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Judge Dredd
06-18-2012, 06:20 PM
Kanto Yellow



In the past, everyday new trainers would embark on their Pokemon journey. These journeys were a rite of passage that most young trainers undertook. The typical journey started with a youngster leaving home with a starter pokemon and bag filled with the essentials; the child would then head out into the wild to catch pokemon and work their way across their region. The ultimate goal of most young trainers was to make their way to the Pokemon League.

Some people saw these journey's as important tools to help young people reach maturity. Others found it barbaric to send such young children into the wild to fend for themselves - especially in a world filled with dangerous creatures. A hand-full of new trainer incidents were accepted by each generation. Most people felt these incidents were accidents that could have been avoided. This all changed with the disappearance of a young trainer five years ago.

After those events a great debate began. A simple question was raised, are pokemon journeys ethical. A council was convened, it consisted of the most important people from all across the globe. After a short meeting a unanimous decision was reached - the council would read their verdict on live television. No person under twenty five would be allowed to start a Pokemon Journey from that point on. The council explained that, due to the dangerous natures of wild pokemon and radical squads - like Team Rocket and Team Magma, the government could not promise the safety of any one person. They stated that they would look over the issue again in five years.

Five years have passed without incident. A declining number in the popularity of Pokemon League ratings and sales sparked up a new debate. A new council was formed, with sole purpose of fixing this decline in sales. The council agreed to the construction of a special school to be built; this school's purpose would be to prepare a group of young trainers to survive a full journey across Kanto without incident. Viridian City became the home of the first location - the creation of other schools depends solely on the outcome of a new group of trainers and how they do on their journey. The students have had two years of training and are now ready to start their journey. If their journey has a successful outcome, it would prove that, with proper training, children could protect themselves. The fate of all young trainers rest on this first group.

Build a strong relationship with your partners (Not every trainer class will get along, try to stay in character while learning about your new partners)
Building a strong team (In order to capture and train pokemon you need to add to the story for points, the more you put into the story the more points youll get)
Make your way to the Pokemon League (Do your best to solve the problems that lay ahead of you, so you are always moving forward as a team)

Rules/General Info
GCeA is a point based game, in the trivia sections members get points by simply posting. GCeA is meant to be a fun fast paced story game. With so many great writers I decided to make a more Role Play based game. While there will still be points given out the system has been compeletly changed for RP. Now players will earn points based on their story telling and creativity. Other major changes will include trainer classes and pokemon point values. These will limit your ability to catch every pokemon but it will allow more work with each of your pokemon. Please pick a trainer class carefully.

All PE2K rules
There is an 9 person limit to the game. If you become inactive you will lose your spot on the team.
For every 1000 characters you will receive a point. (this count should not include spaces) 5 points is the maximum amount of points you can earn for a post.
Quoting others does not count to your character total
Stories about your captures should be send to Judge Dredd for approval first.
Your character must be between 14 and 16 years old.
Make a Trainer Card (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=118258) and keep it updated.
No god-moding
Please respect all players and their choices
Let's keep this around PG13. Violence, mild blood and gore, mild language, and romance are allowed, but anything that would be considered M rated must not be posted. Take that to the PMs if you must.
You can only have one character in the game.
No Pokemon can be added to your Trainer Card without approval from one of the two RPM.
This roleplay is a point game (the points will be given based on your post submission.)
You will have to a pick a trainer class, once that class is picked you can only capture pokemon that would fall under that class.
Other rules may be added later or are in the SU
All your question should be asked on the link posted. At no time should you break character. Please click on this link Gotta Catch Em' All Club (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=118075)
Picking a starter is easy, a trainer can pick almost any pokemon that falls under his trainer class type. It has to be 1st gen and it has to be approved first

Important Things To Remember
To level up a pokemon you will need points equal to that of the level that it evolves at in the game.
Trade evolution and Stone Evolution Prices will be added soon.
When catching a Pokemon you should tell a short story about your capture. Think about URPG
It has been 20 or so years since "Ash" started his journey.
Most gym leaders from the past are gone. Even the number of gyms can change during the story.
At the end of each of my posts I will give a list of people available in each area.
Legends will appear in the story but will not be catch able.
Based on the popularity of the of the RP more things will be added to the game.
You are new trainer so you will not start off knowing everything !

Judge Dredd
06-18-2012, 06:21 PM
Trainer Class Pokemon List
(Below is a list of Pokemon that will be available to each trainer)

Earth Trainer
(10)...(15)....(15)...(18)...(X)...(25).....(33).. ...(25).....(27)....(27)

Water Specialist
(10)...(X)....(15)...(20)...(18)...(23).....(23).. ...(27).....(27)....(33)

Fire Spinner
(15)...(X)....(10)...(22)....(20).....(22).....(23 ).....(27).....(27)....(30)

Aerial Artist
(8)...(X)....(15)...(18)....(25).....(30).....(22) .....(20).....(33)....(25)

Light Mage
(8).....(X).....(15).....(22)...(19)......(22).... .....(30).....(25).........(25)....(30)

Dark Mage
(8)...(20)....(20)...(15)....(27).....(25).....(25 )...(X)...(25).....(30)

Judge Dredd
06-18-2012, 06:25 PM
Trainer Class Pokemon List Continued
(Below is a list of Pokemon that will be available to each trainer)

Ace Trainer (Grass)
(X)..(8)...(20)......(15)...(20)......(28).......( 25)....(25)...(25)..........(30)

Ace Trainer (Fire)
(27).....(8).....(22).....(15)......(22)....(25).. .......(25).....(20).........(33)....(X)

Ace Trainer (Water)
(27).....(8).....(15).....(X)...(20)......(23).... .....(25).....(20).........(27)....(30)

Accepted (6/9)
(One Trainer for each Trainer Class)
Judge Dredd-Max(Defensive Master) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392992&postcount=5)
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Latio-Nytro-Markus Novolos(Fire Spinner) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3393001&postcount=14)
-Sealboy1Xiac Kanoshi(Water Specialist) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3393268&postcount=22)
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Saraibre Ryu Shay Miru(Aerial Ace) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3393060&postcount=10)
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Judge Dredd
06-21-2012, 08:47 AM
The out skirts of Viridian City
The Night Before

A warm breeze blows through the fields of grass. Max stands perfectly still, he lets the wind surround him, he feels the brush of the tall grass run through his fingers. With a blind fold covering his eyes Max relies on his basic instincts to see. He listens to the movement of the grass and the warm howl of nearby trees shaking. He picks up the scent of pokemon nesting in the trees above. He focuses his mind on every detail that is given to him. He feels the wind collide with the cold steel of something foreign. He listens as the snapping grass gives away this creatures location. He takes a deep breath to focus. With in an instance the creature is moving at full speed towards him. The creature is very bulky and very slow, each step it takes leaves an impact in the ground. Max stays still as the creature draws in towards him. He feels the ground shake under his feet as the it moves closer and closer. As the creature goes in for its final attack Max leaps into the air. Max's left foot lands square in the middle golden the x wrapped across the creatures face. His right foot lands on slippery flat surface of its head. Max uses his momentum to slide off the top of the creature. The furious creature turns its massive body around kicking grass and dirt into the air. Max lands softly on his feet and rolls out of the way of the clumps of dirt being kicked around.

Max calls out the creature "is that the best you have!"

A horrible metallic screech is let out form the beast. Max doesn't flinch as the screech shakes the leaves off the trees. The giant metal spider then makes a second charge at Max. Max pauses for a moment to allow beast make its move. He feels the giant arm of the pokemon swing towards him. He stays focused as the wind from the arm pushes against him. He makes a slight move and the arm misses him. Max feels out each swing of the creatures arm. He adjusts his footing moving his feet as if he was part of choreographed danced. After a few slight movements, Max rolls under the belly of the beast onto his feet. He stands still as the beast is forced to turn around.

"Your getting old my friend, your movements are slow." He says taunting the creature.

The creature reacts poorly to this taunted. It presses it down into the ground and with all its force shoots up into air. Once its air bound it retracts its legs. The big metal spider then comes spiraling back the Max like a boomerang being called back. Max sees it coming for him and he smiles.

" Here we go."

As the creature descends it picks up speed, its body comes close to the ground hovers above it still spinning. Max runs at full speed to get away from it. Its spiral movements cut the grass around it as it closes the gap between itself and Max. Max notices that he can't out run so he tries a different strategy. As the creature spins closer and closer to him, Max stops and waits. He feels the wind from the creature on the back of his knees and leaps into a back flip. His hands land perfectly on top steel platform of the creature. An almost perfect move is ruined as the weight of Max's body has caused the creature start wobbling. With the shaking Max can't push back off and looses balance, he then slams into the creature and slides off its back.

Max lays for a second but is jolted back to his feet by his Z Dex.
"Sir may I recommend a new strategy?"

Max wears an advanced computer device on his left wrist. Using his right hand he flips up the chrome panal and presses a button.
"Go ahead Z."
A stream of light comes out of the dex and the hologram of a Porygon-Z appears before him.
"Well sir based on the creature current position,tilt of spin, and the rate of its speed. I would say you have 6 seconds before impact. "

Max watchs as the beast spins around to make second run at him. He turns back to Z.
"Well what do you suggest?"
"Running Sir!"

Max starts running again. Z continues to speak to him.
"You might consider using one of your pokemon sir."
Max looks down shaking his head.

In a sarcastic tone, "Right, your choosing to continue this on your own. I mean your sure

to match a Metagross in speed and strength."
His arguing with Z has caused him neglect his surroundings, he fails to notice the presence of a tiny Sandshrew who had just burrowed up from underground. Max's foot connects with the sandshrew and he falls to the ground. Max lucked out as the Metagross flew right over him. Porygon speaks up

"Are you ready to take my advice sir?"

"Hold on Z."

Max rolls over to check to see that Sandshrew is alright. He finds it but the poor thing injured. The sandshrew looks up at him

"shrew , shrew"

Max looks the Sandscrew.

"I'm sorry little one, I'll get you help after this.

He opens the Z dex

"Okay, I got it, this training session has to end, before someone gets hurt."

On the other end of the field Metagross finally lands. As soon as its metal legs touch down onto the ground it lets out a mighty roar. Max switches up his plan and runs right towards the Metagross.
"Sir, are you sure this is going to work ?"

"Shut up Z I need to focus."

Max stops short of the Metagross.

"Trainings Over!"

He presses his fingers to his head and focuses all his energy onto the beast. Metagross drops to its knees, but it doesnt go down without a fight. The mighty beast sends out its own psychic attack. Max fights through the attack and the Metagross faints. Max drops to his knees. He pulls out a pokeball.

The Metagross is pulled back into the pokeball.

"Sir its time we get that Sandshrew to the Pokemon Center!" Z warns him.

Max gets up and runs to get sandshrew. He picks her up. "You'll be fine little one!"

Max takes the Sandshrew back the Pokemon Center. There he falls asleep waiting for it. Nurse Joy wakes him up.
" Sir, Sir the pokemon you brought in is doing fine. Also your Metagross is back to 100 percent."

He takes the pokeball back.

"Thanks, and by chance do you know what time is it ?"

She responds
"Its 8am !"

Max jumps up.
"Oh, I'm running behind. The kids are all waiting for me in the dinning hall, todays the beginning over their Journey!"

"Good Luck on your Journey !"

Max rushes down the street towards the school. He makes his way through the building to the dinning hall. Outside the door the other instructors stand waiting for him. Master Jin one of the other instructors speaks up.
" Your a little late Master Max, your team is inside their eating alone."

Max nods his head and enters the room. He finds the group eating breakfast.

"Well what are we waiting for ?"

06-21-2012, 02:43 PM
Eti Molo
Pallet Town
Residence to Viridian City Trainer School

Euck. Six AM start, again.

Groggily, I kneaded my eyes free of any ‘sleepy dust’, and sat myself upright. I passed a glance through the window; the weather didn’t seem too dreary. However, the temperature did not reflect my mood in that regard; I had to haul myself back to that place. It’d be fine if not for human interactions. I just wanted to learn about the world and Pokemon, be confirmed ready enough to go out on my adventure and then leave. But no, this couldn’t be the case. Once more I have to trundle myself into school with all the students that didn’t seem to have a freaking clue about other people, just their precious Pokemon. I let out a loud sigh. Things would get better, though. We do leave today, afterall.

I committed to the day’s morning routine; showering, eating, etc. After I had slipped on my jeans and shirt, I descended the stairs. My uncle and Helix were waiting for me in the kitchen. The atmosphere of the place seemed different, somehow, like it was no longer part of the place of where I lived. In a few hours, that’d be true, I suppose. I won’t be coming back here for a while.

“I’ve never seen you so eager for school before, Eti!” Trevor told me. I didn’t feel eager. Sure, I was looking forward to the journey, but not with those people. He was undoubtedly more excited than I was for this journey; he must have projected those emotions on to me.

“Yeah, I suppose so," I responded, taking a seat next to Helix at the kitchen table. “Are all my things packed?”

“I took the liberty of sorting everything out for you last night, buddy.” He plonked a pretty large looking dark blue rucksack onto the pine in front of me. “Clothes, toiletries, Pokemon paraphernalia, all the essentials are in that bag.”

“Thanks a bunch.” I stood up and attempted to lift the bag onto my back. It was lighter than it looked. I turned my attention to the Poliwag near to me. “Alright, you ready to go, Helix?”

Helix’s deep black eyes lit up. His blue skin looked newly moistened; Trevor must have bathed him whilst I was getting ready. The Tadpole Pokemon bounded off of the wooden chair, springing itself onto my shoulder with its powerful legs and tail. He pressed his soft pink lips to my cheek sweetly. He let out a cry, signalling that he was ready to go.

“Alright, let’s do this,” I told the room before progressing to the front door.

“Eti!” Trevor called to me before I set foot out into the wide world. He handed me my jacket; the dark blue material was softer than usual, it seemed. “Don't forget about this. Oh, and don’t forget that Helix still can’t walk properly, so carry Helix or have the little guy in his Poke Ball at all times outside of battle until he evolves! Oh, and make sure to dampen his skin every day with a wet cloth; I’ve put a cloth in your bag for you.”

“Oh, come on, Trevor, stop worrying.” I turned to him, a smug smirk on my face. “Helix and I have been pals for three years; I think I know my own partner by now.” I walked out the door and left.

The trek to Viridian everyday was a tiresome one. It took a good thirty minutes every day to travel from Pallet to school; it was a burden, but I got used to it after my first year at the Viridian Trainer School. The walk could be quite refreshing and relaxing at times too; there was always wildlife surrounding you, something that Helix seemed to appreciate after being taken out of his natural habitat in the Fuschia Safari Zone. The locals were quite friendly, too. From what I heard on TV, a few of them gave out items to aspiring trainers. I wonder if such a thing would happen to me on my journey; the future seemed so uncertain. To be honest, I probably shouldn’t complain about how tiring the distance between school and my house was; the journey itself would be far more tiring than any excursion to school would ever be.

Eventually, we made it to Viridian. The grass seemed greener here, compared to Pallet Town. I made my way to the entrance of the school. I could almost smell the presence of Pokemon that were soon to befall the room. I made my way to the dining hall, and took a seat at the very corner of the room, away from other student's interactions. Despite coming to this school for three years, I didn’t know a lot about the other students. There was a part of me hoping that they’d be nice, but deep down I knew they held undesirable characteristics just like everybody else I had encountered in my life. I sighed again.

“Well, after three years, we’re almost ready to set out and prove the world wrong,” I told Helix. He nodded at me in agreement, and we both waited for Max to show up. I looked at my watch. “Tch. Eight AM. Max must be running late.”

Eventually, he showed up. He said nothing more than ‘well, what are you waiting for?’ I rose to my feet, Helix still on my shoulders. It was time. We were about to begin our journey that we had planned for so long, for three years. Hopefully Dad would be proud of me.

OOG Information:
Link to Trainer Card: Coming soon.
Current Team: Helix (Poliwag | M) |
Summary: Eti has just set out on his journey with Helix, the Poliwag. He has made it to the Viridian Trainer School and is awaiting further instruction.
Character Count: 4017
Points Earned: 4
Points on Hand: 4
Thoughts: Wooooooo it's finally starting!

06-21-2012, 05:58 PM
Eli Conner, Viridian City, Trainer School
(4,254 Characters, Four Points.)

Eli woke up in a cold sweat. He had suffered another nightmare, his fourth in the last week, and like the others, the details were already fading away. The boy sat up in his bed and ran his hands through his thoroughly messy hair. Wincing as he pulled out tangles, Eli thought about his dreams. They seemed to be brought on by a combination of his nerves and the loss of appetite that had accompanied them. Hopefully, this was the last of them. After all, today was the milestone that he had been so eager and terrified of. Eli was finally going to become a Pokémon Trainer, the first in his family in fact. And if that wasn't enough pressure, the group he was part of was the deciding factor in allowing children to become trainers again. Just the thought of it was making Eli dizzy and short of breath, so he made one more effort to push it from his mind.

He turned to his left and saw his Machop, Meister, still asleep. When he had been given his room, the school had offered Eli's Pokémon a bed as well, but the Superpower Pokémon had refused and slept on the carpet. Eli thought that if the choice of a hardwood floor or a bed of nails had been included, Meister would have passed up the carpet in a heartbeat. Whether sleeping on the floor was some part of his Machop's training or simply more comfortable, Eli did not know. He suspected that it was the former, since back home in Vermillion, Meister had no problem sleeping on the couch, and the challenges coming would need him in his best shape. Eli would maybe ask his Pokémon about that later, but for now, he had to get ready.

Stepping out of bed, and making extra sure not to stir his Machop, Eli grabbed the clothes he had laid out the night before and his toothbrush and headed towards the bathroom. The hallways carpet muffled his already silent footsteps and Eli didn't have to converse with any of the older students. His routine went by quickly, and Eli quickly retreated to his room, pausing once to pull his yellow sweatshirt on over his t-shirt. Eli went back into his room and shook his Pokémon awake.

Meister, as always, was on his feet in less than a minute and full of more energy than Eli had in a week. While his trainer pulled on his socks and shoes, the Machop checked the room to see if they had left anything unpacked. Satisfied with the survey, Meister handed Eli his backpack and two set off to the dining hall. It was just about deserted, but Eli still picked a seat a fair distance from any of the other students. Setting his stuff down, and promising Meister to grab him a glass of eggs, the boy headed to the breakfast line. The selection was impressive to say the least. Sizzling bacon, light and fluffy pancakes, and so much more were on full display. It looked so delicious, but Eli felt his stomach tighten into a knot and resigned himself to grabbing only a bowl of corn flakes and, focusing intently on his hands, asked one of the servers for a glass and some eggs.

The look he received was one of mild surprise, but Eli gestured at his Machop, and the items were produced. Heading back to the table, balancing the bowl under one arm, the glass in another, and the three eggs in his hands, Eli tried not to make eye contact with anyone. Miraculously, he managed to make it back to his spot without spilling anything and making a total fool of himself. While Meister began cracking the eggs and pouring their contents into the glass, Eli picked at the corn flakes and scanned the room. More people arrived, and time ticked away. While his Machop had gotten him to go back two more times for more eggs, his trainer had only gotten through half of his corn flakes and there wasn’t much hope for finishing the rest.

Pushing away his bowl, Eli looked up at his partner Pokémon, who was giving him an odd look. “What?” The Machop looked at his bowl and then back at him, a quizzical expression on his blue face. Eli gave a weak grin and a thumbs up, “Don’t worry, I’m just scared. I’ll eat a big lunch, promise.” Meister smiled and returned the thumbs up and took the dishes back up to the counter. Eli noticed that his sleeves were falling around his hands and rolled them up. By the time Meister had returned, the yellow sweatshirt had already resumed hiding his fingertips.

Not long afterwards, the team’s teacher arrived. Everyone was supposed to just call him Max, but Eli only felt comfortable calling him sir. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he asked. Eli wished he could tell him that he was waiting for the fear to go away, and he was waiting to find out that this was all a dream and he was home in Vermillion where being a Pokémon Trainer was a possibility a million years away instead of just a few minutes. He wished he could say that, but as usual, Eli held his tongue. One boy with a Poliwag on his shoulder stood up, and Eli, figuring that was what they were supposed to do, pulled his backpack on, put up his hood and rose to his feet as well. He thought about putting Meister in the Poké Ball his dad had given for him, but decided against it. Not only did the others have their Pokémon out, but this was a journey that they were taking together. The two of them were going to be partners from the beginning to the end.

06-23-2012, 03:11 AM
Markus Novolos
Fire Spinner
Trainer School, Viridian City
(5703 Characters, 5 Points total)


Here he was. Ready to take on the world. He set his alarm clock slightly early-7:30 AM, instead of 8-so he could get dressed. He had his Pokemon, his clothes, his PokeGear, his everything. He was as prepared for this as any other.

But looking through the internet (on his PokeGear), as a final check of the Defensive Master, Markus finally caught on to a certian detail that would have made him grumpy about this from the very beginning. At least he got 'practice' from blocking out his mind by hiding information from Aunt Sabs-'practice,' as in, failed attempts. They were getting better the more he did it, but they were always failed attempts.

Reading his private mind? Really? Bull****. What's in one's head should REMAIN in one's head unless he makes it known otherwise. Yet, here was blatant proof of what would make this potentially as miserable as HELL: Max was a f***ing Mage. He HATED Mages with a burning passion, especially Aunt Sabrina (though that was a more personal thing). He knew two of the Mages, one Light and one Dark (and both subject to equal amounts of scorn by Markus), were chosen to go with him, but they were weak and he could block them out easily. Max was experianced, however. Not as experianced as his Aunt, of course, having chosen more of a Pokemon battling route than a Mage training route (Sabs didn't even think of stopping her mental training until she was considered an Elder Mage, apparently, and still trained harder for a few extra years until finally traveling with Pokemon), but still experianced enough to make his head hurt.

Henceforth, he came to the dining hall with a particuarily grumpy attitude, like he didn't have one already. He had one hell of a dream.

But it was just one detail, over and over, like a broken record. Just someone dead, in a pool of his own blood. Nobody he knew, either, a random police officer, judging from the uniform, but nobody he knew either way. The badge wasn't familiar of any police officer's badge from anywhere he knew of.. After five seconds of that, he would look up, get knocked down by something (it felt like a person's elbow was being rammed into his head, but he couldn't tell), and repeat the whole process over again.

...C**py dream in every expectation of a dream. It wasn't even terribly vivid: Blurry, in every aspect blurry.


Epic the Nidoran was happily nibbling away on food in front of him in the dining room, and Markus was drinking orange juice, done with a platefull of Bacon. He ate a c**pton. He wasn't expecting frequent stops in civilized areas. A Route took a day to travel at its shortest. Camping was a must. He took enough stuff with him to let his conditions be good, and took only as much as it would take to evade putting his life at risk if (or when) he got lost and was separated from the group.

...Getting lost. He heard about that kid. Lost. No trace. Not even a clue. Not even a smidgen of a clue. You had to wonder if he was really lost...Or was kidnapped...Or was...Something else. Markus KNEW what a person going through such drastic life changes could become. He's heard of one instance where the worst-case scenario happened, and turned a semi-regular twelve-year old kid into a nightmare of a man (a nightmare to face, that is). He wondered what the lost kid's name was.

He had a BAD feeling, all of a sudden, that said kid would be related to this.

...The real purpose behind the trip wasn't a test of redemption for Ten-Year olds: This was a plan for economic stimulus. They were protecting the kids with one of the best, supposedly, but Markus knew of better. Ultimately, Max wasn't just doing this for the kids, no matter how much his motivations were aligned towards them: He was doing this for the cash the Leauge brought him. He was a former Multi-Regional Champion. He was smart. He had good Pokemon. But he was ultimately unproven, an enigma, as many were Champions for only a little while.

He finally saw the man he was supposed to be traveling with, long after he got prepared. There were others around him, including two Eli's (one Eli Moto, and another Eli Connor), the two aformentioned Mages, and a variety of others. They were the top scorers in their classes, or were proven to be bada** battlers, or both. Markus had fair grades, but his defeat of a Mr. Mime with a Nidoran was what landed him here, so he belonged in the latter catagory. Either way, they totaled nine, ten with the Defense Master. Ten people. One Journey through Kanto. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. And Markus knew it too. Every last single thing could go wrong. He KNEW he needed that knife and that lighter. He KNEW he would need every last little Penny. He KNEW that Max would, eventually, fail them. And not on purpose, not just to teach them a lesson, not to spar with them: No, when they needed it most. He would be prepared. Or dead. He liked the former option, personally.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Max said. As if he didn't know the answer.

Markus answered ASAP (As Sarcastic As Possible): "Good question. What ARE we waiting for? A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!" Markus barked. He wasn't in the best mood. 15 minutes late. He was impatiant. The DM didn't get off to a terrific start.

Epic was a nicer Mon than his master was a person. This did not equal that he did not agree with his master on more reasonable points, and the lateness of their guide was one of them. He looked on towards the DM, piercingly, but not angrily-more like, as if to figure out the answer first. Nidoran weren't Psychic, but they could give a nasty stare.

06-23-2012, 08:04 PM
Xiac Kanoshi
Viridian City
Rented Room to Pokemon School

I woke up in a daze, struggling to keep my eyes open. What was the time? Turning to my side, I saw a digital clock blaring at me in bright red lights – 7:00 am. I groaned, turning back over with difficulty. I wanted my sleep, but I knew I couldn't risk it – it was my big day after all; today was the day that I'd be setting off on my adventure... I really was excited, even though my groggy-state contradicted this.

“Psy,” moaned a familiar voice to the side of my bed. I peered over and saw Slick, my Psyduck, sitting up slowly. His arms raised themselves ever-so-slowly to his head, and there they stayed. I smiled, reaching over and patting his head, his small tuft of hair tickling the skin on my hand.

“Good morning buddy,” I yawned, sitting up myself in the cosy single-bed. I stretched my arms and groaned louder, my mind soon putting itself back together. Sitting there, I stared at the door across from me in a daze – I was slowly putting together what I'd need to take with me to the School.

As I sat there, staring idly, the door opened. The sound of the wood creaking snapped me out of my thoughts, my next focus was then on an elderly man.

“Ah, you're awake,” he stated, carrying in a tray of warm milk and buttered toast. This was Mr Tenchi, the owner of this room – I've been renting it out for the past two years that I've been studying at the Pokemon School. He was a kind man, although he did have his disadvantages.

He placed the tray on my lap – I was quite surprised he had made me breakfast and I was ready to decline the offer, but he placed it down firmly and stared me down. “You will eat it,” he explained. I grinned, using my manners and saying my “thank you” before digging in. Within a matter of moments I was finished, all the while he had sat on the side of the bed watching. Of course, though, I had left a slice of toast for Slick. Handing it to him, he said his own “thank you” in the form of “Psssssy” and greedily ate it in one bite.

Mr Tenchi took the tray from my lap and then informed me generously,

“Now, don't you fret about paying this month's rent – you'll be needing that yourself during your adventure.” I stared at him, at a loss for words. I was going to refuse, but he furrowed his eyebrows in a polite way to say 'I'm not done speaking, so shut up'. “Besides,” he said, “you can always pay me back when you become rich from being a famous trainer – or by hooking me up with some pretty ladies.” He winked and smiled his mostly toothless grin – this was his disadvantage. I sighed as he walked out of the room, laughing the laugh of a senile old man. I grinned – he was lovely.

Within a matter of moments I had packed my bag with extra clothes and other items, ushered Slick up and then we made our way towards the School. The weather was lovely – the sun was shining brightly, the Pidgeys were singing and the grass swayed gently in the warm breeze. I smiled faintly – this was it.

After reaching the large, impressive exterior of the School, I inhaled deeply and entered with Slick by my side. I made my way to the Dining Hall, as were we instructed to the day before, and I froze on the spot. There were quite a few of us heading out on this adventure, meaning that I was rather lucky to have been given the chance to actually participate in this. I swallowed hard, this was my opportunity to prove myself. In circumstances like this, people would usually be either scared or nervous – I wasn't. Usually, I was quite calm within these situations – I'm not sure why, I'm just naturally relaxed.

I sat myself at an empty seat on the table, not taking much care as to who I was sat next to. Slick tried climbing up onto my lap, letting out a struggling “Pssy” as he finally pulled himself up. I ruffled his head, causing him to look at me.

“This is it, buddy. From here on out, we prove how strong we are. Are you ready?” I asked, my words acting as encouragement for the small duck-like Pokemon. He sat there for a few moments, pondering – or was he going over his past to further motivate himself?

“Psy!” he agreed, planting his hands back onto his head – indicating his usual headache was back. I sighed – the pause earlier must have been to calm the pain. I looked at him, I never liked seeing him in pain.

“Don't worry, as soon as you become stronger you won't have any more pain – I promise,” I explained, but really it was more hopeful than a statement.

“Well, what are we waiting for?" asked a rather late teacher; it was Max, our Defensive Master. I looked at him as rather a teacher than a protector, but I knew his role was otherwise during this adventure. Some of the trainers reacted to his words, standing up and preparing for the road ahead. I sat there, knowing there was no need to start moving until everybody was ready.

"Good question. What ARE we waiting for? A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!" replied a rather infuriated student. I laughed at his words, simply saying to him,

“Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed.” My explanation was valid – this kid seemed very rash – a lot like me; however, I knew when to relax in certain situations, it was fine to act first rather than think in some instances.

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Eternal Moonlight
06-24-2012, 06:31 AM
Leah Reed
Viridian City (Trainer School)
5,588 characters (5 points)

The clock would ring at 6:30 sharp, like it did every morning. However, more often than not, its obnoxious buzzing was in vain, the intended target was already awake. In the past few months, Leah had taken a shine to waking up insanely early, but insisted on keeping the alarm on, just in case. This morning was not one that would have required the safety net, the blonde having been up for almost an hour already. She’d been doing some last minute reading, although it was hardly necessary. By now, she could probably recite most of its content by memory.

Making the clock extra useless was her already being dressed, cleaned up and packed, the latter having been accomplished days ago. She simply sighed in annoyance when the buzzer went off, setting the hardcover on her desk and going to switch it off.

For Axel the Eevee though, the loud noise did have its purpose. Unlike Leah, the Pokémon tended to sleep in when left to his own vices. This was probably not the best day in indulge in extra slumber, considering its importance.

Today was the teenager’s first as a trainer. Actually, Leah intended on spending more time researching than anything else, but the label could still apply. Either way, it was day number one of her journey, one that had been anticipated. However, one couldn’t tell from looking at her now.

She was dressed in her typical attire, a snowy white shirt made a little livelier by the addition of red tipping the edge of the sleeves. Matching this was a short plaid skirt of identical colour, but her legs were covered by off black tights. Either way, Leah looked more like she was headed to study hall then out in the wilderness.

Her face didn’t show any signs of excitement, a typical “meh” was what most would see. A careful observer would note her hazel eyes were just a slightly bit brighter than usual, but that was the extent of visible enthusiasm.

Instead of returning to her reading, the girl placed a plain bookmark to keep her page, which was located around the middle of the hardcover. She proceeded to add it to her bag, which appeared full, but not stuffed. In fact, everything had been neatly organised, from extra clothes to water, each had its own place.

Actually, this level of neatness applied to her entire room. Already, the small bed had been made, carpet well vacuumed and surfaces spotless. “Don’t be such a Mankey,” her parents had often scolded, and as such, grew to keep her spaces clean. In fact, Leah was very much a perfectionist, which both served and harmed her depending on the situation.

Axel rolled lazily from his bed, earning an unimpressed glance from his trainer, who was brushing her head of already tidy hair. In fact, the brush was one of them few items still in need of packing, but was soon going to join the rest of Leah’s stuff. She continued to gaze at her her Eevee as he stretched, a sleepy glaze coating his eyes. No, waking up early was not his forte.

“We’re going soon,” she announced flatly, packing the last of her things. He gave her a sluggish nod, as if he’d only been half-listening.

Her destination was a very close walk, and Leah would have been too early had she not taken a detour. Walking the morning was supposedly good for one’s health, although getting a final look at everything was the intended goal. However, if anybody asked, they’d get the first point in a neutral tone and nothing more than that.

One thing of note had been a stray slingshot resting on a windowsill, obviously forgotten or abandoned by one of the other students here. Of course, the blonde barely gave it a second glance, although her Eevee seemed quite interested in the foreign item. Had he been taller, he probably would have claimed it for himself. After staring at the wooden object for a few moments, Axel was called over by his trainer and quite reluctantly left it behind.

Apart from that, Leah didn’t say anything. She was a little nervous, excited and eager to get going on the adventure of a lifetime. Of course, her face didn’t show any of these emotions; it was simply flat and devoid of sentiment. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody however, that’s how she usually carried herself. Anything else would have been stunning.

Axel was defiantly the more outward of the duo. He had moments of dumb curiosity, but was very conscious of his environment. Also, he was a bit of a pyro, as a result, was kept away from matches. That’s right, despite being a quadrupedal Pokémon; he was quite capable of using matches and even lighters.

Finally, they reached their target, the dining hall. It was a fairly large space, and Leah glanced around the room. There were already a few other students present, although it didn’t seem like there were too many interactions taking place. Although the blonde did recognise a few of them, none were actually known. Being anti-social, she made sure to pick a seat a bit off from the main hub, but close enough to be in speaking range.

Apart from the others, the girl had also noticed a distinct lack of the Defensive Master. She didn’t really care about waiting, despite wanting to get going.

Axel, on the other hand, was a little annoyed at being made to wait. Without being invited, he hopped onto the seat, poking his head over the table. He let out a low sound, eyeing the doors, as if waiting for someone to come in.

“Settle down,” Leah stated, noticing the Eevee’s posture had changed. She couldn’t always read him too well, but when he got like this, he was an open book. In response, he simply eyed her before slumping back, still not impressed. Sometimes, Axel didn’t understand his trainer, although her reactions tended to be predictable. He hadn’t been her Pokémon for very long, but enough time had lapsed to grasp her typical behavior. Still, she remained difficult to read, unless being a monotone jerk was her true character all along. Somehow though, the Eevee doubted that much. She was too involved with school work and stuff to be truly lacking emotively.

“Well, what are we waiting for?" The sound of the familiar voice attracted the attention of those in the room. It was Max, the late Defensive Master. At first, the only real reaction had been shuffling, most preparing to embark on their adventures.

"Good question. What ARE we waiting for? A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!" Someone ended up snapping, clearly unhappy with having to wait. It had been about fifteen minutes since the intended meet time, although it had done nothing to rattle Leah.

“Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed.” Another responded, most truthfully. The blonde didn’t respond in any way though, simply getting her bag in hand, waiting for the next move.

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2012, 05:53 AM
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Shay Miru
Viridian Trainer School
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I was already up and dressed, and out the door of the Trainer School. The sun was just rising over the horizon, and the cool air felt nice. Asharas was around my shoulders, her warm flames being sure not to singe my hair. I was only in my tank top, leaving my sweater hung on a low tree branch in the back yard behind the building, mostly used for training. Rocks littered the field, ranging from small pebbles to larger boulders, almost as if they outlined the patches of bare dirt where many feet and claws had worn away at the grass, leaving it forever bare. I looked down at Asharas, who was still trying to rub the sleepiness out of her eyes as she yawned a smoky yawn. I smiled and patted her head.

“Come on, just because we’re doing something new doesn’t mean the schedule’s gonna change bud.”

Asharas sneezed and hopped over to the nearest rock, her flame blazing away in the shadow of the building behind us. She raised her claws and started attacking the rock with a simple Scratch attack. Of course, as I watched, it didn’t look like it was doing much to the stone at all, but small claw marks were seen after a few minutes. My Charmander’s claws were sharp, and I was trying to train her in learning a useful attack known as Metal Claw. Normally one would focus on what their Pokémon were exceptionally good at, that being fire attacks, but I didn’t train like everyone else. Asharas had a pretty good Ember attack already, one that showed promise enough and something I could focus on training later. I knew Asharas would train without my constant watch, so I found another tree and started doing my own arm lifts with another branch that was just high enough to give me a few inches off the ground as I hung from it. I pulled myself up and down in synch with Asharas’ Scratch attacks, feeling her energy as well has her feeling mine. The two of us were like sisters; inseparable family with a strong bond. Many wondered why Asharas hadn’t evolved yet, as I had the shiny Charmander for years. I simply told them she decided if she evolved, and if so, when she would. Pokémon wasn’t about evolution, it was about bonding. I certainly liked them better than human beings, Pokémon seemed to have a better understanding of things, and also they didn’t piss me off as much.


I got down from my branch with a bit of a thud, my arms feeling inflamed from so much exercise work. I looked at Asharas’ progress, seeing a significant gash in the stone. As she continued to claw though, there wasn’t that extra shine indicating a Metal Claw attack just yet. As I thunked down on my rear and leaned against the tree, she came back and sat next to me left side. I looked at her small claws, seeing them scuffed up from the rock. I pulled out a small container of powder from my backpack, taking some of it and spreading it on my Charmander’s claws. She snorted at the smell but was relieved by the powder as it healed her sore claws. For a few minutes, we sat there and relaxed, enjoying the time as the sun finally peaked over the roof of the school. I figured it was still early enough in the morning for a walk, so let Asharas walk next to me as I picked up my sweater and backpack, hanging them over my shoulders as we took a walk around the grounds.

Normally, I wasn’t a people person; I was at home, surrounded by Pokémon from all over the world. I started learning about Pokémon since I could remember my first days of my life. I didn’t have any of my own back then but I didn’t have any people to play with. My parent’s Pokémon were always there for me, and they listened to me when I wanted to battle them. The only reason I was here was to help with some project to allow the League again. I wanted to travel and battle all sorts of people and become one of the highest ranked Trainers in the world, but more importantly, I wanted to meet and gain the trust of all kinds of new Pokémon. People, I was skeptical about. Sure not all of them were bad, but some were. Yeah some Pokémon weren’t the most pleasant either, but people…just not my thing, too complicated and they got on my nerves. Keeping my distance from these new trainers was going to be hard, and I wasn’t going to put up with any crap from them either. If they left me alone, I left them alone, but immaturity I wasn’t going to stand for. Yes, I was classified as a ‘new trainer’ but I had years of experience with Pokémon already, and that was the thing that set me apart from these people. I had seen Pokémon outside of Kanto, even Johto. Being from Johto, I most likely had seen and knew of other things some of these kids weren’t even aware of. Kids? Yeah sure they were my age, at least some of them, but age meant nothing, they were kids to me until they proved themselves otherwise through wisdom and skill. I wasn’t putting myself above anyone, I had my own level of which I kept myself apart from everyone else. I’ll admit, I didn’t get people, and I wasn’t too sure I wanted to get them. I was happy with just Pokémon , and right now, Asharas was all I needed.

Asharas…as she walked next to me, I could only think of how many things may have deterred me from the path of which I found her; She was gold, and not orange, being told by experts not too long ago, she was known as a ‘shiny Pokémon’. Apparently they were incredibly rare in the wild, even hatching them from an egg like she was, was something even more rare. I wasn’t concerned about her colour, though it was pretty neat I had a very rare Charmander. I was happy she was in my life and not elsewhere, far worse off, or even dead. She gave me a goal in life and it was pretty hard to imagine my life without her. Having your best friend with you for years, someone who seemed was going to be by your side forever, was pretty awesome. I knew forever wasn’t something that was going to be achieved, but I still liked to think of it as forever.


As we made our way back to the Trainer School, I figured it was time to go back to our room and pack up my pack. I went into my temporary room in the loft, and replaced everything in my backpack, knowing some Master of Defense or something was going to protect us on this journey. To be honest I found it a bit of a hypocritical decision, but I wasn’t calling the shots and I suppose it made sense just in case some of the other kids couldn’t handle it. Then again we were trying to prove to whoever called this whole shebang together that we could handle it. That was the one thing I wasn’t sure about in the idea of doing this project. Still, at any time I could leave, I knew I could. May be a downer to my parents but they know I don’t make a decision without at least thinking a bit about it first.

Once my bag was packed, I put Asharas’ Pokeball on my waist band under my sweater, and pulled my hat on. I adjusted the zippers on my vest to make sure they didn’t get stuck, especially on the sleeves to make sure I could unzip them more easily if today ended up being hot. My Charmander garnered herself on my shoulders, careful not to singe my hair once more, or the brim of my hat as we proceeded downstairs for some breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry, and preferred eating right off the bush so to speak, but free food was free food. At this time, no one was really around, at least anyone I bothered to pay attention to at the moment. I picked a corner next to the window, and sat there quietly without a word, having Asharas nibble away at a Razz berry. It wasn’t her favorite berry but she needed the sugar after that hard work out.

As time passed, more people began to walk into the dining hall. I kept to my corner and didn’t say a word. Some of the initial vibes of some people, I didn’t like at first glance. Then again I didn’t like a lot of people at first glance, but this time I was at least trying to get past that bit. There was a blonde kid with a Nidoran, I didn’t like the vibe he gave off. Then another guy with a Psyduck, a Poliwag, a Machop, soon this ‘team’ seemed to be coming together. At least there was Pokémon diversity, but only of the region I noticed. Something interesting to see considering this is where all Kanto Pokémon came from before it was known as Kanto.

I zoned out there, Asharas sitting on my lap. One of the hardest thing about having her, was that her colouring attracted much unwanted attention. Too many comments about how pretty she was, or her rarity, few ever commented on how well she looked physically and how well taken care of she was. Yes, I took great care of Asharas and I made sure that it was clear and shown, but not shown off. My Pokémon meant more to me than my own safety. It may have been a flaw, but I didn’t see it as such.

My thoughts were abruptly startled when some adult barged in through the door. Looking at the time, it was passed eight, which was when we were supposed to have started. As others began gathering around, I stood up lingering behind everyone else. Crowds weren’t my thing and this whole ‘team’ idea didn’t sit comfortably on my shoulders as Asharas did. I could feel her clinging to my shoulder as we walked forward. I heard this new guy ask about something regarding what we were waiting for. To be honest, that was a fairly good question, as I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for either. Before I could even shrug, I heard the blonde kid with the Nidoran speak up in the most sickeningly sarcastic tone possible.

Yep, knew there was a reason I didn’t like this kid. His sarcastic response was so thick, I felt like choking him on it. As the boy with the Psyduck beat me to a comment, his calmed me down just a bit. At least there was someone who wouldn’t get on my nerves…hopefully. Still, that didn’t mean I was going to let it slide.

“Maybe we’re waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity.” I told him with a calm but firm voice. “He’s a Defensive Master for a reason, and you aren’t a Defensive Master. I’d suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job.”

Asharas snorted smoke at the disrespectful kid, though gave a look at me. I could tell that look was to be a bit nicer and not so boldly brash towards others. Yeah, I didn’t know the kid, but I’m sorry, the guy was clearly busy with other things, and was appointed Defense Master for a reason. If anyone had a brain, they could figure out he had some skill and important things to do. Before the Nidoran kid could respond, I walked out the dining hall and waited in the hallway for everyone else. I wanted to get a move on as much as some of these people seemed to display, however I wasn’t going to be rude about it. Sure, the kid didn’t say he could do a better job, but it seemed like he may have thought he could. I wasn’t against confidence but I was against a big ego that suffocated everyone else that walked in. Sure, I wasn’t going to be the nicest girl in the group, but I was going to make it clear that no one was to mess with me, or there was going to be very serious problems for them. Asharas didn’t take kindly to disrespectful people either, but she was kinder hearted than I was, I often received looks to be nicer to people. I couldn’t help it, I spoke my mind most times and knew that there were consequences to actions.

Let’s just hope I didn’t have a reason to give anyone their own consequences…

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Persephone Silverton (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3397370&postcount=5)
Grass Ace.
Viridian City.
Character Count: 7439 (5 Pts)

Persephone was, as a general rule, an early riser. She absolutely loved to see the dawning of each new day just as the first rays of life-giving sunlight touched the horizon. She could practically feel the light soaking into her small body, giving her new energy and vigor... As well as sunburns, but Persephone didn't like to think about that aspect of sunlight. Heat and light and photosynthesis were much happier than painful, damaged skin.

That morning, Persephone watched the sunrise from the thick, sturdy branches of one of her favorite trees. Beside her sat her faithful companion: Laurel, the Bulbasaur, who had been her best friend and partner for as long as she could remember. He loved this tree, too - especially the delicious Oran berries that hung from the branches within easy Vine-Whipping range. A vine shot out of Laurel's bulb and snatched a berry, as if on the same track as Persephone's thoughts. He offered it to her, and she accepted it with a murmured thanks and took a bite of the fresh fruit. Delicious.

Once the great ball of fire had risen somewhat above the horizon, but not before the tint of rosy pink had drained from the puffy clouds overhead, Persephone slowly began the task of climbing down. She was completely ready for the day - she had gotten dressed, showered, and packed all before the sun was up and headed out here for her last glimpse of the wild green woods that were as much her home as the house she had lived in in Viridian all her life. All she needed to do was grab her bag - which waited for her at the foot of her tree - and head to the Trainer's School. She would probably be early, which she liked. Persephone loved early things: early risers, early blossoms, early Pinaps... Smiling at the thought, Persephone hopped off the last branch and fell roughly six feet. She landed smoothly, her small body absorbing the shock with an ease born of practice. Laurel thumped to the ground beside her, having used his vines to navigate the wooden maze.

"Come on, let's go!" said Persephone, her voice loaded with excitement. For the first time she felt excitement bubbling up within her. Before today, the 'journey' thing had seemed far-off and unreal. But now, on the day of, it seemed as if it had always been a part of her life. She reached for her bag, ready to take on the world... But it wasn't there. Not the world, that is. Her bag was missing. Persephone's reaching hand closed on empty space.

"What's the matter?" Laurel appeared at Persephone's feet, his round red eyes seeming quite confused. Persephone shook her head and gestured to the bag-less spot beside her. She was certain she had left it on that exact tree root.

"My bag's gone!" she said, her voice rising in panic. Without her bag full of precious supplies - dried fruit pieces to snack on, a change of clothes, a couple of Pokeballs and her sketchbook - the journey would be absolutely rotten. "I left it right here, and now it's gone! You have to help me look for it, Laurel!"

The Bulbasaur yawned. "Are you sure you didn't just misplace it?" he asked. Most people would have merely heard him repeating fragments of his name, but Persephone had a great deal of empathy for things in nature, Pokemon included, and she was able to understand, although this ability didn't work very well with anything other than grass-types. Yet. "Maybe you set it on some other tree root. It's nothing to panic over."

"Yes it is!" Persephone began, but a noise from deeper in the forest made her start. Cautiously she peered over the tree root... And found a pastel-blue Nidoran digging through my bag. I screwed up my nose. Poison-types, great. Sure, a lot of Grass-types were part Poison, but that didn't make the little beasties any less repulsive - or dangerous. Nidoran venom, while not particularly potent, was not something Perephone wanted to mess with.

Cautiously she said to it, "Hey there, little missie. That's my bag, so if you wouldn't mind stepping off of it..." she gave the Nidoran her best reassuring smile. It glared up at Persephone for a moment before releasing a contemptuous hiss and popping a slice of dried-up Cheri berry in its mouth. Persephone glared right back, outraged that it thought it could just eat her food like that!

"Listen," Persephone said, trying to keep her voice calm, "that's my stuff. And I really need it. How about this: you take the fruit and then move, and I'll take the bag? How does that sound?" the Nidoran frowned, as if it was genuinely considering this. Then it deftly snatched another couple of fruit pieces in one claw before walking away, disappearing into the forest again. Persephone heaved a sigh of relief and put the rest of the fruit in the front pouch of her bag. That was for Laurel, whose sturdy body was impervious to most natural poisons. She would just have to buy more fruit at a Pokemart.

Eager to make up for the delay, Persephone slung her bag over one shoulder and rushed for Viridian. When she got there, it was still only about seven o'clock, but that didn't stop her from fretting. She ran right into the Trainers' school, a bunch of apologies ready on her tongue. However, she found that she was nothing close to late - the school was practically deserted. She sighed.

"See?" asked Laurel. "You're getting too stressed-out. There's nothing you need to worry about except getting some breakfast. And, more importantly, getting me some breakfast."

Persephone rolled her eyes at her Bulbasaur. "Fine. Although after how you pigged out on those Oran berries..." she let the sentence hang. Laurel shot her a look of indignation from wide red eyes.

"Hey!" he exclaimed. "I'm a growing Pokemon!"

That coaxed a laugh out of even tense Persephone. Shaking her head mirthfully, she walked into the cafeteria, which was still mostly empty. She picked out delicious Pechas-and-cream oatmeal for herself, a tangy, tender Greppa berry for Laurel, and an out-of-the-way table at which they could sit and eat their breakfast in peace. As they munched, they watched the cafeteria fill up, noting the familiar faces of the Trainers they were to be traveling with. There was irritable Markus, with his bleach blond hair and his Nidoran, which Persephone especially didn't trust now. There were her fellow aces: shy, fire-loving Leah, anti-social Eti, and cool, curt Shay, who frankly seemed to be drowning in her gray hoodie. There were the Mages, whom Persephone found hard to trust given the nature of their abilities. But there was still no sign of Max, and he had claimed he would be there fifteen minutes ago.

Then, suddenly, there was a sound at the door. Persphone whirled around to see none other than the Defense Master standing in the doorway. He had a pleasant smile on his face, the warmth somewhat belied by the scruffy wildness of his snow-white hair. "What are we waiting for?" he asked, surveying his students as if genuinely surprised they were all still sitting there. Laurel blinked up at him like he thought the teacher was mad.

"Good question. What ARE we waiting for?" Markus's angry voice broke through the crowd. Persephone looked toward him, alarmed - getting angry like that was no way to begin a journey! "A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!"

"Calm the heck down," growled Laurel, wincing as he munched an especially sour bite of Greppa. "It's not the end of the world that we have to wait fifteen minutes." Persephone shot him a scathing glare. Conflict was not an option!

Immediately a clamor broke out. “Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed.” That was Xiac, a specialist in Water-type Pokemon. Usually he was a bit impetuous, but right now he sounded rather like a voice of reason. Persephone was glad of that.

However, Shay, master of birds, had to put her two Poke in as well. “Maybe we’re waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity," she snarled. Her own voice oozed with the sarcasm she was speaking against. “He’s a Defensive Master for a reason, and you aren’t a Defensive Master. I’d suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job.”

Persephone took a deep breath. She had to step in before it came to an argument. In her most soothing tone, the same tone she had used on the Nidoran earlier, she said to both of them, "Why don't we all just take a step back and calm down. We're all here for a reason, including Markus; it's because we were the best they could find for whatever area we're delving into. And Max is here - late or otherwise - for a reason too. There's nothing to gain by arguing with him." Satisfied, she sat back, hoping that the hotheaded Markus would be able to see reason.

Neku Sakuraba
06-26-2012, 05:22 PM
Viridian City - Trainer School

Oh, this is so boring! Quinn thought to himself. He was wearing a navy blue suit. The other one he wears is just part of a Halloween getup. Quinn hated school. But not all of it. Mainly the classes about battling, because it seems so fun to just battle, but it was so boring to learn about it. He looked around, and saw a kid with a Psyduck, a blond kid with a Nidoran (M), and another one with a Shiny Charmander.

"Man, they look like they're having more fun than me," Quinn says, under his breath.

Just then, he saw someone walk over to the kid with the Nidoran. He couldn't help but hear, since he wasn't too far from them.

"...you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!" Apparently, that kid's name is Markus. Sounds like he's got a little bit of a temper.

"Hey, Virgo, how are you holding up?" Quinn asked his Cleffa. He loved his Cleffa more than anything, so he usually keeps it out at all times and let's her ride on his back. Virgo was kept in the hole that would be made by picking up the top of the desk. It had some air holes in it, so she could breath, a worn out Moon Stone that Virgo could fiddle with, and a small bowl that Quinn would usually fill with Oran or Leppa Berries. Sometimes, he would put it a Chesto Berry, or a Poffin.

"Cleffa, clef, clef!" Virgo replied to him excitedly. School was almost over, and Quinn hadn't bothered to go over and talk to the people who were arguing. He thought that he might make things worse, but someone else had already broken up the argument. Now, school was out. The bell signifying it. Quinn was walking up to his dorm when he bumped into Markus.

"Hey!" Markus yelled at Quinn. "What's your deal?! You just bumped into me!"

"..." Quinn wasn't much of a talker around people he hasn't really met. "Sorry."

"Nevermind," Markus replied to Quinn's empty response. "I've got other things to get to."

Quinn just stood there, watching others walking by to their dorms. He was thinking about the incident that just happened with Markus.

"Clef?" Virgo asked him as he was just standing there.

"Hm? No, I'm fine" Quinn replied. He saw the kid with the Psyduck walk by him.

"Hey!" Quinn shouted out to him. "How do you stay so calm?"

"I don't know what you're asking," He replied.

"I'm talking about the fight. How'd you stay so calm and come up with a solution?"

"Oh, that?" He asked. "I dunno. It's just kinda...natural for me."

"Oh," Quinn replied. "Thanks! I'm Quinn" He held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Quinn" he replied. "I'm Xiac."

As Quinn watched Xiac leave to his dorm room, he went into his dorm room and just fell onto the bed. Oh, God, I'll never survive this place. After that, Quinn just sorta...fell asleep.

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Akira Hinomi (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3396919&postcount=56)
Viridian City, Trainer School, Girl's Dormitories, Private Quarters
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I'd been in this school for two years now, after transferring from the high school back in Saffron. My parents had convinced me that I could complete my high school eduction here, while also learning about Pokemon for when I turned 25. It was pretty fun really, learning about all different kinds of Pokemon-related subjects. I was loaned some, but my parents had sent explicit instructions not to allow me Pokemon until I was deemed ready. I wasn't really sure how I made the cut for this experiment, if the criteria for choosing who would go was the same for everybody, or even what they were looking for in the extensive testing I was forced into, but I had received notice of being chosen months prior. Mom and dad were delighted and sent me an egg as a gift. That's how I met Trixie, the playful Gastly who lived with me in the recent months. After determining that it was a female I decided to put a pink bow on her head and tie it in the back. It looked like a headband from the front, just above the eyes, but then went kinda diagonally down her gaseous body. We had to use really thin threads so it wouldn't weigh her down and would phase with her when she went through things or turned invisible as Ghost types usually enjoy doing.

On this particular day I woke up at 5am to start to get ready. Still in my nightgown I started to think about packing. I wanted to pack a couple days prior, but kept forgetting until it was too late and I was sleepy the previous night. So I just set my alarm for 5am and went to bed early. At least I had set my pack out on the table by my bed yesterday. Let's see. What to bring? Well naturally a couple changes of clothes were important. I tossed the neatly folded clothes into the pack. Camping equipment? Did I really need them? Surely somebody else would bring them? Better to be safe then sorry. I pulled the self opening/closing tent from under my bed that I previously bought with my allowance. It was big enough for four people and smallish Pokemon to sleep in comfortably. What else? Tools were important. Taking out the small box with essential tools in it I put it in one of the pockets. You never know when you might need a standard screwdriver or tiny rechargeable flashlight. In the mini-toolbox went. A couple Pokeballs for the road, my Pokedex which had only a couple entries in it, some candy bars, and plenty of money that my parents had mailed for this trip. I then proceeded to throw in other items I might need until I was satisfied. Hmm what do do now? Trixie still wasn't back yet. A shower would do me good. Time to have a nice, slow, 45 minute shower to clean up every part of my body.


I brushed my teeth and hair, then changed into my usual clothes and put my PokeGear on my left arm like the watch it was. I had packed another two pairs of the same thing, and a second pair of shoes. Glancing at the PokeGear, it was almost 6am as Trixie floated in through the closed window. Yea, through the closed window.

“About time. Been out messing with people at night again?” I asked the puff of gas.

“Gast.” She nodded at me, then looked around the room and back to me. “Gas gast?”

“Yes, today is the day. We should get going.” I said to her as I put the bag over my shoulder and put my cape on. We left the room I was using, headed down the hall, then down some stairs to the dining hall.

It was nearly empty, with some early arrivals. Some people from our group arriving early to wait and have breakfast. We slowly gravitated to where food was being served. I ordered my usual breakfast, one that most people freaked out when they saw it: Bacon, omelet, and HOTDOGS. I like plenty of meat in the morning and my quick metabolism just burns it off. Accepting the plates from the lady, we sat down near the counter with the food, on the opposite side of the door. This gave me a good vantage point for when the Master showed up. I then proceeded to munch my food loudly and noisily. What? Not every lady eats like a lady. Trixie slurped her food up with her long tongue, then lowered the plate back down. We had a second helping, then a third, then a forth, a fifth, and a sixth until finally we were full. The plates were stacked one on top of the other on the table we were eating at. “Where do you put it all?” Asked the lady at the food counter. I just smiled at her, winked, then giggled. “I'll never tell.” I answered, and honestly I had no idea either. It was still 7am. Plenty of time to take a short nap after a good breakfast. I fell asleep silently next to the stacked plates.


A nice dreamless nap later, I was awoken by Trixie headbutting me in the back, probably sensing something. I yawned loudly, stretched, and looked around as the others started to gather around Master Max. I was not really in a hurry and walked up last. It was just in time to hear him ask what we were waiting for in a friendly manner, only to be yelled at by a particularly nasty sounding boy who was quickly silenced by the others. Not liking that one already.

I decided to be funny at that point as I walked up to the group, Trixie following behind me. I also picked up a desert tray with a fudge cupcake on it and brought it with me, eating it slowly. “Uhm, hi guys. What are we waiting for? Maybe me? I did kinda walk up last since I was napping after my big breakfast.” I answered the Master's question with a cheeky grin, followed by shuffling my feet uncomfortably.

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Viridian City, Trainer School

Max rushes into the dinning hall. With an apologetic smile on his face he says
"well, what are you waiting for."
Max stands in front of teenagers, he knows that he must appear as the Defensive Master that they were expecting. Never one for words, Max prefers to do, rather than speak. He watches there reaction to his words. He can feel the tension in the air. One of the students stands up right away, questioning what he said. This student is abrasive from the get go, Max knows he is dealing the Fire Trainer. He looks at the student and can't help but think of the beast he had fought the night before. Max can sense the students anger and fear. Right before he speaks up a couple of students stand up and defend him. He allows them to finish talking before he finally speaks up.

"Seven years ago a trainer not much younger than yourselves embarked on her journey. After traveling for three months she disappeared in the darkness and never to be seen or heard from again. When she disappeared the best trackers from all over the world were sent to find her. After six months of searching they found nothing. All that's left of her now, is a faded headstone in an empty field. When she disappeared there were more than a thousand active trainers also on their journeys. Currently there are less than 15 in each region. The world is now a much different place. I was hired for the sole purpose of making sure that none of you shared her fates. I said yes to this mission not for the money, but because I was one of the people selected to find the missing girl. Even after the search was called off I continued searching for well over a year. Until her disappearance I had spent most of my life hiding in darkest places waiting to capture the scariest pokemon imaginable. My life was about me. After that moment everything changed. I made a promise to myself that I would do what I could to make sure that never happened again. "

Max pauses for a moment. He can't help but feel that pain in the pit of his gut again. As if acid was bubbling up in his stomach. His thoughts circle the months he spent searching for that poor girl. He snaps out of it only after he tells himself that this group will be safe.

"Each of you have been selected because of a quality you posses. A quality that will be needed to help you on this journey, But you'll need more than that to get through this. You will need to work as a team, the most important thing you will do on this journey is hopefully learn to put aside all those petty differences and embrace what unique gifts each of you have to offer. Your decisions will effect not only you, but every young trainer who dreams of being able to start a journey."

Max knows what he said is obvious, but he felt it had to be said. As he stands there one of the other teachers comes in from the hallway and taps him on the shoulder. Max and the other teacher leave the dinning hall to talk. The older man bows his head down.

"Master Max, forgive my intrusions, the local news is gathering outside. They would like to talk to the students before you head out."

Max looks at him and bows his head to show respect, Max seems disappointed with the question.
" Master Yin, I'm not sure sending the kids out there in front of the cameras is a good idea. These students are just starting out. Turning them into local celebrities might effect there focus."

Master Yin is a much older man he is a very respected battling master. While, He is not a very tall man, his presence is felt when he speaks. He shows a lot of respect to Max's opinion and listens to him very carefully.

"I respectfully disagree, the students need to know that they have the whole world watching over them. They are already receiving fan mail, the support could boost there confidence and help them on their journey. However, this decision is yours and yours alone." Master Yin says in a respectful way.

Max takes a moment to think about this. He remembers what it was like when he first appeared on the news after capturing Moltres. For months both Misty and himself were followed wherever they went. The pressure he felt from the press was tremendous. Max had to give up tracking and move to Cerulean City for the public to finally lose interest. He feared what might happen to students if they were faced with that kind of pressure.

"Master Yin, I must request a great favor of you. I would like you to go into the dinning hall and tell the students they are to head out immediately. Look for Xiac Kanoshi he will have a Psyduck with him and Shay Miru she will be with a Charmander. Approach them first, let them know that they are to lead the group up Route Two to edge of the edge of the Viridian Forest. Once they reach the forest they are to secure a camp site and wait."

Master Yin pauses for a moment.
"This is a strange request, how do you plan on getting passed all the reporters?"

Max smiles at him and replies.
"Its best that you don't know this part Master Yin. Oh and one more thing tell them to wait for my signal. They will know it when it happens. Its going to be loud!"

Yin nods and heads into the dinning hall. He takes a moment to look around at the students. He approaches Xiac and Shay.
"Excuse me young Master Xiac and young Master Shay, I have a message of great importance for you. Master Max has requested that you and the team get ready to go on his signal. I'm not sure of what that is, but he said you would hear it. You are to take the team out the back doors of the building and make your way to Route Two. Once on Route Two, head north to the edge of Viridian Forest. Secure a camp site and wait for Master Max's arrival. Oh, and your to do this with the utmost stealth. No one can see you or your group leave this building."

Master Yin steps back and looks at the children.
"Well young masters, good luck on your journey. Before I say goodbye I have snuck each of you a parting gift. Dont tell Master Max."
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out nine
Yin hands one to each student and smiles before leaving the room.

At the other end of the building Max has reached the front doors of the school. He peers out the front window and sees reporters setting up cameras. He pauses from a moment and presses down on the Z-Dex releasing Download's hologram.
"Impressive batch of youngesters.."
Max interupts
"Shut up Download, I need you to send me electric spirit right now."
The lights from the hologram flickers as Download analyses the request.
"Sir, that particular Pokemon is very difficult to control. It has on numerous occasions caused power outages as well as reports of haunted appliances!"
Max laughs
"Exactly, not to many people are familiar with it. Which gives us the edge here. I need it to help me cause a scene and distract the reporters so the students can sneak away."
Once again the Hologram flickers as Download exchanges Pokemon.
"Good luck with that sir."
Download disappears and the Z-Dex turns off. Max reaches for two Pokeballs on his belt. He pulls out the first ball and releases a 2'9" tall purple pokemon.
"Sun come out!"

Max kneels down to pet her.
"Sun I need your help!"

Sun, is an Espeon. She is a very friendly Pokemon. She is a little bit smaller then other Espeons but makes up for that with increased speed. She has been with Max since he was a teenager and the two share a very strong psychic bond. She jumps up and down with joy when he asks her for help. Max smiles and looks at her.

"Do you remember that little trick we played on those rude kids who mistreating the Bellsprouts at Sprout Tower in Violet City ?"

Sun lets out a little grawl to let Max know she does.

"Well we're going to do something very similar now but this time we will have a little help."

Max then reaches for the second ball. He pauses for a moment realizing Download was right about this Pokemon's ability to lose focus and go all over the place. He assures himself it must be done. Once released the strange looking tiny orange ghost floats around for a second surveying its surroundings. Before it can take off Max calls to it.

"Wisp, I am sorry to have disturbed you from your rest, but I need your help. The people outside these doors are trying to record my students, once they do that my poor students will be followed everywhere they go! I would like you to help me play a game I call floating camera, would you like to help?"

The spirit lets off sparks of excitement. Wisp is a Rotom. Its an electric ghost type that is very rare and very very energetic. Wisp has the strange ability to take control of some appliances. While Wisp has good intentions it has a bad tendency of getting caught up having fun. Max explains to Wisp that it must take over the cameras so nothing can be recorded. Wisp agrees and slowly fades away as it goes through the door. Max waits for a moment as Wisp gets into place, when Wisp is there Max makes his move. He looks down at Sun and gives her the signal. Soon the Orb on her head starts to glow. Max focuses his thoughts and soon he can feel the extra boost from Suns powers. The two focus their thoughts together and send out an image of a giant sky dragon, once the thought is planted in the reporters heads Max rushes out of the house yelling.
" Save yourself ! Rayquaza has come for us !"
He points up at the sky as he pushes through the doors. The reporters look up and start to panic. They rush to get away, some of them trip over each other trying to escape. One of the camera man tries to record it but finds that his camera has grown arms, it floats off the tripod and starts chasing people around. Inside the school Sun focuses all her energy on keeping the image of Rayquaza flying around in there heads. Max runs around frantically helping people off the ground.
"We gotta get out of here!"
Max joins the reporters in fleeing the school grounds, he knows that he has created a large enough diversion for the students to escape.

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Markus Novolos
Fire Spinner
Trainer School, Viridian City
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Boy did his response stir other responses. Markus wasn't fond of mental trickery or deception, but he did like to at least know who the hell he was working with. He read through the profiles of his classmates-even his own-just to get a bare-bones grip on who he had to deal with for however long it would be.

"Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed." Said the boy nearest him-Xian, the 'Water Specialist.' . Good. He seemed rather level-headed.

The next response was not as nearly as calm. It came from the girl with the Shiny Charmander, Shay. "Maybe we’re waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity." Said a girl with massive sarcasm, possibly even more than Markus had. She sounded calm, but the words themselves painted a different picture. "He’s a Defensive Master for a reason, and you aren’t a Defensive Master. I’d suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job."

Markus restrained himself, but anyone could see his face blush with anger. Annoying a**. She assumed he'd even want the job. He KNEW he would do better as a team, but maybe a smaller one, but dealing with this many people would drive him crazy quickly-being responsible for them wasn't his thing. Meanwhile, Epic just looked the most deadpan look possible for anything. This girl complained of sarcasm in the most sarcastic way possible. Epic shot the look at the Shiny Charmander, mocking the hypocritical nature of it's trainer, all without words of any sort. Markus knew better than to retaliate physically, though trying to restrain himself was a different task.

"Why don't we all just take a step back and calm down. We're all here for a reason, including Markus; it's because we were the best they could find for whatever area we're delving into. And Max is here - late or otherwise - for a reason too. There's nothing to gain by arguing with him." Said Persephone, a trainer with links to Oak. Apparently, she could talk to Grass-Types. Big whoop. She was calming, attempting to prevent an argument. Another calm head. At least a few people here were going to stop arguments before he punched someone. He was quite aware of his bad temper, and him and the counselors both tried fixing it, though there didn't seem to be a complete fix for it.

"For the record, I'd probably explode from being around nine new trainers with conflicting personalities, so even if I was better than him at training and battling, I'd be turning down the job on being offerred." Markus said, directly at Shay, aiming to quell any idiodicy aimed at him hinting at that. "But I have my reasons for being critical. I reconize that he is a good trainer and has had experiance with the whole concept of training and battling, he's been chosen for this position based on that-and that alone. Nothing else. The job description says he's here to do nothing more than protect us. Now, he's responsible for nine different lives, and not those of his Pokemon, but human lives-our lives, d**mit! Nine trainers, different backgrounds and personalities, at least two sporting supernatural powers! A journey through Kanto, which is home to massive rates of crime and aggressive, wild Pokemon willing to kill to defend their territory! A journey that can change worldwide laws and regulations that were already controversial to begin with, sporting fanatics and violence from both sides! And no matter what, no matter how planned out the whole thing is, something, at least one thing, minor or major, WILL go wrong! The DM is not here to prevent us from getting into s**t. We are already IN the s**t. He's here to protect us from that s**t-and be ready to do so at any moment, ASAP. It's good when 'As Soon As Possible,' can translate to 'Now,' in emergency situations and the like, eh?. Moreover, it's not a question of if he's going to do that, but when. You all know I have a good point. This guy has to be ultra-competent. Whether he looks or sounds like it isn't it, it's whether he acts like it. I'm not going to get into a big fat debate over this, either, you guys KNOW I'm right, and you KNOW you don't want a fight with me right off the bat of this journey." Markus explained. He started getting up and walking out, his Nidoran following him, after that fun speech was over-because it had to be done, his reasons had to be explained, at minimum. Markus had trusted little of this journey to be safe. However, he stopped so that he could get in another quip, before someone else said something else.

"I'm taking my own saftey on this journey seriously, but I want fun as much as the other guy. I want to grow strong, to improve, yadda yadda, ectcedera, the rest of it, so on and so forth. Please just don't get on my d**m buttons, and we'll get along just fine..." Markus added. Emphasis on 'd**m,' and for good reason. The sources of his most voaltile buttons were usually rooted in the most rancid parts of his life thus far.

Then the Defensive master started speaking. Ho boy, how it answered the question. Vocally, anyway. Markus didn't trust vocal intuitions, however moving or heartfelt. Actions, only actions, and nothing else, mattered to Markus.

He imagined his journey. Being in Viridian City, he assumed he'd take the Viridian City Gym on first, then proceed onward to the Pewter Gym, then Cerulean, then Saffron, then Celadon, then Vermillion, then Fuscia (Markus could never spell that one right), and Cinnibar Gym for last. He had knowledge that a law may have been passed about Gym Leaders using teams appropriate for the amount of badges the trainers they were challenging had on them, so he assumed this an appropriate course of action. Unless he was just hearing rumors, or the law got trashed. Then not so much.

Master Yin (the principal, and the second-in-line for DM duty), then came forward, giving each one a Potion. Markus loved free things, so who was he to deny? He accepted the potion from Master Yin, making sure to note everything else he said: that they were to wait for Max's signal to go to route 2 and otherwise wait here (Press confrences=Celebrity-dom, which wasn't bad if the celebrity wasn't bad, but Markus avoided them when he heard that someone threatened to bring Motolov Cocktails to the occasion), that Xiac and Shay would lead them to route 2 (Shay didn't seem like the proper choice, in Markus'es opinion, though Xiac seemed goot), and that stealth was of utmost importance-reporters were outside, and of course, they didn't want to be seen by Max.

He was anticipating this journey to at least be exciting. In fact, he was expecting it to be more than a dull trip through Kanto. He KNEW that something would go wrong, and he felt like he lied to his trainer co-horts, failing to note that he felt as if what would go wrong felt as if it would be a major thing. Very major indeed. He felt as if it was there.

Then again, it was just what he felt...As a note, he also felt a Psychic presence nearby. Being around a Psychic for a few years gave one that ability, unfortunately. It was how he learned that normal people, through repetetive, strong exposure to Psychic power, became Psychic themselves. It had to be a strong Psychic Pokemon, boosted by an Elder Mage or the like-Max. Max was equivelant to an Elder Mage. Max had to be boosting the Pokemon, obviously.

It wasn't targeting him, he knew, or else his head would feel as if an alien flew into it, and he located the Pokemon emitting the Psychic power: An Espeon, channeling a thought of some kind. Of what variety, obviously the panic-inducing one, and it was a no-brainer to deduce that it was pointing them at the reoprters, judging from the screaming. Yep, that was the signal. However, Markus was then tipped off as to which Mage category Max belonged to: the prankster, dangerous, and noteworthily ill-minded Dark Mages, who always had at least one of the aformentioned qualities at best. Considering what was going on, he guessed that Max had all three-the worst.

Considering who his Aunt was (not an outright Light or Dark mage, but rather a crosbreed between the two that put loyalties to the Light Mages but still had the attitude of a Dark Mage), that made him immediately want to stab Max and just start the journey (He HATED Both kinds, but the Dark Mages worse). Then something else hit him. 9 teenagers, Fifteen and Sixteen years old on an average, on a journey through Kanto with a Pokemon Master protecting them. The old laws allowed a solo trainer at the age of ten to journey. He realized it, right then and there, realized a cause for dismay, grouchiness, and despair: The extreme protective measures could mean that the debate over the laws after it was over would still swing towards keeping the law as-is, preventing him from journeying further until he was 25, and forcing him under Sabrina's grip again. Loathing Sabrina to the deepest pits of his being was an understatement. If rage was a power, he'd overpower the whole world and control everything, just by thinking of Sabrina. He was so angry Epic had to poke him to realize he had to leave now. He immediately went towards the back door after this, returning Epic to his PokeBall, bursting out of it, Shay's leadership be d**med (though he definately wasn't the first out, so maybe Shay got ahead of him). Time to change everything.

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Xiac Kanoshi
Viridian City
Pokemon School

I sat quietly as everybody got their comments in on the "hot head"'s behaviour. Originally, I had commented in order to avoid anyone else poking their noses in and starting something – this didn't seem so.

The "hot head" replied in retaliation, giving his opinion on the whole matter. This boy spoke of how dangerous it could be out there and how one thing would definitely go wrong. He criticised the Master and repeated many expletives. I sighed, knowing that he was going to be a handful throughout this journey... Maybe I could help him with calming down a bit? I thought about the probability of that actually working, and him allowing me to aid him, but the odds were against me. He seemed scared – as much as he acted the tough guy, he seemed to be afraid of the world out there. Either that, or he might genuinely not care – just trying to scare the members of our group. He walked off before saying something, with the word "damn" emphasised, to end his rant – I was right, he would be a handful.

Master Max then suddenly broke out into a speech; speaking about a girl in which he had searched for nine years ago seemed to have affected him greatly, almost as if it had been eating away at him for most of his life. I sympathised with him – living with something like that must take its toll on a person.

"Each of you have been selected because of a quality you possess, a quality that will be needed to help you on this journey; but you'll need more than that to get through this. You will need to work as a team, the most important thing you will do on this journey is hopefully learn to put aside all those petty differences and embrace what unique gifts each of you have to offer. Your decisions will affect not only you, but every young trainer who dreams of being able to start a journey." I thought hard about what he said – acknowledging every word. He was right – from here on out determined whether or not young people, like us, would be able to travel and embrace the Pokemon world as a Trainer. I nodded, as did Slick – accepting the Defensive Master's words.

Soon after he was done speaking, Master Max had vacated the room as an older teacher, Master Yin, beckoned him away. Not long after they had both disappeared around the corner, Master Yin had made his way into the Dining Hall. He approached me and, coincidentally, I was sat fairly close to a female's proximity – a Shiny Charmander sitting on her lap.

"Excuse me young Master Xiac and young Master Shay, I have a message of great importance for you. Master Max has requested that you and the team get ready to go on his signal. I'm not sure of what that is, but he said you would hear it. You are to take the team out the back doors of the building and make your way to Route Two. Once on Route Two, head north to the edge of Viridian Forest. Secure a camp site and wait for Master Max's arrival. Oh, and you're to do this with the utmost stealth. No one can see you or your group leave this building," he explained thoroughly. I furrowed my eyebrows, taking this all in – I would need to remember this if we were to succeed in this task. This would seem to be the first team-based objective that we had to complete and, because he specifically asked the female (in which I presumed to be Shay) and I to carry this out, the two of us seemed to be in-charge of the others. I didn't want us to fail – we needed to show that we could work together.

I looked at Shay – this was going to be my most difficult challenge. The huge flaw within my design was that I couldn't speak to women. I'm fine when addressing a group of male and females, or mentioning a girl in a discussion, but a single woman, or a group with nothing but, were a challenge for me. My face flushed bright red as I realised that I would not be able to say a word to this person – a discussion on how we would do this was impossible. I quickly turned away from her.

"Well young masters, good luck on your journey. Before I say goodbye I have snuck each of you a parting gift. Don't tell Master Max," he said, then handing each of us a Potion. I nodded at him to show my gratefulness – then he was gone. I placed the item in my bag.

I sat there, thinking to myself on how I would possibly navigate the group outside. Slick was quiet, as usual, tending to his headache. Patting his head, hoping to soothe his pain, I pondered on how I would address the party. A full-out explanation of the plan? Seemed appropriate.

I placed Slick on my head, his belly resting on my hair and his hands holding onto my temples, I stood in front of one of the tables.

"Okay everybody, can I have your attention?” I asked calmly, raising my voice so that everybody could hear me. As soon as I saw every member of our party face me I coughed to clear my throat. "Master Yin came in here not too long ago with a message from the Defensive Master Max. The beautiful lady, Shay,” I pointed my finger in her direction in order for the party to know who I was talking about, "and I have been given the responsibility to get our little team here out and on our way. For some reason, we are to exit through the back doors and to ensure that we are not seen. We were not informed why, but there is most likely something going on at the front of the school that may affect us and our journey. Now, when a 'signal', which I'm not sure what it is, goes off, we need to move out through the back doors and avoid ourselves from being seen. When we get far enough from the building, the two of us will explain the next part of our plan." I looked around, scanning the faces of the group for any sign of confusion. "Do we all understand?" I asked.

Suddenly, a group of people began to scream outside. Faintly, I heard a familiar voice cry out "Save yourself! Rayquaza has come for us!" from the same location and a broad smile came across my face.

"Okay, that's the signal!" I informed the group, heading to the back doors and opening them fully. "Let's get a move on people," I stated, ushering the group through the doorway. I was hoping that Shay would get ahead of the group, in order to lead them away from the school and towards the direction of Route 2; of course, I couldn't actually ask her to do this with my inability to speak with women – I was hoping that she'd realise the idea and take control from the front.

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Eli Conner, Viridian City, Trainer School
(5,080 Characters, Five Points.)

They hadn’t even left, and already there was conflict. Eli cringed at the boy, Markus, right?, and his complaints about their Defensive Master’s style. Plenty of years on the sideline had established a firm pattern for Eli; he looked away and studied the ceiling. The issue seemed to be resolved, or at least momentarily settled, when several other students began verbally assailing the boy for his rudeness. Eli might not have agreed with what he had to say, but calling him out was likely to cause more problems in the long run. The negative charge in the air made Eli more anxious, he began fumbling around with his sweater-entangled hands. His gaze switched from the top of the room to the bottom, only pausing briefly on the way down to gauge his Machop’s reaction. Meister seemed to be his characteristically aloof self, and Eli continued to drop his eyes to the floor. Then Markus exploded. He ranted about the dangers and troubles that were ahead, and Eli had to balance his queasiness with the involuntary cringes that he made every time the boy swore. It sounded like he would have been right at home on the Vermillion docks. Luckily, the tension dissolved, and Max began to talk again.

He talked about the girl that went missing seven years ago and the changes it brought on. Eli really didn’t like that part. For all the legislation and discussion that disappearance had sparked, it was still unknown what had happened to her. Eli shuddered at the possibilities, the same way he always had, and each time his imagination could conjure up a worse and worse fate for the girl, and if it could happen to her, it could happen to him, or any of them. Max would be there to protect them, but he couldn’t foresee every possible danger. All of this flashed through Eli’s brain as the first part ended. Then came something else, Max told them that they all had a quality that they were chosen for. Eli uncovered his hands and looked at them, the tiny pale fingers with their bitten nails. He had gotten in because of a lottery, not because of some sort of special gift. There were students with exceptionally rare Pokémon, students with fantastic abilities, or a natural affinity for Pokémon. Then there was him, the youngest member of the group, the fluke. He had thrown himself into the school, studying hard and performing admirably on his tests. But as far as experience or natural talent went, there was nothing.

Meister caught his trainer looking forlorn and placed a strong blue hand on his shoulder. The boy looked at his partner and gave a weak smile. Maybe it was the normalcy that set him apart from this group of heavyweights, but being average wasn’t going to keep him safe. Maybe out there Eli would find a justification for being chosen besides blind luck, but the only way to find out was to muddle through. Max left the room to talk with Master Yin, but his words remained with all of them, and a silence held over the group. Their talk must have been brief because soon enough Master Yin was back, talking to a girl, Shay, right?, with a Shiny Charmander and a boy that Eli remembered as Xiac. From the good deal that carried through the silent room, they were the temporary leaders until Max could meet up with them. This seemed like a fair arrangement; Eli was glad he was too young to even be considered for that kind of responsibility. Master Yin then gave each of the teens a Potion, which Eli accepted with a barely audible gratitude.

Meister took the Potion from his trainer, who quickly returned them to their soft yellow sheaths, and put it inside of his backpack. It felt sort of silly, kind of naďve sentimentality, but the muscular Pokémon couldn’t help but clap Eli on the back; their first Potion. The adventure was getting closer all of the time, and it came to a head when Xiac began to talk. He told the group what many of them had already heard, but Eli and Meister both shared a confused glance when he called Shay beautiful. It definitely seemed like an odd comment to make at this point, but Eli didn’t know either of them to be able to make any assumptions about their relationship. He went on to explain that they were going to have to make a cloak-and-dagger exit from the premises when a signal was heard. It didn’t sound like a very glorious way to start an adventure, but Eli wasn’t going to bring up any issues. At least there weren’t any Scythers. He gave a quick shudder, but snapped from his fear at the sound of their Defensive Master’s voice. His cry of terror sounded very hammy, and Eli had to make a stifled laugh, his most common kind, at the sound, before Meister grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the now open back doors.

It was much brighter outside than he had expected. Eli pulled up his hood to give his eyes a bit of relief from the warm rays of sun falling from the sky. Despite the insistent tugging by his Machop, Eli had done what years of habit commanded and fallen into the rear of the group by the time they were outside. There were sound of commotion on the other side of the building, and Eli’s initial humor about the source of their distraction turned into a well of guilt. People were shouting and obviously terrified by whatever it was that Max was using to distract them. Eli shot a glance behind him, even though he knew that all he would see was the inside of the cafeteria and not a trace of what was going on beyond its walls. In a way this was the worst way to begin a journey. Already people had been lied to and manipulated and it made Eli sick. Maybe it was an omen that the coming adventure was not going to be the kind of moral black and white that the old Saturday-morning cartoons he watched had made it out to be. Maybe the line between right and wrong wasn’t going to be absolute. Eli shook violently for a second, and in that time, he wished more than anything that he could be back in his home in Vermillion and not have to worry about facing moral quandaries or finding a purpose in this talented group. But then Meister took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Eli looked at his partner and gave him a curt nod. Whatever happened, they would be in this together, and they would try to do the right thing.

Saraibre Ryu
07-06-2012, 07:22 AM
Shay Miru
Viridian City, Trainer School -> Route 2
Character Length 8427, 5 points

I half listened to…his name was Markus I believe, rant back at me. Considering his face, I could tell I hit something, and if this guy was going to be this emotional about this, wow I was going to stay far away from him, or end up battling sense into him, either with Asharas or my own fist. I leaned against the wall in the doorway, eyes closed and listening to what he was nearly screaming at me. I broke it down in my head.

"For the record, I'd probably explode from being around nine new trainers with conflicting personalities, so even if I was better than him at training and battling, I'd be turning down the job on being offered."

‘Shows how stable you are…’

"But I have my reasons for being critical. I recognise that he is a good trainer and has had experience with the whole concept of training and battling, he's been chosen for this position based on that-and that alone. Nothing else. The job description says he's here to do nothing more than protect us. Now, he's responsible for nine different lives, and not those of his Pokemon, but human lives-our lives, d**mit! Nine trainers, different backgrounds and personalities, at least two sporting supernatural powers!”

‘Yes, thank you for that statement Captain Obvious…I wouldn’t call it being critical though.’

“A journey through Kanto, which is home to massive rates of crime and aggressive, wild Pokemon willing to kill to defend their territory! A journey that can change worldwide laws and regulations that were already controversial to begin with, sporting fanatics and violence from both sides! And no matter what, no matter how planned out the whole thing is, something, at least one thing, minor or major, WILL go wrong!”

That’s where it really rubbed me the wrong way. Pokémon weren’t out to kill humans, yeah defend their turf because of some humans, but not out to kill them for defense. Yeah some were nastier than others but not out to kill unless they had to. They only did it for food and if whatever was threatening them would not cease to be a threat if that was what it had to resort to. Yeah this was a worldwide journey and if this was one of the people trying to change those laws, I wouldn’t be surprised of rebellion. There was always something in this world that was going to piss someone off, and right now Markus was pissing me off. Also with that much of an attitude, yeah sure something may go wrong, but now something was thanks to that guys way of thinking.

“The DM is not here to prevent us from getting into s**t. We are already IN the s**t. He's here to protect us from that s**t-and be ready to do so at any moment, ASAP. It's good when 'As Soon As Possible,' can translate to 'Now,' in emergency situations and the like, eh?. Moreover, it's not a question of if he's going to do that, but when. You all know I have a good point. This guy has to be ultra-competent. Whether he looks or sounds like it isn't it, it's whether he acts like it. I'm not going to get into a big fat debate over this, either, you guys KNOW I'm right, and you KNOW you don't want a fight with me right off the bat of this journey."

He contradicted himself, if we were in crap, then he should be protecting us all the time. He just said he was qualified in his own way, and was now questioning it. As for stating that we knew he had a point, no that was false, stating something of someone else was always wrong to do, and honestly, that second statement was wrong because at the moment, I did wanna fight with him. I knew Asharas was giving me a look and it prevented me from punching him in the face myself. I looked at her, and could see a bit of a calm vibe in her eyes, and I knew what that meant. That meant she’d battle that Nidoran of his for me or whatever other Pokémon he seemed to have on him when the time came. Let the boy think what he wanted, he was more scatterbrained than a Spoink that lost its pearl.

I stood and listened to the Defensive Master’s explanation. I understood it enough, and knew that from that explanation alone that this was going to be harder than expected. I was here because of my special gift, which was probably being able to communicate better with Pokémon better than people, and maybe that’s why my parents had sent me here, rather than social interaction. After that I zoned out a bit, listening in every so often to get to calming down a bit more. Things were going to get started and I wasn’t going to let skitter minded children ruin my day.

With Master Max gone, another quickly replaced him, coming towards myself and the nearby student I was pretty sure was Xiac. I stood up, Asharas still clinging to my shoulders, poking her head forward to look at the other adult in the trade of training. He spoke to us and I, even with my eyes closed, listened.

“Excuse me young Master Xiac and young Master Shay, I have a message of great importance for you. Master Max has requested that you and the team get ready to go on his signal. I'm not sure of what that is, but he said you would hear it. You are to take the team out the back doors of the building and make your way to Route Two. Once on Route Two, head north to the edge of Viridian Forest. Secure a camp site and wait for Master Max's arrival. Oh, and you're to do this with the utmost stealth. No one can see you or your group leave this building.”

My eyes snapped open. Wait wait, young master? I was to help take the team out stealthily-what was this? Before I could protest, Master Yin was gone and I stood there, half stunned. I looked at Asharas, who only looked at me, smiling cheekily. Karma? Yeah I knew that’s what she was thinking. I was just put in charge of a group of these people I had never met before and had to work with a stranger. Something was handed to us but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, so Asharas grabbed it for me. Great, now I had to make myself interact with these people rather than hanging back and doing minimal ‘social bonding’. Though being in charge would maybe help Markus shut up and not be so all over the place. Perhaps it was two way karma, I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t like the first sounds of this leader thing too much.

Regardless I had to think of something. I looked at the guy with the Psyduck, and he only looked away from me quickly. Either he was intimidated or he wasn’t one to work with girls. I was really hoping it was just intimidation. As he stood up, it seemed like he had some kind of plan. Sure, we could go with what he said and O could follow up with a field explanation. We were going to run into wild Pokémon and that is where my forte shone brightest. I was listening to the explanation of the other guy, trying to regain my composure. No sense in being flustered over what you couldn’t-

“The beautiful lady Shay-”

Beautiful lady? What was this flattery? Some hidden crush or him just trying to be nice? I looked at Asharas again and flicked her on the nose, giggling at what comment was just made to me. She scrunched her nose up a bit and snorted smoke, rubbing it as the guy finished his explanation. Beautiful? Yeah sure that was subjective to anyone who looked at me. Lady? Hell no, I was no lady of any kind. I climbed trees, wasn’t afraid to wade in mud, would knock you out with good enough reason, lady was the furthest thing away from what I was. As I tried to keep my face from turning the slightest bit pink, Xiac explained his plan of action, to none of which I disagreed with. As I was slowly becoming more and more calm, he finished, mentioning a signal. Whatever the signal was, I wasn’t sure, but it better have been obvious to us or no one was going to be sure.

“Save yourself! Rayquaza has come for us!”

I stood there a bit dumbfounded. Rayquaza? In Kanto? Really?

“Okay that’s the signal!”

“That’s the signal…” I thought out loud. “Yeah okay sure, whatever works.

As much as I found that use of a distraction rather stupid, I moved outside along with the rest of them, trying to get in front of the group as we headed out the back doors and onto the wide open road; A road of which we weren’t allowed to use. Asharas jumped off my shoulders and bounded off ahead, looking at the land as much as I was. Being stealthy was going to be an issue because of how large the group was, never mind that some of them hadn’t been around Pokémon as much as I had been. I looked left and right, noticing a heavier wall of flora and trees to our right, and a small bit of a cliff side. With a larger group, heavier forest meant we were less likely to be seen. Of course that meant more Pokémon, but that is something we could deal with. There were nine of us, all with varying type varieties. Hopefully my assumption of them having battling abilities would hold true. I stood up on a rock in front of everyone, pointing to their right.

“Everyone listen up.” I started, making sure everyone was paying attention as Asharas jumped on my arm, sitting just before my wrist and following my point. “There’s a way towards Viridian forest, that actually does go around it if my analysis of Kanto maps are correct. We’re going to pass through a small grove and stay under the cover of the fauna. Yes, it is a denser area most likely filled with more Pokémon, but as incorrectly as someone has claimed,” ‘Yes I am talking about you Markus…’ “Pokémon aren’t hostile unless given a reason to feel like we are a threat. As such I suggest that we move in pairs or a trio, since we are an odd number, with some distance between us so we look more like a moving group, rather than one big huddled mass that may cause some distress along the wild Pokémon. Being a bit thinned out will also make us harder to spot from the air, even with the trees. If we maintain this course of action until we find an area just outside the forest, we can set up a camp before dark and not have any major problems along the way. If anyone has any questions, we can walk and talk at the same time.”

With that, Asharas jumped from my arm and I lead everyone to a small opening alongside Route two, where a smaller bunch of trees were. I pulled myself up on a branch, and then another getting a good footing higher up in the tree. I waited for everyone else to follow, making it clear that we were going to have to climb over the little wall of bushes and flora. I jumped down the other side, behind a wall of tree trunks and looked back at everyone between the spaces.

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Persephone Silverton (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3397370&postcount=5)
Grass Ace.
Viridian City.
Character Count: 5707 (5 Pts)

Markus simply refused to be calmed. He began to shout again, quite explosively in fact. Persephone made a low whimpering noise in her throat and pressed her forehead into the table; all the negative feelings around her were starting to get to her head, making her feel angry and upset. Laurel nudged her gently but she pushed him away with her spindly fingers. He tactfully returned to his fruit, although he seemed tense. He kept shooting aggravated glances at the Fire Ace. If anybody was going to be their undoing...

Seeing his students' anger and dissent, Max took a deep breath. Persephone lifted her head and watched him with interest, curious to see what he would do, hopeful that he would be able to soothe the situation rather than accidentally inflaming it. He opened his mouth and spoke, his voice quiet and somber. He described how, seven years ago, a young Trainer began her journey. Persephone's eyes began to water slightly as Max outlined how she had disappeared; how they had not been able to find so much as remains, despite the efforts of the world's best trackers. It was, the Defensive Master said, his job to make sure that never happened to any of them.

Quiet settled over the rancorous group. Even Markus seemed to have been stunned into silence. "Each of you have been selected because of a quality you possess, a quality that will be needed to help you on this journey," continued the Defensive Master, sounding more purposeful and direct, "but you'll need more than that to get through this. You will need to work as a team, the most important thing you will do on this journey is hopefully learn to put aside all those petty differences and embrace what unique gifts each of you have to offer. Your decisions will affect not only you, but every young trainer who dreams of being able to start a journey." Persephone found herself nodding along. She knew that she could work with the others - it was getting them to work with her that she knew would be difficult.

One of the other teachers walked in at that moment, and spoke to Max in quiet tones. They seemed to have a brief debate of some sort, then the teacher broke away and nodded respectfully. He began to move toward Shay; meanwhile, Max walked away at a fairly quick pace. Once the teacher was done talking: first to Shay and then to Xiac - why he approached them specifically was anybody's guess - he looked at all the students and smiled proudly at them. "Well young masters, good luck on your journey," he said. "Before I say goodbye I have snuck each of you a parting gift. Don't tell Master Max." He winked. The teacher - Persephone was pretty sure his name was Yin - then gave them each a Potion. Persephone thanked him happily, tuning out Laurel's disgruntled mutterings about one little Potion not being useful at all.

"Okay everybody, can I have your attention?” Persephone whirled around, surprised to see Xiac talking. "Master Yin came in here not too long ago with a message from the Defensive Master Max. The beautiful lady, Shay,” he pointed to the Aerial Ace, who gave her Charmander a teasing grin, "and I have been given the responsibility to get our little team here out and on our way. For some reason, we are to exit through the back doors and to ensure that we are not seen. We were not informed why, but there is most likely something going on at the front of the school that may affect us and our journey. Now, when a 'signal', which I'm not sure what it is, goes off, we need to move out through the back doors and avoid ourselves from being seen. When we get far enough from the building, the two of us will explain the next part of our plan. Do we all understand?" Persephone tipped her head to one side. What was all the stealth for? It wasn't like they were doing something illegal or secretive!

"I don't!" Laurel growled, voicing at least one of Persephone's concerns. "Why are we being so sneaky, and anyway why are you two in charge?" Persephone gave an exasperated sigh and tapped her loudmouthed Bulbasaur on his round, scaly green head.

"Because Master Yin said so, dummy," she told him lightly; the insult was teasing rather than cutting. "Let's just wait and see what happens. I will admit, though, that I'm curious about all this sneaking too."

They didn't have to wait very long for their signal. A few moments later, a voice from outside screamed out, "Save yourselves! Rayquaza is attacking!" Persephone flinched. Why would a bestial dragon from Hoenn be attacking Kanto?

“Okay, that’s the signal!” shouted Xiac, leaping to his feet. A soft, wispy sigh of relief escaped Persephone - it was just a facade to cover their exit. "Let's get a move on people," he added, tossing the back doors open. Moving quickly yet calmly, Persephone gathered Laurel into her arms, thanking Xiac as she passed him. Ahead of them bounded the 'beautiful' Shay, who led them down a path for a short while before turning to address them as a group.

“Everyone listen up," said the trainer of flying-types, her voice loud and authoritative, “There’s a way towards Viridian forest, that actually does go around it if my analysis of Kanto maps are correct. We’re going to pass through a small grove and stay under the cover of the fauna. Yes, it is a denser area most likely filled with more Pokémon, but as incorrectly as someone has claimed,” she glanced scathingly at Markus, “Pokémon aren’t hostile unless given a reason to feel like we are a threat. As such I suggest that we move in pairs or a trio, since we are an odd number, with some distance between us so we look more like a moving group, rather than one big huddled mass that may cause some distress along the wild Pokémon. Being a bit thinned out will also make us harder to spot from the air, even with the trees. If we maintain this course of action until we find an area just outside the forest, we can set up a camp before dark and not have any major problems along the way. If anyone has any questions, we can walk and talk at the same time.” That said, she turned to walk farther down Route Two.

Persephone moved with the group, still holding Laurel. She followed the rest of the Trainers, keeping close to Shay as they climbed over a small wall of trees and plants before leaning over to whisper, "Excuse me, Miss Shay... I was just thinking that it would be a good idea for us to avoid the little clearing to the east. There's a lot of flowers there, along with a very territorial colony of Beedrill. There's a small pond just a bit north of here that we'd also best stay away from - it's muddy there, and it would be very easy to get stuck. To the northwest, just at the edge of the route, there's also a cluster of tall trees where Nidoran like to nest. It would be easy for somebody to get poisoned accidentally." Having finished, Persephone blushed slightly, hoping that Shay wouldn't think that she was showing off, rather than trying to warn everybody about the dangers of the forest.

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Akira Hinomi (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3396919&postcount=56)
Viridian City, Trainer School, Dining Hall
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Oy vey. That guy has an opinion on everything, and likes telling it to everybody. Sometimes it's a good idea to keep your mouth shut. Actually often. Maybe it's just me though. Criticizing the Trainer experiment, the Master, cursing. He's more pessimistic than me, and people call me pessimistic. I swear, if he dies on this trip I probably wouldn't care unless he somehow warms up to me, which seems highly unlikely with how he's been eying me. And then he ran off. Good riddance. I wondered if he would follow us or not when the time came to leave.

The Master then game us all a history lesson on why this mission was so important. He sounded like he had left over feelings of sadness from not being able to find the girl, and it was haunting him to this day. Sad. This just went to show that we had to succeed. And when he finished, he left us to our own devices for a brief moment. A brief moment until another Master named Yin came to us and pointed to two people, a girl and a boy named Shay and Xiac respectively. He named them sort of leaders of our little group in Max's absence and then gave us all a Potion. I accepted mine with a nod.

Xiac seemed to be uncomfortable next to Shay. Hmm, I wonder what's the deal with that. If I had some control over my abilities I could probably get at least a feeling of his thoughts, but I didn't so I was just puzzled about this behavior. He laid out the specifics of the plan of action and asked us if we were in agreement about how things would go down. I nodded silently again, waiting for the supposed signal.

“Save yourself! Rayquaza has come for us!” Max's voice rang out from outside. What is a Rayquaza? Whatever it was it was supposed to be scary. I checked if my Pokedex had an entry on it, but of course there was nothing. I quickly scanned over everybody's Pokemon for entries, collecting the data into the thing. What? It could come in handy later.

“I-I-I will follow Shay. She seems cool.” I said aloud, following along behind her and her Charmander as we went outside and onto Route 2. Trixie floated along behind me. Was that wad of anger following us? Eh, I didn't bother looking anymore. The way he had been acting he made it pretty clear he didn't want to be here. Shay gave a short rundown of the area. Seemed like she knew what was here and had studied the maps. I really should do that too. My Pokegear has pretty detailed maps, when it has a signal of course. I preferred not to use it though, to be surprised.

We passed over a small wall of trees and plants and seemed to slow down a bit as the others ahead of me seemed unsure of where to go. Were we going to a clearing to set up camp or following what seemed to be a dense path? I decided to take this opportunity to look up the profiles of my compatriots on my Pokegear while I still had a signal and we were walking. The parts that the school made public, anyway. I filed this away as read in detail later if we had time, but skimmed for now. If we had to live together for this journey, I might as well get to know their stories. I also attempted to recall and piece together details I'd overheard from other people who were acquainted with them over the time I'd spent at the school.

The boy with the Poliwag, Eti was raised by his uncle. I could only imagine that something must have happened to his parents.

The hothead with the Nidoran who made everybody dislike him was Markus, and apparently the old Gym Leader Sabrina was his aunt. Based on how he has acted around the Master and myself I can only image his relationship with her must be strained. Does he have something against me? Hard to tell, but he makes it clear he hates everybody. Regardless, he gave me zero reason to like him.

The boy with the Psyduck who was the other leader of the group was cool. I had heard a rumor that he was bullied. If that’s true we had that in common. Perhaps we could get along at some point? Something to think about later. So far I had only noticed one thing strange about him: He seemed to act really odd when mentioning Shay. Maybe she made him nervous, or all girls make him nervous. I wondered what would happen if I came up to him and tried to talk to him. Would he run away screaming like a little kid from a monster?

This one has a lot of hearsay in it. The kid with the Machop, Eli was a ground trainer, He didn’t act like it though. Something bad must have happened to him to make him turn out that way. Maybe he fell victim to bullying like Xiac and me. Or it could be something much worse, but there is really no way to know for sure. His file didn’t say much other then him being brought here by his dad. Maybe I could find out what his story was and relate to him, if I ever got the guts to talk to him first.

Shay, the girl I had decided to follow, who I'm not sure was even aware that I had picked her to tag along with, seemed to be a natural battler. I saw her practicing outside a few times, she seemed really focused on battling. She really stayed to herself. I think she preferred training her Charmander to talking to the other students. She seems like she would be hard to get close to. Noted.

Is it really possible to be quiet but also social? Well apparently Persephone was as such, with the ability to talk to Grass Pokemon, especially her Bulbasaur. Other than that she seemed to be pretty average.

We seemed to slow down even more and Persephone ahead of me whispered something to Shay. I could barely hear it, but it might have been information about about hazards in the forest. Maybe? What waited for us in this place? Should we wander around looking for Pokemon? Would they attack us even though we were doing nothing hostile except just looking for them? I pulled out my self folding tent and put it under my arm in flat box form, getting ready to set it up whenever the order to set up camp was given.

Eternal Moonlight
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Leah Reed
Viridian City
5,438 characters (5 points) (minus the header and coding of course)

It was impossible not to grow annoyed, although Leah only slouched backward in response. She paid the boy’s complaints mild amounts of attention, and while some did hold a bit of water, it wasn’t worth flipping out about. Not here and now. Not with no respect to a superior’s presence.

Leah straightened herself when the Defensive Master started. Hopefully, this would break up some of the conflict that had been bubbling among some of the group members. It was worth sighing about actually, these were the people she was supposed to be traveling with. And, it wasn’t as if they were going for a weekend camping trip in the bushes around the city. As Markus had so eloquently put it, this was going to be dangerous.

He talked about the girl that had gone missing. Leah made sure to pay attention, this allowing her to notice his expression become more pained. This became most evident when he took a long pause, before continuing on a more optimistic note.

Axel was hovering between being interested and bored. He’d shift his weight on the seat, but managed to stay calm beyond that. Leah would break visual contact with her superior occasionally to check on her… spirited (as the more patient people would put it) partner. She’d be met with a “what, I’m not doing anything wrong” look, and that was enough to satisfy the girl for a short while.

Of course, she made sure to pay his speech plenty of attention. If her notebook and pen were out, Leah would more likely than not be taking notes. Not that she’d have much to take; another important figure came into the room and shortly thereafter, left with the Defensive Master. It had been Master Yin, which left her wondering what they had to discus.

They weren’t gone terribly long though, well, Master Yin wasn’t anyway. He came in and addressed two of the group members. The first was a girl named Shay, whom possessed a shiny Charmander. The oddly coloured fire type intrigued Leah greatly, although she had never had the chance to give it a good look over. Maybe she’d get an opportunity sometime during the adventure? Personally, she didn’t know the other girl too well though, but then again, that wasn’t saying much. The blonde wasn’t acquainted with many people.

Likewise, the same could be said about the boy, whom had been addressed as Xiac. He, however, claimed ownership of a yellow duck-like Pokémon. A first glance might leave one with the impression it wasn’t too capable, although this was a good case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Psyduck were known for having access to some pretty impressive powers, especially if trained correctly.

Apparently, these two (humans, not the Pokémon) were going to be in charge for a while. Leah was fortunate enough to be within earshot, and made sure to capitalise on this. Axel actually mimicked his trainer’s action, although for a different reason. There would be action, which was a good sign for the fluffy creature. There didn’t seem to be fire involved, however, which was disappointing, but expected.

The blonde knew they had a difficult task, if the recent show of conflict was anything to go by. Hopefully, this little stint would help bring tensions down, if only by a tiny bit. Actually, if they could achieve cooperation, this wouldn’t be hard, not terribly.

Before leaving, Master Yin gave each of them a Potion. Leah made sure to be thankful, but not to overdo it either. There was a thin line between respectful gratefulness and caked on rubbish, she’d been told a few times. Once he moved to the next person, she took the healing item and tried to fit it into her bag neatly. Of course, it was hard even getting it in, let alone in a prim manner.

Once that had been accomplished, Leah made sure it was, she noticed Master Yin had left them, meaning Shay and Xaic’s leadership roles began now. She glanced at them, expecting something, perhaps another speech?

The latter was the first to speak, basically recapping what had just happened, probably in case someone had missed it. This earned a slight nod from Leah. His next move, on the other hand, left the blonde assuming he bore at least above average feelings for his co-leader. It wasn’t a hasty assumption, not considering how red his face was. He continued on, breaking down the plan. Once he concluded, there seemed to be no objections.

Seemed everyone finally agreed on something. Axel, on the other hand, was eager for this “signal” to pop up, eager to get going already. He’d been expecting formalities, but that didn’t make them much more enjoyable. Actually, although she didn’t bring it up, Leah was fairly impressed her Pokémon had managed to stay so… behaved. These kinds of things weren’t really his style, and it tended to show. Maybe he realised just how important this really was. That, she wasn’t able to decipher, but remained content he was cooperating.

A dramatic scream, one that told of a Rayquaza attacking, could be heard in the distance. That caught Leah off guard, although logic proved greatly against the claim being real. It was as silly as saying Moltres danced the Macarena every fourth New Year’s Eve in front of sold out crowds. Okay, not that ridiculous, but still, it made no sense.

This was the signal, it was announced. That, on the other hand, was far more realistic. She didn’t need to remind Axel this was show time, he was already on his paws, and would have been out the door if left to his own vices.

Before leaving the room, Leah made sure to thank the co-leader who held the door for them. Her Eevee, on the other hand, made no such effort. For once, his trainer was too focused on something else to scold him or, in the least, shot him a disapproving glance.

Leah stopped when she reached the others, making sure to stick along the outer edges. She listened carefully as Shay provided instructions, and once again, if her notebook and pen were handy, notes would have been jotted. Her idea to split off was cleaver, although if no smaller groups were going to be predetermined, it would finding a partner to them. The blonde sighed at this realisation.

It seemed everything was settled, before Persephone, whom Leah actually was able to place properly approached Shay and began explaining certain things to her. From this distance, it was a bit hard to hear, from what she could gather, the information being shared was relating to the dangers around the area.

Leah didn’t bother approaching anyone until the matter had been addressed. Hopefully, it wouldn’t involve socialisation, a skill which wasn’t quite up to par. She hated such personal imperfections…

Judge Dredd
07-12-2012, 09:15 PM
(OOC: Everyone there has been a rule implemented, from this point on, you can not add quotes from other people into your character count. The only things that count are what you write. For those of you who have been doing, I would ask that you would would make up for that count in your next two posts. Also remember you guys are strangers to each other, so when referring to another character dont talk about personal info that would be impossible for your character to know.)

Viridian City, Trainer School

Moments before everything goes down I get an uneasy feeling in my gut. I watch Wisp dissipate as it moves through the door slowly. I can't help but feel guilty for sending it out into a crowd of people to cause mischief and mayhem. I don't make these choices lightly, each of them seem to push me further back from my goal of being an honorable Light Mage. As it stands I feel like I'm starting to become as much of Dark Mage as I am a Light Mage. I know some of the other elders must feel that way, I can feel them watching me, judging my actions. People compare the Light Mages Elders to heavenly spirits, they always seem to forget that they're normal people. People who have flaws, some of the Light Mage elders can be just as shady as the Dark Mage elders. This thought process is distracting me from that task at hand.

I bend down next to Sun. I can feel that she is starting to become stressed. I run my fingers through her thick purple fur to reassure her that everything is okay. I need her to stay relaxed so she can focus her powers. For my plan to work I'll need to create the image of the sky dragon Rayquaza in my mind. At first I only have a blurry green outline to work with. I mold its body using images of the creature Id seen in pictures and drawings. Finally I reach deep down in my subconsciousness and pull out a memory that I had locked away. A memory of my encounter with the beast as a child. Once I add that to Rayquaza it is complete. As I hold the image, I let Sun know its her turn. She focuses very hard on the image, giving it movement. The more details she adds the better it looks. Soon the crest on her head is glowing bright. I know that she is ready now.

Next I turn my focus to the people outside the door. One by one I make my way into their thoughts. Effecting this many people takes a lot of focus and power. I could not do something like this on my own. There are far to many people out there and each of there thougths takes a energy from me. Sun is really whats keeping me going. The boost from her gives me the power to spread the feeling of confusing among them. All thats need now is for them to see Rayquaza. Once they do they wont even remember why they came here. I take a deep breath and pull up the door.

I seem to lose track of everything going on around me once the chaos starts. It feels as if time is slowing down. Their fear overwhelms my senses, it becomes hard to focus. I do my best to stay apart of whats happening now. That proves to be very difficult with so many people screaming and falling all over each other to get away. This is turning out to be to nightmare. I rush over to the first man I see on the ground and help him up..He must have hurt his leg in the fall. I look back to see Wisp chasing a man around but I cant change that right now. I help the guy with the hurt leg, other people help me move him. After about two we stop running. He asks to be left carried into a dinner where he can wait for someone to come look at his leg. Once he is situated, I rush back towards the school. As I get close to it I find the streets are empty. Rayqyaza must have moved further into Viridian. Its about that time that Z-Dex starts vibrating.

"Sir, I'm not one for I told you so..."

Download has a comment for everything.

"Than don't be and cut to the point."

I flip open ZDex and let Download's hologram appear.
"Your little experiment has led to three people getting injured. While their injuries are minor to them, Im worried about the ramification of your actions. Creating a Rayquaza illusion with your mind and having poor Sun control its rain over terror has crossed the line. Further mo..."

I close the device before he has a chance to finish his rant. He always has a speech about right and wrong. It drives me crazy. I made it so he stays active at all times, even when the touch screen is off he can still respond. The little guy has come a long ways since the original Porygon Dex model.
"I was going to ask for your help retrieving Wisp but I didn't want to hear a damn speech another thing Ive down wrong.."

Downloads responds.
" If that was your version of an apology its excepted. Now, I can access the Viridian Power Station to see if something is draining an unusual amount of energy. Give me a moment."

I'm not sure what I would do without Download. He has been there since I began my journey. Download was the best thing I ever got from my father, sadly it took his passing for him to finally express how he felt. I get distracted thinking about the old man while Download scans. Before he even finishes his scan I know where Wisp is. I can hear the sounds of screaming coming from the little mom and pa restaurant down the block. Download hears it to and responds.
"sir do you hear that ?"

Before I can go find Wisp I need to deal Rayquaza. I pause for a moment to send Sun a signal to stop the illusion. I can't imagine the Viridian News will be worrying about the students after what just happened. After Sun has stopped it, I run towards the restaurant. The screams help guide the way. Before I can even enter the place, the door swings open and a crowd of people pour out knocking me onto my back. As I lay on the ground I can't help feel that I deserved this. Download seems to think its funny too.
"Sir, perhaps laying on the ground is not the best way to solve this mystery hahahahaha."

Every time he says something like that I regret allowing him to pick his own upgrades.
"Note to self, remove voice options from dex menu."

I lay on the ground for a few seconds, until I see the last of the person in the place run passed me. By the time I get back on my feet, Sun has arrived. She seems very tired, so I call her back to the Pokeball. With her safely stored away and resting I move carefully towards the door. I'm on my guard as I enter the place. The floor beneath me is very slippery and hard to cross over, the lights above flicker on and off. I use the tables to help maintain my balance. I push from one booth to another until I reach the entrance to the kitchen area. I step carefully towards the swinging doors and genitally push them aside. There is still no sign of Wisp anywhere. Download speaks up

"Sir I am detecting a pokemon presence near or in the refrigerator."

After hearing what Download said I move towards it cautiously, I reach my arm out ever so slightly to grab the door handle. I'm really hoping to find Wisp playing one its hide and seek games. I pull open the door to find nothing. Im a slightly relieved to report back .

"Download there is nothing in there!"

It doesnt take Download long to respond.
"There seems to an error in one of my speech programs, what I meant to say was there was something inside it as in its wiring Sir..."

My face drops as I feel whats about to happen. What makes it worse is that I'm powerless to stop it. I shouldn't have drained my powers back there. I guess its to late for coulda and shouldas. I turn around to see the doors fly open and a pair of purple eyes looking at me. I barely have time to spit out the words "I guess Im it." before I sucked into it.

Pokemon Available on Route Two

Check the list above to see how much they cost in your trainer class. The beginning pokemon will only require the normal 5k post. If can not capture something on route you can choose to train against one of these pokemon. In this case you will have to post 6 k but you will earn two extra points. Those extra points and the captures have to be approved. Good hunting !


Remember to send your capture stories to me first, to get approval.

07-15-2012, 09:22 PM
Eli Conner, Route Two, Clearing
(7,948 Characters, Five Points.
Attempting to catch Nidoran {F})

They weren’t quite in the clear, but whatever they had been in such a hurry to escape from was no longer a pressing concern. The institute was only barely visible; Eli supposed that they had made very good time. But now the group had stalled, one of their leaders, the girl with the golden Charmander, had suggested one course of action, and had made it over a wall of fauna only for Persephone, the Grass Ace trainer to begin a conversation with her. Eli looked at the wall and then pulled down his sleeves to look at his hands. Meister gave him a look, and a flash of understanding passed between them. The only way scrawny little Eli was getting over any obstacle of that size was with considerable help from the Superpower Pokémon. The idea of getting hoisted was not an appealing one for either of them; to Meister it meant making his partner look less capable, and to Eli it meant possibly falling flat on his face after reaching the top. The Machop was sure that there was an easier way and grabbed his trainer’s arm, pulling him to the edge of the wall. Sooner or later, it would have to end, and they could just go around it. As long as the other trainers were still talking, Meister reasoned that they would have plenty of time to catch up with the others.

Eli glanced backward at the group and was relieved. No one was paying much attention to him, save for a quick glance by a girl, Akira. Eli followed his Pokémon, following the wall of vegetation. The whole forest seemed alive with the sounds of life, but before either the Machop or his trainer could really take it in, they reached a steep cliff. Eli looked over the edge, it didn’t look like the fall would cause too much damage, but it would mean that any chance of getting reunited with the group inconspicuously was shot. Luckily, the wall of flora had ended at a thick tree trunk with a mess of roots at its base. There wasn’t much room between the bark and the end of the cliff, but they could hug the tree and make it around and meet up with the others, no sweat.

Meister had made it across quickly, and Eli gulped as he stepped up to the challenge. He pulled his hands back into his sweatshirt and grabbed one of the branches of the tree, pulling himself closer to the massive oak. Even through the yellow fabric, Eli could feel the bark and hoped that he wasn’t getting sticky tree sap on his clothing, well, in addition to hoping that he didn’t lose his grip and fall off a cliff. Looking away from the trunk, Eli saw the steep hill below the cliff and turned away. He was inching along slowly, but surely. Meister caught his eye, and gave him a thumbs up before reaching out for his hand. Eli reached for his partner’s blue palm, but stopped as he felt something moving near his leg. The boy looked down and something blue flash from out of the roots and between his knee. It was tempting to turn around, but Eli was more focused on getting back to good old terra firma.

He shuffled his right foot around the tree and was grabbed by Meister. But as he moved his left foot, Eli heard an angry hiss and looked down to find himself looking at a very angry female Nidoran. It closed its mouth, though its sizable incisors still stuck out and launched itself at the young trainer. Eli felt his foot slip out from under him. Luckily, he had tucked his right foot underneath a root and, with Meister’s help, he was able to keep his balance. But as Eli’s brown eyes met the red ones of the Poison-Pokémon, he knew that he could take that for granted. He scrambled to get away from the cliff before the Nidoran could attack him again. His Machop gave him a hearty pull and Eli felt himself flying briefly before crashing into the grass. He rolled over and sat up to find the wild Pokémon approaching him, ears flattened and whiskers at full attention.

Well, it was time to see if two years of schooling had done any good. This was Eli and Meister’s first real Pokémon battle, one that wasn’t taking place in a totally sanitary and supervised field. Luckily, Eli was keeping his head, unlike he might have with some Pokémon. Being one of the few students who actually read their textbooks cover to cover, multiple times, Eli was able to quickly recall information about the Nidoran species, and females specifically. Their spikes were less prominent then the male species, but their poison was still incredibly deadly. That was horrible. All of Meister’s attacks required physical contact, and each blow would risk getting the Machop poisoned, and this far from Pewter City and unable to go back to Viridian, he would be a goner. That was the risks, Eli now had to think about Meister’s assets. His impressive strength meant that it wouldn’t require as many attacks to take the wild Pokémon out, and his No Guard ability made sure that those attacks would hit. However it also meant that if the Nidoran decided to attack with her poison barbs, there was a high chance of something horrible happening.

Eli thought about the other trainers and all of their special gifts. Just because he didn’t have those kinds of gifts didn’t mean that he was powerless. No, in order to prove himself worthy of a place on this team, Eli had to work for it. The young boy looked at his Machop. The Nidoran was approaching them now, still hissing at the pair. “We’re not going to run, we’re going to fight,” the trainer said. Meister just smiled and stepped in front of his downed trainer. Eli got to his feet and looked backed away so that Meister could do his thing, “Start by focusing your energy, Meister.”

The Machop complied and began to concentrate, feeling the blood flow more freely through his veins and his muscles expand and contract through sheer effort and the clenching of his fists. The Nidoran had closed the gap between herself and this new opponent and leapt at the blue Fighting-type, fangs bared. Eli gave his most honest smile in the past two years; they had dodged the bullet of a poison attack. Both trainer and Pokémon knew that the attack would hit, but what was important was to make sure that it hit where was most advantageous to them. “Kick her!” Eli shouted, and his Pokémon complied. A blue foot shot out and met the Nidoran’s open mouth. Meister grunted as the sharp teeth dug into his skin and then launched the rabbit-like Pokémon into the air. The kick wouldn’t do much damage, but the fall could be grievous, and then they would be in an ideal position to end this battle once and for all. Eli watched the Nidoran’s descent and winced as she hit the ground, landing hard on her back right leg. Meister was already readying himself for the next attack as the Nidoran struggled to her feet. One of her blue feet nearly collapsed under her own weight, but the Poison-type stood defiantly and glared at her opponent.

The wild Pokémon lowered her head and began to charge at Meister, her speed reduced by the injured leg. Meister pivoted on one blue foot to catch the horn on his side instead of his chest and winced as it cut through skin. This battle needed to be ended quickly; otherwise the Machop was going to require serious medical attention. That would probably earn Eli and his partner the ire of the rest of the group for a long time. Then the young trainer realized an opening. The Nidoran’s injured leg was her weak point, and there weren’t any barbs on her limbs. “Sweep the floor with her!” Eli shouted, and quickly covered his mouth with his covered hands, afraid that someone had heard that outburst. Meister grinned through his pain and extended his leg across the ground and knocked the Nidoran’s legs out from under her, his superior reach saving him from the poisonous horn. The Nidoran landed on its side and struggled to get up, alternating between growls and whimpers.

Meister stood over his foe and raised his hand for a fatal chop when Eli’s yellow-coated hand wrapped around his forearm. “Look at her,” the boy said, and the Machop paused. They both looked at the Nidoran lying in the dirt, breathing in weakly and then exhaling sharply. Her small blue body was shaking and Eli felt a wave of disgust flow over him. He couldn’t just keep hurting her; never mind that this was an important part of being a Pokémon trainer. Maybe he would bring himself to faint a wild Pokémon if that’s what the situation called for or if needed go the further step and…no. Eli didn’t want to think about it, and he didn’t want to look at this poor Nidoran lying on the ground beaten and bruised. He pulled off his black backpack and Meister lowered his arm, his body returning to its normal muscle mass. Eli reached inside and fumbled around for one of the two Poké Balls that he had been given during the last week. He pulled out the red and white sphere and looked at the Nidoran on the ground. He reached forward to tap her with the Poké Ball and as soon as the center of the ball touched her blue skin, the Nidoran was enveloped in a red light and was sucked into the device. Eli looked at it silently; there was none of the fanfare that was expected with a first catch, only that same stark realization that had come a few minutes earlier, at the clearing. Things weren’t black and white in the real world.

Eli had a lot to think about, but he also knew that he had to get back to the group. He pocketed his new Pokémon and began to run. As Meister joined him and they followed the wall back to the group, Eli’s head was swimming with conflicting emotions, but he soon enough reached the group, slightly wheezing from the exertion. As Meister handed him his inhaler from the side of the backpack and Eli began to use it, a wry thought came to him, though he didn’t voice it: What would Markus and his Nidoran think of his catch?

07-17-2012, 05:03 PM
Markus Novolos
Fire Spinner
Route 2
Training Against: FRIGGIN SPEAROW
Characters: Not counting the header or BB code, 8872. 7 Points for me.

The trek there made Markus a little pissed-specifically, what Shay said during this trip. Sure, wild Pokémon didn't attack unless provoked: Yhea, not like that in all of the history of the Pokémon Journey, it was because of either people messing in a Pokémon’s natural habitat, henceforth pissing it off, or a group of thugs, more commonly the former, that caused 90% of All trainer-based Accidents. Moreover...When they came to a stop and looked at that wall...She climbed over it. Markus himself knew it would be rather easy, but...What about the others? He took a look around, and sure enough, the barrier extended farther than anticipated, and sure enough, someone had already left the main group to attempt to circumnavigate the barrier. He wasn't entirely sure about everyone else, either.

However, he wasn't going to wait longer. While one of the trainers was talking to Shay (one of the girls, but which one wasn’t his knowing) He took a good look at the wall briefly prepping to scale it. Markus traced Shay's path, one he couldn't take, mainly because there were footholds too slim for Markus to feel secure. Shay was clearly more acrobatic than Markus, but strong outright was something more in his favor (at least it seemed that way). Markus looked to slightly to his left, and found some more favorable holds, then immediately started gripping onto them. They were sturdy, allowing for slower climbing, and albeit he had to snap a twig because it blocked one foothold, he got over with no problems. He now stood atop it, not needing much balance on the surprisingly flat surface and suppressing urges to jump on Shay's head as a dismount.

Then a Spearow, descending from the treetops above, landed on a nearby tree branch, eyeing Markus with a rather cold eye. Markus couldn't grasp what it was doing by doing that, though he jumped off the natural barrier, safe from harm.

Markus, with a different angle, then noticed the nearby nest. It was several feet away, though clearly, an Egg was resting there, and another Spearow was guarding it like it was its life. Clearly, this was a Spearow Nest. Clearly, he was closely, but Markus felt he was far enough to provoke an attack from them. He didn't attempt to lock eyes, knowing that most Pokémon were offended by simply staring at them, and locking eyes meant an instant attack from some of the more violent ones.

The Spearow was an excellent example of why the eye-lock induced violence only needs a few seconds: while Markus wasn't looking, leapt off the branch and swooped, yelling "Spearrrrrrow!" at the top of its lungs, attracting Markus back into its gaze. The Spearow was suddenly gaining rapid speed all the while, clearly attempting to Peck. Markus barely realized that it was coming for him and ducked out of the way before the Spearow came through the space his head formerly occupied, beak pointy and ready to ram itself into one of his eyes. It slowed itself and planted its feet on the ground nearby, looking violently ready to defend a nest Markus didn't even believe he came come close to, and not enough to justify why it didn't go after Shay as well.

"F***! Go Epic!" Markus yelled, throwing the PokéBall and unleashing the masculine Nidoran. It looked at its opponent: Was that really it? A common Pokémon? He faced off and won against Sabrina's well-trained and strong Mr. Mime, would this really be all? However, it WAS his first time he had battled outside of a prepared arena, and he wasn't terribly well-trained itself. Who knew what could happen?

"Focus Energy!" Markus said. The Spearow started to hover in its place, as Nidoran stared at its opponent. He looked to tense himself up, discipline his mind and body for the battle to come. As it did, he also stared upon the body of its opponent, even as it started to move towards Epic. Epic had pretty much homed in on his target's weaker spots, where the Spearow would be severely damaged should it take a hit there, before the Spearow had started to hover around his back.

Said Spearow immediately proceeded to jab at Epic's Back with its sharp beak, and boy, did it hit. It wasn't critical, but it definitely hurt more than what would be expected of a tiny Spearow-and Markus knew that, albeit Epic was strong enough to live against Sabrina's Mr. Mime, was still rather weak defensively. A combination of Dodging and skill had won him the battle, and barely. The Spearow itself didn't seem to like the blow either but Markus also knew why. When it flew away from its foe, it had a tiny cut near the right side of its beak, and a few tiny flecks of purple goo were around the wound. Epic did not take that hit well, but Markus knew that the hit had backlash for the bird-poisoning.

Epic! Peck! Markus said. Epic, still not happy about the prior injury despite the poisoning, retaliated with a dose of vengeance, and that toxic horn was a fun addition to consider for the Nidoran. He rammed into the Spearow, and albeit not striking the sweet critical spots, definitely landed home as a good blow. What was true for Epic was true for the Spearow: it wasn't expecting an attack of that power. It probably was intensified by poison flowing through its veins. However, it was still standing. The bird then decided defense was a more critical initiative at the moment. It stared down Epic, who was unsure of the tactic. The gaze continued for a few seconds, but whatever Epic saw in it clearly made him shudder a little...Leer. Really? Ugh.

"Leer straight back." Markus said. Another stare-down occurred, although, even if shaken, Epic was now throwing down the disturbing looks, and the Spearow now looked disturbed by those very looks. However, that wouldn't stop the Spearow's attack. The Spearow flew over to the Nidoran, and immediately pecked it, quickly and more careful about the poison barbs. It hit, and Epic felt more of that than before, judging from his stance. Ugh. Markus wasn't intent on capturing the Spearow...But having to use a potion later was what irked him. A healing item was important. Epic didn't look terribly hot, though. Markus decided that dodging was a critical function, no matter how much he liked attacking. Epic wasn’t a defensive powerhouse, and he didn’t want to test that.

"Epic, Peck. Finish this off." Markus said, knowing how this would probably end. Epic complied immediately, despite its pain: It ran immediately towards the poor Spearow and jabbed its horn at it. While the Spearow was spared from being stabbed thoroughly by it, it was definitely unconscious. Incapable of battle, Markus declared it a victory.

He took the sole potion he had, and vigorously sprayed Epic. He knew better than to leave his Pokémon wounded, and even he could feel the healing effects of his Pokémon: He didn't physically touch the healing spray, but the concoction clearly put Epic in a vastly better condition. "Nido Nid!" Epic went, to confirm his fully healed status. Markus returned him to his PokéBall, staring at the unconscious-and likely to die of the poisoning-Spearow. He paid it no heed: That was what COULD happen to Epic, or any Pokémon under his care, should a Pokémon Battle go terribly wrong and he not get medical attention, but he thought of this possibility already. Death was omnipresent. That was what killed trainers, what forced Trainer retirements, what caused the stacks of graves to be piled high on the Lavender Tower that he read of, not to mention Mount Pyre, a freaking mountain of corpses, quite literally. And did he mention he had seen his parents getting killed in cold blood? He had grown quite indifferent to the passing of life at this point.

Not like he could do anything. Markus left the poor Pokémon to its fate. Possibly, the poisons were too weak to kill it: Some poisons a Nidoran generated were deadlier than others, though male Nidoran generally had the more toxic concoctions. It was possible it would wake up and expel the poisons, should they be the weak variety.

He saw the poor thing slightly flinch. Maybe it was a weaker toxin? Ah, who cared.

Markus waited patiently for his fellow teammates and Max, knowing that if Shay went too far, the defensive master, (whether or not Markus approved of Max himself), would be infuriated. Considering that Shay seemed to be the most fleet-footed of the group, she could potentially outrun the DM had he not packed Flying Types (and even then, possibly she still could). He didn't bother opening his mouth: The more trouble Shay got into, the less haughty she was, and a noticeable lack of haughty-ness would make this journey a LOT easier on Markus'es temper. He wasn't explicitly PRONE to exploding, but it was easily irked on by easily irksome people. That being said, those odds were pretty much nonexistent, unless the DM was really hooked up in his self-made chaos. Served the DM right, though.

Hopefully Shay would grow out of her jerka**ery. Hopefully.

Saraibre Ryu
07-18-2012, 07:19 AM
Shay Miru
Route 2
Character Length: 12,870, 5 Points

As I walked along, making sure everyone knew where we were heading, one of the other girls came up to me. Asharas waved hi as I just looked at her. She was quiet, and calling me Miss Shay just showed she was a bit shy, albeit very polite. I wasn’t sure if I liked it yet, but it wasn’t bothering me. Her Bulbasaur looked healthy too, a lot of care put into the grass Pokémon from what I should see. As we walked she informed me of native Pokémon nests and other details of the land ahead that I was not entirely aware about. Someone who knew their way around, and was informative. I appreciated the information, as Beedrill was going to be a huge problem if we ran into them. As much of an advantage Asharas had over them, they were Beedrill; aggressive and strong, especially in numbers. That’s why so many people had a habit of just outrunning them, those giant stingers of their and their Twinneedle attack wasn’t something to be messed with.

“Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind.”

I was ahead of everyone, and my hiking experience often put me just a bit ahead of everyone else, a bit too far ahead. I stopped occasionally, allowing everyone to catch up, some who had decided to tag along with me, one of them being a boy with a ghost Pokémon, walk ahead. I passed them often, but as much as I didn’t like people, I didn’t mind the tag alongs. They were quiet and didn’t bother me.

Every time I heard rusting that didn’t fall within footsteps, I turned to see where it was, Asharas doing the same from my shoulder. Somewhere towards the back, off to the side of the trail I was creating, one of the trainers who had a Machop had engaged in a battle, and from the blue I saw, it was a Nidoran. I stopped, motioning everyone else to go ahead of me a bit. Being stuck with leader position meant I had to watch everyone, though watching someone battle that I hadn’t met before was something I didn’t object to. As I watched, I noted the Machop’s ability to kick, something that didn’t seem all that powerful, but the thrust was superb. The trainer however, didn’t seem as confident as the Machop did, but I could only see so much from a distance. The battle didn’t seem to last long, and no doubt that Nidoran wasn’t too happy, but it was alone for one thing, and I only wondered why. I saw the Machop, and his trainer, looking down, probably at the very worn out and still blue poisonous rodent. I could tell what was going on, and I wasn’t one to call it weakness. Hurting wild Pokémon for some people was hard. Sometimes you couldn’t help but defend yourself. Other times it was different. I saw him fumbling around his backpack and pulled out something circular. It was then I looked away and went back to leading the pack. Some things were gonna be hard for some kids.

We walked further, myself a bit slower, letting everyone have a chance to catch up, stopping to take a quick break as I couln’t expect everyone to have the stamina I had on outdoor excursions. I spent more time outdoors than indoors, sometimes weeks at a time. No tent or anything, just myself and Asharas and usually some tree. Branches were comfortable I you knew how to lay out on them. I kept checking back, making sure everyone had successfully caught up, without delay or issue or injury. As I did a mental count, I noticed that there was someone missing. Markus. Of course, take my eyes off for one minute to watch another…I could tell Asharas was looking at me. Yes, I know, I needed to be nicer or it was bad karma. So far my tactic of moving like a Stantler herd was working, however one stray meant it was a good target. Never mind that some Pokémon didn’t like it when you so much as looked at them funny or stepped on the one favorite rock in their territory. By the time I saw Markus in the distance, I had already seen him and his Nidoran engaged in a battle with an angry Spearow.

Once again, I watched, noting how aggressive Markus battled and how much he focused on power in his Pokémon. That Spearow didn’t know what it had gotten in to, but there was one thing I knew about Spearow, there was more than one nearby, they were never alone. If we didn’t keep moving, we would have an angry flock of birds on our hands, and I didn’t know if I liked that more than angry Beedrill. I knew we were getting closer to more heavily forested areas due to the trees getting thicker, which may have given us some cover. The low overhanging branches would give us some cover in the event of a flock swarm. This was going to be like that massive flock back home that often bothered my dad’s Torterra, only smaller, and we had no giant terra transporting turtle to hide under. Instead we had trees. That was going to have to do. First, I needed to do something. By the end of what I saw from the battle, from my far distance away, that Spearow was suffering from poisoning, no doubt from Nidoran’s Poison Point ability. What bothered me was his lack of care as he went to healing Epic, and just walked away. I jumped down from my branch and looked at Asharas. If any Spearow saw that, we were in trouble. Also, I couldn’t help but feel bad for it, but I couldn’t put blame on Markus either, I didn’t see who made the first go at it, and knowing Pokémon, he probably got too close to a nest and it was the Spearow. Then again Markus seemed jumpy of everything and was all doom gloom and despair.

I walked back along my previous trail, knowing everyone would wait for me to come back. Moments later I came to see Markus’ work, or rather his Nidoran’s; the Spearow was barely standing, but alive. My impulse wanted to use my Potion on the bird, but there was two problems with that: one, I wouldn’t have anything in case Asharas got badly injured, even though I had my own ways of living off the land for medical treatments, and two, Potions were man-made, the smell of humans on the bird, and it’s flock would reject it. Asharas jumped off my shoulder, knowing exactly what I was going to do. She tried moving the Spearow so I wouldn’t have to touch the bird. At least she still smelled like a Pokémon to a Pokémon, and I probably smelled like a human, though I’d prefer to be smelling of dirt and deadfall. The Spearow tried pecking at Asharas, but I knew the shiny Charmander was fast and wouldn’t let her get nicked by that strong beak. It was tired, but it had to get back up to it’s nest, at least for my sake, I couldn’t leave it be. Asharas got it on her backside, careful not to burn it with her tail. I climbed part way up the tree, leaving enough space for Asharas to get onto my foot so I could lift her the rest of the way. I was deadly careful in not so much as brushing against the bird’s feathers. As I lifted my foot, I heard something that made me stop.


There was another one. It swooped at me but I did my best to finish what I was doing. The other Spearow was making the other one stir more and struggle, aggravated. That I didn’t need. As I moved Asharas, I could hear her trying to talk to the other Spearow to try and get it to calm down. As I was getting closer to that top branch, I grabbed Asharas in my hands and had her placed on the branch. All four claws were digging into the bark, as ginger steps brought the bird back to its self-made nest. Once it was in there, I jumped down, avoiding another swoop and having Asharas land on my head, sliding down and clinging to my backpack. I darted off away from the nest of the toxicated Spearow and made some distance between myself and the other attacking bird.

Asharas jumped off my shoulder and onto the ground, standing between me and our newest foe, trying to get the point across that we were only trying to help, and weren’t the ones who actually harmed the bird. The bird only squawked back with sharp cries. Having a heated debate with a Spearow, wasn’t something you saw every day. Never mind trying to explain ourselves to something that didn’t like humans in most cases was hard enough. This Spearow however, was different, it actually seemed to be listening, but I was wondering one thing; where was the rest of its flock?


I looked at Asharas, who looked at me, having smoke come out her nose. I knew that meant one thing, a battle. However, before I could respond, this second Spearow started swooping just above the group’s head, flying around in a somewhat, half angry manner. Asharas darted after it, climbing trees slowly but efficiently and getting it off side of the path the group was on, by jumping up off a branch and onto the ground, hitting the bird with a nice Scratch attack as it came near. As it was kept distracted, I ran over to the rest of the group, knowing we were going to have some trouble soon.

“Everyone, we need to hear under those low laying trees as cover.” I pointed to them, large pine trees where their branches practically acted as a tent underneath. I looked at…I think her name was Persephone, the girl who told me of what to look out for earlier. “I’m going to lead ahead a bit slower by climbing through the trees. There’s going to be a flock of angry Spearow coming our way since one of them felt threatened, and when those Spearow yell for help, those cries can go a mile. If you guys follow under the trees, you’re less likely to be seen and get pecked at. One of them is already here and I’m going to try and convince it to let its friends lets us through until we hit camp. Persephone, if you lead with your Bulbasaur, he should be able to find the best way underneath. You also know what directions to avoid the most so make sure we avoid that Beedrill nest you told me about earlier. Let’s get going!”

With that I let everyone get under the cover of the trees, and it was Asharas’s turn to get some support. She was rolling around and dodging blow after blow, and when I whistled to her, and began climbing up another tree, and I followed by climbing up the one next to it. The trees were close together, making it easier for me to climb through them, however not without some scratches. The Spearow followed, diving at Asharas who was using the branches to her advantage since Spearow had to aim carefully to get her, without knocking her head into the branch. I sat on one branch and watched, looking down to see where everyone else was and making sure they could somewhat see me, taking my sweater off in the meantime and shoving it in my backpack. As my Charmander leapt down to another branch that gave her better footing, the Spearow dove at her quickly, a bit more quickly than I would have expected, sending her off course and into another branch. She fell a bit, her stomach landing on a thicker limb and she regained a solid hold. Regaining her composure, she saw the bird coming in for a second run, however Asharas wasn’t one to be fooled twice.

“You know what to do Asharas.”

Half the time I didn’t even need to command Asharas, she knew how to effectively battle on her own. We had been together for a long time, and that’s what made us a difficult pair to beat. As the Spearow dove in for another Peck attack Asharas waited, and jumped high enough for the bird to pass under her, turning in the air and hitting the back of the bird with another Scratch attack. It hit her hard, sending her into a branch below but she recovered quickly. Asharas landed on the branch again, almost slipping, but got her claws in the bark firmly, moving to another tree while the Spearow recovered. That left me to move ahead, knowing that we still needed to move along with the group. The benefit of having to rely on the branches for support was that the Spearow had to be pin point with attacks or it was going to hit something and hurt itself. As the three of us continued forward, I could see brown points off in the distance, meaning we didn’t have a lot of time. Asharas was ready with another Scratch attack, however the Spearow was smart, dropping a Sand Attack by carrying dirt into the air and into my Charmander’s face. She coughed, losing her balance on the end of her branch and being unable to see clearly, but enough to grab onto the end of a flexible one below her. That was her claws and grip holding on though, she wasn’t sure how high she was from the ground, and it was only to have the Spearow, from what I could see, diving down at her. At the rate she was going, she wasn’t going to be able to see enough to aim an Ember at.

Then I had an idea.

“Asharas let go!”

She wasn’t sure why, I could tell, however when I did tell her to do something, she would do it. She let go of the branch, falling into a wide one of needles and green, as the Spearow came down…face first into the recoiling branch. The force sent her off a bit, back into the air with a few turns, the sting from the whipping branch clear on what I saw of her expression. I could tell from the wing flaps, the bird was getting tired, and if my plan was going to work, I was going to have to capture the bird. With that, we needed one more attack.

“Asharas, clear your eyes and give it some fire.”

Asharas rubbed her eyes, blinking, trying to get a good eye on the bird, who was still fumbling a bit, but ready for one last go. With my Charmander, trying to keep a clear tracking eye on the bird, and the Spearow, ready for one last attack, Asharas waited for the right moment, and once the Spearow was clear above her head, she opened her maw, letting out a barrage of orange and red, flaming orbs that battered against the Spearow’s feathers, sending her back up into the sky with a bit of smoke. As the bird peaked in height, I noticed it started to fall, and in that moment, a Pokeball ready in hand, I tossed it hard, hitting the bird with skill as it was enveloped in a red light, swallowed by the capturing tool and falling towards the ground. I jumped to the next branch, catching the ball in my hand before it could hit the ground, Asharas clinging to my ankle as to not fall. The orb wiggled in the palm of my hand as my fingers made sure it would not fall from my hands.

As I let it wiggle, I closed my eyes and breathed out. It felt like a long time, but suddenly I felt it go still in my hands. I looked at it, and knew, that I had captured the Spearow. I felt tiny claws digging into the back of my shirt as Asharas looked over my shoulder, at the Pokeball. I thought for a moment, and immediately threw it into the air.

“Fly, Era!”

As the ball released a white light, the Spearow, now named Era, had appeared, somewhat tired and woozy from being pummelled with that last ember attack. Her wings were tired, and she looked around, seeing me, and Asharas, in the tree, confused for a bit, until her eyes looked at the Pokeball. It didn’t take long for her to put two and two together, as she cawed out at me. There was a glint in her eye, something told me, she was a bit happy about it.

“You…saw me help your friend out before…and you swooping in on the other humans…” I was talking to her, yes.


“I get it…you’re unusual. Now, since you’re stuck with me, Era, can you try to keep your flock from pecking us alive?”

The look on her face wasn’t too pleasant looking. She cawed again, resting on a branch.

“That’s…not your flock is it.”

The bird shook her head back and forth.

“Great. This is your forest; can you show us a way out near the Viridian forest? We need a place to rest that’s safe for the night.”

The bird nodded, fluttering forward, using branches to land on as she hopped ahead, and sparing what energy she could. I jumped down, letting Asharas follow in the grass. I found my way back to the group, ducking under the foliage of the mass of trees. I had some nicks and scratches all over my arms, but I didn’t mind them, it was nothing compared to what I had gotten in the past.

I turned to everyone, pointing at Era. “Okay everyone, follow that particular Spearow, or we’re all going to be severely pecked by an angry flock.”

Era, the female Spearow Captured
-8 Points

07-25-2012, 12:38 AM
Persephone Silverton (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3397370&postcount=5)
Grass Ace.
Viridian City.
Character Count: 7054 (No points due to capture)

Much to Persephone's relief, Shay didn't seem to be irritated; rather, the older girl seemed grateful for the information. Hopefully. Persephone was absolutely rubbish when it came to understanding her fellow human beings. As Shay walked ahead, Persephone fell in step with the rest of the group.

Within seconds, however, the slight little girl was bored absolutely out of her mind. Why did everybody have to be moving so slowly? Her eyes kept on wandering into the treetops, gauging how sturdy their branches were, and how close they sat together. Certainly she could do it. It was a much more interesting route, and she would be able to keep her eye out for any hidden dangers...

That settled it. Beckoning for Laurel to follow, she walked over to one of the great tree trunks, reaching up to grab a low branch and lifting her foot into a small knot in the bark. Moving quickly and efficiently, Persephone climbed up the tree, moving from handhold to handhold with more speed than could be expected of one with her small stature. Within half a minute she was as high as she could go without snapping branches. Laurel perched above her, a mischievous smile on his scaly, blue-green face. "Fun!" he chirped. "Hopefully 'Miss Shay' down there doesn't mind us escaping for a little above-ground adventuring!"

Shay! Persephone had forgotten all about their impromptu leader. Trying to put her nervousness away, the girl shook her head. "I doubt she will. After all, it's not like we're leaving the group. We're just going to be taking an, um... Different route."

That said, she began to trail after the group, watching their doings from above as she scrabbled from tree to tree, moving with practiced ease as she walked, crawled, or even jumped through the canopy, Laurel not far behind. As she went, she saw several Trainers stopping to battle with the wild Pokemon: Eti with his Machop, who was dueling with a Nidoran; Markus with his own Nidoran, who was lancing a Spearow; and Shay with her golden Charmander, who was engaged in battle with yet another Spearow. The sight of fighting made Persephone vaguely nervous, but she had always known that it was going to happen. Pokemon and humans became friends through combat. Besides, as long as no Pokemon were being killed or hurt unduly...

"Pi Pidge!"

The indignant cry made Persephone's head jerk up sharply. A small bird was perched upon a branch in the next tree. It glared at the slight Silverton girl with a scrutinizing eye; the creamy feathers on its breast were ruffled as it attempted to make itself look bigger. It was displaying its power, but not defending its territory just yet; it was too calm for that. Persephone smiled at it apologetically. "Sorry if I'm too close to your nest, Pidgey. Me and Laurel are just passing through, and we can go around if you want."

"Go around!" hooted Laurel. He shot his trainer a glare that contained both eagerness and exasperation. "Don't you see? This is the perfect time for us to test our strength against some real enemies. You're a Trainer. Let's train!"

"Pidgey!" the Pidgey added in a tone that Persephone was almost sure meant agreement; it too was apparently spoiling for a battle. She sighed - a fight was going to happen sometime. She couldn't believe that the Pidgey actually wanted to scrap with Laurel, but it seemed raring for a bit of excitement.

"All right," Persephone said, nervous. "Let's see a Growl, then!"

Laurel opened his mouth wide, releasing a loud, ear-piercing wail. A shockwave shot from his jaws: a ripple in the air that flowed over Pidgey, making it shudder. However, the attack was mostly ineffective. The Pidgey seemed a bit uncomfortable at the offensive noise, but other than that it didn't seem to have been effected adversely.

Now Pidgey took its turn. It glided across the gap before pulling up sharply in front of Laurel. It then proceeded to dive-bomb him continuously, all the while pecking him with its sharp pink beak. "Gack!" Laurel shouted. "This is no - ouch - good! We - oof - need to go on the - aiee! - offensive. Like her - ooch!"

Persephone bit her lip. "Vine Whip, then!" scarcely were the words out of her mouth when vines sprang out of Laurel's back bulb. They took Pidgey on its next dive, wrapping around the bird and squeezing it hard. Pidgey squawked and squirmed, but couldn't get free. Laurel tossed it back toward the tree it had come from, which it crashed into, hard. It looked like it was bleeding from this distance; Persephone let out a gasp. She very nearly leaped to the next tree to tend to its wounds, but before she could it hopped back up, ready for more.

This time, Pidgey didn't go on a direct offensive. It took off from the branch again, but rather than swooping at Laurel it began to flap its wings wildly, whipping up a swirling current of wind that tore leaves off the branches. Persephone was taken off guard, and she was thrown off of her shaking branch with a loud cry of shock. It was luck that saved her then, as her wildly grasping hands wrapped around a second branch lower down. She struggled to pull herself up while Laurel raced to help her. "Go on, defend yourself! I'll be fine!" as she was shouting she was pulling herself up, dragging her light frame behind her as she attempted to get onto the branch properly. "Try another Vine Whip!"

Laurel nodded tensely, then whirled around to face Pidgey, who was swooping in to renew the assault. Laurel lashed out once more, bur Pidgey had wised up and batted aside the vines with its wings. Persephone, with a final gasp of effort, managed to pull herself up at last. Straddling the branch, she called out: "Don't grab it; whack it!"

By now Pidgey was in dive-bombing range of Laurel, and the Bulbasaur was suffering for it. He was covered with numerous shallow cuts and gashes - all superficial, but from Laurel's pained grimace they hurt well enough.

As Pidgey wheeled out of another successful attack, one of Laurel's vines lashed out again. This time the bird received a solid smack between its feathery shoulders. Silent as a stone, it fell to the ground; the blow seemed to have stunned it. Sighing at the thought of having to abandon her hard-won perch, Persephone shimmied back toward the trunk of the tree and clambered down, looking for the Pidgey. It was laying right at the bast of the trunk, still incapacitated. Was it hurt? Was it... Surely it wasn't... It couldn't be dead, could it?

Persephone leaped the remaining distance, landing on the soft grass with a thud. Quickly she checked Pidgey over for signs of life; it seemed to have sustained only scrapes and bruises. She breathed a sigh of relief. Then she looked the little bird over again. Each Trainer, before the journey's start, had been given a list of Pokemon that they were allowed to capture. Pidgey, despite being a flying-type, was on Persephone's. She wasn't sure if she even wanted a Pidgey - but she wanted much less to leave it there. "All right, Pidgey," she sounded more confident than she felt. "If you don't want to be caught, speak now or forever hold your peace!"

No reply. Taking the silence for confirmation, Persephone dug a Pokeball out of her bag and held it out, her hand trembling just slightly. The sphere opened in her hand, releasing a beam of bright red light and enveloping Pidgey in luminescence. The bird disappeared and the beam retracted; in Persephone's hand the Pokeball began to shake. Startles, she let it fall to the ground. For several seconds the device began to shake, wobbling erratically, until at last all movement from it ceased and it let out a ping. Persephone's fists shot up with excitement. She scooped the Pokeball, then let the Pidey within fly out free. It still looked battered, but it was no longer immobile. It - or rather, she; her large body and deeper voice was common among Pidgey of the feminine variety - seemed very spirited and peppy. Persephone considered her for a moment, a smile on her face. "How do you like the name Sylvia?" The Pidgey considered this briefly, then nodded. Persephone opened her mouth to say more, but before she could Shay called out to the group.

“Okay everyone, follow that particular Spearow, or we’re all going to be severely pecked by an angry flock,” she said, pointing to a Spearow. Persephone nodded, looking up at the sky. She could just make out a cluster of airborne shapes. A little nervous now, she allowed Sylvia to perch on her shoulder - wincing at the prickly claws - while Laurel tagged along at her heels, ready for whatever came next.

Judge Dredd
07-25-2012, 09:43 AM
( OOC: The last two weeks were a bit slow, WAR is almost over so i look forward to picking up the pace to everyone posting once a week. As far as the capture / battling stories go. I saw some really good stuff so far. In these stories what im looking for is a battle that makes both pokemon look good. The more you put into that the battle and how the two move around each other the easier it is visualize it. With this post I will be posting up the capture stuff again. Normally you will only be able to battle or capture in between my posts. For example the last post would have opened up the chance to capture or battle and by the time I posted this, no one would get to do either after it was posted. In this case because of everything else going on. Im gong to give you another week for those of you who have yet to post. This will also give everyone else a chance to write another battling story if they like.)

The Viridian City
Family Restaurant

Twenty minute pass. I wake up to find that I'm inside the frig still. Everything is dark, I can feel the cold bitter air filling my lungs as I inhale. The hair on my arm stands as it brushes passed the walls of the refrigerator. There is not much room to move in here, I struggle to move my arms around. What makes this worse is the fact that Wisp did not empty this thing out before pulling me in. I can feel some kind creamy substance riding up my shirt. Im definitely going to need to shower after this. Being able to deal with extreme environments was something I had done my whole life. The cold didn't bother me as much as getting out smarted by Wisp did. The only hope I have comes from a creature who annoys me the most. Asking for his help means that I'll need to listen to the rest of his rant on right from wrong. I have no choice. My body is bend is such a way that my left arm is pinned under my under my head. I struggle to inch over to the flip open the panel. I flick my pinky back and forth trying to hit the release switch. Once I finally hit it, a bright surge of light fills all the dark spaces of the frig.

"This is strange even for you Sir. Sleeping in refrigerator can't be good for your back." Download says with what I imagine to be a smirk on his face.

I force my head to turn slightly to the right. I can see the hologram move to see me.

"Download, shut up, I need some help here. I can't seem to move in here."

Download goes silent, he doesn't like being told to shut up. Asking him for help always leads back to the same I told you so speech. He starts out with "Sir, I tried to" and then goes into whatever it is that is currently going on. I have no choice here. I have to rephrase my question.

"Download, I am very sorry for telling you to shut up, I lashed out in a moment of weakness. My body is currently being contorted in a way that is causing me a lot of discomfort. I would greatly appreciate your help here."

Download waits a few moments and responds.

" Very touching Sir, Really. I tried to warn you about this back at the school. Wisp is still too unstable for this kinda of work. If you invested more time in its training you could make the little ghost a valuable part of the team. From this point on I am hoping you will take my words into consideration."

He is of course right, but its hard not to want to shut him down.

" I promise I will, now can you get me out of here."

Download floats around for a second scanning the inside of the refrigerator. When he is done he is finished he responds.

"If I release a shock wave into the refrigerator it will certainly break his hold over the door, but you will feel it to. It shouldn't be to big of a problem based on the hits you've taken before."

Download doesn't hesitate, he releases the shock wave through the frig. I feel it move through my body like a bolt of lightning. I focus as hard as I can, I was told as a child that pain is in the mind. I can't help but remember the feeling of learning this lesson as a child. Being tossed into pit with various pokemon and being made to fight them. My father was a cruel man who believed that a person who couldn't defend himself against a pokemon was wroth nothing. Every time I fell he pulled me back to my feet reminding me of what he had gone through in the war. Learning these lessons at such a young age was hard, but it has helped.

The electricity slips through me in a matter of seconds, and makes it way up through wiring causing Wisp to release its grip. Soon after the door opens and I fall forward onto the kitchen floor. There is no time to stop and take a breath. I will suffer through this pain so that I can take down Wisp and get back to the students. I roll onto my back so I can keep an eye on it. I dont want to lose it in the confusion. The frig shakes back and forth as Wisp separates from it.
"Download send out Moon now !"

Moon is released in front of me. I couldn't have picked a better pokemon. Moon is the backbone of my team, he is always the first one in the battle and always the last to leave. The little guy stands tall and proud, his confidence has been earned through many tough fought battles. He is so much different than his sister. While she excels at her speed and psychic abilities, he moves slower but can take a beating like no other pokemon I've ever seen. When he is finally out he takes a moment to look around. He picks up the sent of Wisp and goes right to work.

"Moon be careful Wisp is jumping machines again!"

I watch the jet black pokemon step carefully as he moves around the legs of the table. The rings around his body start to glow as it got closer to Wisp. Moon jumps on the counter to look around. Wisp shows itself now in the form of a Microwave moving right towards Moon. Moon rings let out a bright flash of light temporarily blinding Wisp. In that brief moment Moon turns and jumps right at the Microwave destroying with a faint attack. Moon than breaks the machine apart by stomping out it. As Wisp tries to escape Moon uses his mean look attack to trap it. Wisp lets out a might thunderbolt that temporally fills the room.

Download appears in front of me.
"Sir, its time to collect Wisp."

I roll back on my feet and call to Moon.
"Lets finish this Moon, use dark pulse ! "

Moon than rears back on its hind legs and sends out a massive dark pulse sending Wisp flying back. I looked at Download and picked up the pokeball.
"Alright Im bringing it back."
I pressed down on the button sending out the beam that pulled Wisp back into the ball. I then pressed it up against the P-Dex and Download took back Wisp. After putting away the pokeball I signaled for Moon to join me. He jumped down from the counter and followed me out of the store. As we stepped outside the store the sun floods are eyes. It takes a moment for everything to come in focus again. A small group of people have gathered outside of the restaurant. One of the officers makes her way through the crowd. Officer Casey I believe. She shares a striking resemblance to her mother Chef Jenny.

"Whats going on here ? Max..I mean Master Max."

The store owner who is also the cook steps forward. Just by looking at him you can tell he has been working 15 hour days for a very long time. I can see the old scare marks trekking up and down his arms like battle wounds. Even before he steps up to defend me I feel sorry for the all the trouble Wisp and I caused inside of his place. This is going to take hours to clean up. He doesn't seem to care as he responds to Officer Casey's question.

"This fine young man saved my restaurant from an evil spirit, it would have destroyed the place if not for him Office Casey."

I pause for a moment taking in everything thats happened today. Download was not going to be happy about what was about to say. I step forward in front of everyone as if I was a layer in a court room. I hold my head up high and say.

"Today could have been a tragic day, these people have survived an attack from a sky dragon. Instead of letting their town get destroyed these people banded together to protect each other. There actions here today boarder on heroism ! Each of you should hold your head up high, do not look back at today with fear, instead look back at this day as the day you survived the attack of a what some believe to be a god! As far as the restaurant is concerned, while its a shame the place is a mess, no one got hurt. I would do it all again if it meant no one got hurt. "

The nuns in school would have whacked my wrists with a ruler if they had heard that speech. They would tell me "Max, tall tails make fools of those who tell them." I knew the speech was a bit much but it took the attention off of everything going on.

Casey walked past me and poked her head in the door.

"That place has been trashed. What happened to the creature who did this Max..I mean Master Max?" She says in very suspicious manor.

"I have no idea Officer Casey, all I know, is that it would have killed me if not for Moon over here. Take a look at me Im covered in food here and you very well know I have better places to be young lady. Now if you''ll excuse me I must get back to what I was doing."

Its the best I could come up with, I watch as her eyes drop, Casey is a young officer. She knows that there are rules of respect to shown here. I guess its lucky for me, that I have earned a such a great reputation over the years. Before I take off, I give the owner the two hundred dollars I had in my pocket.

"I know this wont fix everything, but I hope it helps recover some of the loss."

The man pats my shoulder, with a smile. I think he knows what happened in there by the way he is looking at me. He doesn't seem to be to upset. I can feel a little bit of what he is thinking. Todays event will make his restaurant more popular to tourist seeking haunted places.
"Good luck on your journey, son."

I nod to him as I move through the crowd and head back to the school. As I run down the street I can see officers moving about, I can see reporters setting up cameras all over the place. Each trying to tell all of Kanto about how they had survived an attack by Rayquaza. Getting to school proves to be much easier than anticipated. Moon runs behind as we enter the building. Before I have a chance to get up the stairs I get a strange feeling. I can sense another mage in the building. I move down the hall to lunch room, I stop outside the doors and look through the small glass window to see boy standing there. I realize at that moment that I won't have time to change. Before I enter I flip open Download. He already knows what this is about.
" His name is Aidan, Sir. He is a light mage, he has a Female Eevee named Olive."

"I knew that...just bad with names.."
I push through the doors and walk up to him

"Aidan what are you still doing here ? why didn't you leave with the rest of the group."

I pause for a moment to hear his responds. I am no the kinda person to get stressed, I do feel a slight sense of urgency to get him out of the building though. After his response I look to him.

"The reason doesn't matter now, we have work to do if we are to catch up with the others. Lets go."

I rush out the back door signalling to him to follow.

Pokemon Available on Route Two

Check the list above to see how much they cost in your trainer class. The beginning pokemon will only require the normal 5k post. If can not capture something on route you can choose to train against one of these pokemon. In this case you will have to post 6 k but you will earn two extra points. Those extra points and the captures have to be approved. Good hunting !


Remember to send your capture stories to me first, to get approval.

07-26-2012, 09:51 AM
Xiac Kanoshi
Route Two

I held the door open for everyone as they followed Shay to the start of our adventure. I couldn't remember if many people had thanked me, but I did remember at least one female being polite – my face reddened greatly at this. By the time all of the Trainers had made their way out of the School, I looked around the interior one last time. I noticed all of the food on the table and I bit my lip. Should I? I pondered on my thoughts and then rushed over to the table, filling my bag with a variety of sandwiches – after all, people were bound to get hungry.

After shoving a sandwich in my own mouth I headed out the door, Slick still on top of my head. We were at the back of the line, but I needed to make sure we had everyone following Shay. I surveyed my surroundings – the beautiful green of the grass, the towering shade cast down by the trees and the gorgeous bushes that surrounded us.

Soon enough, we came to a wall. I watched as everybody climbed over, smiling in amusement as I caught, I think it was, Persephone taking an alternative route through the trees. I was tempted to have a go at that myself, but Slick wasn't really the climbing type, so I decided that I would stick to the ground.

As everybody managed to hoist themselves up, I took one last look behind me. I could make out the School in the distance and I smiled. Breathing in the fresh air, I turned back around and made my way towards the wall.

“Looks like our journey starts here, buddy!” I exclaimed, Slick replying with his usual nasal “Pssy”. I pulled myself up onto the wall and sat on the roof it. Placing Slick beside me, I jumped down and landed on the soft grass.

“Psy!” Slick stated, indicating for me to open my arms. He jumped down himself and I caught him. With the duck still in my arms, I turned back around to face the group. I rushed ahead to catch up with everybody, but then all of the battles began.

Many of the Trainers had taken to battling and/or capturing the wild Pokemon. Markus' battling style was very aggressive, but what he did next shocked me. His male Nidoran had poisoned its opposition, a Spearow. Markus didn't even bother to help it – he just left it there to suffer! I would have gone to the bird Pokemon myself and tried to help it, but Shay got there first. I sighed with relief – as distant and rough as she seemed to be, she had showed that she had a kind heart.

I watched her as she helped the bird into its nest, allowing it time to fight off the poison within its body. Soon after, another Spearow intervened and attacked Shay. From there on out, a battle ensued – I was amazed at the skill the Charmander and her Trainer had at battling.

Something purple and fast caught my eye. As I spun on my heels to get a good look at whatever it was, I found that it was no longer on the ground. In mid-air, lunging in my direction, was a young Rattata – teeth bared.

I jumped back, the rat-like Pokemon landing on the ground instead of me. It jittered its jaw as it eyed me and Slick. I placed the Psyduck down, determination in my eyes.

“We've got a battle on our hands, Slick,” I explained, standing cautiously. The duck sighed, complaining for a moment and then focusing on the Rattata, claws removed from their usual stance on his head. There was silence for a moment, but then it rushed forwards again.

The small rodent was too quick for my liking – its body was flickering from left to right. Approaching Slick at a terrifying speed with a Quick Attack, I quickly though about my plan of action. Alright, now is the time to find out where Slick's specialities lie. I need to figure out which tactic and battle-style is best for him, I thought to myself.

“Slick, dodge!” I ordered, testing to see whether speed and agility was his strong suit. The duck was clumsy, falling over instead and then getting pummelled by the oncoming Rattata. Slick didn't wheeze or anything, he just took the hit head on, exhaled a heavy breath and then stood back up. I nodded, his determination impressing me.

The rodent jumped back, then rushed forward for a Tackle. I wanted to see how Slick fared on the physical aspect of battling.

“Scratch!” Still no dice – swinging in for a hit, the Rattata was just too fast. It crashed into Slick, who still didn't show any type of injury, and then retreated quickly. I thought hard about this, and then it felt like I had been slapped round the face. Is Slick maybe... Defensive? The small duck Pokemon had been taking some hits, and he didn't show much sign of pain – I came to the conclusion that he was versatile, able to take a numerous amount of hits and keep going. I smiled.

The Rattata came in for another Quick Attack – boy was it a fast Pokemon! I confidently looked on, thinking of how to counter this attack.

“Slick, take the hit!” I stated, still thinking ahead of the battle – what would my next move be?

“Psy?!” the duck Pokemon replied, quickly glancing at my. I nodded with determination and he sighed, looking back at his attacker. Standing his ground, he took the attack head on. The small rodent collided into Slick's stomach, the yellow duck Pokemon being pushed back ever-so-slightly. My brain clicked into action.

“Quick, Water Gun!” I ordered. The Rattata was still right in front of Slick, slightly dazed from the sturdy-ness of its opponent. Slick quickly released a powerful stream of water to the underside of the rodent, who, in turn, found itself flying across the grass. It landed heavily, but stood back up raring to go. I liked this Pokemon, it was full of confidence and guts.

The Rattata was coming in for another physical attack – I've got it! The Water Gun had dealt quite a bit of damage to the little guy – the marks over its body showing this. It was a physically-based opponent – long-ranged moves were its weakness whereas close-ranged ones were easy to deal with. I grinned.

“We have this one Slick! Water Gun... now!” and with that, the stream of water collided with the small rat and smashed it into a nearby tree. I landed heavily, twitching in pain. My face fell – I might have seriously hurt the thing.

Rushing to its side, I was thankful to hear it breathing. I then noticed something I hadn't earlier – this was a baby. It was so small, it's fur thin and its teeth small. It whimpered in pain as I picked it up gently... I couldn't leave it like this.

Rummaging through my bag, I pulled out the Potion that Master Yin had given me and I began to spray it on the Rattata. I didn't need to use all of it on the small Pokemon, so I was thankful that I could save some for Slick. The small duck Pokemon waddled beside me and looked at the purple rodent with concern. Its eyes flickered to life and I smiled.

Letting it down, the small Rattata looked at me curiously – wondering why I had tried to help it. I smiled at it.

“I couldn't leave you there, could I?” I explained, the Rattata confused for a moment, but then it jumped on me. It wasn't attacking me or anything, it was, in fact, hugging me. I was dumb-founded for a moment, but then I started to laugh – was this ironic after a Pokemon Battle?

I pulled the creature off of me and placed it down. It approached me as I stood up, rubbing its head on me. I knew what was going on.

“You want to come with me?” I asked, to which it replied with delight. I smiled, but shook my head. Crouching down, I patted its head.

“I'm sorry,” I explained, “but you're too young. You're still a baby, and your mother would be worried about you.” The Rattata looked at me sadly, but I kept my grin on my face. I had an idea.

“I'll tell you what, I'll come back here someday, right to this very spot, and I'll bring you with me then. I promise.” The rodent pondered on this, and then it brightened up. With one last nuzzle on my hand, it rushed off back to its home.

“Psy,” Slick exhaled, obviously tired from the battle. I sprayed him with whatever was left of the Potion and we made our way back to the group, in which we were informed that we had to follow the newly-caught Spearow of Shay. I turned back to see if I could find the Rattata – I couldn't. Sighing, I turned back to the group. I look forward to having it on my team in the future, I pondered.

Character Count: 8199
Points Earned: 7
Points Total: 17
Points On-Hand: 17

07-26-2012, 08:39 PM
Aidan Fletcher
Light Mage
Pallet Town

Aidan stretched his hand over the lip of the pot, running his fingers through the coarse soil within. It crunched dryly beneath his touch, as if pleading for a drink. With a sympathetic smile, Aidan heaved a purple watering can above his head and shed its contents over the parched petunias. While he waited for the water to drain, the platinum-haired boy drank in the rich scent of the blossoming flowers. Mother had really outdone herself this year. The greenhouse was bursting with color, with all the flats filled with annuals of all shapes and sizes. The aisles were roofed with hanging pots, fat with cascading petunias.

Stepping away from his pot, Aidan let his eyes wander across the greenhouse. Today was the last day he would be here for a long time. A lot of people were envious of this chance he had been given, he knew, but he couldn’t help but feel sentimental. He really was going to miss this place. Life here had been simple, and easy-going. What he was about to get himself into promised to be anything but.

“Did you get them all watered, Aidan?”

Aidan turned around and smiled as his mother walked into the greenhouse. She was wearing her typical gardening “uniform”, with her fraying straw hat, dirt-speckled apron, crinkled green gloves, and black rubber boots. Her mouse-brown hair had been tied up in a pony-tail, which fell to the small of her back. She smiled at him, already looking weary from the morning’s labors.

Returning her grin, Aidan eagerly nodded, “Yep—and I moved those tomatoes into this greenhouse like you’ve been wanting to do.”

“Did ya?” she glanced at the pots he indicated. Clasping a hand on his shoulder, she praised, “Thanks, Aidan. That was thoughtful of you. Now maybe they’ll have a little more room to stretch.”

“Is there anything else I can do?” her son asked as he set down his watering can.

She frowned thoughtfully before wondering out loud, “Hmm… What time is it?”

Pulling down her gloves, she stared down at the watch she had been concealing beneath it. Eyes growing wide, she exclaimed, “It’s five minutes to eight! Aidan! You’re going to be late!” She caught on to his shoulders and directed him towards the exit. “Do you want a ride to school? Do you have all your things packed? Oh, goodness, I hope they don’t leave without you. I shouldn’t have kept you for so long. Maybe I should write a note or…”

“Mom!” it was all Aidan could do to keep from laughing. Turning around with a bright smile, he took her hands and tried to calm her down. “It’s okay. I can walk. I packed last night, before bed, so it should only take me three minutes to get there. I’ll be fine.”

She tried to smile back, it was clear in her eyes that she was still worried. “Are you sure? What about breakfast?”

“They’ll feed us there,” he assured her.

Aidan’s mother studied him with admiration. Clasping her hands together, she submitted, “Oh, you’re growing up so fast, Aidan! Already going off on your journey… Honey, I’m so proud of you.”

The boy bashfully glanced downwards, not knowing how to respond.

“Alright, you best be on your way,” she bent over to wrap her arms around her son. “Be careful—and don’t push yourself too far, okay?”

“Got it, Mom,” he hugged her back, taking his time to enjoy his mother’s embrace. Who knew how long it would be before he would feel it again?

After a long moment Aidan’s mother finally withdrew, her eyes slightly damp. Holding his shoulders, she instructed, “When you get to the next town, make sure you call me and let me know you got there in one piece, okay?”

“I will, Mom,” Aidan had to admit he was having a hard time fighting tears as well. His excitement helped to keep them at bay—plus, Aidan knew he had to be brave. For the both of them.

“All right then,” she released him with a slight sniffle. “You’d better hurry along. You don’t want to be unfashionably late.”

Aidan inclined his head, and headed for the door. Before he left, he hesitated, taking in the rich earthy smell of the greenhouse one last time. Turning back to his mother, he called, “Love you!”

“Love you too, Aidan,” she returned with a small wave.

After waving back, Aidan sped from the greenhouse to their simple home on the hill. Time was not on his side, and if he didn’t want to get left behind he knew he’d better get a move on. Tearing open the back door, Aidan ran into the kitchen and scooped up the backpack that he had left on the countertop. A tiny ball of fur that had been resting near it slowly stirred.

“Morning, Olive,” the boy greeted the creature, ruffling the hair on her head. Reaching out with his “special gift”—his sixth sense—he caught her drowsy thoughts as she pulled herself from sleep.

<Time to get going all ready…?>

“Yep,” Aidan replied as he flung his bag over his shoulders. “Ready to go?”

Olive yawned and stretched, flicking her bushy tail back and forth. <I guess. Let’s get this school day over with.>

Aidan had to chuckle. Crossing his arms, he asked, “Olive, did you forget? We’re not having class today.”

The Eevee snapped awake at this revelation, an eager spark igniting in her chocolate eyes. <What? That’s today? Then what the heck are we waiting for!>

“Let’s go,” Aidan offered his arm. Olive promptly leapt from the counter and took her typical perch on the boy’s shoulder.

Taking one last glance around the kitchen, Aidan quietly said his last goodbyes. However, as he reached the doorway, he hesitated. Timidly, he cast an uncertain glance over his shoulder.

<Aidan? You okay?> Olive cocked her head curiously.

He didn’t answer, but stared for another second down the dark hallway leading into the house.

<Oh…> the Eevee caught on. <Um… I don’t think you need to say goodbye to… her.>

“She’s… my aunt.”

<She’s also a headache when you wake her up before noon. It’s… not worth it.> She jumped in place, encouraging him forward. <Besides! We’re running late! We need to hurry!>

Deep down, Aidan was glad Olive had come up with an excuse. He really would rather not speak to his aunt… at all. Closing the door with finality, Aidan turned his back to his home and sped off towards the school.


Aidan slipped into the cafeteria in time to witness Markus’ ranting. Apparently, the DM had arrived late as well—much to Aidan’s relief. The white-haired boy slipped in to the back of the room, trying not to draw any attention. After the ranting was finished, the DM—Max—gave them the rundown. Aidan listened intently, but his attention wandered as he glanced around at the other trainers. They all seemed older than him—except for one of the girls, the one with the bulbasaur. Aidan hadn’t really met any of them before, but he wondered what they were like. Markus seemed like he might not be so friendly… Aidan couldn’t help but wince every time the kid cussed.

He hoped he wasn’t like that for the whole trip. Swear words really made Aidan uncomfortable…

Towards the end of Max’s speech, one of the teachers came in and respectfully interrupted the veteran. Both of them abruptly left the students to themselves. Aidan stared down at the food presented on the table, wondering if he had time to eat.

Something suddenly seized his mind, freezing him from within. Chills ran up his spine as a familiar voice whispered a thought to him…

<Aidan! Come here! Now!>

The boy gasped as he was abruptly released, eyes flying to the door. Olive glanced at him in concern, oblivious to what just occured; She tried to reach out to him, but received no response.

The instructor who had interrupted Max came back into the cafeteria, making a beeline for the girl with the Charmander. While everybody was distracted with him, Aidan quietly stood and slipped out from the cafeteria, unseen and unheard.

Olive flicked her ears in anxiety as they entered the halls of the school. <Aidan, what are you doing?> she tried contacting him again.

“She’s here,” Aidan mumbled.

<Your aunt?> Olive jumped in alarm. <What the heck is she doing here? And this early in the morning?>

The boy kept silent, only because he didn’t know the answer. He could feel her presence here in the school, just as he could feel Master Max’s. As he rounded a corner, coming to a vacant hallway, he finally saw her. Aunt Kara.

She had an expensive taste in clothing, and today her lavish wardrobe featured a long, billowing dress in tones of purple and black. Above her platinum white hair, she wore an impressively large hat, decked with long raven feathers. The pale skin of her face was plastered with excessive make-up, with purple eye-shadow beneath her arching eyebrows. Aidan suppressed a shudder as he thought about how much she looked like an actual witch.

“Aidan, darling!” she waved a hand extravagantly. “Don’t tell me you were planning on taking off without saying good-bye to me?”

“No, ma’am,” Aidan mumbled, keeping his head down. He always felt intimidated around Aunt Kara—even during his training sessions. He sensed that there was something about her that just wasn’t right. The woman told everybody that she was a Light Mage, but she didn’t always act like it. Aidan wasn’t raised around other Mages, however, so he tried not to judge her too rashly. Still, he couldn’t help but feel… frightened at times.

“I thought so,” the woman tilted her chin back condescendingly. Striding forward, she grabbed Aidan around the chin and squished his cheeks. In a baby voice, she clucked, “After all, you wouldn’t want your Auntie to be disappointed, would you?”

<She is so disgusting> Olive made a face. Fortunately for her, Aunt Kara wasn’t tuning into the Pokémon’s thoughts.

“Speaking of which,” Aidan’s aunt straightened. “I wanted to make sure you were… capable enough to go through this journey. Remember, you’re representing all of us on this trip. You wouldn’t want to let us all down, right?”

Her sick little giggle made Aidan’s stomach churn. He gulped, bracing himself for whatever his aunt might throw at him. As she continued smiling facetiously, she withdrew from her robes a metal spoon.

“Let’s run through this one last time,” she held it out before her, winking. “For old time’s sakes.”

“N-now?” the boy squirmed, glancing back down the hallway. He needed to get back to the others.

“No, in five minutes,” she rolled her eyes. “Of course right now! Now be a good little nephew and bend the spoon. Don’t make Auntie lose her patience. Not this early in the morning…”

Aidan sighed in submission. He had better do what she wanted—or else she wouldn’t leave him alone otherwise. If she didn’t get what she wanted… Aunt Kara could do terrible things to people… Taking a deep breath, the boy cleared his mind and called upon his powers. Not a second later, the spoon in Kara’s hand quivered and bent backwards.

“Good,” the corner of the strange woman’s mouth quirked. Without warning, she chucked the useless utensil at her nephew. Aidan had suspected that she would try something like this, and stopped the spoon in midair with his hand outstretched.

“Return it to its original shape,” she ordered, placing her hand on her hip expectantly.

Obediently, Aidan brought forward his other hand. In response, the spoon straightened out.

“That’s my boy,” Aunt Kara gushed before holding her hand out to retrieve the spoon. Just like that, the utensil shot out from Aidan’s control. “Now, let’s try something a little harder…”

Her eyes fell on one of the lockers nearby. She waved her free hand, which caused the door to burst open. A myriad of objects floated out, from books to pencils to a pair of sunglasses. Aunt Kara studied them with vague interest before settling on one of the heavier textbooks.

“Ah, this should do,” she waved the book forward, and it chased after her like an obedient dog. Plucking it out of the air, she held it out to Aidan. “Hmm… Pretty thick volume. Let’s see if you can levitate it.”

Aidan groaned inwardly. Couldn’t she just be happy with the spoon? As painful as this was, he swept the complaint from his mind. He would need all his concentration to accomplish this simple task, since he wasn’t quite as skilled as Aunt Kara. Reaching out with his mind, Aidan willed for the forces around him to lift the book from her hands. Almost immediately, he was met with resistance, and it placed great strain on his mind.

He fought against the stubborn forces of gravity, continuing to extend his powers towards the book. Just as the text twitched, however, a foreign surge of power ripped through his subconscious. He staggered under its might, losing focus and causing the book to fall to the ground.

Aunt Kara frowned down at the fallen text, but turned her attention to the hallway behind Aidan.

“Hmm... I forgot… That DM is a Light Mage…” she voiced her thoughts as she pondered what had just occurred.

Aidan panted, trying to catch his breath after both the strain and shock. “W-what… is he doing?” he asked innocently, surprised by Max’s apparent expanse of power.

“Being reckless, that’s what,” his aunt huffed, not impressed at all. Turning back to Aidan, she strictly lectured, “Listen to me, Aidan. Don’t listen to anything that man tries to teach you—especially about your powers. You are a Fletcher Mage, and you will only learn from Fletcher Mages, understood?”

The boy blinked at her, not sure if he did understand. What was so wrong with learning from Max? He supposed to help the team get through their journey. If the school trusted him, then Aidan thought he could trust him as well. But, to please his aunt, he nodded his head. He had no intention of actually following her advice, since he couldn’t see any reason why his training had to be so exclusive. What was so great about being a Fletcher Mage, anyway?

Clearing her throat, Aunt Kara stared down at the book by her feet meaningfully. “Aidan, dear… You haven’t moved that book.”

<Aidan… you don’t have to put up with this anymore,> Olive said kindly, glaring at her master’s relative. <You’re tired. Let’s just get out of here.>

<I can do this,> he directed his thoughts to his Eevee. Severing their connection before she could object, Aidan concentrated with all his might on the abused textbook. All Olive could do was watch as her master struggled both mentally and physically to complete Kara’s task. Sweat beaded down his forehead before the book finally lifted itself up from the floor. Sluggishly, it drifted through the air, back towards the locker it came from. Once he released it from his control, the boy let out a gush of pent-up air.

“Hmm,” Aunt Kara stuck her tongue in her cheek as she considered his performance. “A little shaky there at the beginning, a little too slow, but I suppose that’s good enough. Now, how about something a little heavier?”

Olive let out a squeal as she was suddenly swept off her feet.

“No!” Aidan exclaimed, his voice rushing out weakly. He tried to grab her back, but his aunt quickly whisked his Pokémon from his reach. Voice cracking, he begged, “Let her go!”

Kara only laughed. “Did your voice just crack? That was kind of cute. Anyway, don’t worry. I’ll let her go—but you’ll have to catch her.” She raised Olive higher and higher off the ground. “Falling from great heights won’t be good for your little creature, eh? Oh, wouldn’t that be a horrible start to your journey?” She grimaced mockingly.

“Aunt Kara, don’t!” he pleaded, watching Olive’s ascent with alarm. “I… I can’t do it… She’s too big for me.”

“Oh, pish posh,” his aunt dismissed with a flick of her wrist. “If I can do it, so can you.”

“I… I’m not strong enough!”

“Then get stronger,” the wolfish smile faded from her fair face. With a snap of her fingers, she released Aidan’s Eevee from her control.

Aidan’s heart leapt as he watched his partner fall from the ceiling. He tried to summon his powers, tried to stop her, but he was still feeling faint from his earlier attempt. Giving up, he dove forward and caught Olive right before she landed.

<Are you okay?> he asked, holding her tightly.

<I’ll be fine,> the fox-like Pokémon shakily responded. A tiny growl vibrated at the back of her throat as she recovered. <That witch! If I had hands, I would strangle her!>

Smiling in relief, Aidan relaxed his hold on her and let her leap off of his lap.

“Well, that was rather disappointing.”

The boy fearfully glanced up to see his aunt glowering over him, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently.

“I… I’m sorry…”

“Quit your mumbling and speak up, boy!” she snapped.

Aidan flinched, gaze darting back down to the tiles on the floor.

“If you’re going to be a Mage, then you better work harder at it! That was a disgrace! Don’t give me your excuses!” she cut him off before he could object. “You need to apply yourself, boy! If there’s one thing I hope you get out of this journey, it’s this—good things come to those that work for it! Gah, now you’ve done it,” she rubbed at her temples worryingly. “You’ve made me upset!”

Aidan stood cautiously as his aunt fought to contain her temper. He could feel the weight of her harsh words on his shoulders, bearing down on him. His other lessons with Aunt Kara had gone just like this one—usually ending with her yelling at him and telling him how incompetent he was. His mother told him not to let the things Kara said eat at him, but it was hard. He was a smart kid, and excelled in school. So why did she make him sound like such a failure?

“Whatever,” the witch grunted. “Look, there’s just one thing I want to test you on, then you can go off on your little adventure. Aidan!” a shadow crossed her expression. “Defend your mind!”

07-26-2012, 08:41 PM
Aidan’s eyes grew wide. In a frightful panic, he threw up all the defenses he could muster around his mind. The assault came an instant later, and despite his best efforts, his resistance was swept aside with little afterthought. Kara’s psyche invaded his, winning control of all his senses. Terrible screeching filled his ears, and he glanced up in time to see the lockers around him burst open, releasing a storm of loose papers. Out of the cluster closest to where Kara stood, a monstrosity stepped out into the hallway, saliva dripping from its saber-like teeth.

Its head circled around to Aidan, staring him down with red-glowing eyes. With a menacing growl, it took a step closer.

This isn’t real, this isn’t real, Aidan told himself over and over. But what was real, and what was not… that was entirely up to Kara now. He was living in whatever world she wanted to create now.

The monster’s tiger-like fur sparked with electricity as it slipped past Kara, eyeing the boy intently.

“I expected better from my brother’s son,” the witch scowled, folding her arms across her chest. “Obviously, you have none of his talent.”

As if beckoned by her words, the monster roared and emitted several bolts of electricity from its body. The white-hot streaks slithered across the lockers, though one of them coursed right towards Aidan. The boy screamed as the current shot through is body, stabbing its scalding fingers beneath his skin. He tried to conquer the pain; it was all an illusion, he knew, but Kara’s control over his senses were so complete that he couldn’t tell his body otherwise.

His vision threatened to black out just before the pain abruptly stopped. Aidan fell to his knees, gasping for air. He felt Olive rub against his arms in an attempt to bring him back to reality. Fighting to stay conscious, the boy wheezed, “Why? Why do you do this to me?”

“You need to understand, Aidan,” he heard Aunt Kara’s boots clack against the floor as she passed him by. “Unless you protect yourself, people can trick you into believing whatever they want you to believe. Your other five senses are your weakness, for if you lose them, you lose your grip on reality. You need to learn to guard your mind, both from detection and from invasion.”

She paused, considering him for a moment. “I’ll admit, you can hide yourself pretty well when you want, but… That won’t help you unless you learn how to fight back. I’ve done what I can for you… It’s a pity you didn’t get far. Just… don’t embarrass us.”

Aidan opened his eyes to find the hallway empty. The lockers were just as they existed before Aunt Kara’s intrusion. Neither the witch nor her electric beast of an illusion was anywhere to be seen. It was just him, and a very troubled Eevee. She glanced up at him with her watery brown eyes, wanting to comfort him in some way. But the boy had cut himself off from the world. Curling into a ball, he wrapped his arms around his knees and allowed a few tears to fall down his cheeks.


After recovering his strength, Aidan wiped the moisture away from his eyes and stood. Without a word, he retraced his steps back towards the cafeteria, Olive trailing right behind him. To his dismay, he found the room utterly vacant—even the food had been cleared from the tables.

“They… left without me?” the boy stared despondently around him. Heaving a sigh, he groaned, “Why is everything going wrong for me today? Maybe… Maybe it’d be better if… I just gave up.”

<Aidan…> Olive leapt up onto a bench, finally getting his attention. <This isn’t like you. Where’s the happy, eager little boy I know is my Master? You were excited for this adventure! What happened? No, you know what? You listen to me!> She stomped her front paw down. <This is supposed to be your day. Don’t let that horrible woman get to you! I don’t care what she says—I think you’re the best. And you know what? You can be whoever you want to be! You are your own person! What right does she have to tell you what to do?>

The white-haired boy was silent for a moment, considering her words. “You… you really think I can do this?”

<I don’t think. I know!> she wagged her tail with emphasis.

A warm smile eased his troubled expression. Reaching out to scratch her behind the ears, he said, “Thank you for believing in me.”

She leaned into his hand, enjoying the attention, before leaping up on the tabletop and taking on a playful stance. <So, who’s ready for some adventure?>

His smile grew wider. “I am!”

<Then let’s get going! I bet we can catch up with the others if we move fast enough!>

“Aidan!” A voice interrupted their conversation.

Aidan involuntarily flinched at his name, but when he turned around he saw the DM enter the cafeteria. The boy blinked in bafflement, wondering what Max was still doing here.

“What are you still doing here,” the man asked. “Why didn't you leave with the rest of the group?"

<Hullo!> Olive jumped slightly, just as surprised as her master was.

Aidan ignored her for the moment, stumbling through a reply, “Oh, um… Well… I had to…”

<Um, you had to… finish an assignment?> Olive tried to help.

“I was…”

<Rescuing orphans? No—that sounds too exciting…>

“I was using… Er, the restroom,” the boy finally came up with an excuse, grinning sheepishly.

<Oh, that’s a good one!>

<Shh!> Aidan directed the thought to Olive.

Max stared at him for a moment, but returned, "The reason doesn't matter now; we have work to do if we are to catch up with the others. Let’s go."

“Yessir!” the boy jumped to attention, though relieved that he was going to have help tracking down the others. Hopefully, they hadn’t gotten too far ahead. Sweeping Olive up to his shoulders, Aidan turned from the cafeteria and followed Max to their next destination.


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Eternal Moonlight
08-18-2012, 08:12 AM
Leah Reed
Viridian City
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If an eventless walk had been intended, things sure didn’t go as planned. It didn’t take too long for some of the others to engage various Pokémon in battle. Leah observed bits and pieces of each, but didn’t really stick around to see too much of any. It wasn’t by personal choice; however, she would have quite liked to take note of how her peers handled themselves in combat. No, seeing all of this seemed to pump an already energetic Axel and “sitting still and minding himself” was beyond his capabilities at the moment.

This did gnaw at her patience, although slightly. She still wore her stone mask of “meh” and her voice wasn’t much more emotive. A slight hint of disapproval was all the attentive person would detect. The Eevee, at this point, couldn’t be counted as “attentive”, or at least, not to his stiff trainer.

He wanted to experience this, not be stuck sitting like a statue the whole time. Leah had an uncanny ability to turn something exciting into a chore. Or at least, that’s how he saw it.
This was a perfect opportunity for them to engage in their first battle, he could take anything this route could throw at him.

“It’s more important we get to our destination. A battle in this situation would be a deviancy. They’ll be more appropriate times later,” she affirmed, eyeing the brown creature, almost knowing the thought that was running thought his mind.

Axel didn’t bother to cry in protest, it wasn’t his style. Instead, he kept going as before.
Leah’s gaze stayed with him for a good while, knowing him all too well. She knew getting experience was important, as was not falling behind her peers. However, her words had summed up the reluctance to battle, and the reason backing it.

Fate, apparently, saw things differently.

Being mildly distracted, Axel failed to notice the purple rat ahead of him and rammed into it. Of course, having a rather quick pace, the collision was less then feathery. It wasn’t Tackle speeds, but it was enough for the Rattata to see it as an attack.

Narrowing its large, red eyes, the wild Pokémon readied itself for a counterstrike. Eevee wasn’t intimidated, however, and stood his ground. It was take a lot more then this to force him into submission.

“Axel, what are you doing? We’re…”

Ratatta wasn’t stupid, when Axel turned to face Leah, the rat charged full speed, delving a solid blow and pushing him back a fair bit. The Evolution Pokémon let out a low growl, swiftly picking himself up.

Leah’s expression was unchanged, although she realised just walking away was not an option. The wild Pokémon actions coupled with its facial expression told her it wanted to fight this out.

Indeed, if she needed any further confirmation, the purple rodent began another Tackle, kicking up a bit of dust as it ran. This time, the speed was fast and an impact would result in more damage.

“Move,” her voice was louder, but the pitch remained unchanged.

Axel didn’t need to be reminded, leaping out of the way with moments to spare. His landing was a little rough though, but not enough to cause damage.

The Ratatta, on the hand, was completely thrown off by the unexpected move and was moving too fast to simply stop dead. This was a perfect window of opportunity for Axel to deal some damage. He eyed the foe, anticipating the order to attack.

“Tail Whip,”

His eyes darted to the trainer, almost mortified with her choice of attack. Her expression was unchanging, but expecting none the less.

“Before the…” she started again, but was cut off by a purple blur, which collided into Axel, dead centre.

Unfortunately, their dilly dandling lasted long enough for the rat to recover and strike back. The Eevee flew a few centimetres off the ground before reconnecting. He rolled violently against the path for a few moments. Leah knew it would have been worse had the foe been bigger and physically stronger, but Axel couldn’t take too many hits like that none the less.

He looked frazzled, like the wind had been knocked out of him. Still, he climbed back on his paws, gazing at the purple rat wearily. His paws shook for a slight moment, but stopped as he regained himself. Leah noticed the Ratatta pick another trail for her Eevee.


He moved to the right, Ratatta once again overshooting, although not by as much. It was able to gain footing faster, and now faced Axel faced it straight.


Instead of awaiting her to finish, the Eevee simply charged, and the purple rodent did the exact same.


He smirked, jerking to the left enough for their bodies to brush against each other. It seemed like it would be a simply repeat of the previous situation, but Axel used his tail to smack the enemy in the face. The hit wasn’t too strong, but enough to sting.

Self satisfied, he allowed himself to create a little distance and go for an actual Tackle. The rodent tried to dodge, however, Eevee was just swift enough to connect. It wasn’t an ideal hit, however, but did send it flying, almost akin the move dealt to him. The rat whined in pain as it stopped rolling.

Leah stood quiet, watching. She looked apathetic, arms crossed and eyes unblinking. But, the blonde knew her Pokémon was doing a better job on its own then following issued commands. It stung, somewhat…

The wild rodent was using a Tail Whip of its own, Axel following the movements, almost hypnotically.

“Snap out of it” it was the same tone as always.

He didn’t stir, the rat’s movements going faster. His defenses were down…

The purple creature smirked, starting to charge once again. In this state, with the punishment already endured, this would be a faint, or very dangerously close to it if not.

“Move!” her voice was still bare, but loud enough to get Axel’s attention. He jumped clear, seconds before the would-be impact. This time, Ratatta rushed right into a nearby rock. It hissed in pain, shaking its head violently.

Leah stared at it for a moment, as if contemplating her next move. The Eevee took a single step towards the injured Pokémon. However, the move forced the wounded rodent to retreat into the tall grass. After a few moments, it became impossible to trace its movements, the wilderness shielding the hurt creature.

Axel simply sighed, turning back towards his trainer, almost not knowing what to make of the events. He was elated they’d won, but was tired and a potential catch had escaped, harmed no less.

The blonde eyed the last place she’d seen the purple and cream rodent for a second before turning to face her Eevee.

“You did well,” she spoke in her usual tone, or so it seemed. Axel, however, picked some emotion in her words, although he wasn’t sure which it was. Either way, she bent down and gave him a pat on the head.

He didn’t like being treated such as a dog or cat, but the positive attention was nice. Still, Leah noticed slight discontentment in his facial expression.

She reached into her bag, easily remembering where the Potion had been placed. The Eevee probably didn’t need the full dose, a few sprays should do. The bottle had a circular base, but was flat and could easily be trusted on a table or other such surface. It’s top, however, was much narrower, and grey unlike the purple sported on the lower part. The fluid itself was a near transparent colour, odorless; it could be taken for water if stored differently.

Axel winced when the substance reached his few cuts, a sign it was working.

“We should be heading back,” Leah stated, putting the half empty Potion back in its place. Her response was a nod.