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Cobalt's Platinum Nuzlocke
"Another Nuzlocke Jacob? This is your third one..."
I failed the earlier two. I am ashamed to say I hacked, and gave my Gallade about 20 extra lives when grinding. I will finish this one or die trying!
"You don't really think it will come to that do you?"
Will it? Now I am scared...
"Anywho so what are the rules of this Nuzlocke?"
~ When a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
~The only pokemon available to capture are the first pokemon that isn't registered in the pokedex from each route, and shinies
~Pokemon must be nicknamed
~After defeating the Elite four for the first time, 6 pokemon can be ressurected
~After getting the gold symbol for a battle frontier facility, one pokemon can be ressurected.
~Death in battle Frontier Facilities doesn't count.
~If a HM is required to progress, but you have no pokemon available to use the HM, you may catch one, but box it when the HM isn't needed.
"Funny, those are the same rules as your last ones."
Shut up...
"Well this is all fine and dandy, but you are forgetting one thing."
Whats that?
"You left your DS at your dads house..."
<Insert rude word here>
"I thought you would say that."
We are the same person you idiot. Of course you would know.
"I really wish you wouldn't post at 2am."
Why's that?
"You aren't the brightest crayon in the packet most of the time. Being sleep deprived doesn't help."
Who are you to say I am sleep deprived?
"I am you. I thought we went through this?"
What else am I supposed to do at 2am then?
"I don't know. Sleep like the rest of us?"
... Don't even go there...
"Maybe you should ride your bike to your dads and get the DS tomorrow? You haven't left the house all holidays"
The people don't need to know that.
"Well you were the one who told them."
I hate it when you're right...

Entry 1 will be up tomorrow.

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04-04-2013, 05:05 AM
Contents Page
Current Party (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3457065&postcount=3)
Chapter 1: The Never Ending Interrogation (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3457064&postcount=4)
Chapter 2: Finally Moving Forward (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3457065&postcount=5)
Chapter 3: Time to Grind (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3457065&postcount=6)
Chapter 4: To Jubilife City (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3457065&postcount=7)

Cobalt Shadow
04-04-2013, 05:06 AM
The sarcastic, smartass, foul mouthed Hero of this story. His father left he and his mother when Jacob was young, and his mother turned to alcohol. Jacob was forced by his mother to be friends with Moron, who he seems to insult whenever he can. Whenever Dawn enters the building Jacob can be found next to her, using some of the creepiest pokemon related pickup lines know to man. It is unknown whether he does this because he has a thing for Dawn, or whether he just wants to creep her out. Jacob has low tolerance, and will insult people easily. He however has a big imagination, in which his Pokemon speak to him, and eachother, all with their own unique personalities.

The extremely tolerant assistant of Professor Rowan. Dawn takes her job as an assistant very seriously, and cares for Pokemon greatly. She is highly tolerant of Jacob, and his constant, pathetic pick up attempts, and his smartass attitude. But though she doesn't show this, she is somewhat flattered by Jacob's behavior, and thinks they would be good friends if he were to grow up. She is one of the few people Jacob has met on his Journey that he hasn't openly insulted, though she is also one of the few that would understand the insult.

The unwanted neighbour of Jacob. Jacob and Moron have known eachother all their lives. They were forced to be friends, purely because they were neighbors, and Moron considers Jacob to be his best friend. However Jacob despises Moron, mostly because of his lack of intelligence, and because he has walked into Jacobs room unannounced and uninvited. Jacob has pushed Moron into Lake Verity, hoping that he would drown. Moron has lots of bright ideas, which are doomed to fail, the only smart one being letting Jacob pick his pokemon first, so he could take the one with a type advantage.

Prof. Rowan
The oblivious Pokemon Professor. Professor Rowan is incapable of determining the gender of a person without being told, and does not understand sarcasm. Due to his old age, he tends to ramble on and talk to himself, as well as has his monologues which nobody can be stuffed listening too. His memory is quick to fade, needing to be reminded of Jacob's name four or so times in one day, and though is a genius in the field of Pokemon, is an idiot when it comes to people.
Current Party
Level 14
Mach Punch

Level 14
Quick Attack
Wing Attack
Safe Haven (PC)
Male (Read Entry four to understand why)
Level 2
Level 5

Cobalt Shadow
04-04-2013, 05:06 AM
Chapter 1: The Never-Ending Interrogation

"Welcome to the world of Pokemon. My name is Rowan."
Let me guess, everyone calls you the Pokemon Professor
"However, everyone just calls me the Pokemon Professor."
Just like they called Oak, Elm and Birch the Pokemon Professor?
"Listen you little smartass, shut up and let me continue my monologue!"
"Well, this is new..."
"Probably because all the other trainers aren't such smart ass'"
"Fair point. Continue."
This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon."
"I know that, I have been training them since before you were programmed."
"Jacob! Don't break the fourth wall!"
"Fourth wall? We have one of those?"
"Anyway, are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."
"What do you think I am?"
"Listen Jacob, just answer the damn question so we can leave this section of the game."
"I thought we weren't allowed to break the fourth wall?"
"Answer the damn question!"
"I'm a boy. And you are mentally defective."
"So you're a boy?"
"No."*Insert Sarcasm here*
"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"They let any idiot here be a professor don't they?"
"A girl?"
*Headdesk*"I'm a boy..."
"All right, so you're a boy?
"Tell me, what is your name?"
"Your name is ...?"
"You said my name about four times earlier..."
"Your name is ...?"
"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"Are you freaking serious?!"
Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
"All right, so you're a boy?"
"Tell me, what is your name?"
"Your name is Jacob?"
"OK... So, you're Jacob?"
"A fine name that is!"
"Are you sure you still remember it?"
"Now, this boy here... I believe he's your friend."
"No I have never met him before."
"What might his name be?"
"I don't know. He looks like a moron."
"Moron, is it? That's your friend's name?"
"Yes... My friends name is Moron..."
"Your journey is about to begin...."*Insert Monologue here*

Cobalt Shadow
04-04-2013, 08:58 AM
Chapter 2: Finally moving forward

"Pokemon are by our side, always. I hope you will understand the meaning of those words,"

That was the comment left by Prof. Rowan, who has returned to Sinnoh from the Kanto region.
"I have the whole wide world of TV to be watching. Why am I watching this crap? I'm outta he..."
"There you are!"
"Wait, what the hell are you doing in my room you moron?
"Hey, Jacob! Did you just see the TV?"
"Unfortunately. It was pure crap."
"Sure you did!Prof. Rowan is that really important guy who studies Pokemon, right?"
"He is also the only person dumber than you."
"That means he must have lots and lots of Pokemon."
"This idiot might be on to something."
"What do you have in mind?"
"So, if we ask him, I bet he'd give us some Pokemon!"
"Give creatures capable of breathing fire, causing floods and earthquakes to two 10 year olds. But I suppose the guy is an idiot..."
"I think you might have had a good idea! There is a first time for everything!"
"Oh, hey! Is this a new PC?"
"You are getting distracted Moron. Pokemon? Remember?"
"Uh... Where was I?"
"Possible a mental hospital before you came in my room..."
"Oh, right, right!" We're going to go see Prof. Rowan and get some pokemon. I'll be waiting outside. OK, Jacob? If you're late, I'm fining you $10 million!"
"Thank god the idiot is gone.
*Walks down stairs*
"Mum, we need to talk. You have to stop letting people come in my room!"
"Moron already left."
"Thank Arceus for that."
"I don't know what it was about, but he sure was in a hurry."
"Really? Because it seemed like he would never leave. Anyway I'm going out."
"Oh, Jacob! Don't go into the tall grass. Wild Pokemon might attack you. It would be OK if you had your own Pokemon, but you don't so..."
"Because you never bought me one!"
"Well, take care, sweetie!"
*Walks out door*
"Wow, no wonder dad left her..."
*Walks north*
"Hiya, Jacob."
"Do I know you?"
"Moron was looking for you."
"Damn. That kid is like a rash."
"I think he's home now. Why don't you go check it out."
"Meh, I will get there faster without him."
*Walks North*
"Hiya, Jacob."
"Again, do I know you?"
"Moron was looking for you."
"You aren't gonna let me through without him are you?"
"I think he's home now. Why don't you go check it out."
*Walks to Morons house*
*Moron runs out*
"Watch it you Idiot! You almost knocked me over!"
"What was all that about?"
"The fact that you are an idiot..."
"Oh hey, Jacob! I'm going to see Prof. Rowan! You should come, too! And quickly!"
"You seriously don't recall telling me five minutes earlier?"
Oh, jeez! Forgot something!"
*Runs inside*
"When I get a pokemon, I am gonna burn your house down..."
*Walks through to Morons room.*
"Wait, your room is a mirror image to mine? What the hell, are you a stalker or something?"
"...I'd better take my Bag, and Journal, too..."
"You keep a Journal?"http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/009/855/35xyux.jpg
"Oh, hey, Jacob!"
"Is that all you can say?"
"I'll be waiting on the road! It's a $10 million fine if you're late."
"We haven't left yet because you wanted to bring your damn Journal!"
*Moron runs out*
"That kid needs a damn leash..."
*Walks to route 201*
"Too slow!"
"Trust me, they don't come much slower than you..."
"All right! Let's get moving to Prof. Rowan's lab."
"And where the hell is his lab?"
"... ..."
"You don't know... Do you?"
"What? Don't go into the grass right?"
"That's not what I said."
"No worries! No problem! It doesn't matter that we don't have any Pokemon. Trust me on this one. I've got an idea!
"Well this ought to be funny..."
"Now listen. You know how wild Pokemon jump out when you go into tall grass? So, what you do is, you scoot over to the next patch of grass before any wild Pokemon can appear. If we just keep dashing, we can get to Sandgem Town without running into wild Pokemon! OK, stick with me!
"I have a better idea. I trip you and you can distract the Pokemon while I go to Sandgem town?"
"OK, here goes! On your marks..."
"Well this should be funny..."
"Hold it!"
"Not this guy again..."
"You two don't seem to have any Pokemon between you?"
"No, my mum spent all our money on booze, and his parents know not to give an idiot a pokemon."
"Then, what is the meaning of going into the tall grass?!"
"... ..."
"... ..."
"Awkward Silence!"
"... ..."
"Just breaking the tension..."
"Hey, Jacob. This old guy... It's Prof. Rowan, isn't it? What's he doing here...?"
"... ..."
"I wish he was this quiet earlier..."
"They tried to go into the tall grass because they wanted Pokemon...
"Now the old guy is talking to himself. They let any idiot call themselves a professor here..."
"Hmm... What to do...?"
"Rowan! This is your concience! Give Jacob a pokemon, but don't let the idiot blonde have one!"
"Their world would surely change if they were to meet pokemon... Is it right for me to put them on that path...?
... ...
You two. You truly love Pokemon, do you?"
"If I say yes will you give me a Pokemon?"
"Me, too! I love Pokemon, too!"
"I will ask you once again. You too. You truly love Pokemon, do you?"
"Do you want to ask if I am a boy or a girl again?"
"What?! You can ask a hundred times! The answer will never change! We'll both answer a hundred times, we love Pokemon!
"Right, Jacob?"
"Uh, yeah, sure."
"...A pair of reckless kids who foolishly try and enter tall grass without Pokemon of their own...? It worries me what people like that would do with Pokemon."
"...Uh... Well, I, uh... ... ... Well, then forget about me, but give a Pokemon to my friend here!"
"That is a very good idea. He is too much of an idiot to have a Pokemon. You should listen to him..."
"I mean, it was me who tried to go into the tall grass and all..."
"Yeah, I was just gonna laugh when he got attacked!"
"How big of you... Very well, then! I will entrust you two with Pokemon! I apologize for putting you through that exercise. However! You must promise me that you will never recklessly endanger yourselves again."
"What if I want to take down an entire criminal organisation, and catch legendary Pokemon who control time, space and antimatter?
"Now, then... Hm? Now, where...?
Professor Rowan. You left your briefcase at the lake! Oh, is something wrong here?"
"Ah! There it is! Dawn, nice work."
"Dayum girl! Are you a Hitmonlee? 'Cause your body's kickin'! Wynaut go out with me sometime?
"What I was about to do was entrust these two with their own Pokemon.
"Pardon?! Those Pokemon are hard to replace. Are you sure about giving them away?"
"Hm! We exist side by side with Pokemon. There comes a time when people should meet Pokemon. There is a world that should be explored together. For them, today is that time. The place, right here."
"Wow... Deep... Can I have a pokemon now?"
Go on! Open the briefcase and choose a Pokemon!"
"Really?! Prof. Rowan! I can't beleive it! I;m s happy right now that I can't keep a straight face! Hey, Jacob. You can choose first. Hey, I'm practically a grown-up. I have to show some class here.
"Or you just want the type advantage. Arsehole..."
"Geez what are these? I thought we had the choice of Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle? Here is a weakling penguin, a retarded turtle and an ugly monkey? I guess I will take the ugly monkey..."
*Jacob received Chimchar*
Then, I choose you! I'm picking this Piplup!"
"Very well! Both of you have chosen a good Pokemon, it seems. Now listen well! The pokemon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they're much like you."
"Mine isn't awesome enough, and his isn't stupid enough..."
"As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope that you'll do well together. If you have any trouble, come see me at my lab in Sandgem Town. And now, we'll be on our way.
"Professor! Wait for me, please! I;m sorry... Please let me pass."
"Call me later! Like an Umbreon, I also evolve at night..."
How do you like that? Prof. Rowan's really nice."
"So's his assistant if you know what I mean..."
"On TV, he seems so stern and scary."
*Moron does a happy dance*
"Heheh, Jacob! We've both got Pokemon now. There's only one thing to do, right? Are you up for this?"
"Dude, are you coming out of the closet? I don't swing that way!"
"I've always wanted to say this..."
"Holy crap you actually are!"
"The time has finally come!"
"Dude! I'm straight!"
Jacob! I challenge you to a battle!"
"Oh, well this is awkward..."

Pokemon Trainer Moron would like to battle!
Pokemon Trainer Moron sent out Piplup!
Go Chimchar
"Wait, your tail is on fire, and all you can do is scratch or leer? Use scratch then!"
Chumchar used Scratch
The foe's Piplup used Pound
"I can see where this is going..."

*Two hours later*

Foe's Piplup fainted!
Chimchar gained 70 experience points!
Chimchar grew to level 6!
Player defeated Pokemon Trainer Moron
"Whew! Let's go home. I'm beat after that battle. My Pokemon needs rest, too.
"Wait, all you did was stand around and yell 'Pound!' over and over again. How is that tiring. And how come your Pokemon isn't dead?
"See ya, Jacob!"
"Those words couldn't come soon enough!"

Sorry for the long length. I am only realizing as I am playing through the game how many stupid little things there are that can be made fun of ha ha

Cobalt Shadow
04-04-2013, 09:00 AM
Chapter 3: Time to Grind

*Walking to Route 201
"Since that arsehole went and purposely chose the type advantage, I had better train mine and make it evolve fast. Teach him who is the boss around... Oh crap!"
"Too Slow! Jacob, I'm sick of waiting!"
"You know nobody likes you right?"
"I'm going t go see Prof. Rowan so I can thank him properly."
"You do that. Have fun!"
"So I had this great idea. Listen up, OK?
*sarcastically* "You have my full attention..."
"You know that lake we always play at?"
"You mean the lake where I tried to drown you, and when your mother asked what happened, I said it was a game?"
"You know how they say a legendary Pokemon lives there?
"Well this should be interesting..."
"You guessed it! Let's catch that Pokemon!"
"Sure we will both use our level 5 Pokemon to capture a legendary. Hopefully it kills you..."
"That'll make Prof. Rowan happy. I'm sure of that!"
"Didn't he make us promise not to do anything reckless again?"
"Me and you together, we've got nothing to fear!"
"Well I guess I could just push you in the lake, then go train. Okay, follow me."
*Walks to Lake Verity*
"What's going on...?"
"...The flowing time... ...The expanding space... I will make it all mine one day... Cyrus is my name. Remember it...
"Geez dude, what have you been smoking?"
"Until then, sleep while you can, legendary Pokemon of the lake bed..."
"I think he is a hobo..."
"Allow me to pass. Step aside."
What was that about? Weird guy..."
I have to say, for once you are right my mentally challenged friend...
OK, Jacob! Let's catch that legendary Pokemon!"
"Did you hear that, Jacob?!"
"No, you're hallucinating."
"That was the legendary Pokemon crying! That had to be it!"
"Crying because so far an idiot and a stoned hobo have come to it's home today alone."
OK! This is our chance! Let's catch it!"
"Quick question. With what?"
"...Wait! What...?!"
"We have no pokeballs *******!"
"We don't have anything on us! You know, Pokeballs! P-O-K-accent-E Balls!"
"I know Moron, I was the one who told you."
"If we don't have those, we can't catch Pokemon or take them around with us?"
"Can I go now?"
"Do you think Professor Rowan would give us some if we asked him?"
"The old guy would give us his pension if we asked him."
"You know, you remember what he said, don't you? He said to visit him at his lab if we needed anything.
"You know I am trying to get as far away from his lab as possible. Once he starts talking, he never stops..."
"Okay Jacob! I'll race you!"
"Yes, lets... race."
"First one to the professor's lab in Sandgem Town rules!
*Moron runs away*
"He is finally gone. Now to start training.

Cue Training Montage* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH2WQ9WAjwM)

*An hour later*
Congratulations, your Chimchar has evolved into Monferno! Monferno learned Mach Punch!

"Congratulations Monferno! You evolved. We will definitely kill Moron's Piplup now."
"Yes. Yes we shall."
"Wait, you can talk?"
"No, you are imagining me talking."
"Why do you have an english accent?"
"I don't know, this is YOUR imagination."
"Point taken. Anyway lets head to Sandgem and kill that Piplup!"
*Walks to Sandgem Town*
"There's Dawn! Be cool Monferno."
"Yeah, because you are the king of Cool."

"Hey Dawn, you feel like TM70ing me?"
"Oh! There you are! Please, come with me!"
"Holy crap that actually worked"
"The professor is waiting!"
"Spoke too soon."
This is it! Our Pokemon Research Lab! Let's go!"
"Will the tour finish in your bedroom?"
"What the...?"
"Jeez I thought I lost this idiot!"
"Oh, it's you Jacob! That old guy... He's not scary so much as he is totally out there! Aww, it doesn't matter, Jacob. I'm out of here. See you later!"
"Lets hope I can go a few hours without seeing him again."
"Wow, what was that? Your friend sure seems to be really impatient."
"He's not the only one, if you know what I mean."
"Well, anyway... Let's go inside."
*Dawn and Jacob Enter the Lab*
"Well, well, look who's here."
"Your assistant tricked me into coming. I thought my pickup lines were actually working."
"Jacob, was it?"
"Yes, we went over this excessively during the interrogation."
"Let's have a look at your Pokemon."
"Who is this old codger?"
"Well well! You've made your Pokemon evolve already?!"
"Yep. You want to learn some more about 'evolution' Dawn?"
"Hm! Entrusting you with that Monferno was no mistake, it seems! Well, would you like to give it a nickname?"
"Well since I would be breaking the rules if I didn't, I might as well."
"What rules?"
Don't worry. I think I will call him Charlie. Or Chuck for short.
"Hmm, OK, I see... And you're happy with that nickname?
"What would you like Monferno's Nickname to be?
"Still don't get Sarcasm I see?
"Wow this guy's an idiot."
"I think this is the start of a beautfiul friendship, Chuck."
"You have astounded me Jacob, already there is a bond growing between you and that Pokemon...
"Hear that Dawn? I'm good at bonding. Maybe you should learn first hand some time?"
"I feel privileged to met you, and I am sure Monferno feels the same way about you too."
"Is that true Chuck?"
"That has got to be the gayest thing I have ever heard."
"You're awesome Chuck."
"That's why I will ask you to cherish that Monferno of yours."
"I'm so glad that you're kind toward Pokemon! If you weren't I'd have to... Oh, I just can't say it..."
"Is that a threat? You should consider yourself lucky that your decent looking..."
"Er-hem! Let's move on to the main topic."
"Geez when can I leave?"
"This is something I want you to do for me. Allow me to properly introduce myself first." *Insert Monologue Here*
"I want to entrust you with this Pokedex. Will you use it to record data on all the Pokemon in Sinnoh for me?
"How much will one of these fetch me at the market?"
"About $400, why?"
"Just curious. Sure, I will do it."
"Good answer!"
*Jacob obtained the Pokedex
"The Pokedex is a very high-tech device."
"Can I play solitare on it?"
"No. It will automatically record the data of every Pokemon you encounter."
"Whatever, I'm outta here."
*Jacob Left Rowans Lab*
"Jacob! I was going to give you this TM, but you left before I could. Serves you right."
"What is a TM?"
"It teaches a move to a Pokemon."
"Can I see it?"
"I suppose..."

*Hands Jacob the TM*
"Thanks for giving me the TM!"

*Jacob leaves*
"Your welcome. He's a nice boy."
"You really are an idiot, Professor."

Cobalt Shadow
04-04-2013, 03:02 PM
Chapter 4: To Jubilife City

*Jacob and Chuck are walking through Sandgem town*
"So where were you before Rowan gave you to me?"
"I don't know. I never left the pokeball. The Psycho must have taken my egg, and put me in a pokeball the moment I hatched."
"Wow, that's messed up"
"By the way, did you tell your mum you were leaving?"
"You didn't did you?"
"To be fair, it's a safe bet she would be drunk and would forget by tomorrow regardless."
*Jacob and Chuck enter Route 202*
"Hey, there's Dawn!"
"Hey Jacob, I've been waiting for you."
"Dawn. So you finally realised you want to play my Pokeflute?"
"Yeah, definately!"
"No. Professor Rowan asked me to teach you how to catch a Pokemon."
"That's nice of you. I appreciate it."
"Wow, I wasn't expecting a mature response. I was expecting another terrible pickup line."
"Are you doing a demonstration? I have some masterballs you can use..."
*Sigh* "I spoke too soon. Well since I will vomit if I have to be near you too much longer, here are the Pokeballs the professor asked me to give you. Teach yourself."
"By the way Dawn, where are you headed?"
"As far away from you as possible.
*Dawn Leaves*
"Smooth as sandpaper Jacob, Smooth as Sandpaper."
"She wants me Chuck, she just doesn't know it yet. Anyway, I had better catch some Pokemon. Sorry Chuck, but you are too strong. I will just chuck the pokeballs at them until I catch them.
"Well you are the expert of chucking balls around. Or at least trying to..."
"Wow... That hurt..."
*A wild Kircketot Appeared!*
*Jacob threw a Pokeball whilst spamming A and B*
*Kircketot was captured*
Jacob called Kricketot Peter
"Welcome to the team Pete!"
Ya man."
"Wait, I got a British fire monkey, and a Jamaican Bug?
"I know it's your imagination and all, but what's a monkey?
"Long Story. Anyway, I filled my quota here. To the Lake Verity!"
*Jacob and Co went to Lake Verity*
"...So that's what a Monkey is, Chuck."
"Well my mind is blown. None of this is real?"
*Wild Starly appeared*
*Jacob threw a pokeball Whilst Spamming A and B*
*Starly escaped!*
*Jacob threw a Pokeball whilst spamming A and B*
*Starly was caught!
*Jacob called the Starly Ellie
"Let me guess. French accent?"
"Wait, this one doesn't talk?"
"Nah' I'm just messing with you."
"But you talking is my imagination. Is that me, messing with me?"
*Ellie Shrugs*
"Anyway Route 201, then we head for Jubilife."
*Jacob and Co go to Route 201
*Wild Bidoof Appears!
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Escaped
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Escaped
*Jacob threw a pokeball and Spammed A and B
*Bidoof Was Captured
*Jacob named the Bidoof Jaye
"Wait, back the hell up, why is my name spelt with the feminine spelling? I'm a guy!
"Jaye and I have a joke that she is a Bidoof with no soul. Sorry bro, blame the y-chromosome."
"Anyway, I have a team now. Time to grind like hell!"
Training Montage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLrzGRPt-hA) (I might make my own training Montage video)

*Ellie Evolved into Staravia

*Wild Shinx appeared
*Go Peter!

Two minutes later
"Rest in peace Peter. Your Jamaican accent will be missed.

*Jacob and Co travel to Jubilife City
"Oh crap it's you!"
"Hey Dawn."
"How are you?"
"How are you? No disgusting pickup line?"
"Are you sick?"
"No, my Kricketot just died."
"Oh. I'm so sorry?"
"We should make like a Super Rod, and hook up."
"You couldn't let it slide, could you?"
"Well you could prove useful..."
"Whataya mean?"
"There is this weird guy over behind the light pole. He keeps giving me strange looks. Would you mind staying with me while I am in the city?"
"Sure but first..."
"If you come out with some pickup line, I will take my chances with the creep by the lightpole."
"I'm no creep! I'm a member of the international police! But at the moment, I am undercover, hiding from the alien mothership!"
*sarcasm*"Right. And he is my boyfriend."
"Am I really that repulsive?"
"Repulsive is too nice of a word."
"The aliens have been watching me for years. Now the mothership has come to earth. And I know why..."
"Well this ought to be interesting..."
"They want my secret Poffin recipe!"
"Your Poffin recipe?"
"My Poffin Recipe!"
"And why are they after your Poffin Recipe?"
"So they can use it to form an alliance with all of earths Pokemon, and take over the world."
"Right. Well we would love to stay and hear about your secret Poffin recipe, but I would rather listen to Jacob shamelessly hit on me, so we had best be off."
"They are coming, I tell you!"
*Jacob and Dawn leave*
"Well he is... Interesting."
"He's mental. Anyway, I know your friend Moron is around here somewhere."
"He isn't my friend."
"Really? I could have sworn he said..."
"He's not my friend."
"I don't wanna know. Anyway he is around somewhere. You should probably head to Oreburgh City next. Seeing as you need the badge from there to actually make any progress."
"Isn't that kinda stupid?"
"I could say the same thing about your pickup lines. Anyway, I had better get going. Bye."
*Dawn leaves*
"Well I guess I better get moving as well then."
"You sir? Are you a trainer?"
"Who me? Yeah, I'm a trainer."
"You call yourself a trainer, yet you have no poketch?"
"Excuse me?"
"Every REAL trainer has a Poketch!"
"How about I prove I'm a trainer by kicking your ass?"
"You touch me, and I will have you taken to the police station?"
"By who? That retard by the lightpole?"
"The Aliens are real I tell you!"
"Look kid, I will ask you three questions, and if you get them all right, you get a free Poketch."
"You know you could have said that without insulting me?"
"Yeah, but I'm rich, so I need to insult you lower class people.
"First question: Does a pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining EXP. Points?"
"Second Question: Can a Pokemon Hold an item?"
"Yes. Are all the questions this stupidly easy?"
"What are you talking about? I thought of them myself?"
"What a surprise."*Sarcasm*
"Question three: Just like Pokemon types, the moves of Pokemon also have types. True or False?"
"You answered all three correctly. Here is your Poketch."
"That's nice and all, but can you please get out of my way?"
*Jacob Received the Poketch
"Hey Jacob!"
"Ah crap..."
"I have been training my pokemon. We should battle!"
"Will you get out of my way if I win?"
"Maybe, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.
*You are Challenged by Pokemon Trainer Moron!
*Pokemon Trainer Moron sent out Starly (lvl 7)
*Go Ellie (Lvl 14)
*The foes Starly used quick attack. It did 3 damage.
*Ellie used Wing Attack. It killed the weakling!
*Pokemon Trainer Moron sent out Piplup (lvl 9)!
*Go Chuck (lvl 14)!
*Chuck used Mach Punch! It took away just under half of the opponents health.
*Piplup used Growl
*Chuck used Mach Punch again. It did the same damage.
*Piplup used Growl again
*Chuck used Mach Punch again. It finally killed Piplup.
*Player defeated Pokemon Trainer Moron

"How did your pokemon get so strong?"
"While you were reading books at the trainer school, I was mercilessly killing wild pokemon to strengthen my own. Remember kids, hurt the weak to become strong!