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11-01-2012, 05:43 PM

For years, the Gildor and Virdon Regions have been at peace with one another, isolated from human involvement. The Pokémon of these regions enjoy freedom under the careful watch of the Pokémon Council in Isen City.

However, deep within the Virdon region, a terrible beast has been released into the region. This terrible beast has unknown origins, but its strength is limitless. Some of the Council have already been slaughtered by the beast as it rampages through the land, destroying entire communities. Now, its sights are set on Isen City, the capital of the Gildor Region.

Amid the chaos, a brave new group has stepped up in an effort to stop the beast. Known as the Eon Society, the group consists of each type of Eevee’s evolution. They seem to be the only hope of stopping the beast before it reaches the Gildor. Armed with nothing but their loyalty, this new group must travel to Isen City and face the beast as a team.

There are challenges along the journey, for it seems that another group has emerged and have sworn their alligence to the beast. Calling themselves the Moonlight Clan, they have decided to stop the Eon Society from reaching the beast.

You, the roleplayer have a choice. Whether your allegiance is to the Eon Society or Moonlight Clan, your decision will have an impact on the future. May Arceus be with you on your journey.

Character Sign-up

Other Details:

*=required information.

Rules of the Roleplay:

-Do not godmod
-Do not overpower anybody else
-Show some grammer skills
-A minimum of two lines is required per post
-if you have any questions, contact me via VM, not as a post

Other Important Information:

-custom eeveeloutions are acceptable. If you would like you have a Eeveelution that is not among the seven known, please describe it in the Appearance section
-You may start out as an Eevee and evolve later on in the roleplay
-We will be starting in Kinleaf Town, which is a forested town in eastern Gildor.
-If you would like a map of the Gildor, click this link: http://i48.tinypic.com/2vsoho8.png

My Character

Name: Auron
Team: Eon Society
Eeveelution: Umbreon
Personality: Seems to be a leader in his own way. Auron is mostly silent and allows himself to focus on one matter at a time. He is not very multi-tasked. He also loves challenges.
History: Auron lived in Kinleaf Town for all of his life and grew up with other Pokemon. He always longed to become an Umbreon and his wish came true on Midsummer's night, which is the night he evolves. He was the second child of his parents to become an Umbreon. His brother is two years older than him.
Appearance: He is a shiny Umbreon and carries a scarf around his neck at all times. He has red eyes as well.
Other Details: His brother joined the Moonlight Clan.

11-02-2012, 11:21 AM
i would love to join please. This looks awesome.

*Name: Surge
*Team: Moonlight
*Eevolution: Jolteon
*Appearance: He looks like a regular Jolteon, save for the yellow is a bit darker.
History: He was raised on the outskirts of Kinleaf Town (that is the forested town right) but occassionally goes to Kinleaf.
Other Details: Can he start as an Eevee?

Kid Blaze
11-02-2012, 12:05 PM
Sign me up please. :D

*Name: Thorn
*Team: Eon Society
*Eevolution: Ivyeon
Personality: He is extremely loyal to his friends and would never let them down. He is always attentive and will be alert even late at night.
*Appearance: Ivyeon is the poison type Eevee. He has short dark purple fur and blue eyes. There is a gold necklace around its neck and its tail has a spade-shaped tail. The tip of the tail is black. Its body is sleek shaped.
History: Thorn was deemed an outcast to his family because of his desire to become different than other eons. On a moonless night, he found the extremely rare Toxic Stone, which evolved him into Ivyeon. Because of his difference, he has decided to join the Eon Society so he could prove he belongs.
Other Details: Nothing else.

Cobalt Shadow
11-02-2012, 12:09 PM
Looks cool.

Name: Cobalt
Team: Eon Society
Eevolution: Shadow Flareon
Personality: Cobalt is a cold, calculating and cruel pokemon. He is driven by a desire for revenge on the beast and would like nothing more to kill it himself, but knows he can't do it alone. Has low tolerance for failure. everything must be precise and perfect.
History: Cobalts parents were killed by the beast when it attacked his home. When the beast attempted to attack him with dark flames, he absorbed it with his flashfire ability, but was corrupted by the darkness. Due to the darkness it absorbed, it's flamethrower is now black flames, and it has the ability to morph into a shadow, causing it to become a Shadow when he is travelling. This gives him a fighting advantage at night. A downside to this corruption is that it lost the ability to use an other fire moves except flamethrower.
Cobalt heard about the Eon society, and joined with the sole purpose of killing the beast, no matter what it took.

11-02-2012, 03:05 PM
Holy ****

Three people already. I knew this was a success. All of you are accepted.

Current Players List

Team Eon
Auron, the Umbreon (Nightmane)
Thorn, the Ivyeon (CJBlazer)
Cobalt, the Shadow Flareon (Cobalt Shadow)

Moonlight Clan
Surge, the Jolteon (Pikapal)
Shade, the Umbreon (anybody)

Okay we need one more Moonlight clan person and we can start.

11-03-2012, 03:52 AM
*Name: Rebel
*Team: Eon society
*Eevolution: Jolteon
Personality: he's nice but has a quick temper.
*Appearance: he's a normal looking jolteon other then the fact he's covered in scars from combats.
History: lost his parents to 'the beast' and is determined to kill it with the help of the eon society
Other Details: