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02-16-2006, 09:17 PM
ok lets get started shall we

Eyes-eyes are one of your most important things on this drawing

Mouth-this will tell which expresion your character like mad glad sad etc...

Nose-your nose can really hurt you on this part if it is to big it will be weird unless it is a alien person like off of ziggy but if it small it may look weird also

Body- the body is the most important part of this drawing and shuld be thought out carefully depending on what it is if it is funny make your character short and fat or tall and slim with a big nose or sumtin

Ear- ears are not really all that important but can be usefull except when you are doing animals and there ears are important on animals if they even have any

Tail- most characters will not have a tail but they can be useful if you would like to put one on just be careful they can really hurt if they are to fat or to small

Eyebrows- they can also change the expresion of your character so be careful on them if you want it to be confused make one up and one down and if you want it to look mad make them slant downwards get creative

Color- color can be important but no color is just as important as color if you like to color make it color but if you dont really like to color make it black and white they are nice in there own also

I think this should be a tutorial and if someone could put it on there i would really appreciate it


02-16-2006, 09:22 PM
This is hardly a tutorial. These are basic things everyone knows. If you want to create a tutorial, explain in depth what to do, and give pictures to show what to do also. The information you gave won't help anybody, sorry to say. Until you do that I'm going to have to lock this.