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Hoenn Mirror Girl
04-30-2004, 03:46 AM

There are two kinds of Hoenn. One is the region we are all familar with. The Hoenn that we know is like any other place in the world: packed with Pokemon with different characteristics and abilities, trainers to capture and train them, and those who participate with Pokemon in their own unique way.

However, there's another kind of Hoenn that almost no one knows about. One that is an alternative universe to the familar Hoenn region. As 10-year-old Mariah Janvi from Littleroot Town starts her Pokemon journey, she stumbles upon this "other Hoenn"...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
04-30-2004, 03:47 AM
It was a fine day at Littleroot Town. In the home of the Janvi family, Mariah was sleeping in her bedroom. She then slowly opened her eyes after feeling the warmth of sunbeams that were coming through the window coming through her window.

MARIAH: [yawns] Oh...morning already...? [turns toward her alarm clock, which is currently blank] Huh? [does a wild take] WHAT?! It isn't working?! What happened?

Mariah jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom near her room. She quickly took off her red and white pajamas before taking a quick shower. Afterwards, she brushed her teeth and washed her face. As Mariah was brushing her short, black hair, there was a knock at the door by Mariah’s grandmother.

MARIAH: Yeah, grandma?
GRANDMOTHER: I just wanted to let you know that the power has gone out late last night.
MARIAH: [under her breath] Should've guess. [out loud] How bad is it?
GRANDMOTHER: It's not serious, but it'll take a while to get it fixed.
MARIAH: Okay. I'm gonna be down in about ten minutes.

Mariah's grandmother headed downstairs to the kitchen to make Mariah's breakfast. A tall, dark skinned man with dark brown hair who was Mariah's father was sitting in the living room reading the paper.

GRANDMOTHER: I've told her about the power outage.
FATHER: [not turning away from the paper] Good.

Ten minutes later, Mariah came downstairs. She was wearing a bright yellow sleeveless shirt, a medium length skirt and sandals that matched in color, and a yellowish-orange ribbon in her hair. She was about to head out of the door when her father turned to her.

FATHER: Hey, Mariah, want breakfast?
MARIAH: Sorry, Dad, but I'm running late!
FATHER: [checks watch, then gets up] Oh, honey! Wait up! You’re not going to be…

Before Mariah's father could finish his sentence, Mariah was already out the door.

FATHER: …late. [sighs]

Mariah was on her way to Professor Birch's lab to get her first Pokemon. She was looking forward to it because she can now experience the excitement only a Pokemon trainer could have. After a while, she was in front of the door of the lab. She knocked, and Professor Birch answered.

MARIAH: [out of breath] Sorry...I'm...late, Professor Birch.
BIRCH: Late? You're not late at all.
BIRCH: As a matter of fact, you're the first one here.
MARIAH: [surprised] Really?
BIRCH: Yes. Come on in. [enters the lab with a somewhat embarrassed Mariah following him] I bet that power outage confused you a bit, huh?
MARIAH: It sure did. [embarrassedly laughs]
BOY: Hey, Mariah! Didn't know that you'll be here so early.

Mariah notices a boy that she's quite familiar with sitting at a desk. He had white hair and brown eyes and wore a black headband with a Pokeball symbol, a black and red jacket, black pants, and black shoes.

MARIAH: How early am I, Brendan?
BRENDAN: [checks watch] Oh, about two hours. It's only 7:30.
MARIAH: [sheepish chuckle, then gets a sour look on her face] Stupid power outage.
BRENDAN: I’ll say. At least catching Pokemon for my Dad to study doesn’t require electrical outlets.

Brendan’s father just chuckled at the remark as he got out three Pokeballs.

BIRCH: Okay. It’s time to pick your Pokemon, Mariah.

Birch pressed the buttons on each of the Pokeballs, and white lights burst out of them. They formed into a green lizard-like Pokemon, a blue Pokemon with orange fins on its cheeks, and an orange chick Pokemon. The three Pokemon appeared eager to see which one of them will finally have a trainer.

BIRCH: Meet Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic. Which one would you like?
MARIAH: Hmmm... Let’s see…

Mariah first looked at Mudkip, the Pokemon with orange fins on its face. It was rather cute, and trainers have always said that Mudkip are easy to raise. However, she didn’t feel that the Mud Fish Pokemon suited her.

Then Mariah looked at Torchic, the orange chick. It was a bit cuter than Mudkip, and the number of Fire Pokemon isn’t too high in the Hoenn region. Despite its cuteness, she wasn’t too comfortable with the Chick Pokemon.

Finally Mariah turned to Treecko, the lizard Pokemon, which she appeared to like the best. Along with a fondness for Grass-type Pokemon, Treecko was, to her, a Pokemon that loves adventure and excitement.

Her mind was then made up.

MARIAH: I'm gonna go with...Treecko!

The Wood Gecko Pokemon smiled and nodded at this while Mudkip and Torchic were somewhat disappointed that they didn't get chosen.

BIRCH: Good choice. Treecko is a great Pokemon. [gives Mariah a Pokedex and five Pokeballs] You’ll need this Pokedex to get the information on the Pokemon you've seen and caught, and Pokeballs to capture Pokemon.
MARIAH: [nods] Thanks!


Mariah was in her room to gather her belongings: a backpack, her sleeping bag, and her Pokemon manual. She came downstairs where her father gave her a Pokemon Navigator (PokeNav) that he was saving several months ago from a business trip to Rustboro City, and her grandmother gave her some Pokemon food as well as a first aid kit. Finally, Mariah was ready to begin her journey.

GRANDMOTHER: Take care of yourself, Mariah!
FATHER: Good luck!

Mariah waved to her father and grandmother before she heads out to Route 101.

MARIAH: All right. I'm on a Pokemon trainer journey! [gets out Treecko's Pokeball] Come out, Treecko!

Mariah pressed the button, and the white light that later formed into Treecko burst out of it.

MARIAH: Ready for a big journey?
TREECKO: Treecko!

By the time an hour passed, Mariah and Treecko were halfway through Route 103. After walking for a few more minutes, Mariah saw a rainbow colored light in the distance. Treecko, as if hypnotized, began to head toward it.

MARIAH: Wha...Treecko?!

Mariah quickly went after it, but she was a bit too late. Treecko was pulled into the light...as well as Mariah!

MARIAH: Huh?! What's going on?! Where are we going?!

Mariah and Treecko suddenly found themselves falling into the bizarre rainbow vortex. The two screamed in panic as they continued to fall faster and faster until they finally had a hard landing on solid ground...

Dr Skottie
04-30-2004, 11:01 AM
Hey JIG, good start on the new fic. Original, i like it. Quite frankly i don't like the "script style" in which you write and because of this i havent actually read more then a few chapters of your other stories. Don't get me wrong, its all very good but your writing style just puts me off. I hope i havent offended you.

Now that my confession is out of the way, I'm going to read fic story from begining to end! Can't wait for more :cool:

04-30-2004, 11:51 AM
what.. there isn't more yet!? darn it.. make sure you write some more soon! I absolutely love it! But it sure is taking an odd turn now.. I wonder if this "other hoenn" will be better or worse to read about. anyway, I disagree with dr. Skottie. but I can understand how a certain style of writing can turn people off. please continue :biggrin: I'm looking forward to the rest

Hoenn Mirror Girl
04-30-2004, 01:27 PM
Thanks, Skottie and art.

And no, Skottie, I'm not offended. I'm just used to writing that way.

BTW, I'll have some more later on.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-01-2004, 12:05 AM
VOICE: Mariah... Wake up.
MARIAH: Huh? [slowly opens eyes] Wh...where am I? What's going on?
VOICE: I don't have a clue.
MARIAH: Who said that?! [looks around] Hello? Someone here?
VOICE: Uh, I did.
MARIAH: [sees Treecko] Oh. It's you. [pauses, then turns back to Treecko surprised] HUH?!

Mariah was totally shocked that her own Pokemon was talking. She was even more shocked of her surroundings. She was in a large room that was full of colorful mirrors. Mariah and Treecko investigated the one nearest them. At the top were the words "egalliV toorelttiL".

MARIAH: Okay, this is getting weird. What the heck is an "egalliv toorelttil"?
TREECKO: I think you may be reading it wrong. [takes a good look at the text and reads slowly] Little...root... vill...age.
MARIAH: Littleroot Village?
TREECKO: Hey, Mariah. Check this out!

Mariah looked in the mirror, but instead of her reflection, she saw a village that was similar to Littleroot Town. However, Professor Birch's lab seemed different. Instead of a modern-styled medium-sized building, there was a small building with vines wrapping it from the bottom.

MARIAH: I see something that looks like my house and something else that looks like Brendan's, but...I don't recognize that building at all.

Suddenly, a girl approaches the trainer and her Pokemon as they continued to look at the village in the mirror.

GIRL: Uh...excuse me?
MARIAH: Huh? [sees the girl and gets on the ground embarrassed] I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be nosy or anything!
GIRL: It's okay. You can get up now.

As Mariah got up, her heart seemed to stop. After taking a good look at her, she noticed that the girl looked exactly like her and had the exact same voice as Mariah! The only difference is that the Mariah look-alike was wearing a headband instead of a ribbon and had a necklace with a blue, crystal Pokeball.

MARIAH: Okay. I thought this place couldn't get any weirder, but you've just become the icing on the cake.
GIRL: [laughs] Cute. Very cute.
MARIAH: Okay, what is this place?
GIRL: Well, this is the Hoenn Mirror World, and I'm the Mirror Guardian. I'm Mariah.
MARIAH: This is getting too weird. I’ve just started my Pokemon Journey today, and yet here you, practically my twin of some sort, are saying that you…guard these mirrors?! And while I’m on the subject… [Points to the mirror she was looking at] what’s this Littleroot Village?
MIRROR MARIAH: [nervous laugh] Uh… do you want me to show you around Littleroot Village?
MARIAH: [facefaults, then gets back up with an annoyed look on her face] You’re not getting this, are you?
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh… [notices Treecko] Nice Treecko. Where'd you get it?
MARIAH: I've got it from Littleroot Town, which is in my world. It appears to have some hidden talents, like talking.
MIRROR MARIAH: It's perfectly normal for Pokemon to talk here.
MARIAH: Uh...okay. [furiously shakes her head while rapidly waving her arms] Hey, wait a sec?! How the heck did I even get here?! And what about this Mirror Guardian stuff that you brought up?
TREECKO: [sheepishly] Uh…Mariah…?
MIRROR MARIAH: [to Mariah] To be honest, I don’t know how’d you got here. I never expected any outsiders to come here, let alone one that looks like me. Second of all, I became the Mirror Guardian a while back. My memory’s kinda fuzzy on the one before me, but…

A scream was suddenly heard, and the two Mariahs and Treecko turned their attention to the Littleroot Village mirror. They saw in the mirror a man in a wizard outfit running for his life as he was being attacked by three black dog-like Pokemon in a small grassy area near the village.

MARIAH: Hey, those are Poochyena chasing that guy!
TREECKO: We’d better give him a hand!
MIRROR MARIAH: Let's get going.

Mirror Mariah went through the mirror to Littleroot Village, and Mariah followed with Treecko right behind. The three landed just less than half a foot away from the grassy area.

MAN: Help me! Help!

Treecko, wanting to help, headed toward the Poochyena trio and let out a whistle.

TREECKO: Hey! Over here, furballs!

The Poochyena turned their attention to Treecko. The Wood Gecko Pokemon jumped towards one of the Poochyena, smacked it with his tail and sent it flying into the one nearest him. Both of them skidded on the ground when they landed. The third Poochyena charged into Treecko when his guard was down, and the force of the Tackle attack made him fall on his back.

TREECKO: [slowly getting up and turns to Mariah] Hey, Mariah, any ideas?
MARIAH: Try a Leer attack!

Treecko gave the Poochyena a sharp, intimidating leer. The other two Poochyena that were getting up seemed to have backed down, but the third one refused to give in. It tackled Treecko, and then the second one followed suit, and finally the first. The three Poochyena then used a team Tackle attack that sent Treecko high into the air. However, Treecko took advantage of this by pointing his body straight down to increase his falling speed. Before the Poochyena could figure out what Treecko was planning, the Wood Gecko Pokemon curls up his whole body but his dark green tail, which used to hit the middle Poochyena as he fell. The brutal hit made the Poochyena bounce off the ground because landing on its side. Both sides were tired, and the Poochyena have already lost one of their teammates.

TREECKO: Give up yet?

The second Poochyena got his fallen partner on his back. Then, seeing no reason to continue the battle, the Bite Pokemon ran away. Treecko was breathing heavily as he turned to Mariah.

MARIAH: Way to go, Treecko.
TREECKO: No problem.
MAN: Wow. That was impressive!
TREECKO: Thanks.
MARIAH: Huh? [takes a good look at the man] Professor Birch?!
BIRCH: Professor Birch? I'm sorry, but you must be mistaken. I'm Sorcerer Birch.
MARIAH: Sorcerer Birch? Since when did you become a magician?
BIRCH: Well, I was taught sorcery that my family's been passing down for generations.
MARIAH: [sighs and shrugs] Okay. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm outta here. [begins to walk off]
MIRROR MARIAH: [stops Mariah] You shouldn’t waste your time wandering around here.
MARIAH: How'd do you expect me get out of here?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, there's the Golden Gateway at the Oldale Shrine. It'll take you anywhere you want to go right away.
MARIAH: [sighs in relief] Well, what are we waiting for?

Just then, a strange red light shot across the sky.

TREECKO: Whoa! What was that?!
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this because it's heading to the Oldale Shrine! Let's get going!

Mirror Mariah went off and Mariah and Treecko followed her. Meanwhile, Sorcerer Birch appeared worried about the strange light.

BIRCH: That red light...could it be...?

05-01-2004, 03:03 AM
Your doing an excellent job JIG! I don't like script style writing so I usually don't read it but that's an exception with you. Somehow you find the way to write it in script style while still making me feel like I'm really there withnessing the story. Awesome start and great cliffhangers! Can't wait to see more mysterious wonders in this fic!

Neo Emolga
05-01-2004, 03:19 AM
This is simply amazing. Fantastic job, JIG, I can tell a lot of really creative imagination went into this story, and it's really paid off. Your characters have so much personality it's amazing. I couldn't help but smile when I read this, keep up the fantastic work, because I'd love to read more!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-01-2004, 06:43 AM
The trio made it to the Oldale Shrine, which was very large and appeared very old on the outside but looked like it was built a few days ago on the inside. They entered only to see a boy who looks like Brendan without the headband and jacket and a magician dressed in red. The magician blew the boy into a red mirror with a fire-like whirlwind. Then, with a snap of his fingers, the mirror disappeared. The magician then looked at a large, golden mirror in the corner with two gold Pokeballs on the top and bottom of each side and wings on its sides. He was about to enter when Mirror Mariah entered the shrine and held up her hand to stop him.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! Hold it!

A wand materializes in Mirror Mariah's hand. It was gold and had a Pokeball on top with wings on the side of it, and it had six jewels on the top part. They were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

MIRROR MARIAH: Don't even think about entering that mirror.
MAGICIAN: Ahh. [turns to Mirror Mariah] I didn't expect for the Guardian of the Mirrors to be here at the Oldale Shrine.
MIRROR MARIAH: Get out of here now.
MAGICIAN: It's for the good of all of the Hoenn Mirror World.

Mirror Mariah didn't listen and headed towards the magician. The magician disappeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared just as fast behind her.

MAGICIAN: [grabs Mirror Mariah around the neck] This is for your own good. Let me through or suffer.

Mirror Mariah didn’t say anything, and she seemed to be out of choices. Just then, she got an idea and tossed the wand to Mariah.

MARIAH: [surprised] Huh?

Mariah jumped up and managed to catch the wand. The magician tossed Mirror Mariah aside and headed toward Mariah.

MAGICIAN: And who are you, young lad?
MARIAH: I don't know what's going on here, but leave me out of this! I have nothing to do with--!
MAGICIAN: You were with the Mirror Guardian, so you've got yourself involved.
MARIAH: [in thought as she looks at Treecko] Treecko's worn out from the battle with the Poochyena and can't do much, and I don't know what to do with this wand!
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah! I'm not sure this'll work, but there is some writing on the left wing of the wand. If you can decipher it, it may give us a chance against this creep.
MIRROR MARIAH: Just do it!

Mariah turned to the worn out Treecko, who nodded to her. Mariah nodded back and looked at the near-microscopic text on the left wing: "regnad morf lla tcetorp ot rewop eht em evig esaelp, nneoH fo srorriM lacigaM". Mariah struggled with reading it.

MARIAH: Sorry, but I don't speak Mirror, unfortunately! [continues trying to read it] Hmmm...I've got it! "Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please protect all from danger"!

Suddenly, the jewels began glowing one by one. Then, they shot a light into the sky. Mariah headed outside to see the six lights swirling into a corkscrew. After a short pause, the six lights started to shine on Mariah. Her clothes start to change. Her shirt change from bright yellow to red and a black ribbon with yellow at the end and a Pokeball in the middle of the bow appeared on it. Her skirt shrank a little and turned white. Her sandals turned into black high heels, she got Pokeball barrettes in her hair, and large, round, white wings formed on her back. The lights faded, and Mariah looked around.

MARIAH: Huh? What happened? [reaches for her backpack] Huh? Where'd my backpack go? I had it with me before I've got here, and--

The wand transforms into a mirror. Mariah looked at her reflection and freaked out.

MARIAH: What the...?!

Just then, Treecko was absorbed into the wand and the green gem glow softly.

MARIAH: Huh? Treecko?! [runs into the shrine and sees an injured Mirror Mariah] Hey! I... Treecko was... The wand...
MIRROR MARIAH: You'll learn how to use the wand soon enough. Right now, you have a lot on your hands.

The magician attacked Mariah with a fiery whirlwind, but she dodges it just in time.

MAGICIAN: Surrender now and I'll let you and your friend go in one piece.

Mariah didn't say anything. She was trying to figure out what to do.

MAGICIAN: Not going to surrender? Oh, well.

The magician began gathering fire-like energy in an orb. Once the orb was big enough, it headed toward Mariah. Just before it hit her, Mariah began to fly out of the way.

MARIAH: [shaken] Okay… I can fly… Now what?
MAGICIAN: [getting furious] You little...! Take this!

The magician gathered up energy into another orb. Once again, it headed for Mariah when it was the right size, but this time it hit Mariah and caused her to stumble in mid air. The magician began his orb spell again to deliver the final blow.

MARIAH: [recovered] Okay. Let's see what this wand can do!

Mariah pointed the wand at the magician in red hoping something would happen. Sure enough, the green gem started to glow and shot a beam at the magician. The magician appeared to have his energy being drained as he crumbled to the ground.

MAGICIAN: How...can this...be?

The energy absorbed from the magician healed Mariah. This time, the magician was weakened, and Mariah is on the offensive. Just before Mariah could finish him, however, the magician created a red mirror from a fiery whirlwind.

MAGICIAN: You haven't seen the last of the Magma Magicians!

With that, the magician went into the mirror, and the mirror disappeared immediately after its creator entered it.

MARIAH: [heads to Mirror Mariah and kneels down next to her] You okay?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. I'll be fine. [looks at the wand] Wand, heal.

The Pokeball begins glowing for a second, and Mirror Mariah was suddenly as good as new.

MARIAH: So, what was the deal with the wand? Why'd it suck up Treecko? And what has to done to me?
MIRROR MARIAH: When a person reads the words on the left wing, stuff like that can happen. At least, that's what I've been hearing in the legends. However, you're the first person to use the wand for a long time ever since it got damaged.
MARIAH: Damaged?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. Anyway, your Treecko's in the wand being healed. However, don't rely on its powers too much, or they won't be there when you really need 'em.
MARIAH: Oh. [pause] Will this thing help me get home?
MIRROR MARIAH: No. First, you have to go to Ever Grande Cathedral to deal with stuff like that. [points at the mirror in the corner] You can go through the Golden Gateway to get there.
MARIAH: All right! [to herself] But I wonder what happened to that Brendan look alike...?
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, you coming or not?
MARIAH: [put loud] I'm coming!

Before the two girls could get close to it, the glass of the Golden Gateway broke into eight shards that suddenly shrunk in size and went in different directions. Afterwards, there was evil laughter heard that echoed throughout the shrine.

MARIAH: Now what?
MIRROR MARIAH: [sighs as she looks at the broken Golden Gateway] Looks like we've got some work to do, Mariah…

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-02-2004, 01:53 AM
Treecko(M)@-- LV6
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals and transforms into a mirror.
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1


Mariah and Mirror Mariah are flying to look for the lost shards.

MARIAH: Hey, you sure this is the right way?
MIRROR MARIAH: I sense a Mirror Shard...down there!

Mirror Mariah sees a large white mansion. She and Mariah land at the front door.

MIRROR MARIAH: That's funny. I thought the shard was around here, but then I just lost it.
MARIAH: It must've been a false alarm. [knocks on the door] Hello?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't think anyone's home.

Mirror Mariah gets ready to go, but Mariah notices that the door was open. Mariah goes in. Mirror Mariah, worried that someone might catch her, went after her.

MARIAH: Hello? Anyone here?

The only thing that was heard was the echo of Mariah's voice. Mariah continues to walk down the dimly lit hall when Mirror Mariah catches up.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh, Mariah? Perhaps we need to get out of here. The people who live here don't like it when someone comes barging in. Besides, we need to focus on finding the Mirror Shards. Since I don't feel any Shards in this mansion, let's look somewhere else.
MARIAH: Well, we'll do that after we ask some questions.
VOICE: What are you doing here?

Both girls froze, and a shadow falls in front of them.

MARIAH: Uh...I'm really sorry to barge in, but my friend and I are in a tight spot. You see, what happened was that I was going to start my Pokemon journey. Back in my world, mind you. And it would've happened if there was this light that led me to this world and...

The shadow gets closer. As the figure comes into the light, it's revealed to be a middle-aged woman. She had shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and wore the traiditional maid attire. She gave the girls stern looks.

MIRROR MARIAH: We're just wondering if you've seen any Mirror Shards today.
MAID: Why would a Mirror Shard be all the way out here?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, one of the Magma Sorcerors managed to break the Golden Gateway, and now Mariah here can't get back to her world.
MAID: Hmmm... Sounds like quite a situation you have. Well, I'll try to talk to the master about this. In the meantime, have a look around. I'm sorry I was so suspicious of you two.
MARIAH: Oh, it's okay.

Mariah and Mirror Mariah head a bit further down the hall and into the living room. The living room has three sofas against the wall, a large table in the middle of the room with a basket full of candy on it, and a large TV.

MARIAH: Wow. Nice place. I didn't know how...modern this place is.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yep. You can't expect anything less from a place like the Petalburg Mansion.
MARIAH: Petalburg Mansion? [in thought] Perhaps I might run into some other "familiar faces".

Mirror Mariah begins to sleep on one of the sofas while Mariah watches a movie on TV. Nearby, two red eyes were watching the girls...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-02-2004, 06:54 PM
Later that day, Mariah was about to explore more of the Petalburg Mansion when something scratched her in the face. Dazed, she looked around to see where the attack came from. It was then revealed to be a Torchic that was black and has red eyes.

MARIAH: A Torchic?!

The Torchic gets ready to scratch her again, but Mariah gets out of the way.

MARIAH: Okay. Obviously, there's something up with this Torchic. I'd send out Treecko, but... [gets out the Mirror Wand] I don't have a clue about how this thing works! Where's that other me when you need her?!

Just then, another Torchic (which was normally colored) appears.

TORCHIC: There you are, you fake!

The fake Torchic then runs away as Mirror Mariah and the maid arrived at the scene. Four other people appeared with them as well. One of them was a man black hair and a brown jacket. Another was a woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and a yellow dress. A girl with light brown hair and a red bandana was with them as well as a boy with blue hair and glasses.

MAID: Oh, my! What happened? I was telling Master Norman about what happened to the Golden Gateway when I heard noises in the hall.
MARIAH: Well, this black Torchic appeared from nowhere...
TORCHIC: See, May? I know what I saw! There's a fake Torchic running around here!
MARIAH: Exactly where'd this fake Torchic come from?
TORCHIC: I don't know. One minute, there was this weird black smoke or something, and the next...

May, the girl with the bandana, hears a strange wooshing noise. She quickly turns around to find where it came from.

MAY: Huh...?
BOY: Uh, May? Something wrong?
MAY: No. It's nothing, Max.
MAX: It almost seems as if you've seen a ghost.

Just then, there was a crash outside. Everyone head outside to see the fake Torchic in a ruined flowerbed. Petals and stems were everywhere and covered with dirt. The woman, Caroline, began sobbing.

CAROLINE: My flowers... My beautiful flowers...
MARIAH: [to Mirror Mariah] How do I get Treecko out of the wand?
MIRROR MARIAH: "I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World".
MARIAH: I have to say that?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah, including the color after it.
MARIAH: Okay. I'm gonna teach that Torchic a lesson.

Mariah gets out her wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World!

The gems on the wand began to glow.

MARIAH: Green!

Just then, the green gem shoots out a light. After a few seconds, the light formed into Treecko.

TREECKO: Whoa...what was that all about?
MARIAH: Treecko, get that fake Torchic over there!
TREECKO: Got it!
MARIAH: Use Pound attack!

Treecko heads toward the black chick. He then jumps up and whacks it with his tail. The fake Torchic then closes its eyes and glows.

MARIAH: What's it doing?
TREECKO: That's Focus Energy!
MARIAH: That's not good. Treecko, Leer attack!

Treecko gives the fake Torchic a mean-looking leer, causing it to lower its guard. However, Torchic scratches Treecko with the claws on its foot. Torchic came back for another attack, but Treecko uses Pound attack when it got close. The fake Torchic seemed to be down.

MARIAH: I think...it's over.

The fake Torchic then gets back up, but disappears into a black mirror. In its place were five Pokeballs: one red, one orange, one yellow, one blue, and one purple. They get absorbed into Mariah's wand along with Treecko.

MIRROR MARIAH: I hope that's the last time we'll see that thing.

Norman, the man with the brown jacket, walks up to Mariah.

NORMAN: So, you're saying that you're looking for the Mirror Shards of the Golden Gateway?
MARIAH: That's right.
NORMAN: Well, if I were you, I'd try the Rustboro Ruins. There's usually a lot of treasures there, and maybe some shards might have ended up there.
MARIAH: Okay. Thanks.
MIRROR MARIAH: I'd take you there.

Mirror Mariah closes her eyes and holds out her hands. From out of the blue, light burst out and forms a mirror with a rocky frame.

MARIAH: Now that's something else.
MIRROR MARIAH: Next stop: Rustboro Ruins!

The family wishes the two luck as they head into the mirror.

Neo Emolga
05-02-2004, 08:12 PM
Another outstanding chapter! Nice going JIG, you've got a really outstanding fic developing here!

Though I have a tough time trying to picture a black Torchic with red eyes. It just seems to look a little... evil for a Torchic...

Tamer Marco
05-05-2004, 12:33 AM
Great work JIG! I just don't like the way you're writing your story. Awesome so far though! :happy:

05-05-2004, 11:29 PM
Amazing, you got some talent. I realy like this story and can not wait to read more of it.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-06-2004, 04:06 AM
Treecko(M)@-- LV8
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow except green, which was used for Mariah's Treecko
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2


Mariah and Mirror Mariah are now at Rustboro Ruins to search for the first Mirror Shard. Treecko was with them (Mariah has let him out so he could search for the Shard as well). The ruins were very large and very old. It seemed that an ancient civlization has lived here and knew their way around the Hoenn Mirror World as well.

MIRROR MARIAH: It looks like we're getting close, you guys.
TREECKO: Great. We've been walking for almost an hour and my feet are killing me!
MIRROR MARIAH: No one said that it was gonna be easy, Treecko.

Mirror Mariah then stops and looks around in surprise. She then look at a blue rock with holes in it.

MARIAH: Is something wrong?

Mirror Mariah looks at Mariah for a few moments and shakes it off.

MIRROR MARIAH: It's nothing. Let's go.

Mirror Mariah goes off while Mariah and her Treecko follows. A while after they left, the blue rock grows legs and a head. It follows them...


A woman is at an upper area of the ruins. She has pigtails that formed two "balls" at the side of her head and a ribbon at the back and is wearing a blue business dress. She appeared asleep until a dark cloud of energy whoosed past her. She quickly turns only to catch a glimpse of it.

WOMAN: What in the world was that?

She heads inside, only to find a giant, black totem-like creature. It had a red nose and spikes on its head resembling a crown.

CREATURE: I am King Nosepass!
WOMAN: Nosepass? What happened to you? You're enormous!

The creature, King Nosepass, stomps the ground. There was a short earthquake, and rocks suddenly surrounded the woman.

WOMAN: Nosepass?! What are you doing? It's me! Roxanne! Let me out!

King Nosepass then bashes its head into the rocks surrounding Roxanne, badly hurting her. She lands on her side as King Nosepass gets away.

ROXANNE: Nose...pass... What...happened...?


Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Treecko were still looking for the Mirror Shard until a rock was thrown at them.

VOICE: Who goes there?!

The voice came from a girl sitting on one of the broken down statues. She was rather odd looking with her torn orange shirt and dark blue pants with a pink patch. She had red and gray shoes and wore an orange helmet with a Pokeball at the front and a pink tassel on the top.

MARIAH: [disgusted with the way the girl looks] Looks like someone has been living here too long.
GIRL: Very funny.
MARIAH: Anyway, can you tell us something? We're looking for--

The girl jumps off the statue and lands in front of the three.

GIRL: You have some nerve showing your face here, missy!
TREECKO: You don't understand. You see...
GIRL: Shut up! Trespassers aren't allowed here! Rustboro Ruins is a sacred area to Rock-type Pokemon and I won't allow you to get through the ruins without fighting me!
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...listen, kid. We don't want any trouble.
GIRL: Too bad! You should've thought about that when you walked in here!
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm the Mirror Guardian! Do you THINK I'd wanna cause trouble?

The girl calms down a bit. She obviously thought that picking a fight with Mirror Mariah would be a waste of time because she would be beaten easily.

GIRL: Okay. I understand. I wouldn't want you to waste your powers on someone like me. [points at Mariah] However, the look alike is another story!
MARIAH: What?!
GIRL: There's something I don't like about you! If you think about getting any further, you have to beat me!
MARIAH: But...
GIRL: Bring it on, unless you're scared. But then again, it's natural to be scared around the great Connie, rock hard fighter extrodinaire.
MARIAH: Okay! That's it, you little brat! You're gonna get it!

Mirror Mariah tries to hold Mariah back, but Mariah shakes her off.

MARIAH: You're gonna be sorry that you've messed with me!
CONNIE: I believe that's MY line.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-08-2004, 05:36 AM
Connie threw her fist at Mariah, who flies up to avoid it. Connie punches the wall really hard, leaving cracks. Mariah swoops down towards Connie, but Connie gets out of the way.

MARIAH: Wow. She's tough.

Mariah then freaks out when a boulder was heading her way. She barely dodges and heads for Connie again. Connie grabs Mariah's arm, and Mariah struggles to break free.

MARIAH: Hey! Let me go!
CONNIE: Say good-bye, girlie!

Connie begins to toss Mariah. At the last second, however, Mariah grabs Connie's arm the minute she hits the ground. She pulls Connie, making her fall. Connie gets up and heads to Mariah to punch her, but Mariah flies up and dodges. She gets behind Connie and grabs her around the waist.

MARIAH: Time to end this!
CONNIE: Hah! I'm just getting started!

Connie then punches a nearby rock. The rock shattered into flying pebbles that hit Mariah, causing her to let go of Connie. Just when the two girls were about to give each other a finishing blow, Mirror Mariah steps in.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! Hold up, guys!

Both girls then sat down and took a breather while Mirror Mariah rolls her eyes. Just then, the blue rock with the legs and head appeared.

MARIAH: What's that?
MIRROR MARIAH: That's a Shuckle. It usually hides in its shell to eat berries it stores.
MARIAH: So, I guess there are normal Pokemon in this crazy mirror world.

The Shuckle yawns and falls asleep, but it gets a rude awakening from an earthquake.

MIRROR MARIAH: What was that?

There was another earthquake a few seconds later. Just then, huge footsteps grew closer and louder, causing more earthquakes. Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Treecko and Connie get ready for the possiblity of a fight. Shuckle doesn't seem to worried. The cause of the earthquakes, King Nosepass, has suddenly revealed himself.

MIRROR MARIAH: Is that Roxanne's Nosepass?!
CONNIE: I'd say that it is, but what's with the weird spikes?
SHUCKLE: Nosepass!

The Shuckle heads to King Nosepass as quickly as he could.

TREECKO: What's the Shuckle doing?

When the Shuckle gets close, King Nosepass attacks by stomping on the ground. Rocks spewed from the ground and surrounded the shelled Pokemon. Shuckle couldn't seem to get out.

SHUCKLE: Nosepass?! What are you doin'? It's me! Shuckle! Doncha recognize me?
MARIAH: Hey, leave the Shuckle alone!

King Nosepass turns his attention to Mariah.

MARIAH: You've just made a big mistake picking on your own friends!
KING NOSEPASS: Who are you?
MARIAH: I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!
CONNIE: I...don't have a clue about what you just said.

Mariah facefaults.

MARIAH: Thanks for ruining my big entrance!

Before Connie and Mariah could start an argument, a rock from the cell heads for Shuckle. Mirror Mariah gets into the path of the rock and creates a shield. The rock bounces off and hits the ceiling, making a huge hole. Shuckle sighs in relief as Connie and Mariah help Shuckle out.

MARIAH: You okay?
SHUCKLE: Uh-huh.

King Nosepass goes up the hole, and the others followed in hot pursuit. Eventually, they were on the very top of the ruins. There, Mirror Mariah has found a glass shard. It was shaped like a broken diamond.

MIRROR MARIAH: There! A Mirror Shard! It's the Stone Shard!
CONNIE: What's a Mirror Shard doing all the way out here?

Just then, Roxanne, appears. She was in heavy pain which was made obvious by the way she's walking.

ROXANNE: Is...anyone...hurt?
MARIAH: Not at all, miss. Hey, are you okay?
VOICE: Destroy!

King Nosepass heads toward Roxanne, but Mariah gets her and flies out of the way while Knig Nosepass rams into a rock. Mariah lands near the group.

MARIAH: [to Mirror Mariah] You take care of her. I'll handle that thing. And have Treecko help me in case I need some.
CONNIE: I wanna crack that thing apart!
TREECKO: [grabs Connie] You're staying put, my friend!

King Nosepass stomps on the ground again, encasing Mariah in rocks.

SHUCKLE: That's Nosepass's Rock Tomb!
CONNIE: That girl's already in trouble!

Mariah struggles to get out.

MARIAH: Okay, Mariah. You've gotta get outta these rocks... [tries to get out again] Oh, man! Do something!

Just then, Mariah paused for a moment. She gets out the wand.

MARIAH: Okay...here goes. Wand, get rid of the rocks!

The wand glows, and the rocks was suddenly blown away and sent back to King Nosepass. They hit him, but he didn't seem too injured. King Nosepass attacked by slamming into the ground. Rocks were flying all over the place and some hit Mariah.

MIRROR MARIAH: Rock Throw? That's not a good sign.
TREECKO: You think I should go in to help her?
MIRROR MARIAH: Not yet. [to Mariah] Hey! Try attacking Nosepass with the wand!
MARIAH: How am I supposed to do that? Without Treecko in it, I doubt that I can use any of his attacks!
MIRROR MARIAH: That's not the only way!
MARIAH: Well, what else can this thing do?!

Before Mirror Mariah could answer, King Nosepass tackles Mariah. Treecko couldn't take it anymore and goes into action. Treecko uses his best Pound attack and makes a clean hit, but King Nosepass shakes it off. The Pound attack seemed to be a distraction, but Treecko uses Absorb to steal King Nosepass's energy. However, King Nosepass breaks free from the attack just slightly exhausted.

TREECKO: What's with this thing? It doesn't even flinch.
MARIAH: You're telling me. What are we gonna do?

King Nosepass charges toward both Mariah and Treecko, and both of them went a good distance away. He then uses Rock Tomb again, but Treecko dodges at top speed while Mariah flies away. Mariah tries attack from one direction while Treecko attacks from another, but King Nosepass becomes encased with a strange crystal that made Mariah and Treecko's attacks almost ineffective.

TREECKO: That thing knows Harden too. [breathes hard] I don't know if we can go on anymore.
MARIAH: Treecko, I have an idea.

Mariah whispers to Treecko. After hearing the plan, Treecko nods and heads toward King Nosepass. King Nosepass bashes into a bunch of rocks to stop Treecko, but Treecko dodges them all. He then uses Leer attack while Mariah turns to Mirror Mariah.

MARIAH: Okay, what attacks can I do with the wand?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, there's this attack called Mirror Beam.
MARIAH: Okay. I'll try it!

Meanwhile, Treecko was hit with a heavy tackle from King Nosepass. Treecko gets up as the huge totem Pokemon heads toward him.

TREECKO: Mariah! Now!
MARIAH: Okay! Here I go! [points the Wand at King Nosepass] Mirror Beam!

The wings on the Wand began to glow with rainbow colors and shot out colored beams at King Nosepass. He tries to get away but fails miserably after the beams hit him. King Nosepass collapses and returns to his normal form, which was a smaller gray version of himself without spikes on his head.

NOSEPASS: What happened? Where am I?
ROXANNE: Nosepass!
MARIAH: Whew. I thought it was never gonna end.

The Mirror Shard glows and floats toward Mirror Mariah. She takes it and holds it.

MIRROR MARIAH: All right. One down.

The mirror shard then disappears.

MARIAH: Huh? Where'd it go?
MIRROR MARIAH: Back to the Oldale Shrine.

Roxanne, back to health, walks up to Mariah.

ROXANNE: I can't thank you enough.
MARIAH: No problem.
TREECKO: Same here.

Shuckle and Connie went up to Mariah.

CONNIE: Hey...uh...
MARIAH: If it's about another fight, it'll have to wait.
CONNIE: No. No. I'm wondering if I could come along with you.
MARIAH: Huh? What do you mean by that?
CONNIE: Come on. Why don't you admit that you need my raw power?
MARIAH: Thanks, but no thanks. The Shuckle can come, but you can't.

Connie get ready to hit Mariah, but then just sighs. Shuckle gets by Treecko and then looks up by Mariah.

SHUCKLE: So...I could come along?

Suddenly, the blue Pokeball appears and opens. Shuckle transforms into a blue light and gets sucked into the ball. Both the ball and Treecko disappear into the wand. Mirror Mariah makes another mirror appear.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay. This mirror will lead us wherever the next Mirror Shard could be, so let's get going.

Mirror Mariah, Mariah, and Connie went into the mirror. The mirror disappears as Roxanne and Nosepass walk off, relieved that their problems are over. However, near the edge of the ruins, someone appeared to have seen the whole thing...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-09-2004, 02:18 AM
Treecko(M)@-- LV13
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack

Shuckle(M)@-- LV13
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow except green, which was used for Mariah's Treecko
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2


Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Connie are now in a cave. It was rather dark and a little damp. Connie wasn't bothered by her surroundings since she's been with Rock-type Pokemon for a long time, but Mariah seemed a little uncomfortable.

MARIAH: Uh, Mariah? Are you sure there's a Mirror Shard around here?
MIRROR MARIAH: Like I said, the mirror portal I've made back at Rustboro Ruins will lead us to the place with a Mirror Shard. This has to be it.
CONNIE: So, you're looking for Mirror Shards so you can fix the Golden Gateway... Boy, you've must've messed up big time letting the Golden Gateway break!
MIRROR MARIAH: It wasn't my fault! It seemed that one of the Magma Sorcerors pulled a fast one on me and broke it! Just when I thought he was done for--
MARIAH: Save the fighting after I get back home, please.
CONNIE: Okay, okay. [under her breath] And she calls herself the Mirror Guardian...
MIRROR MARIAH: I've heard that!


A woman in a dark blue witch's outfit enters the cave.

WOMAN: So this is Dewford Cavern... Perhaps I could find some clues here.

The figure that appeared at the end of Chapter 3 enters as well.

WOMAN: Stop. Who are you?

The figure turns around, revealing itself to be a person that looks like an evil version of Mariah. She looks exactly like her except her wings look more like a bat's, her outfit has darker colors, and the barrets where shaped like spiked balls.

WOMAN: If you're here to interfere with my mission, you've just made a huge mistake! [pause] What? Can't talk?

"Mariah" gets out her wand, and the woman gets ready for a fight. There was suddenly a huge wave heading for "Mariah", but she dodges. The woman gets ready to attack again, but a strange red beam hits her. A man with light blue hair and an orange shirt and a small yellow Pokemon with black boxing gloves came just in time to see to woman attack "Mariah" with a beam of bubbles.

MAN: Whoa! What's goin' on here?!
POKEMON: I'm guessin' a catfight of some sort?

The woman sees them and stops her attack.

WOMAN: I don't have time for this!

A blue mirror appears, and the woman goes through it.

POKEMON: By the way she was dressed, I'm guessin' she's a...
MAN: Yeah. She's gotta be an Aqua Sorceress.

"Mariah" gives the man a blank stare.

MAN: Uh...hey there, babe. My name's Brawly.
POKEMON: And I'm Makuhita. Who are you?

"Mariah" doesn't respond. She just continues staring.

BRAWLY: I wonder what her deal is.

Just then, the real Mariah and the gang came to the scene. Mariah sees the other Mariah and freaks out.

MARIAH: Huh? Who's that?!
MIRROR MARIAH: I've never seen her before.
CONNIE: Is she from around here?
BRAWLY: Hey, ladies. Do you know her?
MARIAH: No, although I have a feeling that I don't want to.

The fake Mariah then turns away from the group and points in the distance.

MAKUHITA: Okay...what the heck is she doin' now?
MIRROR MARIAH: I sense it... The Mirror Shard is that way!
BRAWLY: Mirror Shard?
CONNIE: We'll tell you about it later.

Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Connie head off. Brawly, not being the type of guy that lets stuff like this go, follows them. Makuhita was about to go along too when the fake Mariah grabs him.

MAKUHITA: Huh?! What the...?! What are ya doin'? Let go! Stop it!

The fake Mariah points her wand at the struggling Makuhita, putting him into a trance. Then, Makuhita began glowing...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-10-2004, 02:53 AM
While Connie was explaining the whole story to Brawly, Mirror Mariah sees a sparkle in the distance. She heads over to the side and digs up a Mirror Shard shaped like a boxing glove.

MIRROR MARIAH: The Knuckle Shard!
CONNIE: Really? All right!
MIRROR MARIAH: Now to send it back to the Oldale Shrine.

Just then, there were some loud footsteps. Everyone seemed minorly freaked out.

MIRROR MARIAH: What's that?
MARIAH: I don't know.

The footsteps grew closer.

MARIAH: I hope it isn't another monster. After the Nosepass incident, I don't think I could handle another one of those freaks. [to Mirror Mariah] I think we should get out of here.

Mirror Mariah didn't respond. She just looked at Mariah, who started to move away slowly. The footsteps then stop, and a huge robot that looked like Makuhita loomed over the ground.

CONNIE: Great. First the Nosepass, and now Makuhita.
BRAWLY: That's Makuhita?!
CONNIE: Well, it's a possiblity. Nosepass had some evil force controlling it, so there's a good chance that it happened to Makuhita as well. [balls her fists] I'm going in.

Connie charges toward the mechanical Makuhita. She leaps up and punches it in the face, but she didn't even leave a dent.

CONNIE: What?!
BRAWLY: Hey, Makuhita! It's me, dude! Recognize me?!
MAKUHITA: [mechanical voice] Makuhita is not in memory. [aims fists at Brawly]
BRAWLY: It's me! Brawly! Come on! You've gotta remember me!
MAKUHITA: I am Mecha Makuhita. I must destroy those who oppose me.

The fists fired missiles that were fired at Brawly, but Mirror Mariah gets in front of him and creates a shield. All the missiles that hit it were sent back to Mecha Makuhita, but Mecha Makuhita dodges. Mariah sees this as her turn to go into action, so she attacks with Mirror Beam. The attack seemed to have some effect until it grabs Mariah and throws her against a wall.

CONNIE: I knew that girl was a creampuff compared to me! I'll show that hunk of junk who's the boss! [to Mirror Mariah] Let's go!
MIRROR MARIAH: Hold on a sec!
CONNIE: [not listening] You cover me, and I'll go for the head!

Connie goes off, and Mirror Mariah regretably follows. Connie leaps toward Mecha Makuhita's head and beats it up several times, but to no avail. Mecha Makuhita gets Connie off, tosses her into the air, and punches her. Connie hits Mirror Mariah, and they both hit the ground. Mariah slowly gets back up and tries Mirror Beam again, but Mecha Makuhita fires his fists at Mariah, then Mirror Mariah and Connie. All three of them are sent a pretty good distance.

BRAWLY: Makuhita, cut it out! What has gotten into you?!

Mecha Makuhita just grabs Brawly and walks off. The fake Mariah appears and observes what Mecha Makuhita has done. She then heads to Mirror Mariah and takes the Knuckle Shard from her hand. Mirror Mariah then sees her and tries to get up.

MIRROR MARIAH: Give that back!

The fake Mariah stops.

MIRROR MARIAH: Please! It's already bad enough that the Golden Gateway is broken and there are evil forces running around!

The fake Mariah begins to run off, and Mirror Mariah follows her.


A man with bluish-gray hair and a gray shelled Pokemon were looking for something when they heard Mirror Mariah's voice.

MIRROR MARIAH: Come back here!

The fake Mariah stops running when she sees the man. She then kneels.

MAN: Hmm?

Mirror Mariah also stops when she sees the man, but instead of kneeing, she gets embarrassed.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...Lo...Lord Steven. It's...a pleasure running into you, sir.

Mirror Mariah sees the fake Mariah kneeling. She then gets confused.

MIRROR MARIAH: Um...may I ask what are you and Aron doing here?
LORD STEVEN: I should be asking you the same thing. Why aren't you at the Oldale Shrine guarding the Mirrors?

Mirror Mariah then freaks out. The fake Mariah then freaks out as well.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...well... [in thought] Great. Never thought I'd run into Lord Steven out here. If he finds out that the Golden Gateway is broken, I'm toast!
LORD STEVEN: [sees the fake Mariah] And who are you?

The fake Mariah doesn't say anything and hangs her head in shame, as if she had something to do with the incident.

LORD STEVEN: For some reason, I have a feeling that I've seen you before. [to Mirror Mariah] Well, what is your reason for being here?

Mirror Mariah takes a breath and looks up to Steven, ready to tell everything that happened and ready to take any punishment that might be heading her way.

MIRROR MARIAH: Lord Steven, the reason I'm here is because...because something has happened to the Golden Gateway. This girl from another world and I were fighting a Magma Sorceror. I was badly beaten, but the girl managed to beat him. When I was about to send her to Ever Grande Cathedral through the Golden Gateway, the Sorceror somehow managed to break it. The girl and I are searching for the Shards, and we've found one of them. We had another one, but--

The fake Mariah (will be now known as Dark Mariah from this point on) gives Mirror Mariah the Knuckle Shard. Mirror Mariah seemed confused.

MIRROR MARIAH: Huh? I don't understand. You're the one who stole it, you know.

Dark Mariah hangs her head in shame again.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...can't you even talk? "I'm sorry" will do.

Dark Mariah starts walks off, but Aron, the gray-shelled Pokemon, stops her. Dark Mariah kneels down and picks up Aron.

ARON: Are you okay?
LORD STEVEN: Is there something wrong?
MIRROR MARIAH: What about Mariah and Connie? And what will we do about Mecha Makuhita?

Aron jumps out of Dark Mariah's arms and looks ahead. Dark Mariah walks off again.

LORD STEVEN: What's with her?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know. Anyway, I have to worry about Mariah, Connie, and Brawly. Lord Steven, I'm sorry about all this. However, I promise that I will get every single Mirror Shard...even if I die doing it.
LORD STEVEN: [nods] Good luck.

Mirror Mariah goes off.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-11-2004, 04:34 AM
Brawly was unconscious. Mecha Makuhita appears to be guarding him. Below a cliff that was not too far away, Mariah wakes up.

MARIAH: Eesh... Wha... what's going on? [looks around] Hey, where's that other Mariah?

Mariah sees the Connie is still out cold. She thought about healing her, but then Mecha Makuhita and the Knuckle Shard came to mind. After making up her mind, Mariah gently takes Connie and flies up the cliff. She sees Mecha Makuhita when she got to the top. Mariah leaves Connie by a small pond so she can rest and hides behind a rock near the area where Mecha Makuhita is. She could see him as well as Brawly behind him.

MARIAH: Okay, I need a plan. I need to find a way to get Makuhita back to normal and rescue Brawly. Ohh...

Mariah falls on her side. She was still in a little pain after her last battle with Mecha Makuhita. Just then, Dark Mariah appears and heals her with her wand.

MARIAH: Uh...thanks.

Dark Mariah then heals Connie. Connie starts to wake up but gets ready for a fight when she saw Dark Mariah. Dark Mariah takes a few slow steps back.

CONNIE: What's the matter? Are you scared?
MARIAH: Connie! Leave her alone! Mecha Makuhita is our main worry.

Dark Mariah then flies toward the area where Mecha Makuhita is. Once she was close enough, she attacks him with the red beam. Mecha Makuhita then sees Dark Mariah and goes after her. He fires the missiles from his fists, but Dark Mariah dodged each one. Just then, Mirror Mariah appears.

MIRROR MARIAH: Everything okay?
MARIAH: Pretty much.
CONNIE: The other Mariah just appeared out of nowhere.
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm getting a strange feeling about her. Anyway, we have to save Brawly and Makuhita. Since that other Mariah is keeping Mecha Makuhita busy, let's get Brawly.

The three head to Brawly, but before they can get any close, Mecha Makuhita shoots his fists at them. However, they were all dodged easily. Dark Mariah attacks again, but Mecha Makuhita grabs and throws her. Dark Mariah gets up and tries attacking again, but Mecha Makuhita begins glowing. Seeing this as an opportunity to get in the action, Mariah flies up and attacks with Mirror Beam. Dazed, Mecha Makuhita tries to punch Mariah, but Mariah disappears when the attack connected. Everyone seemed confused by this.

MARIAH: Hey, over here!

It seemed that the Mariah that Mecha Makuhita attacked was a fake (it wasn't Mirror or Dark Mariah), because the real Mariah attacked with Mirror Beam before Mecha Makuhita could respond. Mecha Makuhita falls backwards and returns back to normal.

MAKUHITA: Wha...huh? What happened? [looks around] What's gonig on here?
MARIAH: Everything's okay now.

Makuhita was still confused until he sees his friend injured.

MAKUHITA: Brawly! Hey, Brawly! Are you all right?
BRAWLY: [waking up] H...hey! Makuhita, you're back!
MAKUHITA: Back? What the heck is going on here? [sees Dark Mariah] Huh? That girl must've done something to me!

Dark Mariah forms a mirror.

MAKUHITA: Hey! What have ya done to me, huh?
DARK MARIAH: I'm so...rry...

Dark Mariah then goes through the mirror. Makuhita was more confused than ever. Connie then turns to Mariah.

CONNIE: Hey, how'd you do that stunt you've just pulled a few minutes ago?
MARIAH: Well, I don't know.
MIRROR MARIAH: I think Mariah just pulled off a Substitute attack.
MARIAH: Substitute?
MIRROR MARIAH: A Pokemon makes a copy of itself, and when a certain attack is landed, it usually breaks. It appears that one of Mariah's Pokemon knows the move, so Mariah was able to pull it off.
MARIAH: You may have a point there. I did feel Shuckle's energy going through me somehow.
MIRROR MARIAH: You'll get the hang of the Mirror Wand as time goes by.

Mirror Mariah then creates a mirror.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay, guys. Let's go!

Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Connie all head through the mirror.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-13-2004, 03:49 AM
Treecko(M)@-- LV15
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack

Shuckle(M)@-- LV15
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow except for green and blue (used for Treecko and Shuckle respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2


In a cave under the sea, a mermaid was sleeping. She has green-blue hair, wore a light blue pearl necklace and white gloves, and her fins were a cerulean color. She appeared to have a bad dream due to her tossing and turning.

MERMAID: No... I don't want to go back. No. No. I don't want to go back. I'm NOT going back! I WON'T go back! Ever!

Just then, a purple star-shaped Pokemon with a red jewel in its center appears. It tries to wake up the young mermaid.

MERMAID: No! No. No... [wakes up] Huh? Oh... it's you, Starmie.

The mermaid swims around for a while, and the Pokemon, Starmie, follows. Near the mermaid's home was a blue dog-like Pokemon with a mermaid's tail, a crab Pokemon, an purple oyster-like Pokemon, and two pink snake-like Pokemon (one a lighter pink than the other). They all gather around the mermaid, eager to know the plans for the day.

MERMAID: You guys seem ready to go today.

Just then, the dog-like Pokemon sees a strange glow on the surface and heads there.

MERMAID: Vaporeon! What's the rush?!

The other Pokemon began to follow the dog Pokemon, Vaporeon.

MERMAID: Vaporeon!
VAPOREON: I think you need to check this out, Cascadia!

Cascadia, the mermaid, sees that she has no choice and heads to the surface. In the sky, a blue mirror forms and two lights stormed out of it. It headed somewhere in the distance. Cascadia froze in horror.

CASCADIA: It can't be...
VAPOREON: Looks like they really wanna take you back.

The two snake Pokemon then sees another Mirror forming.

CASCADIA: Huh? What now?

Out of this Mirror were Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Connie.

MARIAH: Uh...where are we?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, it doesn't seem that we're anywhere near Mauville Palace.

Connie then looks around and panicks. Unlike the two Mariahs, unfortunetly for her, Connie isn't air worthy and heads plummeting toward the ocean. Both Mariah and Mirror Mariah dive down to save her, but the dark pink snake Pokemon managed to coil her tail around Connie.

POKEMON: Hey, you okay?
CONNIE: Yeah, thanks.

Mariah and Mirror Mariah then flew downward to the Pokemon.

MARIAH: Whew. Thanks for saving Connie.
POKEMON: No problem. I'm Gorebyss. Nice to meet you.
CASCADIA: And I'm Cascadia.
MARIAH: Hi. I'm Mariah.
CONNIE: I'm Connie.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm the Guardian of the Mirrors, but you can call me Mariah.

Gorebyss, the dark pink Pokemon, places Connie on her back and uncoils her.

CASCADIA: So, where are you guys going?
MIRROR MARIAH: We were supposed to go to Mauville Palace, but it appears that something must've happened to caused us to end up out here.
CASCADIA: Well, you're not too far. I'm on my way to Slateport Beach.
CONNIE: The beach? Great! After this Mirror Shard business, it'll be nice to take a break!
MARIAH: Yeah! I agree.
MIRROR MARIAH: I guess it wouldn't hurt to relax for the day.
CASCADIA: Okay. Then full speed ahead to Slateport Beach, guys!

Cascadia's Pokemon cheered. Cascadia leads the way while Mariah and Mirror Mariah followed her. Vaporeon was right beside Cascadia. Gorebyss and Milotic, the lighter pink snake Pokemon and Gorebyss's older sister, were talking about some recent events in their lives. The crab Pokemon, Krabby, was swimming with all its energy, obviously wanting to get to the beach as soon as possible. Starmie and the oyster Pokemon, Cloyster, seemed to be in their own worlds. After a while, everyone has made it to a busy beach. There was people chattering, swimming, flying kites, and doing other activites.

CASCADIA: Here we are! Slateport Beach!
MARIAH, MIRROR MARIAH, & CONNIE: All right! Let's hit the beach!

Mariah and Connie changed into bathing suits. Mariah's bathing suit was yellow and had matching ribbons on the sides, and Connie's was blue with a red stripe across the middle. Mirror Mariah decided to hang out at the food court, and Cascadia was swimming by the shore. Mariah then gets her Wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World!

The gems on the wand began to glow.

MARIAH: Green! Blue!

The green and blue gems glow, and green and blue lights were emitted from the wand. The green light forms into Treecko and the blue into Shuckle.

TREECKO: What's up, Mariah?
SHUCKLE: Anything you need?
MARIAH: No, everything's fine. You guys deserve to have relax and have some fun as well as I do.

Treecko goes off by the water, and Shuckle buries himself in the sand. Mariah goes into the water with Cascadia, and Connie follows suit.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-13-2004, 03:51 AM
A few feet away from the beach was a large white building. A purple furry Pokemon with huge red eyes and long antennae was sleeping nearby until she heard a crash. The Pokemon rushes to the scene to see the Aqua Sorceress from Chapter 4 and several other sorcerors and sorceress dressed in blue surrounding the building.

SORCEROR 1: This has to be the Ocean Mirror Museum.
SORCEROR 2: He has to be in there.

The group talk amongst themselves as the Pokemon got closer. The Aqua Sorceress turns around and sees the Pokemon.

AQUA SORCERESS: What? What are you doing here?
POKEMON: [scared] Augh! Don't hurt me! I'm just an ordinary Venonant! I'm gonna be outta your way now!

The Pokemon, Venonat, tries to run away. The Sorceress then throws a bluish-black Pokeball in front of her. An evil blue light bursts out of the Pokeball and forms into a blue and red pirannah Pokemon with a yellow fin. It bounces up and down due to the fact that there was no water.

AQUA SORCERESS: Eradicate that little pest, Carvanha!
CARVANHA: I'll get to it, boss!

Venonant starts to run as fast as it could with Carvanha bouncing right behind her. The chase took both of them to the beach.

VENONAT: Eeeeeeeeeeek! Help!
CARVANHA: I've got you now!

Carvanha begins glowing for a few seconds. Then he bashes Venonat high into the air. Venonat then lands near Mariah, who was sunbathing. Sand flew everywhere, and Mariah covered her eyes.


While Mariah tried to figure out what happened, Carvanha bounces toward Mariah but stops.

CARVANHA: Hmm...there's something about that girl... I'd better head back to the boss.

Carvanha heads back. Mariah was trying to get the sand off of her until she sees Venonat half buried in the sand.

MARIAH: Hey! [gets Venonat from the sand] Hey, are you okay?

Venonat just moaned. Mariah shakes her, but to no avail.

MARIAH: Are you all right?

Venonat still doesn't answer.

MARIAH: Aw, man... Looks like trouble... I gave the want to that other me before I went swimming with Cascadia, so I can't heal her. Come on, Mariah, think! [pause] I've got it. I just hope there are Pokemon Centers in this world!

To her luck, there was one right near a shopping center on the beach.


Venonat was sleeping in a nice soft bed. She wakes up to see Mariah, Treecko, Shuckle, and a yound red-haired nurse.

TREECKO: You okay, pal?
MARIAH: You were out cold.

Venonat jumps out of the bed in fear. She starts to run away until the nurse, Joy, gets her.

JOY: Everything will be okay, little one.
VENONAT: No! Get away from me!

Venonat jumps away from Joy's arms and rushes out of the Pokemon center and headed toward the Museum. Mariah, Treecko, and Shuckle were in hot pursuit.

MARIAH: Hey, Treecko! Shuckle! Try to calm her down, will you?
SHUCKLE: Will do, Mariah!
TREECKO: Leave it to us!

Treecko leaps and lands in front of Venonat.

TREECKO: Come on. We're not gonna hurt ya!
VENONAT: Get away!

Venonat begins screaming in a high pitched voice, forcing Treecko to cover his ears. Shuckle, trying to endure the piercing noise, wraps his legs and feet around the frenzied Venonat.

MARIAH: Nice Wrap attack, Shuckle! Now use Constrict!

Shuckle tightens his grip, but it causes Venonat to scream louder. Shuckle withdraws into his shell. Treecko then goes into action.

TREECKO: Don't worry, Shuckle! I'll take it from here!
MARIAH: Okay, Treecko! Use Leer attack!

Treecko's eyes begin to glow. Venonat, acting brave, attacks with a strange light from her antennae. Treecko gets out but wobbles a bit.

TREECKO: Uh...Mariah... I don't feel too good. Looks like that Venonat...can use Signal Beam...
MARIAH: Try to shake it off and use a Quick Attack!
TREECKO: Okay. Here goes!

Treecko then rushes toward Venonat at high speeds, but bumps into a tree instead.

MARIAH: Looks like Treecko's in bad shape. Shuckle, take the lead!

Shuckle comes out of his action and gets ready to do battle against Venonat.

MARIAH: Shuckle, Wrap attack!

Shuckle once again wraps Venonat with his arms and legs. Venonat tries to shake him off, but she was too tired to do so.

VENONAT: Okay... I surrender! You win! Now let me go!
SHUCKLE: Mariah! Capture her! Do it! Do it now!
VENONAT: [freaks out again] CAPTURE?! WAIT!

The purple Pokeball appears in Mariah's hand.

MARIAH: Okay... Pokeball, go!

Mariah tosses the Pokeball at Venonat. The ball opens, and a purple light sucks her up. The ball shakes and wiggles a few times, and the button on the ball flashed a bright purple. After a few seconds, the ball stops shaking and the button stops flashing. Mariah approaches the ball and picks it up.

MARIAH: Well, it looks like we've got her.
TREECKO: Seems so.
SHUCKLE: Well, why doncha let her out?
MARIAH: Okay. I just hope she doesn't scream again.

Mariah presses the button, and a purple light comes out of the ball and forms into Venonat. She looks around.

MARIAH: Hey, you okay now?
VENONAT: Eep! Who are you?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah, you're new trainer.
VENONAT: Trainer?! Oh, no! First, an Aqua Sorceress tried to get rid of me, and now I'm going to be working for a Magma Sorceress!
MARIAH: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not a Magma Sorceress or an Aqua Sorceress.
VENONAT: You're not? But you've seemed pretty suspicious to me.
SHUCKLE: It's okay, Venonat. She's really helping the Mirror Guardian collect the Mirror Shards so she can get home.
VENONAT: [blushes] Uh...really?
MARIAH: Hey, guys. Let's go back to the beach. The others are probably getting worried.

Mariah, Treecko, and Shuckle begin to head off. Shuckle then stops and turns to Venonat.

SHUCKLE: Hey, let's go! You're a part of us now! There's no need to worry.
VENONAT: [blushes again] Uh...
SHUCKLE: We won't bite. At least I won't.

With that, Shuckle catches up with the others and Venonat walks by his side.

VENONAT: [giggles] Well, maybe it won't be so bad.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-15-2004, 01:30 AM
Later that night, Mariah and Connie (back in their normal clothes) were in a room at Pokemon Center. Mirror Mariah was looking out the window.

MARIAH: Boy, what a day.
MIRROR MARIAH: We're pretty close to Mauville Palace, so that means the next Mirror Shard can't be far away. [to herself] Just wait, Lord Steven. I'll get the Shards back. Trust me. I've never let you down before.
CONNIE: Hey, what are you talking about?
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...nothing!
CONNIE: Hey, where's that fish girl?
MIRROR MARIAH: Cascadia went home.
MARIAH: Come on, guys. We'd better get some sleep.


The next morning, Cascadia arrives at Slateport Beach and spots a young boy. Upon closer expection, Cascadia notices that the young boy was the Brendan look alike from Chapter 1.

CASCADIA: Huh? Is that...Sir Brendan? What's Sorceror Birch's son doing all the way out here? And how did he end up here?

Sir Brendan appears to be heavily injured.

CASCADIA: Are you okay?
SIR BRENDAN: It...coming... I've...seen it...
CASCADIA: What is it?
SIR BRENDAN: Something worse than the Magma Magicians and the Aqua Sorcerors... An evil force... A chain reaction... Hoenn Mirror World... It'll cease...to exist...
CASCADIA: You don't look too good. I'll take you to a hospital!

Cascadia, using some mysterious telekenetic powers of some sort, gets out of the water and heads to a nearby town. When she passes the Pokemon Center, Connie sees her.

CONNIE: Huh?! What are you doing out of the water?
CASCADIA: I'll explain later! Right now I have to take Sir Brendan to the hospital as soon as possible!
CONNIE: I don't understand. What's going on?
CASCADIA: I'll tell you everything as soon as I get Brendan to the hospital!

Cascadia leaves, and Connie was still confused. Cascadia continues on to the hospital, only to be stopped by two Aqua Sorcerors.

AQUA SORCEROR 1: Well, well, well. Look what we've got here.
AQUA SORCEROR 2: It's a surprise to run into the traitor!
CASCADIA: Call me what you want, but I'm never going back with you guys!
AQUA SORCEROR 1: We'll see if we can change your mind!

The first Aqua Sorceror crosses his arms on his chest and begins glowing. Energy in the form of water began to swirl around him. A few seconds later, the energy was shot back at Cascadia. However, Cascadia responds by creating a wall of water to block the attack. The second Aqua Sorceror attacks by firing rings of bubbles at Cascadia. Cascadia dodges them and fights back by shooting two orbs of water at the two sorcerors. The two sorcerors respond by using the same defense tactic Cascadia used a while ago.

AQUA SORCEROR 2: Come on, Cascadia. You'll have to do better than that.

The two sorcerors seemed confused, then they turned around to see two more orbs head toward them and score a direct hit.

CASCADIA: I managed to split my attack right before you could use your defenses.
AQUA SORCEROR 1: Clever. Quite clever.

Cascadia chuckles at her victory. The sorcerors ran off as if they were wasting time fighting Cascadia.

CASCADIA: What's wrong? Giving up?
AQUA SORCEROR 1: No. We just don't have time to deal with old friends!

Cascadia was a bit confused by that statement, but then remembers her objective and heads to the hospital.


Meanwhile, the gang were on their way to Mauville Palace. Connie was still trying to figure out what Cascadia's deal was until Mirror Mariah sees a strange blue aura around the Museum.

MIRROR MARIAH: Huh? What's that?
MARIAH: What's what? [sees the Museum] Hey, that looks like the Oceanic Museum back in my world...but it didn't glow like that, that's for sure.
MIRROR MARIAH: We'd better check it out.

Mariah and Connie nod and head inside. The place was packed with Aqua Sorcerors.

CONNIE: What are we going to do? We'll be seen by the bunch! It'll be hard getting to the bottom of this.
MARIAH: [gets out her Wand] Not exactly.

The Aqua Sorcerors resume their business until...


The Aqua Sorceress sees Mariah and turns to her group.

AQUA SORCERESS: It's the girl I've ran into back in Dewford Cavern! All forces attack!

The Aqua Sorcerors launch various attacks, but Mariah dodges them all effortlessly. She then responds by attacking with Treecko's Absorb. Mariah succeeds in draining the energy of two of the sorceror's energy, but the Aqua Sorceress attacks Mariah with a tornado of water. The attack hits Mariah, but she disappears on impact.


It appears that Mariah had used Shuckle's Substitute attack, because the real Mariah attacks with a behind-the-back Mirror Beam to knock her out. Before the others can feel good, the other sorcerors attack them. Mariah uses Mirror Beam, Connie attacks with kicks and punches, and Cascadia uses her water attacks. After a long battle, the gang won. Just then, a man in a lab coat appears.

MAN: Oh, my! What happened?
MARIAH: Everything's okay.
MAN: [looking at the ground] Aqua Sorcerors? Where'd they come from?
MARIAH: I don't know.
VOICE: What is going on?!

A huge man with a beard then enters. He had a blue bandana on his head and wore a blue robe with a cape.

MAN 2: My men were held up by some strange girl?!

The man carefully looks at Mariah, then he notices her resemblence to Mirror Mariah.

MAN 2: No... You... You look like the Mirror Guardian!
MARIAH: Is that a problem?
MAN 2: [clears throat] Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Archie, and I'm the leader of the Aqua Sorcerors. Our plan is to benefit the Hoenn Mirror World by expanding the sea.
MIRROR MARIAH: Tell me something I DON'T know.
ARCHIE: At least I don't resort to breaking the Golden Gateway like those Magma Magicians!
MIRROR MARIAH: But you're just as rotten as they are!
ARCHIE: We are better off with more sea and less land!

Just then, another man appears. He wasn't as big and musclar as Archie and he wore a red robe with a cape. Archie sees him.

ARCHIE: Maxie!
MAXIE: Well, well, well. Having your delusions, I see. Hoenn Mirror World is better off with more land. [sees Mariah] You must be the young lady who defeated one of my men. What is your name?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah. Mariah Janvi. I don't know what's going on here, but I didn't want to be in this mess. All I want to do is to go back to my world and--
ARCHIE: Well, then. Why won't you join us?
MAXIE: Don't be absurd! She wants to be with me!

Cascadia attacks Archie, and Connie attacks Maxie.

CASCADIA: Don't do it! I've been having these dreams lately about the Aqua Sorcerors. Because of them, there will be a great flood that will drown all of the Hoenn Mirror World! I know I sound crazy, Mariah, but believe me! I have a bad feeling it's gonna happen. [to Archie] That's the main reason I gave up my life as an Aqua Sorceress!
MARIAH: What? You mean you used to work for those guys!?
CASCADIA: Yes, and I still regret being a member even today.
MARIAH: Hmm... [to Connie] And what's with you and the Magma Magicians?
CONNIE: I still have a bone to pick with one of them after all these years! That creep stole something that was important to me, and now I want revenge!
MARIAH: I feel the same way, Connie.

Archie and Maxie turn their attention to the man in the lab coat.

ARCHIE & MAXIE: Now! Hand over the package, Captain Stern!
CAPT. STERN: No way!

Before Archie and Maxie could make a move, small fireballs hit them both. The fireballs came from a chicken Pokemon with claws. Dark Mariah enters as well.

DARK MARIAH: Mariah...
MARIAH: It's her again!
MIRROR MARIAH: It looks like that Torchic belonged to her, and it evolved into a Combusken!

The Pokemon, Combusken, seemed suspicious of Mariah, her group, Captain Stern, Archie, and Maxie. She shoots fireballs from her beak, and everyone dodges.

MARIAH: Hey, wait! I thought you were on our side!

Dark Mariah then looks at Mariah with a strange look in her eyes. Part of her seemed that she didn't want to attack her, but the other part can't trust Mariah fully yet. She seemed to have a silent inner struggle. Dark Mariah then walks up to Mariah and points her wand at her.

DARK MARIAH: Sorry...but I...don't think...I...can...trust...you...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-16-2004, 01:12 AM
Dark Mariah prepares to attack Mariah, but Mariah flies away before the attack hits. Archie and Maxie, not wanting to get involved, formed their respective blue and red mirrors and went through them.

MARIAH: I'd hate to do this after what you've did at Dewford Cavern, but if it's a fight you want, you've got one! [gets her Wand] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Green! Blue! Purple!

The green, blue, and purple gems glow, and lights of the same color were emitted from the wand. The green light forms into Treecko, blue into Shuckle, and purple into Venonat.

TREECKO: What's the trouble, Mariah? [sees Dark Combusken] Uh-oh. Looks like that Torchic we've ran into back at Petalburg Mansion evolved.
SHUCKLE: But who's the evil looking Mariah?
VENONAT: There's a good Mariah and an evil Mariah?! I'm kinda confused.
MARIAH: Well, I don't know what's her deal is, but I'm not gonna let anyone get in my way of getting home!

Dark Mariah then begins to do the same thing Mariah just did. The gems on Dark Mariah's wand began glowing, and two lights were emitted from them. One forms into a black spider Pokemon with a yellow straw-like tip on its head, and the other was a coral Pokemon with horns.

MARIAH: Huh? She used the same move I did!
CASCADIA: There's something up with her Pokemon. Her Corsola is red and has sharp horns, and the Surskit...
MARIAH: Doesn't matter! Shuckle, go for Combusken! Venonat, take Surskit! Treecko, you handle Corsola! I'll hand that faker!
VENONAT: [nervously] Okay...

Treecko goes in and attack Corsola with Absorb, but Corsola dodges. Her horns began glowing and shoots out icicles. Treecko dodges them, but Corsola tackles him. Treecko counters with Quick Attack. Shuckle uses Wrap to wrap his arms and legs around Combusken, but Combusken uses Ember to get him off. Combusken then prepares to scratch Shuckle, but Shuckle withdraws into his shell and the attack barely did any damage. Venonat uses Signal Beam on Surskit, but Surskit blows bubbles from the tip of his head to counter. Both attacks hit and took their tolls. Surskit was confused, and Venonat moved a little slower than usual. Surskit gets ready to attack again when Venonat's eyes began glowing. Surskit tries to blow bubbles again, but he couldn't. However, he was able to knock Venonat back with a Quick Attack. All six Pokemon seemed to be in their own tight spots.

VENONAT: Wow. These guys are tough.
TREECKO: No kidding.
SHUCKLE: I don't think we shoud give up just yet.

Just then, Mariah got blown back.

MARIAH: Whoa...
VENONAT: Miss Mariah, are you all right?
MARIAH: I'm fine.

Dark Mariah appears with a bow and arrow aimed at Mariah. The tip of the arrow begins to spark a flame.

MARIAH: What's wrong with you?
DARK MARIAH: I'm sorry. You will not interfere.

Dark Mariah shoots the arrow, but Shuckle gets into the path of the attack and withdraws into his shell. It did some damage, but not very serious.

MARIAH: Thanks, Shuckle.
SHUCKLE: Anytime.

Shuckle was then kicked out of the way by Combusken, Surskit lauched a surprise Quick Attack on Venonat, and Treecko was knocked back by another Icicle Spear by Corsola. Dark Mariah then aims and shoots three fire arrows at Mariah. Mariah dodged the first two, but the third almost hit her, leaving a burnt mark on her leg.

MARIAH: I just don't get it.

Dark Mariah then approaches Mariah. Mariah tries to get up, but a sharp pain in her leg from the burn kept her from doing so. Dark Mariah then points her wand at her. Treecko sees the situation wasn't good and tries to help Mariah, but Dark Mariah's Pokemon got in her way. Treecko didn't have much energy to fight all three of them.

TREECKO: Get out of my way!

Combusken uses Scratch, Corsola uses Tackle, and Surskit uses Quick Attack. Shuckle and Venonat tried their best to fight back but didn't last too long. The situation looked grim. Mirror Mariah, Cascadia and Connie were going to join in, but Dark Mariah blows them away.

MARIAH: Oh, no...!

Just then, the green gem on Mariah's wand began to glow like crazy. Energy in the form of stars orbit around Treecko and increase in speed. After a while, Treecko begins glowing and transforms. When the bright green light dimmed down, Treecko was now a large lizard with a long leaf on his head, three shorter ones on his arms, and two for a tail.

MARIAH: Treecko...
SHUCKLE: Treecko evolved into a Grovyle!

Suddenly, a green light heads from Mariah. The light forms into a sword with leaf-shaped blade. Mariah takes it, and her leg injury seemed to have gone away because she was able to get up with no problem. Dark Mariah gets out her weapon while Combusken gets ready to fight Grovyle. Mariah's other Pokemon have returned to the wand, and Dark Mariah's other two Pokemon did the same.

MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah! Be careful! You and Grovyle are at a disadvantage!
MARIAH: Don't worry.
GROVYLE: We'll be okay...right, Mariah?
MARIAH: Right.
MIRROR MARIAH: [to herself] I just hope that Mariah learns how the Leaf Sword works...

Dark Mariah shoots her fire arrows at Mariah, but a few swings from the Leaf Sword sliced up the arrows. Combusken tries to attack Grovyle with kicks, but Grovyle dodges and does a Quick Attack at full speed. DarkMariah and Combusken do a team attack with a combination of the fire arrows and Ember, but Mariah and Grovyle dodge it. Grovyle rapidly slashes Combusken and wraps up with a Pound attack. Combusken fainted and returned to the wand. Mariah gets ready to deliver the final blow to Dark Mariah.

MARIAH: Why should I?
DARK MARIAH: I think you're proven yourself enough.
MARIAH: Proven myself?
DARK MARIAH: I think I can trust you now...

Before Mariah could say anything else, Dark Mariah disappears through a mirror. Mariah looks at the Leaf Sword and turns to Mirror Mariah.

MARIAH: What is this thing?
MIRROR MARIAH: It's the Leaf Sword. It get more powerful as Grovyle learns more attacks.
MARIAH: Cool. I'm sure that this will be helpful for getting the Mirror Shards.
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh, yeah! Mauville Palace! Almost forgot about that! It's not far, so let's get going!

Mariah recalls Grovyle into the wand and the Leaf Sword disappears. The group leaves, but Cascadia stops for a while.

CASCADIA: What did Brendan say about an evil force causing a chain reaction? And why would Hoenn Mirror World suddenly go out of existence? Perhaps that fake Mariah and her Pokemon have something to do with it. Never mind. I'll go with Mariah and the Mirror Guardian to look for some answers.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-17-2004, 01:10 AM
Grovyle(M)@-- LV17
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV17
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature

Venonat(F)@-- LV14
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (green, blue, and purple were used on Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved


Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia have finally arrived at Mauville Palace. It was a huge steel castle with antennae on the tips of it.

MIRROR MARIAH: Well, here we are.
MARIAH: This is Mauville Palace, huh?
CONNIE: Took us a while to get here. [turns to Cascadia] You can stay behind if you want. Wouldn't want a little fish like you to get hurt. Besides, I've been told that Mauville Palace has a lot of Electric-type Pokemon, so you wouldn't stand a chance.
CASCADIA: Shut up! I used to be an Aqua Sorceress, so I know some tricks to beat Electric-types!
CONNIE: Yeah, right. Also, no one asked you to join us.
MIRROR MARIAH: Let's focus on the Shard already!

Just then, a young boy walks by the girls and to the palace door. He had blond hair and wore a white shirt and green pants. With him was a white Pokemon with green hair and a red horn on her head.

BOY: This is the place?
POKEMON: That's what I sensed. You sure that this is a good idea?

Mirror Mariah walks up to the boy and his Ralts.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh, excuse me...
BOY: [sees Mirror Mariah] Oh, hello. My name's Wally, and this is my Ralts.
RALTS: Nice to meet you.
MARIAH: I'm Mariah Janvi.
CONNIE: My name's Connie.
CASCADIA: And I'm Cascadia.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm the Guardian of the Mirrors. I'm Mariah.
WALLY: Nice to meet you all. I'm a trainer from a village near Petalburg Mansion. Right now, I want to battle Wattson. He's one of the eight Mirror Elders of the Hoenn Mirror World.
MARIAH: Mirror Elders?
MIRROR MARIAH: I've forgot to tell you. Mirror Elders rule a certain area of the Hoenn Mirror World. You remember Norman, Roxanne and Brawly, right?
MARIAH: Let me guess: they're Mirror Elders as well as Wattson?
MARIAH: Should've guessed.
WALLY: Anyway, I want to battle Watson, but Ralts thinks that we're not ready.
RALTS: I think we need to train a little harder before battling a Mirror Elder. Hey, how about we battle one of these girls?
CONNIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Me in a Pokemon battle? No, thanks. As much as I like Pokemon, I prefer my own fists to do the talking, so I'm out.
MARIAH: [sighs] I'll battle you guys.
WALLY: Oh, thank you, Mariah!

Both Mariah and Wally get into positions for a battle.

MARIAH: Finally, something normal for a change. It's nice that I'm going to have a battle with no weird magic involved.

Wally sends out Ralts.

WALLY: Ready, Ralts?
RALTS: Ready!

Mariah gets out her wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Purple!

The purple gem glows and emitted a bright purple light that forms into Venonat.

MARIAH: Okay, Venonat. You ready for a battle?
VENONAT: Sure thing!
MIRROR MARIAH: This is a one on one match between Mariah's Venonat and Wally's Ralts! Begin!
WALLY: Ralts! Use your Confusion attack!
MARIAH: Venonat, Signal Beam!

Ralts's horn began to glow in several different colors. Just then, everywhere around Venonat began to look blurry and wobbly. However, Venonat snaps out of the attack and shoots a light from her antennae. The attack scores a direct hit, and both Ralts and Venonat looked somewhat heavily damaged from the attacks.

WALLY: Try another Confusion, Ralts!
MARIAH: Venonat, quick! Disable now!

Just before Ralts could attack, Venonat's eyes began glowing. Ralts's attack was stopped cold.

MARIAH: Okay, Venonat. Tackle attack!

Venonat goes toward Ralts for a head-on attack.

WALLY: Double Team!

Ralts suddenly made copies of herself. Venonat ends up hitting the copies, and they disappeared. She crashes into the ground, but gets back up.

MARIAH: Foresight!

Venonat's eyes began glowing again. She was able to spot the real Ralts, who was in the middle of the fakes.

MARIAH: Hit it with a Signal Beam!

Venonat's attack managed to hit Ralts and blow her back. Ralts tried to get up but fails.

MIRROR MARIAH: Ralts is unable to battle! Venonat wins!

Wally, disappointed with his loss, recalls Ralts. Venonat was jumping with joy.

MARIAH: That was a great battle, Wally.
WALLY: [sighs] Thanks, Mariah. Ralts was right, though. I need to train harder. Oh, but before I leave... [reaches into his pocket] Master Norman wanted to give you this.

Wally hands Mariah a bracelet with big, blue pearls. Mariah puts it on.

MARIAH: What's this?
WALLY: That's a Mirror Bracelet. It should come in handy in tough situations.
MARIAH: What does it do?
WALLY: Sorry. I've gotta go to Verdanturf Yard! Bye!

Wally goes off, and Mariah looks at the Mirror Bracelet.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-18-2004, 05:14 AM
Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia are inside the palace. The inside was covered in metal, from the ceiling to the floor.

MARIAH: How far is the shard?
MIRROR MARIAH: It isn't too far.

Just then, something shocks Mirror Mariah. She screams in pain and collapsed.

MIRROR MARIAH: Whoa... what was that?

Connie, suspicious, walks up to the area where Mirror Mariah got shocked. She tries a punch, and a gate of electricity appears.

CONNIE: Hmm... Must be something the Mirror Elder set up.
MIRROR MARIAH: Let me try something.

Mirror Mariah takes the crystal Pokeball of her necklace. She throws it, and out comes a strange Pokemon. It looked like a bigger Mudkip, but it was purple and had pointy fins on its face. It had a fin on its head, and its tail fins were shaped like hearts. It had a halo and angel wings.

MARIAH: What Pokemon is that?
CONNIE: Never seen it before.
CASCADIA: Me neither.
MIRROR MARIAH: This is my friend Marshflect. He turned out to be the result when I was experimenting with the Mirror Wand. He got hit with one of the attacks and ended up like this when he evolved from a Mudkip, but I did manage to create the rare Mirror type.
MARIAH: Mirror type?
MIRROR MARIAH: Here's a sample of Marshflect's tricks. [to Marshflect] Ready?
MIRROR MARIAH: Okay! Use Mirror Charm!

Marshflect's halo begins glowing several different colors. After a few seconds, several lights shot out from the halo. The gate's electricity then "broke" apart.

MARIAH: That's pretty cool.
MIRROR MARIAH: Okay. Let's go.

The gang continued through the palace. Every time a gate of electricity appeared, Marshflect managed to get rid of them with his Mirror Charm attack. Finally, they were in a huge brightly lit room.

CONNIE: Well, we've made it.
CASCADIA: But what is this place?
VOICE: Who goes there?!

Up ahead was the silhouette of a moderately chubby man.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hello. Do you know where we could fine the Dynamo Shard?
MAN: I have it right here. I've found it this morning. If you want it, you have to beat me in a battle!
MIRROR MARIAH: Okay, then! Let's go, Marshflect!

Marshflect nods and prepares for battle.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-19-2004, 12:46 AM
MAN: Let's go!

The man sends out a Pokemon that looked like three orbs with magnets and screws sticking out of their sides.

POKEMON: What is your wish, Elder Wattson?

The man, Wattson, reveals himself. He has white hair and beard, wore a brown jacket, and yellow pants.

WATTSON: Let's show this little lady what we're made of, Magneton.
MAGNETON: Affirmative.

Both Magneton and Marshflect get ready for a battle.

MIRROR MARIAH: Marshflect, Mirror Charm!

Marshflect's halo begins to glow.

WATTSON: Magneton, stop that Pokemon with your Thunder Wave!

Magneton's magnets began to spark with electricity that is fired at Marshflect. Marshflect's halo shot out light which collided with Magneton's attack and caused a huge explosion, blowing both Pokemon back. Both of them received a moderate amount of damage.

WATTSON: Magneton! Sonicboom!

Magneton's magnets sparked and crackled and shot out sound waves in the form of electricity.


Marshflect begins glowing and takes the attack. He is knocked down, but he gets back up.

WATTSON: Magneton! Thundershock!

Magneton then fires a small stream of electricity at Marshflect. The attack did damage, but Marshflect recovers. Just then, he starts glowing again.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay, Marshflect! Send it right back!

Marshflect releases the power stored from his halo. Magneton was knocked back quite a bit.

WATTSON: Magneton, Metal Sound!
MIRROR MARIAH: Mud Shot, Marshflect!

Before Magneton could respond, Marshflect shoots a ball of mud from his mouth. It scores a direct hit and knocks out Magneton.

MAGNETON: Unable...to...battle...

Marshflect was excited over his victory as Mirror Mariah walked up to Wattson. Wattson hands her the Dynamo Shard.

MIRROR MARIAH: Thank you very much, Elder Wattson.
WATTSON: I should be thanking you. You have a very strong Pokemon.
MIRROR MARIAH: [laughs] Well, I've been training Marshflect since it was a Mudkip.
WATTSON: A Mudkip? That evolved from a Mudkip?
MIRROR MARIAH: I was experimenting with the Mirror Wand when it got hit by one of the attacks. It ending up evolving into what I've called a Marshflect. Because of that, I ended up creating the first Pokemon of the Mirror type.
WATTSON: Hmmm... So the legends of Mirror-type Pokemon ARE true. That means you must be...
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. I'm the Guardian of the Mirrors. Currently, I'm looking for the Shards of the Golden Gateway. One of the Magma Magicians managed to break it, so now Mariah can't get back to her world.
WATTSON: Well, in that case, I should've given you the Shard anyway! I've only asked for a battle because I thought you might be a thief or something! [laughs]
MIRROR MARIAH: You must be kidding.

Just then, black electricity began to surround Magneton. After a few seconds, it goes under a weird transformation. It gets huge and turns blackish-gray, its eyes turn red with an angry look, and the end of its magnets grew pointy. Everyone turned around to see Magneton's intimidating new form.

WATTSON: What the...?!
MARIAH: What's that?
CONNIE: Is that Magneton?
MAGNETON: I am Magneton mkII, the ultimate Steel-type Pokemon!

Magneton mkII then shoots off electricity from its magnets. The electricity creates two electric walls, trapping the group. Wattson was suddenly encased in an electrical force field, and Magneton mkII steals the Dynamo Shard and places it on the "forehead" of the middle orb.

MAGNETON MKII: I am unstoppable!
MARIAH: [gets out her Wand] We'll see about that!
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah, you may wanna think about this. Grovyle, Venonat, and Shuckle aren't too good against steel-types.
MARIAH: I know. I've been studying Pokemon for a while. Looks like I have to count on the Wand and Leaf Sword.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-20-2004, 02:35 AM
Mariah aims her wand at Magneton mkII. She was about to attack when Magneton mkII shot out sound waves as electricity. Mariah gets out of the way. Connie goes in next. She, like always, decides to use raw power. However, the giant magnet Pokemon creates a shield around it. Connie gets electrocuted. Cascadia, despite her weakness against electricity, goes on to battle. She tries to attack with the water orbs that she used on the Aqua Sorcerors, but it didn't seem to do much damage because of the shield.

MARIAH: What are we gonna do?
CONNIE: I dunno.
CASCADIA: This thing could give us more trouble than we thought.
CONNIE: Well, we've gotta scrap that thing sooner or later!

Magneton mkII heads for Connie. Connie puts one hand on the ground. When Magneton mkII got close, Connie's feet began glowing red.

CONNIE: Magma Flare!

Connie then swings her body, raising her hands out of the way and placing them back down at the appropiate time. Her feet smacks Magneton mkII quite a distance, but didn't do a lot of damage.

MAGNETON MKII: You thought that will stop me?
CONNIE: What? How could Magneton stand up to that?!
CASCADIA: Let me try! Mermaid Tears!

The orbs of water, now surrounded with bubbles, form in Cascadia's hands. Then, they home in on Magneton mkII. They knocked it back further, closer to the electric wall.

CASCADIA: Hmm...I have an idea. [to Mariah and Mirror Mariah] Hey! I've got an idea! Try to knock it to the wall!
MIRROR MARIAH: What good will that do?
CASCADIA: Just do it!
MIRROR MARIAH: If you say so. [to Marshflect] Let's go!

Marshflect prepares to fight while the Leaf Sword forms in Mariah's hand.

MIRROR MARIAH: Marshflect! Mirror Charm now!

Marshflect's halo begins to glow and shoots out a light fired at Magneton mkII. Magneton mkII was smacked against the electric wall, totally electrocuting it. It was heavily damaged, but still had some strength left to fire a massive amount of electricity at Marshflect. Marshflect, unable to handle the attack, faints. Mirror Mariah was forced to recall her Pokemon. She places the Pokeball back on her necklace.

WATTSON: Shoot! This doesn't look to good. [to Mariah] It's up to you!
MIRROR MARIAH: The Petal Drill seems like a good attack to cause some damage, Mariah.
MARIAH: Okay, guys! Wish me luck!

Mariah flies up and heads toward Magneton mkII at full speed.

MARIAH: Petal Drill!

She continues on with sword out and aimed at Magneton mkII and begins spinning at high speeds. She makes a hard direct hit on the Pokemon, sending it to the other electric wall and heavily damaging it once again. One more hit and it was over.

MIRROR MARIAH: We're making progress here!

Just then, the worst happened. Magneton mkII started sparking with electricity. After charging up a bit, it fires it at Mirror Mariah. The attack hits her, and Mirror Mariah collapses and screams in pain.

MARIAH: Hey! Are you all right?
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh...I think so... Aaaaaaah!

Mirror Mariah tries to get up, but the electricity from Magneton mkII's attack shot through her. She couldn't move at all, let alone get up to battle.

MIRROR MARIAH: Oh... This isn't good at all. I... [tries to get up again but fails] I can't move!
CASCADIA: Oh, no! Looks like Magneton used a Thunder Wave on you, Mariah!
MIRROR MARIAH: I won't be much help to you guys now.
MARIAH: Great. I can't use my Pokemon because they're not strong against steel types.
CASCADIA: And I can't use mine because Water-types are weak against Electric-types.
CONNIE: Well, it's been nice knowing you guys.

Magneton mkII charges up more electricity.

MARIAH: Not quite. There's still one chance. I just hope this works.

Mariah raises and crosses her arms. Magneton mkII then fires some more electricity, this time aiming it at Connie, Cascadia, and Mariah. When the attack got close, there was an earthquake. A huge wall of rock appears and blocks Magneton mkII's attack.

MAGNETON MKII: Does not compute.

On the other side of the wall, the group looked like they were prepared for some serious pain. When they found out that they weren't in any pain, they got up and saw the rock wall.

CONNIE: Okay...how'd that wall get there?
CASCADIA: I have absolutely no idea.

Mariah then lets down her arms and sees her Mirror Bracelet glowing red.

MARIAH: I knew this thing would come in handy. If that kid gave this to me, he'd pretty much have a good reason.

The wall dissolved. The three girls saw this as an opportunity to attack now that Magneton mkII was weakened and used up nearly all of its energy.

WATTSON: Girls! This is your chance to strike!
MARIAH: All right!
CASCADIA: Let's do it!

Magneton mkII was barely floating as Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia appraoched it.

MAGNETON MKII: Danger...unable to continue... unable to continue...

Mariah gets out her wand. Connie cracks her knuckles. Cascadia's tail begins glowing.

MARIAH: Mirror Beam!
CONNIE: Ground Fist!
CASCADIA: Cerulean Tail!

The wings on Mariah's wand began to glow with rainbow colors and shot out colored beams. Connie jumps high into the air and heads straight down into the ground fist first, causing a small earthquake followed by a stream of bright light. Cascadia swings her tail and emits a light blue shockwave from it. All three attacks then hit Magneton mkII into the wall, causing it to explode and return back to normal. The Dynamo Shard falls off, and Mariah catches it right before it disappears.

MARIAH: Three down!

The electrical walls then disappears. Magneton then recovers and Mirror Mariah was able to move again.

MAGNETON: What happened?
MIRROR MARIAH: Whew. Glad that's over.
MAGNETON: This does not compute. No recent memory is available.
MIRROR MARIAH: No need to worry. [to Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia] Now it's time to find another Mirror Shard!

A mirror then appears, and the girls go through. Wattson waves good bye as the mirror starts to fade.

WATTSON: [light chuckle] Well, I hope those girls managed to find the rest of the Shards.
MAGNETON: Affirmative.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-21-2004, 01:37 AM
Grovyle(M)@-- LV20
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV20
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@-- LV18
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (green, blue, and purple were used on Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6


Mariah and the group appeared in a field.

MARIAH: Oohh...
CONNIE: Aw, man...
CASCADIA: What happened?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, we're nowhere near where I've sensed the Mirror Shard. Then again, Lavaridge Mountain is pretty far away.
CONNIE: I have a feeling we're wasting our time! Couldn't you just transport us to Ever Grande Cathedral?
MIRROR MARIAH: Unfortunetly, only the Mirror Overlord have that kind of power. I barely have enough to transport us from here to Littleroot Village!
MARIAH: Mirror Overlord?
MIRROR MARIAH: You could say that he's my boss. [looks around] Where are we?

Not too far away, a woman and a man with a camera comes along and spot the four. They walk over toward them.

WOMAN: Hello, there. Which one of you is Mariah?
MARIAH & MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...which one of us do you want?

The woman and the man then look at each other in surprise and then back at Mariah and Mirror Mariah.

MAN: Uh...from what I heard, Mariah is the Guardian of the Mirrors...but Wattson recently told us that another girl named Mariah saved him from his Magneton when it transformed into a monster. We would've been there, but we were busy with another news story at Slateport Beach.
MARIAH: Well, I'm the Mariah that fought against that Magneton monster.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm the Mariah who is the Mirror Guardian.
WOMAN: Hmmm... I wonder...

Mariah and Mirror Mariah wonder what is going on, and Connie seems bored.

CASCADIA: Wait...I think I've seen you two before. Aren't you Gabby and Ty from the Mirror News Network?

The woman, Gabby, winks at Cascadia. The man, Ty, nods.

GABBY: That's right, young lady!
TY: The one and only!
GABBY: Roll the camera, Ty!

Ty turns his camera on, and Gabby gets in position.

TY: 5, 4, 3, 2... [points at Gabby]
GABBY: Hello! Welcome to "In Search of Legends"! Yesterday, we've heard from Mauville Palace that a mysterious force conquered Wattson's Magneton, but four mysterious girls managed to take it down! One of those mysterious girls were named Mariah, and we've found that all the talk was true!

Ty moves the camera to the group. Mariah and Mirror Mariah laugh nervously, Cascadia was excited that she'll be on TV, and Connie was still bored.

GABBY: Not only that, but we have two of the mysterious girls that are both named Mariah! The Mariah in the orange skirt is the Mirror Guardian, and the Mariah in the red outfit and black shoes was one of the girls who participated in the battle against the Magneton monster. The two other girls that were with them are here as well. Tell me, Mirror Guardian. What happened in your cataclysmic battle?
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...well, there isn't much to tell. Magneton was taken over by an evil force and seemed unstoppable. Cascadia then came up with the idea with smacking it against the electric wall, and her stragety was going perfect until Magneton attacked me with a Thunder Wave. We'd be goners if it weren't for Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia.
GABBY: I see. That sounds scary.
CASCADIA: Don't worry. We're okay. [giggles]
GABBY: I could tell. Now, Wattson told us about your search for the Mirror Shards. Where are you headed next?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, we were supposed to head to Lavaridge Mountain, but as it turns out, my portal ran out of power and we ended up here.
GABBY: Hmm... sounds like a predicament.
MARIAH: We're finding them so I could get back home. However, after a while, you get used to it here.
GABBY: That's good to hear.

Gabby turns her attention to Connie, who is twirling her hair in boredom.

GABBY: Hello there. How did you feel about your recent battle?
CONNIE: Well, it was way more worthwhile compared to this. I consider the news to be a total waste of t--

Cascadia smacks Connie and sends her flying.

CASCADIA: You can edit that out. [nervous laugh]
GABBY: Riiight. [turns back to the camera] Well, viewers, we're out of time. See you next time for "In Search of Legends"!
TY: [cuts off camera] That's all!
GABBY: Well, ladies, it was a pleasure working with you.
MARIAH: Same here.

Gabby and Ty wave and leave as Connie comes back down and crashes into a nearby tree.

CONNIE: Ouch...
CASCADIA: You're so unbelievable! You should give someone like Gabby and Ty some respect! Back in the time where I was working for the Aqua Sorcerors, the Mirror News Network was the best news network in the Hoenn Mirror World!
CONNIE: Please. I don't go out much. Rustboro Ruins has been my home ever since.

Just then, the purple gem on Mariah's wand began glowing and shoots out a purple light.

MARIAH: What's going on?
MIRROR MARIAH: I knew it. I knew it was here.
MARIAH: What is it?
CASCADIA: A Mirror Shard?
MIRROR MARIAH: No. [to Mariah] Send out Venonat.
MIRROR MARIAH: I'll show you.
MARIAH: Okay. [gets out wand] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Purple!

The purple light forms into Venonat. Venonat turns her attention to the tree.

VENONAT: Hmm... is this the one?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yep. You remember that attack I've taught you, Venonat?

Shining energy began to swirl around Venonat.

MARIAH: Attack?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. I can teach Pokemon some attacks, and I've recently taught your Venonat Secret Power.

The energy around Venonat formed into orbs that are shot into the tree. The tree then grows long vines.

MIRROR MARIAH: Come on, guys.

Mirror Mariah climbs up one of the vines. Mariah follows, then Connie, and finally Cascadia.

MARIAH: Okay. What's this all about?
CONNIE: This is weird.
CASCADIA: For once, I agree with Connie.

When the group was halfway up the vines, they whipped back into the tree. It was almost like the tree ate the vines with the group still on them. They were now inside the tree, but it seemed more like a dark room. The three were falling at full speed, but Mariah and Cascadia recover and fly down to save Connie. The three had a soft landing right before a light came on. The group were now in a medium sized room. There was a Pokeball rug on a wooden floor as well as several pink mats with hearts on them surrounding it. There were plants with colorful flowers at each corner of the room and a bright purple sofa with brightly colored pillows on the right of the group. There was a Pokeball shaped table right in front with a bowl of cookies and candies and a small stereo, a small pinkish-purple stand with two glass ornaments of a Treecko at the ends and a TV with pink ears with a video game system in the middle. Finally, there was a pile of Pokemon dolls in a basket near a mirror resembling the Golden Gateway. Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia did an anime wild take.

MARIAH: Where the heck are we?
MIRROR MARIAH: Welcome to my Secret Base, guys.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-22-2004, 05:01 AM
The other three looked around in awe.

CONNIE: Wow. This is really cool.
MARIAH: This is really neat, but how did you manage to make your own secret base when you have to guard the mirrors?
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, even a guardian has to have some fun!

Cascadia eats some of the cookies from the bowl.

CASCADIA: Mmm! These are delicious!
CONNIE: Hey! Save me some, fish face!
CASCADIA: [mad] You little...!
MIRROR MARIAH: Don't worry. I have enough bags of cookies and candy that'll last me for a while. Help yourselves.

Cascadia then moved on to the Pokemon dolls and played with them.

CASCADIA: [giggles] I have never seem so many Pokemon dolls.
CONNIE: Aren't you a bit too old to be playing with dolls?
CASCADIA: Cut it out! I liked playing with dolls when I was young and I still like them now. Hmph!
CONNIE: I'll do something that is actually worth my time.

After a long day of having fun, the girls get ready for bed. The clock on a green desk next to the doll basket read 2:00 in the morning. Mirror Mariah gets out three sleeping bags behind the sofa. One was red, another blue, and the last one was green. Mariah takes the red sleeping bag as well as a pillow with a Pokeball on it, Cascadia gets the blue sleeping bag with a blue pillow with a bubble pattern on it, and Connie was left with the green sleeping bag with a pillow having zigzag patterns. Mirror Mariah was on the sofa with a pink and purple blanket that was a combination of the patterns of Connie and Cascadia's pillows.

MARIAH: Who would've thought that you'd have your own place to hang out?
MIRROR MARIAH: Like I said, even I need a break.
CONNIE: Yeah, but I'm not sure that your boss would like it that you're slacking off.
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, if he can battle and capture Pokemon just like a normal person would, I can have my own Secret Base. Besides, he's the one who found it for me one day. He said the place used to be abandoned, but not anymore once I took it over!
CASCADIA: Anyway, thanks for letting us spend the night here.
MIRROR MARIAH: No problem. Now let's crash, guys.

When the girls fell asleep, a strange black energy comes through the mirror and forms into Dark Mariah. She looks around and sees the group asleep.

DARK MARIAH: Hmmm...the same exact spot... However, I'd better be careful. I can't be tricked by similarities.

Dark Mariah takes a good look at Mariah and Mirror Mariah.

DARK MARIAH: Maybe they can help me... but I'll come back later when the time is right.

Dark Mariah then disappears into the mirror.


Cascadia was in total darkness. She looks panicked and looks around. Suddenly, there were strange noises growing louder and louder.

CASCADIA: Huh? Who's there?

Cascadia grows more and more scared. She begins to get away when someone grabbed her.

CASCADIA: Let me go! What's going on here?!

It is revealed that Archie had grabbed her. The darkness goes away, and it was raining like crazy.

ARCHIE: Let the dream of the Aqua Sorcerors come true!
CASCADIA: Archie...what are you doing?
ARCHIE: This is for the good of water Pokemon everyone! And it is for YOUR own good as well!

Cascadia continues to struggle from Archie's grasp as it begins to rain harder and harder. A huge submarine-like Pokemon then appears in front of Archie.

ARCHIE: This is the legendary Pokemon of the Sea! This Pokemon is responsible for making our dream of expanding the sea come true!
CASCADIA: So then why am I worried about the existence of the Hoenn Mirror World? If this rain continues, all of the Hoenn Mirror World will be flooded! You have to stop this!
ARCHIE: No! The entire world will be nothing but the sea!

Cascadia continued to struggle, but pain was shot throughout her body. Cascadia ignored it and, almost on the verge of crying, continued to break free of Archie's grasp.


Cascadia woke up in a cold sweat and found herself back in the Secret Base.

CASCADIA: Oh, my... That dream again... [breathes hard a few times] It's driving me crazy! Why must Archie and the other Aqua Sorcerors had to put me through this? Why?
MARIAH: Is something wrong, Cascadia?

Connie (totally unaware of the situation) was listening to some music, Mariah was playing a video game, and Mirror Mariah was reading a magazine. Cascadia then gets up and heads over to Mariah.

MARIAH: Is there anything wrong?
CASCADIA: That dream...
MARIAH: What dream?
CASCADIA: That dream I've been having since I've quit the Aqua Sorcerors. Archie grabbed me, and it was raining...

Mariah then turned off the game and turned to Cascadia.

CASCADIA: It seemed so real... And I have a bad feeling that it'll happen soon.
MARIAH: Don't worry, Cascadia. We'll make sure that never happen.
MIRROR MARIAH: We'll also make sure that those Aqua Sorcerors won't take you back ever.
CASCADIA: You mean it? Thanks.
MARIAH: No problem. [to Connie] Right?

Connie was too busy listening and dancing to the music. Mariah and Cascadia get sweatdrops.

MARIAH: Uh...I'm gonna take that as a no.


Later that day, the group were outside of Mirror Mariah's Secret Base. Mirror Mariah then forms a Mirror and went through it with Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia behind. They ended up in a small valley with several craters and a nearby cottage.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay. Something's wrong here.
MARIAH: Where are we now?
MIRROR MARIAH: Fallabor Valley. I was sure to get us to at least Mt. Chimney from my Base. I don't know what happened...

Just then, Dark Mariah appears. The group seemed to be in shock by her appearance.

CONNIE: You again? Don't you know when to quit?
DARK MARIAH: Help me now!

Dark Mariah then gets out her wand and points it to the sky. Suddenly, dark energy forms into a mirror similar to the Golden Gateway. The difference was that it was black and had bat wings on it.

MARIAH: Okay...what's going on here?
CASCADIA: [looking scared] I don't know, but we're about to find out!

A dark wind blasted through the mirror and surrounds the group. There was black lightning from the sky, and glass turned into a crimson red mixed with black and gray. Connie tries to head to Dark Mariah to hit her as hard as she could, but she and the others were being sucked into the mirror. The last thing heard where the four girls screaming as the mirror disappeared right after Dark Mariah went through it along with the group...

Neo Emolga
05-22-2004, 12:29 PM
Wow. Nicely done cliffhanger you have there. The depth of this story keep increasing with every post.

Plus Connie is hilarious, and has to be one of my favorite characters. Fantastic job on this story JIG!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-22-2004, 06:52 PM
Grovyle(M)@-- LV21
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV21
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@-- LV19
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power

Mirror Wand
Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (green, blue, and purple were used on Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6


Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia were lying in total darkness, but Dark Mariah was nowhere to be seen. Just then, a light shone intensely on the group. They begin to wake up.

MIRROR MARIAH: Where are we? [looks up] Where'd that light come from?
CONNIE: Forget that. Why is it so hot?

The darkness then immediately disappeared, and it was revealed that they were on a large rock in the middle of the sea. The sky were a mix of blue and purple, and the sun was so bright they have to shield their eyes until Mariah uses her Mirror Bracelet to surround them with rocks to block the bright light.

CONNIE: When I find that fake Mariah, I'll strangle her! If this is her idea of a joke, I'm not laughing!
CASCADIA: Hey, calm down! No need to get riled up, Connie!
CONNIE: Shut up! I'll find her and rip her apart in three seconds flat!
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...it'll be a better idea to figure out what's going on here first.
VOICE: What is...this wretched scene?

The group immediately leaned against the wall in time to hear people nearby talking.

VOICE: I can't believe this! This is impossible!
VOICE 2: See what you've done? This is how dangerous your vision is. The world needs an equal balance of sea and land. A human being can't fully control nature!
VOICE 3: What does the Mirror Guardian have to do with this?

Everyone became shocked at hearing this. All eyes then went to Mirror Mariah.

MIRROR MARIAH: Wait a sec, guys. I have no idea what's going on. I mean, we've just got here!
CONNIE: Well, I have to see what's going here!

Connie then slams her fist on the surrounding rocks. They crumbled into small peebles that fell into the sea, and the three people were revealed as Archie, Maxie, and Dark Mariah.

CONNIE: Oh, great. Now only do we have that fake Mariah, but we've also have the Aqua Sorcerors and the Magma Magicians on our tail!
DARK MARIAH: [sees the group] Oh...I'm sorry... I think I should explain...
CONNIE: Too late for that, sister! I'm taking you down along with those two!

Connie jumps up and prepares to deliver a kick to Dark Mariah, but Maxie gets in the path of Connie's attack and blocks it with a red shield. Connie is blown away a bit and lands on her back.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey. I thought you were on our side!
DARK MARIAH: I am. Just hear me out.

Connie gets up and dusts herself off and Mariah, Cascadia, and Mirror Mariah wait for answers.

DARK MARIAH: There are two Mirror Worlds that are parallel to each other: the Hoenn Mirror World and the Shadow Mirror World.
MIRROR MARIAH: So it does exist, and I'm guessing that this is the Shadow Mirror World and you're its Mirror Guardian?
DARK MARIAH: That's right. However, the difference is that this world is a few years ahead of the Hoenn Mirror World. Everything you see here is a counterpart of those in the Hoenn Mirror World.
DARK MARIAH: Recently, an evil force call the Shadow Wing took over this world and now making his way to conquer Hoenn Mirror World. However, he is totally unaware that because of what he did, I'm able to enter the Hoenn Mirror World and I was able to bring you here.
MARIAH: All right. But what does this have to do with what's going here?
DARK MARIAH: Well, Shadow Wing had nothing to do with this. The Shadow Aqua Sorcerors and the Shadow Magma Magicians recently had a duel at an underwater cave. The winner would continue on to get the legendary Pokemon of their choice, and the Magma Magicians won. So, they released the Pokemon of the Land. However, it released harsh sunlight that could dry up all of the Shadow Mirror World.
CASCADIA: That's very similar to the dreams I've been having, but they involved the Aqua Sorcerors and the Pokemon of the Sea. And what about this Shadow Wing...?
DARK MARIAH: I have to talk to you about that later. I've just sensed that the Pokemon of the Land is at the Cave of Origin near Sootopolis Ocean. I'd like to ask you come with me.

Dark Mariah creates a mirror portal that was similar to Mirror Mariah's, but it was black instead of gold.

CONNIE: You sure it's safe?
DARK MARIAH: Pretty much. Let's get going.

Dark Mariah and the group go through the mirror. Maxie and Archie went through their respective red and blue mirrors.


The group arrived in a small village in the middle of a large lake that leads into the ocean. Mirror Mariah then looks around in confusion.

MIRROR MARIAH: This is exactly like Sootopolis Ocean, but...all the rocks are black.
DARK MARIAH: Well, that's how Sootopolis Ocean has been in this world.
VOICE: Mariah... You're here, too?
DARK MARIAH: [kneels] Yes, my lord.

The man walks up to Dark Mariah. Upon laying eyes on him, Mirror Mariah nearly fainted.

MIRROR MARIAH: L...L...Lord Steven?!

The man looked like Lord Steven, but his hair was a bit darker and he wore all black.

SHADOW LORD STEVEN: You must be the ones Mariah has been telling me about. I can't believe you came here in this scorching weather...
DARK MARIAH: No need to worry.

Dark Mariah then gets up.

DARK MARIAH: So, where is your friend?
SHADOW LORD STEVEN: Right this way.

The group then heads toward a building a little larger than the other houses in the village. Shadow Lord Steven knocks on the door, and a man with dark blue hair, a dark/blue gray shirt and dark purple pants answers it.

SHADOW LORD STEVEN: Hello there, Wallace.
WALLACE: Hello, sir.
SHADOW LORD STEVEN: [to Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Cascadia, and Connie] This is Wallace. He's the Mirror Elder of Sootopolis Ocean, and he is the guardian of the Cave of Origin.
MIRROR MARIAH: Shadow Wallace, I presume.

Mirror Mariah then thinks about another person that looks like Wallace but not as dark as the one from the Shadow Mirror World.

WALLACE: This sunlight is caused by a power emanting from the Cave of Origin.
DARK MARIAH: [in thought] That must be the Pokemon of the Land... I know it. [out loud] Sir Wallace, would this help?

Dark Mariah then gets out a strange red crystal. Wallace carefully examines it and gets surprised.

WALLACE: The Red Crystal! I see. Follow me.

As the group heads to the Cave of Origin, Mirror Mariah thinks about the current situation.

MIRROR MARIAH: [in thought] This sunlight... People everywhere need the sun to live. The question is that why does this situation seem so dangerous? Right now, the sun's rays are intesifying and may continue on through this world. If that happened, then--

Mirror Mariah's thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a large cave. Wallace then approached the three Mariahs.

WALLACE: This is the Cave of Origin. No one is allowed to enter, but you must go. Together with Red Crystal.
DARK MARIAH: Yes, Sir Wallace.
MARIAH: Uh...what do I have to do with this? I don't have a clue what's going on here, but...
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah, I can't explain it...but something is telling me that something like this may happen back in the Hoenn Mirror World. We might as well deal with it now so we can be prepared for that.
CASCADIA: I'm coming, too. I've been having that feeling for quite a while now.
CONNIE: I usually stay out of messes like this, but I guess I'll go too. Besides, it's been quite a while since I've been in a good fight.
CASCADIA: [annoyed] It's only been two days since that battle with that Magneton monster.
CONNIE: Who asked you?
DARK MARIAH: Are we ever gonna go inside? Let's get going.

The group entered the cave while Shadow Lord Steven and Wallace stayed behind.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-23-2004, 04:01 AM
The Cave of Origin seemed rather quiet for a cave and very cool, which relieved the group from being in the sun for so long. As they continued on, Cascadia turns to Dark Mariah.

CASCADIA: Now, about earlier...about this Shadow Wing...
DARK MARIAH: Oh, yeah. I've been sensing Shadow Wing's presence in the Hoenn Mirror World and decided to investigate. It seemed that he's able to control Pokemon, and it looks like I was right. After noticing what happened to Maiden Roxanne's Nosepass, Sir Brawly's Makuhita, and what I've gathered around Mauville Palace about Sir Wattson's Magneton, I figured out that Shadow Wing had something to do with it.

Just then, there was a small earthquake. Everyone stopped and looked around in surprise.

CONNIE: What was that?!
DARK MARIAH: It seems that we're getting closer. Let's go.

They continued on. The lower they've got, the more stronger the earthquakes were. When they got to the bottom, they couldn't believe their eyes. There was a pool of lava in the middle of the area. Dark Mariah gets out the Red Crystal. It begins to glow, and a huge red creature roars as it emerges from the lava.

DARK MARIAH: There it is! The Pokemon of the Land...Groudon!
MIRROR MARIAH: So that's Groudon?
MARIAH: Sure looks like it. So let's get this show on the road.

Mariah makes her Leaf Sword appear, Dark Mariah with her bow and arrow from Chapter 5 (her Flame Arrow), and Mirror Mariah has blue bomb-like weapons. Groudon turns its attention to the three Mariahs, Connie, and Cascadia.

MARIAH: I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm the Mirror Guardian of the Hoenn Mirror World!
DARK MARIAH: And I'm the Mirror Guardian of the Shadow Mirror World!
CONNIE: I'm Connie, and I'm a rock hard fighter! You'll be sorry that you've messed with me!
CASCADIA: I'm Cascadia, mistress of the water!

Groudon lets out a mighty roar and blew a fiery blast. The five dodged the attack, and Dark Mariah flies up and shoots an arrow at Groudon. However, Groudon shrugged it off like a rock was thrown at it. Energy then starts to form around it, but Mirror Mariah goes in and throws the bombs at Groudon. They exploded with splashing water on impact, and Groudon seemed to be somewhat weakened. Mariah goes in with her Petal Drill, but Groudon counters by slashing Mariah with its mighty claws. Mariah was blown back against a wall and falls back on the ground. Mirror Mariah and Dark Mariah suffered the same fate as well. Groudon then stomps on the ground hard, causing a huge earthquake. The three Mariahs flew away with Connie in tow just in time, and Cascadia uses her telekentic powers to float to avoid the attack.

CONNIE: This isn't gonna be easy.
DARK MARIAH: Maybe we need some additional help.

Dark Mariah gets out her wand.

DARK MARIAH: Combusken! I summon you!
MARIAH: Good idea! [gets out wand as well] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Green!

Combusken and Grovyle appear from their wands. Mirror Mariah follows up by sending out Marshflect.

CASCADIA: Good. I'll summon mine as well.
DARK MARIAH: No. Summon them only when the time is right. We don't need our secret weapons to get worn out early.
CONNIE: I'll start off. Magma Flare!

Connie's feet glows red as she swings her body. She then release energy in the form of fireballs that hit Groudon directly. Groudon roars in pain.

CONNIE: Okay, Cascadia! You're up!
CASCADIA: Okay! Mermaid Tears!

Orbs of water, now surrounded with bubbles, formed in Cascadia's hands and homed in on Groudon. Groudon, struggling, tried to slash them away. However, Cascadia's attack hits Groudon.

DARK MARIAH: Okay! Combusken, use your Ember attack!
MIRROR MARIAH: Marshflect, Water Gun!
MARIAH: Bullet Seed, Groyvle!

Combusken breathes out fireballs, Marshflect blows a stream of water, and Grovyle shoots seeds out of his mouth like a machine gun. All three attacks hit Groudon. Groudon blows the fiery blast again, but Cascadia and Mariah created a shield of water that doused the attack. Groudon tried to attack Dark Mariah by slashing her, but Dark Mariah gets out of the way.

DARK MARIAH: Time to end this! [to Mariah and Mirror Mariah] Get your wands ready!

Mariah and Dark Mariah gets their wands ready while a yellow wand with a golden Pokemon with diamonds on top and wings more angel-like forms in Mirror Mariah's hand. Groudon lauched another fiery blast at the three Mariahs. Instead of dodging, they tried to endure the attack.

CASCADIA: What in the world are they doing?!
CONNIE: They're gonna be fried! Hey, fish girl! Put 'em out!

Before Cascadia could try to help, she and Connie saw that the three Mariahs were unscatched. They all had their wands together (Dark Mariah and Mirror Mariah's were crossed while Mariah's was in the middle) and prepared a final attack.

DARK MARIAH: Shadow Beam!
MIRROR MARIAH: Diamond Beam!
MARIAH: Mirror Beam!

Dark Mariah's wand emits a red beam, Mirror Mariah's wand emits a Diamond Beam, and Mariah's was her usual rainbow colored beam. All three attacks hit Groudon, and they was a huge amount of smoke. It took a while for the smoke to clear, but when it did...

MARIAH: How...?
DARK MARIAH: How could it still be standing?!

After a few seconds, Groudon fell backwards and sunk back into the lava. The three Mariahs landed near their Pokemon, Connie, and Cascadia.

MARIAH: Guess that's about it.
DARK MARIAH: Well, we've lost a lot of energy with that attack, so it was all or nothing.


Moments later outside the cave, the weather was normal. However, the sky was rather gray, even though there was no clouds. The group was with Wallace and Shadow Lord Steven.

SHADOW LORD STEVEN: Mariah, thank you. The sky around the Sootopolis Ocean and the Shadow Mirror World have returned to normal.
WALLACE: I thank you and your friends as well.
DARK MARIAH: It was nothing. I'll do anything for Lord Steven that is for the good of the Shadow Mirror World.
CONNIE: [pokes Dark Mariah] Ahem.
DARK MARIAH: Anything wrong?
CONNIE: As interesting as that detour was, we really need to get going. We STILL have to find the rest of the Mirror Shards to fix the Golden Gateway.
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh, that's right!
DARK MARIAH: It's okay. I can send you back, but whenever you need me, let me know! And keep an eye out for Shadow Wing because he may still be lurking around the Hoenn Mirror World. I'll try to keep him from doing any more damage here.
MARIAH: Thanks!

The large black mirror appears. Cascadia, Connie, and Mirror Mariah went through it. Before Mariah went through it, she waves at Dark Mariah.

MARIAH: Be careful!

Mariah goes through the mirror, and the mirror vanished. Dark Mariah begins to head off until Shadow Lord Steven stops her.

SHADOW LORD STEVEN: You've really changed a lot, Mariah. I know that Shadow Wing is strong since he was able to take over this world, but you should be on equal footing with him by the way you are now. Give it your best shot, and good luck.

Dark Mariah starts to cry. It was almost like it was the first time she heard Shadow Lord Steven say something like that to her.

DARK MARIAH: Thank you, my lord... That...means a lot to me...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-24-2004, 05:10 AM
Grovyle(M)@-- LV22
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV22
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@-- LV21
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (green, blue, and purple were used on Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6


Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia found themselves on a mountain.

CASCADIA: Where are we now?
CONNIE: Back in the Hoenn Mirror World, that's for sure.

The four then spot several Aqua Sorcerors and Magma Magicians battling. Poochyena with specks of blue on their fur were battling other Poochyena with red specks on their fur, and Carvanha were battling yellow camel Pokemon that don't like they're the brightest things alive. Mariah and the others tried to stay out of sight as they watched the various situations.

MARIAH: Okay. What are they doing?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know.
CASCADIA: Must be something big.

One of the Magma Magicians caught Connie's attention. He had long black hair, and it was red on one side and black on the other. He wore the traditional flowing crimson red robe of the Magma Magicians, and there was a look in his purple but near-black eyes that put him between attractive and dangerous. Just looking at him made Connie furious.

CONNIE: Hey! That's him!
CONNIE: That's the creep that stole my Charm Stone!
MARIAH: Charm Stone?
MIRROR MARIAH: YOU had a Charm Stone?
CONNIE: Yeah... It was the most valuable thing I had in my life...


At Rustboro Ruins, Connie was sleeping on a statue near the area where she met Mariah and Mirror Mariah. Around her neck was a small, beautiful, greenish blue crystal. Connie received a very rude awakening when the Magma Magician appears and destroys half the statue she was sleeping on. She hits the ground hard enough for the crystal to go flying off of her and the Magician to catch it.

MAGMA MAGICIAN: Hmm...a Charm Stone...
CONNIE: Give it back!
MAGMA MAGICIAN: I don't think you'll be needing this anymore. I need it more. Much more.

The Magma Magician then tears the string off the Charm Stone and throws it on the ground. Connie, enraged, charges toward the Magician and gets ready to send him flying with powerful punch, but the Magma Magician forms a red shield around him that makes Connie's attack useless.

CONNIE: Flash Quake!

Connie jumps up high and came back down like a meteor, fist first. She lands hard and creates a earthquake hard enough to several small cracks form into one large one heading to the Magma Magician. The larger crack then split into two and surround him. The uncracked land around the Magician began to wobble a bit, but the Magician just disappears to avoid the final part of Connie's attack, which was the land crumbling into a pile of pebbles. Connie looks around for the cunning Magician.


The Magma Magician reappears behind Connie and forms red fire-like energy in his hands. The energy was collected in an orb and was shot at Connie once it was big enough. Connie was blown quite a distance. Seeing that he won, the Magma Magician goes off with Connie's Charm Stone in tow.

MAGMA MAGICIAN: Perhaps the next time I run into you, you can try actually hitting me. And in case you're interested, the name's Rubyfire.
CONNIE: [weakly] You...little...!!

[end flashback]

Connie then balls her fists.

CONNIE: This time, I'll do a lot more that just hit him. I'll crush him like a grape!
CASCADIA: Yeah, but I really don't think that a head-on attack is the best way.
CONNIE: Well, if you have better ideas, let's hear 'em, miss Aqua Sorceress!

Connie and Cascadia began arguing. The argument was broken up by a stream of fire that hits them as well as Mariah and Mirror Mariah. The fire came from the yellow camel Pokemon.

POKEMON: Huh? Who are they?
MARIAH: Have they spotted us?

Rubyfire, the Magma Magician that Connie noticed, rushed to the scene. He and several Magma Magicians saw the four girls charred.

RUBYFIRE: [sees Connie] Well, well. Looks like you've came all the way to Mt. Chimney just to get your Charm Stone back.
CONNIE: That's right, buster!
RUBYFIRE: I see you've brought some allies as well. [looks at Mirror Mariah and Cascadia] But who would've thought that you'd be desperate enough to ask an Aqua Sorceress and the Mirror Guardian to help you?
CASCADIA: I'm not working for the Aqua Sorcerors anymore!
CONNIE: You'd better give back my Charm Stone if you don't want to be rolled up, twisted, and tossed aside!
RUBYFIRE: [heavy sarcasm] Oh, I'm so scared.
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh, we don't have time for this. We really need to get going and I don't want to be involved in...

Mirror Mariah then stops. It seems that someone or something made her change her mind. The Charm Stone that Rubyfire had began flashing.

CONNIE: Huh? What's going on?
MIRROR MARIAH: Looks like it's a lot more than Connie's lucky charm.
RUBYFIRE: [evil laugh] This "Charm Stone" is actually a part of a meteorite to power a machine around here. It's our backup in case something happens to the meteorite.
FEMALE VOICE: Which is why I should get that crystal.

The Aqua Sorceress (Chapter 4 and 5) appears. Cascadia folds her arms as the sorceress takes a good look at her.

CASCADIA: What do you want?
AQUA SORCERESS: That's no way to talk to an old partner. Still having dreams about your silly little "catastrophe", Cascadia?
CASCADIA: Save it, Water Sapphire. It will come true. I know it.

Water Sapphire, the Aqua Sorceress, seemed bored and starts laughing to chase her boredom away.

WATER SAPPHIRE: That was always your problem, my friend. You're so naive. I knew from the start that you were a few cents short of a dollar.
CASCADIA: I'm not crazy!

Cascadia looked ready to fight Water Sapphire as does Connie with Rubyfire.

MARIAH: Uh...don't you think we should head to the next Mirror Shard? I really don't want to be involved in this.
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah...I have a feeling that Connie and Cascadia have some scores to settle. Plus, if Connie's "Charm Stone" is really from a meteorite that has enough power for a machine around here, then that would mean that...
MARIAH: The Aqua Sorcerors and the Magma Magicians have something up their sleeve...but what do you think it could be?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know, but we'd better check this out for ourselves.
MARIAH: What about Connie and Cascadia?
MIRROR MARIAH: Like I said, they have some scores to settle. Now come on!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-24-2004, 05:10 AM
Mariah and Mirror Mariah head off. Water Sapphire began to chuckle a bit.

RUBYFIRE: What's so funny?
WATER SAPPHIRE: Looks like we'll have to work together.

Rubyfire seemed disgusted at that comment. The Magma Magicians and the Aqua Sorcerors were battling for their own goals, and both groups didn't want the other group to interfere. Meanwhile, Connie looked ready to pound Rubyfire to the dirt when Cascadia leans toward her.

CASCADIA: Uh, Connie...?
CONNIE: Butt out, Cascadia! I don't need you! [to Rubyfire] So, are you ready or what?

Cascadia sighs. Rubyfire begins to walk off when Connie goes after him.

CONNIE: Hey! Are you gonna fight me or not?!
RUBYFIRE: I'll fight you, but away from those two.
CONNIE: Fine with me. I don't want Fish Face butting in this battle. [balls her fists] Now, let's go! Ground Fist!

Connie jumps high into the air and heads straight down into the ground fist first, causing a small earthquake followed by a stream of bright light that homed in at Rubyfire. Rubyfire disappears and reappears behind Connie.

RUBYFIRE: Meteor Wave!

Rubyfire forms red fire-like energy in his hands. The energy was collected in an orb and was heading toward Connie once it was big enough.

CONNIE: It won't work this time! Magma Flare!

Connie puts one hand on the ground and swings her body, raising her hands out of the way and placing them back down at the appropiate time. Her attack collided with Rubyfire's and both of them were blown away a bit. The same thing happened with Cascadia and Water Sapphire when Cascadia's Mermaid Tears collided with Water Sapphire's beam of bubbles.

CASCADIA: You're pretty good. Your attack was strong.
WATER SAPPHIRE: I'd have to say the same for you. For someone who's losing her mind, you've gained some strength in your attacks. However, I can't allow an insane person to live. Geyser Rush!
CASCADIA: You're the one who's insane! Tidal Wave!

Water-like energy formed around Water Sapphire and behind Cascadia. Water Sapphire's energy shot up like a geyser and Cascadia's form into a menacing tidal wave. Both attacks hit the desired opponent and drained a rather moderate amount of energy from the user. Water Sapphire seemed to have taken a bit more damage. She looked at Cascadia with disbelief. Meanwhile, Connie and Rubyfire continued their fight. Connie managed to land a few hits of Rubyfire and vice versa. Connie then jumps up and prepares to deliver a powerful kick to Rubyfire. Rubyfire gets his shield ready, but Connie just lands on it to jump a good height. Rubyfire looks around in confusion.

CONNIE: Magma Flare!

Connie then comes falling down at full speed, feet first. By now, the shield had worn off, and Connie hits Rubyfire pretty hard. Both Connie and Rubyfire seemed to be worn out.


Mariah and Mirror Mariah have reached an area of Mt. Chimney where a large lavapool could be seen. On the edge of its left was a machine that didn't seem to be in any condition to work. Inside its glass case was a rock that was the same color as Connie's Charm Stone. Archie and Maxie were there talking.

ARCHIE: I will not tell you again! We'll be better with more water!
MAXIE: The expansion of the landmass is more important than water!
ARCHIE: Well, once I've activate the machine, this volcano would become dormant. Rainwater will fill it up, and we'll be able to expand the sea.
MAXIE: Not if I activate it first. The volcano will erupt, and the lava will eventually cool and harden creating more land.

Just then, both Archie and Maxie were almost hit by Mariah and Mirror Mariah's attacks.

ARCHIE: No! It's...
MAXIE: Those girls!
MIRROR MARIAH: That's right!
MARIAH: You've picked the wrong day to mess with nature! I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!
MAXIE: Interesting entrance speech, young lady... But if you continue to meddle in my business, you must be exterminated!
ARCHIE: The future of the Hoenn Mirror World depends on the sea!
MAXIE: It depend on the land!
MIRROR MARIAH: The Hoenn Mirror World depends on balance! If either one of you throw it off, then...
ARCHIE: Enough of this! If you get in our way--
MAXIE: You must be destroyed as well!

Not denying the possibility of a fight, Mariah and Mirror Mariah get out their wands.

MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah, you take care of Archie. I'll deal with Maxie.
MARIAH: Got it.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-24-2004, 08:36 AM
Wind and water began to swirl around Archie. After forming into a giant tornado, it heads for Mariah. Mariah flies up in an attempt to dodge, but she gets caught in it. Mirror Mariah was dodging a few of Maxie's attack when she saw this.

MAXIE: Forget about her. You're dealing with me now!

Maxie then throws red orbs at Mirror Mariah. They almost hit Mirror Mariah when she dove toward the ground and flew back up at the last moment. Meanwhile, Mariah tries to get out of Archie's tornado. She then closes her eyes and begins glowing. Streams of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple surrounded her. They start to spread wider and wider until the tornado dissolved and Mariah was free.

ARCHIE: [to himself] Hmm...that girl's more powerful than I thought. She somehow managed to pull off a Secret Power attack. But it won't be enough to beat me!

Archie then raises his hands and water gushes out of the ground. The water then came down on Mariah, but Mariah points her wand at the water. She closes her eyes and begins to focus her powers on Archie's attack. As soon as the attack reached Mariah, it stopped. The wand began flashing, and Mariah points it at Archie as well as Maxie, who seemed to be beating Mirror Mariah pretty badly. The water then hits the two targets, and it somehow healed Mirror Mariah as well.

MIRROR MARIAH: Nice move there, Mariah!
MARIAH: Thanks!

Maxie and Archie get back up. This time, Maxie focused his attention on Mariah and Archie on Mirror Mariah. Maxie began gathering energy in a red orb. When the orb was ready, Maxie shoots it at Mariah but it was deflected by a strange, familar beam.

MAXIE: This is impossible!
ARCHIE: How can a mere human girl use Secret Power, Confusion, and Signal Beam?
MIRROR MARIAH: Maybe it's because she's NOT just a mere human girl. [points her beam at Maxie and Archie] Diamond Beam!

A white beam was shot from Mirror Mariah's wand. Maxie uses a shield to block the attack. Seeing this as an opportunity, Mariah uses Mirror Beam. The rainbow colored beam headed for both Archie and Maxie.

ARCHIE: Do you think I'm that dumb?!

Archie uses a blue shield to block the attack. Mariah and Mirror Mariah then tried combining their attacks, but they were both blocked by the shields.

ARCHIE: Give it up!
MAXIE: Every attack you use won't work!

Mariah and Mirror Mariah seemed to be tired and out of ideas.

MARIAH: This doesn't look good.
MIRROR MARIAH: No kidding. [pause] Hey! I think there's one more thing we could try!
MARIAH: What's that?

Mirror Mariah then whispers her idea to Mariah. Mariah freaks out and has a doubtful look in her face.

MARIAH: That sounds kinda risky.
MIRROR MARIAH: If this doesn't work, what will?

Mariah sighs and nods. Mirror Mariah then flies above Archie and Maxie.

MIRROR MARIAH: Diamond Beam!
ARCHIE: Again?

Miror Mariah aims her attack at Archie. As Archie prepares his shield, Mariah immediately switched her attack to hit Maxie. Just at the last moment, Maxie uses his shield.

MAXIE: I think we've wasted enough time. Prepare to witness the Magma Magicians' true power!
ARCHIE: It's time to show you the true power of the Aqua Sorcerors!

Maxie begins to gather energy in another orb, and wind and water surrounded Archie. Before the two can let their attacks loose on Mirror Mariah...

MARIAH: Okay! Mirror Special!

Mariah twirls around a few times as the Pokeball on the wand begins shining and glowing. Three light then burst from the wand and form into silhouettes of Grovyle, Shuckle, and Venonat. The Grovyle silhouette bashed into Archie at full speed, the Shuckle silhouette crashes into the ground and made rocks surround Maxie, and the Venonat silhouette shoots a beam from its antenae that hits both Archie and Maxie. There was a massive explosion that had caught the attention of the other Magma Magicians and Aqua Sorcerors. Rubyfire and Connie, both very roughed up, stop their battle. Water Sapphire and Cascadia, also roughed up, stop their battle as well. It was smoking for quite a while, and Mirror Mariah had her fingers crossed.

MIRROR MARIAH: Please let Mariah be okay...

The smoke cleared, and Mariah is down on the ground on one knee. She looks to see that Archie and Maxie were obviously in no condition to continue their fight.

ARCHIE: You're...strong...
MAXIE: She...is...amazing.
ARCHIE: You might've...won..., but you'll feel the wrath of the Aqua Sorcerors enough! ...ugh!

Archie uses the last of his energy to create a mirror and go through it. Maxie does the same, but he doesn't go through it. He looks at Mariah and then Mirror Mariah.

MAXIE: I'll...let...you go, but the next...time we...meet..., you won't be luck! [goes through the mirror]

Mariah takes the rock out of the glass case of the machine and heads off to find Connie and Cascadia. Mirror Mariah follows.


The group is now climbing down the mountain. Connie seemed relieved that she has her Charm Stone back. Cascadia seemed to be in another world.

CONNIE: Heh heh...even though that was a draw back there, I managed to get it back when he wasn't looking.
CASCADIA: Why is it that the others don't believe me? They know that what I forsee is never wrong, so why do they still...? [pauses, then sighs] Never mind.
MIRROR MARIAH: We're getting close, guys. The next Mirror Shard is straight ahead! After this, we'll be halfway there!
MARIAH: All right!

They continued on, but something was following them to their destination...

Neo Emolga
05-24-2004, 05:46 PM
Nicely done JIG! The last additions to the story were quite exciting and well detailed. Plus you've been updating it often, keeping the story very fresh and bright. Nice work!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-25-2004, 12:07 AM
Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV23
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV23
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@Bright Powder LV23
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (green, blue, and purple were used on Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball (ex. the Red Ball catches a red Pokemon, Orange catches orange Pokemon, and so on)
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6


The group are now in the middle of a large mountain range. However, the air wasn't the normal breezy mountain air. It was hot and steamy. The temperature was at least 90 or so.

CASCADIA: I've heard of being hot on the trail, but this is just plain ridiculous! Are you sure that a Mirror Shard is around here?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Positive. It's not that far.
MARIAH: Great. Let's just get the shard and get out of here.

The figure that was following them (Chapter 9) overhears their conversation. It was an orange rabbit-like Pokemon with her ears and tail shaped like the tips of diamonds and mango colored circles around her cheeks. She seemed interested by the mentioning of the Mirror Shard and confused about why would one be around the mountain range. The Pokemon was about to think it through when she fell and slipped down the mountain. She hits Mariah on the head and knocks her over.

POKEMON: Ouch...that wasn't fun...
MARIAH: Hey! What's the big idea?
POKEMON: I-I-I'm sorry, miss. I didn't mean to...
MIRROR MARIAH: What are you anyway?
POKEMON: My name's Lagadi.
MIRROR MARIAH: Hmm...never heard of a Pokemon like you before. Are you a Mirror-type, perhaps?
LAGADI: Yeah. I'm also a Fire-type.
MIRROR MARIAH: Hmm...looks like Marshflect isn't the only Mirror-type. It seems like whatever affected my Mudkip must've spread. The only places I've seen Mirror-type Pokemon were around the Oldale Shrine. I know that I've created the Mirror-type, but I never expected this.
LAGADI: I may be small, but I'm tougher than I look. I'll show you. Send out one of your Pokemon, miss. I could handle anything.
MARIAH: Okay. [gets out her wand] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Blue!

The blue burst out of wand and forms into Shuckle.

MARIAH: Shuckle, I'm counting on you!

Lagadi goes in charging toward Shuckle. Fire starts to surround her and intensified as she got closer.

MARIAH: Shuckle, use your Rock Tomb attack!

Shuckle then jumps up and crashed on the ground. Rocks surrounded Lagadi and stops her attack cold.

LAGADI: Nice move, but you have to do better than that!

Lagadi began kicking the boulders with her large feet. She managed to break free by making a hole large enough for her to get out.

SHUCKLE: She's pretty tough.
MARIAH: I know.

Lagadi then charges toward Shuckle again. Flames formed around her again, and she scores a direct hit. Shuckle seemed injured, but not too much.

MARIAH: Wrap attack!

Shuckle then crawls toward Lagadi, but Lagadi dodges and hits Shuckle at top speed. Lagadi then zips toward Shuckle, but Shuckle remained where he was. When Lagadi was close enough, Shuckle then wraps his arms and legs around Lagadi. Lagadi, unable to give up, blows fireballs in Shuckle's face, forcing him to let go. Lagadi then finishes the battle by biting Shuckle on the neck. Shuckle had fainted, and Mariah returned him to the wand.

MARIAH: Impressive.
LAGADI: Thanks.
CONNIE: Come on. Let's go.

The group began to leave when Lagadi heads in front of them.

LAGADI: Hey! Wait.
MARIAH: What is it?
LAGADI: Uh...I was wondering. I overheard you say something about a Mirror Shard...
LAGADI: Well, is it all right if I tagged along for a while? You know, just to give you a hand here or there.

The group then looks at Lagadi strangely. Lagadi then hangs her head and starts to leave.

LAGADI: Right. Sorry for eavesdropping.
MARIAH: I wouldn't mind having you around. I'd love to have a Mirror-type Pokemon.
LAGADI: You mean it?
MARIAH: Yeah! Definetely!

The orange Pokeball appears in Mariah's hand. She tosses it at Lagadi. The ball bounces off of Lagadi and opens up, and an orange light sucks up the rabbit Pokemon. The ball is then returned back into the wand.

MARIAH: All right. My first Mirror Pokemon.

Mariah's joy was interrupted by strange black smoke heading toward somewhere in the distance.

MARIAH: What's that?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know...
CASCADIA: We'd better check it out.

The black smoke was looming over a red tortoise Pokemon. Confused, the Pokemon tries to figure out what was going on. Then, the smoke swirled around the Pokemon.

POKEMON: Huh? What's going on?

The Pokemon then starts glowing black. He transforms into a larger tortoise. He had spikes on its back and long, sharp claws on his feet. He had long sharp teeth, and his eyes glow an evil red. Black smoke spewed from his spiky shell.

POKEMON: Torquake...destroys!

A girl with red hair appears on the scene. She was wearing a black shirt and light blue jeans. She was suddenly horrified at the sight of the monster.

GIRL: Torkoal? Oh, my gosh! What happened to you?

The monster then approaches the girl with a menacing look on her face. The last thing heard we the girl's screaming as she starts to run away...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-26-2004, 04:02 AM
The group were heading to the area where the black smoke was.

MARIAH: What do you think it could be?
CASCADIA: Do you think it could be that evil force that the Shadow Mirror Guardian could've been telling us about?
MIRROR MARIAH: I have a feeling that is it. It could be the one that's been possessing all the Pokemon we've dealt with in the first place!
CONNIE: Well, you don't have to worry! I'll pound that creep in three seconds flat!
MIRROR MARIAH: Connie, this is an evil force we're dealing with here. The last time I checked, it's nearly impossible for anyone to destroy an evil force through plain physical force.
CONNIE: Until now!

Connie then suddenly bumps into the red-haired girl. The others stopped as the girl gets up and dusts herself off.

CASCADIA: Uh...you okay?
GIRL: I'm fine. Thank you.
CONNIE: Sorry for bumping into like that.
GIRL: It's okay. My name's Flannery, and I'm the Mirror Elder of Lavaridge Mountain...recently.
MARIAH: Recently?
FLANNERY: Yeah. [depressed sigh] I took over my grandfather's position of Mirror Elder when he passed away two months ago...
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh...I see... I'm sorry.
FLANNERY: It's okay.
MARIAH: I'm Mariah Janvi.
CONNIE: My name's Connie.
CASCADIA: I'm Cascadia.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm Mariah, better known as the Mirror Guardian.
FLANNERY: Nice to meet you. [looks back and sighs] Something really weird has happened to my Torkoal.

Before Flannery could continue, a huge swarm of slug and snail Pokemon appeared. The group was obviously outnumbered.

FLANNERY: What the...?!

The swarm surrounded them. The group seemed worried, but Cascadia lightly laughs like the others had nothing to worry about.

FLANNERY: You seem awfully confident.
CASCADIA: Of course. Everyone knows that when it's water again fire, fire always loses.
DEEP VOICE: If that's what you've heard, then everybody's wrong.

The monster, Torquake, appears with a menacing look.

FLANNERY: Torkoal!
TORQUAKE: Torkoal no longer exists. Prepare to die!

Torquake then breathes a scorching tornado of fire that surrounded the group. The slug and snail Pokemon contributed to the flames by breathing fireballs. The heat intensified.

FLANNERY: Somebody do something!
MARIAH: Leave this to me!

Mariah gets out her wand and starts glowing. Suddenly, the tornado explodes and becomes a fountain of fire that hits the slug and snail Pokemon as well as Torquake.

TORQUAKE: That won't work little girl!

Torquake then jumps high into the air. Flannery begins to get nervous. She gets even more nervous as Torquake comes speeding down toward Flannery and Mariah.

MARIAH: Sea Defense!

Mariah's Mirror Bracelet starts to glow a dark blue, and a wall of water appears the split second Torquake attempted to land on her. Fortunetly, the shield made him bounce off. Torquake lands hard on the ground. The force of his fall made rocks fly everywhere. Mirror Mariah then spots a fireball shaped shard flying and catches it.

MIRROR MARIAH: How lucky. It's the Heat Shard! We're halfway done!
MARIAH: All right!

Just then, a strange watch hits Mariah in the face. Mariah then catches it and tries to figure out what it is. It was a small bronze watch with a rather old and rusty chain. It didn't seem to work.

MARIAH: Where'd this come from? [shakes it] Oh...come on...
FLANNERY: Is that a watch? Looks like it's broken.

Just then, one of the slug Pokemon breathes out black smoke at Mirror Mariah and Flannery. Unable to breathe, they both collapsed. Connie goes in to beat up the slug Pokemon, but two snail Pokemon breathed fireballs at her. They carried off the unconscious Mirror Mariah and Flannery.

CONNIE: HEY! You little...!
TORQUAKE: No need to worry. We will meet again. Slugma! Magcargo! Move out!

Slugma (the slug Pokemon) and Magcargo (the snail Pokemon) followed Torquake. Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia just looked in the distance.

CASCADIA: Now what'll we do...?
MARIAH: Without Mariah, we can't find the other shards...and that means that...I can't go home.
CONNIE: [sighs] Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it looks like a dead end.

That night, the three along with Mariah's Pokemon were in a cave.

CASCADIA: Ugh...I can't believe this happened. The Mirror Guardian and Flannery are kidnapped, and the Mirror Guardian had just found the Heat Shard. We're already halfway done, and the situation doesn't look right at all.
CONNIE: I've expected this to be rough, but not this rough.
MARIAH: If only there was some clue about where they are...

Just then, Mariah's wand transforms into a mirror. Instead of Mariah's reflection, Mariah saw Mirror Mariah and Flannery tied up and hanging over a pool of lava. Slugma and Magcargo were watching as the two girls sweat in fear. Torquake then appears. He was about to unleash a mighty flame to cut the ropes when the wand returned to normal.

MARIAH: Oh, no... If what I saw is true...then there's no time to waste! We've gotta find them!
CONNIE: Wait... what's going on?
MARIAH: I'll tell you later! [to her Pokemon] Let's go!
SHUCKLE: All right!
VENONAT: I'm kinda nervous, but I'll go.
LAGADI: I'm right behind you guys!

Mariah heads off and her Pokemon followed. Cascadia and Connie just stayed there with strange looks on their faces.

CONNIE: And the Aqua Sorcerors thought YOU were insane.
CASCADIA: Actually, Mariah could be right. Let's get going!

Cascadia then heads out of the cave as well. Connie seemed frustrated and annoyed.

CONNIE: Am I the only sane person in this group?!
CONNIE: All right. I'm coming. [to herself] Those two are nuttier than chunky peanut butter.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-27-2004, 04:25 AM
FLANNERY: Oh my god! Mariah, wake up!

Mirror Mariah, awoken by Flannery's panicked scream, found herself and Flannery hanging over a large pool of bubbling lava. Each time a bubble in the lava popped, the heat they felt doubled. Slugma and Magcargo appeared, seeming to be ready for the girls' demise.

MIRROR MARIAH: Am I the only one who has a REALLY bad feeling about this?
FLANNERY: Fortunetly, no.
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, that's a good sign. What's NOT a good sign is that we're about to be fried.

Torquake appears and stand on a high flat rock at an angle where the girls were hanging over the lava. Meanwhile, Mariah and the others arrived at a cave bigger than the one they were in last night.

MARIAH: They're here. I have a feeling they're here.

The group enters the cave descending entrance. As they went further down, the temperature seemed to rise.

SHUCKLE: Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?
GROVYLE: Oh, it's getting hot all right.
VENONAT: Uh...I don't think this is a good idea anymore. I am a Bug-type after all, and the last thing I want to deal with are Fire-types.
SHUCKLE: Don't worry. I'll be right by you.
VENONAT: [blushes] Thank you...

The group finally arrived at the bottom where they saw another entrance. This time, they saw Torquake looking at his helpless victims. Mariah hides behind some rocks, and Connie, Cascadia, and the Pokemon follow suit.

CONNIE: [looks around] Whoa. Now I've seen everything.
MARIAH: Now what?
LAGADI: We can't just go barging in.
CONNIE: I'll take care of them.

Torquake prepares to burn the rope when the ground suddenly starts to split open. He falls into the crack and squirms to get out. The crack was then filled with water.

TORQUAKE: What's going on?!

The Slugma and Magcargo see that it was Connie who caused the crack and Cascadia made the crack fill up. They began to attack them until Mariah appears and attacks by using her Leaf Sword on hanging rocks that buried the Pokemon. Mariah then lands and is suddenly surrounded by three Magcargo. All three of them used Ember, but Mariah disappeared when the attacks hit. The real Mariah then appears behind them and uses Mirror Beam on them. Venonat follows up by shaking violently to emit a bizarre purple powder on the Magcargo that poisoned them.

MARIAH: Thanks, Venonat.
VENONAT: You're welcome.

In all of the commotion, Torquake managed to get out of the crack.

TORQUAKE: Victory is mine!

Torquake unleashed a mighty fire blast and burns the ropes. Mirror Mariah and Flannery shrieked as they fell to their doom. Mariah then gets out the watch she had found yesterday.

MARIAH: I just hope this thing has some sort of power that could help me!

Mariah then presses the button on the watch and heard a loud, swift whooshing noise. Everything was silent. Nothing moved. Mariah looked around and tried to figure out what happened. Then she sees Mirror Mariah and Flannery stopped in midair. Seeing an opportunity, she flies and takes them to safe ground.

MARIAH: Well, this is lucky...

Mariah then pushes the button again, and everything resumed normally. Everyone seemed surprised.

CONNIE: What...wha...what the heck just happened here?!
FLANNERY: That's what I like to know.
MARIAH: Well... [looks at the watch] What happened was that...
MIRROR MARIAH: [examines the watch] Huh? No way! It can't be! I thought this thing was--
MARIAH: Well, what is it?
MIRROR MARIAH: This is the Bronze Watch... I knew there was something familar about this watch!

Mirror Mariah was interrupted by an ambush of fireballs from Torquake, Slugma, and Magcargo. The attack hit the others as well.

CASCADIA: Hey! That's not nice! Ocean Chain!

A rope of bubbles suddenly appeared and wrapped around the Slugma and Magcargo. Cascadia then uses her Mermaid Tears attack, and the homing orbs finished off Torquake's Slugma and Magcargo army.

CASCADIA: Take that!
TORQUAKE: It doesn't matter! I have plenty of power! You shall fall!

Torquake begins glowing red and unleashed a powerful fire blast at the group. Shuckle tried to attack with Rock Tomb, but the fire was so hot, the boulders almost melted. All of Mariah's Pokemon were badly hurt, and the others were hurt as well.

GROVYLE: Oh, man... One more attack like that, and it's over.
LAGADI: No kidding.
MARIAH: Grovyle! Lagadi! Double Quick Attack! Venonat, Supersonic! Shuckle, Wrap!

Both Grovyle and Lagadi head toward Torquake at full speed, Shuckle lets out his arms and legs, and Venonat takes a deep breath. However, Torquake stops them cold with another powerful fire blast. Mariah's Pokemon have fainted, and she had to recall them.

MARIAH: This isn't good.
FLANNERY: Actually, it is.
FLANNERY: It's an Overheat attack. The more it's used, the weaker it gets. Maybe we have a chance.

Torquake then uses another Overheat attack. However, it seemed weaker than the first two. Mariah used Sea Defense and Cascadia used her water shield to douse the attack.

TORQUAKE: [exhaused] I don't need my fire powers to beat you!

Torquake then jumps high into the air and tries to land on the group, but they dodge. Connie then close to Torquake and delivers a good few punches, but it didn't seem to work too well. Torquake was about to deliver another Overheat until Mariah presses another button on the Bronze Watch. This time, everything but Mariah have slowed to a crawl. Mariah then heads over and gets Connie away before Torquake's attack hits. She then puts Connie with the group and heads toward Torquake. Even though Mariah moved at normal speed, she was going at light speed to Torquake. Mariah then gets out her Leaf Sword and slashes Torquake a few times. She finishes her assault by flying into Torquake at full speed.

MARIAH: That should do it.

Mariah then presses the button again, and everything went at normal speed. Torquake was in shock at in pain.

TORQUAKE: How in the world...? How did an ordinary human managed to beat me so swiftly?
MARIAH: That's because I'm no ordinary human. I'm Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!

Torquake then returned to normal. Flannery, relieved, runs over and hugs Torkoal.

FLANNERY: Torkoal!
TORKOAL: Flannery? What happened? [moans in pain]
FLANNERY: Long story.

Mariah looks at her Bronze Watch when Connie gave her a confused and annoyed look.

CONNIE: I just have one question... How the heck did you do that?! When you attacked Torquake, you were moving so fast that I started getting a headache when you were halfway done!
MIRROR MARIAH: That's just what the Bronze Watch does.
MARIAH: So I'm able to control time now?
MIRROR MARIAH: That's right.
MARIAH: This whole Mirror World thing is getting really freaky now.

Mirror Mariah then creates a mirror portal.

MIRROR MARIAH: [waves to Flannery] See ya, Flannery. [to the others] Okay, guys. All set to find another Mirror Shard?

Everyone nods and goes through the Mirror. Flannery smiles and hugs her Torkoal while tears flowed down her face.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-27-2004, 11:04 PM
Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV24
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV25
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV25
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@Bright Powder LV25
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder
-Leech Life

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (orange, green, blue, and purple were used on Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10


It was night, and the maid of Petalburg Mansion had just finished cleaning the living room until she had an unexpected surprise. A mirror portal appeared above her and Mariah and the others fell through. The maid freaked out when they landed on her.

MAID: What in the world...?! Get off of me!

The group gets off of her, and Mariah and Mirror Mariah were glad to see an old friend.

MARIAH: Well, hello there.
MIRROR MARIAH: Long time no see.

The maid then recognizes Mariah and Mirror Mariah and warmly laughs.

MAID: I feel the same way about the two of you. [sees Connie and Cascadia] And who are you?
CONNIE: I'm Connie.
CASCADIA: And I'm Cascadia.
MAID: Nice to meet you. Mariah and the Mirror Guardian ran into me a while ago while they were looking for the Mirror Shards.
MIRROR MARIAH: And so far, four of them are found and are safely back at the Oldale Shrine. It looks like one might be here as well.
MARIAH: I don't know. The last time we were here, you said it was a false alarm.
MIRROR MARIAH: Not this time. [winks]

Mariah then smiles and looks around the mansion.

MARIAH: Didn't seem that anything has changed since we've last been here.
MIRROR MARIAH: [to the Maid] Uh...seen anything new, miss... miss...
MAID: Oh. Sorry. You guys didn't know my name the last time you were here. I'm Sarah.
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh, right. Anyway, Sarah, anything happen around here that might involve the Mirror Shard?
SARAH: No. Not at all. I know that finding the Shards are important, but why not take a little break? You guys look like you've need some rest. Besides, it's pretty late.
OTHERS: Sounds great. Thanks!


The next day, Caroline was making breakfast in the kitchen, and Norman was reading the paper at the table. Sarah was helping Caroline until there was a knock on the door. Sarah answers it, and a young girl stood outside. She was seven years old and had blond hair in a ponytail with two parts of it looking like wings and blue eyes. She was wearing a sailor style school uniform with blue skirt and white shirt with a red bow in the middle of it as well as black Mary Janes. With her was a large blue bird Pokemon with a pink ribbon around her neck.

SARAH: Oh. Hello there, Lyoko.

The girl, Lyoko, and her Pokemon gave warm smiles.

LYOKO: Hi, Miss Sarah.
SARAH: You and your Swellow look well.
LYOKO: Thank you. Is May around?
SARAH: Yes. I'm sure she's getting ready.
LYOKO: Great. I can't wait for her to spend the night. [turns to her Swellow] What about you, Aelita?
AELITA: I can't wait either.

After a few moments, May comes downstairs. She was dressed and ready to go. The other girls followed her and saw Lyoko.

MARIAH: Well, hi there. What's your name?
LYOKO: My name is Lyoko, and this is my Swellow, Aelita.
AELITA: Nice to meet you.
MARIAH: Same here. I'm Mariah.
CONNIE: My name's Connie.
CASCADIA: I'm Cascadia.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm the Mirror Guardian, but just call me Mariah.
AELITA: But isn't her name Mariah? [points her wing at Mariah]
MIRROR MARIAH: I couldn't believe it either. [puts hand behind her head and laughs]
MAY: Uh, okay. [to Lyoko] So, are we ready to go?
LYOKO: Yeah! Let's go!

Lyoko and May run off and Aelita follows.

NORMAN: Lyoko has to be the most pure-hearted girl I've met in my life.
CAROLINE: She visits here quite a lot. Winona is proud to have her, that's for sure.
CASCADIA: Winona? Doesn't she live in that castle in the sky?
SARAH: Yeah. It usually never comes down, so Lyoko and her mom fly down here.

Caroline then heads to the refrigerator and gets disappointed.

CAROLINE: Uh-oh. Looks like I'm out of berries. [to Mariah] If you don't mind, would you go out to the orchard near here and get some berries?
MIRROR MARIAH: I'll go with her too.

Mariah and Mirror Mariah leave with four small baskets, two for Mariah and two for Mirror Mariah. The orchard was only a 10 minute walk away. When they get there, they began picking berries. When Mariah had enough, she saw something shining in the distance. She heads over and finds out that it was a Mirror Shard. She was about to head off until a large berry tree caught her attention. They were big and a dark indigo. Mariah heads over to the tree and picks one. She takes a small bite and gets stars in her eyes. She couldn't get enough, so she eats the berry she had and eats another. Finally, she decided to put all of the berries that Caroline wanted in one basket and the strange berries she was now addicted on for herself. She eventually catches up with Mirror Mariah and tells her all about the Mirror Shard and the berries she was eating while on their way back to the Petalburg Mansion.

MIRROR MARIAH: Thanks for finding the Shard, Mariah.
MARIAH: No problem. [eats some more berries, then offers some to Mirror Mariah] Want some?
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...no. I really don't think that you should eat too many of those berries.
MARIAH: I don't think that it's possible to stop eating these. I'm hooked on these!
MIRROR MARIAH: [to herself] Boy, are you gonna be humongous...

After breakfast, Connie was in May's room reading comic books, Cascadia was taking a nap, Max was in his room looking at something at his computer, and Mirror Mariah was helping Caroline and Sarah clean up. Everything was going smoothly until they all heard a scream. The gargantuanly loud scream could be heard throughout the house and even managed to crack a few windows and make a few of the plates in the kitchen fall and break. Everyone stopped what they were doing and head to the hallway.

MIRROR MARIAH: You've heard it too?
CONNIE: I sure did.
CASCADIA: [half asleep] Where did it come from?
VOICE: What happened to me?!

The loud, terrified voice came from the living room. Everyone heads there and was shocked beyond belief by what they saw.

MIRROR MARIAH: WHOA! What happened?!
MAX: M-M-Mariah?!

Mariah was in total shock, and she had every reason to be. To her, everyone was rather short.

Neo Emolga
05-28-2004, 04:06 AM
These are some outstanding new chapters JIG! Every one of your additions has something new with plenty of surprises! Nice work, this is probably the most unique Pokemon fan fiction I've ever read.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-28-2004, 02:46 PM
MARIAH: What happened to me?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...I guess I should've told you the reason you shouldn't eat so many of Angit Berries.
MAX: Mariah ate those?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. You may be hooked on them now, but you'll regret it tommorow.
MARIAH: Like I am right now?! One minute, I was eating those berries. I've felt a little weird for a few seconds, and the next thing I know, I'm almost ten feet tall!
MAX: This isn't good. I've heard that if you eat a lot of Angit Berries, you'll be huge! They're also called the Forbidden Berry, and I can see why they called it that.
CASCADIA: But I thought all the trees that had Angit Berries were cut down.
MIRROR MARIAH: From what happened to Mariah, there are still a few. [pause] Hey, it might've happened to Mariah's Pokemon too.
MARIAH: Only one way to find out.

Mariah gets out her wand, which has grown as well.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Orange! Green! Blue! Purple!

Nothing happened for a few seconds. After the delay, all of Mariah's Pokemon appeared. They were all their normal sizes. They saw Maraih and were surprised. Venonat freaks out and hides behind Shuckle.

LAGADI: Whoa...Mariah... Is that you?
GROVYLE: You're huge!
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, it looked like the Angit Berries didn't affect you guys.

Shuckle, Venonat, and Lagadi became shocked at the statement, but Grovyle seemed confused.

GROVYLE: Angit Berries? You may wanna fill me in here.
LAGADI: I've never tried one, but I've been hearing that Angit Berries make anyone who eats it into a giant.
SHUCKLE: I've guessed Mariah must've ate some.
VENONAT: You won't hurt me, will you, Miss Mariah?
MARIAH: No, I won't. Although I am a little hungry. [sees the basket she had with a small amount of berries left] Maybe a few more of those...

Connie then snatches the berries out of Mariah's reach.

CONNIE: Oh, no, you don't! You're already big enough as it is!
MARIAH: Come on, Connie! Just a few more...

Just then, Mariah felt dizzy. She begins wobbling a bit as she tries to get up and collapses.

SARAH: Mariah, is there something wrong? Maybe you should sit down.
MARIAH: This...this is the weird feeling that I had before I've got like this...

Mariah slowly begins to grow a little more. Everyone starts to panic.

MAX: Mariah, you've gotta get out of the mansion now!
MARIAH: I'll try...

Mariah tries to get up again, but she hits the ceiling when she finally got up. She quickly leaves through the front door just in time to avoid getting stuck. Mariah's dizziness have finally gone away, but she finds herself a little bigger than the twenty-foot mansion.

MARIAH: Whoa...that was close...

The others followed out of the mansion.

SARAH: Mariah, you okay?

Mariah didn't answer. She just stared off of the distance. It was early in the afternoon, and the weather felt nice. Mariah began to relax until she heard Sarah's now distant voice.

SARAH: Mariah!
MARIAH: [turning to the group] Yeah?
SARAH: [loudly] Are you okay?
MARIAH: Yeah. I'm fine.
LAGADI: It looks like Mariah can barely hear us since she's so big.
MAX: Well, how are we supposed to get her back to normal?
CASCADIA: I have an idea!

Cascadia then creates a blue mirror that was similar to the ones the Aqua Sorcerors make.

CONNIE: Hey, where are you going?
CASCADIA: Littleroot Village! I'll be back!

Cascadia goes through the mirror.

MIRROR MARIAH: What is Cascadia up to? Well, there's no way we can get the next Mirror Shard with Mariah like this.

Just then, Mariah starts to fly off into the distance. Caroline tries to call out, but feels that it was useless.


Norman and a huge gorilla-like Pokemon were in a nearby city. Norman goes into a store when the gorilla Pokemon goes off to find something to eat. A young, fairly attractive woman wearing a black dress with a basket full of the Angit Berries that Mariah was eating caught his attention. She offered him some, and soon he started to eat mouthfuls. The woman smiled, but the smile soon became evil when she turns into a stream of smoke that suddenly surrounded him. The gorilla Pokemon stopped eating and tried to shoo the smoke away, but it was no use...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-28-2004, 02:48 PM
Later that day in the middle of a pathway between the Oldale Shrine and the Petalburg Mansion. The sun was setting, and several Pokemon were about to go home until they heard pounding footsteeps. They all fled in fear of what could be invading them. A family a raccoon Pokemon with bristly zigzag fur were running away when a young one fell. The footsteps grew closer and louder. The young Zigzagoon then turns around to see the gorilla Pokemon that was with Norman the other day. However, he was huge and his eyes glowed red. The parents of the Zigzagoon family tried to defend their child. The gorilla Pokemon then pulled back his fist and prepares to deliver a mighty punch when a familar rainbow colored beam hits him. He looked around to see where the attack come from and sees Mariah.

MARIAH: I can't believe that you'd attack something that's smaller than you! If you want a fight, deal with me!

The Zigzagoon family sees this as an opportunity to run away before the situation gets worse. The gorilla Pokemon then sets his sights on Mariah.

GORILLA POKEMON: And who might you be?
MARIAH: I'm glad you've asked that. I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!
GORILLA POKEMON: Is that so? Well, Slakong will take Mirror Girl down!

Slakong rears his fist and delivers a powerful punch, but Mariah flies out of the way. Mariah's Leaf Sword appears in her hand and slashes toward Slakong, but Slakong dodges and Mariah ends up cutting down a few trees with the sword. Mariah then tries Petal Drill and managed to hit Slakong, but he grabs her and tosses her. Mariah slid along the ground. Slakong rears his fist again and it starts glowing. Mariah gets out her wand again.

MARIAH: I just hope this trick that Mariah told me about works. Mirror Magic!

The wand shoots out a bright light at Slakong. A few seconds later, rocks rose from the ground and trapped him.

MARIAH: Whew. Even with my Pokemon back at the mansion, I can still use their attacks.

Slakong seemed to have lost his focus when Mariah attacked him, because he didn't seem to be able to continue the attack.

SLAKONG: Why, you! Mirror Girl will pay!

Slakong then disappears.

MARIAH: Huh? Where'd he go?

From out of nowhere, Slakong attacks Mariah from behind. Mariah falls on the ground, but she slowly get back up.

MARIAH: Okay. Time to end this! Mirror Magic!

The wand shoots out the light again, but this time everything appeared to be spinning. The dizzy feeling began to increase in speed, and Slakong gets really dizzy and collapses.

MARIAH: Well, I guess that's it. [flies off] I'd better head back to the mansion and make sure everything's all right.


Norman was at home, and his family and Sarah were shocked. Mirror Mariah was there too.

MAX: What?! Slaking's gone?!
NORMAN: Yes. I've looked everywhere in the village and I couldn't find him anywhere.
SARAH: I hope he's okay.
NORMAN: I sure hope so too.
MIRROR MARIAH: I wonder what happened to your Slaking, Master Norman... And Cascadia as well. She hasn't come back yet.
SARAH: Do you think we should look for them?
MIRROR MARIAH: It think it'll be a good idea. I'll get Connie.

Connie was upstairs in May's room listening to some music. Mirror Mariah then comes in, but Connie was too busy dancing to notice.

MIRROR MARIAH: Connie, we have a problem!
CONNIE: [not listening] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woo-hoo!
CONNIE: [turns to Mirror Mariah] What's the matter with you?! I'm trying to listen to some music if you mind! Boy, May has some good taste.

Mirror Mariah turns off the stereo.

MIRROR MARIAH: Listen to me. Master Norman's Slaking and Cascadia are missing and we have to find them. So we have to find them, and after that we have to deal with...

Pounding footsteps cut Mirror Mariah off. Everyone downstairs wondered what was going on.

NORMAN: What is that?!

They heard a moan and then a loud crash.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-29-2004, 01:10 AM
The group went outside and see the humongous Mariah on the ground. Norman was shocked and concerned, and everyone seem worried.

MAX: Huh? Mariah? Something wrong?

Mariah then sits up. Her stomach growled rather loudly, and Venonat hides behind Shuckle and shudders.

MARIAH: I'm starving... Haven't eaten anything since this began happening...
NORMAN: Huh? THAT'S the same Mariah that came here a while ago?
MAX: Yeah. She ate a lot of Angit Berries, and now she's huge!
NORMAN: Oh, no!
MARIAH: Hey, do you have anything to eat?

The others seem worried and wondered what to do.

MAX: Uh...anyone have any ideas?
VENONAT: You guys aren't going to have Miss Mariah eat me, are you?
SHUCKLE: No worries. I'm sure that Mariah isn't that hungry.

Just then, a blue mirror appears and Cascadia comes out of the mirror.

CASCADIA: I'm back.

Cascadia gets out a small bottle with a rose-colored liquid.

CASCADIA: I think I've got something that could get Mariah back to normal.
MARIAH: Really? Great!
CASCADIA: Okay. All you have to do is drink this, Mariah.

Just when Mariah could reach her antedote, a bright beam hits her and made Cascadia drop the bottle. It broke and the liquid spread to the ground.

LAGADI: Oh, no!
VENONAT: The antedote!

Worse yet, Slakong had arrived and sees Mariah.

MAX: What?!
NORMAN: Is that Slaking?!
SLAKONG: Slakong will crush Mirror Girl! Take revenge on Mirror Girl!

Unfortunetly, Mariah was really hungry and weak, making her an easy target for Slakong. Slakong disappears.

LAGADI: Uh-oh. Slaking is getting read for a Faint Attack.
GROVYLE: If he hits Mariah, we're done for!

Slakong then appears behind Mariah and prepares to attack.

MARIAH: Wind Defense!

A wall of wind managed to blow Slakong up into the air a bit before landing on his back and totally threw off his attack. Due to the fact that Mariah's was more powerful at her current size, however, everyone else was blown up quite a distance and all had rough landings.

MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah! You've gotta be more careful!
MARIAH: Right. Sorry about that.

Slakong then opens his mouth and light starts to form in it.

SHUCKLE: That's a Hyper Beam!
MARIAH: That's not good.

Before Slakong could launch his attack, there was an earthquake. Everyone was more panicked than they already were. A few moments later, a tree starts to grow where the bottle Cascadia had broke. It was small at first, but it grew larger until it was bigger than Slakong. Suddenly, several watermelon-like berries start to form.

NORMAN: Are those Watmel Berries?
CONNIE: They're gigantic!

To the group, the Watmel Berries were bigger than wrecking balls. To the twenty-three foot Mariah, however, the Berries were no bigger than bowling balls. Mariah heads to the tree and helped herself to a Watmel. She makes her Leaf Sword appear and cut the berry before eating it. By the time she finished one slice, Mariah wanted more.

CASCADIA: Uh...Mariah?
MARIAH: These are great! I love 'em!

Before Mariah could get to another slice, Slakong rears his fist and prepares to attack her. Mariah then attacks with her Leaf Sword. Slakong had a few minor cuts, but Slakong fight back by slashing Mariah. Mariah then flies up to dodge it, but Slakong then punches her rather far. Slakong goes after her.

SARAH: This isn't good.
CASCADIA: I'll go back to Littleroot Village. You guys warn everyone in that nearby city.

Meanwhile, Slakong prepares to slash Mariah again, but Mariah flies up to dodge the attack. Suddenly, both Mariah and Slakong felt dizzy. Max, Mirror Mariah, Norman, Caroline, Connie, Sarah, and the Pokemon appeared just in time to see Mariah and Slakong double in their current sizes.

MAX: Oh, no! I don't believe it!

Mariah then uses Mirror Magic and zips toward Slakong at full speed. The impact of her attack sent Slakong flying close to the edge of the city.

MAX: Oh, no! If they fight around the city, then people will be crushed!
MIRROR MARIAH: Right. Max, you and I will head to the mall to get the people out of there. [to everyone else] The rest of you go throughout the city and do the same.
CONNIE: Got it! Let's go!

Everyone went their own separate ways into the city.

05-29-2004, 02:52 AM
Whoa! This fic is something special! I love this created world and all these unique things you put into it. I wonder how long it took you to setup this one. Just dont update to much.. you know how I am with reading :oops: But let's get one thing straight right now: The Bronze Watch is totally pimp, if only I could control time... :devious:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-29-2004, 07:18 AM
May and her Torchic were with Lyoko at the mall. After buying some clothes, they were about to get something to eat and head back for the night when Mirror Mariah and Max ran past them. May begins to speak, but Mirror Mariah sees a nearby stage with a microphone. She heads there and taps on the mike a few times.

MIRROR MARIAH: People! Hello! Testing... Testing... Okay. [stops tapping] This is important, even though it sounds dumb...please don't laugh. It is EXTREMELY important that you leave the mall!
MAY: Why's that?

Other people are asking why. Max then steps up to the mike.

MAX: A giant Slaking and a giant girl are fighting around here, so everyone needs to get out NOW!

Everyone begins laughing at Max and Mirror Mariah. Lyoko seemed confused, and May and Torchic were rather ticked off at the two.

MIRROR MARIAH: [grows a vein on the side of her forehead] We're serious! This is for your own good!
LYOKO: [to May] What are they talking about?
MAY: I have no clue. [to Max and Mirror Mariah] You guys are crazy! I don't know what you're up to, but whatever it is, we don't have time to deal with it! [scoffs] A giant Slaking and a giant girl...
TORCHIC: Hey, Max, why not King Kong while you're at it?

May and Torchic's scorn toward Max and Mirror Mariah and the crowd's laughter was cut short by Mariah landing on top of the mall. Pieces of the roof surrounded the unsuspecting crowd and a few of the stores were destroyed. Everyone was now screaming as they head toward the nearest exit. Lyoko was holding on to May as they followed the rest of the crowd. Mirror Mariah and Max get loudspeakers and approach Mariah.

MIRROR MARIAH: You chose a great time to drop by.
MARIAH: Sorry about that.
MAX: We're already trying to get the people out of the city.
MARIAH: Thanks. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.
MIRROR MARIAH: Be careful, and good luck on getting Norman's Slaking back to normal!
MARIAH: Thanks!

Mariah then flies above Slakong. Slakong fired several beams at Mariah, but she dodges them. Grovyle was watching the battle while trying to get people out of a supermarket.

GROVYLE: [to himself] It'll be all over for Mariah if she gets hit with one of those Hyper Beams. [out loud] Okay, everyone! Keep going! Let's go!
LAGADI: Keep it moving, guys! Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt! Let's get going, people!

Mariah uses Mirror Magic again and speeds down feet first toward Slakong. When Mariah was close enough, Slaking grabs her legs and tosses her into a nearby building. Mariah seemed to be a bit injured from that, but she recovers by using Mirror Beam. It managed to hit Slakong, and Slakong counters with a Hyper Beam. Mariah dodges in the nick of time, but the attack causes a massive explosion on impact with a nearby house. Both of them seemed to be exhausted.

MARIAH: Looks like I've got you.
SLAKONG: Slakong will beat Mirror Girl!

The people that lived in the city were on a grass hill. Mirror Mariah seemed worried.

MIRROR MARIAH: This doesn't look good.
NORMAN: I'm wondering how did this happen to Slaking.
CONNIE: Come on, Mariah! Pound this guy! Get him!
MAX: I'm afraid it isn't that easy, Connie.
CONNIE: Well, if Mariah doesn't take that creep down, she's gonna be sorry! If I was in Mariah's shoes, I'd--
MIRROR MARIAH: Rip Slaking apart in three seconds flat?
CONNIE: Uh, yeah. That's exactly what I do.
MIRROR MARIAH: [to herself] Well, it's a good thing you didn't eat the Angit Berries.
CONNIE: I heard that!

Just then, the blue mirror appears, and Cascadia appears.

CONNIE: It's about time, fish face! What took you?
CASCADIA: Sorceror Birch and I had a pretty long talk, and it seems that he gave me a Berry Enhancing Potion by mistake.
MAX: Well, that explains the giant Watmel Berries.
MAY: Giant Watmel Berries?
MAX: I'll explain the whole thing later.
CASCADIA: Anyway, I've got the right one this time. Now, we have to get it to Mariah.
SARAH: That's not going to be easy. While you were gone, Mariah and Slaking got even bigger!

Cascadia then noticed that Mariah and Slakong were now towering over the buildings that were left standing. Mariah tries Mirror Magic once again and a purple powder was emitted from the wand. Slakong suddenly gets poisons, but the powder spreads throughout the city and heads toward the hill.

LAGADI: The Poison Powder's heading this way!
LYOKO: Let me handle this! [gets out two Pokeballs] Ulrich! Odd! Help us out!

Lights bursts out of the Pokeballs. One light formed into a brown bird with pink and yellow tail feathers and the other was a brown duck holding a leek. The bird was wearing a yellow bowtie and the duck was wearing a purple bandana around his neck.

GROVYLE: A Pidgeotto and a Farfetch'd! Of course!
SARAH: Those two look well.

Ulrich, the Pidgeotto with the bowtie, sees the Poison Powder and blows it back with his wings. Odd, the Farfetch'd with the bandana, followed suit. However, the powder was still going a bit strong.

ULRICH: We can't hold it back!
ODD: We need a little bit of help here!
LYOKO: Okay! Tornado Twirl!
CASCADIA: I'll help!

Lyoko flies up and begins spinning. She creates a tornado which made the powder head over the Cascadia's water shield, which puts it out.

LYOKO: Well, that takes care of that.
CASCADIA: I know. Thanks, kid.
LYOKO: [giggles] No problem.
ODD: Hey, Lyoko, what's going on?
LYOKO: Long story.

Mariah uses Mirror Beam, and Slakong uses Hyber Beam. Both attacks collided, and both of them were blown back. However, Mariah was worn out. Slakong, on the other hand, seemed to have endured the explosion and heads toward Mariah.

SLAKONG: Destroy Mirror Girl!

Slakong gathers what was left of his energy to rear his fist for a final blow. Mariah, having only one option, gets out the Bronze Watch and presses one of the buttons just before Slakong delivered the final blow. There was a loud whoosing sound and everything was frozen. Mariah uses Mirror Magic, and a strange light hits the immobile Slakong. It then went back to Mariah, and she seemed to have some of her energy back. She then presses the button again, and everything was back to normal again. However, Slakong collapsed on the ground and returned to a normal Slaking. Mariah, out of energy, collapsed as well. The sun rose as everyone approached the scene. Norman and his family approached his Slaking.

NORMAN: Slaking! Are you all right?
SLAKING: Whoa... What happened? I feel like someone threw a ton of bricks at me.
MAY: You'll be okay.
MAX: I'm just glad that you're back to your old self!
SARAH: Whew. What a night. We'd better get home.

Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and the Pokemon were with the exhausted Mariah.

ULRICH: Is she gonna be all right?
LYOKO: I hope so, Ulrich.
CONNIE: I couldn't tell who got more roughed up: Mariah or Slaking.
CASCADIA: Well, both attacks took their toll. That's for sure. [to Mariah] I think it'll work.

Cascadia hands Mariah a bottle with a purplish-pink liquid. The bottle was almost hard for Mariah to even see.

MARIAH: This is kinda small. Are you sure it'll work?
CASCADIA: Yeah. [opens the bottle] Here you go.

The liquid in the bottle emitted a scent that seemed to relax Mariah when she smelled it. She began to fall asleep as she returned to normal size.


Mariah was in May's room at the Petalburg Mansion, asleep in her bed. Everyone was with her.

SLAKING: So, she's the one that got me back to normal?
NORMAN: Yes, but she used up a lot of her energy and she's very tired now. She deserved a nice, long rest.
LYOKO: May? I'm sorry that you didn't get to spend the night with me at my house.
MAY: It's okay, Lyoko. I'll tell your mom and we'll arrange another time for that, okay?
LYOKO: All right...

Mirror Mariah has Mariah's wand. She recalls Mariah's Pokemon and places the wand beside her.

CONNIE: I hope she'll be all right. I'd hate to think we've wasted all this time getting the Shards only to find out that...
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah won't go down that easily.
LYOKO: Well, I think it's time for me to go home now. My mom is probably wondering where I am.
MIRROR MARIAH: We'll take you home. We don't mind taking a detour.
LYOKO: Thank you.
MIRROR MARIAH: As soon as Mariah wakes up, we'll take you back home. Where are you from, Lyoko?
LYOKO: Fortree Castle.
CONNIE: [loudly] Okay, then! After Mariah gets up, it's on to Fortree Castle!

Connie puts hand behind her head and laughs embarrassedly.

CONNIE: [softly] Oh, yeah. Sorry.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-30-2004, 07:12 AM
Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV26
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV26
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV26
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@Bright Powder LV26
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder
-Leech Life

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (orange, green, blue, and purple were used on Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10


Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Mirror Mariah, and Lyoko find themselves in a prarie. The weather was a sign that rain might be coming soon, and a low rumbling of thunder could be heard.

LYOKO: Uh-oh. It looks a storm...
CASCADIA: Yeah, and we don't want to be caught in one.

Mirror Mariah then sees a familar figure in the distance. She runs up to it, and the others follow.

MIRROR MARIAH: Lord Steven! Lord Steven, it's me!

Lord Steven turns and sees Mirror Mariah heading toward him.

LORD STEVEN: Oh, Mariah.
MIRROR MARIAH: [hugs Lord Steven] I'm glad that you're here!
LORD STEVEN: Uh...Mariah...?
MIRROR MARIAH: I thought I'd never see you again!
LORD STEVEN: [nervous laugh] Could you let me go please?

Mirror Mariah notices that she still is hugging Lord Steven and lets him go.

MIRROR MARIAH: I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me, Lord Steven. I guess I'm getting used to being in the outside world.
LORD STEVEN: It's okay. It's only natural for stuff like that to happen. Happened to me a few times. [lightly chuckles and sees the others] Are those your friends?
MIRROR MARIAH: [nods] Yes, sir.

Mariah and Lord Steven shake hands.

MIRROR MARIAH: This is Mariah. She's the girl I was telling you about.
LORD STEVEN: Well, Mariah, it's nice to finally meet you.
MARIAH: Thanks. Same here.

Lord Steven then moves on to Connie.

MIRROR MARIAH: And that's Connie.
LORD STEVEN: Well, hello, Connie.
CONNIE: Hey there.

Next up was Cascadia.

MIRROR MARIAH: This here is Cascadia.
LORD STEVEN: Hello there, Cascadia.
CASCADIA: It's nice to meet you.

Finally, there was Lyoko.

MIRROR MARIAH: And here is Lyoko.
LORD STEVEN: How do you do, Lyoko?
LYOKO: I'm fine. [light giggles]

Lord Steven then looks at the sky for a few seconds and then turns back to Mirror Mariah.

LORD STEVEN: Mariah, how many of the Mirror Shards did you get?
MIRROR MARIAH: Five. We've recently got the Balance Shard at a city near Petalburg Mansion.
LORD STEVEN: Good job. I knew it was tough for you, but I knew you managed to free Slaking from the force controlling him.

Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were freaked out by that, but Mirror Mariah blushed a bit and giggled.

MIRROR MARIAH: Well, all the credit should go to Mariah, sir. I really didn't do much.
LORD STEVEN: But still. Well done.
MIRROR MARIAH: Thank you, sir.
LORD STEVEN: [turns to Mariah] Oh, and I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a parent, but try to watch what you eat. Wouldn't want a repeat of what happened.
MARIAH: Uh...how did you...?
MIRROR MARIAH: Lord Steven can read my mind and trace events that recently happened. I could do the same thing, but not as well.
LORD STEVEN: I'm not sure how we were able to do this, but it's almost as if Mariah and I seem to have a little bit of each other with us. [pause] I'm sorry to leave so soon, but I have to go now. I hope I see you again.

A mirror forms next to Lord Steven, and he goes through it.

MARIAH: Lord Steven is pretty cool.
MIRROR MARIAH: [giggles] He sure is...
LYOKO: He's pretty mysterious, too.

Their thoughts about Lord Steven were cut short by a mysterious flame from out of the blue. Four figures approached them and revealed to be three Magma Magicians led by Rubyfire.

CONNIE: You again?!
RUBYFIRE: Well, well. You're the little girl I ran into back at Mt. Chimney.
CONNIE: Little girl?!
RUBYFIRE: That's right.
CONNIE: I'll show you that I'm no little girl!

The other three Magicians send out three wolf-like Pokemon to stop Connie.

CONNIE: You're stupid Mightyenas don't scare me! I'll rip 'em apart in three seconds flat!
MIGHTYENA 1: So, you think we're stupid, eh? Let's see how stupid you find this!

The Mightyena opens his mouth and a black ball of lightning forms in it. He then fires it at Connie, but Cascadia gets in the attack's path and blocks it with water shield.

CONNIE: Hey! I don't need help. I'll take 'em down.
CASCADIA: Even you can't take them all down.
CONNIE: All right. Fine. I'll take care of the main creep.
MIRROR MARIAH: Are you sure about this?

Rubyfire then sends out the yellow camel Pokemon.

RUBYFIRE: Numel, Rollout!
NUMEL: Okay!

The camel Pokemon, Numel, curls up into a ball and sends Mirror Mariah flying as he rolls into her. She crashes into a lake and made a huge splash. Numel then makes his way over to Mariah, but she stops it cold with a Mirror Beam.

RUBYFIRE: If that's how you wanna play, fine!

Mariah goes in to attack Rubyfire, but Connie stops her.

CONNIE: Mariah, stay out of this. This is just me and him.
CONNIE: Deal with the other Magicians.

Mariah then nods and heads with Cascadia. Lyoko joins them as the three Magma Magicians tell their Mightyenas to attack.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Orange!

The orange gem glows and shot out an orange light that forms into Lagadi. A blue Pokeball with a "net" on it appears in Cascadia's hands.

CASCADIA: Go, Krabby!

The Pokeball opens and releases a bright white light that forms into Krabby. Lyoko gets out a regular Pokeball with the Japanese flag on it.

LYOKO: Let's do it, Yumi!

The Pokemon opens and the light that was released from it forms into a crow Pokemon with a witch's hat. She was wearing a Japanese headband.

MARIAH: Okay. Let's take 'em down, Lagadi!
LAGADI: I'm ready to take these guys out!
CASCADIA: Krabby, are you ready to battle?
LYOKO: Let's do our best, Yumi!
YUMI: You know I always do, Lyoko!

The Magicians then laughed at the three girls.

MAGICIAN: Do you honest believe you can beat me with such weak Pokemon?
MIGHTYENA 1: I'll deal with the rabbit.
MIGHTYENA 2: I'll handle the Krabby.
MIGHTYENA 3: Which means the Murkrow is mine for the taking.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-30-2004, 11:01 PM
The first Magician with his Mightyena gets ready for the battle.

MAGICIAN 1: We'll show you the true power of the Magma Magicians! [to Mightyena] Shadow Ball!
MIGHTYENA 1: With pleasure!

Mightyena opens his mouth again and the black ball forms. Mariah was waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Mightyena then shoots the black ball at Lagadi.

MARIAH: Okay, Lagadi! Agility!

Lagadi then zips away before the attack hits. Mightyena looked around in confusion.

MARIAH: Double Kick!

The rabbit Pokemon then appears behind Mightyena and kicks him twice in the face. The Mightyena snarled at Lagadi.

MAGICIAN 1: Good. Quite good.
MARIAH: If you liked that, you'll love this! Lagadi, show 'em your Flame Wheel!

Before Lagadi could carry out her command, Cascadia's Krabby hits her. Lagadi gets knocked backwards.

KRABBY: Oops. Sorry.
LAGADI: It's okay.

The second Mightyena goes in with open jaws.

MARIAH: Lagadi! Quick Attack!
CASCADIA: Krabby! Bubble!

Lagadi heads toward the second Mightyena at full speed and rams into it. The force of her attack knocked the Mightyena into the first. Krabby then starts blowing bubbles at the two Pokemon. Both of the Magicians seemed furious.

MAGICIANS 1 & 2: Mightyena! Poison Fang!
MIGHTYENA 2: Let's get 'em!

Both Mightyenas lunged toward Lagadi and Krabby. They opened their mouths and their teeth glowed purple. Krabby gets out of the way in time, but Lagadi was badly hurt. To make matters worse, the attack seemed to have poisoned her.

MARIAH: You don't look too good, Lagadi.
LAGADI: No problem. I can handle it.
MARIAH: Okay! Lagadi, Flame Wheel!

Lagadi, surrounded in flames, charges toward Mightyena.

MAGICIAN 1: Get ready to finish it off, Mightyena! Use Tackle!

Mightyena heads for Lagadi. He was about to pull off the attack, but the flames were too hot. Lagadi bashes into Mightyena, finishing it off. The first Magician recalled his fallen Pokemon.

MAGICIAN 1: You'll pay for that!
MAGICIAN 3: I'll take care of the rabbit! Mightyena, aim a Shadow Ball at the rabbit and the Murkrow!

The third Mightyena fires a Shadow Ball, but this time it split into two balls of dark lightning. Yumi, Lyoko's Murkrow, was able to withstand it, but Lagadi didn't have the energy to dodge and gets hit. Mariah ended up recalling Lagadi.

MARIAH: Lagadi... It's up to Cascadia and Lyoko now.

Mariah was about to go off to make sure that Mirror Mariah was all right until Connie appears looking really roughed up.

CONNIE: What happened? Did I miss anything good?
MARIAH: Well, Lagadi managed to take down one of the Mightyenas, but...
CONNIE: Oh... Well, that Magma creep sure had a beating of his life, but he then he said that he had more important matters to do. If I see him again...

Krabby and Yumi were now engulfed by a huge cloud of sand. Neither Pokemon could see what was going on.

KRABBY: This doesn't look good.
YUMI: I'll say.
MAGICIAN 3: Iron Tail on the Murkrow!

The third Mightyena appears behind Yumi and hits her with his glowing tail. Yumi was breathing hard, exhausted from such an intense battle.

LYOKO: You can do it, Yumi! Use Drill Peck!
MAGICIAN 3: Another Iron Tail!

Yumi begins spinning as the Mightyena goes in with a glowing tail. Both attacks hit their mark, and both of them were awaiting to see the other one collapse. Surprisingly, the batlte was a draw. Yumi and Mightyena both collapsed at the exact same time, and both of their trainers had to recall their Pokemon.

MAGICIAN 3: You rotten, little...!
LYOKO: I could say the same for you!

Lyoko then puts Yumi's Pokeball away. She, Mariah, and Connie go off to find Mirror Mariah. The battle was all up to Cascadia and her Krabby now...

Neo Emolga
05-31-2004, 12:30 AM
Nice battle you have going on here JIG, I'm quite impressed! Keep up the good work, I love how this awesome story is developing!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-31-2004, 09:24 AM
MAGICIAN 2: Well, this is going to be fun. The battle comes down to me and a former Aqua Sorceress...
CASCADIA: Talk all you want. We'll end this.
KRABBY: That's right.
MAGICIAN 2: Let's see. Mightyena, Bite attack!
CASCADIA: Krabby! Slam attack!

Mightyena heads toward Krabby with open jaws, but Krabby jumps up and slams his claws on Mightyena's back.

KRABBY: Eat that!
MIGHTYENA 2: I won't go down that easily!

Mightyena's teeth then glowed purple as he tried to bite Krabby.

CASCADIA: Krabby! Harden!

Krabby glows for a few seconds and now have a shiny crystal covering. Mightyena's attack seemed to have failed.

CASCADIA: All right!
MAGICIAN 2: Time for my secret weapon. Hidden Power, Mightyena!
MIGHTYENA 2: I thought you never ask!

Orbs began to form and circle around Mightyena. They were white at first, then they changed to a bright yellow and began crackling with electricity. Suddenly, they were shot at Krabby, and he was hurt rather badly.

CASCADIA: I don't believe it! Are you okay, Krabby?
KRABBY: Yeah. I've dealt with worse electric attacks.
CASCADIA: Can you keep battling?
KRABBY: Cascadia, I'll never give up on you. I've never given up on you then, and I don't plan to start now.

The Mightyena attacks Krabby with Hidden Power again, but Krabby dodges it.

MAGICIAN 2: Mightyena! Bite attack!
CASCADIA: Krabby, use Vicegrip!

Mightyena heads for Krabby. However, Mightyena gets an unsuspecting surprise when his mouth was closed shut by Krabby's claws.

CASCADIA: Finish it off with Slam!

Krabby then lifts Mightyena in the air and slams him on the ground. Mightyena seemed to have fainted, and the Magician was forced to recall his Pokemon.

MAGICIAN 2: You may have won, but we'll be back!

The magician runs off as Cascadia hugs Krabby.

CASCADIA: Way to go, Krabby! I knew you could do it!

Just then, Krabby started glowing. He begins to grow and transform. When the light dimmed down, Krabby was a darker red and there were spikes on his head that were arranged like a crown.

CASCADIA: Oh... you've evolved... You've evolved into a Kingler!

She giggles as she hugs her Pokemon again. It began to rain, but Cascadia didn't care. Kingler then noticed that Cascadia was crying.

KINGLER: Something wrong?
CASCADIA: No. Nothing at all. Come on, let's find the others.

After a while of searching, Cascadia and Kingler ran into Lyoko and Mariah in an area full of tall grass.

CASCADIA: Hey, guys.
LYOKO: Miss Cascadia!
MARIAH: Hey, Cascadia! You okay?
CASCADIA: I'm fine, thanks. Krabby here evolved into a Kingler.
MARIAH: Congratulations.
KINGLER: Really appreciated it. How's that other Mariah?
LYOKO: She's doing fine. She's a bit hurt, though. Anyway, we'd better get out of this storm. The Mirror Guardian invited us to her Secret Base. She was kind enough to move its location to here in case it rained.

Mariah and Lyoko went ahead. Cascadia recalls Kingler and catches up.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-31-2004, 09:25 AM
Later that night, everyone but Mariah was asleep. It was still raining, but not as hard. In fact, it was almost to the point of drizzling. Mariah was outside on a rock that was near the Secret Base. She gets out her Wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Green!

The green light burst out of the wand and forms into Grovyle.

GROVYLE: Hey, Mariah. What's up?
MARIAH: I just wanted to have a little chat with you. Do you remember when we first started on the Pokemon Journey?
GROVYLE: Yeah, we were about to start it until we ended up here.
MARIAH: How long have we been here?
GROVYLE: I don't know.
MARIAH: I really don't know either. Sure, we've been here a few days... But that Dark Mariah says that her world is a few years ahead of this one... Maybe...
GROVYLE: You're worried that by the time you get back...
MARIAH: Yeah. By now, Dad and Grandma think I'm collecting Gym Badges instead of Mirror Shards. If Mom was still alive, she'd think the same thing too. I'm afraid that my family would fall apart. Grandma would die from being around for so long, and Dad... Well...
GROVYLE: Don't worry, Mariah. I'm sure everything will be okay.
MARIAH: Yeah... You know, at times like this, my best friend would say that. It usually makes me feel better, especially after my Mom's funeral two years ago...


Mariah was at school. It was lunchtime, and she was sitting at a table all alone. She seemed upset as she ate a hot dog and some slices of a Watmel Berry. Just then, someone sits with her. She had long, dark brown hair that reached almost halfway to her back. She had brown eyes that were almost darker than Mariah's. The girl wore a bright pink and yellow tie die t-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. She noticed the depressed look on Mariah's face.

GIRL: Hey, Mariah. What's wrong?

Mariah didn't answer. She just kept eating.

GIRL: Do you wanna talk about it? If you keep stuff that's bothering you to yourself, you might get sick from it.
MARIAH: I don't care, Lisa...
LISA: Oh... Does it have to do with the accident that your mom was in...?

Mariah then stopped eating and begins crying. Everyone around the area turned to the two girls.

MARIAH: Why did she have to die? Why? If that bus haven't barged into her car, she wouldn't have died! It's not fair! I can't believe it! I don't want her to die!

Mariah begins crying hysterically. Several classmates as well as the teacher on duty were with her.

MARIAH: Why did Mom leave me?! I don't want her to leave me! I want her back! I wanna laugh with her and have a good time! I don't want her to leave!
LISA: Mariah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that your mom died... But she's gone. She's gone for good. I know that no one can replace your mom in your life.
MARIAH: [cries a bit] But...
LISA: Trust me, Mariah. I'm your best friend, and I'm sure everything will be okay.

Mariah then stops crying and hugs Lisa.

MARIAH: Thanks, Lisa...

[end flashback]

Mariah starts to cry.

GROVYLE: What's wrong?
MARIAH: Losing someone you love is always a sad thing. I'm worried that... I just hope that my home will be the way it was before we came here. I don't want to lose whatever's left of my family.
GROVYLE: I understand. You've been through a lot.
MARIAH: Yeah. I have. Thanks for listening.
GROVYLE: You're welcome.

Mariah then sees a shining pink basket behind her. In it were large, pink, spiky berries. Also, there was a necklace that had a charm that was shaped like the berries. Mariah puts it on. She looks at it for a while.

MARIAH: What's this?
GROVYLE: I don't know.

Grovyle tries a berry, and then Mariah. The berries were rather spicy, and the two of them wanted some water. Suddenly, a stream of water hits them both in the face, dousing the spicy taste. The water came from a red octopus Pokemon.

MARIAH: Thanks.
GROVYLE: We needed that.
OCTOPUS POKEMON: No problem. What are you guys doing out so late?
MARIAH: Oh, notihng. Did you leave this basket here?
OCTOPUS POKEMON: Nope. Not at all.
MARIAH: Yeah. Anyway, we were leaving. Thanks for you help.
GROVYLE: See you around.

The octopus Pokemon waves good-bye as Mariah and Grovyle left. As Mariah sends out Venonat to re-enter the Secret Base, Dark Mariah were watching them.

DARK MARIAH: You'll need those Petaya Berries and the Petaya Necklace, Mariah. You'll need them.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
05-31-2004, 09:14 PM
The next day, the group then arrives at a huge building. Lyoko gets excited.

LYOKO: Hey! That's the Weather Institute! That means we're close to Fortree Castle!
MIRROR MARIAH: Great. We're almost there!

Just then, Cascadia has a sharp jolt go through her.

CASCADIA: Not again...
LYOKO: What is it, Miss Cascadia?
CASCADIA: The Aqua Sorcerors... they're in there...
MARIAH: What?! We had to deal with those Magma Magicians yesterday!
CASCADIA: I know, but it looks like they're the only ones that won't quit.

Cascadia enters the building, and the others followed. Dark Mariah then shows up with her Combusken, Corsola, and another Pokemon. Its silver coat shone in the sunlight. It had a tail that looked like a mirror, and it perked up its ears. It had purplish-bluish eyes. There was another Pokemon that had eye-like wings.

DARK MARIAH: Combusken... Corsola... Masquerain... Pseudeon... Let's go.

Dark Mariah and her Pokemon then entered the building.


The tower was rather huge and dark as the group noticed. Cascadia began to get a strange feeling they continued on. Suddenly, she screamed when she felt someone pulling her back. Connie, Lyoko, and Mirror Mariah felt someone pulled them too. Mariah turns back and saw there was no one behind them. Instead, electricity surrounded the four, but the electricity surrounding Mirror Mariah was pink while the electricity surrounding the others was blue and white.

CONNIE: I can't move!
CASCADIA: Me neither!
LYOKO: What's going on?
MIRROR MARIAH: [struggles to get free] I don't know, but I have a feeling that whoever did this didn't want an audience.

The lights then came on, and there were footsteps approaching them.

VOICE: I see that you've fell in the traps.
CASCADIA: That voice...

Water Sapphire, the person that Cascadia considers a rival, enters. She then notices that everyone but Mariah was immobile.

WATER SAPPHIRE: How'd you like the traps I've set? I call them the Aqua Mirror Catchers. It sucks you in them and surrounds you in electricity! I've made a very special one for that Mirror Girl, but it works even better on the Mirror Guardian.
MIRROR MARIAH: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah. You must be really proud.

The pink electricity then shocks Mirror Mariah, paralyzing her.

WATER SAPPHIRE: That's the other exclusive feature of that Aqua Mirror Catcher. It channels the electricity through your body so you can't move! But enough bragging. [to Mariah] Once I get you out of the way, the Aqua Sorcerors can continue achieving our goals.
MARIAH: You wish!
CASCADIA: Be careful, Mariah. Water Sapphire's tough.
MARIAH: I don't think you have to worry. If I could beat Archie, I can beat her.

Water Sapphire just laughed. Water-like energy then formed around Water Sapphire and shot up like a geyser. Mariah counters with Mirror Special. The Pokeball on the wand begins shining, and an orange light forms into a silhouette of Lagadi. It heads toward Water Sapphire's attack with flames around it. Both attacks clashed, and steam exploded throughout the room. Mariah attacks with Mirror Beam, but Water Sapphire dodges.

WATER SAPPHIRE: You'll have to do a lot better than that, my friend!

Water Sapphire then attacks with a beam of dark blue bubbles. Mariah tries to dodge by flying up, but they all hit her, and she begins to feel cold. She then falls to the ground on her back.

WATER SAPPHIRE: What's the matter, Mirror Girl? Are my attacks too much for you?

Mariah tried to get up, but her wings appear to be frozen.

MARIAH: Oh, no.
WATER SAPPHIRE: Give it up. You know you can't win against me.

The "water" appeared again, but time it forms into a silhouette of the submarine Pokemon from Cascadia's dream in Chapter 7.

CASCADIA: Oh, no... It can't be.
WATER SAPPHIRE: [laughs] This will end it! Hydro Magic!

A dizzying whirlpool of water headed straight to Mariah. Mariah was unable to fly or dodge due to her frozen wings. Just when all hope was lost, a strange window-like shield appears. It managed to block the attack, saving Mariah.


The window was formed by Pseudeon, the silver Pokemon that was with Dark Mariah. Combusken then appears and defrost Mariah's wings by blowing an explosive stream of fire.

PSEUDEON: Are you all right?
MARIAH: Yeah. Thanks.

Dark Mariah then appears with Corsola and Masquerain.

DARK MARIAH: Well, it's nice to see you again, Mariah.
MARIAH: Same here.

Water Sapphire couldn't believe what she saw.

WATER SAPHHIRE: Wait... [sees Dark Mariah] YOU'RE the one I've ran into back at Dewford Cave.
DARK MARIAH: That's right.
WATER SAPPHIRE: Doesn't matter! I'll get rid of all of you!

Water Sapphire attacks with the dark blue bubble beam again, but Pseudeon starts firing crystals from her body. The crystals hit the bubbles. While Dark Mariah's Pokemon kept Water Sapphire busy, Dark Mariah gets with Mariah.

DARK MARIAH: I see you noticed my present.
MARIAH: Present?

Dark Mariah points to the necklace Mariah was wearing.

MARIAH: Huh? You were the one who left that basket?
DARK MARIAH: I thought it'd help you.
MARIAH: I still have a bit of that spicy taste from last night.
DARK MARIAH: You'll get used to it. Anyway, those were Petaya Berries I left, and that necklace you're wearing is the Petaya Necklace. It's very valuable and very powerful.
MARIAH: What does it do?
DARK MARIAH: See for yourself. Just say "Life of Hoenn, give me power".
MARIAH: Okay. Life of Hoenn, give me power!

Just then, the necklace began flashing. Mariah suddenly felt strange as she goes into a trance and wakes in with a blank look in her eyes and in a strange voice.

MARIAH: Life is my power. Life is everything and I represent all living things.
DARK MARIAH: Petaya, your new master is the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl. Make sure you take care of her and guide her to the right path.
MARIAH: I will stay by my new master's side and devote my loyal guidance to her.

Pink energy slowy forms around Mariah for a few seconds. After that, Mariah snaps out of her trance.

MARIAH: Huh? What just happened?
DARK MARIAH: How do you feel, Mariah?
MARIAH: Well, for that brief second there, I felt some sort of energy going through me.
DARK MARIAH: It's the energy of life within. From this point on, it'll help you in the times when you really need it.

Just then, all of Dark Mariah's Pokemon were blown away by one of Water Sapphire's attacks. They seemed unable to continue and Dark Mariah had to recall them. Mariah then goes in, and Water Sapphire began to gather energy.

WATER SAPPHIRE: You again? You just don't know when to quit, do you?
MARIAH: I'm never giving up!

Mariah flies above Water Sapphire. Water Sapphire attacks with the dark blue beam of bubbles, but Mariah dodges. Water Sapphire tries the attack again, but Mariah uses Mirror Beam. However, around the rainbow colored beam were white lights that made it home in on Water Sapphire. She gets hit and knocked down, but she still had the energy to get up.

WATER SAPPHIRE: How...? How did you manage...?
MARIAH: It's time to end this!

Mariah begins to glow witn pinkish-purple energy. She then points her wand in the air and the necklace and the wand began glowing a bright pink.

MARIAH: Petaya Magic!

Just then, streaks out pink light went flying all over the place. Not only did it manage to hit Water Sapphire, but it also freed the others as well. Water Sapphire decided that it was a good time to surrender and leaves through a mirror she created. Mariah then descended down slowy on the ground and stops glowing.

MARIAH: Everyone okay?
CONNIE: Fine, thanks to you.
CASCADIA: I never thought that you were able to pull that off.
LYOKO: That was great!
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm pretty impressed by that new moves of yours!

Three of the pink lights head toward Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko. They also formed into necklaces. Connie's had a round blue charm with brown zigzag patterns, Cascadia's had a large round white charm with red dots on it, and Lyoko's had a green charm with cactus-like branches on top.

CONNIE: What are this?
CASCADIA: I don't know.
LYOKO: Me neither.
DARK MARIAH: I've given you your own necklaces. Connie has the Ganlon Necklace that holds the power of the land, Cascadia has the Liechi Necklace that holds the power of the sea, and Lyoko's necklace is the Salac necklace that has the power of the sky. These may provide help to you when you need it. Anyway, it was nice to see you guys again, but I have to get going. Dealing with Shadow Wing is no easy task.

Dark Mariah then creates a dark portal leading through her world. She goes through it as the others leave.

LYOKO: Well, I'm almost home.

Just then, Mirror Mariah then senses something and stops.

MIRROR MARIAH: A Mirror Shard...
MARIAH: Where? Where is it?
MIRROR MARIAH: It's really faint, but its... [points to the sky] Up there...

The others looked up. They couldn't see anything, but Lyoko makes out a castle floating in the sky...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-01-2004, 02:25 PM
Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV29
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV29
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV29
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@Bright Powder LV29
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (orange, green, blue, and purple were used on Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat respectively)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


The castle was now in full view. It was a castle a bit smaller than Mauville Palace, and it wasn't metal. It looked rather fairy tale-ish with bright white stone and red cones on it. Lyoko and Mirror Mariah began to get strange familar feelings.

LYOKO: There it is. It's Fortree Castle...
MIRROR MARIAH: And a Mirror Shard is there. Looks like we can kill two birds with one stone here, guys!
CONNIE: Only one problem. How should get up there?
LYOKO: There's a secret pathway. Follow me.

The five head over to a large tree in the distance. Lyoko forms wings on her back and heads to a branch with a golden rope on it. Suddenly, a tongue knocks her off the branch just before she could reach it. Lyoko starts to fall, but she flaps her wings to soften her landing.

LYOKO: Huh? What was that?
VOICE: Hey, kid! What are you doing on our turf?
LYOKO: Your turf?
VOICE 2: Yeah, OUR turf! What part of that didn't you understand!?

Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Mirror Mariah head to Lyoko. They try to find where to voices were coming from but to no avail.

MARIAH: Hey! Show yourselves!

Just then, four chameleon Pokemon start to fade in as jump down from the tree and land in front of the girls. One was red with a yellow zigzag pattern, another was yellow with a blue zigzag pattern, another blue with a green zigzag pattern, and their leader was green with a red zigzag pattern.

LYOKO: Who are you guys?
GREEN CHAMELEON POKEMON: And I'm Verde, the boss of this group!
ALL CHAMELEON POKEMON: And we're the Kecleon Gang!
ROJO: This is our area, ladies, so beat it!
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm sorry, but we're...
AZULA: [imitates buzzer] Sorry! Getting in our way is not the answer we were looking for!
AMARILLO: Well, boss, should we give 'em a constellation prize?
VERDE: Yeah. Give 'em a backside whoopin'!
AZULA: With pleasure! Me first!

Azula lashes out her tongue at Lyoko and hits her in the face.

AZULA: That was a clean shot. Mind if I go again?
ROJO: Let others have their turn!

Rojo lashes out his tongue at Cascadia. She tries to get out of the way, but she gets wrapped by his tongue. Amarillo then lashes out his tongue and licks her in the face.

AMARILLO: Who would've thought that a pretty girl would have a face that tasted good?
VERDE: Don't be bizarre, Amarillo. Wouldn't wanna scare her off?
AMARILLO: Yeah. Wouldn't want a repeat of what happened to my girlfriend.
CONNIE: That's it! You guys are making me sick!

Connie punches Rojo in the face, forcing him to let go of Cascadia. She then hits him a few more times, unaware that Verde uses his tongue to take Connie's helmet off her head and reel it into his mouth. Rojo then scratches Connie in the face. He then gets out a red marker and scribbles all over her face.

CONNIE: Why you...!
MARIAH: I'll take care of these guys!

Mariah gets out her wand, but Amarillo uses his tongue to get it and whack Mariah in the face with it. Rojo then laughs his head of when he caught a glimpse of Mariah's expression.

ROJO: That's a classic, Amarillo!
AMARILLO: Thank you, thank you.

Just then, Verde signals the Kecleon Gang to get going.

AZULA: We're sorry, but we have to go now. Hope we won't see you again!

The four Kecleons then head off. The girls were really annoyed with what happened. Just then, Connie noticed that her helmet was missing.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...Connie... Where's your helmet...?

Connie then balls her fists and screams at the top of her lungs.

CASCADIA: You can get another helmet like that, Connie.
CONNIE: I can't replace that helmet! I've made that helmet with my own two hands, and now a couple of color changing punks stole it from me! They're not gonna get away with this!

Connie stampedes off into the direction that the Kecleon Gang went. Lyoko began to go after her, but Mirror Mariah stops her.

MIRROR MARIAH: Let it go, Lyoko. Once Connie gets like that, you'll have a hard time calming her down. Besides, I can't blame her. Losing something you made is like losing your best friend.
LYOKO: I never thought of it that way.
CASCADIA: But we'd better follow her before she gets into trouble.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-02-2004, 03:59 AM
The Kecleon Gang were gathering nuts and berries from nearby bushes and putting them in Connie's helmet. When they've got enough, they begin eating.

AZULA: Well, that was a lot of fun.
ROJO: I hope we taught them a lesson for coming around in our turf.
AMARILLO: I don't know. That mermaid was pretty good-lookin'. I wouldn't mind her in the group.
ROJO: That'll never happen. Sheesh, you and girls...
AMARILLO: I know. I don't know which one I like better: datin' them or makin' their lives miserable.

The octopus Pokemon from chapter 12 and a crawfish Pokemon were walking along until they see the bushes the Kecleon Gang were picking from. They picked a few of some round blue berries and started to eat until a tongue swiped them out of their reach. The tongue belonged to Rojo, who ate them. The crawfish Pokemon gets really upset and launched a beam of bubbles from his claws. Rojo takes the attack but doesn't seem too injured. Bubbles then fade into his zigzag pattern.

ROJO: Oh, please. I've been hit by Bubblebeam attacks that actually hurt.
CRAWFISH POKEMON: You little...!
OCTOPUS POKEMON: Let me handle him, Corphish. I'll show these bullies what I'm made of!

The octopus Pokemon then has a mix of water and ink forming in his snout. He then fires it at Rojo, but Rojo seemed to resist the attack a lot more than he did the other one.

ROJO: You just gotta love our Color Change ability!

The octopus was about to attack again, but a jolt of electricity hits him as well as paralyzing him. The crawfish Pokemon, Corphish, heads over to his comrade.

CORPHISH: Hey, Octillery? You okay?
OCTILLERY: I'm fine. Can't move too well, but I'm fine.
CORPHISH: You cheater!
ROJO: Why are ya blamin' me? I didn't do anything.

Azula then appears on Corphish and lies on him like he was a lounge chair.

AZULA: He's right, hon. It's me. No need to thank me.

Corphish then pinches Azula's side. Azula moans in pain as she starts to get mad at the crawfish.

AZULA: Hey! That's no way to treat a lady!

Azula rapidly scratches Corphish in the face. Octillery tried to help, but he was completely immobilized by Azula's Thunder Wave attack. Amarillo then wraps his tongue around Octillery.

OCTILLERY: Hey! Cut it out!

Verde jumps into action. The zigzag pattern began glowing with strange colors.

VERDE: Okay. Time to wrap this up!

Verde launches a beam at both Octillery and Corphish. They both got blown away. Octillery and Corphish, seeing that they were outmatched and outnumbered, run away. The four Kecleons laughed at the two.

VERDE: I knew that the Psybeam trick would get 'em outta here!
AZULA: What a bunch of cowards!
ROJO: I wish I had a camera!
AMARILLO: [laughs] Suddenly I've forgotten about those girls we were pickin' on earlier! Hey! What do you see we find them? I'd love to see that girl get smacked in the face with her wand again!
ROJO: If you just forgot about those girls, why'd you have to bring up something so funny?
AMARILLO: So I lied. It's not my fault I'm good at it!
AZULA: [laughs] That little girl was so much fun to mess with! I'd like to mess with her some more. If we get lucky, I'll get us our first crybaby of the day!
VERDE: [gets Connie's helmet] Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get going!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-03-2004, 04:04 AM
The girls weren't too far away from the area the Kecleon were.

CONNIE: They have to be around here somewhere. When I get done with them, I'll pound 'em so hard that the pain will never go away! I'll show 'em that no one messes with me!
MARIAH: You have to relax a bit, Connie.
CONNIE: [not listening] They're going to get a nasty surprise: my fist!

The Kecleon Gang suddenly spotted the girls.

VERDE: Hey, hey! Looks like we've found 'em.
AMARILLO: Good. Now let's get this show on the road.

The Kecleon split up. Rojo changes color to blend into his surroundings as he creeps behind Connie. He then jumps on her and pulls on her pigtails.

LYOKO: Don't worry, Connie! [gets out Pokeball] Come on, Jeremy!

Lyoko throws the Pokeball high into the air. The familar white light burst out before falling back into Lyoko's hand. The light forms into an owl Pokemon wearing small glasses.

MIRROR MARIAH: Nice Noctowl, Lyoko.
CASCADIA: The glasses really suit him.

The Noctowl, Jeremy, sees Connie trying to get the invisible Rojo off of her.

JEREMY: What's up with her?
LYOKO: I don't know, Jeremy. Use Foresight to find out!

Jeremy's eyes start to glow red. Rojo was in full view.

JEREMY: It looks like a Kecleon!
LYOKO: Must be one of those bullies. Use Peck attack!
JEREMY: You didn't even have to ask.

Jeremy then flies toward Rojo and pecks him. Rojo becomes visible and tumbles on the ground a few times. His zigzag pattern gets a cloud pattern on it.

ROJO: Lucky shot.
LYOKO: Jeremy, Featherdance!

Jeremy begins flying around in circles horizontally and the vertically. He begins flapping his wings to release his loose down feathers. Rojo begins to let down his guard.

ROJO: Huh? That doesn't scare me, loser!
LYOKO: Okay, Jeremy! Time for Hypnosis!

Jeremy's eyes began glowing, but this time in a strange purple color. Rojo begins to feel woozy, but then snaps out of it. Just then, Rojo gets surrounded by electricity and fires it at Jeremy. Jeremy tries to fly up, but he gets shocked.

LYOKO: Jeremy!
JEREMY: Don't worry. I've faced Electric attacks a lot worse than that.

Just then, more electricity hits Jeremy from behind and shocks him even more. Jeremy fainted.

LYOKO: Oh, no!
MARIAH: Is he okay?
LYOKO: Where'd that other Shock Wave attack come from? [to Jeremy] Come back into your ball now.

Lyoko gets out Jeremy's Pokeball. The red light hits him, and he was pulled into the ball.

LYOKO: You cheater!
ROJO: Hey, it wasn't me.
MIRROR MARIAH: Then who was it?!

Amarillo appears behind Mirror Mariah and licks her ankle. Mirror Mariah screams as Amarillo wraps his tongue around her leg.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! Cut it out, you little...!
AMARILLO: [imitating Mirror Mariah] You little! You little!

Connie then grabs Amarillo, and he yelps in pain!

AMARILLO: Hey, kid! You're breaking my arms!
CONNIE: That's because I can't reach your neck! Now give my helmet before I do!
AMARILLO: I don't have your stupid helmet!

There was a whistle, and Azula was waving the helmet.


Connie was charging toward Azula and gets ready to deliver a good punch. However, the punch gets blocked when Azula wraps her tongue around her arm and throws her.

CONNIE: I hate you so much...
AZULA: Thank you for those kind words.

Mariah appears with her wand pointed at Azula.

MARIAH: I'll take care of you.
AZULA: [sarcastically] Oh, no.
AMARILLO: Need any help?
AZULA: No. Just bored.
AMARILLO: I'll fix that.

Amarillo turns invisible and jumps on Mariah and almost made her fall.

MARIAH: What was that for?!

Mariah then could feel Amarillo on her face. She prepares to use Mirror Beam on him, but Amarillo jumps away right before the attack was launched. The attack hits Mariah, and she hits the ground in a daze. Azula couldn't help but laugh.

AZULA: That was awesome!
AMARILLO: I'd like to thank all my fans for witnessing that hilarious moment.

Water suddenly surrounded Azula and Amarillo.

AZULA: Hey, what the...?

The attack was from Cascadia, who grabs them both.

CASCADIA: If you think you can drive us crazy, think again.
AZULA: On three. One...

They both began screaming as loudly as they could. Everyone but Rojo and Verde (who were used to the noise) covered their ears, and Cascadia lets the two go.

AZULA & AMARILLO: Thank you!

They both ran off with Rojo and Verde. Suddenly, Connie appears and punches Verde in the face so hard that he went flying into a tree (and almost knocked it down!).

CONNIE: I'm sick and tired of you punks. You harassed us, you took my helmet, and then you harassed us some more. Now's the time to make you pay for messing with me! I'll rip all four of ya apart in three seconds flat!

Verde gets up, although a little groggy. He and his team talk it over for a while, and then he stepped up.

VERDE: Bring it on, little girl.
CONNIE: You're going to regret that. I'm taking you on first.

Connie balls her fists and Verde glares at her. Mariah and the others decided to get out of the way.

LYOKO: [whispering to Cascadia] "I'll rip you apart in three seconds flat"? Does Connie always say stuff like that?
CASCADIA: [whispering] Sadly, yes.

Just then, Octillery and Corphish appeared next to Mariah.

MARIAH: Oh, hey there.
OCTILLERY: Hey! You're the girl with the Grovyle I met last night.
MARIAH: Yeah. I'm Mariah.
OCTILLERY: Nice to meet ya.
MARIAH: What's with the Corphish?
OCTILLERY: Well, he and I had a run in with the Kecleon Gang. They're only the biggest bullies in the Hoenn Mirror World. They started hanging around here a little while ago. Ever since then, no one could get to Fortree Castle.
MARIAH: I know.
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! That green Kecleon is making the first move!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-03-2004, 08:56 PM
Verde heads toward to Connie and scratches her in the face. Connie fights back by jumping up high and coming back down like a meteor, fist first. She lands hard enough to create a small earthquake. Several small cracks crept across the ground as they form into a large one heading to Verde. The larger crack then split into two and surround him.

VERDE: Ha ha! Looks like you missed me!
AZULA: Maybe not, boss.

The uncracked land around Verde began to wobble a bit, and he begins to wobble a bit. He then spots a nearby branch and lashes his tongue on to it and gets up there before the spot he was on crumbled.

VERDE: Whew. That was close.
ROJO: Hey, come on, boss! You're not gonna let her scare ya, are ya?
VERDE: Heck no! I'm just starting! [to himself] Starting to be whooped, that is...

Verde jumps down and lashes his tongue at Connie, but she gets out of the way. Connie starts to close in on Verde. Verde starts to lash his tongue out like mad, but Connie managed to dodge all of his attack. When Verde lashes out his tongue and Connie was close, shegrabs it and then lets it go. Verde's tongue zoomed back into his mouth and the force of it knocked him down. He was lying down on the ground with Xs in his eyes.

ROJO: Boss?
AZULA: Hey, boss? Can you hear us?

Verde didn't say anything. The other three Kecleon got very upset. Azula then puts Connie's helmet on her head.

AZULA: Okay, that's it!
AMARILLO: This is war, little girl!
ROJO: Let's get it on!

Rojo, Amarillo, and Azula turn invisible and split up. Connie looks around.

CONNIE: Not this again! Play fair, will you?!

Tongues from three different sides were shot at Connie. One smacked her in the face, another tied up her legs and made her fall, and the last hit her in the face again. Rojo appears in front of her and rapidly scratches her in the face. Octillery, disgusted with the three Kecleon, begins charging up electricity and fires it at Rojo. Rojo didn't seem able to get up. Corphish then appears behind him and pinches Rojo's tail. Octillery prepares to attack Azula, but Azula puts on a cute, innocent look.

AZULA: You wouldn't wanna hurt a cute girl like me, would you?
OCTILLERY: Uh... Well...
AZULA: Spare me, please.

Octillery starts to blush.

AZULA: Please... Pretty please...

Octillery seems to be totally in love with Azula, because he didn't expect to hit by her Psybeam. Octillery then starts to wobble a bit while blushing a bit. Corphish, just knocking out Rojo, heads for Azula. He slams his claws on the ground, and Azula was hit by strange balls of light.


Octillery recovers from his condition as Azula's zigzag pattern gets boulder pattern on it.

CONNIE: Thanks for your help.
CORPHISH: No problem.
OCTILLERY: [dazed] Glad to help.

Just then, Azula and Amarillo used a team Lick attack by lashing their tongues at the three. Connie and Octillery got away, but Corphish get hit and starts to shake.

CORPHISH: Oh... Can't...move...
CONNIE: I don't think it's posibble, but these guys are getting on my nerves even MORE that they were before!
OCTILLERY: I'll take the yellow one, and the blue one's yours.
CONNIE: Got it!

Octillery heads for Amarillo. Amarillo uses his Psybeam attack, and Octillery fires one of his own. Both attacks collided and blew Octillery and Amarillo back. Octillery attacks with a stream of water from his snout, and Amarillo takes the hit. Amarillo's zigzag pattern gets a bubble pattern.

OCTILLERY: Hmm... [sees Azula fighting Connie] I've got an idea. [calls out to Azula] HEY, YOU!

Azula was about to scratch Connie when hears Octillery. She was suddenly hit a beam of bubbles.

AZULA: No! Ow! Ow! That hurt!

Azula starts to shoo the attack away, unaware that Connie's helmet fell off her head. Corphish, gathering what was left of his energy, heads to the helmet as fast as he could and gets the helmet. He rushes toward Connie.

CORPHISH: Here you go.
CONNIE: Thanks! [puts her helmet on] All right!

Connie then notices that Azula didn't have a lot of energy left. Connie then gives her a good punch that sends her flying to Rojo and Verde. Amarillo, freaked out, starts to run off.

AMARILLO: All right! All right! I give! I give! [takes his fallen comrades] I'm gettin' outta here!

Amarillo rushes out of there as fast as her could. Octillery and Corphish sighed in relief, and Connie smiled.


The five went back to the large tree. Lyoko forms wings on her back and heads to the branch with the golden rope. She pulls it, and a stairway of light explodes into view. The others had to shield their eyes from the bright light. The light dimmed down, and the stairs were now nearly invisible.

LYOKO: [giggles] Follow me, guys!

The group heads up the stairs, but Octillery and Corphish appeared before Mariah could go.

MARIAH: Hey, guys.
OCTILLERY: Hey...uh... is it okay if we go with you?
MARIAH: Uh...well...

There was a very brief pause, then Corphish laughs.

CORPHISH: If you can't take both of us, take Octillery!
CORPHISH: Come on, pal. I'll be fine. Plus, I'll be ready for those creeps if they ever come back.
OCTILLERY: But, Corphish... You should go with Mariah. She needs someone agressive as you to back up that tough girl!
CORPHISH: Nah. It should be you. To be honest, I'm not really the traveling type.

Octillery thinks about the situation. He then lends out one of his tentacles. Corphish takes it and "shakes hands" with Octillery.

OCTILLERY: Okay, Corph. I'll miss you.
CORPHISH: Same here! [starts to cry] Now you two get going. I hate crying!

Octillery gets with his new trainer.

MARIAH: Looks like I have a new Pokemon.

The red Pokeball appears and opens. Octillery was transformed into a red light and gets sucked into the ball. Then, Mariah heads up the stairs as Corphish waved. A while after the group made it up to Fortree Castle, Corphish begins to go off but stops.

CORPHISH: Mariah, take care of my buddy...please.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-05-2004, 05:38 AM
Octillery(M)@-- LV30
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV31
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV31
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV31
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venonat(F)@Bright Powder LV31
Trait: Compound Eyes
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Poison Powder
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (all but yellow were used on Octillery, Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


NOTE: This chapter is a parody of the Code Lyoko series. If you're not familar with the series, you might be a little lost. You can find some info about Code Lyoko here (http://www.codelyoko.com).

After arriving at Fortree Castle, Mariah and Lyoko had a battle. Aelita appeared to be winning due to her advantage over Venonat, but Venonat shakes violently and released a poisonous powder right at Aelita. Aelita managed to blow the powder away and spreads her wings as she heads down towards Venonat.

MARIAH: Aelita's gone into a Wing Attack, Venonat! Dodge it!
VENONAT: Got it!

Venonat managed to dodge Aelita's attack in time.

LYOKO: Aelita, use Rage attack!
AELITA: Okay. Here I go!

Aelita then heads toward Venonat at a violent speed. Venonat starts to get nervous as she stepped back twice.

MARIAH: Use Stun Spore!

This time, Venonat lets out a brownish-gold powder as she shakes. Aelita was just in time as she was slowed down severely.

LYOKO: Aelita!
MARIAH: Okay, Venonat! Let's use Secret Power!

Venonat begins glowing and emits sparkling lights from her body. The lights then homed into Aelita and did some damage.

LYOKO: Aelita, are you okay?
LYOKO: Okay, Aelita! Use Wing Attack again!

Aelita starts to fly off, but the paralysis effect of the Stun Spore began to take effect.

AELITA: Uh-oh.
MARIAH: Okay, Venonat! Let's end this! Confusion!

Venonat then shoots a strange light from her antenae that headed for Aelita. The attack hits and Aelita had fainted. Lyoko rushes up to her Swellow while Venonat giggles and jumps for joy.

LYOKO: Aelita... are you okay?
AELITA: I'm fine.
LYOKO: There now. Take a rest. You did great.

Lyoko gets out Aelita's Pokeball. It opens and reels Aelita inside before closing.

MARIAH: Good battle, Lyoko.
LYOKO: Same here. Thanks.
MARIAH: Aelita's pretty tough.
LYOKO: Well, Aelita was the first Pokemon that I had, and she just evolved from a Taillow a few days ago.
VENONAT: That's pretty cool.

Venonat then starts to glow and transform. She rose into the air and is now a purple moth Pokemon.

MARIAH: Venonat...you evolved!
LYOKO: Wow, a Venomoth! Congratulations, Mariah!
MARIAH: Thanks, Lyoko.
VENOMOTH: Yeah, thanks. [giggles and blushes] I can't wait for Shuckle to see me...
MARIAH: Well, Shuckle can see you later. You need a rest.

Mariah recalls her newly evolved Pokemon and then notices the symbol on Aelita's Pokeball. A dot was surrounded a circle which was surrounded by a larger circle that had one line on top and three and the bottom.

MARIAH: What's that?
LYOKO: Oh... [looks at the symbol] You mean this? Oh. I always put symbols on my Pokeballs so that I know that they're mine.

Lyoko gets out her Pokeballs. Aside from Yumi's and Aelita's, there was a Pokeball with three stars in a triangle pattern, another with paw prints with a feather in the middle, and a blue and red Pokeball with a symbol similar to Aelita's except it was blue.

LYOKO: The one with the starts is Ulrich's, Odd has the one with the paw prints, and the Great Ball is Jeremy's.
MARIAH: Oh. I see. Good idea to do that.
WOMAN: Lyoko!

Lyoko turns and sees a purple haired woman dressed like a pilot. She runs up to her and hugs her.

LYOKO: Mommy!
WOMAN: Hi, sweetie. [kisses Lyoko] Where's May?
LYOKO: Change of plans.
WOMAN: Oh... I see... [sees Mariah] Oh, hello. I see you've met my daughter. My name's Winona.
MARIAH: Hi, there. I'm Mariah.
WINONA: Thank you for taking care of her. I hope she wasn't too much trouble.
MARIAH: Not at all.

Two Pokemon land near Winona. One of them was a Swellow and the other was a blue Pokemon with a cloud surrounding it.

WINONA: Oh. Hello there, Swellow and Altaria.
ALTARIA: Hello, Miss Winona.
SWELLOW: I see that Lyoko is back.
WINONA: Altaria, Swellow, this is Mariah.
MARIAH: Hi there.
WINONA: Mariah, that is Altaria and over there is Swellow.
LYOKO: Did I mention that my mom's Swellow is Aelita's mom?
MARIAH: Really?
LYOKO: Yep. [giggles]

Just then, Mirror Mariah and the others appeared and see Mariah, Lyoko, Winona, Swellow, and Altaria.

MARIAH: Hey! Any luck finding the Mirror Shard?
MIRROR MARIAH: No, not yet. Sorry.
CONNIE: We pretty much looked all around, but it doesn't seem to be here.
MARIAH: Let's look again later.
WINONA: What are you looking for?
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh, I'm sorry, miss. I'm the Guardian of the Mirrors, and I'm in a bit of a crisis. Can you help us out?

Later that night, the group were inside the castle. They were in a large room with a moderately long table. Everyone was eating dinner.

WINONA: So, you're looking for the Mirror Shards, is that right?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yes. We've been looking around here when we've got here, but we've found nothing so far.
WINONA: Well, I haven't seen anything strange.
CASCADIA: Do you think it might...?

Cascadia was distracted by Connie gobbling down her meal.

CASCADIA: Do you mind, Connie?! We're trying to get some infomation, and you're eating like a barbarian!
CONNIE: Well, we haven't eaten anything all day, Cascadia! [to Winona] I'd like seconds!
CASCADIA: I don't see why you're even with us.
CONNIE: In case you've forgotten, you're half fish, meaning that you'll taste great with lemons and tartar sauce!
CASCADIA: And in case YOU'VE forgotten, I was an Aqua Sorceress before I started having visions!
CONNIE: You call those dreams visions?!

Connie and Cascadia glared at each other. Mirror Mariah then stands up.

MIRROR MARIAH: Will you two put a sock in it?!

Cascadia and Connie gave each other one last glare and said nothing else.

CASCADIA: Anyway, do you think the Mirror Shard could be inside the castle?
WINONA: Well, I can't be too sure that is it. Normally, Altaria would tell me about stuff like that.

A few hours after dinner, the group gets ready for bed. Lyoko was in her room thinking about the situation until Connie comes in.

CONNIE: I can't believe that overgrown fish! Saying that I toss around too much...
LYOKO: Oh, hi there, Connie. You wanna sleep in my bed?
CONNIE: That's okay.

Connie heads over to a large Snorlax doll at corner of the room and makes herself comfortable. Lyoko walks over to her.

LYOKO: Uh...would you want a blanket?
CONNIE: I'm fine.
LYOKO: Oh...well, shouldn't you take your helmet off?
CONNIE: I always wear my helmet, even when I'm sleeping.
LYOKO: Oh...okay.

Lyoko heads to her bed. She gets out Yumi and Jeremy's Pokeballs and pressed the buttons. The balls open and shot out bright white lights that formed into Yumi and Jeremy.

LYOKO: Hey, can you look for the Mirror Shard that I was telling you guys about?
YUMI: Sure, Lyoko.
JEREMY: We'll let you know if we find anything.

Yumi and Jeremy flew out the window. Lyoko gets into her bed and gazes out the window before going to sleep.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-05-2004, 05:39 AM
Altaria was keeping watch outside the castle. Suddenly, she heards a strange noise and quickly turns around. She sees nothing.

ALTARIA: What...was that?

There was an evil laugh that words can't describe. It filled Altaria with fear, enough to keep her from moving. The strange smoke then surrounds Altaria. She tries to break free from it, but she fails. Yumi and Jeremy arrive at the scene. They both dive down, but a black shield from nowhere kept them at bay.

JEREMY: I'll go warn Lyoko. You try to figure out what's going on!
YUMI: Okay.

Jeremy flies off while Yumi gets ready for a fight. Altaria begins to transform into a humanoid with blue skin and white hair. Her dress and shoes were also white, and her wings were a dark blue. Yumi flies toward her, but Altaria blows her away. Yumi was knocked out.

ALTARIA: Now, it's time for XANA Harpy to take over.

XANA Harpy then enters the castle's main room and transforms it into a factory with a huge orb in the middle. In front of it was a large computer. XANA Harpy sits down and begins to type. On the screen, we see Mariah and Mirror Mariah asleep on the upper left, Cascadia on the lower left, Connie and Lyoko on the lower right, and Yumi on the upper right.

XANA HARPY: Transfer...

XANA Harpy then types again. Green lights start to flash on the Mariahs, then Cascadia, then Connie and Lyoko, and then Yumi.

XANA HARPY: Scanner...

A status box appears on the screen. When it reached 100%, it disappears, the other windows close, and a map appears.

XANA HARPY: Virtualization...

Everything suddenly flashed white...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-05-2004, 06:41 PM
Mariah was waking up and was shocked by her new surroundings. Instead of the room she and Mirror Mariah were sleeping in, she was in a large barren desert.

MARIAH: Oh, no... Where am I?
MIRROR MARIAH: What makes you think I'm not asking the same question?

Mirror Mariah was beside her, also surprised by the mysterious place she somehow ended up.

MARIAH: Well, we're nowhere near the castle, that's for sure. We haven't even found that Mirror Shard yet!
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, there's no choice but to find a way back and...
MARIAH: What is it? Something wrong?

Mirror Mariah turns and sees something approaching.

MIRROR MARIAH: What is it?

Back at the castle, XANA Harpy's computer screen was showing the desert area that Mariah and Mirror Mariah were in. In the lagre orb appeared to be an overworld map. Two green dots were flashing and a red one was approaching them.

XANA HARPY: Okay... Time to party.

The figure that was approaching Mariah and Mirror Mariah appeared to be a Nosepass.

MIRROR MARIAH: Maybe this guy can help us.

Mirror Mariah walks up to the Nosepass trying to be as polite as she could.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...excuse me? Can you please tell us where we are? We seem to be a bit lost--

The Nosepass cuts off Mirror Mariah by forming electricity around his nose and shooting it at her. She was blown right into Mariah and knocks her down.

MARIAH: That hurt.
MIRROR MARIAH: No kidding!

Another Nosepass appears and prepares to do the same thing, but Mariah gets out her Leaf Sword and uses Petal Drill on him. The Nosepass then fades away.

MARIAH: Okay. What was that?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know.

The other Nosepass charges toward Mariah, but she flies out of the way and the Nosepass heads into Mirror Mariah instead. At the same time, one of the green dots on the screen have a box above it with a status bar in it above it was a number that dropped from 80 to 20. The other green dot had 100, and the red has 70.

XANA HARPY: Only 20 life points left... I'll come back to these two later. Let's see what else is happening...

XANA Harpy types something and the screen was now showing a mountain area. There, Yumi woke up just in time to see two Pokeballs.

YUMI: Where am I? What's going on? I was fighting Altaria and the next thing I know, I'm here. And... [closely inspects the Pokeballs] what are Lyoko's Pokeballs doing here?!

Yumi pecks the buttons, and lights emerged from the balls and form into Ulrich and Odd.

ODD: Where are we?
YUMI: You're asking the wrong Pokemon. I have absolutely no idea.
ODD: Where's Lyoko and those other girls?
YUMI: I don't know, but I think they're here somewhere.
ULRICH: Well, let's start looking for Lyoko.

The search was cut short by electrical blasts shot at them. The attacks revealed themselves as a Nosepass and a ball Pokemon.

YUMI: Uh-oh.
ULRICH: "Uh-oh" is right. A Nosepass and an Electrode here? Not a good sign for us.
ODD: Just leave it to me. I'll handle 'em.
YUMI: Odd, it'll be better if I battled them.
ODD: Don't worry, Yumi. I have it covered.

Odd heads off while Yumi gives Ulrich a digusted look.

YUMI: If he says not to worry, why do I get worried?
ULRICH: I feel the same way.

Odd lands in front of Nosepass and Electrode.

ODD: Okay... [twirls his leek] Now, which one of you wants to go first?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-06-2004, 09:58 PM
The Electrode begins charging electricity as it starts to roll toward Odd.

ODD: Wait for it... Wait for it...

At the last possible moment, Odd flies up and Electrode rolls into a rock. Slightly injured but unwilling to give up, Electrode heads for Odd again. This time, Odd began flapping his wings to kick up sand.

ODD: I told you guys not to worry!

Yumi sighs in relief, but Ulrich spots the Nosepass getting ready to attack by charging electricity in his nose.

ULRICH: Odd, watch out!
ODD: Huh? Whoa!

Odd barely dodges the electric attack fired by Nosepass. However, the attack hits Yumi and she cries out in pain before falling to the ground. The overworld map back now had three green dots and two red ones. One of the green dots's number went from 100 to 60. XANA Harpy softly laughs as she listening to her current victims.

ULRICH: Yumi! Are you okay?
ODD: Yumi! Yumi!
YUMI: [moans] I'm fine...but I don't think I could take another hit like that.
XANA HARPY: Heh... Perhaps it's time to go back where I was earlier.

XANA Harpy pressed a button on the computer keyboard and the desert area that Mariah and Mirror Mariah were returned on the screen. With them are Groyvle and Marshflect. They tried their best to fight off one more Nosepass and two spider Pokemon, but things were looking grim. Mariah uses Mirror Beam on the spiders, but they dodged it and shot needles from their mouths that made a direct hit on Mariah. Mariah then falls to the ground and disappears.

GROVYLE: Huh? What happened to Mariah?
MARSHFLECT: No time to think about it now! Give me a hand!

Marshflect shoots a light brown ball from his mouth and managed to wipe out the spider Pokemon. Grovyle attacks by slashing the Nosepass with the leaves on his arm.

MARSHFLECT: Whew. That would close. The Ariados and the Nosepass were pretty tough.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah...but where's Mariah?


Mariah was now chained to a wall in a dark windowless dungeon. It was not very small, but it wasn't very large either. Mariah looked around a few times.

MARIAH: Oh...what happened? I remember being attacked by the Ariados and the next thing I know, I'm in here.
XANA HARPY'S VOICE: How did you like it in my virtual world? Did you have a good time?
MARIAH: Huh? Who's that?

A dim light appears and forms into XANA Harpy.

MARIAH: Who are you?!
XANA HARPY: Your worst nightmare. It looks like you're the first one to lose all of your life points.
MARIAH: Huh? Life points?
XANA HARPY: Of course. This IS my virtual world, after all. Once a person's life points are gone, they get transported to the dungeon.
MARIAH: What?!
XANA HARPY: Don't worry. You won't be alone. I'm sure your miserable little friends will be here soon.
MARIAH: I'll get out of this yet, and when I do, you'll be in big trouble!
XANA HARPY: [sarcastically] Oh, I'm so scared.
MARIAH: Shut up! I'll pound you till you won't be able to move! [pause] I just sounded like Connie...
XANA HARPY: Make all the threats you want. The only way to get out of the dungeon is to defeat me...but how can you when you don't have these?!

XANA Harpy then gets out Mariah's Mirror Wand, Leaf Sword, Mirror Bracelet, Bronze Watch, and Petaya Necklace.

MARIAH: Huh? How'd you get those?!
XANA HARPY: When someone's being transported to the dungeon, I'm able to steal their weapons! And look what else I've got!

XANA Harpy then gets out a wing shaped Mirror Shard. Mariah just sighed in frustration. Suddenly, Mirror Mariah and Marshflect appeared. They were chained to the wall next to Mariah.

MARIAH: Mariah?
MARSHFLECT: What's going on?! And how'd you get here?
MARIAH: Apparently we're not in Fortree Castle anymore. We're in some virtual world made by that weirdo over there, and when someone loses their life points, they end up here. Plus she took all my stuff and found the Mirror Shard.
MIRROR MARIAH: That can't be good.
XANA HARPY: Well, I'd better get going now. You'd better get ready for more company.

XANA Harpy then fades.

MIRROR MARIAH: Dang! If I knew something like this was going to happen, I wouldn't be in my human form.
MARIAH: "Human form"?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-08-2004, 12:38 AM
Connie and Lyoko are in a forest. They are both running from three bee Pokemon. One of them zoomed ahead and attempted to attack Lyoko with the needles on his arms, and the other two followed.

LYOKO: Aaah!
CONNIE: Don't worry. I'll handle this! A few Beedrill won't stop me!

Connie delivers a powerful punch to the first two Beedrill, but the third one managed to give her a minor sting. Lyoko then uses Tornado Twirl to blow the Beedrill away a bit. However, the Beedrill recovered and relentlessly attacked Lyoko with his needles. On the computer screen were two green dots that represented Connie and Lyoko and three red ones that represented the Beedrill. One green dot had 65 life points left and the other had 35. Two of the red dots had 80 life points and the third had 70.

XANA HARPY: That girl with the orange helmet isn't half bad. However, her friend only has 35 life points left. Looks like she'll be coming to the dungeon very soon.

Back in the forest, the Beedrill were getting ready to attack. Connie and Lyoko get ready as well. A feather forms into Lyoko's hand.

LYOKO: Let's go! Feather Cutter!

Lyoko tosses the feather at the Beedrill. One of them were hit, but recovered before it hit the ground. Connie gets ready to use Magma Flare, but one of the Beedrill head toward her with his tail needle and stings her. Connie's leg suddenly went numb.

LYOKO: Are you okay?
CONNIE: I don't think I can get up.

The other two Beedrill attacked Connie. Lyoko tried to help her up, but Connie disappears.

LYOKO: Huh? Connie? Where'd she go?

Lyoko's thoughts were interrupted by some needles shot by the three Beedrill. Lyoko uses rapid Feather Cutter attacks that hit their mark, but all three Beedrills fought back by relentlessly attacking Lyoko with their needles. Lyoko then falls.

LYOKO: No...


Cascadia was in an artic area, and she had her hands full. Not only was she trying to fight off some Beedrill and Ariados, but she also have to deal with a large crawfish Pokemon as well.

CASCADIA: [almost out of breath] I can't believe this! What is with these guys?!

One of the Ariados fires black lightning from her horn, and another follows firing needles. Cascadia uses her water shield to block the attacks.

CASCADIA: I'd really like some help about now!

Unfortunetly for Cascadia, Lyoko had just arrived in the dungeon. She was chained to the wall in the same fashion as Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Marshflect.

LYOKO: Where am I?
MARIAH: You don't wanna know.
LYOKO: Huh? Mariah?
MARIAH: Hey, Lyoko.
MIRROR MARIAH: It looks like you've got beaten too.
LYOKO: Yeah.

Connie, who was next to Lyoko, was struggling to get out of her chains but to no avail.

CONNIE: I've gotta get out of here! If this is someone's idea of a joke, I'll pound 'em till they won't be able to move!
MARIAH: Funny. I said the exact same thing, and I end up having all my items are stolen.
LYOKO: I wish I could help, but I don't have any of my Pokeballs.
MARSHFLECT: Let me try something.

Marshflect's halo begins glowing, but he then gets electrocuted.

MIRROR MARIAH: Marshflect!
MARIAH: Looks like that creep is using all the tricks she can think up...
MIRROR MARIAH: At least Cascadia and Grovyle are still out there. Somewhere. I just hope they're okay.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-09-2004, 12:16 AM
Grovyle had just finished off some Nosepass. Just then, something came to his mind when he looked up and saw a tower.

GROVYLE: Hmmm...could Mariah and the others be in there?

He then approached the strange beige tower. There didn't appear to be an entrance. Grovyle then prepares to use Leaf Blade, but instead of puncturing the tower, he went through with no problem.

GROVYLE: Huh?! What is this?!

Grovyle then looks at his surroundings. The tower's inside was blue and walls appeared to be full of binary code. He was totally bewildered as he walks across a platform that was shaped like the symbol on Aelita's Pokeball. Each time he stepped on a cetrain part of it, the outside circle glows, the smaller one, and finally the dot.

GROVYLE: Okay, what's going on here?

He was then raised up to another similar platform that glowed as the previous one when he landed. When Grovyle approached the middle, a screen appears in front of him. On it was a brief flash of Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd fighting off an Electrode and an Ariados.

GROVYLE: All right. It's safe to say that Mariah isn't here, but that little girl's Pokemon are out there somewhere! Now to find a way out of here. Maybe...

Grovyle heads to the wall and puts his hand through it. He then goes through it, but instead of ending up at the desert, he was at the mountain area.

GROVYLE: Now where am I?

Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd managed to easily defeat the Ariados, but the Electrode suddenly exlodes. The three bird Pokemon ended up being blown back and taking a lot of damage. On XANA Harpy's computer screen, Ulrich only had 25 life points left. Odd had 20, and Yumi had a dangerous 15.

XANA HARPY: This is just too much fun. If I keep this up, Shadow Wing will be able to easily take over the Hoenn Mirror World. What?!

XANA Harpy then notices an additional green dot on the far left corner of the screen. Grovyle now has 100 life points again (he originally had 45).

XANA HARPY: What?! How'd that Grovyle managed to get to the moutain area, and with his life points reset?! He must've found one of my towers. No matter!

Grovyle, keeping an eye out for familar faces, spotted the three injured birds and heads to help them.

GROVYLE: Hey, guys! You okay?
YUMI: [waking up] Yeah, we're fine...for now.
GROVYLE: It's about time I ran into someone familar.
ODD: Same here.
ULRICH: How'd you managed to get here?
GROVYLE: Some funky tower brought me here.
YUMI: A tower?
GROVYLE: Yeah. Over there.

Grovyle points to the tower, and the three birds looked up in awe.

GROVYLE: Something happened to Mariah and the others. Do you think we'll be able to find them?
ULRICH: One way to find out. Let's get going!


At the artic area, several Pokemon were looking for Cascadia. Some time passed, and the Pokemon eventually gave up looking and head off. Cascadia was hiding in the water and got to the surface just in time to see the Pokemon leave.

CASCADIA: Whew! That was close. They didn't notice me. Now to find a way out of here.

Cascadia sees something in the distance. As it get closer, she gets ready to attack. The four figured stopped and begin to attack as well, but they immediately stop. Cascadia stopped as well.

GROVYLE: Cascadia?
CASCADIA: Grovyle? What are you doing here?
GROVYLE: I was wondering the same thing about all of us. Have you seen Mariah and the others?
CASCADIA: No. Sorry. But I noticed you've brought Lyoko's Pokemon with you.
ULRICH: Yeah. We're looking for Lyoko to make sure she's okay.
YUMI: Hey, I've been wondering this, but do you think Winona might be in this world as well?
ODD: Hey, you're right. I haven't seen her either.
CASCADIA: Where do you think she could be?

Just then, strange bubbles hit Cascadia. Cascadia tried to get up, but she couldn't and disappears.

YUMI: Uh-oh!
GROVYLE: That's exactly what happened to Mariah!

Two Crawdaunts appeared and attacked by shooting bubbles at the remainder of the group. However, all four of them dodged the attack. Grovyle then rapidly slashes one of Crawdaunts. Once it was beaten, Grovyle shoots seeds from his mouth at the other. The other Crawdaunt was eventually beaten as well. Once the coast was clear, Grovyle headed off with Yumi, Ulrich and Odd following. Eventually, they came across another tower. However, it was a dark blue instead of beige and was a bit smaller. They went in and looked around.

YUMI: What is this place?
GROVYLE: Looks a lot different that the other tower we were in.

Instead of walls full of screens of binary, there was a small arena with four platforms with two on each side of the wall. There was barley any light except for the torches by the entrance. Just then, XANA Harpy appears.

XANA HARPY: Well, it appears you've made it to the final round.
ULRICH: Final round?
XANA HARPY: I'm pretty impressed. I was expecting at least one of your human friends to be here with you. Who would've thought that a Grovyle and three measly bird Pokemon would be able to make through my virtual world?
ODD: Virtual world?
XANA HARPY: That's right. Since this is the final round of the game, you'll get everything I've taken if you win. That includes your friends and...
ULRICH: And what?!
XANA HARPY: And the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder.

As if on cue, a cage is lowered. In it was Winona, tied and gagged. She struggled to escape, but tight ropes and locked chains kept her from doing so.

GROVYLE: Why you wicked, little...!
XANA HARPY: You'll get her back when you win. If you lose, however, not only will you be trapped here, but you'll also be deleted...forever!
GROVYLE: Well, I've got some bad news! The only one that's going to be deleted is you! So let's get it on! [to Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd] You guys ready?
YUMI: Yeah!
ULRICH: Let's go!
ODD: I'm game!
XANA HARPY: Well, then. Let's begin! Winner takes all, loser gets erased!

Neo Emolga
06-09-2004, 12:26 AM
Excellent job, JIG! I can't wait to see the final battle, this should be quite interesting considering their Pokemon are completely on their own without a human trainer.

You've done a remarkable job with this story! Keep it up!

06-09-2004, 08:09 PM
This is getting good. I can't wait to see the battle with XANA Harpy. I wonder what would happen if XANA Harpy lost all her life points....

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-10-2004, 12:25 AM
The leaves on Grovyle's arms began to glow as he heads toward XANA Harpy at top speed. XANA Harpy just laughes and dodges out of the way before Grovyle slashes her. XANA Harpy then flies up and dives down at Grovyle. She disappeared for a few seconds, and flames begin to surround her as she got closer. Yumi attempts to stop her by flying towars her and start spinning like mad. XANA Harpy and Yumi both collided and ended up losing life points, but Yumi appeared to lose more than XANA Harpy.

YUMI: Wait! How'd she managed to pull off a Flame Wheel attack?
GROVYLE: Oh, man...
YUMI: What is it?
GROVYLE: She... She disappeared and transformed into Mariah...!

Indeed, XANA Harpy now looked like Mariah, but her blue skin remained. Her white hair now has Mariah's hairstyle, and her dark blue wings were now rounded like Mariah's. She had Mariah's Wand and uses Mirror Beam on Grovyle.

XANA HARPY: [laughs] You think I could be beaten by a measly Leaf Blade and Drill Peck attack? I honestly thought you could do better! Don't worry, though. You and your Murkrow friend only have 70 life points left! I, on the other hand, have 85. Now, who's next to try their luck?
ULRICH: I think I might!

Ulrich flies and made two copies of himself. They all began to fly around XANA Harpy while looking for an opportunity to attack. XANA Harpy uses Mirror Beam to hit one of the Pidgeotto, but it disappears. Another one of Ulrich's clones headed for her. XANA Harpy then gets out the Leaf Sword and slashes it, but it disappears as well. Finally, Ulrich spreads out his wings and managed to get a good hit on XANA Harpy.

ULRICH: I got you!
GROVYLE: Not quite. She's transforming again!

XANA Harpy transforms again as she heads toward the left upper platform. This time, XANA Harpy was wearing a white samurai-esque outfit and had a sword.


XANA Harpy then leaps off the platform. She was holding the sword downward as she dove towards Ulrich. Ulrich dodges right before she landed, but the attack causes a massive earthquake. Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd avoided it by flying, and Grovyle managed to withstand the violent vibration.

ODD: Hey, Grovyle, you okay?
GROVYLE: I'm fine. Ground attacks aren't too much trouble for me.

Just then, XANA Harpy pulled off a move that was similar to Ulrich's Double Team attack. She made two copies of herself, but they surrounded the four in a triangle fashion. Flashes of light went through one close to the other.

GROVYLE: Oh, great.
YUMI: Let me try something.

Yumi then closes her eyes, and pinkish-purple orbs surrounded her. The orbs begin to increase in size as they spin faster around her. When they reached a certain size, the orbs zoomed off and managed to hit XANA Harpy. XANA Harpy almost fell but regained her balance and transformed again. This time, she was dressed as a geisha, complete with a white kimono and a metal fan. Odd goes in and tried to hit her with his leek, but XANA Harpy throws her fan like a frisbee at Odd. It hit the leek and cuts it in half.

ODD: No! Not my leek!
ULRICH: Don't worry, Odd. We'll--WHOA!

Ulrich rose high into the air, but he wasn't able to move his wings. He slowly drifted to Odd and was suddely slammed on top of him.

ODD: Ulrich!
ULRICH: Wasn't me!
XANA HARPY: [laughs] This is almost too easy!
ODD: It won't be easy for you anymore!

Odd grabs the pieces of his leek and throws them XANA Harpy. XANA Harpy smacks them away and transforms again as she heads to the lower right platform. She is now in a white bodysuit with a cat-like tail and gloves that look like a cat's paws.

ODD: What the...?
XANA HARPY: I could do better! Laser Arrow!

Darts were shot out from the glove and hit all four Pokemon. After several hits on them, XANA Harpy laughs at them as they fall on the ground.

XANA HARPY: All of you don't have many life points left. Looks like I'm gonna win!
YUMI: Maybe not!

Yumi heads over to XANA Harpy. Right before XANA Harpy could fire her arrows, Yumi's eyes began glowing a faint purple color before shooting black lightning. XANA Harpy couldn't avoid the attack from her current position and falls off the platform.

ULRICH: Whoa...
ODD: Nice going, Yumi. Perfect time for you to learn Night Shade.
GROVYLE: Okay, guys! Let's finish her off!
XANA HARPY: You won't beat me that easily! I may have 50 life points left, but you only have 25!
ULRICH: We'll see about that!

Ulrich spreads his wings out again, and Odd follows. XANA Harpy gets ready to transform again, but Ulrich hits her with his wings and Odd pecks her before she could get a chance. Grovyle fired seeds and Yumi fires more black lighting, and the two attacks combined and hit XANA Harpy. There was a suddenly explosion and then some smoke. A few seconds later the smoke cleared, and XANA Harpy was back to being a normal Altaria. She moaned in pain while Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd gawked at her in surprised.

YUMI: So, it was Altaria all along?!
ULRICH: No way!
ODD: Who would've thought that Altaria was able to make a world twisted as thing?
GROVYLE: Guys, I have a strong feeling the Altaria didn't do this on purpose.

Grovyle then approaches the injured blue Pokemon. She opens her eyes and looked around at the mess she made when she was XANA Harpy.

ALTARIA: Huh? Where am I? What is this?

Just then, a screen appears. Altaria heads over to it and touches it with her fluffy white wing. The "wingprint" flashes a few times before it disappears and replaced by Altaria's name. After a few seconds, the text is replaced with the word "CODE".

GROVYLE: Code? What's that?
YUMI: I have no idea. Perhaps something that Altaria did while she was being controlled?
ALTARIA: Controlled?
ODD: Yeah. You trapped us in this virtual world, and when we ran into you here, we had to get a little rough.
ALTARIA: Oh, my...

Altaria looks at the screen for a few seconds. She then puts in "WINONA". After a small delay, everything flashed white.

ALTARIA: Huh?! What's going on?!


Everyone was back in the main room of Fortree Castle. Everything was back to normal.

GROVYLE: Well, it looks like we're back.
ODD: This is definetly the real world, all right.

Altaria was with her trainer. Winona looked relieved that everything was normal, but Altaria was sobbing in guilt for what she had done.

ALTARIA: I'm sorry, Miss Winona. I'm really sorry. All I remember is that some evil force took me over, but I never thought it made trap you and your daughter and everyone in some twisted world!
WINONA: It's okay. I know you wouldn't do something like that on purpose, Altaria. By the way, how did you know that my name would be the code?
ALTARIA: I didn't. I just put it in to show how much you mean to me and how sorry I was for eveything that happened!

Just then, Lyoko, also in tears, runs up to her mother and hugs her.

LYOKO: Mommy!
WINONA: Lyoko! I'm so glad you're okay!
LYOKO: I thought I'd never see you again!
WINONA: It's okay, Lyoko. I'm here.
ALTARIA: Lyoko, I'm so sorry for what happened.

Lyoko just kept crying. Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd were with her as well. Relieved, Lyoko hugged them. Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Marshflect also appeared. Mariah was relieved when she was Grovyle and hugs him.

MARIAH: Grovyle!
GROVYLE: Hey, don't start crying too, Mariah!
MARIAH: I won't.

Mirror Mariah then notices the Feather Shard as well as Mariah's stuff. After they've got their belongings, they left the castle. Mirror Mariah then creates a portal, but before they can go through it, Lyoko and Winona appears.

LYOKO: Uh...I'm just...wondering... Is it...okay...if...if I come...with you guys?

Mirror Mariah walks up to Lyoko and puts her hand on her shoulder.


Mirror Mariah looks up at Winona, and then back to Lyoko.

MIRROR MARIAH: Lyoko, I'd like it a lot if you came with us. We need someone to handle the skies in case Mariah and I can't.
LYOKO: Re...really? Oh, thank you!
WINONA: Do you have all the stuff you need?
LYOKO: Yes, mommy.
MIRROR MARIAH: Don't worry, Miss Winona. Lyoko's in good hands.
LYOKO: [giggles] I normally don't like being away from home, but after seeing you guys, I feel like I'm ready for adventure myself!
WINONA: Just make sure that you don't get carried away, okay?

Lyoko nods.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay! We're off to find the next Mirror Shard! Let's go!

The five girls went through the portal. When it closes, Winona heads back to the castle.

WINONA: [to herself] I know that you're a big girl, Lyoko, but please be careful.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-11-2004, 04:21 AM
Octillery(M)@-- LV32
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV32
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV32
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV32
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV32
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (all but yellow were used on Octillery, Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


Several Magma Magicians are on an island very late at night. Several Mightyena, Numel, and bat-like Pokemon were on watch. Maxie was looking at a far away mountain until one of the Magma Magicians appeared.

MAGMA MAGICIAN: Sir, it looks like we're ready to go.
MAXIE: Good. Let's go.

As the Magma Magicians leave, Dark Mariah hides behind a rock and watches the Magma Magicians pack crates on a boat. As soon as they were ready to go, Dark Mariah flies to the boat. She gets out her wand and she begins glowing. When the glowing stopped, everything around Dark Mariah had seemed to increase in size. She flies into a small hole in one of the crates and hides.

DARK MARIAH: I just hope I can pull this off...


The next day, Mariah and the others arrived on the island. Cascadia seemed pleased with her surroundings.

CASCADIA: Wow! We've just got here, and I already feel like I'm at home!
LYOKO: Yeah, but would a Mirror Shard be at a place like this?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, it doesn't seem to be, because I don't sense anything. Besides, the place seems deserted, so--

Just then, a huge wave crashes over Mirror Mariah. When it died down, she was soaking wet and had seaweed in her hair. She gets it off as she heard laughing.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! Cut it out!
CONNIE: It wasn't me.

Just then, a family passes by and gives Connie a camera. The laughing came from two children as they appeared to be enjoying their vacation.

MAN: I'm sorry to interrupt anything, young lady, but would you mind taking a picture of me and my family?
CONNIE: Um...okay.

The family gathers. The parents and their children stood by each other.

CONNIE: Okay. Say "cheese".
FAMILY: Cheese!

After taking the picture, the family leaves.

CONNIE: Weird.
CASCADIA: No kidding. Looks like the place isn't deserted. [sees a nearby sign] Hey, what's this?

The sign reads "Welcome to Lilycove Island. Tourists are welcome!". The group then looked ahead and noticed that they were in the middle of an island resort.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay, I am so hoping that a Mirror Shard is NOT around here.
CONNIE: Well, we might as well have some fun while we're at it!

Mariah, Connie, and Lyoko head off. Mirror Mariah seemed rather upset.


Mirror Mariah then turns to Cascadia, but she sees that she was in the water with her Pokemon. Finally, she gives in and decides to head with the others.


The Magma Magicians arrived at their destination, which was a large moutain in the middle of a small "island". As soon as they got off the ship, they spot a few Aqua Sorcerors. Maxie spots Archie and suddenly got furious.

MAXIE: You?!
ARCHIE: It can't be!

While Archie and Maxie was arguing, Dark Mariah flew into a cave and returned to normal size. She then sends out a round blue and green Pokemon with spikes all over it.

DARK MARIAH: Qwilfish, I want you to go to Lilycove Island and find that girl I was telling you about. I have a strong feeling she's there.

The Pokemon, Qwifish, swims off.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-12-2004, 08:11 PM
Mariah was sitting on a lounge chair. Lyoko was with her. Her bathing suit was like Mariah's, except that it was a light green and had smaller ribbons. Lyoko was burying Odd in the sand. It was at the point where you can only see Odd's head and feet.

ODD: Okay, Lyoko. That's enough! I can barely move my wings anymore!
LYOKO: [giggles] Okay. I'll stop. I wanna go swimming for a while.

Lyoko heads off to the water while Odd gets out of the pile of sand he was covered in. He shakes off the sand while Yumi and Ulrich was laughing a bit.

ODD: Lyoko's a nice girl, but sometimes, she can be pretty tricky.
YUMI: I don't know. I kinda liked you in the sand.
ODD: Hey, you try having your feathers full of sand!

Lyoko was about to get in the water until Qwilfish approached the shore. Lyoko then gets scared and backs off.

LYOKO: Wh...wh...what...?!
QWILFISH: There's no need to worry. I'm currently looking for someone.
LYOKO: Uh...okay...

Cascadia and Mirror Mariah were at another area of the beach. Mirror Mariah was eating some ice cream when she saw Lyoko carrying Qwilfish (with a bit of difficulty).

LYOKO: Miss Cascadia! Miss Mariah! I...ow! Ow! I found this Qwilfish, and...ow! Ow! He wants to tell Miss Mariah something. He mentioned someone else named Mariah being at Mt. Pyre. Ow! [puts Qwilfish down] Oh...

Lyoko had several small cuts on her hands. Cascadia notices this and holds out her hands.

CASCADIA: Here, Lyoko. Give me your hands.
LYOKO: Okay.

Lyoko gives her hands to Cascadia. Cascadia begins glowing, and the light suddenly connects with Lyoko. After a few seconds, her hands were healed.

LYOKO: [giggles] Thank you, Miss Cascadia. Thank you very much.

Cascadia and Lyoko then turn their attention to Mirror Mariah, who was talking with the Qwilfish.

MIRROR MARIAH: So, you're one of the Shadow Mirror Guardian's Pokemon?
QWILFISH: Yeah. She needs your help.
MIRROR MARIAH: Okay. We'll get there as soon as possible.
CASCADIA: I'll get Mariah and Connie so we can get going.
QWILFISH: Thanks. I really appreciate this.


The group arrived at Mt. Pyre, which was the mountain on the "island". They looked around for Dark Mariah, but there was no sign of her.

CONNIE: [disgusted sigh] Where the heck is Little Miss Darkness anyway?
CASCADIA: Well, she's around here somewhere. She wouldn't ask us to come all the way out here for no reason.
DARK MARIAH: So, you've finally made it.

Dark Mariah then appears, but in completely different attire. She no longer had her spiked ball barrets or bat wings and was now wearing a dark green shirt with an olive vest, black pants, and black sneakers.

MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...is that...
DARK MARIAH: Yeah, it's me. Well, in my human form, rather.
MIRROR MARIAH: YOU have a human form too?
MARIAH: Obviously. I have clothes exactly like that.
DARK MARIAH: Well, I normally use my human form as a bit of a disguise tatic. [to Mirror Mariah] Aren't you able to change back and forth?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, for some odd reason, I haven't been able to switch to my Mirror Form. Anyway, how are things back in the Shadow Mirror World?
DARK MARIAH: Pretty tough, but when I remembered that you mentioned something about an incident like the one we had with Groudon happening here, I came as soon as I could. Fortunetly, I came just in time.
CASCADIA: So, what's going on?
DARK MARIAH: Well, the Aqua Sorcerors and the Magma Magicians just went into the mountain, but I don't know for what. They didn't say.
QWILFISH: Looks like we've got some work ahead of us.
MIRROR MARIAH: Sure do. We'd better get going.

Dark Mariah recalls Qwilfish, and the group entered the cave. However, it didn't look much like one when they got further. Instead, it looked like a cross between a chapel and a graveyard. There were several stain-painted glass despite the fact that there was almost no need for windows in a cave, and tombstones were in slightly crooked rows. There was a strange rusty chandelier that was able to give off a very dim light. The air felt rather damp and cold. Lyoko began to get scared, and Connie began to get skeptical and twirls her hair.

CONNIE: Okay... what are the Aqua Sorcerors and the Magma Magicians looking for in this dump?
CASCADIA: Connie, this is a graveyard!
CONNIE: It's still a bit of a dump. There's nothing around here except ghosts and a bunch of dead bodies.
LYOKO: Stop it, Connie!
MIRROR MARIAH: Don't worry, Lyoko. Graveyards aren't so bad in the middle of the day.

Just then, Dark Mariah starts to feel dizzy and falls down.

DARK MARIAH: Oh, no... Not again...
MIRROR MARIAH: What's wrong?

Dark Mariah didn't say anything. She just moaned and gets out her wand.

DARK MARIAH: Magical...Mirrors...of the Shadows... please give me...the power...to...protect...all from danger!

The red jewels on Dark Mariah's wand began glowing one by one. Then, they shot a light above the group and begin swirling into a cockscrew. After a short pause, the six lights started to shine on Dark Mariah. She now regained her wings, dark red sleeveless shirt with the black ribbon with the Pokeball on it, dark gray skirt, black high heels, and spiked ball barrets. The dizzy feeling had finally left her when her transformation was complete.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay...what was that all about?
DARK MARIAH: It's Shadow Wing. He's desperate to get rid of me. Ever since I first came here, he managed to follow me. This isn't the first time I had that weird feeling. It also happened back at Dewford Cavern. Fortunetly, I was in my Mirror Form so it was easy to get rid of it. The catch was I had to channel it to something else, namely Brawly's Makuhita.
CONNIE: What?! Mecha Makuhita happened because of you?! I know you were a stinker from the start!

Connie gets ready to punch Dark Mariah's face in, but Mariah and Cascadia stop her.

MARIAH: Come on, Connie! Calm down already!
CASCADIA: Yeah, she didn't mean it!
CONNIE: Then why did she want to get rid of us back at the Ocean Museum?! Tell us that, "Shadow Mariah"!
DARK MARIAH: It was because so much stuff was going on I didn't know who to trust, but--
CONNIE: Shut up! You've been messing us up for the last time! Let's end this right here and now!
DARK MARIAH: Connie, please. I'm just trying to...
VOICE: So, it's you again.

Rubyfire appears from the shadows, and Connie then jumps up.

CONNIE: What's up? Came back for another pounding?
RUBYFIRE: I'm surprised you managed to find us all the way out here. I was going to fight you again after the Magma Magicians have expanded the land, but perhaps I could play with you for a little while.
CONNIE: Well, you don't have to ask me twice. When I'm done with you, you'll have a heart attack the next time you hear my name! Nobody messes with the rock hard fighter extrodinaire and gets away with it!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-14-2004, 01:27 AM
Connie glared at Rubyfire, who just stood there looking rather confident. After a few seconds of silence, a red orb forms in Rubyfire's hand. He throws the orb in the air and it explodes into fireballs that headed for Connie. Connie dodges them and charges toward Rubyfire. Rubyfire attempted to repeat the same manuever, but Connie grabs his arm and throws him on the ground before he could get the chance. Before the fight could go on any longer, Maxie barges in. He seemed rather angry at what was going on.

MAXIE: Rubyfire, what in the world are you doing?!

Rubyfire, totally embarrassed and ashamed, quickly got up and bows to his leader.

RUBYFIRE: I'm sorry, sir. I was going to carry out my orders when this girl...
MAXIE: Because of your fooling around, those Aqua Sorcerors are already ahead of us! I'll take care of her and her friends while...

Dark Mariah then steps up. Her wand transforms into a mirror as she approaches Maxie.

DARK MARIAH: Take a good look at this, Sir Maxie. If expanding the land is your dream... the reason you're doing all of this... the vision you had... then this is what will happen.

Dark Mariah shows the mirror to Maxie. A bright light bursts through it, and what Maxie saw after it died down gave him a sickening feeling of shock. Instead of his reflection, he saw Slateport Beach. However, instead of the millions of people relaxing and having fun, the entire beach was now a barren wasteland that was void of people. Lots of water Pokemon were lying helplessly. Very little water was around. The people that were around seemed unable to handle the immense heat they felt. Just then, the mirror returned to normal. Maxie just stood there, shocked at what he saw.

MAXIE: What was that?
DARK MARIAH: Do you now know why your goal is dangerous? This almost happened back in the Shadow Mirror World. If it weren't for Mariah and her friends, it would be impossible for life to survive! Do you get it now?

There was a pause. Maxie and Rubyfire looked at each other for a few seconds and then at Dark Mariah.

MAXIE: Rubyfire...
RUBYFIRE: Yes, sir?
MAXIE: Tell all the Magma Magicians that there's a change of plans. We will NOT expand the land.

Rubyfire looked at his master in total surprise.

RUBYFIRE: Sir, are you sure about this? You know...
MAXIE: It can't be explained. Anyway, tell everyone that we have a new goal... We must stop the Aqua Sorcerors at all costs for the sake of everyone in the Hoenn Mirror World.
RUBYFIRE: Yes, sir.

Rubyfire leaves and Maxie heads out to another exit.

MAXIE: Come on. We don't have much time!

Everyone follows Maxie, but Connie stops.

CONNIE: [to herself] I still don't trust that girl. Sure, she helped us a few times, but there's something about her that really bothers me.


Outside was totally different from the inside. The air wasn't as cold as it was and there weren't as many tombstones, but as the group continued, the air began to get thinner. Lyoko didn't seem too bothered with it since she was used to high altitudes, and neither did Connie due to her high amount of stamina. In fact, because she endured the thin air, she was the first one at the mountaintop with Connie right behind. The others were struggling to get to the top. Even Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Dark Mariah had some trouble despite the fact they can fly as well as Lyoko.

LYOKO: Should we wait for you guys?
DARK MARIAH: You go on ahead. We'll catch up.
LYOKO: Okay.
MARIAH: Be careful, guys!
CONNIE: Don't worry. We'll be fine!

Connie and Lyoko didn't get too far when they encountered two of the Aqua Sorcerors.

LYOKO: Oh no!
AQUA SORCEROR 1: Well, well, well. What are little kids doing all the way out here?
AQUA SORCEROR 2: Doesn't matter.
CONNIE: I'll handle these creeps!
LYOKO: No. I'll deal with them.
CONNIE: But Lyoko...
LYOKO: Somebody needs to deal with the leader, and that should be you.
CONNIE: Hmm...good point. You know, Lyoko, I like how you think.
LYOKO: Mommy always told me to stand up for myself in hard times.
CONNIE: Heh. Winona have raised a pretty good kid. Just promise me you'll be careful.
LYOKO: Promise!

Connie heads off while Lyoko gets ready for anything.

AQUA SORCEROR 2: [chuckles] It's naptime for you, kiddo. Now to tuck you in! Go, Crawdaunt!
AQUA SORCEROR 1: Go, Wartortle!

Two lights burst out of the Pokeballs. One forms into the large crawfish, and the other forms into a turtle with a fluffy tail. Lyoko responds by sending out Yumi and Ulrich. Crawdaunt and Wartotle sneered at them.

CRAWDAUNT: Heh heh... This ought to be good...
WARTOTLE: Beat those two and send this kid crying to her mama.
LYOKO: We'll see about that! Yumi, Hidden Power! Ulrich, Sand Attack!

Ulrich starts flapping his wings and blows sand in Crawdaunt and Wartotle's faces. They struggled to wipe it off as orbs surrounded Yumi.

AQUA SORCEROR 1: Wartortle! Use Iron Tail on that Murkrow!
AQUA SORCEROR 2: Crawdaunt, Bubblebeam on the Pidgeotto!

Wartortle heads for Yumi as his tail starts glowing. Yumi responds by shooting the orbs at Wartortle. Wartortle gets hit and lost his balance. Although Yumi was safe, Crawdaunt opens his claw and shot bubbles at Ulrich. Ulrich flies up just in time.

AQUA SORCEROR 1: Wartortle, use Iron Tail again on both the Murkrow and then Pidgeotto!
AQUA SORCEROR 2: Crawdaunt, help Wartortle out with Bubblebeam!

Wartortle's tail glows again but he manages to hit Yumi with it. Crawdaunt then shoots bubbles at Yumi. Yumi was badly hurt from both attacks. The two water Pokemon head for Ulrich.

LYOKO: Ulrich, Gust attack on Wartortle!

Ulrich starts flapping his wings like mad. The forceful gust managed to blow Wartortle into Crawdaunt.

LYOKO: Nice job, Ulrich.
ULRICH: Thanks. Yumi doesn't look too good, though.

Yumi was struggling to get back up. When she finally did, she was exhausted.

LYOKO: Yumi, you okay?
YUMI: I'm fine...
ULRICH: Hey, Yumi, you think your Night Shade attack would work?
LYOKO: Huh? Yumi learned Night Shade?
LYOKO: It's worth a try. Yumi, use Night Shade on Wartortle! Ulrich, use another Gust on Crawdaunt!
AQUA SORCEROR 1: Wartotle, Water Pulse!
AQUA SORCEROR 2: Crawdaunt, Ice Beam!

All four Pokemon unleashed their attacks at once, and they all hit their marks.

AQUA SORCEROR 2: It looks like this match is over.

Indeed it was over. After a few seconds, Wartortle and Crawdaunt collapsed on the ground.

AQUA SORCEROR 2: We were beaten by a kid?!

Frustrated, the two Sorcerors recalled their Pokemon.

AQUA SORCEROR 1: Just a minor setback!

The two sorcerors ran off in the distance.

LYOKO: Good job, Yumi. You too, Ulrich.
YUMI: Thanks, Lyoko.
ULRICH: We did what we could.

Lyoko recalls her Pokemon as the others finally got to the top.

CASCADIA: Lyoko! We've made it.
LYOKO: Great! I'm glad to see you!
MIRROR MARIAH: Where's Connie?
LYOKO: She went off to find the leader.
RUBYFIRE: Well, then. Let's get going!

A flash appears in the distance. Thinking that it may lead them to Archie, they head in the direction of the flash.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-15-2004, 08:39 AM
When they got there, they saw Connie getting roughed up by Water Sapphire and Archie.

ARCHIE: Do you think you could beat us?
CONNIE: Yeah... There's no one better than me!
ARCHIE: Perhaps I should make you change the way you think!

As the blowing winds and the raging water surrounding Archie form into a tornado, Water Sapphire takes a small red orb from an altar and leaves through a mirror portal she created. The tornado that Archie has created headed toward Connie when something strange happened. Connie's Ganlon Necklace begins flashing, and when the attack hits, there was a huge explosion. When it died down, everyone was surprised. Archie's attack would've finished off Connie, but she was completely unscathed and appeared to be in a trance.

CONNIE: Ganlon Magic!

Connie balls her fists and slams them on the ground. The force causes a massive earthquake powerful enough to make even the tombstone crack apart. Archie, almost getting hit by a few large rocks due to Connie's massive attack, creates a mirror portal in order to escape. A blue orb suddenly rolls off the altar and heads toward Cascadia. She picks it up and wonders what it was as Archie was getting ready to leave.

ARCHIE: Just you wait! You may have beaten me, but we've got what we need! If you think you can catch us, come to Slateport Beach!

Archie goes through the portal as Connie snapped out of her trance.

CONNIE: Huh? What happened? [notices the others staring at her] Okay...why are you guys looking at me like that?
LYOKO: Uh...
MARIAH: Connie... you... you...
CASCADIA: I guess now would be an appropiate time to borrow your famous quote and say that you managed to rip Archie apart in three seconds flat.
CONNIE: [chuckles] I knew I'd kick that creep's sorry backside sooner or later.
CASCADIA: Hey, don't push it now. You were lucky to survive Archie's best attack.
RUBYFIRE: As much as I hate to admit it, little girl, you're pretty tough. Almost no one would be able to stand against an attack like that, let alone be able to pull off something even more powerful as you did.
CONNIE: Okay. You lost me. You said I survived his best attack.
MARIAH: Yeah, and after that, you used some attack called Ganlon Magic.
CONNIE: Uh... Ganlon what?
DARK MARIAH: It seemed that the Ganlon Necklace have activated right before the attack hits. That what made Connie used the attack. That trance Connie was in was the sign that the Ganlon Necklace has accepted her as her master.
CONNIE: Heh... Maybe you DO have a good use after all...
MIRROR MARIAH: Guys? As much as I want to figure out these necklaces, we'd better get going to Slateport Beach! Who knows what the Aqua Sorcerors are up to there?

Mirror Mariah creates a portal and everyone goes through. Cascadia remained and studied the blue orb a bit more, then she went through before the portal closes.


Captain Stern was heading to the Ocean Mirror Museum. He was surprised to see Water Sapphire and two Aqua Sorcerors with her.

CAPTAIN STERN: Huh? What's going on?
WATER SAPPHIRE: We're just here to borrow something from you...
CAPTAIN STERN: W...wh...what is it that you want?
WATER SAPPHIRE: Nothing much. We just want your submarine.
CAPTAIN STERN: The Reflection Explorer I?! No! Not that! Anything but that! No...!

Water Sapphire lets out a light evil chuckle and heads for Captain Stern.

WATER SAPPHIRE: You know that it's not a good idea to resist.
CAPTAIN STERN: No! The submarine is very valuable! You shouldn't...

Fortunetly for Captain Stern, the gang appears. Water Sapphire gets annoyed by this and the Aqua Sorcerors that were with her attacked, but Lyoko and Rubyfire confronted them.

AQUA SORCEROR 1: Get out of our way!
RUBYFIRE: Over my dead body! Meteor Wave!
LYOKO: Bird Cannon!

Rubyfire forms red fire-like energy in his hands, collected it in an orb, and shoots it at one of the Aqua Sorcerors once it was at the right size. Lyoko sends out Aelita and gets on her. Wings formed on Lyoko's back as Aelita, as if shot out of a cannon, zoomed off at the other Sorceror.

WATER SAPPHIRE: [growls] Lucky shot.
CASCADIA: Time to end this here and now, Water Sapphire!
WATER SAPPHIRE: Now, Cascadia, do you really think an insane and paranoid mermaid like you can beat me?
CASCADIA: Listen, those dreams I've been having will come true! I know it! Once the Pokemon of the Sea is unleashed, you'll...
WATER SAPPHIRE: Shut up, you sorry excuse for a psychic! Geyser Rush!

Water-like energy shot up behind Water Sapphire like a geyser and homed in on Cascadia, scoring a direct hit. Mariah then gets out her Bronze Watch and presses a button just before Water Sapphire unleashed another Geyser Rush. The now-familiar whooshing sound was followed by Water Sapphire's attack coming at Mariah very slowly. Mariah had no problem dodging it. She heads for Water Sapphire and slashes her a few times with the Leaf Sword. Mariah then pushes another button on the Bronze Watch, and time resumed normally. However, Water Sapphire moans in pain.

WATER SAPPHIRE: What in the... It can't be! How could you dodge my attack and managed to hit me so quickly?! It's almost... almost as if time slowed down for everyone but you!
MARIAH: Maybe because it did?
WATER SAPPHIRE: No matter. I have other plans.

Water Sapphire then gets out a remote and presses the button in the center. Suddenly, Mariah was pulled into a nearby wall and pink electricity shocked and paralyzed her.

MARIAH: Huh?! What happened?! I... I can't move!
WATER SAPPHIRE: I've brought an Aqua Mirror Catcher in case we've run into you. Of course, it worked like a charm.

Water Sapphire snapped her fingers, and a mirror portal appeared above Mariah. Unable to move, Mariah ended up being inhaled into the portal.


Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko all head toward Mariah to save her, but the portal closed before they had a chance to do anything.

CONNIE: Shoot...
LYOKO: Mariah...
CASCADIA: [to Water Sapphire] What happened to Mariah?! What happened to her?! TELL ME!
WATER SAPPHIRE: I love to stay and chat, but I have to go. Later.

Water Sapphire and the Aqua Sorcerors left. Captain Stern was shocked by what happened.

CAPTAIN STERN: The Aqua Sorcerors are ruthless. Ruthless, I tell you.
MAXIE: I know. They'll do anything to expand the sea.
RUBYFIRE: Unless we stop them.
DARK MARIAH: Yes... we should...
MIRROR MARIAH: Let's head back to Lilycove Island. We should be able to find some clues there.

Dark Mariah nods and the remainder of the group set for Lilycove Island.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-15-2004, 08:44 PM
Octillery(M)@-- LV33
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV33
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV33
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV33
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV33
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1

Rainbow Balls
Description: Five Pokeballs with each having a color of the rainbow (all but yellow were used on Octillery, Lagadi, Treecko, Shuckle, and Venonat)
Ability: Captures Pokemon matching the color of the ball
Obtained: Left by the fake Torchic in Chapter 2

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


Mariah wakes up and finds herself in a cage. All of her items were in metal box in the corner of the almost dark room. Fortunetly, Mariah was able to move again, but it didn't seem to help her much. She then starts to think about the things that happened to her since she first arrived in the strange mirror room where she first met Mirror Mariah. Never in her life did she expect to have magical powers in order to get to the point where she was now. Then, her mind began to drift to a time further back...


Mariah (five years old) was at a park near Littleroot Town with her mother. Just then, Lisa (also five) appears as well as a six-year-old boy with blond hair and blue eyes in a wheelchair who was wearing an orange shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. Mariah waves to her two friends.

MARIAH: Hi, Lisa! Hi, Mitch!
LISA: Hey, Mariah!
MITCH: Wanna play with us?
MARIAH: Okay. [to her mother] Hey, mommy. Is it okay if I go with Mitch and Lisa?
MARIAH'S MOTHER: Okay. I'll let you know when it's time to go.

Mariah laughs and goes with her friends. After playing for quite a while, the three were sitting under a tree. Mariah appears to be daydreaming about something until Lisa taps her shoulder.

LISA: Hey, Mariah. Whatcha doin'?
MARIAH: I'm just thinking...
MITCH: About what?
MARIAH: What if there was another world like this one?
LISA: What do you mean?
MARIAH: Well, what if there was a world like Hoenn? You know, something like it, but it'd be more like... uh... um... it's hard to explain, but... I'd imagine that a lot of things will be crazy... and funny... and well, more of a...
LISA: Looks like you've been reading too many storybooks.
MITCH: Well, she does like to think up crazy stuff. She probably thought up a world where Pokemon can talk and trainers can learn Pokemon attacks.
MARIAH: [laughs] Yeah...or maybe something like it... I'd like to go to a world like that someday...

Lisa and Mitch began to laugh, and Mariah joins in as well.

[end flashback]

Mariah sighs as she looks around.

MARIAH: Well, won't they be surprised to find out about this.

Suddenly, someone walks into the room. Mariah starts to feel a hint of nervousness go through her. The lights were turned on, and Mariah was a little surprised. It was a teenage girl who was dressed in the same fashion of the Aqua Sorcerors, but her robes were more of a cross shade of orange and amber. She was rather odd looking with one side of her short hair being black and another being dark blue. Her eyes were amber, even though they looked to be orange because they matched the color of her attire so well. What was really odd about her was that she had fox ears and a tail. She gets Mariah's items from the box and hands them to her.

MARIAH: Uh...thanks.
GIRL: No problem. Now let's bust you outta here.

Mariah takes a few steps back. The fox girl then gets on her knees and closes her eyes. Suddenly, the front bars of the cage began to rust and crumble. Mariah gets out while looking at the strange fox girl in total surprise.

MARIAH: Thanks again. I owe you one.
GIRL: You're welcome. My name's Junia. What's yours?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah.
JUNIA: Hey there. How'd you manage to end up in a dump like this?
MARIAH: It's a long story, but the Aqua Sorcerors managed to capture me.
JUNIA: Those creeps. I have some questions I'd like to ask Archie.
MARIAH: I'm worried about getting out of here.
JUNIA: Looks like I'd be able to help you again. Let's go!

They left the room and Mariah noticed that she was underwater as she looked through the windows and saw several water Pokemon swimming.

JUNIA: Yeah, a typical underwater hideout. The Aqua Sorcerors love their water.
MARIAH: No kidding.
JUNIA: Come on. Let's start looking for a way out.

Mariah and Junia head off.


The group have just left Lilycove Island. Connie and Rubyfire were riding on Cascadia's Milotic, and Maxie was riding on Cascadia's Gorebyss. Mirror Mariah, Dark Mariah and Lyoko were following them in the air. Cascadia was leading the group with her Vaporeon by her side.

VAPOREON: Sense anything, Cascadia?
CASCADIA: Not yet.

The group was suddenly stopped in their tracks when a large submarine rose from the surface.

CASCADIA: Whoa! What is that?
VOICE: Hello there, Cascadia?
CASCADIA: I don't have time, Water Sapphire! Where's Mariah?!
WATER SAPPHIRE: She's perfectly safe in our underwater hideout...for now.

Water Sapphire opens the submarine's top doors and gracefully jumps and lands on some nearby rocks.

WATER SAPPHIRE: We're still trying to figure out what to do with the little brat. I'll be more than happy to take you there. That is, if you beat me.
CASCADIA: Listen, Water Sapphire, I'm getting tired of this! What you're doing is too dangerous!
WATER SAPPHIRE: If you really care about the Mirror Girl, you'll be insane not to fight me. But then again, you've pretty much have the insanity part covered.
CASCADIA: All right! If that's what you want, fine! But I'll tell you this: for me, losing is not an option!

Water Sapphire just laughed at the comment and folds her arms. Cascadia became annoyed at this.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Well, it should. Oh, and Cascadia?
WATER SAPPHIRE: Let's take the duel underwater. [looks at the others] I DON'T want an audience.

06-15-2004, 09:45 PM
You have wright more. I want to know what happens. Oh well this a great story. Your a great writer so write more.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-16-2004, 07:27 PM
Cascadia dives into the sea and Water Sapphire follows suit. As Cascadia was heading toward the ocean floor, she sees the underwater hideout from the corner from her eye. Eventually, the two were on the ocean floor. Being underwater didn't bother Water Sapphire because she, like Cascadia and the other Aqua Sorcerors, was adapted to situations like this because of her ability to breathe underwater. Also, their attacks were more powerful underwater.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Okay, then... Let's begin!

Water Sapphire starts spinning and bubbles began to surround her. Once there was enough, the bubbles then covered Cascadia. Unable to see, Cascadia tries to shake them off. Water Sapphire dives down toward Cascadia at a high speed as she was surrounded by a blue glow. Water Sapphire's attack managed to hit Cascadia, but Cascadia recovers and heads toward Water Sapphire. Cascadia's tail began to glow a bright blue color and attempts to hit Water Sapphire with it.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Your Cerulean Tail trick won't work with me, Cascadia! Whirl Rings!

Small whirlpools formed around Water Sapphire's arms. When Cascadia was close, Water Sapphire fired the whirlpools at her. Once they hit Cascadia, she was trapped in a large whirlpool.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Time to wrap this up! Tsunami Shards!

Blue lights formed around Water Sapphire and were shot at Cascadia. As if providing Cascadia a way out, however, her Liechi Necklace began glowing. Water Sapphire's attack was suddenly stopped cold and the whirlpool that surrounded Cascadia explodes into nothingness.


Cascadia was now in a trance similar to Mariah and Connie. Water Sapphire suddenly gets nervous, but she gets over it and forms whirlpools around her arms again as she prepares for another Whirl Ring attack. This time around, however, Cascadia was ready.

CASCADIA: Liechi Magic!

Cascadia raised her arms and Water Sapphire suddenly rose out of the water. As she heads back down, Cascadia smacks her with her tail. Water Sapphire went flying near her submarine. Feeling a need to surrender to recover for a rematch, Water Sapphire enters her submarine.

WATER SAPPHIRE: I don't know what happened to you, but I'll be back for a rematch! Remember that, Cascadia!

The submarine dives back into the ocean, obviously heading back to the hideout. After a few seconds, Cascadia returns to normal and the group approached her.

CASCADIA: Huh? What happened?
VAPOREON: That was quick. But what was that weird feeling that I felt?
GOREBYSS: I've felt it too. It's almost like the sea exploded. At the same time, I sensed that Cascadia became some sort of underwater supernova or something...
CASCADIA: Weird feeling?
MILOTIC: It doesn't seem that Cascadia can remember what happened a few minutes ago...

Cascadia looks at her Liechi Necklace and remembers what happened to Connie back at Mt. Pyre.

CASCADIA: Looks like the same thing that happened to Connie happened to me.
DARK MARIAH: Yeah. Now, all we need is Lyoko's Salac Necklace to activate and we won't have much to worry about.
LYOKO: Uh...how do I know when it's going to activate?
DARK MARIAH: Well, it feels that the time is right.

Lyoko suddenly gets pale for a few moments.

LYOKO: I... I don't know...
DARK MARIAH: Don't worry about it, Lyoko. It only happens the first time.

Lyoko feels relieved. Cascadia then heads off.

CLOYSTER: Cascadia, where are you going?
CASCADIA: I don't know how, but I have a strong feeling that the hideout is right under us. Let's go!

Without asking questions, the group dove into the water.


Mariah and Junia just had their path cut off by a yellow muscular Pokemon with antennae on his head.

JUNIA: What's an Electabuzz doing here?!
ELECTABUZZ: I can't let you two pass! Master Archie's orders!
MARIAH: Huh? Since when did the Aqua Sorcerors raised an electric-type Pokemon?!
JUNIA: No, they have Pokemon guards at their hideouts. They're pratically all over the place.
ELECTABUZZ: Surrender if you still wanna breathe!
MARIAH: I'll handle this guy! [gets out her Wand] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Orange!

A flash of orange was unleashed from Mariah's wand and forms into Lagadi.

MARIAH: Okay, Lagadi! Let's go!
MARIAH: Quick Attack!

Lagadi zips off toward Electabuzz at top speed, but Electabuzz responds by shooting stars from his antennae. The stars hit Lagadi head on. Electricity then surrounds Electabuzz's fist as he prepares to attack Lagadi again. Lagadi managed to dodge the punch just in time and lands behind hom.

MARIAH: Bite attack, Lagadi!

Lagadi opens her mouth as wide as she could and bites Electabuzz's tail. Electabuzz yelled in pain but then starts to charge up electricity in his antennae before unleashing it all on Lagadi. Lagadi didn't appear too injured, but it was enough to make her let go.

MARIAH: Lagadi, are you okay?
LAGADI: I'm fine. Electric attacks don't bother me.
JUNIA: She does have a point. A Thunderbolt attack like that is powerful enough to knock out almost anything but a ground type in one hit. However, your Pokemon seemed to resist it.
MARIAH: That can't be right. The only Pokemon type I know that can resist Electric-type attacks are Grass-types... but Lagadi here is a Fire type. Do you think that it's her being a Mirror-type that might've caused it?
JUNIA: Mirror-type?
MARIAH: I'll explain later. Right now, we--
ELECTABUZZ: This isn't over!!!

Electabuzz then unleashed another powerful jolt of electricity at the three. They dodged, and Lagadi heads toward Electabuzz at full speed. Flames began to surround her as she rams into Electabuzz. Electabuzz, with little energy to continue, heads toward Lagadi at full speed. Lagadi does the same, and the little rabbit Pokemon bashes into Electabuzz. Both of them were tired, but Electabuzz collapses.

MARIAH: All right! Way to go, Lagadi!
LAGADI: Y...yeah...

Mariah, seeing that Lagadi could use a good rest, recalls her back into the wand. Suddenly, the yellow Rainbow Ball appears and heads over to Electabuzz. It opens up and lets out a yellow light at him before sucking him up.

MARIAH: Huh? Wait a sec... I didn't plan to catch that Electabuzz!

The yellow ball then returns to the wand. Suddenly, the Mirror Wand begins glowing and the gems started to flash in a chase pattern. Slow at first, then it increased in speed. After a while, all six gems shot out a light that forms into a rainbow. Mariah and Junia were surprised and confused beyond words as the light continues outside the underwater hideout. Not too far away, Mirror Mariah suddenly feels a new energy flowing through her when she saw the light in the distance. Noticing how close they were, Mirror Mariah motions everyone to hurry up. Cascadia, wondering what was going on with her, gets with Mirror Mariah.

CASCADIA: [telepathically] Mariah, what's up?

Mirror Mariah was too busy heading toward the light that she didn't answer. Eventually, they arrived at the hideout, but there didn't appear to be an entrance. Mirror Mariah sees the light again, and the feeling in her felt stronger since she was close to it.

MIRROR MARIAH: [thinking] Could it be...?
CASCADIA: [telepathically] Mariah, what's going on?
MIRROR MARIAH: [telepathically] Oh, sorry. I just had this... Never mind. Let's go.

Cascadia creates a mirror portal and everyone heads through it. They finally arrived at the inside of the hideout. Mirror Mariah sees the light once again, and the feeling grew even stronger. Suddenly, she heads toward it. Despite not having a clue about what's going on, they followed her.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-16-2004, 07:28 PM
Lord Steven was now in a strange palace in the sky, almost in space. He was sitting at the table. Sleeping near him was a Pokemon that looked like a larger Aron. Lord Steven was reading a book when he felted a strong feeling going through him, similar to the feeling Mirror Mariah had. Suddenly, a bright rainbow colored light surrounded him. The Pokemon woke up and ended up shielding his eyes.

POKEMON: Lord Steven! What's going on?!

When the light dimmed down, Lord Steven looked different. Before, he was wearing a peach colored shirt with a brown vest, brownish pants, and dark brown shoes. Now, he was wearing a black jacket with a horizontal purple zigzag pattern with a red shirt underneath, black pants, and black shoes. The Pokemon, Lairon, seemed surprised by his new look, but Lord Steven felt relieved...as if he wanted this to happen.

LORD STEVEN: Well, it looks like Mariah have finally done it.


Back at the hideout, Mirror Mariah sees Mariah and Junia.

MARIAH: It's about time! What's going on here?!
MIRROR MARIAH: The Wand... what happened?
MARIAH: The yellow Pokeball appeared and captured an Electabuzz. Then the wand started going crazy or something.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yes! For years, I've been waiting for this moment!
MARIAH: I don't see this as a reason for being a in good mood!
MIRROR MARIAH: I have every right to be in a good mood! I'll show you! Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger!

Suddenly, the light surrounded Mirror Mariah. Her shirt then changes from bright yellow to a pale rose color and a white ribbon with light blue at the end and a Pokeball in the middle of the bow appeared on it. Her skirt shrinks a little and turns white, and her headband turns into a peach colored ribbon. Her sandals turns into white high heels, she gets Pokeball barrets in her hair, and angel-like white wings form on her back. Mariah and Junia were speechless, and so did the others when they arrived and saw her.

MIRROR MARIAH: Finally! After spending way too much time in my human form, I've returned to my true Mirror Form at last!
DARK MARIAH: That's your Mirror Form?
DARK MARIAH: I don't know what to say...
MARIAH: How about show off later and get out of here now?

Suddenly, the alarms began to go off.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-17-2004, 08:39 AM
Several Aqua Sorcerors have arrived on the scene along with Water Sapphire, who was fully recovered.

MAXIE: Oh, no!
RUBYFIRE: It looks like we're surrounded!
WATER SAPPHIRE: You bet you are!
CASCADIA: Water Sapphire, I'm going to ask you one more time. It'll be a better idea if you just give up your mission to expand the sea for the sake of everyone! Please! I'm begging you!

There was a short pause. Finally, Water Sapphire begins laughing because she really didn't care about what Cascadia's visions were about.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Cascadia, listen to yourself. You're a mermaid who has telekenetic and telepathic powers and trains water Pokemon. From the day you were born, the sea was your life. You were an Aqua Sorceress because you felt that you couldn't live without the sea. Now, you've begin to have your dreams and visions about the world being in danger because what we were doing, and because of that you've became a renegade. You've adapted to the water, yet you're attempting to stop us because you think what we're doing is dangerous. To top it off, you've managed to get the leader and the top apprentice of the Magma Magicians and you're now siding with them. That is just twisted and stupid, Cascadia. You're obviously not fighting for what you love, so what in the world is your problem?

Cascadia was suddenly angered by that and appeared to have reached her limit.

CASCADIA: That's it. If you truly think like that, then I have no choice to consider you an insensitive, cold hearted person!
WATER SAPPHIRE: You're the one to talk! You're betraying us for a goal that would benefit you!

Water Sapphire creates a portal, but then she turns to her comrades.

WATER SAPPHIRE: I'm going to see Archie for something important. The rest of you... Punish Cascadia for her treason, and take down her friends as well!

As soon as Water Sapphire left, the Aqua Sorcerors began attacking with various water attacks. It was a long battle with one powerful attack after another. An Aqua Sorceress was attacking Cascadia and was about to deliver a powerful attack similar to Water Sapphire's Geyser Rush when Lyoko attacks the sorceress by throwing a razor sharp feather at her. Cascadia takes over by attacking with Mermaid Tears, and both of the bubble surrounded orbs managed to hit the sorceress. Meanwhile, a chubby Aqua Sorceror with a beard were attacked the Mariah trio by slamming his hand on the ground and a small river of water was heading quickly toward its target. However, the three flew up to dodge the attack. Mariah returned fire by using Mirror Special. Instead of the lights emitting from the wand with silhouettes of her Pokemon, a rainbow forms and splits into six mini comets that hit the attacking Sorceror. Bubbles that seemed to be on the verge of hitting Mirror Mariah whizzed by her, but she didn't care. She gets out her wand and aims it at the one attacking Mariah.

MIRROR MARIAH: Crystal Flash!

The wand shot out a large orb that splits into several smaller orbs. The orbs hit the chubby Sorceror. Dark Mariah was next to attack.

DARK MARIAH: Pseudo Storm!

Dark Mariah's wand began shooting sparks of black lightning into the air. The sparks then formed into a lightning bolt that headed down and shocking the Sorceror. Junia then smacks the Sorceror as hard as she could with her tail, knocking him out. There were less Aqua Sorcerors attacking the group because they were taken down rather easily. Some proved to be a bit more challenging than others. Eventually, Connie and Rubyfire teamed up to defeat the last two Aqua Sorcerors.

CONNIE: Guess that's about it.

And Connie was right. The battle had ended. All of the Sorcerors and Sorceresses were out cold.

JUNIA: Boy, talk about cutting it close.
MARIAH: Not really.
JUNIA: Come on. Tell me that you weren't scared.
CONNIE: If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't have a chance.
MARIAH: Well, maybe you're right. Thanks, guys.
CASCADIA: Glad that's over. Now let's get out of here.

Cascadia crates a portal, and everyone goes through and end up back on Lilycove Island.

JUNIA: Whew. Well, guys... It's been fun, but I'd better get going. Smell ya later!
MAXIE: Rubyfire and I must be going as well. We'll look for Team Aqua and let you know of everything.
DARK MARIAH: I have to get back to the Shadow Mirror World as well, but let me know in case you need anything!

And with that, Junia, Maxie and Rubyfire, and Dark Mariah went their separate ways. Lyoko waved goodbye, and Mirror Mariah was staring up into the sky.

MARIAH: What is it?
MIRROR MARIAH: You're not gonna believe this, but the next Mirror Shard...
MIRROR MARIAH: It's... up there.

Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko all facefaulted and quickly got back up.

CONNIE: Can you be a little more serious?!

Cascadia then spots a bright star in the sky. Mariah seemed rather confused by this because it was in the middle of the day, too early to be seeing stars in the sky.

MARIAH: [sarcastically] A star...in the middle of the day... That's natural.
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, that star can be seen at any time of the day. Guys, it's official. The next Mirror Shard is at Mossdeep Constellation!
CONNIE: Mossdeep Constellation? Okay, that gives us two problems. One: it's pratically in space, and two: the only way we get up there is when Lyoko learns how to fly at light speed.

As if taking Connie's comment litterally, Lyoko noticed her Salac Necklace glowing and suddenly fell in a trance. Everyone turned and saw the blank look in her eyes that Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia once had.

MARIAH: Uh...Lyoko?
CASCADIA: Lyoko, are you okay?
CONNIE: Earth to Lyoko! Hello?

Suddenly, green bubbles encased the remaining four. Lyoko's wings formed while the others tried to break free from the bubbles.

LYOKO: Let's go.

Lyoko takes off like a jet, and the others seemed skeptical.


Suddenly, the bubbles began floating and dashed into the air as well to follow Lyoko.


Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-18-2004, 09:40 PM
Octillery(M)@-- LV34
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV34
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Electabuzz(M)@-- LV34
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Quick Attack
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV34
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV34
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV34
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


Mossdeep Constellation was a rather strange place because it was a city at the edge of space. Two Japanese styled siblings were gazing at the stars. They were twins that had black hair in a bun, blue jackets and pants with red outlines, and black shoes. The difference between the two was that one had longer hair than the other. As a shooting star zips across the sparkling blue and purple sky, the boy with the shorter hair, Tate, turned to his sister.

TATE: It's beautiful, isn't it?

Liza, the girl with longer hair and two minutes younger than her twin brother, sighs in agreement. She then gets out a small lavendar book and begins reading.

TATE: Oh, Liza. Not the book again. You've read it a hundred times.
LIZA: I know. I know, but for some reason, I never seem to get tired of it. "Powers of the land, the sea, the sky, and living things..."
TATE: "The key to defeat the darkness lies in them". You always start reading that quote. I heard you read it so many times.
LIZA: Maybe you should read it for yourself.
TATE: [chuckles] Why not?

Liza hands Tate the book, and he starts reading the paragraph on the first page.

TATE: "Light and shadow will always be apart. No matter how similar they may be, light will be light and shadow will be shadow. Light is an ally while shadow is an enemy. Shadow will begin in darkness, for it is acquainted with it. With enough to support it, the shadow will attempt to destroy the light. However, light will unleash its greatest strength and vanquish the shadow. The light can be many things, for it has many supporters. While shadow may have darkness and chaos, light has these four things: powers of the land, the sea, the sky, and living things... The key to defeat the darkness lies in them."
LIZA: I personally think that's a pretty deep way to open the story.

Before Tate could continue reading, there was screaming in the distance. Liza and Tate spot a bizarre green light headed for them. It was actually Lyoko being followed by the others encased in the bubbles. Liza and Tate stood there with speechless wild takes as the group was zooming down toward them. Mariah sees the twins and tries to get out of the bubble, but it was next to impossible.

MARIAH: Uh...Lyoko? We're gonna crash! STOP!

Suddenly, Lyoko went back to normal, but it was too late. She and the others crashed into the twins and went flying into the wall of a building. A crowd of people immediately stopped what they were doing and headed toward the girls and the sibling Mirror Elders. As the crowd talks amongst themselves, something caught Mirror Mariah's attention. Lord Steven was in the crowd, but he didn't see her. She tried to wave at him, but she ends up hitting Lyoko.

MIRROR MARIAH: Sorry, Lyoko.
LYOKO: [looks around] Where are we?
CASCADIA: Mossdeep Constellation, I guess.
LYOKO: Oh... well, how'd we get here?
CONNIE: You conked out, we ended up in weird bubbles, we took off, we crashed here, and now there's a big crowd around us. Now can you please get off my back, Lyoko?
LIZA & TATE: Will you all please get off ours?

Everyone got up from the ground. Cascadia notices that the blue orb that she found at Mt. Pyre began to roll off and grabs it just before it rolled off the edge. She then puts it away as the crowd leaves and Lord Steven walks up to Mirror Mariah.

LORD STEVEN: Ahh. Hello, Mariah.
MIRROR MARIAH: Hello, sir!
LORD STEVEN: I see you've finally returned to your Mirror Form.
MIRROR MARIAH: I see that you have too.
MARIAH: Okay... so the weird light from the Mirror Wand affected you too, Lord Steven?
MIRROR MARIAH: It happened after Mariah caught an Electabuzz, sir. Now the Mirror Wand is now in full power.
MARIAH: Huh? What are you guys talking about?

Mariah then thinks about her first encounter with one of Dark Mariah's Pokemon back in Chapter 2. When the Torchic (the one that is now Dark Mariah's Combusken) left, it left behind the Rainbow Balls. It suddenly came to Mariah that there was a connection of some sort.

MARIAH: Do you think that it had something to do with those Pokeballs that I used?
MIRROR MARIAH: Pokeballs? You mean the Rainbow Balls? Those things have never left the Mirror Hall, and yet a Torchic managed to get them. Perhaps it has something to do with the Shadow Mirror World being parellel to this one... [pause] Wait. The Shadow Mirror Guardian said that she was able to travel to here from the Shadow Mirror World because of Shadow Wing. I have a strong feeling Shadow Wing's the reason why we've been fighting the Mirror Elder's Pokemon.
LORD STEVEN: You're probably right.
CONNIE: Okay, he's giving us a hard time. But why would he want to waste his time on us? I know he already took over the Shadow Mirror World, and the last time I checked, he was that fake Mariah's problem.

Liza begins to mumble something to herself. She quickly turned to the group.

LIZA: Shadow will begin in darkness, for it is acquainted with it. With enough to support it, the shadow will attempt to destroy the light...

That particular line reminded Cascadia about what Sir Brenden told her at Slateport Beach in Chapter 5.

CASCADIA: An evil force... A chain reaction... [gasps] I think I've figured it out! Shadow Wing probably took over the Shadow Mirror World trying to create some sort of chain reaction and throw both worlds off balance.
MIRROR MARIAH: A chain reaction?
CASCADIA: Sir Brendan told me. Somehow, he ended up in the Shadow Mirror World and noticed something weird happening there.
MIRROR MARIAH: I see where this is going. It looks like that Magma Magician I ran into back at the Oldale Shrine didn't break the Golden Gateway after all. Shadow Wing did it in order to get here. If he managed to throw the worlds off balance, then...

There was a long pause in Mirror Mariah's sentence. Everyone seemed worried. Lyoko hugs Liza for comfort, and Mirror Mariah hangs her head in shame for a few seconds. She then looks at the group with a sorrowful look on her face.

MIRROR MARIAH: Not only that the the Shadow Mirror World would be in eternal darkness, but it'll also be destroyed...and the same goes for the Hoenn Mirror World as well. And Mariah will never get home.

Mariah froze once she heard this. She couldn't bear the thought of not being able to go home, let alone being wiped out in darkness. Mariah wanted this to end.

MARIAH: No... It can't...
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, it would if we don't do something.
MARIAH: [in tears] No... This has to be a dream...
LORD STEVEN: Mariah... we'll be able to stop this.

Mariah just ran off crying.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-19-2004, 07:43 PM
Liza and Tate, along with a sun and moon shaped Pokemon, were looking for Mariah later that day. The group had split up to cover more ground. After calling Mariah several times, Liza and Tate took a little break.

TATE: Where do you think she could be?
LIZA: Well, our psychic powers aren't much use because I don't think even Mariah knows where she's going. [turns to the moon-shaped Pokemon] What do you think, Lunatone? Lunatone? Are you okay?
TATE: Solrock doesn't look good either.

Both Solrock and Lunatone looked ill and were unable to remain floating any longer. Black smoke suddenly surrounded and swirled around them.

TATE: Solrock!
LIZA: Lunatone, what's happening?!

Liza and Tate's Pokemon were unable to break free from strange, evil smoke. Black lightning begins to spark and the smoke slowly dissolved. In the place of Solrock and Lunatone were two strange figures. One had a sun shaped head with the happy drama face, and the other had a moon shaped head with the sad drama face. Both seemed like ghosts with flowing white robes and six white hands surrounding them in a circle.

LIZA: Huh?
TATE: Oh, no! What are you?!
SOLROCK: I am Master Sun!
LUNATONE: I am Mistress Moon!
SOLROCK & LUNATONE: We are servents of Shadow Wing, and we shall eradicate anyone who opposes him!

Master Sun shot his hands at Tate. His eyes then begin flashing. Tate tried to break free from Master Sun's grips.

TATE: Let me go! Please! Let me go!
LIZA: Tate!

Mistress Moon began glowing, and Liza suddenly became unable to move. Master Sun's eyes began emitted strange waves at the twins that caused them to fall asleep. Mistress Moon stops glowing and joins hands with Master Sun. As soon as they were holding all of each others hands, orange and yellow energy swirled around them. Before it can continue, a ball of water and ink hits Mistress Moon, making her let go of Master Sun. Master Sun looks up and sees Mariah landing in front of them.

MARIAH: You've really picked a wrong time to do something like this.
MASTER SUN: Well, it seems that we have a guest, my partner.
MISTRESS MOON: You're right. I wonder who this lovely young lady might be.
MARIAH: I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!
MISTRESS MOON: [laughs] Not bad, but you could probably thing of something better than that.
MARIAH: It was a last minute thing, okay?!
MASTER SUN: Enough fun. Now it's time to get serious!
MISTRESS MOON: Yes, you're right. She IS the girl that managed to defeat Shadow Wing's monsters so easily.

Mariah shuddered upon hearing that name as she makes her Leaf Sword appear.

MARIAH: I'm gonna warn you two only once. I am NOT in a good mood at all.
MASTER SUN: Well, that makes things a little more exciting.
MISTRESS MOON: Let's make her mood even worse.

Mariah heads toward Master Sun and slashes him furiously, but Master Sun uses his hands to create small barriers that blocked each attack Mariah threw at him. Mistress Moon starts glowing and her hands begin spinning. The same happened to Master Sun, and everything seemed to be moving all over the place at light speed. Mariah tried to stop the insanity by using Petal Drill and cries out in pain. When everything went back to normal, Mariah had noticed a small cut on her arm and realized that she attacked herself.

MARIAH: How'd did...?
MASTER SUN: Looks like the Confusion attack worked like a charm!
MARIAH: Confusion...?

Mariah got up, but she wobbled around. She felt groggy and dizzy as the confusion was taking affect.

MISTRESS MOON: This is almost too easy.
MARIAH: I'll get you for that! Petaya...!

Master Sun suddenly squirted a dark orange slime at Mariah. The force knocked her down, and some of the slime managed to get in her mouth. Mariah then begins coughing as she tries to get it out.

MARIAH: Yeech! What is this stuff?!

Suddenly, Mariah notices that Master Sun and Mistress Moon are nowhere to be seen. Having no energy left and in a bad condition, Mariah collapses.


A few hours later, Liza and Tate woke up to find themselves at a nearby hospital. Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Lord Steven were with them.

LYOKO: Are you okay?
LIZA: We're fine, but where's my Lunatone?
TATE: And my Solrock?
LIZA: Our Pokemon had some evil force around them and they attacked us. They mentioned something about Shadow Wing...
MIRROR MARIAH: Looks like I was right.

Liza then sees Mariah asleep on another bed across from them.

LIZA: Hmm... I wonder what happened to her.
CASCADIA: I don't know. When we found Mariah, she was covered in some orange slime of some sort. We managed to get it off.

Mariah wakes up and looks around.

MARIAH: Where am I?
LORD STEVEN: Oh, I'm glad you're okay. This is just a hospital near my place.
CASCADIA: You sure had us worried there, Mariah.
MARIAH: Mariah...? Who's Mariah?

Everyone became shocked and froze in horror.

Neo Emolga
06-19-2004, 07:55 PM
Ouch, what a cliffhanger. You've done a remarkable job with this story, and you constantly keep it exciting with many updates and tons of new surprises in every chapter. This is quite possibly one of the best fan fictions I've ever read.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-19-2004, 08:05 PM
Ouch, what a cliffhanger. You've done a remarkable job with this story, and you constantly keep it exciting with many updates and tons of new surprises in every chapter. This is quite possibly one of the best fan fictions I've ever read.
Thanks, NP. I'm really glad to have fans like you. :happy:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-20-2004, 09:46 AM
MARIAH: Well, who's Mariah?
CONNIE: Uh... [points to Mirror Mariah] She is. Basically, there's quite a lot of people named Mariah around here.
CONNIE: Yeah, and you're one of them.
MARIAH: I'm Mariah...?
MIRROR MARIAH: Aw, shoot! We haven't even found the Mirror Shard yet, and now we're stuck with those twins' Pokemon under Shadow Wing's control and the fact that Mariah lost her memory! Can't we ever get a break? I've just got my full power back, and the least that Shadow Wing creep can do is take a day off from causing all this twisted madness!

Everyone in the hospital began staring at Mirror Mariah.

LORD STEVEN: Mariah, this is a hospital. Try to keep it down.

Mirror Mariah puts her hand behind her head and laughs embarrassedly. Then she folds her arms and pouts.

CONNIE: Is she always like that?
LORD STEVEN: You'll get used to it.

Mariah starts to leave, but then Connie notices her and stops her.

CONNIE: You can't leave!
MARIAH: Why not?
CONNIE: Uh...you just can't!
MARIAH: Listen, I don't know who you are, but you're scaring me.
CONNIE: I'll scare you even more if you leave!
MARIAH: Oh, and just how you're going to do that, little girl?
CONNIE: All right! That's it! Looks like I have to jog your memory the hard way!
MARIAH: [getting nervous] Wait, what are you doing?
CONNIE: This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you, even though it won't seem like it!

Connie was about to punch Mariah in the face when Lyoko and Cascadia stopped her.

LYOKO: Connie, what are you doing?!
CONNIE: Let me go, doggone it!
CASCADIA: Connie, cut it out. Under no circumstances will you do what I think you're trying to do!
CONNIE: Come on, guys! Let me go! Let go!

Mariah sees this as an opportunity to get away and leaves the room. Connie continued to struggle and notices that Mariah left.

CONNIE: Aw, man.
CASCADIA: Congratulations, Connie. You've scared Mariah away.
CONNIE: I scared Mariah away?! If you just let me hit her, her memory would've been back!
CASCADIA: I knew it! I knew you had a stupid idea!
CONNIE: Well, if you had a better one, let's hear it!
LYOKO: Guys, we shouldn't fight. If we don't find Mariah...

Lyoko suddenly became nervous and remained silent as Connie and Cascadia continued arguing.


Mariah had just left the hospital. She catches her breath and looks around. She felt safe, but then she felt confused when she saw her surrounding.

MARIAH: Wow... what is this place? It's really beautiful, though. I just hope that everyone here isn't as crazy as those weirdoes.

Mariah then walks around the city for a while and ends up going to the place where Liza and Tate were watching the stars. One of the constellations caught her attention. It was shaped like a Treecko.

MARIAH: Hmm...for some reason, that looks familar... but I can't remember when or where I've seen that thing.

Mariah's Petaya Necklace began glowing, and her Mirror Wand materializes in her hand. All six gems began to shoot beams of their respective rainbow colored lights that formed into Octillery, Lagadi, Electabuzz, Grovyle, Shuckle, and Venomoth. Mariah freaks out and slowly steps back.

MARIAH: W-w-what are you?!
GROVYLE: Mariah, is there anything wrong?
MARIAH: And who is this Mariah everyone's been calling me?! What's going on?
LAGADI: Are you feeling okay?
SHUCKLE: She looks fine, but she's not acting like herself.
MARIAH: Get away from me! Please!!
VENOMOTH: Come on, Mariah. It's us!
OCTILLERY: Yeah. Tell us what wrong.
MARIAH: Just get away! Leave me alone!

Mariah was so scared of her own Pokemon she felt like crying. She notices her wand and necklace.

MARIAH: This weird necklace... and this wand... Where'd they come from?
GROVYLE: Okay... who made Mariah so freaked out about us?
ELECTABUZZ: Well, I don't know much about your trainer or anything, but she probably had amnesia.
VENOMOTH: Amnesia?
ELECTABUZZ: You know. When you don't remember anything, not even who you are. Let me try something.

Electabuzz walks over to Mariah, who was still fumbling with the necklace and wand. Mariah sees Electabuzz and freaks out again.

ELECTABUZZ: Relax. I'm not gonna hurt you.
MARIAH: You're not?
ELECTABUZZ: No. I'm on your side. I'm Electabuzz. We had a bit of a skirmish at the Aqua Sorcerors' hideout, but we can clear some things up. To be honest, I'm kinda glad you've captured me. I never liked it there much anyway.
MARIAH: Aqua...Sorcerors?
ELECTABUZZ: That's right.
LAGADI: They're these creeps that talk about how this world should be one big sea. Any of that coming back to you?
MARIAH: Well... some...

Suddenly, a bizarre light hits Mariah and the Pokemon. However, the attack didn't have much effect. Electabuzz has created a glass-like screen.

ELECTABUZZ: Everyone okay?
GROVYLE: Yeah, but what the heck was that?

Eerie and evil laughter was heard as Master Sun and Mistress Moon appeared.

MASTER SUN: It's that girl again!
MISTRESS MOON: Looks like she brought her friends!
MARIAH: Uh...hello. Do you know what this place is?
MASTER SUN: Hmmm...it appears that my trick worked.
MARIAH: Trick?
MISTRESS MOON: First, my partner and I used our Confusion attacks to confuse your mind...
MASTER SUN: And then I launched my Sun Slime to erase it!

Mariah seemed confused by this, but her Pokemon seemed less than mellow about it.

OCTILLERY: So YOU were the ones who gave our trainer amnesia?!
ELECTABUZZ: I have a lot of words to describe that, but I'm gonna stick with completely crazy and twisted!
MASTER SUN: If you think that was crazy, wait till you get a load of this!

Master Sun's face began glowing and starts waving his hands. Mistress Moon rose high into the air with her hands spinning. Suddenly, lights were shot out of Master Sun and Mistress Moon's faces and collided with each other. It suddenly became extremely bright.

LAGADI: What's going on?
GROVYLE: Since when did space get so bright?

Orange and yellow flames were then headed for the Pokemon. They were going so fast that they ended up feeling the attacks before they could see it. Octillery tries to shoot them down using Water Gun, but he didn't have much luck. Shuckle tries Rock Tomb, but his attack was much too slow.

SHUCKLE: What are we gonna do?
OCTILLERY: By the speed those things are going, I feel that we're going in slow motion!
LAGADI: Slow motion...? That's it! [to Mariah] Hey, you've got a watch?
MARIAH: A watch...? I don't think I have one.
ELECTABUZZ: A watch?! What good would that do at a time like th--WHOA!

Electabuzz was hit twice by the zooming fireballs. Lagadi heads over to Mariah as she blows away the fireballs with Flame Wheel. When she got to her, she puts out her surrounding flame.

LAGADI: Now, listen. You've found this watch back at Lavaridge Mountain. It managed to help us out a few times. Try to remember!
MARIAH: Finding a watch... Lavaridge Mountain...

Suddenly, the Bronze Watch appears in front of Mariah.

MARIAH: Huh? Is that the watch you're talking about?
LAGADI: Yeah! Now push that button on the top.
MARIAH: This right here?

Mariah pressed the button, and there was a whoosh. Now the fireballs were slowed down to a crawl, and Mariah's Pokemon weren't so vulnerable.

LAGADI: All right!
ELECTABUZZ: Okay... I don't know what's going on here, but let's go!

Electabuzz begins charging up electricity and fires it at the fireballs. Grovyle uses Bullet Seed and Octillery uses Water Gun. The three attacks managed to get rid of the fireballs. Just then, Venomoth notices that there were two fireballs bigger than the rest. The orange fireball was revealed to be Master Sun and the yellow Mistress Moon. Venomoth's eyes began glowing weirdly and the two "fireballs" were stopped cold. Electabuzz fires electricity again, and Master Sun and Mistress Moon crashed on the ground.

MARIAH: I think we've beat them. Now, what do I do to get things back to normal?
LAGADI: Push the button again!

Mariah does what Lagadi told her, and time resumed at its normal speed. Master Sun gets back up, and Mistress Moon gets up as well.

MISTRESS MOON: You've got lucky!

Mistress Moon squirted a slime that was a bright yellow, but just as sickening and disgusting as Master Sun's Sun Slime. The slime heads for Mariah.

SHUCKLE: Hey, Mariah! Watch out!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-20-2004, 11:19 PM
Mariah's Petaya Necklace and wand suddenly glowed a bright pink, and streaks of pink light went flying all over the place. It managed to dissolve the slime and make a few hits on Mistress Moon.

MARIAH: Huh? What was that? [takes a look at the necklace] This thing must have a mind of its own or something.

Mariah just then felt a sharp jolt go through her. At that split second, the images of Mirror Mariah and Dark Mariah flashed before her eyes. Mariah tried to figure out what happened.

MARIAH: Huh? For a second, I saw two girls that looked like me, and one of them was one of those weirdoes from the hospital. What's going on?

Mistress Moon spins her hands and lunges toward Mariah.

MISTRESS MOON: You're mine!
MARIAH: Not if I can help it!

Mariah gets her wand and fires a full power Mirror Beam. The rainbow colored light seemed to have blinded Mistress Moon. She throws some fireballs, but they completely missed Mariah.

MARIAH: How'd I do that?

Lagadi was frozen by Master Sun's psychic powers and rose high into the air.

LAGADI: Let me down! Come on! Let me down now!
SHUCKLE: Lagadi!
MARIAH: [to Master Sun] Hey! Put her down!
MASTER SUN: Okay. I will.

Master Sun stops Lagadi in mid air and watches as the orange rabbit plummets toward the ground. Mariah goes into action and flies to save Lagadi.

MARIAH: Are you okay?
LAGADI: Yeah, thanks!

Mariah then lands and heads toward Master Sun. Master Sun, now joined by Mistress Moon, lanches more of his disgusting Sun Slime toward Mariah, but Mariah dodges it by flying. She then rears her legs back and kicks Master Sun in the face as hard as she could, knocking him down. Mistress Moon shot a bizarre light from her eyes, but Mariah dodges that as well. Mariah rears her legs back again and kicks Mistress Moon as well, knocking her down beside Master Sun. Octillery fires a ball of water and ink at both Master Sun and Mistress Moon, and Electabuzz follows with charging up electricity and firing it at the two demented monsters. The water strengthed Electabuzz's Thunderbolt as it shocks and paralyzes them.

MASTER SUN: You and your Pokemon are strong.
MISTRESS MOON: Very strong.
MASTER SUN: We'll be back, my friend. And next time, we'll be ready for you!

Master Sun and Mistress Moon disappear.

OCTILLERY: Whew. That was close.
LAGADI: Good thing Mariah decided to help us. I guess we're making some progress in bringing back her memory.

Mariah has a blank look on her face as she seems to have a bit more of her memory coming back.

VENOMOTH: Huh? What's up, Mariah?
GROVYLE: Hello? Anyone in there?
LAGADI: Earth to Mariah! Mariah, come in!
MARIAH: [to herself] I am the reflection of justice... the twin of truth... and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil...
GROVYLE: [loudly] Hey, Mariah!
MARIAH: Huh? Oh. I was thinking about something.
SHUCKLE: Hey, what happened to those other girls? I haven't seen 'em all day.
MARIAH: Other girls?

As if trying to answer the question on Mariah's mind about the "other girls", the Petaya Necklace glows. Images of Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko flashed before her eyes.

MARIAH: Those weird girls from the hospital... It feels like I know them...
ELECTABUZZ: [overhearing Mariah] A hospital? Where is it?
MARIAH: I'll take you there.

Mariah heads off and her Pokemon followed.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-21-2004, 09:07 AM
Everyone in the hospital were now scared out of their wits. The lights have been going on and off for ten mintues, the elevators stopped working completely, all the doors (even the emergency exits) were locked, and the temperature in the building constantly went from hot to cold due to the air conditioning was totally screwed up. All the televisions in the waiting rooms suddenly were currently nothing but static, and the static was disturbingly loud and ear-splitting even when one of the nurses attempted to turn the volume down. To make matters worse, everything was floating all over the place, from magazines to blankets and even people. Fortunately, Lord Steven managed to use his Mirror powers to make Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, Liza, and Tate immune to the weirdness that was going on, so they weren't floating like everyone else. They have made it to the groud floor. Everyone around them were desperately trying to reach the ground, but gravity seemed to be getting weaker and weaker for them. They also had their ears covered due to the static that could be heard even outside the waiting rooms.

CASCADIA: What is going on here?!
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know, but it's something big if all of this is able to happen.
CONNIE: Well, whatever it is, I'll take care of it myself!

The temperature drops, and everyone except Lord Steven and the others start to freezing to death. Most of them couldn't even handle the temperature changes and were in critical condition.

LYOKO: This is terrible.
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm picking up something.
LORD STEVEN: Me too, and iIt's coming from over there!

The group heads toward the parking lot near the exit. There, Master Sun and Mistress Moon were glowing and spinning their hands.

TATE: Huh?! That's Solrock!
LIZA: And Lunatone!
MIRROR MARIAH: Looks like they've been possessed too!

Master Sun and Mistress Moon stopped glowing and their hands stopped spinning. They begin to laugh as they notice their new victims.

MASTER SUN: Well, well, well. More playmates!
MISTRESS MOON: Should we torture them individually or all together?
CONNIE: How about if I torture YOU instead?!
MISTRESS MOON: I suppose I could let you try your luck.
CONNIE: Gladly! Flash Quake!

Connie charges toward the two monsters. She then jumps high and came back down at top speed. She lands hard and punches the ground, creating a earthquake hard enough to several small cracks form into one large one heading to Mistress Moon. The larger crack then split into two and surround him and Mistress Moon. When the uncracked land around them began to wobble a bit, they vanished.

CONNIE: What?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, use your head, Connie! Attacks like that aren't gonna work!

Just then, Master Sun and Mistress Moon's hands grabbed Connie. Some weird rings of lights then surrounded her.

CONNIE: Hey! What are you creeps trying to pull?
MASTER SUN: Just a little trick that would put you in our control!
LYOKO: Connie! Don't worry! I'll get you out of there! Salac Magic!

Lyoko's Salac Necklace begins glowing. A large, green tornado of sparkling wind and dust formed around Lyoko and it heads for Master Sun and Mistress Moon. They both dodge Lyoko's attack, but they let go of Connie in the process. The attack ends up hitting Connie and there was a massive explosion. Smoke covered the enitre parking lot when Mariah and her Pokemon entered the scene.

MARIAH: Huh? What's going on?
CASCADIA: Mariah! I'm so glad to see you!
MARIAH: Mariah... the Magical Hoenn Mirror Girl...
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, it looks like Mariah's getting some of her memory back.
SHUCKLE: She sure is!

Venomoth then flew behind Shuckle and shudders. Lyoko, Liza, Tate, and Lord Steven were in shock as well. Cascadia and Mirror Mariah had the same expression as well as, along with the rest of Mariah's Pokemon.

MARIAH: What's wrong?
LYOKO: Look at Connie.
CASCADIA: I...I think my heart stopped.

Connie was in one piece, but something strange had happened to her. She was wearing a school uniform like Lyoko's, but both the shirt and the skirt were dark blue. The shirt had a bow in the middle that was a lighter shade of blue. Her shoes looked exactly like Lyoko's, and her helmet was now blue with a longer light blue tassel. It didn't end there, though. What everyone was really freaked out about was that Connie was now twice her size. Connie notices her new look and begins to go ballistic.

CONNIE: What have those creeps done to me?!

Connie ended up yelling so loud that she ended up creating an earthquake.

LYOKO: Connie, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.

Connie ignored Lyoko and heads toward to Master Sun and Mistress Moon.

CONNIE: What have you done to me?! Tell me now! Tell me now or else your heads will be turned upside down!
MASTER SUN: Aaaah! My ears!
MISTRESS MOON: That attack was supposed to put her under our spell, but that little girl's attack managed to mess it up!
CONNIE: Under your spell, huh? Well, guess what? You'll be in a spell of pain once I get done with you!!!

Cascadia and Lyoko approached the enraged Connie to attempt to calm her down.

LYOKO: Connie, I'm really sorry. I was trying to help you.
CONNIE: Leave me alone, Lyoko. I want to deal with these punks.
CASCADIA: Connie, don't be mad. Lyoko didn't want this to happen.

Another earthquake almost made Lyoko lose her balance. Mariah and the others were affected by the quake as well. Liza and Tate hug each other in fear. Lagadi gets an uneasy feeling.

LAGADI: She looks...pretty mad.

Connie looked really intimidating, but Master Sun and Mistress Moon didn't back down.

MASTER SUN: Do you think that you can beat us?

Master Sun and Mistress Moon covered their "ears". Everyone else covered theirs and brace themselves for the earthquake.

OCTILLERY: If she doesn't calm down soon, we don't have to worry about Shadow Wing destroying the Hoenn Mirror World!
CASCADIA: Yeah! Connie will destroy it before he does!

As Mariah overhears Octillery and Cascadia talking, she suddenly gets a sick feeling after hearing the name Shadow Wing.

MARIAH: Oh...Shadow Wing... Destroying the Hoenn Mirror World...

Just then, Mariah had flashes of all the Pokemon that she had to fight because of the evil force. Roxanne's Nosepass, Brawly's Makuhita, Wattson's Magneton, Flannery's Torkoal, and Norman's Slaking. Then, she starts to recall collecting some glass shards... the Mirror Shards...

MARIAH: Wait, things are becoming clear to me...

Mariah now began remembering everything again... From the time she was getting ready leave for her journey up to this moment. She was overwhelmed but at the same time glad that everything was suddenly coming back to her at once.

MARIAH: Huh? What's going on? I felt like I was on some crazy carnival ride or something.

Mariah then freaks out when she saw Connie fighting the bizarre monsters that caused her amnesia in the first place.

MARIAH: What the...?! What happened to Connie?
CASCADIA: Well, Lyoko's attack must've messed up those monster's mind control and ended up making Connie into some overgrown schoolgirl or something.
MARIAH: Really?

Mariah makes her Leaf Sword appear.

LYOKO: Mariah...?
CASCADIA: Hey, does this mean that...?
GROVYLE: Mariah got her memory back?
LAGADI: Sure seems like it. Looks like Mariah's back to her old self!
MARIAH: Those two have messed with us long enough. Now it's time for the Hoenn Mirror Girl to take over!

Connie was trying to land a few hits on the monsters, but they were too fast. Mistress Moon's eyes began to glow and then stares into Connie's eyes. Connie tries to shake the hypnotic effect off, but it didn't seem she was able to and was about to fall asleep until...

MARIAH: Petaya Slash!

Mariah's Petaya Necklace and Leaf Sword both glowed a bright pink as she slashes Mistress Moon. Master Sun prepares to hypnotize Mariah, but Mariah slashes Master Sun as well.

CONNIE: Well, it's about time you've got your memory back.
MARIAH: I don't know what to tell you. But I've got to say, Connie, you look pretty cute in that outfit.

The ground shook again, but Mariah was in mid air, so it didn't bother her. Connie's yelling was a different story.

MARIAH: I was just kidding, Connie. Now what do you say we take those creeps down?
CONNIE: Now you're speaking my language!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-21-2004, 09:12 PM
Mariah goes for Mistress Moon, and Connie goes for Master Sun. Master Sun and Mistress Moon once again used the light rings on Connie, hoping that their mind control tactic would work. Mariah, attempting to stop it before it takes affect, uses Petaya Slash to free Connie. When the Leaf Sword made impact, however, pink lights surrounded Connie.

CONNIE: Okay... what's happening now?
MARIAH: This is getting too weird.
MASTER SUN: This can't be!

The lights dimmed down, and once again everyone was freaked out at what happened to Connie. She doubled in size and was now wearing a light blue school uniform with a yellow ribbon in the middle. Her helmet remained the same color, but the Pokeball on it was now white and the tassel was now a bright yellow. Mariah suddenly got nervous as she flies into Connie's view.

MARIAH: Uh...sorry. It looks like whenever we try to get you out of those rings...

The ground shook harder than last time and a few cracks managed to form. The hospital began to crumble a bit, and all the windows broke.

MARIAH: Uh...Connie? You may wanna calm down.

The enraged Connie was much louder than she was a while ago. Even with their ears covered, the yelling still managed to hurt them. Mariah feels that she has to take down the monsters before Connie ends up doing some serious damage. Her Mirror Wand forms, and Mariah was about to attack when Connie jumps in.


Connie begins glowing as she balls her fist and punches the ground as hard as she could. The next effect was similar to her Flash Quake attack except the crack didn't split. Instead, it headed right for Master Sun and Mistress Moon. They were totally frozen in fear of the monster they had made Connie into as the ground split under them. They fell in the large crack, but it didn't end there. Connie's yelling seemed to amplified the attack, because the parking lot was now split apart, and the hospital crumbled to the ground. Cascadia was petrified by the damage Connie had done and fainted, and Liza and Tate caught her. Lyoko bit her lip in finding out what happens to those who managed to get Connie to her current state of anger. Mariah just stared at the monsters struggling to climb out of the crack.

MARIAH: Wow... It's a good thing Connie didn't so somehing like that when I first met her...
CONNIE: Hey! Mariah!
MARIAH: Oh, right!

Mariah uses Mirror Magic and beautifully colored beam was shot out of the wand. It was enough to change Master Sun back into Solrock and Mistress Moon to Lunatone. Both Pokemon exhaustedly made it to safe ground. Liza and Tate ran up and hugged their Pokemon.

TATE: Solrock! I'm so glad you're okay!
LIZA: Lunatone, you're safe!
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah... but... what about the Mirror Shard? I was sure that it was here.
MARIAH: Hey! Mariah, check this out!

Mirror Mariah heads to Mariah and spots in a small crack a heart shaped shard with a hole in the middle.

MIRROR MARIAH: All right! The Mind Shard! I thought we'd never find it. So far, we've got Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Heat, Balance, Feather, and now Mind. I have a feeling that we're almost done here, guys!
MARIAH: Great. I can't wait to go back home.

Just then, a red haired nurse approaches the group but stops dead in her tracks when she saw Connie.

LORD STEVEN: Ah, Nurse Joy.
JOY: Uh...hello, Lord Steven... Well, good job at getting rid of those monsters, but... your friend there ended up destroying the hospital. [nervous laugh] When I first noticed the earthquakes, I had to get everyone out of the building.
MARIAH: [sweatdrop] Uh, yeah... you see, Connie here gets a bit carried away... What happened was... uh... well...

Cascadia starts to wake up and looked around.

CASCADIA: Oh... I knew Connie was tough, but not THAT tough!
CONNIE: Who says I'm not?
CASCADIA: Uh... well... um... [to Joy] Oh, hello there, Nurse Joy. Sorry about the hospital, but I'm sure Connie will be able to rebuild it for you.
CONNIE: What?!
CASCADIA: Well, it was your fault. Your attack was too strong.

Another massive earthquake shook everything around them. Cascadia backs down knowing that arguing with Connie at this point was lethal. Mirror Mariah sighs in annoyance.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-22-2004, 01:05 AM
Octillery(M)@-- LV35
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV35
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team

Electabuzz(M)@Magnet LV35
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Quick Attack
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen

Grovyle(M)@King's Rock LV35
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV35
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV35
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Signal Beam
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Groyvle learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill, Petaya Slash (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand), Petaya Slash (used with Leaf Sword)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


Cascadia was stranded on a small island in the middle of a violent downpour. Thunder lit up the sky every now and then followed by the tremendous noise of thunder. The waves in the sea were crashing down on each other. Cascadia was totally afraid and alone.

CASCADIA: Mariah! Connie! Lyoko! Where is everyone?

Just then, the blue submarine Pokemon appears in front of the mermaid. There was Cascadia, eye to eye with the legendary Pokemon of the Sea.

CASCADIA: It's...K...Ky...

Cascadia then finds herself in a room in Lord Steven's palace at Mossdeep Constellation. It was in the middle of the night, and Cascadia was wide awake in a cold sweat.

CASCADIA: That dream... it was different than the others... Oh, no. Is that a sign that the dreams are going to come true?

Before Cascadia can think further on the matter, she heard a loud noise nearby. Cascadia panicked for a moment and then regains herself and gets out of her bed. She checks the rooms that Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Lyoko, and Lord Steven were in before heading downstairs. Cascadia then checks the kitchen, dining room and living room. It came to Cascadia that the loud noise was coming from outside. After heading outside, she found the source of the noise.

CASCADIA: Oh... It's just Connie snoring...

Connie was asleep. However, she was in her condition from the battle from Solrock and Lunatone while they were under Shadow Wing's control. Connie was still wearing the light blue school uniform and almost twenty feet tall. Her snoring could be heard almost throughout the city.

CASCADIA: I can't wait till Connie gets back to normal.

Just then, Connie turns over on her stomach and ends up landing on Cascadia. Cascadia struggled to get free, but Connie was too heavy.

CASCADIA: Connie...can you please get off of me?! Connie, wake up!

Connie was still asleep, and her snoring began to get on Cascadia's nerves.

CASCADIA: Connie! Wake up and get off of me! And can you please stop that snoring?

All of Cascadia's attempts to wake up Connie failed. Finally, she just gave up and tried to sleep.


Early the next morning, the group were getting ready to leave. Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Lyoko were ready, but Cascadia and Connie were nowhere to be seen.

LYOKO: Where are they?
MARIAH: I don't know. They should've been here by now!
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, Cascadia should hurry up. I'm not sure if I can take Connie with us. In her current condition, it'll be pretty tough for me to do it. I think we should wait for that effect to wear off.

Pounding footsteps were then heard as Connie appears. Right behind her was Cascadia, who looked fatigued from not getting any sleep.

MARIAH: Uh...what happened to you, Cascadia?
CASCADIA: Connie kept me up all night. [yawns]
CONNIE: Hey! It's not my fault that you came out in the middle of the night!
CASCADIA: Well, I thought it was something serious until I found out that you were snoring!

Connie's yelling have caused another thunderous earthquake.

LYOKO: This is way too early in the morning for this.

Just then, Connie begins glowing. She returns to normal size and had her regular clothes back. Her helmet returned to normal as well. Cascadia and the others seemed relieved, but Connie seemed upset about it.

CONNIE: Aww...it wore off. I kinda liked being super powerful.
CASCADIA: Well, we'd all be goners if you didn't return to normal sooner!

Just then, a red mirror appears and the group were suddenly pulled through it.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-22-2004, 08:08 AM
The group appeared in a cave. From the large areas of water surrounding them, the cave seemed to be underwater. All eyes went to Mirror Mariah, assuming that she was the one who brought the group here. To the others surprise, Mirror Mariah shook her head.

VOICE: I did.

The group were suddenly surprised. There stood none other than Rubyfire. Connie immediately jumped up.

CONNIE: Listen, pal! We don't have time to deal with you! If you ran into me a few minutes ago, you would've had the pounding of your life! I may not be big anymore, but I'm still better than you!
RUBYFIRE: No. I don't want a fight. I want your help, and so does my boss. For many years, the Magma Magicians have been doing anything to make our vision of expanding the land come true. However, the Shadow Mirror Guardian showed us that what we're doing is wrong. Thanks to her, we're going to stop the Aqua Sorcerors and make them see the consequences their actions will bring. Unfortunately, a lot of the Magma Magicians were badly hurt in the process. The only one's that are here are me and my boss, who taking care of some even as I speak. I knew that the Aqua Sorcerors can be ruthless, but now they're going a bit overboard. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised...

Cascadia suddenly had a flash of her nightmare in her mind. Mirror Mariah notices that something was up from the look on her face.

CASCADIA: It's here...
RUBYFIRE: Yeah. The Aqua Sorceror's biggest target is here somewhere, and the five of you are gonna help me.

It was a long and winding road through the cave. There were large rocks that were easily crushed by Connie. A few Aqua Sorcerors tried to stop them, but Mariah's Pokemon made short work of them. Lyoko and Cascadia's Pokemon helped out as well. They have just left the first floor of the cave and headed to the second. It was more rockier than the first, but it was nothing Connie can handle. After breezing through the second floor, the third floor presented a whole new challenge. There was a large lake, and the only area of dry land is where the entrance to the fourth was.

CONNIE: Okay. It looks like we're stuck. The Mariahs and Lyoko can easily fly across, but I really can't swim that well.
CASCADIA: Oh, well. Nice knowing you, Connie.
CONNIE: Hey! You can't do this without me!
CASCADIA: Okay, okay. Relax already.

Two blue Pokeballs with "nets" on them appeared in Cascadia's hands. She presses the buttons on both, and the balls opens. Lights were shot out of them and formed into Gorebyss and Milotic.

MILOTIC: Where on earth are we?
CASCADIA: We're in an underwater cavern, and we need your help. Milotic, you take Rubyfire. Gorebyss, you take Connie.

As Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Lyoko get a headstart by flying toward the entrance, Connie and Rubyfire get on Gorebyss and Milotic respectively. Cascadia then lead her Pokemon through the rough currents of the lake. When they got to the other side, Connie and Rubyfire got off of the Pokemon they were riding and Cascadia recalls them. As they continued on, Cascadia felt more and more nervous. After two more floors full of rocks to smash, the group have arrived in a misty area. They suddenly saw another large lake, but there was no current. In fact, the water was completely calm. However, when Cascadia went over to check it out, tension raced through her. She felt her heartbeat speed up a bit and her palms getting sweaty.

CASCADIA: Whoa... I don't believe it. So it really does exist...

The others went over and saw a silhouette of the Pokemon that Cascadia saw in her dream. Mariah and Lyoko were atonished by the sight, but Connie didn't seem to care.

CONNIE: Okay... what the heck is that thing?
VOICE: It's the Legendary Pokemon of the Sea, Kyogre!

Archie and Water Sapphire appeared. Mirror Mariah steps up.

MIRROR MARIAH: Archie, the great leader of the Aqua Sorcerors... You are very powerful, and I knew that you and the other Sorcerors had some moments where you helped our friend Cascadia in need. But now, you've been concentrating on your goals so much that you've forgotten how important the balance of nature is! Either you surrender or we'll make you do so. Either way, it's about time you realize how much trouble you're about to get into!
ARCHIE: I never thought it'll came down to this. Guardian of the Mirrors, it would be foolish for the Aqua Sorcerors to give up their vision of expanding the sea!
CASCADIA: Sir, listen! You know as well as I do that my visions never lie. Not once while I was still an Aqua Sorceress. I left the team because of that, but none of you believed me. Archie, if you don't give up this goal, I won't be afraid to fight you and Water Sapphire.

Water Sapphire balled her fist in frustration, but relaxed a bit as she looked at Archie. Archie just stood there and sighs as he finally made up his mind.

ARCHIE: If you're truly trying to stop us, Cascadia... So be it...

And with those words, the final showdown of the Aqua Sorcerors have began. Gushes of water rose from the ground and headed for the group. Mariah managed to Sea Defense to absorb the blast. Rubyfire attacks with red lighting that became fire when he launches it on the ground. It headed for Water Sapphire, who blocks it with her water shield. Water, fire, and flashes of light filled the cave as the attacks went on. Mariah attacks with Mirror Special. The small, rainbow colored comets homed into Archie and Water Sapphire. Lyoko flies above Water Sapphire and Archie and sends out Odd. Odd began circling around Lyoko as she dove down toward the leading Aqua Sorceror and his assistant. When they got close, Odd pecks the two. However, Odd and Lyoko were blown back quite a distance. The fight raged on until there was a strange red glowing. Water Sapphire takes out a red orb and notices that it was glowing. The red glow then spread through the cave for a few seconds, and there was a small earthquake. Water Sapphire was surprised.

WATER SAPPHIRE: Huh? What happened?
ARCHIE: I can't believe it. The Red Orb should have given me full control over Kyorge.

After a short pause, Maxie appears through a red mirror. He walks up to Archie and gave him a cold look.

MAXIE: What have you done?
ARCHIE: Kyogre...has... Kyorge has disappeared...

Maxie then sees Rubyfire with the group and he looked back at Archie.

MAXIE: Archie, come with me. Come with me to witness the world you had created!

Maxie creates a large mirror portal, and Archie and Water Sapphire went through. Maxie then turns to the group.

MAXIE: I'd like the rest of you to come as well, especially you, Miss Cascadia.

Getting uneasy feeling, the group went through the portal. Lyoko stops to recall Odd and sees Cascadia worried about something.

LYOKO: Miss Cascadia...?
CASCADIA: I'm coming.

Lyoko, Cascadia, and Maxie were the last ones to enter the portal. When they ended up outside, everyone was shocked. Cascadia, however, was horrified by what was happening.

CASCADIA: No... it can't... It can't be...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-23-2004, 09:48 AM
The area around them was in a constant state of rain. The sky was darkened by clouds, and lightning occasionally flashed in the sky followed by the roaring thunder.

ARCHIE: What is this? What is this...wretched scene?
WATER SAPPHIRE: I can't believe this. It's impossible!
CASCADIA: This is just like in my vision. Those dreams I've been having were right.
CONNIE: Now would be a good time to let out a "I told you so".
MARIAH: Now isn't the time for stuff like that, Connie.

Mirror Mariah then turns to Archie with a firmly serious look on her face. Archie lowers his head in shame.

MIRROR MARIAH: Archie! See what you done? Thanks to you, the whole balance of nature is ruined!

Archie just stood there. After a moment of silence, he creates a blue mirror and goes through it. Water Sapphire follows. Maxie and Rubyfire looked at each other and then to Mirror Mariah.

MAXIE: Mirror Guardian, thank you for helping us after we saw the error of our ways, but it looks like the situation has gotten more dangerous than we had expected. Rubyfire and I will check out Mt. Pyre for some answers.

With that, Maxie and Rubyfire disappeared through a red mirror. Lyoko, on the verge of crying, hugs Cascadia.

LYOKO: I'm scared. I'm really scared.
CASCADIA: I'm scared too, Lyoko. I wish there was something we could do.
CONNIE: Well, I hope one of those dreams showed you a way to stop this!
CASCADIA: Unfortunately, they didn't. But maybe...
MIRROR MARIAH: [looks in the sky] Huh? Is that...?

Up in the sky, Lord Steven was riding on a large armor bird Pokemon. He lands in front of the girls, and Mirror Mariah hugs him the minute he gets off of the bird and recalled it back into its Pokemon.

STEVEN: Mariah... What's going on here?
CASCADIA: Archie and Water Sapphire managed to free Kyogre, and... well...
LORD STEVEN: Oh, no... this is terrible. If this doesn't stop, the Hoenn Mirror World will eventually be flooded.
LYOKO: Is there anything to stop it?
LORD STEVEN: Well, when I landed here, I sensed something from Sootopolis Ocean. What in the world is going on there? [sighs, then looks ahead] There's no point in arguing here. Sootopolis Ocean should provide some answers.

Lord Steven paused for a moment and looks at some white rocks in the distance. He then turns to Mirror Mariah. Lord Steven was very concerned about the situation, but he gets a feeling that Mirror Mariah would attempt to help.

LORD STEVEN: Mariah, I don't know what you intend to do in this particular situation, but don't do anything reckless. I'm off to Sootopolis now. Good luck.

Lord Steven created a bright gold mirror portal and goes through it. The waves have grown larger and more violent as the storm got worse. Mirror Mariah notices that the weather wasn't the only thing that was grim. Mariah was upset over this possible dead end, Connie felt totally powerless for the first time in her life, Cascadia was full of regret and guilt, and Lyoko was afraid and begins crying.

MARIAH: Well, what are we going to do? Things don't look too good for us.
CONNIE: I hate to say this, but it looks like the end of the road. We're stuck here.
CASCADIA: I wish that all of my visions were wrong. I wouldn't care if everyone called me insane.
LYOKO: I've never been so scared in my life. I want to go home...

Mirror Mariah looks at the white rocks in the distance and senses something from there as well as nearby. Cascadia notices a bright blue glow coming from the blue orb that she had found at Mt. Pyre. She gets it out, and Mirror Mariah suddenly becomes interested and confused.

MIRROR MARIAH: Cascadia? What's that?
CASCADIA: It's something I found back at Mt. Pyre.

Mirror Mariah just stared at the glowing blue orb. Suddenly, she had a serious look on her face.

MIRROR MARIAH: It's settled, guys. We're going to Sootopolis!

Everyone became surprised, but noticed that Mirror Mariah's mind was made up. This was going to be deja vu for them (minus Lyoko) since they experienced something similar in the Shadow Mirror World. Without hesistation, Mirror Mariah creates a mirror portal. She goes through first, then Mariah, Lyoko, Cascadia, and finally Connie.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-23-2004, 11:17 PM
The group have landed in a village similar to the one they saw at the Shadow Mirror World. However, all the rocks were white as snow and almost sparkled in the rain. As they looked around, they saw Lord Steven with Wallace. Unlike his counterpart in the Shadow Mirror World, Wallace's white hat, shoes, and flowing blue and white jacket can easily blend in with the rocks. His pants were a lighter purple color than Shadow Wallace's. Both of them saw the girls and walked to them.

LORD STEVEN: Mariah, you came, too? In this terrible rainstorm...
MIRROR MARIAH: Yes, sir. No matter what, I'll do my best to find out what causing it and put an end to it.
LORD STEVEN: You remember Wallace, right?
MIRROR MARIAH: Of course I do.
LORD STEVEN: Can you hear out what my friend has to say?

Wallace then stepped up to the girls.

WALLACE: My name is Wallace, and I'm the Mirror Elder of Sootopolis Ocean as well as the protector of the Cave of Origin. This downpour is caused by a power emanting from there.

Wallace stops when he notices the blue orb in Cascadia's hand.

WALLACE: What? That's the Blue Orb! I'm beginning to see what's going here. Follow me, ladies.

They began walking to the cave, but Cascadia looks worried.

CASCADIA: I feel like I'm the cause of this... Then again, I am a part of it since I've been with the Aqua Sorcerors for a while. People and Pokemon do need water to live, but I feel so scared and guilty.

Cascadia looks up at the dark, cloudy sky. Thunder was heard, and Cascadia felt even worse.

CASCADIA: The storm's getting worse. If this keeps up...

The group were finally at the cave's entrance. Looking at the cave brought Mirror Mariah back memories of going into the Cave of Origin in the Shadow Mirror World.

WALLACE: The Cave of Origin is ahead. No one is ever permitted to enter it, but the five of you must go with the Blue Orb. You must go regardless of what awaits you inside the Cave.
CONNIE: [to herself] We've already been through this...

Cascadia elbows Connie for the comment.

CONNIE: Hey, what was that for?
CASCADIA: This isn't the time for any lame comments.

Before Connie and Cascadia could begin arguing, Mirror Mariah walks up to Cascadia.

MIRROR MARIAH: Cascadia, I never expected you to have the Blue Orb.
CASCADIA: Me neither...
LORD STEVEN: All of you will be okay. You'll get things done no matter what. I'm convinced of it!

Lord Steven then turned to Mirror Mariah and winked at her. Mirror Mariah blushed a bit and begins to lead the others into the cave while Lord Steven and Wallace stayed behind.

WALLACE: All we can do now is to hope and pray for the safety of those girls.
LORD STEVEN: I agree. I don't know what I'd do if anything happens to them...especially Mariah.

In the distance, a mermaid with short red hair just saw the girls enter the dark cave. She looked tense as she takes a deep breath and prays for their safety under her breath...


The Cave of Origin seemed darker than the one from the Shadow Mirror World, but it was a bit cool and quiet until they got to the lower floors. Earthquakes shook the ground and grew more powerful. Lyoko starts to freak out, but Mariah comforts her.

CASCADIA: You know, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. What if Kyogre turns out to be more powerful than Groudon?
LYOKO: You've been in battle with a Groudon before?
CONNIE: We all had. Believe me, Groudon's no pushover.
LYOKO: Oh... I'm getting worried. I don't think that even Aelita can beat a Kyogre, and I probably won't be a match for it even with my Salac Necklace.
MARIAH: Don't worry, Lyoko. We'll be okay.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah, you do your best, and we'll do the same.
LYOKO: Thank you, Miss Mirror Guardian.

The five girls eventually made it to the bottom. Instead of a pool of lava, there was a large body of water. There was a sudden large wave, and Kyogre was in plain sight. Cascadia was totally frozen in fear.

CASCADIA: It's K...K...Ky...Kyogre!
MARIAH: Okay, guys! This is it!
CONNIE: If we can beat Groudon, we'll be able to beat Kyogre!
LYOKO: Time to bring the balance of nature back to normal!
MIRROR MARIAH: This is for all the Pokemon and humans in the Hoenn Mirror World! Don't hold anything back!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-25-2004, 04:57 AM
Kyogre began to have a blue glow around it. Mirror Mariah gets out her bombs and threw them at Kyogre. They exploded with water on impact, but Kyogre didn't even have a scratch on it.

MIRROR MARIAH: Oh, no. My Water Bombs worked when we were fighting Groudon, but Kyogre looks like it didn't even feel it! Oh, well. Might as well try something else! Come on, Mariah!
MIRROR MARIAH: Connie! Cascadia! Lyoko! Cover us!

Connie grabs a large nearby boulder and throws it at Kyogre. Kyogre counters by shooting a powerful blast of water that shattered the rock and blew Connie back against a wall. Lyoko starts spinning in place at a high speed and dives toward Kyogre. Kyogre fires a dark blue icy beam at her, but Lyoko managed to dodge Kyogre's attack and her attack landed a hit. Cascadia's tail begins glowing as she swings it, emitting a light blue shockwave. It, too, hits Kyogre. The attacks seemed to have done some damage, but not much. Finally, Mariah and Mirror Mariah get ready for their attacks.

MARIAH: Petaya Slash!

Mariah's Leaf Sword appears and glows pink. Mirror Mariah gets out a large clear bomb that almost looks like a bubble. Mirror Mariah hurls the bomb and Kyogre, and Mariah slashes it. The result was pink bubbles that homed into Kyogre. Like with the previous attempts, Kyogre wasn't heavily injured.

MARIAH: Kyogre's tough.
MIRROR MARIAH: No kidding.
CASCADIA: Guys, watch out!

Kyogre suddenly shoots a beam from its eyes that hits a wall. Rocks went flying into air and were heading toward the girls. Mariah gets out her Bronze Watch and pushes a button. There was the familar whoosh, and the rocks were moving very slowy. The girls managed to get away from them without much trouble.

CASCADIA: That was close.
LYOKO: But now what?
MIRROR MARIAH: Let's take the chance while time is slowed down! Come on!

Mirror Mariah throws some more bombs at Kyogre. Cascadia attacks with orbs surrounded by bubbles that homed into Kyogre. Lyoko throws razor sharp feathers, Connie gets another boulder and hurls it at Kyorge, and Mariah uses Mirror Beam. Kyogre seemed to be unconscious until it launched a powerful water blast at the girls. Mariah managed to use Sea Defense in time.

MARIAH: That was close.
CONNIE: But what now?

Mariah gets out her wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Green!

The green gem glows and shoots a light that forms into Grovyle.

MARIAH: Grovyle, we need your help to beat Kyogre!
LYOKO: [gets out a Pokeball] I'll help too! Ulrich, let's go!

Ulrich's Pokeball opens and forms into the pidgeon Pokemon with the yellow bowtie.

LYOKO: Ulrich, we're gonna need your help too.
ULRICH: Got it.

Mariah and Grovyle gets ready for a double attack as well as Lyoko and Ulrich.

MARIAH: I just hope this works. Reflect Seed!

Grovyle uses Bullet Seed and Mariah uses Mirror Beam. The two attacks combined to create rainbow colored seeds that hit Kyogre. The seed then grows into a strange rainbow-colored plant that wrapped around Kyogre.

LYOKO: Our turn! Let's go, Ulrich! Bird Cannon!

Lyoko forms wings and zooms off with Ulrich. They both headed to Kyogre and made a direct hit. Kyogre roars in pain.

MARIAH: Looks like we're making progress!
LYOKO: All right!

Cascadia forms a rope of bubbles that wraps around Kyogre. Both the bubbles and the plant seemed to be affecting Kyogre.

LYOKO: Ulrich, Wing Attack!
MARIAH: Grovyle, Fury Cutter!

Ulrich spreads out his wings and attacks Kyogre head on, and Grovyle attacks by slashing Kyogre with his leaves. Using the last of its energy, Kyogre lauches another powerful water blast at Grovyle. It blows him high before landing next to Mariah. After a few seconds, Kyogre begins to sink into the water.

MARIAH: Looks like it's over...


Back in the village, the weather had returned to normal. Lord Steven and Wallace were awaiting the girls outside the cave. Sure enough, they were just coming out when they laid eyes on the Mirror Overlord and the Sootopolis Ocean Mirror Elder. The girls looked pretty roughed up, but they were glad that it wasn't raining any longer. Then, Lord Steven and Wallace noticed that the girls had some guests with them. One of them was a large green lizard with seeds on his back and a tree-like tail, and the other was a large bird with long pink and yellow hair and pink tail feathers.

LORD STEVEN: Ladies, we owe it all to you. The sky above the Sootopolis Ocean village has returned to normal.
WALLACE: I give my gratitude as well.
LYOKO: We were nervous at first, but we managed to defeat Kyogre. Right, Ulrich?

Ulrich, Lyoko's new Pidgeot, smiles and chuckles.

LYOKO: And Mariah's Grovyle evolved into a Sceptile as well.
MARIAH: That should be a big help for me.
SCEPTILE: I'll be ready for anything that you might need, Mariah.

It seems that everything would be peaceful for a while at Sootopolis Ocean, but Cascadia seemed worried about something...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-26-2004, 07:10 AM
Octillery(M)@-- LV37
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV37
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team
-Sunny Day

Electabuzz(M)@Magnet LV37
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen

Sceptile(M)@King's Rock LV37
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV37
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV37
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace), Reflect Seed (used with Sceptile)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Sceptile learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill, Petaya Slash (used with Petaya Necklace)
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand), Petaya Slash (used with Leaf Sword)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


A Milotic was swimming around Sootopolis Ocean in the Shadow Mirror World. Everything seemed so peaceful that the Milotic was about to fall asleep until the sea became aggressive with huge waves. The peach colored serpent begins to swim away as fast as she could until she was suddenly encased in ice. Shadow Wallace sees this and comes to his Milotic's rescue, but the ice then disappears.


Dark Mariah and a large bird Pokemon with long hair appears from a mirror portal and saw Shadow Wallace in the middle of the sea.

DARK MARIAH: He struck again. Looks like he struck once again, Blaziken...


The village in Sootopolis Ocean was now full of life. Children were playing their usual games, the markets were busy as ever, and the gang was taking a swim. Cascadia, however, wasn't with them.

LYOKO: I wonder what's wrong with Miss Cascadia.
MIRROR MARIAH: She's probably still shaken up about seeing Kyogre. I know how she feels, though.
CONNIE: Well, Kyogre's asleep again, so Miss Sushi-for-Brains needs to let it go already.

Just then, the red haired mermaid from chapter 18 approaches the group as she laughs at Connie's comment.

MERMAID: Good one. [laughs] You're pretty funny.
MARIAH: Who are you?
MERMAID: Tsunama. Who are you guys?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah.
CONNIE: My name's Connie.
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm the Guardian of the Mirrors, but I'm also known as Mariah.
LYOKO: And I'm Lyoko.
TSUNAMA: Nice to meet you guys. I never thought that Elder Wallace would let anyone into the Cave of Origin. But after I heard that you guys beat the Pokemon of the Sea, you guys became the talk around here. Now, I wonder where my big sister is. I knew she was with you.
MARIAH: Sister? You mean Cascadia?
TSUNAMA: Yeah! I wonder what happened to her.
TSUNAMA: Oh, never mind! I'll ask her myself!

Water begins to swirl around Tsunama. After a few seconds, Tsumana was now wearing a pink shirt with a red vest, red shorts, and red sandals.

TSUNAMA: I forgot to tell you that I can transform myself into a human, so there's nothing to worry about. I'll find out everything my sister's been going through. Seeya!

Tsunama walks off to the Pokemon Center as the group gave her a weird look.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-26-2004, 07:11 AM
Cascadia was lying in bed and gazes up at the ceiling. She was thinking some of the events that has happened, from meeting Mariah near Slateport Beach to her recent battle with Kyogre. Just then, Tsunama enters the room. Cascadia sees her and has a very surprised look on her face.

TSUNAMA: Long time no see, sis.
CASCADIA: Tsunama? What are you doing here?
TSUNAMA: Wondering where you were for the past few months. Mom and Dad were worried sick.
CASCADIA: Well, after what's been happening, I doubt they'll even care.
TSUNAMA: What did happen to you anyway? After that storm, you seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Cascadia stopped for a moment. If she told her sister that she joined the Aqua Sorcerors and the story about the Mirror Shards, she could be in a lot of trouble.

TSUNAMA: Listen, Cascadia. You don't know what's been happening. Dad called the police to look for you, but after a few weeks, they gave up. Mom hasn't been to the surface world, and she loves it there. As for me, it's been really boring. I miss all the Pokemon Battles we had... and the tricks I usually play on you... and the arguments...
CASCADIA: Well, I sure don't miss the last two, even though I won all those arguments.
TSUNAMA: Come on, sis. Tell me everything. Just what happened to you?

Cascadia sighs and turns to her sister.

CASCADIA: Okay... Might as well hate me now than later.
CASCADIA: After the storm, I ended up in a cave. That's when I found out that the Aqua Sorcerors rescued me.
TSUNAMA: The Aqua Sorcerors rescued you?! Oh, man...
CASCADIA: Well, after I told them a little about myself, they told me about their goal of expanding the sea. They asked me to join them, and...
TSUNAMA: And you told them "no", right?
CASCADIA: For some reason, the offer seemed too good to turn down. I ended up joining them.
TSUNAMA: Uh... Maybe you shouldn't be around me for a while.
CASCADIA: Come on! I eventually came to my senses and quit after I had a vision of the earth on the verge of being flooded!
TSUNAMA: A vision? Since when did you have psychic powers? I have almost the exact same attacks as you, and then you come along with psychic powers. How'd you get 'em?! I gotta know!

Cascadia playfully shoves Tsunama.

CASCADIA: I don't know, exactly. Suddenly, I noticed I didn't need my human form much.
TSUNAMA: Well, you know Mom and Dad are going to have a fit. You know how they are about the Aqua Sorcerors. Then again, you always managed to get out of messes like this, Sushi-for-Brains. [laughs]
TSUNAMA: Sorry. The pigtailed girl with the helmet is pretty funny. I like her.
CASCADIA: You mean Connie?
TSUNAMA: Connie... So that's her name. She's swimming outside with some other girls.

Cascadia sighs and leaves the room with Tsunama following. Back outside, Mariah splashes some water on Connie.

CONNIE: You want a splash fight, huh? You've just made a big mistake, Mariah!

Connie smacks the water hard, and a huge wave crashed down on Mariah. Mariah shakes herself off and sighs.

MARIAH: Whoa...there's no way anyone could top that.
CONNIE: I see that you're getting it now.

Tsunama appears and returns to mermaid form to join the girls.

LYOKO: Oh, hi again.
TSUNAMA: Hey, guys.
MIRROR MARIAH: So, do you live around here?
TSUNAMA: Yeah. Me and Cascadia live in that red and brown house over there with our parents. Well, our dad lives there. You see, our dad lives on the land and our mom is a mermaid that lives in a coral area around here.
MARIAH: That's weird.
TSUNAMA: No, it's normal. No one doesn't seem to mind.
MARIAH: But in my world, the closest thing to a mermaid is a Vaporeon.
TSUNAMA: You're not from here?
MARIAH: No. I'm from Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region.
TSUNAMA: Huh? I never heard of the Hoenn region.

Just then, a tornado suddenly blows apart a nearby house. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and saw the Milotic that belonged to Shadow Wallace.

CONNIE: Okay, tell me that a Milotic didn't just attacked us.

Wallace arrives on the scene in time to see the Milotic destroy another house by shooting a huge amount of water from her mouth. He takes action by sending out his own Milotic, and Cascadia follows by sending out hers. Soon, all three Milotics were attacking each other with water blasts and tornadoes. Everyone was wondering why a peaceful Pokemon like Milotic could attack a village.

MIRROR MARIAH: This is just too bizarre. Wha...?
LYOKO: What is it?
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm sensing a Mirror Shard around here. It looks like it's time to get serious, so we'd better change back!

Meanwhile, Wallace's Milotic attacks by blowing a fire-like stream from her mouth. The Shadow Milotic dodges it by diving underwater. After a few moments of confusion, Wallace and Cascadia's Milotics were pulled underwater.


Black lightning suddenly bursts out of the lake as a whirlpool forms. Everyone begins to run back into their houses and locked the doors. Children were crying and ran with their parents. Shopowners closed their shops, and soon the village was empty. Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, and Lyoko arrived just in time to see a dark purple snake that looked like Milotic. However, it had three heads that each had angry red eyes and sharp fangs instead of the usual gentle face of a normal Milotic, and the blue fan-like tail was replaced with a dark blue tail with stingers on the tip. It lets out a menacing and intimidating roar.

MARIAH: Looks like Shadow Wing's pulling out all the stops with this one!
TSUNAMA: Shadow Wing?
MIRROR MARIAH: Long story.
TSUNAMA: Well, whoever he is... We're gonna tear him up, roll him over, and make him gone as we toss him aside!
CONNIE: [to Cascadia] Hey, I like the way your sister thinks!
CASCADIA: [annoyed] Connie, please.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-27-2004, 09:14 AM
All three Milotic heads attack with a stream of water surrounded by ultrasonic waves. Everyone gets out of the way, but the attack managed to create a crater were Mariah and the others were standing.

TSUNAMA: Wow. Now that's what I call power!
MIRROR MARIAH: I'm so glad that I don't eat sushi...or even seafood for that matter.

The Milotic monster attacks again, but this time with fire-like streams. Mariah flies up in front of the monster and makes her Leaf Sword appears and begins glowing.

MARIAH: Forest Wave!

The sword shoots out a shock wave as Mariah slashes toward the monster. The attack hits, but the monster simply recovered.

MARIAH: What?!
MONSTER: Do you really think you'll be able to beat Shadow Hydra?

The monster, Shadow Hydra, attacks with a huge tornado. Mariah's Leaf Sword disappears and the Mirror Wand appears in its place. She then aims it at the tornado, and a gust of wind is fired at it. The wind from Mariah's wand counterforces with the tornado created by Shadow Hydra and dissolves. Shadow Hydra then dives into the water. Cascadia and Tsunama dive in as well and saw Shadow Hydra swimming right towards them. Shadow Hydra prepapres to attack and so does Cascadia and Tsunama.

CASCADIA: Mermaid Tears!
TSUNAMA: Glacier Storm!

Orbs that were surrounded by bubbles form in Cascadia's hands before homing into Shadow Hydra. Tsunama begins glowing as she closes her eyes and small white crystals begin to surround Shadow Hydra. However, the monstrous three-headed Milotic started glowing a bright purple color. Cascadia and Tsunama had a nervous feeling as they saw Shadow Hydra back in full health and swimming toward them at full speed. The two mermaids found themselves swimming back to the surface.

TSUNAMA: Aw, man... This isn't good at all...
CASCADIA: Tell me about it.
CONNIE: I'll handle this!

Connie gets a running start and jumps toward Shadow Hydra.

CONNIE: You don't know who you're messing with! Ground Fist!

Connie's fist begins glowing as she punches Shadow Hydra's middle head. The head roars in pain, for the impact of the attack felt like being hit with a boulder in the middle of a landslide. Connie does the same with the head on her left and then the head on her right. However, the right head counters with a huge tornado. Connie was trapped, but Lyoko flies up and spins around at a high speed to create a counterforce in the twister. The tornado dissolved and Connie ends up plummeting toward the sea, but Mirror Mariah managed to catch her and safely land.

CONNIE: Thanks!
MIRROR MARIAH: No problem. Huh? The Mirror Shard... it's underwater!
MIRROR MARIAH: No problem, though.

Before Connie could say anything else, Mirror Mariah takes the crystal Pokeball off from her necklace. She presses the button, and the ball opens. A bright light was shot from the ball, but it didn't form into Marshflect. Instead, the while light becomes a sky blue colored Pokemon. It had bright green eyes and dark blue heart-shaped fins on its head and tail. The wings, a little larger compared to Marshflect's, remained along with the halo. Connie does a bit of a wild take and she sees Marshflect's evolved form.

CONNIE: What kind of Swampert is that?
MIRROR MARIAH: No time to answer questions now, Connie. Swamira and I will find the Mirror Shard. You help Mariah and the others with that three-headed Milotic.

With that, Mirror Mariah and his Swamira dove into the water. Connie frowns for a few seconds.

CONNIE: After all this time, I still can't believe that the Mirror Guardian would have Pokemon like that.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-28-2004, 08:50 AM
Connie heads back just in time to see Cascadia blown into the air with another dizzying tornado fired from Shadow Hydra. Right at the next moment, Shadow Hydra turns her attention to Connie and blows flames at her. Connie ends up getting hit. When Shadow Hydra stopped attacking, Connie seemed paralyzed. Meanwhile, Cascadia was still stuck in the tornado, but Mariah flies toward the tornado at lightning speed and gets her out of there. She then notices Connie's paralysis and lands near her. Lyoko and Tsunama notices her and get to the scene as well.

TSUNAMA: You okay, Connie?
CONNIE: I... I... I can't move!
CASCADIA: Well, I don't know whether to see that as a bad thing or a good thing.
TSUNAMA: Huh? Why's that, sis?
CASCADIA: It's a bad thing because she won't be able to attack much, but it can be a good thing because we don't have to worry about her going ballistic!
CONNIE: You won't be able to laugh at that when I deal with you!

Connie tries to hit Cascadia, but she could barely move because her whole body felt stiff.

CASCADIA: I'm just kidding.
TSUNAMA: Hey, where's that mirror Mariah? Wonder what happened to her.
CONNIE: She went off to find a Mirror Shard. Now, can someone help me out here?!

Just then, Connie's Ganlon Necklace begins glowing and then Connie herself. Everyone then watched in awe as Connie was being miraculously cured of her condition. After a few seconds, Connie was able to move freely again.

CONNIE: Wow. That was weird. I suddenly feel better... but what happened?
LYOKO: Your necklace... It began glowing...
CONNIE: Well, I have to say this for that Mariah wannabe... These necklaces definetely come in handy when you need them! Now we need to figure out what we're gonna do about that thing.

Shadow Hydra let out an evil laugh as a shield of black lightning surrounded them. Tsunama, not intimidated by the new defense manuever, begins glowing and raises her arms high into the air. A huge tidal wave forms in front of her, and then it headed right for Shadow Hydra when Tsunama quickly lets her hands down in a slamming motion. When Tsunama's attack hits the shield, however, the water immediately dissolved. Tsunama was on the verge of panicking when she noticed her attack didn't work.

SHADOW HYDRA: Try getting through that, you pathetic creatures!

Mariah then aims her wand at Shadow Hydra and released a strong bolt of lighting right at Shadow Hydra that paraylze her. Cascadia closes her eyes and clasped her hands together. She begins glowing as whirlpools form around the immobile Shadow Hydra. Lights were shot from them and dove right into her. Shadow Hydra was beginning to get heavily injured.

MARIAH: Whew. That oughta do it.
CASCADIA: I sure hope so. If that thing managed to survive my best attack, we'd be done for.

Sure enough, Shadow Hydra begins glowing. Purple at first, and then blue. She was recovered once again, this time from the damage Cascadia has done and from the paraylsis Mariah has caused.

SHADOW HYDRA: [evil laugh] Is that all you've got?
TSUNAMA: Looks like we're done for.
MARIAH: Not quite. There's still something we haven't tried.
LYOKO: What is it?
MARIAH: Here's what we're gonna do...

Everyone huddled around Mariah to listen in on her plan.

CASCADIA: What? I don't think we can pull this off.
LYOKO: Yeah! That three headed Milotic will beat us before we're halfway done!
TSUNAMA: Well, I say we go for it. It's better than nothing. We're gonna fry that thing before it even blinks!
CONNIE: [laughs] Hey, Tsunama... Mind if I use that line in the future?
TSUNAMA: Knock yourself out, my friend!
CASCADIA: Can we please deal with the Milotic Hydra now?

Mariah and Lyoko head off near the Cave of Origin while Cascadia and Tsunama remained at the sea. Mariah gets her wand ready while Lyoko, Cascadia, and Tsunama prepare their Pokeballs.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Yellow! Green!

The yellow and green gems on the Mirror Wand began to glow and shot out two bright lights of their respective colors that formed into Electabuzz and Sceptile.

LYOKO: Go, Aelita!

Lyoko throws the Pokeball into the air. The ball opens and the bright light that was shot out of it formed into Aelita the Swellow.

CASCADIA: Let's go, Vaporeon!
TSUNAMA: Mantine, we need you!

Both sisters tossed their Net Balls into the air. They both open and bright lights burst out of them that formed into Cascadia's Vaporeon and Tsunama's Mantine, a blue ray Pokemon with a tail that flowed like a kite's tail. As Shadow Hydra gets ready for the assault, Mariah takes a deep breath to calm her tense feelings.

MARIAH: I sure hope this works...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-29-2004, 08:46 AM
Mariah, Lyoko, and Aelita flew toward Shadow Hydra. Flames and water streams with ultrasonic waves were fired at them, but they managed to dodge attacks. Cascadia, Tsunama, Vaporeon, and Mantine swam toward Shadow Hydra at full speed. Connie, Sceptile, and Electabuzz were doing a little rock hopping to get to Shadow Hydra.

SHADOW HYDRA: Do you think you could beat me?
ELECTABUZZ: We don't think so! We KNOW so! [to Connie] Go for it!

Connie leaps toward Shadow Hydra. Her fist begins glowing as she rears it back.

CONNIE: Eat this! Giga Punch!

On impact, Connie managed to shatter the dark barrier and slammed into the middle head of Shadow Hydra with a powerful punch. Then, Electabuzz and Sceptile prepared for a double attack. Electabuzz's fists began to charge with electricity, and the leaves on Sceptile's arms began glowing a bright green. Electabuzz slams his sparking fist into Shadow Hydra's left head and managed to paralyze it as well as doing quite a bit of damage. Sceptile slashes the right head with his arm leaves, also doing some major damage.

MARIAH: All right! We're making some progress here!

Just then, Shadow Hydra attacks by blowing a huge tornado with black flames. Everyone was caught in it and felt immense heat and pain. Mariah's plan was going horribly wrong, and she needs a miracle.

MARIAH: This...is...bad... [coughs] I can't breathe, and...I feel weak... I...need a...way...to turn... [coughs] this around!

Shadow Hydra watches as the swirling black inferno managed to drain the energy of its victims. Suddenly, a strange sparkling wind of red and blue crept inside of the tornado and managed to make it explode. Then it swirled around the group and they were back at full health.

MARIAH: Huh? What happened?
TSUNAMA: I have no clue.
CASCADIA: I didn't sense anything while I was in the tornado.
SHADOW HYDRA: What?! How could this happen?!

Shadow Hydra was then attacked by a blue burst of light and red "fluffy" orbs. Everyone was completely spellbound when they noticed that unknown forces were giving everything they had against Shadow Wing's toughest monsters.

MARIAH: Well, I don't know what's going on here, but this is our chance! Lyoko, pick up where Electabuzz and Sceptile left off!
LYOKO: Okay! [to Aelita] Let's go!
AELITA: All right!

Lyoko and Aelita fly toward Shadow Hydra at top speed. When they were within striking distance, Lyoko and Aelita flew as high as they could.

LYOKO: Ready, Aelita?
AELITA: Ready as ever, Lyoko.
LYOKO: All right!

Lyoko and Aelita zoomed down toward Shadow Hydra. On the way down, Lyoko gets close to Aelita and the two began spinning. Shadow Hydra attempted to stop them by attacking with the black flames, but Lyoko and Aelita tore through the attack and directly hit the neck of Shadow Hydra's middle head. Just then, a black tornado forms around Shadow Hydra. After a few moments of wondering what else the three headed monster had planned, a normal colored Milotic was lying unconscious in the water and Shadow Hydra only had two heads instead of three.

LYOKO: Well, it looks like we've got one down. Mariah's plan is working better than I thought. [to Cascadia and Tsunama] Okay! You're up!

Cascadia closes her eyes and spreads out her arms. A blue glow suddenly surrounded her. Huge waves began to form around Cascadia.

CASCADIA: Hydro Bind!

The waves then formed into a large cyclone that traps Shadow Hydra. Tsunama signals Mantine and Vaporeon to get the Milotic to safety before she dove underwater to swim toward the cyclone. She notices Shadow Hydra trying to heal herself, but it didn't seem possible to do so. Tsunama then jumps out of the water.

TSUNAMA: Diamond Blizzard!

Tsunama's eyes and body glowed a bright white as a whirlwind of snow and hail was fired at the cyclone. The cyclone froze immediately after Tsunama's icy attack made impact with it. Once the injured Milotic was safe, Vaporeon and Mantine got with their trainers.

CASCADIA: Vaporeon, Iron Tail!
TSUNAMA: Mantine, Wing Attack!

Vaporeon and Mantine head for the giant ice pillar that covered Shadow Hydra.

MARIAH: Sceptile! Electabuzz! Go help them out!
LYOKO: You too, Aelita!

Vaporeon's tail begins glowing as she leaps toward the pillar and hits it with her tail as hard as she could. Mantine follows the same manuever as Vaporeon, but he prefered to use his "wings" instead. Aelita flies up high and then dives into the pillar as hard as she could. Sceptile fires a strong barrage of seeds from his mouth, and Electabuzz charges up and fires stars from his antennae. Despite a few dents, the pillar stood, and Mariah was trying to figure out her next move.

MARIAH: Hmm...I didn't expect Tsunama's attack to be like this. Looks like I have to take this to another level! I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Orange!

The orange gem on the Mirror Wand began glowing and shot out an orange light that forms into Lagadi.

LAGADI: What's up, Mariah? Any trouble?
MARIAH: Yeah. I need you to use a Sunny Day attack!
LAGADI: Huh? For what?
MARIAH: I'll explain later!

Without asking any questions, Lagadi looks up in the sky and raises her paws in the air. Suddenly, the sunlight intensified and the ice pillar began to melt.

MARIAH: Okay. Now I'm gonna need you to speed the melting process up with your Flame Wheel!

Lagadi nods and hops from rock to rock. By the time she was close to the pillar, Lagadi was surrounded by flames and slammed into the ice pillar. She then falls toward the water after she attacked, but Aelita managed to catch the rabbit with her talons.

LAGADI: Whew. Thanks a lot. I owe you one.
AELITA: I'm always more than ready to help a friend.

Aelita safely delivers Lagadi to Mariah. The pillar begins to melt quicker than it did earlier.

MARIAH: Heh heh... perfect...
CONNIE: Okay, Mariah. I'm tired of just standing around. When do I get to break it?

Mariah and Sceptile team up to use Reflect Seed. Mariah's Mirror Beam and Sceptile's Bullet Seed combined and formed rainbow colored seeds that landed on the icy pillar. A rainbow colored plant starts to grow around it.

MARIAH: Right now.
CONNIE: Finally!

Connie jumps toward the pillar and gives in a good punch. It was enough to shatter it, and Shadow Hydra collapsed. After floating motionlessly in the water, she then returned to being two separate Milotic. There was a brief moment of silence before all the villagers opened their doors to see that Shadow Hydra had fallen. Wallace, who was calling for help in the Pokemon Center for quite a while, puts down the phone and sees his Milotic through the window. Nurse Joy notices the Milotic too and heads outside with Wallace right behind. Cascadia approaches her Milotic to make sure it wasn't too injured. Then, Wallace and Cascadia began to wonder where the third Milotic came from, but Nurse Joy then steps up.

NURSE JOY: Your Milotic are in bad shape.

Both Wallace and Cascadia recalled their Milotic in their Pokeballs and handed them to Joy while a few pink Pokemon with eggs in their pouches were helping the third Milotic. As Wallace, Joy and the pink Pokemon head back to the Pokemon Center, Mirror Mariah and Swamira have finally surfaced.

MIRROR MARIAH: Whew! I thought I'd never find it!
CONNIE: It's about time! Where the heck were you? It can't take that long to find the Mirror Shard!
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, oddly enough, it wasn't harder than I thought it would be. Fortunately, Swamira spotted the Mirror Shard near a Corsola nest.

Mirror Mariah and Swamira head back to dry ground.

MIRROR MARIAH: We would've gotten back sooner, but we somehow lost the way. [gets out the Mirror Shard] Anyway, here it is!

The Mirror Shard was shaped like three raindrops in a pyramid formation.

MIRROR MARIAH: The Rain Shard... [laughs]

Just then, the Rain Shard disappears and Mirror Mariah gets a strong feeling within her. Everyone got together to find out what was happening. After a few seconds, Mirror Mariah seemed relieved.

MIRROR MARIAH: The Rain Shard... it was the last shard...
CONNIE: So that would mean that...
MARIAH: That the Golden Gateway's been fixed?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. It's fixed. We managed to fix the Golden Gateway...

Mariah then falls down crying. She was completely overjoyed that the long journey to find the Mirror Shards to fix the Golden Gateway at the Oldale Shrine have finally come to an end. Now, all that was left was to go to the Oldale Shrine and head to Ever Grande Cathedral by the Golden Gateway. After that, she can finally go back to the world that she longed to go back...the Hoenn Region.

MARIAH: [sobbing] Well, it won't be long now...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-30-2004, 09:24 PM
Octillery(M)@-- LV40
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam
-Focus Energy

Lagadi(F)@Charcoal LV40
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team
-Sunny Day

Electabuzz(M)@Magnet LV40
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen

Sceptile(M)@King's Rock LV40
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV40
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV40
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace), Reflect Seed (used with Sceptile)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Sceptile learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill, Petaya Slash (used with Petaya Necklace), Forest Wave
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand), Petaya Slash (used with Leaf Sword)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12


Two days have passed since the girls have fought Shadow Hydra, the last of Shadow Wing's monsters that attempted to hinder their quest to find the Mirror Shards. The Golden Gateway was now fixed, and Mariah was able to go home. The news quickly spread out throughout the Hoenn Mirror World. Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia and her family, Lyoko, all of the Mirror Elders, and even Maxie, Rubyfire, Archie, and Water Sapphire are currently getting ready for the next day when Mariah can finally go back to her world. Even Dark Mariah, who has heard of the incident with Shadow Hydra when she was looking for Shadow Wallace's Milotic, has come to the Hoenn Mirror World to bid Mariah farewell.

For the time being, however, Mariah is enjoying her last day at Littleroot Village where her adventures in the Hoenn Mirror World began. She is currently doing some training with her Pokemon since she wasn't able to do much due to all the trouble Shadow Wing caused. The others were using the time to relax by a lake. Despite the fact that everything was going to be back to normal when Mariah goes back home, none of them seemed happy.

MIRROR MARIAH: So, uh... who else is going to miss Mariah when she leaves?
CONNIE: I sure will. I kinda thought she was weak at first, but now I think she's pretty cool. Of course, she's not as tough as me.

Cascadia gives Connie an annoyed look and sighs. Lyoko seems rather unhappy as well for the same reasons.

LYOKO: I don't want Mariah to leave... I'll miss her so much.
CASCADIA: Well, I'm sorry, Lyoko... but Mariah doesn't belong here. She belongs in her world.
MIRROR MARIAH: Cascadia has a point.
CONNIE: Yeah, for once.

Cascadia ignores Connie and tries to comfort Lyoko. However, Lyoko begins crying.

LYOKO: I don't want Mariah to leave! I want her here!
CONNIE: We all do, but that's not gonna change anything. On top of that, we all can finally go home now that this Mirror Shard scenario is over.
LYOKO: Well... at least Mommy will still be there...
CONNIE: It's better than nothing.
CONNIE: Well, it is!
LYOKO: It's okay...

Meanwhile, Mariah continues her training until it gets interrupted when Shuckle gets hit on the head by a strange round crystal.

MARIAH: Huh? Shuckle, you all right?
SHUCKLE: I'm fine, but what's this thing?

Mariah picks up the glittering crystal. Suddenly, the Mirror Wand's gems begins flashing, and the crystal began glowing in several colors. Mariah and her Pokemon were surprised by this, and Mariah heads to Mirror Mariah to figure out what was going on.

MARIAH: This weird crystal hit Shuckle and suddenly began glowing along with my wand. Do you know what's going on?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, to be honest... I don't know what that crystal is.
MARIAH: Hmmm. Well, whatever it is, it seems to be related to the Wand in some way.

The sun begins to slowly disappear from view, and the sky was a mix of reds and purples. The wild Pokemon that were in the area began to head back to their homes.

MIRROR MARIAH: It's getting late. We should head back.

Mariah recalls her Pokemon and heads off to the others. The group arrives at a house that looks like Mariah's. Mariah instantly recalled that she saw the same house through a mirror back at the strange room where she first met Mirror Mariah, and her mind was on going back to her home until Mirror Mariah called her a few times.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey! You coming or what?

Mariah then shakes off her current though and heads into the house. However, it seems that no one has lived there in a long time. There was no furniture, and the floors and walls were dirty and broken down. The lights weren't in working condition, and the windows were stained with flith that wouldn't come off.

CONNIE: I can't believe that we're going to be sleeping in this dump! I knew something was up when you said we'll be staying here!
CASCADIA: [imitating Connie] Well, for once, you're right!
CONNIE: Hey! That's not funny, cocktail breath!
CASCADIA: That was for making fun of me back there!
MIRROR MARIAH: Relax, guys. I've got it covered.

Mirror Mariah gets out her wand. The wings on it begins glowing, and there was a flash of light. Within a few seconds, the entire place looked like that it was built just yesterday. Aside from the now clean house, there was a glass table in the middle of the room and a sofa right behind it. Two smaller sofas were right beside it as well as a stand with a TV on it. The room now has some strong similarities to the living room at Mariah's house.

MARIAH: Wow. Impressive!
CONNIE: I'll say.
MIRROR MARIAH: Make yourselves at home, but try to be in bed at a decent time so you won't be sleepy tommorow.
CONNIE: [sarcastically] Yes, mother.

Later that night, everyone was in bed. Mariah was sleeping in a room very similar to hers back home. She was lying in bed wide awake.

MARIAH: Finally, I'll be able to go home. I know I should be excited, but... what everyone is going to do with Shadow Wing still running around? I managed to take out his monsters, but... there's a chance that those were the easy ones. What if...what if he isn't just trying to destroy the Hoenn Mirror World? What if he tries to destroy mine? And even worse... what's going to happen to those other Mariahs if Shadow Wing managed to destroy the Shadow Mirror World, the Hoenn Mirror World, and mine? And Connie... and Cascadia... and Lyoko... and the Pokemon I caught here?

Mariah then gazes out the window and sighs.

MARIAH: Who am I kidding? I shouldn't be thinking about going back home. Something's gotta be done about Shadow Wing. I just hope I'm that something...

With that, Mariah takes one last look at the strange crystal and slowly goes off to sleep.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
06-30-2004, 09:26 PM
Early the next morning, Mariah was on her way to the Oldale Shrine. Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were with her. Upon arrival, they saw all eight of the Mirror Elders as well as their Pokemon. May, Max, Caroline, Sarah, and Dark Mariah were there as well. Also, Archie and Maxie were there along with Rubyfire and Water Sapphire. At first, Connie and Cascadia had mixed emotions seeing their rivals at such a time as this, but that changed when they saw the warm smiles on their faces. Tsunama, in human form, was there was well, along with a man in a dark blue tuxedo and a woman with a purple dress with white flowers on it. The man had reddish brown hair with dark brown eyes, and the woman had lavender colored hair with green eyes. Cascadia felt nervous around them, even more than she was when she saw Water Sapphire here.

CASCADIA: Uh... Mom... Dad...

Mariah seemed surprised by this. Cascadia and Tsunama's parents seemed like totally normal people, even though she believed that their mother was a mermaid. However, she notices that there were two small fins on the mother's head with one on each side and realizes that she was in her human form as well as Tsunama. Cascadia heads to her parents.

CASCADIA: Mom... Dad... I'm sorry for being away for so long. I was going to come back home, but...
CASCADIA'S MOTHER: We already know the story.
CASCADIA: But how...
TSUNAMA: I told 'em right after you left. I didn't mean to tell, but I felt guilty for keeping it to myself. I'm sorry.

Cascadia was about to say something, but Water Sapphire and Archie stepped up.

ARCHIE: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not believing your daughter.
WATER SAPPHIRE: I, too, am sorry.
ARCHIE: For a long time, the Aqua Sorcerors had a life long dream to expand the sea. Now I understand that the human race can never fully control nature.
MAXIE: I am sorry for the trouble that my group has caused too.
RUBYFIRE: And so am I.

Archie, Maxie, Water Sapphire, and Rubyfire then turn their attention to Mariah.

ARCHIE: Hoenn Mirror Girl, thank you.
MARIAH: Uh...for what?
MAXIE: For making us realize how foolish we were. We give our thanks to the Mirror Guardians of this world and the Shadow Mirror World as well.

Mirror Mariah and Dark Mariah just smiled at them. Meanwhile, Winona was comforting her daughter, who was crying because of Mariah's soon-to-be departure.

WINONA: It'll be okay, Lyoko. You'll see Mariah again someday.
LYOKO: [sobbing] I don't want her to go! I want her to stay...
WINONA: I'm sure that Mariah will come back here real soon. Maybe you'll be able to go to her world.
LYOKO: Really? [sniffs] I hope I get to see her again...

Lyoko wipes her eyes as Roxanne approaches Connie.

ROXANNE: I could easily figured out that you had a good time.
CONNIE: It was nice while it lasted. I don't get a chance to stomp evil forces often.
ROXANNE: You're still the same as always. After some excitement and a few opportunities to show your strength, you always want some more.
CONNIE: Well, there's this Shadow Wing creep, but he's pretty much not my problem.

Just then, Rubyfire walks up Connie.

RUBYFIRE: No hard feeling after what happened?
CONNIE: I guess.
RUBYFIRE: You have a lot of spunk and your toughness tops it off, little... [pauses] Nah. I'm not gonna call you little girl any longer.
CONNIE: Well, it's about time! The rock hard fighter extrodinaire needs some respect, you know.
RUBYFIRE: From what I've seen, Connie, you deserve it. Just don't get so carried away that you'll end up destroy something.

Her destruction of the hospital back at Mossdeep Constellation came to her mind as she gives off an embarrassed laugh. After some friendly conversations, everyone enters the Oldale Shrine. At the corner of the shrine was the large golden mirror. The very same mirror that was restored thanks to the help of Mariah and the gang. There was the Golden Gateway in all of its shining beauty.

MIRROR MARIAH: Well, guys. This is it.

Mirror Mariah gets out her wand. She closes her eyes as she aims it at the Golden Gateway.

MIRROR MARIAH: Evirra ot dnetni I ecalp eht retne ot niossimrep ruoy em gniynapmocca esoht dna em wolla, efil fo srednow sseldne eht ot yawetag.

Mariah, totally clueless about what Mirror Mariah just said, was about to ask a few questions until the Golden Gateway begins glowing with a bright light.

MIRROR MARIAH. Gateway to the endless wonders of life, allow me and those accompanying me your permission to entre the place I intend to arrive...Ever Grande Cathedral.

The light then covered the entire shrine. When the light dimmed down, the entire shrine was empty. Not a single person was left...


Wally was flying on his Altaria and sees a huge city with large golden buildings and beautiful flowers as far as the eye could see. Just a few miles away from the city was a huge cave, and Altaria lands right near it.

WALLY: Well, this is the place. Let's go in and begin our training!

Just then, an immensely bright light flashed in front of Wally. He shielded his eyes and Altaria shuts them as hard as he could. After a few moments, the bright light dimmed down, and Wally notices some familar faces.

MARIAH: Hey, Wally. Long time no see!
WALLY: Same here! What brings you here?
MARIAH: Uh... I'm going back home. What about you?
WALLY: I'm beginning to start my usual Pokemon training. So, you live around here?
MARIAH: No. I live in a totally different world from you.
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah needs to go the Ever Grande Cathedral first. Once the Mirror Masters accepted Mariah's request to go back to her world, her wish shall be granted.
WALLY: Oh... I guess I'll be seeing you around, Mariah.

Wally leaves, and Mariah starts to seem depressed. Eventually, they all head to the cave's entrance.

MIRROR MARIAH: This is Victory Road... the only thing that stands between us and Ever Grande Cathedral. [turns to the others] If there are no objections, let's get going!

Mirror Mariah stops and notices a frial young woman. She had blond hair and was wearing a dark purple dress.

WOMAN: I must warn you... quickly...

Before she could say anything else, the woman collapsed on the ground.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-01-2004, 11:59 PM
The woman wakes up and finds herself with the group in a grassy area close to Victory Road. She sees that Lord Steven and Mirror Mariah were with them and instantly got up.

WOMAN: Oh... Lord Steven... Miss Mariah... What brings the two of you here?
MIRROR MARIAH: We're here because we're trying to get my friend here home.
MARIAH: Hello there, ma'am. My name is Mariah Janvi.

The woman seemed surprised due to Mariah's resemblance to Mirror Mariah, from the way they looked to the face that they had the exact same name. She looks at Mariah and then at Mirror Mariah, figuring out a way to tell the two apart. Then she notices Dark Mariah in the group, who also shared the resemblance that the other two Mariahs had.

WOMAN: Hmm...this is quite interesting. Three girls who are almost completely identical. [to Mirror Mariah] I guess I have to call you Mirror Mariah for now... [turns to Dark Mariah] And if I'm correct, you must also be Mariah.
DARK MARIAH: Yes. I'm the Mirror Guardian of the Shadow Mirror World.
WOMAN: Well, I hope you don't mind if I start calling you Shadow Mariah from now on.
DARK MARIAH: Not at all.

The woman suddenly gets embarrassed and laughs.

WOMAN: Forgive me. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Glacia. I am one of the four Mirror Masters. I'm assuming that one of you have a request that you would like me and the other three Mirror Masters would like to grant you.
MARIAH: Yes, I do... I would like to go back to my world. You see, I'm from Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region.
GLACIA: I understand. Unfortunetly, I have a bit of a problem. A strange force has suddenly taken over the Ever Grande Cathedral, and unless something is done, I'm unable to take you home. However, I have heard from Lord Steven that you've managed to fix the Golden Gateway, and you managed to defeat several monsters that have tried to stop you. I will be very grateful if you can help us, Mariah.
MARIAH: I'll do my best.
CONNIE: You can count me in, too.
CASCADIA: I'm going with you as well, Mariah.
LYOKO: Don't leave me out. I wanna help too.

After a moment of silence, Mariah makes her wand appear and her necklace begins glowing. Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko's begin glowing as well.

LYOKO: Okay then. Let's get ready to do this.
CASCADIA: Shadow Wing has been messing with us for the last time.
CONNIE: We'll show this creep what we're made of!
MARIAH: Now, let's get going!

With that, the four entered Victory Road with everyone else followed them. A red and blue sparkling wind blew past them. May turns around and wondered what it was, but Max tugs her shirt and motions her to catch up. She laughs embarrassedly and runs off with Max following.


The large golden Ever Grande Cathedral was surrounded in darkness. Black orbs surrounded by purple lightning were constantly being shot at three other people. Four Pokemon were doing their best to fight it off, but it didn't seem to be enough. The first Pokemon was a goat like creature with red eyes and a blade on his head and tail. He was attacking the orbs with a bright shockwave that was launched from his head blade. The second Pokemon was a ghost golem with one red eye. She was using black orbs of her own to counter the darkness. The third was a blue walrus who blows a powerful wind of ice that freezes the orbs. The fourth was a teal colored dragon with red wings that wore an intimidating look on his face. He attacks with a powerful stream of flames. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, the darkness hasn't died down. There was an evil laugh, and red eyes suddenly form in the darkness.

VOICE: Do you think that is enough to stop me?!

Black lightning was suddenly fired at the four Pokemon and made a direct hit. They were all injured, and the three people rushed up to them. The man who went up to goat Pokemon was nearly bald except for small amount of red hair in the middle. He wore a red shirt with a black vest over it, yellow pants, and brown shoes. He was on the verge of shock when he noticed that his Pokemon was severly weakened.

MAN: Absol! Wake up! You can't let me down now! We have to save the Cathedral!
ABSOL: I'm...sorry, Sidney... The strange force... it's too strong...

Absol just looked at Sidney, his trainer, for a few seconds before falling unconscious. A young dark skinned girl with flowers in her hair and dressed in tropical attire was with the ghost golem, and another man dressed like a sailor was with the dragon.

GIRL: Dusclops, you've got to get up!
MAN 2: Salamence, you have to keep fighting!

Dusclops and Salamence just feel in the same state as Absol. The walrus, using the last of her strength, gets up a little.

SIDNEY: Walrein...
WALREIN: Glacia... I hope she's all right... Someone has to find her... Sidney... Phoebe... Drake...

Just then, Walrein becomes unconscious as well. The tropical girl, Phoebe, and the sailor, Drake, were in quite a mess at this moment.

SIDNEY: If the Pokemon can't beat that thing, what will?
PHOEBE: Hopefully that girl Lord Steven has been telling us about.
DRAKE: I hope so too. I hope so...


Wally was with a Pokemon that looked like an "older" version of Ralts except that she had reddish-orange eyes and had no horn on her head.

WALLY: Okay, Gardevoir. One more time! Thunderbolt attack!

The Pokemon, Gardevoir, begins charging with electricity and fires it at a target that Wally tossed into the air. The electric shock shatters the target on impact.

WALLY: Nice job, Gardevoir!
GARDEVOIR: [giggles] Thank you. All of this training is paying off.
WALLY: Okay. Let's work on your psychic attacks!

All of a sudden, everything went dark. A huge black cloud has spread all over the city. Wally and Gardevoir began to have senses of fear within them as the darkness consumes the peacefulness of their surroundings. Black lightning then strikes Gardevoir, and Wally could only watch as his loyal Pokemon shriek in fear and pain. When it was over, Gardevoir's flowing "gown" became dark as the darkness and her eyes began glowing red.

WALLY: Gardevoir? Gardevoir?

Gardevoir doesn't answer. Instead, her eyes began to glow, and a sphere of black lightning surrounded her. Suddenly, Wally was hit by some of the dark lightning and ended up unconscious immediately after.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-03-2004, 03:31 AM
By the time the group reached the exit that would lead them to the Cathedral, they find a barrier of black energy blocking their way. Mariah makes her Mirror Wand appear and aims it at the barrier.

MARIAH: Petaya Magic!

A whirlwind of pink lights were shot toward the shadowy barrier. An opening seemed to have appeared, but it disappeared just as quickly.

MARIAH: Shoot! I thought I had it! Guess I'll try it again.

However, Mariah was suddenly blown back by a strange force. She gets back up, not noticing that her arm had a scrape on it until Cascadia begins to heal it.

MARIAH: What was that?

Black lightning appears and forms into Wally's Gardevoir. She has a cold, intimidating look in her eyes that intended to strike fear into the hearts that saw her. However, everyone, especially Mariah, was more furious than scared.

GARDEVOIR: So, you pathetic humans managed to get this far.
MARIAH: I know it's you, Shadow Wing! Listen to me. I've come too far just to lose to you! I will beat you and return back to my world!
GARDEVOIR: The reflection of justice... the twin of truth... You must be Mariah Janvi, the Hoenn Mirror Girl who will eliminate the illusion of evil.
MARIAH: Yeah, that's me all right.
GARDEVOIR: Well, once I crush you, I'll be free to destory both the Shadow and Hoenn Mirror Worlds to create my own world of darkness! Everyone will be ruled by the shadows, and the light shall never show its face, for it will be destroyed by the darkness!
MARIAH: Enough already! It's time to finish you once and for all!
CONNIE: At first, you were just Shadow Mariah's problem! Now, you're in a heck of a lot of trouble after causing us trouble!
CASCADIA: That's right! You were the one who attempted to destroy the free will of several Pokemon!
LYOKO: We'll make sure you'll pay for this!
GARDEVOIR: It's a matter of time before both of these useless worlds are shattered!

Mariah motions everyone else to stay back while she, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko handle the possessed Gardevoir. Gardevoir has a black aura around her. Everything around the four seemed blurry and begin to spin at a high speed. Then, all of a sudden, they began floating in the air for a few seconds before they were slammed on the ground. Connie begins to ball her fists.

CONNIE: All right! That does it! This is for having your stupid monsters attack us! Ganlon Magic!

Connie begins glowing blue and slams her fists on the ground. After a massive earthquake, rocks fell and buried Gardevoir. At first, everyone thought it was already over. Unfortunately, Gardevoir was able to blow the rocks away with her psychic powers.

CONNIE: Hey, what gives?! She should've been a pancake by now!
GARDEVOIR: [laughs] Pathetic child! Your pitful earth attacks can't beat me!
CASCADIA: Maybe water will! Liechi Magic!

Cascadia begins glowing red, and a huge tidal wave of water-like energy was formed behind her. However, Gardevoir uses her psychic powers to make it dissolve.

CASCADIA: What?! No!
GARDEVOIR: Neither the Magma Magicians nor the Aqua Sorcerors have the power to stop me!
LYOKO: My turn! Salac Magic!

A tornado of green, sparkling wind and feathers formed around Lyoko. Lyoko then takes off and suddenly seemed like a blur to everyone except Gardevoir. When Lyoko was close enough, Gardevoir makes copies of herself. Lyoko's attack hits one of the copies, but it disappears. Lyoko's attack had failed, and Mariah was figuring out what the next move should be. Suddenly, she notices Lyoko getting out Odd's Pokeball.

LYOKO: Looks like we may need some help. Odd, I choose you!

Lyoko tosses her Pokeball in the air. The ball opens, and the light that was shot out forms into Lyoko's Farfetch'd wearing his trademark bandana.

LYOKO: Odd, we're gonna need your help to be that Gardevoir. She's under Shadow Wing's control.
ODD: No problem, Lyoko!
MARIAH: Good thinking, Lyoko. [gets out her Mirror Wand] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Orange!

A flash of orange was unleashed from Mariah's wand and forms into Lagadi. The rabbit Pokemon gets ready to show that she can put the training from yesterday to good use.

LAGADI: Time for this rabbit to get a piece of this creep!

Cascadia makes one of her Net Balls appear. She tosses the ball in the air and it opens. The bright light that came out of it formed into Starmie.

STARMIE: I am prepared for battle. What is your command, Mistress Cascadia?
CASCADIA: Starmie! Rapid Spin!

Starmie floats over to Gardevoir while spinning its body at full speed. Gardevoir responds by charging up with electricity and firing it at Starmie. Starmie was severly weakened.

LYOKO: Odd! Help out Miss Cascadia's Starmie! Fury Cutter!
ODD: Okay!
MARIAH: Lagadi! Give Odd a hand! Use your Bite attack!
LAGADI: All right!

Lagadi and Odd flew toward Gardevoir. Once they were close, Odd rapidly slashes Gardevoir with his leek, and Lagadi bites Gardevoir on the side. Starmie heads in to attack again and makes a clean hit. However, Gardevoir begins glowing and three attacking Pokemon were blown away.

LAGADI: That didn't tickle a bit...
ODD: Can't argue with that.
STARMIE: How are we going to defeat that thing?

Gardevoir once again charges up electricity.

GARDEVOIR: Prepare to meet your demise!
LAGADI: Not if I can help it! [to Mariah] Let's take her down!
MARIAH: I'm right behind you!

Mariah flies up and attacks Gardevoir from above with Mirror Special. The colorful mini comets were homed in on Lagadi as she races toward Gardevoir. Lagadi then becomes a blazing rainbow as the flames that surrounded her became various colors. Lagadi charges right into Gardevoir and knocks her back a bit.

LYOKO: Okay, Odd! What do you say we help out as well?
ODD: Heh. You read my mind, Lyoko! Let's do this!
CASCADIA: Let's go, Starmie!
STARMIE: As you wish.
CONNIE: Don't leave me out!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-03-2004, 03:32 AM
Connie heads in and punches Gardevoir as hard as she could. Gardevoir then closes her eyes and Connie suddenly rose into the air.

CONNIE: Huh? What?
GARDEVOIR: Do you really think you stand a chance?

Lyoko and Odd, unseen by Gardevoir, crept closer to her.

LYOKO: Okay, Odd. NOW!

Odd flies right at Gardevoir and hits her a few times with his leek, and Lyoko follows up by throwing a razor sharp feather at her. Finally, Starmie fires stars from its jeweled center, and Cascadia attacks with bubbles that homed in on Gardevoir. After a few seconds, Gardevoir appeared to be exhausted.

GARDEVOIR: You're strong... but none of you are strong enough!

As a last ditch effort, Gardevoir begins glowing and unleashed a massive wave of psychic energy. Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and the Pokemon were blown up into the air and landed right back down. Starmie and Odd weren't able to continue, but Lagadi seemed that she had enough energy in her to continue.

CASCADIA: Oh... Starmie, return.
LYOKO: Return, Odd.

Cascadia and Lyoko recalled their Pokemon as Lagadi glares at Gardevoir. Mariah joins Lagadi as well.

GARDEVOIR: Well, it seems that you two don't know when to give up.
LAGADI: We've come too far for that.
MARIAH: I've been through a lot while I was here. Things that I wouldn't even dream of going through in my world. Do you really expect me to quit after all that?

Mariah then zips off at full speed and Lagadi follows suit.

GARDEVOIR: Is that your best?

Lagadi had flames surrounding her again and Mariah had streams of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple surrounding her. Both of them were about to ram into Gardevoir when the psychic Pokemon made copies of herself. As Mariah and Lagadi attempted to attack the copies, they disappear.

LAGADI: Great. I hate it when that happens.

Just then, a wave of black lightning starts to surround Lagadi. Lagadi tries to break free, but she couldn't. Soon, the rabbit was covered in total darkness.

MARIAH: Lagadi, I'll get you out of there!

Mariah aims her wand at the ball of lightning. The orange gem starts glowing, and a light of the same color was shot at the darkness. Despite Mariah's attempt to recall her Pokemon, something bizarre happpened. The sphere of black lightning have become a fireball that slowly increased in size.

MARIAH: Huh? What's going on?

Mariah then gets out the crystal and notices that it was glowing along with her wand. At first, everyone thought that Lagadi was going to explode. However, the sphere bursts and in Lagadi's place was a larger rabbit that had short but sharp claws, larger oval-shaped eyes, and a small yellow nose.

MARIAH: Lagadi? Is that you?
LAGADI: The name's Jacrystal now, Mariah.
MARIAH: You just evolved.
JACRYSTAL: Is that a bad thing?
MARIAH: No... it's a perfect thing. Now, let's do this!

Mariah begins glowing along with the wand and the crystal. Everyone begins to wonder what was going happen to her. Gardevoir gets ready to attack when red and blue orbs began surrounding Mariah.

GARDEVOIR: What?! What is this? How did you...?

Mariah gets Jacrystal and carries her with her as she heads toward Gardevoir at a fast pace. Gardevoir uses her psychic abilities, but Mariah just bypassed the attack light it wasn't there. The crystal suddenly fired a beam of light and with wand fires a Mirror Beam. Jacrystal fires crystal-like shards from her fur. All three attacks hit Gardevoir. After a few seconds, Gardevoir returns to normal.

GARDEVOIR: What... what happened?

Mariah stops glowing and lands near Gardevoir. Jacrystal walks up, and so does Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko.

LYOKO: Are you okay?
GARDEVOIR: I... don't know. I'm in pain... and I feel weak...

Connie turns to Mariah with a weird look on her face.

CONNIE: Uh...Mariah? What was that anyway? You've just turned into a supernova or something.
MARIAH: I don't know. [turns to Mirror Mariah] Hey, Mariah... or should I say, Mirror Mariah? What was that move I just pulled off?
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't know. To be honest, I have no clue how Mariah did it.
CONNIE: Heh. Sometimes I wish I had powers like Mariah's.
CASCADIA: If that happened, it'll be the end of the world.
CONNIE: Yeah, for you if you say something like THAT again!

While Lyoko and Mirror Mariah tried to calm Connie and Cascadia down, Mariah gets out the crystal. Dark Mariah (she will be refered as Shadow Mariah from this point on) notices and suddenly gets surprised.

MARIAH: What's up?
SHADOW MARIAH: That's the Soul Dew...but I don't know much about it.
MIRROR MARIAH: Uh...guys? We're close to the Catherdal. Let's go!

After Cascadia heals Gardevoir, she catches up to the group. Gardevoir, however, teleports away. When the group arrived at the Cathedral, everyone was shocked at the sight of it surrounded in darkness.

MARIAH: I had enough of this! Shadow Wing has gone too far, and he's going to be severly punished for this!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-03-2004, 10:33 AM
Octillery(M)@-- LV41
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam
-Focus Energy
-Sludge Bomb

Jacrystal(F)@Charcoal LV41
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team
-Sunny Day
-Crystal Shard

Electabuzz(M)@Magnet LV41
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen
-Brick Break

Sceptile(M)@King's Rock LV41
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV41
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV41
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace), Reflect Seed (used with Sceptile)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Sceptile learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill, Petaya Slash (used with Petaya Necklace), Forest Wave
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand), Petaya Slash (used with Leaf Sword)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12

Soul Dew
Description: A round, glittering crystal
Ability: Unknown at this time
Attacks: Unknown at this time
Obtained: Found at Littleroot Village in Chapter 20


To Mariah, enough was enough. She starts to fly off in hope to eliminate the darkness, but Mirror Mariah stops her.

MARIAH: What are you doing?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Mariah, I know you want to stop that thing to get home, but you won't be able to beat that thing by yourself!

Mariah began to say something, but then sighs, feeling rather stupid for almost making a hasty mistake. Glacia and Lord Steven notices Sidney, Phoebe, and Drake lying on the ground and wonders why the Pokemon that were fighting the darkness in the last chapter weren't present. However, their questions were held back when they saw that the Mirror Masters were in bad shape.

GLACIA: Oh, no...
LORD STEVEN: We have to take them to a hospital right away!
RUBYFIRE: But what about...?
MAXIE: We'll deal with the Cathedral later. Right now the lives of the Mirror Masters are at stake.

Rubyfire looks at the injured three in question and doesn't say anything more. Lord Steven was about to create a portal until Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Shadow Mariah got out their wands and stepped up to him.

MIRROR MARIAH: There's no need to take them to the hospital.
SHADOW MARIAH: We can heal them ourselves.

Before Lord Steven can say anything else, the three Mariahs were already with Sidney, Phoebe, and Drake. Mariah heals Drake, Mirror Mariah heals Sidney, and Shadow Mariah heals Phoebe. After a few seconds, all of the injuries were gone, and the three regained consciousness.

DRAKE: Wha... what happened? What's going on?
MARIAH: Are you okay, sir?
DRAKE: I'm fine, but who are you?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah.
DRAKE: Salamence... where is Salamence...?
PHOEBE: Dusclops is gone too.
SIDNEY: What happened to Absol? And wasn't Glacia's Walrein with them?
GLACIA: What if... they're... in the Cathedral?
LORD STEVEN: Only one way to find out.

Lord Steven gets out a white Pokeball. He tosses it and it opens, shooting the familar bright light that forms into a large blue spider-like creature with red eyes.

LORD STEVEN: Metagross, go into the Cathedral and find the Mirror Masters' Pokemon.

Metagross nods and heads toward the Cathedral, only to be knocked out with one strike of black lightning. Metagross was then encased by a black bubble and sucked into the darkness. Everyone was in total shock.

ROXANNE: Well, I'm guessing a direct attack is out of the question.

As the group continued to stare at the darkness surrounding the Cathedral, Mariah suddenly falls to the ground. Drake managed to catch her before she falls to the ground.

DRAKE: Oh, no!
MIRROR MARIAH: Wake up, Mariah!
SHADOW MARIAH: Is she going to be okay?

As everyone looks over Mariah, the Soul Dew that she had begins glowing...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-03-2004, 10:34 AM
Mariah finds herself in a strange but beautiful garden surrounded by a river. Nearby was a fountain spring, and behind her was a giant marble palace.

MARIAH: Huh...? Where am I? What's going on? What...?

Mariah looks at herself, and notices that she's now wearing her normal outfit instead of the one she wore when she was the Hoenn Mirror Girl.

MARIAH: Okay... what just happened to me? [looks up] And what are those?

Mariah sees two bird Pokemon that was getting ready to land. One of them was white and red with a blue triangle on her chest and yellow eyes. The other was white and blue with a red triangle on his chest and red eyes. As the two Pokemon got close, Mariah felt nevous. The red bird Pokemon, sensing the nervousness, rubs her head against Mariah in an attempt to relax her. After a moment, Mariah didn't seem to nervous. The blue bird Pokemon gave her a warm smile.

MARIAH: So... what are you?
RED BIRD: I am Latias.
BLUE BIRD: And I am Latios. My sister and I have been expecting you, Mariah Janvi.
MARIAH: How did you know my name?
LATIAS: We have been watching you ever since you arrived here. After seeing you and your friends Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko defeat the darkness that was controlling the Mirror Elders' Pokemon and helping the Mirror Guardian repair the Golden Gateway, you managed to become the most valuable asset of the Hoenn Mirror World.
LATIOS: We know that you've been through a lot and you want to get back to your world, but you won't be able to defeat Shadow Wing easily. He's extremely powerful and can consume anything into darkness.
MARIAH: I noticed. He managed to suck up Lord Steven's Metagross! He probably did the same thing to the other Pokemon of the Mirror Masters.

Latios and Latias were silent. Just then, the Soul Dew appears in front of Mariah. The two sibling birds closed their eyes. Latias glows a bright red color, and Latios light blue. The Soul Dew then glows white and Mariah was now inside a glass-like sphere. Before Mariah could panic, she felt a new power going through her.

LATIOS: Mariah... do you remember the words you said that enabled you to become the Hoenn Mirror Girl?
MARIAH: Yeah...
LATIOS: Say them.
MARIAH: Okay. Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger.

Just then, the sphere began glowing in several colors. After what felt like a few minutes, Mariah now regained her wings, red sleeveless shirt with the black ribbon with the Pokeball on it, white skirt, black high heels, and Pokeball barrets. The sphere around Mariah disappears.

LATIAS: We have regenerated your powers as well as your Pokemon.
LATIOS: The purpose of that was to give you immunity to some of Shadow Wing's strongest tactics. We have done the same with your friends.
LATIAS: Be warned, though. It can only last for so long, so you must defeat Shadow Wing as quickly as you can.
LATIOS: Shadow Wing has caused many interferences aside from control the Mirror Elders' Pokemon. When he conquered the Shadow Mirror World, his first target was the Shadow Mirror Guardian. She had just defeat one of his monsters and rescued a Torchic in the process. However, as a last ditch effort, the monster possessed the young Torchic. The Torchic was then sent to this world and stole the Mirror Wand, the very wand that you have, Mariah.
MARIAH: I have a feeling that the Torchic you're talking about was the same one that caused trouble back at Petalburg Mansion when I first got there.
LATIAS: That's right. However, the Hoenn Mirror Guardian and her Mudkip battled the Torchic. The Mudkip won, but the Torchic destroyed the wand, and the Rainbow Pokeballs formed. Since then, the Hoenn Mirror Guardian took the damaged Mirror Wand and the Balls to the Mirror Hall, which is that large palace that you see behind you. That happened a few months ago before you came here. That was why the Hoenn Mirror Guardian wasn't able to transform from her human for to her Mirror form until you restored the Mirror Wand.
MARIAH: Well, that explains a lot.
LATIOS: Well, now's the time for you to return to the Ever Grande Cathedral. You must hurry and defeat Shadow Wing before he destroys the Shadow and Hoenn Mirror Worlds.
LATIAS: We wish you luck, Mariah.

Everything around Mariah flashed white...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-04-2004, 06:42 AM
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, Mariah... Mariah...

Mariah slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in a house in the city. Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Lord Steven, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were with her.

MARIAH: Huh? What...? Where's Latias and Latios?
MARIAH: Yeah... what happened? I was with them in front of the Mirror Hall, and...
LORD STEVEN: Mariah, no one has seen Latios and Latias for years.
CONNIE: You must've had one heck of a dream.
MARIAH: Dream?
BRAWLY: Yeah. You passed out and we brought you here.
GLACIA: You had us scared for a while.
MARIAH: I'm sorry.

Mariah once again looks at the Soul Dew and thinks about Latios and Latias.

CONNIE: Are you going to stare at that crystal all day?!

Mariah doesn't answer. She was thinking about what had been happening when she arrived in the Hoenn Mirror World. At first, the only thing on her mind was getting home. In order to do so, Mariah needs to defeat Shadow Wing.

CONNIE: Mariah! Mariah! Earth to Mariah! [sighs] I think Mariah's finally lost it. Just look at her. She's just staring at that crystal!

Just then, Lyoko and Cascadia walk up to Mariah and look at the Soul Dew as well.

LYOKO: Wow... I've got the weird feeling again.
CASCADIA: Yeah. Me too.
MARIAH: Weird feeling?
LYOKO: Right after we've got here, I felt some weird power going through me.
CASCADIA: The same thing happened to me and Connie.
CONNIE: And you're saying that the crystal did that?
CASCADIA: It's a possibility.

Connie sighs in disgust and shakes her head. Shadow Mariah then steps up.

SHADOW MARIAH: Attacking Ever Grande Cathedral... This is the exact same move Shadow Wing pulled off before conquering the Shadow Mirror World. If we don't do something about it, this world will end up like mine. Maybe even worse.
MIRROR MARIAH: But what can we do? If we try to enter the Cathedral, we'll get sucked in the darkness just like Metagross was!
SHADOW MARIAH: True... And the Ever Grande Cathedral in both the Hoenn and Shadow Mirror Worlds are now connecting the two worlds together because of this...
LORD STEVEN: Looks like things will be getting a little rough.
ARCHIE: Despite Mariah and Shadow Mariah's efforts to stop Shadow Wing, I don't think there isn't much more we can do.

There was silence until Liza stepped up.

LIZA: I believe that it would be best if...

Liza began to finish her sentence, but then she sat back down in hesistation. She then shakes her head.

LIZA: No. Never mind.
TATE: What is it?
WINONA: Tell us what you have in mind.
WATTSON: Millions of lives depend on this.

Just when Liza was about to continue what she was about to say, Mariah gets up.

MARIAH: I suggest we go to the Shadow Mirror World and attack Shadow Wing from there.

There was suddenly a long silence. Everyone just stared at Mariah in a very strange way, especially Liza.

LIZA: Mariah... how did you know what I was going to say?

Mariah didn't say anything. The silence lasted a few seconds longer until Lord Steven hangs his head and then looks at the group.

LORD STEVEN: All right. Who agrees with Mariah and Liza that we should go to the Shadow Mirror World to fight Shadow Wing? I'm personally against this since we may end up like the Pokemon.
MARIAH: I vote for.
CASCADIA: Against. I agree with Lord Steven. It's pretty risky.
LYOKO: Well, the sooner we get rid of Shadow Wing, the better. I'm vote for.
WINONA: Lyoko!
LYOKO: I'm sorry, Mommy, but this is what we have to do.
WINONA: Well, Lyoko... If you feel that way, I'll be for it.
CONNIE: I vote for.
LIZA: For.
TATE: I think that it's too big a risk. I'm against it.
ROXANNE: I'll be against it as well.
WATTSON: I'm for it as well.
FLANNERY: It makes a lot of sense to handle the problem from the source. I'm voting for.
NORMAN: Against.
LORD STEVEN: Well, nine votes for, and five votes against.
SIDNEY: Make that six votes against. I want to save the Cathedral as much as you guys do, but if our Pokemon couldn't handle the situation, then what?
PHOEBE: I'm afriad I have to agree with Sidney on that one.
DRAKE: Me too.
SHADOW MARIAH: I'm against it as well. I don't want you to be involved in something that's too much for you to handle.
LORD STEVEN: Well, nine votes for and nine against. It's a tie.
MIRROR MARIAH: Not yet. I vote that we should go to the Ever Grande Cathedral in the Shadow Mirror World.

Everyone gapsed in surprise. Lord Steven looks at Mirror Mariah with confusion.

LORD STEVEN: Mariah...
MIRROR MARIAH: I don't care about the risks. I did some risky things before, especially if it was for the sake of everyone in this or another world. I say we head to the Shadow Mirror World as soon as possible.

Mirror Mariah turns to Archie, Water Sapphire, Maxie, Rubyfire, and Cascadia's family.

MIRROR MARIAH: Even though you didn't vote, you agree with me, right?
WATER SAPPHIRE: I know exactly how you feel.

Everyone else nodded.

MIRROR MARIAH: Okay. It's settled. We're going to the Shadow Mirror World.


Later that night, Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko arrived at the Ever Grande Cathedral in the Shadow Mirror World. Unlike the one at the Hoenn Mirror World, it was a black marble palace instead of gold. All the flowers appeared dead, and the night sky seemed more foreboding with black clouds that shot out black lightning.

CONNIE: Here we are.
LYOKO: It's quite overwhelming, but we've got to pull ourselves together.
CASCADIA: That's the spirit, Lyoko!
MARIAH: Well, let's get going.

The six began to head toward the Cahtedral, but then stopped.

MARIAH: Everything we've worked hard for all comes down to this.
MIRROR MARIAH: We've come too far to give up.
SHADOW MARIAH: It's now or never...and we're going with now.

Mariah was the first one to enter the dark Cathedral. After that, Mirror and Shadow Mariah followed, and the other three girls followed as well. The inside of the Ever Grande Cathedral was almost pitch black because of the black marble. All the pews looked rather old and ruined, and stain glass windows were on the walls that each had a picture of the Mirror Elders. At the front was a black altar behind four black mirrors, and broken down chandeliers hang from the ceiling providing very little light.

CONNIE: Well, this place feels friendly.
LYOKO: I don't like this.
SHADOW MARIAH: Don't worry, Lyoko. We'll be able to handle whatever comes our way.
VOICE: Why, hello there, ladies.

A huge cloud of black smoke began to form in front of the mirrors. When it clears, Absol, Dusclops, Walrein, Salamence, and Metagross were in full view. With them was a strange man in a tattered black tuxedo with a cloak. His white hair pointed upward and had a gray tip on the top of it. He had red eyes and horns on his head.

MAN: At least, we meet face to face. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Shadow Wing, the darkness that causes the skies to turn black as nights and the winds to strike fear into those who oppose me.
MARIAH: So, you're the one who's been causing all this trouble!
SHADOW WING: That's right, Mariah. You and your friends might have been able to defeat my monsters, but I can assure you that you won't be lucky this time around. Perhaps I should show you a taste of my power.

Shadow Wing snaps his fingers, and Mirror Mariah and Shadow Mariah collapsed on the ground. Mirror Mariah returned to her bright yellow sleeveless shirt and a medium length matching skirt. She was wearing yellow sandals and a yellowish-orange headband in her hair. Shadow Mariah was once again wearing a dark green shirt with an olive vest, black pants, and black sneakers.

SHADOW MARIAH: He made us return to our human forms!

The two Mariahs were then encased in black bubble-like crystals and suddenly disappeared into thin air.

CONNIE: All right! That's it! You've been asking for this for a long time! I'll make sure you're not able to even whisper!

Connie heads right for Shadow Wing. However, Walrein begins glowing along with the mirror behind her. The mirror disappears and reappears between Connie and Shadow Wing, and Connie ends up going through the mirror.

ALL: Connie!
MARIAH: What have you done to her?!
SHADOW WING: Allow me to show you!

A huge wind began blow into the cathedral. Mariah, Cascadia, and Lyoko were now being blown all over the place. After a few seconds, the three were each sent through a mirror. The Pokemon then stood in front of the mirrors and ready to enter them.

SHADOW WING: Salamence... take care of the Hoenn Mirror Girl.

Salamence lets out a roar as he enters through one of the mirrors. The mirror he enters was suddenly surrounded by flames. Shadow Wing then turns to Walrein.

SHADOW WING: Walrein... I think I should leave the fall of the dark skinned girl from Rustboro Ruins in your hands.

Walrein enters another mirror, and it was surrounded by ice. Dusclops then stepped up.

SHADOW WING: Dusclops... the former Aqua Sorceress should be your responsiblity.

Dusclops glows as he enters another mirror that becomes nearly invisible as she enters.

SHADOW WING: Absol... the daughter of the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder shouldn't be much of a problem to you.

With that, Absol jumps through the mirror which suddenly gains a blue aura around it. Metagross then steps up.

METAGROSS: What are your orders for me?
SHADOW WING: We shall wait here... Once the time is right, we will attack.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-05-2004, 03:06 AM
Noctowl(M)@Twisted Spoon L50 (Jeremy)
Trait: Insomnia
Careful Nature
-Aerial Ace
-Take Down

Murkrow(F)@Sharp Beak LV50 (Yumi)
Trait: Insomnia
Adamant Nature
-Confuse Ray
-Drill Peck
-Night Shade
-Faint Attack
-Mean Look

Pidgeot(M)@White Herb LV50 (Ulrich)
Trait: Keen Eye
Lonely Nature
-Quick Attack
-Double Team
-Wing Attack

Farfetch'd(M)@Stick LV50 (Odd)
Trait: Inner Focus
Jolly Nature
-Knock Off
-Fury Cutter
-Swords Dance
-False Swipe

Swellow(F)@Scope Lens LV50 (Aelita)
Trait: Guts
Docile Nature
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack
-Double Team

Salac Necklace
Description: A necklace that has a charm shaped like a Salac Berry
Ability: Gives Lyoko the power of the sky to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Salac Magic
Obtained: Given to by Shadow Mariah in chapter 12


Lyoko was lying on the ground. She wakes up and finds herself in a dark, rocky canyon. The black rocks looked like knived due to their curved shape, and the sky was a vile mix of dark blue and purple. Lyoko began to wander through the dark, twisted canyon in hopes of finding a way out. However, she didn't have much luck.

LYOKO: Mariah... Connie... Miss Cascadia... where are you? Where am I? What's going on? I don't understand...

Lyoko notices that her Pokeballs are with her. She wastes no time in sending out her Pokemon. The white lights from the Pokeballs formed into Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita.

JEREMY: Where are we?
LYOKO: I don't know. I remember being blown into a mirror, and then next thing I know, I'm here. I don't know where Mariah and the others are.
ULRICH: It's pretty safe to say that we're nowhere near Fortree Castle.
LYOKO: I think we should find the others. Let's go.

Lyoko and her Pokemon continued on. At a high, nearby cliff, Absol was watching the little girl wander through the canyon. He follows her, rock to rock, with great agility and rhytym. Lyoko was completely unaware of Absol's presence. After a while, Lyoko began to get tired and falls on the ground.

LYOKO: I never felt so lost in my life...
AELITA: We've been searching for hours, but there's no sign of Mariah or those other girls anyway.
ODD: Well, whoever's doing this is doing a great job on wearing us out.
YUMI: Hey, what's that?

Yumi points to a cave in the distance. Without questions, the group heads inside. From the entrance was a sloped path, and when they made it to the bottom, they felt like screaming.

AELITA: Oh... Oh, my...

The area was a huge city in ashy ruins. Very few building were left standing, the paths were misshapen and cracked, a lake in the distance was severely polluted by the ash and was now a dark black, and there was a large castle blackened because of the possible gargantuan fire. At the top balcony was Absol, looking down at his victims.

ABSOL: Well, you've finally made it, Lyoko.

Lyoko felt queasy and afraid as she saw Absol jump down and landed in front of her.

LYOKO: Wh...what is it that you want?
ABSOL: Nothing, dear girl. Just your life.
ODD: You know, I'm sensing a theme here.
ULRICH: Yeah. The end of the world.
ABSOL: Silence! [to Lyoko] Physically, you're young and you can't handle the strain of large responsiblities yet. However, you have proven to be a worthy opponent through the time you were with those other girls.
LYOKO: My mommy says that I should stay strong in times of crisis!
ABSOL: Is that so? Well, it's time to see what you're capable of.

Just then, Absol begins glowing, and a huge whirlwind forms around him. As it blows at Lyoko, there was an earhquake. The whole city appeared to be transforming.

ABSOL: I shall destroy you, my child. The daughter of the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder shall fall in darkness, and she will always be loathed and forgotten from this day on!
LYOKO: No! Once I free you from the shadows that control you, everything will return to the way it was before.

When the whirlwind died down and the tornado stopped, Lyoko and her Pokemon found themselves in an old, rocky colloseum under a black sky full of dimly shining stars.

ABSOL: Even with your Pokemon and all the power you have acquired on your journey, a mere child like you can't possibly defeat me. I'm much stronger and powerful than you ever will be.
LYOKO: Power is just an empty threat if you don't have a purpose for it.
ABSOL: I do have a purpose: destroy those who oppose Shadow Wing!
LYOKO: You don't understand. Power should be used to protect others. Shadow Wing only uses his for cruel intentions liking destroying the world I love so much. I may not be the strongest, the greatest, or the most powerful person that ever existed, but I only use my special abilities for love and protection. I don't want to fight...but for the sake of love, I will if I must!
ABSOL: [evil laugh] Love... how naive. Love is worthless in battle. If you believe that love with help you here, you're severly mistaken.

The blade on Absol's head begins glowing and has a whirlwind around it.

ABSOL: Prepare to die, Lyoko!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-05-2004, 05:31 PM
The whirlwinds become a powerful shockwave that was shot at Lyoko. Lyoko managed to dodge the attack. She notices how powerful the attack was when it hits the ground and left a huge crater.

LYOKO: That was close.
YUMI: I'd say. That would've been you if you weren't as fast as you were.
JEREMY: Look out! Here comes another one!

Sure enough, another shockwave launched by Absol was headed for Lyoko. This time, Jeremy gets in the path of the attack and spreads his wings. A bubble surrounded himself as well as Lyoko and the other Pokemon. The attack hits the bubble, and everyone was blown back. Jeremy, however, have appeared to have taken some damage.

AELITA: Jeremy, are you okay?
JEREMY: I'm fine... but that Aerial Ace attack sure was powerful. Even with my Reflect attack, it can still do quite a bit of damage.
ABSOL: Now do you see why you should give up? There's no way you could win!

Lyoko flew toward Absol and threw razor sharp feathers at him, but Absol was too fast and dodged all of the Feather Cutters. Absol then leaps toward Lyoko and raised one of his front paws. Just before he could slash Lyoko, she gets out of the way, but her left wing was cut in the process. Absol leaps toward the higer sections of the colosseum and strikes again with another Aerial Ace. Once again, Lyoko dodges. However, she could only keep it up for so long. Finally, Jeremy and Aelita decided to help out their trainer and friend. Jeremy's wings began glowing and a shockwave similar to Absol's was launched. Absol managed to dodge by leaping high into the air, but Aelita managed to land a hit by charging right at Absol at full speed. Absol landed on the ground on his side, but he had enough energy to fight.

LYOKO: Whew... thanks, Jeremy. You too, Aelita.
JEREMY: Did we think we'd let you do this by yourself?
AELITA: If something happened to us, Winona and Mother would have a fit.

The lighthearted moment was suddenly crushed when Aelita heard a loud, horrible noise that attempted to sound like singing. Aelita shuddered as she tried to make the noise go away.

LYOKO: Aelita! Are you okay?
JEREMY: Aelita!
AELITA: That horrible noise... It makes me feel weak...

Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd came to Aelita and noticed her condition. Aelita was breathing rather hard and feeling weak, and she only attacked Absol once. Just then, Absol's eyes began glowing a weird red color. When the glow dims down, Absol laughs.

ABSOL: Your Swellow won't last much longer.
LYOKO: What have you done to Aelita?!
ABSOL: You'll find out soon in three minutes.
LYOKO: Three mintues?
YUMI: There's no time for any more questions. Let's take care of that Absol and save Aelita.

Only seconds later, Absol lept toward the weakened Aelita with his claws fully extended. Aelita manages to fly away, but then she falls back on the ground.

LYOKO: Aelita...

Lyoko gets with Ulrich. Despite her injury, Lyoko attempts to use Bird Cannon. Both she and Ulrich zoomed toward Absol and they managed to land a hit, but Absol counters by slashing the two. Aelita begins to feel weaker as the horrible song was replayed in her head. Jeremy managed to figure out what was wrong with Aelita, but he was suddenly shaken.

JEREMY: Lyoko, Absol had used Perish Song on Aelita. In the next two minutes, she'll be unable to battle! We have to defeat that Absol...and fast.
ODD: Okay. Let's go!
YUMI: I'll join as well!

Jeremy, Odd, and Yumi joined Lyoko and Ulrich. Aelita, although low on energy, joined the group as well.

LYOKO: Jeremy, use Take Down! Yumi, Drill Peck! Ulrich, Wing Attack! Odd, Fury Cutter! Aelita, Endeavor!

Jeremy heads toward Absol and bashes right at him. Yumi flies toward the goat Pokemon while spinning at a high speed. She also managed to hit Absol. Absol slid across the ground, but he gets back up. Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita all flew in to attack, but Absol fires another shockwave from his head blade. The shockwave hits the attacking Pokemon as well as Jeremy, Yumi, and Lyoko. They all landed on their backs in bad shape, Aelita more than the others.

ABSOL: You have one more minute left.
AELITA: That's all I need.

As a last effort, Aelita zoomed toward Absol at top speed. Absol tried to follow the blue swallow, but Aelita was too fast. Suddenly, Absol quickly turned behind him to see Aelita heading toward him with her wings spread and a determined look on her face. Absol slashes her, and Aelita slams right into Absol. The two have take quite a lot of damage and were worn out at this point. Suddenly, a bright flash of light was heading for Aelita, but by the time she saw it, she was knocked out of the sky. Aelita then heard the horrible song in her head again as she falls to the ground. This time, she didn't get up.

JEREMY: Aelita! Aelita, wake up! Aelita! Aelita!!
ODD: She's out, Jeremy. She's KOed.
LYOKO: Odd's right, Jeremy. The three minutes are up.
JEREMY: Aelita...
ODD: Don't worry. As soon as we get out of here, we'll be able to go to a Pokemon Center to get her fixed up.
JEREMY: But still...

Lyoko recalls Aelita back into her Pokeballs and puts it away.

YUMI: Where'd that light come from?
ABSOL: That was my Future Sight attack. I timed it so I could hit your Swellow friend right before the Perish Song took its full affect. Soon, all of you will end up like her.

Lyoko began to feel nervous and gulped.

LYOKO: This isn't good at all. If he managed to take out my best Pokemon so easily... I can only expect the worst to happen to the rest of us... including me.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-07-2004, 09:20 AM
Lyoko, filled with fear, was looking into Absol's eyes, and Absol looked into hers with intimidation. Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Jeremy also shared Lyoko's current feelings of anxiety.

ULRICH: I know that Lyoko means well, but she's way out of her league this time.
YUMI: Absol's too fast and powerful. Even with us, our chances seem slim.
ODD: This would be a lot easier if those other girls were with us.
JEREMY: I have a bad feeling that they're not even here.
ABSOL: The Noctowl's right. Your friends aren't here. They're in separate dimensions that were created by Shadow Wing. The only way to leave here is to defeat me.
ODD: I knew that was gonna come up.
ULRICH: Not now, Odd.

Absol's eyes once again began glowing a weird red color and dims down a few seconds later.

ABSOL: What's the matter, Lyoko? I'd expect more from a child of a Mirror Elder...

Without saying anything, Lyoko attacks by throwing razor sharp feathers at Absol. Absol responds by making duplicates of himself in a blink of an eye, making all of the Feather Cutters miss. The next thing she knew, Lyoko and her Pokemon were surrounded by several "clones" of Absol.

YUMI: Great. Just what we need.
LYOKO: This might help. Tornado Twirl!

Lyoko flew up high above the Absol clones and began spinning at a high speed. A tornado forms and managed to blow away the real Absol. Absol landed on his side.

ABSOL: Good, Lyoko...but not good enough!

Again, Absol's head blade glowing and a whirlwind was formed around it. A few seconds later, a shockwave was fired from the blade and hits Lyoko and her Pokemon. They were blown back, but they recover by flying.

LYOKO: Yumi! Ulrich! Odd! Jeremy! Prepare to attack! I'll wrap things up!

Yumi zooms toward Absol. Absol looks up as Yumi's eyes began glowing black and shot out black lightning. Regardless of the speed that Yumi's Night Shade was coming at him, Absol dodges. Jeremy was following the patterns of Absol when he dodged Yumi's attacks and charges toward Absol, but the goat managed to catch on Jeremy's intentions and dodged the Take Down. Absol fights back by firing another Aerial Ace attack. The shockwave managed to make a direct hit on Jeremy and Yumi, and the two fell on the ground. Lyoko ended up recalling her Noctowl and Murkrow. Odd dives down to Absol and prepares to slash him with his leek at close range, but Absol bites Odd's leek. The leek broke in two and fell to the ground.

ODD: Great. That's the second time that has happened.
ABSOL: As well as the last.

And with that, Absol raises his paw and slashes Odd in the face. The Farfetch'd was smacked on the ground on rolled over a few times.

ODD: Sorry, Lyoko...
LYOKO: It's okay. You deserve a rest.

Lyoko recalls Odd to his Pokeball as Ulrich walks up to her.

ULRICH: It's down to me and you, Lyoko.
LYOKO: I guess so.
ABSOL: Just accept your fate, young one. There is no way that I'll fall to you.

With that, Absol races toward Lyoko and Ulrich. He then leaps toward them with his claws extended.

ULRICH: Any ideas, Lyoko?
LYOKO: Just one. Fly out of the way!
ULRICH: I've figured that.

Both Lyoko and Ulrich jumped out of the way just before Absol landed another deadly Slash attack. They gained more altitude as they circled behind him.

LYOKO: Okay, Ulrich! Fire a full power Whirlwind attack!

Ulrich furiously beats his wings at a high speed and creates a massive tornado, and Lyoko uses Tornado Twirl to make it even more powerful. The tornado headed for Absol, and he felt himself slowly rising into the air despite being clawed on the ground. After being spun around in the tornado, Absol was thrown high into the air, but he managed to land on his feet near the torch area. He appeared to be exhausted, but he still had enough in him to keep going.

ABSOL: Lyoko. You are very formidable... a trait that I would never expect in a child... However, it still doesn't change the fact that I must annihilate you!

Absol's head and tail blade began glowing as well as his claws, and he began doing a fighting dance of some sort. Lyoko and Ulrich didn't see this as a good sign, and Absol was ready to destroy Lyoko with everything he's got. He leaps back onto the ground and races toward her and her Pidgeot with tremendous agility.

ABSOL: This is it, Lyoko! Your days of interfering with Shadow Wing have come to an end!

Absol's head blade began glowing.

LYOKO: Ulrich! Keep Absol busy with your Double Team attack!

Ulrich follows his trainer's command as he flies right into Absol's path and made two copies of himself. The three pidgeons flew toward Absol at almost the exact speed. Absol fires another shockwave at the middle "Ulrich", but that one vanishes. Then it came back for the Ulrich on the right, but it vanishes as well. Finally, it came for the real Ulrich and makes a direct hit. Ulrich then falls on the ground and moans in pain.

LYOKO: Ulrich!

Ulrich didn't even had the strength to talk. He was severely injured after the intense battle. After congratulating him by stroking his back, Lyoko recalled her Pidgeot in his Pokeball.

LYOKO: Absol... Shadow Wing has corrupted you. He has taken your compassion and replaced it with cruelty. Why don't you fight his control? You have to until stand that Shadow Wing is a cold-hearted man.
ABSOL: I don't need to listen to your naive preaching! I will win!
LYOKO: No. You won't. As a matter of fact... without love, tenderness, or compassion; you've already lost.
ABSOL: Silence child!

Absol suddenly has a black wind surrounding him. He eyes was glowing red as he gave Lyoko a merciless stare.

ABSOL: Let's end this here and now to see whether it's Shadow Wing's tremendous power or your pathetic love that will prevail!
LYOKO: I shall soar high into the skies of love where nothing can bring me down! If evil tries to hold me back, then my heart will give me the power to protect the skies from corruption! I am Lyoko, the yung child of the friendly skies!

With that, Lyoko's Salac Necklace began glowing a bright green. The glow then expanded to Lyoko herself, and she and Absol were getting ready to deliver their final blows.

ABSOL: Take this! Shadow Swift!
LYOKO: Lyoko Wind!

Absol shot a wave of black lightning and Lyoko fires a wave of wind and light. Both attacks collided with each other, creating a mixture of light and shadow that filled the colloseum. The force of the two attacks blown Lyoko and Absol quite a distance away from each other. They were exhausted with sweat as they were both breathing hard to the point of wheezing. For an enitre minute, everything seemed to have stood still. Then, Absol had fallen to his side and didn't get up. Lyoko carefully approaches him and wonders whether or not she had defeated him. After a few seconds, Absol opens his eyes and saw her. This time, he saw that Lyoko was injured and compassionately licked her wounds.

LYOKO: Are you okay, Absol? I'm really sorry that I hard to fight you like that.
ABSOL: What happened to you? And where are we?
LYOKO: Don't worry about it. I'm so glad you're back.

Just then, the entire colloseum was dissolving and everything became bright. Lyoko and Absol were now floating in a world that was only made of a bright light. A large green mirror with wings encased with a shield of wind forms. On the top of the mirror was a crystal shaped like a Salac Berry with the word "okoyL" inscripted on it.

LYOKO: What's that?
ABSOL: I don't know. I never seen that portal before...

Lyoko's Salac Necklace began glowing once again, and suddenly she and Absol was pulled into the mirror that was glowing as well...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-08-2004, 08:17 AM
Vaporeon(F)@Scope Lens L50
Trait: Water Absorb
Brave Nature
-Water Gun
-Aurora Beam
-Acid Armor
-Iron Tail

Kingler(M)@Shell Bell L50
Trait: Hyper Cutter
Rash Nature
-Mud Shot

Cloyster(M)@Nevermelt Ice LV50
Trait: Shell Armor
Serious Nature
-Aurora Beam
-Spike Cannon

Starmie@King's Rock L50
Trait: Natural Cure
Quiet Nature
-Water Gun
-Rapid Spin
-Confuse Ray

Gorebyss(F)@Sea Incense L50
Trait: Swift Swim
Quirky Nature
-Water Pulse
-Baton Pass
-Hydro Pump

Milotic(F)@Mystic Water L50
Trait: Marvel Scale
Gentle Nature
-Rain Dance
-Hydro Pump

Liechi Necklace
Description: A necklace that has a charm shaped like a Liechi Berry
Ability: Gives Cascadia the power of the sea to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Liechi Magic
Obtained: Given to by Shadow Mariah in chapter 12


Cascadia has entered a large castle. The castle was almost totally dark except for an old chandelier that hung from the ceiling. Then Cascadia notices that the castle was broken down. The black walls have several cracks in them, all the windows appeared broken, and all the doors lay on the floor in pieces. The floor itself had quite a lot of cracks in it and even a few holes. The stairs the led to the upper rooms weren't in the best of shape, and a piano in the corner was totally smashed up. Obviously, Cascadia didn't like the looks of the place and starts to leave. When she got to the door, however, she finds it locked.

CASCADIA: Huh?! Hey! Get me out of here!

There was no answer. Just then, water like energy forms in front of Cascadia and heads toward the door, but when it was was within striking range, the water was stopped cold. It then heads for Cascadia, but she managed to dodge and the water ended up smashing through the ground.

CASCADIA: Okay... how in the world did my own attack turn against me?
VOICE: Because you won't be leaving anytime soon, my dear.

Orbs of light began to appear and swirled in a cockscrew of light. Cascadia was left breathless as she watches the swirling mass of light form into Dusclops.

CASCADIA: This castle must be haunted...!
DUSCLOPS: Oh, no. I'm the only one's that's been here since Shadow Wing has ordered me to get rid of the former Aqua Sorceress by the name of Cascadia!
CASCADIA: How'd he know that...
DUSCLOPS: Shadow Wing has been watching you for quite some time, Cascadia. He knows that you were stranded in the middle of the sea after being seperated from your family by a storm. The Aqua Sorcerors then rescued you and your became a valuable member on their team. And then, you began having visions about Kyogre flooding the planet, so you tried to tell your teammates to give up. Unfortunately, they didn't, and you became a renegade. A few weeks later, you met the Mirror Guardian, Mariah, and Connie. You've met Lyoko a while later in a city near Petalburg Mansion, and since then, you've managed to defeat Shadow Wing's monsters and proven your vision correct.
CASCADIA: What does all of that have you do with you and Shadow Wing?
DUSCLOPS: I want you to enjoy those memories... for those will be gone as soon as I get rid of you!

A ball of dark energy surrounded by black lightning forms in Dusclops's hands. As the ball increased in size, Dusclops gave a short cackle.

DUSCLOPS: Lyoko was able to defeat Absol, but don't think you'll have the same luck in fighting me!

With that remark, Dusclops fires the dark ball at Cascadia. Cascadia could feel the attack hit her in the chest, and the force of the attack makes her fall on the ground.

DUSCLOPS: Heh heh heh. Don't think you have a chance, young lady.

Cascadia closes her eyes, and all six of her Net Balls appear. All the them opened at once and filled the castle with bright lights pouring out of them and formed into Vaporeon, Kingler, Cloyster, Starmie, Gorebyss, and Milotic.

DUSCLOPS: [laughs] Summon all the Pokemon you like! It won't change a thing!
CASCADIA: We'll see about that! Vaporeon and Starmie, use your Water Gun attacks!

Vaporeon begins squirting a stream of water from her mouth and Starmie does the same on its tip. The two attacks combined and hit Dusclops directly in the face. However, the ghostly cyclops shook off the attack like it was nothing.

STARMIE: Our attacks have failed! Mistress Cascadia, perhaps if you joined us...
CASCADIA: Not a bad idea. Try firing another Water Gun while I power up my attack.

Vaporeon and Starmie repeated their manuever, but this time Cascadia joins in by firing a similar attack to Vaporeon and Starmie's except her stream of water was twice the size of Vaporeon and Starmie's. The attacks hit Dusclops, but she once again shakes it off.

DUSCLOPS: That was a little better. Perhaps your next attempt will actually do some injuries! In the meantime...

Dusclops makes a fist and disappears.

STARMIE: Where did it go?
CASCADIA: Stay on your guard, guys. It could be anywhere. Milotic, use your Safeguard to protect us.

Milotic closes her eyes. She, Cascadia, and the other Pokemon then began glowing briefly with a pink light. Gorebyss was getting rather bored of waiting until she felt something hit her on the back.

MILOTIC: Gorebyss!

It was then revealed that Dusclops unleashed a powerful punch while Gorebyss had her guard down. Milotic then blows hard enough to create a tornado that traps Dusclops for a few seconds.

GOREBYSS: Thanks, sis!
MILOTIC: Don't thank me yet.
CASCADIA: Milotic's right, Gorebyss. Don't let your guard down no matter what!

Kingler gets in front of Dusclops and opens his mighty claws to grasp Dusclops. However, Kingler was shocked when he found out that his claw went right through her!

CASCADIA: Kingler, physical attacks aren't going to won on Dusclops! She's a ghost type Pokemon, and that makes her immune to stuff like your Vicegrip attack.
KINGLER: Oh, I forgot!
CASCADIA: Well, I'm glad that refreshed your memory. [to Gorebyss and Milotic] Double Hydro Pump!

Gorebyss and Milotic began to breath in as dump as they could and fire a huge jet stream of water. The attack hits Dusclops, and it did some damage. Once again, Dusclops managed to regain itself.

DUSCLOPS: [evil laugh] Pathetic. Just pathetic.
GOREBYSS: What's going on?
MILOTIC: Our Hydro Pump attacks should've at least weakened her, but she managed to endure it. Impossible!
DUSCLOPS: That's not all I can do...

A pin suddenly appears by Dusclops head and "stabs" her. Everyone seemed bewildered by this, for Dusclops lost some of her health. All of a sudden, Starmie and Kingler began feeling weak. Something was horribly wrong.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-09-2004, 07:18 AM
CASCADIA: Starmie! Kingler! You guys okay?
KINGLER: I'm feeling pretty weak here...
CASCADIA: Don't worry, guys! [to Cloyster] Give me a hand here. Spike Cannon!
CLOYSTER: With pleausre.

Cloyster glows and began shooting pins from his body, and Cascadia follows up by using Hydro Bind. Huge waves of water-like energy formed into a large cyclone that was surrounded by Cloyster's needles. The attack managed to hit Dusclops and knocked it out. Dusclops disappears, and Cascadia and her Pokemon were relieved.

CASCADIA: Glad that's over.

Kinger and Starmie were still feeling weak from earlier, but Cascadia heals them.

STARMIE: Thank you, Mistress Cascadia.
KINGLER: We needed that.
CASCADIA: Now, let's get out of here.

Cascadia approaches the door and opens it, but her relief suddenly turned into annoyed shock.

KINGLER: You've gotta be kiddin' me!
CLOYSTER: What in the world...?!
STARMIE: This can't be!
GOREBYSS: [sarcastically] Well, isn't this nice?
MILOTIC: How...?!

They were not out of the castle. Instead, they were in a large dungeon. The walls were made up of blackened bricks, and chains hung from the wall. There was almost no windows except for the one right by the entrance, and there was bowls and bones all over the place. A faint, foul smell was enough to make the group change their mind and leave the place. However, the door was locked.

CASCADIA: Am I the only one who has no idea what is going on here?

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. Cascadia was safe since she was using her telekenetic powers to stay off the ground, but her Pokemon weren't as lucky. Kingler and Starmie began feeling weak again. The group looked around for the attacker, but he or she was nowhere to be found. A few seconds later, familar cackling was heard and the others looked worried.

GOREBYSS: Huh? I thought that Dusclops was a goner!
VOICE: The Dusclops you've beaten was a fake!

Just then, another Dusclops appears and laughs.

DUSCLOPS: You thought you had me beaten, did you?
VAPOREON: That was a cheap trick, you know. Play fair already!
DUSCLOPS: I don't have to. Why won't you surrender and maybe I'll ask Shadow Wing to let Connie and Mariah go in one piece? I'd put Lyoko into consideration too, but if some seven-year-old girl managed to defeat Absol, I'd like to keep her for myself!
CASCADIA: Just shut up already! There's no way we're giving up!
DUSCLOPS: Have it your way. Too bad there won't be enough of you to make sushi. As a matter of fact, there won't be enough of you to make fishsticks!

Dusclops closed her hands together and shot a blue-white beam at the group. Everyone managed to dodge it, but the beam bounces off a broken mirror and hits Starmie. Almost immediately, ice started to cover Starmie from its gem and expanded until it was completely frozen.

CASCADIA: Starmie!

Kingler heads over to the frozen star-shaped Pokemon when he suddenly felt weak again. Starmie is struck with the same fate and its jewel begins flashing.

CASCADIA: This isn't good. Starmie's energy is running out. [looks at Kingler] And Kingler doesn't look good either.

Cascadia's situation was looking grim. Not only that two of her best Pokemon are suffering from a strange energy draining condition, but she also wasn't sure whether the Dusclops they were fighting was real or fake. She then steps up and stares at Dusclops with a firm look on her face for a few seconds, concentrating hard to find out. Meanwhile, the Pokemon was trying to figure out what their trainer was doing.

VAPOREON: Cascadia...?
CASCADIA: Guys... It looks like we're on the verge of falling for the same trick twice...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-10-2004, 03:17 PM
Cascadia then powers up for another Hydro Bind attack. Dusclops was trapped in a giant water cyclone. The cyclone then dissolved, and there was no trace of the ghost-like cyclops.

MILOTIC: So, Cascadia... what was it?
CASCADIA: It was a fake. The real Dusclops probably wouldn't go down so easily. We might as well find it now and save us some time.

Cascadia heads over to Starmie and heals it as well as making the ice melt. Then she and her Pokemon head off.


The real Dusclops was waiting at the roof of the castle. She waves her hands in a hypnotic gesture, and suddenly Cascadia and the Pokemon landed right in front of her. Confused, they looked around. They noticed that it was very late at night because there were barely any stars in the sky and the moon was a fading yellow crescent. The castle looked much older from the outside and seemed to be on the verge of collapsing.

GOREBYSS: Now where are we?
DUSCLOPS: I've brought you here, my friends.

Cascadia faces her enemy. Dusclops begins to laugh for a few seconds.

CASCADIA: You're the real one, aren't you?!
DUSCLOPS: However did you guess, Cascadia? Did you silly psychic powers helped you out? If so, you could also predict that I was growing a bit impatient and decided to have our little battle right now!
CASCADIA: Well, they helped me on the first part!
DUSCLOPS: [laughs] Very good, Cascadia. However, your psychic abilities will be useless in this battle!

Dusclops snapped his fingers, and Kingler and Starmie fell to the ground. Cascadia tried to heal them, but they were losing energy way too fast. The two Pokemon eventually fainted, and Cascadia ended up recalling them to their Pokeballs.

CASCADIA: What did you just do?!
DUSCLOPS: Silly girl. You looked like you never seen a Curse attack before!
DUSCLOPS: I could've done the same to you, but I'll save it for later. In the meantime, I'll get rid of your other Pokemon!

And with that, strange white fireballs formed around Dusclops and were fired at Cascadia and her Pokemon. They managed to dodge, but Cloyster ends up getting hit. He feels the pain of the burn going through him. Cascadia approaches Cloyster to heal him, but she was hit by another blue-white beam of ice that freezes the teenage mermaid.

DUSCLOPS: I'll deal with her later. Right now, it's the four of you I'm after!
VAPOREON: Bring it, missy!
DUSCLOPS: With pleasure!

Dusclops then fires several black orbs at Vaporeon. She managed to dodge and heads towards the ghost with a glowing tail. She jumps up and prepares to strike, but Dusclops shot a strange ray of light at Vaporeon. Suddenly, Vaporeon didn't seem to know what she was doing and crashes on the ground.

VAPOREON: [slowly getting up] I'm okay... I'm okay, but...

Vaporeon begins to wobble a bit as she walks.

GOREBYSS: That was one nasty Confuse Ray. Too bad Starmie got KOed because a counter Confuse Ray attack would sure come in handy.

Gorebyss then paused for a brief second. Remembering that Water Pulse has a chance on confusing the enemy, she fires a stream of water surrounded by ultrasonic waves. The attack managed to hit Dusclops and did damage, but it failed to confuse her.

GOREBYSS: Aw, man... [to Milotic] Hey, sis. Do you think a Rain Dance attack would be a good idea?
MILOTIC: It's worth a shot!

Milotic looks up at the sky and howls. Suddenly, clouds formed and rain begins pouring down like there's no tommorow. Gorebyss tries Water Pulse again and managed to confuse Dusclops.

DUSCLOPS: Wha... how? What's going on?

Dusclops was wobbling around as Vaporeon gets the group together.

VAPOREON: Okay, guys. It seems that whenever we get close to beating Dusclops, she always have another trick up her sleeve. I managed to think up a plan, but we need Cascadia to pull it off.
VAPOREON: Gorebyss, Milotic, you hand Dusclops. Cloyster and I will handle getting Cascadia out of that Ice.
CLOYSTER: But Vaporeon, are you gonna be okay? I mean, that Confuse Ray...
VAPOREON: Don't worry. I've been hit with confusion attacks before, and this is now different.
MILOTIC: Maybe you should rest. Cloyster is strong enough to get Cascadia out of that ice.
GOREBYSS: Kingler would be a big help here. I'm guessing Dusclops have beaten him and Starmie and confused Vaporeon to give us a hard time.
VAPOREON: Well, when Cascadia's free, we'll be the ones give Dusclops a hard time.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-12-2004, 10:02 AM
Gorebyss and Milotic moved in to attack. Dusclops snickered as Milotic blows another tornado at her. Dusclops gets out of the way and disappears. Suddenly, Milotic yelps as she felt Dusclops punching her at the back of her neck. Gorebyss's eyes begin glowing and Dusclops began floating high into the air. She then lowers her head and Dusclops comes plummeting through the roof and makes a huge hole in it. The two snake Pokemon follow Dusclops into the hole and the battle raged on from there. Meanwhile, Vaporeon and Cloyster managed to chip away most of the ice. Vaporeon struck the ice with her glowing tail, and Cloyster shoots sharp pins at the ice block. Eventually, they managed to remove the ice around Cascadia's tail and started to move on with the rest of her body. Unfortunately, both of them were becoming exhausted.

VAPOREON: [out of breath] I don't know how much longer we can keep this up!
CLOYSTER: At this rate, we need a miracle to get Cascadia out of that ice!

Just then, they stopped and noticed Cascadia's Liechi Necklace glowing. They watched in awe as the ice around Cascadia mysteriously disappeared. However, Cascadia was unconscious, but she didn't stay that way for long. Her body glowed red for a few seconds.

VAPOREON: What's going on?

The glow dies down and Cascadia wakes up. She notices Vaporeon and Cloyster and begins to look for Gorebyss, Milotic, and Dusclops.

CASCADIA: W...where...?
CLOYSTER: Gorebyss and Milotic are fighting Dusclops. We'd better give them a hand.

Cascadia notices the hole in the roof and the current downpour. Before Cascadia could say anything, wind rose from the hole. Cascadia, Vaporeon, and Cloyster head down to hole and saw Gorebyss and Milotic fire torrents of water right at Dusclops.

DUSCLOPS: Do you think a Double Hydro Pump is enough to stop me?! Think again! Black Torrent!

Dusclops begins waving her hands and a gigantic stream of water heads toward Gorebyss and Milotic. The water was similar to the sisters' double Hydro Pump but the water was black. The attacks hits the sisters dead center.

CASCADIA: Gorebyss! Milotic! Please be okay!

Both of the sisters were heavily damaged and exhausted. They seemed to be able to keep on going until Gorebyss collapsed on the ground. Cascadia, Vaporeon, and Cloyster were astonished by this, and Milotic wanted to scream. However, she didn't and tried to wake up Gorebyss.

MILOTIC: Gorebyss! Gorebyss!
GOREBYSS: I'm sorry, sis. I wanted to go further than this. I wanted...to save the world together, with you and Cascadia and the others...
MILOTIC: Don't worry about it.
CASCADIA: Milotic's right. They'll be other days. But you did a great job, Gorebyss.
MILOTIC: Take a nice long rest, little sister.

Cascadia recalls her Gorebyss. Dusclops laughs at the remainder of the group.

DUSCLOPS: You should give up now, you overgrown fish!
CASCADIA: Not on your life! Vaporeon, Water Gun! Cloyster, Aurora Beam!

Vaporeon fires water at Dusclops, but she sidesteps out of the way. Cloyster's horn begins glowing with many colors and fires a beam that was similar to Mariah's Mirror Beam. Dusclops dodges by sidestepping out of the way again.

CASCADIA: Ugh... what is with you?!
DUSCLOPS: [laughs] I could do this all day, but I have to get rid of you sooner or later!

Dusclops once again shoots out a strange beam of light, and this time Milotic ends up being confused of impact. While Vaporeon seemed to have snapped out of her confusion, Milotic couldn't shake it off as easily.

CASCADIA: Milotic! Try to use Recover!

Milotic tried to focus as hard as she could, but the confusion appeared to be too much for her. She felt dizzy and lightheaded.

CLOYSTER: Milotic, hang in there!
VAPOREON: Stay stong, Milotic!
DUSCLOPS: Don't think she'll be able to help you!

Suddenly, Cascadia steps up. She glared at Dusclops, and Dusclops did the same to her. Everything was silent. It was obvious that Cascadia was tired of the mind games she and her Pokemon had to go through. Vaporeon joins her, ready to battle. Cascadia looks at Vaporeon, and she nods as if exchange thoughts with her.


Vaporeon advanced on Dusclops, and the ghost didn't know what just happened. She watched Vaporeon carefully and looked for a perfect time to counter, but she was too late. Dusclops was hit by Vaporeon's glowing tail, but it felt like being hit with a sledgehammer. However, she managed to regain herself.

DUSCLOPS: A sneak attack... Nice. But don't think I can't make one too!

Dusclops creates another dark ball, but this time it vanished into thin air. Confused, the group looked around and suddenly saw the black ball behind them. It homes in on Cascadia, but Milotic gets into the attack's path and gets hit on the neck. She tries to stay up, but she ends up falling on the ground. Seeing that she is unable to continue battling, Cascadia recalls her Milotic. Dusclops begins laughing at her.

DUSCLOPS: You're pretty good at your little sneak tatics, but mine are better!

Cascadia just looks at Vaporeon.

CASCADIA: [telepathically] Here's the plan. When the time is right, I'm gonna attack first. After that, Vaporeon, you and Cloyster fire full power Aurora Beam attacks. Got it?
VAPOREON: [telepathically] Whatever you say!
CLOYSTER: [telepathically] Let's do it!
DUSCLOPS: So, which one of you will be my next victim?

Cascadia, Vaporeon, and Cloyster all get ready for battle. Dark energy began surrounding Dusclops as she makes a fist and disappears. Instead of being worried, Cascadia remained calm. Vaporeon didn't catch on to this, but Cloyster saw what Cascadia was planning and closed his shell. A few seconds later, Dusclops reappears above Cascadia and begins to strike, but Cascadia managed to block the Shadow Punch with a water shield. Cascadia gets on the offense by hitting Dusclops in the face with her glowing blue tail as hard as she could. Dusclops was knocked back but regains herself again just in time to be hit by rainbow colored beams fired by Vaporeon and Cloyster. She rolled across the ground and end up crashing into a wall.

VAPOREON: I think we've got her...

Vaporeon was proven wrong when everything was suddenly surrounded by darkness. A sudden flash of light bursts from where Dusclops landed. Cascadia covered her eyes, and when the light died down, Vaporeon and Cloyster were out cold. To make matters worse, Dusclops stood up and seemed to be ready to continue. As she recalled her Pokemon, Cascadia glares at the seemingly invincible Dusclops.

CASCADIA: What the...?! What does it take to keep you down?! The battle have to end sooner or later!
DUSCLOPS: Looks like it's just you and me. My Chaos Wave managed to knock out your remaining Pokemon, but you seemed to have endured it. However, due to the immense amount of energy need for it, I'm exhausted... but you're right. The battle does need to end.

Dusclops snaps her fingers, and Cascadia suddenly becomes as exhausted as Dusclops.

DUSCLOPS: You see, Shadow Wing have given the Pokemon of the Mirror Masters powers that normal Pokemon could only dream of having. Once we get rid of you and your miserable comrades, both the Hoenn Mirror World and the Shadow Mirror World will be crushed! Unfortunately, Absol couldn't handle Lyoko too well and is no longer one of us, but I'm better than he'll ever be! You see, I'm able to endure all of your best attacks and make you feel the damage whenever I want!
CASCADIA: Wha...what...?!
DUSCLOPS: There's no way you can win, Cascadia... And now to put an end to any delusional hopes of you winning this battle... What?!

Cascadia's Liechi Necklace begins glowing. A whirlpool of water begins to surround her as she rose into the air. Dusclops was dismayed as she was about to get a taste of what could be Cascadia's ultimate attack.

DUSCLOPS: What...how?! How did you managed to gather so much power in your current state?! It's just not possible!
CASCADIA: The ocean of truth and love will always be with me! I'll always face the storms of chaos without fear or regrets! I am Cascadia, the mistress of water!

Dusclops was too worn out to use the Chaos Wave again and could only watch as Cascadia gets ready to fire the giant whirlpool at her.

CASCADIA: Cascadia Torrent!

In the blink of an eye, the huge whirlpool came crashing down on Dusclops. The force of the attack made the ground shook for a view seconds. After the attack was finished, there was silence. Just then, Dusclops gets up and wonders what happened as she looked around.

DUSCLOPS: Wha... what in the world happened?

Dusclops limps across the castle roof but stops upon seeing the unconscious Cascadia.

DUSCLOPS: What?! How? What happened?

Dusclops tried to wake Cascadia up. After a few attempts, Cascadia slowly opens her eyes.

CASCADIA: Uh... what...
DUSCLOPS: Are you okay? What happened to you...?

Before Cascadia could answer, the castle dissolves and everything became bright. Cascadia and Dusclops were now surrounded by endless light. A large red mirror with drops of water encased in a bubble-like shield forms, and on the top of it was a crystal shaped like a Liechi Berry with the word "aidacsaC" written on it.

CASCADIA: Huh? I never seen a mirror like that before...
DUSCLOPS: Neither have I.

Cascadia's Liechi Necklace and the mirror began glowing. A few moments later, Cascadia and Dusclops were pulled into the mirror...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-13-2004, 09:09 AM
Ganlon Necklace
Description: A necklace that has a charm shaped like a Ganlon Berry
Ability: Gives Connie the power of the land to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Ganlon Magic
Obtained: Given to by Shadow Mariah in chapter 12


Connie wakes up and feels a long chill and finds herself half buried in snow. She gets up and dusts herself off and then notices that she's in the middle of a snowy mountain area.

CONNIE: What the heck...? I thought I was in the Ever Grande Cathedral. How'd I get here?

A loud noise was heard, and Connie looks up to she a few boulders heading her way. The icy boulders were easily shattered by a few of her punches. She then sees Walrein high above a cliff and coming down towards her.

CONNIE: What do you want?
WALREIN: Hello there, Connie... the very same Connie from Rustboro Ruins who calls herself the "rock hard fighter extrodinaire"!
CONNIE: Yeah, yeah. That's me. I've got a bone to pick with Shadow Wing, so just get out my way, okay?
WALREIN: You're a smug little girl, aren't you?
CONNIE: Calling me a little girl is bad for your health... and I'm gonna show you why!

Connie jumps toward Walrein and punches her as hard as she could. Walrein gets blown back a bit but regains herself.

CONNIE: Oh, so you want more, eh? Okay, then! Magma Flare!

Connie's feet began glowing red as she swings her body, raising her hands out of the way and placing them back down at the appropiate time. Her feet hits Walrein hard and knocks her back, but Walrein manage to regain herself again.

WALREIN: Is that all?
CONNIE: No! I'm just getting started!

Connie charges toward Walrein until a huge wave of icy water suddenly appeared from nowhere and crashes on her. The cold didn't bother her, but the water did sweep her away pretty far into equally cold ocean. Connie may be able to endure the freezing cold water, but she couldn't swim very well. She tried to get back to the land, but the current was too strong. Walrein goes in after her.

WALREIN: There's no way you can win...

Walrein rapidly swims toward Connie and prepares to slam her with all her weight. However, Connie notices that she's near a large block of ice and heads toward it before Walrein could smash her. Connie surfaces and managed to catch her breath.

CONNIE: For a second there, I thought I wasn't gonna--

Walrein leaps out of the water and aims to land on Connie as hard as she could. Connie manages to get out of the way by getting on the ice block, but Walrein makes a huge splash that almost knocked Connie off just as quickly. Walrein begins swimming toward her again, but Connie gets an idea and remained where she was. The walrus then leaps up and lands on Connie. To Walrein's surprise, Connie managed to survive, and now Walrein felt her lifting her up as high as she could.

CONNIE: I'll show you why I'm the toughest girl in the Hoenn Mirror World!

With that, Connie tosses Walrein with all her might. She folds her arms and gives off a light laugh as she watches Walrein crashing into an iceberg. Believing that she had beaten Walrein. Connie begins to walk off. Suddenly, a blizzard began and catches Connie off guard.

WALREIN: Do you really think you have me beaten that easily?! Take this!

Walrein then takes a deep breath and blows as hard as she could. A blizzard more chilling and powerful suddenly hits Connie. She slid across the icy ground and ended up into the water as a block of ice that sank deep into the ocean.

WALREIN: Heh. Well, that takes care of her. It's a shame that the "rock hard fighter extrodinaire" didn't put up much of a battle. I expected more of her. Oh, well. I managed to carry out my orders...


Connie wakes up and finds herself in an icy cave. She feels chilled from the powerful Sheer Cold attack that managed to knock her out even though she didn't fight as hard as she wanted. She begins to get mad at Shadow Wing for putting her through all of this as well as involving Pokemon in the process. She picks up a rock and throws it at the cave wall, and it managed to form a crack.

CONNIE: Shadow Wing is such a creep. When I get done with him, he's gonna regret showing his face here! [looks around] I wonder where the others are. Sure feels lonely without 'em.

Connie then begins to find a way out of the cave.

CONNIE: Now that I think about it, I guess I'm not used to being with other people other than Roxanne and her Pokemon. I've been at Rustboro Ruins for so long that I really don't know much about the outside world. I've only seen the city near Petalburg Mansion once in my life.

Connie stops and looks at her reflection in the icy walls of the cave. After a few seconds, she punches the wall as hard as she could and makes a few good dents. She chuckles lightly, but then she becomes serious.

CONNIE: I'm the rock hard fighter extrodinaire... but I didn't start that way until I ended up finding out about my strength by just playing around all day. I spent so much time training to power my attacks up, and it looked like it paid off. I managed to take down a few of those monsters, with help from the gang, of course. But... there's that incident at Mossdeep Constellation. I'd sure love to become a giant powerhouse again against the Walrein, and then Shadow Wing won't stand a chance against me!

Just then, there was a flash of light in the distance. Thinking it was Walrein and eager for a rematch, Connie cracks her knuckles.

CONNIE: Try to take me down, and I'll smash you before you get the chance. If you think you're stronger than me, I'll be ready to prove you wrong. No one can beat me 'cause I'm Connie, the rock hard fighter extrodinaire of the Hoenn Mirror World!

With that, Connie runs toward the direction of the light.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-14-2004, 03:18 PM
When Connie gets there, the light seemed to have dimmed down upon her arrival.

CONNIE: Okay... if this is a joke, it isn't funny! Whoever's doing this...

Connie suddenly notices a way out of the cave. It was now night and it suddenly begins to hail. She heads outside and sees that there was miles of ice, snow, and water from all around. Obviously, Shadow Wing wanted to keep Connie here for the rest of her life, and Walrein was a pawn in the scheme.

CONNIE: Man, it got dark pretty fast. Plus I haven't seen Mariah, Lyoko, or Fish Face anywhere since I came here. And what is with the hailstorm all of a sudden?

A rainbow colored beam was headed straight for Connie, but she managed to get out of the way. She looks at the direction of the attack and sees a figure on a cliff in the distance.

CONNIE: Mariah? Is that you?

Unfortunately, Connie was wrong. The attack came from Walrein, who then fires a barrage of ice balls at her. Connie retaliates by punching the icy balls into pieces and heads toward the cliff to climb toward Walrein. Walrein blows enough ice wind to create a blizzard that will slow Connie down, but it only made Connie climb faster.

CONNIE: Your Blizzard attack won't work on me anymore!
WALREIN: Well, maybe this will!

Walrein creates a huge wave of icy water and sends it down towards Connie. This time, Connie takes a deep breath and holds it as she was doused by the Surf attack. Despite the pressure of the water trying to knock her back, Connie eventually climbs to the top and is now face to face with Walrein.

CONNIE: Sorry, but if you're thinking about stopping me, you're dead wrong!
WALREIN: Even someone as strong as you should know when to give up!
CONNIE: We'll see about that! Ground Fist!

Connie jumps high into the air and heads straight down into the ground fist first, causing a small earthquake followed by a stream of bright light that headed straight for Walrein. However, Walrein sides steps to dodge it. She then begins pushing herself across the ice until she had some momentum going. She opens her mouth as wide as she could as she headed for Connie. However, when Walrein got close, Connie grabs one of her front fins. She swings Walrein around and throws her off the cliff, and then she jumps off after her.

CONNIE: I'm gonna fry you before you can even blink! Giga Punch!

Connie punches Walrein in the face as hard she could and managed to speed up the walrus's fall. She crashed into an ice block at the bottom a few seconds before Connie landed beside it.

CONNIE: Well, Tsunama... you told me that I could use that line... [chuckles]

Just then, Walrein emerges from the rock.

WALREIN: That was good, but I still have power to spare, Connie!
CONNIE: Come on! Give up already!
WALREIN: Glacier Crush!

Walrein raises her now glowing fins and slams them on the ground. Suddenly, icy rocks rose from the ground and trapped Connie. Then, Walrein uses another powerful Blizzard attack to make the ice stronger. However, Connie managed to smash through the thickened ice.

CONNIE: Do you think you ice attacks can keep me down for long? Well, you've been asking for this for quite a while now, and now you're gonna get it!
WALREIN: Looks like the real battle is just about to begin...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-15-2004, 08:42 AM
Walrein slides across the ice again and heads toward Connie. Connie manages to get out of the way by jumping, but she mistimed her jump and begins to stumble on the slippery ice and crashes into a small ice pillar. She gets up and managed to pick it up and throw it at Walrein, but it was shattered by Walrein's tusks. Walrein then blows another blizzard at Connie and sends her pretty far. Even after landing, Connie slid across the ice and crashes against a wall.

CONNIE: Oh, man... This isn't gonna work.
WALREIN: Time to end this!

With that, Walrein lauches another Sheer Cold attack. Connie dodges and slides toward Walrein and slams into her. The force made Walrein slide across the ice as well and they both went into a dark cave. Throughout the twist and turns, Walrein blows powerful Blizzard attacks that Connie managed to endure and Connie fighting back with punches and kicks.

WALREIN: Your physical strength and endurance can't help you forever!

Connie lifts Walrein as high as she could and throwing her almost immediately after. She was about to rejoice until something came to her mind.

CONNIE: Hey, what's at the other end of this thing?

Not too far ahead, Connie sees some light ahead as she rapidly approaches it.

CONNIE: Oh, I get the idea! BONZAI!!!!!!

The slope ends, and Connie goes sailing through the air before landing on an iceberg. However, she wasn't safe. Walrein appears in the water and heads toward her. Connie managed to break off the tip of the iceberg and throws it at Walrein, but Walrein dives underwater to dodge it and leaps out of the water. She lands on Connie, and this time Connie seemed unable to move. Walrein attacks by blowing another strong blizzard that ends up freezing Connie.

WALREIN: Heh heh... Now it ends.

Walrein's eyes begin glowing, and she fires a rainbow colored beam at Connie. Just when all seemed lost, Connie's Ganlon Necklace begins glowing. Suddenly, the ice around Connie begins to melt and she was freed in a matter of moments. The glow also managed to reflect the Aurora Beam back at the walrus.

WALREIN: This can't be! Oh, well!

Walrein then closes her eyes and begins glowing. A few seconds later, Walrein was back at full health and ready to finish Connie off.

WALREIN: It's impossible to win. Glacier Crush!

Walrein slams her fins on the ground, and icy rocks rose from the water. This time, Connie managed to dodge then and ends up on another iceberg much bigger than the one she was on earlier.

CONNIE: It seems that whenever I come close to beating that tub of blubber, she always finds a way to get out of her mess!

Walrein attacks with another Blizzard then Connie managed to dodge. However, the attack managed to freeze the water around the icebergs she and Connie were on. Walrein slams her fins on the ground once again, and the icy rocks trapped Connie. Connie manages to break through the ice and rapidly punches and kicks Walrein. Both of them kept using their most powerful attacks and eventually became exhausted.

WALREIN: You know what, Connie? We both seem to have only one chance left to attack. I hope that when you finally lose, you won’t have any hard feelings against me in your next life. I hope you’ll just see the truth and realize that you're not as powerful as you think you are. And after you lose, you’ll see that there will be no escape from Shadow Wing. There will be no hope for you, your friends, the Hoenn Mirror World, and the Shadow Mirror World. However, if you manage to summon as much power as you did back at Mossdeep Constellation, you may have a chance.

Connie gives Walrein a confident look and a sly smile. She cracks her knuckles as she gets ready for the final showdown.

CONNIE: Well, you know what, fatso... As much as I hate your guts, I certainly hope you’re right.
WALREIN: I AM right! Glacier Crush!

Walrein gathers the last of her energy to slam her fins on the ground to surround Connie in ice. The ice trapped Connie in a giant ice pillar that seemed impossible to break. Walrein approaches the result of her possible defeat of Connie.

WALREIN: And so ends the life of Connie... the girl who believed that she was the rock hard fighter extrodinaire of the Hoenn Mirror World. However, she was severly mistaken.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous earthquake. Everything around Walrein shook violently, and the ice pillar that Connie was trapped in began to crack. Blue lights began to shine where the pillar was cracking. A few seconds later, it explodes. Connie, with her Ganlon Necklace glowing, escaped unharmed and lands in front of Walrein. Walrein was unable to attack and could only watch as Connie gets ready to give her everything she's got.

CONNIE: Try to take me down, and I'll smash you before you get the chance. If you think you're stronger than me, I'll be ready to prove you wrong. No one can beat me 'cause I'm Connie, the rock hard fighter extrodinaire of the Hoenn Mirror World!

Connie's fists begin glowing a bright blue as she heads toward her opponent.

CONNIE: Connie Smash!

Connie delivers a powerful uppercut to Walrein that sends her flying into the air. As Walrein comes down, Connie punches her again and sends her sailing across the ice and crashing into the iceberg. Everything fell silent a few seconds after the crash. Connie was breathing hard and making sure that Walrein was down for good. She heads over to the iceberg to check. Walrein appears to be waking up and looks at Connie in confusion. Before Walrein could ask what was going on, everything around them began dissolving. Connie and Walrein are now surrounded by a bright light.

WALREIN: Where are we?
CONNIE: I don't have a clue.

A large blue mirror in a shield of magma forms, and on top was a crystal shaped like a Ganlon Berry with "einnoC" written on it. Before Connie could ask any questions, her necklace and the mirror began glowing and she and Walrein were pulled in...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-15-2004, 08:41 PM
Octillery(M)@-- LV50
Trait: Suction Cups
Mild Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Aurora Beam
-Focus Energy
-Sludge Bomb

Jacrystal(F)@Charcoal LV50
Trait: Flash Fire
Bold Nature
-Double Kick
-Flame Wheel
-Double Team
-Sunny Day
-Crystal Shard
-False Power

Electabuzz(M)@Magnet LV50
Trait: Static
Rash Nature
-Ice Punch
-Light Screen
-Brick Break

Sceptile(M)@King's Rock LV50
Trait: Overgrow
Hardy Nature
-Fury Cutter
-Bullet Seed
-Leaf Blade

Shuckle(M)@Quick Claw LV50
Trait: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
-Rock Tomb

Venomoth(F)@Bright Powder LV50
Trait: Shield Dust
Naive Nature
-Secret Power
-Leech Life
-Stun Spore

Mirror Wand
Description: Gold and has a Pokeball on top, wings on the side of the ball, and six jewels (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) on the top part of the Pokeball
Ability: Enables Mariah to use the attacks of Pokemon she had captured, whether or not they have fainted. Also heals, transforms into a mirror and stores Mariah's Pokemon.
Attacks: Mirror Beam, Mirror Special, Mirror Magic, Petaya Magic (used with Petaya Necklace), Reflect Seed (used with Sceptile)
Obtained: Given to by the Mirror Guardian (Mirror Mariah) in Chapter 1
Other info: Regained its full power after all the Rainbow Balls were used

Leaf Sword
Description: Green sword with leaf-shaped blade
Ability: Enables Mariah to use various sword techniques. Gets stronger with moves that Sceptile learns.
Attacks: Petal Drill, Petaya Slash (used with Petaya Necklace), Forest Wave
Obtained: Chapter 5 after Mariah's Treecko evolved

Mirror Bracelet
Description: Bracelet with large, blue pearls
Ability: Enables Mariah to summon a wall of rock, water, or wind for defense
Obtained: Given to by Wally in Chapter 6

Bronze Watch
Description: Seemingly broken down bronze watch with a rusty chain
Ability: Enables Mariah to control time
Obtained: Found in Lavaridge Mountains in Chapter 10

Petaya Necklace
Description: A necklace that had a charm that was shaped like a Petaya Berry
Ability: Gives Mariah the power of life to strengthen her attacks
Attacks: Petaya Magic (used with Mirror Wand), Petaya Slash (used with Leaf Sword)
Obtained: Given to by Dark Mariah in Chapter 12

Soul Dew
Description: A round, glittering crystal
Ability: Unknown at this time
Attacks: Unknown at this time
Obtained: Found at Littleroot Village in Chapter 20


Mariah finds herself on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. It was in the middle of a gray gloomy day, and it was rather cold. She shivered for a moment and looks around.

MARIAH: Connie...! Cascadia...! Lyoko...!

The only thing heard was the echo of Mariah's voice.

MARIAH: Where are they? I sure hope they're all right.

Mariah gets out her wand.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Red! Orange! Yellow! Green! Blue! Purple!

All seven gems on the Mirror Wand began to glow and shot out bright lights of their respective colors that formed into Octillery, Jacrystal, Electabuzz, Sceptile, Shuckle, and Venomoth.

MARIAH: Split up and find the others!

With that, Mariah and her Pokemon went their seperate ways on the island...unaware that something was watching them...


Back in the Ever Grande Cathedral at the Shadow Mirror World, Shadow Wing and Metagross were watching Mariah through the flaming mirror. The other three mirrors have returned to their previous state, but the glass was broken.

SHADOW WING: It looks like Absol, Dusclops, and Walrein weren't able to handle the tasks. The girls managed to defeat them and escaped... but Mariah won't have much luck. Not only is Salamence is Drake's strongest Pokemon, he's also the strong Pokemon of the Mirror Masters... [turns to Metagross] Barring you, of course. Lord Steven is the Mirror Overlord after all.

There was a brief pause. Metagross gets ready to head into the flaming mirror, but Shadow Wing stopped it.

SHADOW WING: Patience, my friend. Let's see how she does...


Mariah and Venomoth were searching for the others in the skies, Octillery swims in a lake, Shuckle and Jacrystal burrowed undergroud, and Electabuzz and Sceptile were looking in the places that the others didn't. Despite their efforts, there was no sign of the others anywhere. They met back in the spot where Shuckle and Jacrystal were doing their underground search.

MARIAH: Any luck, guys?
SCEPTILE: Not a trace of them.
ELECTABUZZ: We pratically looked everywhere.
VENOMOTH: Mariah and I didn't see 'em.
OCTILLERY: I didn't have much luck finding them. I was sure I'd run into the mermaid girl somewhere.
MARIAH: Maybe Shuckle and Jacrystal had some luck.

Sure enough, Shuckle and Jacrystal popped from the ground. Jacrystal dusts herself off while Shuckle sees the group.

SCEPTILE: Any luck finding them, Shuckle?
SHUCKLE: Nope. We couldn't find Connie, the Aqua Sorceress, or that cute bird trainer.
VENOMOTH: Ohh... what if we never find them? What if we never get off this island? And if we don't, what if Mariah ends up looking worse that hyper fighting girl?!
MARIAH: We'll find a way. I don't know how, but we will find the others and we will get off the island, Venomoth. [pause, then gets a sour look on her face] And what do you mean that I'll end up looking worse than Connie?

Out of nowhere, streams of fire ended up attacking the group by surprise. Sceptile and Venomoth appear to be heavily damaged, but Jacrystal seems to be developing an immunity from it. As soon the fire dies down, the attacker reveals himself as Salamence.

SALAMENCE: So, we finally meet, Mariah Janvi... or should I say the Hoenn Mirror Girl?
MARIAH: What was that for?!
SALAMENCE: I'm giving you a privilege, courtesy of Shadow Wing.

The Pokemon begin to talk amongst themselves about this, but Mariah didn't seem interested.

MARIAH: What are you talking about?
SALAMENCE: I'm giving you a choice, young lady.
MARIAH: And what choice is that?
SALAMENCE: You get to decide how I should obliterate you and your Pokemon!

Mariah growls in frustration, and her Pokemon were equally unhappy about it. She had been too much in a world that was so much like her home, and losing to Shadow Wing after going this far was out of the question. Mariah only had one thing in mind: stopping Shadow Wing once and for all, and finally getting back home.

SALAMENCE: Well...? What's your decision?

Mariah responds by getting out her Wand and attacking with a full force Mirror Beam. The rainbow colored beam hits Salamence at dead center and blows him back a distance. However, he shakes off the damage and glares at Mariah.

SALAMENCE: Looks like I have to decide for you...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-17-2004, 06:15 AM
Salamence flies toward Mariah and lashes out his claws. In an attempt to block the attack, Mariah's Mirror Bracelet begins glowing white and a wall of wind forms to shield her and her Pokemon from the attack. However, Salamence managed to bypass the shield and slashes Mariah. The force of the attack knocks her over. Salamence then flies up high and looks down on Mariah. He then breathes a wave of flames at her, but Electabuzz managed to protect Mariah by creating a glass like shield that cut the power of Salamence's attack.

MARIAH: Thanks, Electabuzz.
ELECTABUZZ: You try to get back some of your energy. The others and I will take care of that Salamence!
SALAMENCE: That won't do you a lot of good. Eventually, I'll have to deal with Mariah. Save me some time and get out of the way.

The Pokemon weren't backing down. Sceptile then turns to Mariah.

SCEPTILE: Try to heal yourself. We'll deal with him for a while.

Mariah nods and holds her wand close to her. The blue gem begins glowing, and Shuckle could feel that his trainer is using one of his abilities. Suddenly, Mariah falls asleep and begins glowing a bright blue.

SHUCKLE: Mariah's gonna be okay. She just used Rest.
VENOMOTH: Good for her.
ELECTABUZZ: That's kinda risky, don't you think? She's gonna be wide open.
OCTILLERY: Don't worry. We just have to keep Salamence away from her while she recovers.
VENOMOTH: Uh-oh... Salamence is heading for us!

Surely enough, Salamence was flying right above them and blows flames at the Pokemon, but this time, the flames were a darker orange. Electabuzz once again uses the glass shield that cuts the power of the assualt. The shield managed to surround the sleeping Mariah and the Pokemon, so they seemed safe for the moment.

ELECTABUZZ: Whew. Hopefully, the Light Screen will come in handy.
SALAMENCE: A clever move. Very clever. But it's not enough to stop me!

Salamence then flies high into the air. The Pokemon looked up to search for the dragon Pokemon, but he was nowhere to be found. After a few moments, the Pokemon appeared to be bored.

JACRYSTAL: Where is this guy? If he's running away, he could've at least told us.

Just then, they noticed something heading toward them and at a high speed. By the time the Pokemon saw what it was, however, it was too late. It hits them hard and managed to scatter them all over the place. They all appeared to have taken damage, Sceptile and Venomoth more than the others.

SCEPTILE: Whoa. That was a strong Fly attack.
VENOMOTH: No kidding.
OCTILLERY: But where did it come from?

Salamence was standing right in front of them with a look of imtidation. It was obvious that the attack came from him, and he was already ready to deliver to final attack to finish them off. He was about to bite them one by one with his sharp fangs when Shuckle pounds the ground as hard as he could and managed to surround Salamence with rocks.

VENOMOTH: [giggles] Thanks, Shuckle.
SHUCKLE: No problem.
JACRYSTAL: But now what? That Salamence is powerful and the rocks can't keep him forever.
ELECTABUZZ: And the Light Screen will wear off sooner or later. We'd better hurry up and finish off this guy!
OCTILLERY: It already seems that he'll be tough to handle. And what if Mariah doesn't wake up when we need her?
SCEPTILE: Then we have to keep Salamence busy till she does. Let's go!

With that, all of Mariah's Pokemon prepared for attack as Salamence managed to break free from the rocks.

SCEPTILE: I'll go first. Electabuzz, cover me.

Sceptile dashes off with Electabuzz right behind. Salamence flies up and takes a deep breath before breathing some light orange flames at the two. Despite Electabuzz's Light Screen protecting him, Sceptile received heavy damage but still managed to land a hit on Salamence with his arm blades glowing. Unfortunately, it appeared that Salamence's attack did more damage than Sceptile's.

SALAMENCE: That was a sloppy move. You know that a Grass-type attack like Leaf Blade wouldn't work against a Dragon-type like me.

Sceptile then jumps into the air and slams Salamence in the face with his tail, but Salamence retaliates by crunching it with his sharp teeth. Sceptile falls to the ground and lies motionless.

SALAMENCE: It looks like it's all over for the Sceptile.

Luckily, Mariah woke up and was fully recovered. She then notices Sceptile lying on the ground and rushes up to him.

MARIAH: Hey, Sceptile! You okay?
SCEPTILE: [weakly] Sorry, Mariah... I tried... to hold him off...
MARIAH: Well, it's time for you to take a rest.

A green light from the wand hits Sceptile and recalls in back in the wand.

JACRYSTAL: You couldn't pick a better time to wake up, my friend. We've been fighting only for a few minutes and we're already in a tough spot!
MARIAH: Well, you don't have to worry. I'm back in action.
SALAMENCE: Don't think your ability to use your Pokemon's attacks will help you forever, Mariah!
MARIAH: We'll just see about that!

Salamence then gives a cold laugh. The group looks around to find out what was happening and notices that Electabuzz's Light Screen is wearing off. Salamence is now free to attack with his Special attacks again, and it only meant trouble for the others.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-18-2004, 11:01 PM
SALAMENCE: You might as well surrender now.
MARIAH: Just because you knocked out one of my Pokemon while I was asleep doesn't mean anything!
SALAMENCE: If you think a mere Rest would help you, you are wrong!

And with that, Salamence blows some hot flames at Mariah and the Pokemon. However, Jacrystal appeared to be immune from the fiery assault. She then attacks back with a powerful flame attack of her own. Salamence was about to dodge when the Flamethrower attack slammed into his face.

MARIAH: NIce move.
JACRYSTAL: Thanks. Flash Fire managed to kick in at just the right time.
MARIAH: Okay. My turn to step in!

Mariah gets out her wand and attacks with Petaya Magic at full power. The pink lights have homed in on the spot where Salamence had received a burn, nearly doubling the damage. However, Salamence managed to break free from the attack by flying.

SALAMENCE: You're quite strong, but I'm the strongest Pokemon of all the Mirror Masters. Better than Absol, Dusclops, and Walrein combined! I'll show you what power really is!

Salamence shuts his eyes and begins glowing.

MARIAH: What's he doing?
OCTILLERY: I don't know, but we'd better stop him before we found out!
MARIAH: Good idea. Venomoth, Confusion! Octillery, Focus Energy then Sludge Bomb! I'll attack from there!

Venomoth and Octillery head toward Salamence. Octillery closes his eyes and began to focus as hard as he could while Venomoth's eyes began glowing blue. Suddenly, everything around Salamence felt like jelly to him. Octillery follows by firing thick sludge from his snout. The attack hits Salamence on the side, but it felt like being hit by a brick. Finally, Mariah makes her Leaf Sword appear.

MARIAH: Forest Wave!

A shock wave was shot out of the sword as Mariah slashes toward Salamence. The attack makes a direct hit, but something strange happened. Salamence's eyes begin to glow an eerie red color and flies above Mariah and the others.

SALAMENCE: Flaming Shower!

Salamence blows a torrents of immensely hot flames at Mariah and her Pokemon. Venomoth couldn't take the attack and falls to the ground, but everyone else hold on. When the flames died down, Mariah notices the poison moth lying on the ground with heavy injuries.

MARIAH: Venomoth! You okay?
VENOMOTH: No... Sorry, Miss Mariah...
MARIAH: It's okay. Take a rest.

A purple light from the wand hits Venomoth and recalls her in back in the wand. Meanwhile, Jacrystal wasn't afftected by the powerful fire attack, and Octillery and Shuckle were able to endure it. However, Electabuzz wasn't in the best of shape.

SALAMENCE: Mariah Janvi, I'm about to show you the ultimate suffering of your life. I have only been defeated by a handful of Pokemon, and unfortunately... your Pokemon would be part of that. And the same goes for you as well.
MARIAH: Give me a break!
SALAMENCE: I think I'll finish off your Electabuzz. He doesn't look like much of an obstacle anymore.

Salamence flies high into the air and dives down toward the electric Pokemon. However, Electabuzz suddely gets an andreline rush and jumps toward Salamence. His fist begins to glow and snow surrouds it. Before Salamence could attack, Electabuzz punches Salamence's neck. The dragon suddenly gets a feeling of extreme cold once the Ice Punch hits.

MARIAH: What?!

Electabuzz landed back on the ground and watches as Salamence crashes hard into the ground.

MARIAH: That was...pretty cool...
ELECTABUZZ: I usually save an Ice Punch attack as a last resort.
SHUCKLE: Well, that's nice to hear.
JACRYSTAL: Well, I think he's gone now.
OCTILLERY: We'd better find out.

Electabuzz heads toward the falling Salamence with the others following. When Electabuzz was in striking range, Salamence flies up and finishes him off by slashing him with his claws.

SALAMENCE: Did you think I'd go down that easily?! Even though I am weak against Ice attacks, you still can't win!
JACRYSTAL: What? Is this guy invincible or something?!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-19-2004, 10:22 AM
Mariah recalls Electabuzz back into the wand, knowing that he wasn't able to continue. It was down to her, Octillery, Jacrystal, and Shuckle.

SALAMENCE: You're a strong one, Mariah. You and your Pokemon are formidable, but this battle ends now!

Before they could do anything, Marian and her Pokemon barely dodged another Dragon Claw attack from Salamence. They slowly got up, but they didn't seem to have much energy to continue. Worst of all, Salamence still had energy to spare despite taking heavy damage from Electabuzz's Ice Punch. Fortunately, Mariah managed to think of an idea.

MARIAH: Shuckle, use Sandstorm!

Shuckle focuses hard as he looks up at the sky. Suddenly, sand was blown from all directions and eventually the entire island was engulfed in a sandstorm.

SHUCKLE: Great. Now Salamence won't be able to see us!
OCTILLERY: Yeah, but neither can we!
JACRYSTAL: We can't even see Mariah, and I'm getting sand in my eye!
MARIAH: Don't worry, guys. I can still sense you! Now, let's go!
MARIAH: Octillery, Aurora Beam! Jacrystal, False Power! Shuckle, Rock Tomb! I'll use Mirror Special when I get the chance!

With that, they split up and head for Salamence. The dragon was looking around for them, but there was too much sand flying around. Suddenly, a rainbow beam hits Salamence on his side followed by several strange beams that homed into him. Rocks surrrounded the dragon as small rainbow comets homed into Salamence. It seemed that Salamence could get out...until he used Flaming Shower to blow away the rocks and even melted them. The flames even managed to stop the sandstorm cold.

MARIAH: Uh-oh...

Salamence flies toward Mariah and prepares to crunch her with his fangs, but Mariah flies out of the way. The battle has now turned itself into an aerial showdown. Salamence had an intimidating look in his eyes and prepared to roast Mariah alive. He fired another devasting Flamethrower attack that was aimed right for Mariah, but Mariah managed to ascend and return back where she was rather quickly. She and Salamence began circling around the island at a blazing pace while dodging each others attack.

MARIAH: Ugh... if I can use the Bronze Watch, I can slow him down, but how am I supposed to pull it off?

Mariah then looks at Salamence and tries to think of something. She then dives back down to her Pokemon and looks at Octillery.

MARIAH: Hey, do you know any ice attacks?
OCTILLERY: There's Blizzard.
MARIAH: That's a big help. I'll keep Salamence busy. [to Jacrystal and Shuckle] You give Octillery a hand if he needs it, and I'll slow time down as a last resort.

The three nod and Mariah went back to the skies. Salamence fires the lighter orange flames and scores a direct hit on Mariah, but she disappears. Just then, strong static electricity hits Salamence from behind and managed to do some damage as well as paralyzing him. He turns and sees the real Mariah and flies toward her. Suddenly, copies of Mariah started to form as Salamence prepares to slash her with his sharp claws. He ends up hits one of the copies and it disappeared. He attacks the copies one by one, and they each disappeared. When Salamence managed to find the real Mariah, she zips off.

SALAMENCE: Hah! Are you running away, Mariah?
MARIAH: Not really!

Mariah turns around and heads toward Salamence. He gives Mariah a frightening look, but Mariah ignores it and starts spinning. When she was close enough, she kicked Salamence in the face. The dragon crashes on the ground, but he slowly gets back up. Mariah lands on the ground.

MARIAH: Whew. I'm never doing anything like that again.
JACRYSTAL: Why not? That Brick Break attack was awesome!
MARIAH: I felt like Connie while I was doing it. First, I talked like her now this.

Salamence begins to head toward Mariah, but she flies up into the air.

SALAMENCE: Heh heh, right where I want you. Flaming Shower!

Salamence blows a torrents of immensely hot flames at Mariah. However, Mariah quickly gets out the Bronze Watch and presses a button. After the whoosh sound, everything except Mariah and her Pokemon were frozen.

MARIAH: Okay, you guys. NOW!

Shuckle uses Rock Tomb and makes a huge pillar of rocks appear. It was big enough so Octillery and Jacrystal could both be on it. Jacrystal blows a stream of fire at the frozen Salamence, and Octillery follows by blowing a powerful icy wind from his snout. Both attacks managed to hit Salamence. Just then, Mariah's Petaya Necklace begins glowing. A few seconds later, Mariah was engulfed in a bright pink bubble-like shield as she faces the immoble dragon Pokemon.

MARIAH: I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!

Mariah's wand begins to form and she aims it at Salamence.

MARIAH: Mariah Flash!

Flashing pink rings surround Salamence. Mariah then presses a button of the Bronze Watch and time resumed normally. Salamence winces in pain as he tried to figure out what was happening. Suddenly, pink electricity shocks him as he begins to fall to the ground. After a few seconds, Salamence begins to wake up and sees Mariah.

SALAMENCE: Where... where am I?
MARIAH: Are you okay?
JACRYSTAL: Sorry for roughing you up so much, buddy.
SHUCKLE: You were under some spell, but you'll be okay.
OCTILLERY: You gave us quite a hard time.

Just then, the entire island was dissolving and everything became bright. Mariah and the Pokemon were now floating in a world that was only made of an immensly bright light. A large pink mirror encased with a sparkling shield forms. On the top of the mirror was a crystal shaped like a Petaya Berry with the word "hairaM" inscripted on it. Before they can get close to it, the mirror shattered and everyone was surrounded by darkness.

SALAMENCE: What's going on?!
OCTILLERY: What happened to that weird mirror?!
JACRYSTAL: That's what I like to know.
SHUCKLE: And why'd it get dark all of a sudden?


Lyoko and Absol were in a temple in the sky. The young girl was stroking a sleeping Absol as she watches the vanilla clouds pass by. She was thinking about what happened to Mariah and the others, but she believes that if they managed to defeat Shadow Wing and the other monsters, then things were okay. Lyoko didn't know what the temple was, but something that has occasionally piqued her interest where the statues of two Pokemon, one red and one blue, that were a cross between birds and dragons.

Suddenly, everything around Lyoko and Absol turned dark. The skies became a blend of red and black, and the temple began to corrode. Absol quickly wakes up and notices Lyoko hugging him in fear, and he sees why.

LYOKO: What's happening?
ABSOL: I don't know.

Just then, a black mirror appears and pulls Lyoko into it. Absol sets to rescue her, but the mirror vanishes before he could pull her out.

ABSOL: Lyoko? Lyoko?! LYOKO!!!


In an underwater world is a castle was made up of a dazzling mix sapphire and ruby. Outside, water Pokemon played happily and occasionally stayed at the castle for a visit. Despite its beauty, no one reside in it...until now.

Cascadia and Dusclops are in the throne room. Cascadia was gazing through the window to see several Goldeen swimming along peacefully and the underwater plants dancing by the direction of the water. Dusclops was walking around the castle while reading some books. All was perfect until everything was surrounded in darkness. The jeweled castle began to lose its shine, and it wasn't as peaceful as it was outside.

CASCADIA: Huh? What?
DUSCLOPS: What's going on?

A black mirror appears and sucks up Cascadia. Dusclops prepares to attack, but the mirror vanishes.

DUSCLOPS: What in the world happened to Cascadia? Or what's going to happen to her...?


Connie and Walrein were in a moutain area. Walrein was swimming in a nearby lake while some Oddish and Ledyba play in the flowers. Swablu fly by, and Sentret and Zigzagoon were hopping from tree to tree. Meanwhile, Connie was watching the peaceful scenery and begins to get bored. She wondered when she was going to go home when everything was suddenly plunged into darkness. All the flowers and trees began to die, and the mountain crumbled. The lake Walrein was in began to get violent waves, and she immediately gets out.

CONNIE: What's going on here? If this is Shadow Wing's idea of a joke, he won't find it funny when his neck's in three places!

Unfortunately, Connie isn't going to get the chance. A black mirror appears and pulls her in. Walrein quickly grabs her and tries to pull as hard as she could, but Connie was already gone.

WALREIN: Oh, no... Connie...!


Mariah, Salamence, Octillery, Jacrystal, and Shuckle landed in a strange garden. It was a lot like the one where she met Latios and Latias, but everything was dark and in ruins. All the plants were dead, and the Mirror Hall looked like it could fall down and crumble any minute. The fountain spring was no longing running and some of the pieces were on the ground, and the river was totally dried up.

MARIAH: Where are we?

A huge cloud of black smoke began to form. After a few seconds, it clears and Shadow Wing stood in its place. Metagross was with him.

SHADOW WING: Nice to see you again, Mariah.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-19-2004, 10:04 PM
Shadow Wing and Mariah glared at each other for a few seconds.

SHADOW WING: I've been expecting you for quite a while.
MARIAH: Save it. I'm going to take you out so I can end this!
SHADOW WING: Now, now. No need to rush. You've made it pretty far, but you have to wait until I get some preparations here.
MARIAH: What have you done to the others as well as the Mirror Guardians?
SHADOW WING: Oh, yes. Them. They're perfectly fine, but how long they'll stay that way will depend on you, Mariah.

Shadow Wing then snaps his fingers, and five mirrors appeared. Suddenly, Mariah notices something extremely wrong. She couldn't see her reflection on none of them. To make matters worse, some familar images appeared in the mirrors.

MARIAH: What?!
SHADOW MARIAH: You've got to get us out of here!
MARIAH: How'd you guys get in there?!
CONNIE: What do you think?! Shadow Wing. What else?
CASCADIA: Mariah, you have to defeat Shadow Wing and get us out!
LYOKO: I'm so scared...
SALAMENCE: But where's Absol, Dusclops, and Walrein?

The mirrors then vanished into thin air. Salamence growls at Shadow Wing and prepares to attack, but strange portal appears behind the dragon. Mariah could only watch as Salamence was quickly pulled into the dark portal.

MARIAH: Salamence! [turns to Shadow Wing] What have you done to him?
SHADOW WING: He, along with the other Mirror Masters' Pokemon, have been banished into darkness.
JACRYSTAL: All right. That's it! [to Octillery and Shuckle] Let's get him!

The three Pokemon charged toward Shadow Wing. Just when they were in striking distance, a black wind suddenly blows them up into the air. They then turned into red, orange, and blue lights that were reeled back into Mariah's wand.

SHADOW WING: As you can tell, I don't want an audience.
MARIAH: What have you done with my Pokemon?
SHADOW WING: I don't want them interfering. I want it that no one can help you. You've been cut off from any outside support, so there's no way in the world that you can win against me.

Mariah didn't care anymore about what Shadow Wing has to say, but he laughed at her.

SHADOW WING: You've just seen a few of my powers, Mariah. I could've crushed you and your friends while you were still collecting the Mirror Shards to fix the Golden Gateway, but I prefered to let the Mirror Elders' Pokemon do all the work. Still, you managed to defeat them. You managed to defeat King Nosepass, Mecha Makuhita, Magneton mkII, and Torquake when things were looking grim. By the time you had four of the Shards, it was time to make some new rules. I made Norman's Slaking into the titanic Slakong, but you unintentionally enlarged yourself and managed to defeat him. After that, Winona's Altaria--who I made XANA Harpy--trapped you and your miserable friends in a digital world, but your Grovyle and Lyoko's Murkrow, Pidgeotto, and Farfetch'd managed to defeat her to rescue you. Master Sun and Mistress Moon, or Tate and Liza's Solrock and Lunatone, managed to give you amnesia. But your memory eventually returned and you defeated them after they have been severely damaged by that barbarian girl. Finally, I took the Milotic of Wallace and his Shadow counterpart as well as that former Aqua Sorceress and made them into an extrodinary monster! However, your friends managed to beat that as well.
MARIAH: Are you done? I'm not here to listen to your rants. I'm here to take you down once and for all!
SHADOW WING: I thought you'd like to hear your accomplishments...for those will be the last ones you'll do. You'll never go back to your home that is called the Hoenn region. You'll be nothing but a loathed memory in the minds of your friends and everyone in the Mirror Worlds. There's no way you can win, Mariah.

A tornado of darkness began to surround the garden. Storm clouds formed in the sky and thunder could be heard. Black lightning then struck Shadow Wing and Metagross, and a sphere of black wind surrounded them. Mariah was unable to say anything as she watches the sphere increase in size. The sphere then explodes and there was a huge blueish-black bird that looked like that it was created with an ocean of shadows. It had painfully eerie red eyes that struck fear into Mariah's heart. Despite the intense fear she felt, Mariah didn't back down.

SHADOW WING: Prepare to die, Hoenn Mirror Girl! I will be the last thing you'll see for this is my most powerful form yet! You'd better give up before I'll crush you like the pathetic creature you are!
MARIAH: I'm not backing down! I can do this! I can defeat you!

And with that, the final battle between Mariah Janvi and Shadow Wing has begun.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-20-2004, 09:45 PM
Shadow Wing begins flapping his large wings. Rings were thrown on the ground and turned into a puddle of darkness that begin to flow toward Mariah while absorbing everything into darkness. Mariah manages to fly out of the way and uses her wand to fire a strong jolt of electricity to stop the puddles. Unfortunately, she wasn't even halfway finished when Shadow Wing fired a black beam at her. The attack blows her quite far and Shadow Wing once again fires three rings at the ground that formed into puddles that flowed straight toward Mariah again. This time, Mariah aimed her wand at the puddle in the middle. The wand then shoots a powerful wind that blows away the puddles. Then Mariah flies toward Shadow Wing and uses her wand to fire star-shaped rays at her foe. However, Mariah notices that she wasn't able to make a scratch on Shadow Wing.

SHADOW WING: How pathetic! Didn't you notice that I have merged with Metagross?! That Swift attack isn't going to work, Mariah!

Mariah prepares to use another attack when Shadow Wing's eyes began glowing. The Hoenn Mirror Girl was now frozen in mid air and was a wide open target. She was being attacked by a powerful Psychic attack as she felt herself being crushed. Just then, a wave of shadows was heading toward her, and the next thing Mariah knew, she felt like she was being hit by a meteor. Mariah goes flying into the dried up riverbank and Shadow Wing hovers above her.

SHADOW WING: Now to end this...

Shadow Wing spreads out his wings and opens his mouth. A black sphere appeared in it and begin to increase in size. Mariah weakly looks up as she watches Shadow Wing prepare a powerful attack. She found herself breathing hard as slowly gets up.

SHADOW WING: Death Fury!

The sphere exploded into three beams of darkness that were aimed right for Mariah. Instead of attacking or dodging, however, Mariah spread out her arms. The last thing was a huge explosion and an orb of black energy grew larger and larger before disappearing. When it was clear, there was no sign of Mariah. Not even a trace. Shadow Wing almost smiled at his defeat of the Hoenn Mirror Girl until he was hit by a stream of bright orange flames. Shadow Wing breaks free of the attack and sees something that gave him a shock.

SHADOW WING: Mariah?! But how?!

Indeed, Mariah managed to use Shuckle's Substitute right before Shadow Wing's Death Fury landed and struck with a powerful Flamethrower. Mariah then folds her arms and begins to get confident.

MARIAH: It's gonna be hard to take me down.
SHADOW WING: Hmph. I'm impressed. Very impressed, Mariah. However...

Shadow Wing's eyes began glowing, and vines with poisonous thorns rose from the ground. Mariah tries to fly away, but a vine grabs her by the leg and begins to pull her down toward the ground. Another vine grabs her other leg, and two more grabbed her arms. Mariah continues to struggle against the vines, but the poison is starting to make her body go numb. Another vine is tied around her waist, and she is pulled to the ground. Mariah couldn't move. It didn't end there. Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. Mariah was totally helpless and had no choice but to wait until the violent earthquake ended. The force of the earthquake made Mariah drop her wand. The wand rolled and tumbled down the hill and ended up in the riverbank. When everything had stopped shaking, Mariah was in tremendous pain and was severely weakened. The vines has released her, but Mariah didn't have the strength or the will to get back up.

SHADOW WING: Now it's time to finish you off!

It seemed like a very dark moment for Mariah. She had been hit by some of Shadow Wing's most powerful attacks and saw that he was able to control what happens in this garden of nightmares. Merging with Metagross have given him a major advantage as well because he gained the traits of a Psychic- and Steel-type Pokemon, and Steel-types resists almost every kind of damage. It seemed that it was all over for the Hoenn Mirror Girl. Suddenly, the Petaya Necklace begins glowing, and Mariah was surrounded by small pink comets of light. The glow becomes brighter and brighter for a few seconds before it dimmed down. Shadow Wing noticed that Mariah was mentally and physically revitalized and was flying above Shadow Wing.

MARIAH: Looks like it's not over yet! Nova Pearl!

Mariah spreads out her arms as bright pink orbs orbitted her, slow at first before increasing speed. Shadow Wing prepares another Death Fury attack. After a few seconds, both attacks were fired and collided with each other and created a massive explosion. Both of them shielded themselves from the tremendous force. After it died down, Shadow Wing flies high for a few seconds. His talons suddenly began to glow as he dove down toward Mariah. Suddenly, Mariah was knocked back by a powerful slash of the sharp claws, and Shadow Wing doubled back. This time, he grabbed Mariah with his feet and flies as high as he could.

MARIAH: Let me go!
SHADOW WING: You're fighting the inevitable. It's impossible to win against me. Those who are foolish to challenge me shall suffer a painful defeat, and you are no exception.

Shadow Wing stops and lets go of Mariah but paralyzed her with his psychic powers with he obtained from Metagross. He points his head to the ground, and Mariah suddenly plummets toward the riverbank. The ground came closer as Mariah tried to break free. Unfortunately, Mariah crashes and suffered heavy damage. She was on her back and was unable to move. Shadow Wing fired another another wave of meteor-like shadows at his victi. Luckily, she notices her Mirror Wand and quickly gets it. Suddenly, Mariah began moving rather swiftly and dodged Shadow Wing's attack just in time.


Everything around Mariah moved at a tremendous speed. Her Wand then disappears and her Leaf Sword took its place. The Sword glows as Mariah dashes by Shadow Wing and slashes him. Shadow Wing flies up and begins beating his wings. A storm of black-purple rays were headed for Mariah. Mariah tries to dodge, but the rays began to chase her. She once again uses Sceptile's Agility and tried to fly away from the evil lights, but they continued to follow her. Suddenly, Mariah gets an idea. She gets out her Leaf Sword and heads for Shadow Wing.

MARIAH: Get ready to lose!
SHADOW WING: Don't get cocky. You need that you'll eventually fall.
MARIAH: I don't think so!

And with that, Mariah flies out of the way and the rays slammed into Shadow Wing. The bird of darkness cried in pain from being hit by his own attack as Mariah dove down and prepares a Petal Drill attack. She spins as she picked up speed. When the attack landed, it was enough to do some serious damage. Mariah then lands and notices Shadow Wing immobile.

MARIAH: Whew...

Unfortunately, Shadow Wing was defeated yet. Beams of gold and black hit Mariah and encased her in a sphere. The sphere shook violently to the point that it felt like an earthquake to Mariah. After a few seconds, the sphere exploded. Mariah was in her regular outfit and was now without her powers.

MARIAH: What...? No...

Shadow Wing charges toward her a few times, and then he grabs her and flies really high. He then tosses her into the air and opens his mouth. A black sphere was forming as Mariah was plummeting into the ground. Wind-like energy began to form as well, and a few seconds later, Shadow Wing had fired an immense beam of darkness and air. The attack hits the helpless Mariah and imprisoned her into a black sphere.

SHADOW WING: Reflect on your memories, Mariah. You will soon be wiped out of existence and never be able to enjoy your life again. No matter how powerful you are, you'll always lose.

Mariah tried to break free, but the sphere was too strong. Finally, Mariah was weak and tired. She shuts her eyes tight and hoped that there was a way to defeat the seemingly invincible Shadow Wing.

MARIAH: [whispering] Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-20-2004, 09:48 PM
Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were unconsciously floating in cold, silent darkness. It seemed that all hope was lost and their sacrifices and hard work were in vain. From monster to monster, they managed to repair the Golden Gateway, but it didn't seem to do them much good. Shadow Wing have captured them when their guards were down, and now Mariah may end up like them.

Suddenly, they slowly began to wake up. They felt that their hearts were touched by something, but they couldn't figure out what. However, they remembered Mariah, now known as the Hoenn Mirror Girl, and how they developed a powerful friendship with her. Without hesitation, they joined hands and close their eyes.

MIRROR MARIAH, SHADOW MARIAH, CONNIE, CASCADIA, & LYOKO: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give Mariah the power to protect all from danger...


The Ever Grande Cathedral at the Hoenn Mirror World was still surrounded by darkness. The Mirror Masters, the Mirror Elders, and Lord Steven began to worry. Some were more worried than others, like Winona, who was concerned about the current whereabouts of her daughter, Lyoko. Roxanne, who had been like a mother to the formally orphaned Connie, was concerned as well. Cascadia's parents and sister, along with Wallace, wondered what was happening. Even Water Sapphire comforted the family but had some concerned for her former rival herself. Rubyfire felt the same way about Connie, and Maxie and Archie wondered about the girls who had ventured into the Shadow Mirror World. Lord Steven was the most concerned because Mirror Mariah meant everything to him.

Suddenly, they felt something strange yet heartwarming touching their hearts. Memories of Mariah and her friends flashed in their minds. They realized that Mariah is trying her best to win her toughest battle yet, and the other girls and their Pokemon companions had given her all the help she needed to make it to the final battle. Without wasting the slightest second, everyone at the scene joined hands and closed their eyes, from the Mirror Masters to the Mirror Elders and even the commoners that were related to them in some way.

ALL: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give Mariah the power to protect all from danger...


The other areas of the Hoenn Mirror World were quiet due to the recent happenings. It wasn't as lively as it usually was. Even the Kecleon Gang that lived near Fortree Castle didn't cause their usual round of trouble.

Junia, the same girl who had rescued Mariah from the Aqua Sorcerors's base, have arrived in Littleroot Village. She was heading to Sorceror Birch's lab. She knocks on the door a few times, but there was no answer. Junia knocks again, and Brenden answers.


Before Junia could say anything, she felt something touch her. She remember Mariah, the same girl that managed to defeat the Aqua Sorcerors and got away before things turned for the worse. Brenden felt the same feeling as well, and he joined hands with the stranger. Sorceror Birch joined hands with his son, and the three closed their eyes.

SORCEROR BIRCH, BRENDAN, & JUNIA: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give Mariah the power to protect all from danger...

Little did they know that all over the Hoenn Mirror World, everyone joined hands with their friends and family and repeated those same words. Wally, who was now training at Vendanturf Yard, knelt on the group and let out his hands and repeated the words as well.


The Hoenn Mirror World was not the only place that were hoping and praying for the safety and well being of Mariah. The feeling expanded to the Shadow Mirror World, where Shadow Lord Steven and everyone from the Shadow Mirror Elders to the Shadow Mirror Masters to the commoners were hoping that their Mirror Guardian was safe. However, the feeling continued to spread until it reached its last destination...

The warm feeling have reached the Hoenn region, the very place Mariah wanted to return so badly.

Lisa and Mitch were at an ice cream parlor at Littleroot Town. It was a warm, sunny afternoon and the breezes blew along their faces as they enjoyed their frozen treats. However, they seemed bored. Ever since Mariah have left on a Pokemon journey, the two felt that something was missing. As Lisa slowly eats her brownie flavored ice cream, Mitch gazed at his hot fudge sundae. He began to ask Lisa a question, but then he shakes it off.

All of a sudden, the two friends felt something stopped them. The image of Mariah flashed through their minds. At first, they seemed confused, but then they began to become concerned.

LISA: Mitch... did you just...?
MITCH: I sure did. I don't know how or why, but I think Mariah could be in some sort of trouble.
LISA: We'd better tell Mr. and Mrs. Janvi about this.

With that, they immediately left the parlor, totally unaware of their ice cream. After a few minutes of running, the arrived at Mariah's house and knocked on the door. Mariah's grandmother answers it and notices the two.

GRANDMOTHER: Hello, there.
LISA: Mrs. Janvi... this may seem a little strange, but... it's about Mariah...
GRANDMOTHER: Funny you should mention her. I felt this strange feeling touch me, and the next thing I knew...
MITCH: You saw it too?
LISA: Did it happen to Mr. Janvi too?
GRANDMOTHER: It sure did. The strange part is that I heard these words... but it seems rather urgent.
MITCH: I know. It seems that Mariah could be in some sort of trouble.

Without saying another word, Lisa and Mitch joined hands and closed their eyes, and Mariah's father and grandmother did the same and eventually made a circle.

FATHER, GRANDMOTHER, LISA, & MITCH: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give Mariah the power to protect all from danger...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-20-2004, 09:49 PM
Mariah woke up after spending a long time lying lifeless in the black sphere. Shadow Wing was above her and ready to deliver the final blow. He spread his wings and gives Mariah a cold, evil stare.

SHADOW WING: And so ends the journey of the Mariah Janvi, the Hoenn Mirror Girl, in total darkness... Your days of your interference with my intentions will now come to an end. Good bye, and good riddance...

Just then, red and blue lights appeared and freed the weakened Mariah from the sphere. Mariah was heading toward the ground, but she felt something caught her. When she found out what it was, she rejoiced.

MARIAH: Latias!

Mariah was riding on the red bird Pokemon. Beside Latias was her brother, the blue bird Pokemon that was called Latios. Shadow Wing was dismayed as he saw the two siblings that have saved Mariah.

SHADOW WING: This can't be...!!!

Latias landed, and Mariah gets off. Latios landed as well.

LATIAS: Mariah, don't forget.
LATIOS: Everyone is counting on you... Your friends not only in the Hoenn Mirror World, but in the Shadow Mirror World and the Hoenn region as well.
LATIAS: You mustn't give up, Mariah. No matter what, you can defeat him, and we are here to help you.

The Soul Dew appears in front of Mariah and starts glowing. Latias and Latios closed their eyes and began glowing as well. The two bird Pokemon became flashing red and blue lights that were absorbed into Mariah. Meanwhile, the Soul Dew transforms into a golden scepter with tree-like crystals on each side. Mariah takes it and feels a new power going through her. Latias and Latios were the source of it as they were now inside her.

LATIAS: This is the Soul Scepter. It's an attacking version of the Soul Dew, and it's very powerful. Perhaps more powerful than the Mirror Wand.
LATIOS: Mariah, listen and say these words. Magical Forest of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from the darkness...
MARIAH: All right.

Mariah repeats the same words, and a whirlwind of leaves surrounded her. Suddenly, she grows leaf shaped wings on her back and gets leaf shaped barettes. Her dress is now green with a light green ribbon on it and has green high heels. Finally, she was surrounded by a shield of glowing leaves.

SHADOW WING: What?! How can this be?! You're... You're the Mirror Forest Star!

Mariah looks up at her opponent with a determined look.

MARIAH: I am the protector of the forest of justice and will fight for truth, as well as eliminating those who attack this peaceful world! My name is Mariah, the Mirror Star of the Forest!
SHADOW WING: So what if you have new powers? I'll...still...crush...you!

Shadow Wing charges toward Mariah again, but this time she was able to dodge. The giant shadowing bird then opens him mouth again, and the sphere of darkness and wind began to form before the beam was fired at its target. Instead of dodging the attack, Mariah points her Soul Scepter and at it and takes the hit. The attack was absorbed in a large green sphere that was surrounded with leaves.

MARIAH: Forest Light!

The sphere was then shot at Shadow Wing. The attack managed to hit, and Shadow Wing was encased in a green sphere himself. While he was wasting no time trying to break free, Mariah makes her Leaf Sword appear and flew toward the sphere at a very high speed. She managed to slash the sphere a few times and did some damage, but Shadow Wing eventually managed to free himself. It was then he realized that Mariah was now on the same level as he was. Suddenly, everything went dark.

SHADOW WING: Looks like I need to try a little harder!

Shadow Wing charges toward Mariah again, knowing that he has the upper hand. He can see in pitch black darkness, and Mariah couldn't. However, what he didn't expect that the shield of leaves around Mariah protects her from the harsh darkness. Again, she manages to dodge. Mariah prepares to use Petaya Magic, and Shadow Wing opens his mouth. After the preparation, Mariah's Soul Scepter fired bright pink rings and Shadow Wing launched the three powerful beams of darkness. Both of the powerful attacks clashes and blown back Mariah and Shadow Wing. They both ended up landing near the edge of the riverbank.

LATIAS: Mariah, you have to stay strong.
LATIOS: Never give up.
MARIAH: I'm not, but it seems that no matter how hard I try to fight, Shadow Wing still has energy to spare.
LATIAS: Well, not only can you use your Pokemon's attacks, you can use ours too.
LATIOS: We said that we are here to help you.
MARIAH: Thanks, guys.

Shadow Wing charges toward Mariah again. The first time he makes a direct hit but was dodged the second time. He was about to grab Mariah with his talons, but Mariah dodges just in time. Mariah closes her eyes and begins to twirl around for a few seconds. Shadow Wing dives down and rapidly fires beams of darkness of fury, but Mariah managed to dodge them. She was moving a lot faster, too fast for Shadow Wing to keep track of. Mariah aims her Soul Scepter at him and shot out a burst of light that makes a direct hit on Shadow Wing. He screechs in pain as he falls to the ground.

MARIAH: Is he...gone...?

Just then, Shadow Wing's bird form becomes a cyclone of darkness cackling with black lightning. Mariah was suddenly pulled in, and it wasn't long before she found herself inside the stormy whirlwind.

SHADOW WING: If Im going to be destroyed, you'll be coming with me!

Mariah tried to break free, but the cyclone was too strong. Then, she sees a strange crystal that had a crack on the tip of it. If Mariah can hit the cracked crystal, she can quickly get out of the black cyclone. However, she only had once chance to do so. Mariah aims her Soul Scepter at her intended target. Light in the form of down hits the crystal at its weak spot and explodes. Almost immediately after, the cyclone was weakening, and Mariah managed to get out.

SHADOW WING: No! Why?! I had it all!

With those last words, the cyclone unleahsed a mighty explosion. When it died down, everything had become bright. Time have seemed to froze due to total silence. Mariah, no longer the Mirror Forest Star but once again the Hoenn Mirror Girl, was floating lifelessly in an endless universe of light, and Latios and Latias were with her. A large pink mirror encased with a sparkling shield forms, just like after the intense battle with Salamence. On the top of the mirror was a crystal shaped like a Petaya Berry with the word "hairaM" inscripted on it.

MARIAH: What is that...?
LATIOS: You'll soon find out, Mariah...

Mariah's Petaya Necklace begins glowing, and suddenly she was pulled into the mirror...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-20-2004, 09:50 PM
VOICE: Mariah...? Are you okay?

Mariah slowly opens her eyes and was relieved by her sight. She was no longer in the bright universe. She was now in the beautiful garden that was by the Mirror Hall. Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, Mirror Mariah, and Shadow Mariah were there along with Absol, Dusclops, Walrein, Salamence, Metagross, Latios and Latias.

MARIAH: It's nice to finally see some familar faces...
MIRROR MARIAH: I can say the same to you. I have to say, I'm really impressed by what you've done.
SHADOW MARIAH: You've become an everlasting legend that won't be forgotten. The Shadow Mirror World is free from Shadow Wing's control, and it's all thanks to you.

Mariah was silent. She would never thought that she, a young would-be Pokemon trainer starting out on a journey, would be able to defeat an evil spirit that has been tormenting two worlds only to destroy them later. She never thought she'd get this far after fighting Pokemon that have become evil. But she managed to gain the power to defeat them, and now she was able to go back home.

MARIAH: So, it's all over... I can finally go back home and become a normal Pokemon trainer, but...

Mariah paused for a moment as tears flowed down her face.

MARIAH: I'll miss you guys so much.
CONNIE: Yeah... It was fun while it lasted.
CASCADIA: We'll all miss you, Mariah.
LYOKO: [sobbing] I don't want you to go! I really don't.

Shadow Mariah hugs Lyoko and stroked her blond ponytail. Mariah watches and felt so much affection for her newfound friends. First, there was Mirror Mariah, who taught her everything she knows about the Hoenn Mirror World. Ever since she ended up in the Mirror Hall, the Mirror Guardian have helped her with her powers on several occassions.

Next was the tomboyish Connie, who Mariah met at Rustboro Ruins. At first, Connie didn't seem to trust Mariah much, but after a while, she begins to see her as one of the few friends that she had outside her home. Little does Mariah know that she also gave Connie a chance to see other places and showed her that there are a lot of other fun things to do. Of course, Connie could be a handful, but her tremendous strength and love for fighting proved useful at several occasions.

The passionate Cascadia had a tainted background, but with some help by Mariah and the gang, she was able to correct the wrongs she had caused during her time as an Aqua Sorceress. Fortunately, her background was very useful. She knew the sea inside and out, and her powers managed to help the others out of tight spots. Despite some arguments with Connie, Cascadia had a lot of wise ideas and was seen as the voice of reason to Mariah.

Lyoko was the most pure-hearted girl Mariah had ever known since she met her at Petalburg Mansion. Mariah felt that Winona would have a feeling where proud is an understatement for having a daughter as caring as her. Lyoko always looked out for the team, even though she wasn't the the strongest member. Her love for her friends, family, and Pokemon kept her going in dark situations, and the others might have learned a thing or two from her.

Shadow Mariah was always busy fighting Shadow Wing, but she always managed to help out the group by some strange way. What began as a "bitter" rivalry turned out to be a frendship that won't be regretted. In fact, if it wasn't for her, the Mirror Masters' Pokemon would still be under Shadow Wing's control.

Mariah continued to think about the events that had happened when Mirror Mariah walked up to her with Latios and Latias.

MIRROR MARIAH: Well, the mission to defeat Shadow Wing is over. However, I just remembered another mission you were about to take.
MARIAH: Yeah...
MIRROR MARIAH: You said that you were getting ready to go on a Pokemon journey in the Hoenn region... And that you wanted to go back as soon as possible.
MARIAH: That's right.
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, let's go back to the Ever Grande Cathedral and get you home!

Mirror Mariah creates a Mirror Portal. Everyone goes through it, but before Mariah does, she turned to Shadow Mariah and the sibling bird Pokemon.

MARIAH: Latios... Latias... Shadow Mariah... thanks. Thanks for everything that you did.

Latias and Latios gave Mariah warm smiles and flew off. Shadow Mariah creates a Mirror Portal to her own world and goes through it. After taking one last look at the beautiful marble Mirror Hall, Mariah goes the the portal Mirror Mariah created.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-20-2004, 09:51 PM
Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and the Mirror Masters' Pokemon have arrived at Ever Grande Cathedral, which was no longer surrounded by darkness. Lyoko sees her mother and immediately hugged her. Cascadia and Tsunama hugged and kissed a few times. Roxanne begins crying upon seeing that Connie was safe, but Connie gives Roxanne a smirk that showed that she shouldn't worry so much. After being reunited with the heroes, Lord Steven walked up to Mariah.

LORD STEVEN: Well, Mariah... Are you ready?

Everyone have entered the Cathedral. The inside shone brighty because of the golden marble. The pews seemed to be made out of the finest gold, and stain glass windows were on the walls that each had a picture of the Mirror Elders. At the front was a golden altar, and golden chandeliers hang from the ceiling providing light. Everyone took their seats with the Mirror Elders up at the front row. In the center was Lord Steven, the Mirror Masters, and Mariah. Lord Steven steps up.

LORD STEVEN: It is with mixed feelings today that we bid farewell to someone who had helped us out so much in such a short while. Through her courage, bravery, and compassion for those who traveled with her on a journey to restore peace to the Hoenn Mirror World, she had been able to overcome any obstacles. She had managed to put an end to the chaos that have occassionally reared, even in the most unexpected places in the most unexpected ways. Now, our daily lives can return to normal without having to worry about any abnormalities that can threaten us.

Lord Steven looks at Mariah for a few seconds and then back to his audience.

LORD STEVEN: Unfortunately, now is the time for this particular young lady to leave this place to return to her home, the place she had missed so much and longed to return. We wish her a safe trip back to her world and to live her life as fully as she can.

With that, Lord Steven walks to the Mirror Masters.

GLACIA: Should we begin?

The Mirror Masters held out their hands. After a few seconds, that was a flashing light, and a large mirror (even bigger than the Golden Gateway) appeared. Mariah takes a quick breath as she walks up toward the giant portal. Before stepping in, she took one last look at everyone.

MARIAH: Well... this is goodbye. I'll miss all of you a lot, and I'll never forget you. Thank you for everything that you've done for me while I was here. It's been a lot of fun. [slight laugh]

Everone began to say their goodbyes, and Mariah finally entered the portal.


Mariah wakes up and finds herself in the middle of Route 101. She was now in her normal outfit and had her backpack and things with her. With her was her Treecko that was once a Sceptile in the Hoenn Mirror World. It seemed that time in the Hoenn region had reset to the point where Mariah was pulled in the portal. She looked around at the sights that used to be familar to her. Oldale Town was right ahead, so Mariah headed to the Pokemon Center there. After a long time, she was able to live a normal life as a Pokemon Trainer...

Or is she...?

~delfino feroce
07-21-2004, 07:17 AM
clears throat.

okay this fic was nothing short of fantastic. the storyline was well developed omg omg they should make it into a movie omfg this is so fantastic what the hell are all of you sitting there staring at go read it jesus this is such a great fic. my only critisism is the constant switch between past/present tense. the script format is highly unappealing at first, but it becomes a natural thing to you. also it provides the reader with space.

11/10 **


Neo Emolga
07-21-2004, 04:00 PM
JIG, this story is a true epic, full of imagination and packed with creativity. You done done a remarkable job with this story, creating new and awesome concepts as well as characters that each have their own unique personality. There were many parts of the story where I couldn't help but smile from the character's comments (especially Connie's).

Packed with an amazing storyline, descriptions, creative elements and a fantastic fantasy setting, there are a lot of great things that everyone can love about this well-written story. And yes, reading HMW is extremely addictive. There are truckloads of awesome, new themes you bring to the table, and because of all these great elements, it's nearly impossible to put it all down.

In all, I have seen you put a lot of dedication and ambition into this fic, and it has all paid off with a story that many people on PE2K will remember for a long, long time.


Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-21-2004, 08:50 PM
Thank you for your comments. It's been a lot of fun writing HMW, but all good things must come to an end. And now, it is with mixed feeling that I bring you the final chapter of Hoenn Mirror World...

For what seemed like forever, Mariah had been trying everything in her power to protect two worlds from total destruction. Now, she had returned back home in the Hoenn region where she can finally go on her Pokemon journey.

Several months after Mariah returned, she managed to win the eight Gym Badges that qualified her entry to compete in the Hoenn League. Now, she and other trainers are on a ferry to Ever Grande City.

Upon arriving on the ferry and departure, Mariah felt the experience to be strange. Back in the Hoenn Mirror World, Mirror Mariah could take her to the Oldale Shrine and she could enter through the Golden Gateway. She was so used to going through the Mirror Portals that riding in a ferry was almost totally new to her.

Sitting by Mariah was a girl with long, beige hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black shirt with a short white skirt and white shoes. She was looking out the window and saw the sea that went on for miles and miles.

MARIAH: [walikng up to the girl] Hey, there.
GIRL: Oh, hello. My name's Minamo. What's yours?
MARIAH: I'm Mariah Janvi.
MINAMO: Nice to meet you, Mariah. Where are you from?
MARIAH: I'm from Littleroot Town.
MINAMO: Lilycove City. So, are you looking forward to the Hoenn League?
MARIAH: Sure am! What about you?
MINAMO: I guess...

As the two girls talked, a woman who was middle aged was watching them. She had bright blue hair and bluish-purple eyes and was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt with dark blue jeans. She was paying attention to the two girls and something about them sparked her interest, but she stayed quiet and walked off.

WOMAN: Hmm... I wonder if it could be them...


Ever Grande City was a beautiful place. Blooming flowers could be seen almost everywhere a person could go, and the sunset was mirrored beautifully in the sparkling sea. Every day was filled with energy with the people going to various Pokemon souvenir shops, and trainers having battles.

Mariah was sitting at a table and enjoying the view. She had a lot of things on her mind, but the upcoming Pokemon League was the main thing she was thinking about. That is, until she felt something within her. Suddenly, memories of her battle with Shadow Wing flashed through her mind. It has been a while since Mariah looked back on the time she was in the Hoenn Mirror World. She shook her head hard as if she was trying to keep the memories from distracting her.

MARIAH: It's over...so why am I still thinking about Shadow Wing?


Mariah finds herself inside the Mirror Hall. It was the very same room where she found out about Treecko's sudden ability to talk and where she met Mirror Mariah. The room itself haven't changed much except for the addition of four new mirrors: a green mirror with wings with a crystal shaped like a Salac Berry on top of it, a red mirror with drops of water with a Liechi Berry shaped crystal on it, a blue rocky mirror with a crystal shaped like a Ganlon Berry on it, and a sparkling pink mirror with a crystal shaped like a Petaya Berry on it.

MARIAH: Okay...I don't remember those being there.

Then, Mariah notices something that astonished her. While she was wearing her normal bright yellow shirt and skirt and matching sandals, her reflection in the pink mirror showed her that she was dressed in the red shirt, white skirt, and black high heels...the same outfit she wore when she was the Hoenn Mirror Girl.

MARIAH: Huh? What's going on?

Mariah's thoughts were interrupted when she saw a fifth mirror. It was yellow and had small gift boxes on it. The crystal on top was obviously a Berry, but Mariah couldn't figure out what it was. Since the other mirrors had names on them written backwards, Mariah checked the yellow mirror for its owner...

Mariah then finds herself in a bed in the Ever Grande City Pokemon Center. It was rather late at night, and Mariah was already wide awake and wanted some answers about the dream she had.

MARIAH: That yellow mirror... where'd it come from? What's going on with me?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-21-2004, 08:51 PM
The next day was the day of the opening ceremonies of the Hoenn League, and the trainers are now entering the Ever Grande Stadium. Mariah notices Minamo behind her and suddenly gets a strange feeling that seemed to give her a brief but strong jolt in her. Little does she know that Minamo had the same feeling as well. After all the trainers have gathered, Mariah and Minamo saw each other and gave each other light smiles. However, something came to their minds that they didn't want the other to know. Mariah's mind was on Minamo and the dream, and Minamo was thinking about a similar dream that she had last night.

MARIAH: [to herself] Something's up with Minamo, but I don't know what. And what about that dream I had last night?
MINAMO: [to herself] I can't tell Mariah about the dream I had last night because she'll think I'm crazy. This "Hoenn Mirror Girl" looked a lot like her. And what was with that yellow mirror that she showed me...?

The girls' thoughts were cut off by the strange feeling they had earlier when they saw the torch runner head up the steps to light the central flame. Suddenly, almost by some unknown force, she falls and everyone oohed and ahhed in concern. The torch runner tried to get her, but she appeared to had sprained her ankle. Black smoke now surround the torch and everything fell into darkness. The feeling in Mariah and Minamo felt stronger as the flame comes to life as a gigantic bird that began attacking everything in sight by breathing fire. Everyone begins to run out of the stadium in a panic, but Mariah and Minamo stayed behind and looked at the current threat.

MINAMO: What... what IS that thing?
MARIAH: I don't know, and I don't think we want to find out.

The torch runner tried to get up again, but her sprained ankle prevented her from doing so. The two girls ran up the steps and toward her as fast as they could, unaware that the fire bird monster have them in its sight. It lets out a shriek as it shoots a huge fire ball at the two by the time they made it to the injured torch runner. The three could feel the heat as the fireball came closer. Just before it hits, there was a loud crash. Mariah, Minamo, and the torch runner openned their eyes and saw a shield of glass protecting them. Mariah wondered where it came from and saw the Mirror Wand floating in front of her, almost as if it wants her to take it.

MINAMO: What's that?

Mariah silently takes it and takes a good look at it. After a few seconds, she looks up to the sky.

MARIAH: For a long time, I wanted to be a normal Pokemon trainer. However, my fate have taken a turn and I ended up in another world so much like my own. I learned so much from the people I met there and my friends who traveled with me and stood by me no matter what. Even though it's nice to be normal again, I can see that I'm needed for this.

The images of Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko flashed through her mind.

MARIAH: Mirror Mariah... Connie... Cascadia... Lyoko... Shadow Mariah... Everyone, thank you.

And with that, Mariah holds the Mirror Wand into the air.

MARIAH: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger!

The jewels began glowing one by one and shot a light into the sky. The six lights began to swirl into a cockscrew. After a short pause, the six lights started to shine on Mariah. Her clothes start to change. Her shirt change from bright yellow to red and a black ribbon with yellow at the end and a Pokeball in the middle of the bow appeared on it. Her skirt shrinks a little and turns white. Her sandals turns into black high heels, she gets Pokeball barrets in her hair, and large white wings form on her back. The lights faded, and Mariah once again became the Hoenn Mirror Girl. Minamo was astonished as she saw Mariah transform into the same girl in her dream. The monster turned its attention to Mariah.

MONSTER: So, Mariah... You may have been lucky against me last time, but this time, Latios and Latias aren't here to help you! Even though I'm severely weakened at this point, you still don't have a chance in defeating me completely!
MARIAH: Shadow Wing... you were so bent on getting rid of the Hoenn Mirror World and the Shadow Mirror World, but I defeated you and managed to save the two worlds. Now you've followed me so you can destroy the place where I call home? For that, I, the Hoenn Mirror Girl, shall never forgive you!
SHADOW WING: I don't need you to forgive me! I need you to beg for mercy before me!

Shadow Wing charges toward Mariah while blowing fire at her, but Mariah dodges by flying and aims her wand at him. The red gem begins glowing as the wand fires a lump of ink and water at the firey shadow. It managed to weaken him, but not much. Shadow Wing retaliates by firing several fireballs at Mariah. As the battle continued, Minamo watched in awe while the torch runner was confused.

MINAMO: Wow. Unbelievable...
TORCH RUNNER: What's going on? Who is that girl?
MINAMO: To be honest, I don't even know anymore.

Mariah was almost hit by a fireball and got hit by another. Shadow Wing shoots some more blazing fire balls, but Mariah managed to make several illusional copies of herself.

SHADOW WING: Do you think imitating Jacrystal's Double Team attack will save you?!

Shadow Wing began breathing a stream of fire as he tries to find to real Mariah. He eventually finds her, and Mariah cries out in pain from her burns.

MINAMO: Mariah!

Just then, a gift box formed in Minamo's hands. It was small and pink, it was tied together with a burgandy ribbon. Minamo wondered what was going on but has a feeling that it will help Mariah. She throws the box at her and Mariah catches it. The box unwraps itself, and a bright pink light flashed at Mariah. When the light dimmed down, not only Mariah was back in full health, but Shadow Wing appeared to be weaker than he was before.

SHADOW WING: What's happening?!

Mariah wondered what Minamo did, and Minamo didn't know what happened either. Nonetheless, Mariah was able to fight again, and this time, Minamo decided to help. She sends out a huge fly-like Pokemon that was green and had red eyes.

MINAMO: Flygon, this battle isn't like any other, but we need to help Mariah.
FLYGON: I'm always ready to help, Minamo.

Minamo was suddenly surprised that her Flygon learned to talk and even more that she noticed that the torch runner didn't seem to be shocked as she was. Minamo shakes it off as she hops on Flygon, and the two were now beside Mariah.

MARIAH: Thanks. I need the help.
MINAMO: We'll do our best!

Mariah and Minamo's Flygon circled around Shadow Wing. Shadow Wing wanted to finish the girls off, so he lets out a tremendous amount of fire. Mariah gets with the torch girl and makes another glass shield to protect her. Meanwhile, Minamo concentrates as hard as she could, and another gift box appeared. This one was a light blue and was wrapped with a purple ribbon. Minamo throws the box into the air, and it begins to unwrap itself. This time, rain clouds formed and began pouring to put out the gigantic fire. The rain is also putting out the flames that surrounded Shadow Wing. Mariah flies above him and aims her wands at him.

SHADOW WING: No... I've lost again...

Flashing pink rings surround Shadow Wing, and pink electricity shocks him. Unable to break free, Shadow Wing was lying motionlessly as he explodes in a flurry of white light. Mariah and Minamo shielded their eyes, as well as the torch runner. Even those outside the stadium had to shield their eyes from the powerfully bright light. As soon it died down, Mariah and Minamo's Flygon landed. After gathering the courage, Minamo turns to Mariah.

MINAMO: Tell me... who are you?

Mariah looks her wand for a few moments and then back to Minamo.

MARIAH: I'm Mariah Janvi... but I'm also known as the Hoenn Mirror Girl.


07-22-2004, 05:25 AM

OMG!!!! That was the BEST ever!!!!! Man, I LOVE this fic!!! It oughta become a movie AND a book! Then you could be famous! :biggrin:


:drool: :biggrin:

*loves this fic*

~delfino feroce
07-22-2004, 05:50 AM
lfaskjdldkfasjlkdfsjalkfdsjlkdjfsalkjlfwk I LOVE THIS FREAKING FANFICTION. i can't even describe words are failling me <dies>

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-22-2004, 06:28 AM
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the feedback. I'll admit that it was hard to end this wonderful story, but like I said, all good things must come to an end.

I've already have the plot for the sequel planned, but it'll be a while before I get it up. I still have my WAR fic that I should be worrying about as well as some other stuff. But a sequel WILL happen. All of you will be able to witness the return of the Hoenn Mirror Girl and the rest of the gang. :happy:

07-22-2004, 06:42 AM
Even Minamo? She somehow reminds me of a blond girl o.0

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-22-2004, 06:58 AM
Yes, Minamo will be returning as well...along with some new characters.

Oh, and here's a little note about Minamo. For those of you who are familar with the Japanese version of Pokemon, Lilycove City is Minamo City. Basically, her name is a pun of that (Minamo from Lilycove. ^.^).

Well, now is the time to lock this lil' old thread. If you have any comments about this story, post them in feedback.

*The thread has been locked, but may the memories of Mariah and the others be with us. :angel:

EDIT: The sequel (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3406) is now available.