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Kento Kasha
04-19-2004, 04:25 PM
Chapter One-


"Is it done?"

"Yes, my Lord. It is done, and it is done well, I made sure."

"Good. We will begin our movement on the morrow."

"Yes, Lord Welch. As you command."


Kento Kasha stared into the eyes of his Poochyena. "Are you done whining?" he asked. The dog-like Pokemon snuffled and nodded. Kento smiled. "Good." He reached into the bag of 'Pokemon Vitamins: A+ Formula!' and brought forth a small heart-shaped treat. "I don't know what they taste like. I hope they taste good. If not, that's 100 yen I wasted on bad Pokemon vitamins. Here, try one, Baal." His Poochyena nibbled at the vitamin for a second, then scarfed it down. "Any good?" Kento asked quizzically.

"Pooch! Raawor!"

"I'll take that as a yes," Kento laughed. He tossed another one to Baal and he caught it in midair. Kento's sister ambled into the room.

"Where's Mom?" she asked demandingly. "I need to talk to her about my prom dress!"

"I dunno.... why don't you go look for her? I'm taking care of Baal right now! Go away already."

His sister began to fume and fuss. "If Mom doesn't see my prom dress, she can't give me advice. I've only got a couple days to return it if I don't like it! I swear, if she doesn't see it because you won't tell me where she is----"

"See what?" Kento's mother was standing in the doorway, holding a basketful of flowers. "Oh! Your prom dress, sweatheart? Go get it for me, will you dear?" Cindy stormed out of the room, and Kento's mother set the basket down on the table Kento was sitting at. She was a middle-aged woman with brown, slightly red hair and a welcoming smile that was always present. Kento took a rose from the basket and examined it.

"Hey Mom, all of these flowers didn't come from our garden did they?" He looked out the window at the small, barely-alive garden.

"Oh no dear, most of them came from the Flower Shop across the lake. I bought a whole bundle of them for only 300 yen. Isn't that a good deal?" Kento placed the rose back in the basket as his mother prepared a vase. The teenage boy ran a hand through his dark-blue hair and flexed his muscles. He was tired and a bit hungry. He accessed the PokeGear on his shirtsleeve and clicked through the menues to Phonebook. The sun began to set as he dialed up Jason, his best friend.


"Hey Jason, it's Kento. How about going for a swim down the road before dinner?"

"Sounds great, I'll meet you there."

There was a bleeping sound from the PokeGear as Jason hung up. Kento pulled a gleaming Pokeball from within his shirt and maximized it. "Hop in, Baal. I don't want you to go running around the streets of Rustboro again like last time. Poochyena whined a bit, but the whining ceased as Kento recalled the Pokemon in a burst of white light.

"Please be back before dark, dear. Dinner will be ready by eight."

"Ok Mom," Kento replied, and made his way through the hallway leading outside. The world outside the Kasha residence was still warm from the sun's heat. He hurried to the edge of town and made his way to the lake. It spanned half a mile, and had a long, winding bridge with no edges that made its way to the other side. In the distance, he could see the Flower Shop on the right. Jason came towards him from the woods.

"Took a shortcut," Jason huffed. "But it doesn't seem to make any difference in time."

"It's exactly the same ditance, Jason." Kento pulled Baal's Pokeball from inside his coat and placed it on the ground. He removed his coat and threw it to the ground, then rolled the Pokeball on top of the jacket with his foot.

Jason, a tall, somewhat gangly boy with brown hair, lept head-first into the lake. There were no beaches on this lake, for it was a man-made one. Why they had built it, Kento was not sure. Something about repopulating the Magikarp population. He smiled to himself. There were thousands of Magikarp already, why would they want to make more? They weren't much good for anything. He removed his PokeGear and slapped that down on top of his jacket too. He hopped into the water, hollaring.

Underwater, he saw Jason in his jeans and a green shirt. The sight of the deep lake was different, though he had seen it many times before. It was somewhat eerier in the early darkness of the evening. His eyes widened as a Magikarp swam past, and Jason nearly lost all of the air he had, almost laughing. They surfaced, and started to laugh. They swam for a few more minutes, then got out.

Kento wrang the water out of his black shirt and his yellow shorts. They had a thick black stripe down each of the sides. Jason and he lay down on the grass, staring into the sky as the stars started to appear. "Jason, are you ever going to go to Littleroot Town and get a Pokemon to travel with?"

Jason didn't answer for a moment. "I'm not sure, Kento. Are you?"

"I've already got my Pokemon, but you have to register with the Pokemon Professor in Littleroot Town and get a starter from him to go for Gym Badges. I'd like to do it, but I don't think I can....."


"I'm not sure. Both my brother and my sister gained all eight badges and went against the Elite 4. They lost. I'm not sure if I want to be the one to live up to, instead of them. They'd probably be angry with me."

"But that doesn't matter," Jason replied, and sat up on one elbow. "What matters is that you could be the first person from your family to gain all eight badges and defeat the Elite 4."

"I can barely defeat the local wusses with Baal," stated Kento. "There's no way I could do that."

"That's because you don't have a team yet, Kento! Everyone who becomes the Champion has a full team of six Pokemon. And their Pokemon are strong from trasining and experience. You have to do all of that stuff to really know how to be a Pokemon Trainer....."

His voice trailed off. Kento reached over and checked his PokeGear. It was seven-thirtyfive. "I gotta get going," he said, and rose, dry from laying in the grass. "Mom'll be angry if I'm late for dinner, and she'll be really angry if it's fully dark before I'm home."

"Yeah. See ya, Kento." Jason rose and made his way into the woods. Kento donned his PokeGear and his jacket, and stuffed Baal's Pokeball back into the innards of his windbreaker. He high-tailed it back to the house for the night.


Kento Kasha
04-19-2004, 05:43 PM
Chapter Two-


"Is everthing ready now? I would like to commence Operation Agenda as soon as possile."

"Yes, Lord Welch, everything is ready. We are ready to begin Operation Agenda on your command."

"Commence Operation Agenda."


Several minutes passed without a sound or an action. Outside the giant ship, the anchors were raised, and the command deck of the S.S. Ancor vibrated as the motors of the ship were ignited.

"Ready to procede on your mark, Lord Welch!" shouted a Grunt enthusiastically.

"Mark. All engines at full." The sun shone through the large, half-circle windows of the bridge. "Let us come down upon the town of Littleroot, and all of the other towns and cities of this fair island nation! Let us take their Pokemon and make them our own! The loyal servent Pokemon of the Welch Organization!"


Kento woke up bright and early. Today was the first day of summer vacation, and sat up in his bed. Baal ambled into his room and yanked on the cord of the shades, pulling them up slowly and flooding the room with sunlight. Kento yawned, then hopped out of bed. Today was the day, he was going to ask his mother and father if he could enter the Pokemon League. He made his way to the bathroom and back again, dressing quickly. He grabbed his yellow hat and slapped it on backwards, and stuffed Baal's Pokeball into his windbreaker. Baal lept down the stais with him, and Kento came to a skidding halt in front of the breakfast table.

It was laden with food; bacon, eggs, milk, doughnuts, sausage, biscuits, bluebery pie, and everything else that he liked to eat and drink. His family walked into the room, all smiles. All were present but his brother, but that wasn't a surprise, he had a family to take care of in Slateport. His father, a tall man with glasses and thick brown hair, walked up to him and handed him a small, semi-triangular device. Kento looked down at it and tilted his head to the side. His father spoke. "We think, Kento, that it's time that you took the Pokemon League challenge. You take care of Baal well, you're responsible, and you're up to the challenge, or so your friend Jason tells me."

JASON! Kento thought.

"And therefore," broke in his mother, "we're sending you away to Littleroot Town this very day. You'll recieve your starting Pokemon and you'll register with the Pokemon League. We want to see an official Trainer when you come back to Rustboro to defeat Flannery!"

"And I think you most definately can defeat flannery," added his sister, who clapped him on the shoulder.

"What you have there," stated his father, David Kasha, "is a PokeNav. It's really handy. I'll let you figure it out on your own, son. In the meantime, let's eat! You've got a trip ahead of you!"

They sat down to the huge breakfast and ate until they could eat no more. Eventually, Kento got up and went upstairs to gather some things. He plopped a backpack on the bed and put several pairs of shorts, shirts, socks, and boxers in it, and zipped it up. He went downstairs and grabbed a few spare Pokeballs. "I'm gonna need these!" he exclaimed excitedly to Baal, who barked. Soon he was set and ready to go. He walked to the open doorway, where his family was waiting for him. He hgged them all, said his goodbyes, and was off. There was no sense in wishing them goodbye for a long period of time, he would be back within a few weeks to take on Flannery.


"Not even the legends of the Pokemon world could stop us now, my minions! We draw ever closer to Littleroot Town, and then to Oldale, and then to Rustboro City, the amount of Pokemon to be had and trained and tamed and whipped into obedience is tantalizing! I can taste the sweet taste of victory over those who have opposed me and will surely oppose me now!"


"What the-?" The elderly woman's eyes grew large as she saw the great black vessel bearing down upon the coast of Littleroot Town. "Henry? HENRY! Come quickly!"


"But they shall not win against me, for whatever Pokemon that have not already been caught that they use against me cannot sink this iron ship, blackened by the coals of hatred that burn inside my heart-"


"What in the name of the spirit of the Pokemon Champion is that?!" yelled a somewhat large man in a long, white lab coat. He was peering out the window of the lab. One of his assitants came to the window, looked out of it, and gasped.

"Professor.... what is that thing?" he said in a whisper.

"I'm not sure...."


Lord Welch's voice steadily grew higher in loudness and pitch. "-Nore can they sink my will to dominate their tiny houses and their tiny lives! Why? Why, do you ask?! Because I am the Alpha and the Omega! I am the Maker and Taker! I have the will to take these men, women, children, and Pokemon as my own and make them evil, like my heart! I was once called a mad scientist, I was once even called an abomination. But now, now, in this their final hour, they will call me the Great One!! I am the one and only ruler of this world, and nothing, nobody, can stop me!!" Darkness, clouds, and lightening descended upon Littleroot Town, in an almost menacing way. And indeed, they were meant to be menacing. Rain began to fall.


Kento sat down on the side of the road. He was almost to Oldale Town, and it was one in the afternoon. He sighed and let Baal out of its Pokeball. The male Poochyena growled and nipped playfuly as Kento pulled a large ham sub from his backpack and tore it in half. He took one half and ripped it up into little pieces for Baal, and comped down on the other half himself. Baal jumped around, gobbling up the slices of ham and the bits of bread, but left the ones that had mayonnaise on them. Kento laughed, and finished his half. "Let's get some exercise, Baal!" he shouted and began running down the road. Baal followed playfully after him, nipping at his heels, then running ahead of him, then went back to nipping at his heels.


Lightening streaked down from the sky over Oldale Town. "There's a hell of a storm a-brewin'!" yelled one old-timer over the gales of wind. His friend nodded grimly.

"I haven't seen a storm like this in a long time, have you Norton?"

"Nay! I ne'er seen a storm this bad in m'life! It's gonna get worse, too, I would think!"

"It will if it keeps up like this!" shouted the other man.

"Jones, you an' your sea bones! We be on land, aye!"

"Nah, I got a knack for these things," responded Capt. Jones grimly. He turned and entered the Pokemon Center they had been standing in front of, and Norton followed him.


"Aww, man!" exclaimed Kento as he struggled against the wind. "This is a heck of a storm!" Baal growled in acknowledgement as they struggled onwards to Oldale. Finally, the storm got so bad that they turned off to the edge of the road and took shelter in the trees. The wind buffeted them and rain began to fall, and it only got worse after that. "What are we gonna do?" Kento asked aloud. Baal barked and moved farther into the woods, Kento following as wind started to sploch down through the thin leaves of the underbrush where they had been a few moments before.