealthy family where manners and appearances were worried about more than the children themselves. She was practically raised by her brother Hiro, who was older than her by three years, which might seem odd, but in that kind of family you learn to grow up fast and without the recognition of your parents unless they want something from you. They were sent to a boarding school the moment their parents could ship them off, where Michelle clung to her brother and allowed him to introduce her to his friends rather than taking the time to learn how to make her own, since she had tried to make herself as invisible as possible to her parents at home. When her brother and their friends graduated before her and left her behind at the school, Michelle's life turned into a train wreck as she was taken in by the crowd that simply wanted her for her name rather than her personality and walked all over her kindness. Slowly, the cheerful, kind girl that she had once been was shut out and replaced by the quiet, quick to back down, and easily hurt people-disliking girl she is now. When she graduated at the top of her class at fifteen, the damage was already done--the girl was no longer who she used to be.

Fast forward though two years or so or roaming and nothing has changed in the slightest--Michelle is still quiet, easily hurt, people-disliking girl those years without her brother made her, which makes sense, seeing as she hasn't seen or talked to him since he graduated, simply seeming to disappear off the face of the world and deepening the wounds in Michelle's broken mind that prevent her from being normal...or at least how she used to be. And then she caught the illness that was breaking out around the world--the girl suddenly found herself unable to sleep. She didn't let it bother her, as sleep often only brought nightmares anyway, and she didn't mind it...until she began hearing of those falling into a coma-like sleep and not waking up. It was not incredibly long afterwards that she visited the other world where the event with Arceus took place. While she is not overly fond of people, however, Michelle has taken up the responsibility of trying to help those put into otherwise enternal slumber because she also knows that not all people are like the ones who ruined her life.
Gardevoir-Female-Camellia or "Cam" for short
Other: Her pokemon tend to act as her bodyguards--particularly Hook, who was given to her as a Sandile by her brother. Cam has taught her how to form mental connections to her pokemon, so it's a lot easier for her to understand them...though considering that they're pokemon, their thought processes aren't always very easy to understand. Oh--and Michelle is a girl of very, very many nicknames, most common are Miche, Miki, and Mimi(Mimi least common, only her brother and his friends use it; Miche preferred, but the popular circles gravitate to the "cute" one, Miki, so what people know her as may vary.) Also, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will forever haunt me." should describe her mentality fairly well.

Name: Desmond "Des" Archer
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing in at 5' 10" Des isn't very imposing, even less so with his pale skin and kind face. Clear blue eyes that always seem cheerful, yet a bit lonely stand out against his pale face and hair, which is so pale it is nearly white, and falls to his mid-back. He always seems cold, never taking off the black coat he wears that reaches his knees, under which he wears a gray long-sleeve shirt and on top of which he wears a red scarf, wrapped securely around his neck multiple times, while he also wears simple blue jeans and a pair of black boots. On occasion, he may also be seen wearing a pair of black gloves, and carries his things around in a gray messenger bag.
Personality: Des is a friendly guy, though not outgoing. He is softspoken, voice rarely ever rising, but he seems to give off the impression that people should listen to him when he speaks. He is slow to anger, but even then he tries not to raise his voice or hurt anyone, mainly because he knows he's more likely to hurt himself rather than anyone else, resulting in his anger often expressing itself in silence to the one who has angered him, as well as general irritableness about him, and his anger is slow to burn. His Shuppet and Misdreavus are also likely to start messing with the person Des is angry at or their own volition. Otherwise, Des is one of those guys who enjoys simply talking to people and playing with his pokemon, though they tend to make other people wary. He has a bit of a grudge against his parents, however, for not thinking him too fragile and not allowing him to go out on his own until recently.
History: Des hasn't had the most easy life, he was born a sickly child, and being such, he was guarded by his parents from the outside world that could hurt him. They tried to keep him away from the outdoors and children and pokemon, everything but books and his own home, though he mostly saw his bedroom and not much else. The outside world, however, refused to be kept away from Des. He was given a sister five years later who was named Desiree--whom he lovingly called Dizzy, for she had a habit of tripping and walking into things--and was perfectly healthy. Sad that she could not take her elder brother outside, Dizzy often snuck things back to him, like leaves and berries and even her friends, curious to meet the older brother that she spoke so highly of. Their parents opposed, but nothing would stop their daughter, especially when they saw how happy it was making her brother. However, it was put to a stop when Des caught a cold that nearly killed him, which brought his next source of enjoyment along. While he was sick, a Shuppet and a Misdreavus came to him, sensing his despair at being told that Dizzy would no longer would be able to bring him things from outside and his weakness due to being sick, and kept him company. Being the first pokemon he had ever seen, Des found them intriguing and quickly fell in love with them, calling them his friends and giving the pair the names Cain and Anna, and got better possibly due to their company, though the moment his parents saw them, they freaked out, assuming the ghost pokemon had come to take their son away from them. When they tried to get rid of them, the eight year-old Des finally told his parents that enough was enough, he was tired of them keeping him away from the outside and the people that could be his friends, this rant ultimately ending in him having a dizzy spell where Cain and Anna immediately turned their full attention to him and practically forced him to sit back down on his bed. This act was what convinced his parents to let not only Cain and Anna stay, but also convinced them to allow Dizzy to continue to bring the outside in. Ultimately, it seemed to be the best thing, as Des seemed to build up immunities and he was often happy, yet his parents still rarely let him out of the house, though it did happen from time to time. Des went on living like this for years, though Dizzy went off on her own adventure at Des's urging when she turned eleven. At seventeen, after years of begging and pleading and intellectual arguments over it, Des's parents finally let him out on his own, with Cain, Anna, and his more recently acquired friend, a Dusknoir that he called Reaper, much to his parents displeasure.

When he caught this new illness, Des hardly thought it a surprise, but used the insomnia to his advantage, believe that he had spent far too much of his life in a room, asleep. He liked the idea of being able to travel constantly, without having to stop to rest at first. It was as he began to miss sleep slightly when he found himself dreaming--or so he thought. Realizing that he was not dreaming, and that he was in danger of becoming like those who began the sleep and do nothing but sleep, he has resolved not to fall into permanent sleep, and to try and help others who have already suffered that fate.
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

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Could I have a reserve as well please?

Saraibre Ryu
05-20-2012, 12:37 AM
You can both has reserves yep yep!

05-20-2012, 12:38 AM
Now, how did you know that I've been thinking about this dream concept in Pokemon as of late? Well, I'm certainly not going to let this RP slide me by! This sounds awesome! :D Sign me up! ^^

Saraibre Ryu
05-20-2012, 12:40 AM
Now, how did you know that I've been thinking about this dream concept in Pokemon as of late? Well, I'm certainly not going to let this RP slide me by! This sounds awesome! :D Sign me up! ^^

Well psychic abilities come with mod powers. How well I use them determines if I get to keep them. XD

*puts Reserve on Char*

05-20-2012, 12:47 AM

Thank you~! *holds up reserve tag gleefully* :D

05-20-2012, 05:31 PM
Sounds amazing! Reserve me for two characters.
Question: How many moves are Pokemon limited to? :) Just curious because I tend to write moves, nature and abilities for them when I write up a character sheet. :)

Elise Sanbourn.
Click here for Elise. (http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee254/ImaLacerta/Trainer1.png) Elise is 5'9'' with her heels on and 5'7'' without. She weighs an average of 123 lbs. and has very lean features. Her skin is a light mocha-cream color and very fair in complexion. Her hair is mid-length when it's down, however she usually keeps her forest-green hair pinned up (not to mention she uses a bandanna to ensure it stays). Without her mini-denim jacket her shirt has no sleeves. It's built like a tank top with many open layers. Underneath she wears a tight-fitting sea-green wrap. Her Pokeballs are not any ordinary type of balls. She carries Magma Balls (look in history for the reason). In her right hand is her own customized Pokegear and on her neck are special feathers from a legendary silver bird.
Pesonality: How your character thinks and their outlooks.
History: Your character's backstory, maybe even include when they became a Dreamwalker!
Zapper - Male - Eelektrik
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Quirky
- Headbutt
- Thunder Wave
- Spark
- Charge Beam
- Bind
- Acid
- Discharge
- Crunch
- Thunderbolt

Howl - Male - Houndoom
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Bold
- Thunder Fang
- Fire Fang
- Leer
- Smog
- Ember
- Flamethrower
- Howl
- Bite
- Crunch
- Foul Play

Sparrow - Male - Sharpedo
Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Rash
- Leer
- Bite
- Rage
- Surf
- Focus Energy
- Scary Face
- Ice Fang
- Crunch
- Aqua Jet
- Dive
- Payback
- Snarl

Shade - Female - Poochyena
Ability: Rattled
Nature: Careful
- Tackle
- Howl
- Sand-attack
- Bite
- Dig
- Dark Pulse

Koko - Female - Swoobat
Ability: Unaware
Nature: Jolly
- Confusion
- Odor Sleuth
- Gust
- Assurance
- Heart Stamp
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Maryann Lee.
Click here for Maryann. (http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee254/ImaLacerta/Trainer2.png)
Pesonality: How your character thinks and their outlooks.
History: Your character's backstory, maybe even include when they became a Dreamwalker!
Eippa - Female - Aipom
Ability: Pickup
Nature: Naughty
- Tail Whip
- Scratch
- Sand-attack
- Astonish
- Baton Pass
- Fury Swipes
- Tickle
- Swift

Leif - Male - Meganium
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Calm
- Tackle
- Growl
- Razor Leaf
- Poisonpowder
- Synthesis
- Reflect
- Magical Leaf
- Petal Dance

Helix - Male - Sableye
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Bashful
- Leer
- Scratch
- Foresight
- Night Shade
- Fake Out
- Detect
- Shadow Sneak
- Faint Attack

Requiem - Male - Duskull
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Quiet
- Leer
- Night Shade
- Disable
- Foresight
- Astonish
- Confuse Ray
- Shadow Sneak
- Pursuit
- Curse
- Will-o-Wisp
- Hex

Felix - Female - Purrloin
Ability: Limber
Nature: Sassy
- Scratch
- Growl
- Assist
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

My character pictures are from Hapuriainen (http://hapuriainen.deviantart.com/)'s Pokemon Trainer Creator v2. Credit goes to her. :)

Saraibre Ryu
05-20-2012, 06:33 PM
Hey Popshakes! I haven't seen you in a long time!

I usually don't have a limit for Pokemon moves in my RP's. ^^ You're free to mention specifics though!

05-22-2012, 01:57 AM
Unless you have any problems with them, I do believe Michelle and Des are finished.

05-22-2012, 02:09 AM
Name: Crystal Momoyia
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: *clickie (http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u186/Crystal-Momoyia/people/gals/Pokemon%20Trainer/Screenshot2012-05-21at112735PM.png?t=1337661007)* Image was made with hapuriainen's Pokemon trainer creator (http://hapuriainen.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-trainer-Creator-v-2-257074027) on deviantART.
Personality: Crystal is naturally a kinda and curious person. She rarely ever gets mad or upset and will always go out of her way for a comrade. She always plays fair in competitions, but never forgets to make sure that her Pokemon's well-being is top priority. She cares deeply for her close friends and family, which includes all of the Pokemon she has caught over the years. Crystal has and will continue to go out of the way to make sure her Pokemon are alright, even if it means taking the hit herself. There has been more than one occasion she has put herself in the hospital for putting herself in between a Pokemon and potential harm, but that is something she has and never will regret. She also enjoys working out and training with her Pokemon since she is an active person, not being able to stay put in one place for too long unless given a reason to. All in all Crystal is a loyal companion to have who will always have your back but also a fierce competitor on the battlefield.
History: Crystal is a trainer from Pallet Town. She has traveled all the regions from Kanto to Unova. In every region she was known for her Persian, and after Johto her one-of-a-kind Houndoom named Surge. She has done a few contests as well as her gym battles, but it is known that she prefers a good old fashion battle over the dazzle of a contest. In all of her travels she had only managed to beat one champion, and that would be in Kanto. Even though that took her a few tries to accomplish. The only other champion she had the pleasure of battling would have been the Sinnoh champion, but that ended up in a lose for her.
Recently coming home from her travels in Unova, Crystal found out about the new illness. Turns out her older sister is one of the ones studying it, but even so there are still far more questions than answers. Crystal had offered to help out any way she could, but her older sister reassured her that at the moment there was nothing at that time she could do. So instead of going out on another journey she stayed home to wait for when she could be of help, training to hopefully challenge another region's champion. However she was unprepared of how exactly she could become useful.
She and her Pokemon ended up catching the new illness. It wasn't something new at first since Crystal and her main team had trained themselves to be able to stay awake and travel long distances with little to no sleep, but when she didn't feel the need for rest at all is when she got suspicious. Not even her trusted Persian who would love to catch the occasional cat nap slept. It was with the feline Pokemon and her Houndoom she experienced what she thought was a dream. It was then that she thought she might have seen everything. Still unsure of what was going on she has yet to tell her older sibling, instead faking sleep after her weird "dream" in hopes that her sister would not catch on.
Persian (♀)
Limber ability
-Power Gem
-Night Slash
-Iron Tail
-Icy Wind
-Water Pulse
-Hyper Beam
-Aerial Ace

Surge (♂)
Flash Fire ability
-(Icicle) Fire Fang
-Iron Tail
-(Frozen) Fire Blast
-Dark Pulse
-Rock Smash

Calder (♂)
Torrent ability
-Focus Energy
-Razor Shell
-Water Pulse
-Aqua Jet
-Swords Dance
-Ice Beam
-Rain Dance

Zephyra (♀)
Defeatist ability
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack
-Double Team
-Rock Slide
-Dragon Claw
-Focus Blast
-Stone Edge

Takeshi (♂)
Illusion ability
-Faint Attack
-Nasty Plot
-Night Daze
-Dark Pulse
-Grass Knot

Avalon (♂)
Chlorophyll ability
-Double Kick
-Take Down
-Energy Ball
-Horn Leech
-Sunny Day
-Light Screen
-Thunder Wave
-Wild Charge
Other: Crystal has a heightened sense of aura, but cannot manipulate it. All she can do is scan the area around her for traces of another person or Pokemon's aura.

all images belong to their respected owners

Saraibre Ryu
05-22-2012, 02:58 AM
Winter, you ish acceptd and Crystal you are reserveded.

05-22-2012, 03:04 AM
Yay for acceptedness! *sits back and waits for everyone else*

Saraibre Ryu
05-22-2012, 03:49 AM
Should get my SU at least started. XD

Name: Sami 'Sammy' Faller
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sami can be seen as a short girl at 5'5, with long, plain brown hair that lays on top of her shoulders. A large gatsby style hat is worn over her head, one that seems far too big for her book filled head. A large grey hoodie is worn over a plain white t-shirt that is rimmed in red and blue, black slacks and plain grey running shoes also add to her casual and inconspicuous attire. Not the strongest girl on the block either, she's a bit skinny and doesn't have a lot of muscle, but that's made up for in determination and spirit. Anyone can find her easy to carry, ans she is light for her age; not even breaking 100 ilbs. She often carries a backpack with her that Truist used to stay in when he was younger, and often still finds himself sitting on.
Pesonality: Sami can be very outgoing and energetic, displaying as much energy as an Elekid with it's head stuck in a power outlet. She enthusiastic about everything, having a positive outlook on anything she can and trying to boost the morale of others. Having a young mind and spirit, Sami seems to fit the sleepless bill quite well, however sometimes misses sleeping despite her constant commenting on how much more she can get done. Sami displays her emotions vividly, but even in sadness, she seems to return back to her perky self within a few days at the latest. She comes to a complete understanding with most Pokemon, though due to being more book smart that street smart, can find herself getting in to trouble, or thinking a bit more slowly than others.
History: Sami started her life in New Bark Town and started her journey any other chid of age would, almost in a storybook fashion. She wasn't one for focusing on collecting badges, and was hesitant on starting her journey at first, but new it was inevitable. Moving throughout the region, Sami turned out to be a very lucky individual, gaining her trusted Pokemon through unlikely events and even being allowed to travel from place to place through cruise ships. She took one opportunity to travel to Unova, mostly to find new Pokemon and to learn of the Battle Subway. Her excitement hid her symptoms of Insomance, but after a week without sleep, and not feeling fatigued, she knew something was up. Investigating, she looked into recent Unovan news to see if there was a cause there, and sure enough she discovered the epidemic that she had succumbed to. she figured she was smart enough to look into it, being as book smart as she was, it didn't seem like a bad idea. Having the ability to not be drained by sleep was the irony to having all the time in the world to solve it. By the time she had ventured into Castiela City, she was brought to the Entralink, among various other trainers, battling off their first Insomance creature and freeing Reshiram. Knowing of her knew powers, Sami preffers to stay within the forests of the Entralink, learning about it as much as she can, only leaving it for food and other necessities.

Drae the Typhlosion
Truist the Togetic
Ailith the Quagsire
Veos the Jolteon
DJ Layli the Furret
Shudo the Scyther

Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

05-23-2012, 03:33 AM
I do believe I am finished with Crystal. My history is kinda lame in my opinion, but I just wanted it to be simple and straight to the point. Besides I'm sure there will be times in the RP that will allow further exploration in our character's history. Still debating on bringing in another character, so be on the look out for that in case I go with that idea. Let me know if I need to change or add anything to my first SU.

White Knight
05-27-2012, 08:04 PM
*casually strolls in*


Saraibre Ryu
05-27-2012, 08:22 PM

I'll look at Crystal and finish up my SU, the RP will start by Wednesday at the latest!

White Knight
05-27-2012, 09:40 PM
Le short. :c

Name: Derek Cahalan

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Clickie (http://i48.tinypic.com/1rp2iq.png) //too lazy to write about him and credit to Hapuriainen (http://hapuriainen.deviantart.com/)'s Pokemon Trainer Creator v2. Credit goes to her.

Personality: Derek is the self-proclaimed leader of everything. He is extremely positive and outgoing, but can seem conceited to others in his excitement. People tend to either love him or hate him, as he is more of an acquired taste”. His emotions are usually quite readable, although he hates that about himself and tries to hide them a little more. Typically he is the jumpy and anxious one of the group, and loves pushing both himself and his Pokemon to the fullest. He cannot sit still, and therefore is not the greatest person to go to if you want a good listener. His motto is something along the lines of “Do first, think later”, and he gets along best with people who think the same way. He usually doesn’t like to hear what other people have to say if he has what he thinks is a good idea, mostly because he has confidence in his intelligence. He is not the smartest person ever, but he is a fairly good strategist when he really tries. His biggest weakness is being judgmental; he knows not to judge a book by its cover but he ends up doing it anyways. Always expect 100% from Derek, no matter how little and unimportant the task at hand is.

History: Derek was born in Hoenn, but moved to Unova when he was only 2. His parents were instructors at a local Pokemon school, but as he grew up he wasn't that interested in them. The only reason he started raising Pokemon was because everyone at school did, and he wanted to fit in. His parents started him off with the only Pokemon they had that was not much use around the house; a baby Wingull they had gotten as a gift from a friend. As soon as Derek received his first Pokemon, he was hooked. He went all around Unova looking for more companions to join him, and eventually got to the Pokemon League. However, he lost miserably and fled to Hoenn in shame. There he trained nonstop and traveled all over the region, but reached the League again. He made it to the Champion, but lost due to a lucky dodge by Steven's Cradily. By this point, he was 14 years old and felt like a failure. To recuperate, he returned to Unova but found that the disease had struck his hometown. He could not sleep for many days, spending the new found time training and trying to sleep.

Marty the Male Pelipper

Tanya the Female Zebstrika

Albert the Male Piloswine

Jacob the Male Scizor

Shiloh the Male Magmar

Kevin the Male Lombre

Other: Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

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I'm so sorry that I have yet to finish my characters! I'll finish them soon this week and post in the RP when it's up! I'm just so busy because I literally have 7 days left of my senioritis at school and then I'm out. C:

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Wow, I didn't know how busy I was going to be this Memorial Weekend; sorry it took a while, but I think I'm done... Er, might not be as complete as I'd like, but I feel really bad about taking this long. Hope this is okay ^^'

Name: Lee Thatcher

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lee has the typical, semi-awkward form that most male teenagers have—being a little on the lanky side. But unlike most Psychics, he actually tries to look trendy—baggy cargo pants, street-style jacket with jazzy blue, red, and yellow designs, and a crooked red visor to go over his spiky black hair. When using his psychic powers, the rims of his hazel eyes flash bright blue.

Personality: Three words adequately describe Lee—cocky, self-confident, and haughty. See, Lee thinks he owns the world, and is under the impression that one day he’ll take it by storm. His dreams mostly consist of striking it rich, and bringing everyone else to their knees. He realizes that it’s not very realistic, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. Lee has hatched several schemes in his attempts to fund his ambitions, though the only success he’s had is through flashy street shows that incorporate his… rather unique abilities. Though he somewhat has the mindset of a con-artist, there must be some sense of nobility in him; as of yet, he has never resorted to thievery or cheats.

He is rather unlike people of his, er, kind. Instead of being mystic or gothic, Lee has an upbeat swagger in his step. None of this mystical voodoo, exorcism crap for him—he sees other Psychics as frauds and freak-shows. I mean, come on! Why does being a Psychic involve so much doom and gloom? No, Lee tries his best to act like an average, everyday human being—barring the frequent occasional gig.

Lee usually puts himself before others, though he does care for his team—especially for his best friend, an unusual Abra known as Shadow. The telepathic connection between them is strong, and they can sense each other’s thoughts and moods even when distanced. Outside of those closest to him, Lee isn’t very trusting and prefers to keep to himself (perhaps there’s a little Psychic stereotype in him after all). The world can be a cruel place to the unwary, and unless someone proves to him otherwise, he’d prefer not to get entangled in its problems.

If he’s not involved, it’s not his problem.

But very soon, he’s going to find that it is his problem.

History: Lee doesn’t really have a place he calls home, nor what he can call a family; original born on an insignificant island in the Oblivia Region, orphaned Lee was passed from foster home to foster home until he turned 13. It wasn’t that he was a bad kid or anything—it’s just that strange things tended to happen around him. Sometimes his foster parents would come home to find their house in shambles, their belongings strewn all over the place—and him sitting wide-eyed in the middle of it all. It appeared that he had a unique gift… but it was a gift that no one wanted to deal with. No matter how good things were going with a potential family, once his talent started acting up, they would always send him away.

Eventually, Lee learned not to get too attached to people. As he struggled to understand his abilities, he realized that the only person he could count on was himself. And if he wanted to be successful in life, he had to pull in front of everyone else. Giving up on foster care, Lee set out on his own to make a name for himself.

That’s when Lee met Shadow, who, by the standards of most Abra, was very unusual. She didn’t sleep 18 hours a day, nor did she teleport constantly. As a result of her lifestyle choices, her telekinetic powers are close to nonexistent, yet her telepathy is as strong as ever. She grew concerned for Lee when she noticed that he was all alone, and started following him around. This annoyed Lee at first, but with time he came to appreciate her company. Their friendship was sealed when Shadow began teaching Lee how to harness his powers.

Once he got a handle on his abilities, Lee saw a window of opportunity. He began plaguing the islands of Oblivia as a travelling performer—showcasing his powers like no self-respecting psychic would even dream of. He made a killing off of the droves of tourists that vacationed in the tropics there, yet Lee wanted more. Perhaps his years of moving from place to place had instilled wanderlust within him, or maybe the boy wasn’t finding what he really wanted, but soon Lee wasn’t satisfied with staying within Oblivia. With the next chance he got, Lee hopped aboard a ship and sailed to Unova, enticed by its promises of fulfilled dreams and adventure.

And what an adventure that proved to be.

Not many people in the Oblivia region became Trainers, and Lee himself never thought about that prospect until he sailed across the seas. Soon after setting foot on Unova’s shores, he somehow ended up with new friends—misfit Pokémon that were as out of place in the world as he was. Together they’ve formed a decent team, as well as a tight-knit family.

Travelling around the Unova region, seeing new things and reaching new heights, Lee should have been satisfied. But a feeling of inadequacy still lingers with him, and he knows he can do better. He still attempts his get-rich-quick schemes, though nothing really lasted beyond performances.

That is… until he became a Dreamwalker. Then an extraordinary financial opportunity laid before him…


Shadow--Female Abra
Trix—Female Liepard
Zeero—Male Blitzle
Buster—Male Growlithe
Silver—Female Riolu
Soran—Male Buizel

Other: Lee’s a psychic, but his talents are a little limited. While he’s quite adept at telekinesis and telepathy, he’s certainly no diviner of the future. If he concentrates hard enough, he can sense the moods of the people around him—but he doesn’t try that too often, as it requires a lot of energy. Still, he can at least sense their presence without too much effort.

(Nooo, I'm not recycling characters from old fan-fic stories... *whistling*)

Pokemon of Destruction
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Reserve Please

Name: Zac Richards

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pictures are allowed.

Pesonality: Zac has a unique personality as he has multiple personality disorder. His other personality is Blake. Blake is a creation of Zac's repressed anger. Zac is aware of Blake and tries to control him but to no avail. Zac is secretive but kind. He is willing to lend a hand but not to the lengths of danger or exposure to his identity. Blake how ever likes to make public appearances and show anger. Zac doesn't like Blake but sometimes Zac can use Blake as Blake shows more confidence and actually is stronger. Zac is the brains while Blake is the brawn. Lastly Zac believe Blake no something about Zac's childhood that may of cause Blake to be created.

History: Your character's backstory, maybe even include when they became a Dreamwalker!

Lucario-Sin (Red Eyes)

Other: Blake is more prone to appear in Entralink for an unknown reason. Blake likes to use Flare, Scar anf Sin while Zac likes to use Chi, Bolt and Crash.

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I guess this'll do:

Name: Hamilton 'Ham' Yorkson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ham is tall, around 6'3, a lanky giant. He has jet black hair which is always combed back (it's long enough to go down to the top of his eyes, an orange plaid shirt, and black dress pants on. His eyes are a deep brown, and when he stares at you with that boyish grin he always wears it looks like he's staring right through you. He has a small scar on his hand when he was training a Nidorino a couple years back, a cut across his palm, but other than that he doesn't have any blemishes.

Pesonality: The thing that would most describe Ham is 'Kindness' he is always smiling, positive, and looks out for everyone like a big brother. Indeed, he is almost impossible to annoy, though he himself can be mischievous sometimes. Although mature enough, he acts as though he is still a child, and that can lead to mistakes when he is too rash in a Pokemon battle.

Underneath it all is an underlying sense of something chasing him, however. Ham will casually look behind him at random intervals, his eyes betraying a sense of fear. This has heightened due to his lack of sleep, and Ham likes sleep. He feels that, without sleep, he cannot battle and live as well, and its put him into an eternal panic mode.

History: Ham was born in Phenac City in Orre, the son of a rich businessman, whose company later moved to Hoenn, where his father was too busy in Rustboro, but kept in touch through the Rusturf Tunnel, as Ham and his mother lived in Verdanturf. His childhood was happy enough, but it always seemed clipper because his father was never there, so eventually at 13 Ham moved out, traveling on his own with just a Koffing by his side. He caught Pokemon, and managed to get a small little team together, sometimes challenging gyms.

Eventually, he came home to Verdanturf when he was 15 and attended his father's funeral. There, Ham learned from his dad's aide that he was the heir to the entire company. Ham could not decide whether to take the job or not, but since he had a couple years (he couldn't get the job until he was at least 18) Ham decided to travel to a distant land to work on studies, and train and explore.

So he arrived in Kanto, Ham obtained a new Pokemon to train with his Numel, and thus began traveling....

However, he could not sleep, and was visited by Reshiram, the Master of Truth, who told him of his quest. Now he is in the Entralink when asleep, and Kanto when awake, his goal in the real world to explore and deem himself worthy of taking his late father's place as CEO of the company, while battling Insomance in the dream world.


Path (Weezing, M)
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Serious

Laura (Tropius, F)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Mild

Feist (Nidorino, M)
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Naughty
Note: Ham got Feist via a trade, so sometimes the Nidorino won't listen to him.


Julius (Beautifly, M)
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Sassy


Numb (Numel, M)
Ability: Simple
Nature: Lax

Other: Numb was just caught, so is still training.

Shell (Squirtle, M)
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Bashful

Other: The latest addition to Ham's team

Other:*Anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else!

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Everyone who is completed gets an A-OK so far and everyone else who asked for it has a Reservation.

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My two characters will be finished within these next few days. :) Just thought I should throw that out there! I need to think of a nice personality and history for them still. :)