View Full Version : ¤Team Spark¤

05-20-2004, 08:06 PM
Um this will be a war team if I can get more than tens peeps here.

Ok This team is the team for electric pokemon fans(if there is already a team
for this just tell me where) or base is at the abandoned(sp?) lab in kanto.

Our mision is to capture the ledgendary pokes Raikou and Zapdos to make the world a sutible place for any stell and electric pokes.

Manly just the forum rules if this team dose become a war team(which i hope it dose) then you must help out in the WAR, also if any admins of the team tell you to do something then do it so long as its not against the rules.

Um Ill fix this after I get the sprites done

¤Sprites and Banners¤
I will be making the sprites and the banners as soona s im done with SapphireTigers avatar(wont be too long i hope)

Me and thats it hehe

Soon to come

¤Sign up form¤
Name:(made up or board name you pick)
Pokemon:Pick six pokes you must ahve at least one stell and one electric pokemon on your team other than that there fine.

Um thats it for now.

EDIT=I have jsut finished sapphiretiger's avatar so Ill start the background for the banners and the sprite editing tomorrow. :-)