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09-17-2006, 02:19 AM
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"Rage finish him off with a fire spin!"Raine yelled out.Rage used fire spin and knocke out the Bayleef."Sorry,but that's just the way it goes down."Raine said walking into the battle field.His arcanine ran up to him."You did great."Ken said rubbing Rage's head.A robot pointed his hand to Ken's side of the battle field.This showed Raine had won.

Raine walked up to the entrance.A herd of pokemon rushed to pick him up."Chill I can handle this myself."Ken said before they could pick him up.He walked to his room.His two pokemon followed.His staff scraped the side of the wall.He picked it up and sranged it so it wouldn't.His sister hated that noise.So he did it everytime he got close to her room.

He was right next to his sister's door.he banged on it so hard it was loud enough to wake a sleepy snoralax."Hey freak,the battlefield is all your's!"Raine yelled.He opened the door himself."In case you didn't hear me I said,hey freak the battlefield is your!"He yelled once again.Outside of the castle Snoralaxes surrounded.They'd sleep until a intruder came.When Raine yelled they all woke up.Raine walked outside of the door and slammed it.

(sorry it's not so good.I'm in a rush)

09-17-2006, 09:18 AM
as Mikerno and his arcanine flame return home they see the scraps of a war that had happened recently.
"dam why was i not here" Mikerno yelled
as flame looked at him in a strange fashion, he knew mikerno was a fighter and wanted a battle since he had not had one in ages. Mikerno walked on as he was on his way home. he was looking forward to the food and other joys that come from being at your house.
"why am i walking" mikerno asked himself
"go Steelix"
mikerno got on his steelix and was rushing home to see what was left of his beutiful home.

09-17-2006, 12:49 PM
Melodyrolled her eyes when her brother entered her room.
"Alright, alright. I'm going. Come on, Rosie," Melody said to her Roselia.
Melody walked past Raine, when she was out of his sight she quickly set up a card board picture of some ferocious Pokemon, it looked so real Melody shuddered and hurried past it and ran out the door and onto the battlefield.

09-17-2006, 02:56 PM
Raine walked to his room.He opened the door and his room was neat.Usually it would be messy for a day then they'd send someone to clean it up."I'm hugry,how about you?"Raine asked.His pokemon nodded.They all jumped on the bed.Blade turned on the tv and Rage just layed on the giant bed.Raine picked up the phone at the side of his bed.He pressed the button that said room service.

A machamp picked up the phone."Yeah,Chef Machamp,my pokemon would like the best pokemon food you can give them.Make it spicy.I want sugar and oatmeal cookies.Fresh,and I have to be able to pull them apart and there would be lines still connected to the other side."Raine said."I'll make it right away sir.How many cookies would you like?"Chef Machamp asked."50,put em on a heat tray to."Raine said.He hung up the phone.Five minutes later the pokemon food arrived.An hour later,his cookies arrived."I forgot,can you ask the chef to whip up some party snacks?"Raine asked.The venusaur that carried the their food to the room looked at Raine."Why would you need party snacks.The Gamazy Royal Ball isn't until two weeks from now?"He asked."I know,but I'm having a party tomorrow."Raine said sitting his cookies on the his bed."I'll ask but I don't know if your sister would approve.She is the oldest,so she does run things around here."Venusaur said turning around to walk out."Two ears,big whoop!"Raine yelled.

09-20-2006, 09:32 PM
"King, finish it with Bubblebeam!" Melody yelled. King shot out long stream of bubbles, defeating the opponent.
"Alirght! Way to go, King. You're the best!" Melody praised. Rosie and Pekachi ran beside King.
"Rosie, use Sweet Smell. Pekachi, use Thunder, King, combine your Bubblebeam with Rosie's Sweet smell and Pekachi's Thunder," Melody commanded. She hoped her brother was watching. Melody's Pokemon attacked, creating a beautiful sight. The Sweet Smell wafted all the way up to Melody's room. Thunder sparked more energy into the electrical things in Melody's room. Bubblebeam washed the clothes that hung on the clothesline.
"Oops," Melody said. The Chansey in charge of laundry stuck her head out of the window.
"You pesky little girl!" The Chnasey fumed, "I'll make sure your brother hears about this." The Chansey's voice softened as she added, "But that was a beautiful display you worked up." Melody smiled.
She finished training and walked up to Raine's door.
"Hey, little brother, did you see the combined attack my Pokemon and I pulled off?" Melody asked as she entered his room. Pekachi and Rosie right at her side. Melody held King in her arms, so he looked like a huge Kingdra doll.

09-20-2006, 11:35 PM
"No I didn't see it,and even if I did I'd bet it would be boring."Raine said.He picked up a cookie and took a bite.He looked at the tv again.He moved his hand in a way that told his sister to leave.Soon after he finished he decided to walk it off by walking around the palace.

He went into the laundey room wich led to the kitchen.He walked up to the giant fridge.He opened it up and pulled out a jug of water and a squeezable bottle of miracle whip.He turned around and a Machoke stood in front of him."What are you doing?"He asked."I'm getting something to drink."Raine said walking to the table."Are you making a sandwhich too?"Machoke asked."No,I'm not."Raine said in an annoyed voice."Then what are you doing with a bottle of miracle whip."Machoke asked."I'm going to drink it.See,I first drank it to gross out my sister.Than I found out,most of people in my family had a habbit of this but I thought,not Melody.So I drank it in front of her but she wasn't disgusted.When I did it though,I realized that I liked it."Raine said."Well then,if you like it,I bet I will because I like every food that you do."Machoke said.Raine swallowed the miracle whip he had in his mouth.He looked at Machoke with a weird look.He held the bottle up again and squirted it in his mouth.Machoke put his hand out.Raine went to the fridge and grabbed another bottle."Why did you do that?"Machoke asked."You'll see."Raine replied.Machoke squirted the Miracle Whip into his mouth.He swallowed it.A few seconds later Machoke threw up the Miracle Whip right into the bottle."That's why I got a new bottle."Raine said.He walked off upstairs laughing.

09-21-2006, 12:08 AM
Melody relaxed in her room. Then suddenly remebering the cardboard Pokemon. She ran out to check and see if it was still there, it was. She picked it up and opened Raine's door. His Pokemon looked at her.
"Shhh," Melody whispered. She placed the cardboard Pokemon behind Raine's door, so that when he opened it he would see the fake Pokemon.
Melody ran into her room and quickly tried to find someplce to hide. Because as son as Raine found the cardboard Pokemon he'd be after her like a Munchlax after food. Melody finally found a perfect hiding spot, she giggled quietly to herself. Trying to contain her excitement.
"Raine's gonna kill me for this one," Melody said quietly. Pekachi and Rosie setteled themselves on the bed and watched TV.

09-21-2006, 12:20 AM
Soon,there was a knock on Melody's door.Raine had given her the cardboard pokemon back.It had writing on it though.It read:Nice try,but you can't prank the prankster.The cardboard pokemon had a string tied to it.The string was tied to a bucket of mud that was above Melody's door.When Melody picked it up,she'd be completely covered in mud.The string wasn't a regular string.If there was alot of color in the place it was,it would camouflage with the colors in the room.If there wasn't much color it would turn invisible on its own.There was no way she could dodge this. unless she could see the string,but Raine had never used the changing color string in any of the other many pranks he did.Some of them were the oatmeal that he filled Melody's sleeping bag with when she had a sleep over.Actually there was to many to name.He couldn't wait for this one to happen.

09-21-2006, 12:52 AM
Melody stood and saw the cardboard Pokemon. She walked over to the cardboard Pokemon and picked it up. Instantly mud covered her from head to toe.
"Raine!" Melody screamed. She squeazed out as much mud as she could.
"He is going to pay for that," Melody growled, "King, come on out." King looked shocked at Melody, he tried very hard to keep laughter from escaping.
Melody took a shower and tiptoed to Raine's door. She knocked quietly.
"Raine?" Melody said softly, "Can I come in?"

09-22-2006, 12:33 AM
"I'm sorry,but Raine isn't in right now."A voice said inside the room.A a female venusaur was cleaning up the room.She opened the door to of course see Melody."I take it his prank worked."Venusaur said.She continued to clean up."Raine is on a date and he won't be back until at least nine pm,so that gives you seven hours to come up with a comeback."She said.Venusaur cleaned up the last part of the room and walked out."Oh yeah,I forgot to tell you,you have a press conference with the grass pokemon about getting fresher water."Venusaur walked out."Even when you're only two years older,you're stuck with everything while Raine gets to go out on things like dates."

09-22-2006, 12:48 AM
"Don't remind me," Melody grumbled. She looked at her watch.
"I'd better get moving, Melody said. She raced to her room to retrieve Pekachi and Rosie. She returned Pekachi and King, picked up Rosie and made a dash for the door. A Wigglytuff scooted out of the way as Melody raced out.
"Hurry, miss," The Wigglytuff called, "You don't want to be late."
"I know, I know," Melody said, she stopped short and turned to the Wigglytuff.
"If my brother comes back before I do, can you tell him to wait in my room," Melody took out Pekachi and King.
"You guys wait for Raine, alright?" She told her Pokemon, she gave them a quick kiss and hurried away.
When Melody reached the meeting room all the grass Pokemon were waiting for her. She went through the meeting without problem.
On her way back Melody saw a vendor, he was selling cute Pokemon cards.
"Aren't these adorable?" Melody said as she admired one with a sketch of a Roselia.
"You interested in buying one, miss?" The vendor asked. He took out a tray that held all types of cards. Melody chose six different cards, she paid for them and rushed home. Hoping Raine was there by the time she got there.

09-24-2006, 03:13 AM
Raine sat in the kitchen.He was cooking though.A girl sat across from him while he prepared the meal.Raine put a cake in a the oven and grabbed the girl's hand and walked towards the living room.Machamp stopped him."Why are you cooking?"Machamp asked."Look,I'm just trying to be romantic.Is that such a problem?"Ken asked."Yes it is.If you want to be romantic,I'll cook for you and you can flirt with this girl."Machamp replied.Raine shook is head and continued on to the living room."Oh yeah,her name is Arielle,and if you want to cook so much,you finish the cake."Raine said.

09-24-2006, 07:59 PM
Melody was about to cross the street to the castle when a male voice came ffrom behind her. Melody turned around and saw Luke a friend of hers.
"Hey, Melody. Do you have time to battle?" Luke asked, "Two on two."
"Sorry, Luke. I can't. Its getting late and Ive got to get back before nine. Plus I've only got Rosie with me."
"Roselia," Rosie added. Luke looked disapointed.
"Well, maybe tommorrow," He said and walked away. Melody hated seeing Luke look so sad. Melody ran to the castle. She collided into Wigglytuff.
"I was beginning to worry about you, miss," Wigglytuff said, "I was about to get your brother to go out and look for you."
"I got distracted at a card stand. Look," Melody showed the cards she bought to Wigglytuff.
"Those are beautiful, miss," Wigglytuff exclaimed.
Melody entered her room, Pekachi and King were watching TV.
Melody pulled out a sketchpad, she flipped through four pages of finished work. Then she came to her best drawing, it wasn't finished, some of the Pokemon in the picture still needed shading.
"Pika, PI?" Pekachi asked as he hopped onto Melody's shoulder.
"I don't know Pekachi," Melody answered, "I hope I'll be able to finish it."
Melody finally finshed the picture, she carefully pulled out all five pictures and placed them on top of a rectengular piece of carboard, she wrapped the pictures into some wrapping paper. Melody then took out three of the cards and handed one to Pekachi, one to King, and one to Rosie. When Rosie looked at the one she'd been given, she blushed. Everyone giggled.
"You guys decorate those, OK?" Melody said, "I'll be right back."
Melody flew down the stairs and entered a small room. There she slipped a small piece of paper into a slot. Melody ran back up to her room and admired her Pokemons decorating. When they put finishing touches to the cards Melody slipped them under a piece of green string and slid the package under her bed.
"All finished with two days to spare," Melody said.

10-01-2006, 10:38 PM
Raine sat on the couch with Arielle.He held her in his arms.Machamp came in to the living room.He put the cake on the table.He sat a knife and a few plates down."What would you like to drink?"Machamp asked."You know what I want."Raine said.Arielle thought for a few seconds."I want a lemonade with a squirt of orange juice in it.A suirt of tropical punch and orange kool-aid.I wat three ice cubes in it,they have to have holes in it.I also want a little umbrella over it.Plus a straw."She said.Machamp walked into the kitchen and brought the drinks."What would you want for a main course?"Machamp asked."We'll just have a BLT."Raine said."What condiments would you want on it?"Machamp asked."Ketchup,mustard,and miracle whip,not regular mayonaise."Raine said.Machamp went back in to the kitchen.He brought the sandwiches out.

A few hours later
Raine and Arielle were up in Raine's room.It was 12 am.They were still up.They constantly giggled all threw the night.For a few hours you could hear nothing but screaming and squeaking.Anyways they were keeping Melody up.

10-02-2006, 05:27 PM
Melody was just about to go screaming down the staris, her brother knew how to keep her up late. All he needed to do was invite his friend over, and Melody could say bye to any sleep.
"I'm just about ready to go down there and tell them to keep it down a little," Melody whispered to Rosie.
"Rose, Roselia," Rosie whispered back.
"Yeah, I know. Raine would kill me for doing that," Melody sighed, she suddenly had an idea.
"Hey, King, Pekachi. Up for some fireworks?" Melody whispered. Pekachi and King gathered close to Melody. She had it all planned out. A wigglytuff came in to see if she was asleep.
"Those two keepin' you up, miss?" She asked. Melody nodded.
"Yeah, but can you tell them to look out the window on my signal? Since none of can sleep we're going to put on some fireworks. Homemade, fireworks," Melody added. Wigglytuff said she would and Melody bolted down the stair with her Pokemon and got everything in order.
"Alright, Pekachi, when I give the signal to Wigglytuff, you spark the fireworks, got it?" Melody said. She turned to Rosie and king.
"You two are going to add special effects to the fireworks. Rosie, you use Sweet Smell along with throwing petals up into the air. King, you make mini rainbows with your Water Gun," Melody gave the signal to Wigglytuff.

"Excuse, me," Wigglytuff said to Raine and Arielle, "There's a beautiful fireworks display that's about to start." She leaned close to Raine and whispered, "It'll add a romantic touch to your date."

10-02-2006, 10:49 PM
Raine and Arielle ran to the windows."Thanks."Raine said to Wigglytuff.They watched in amazement as the fireworks lit up the air.Raine and Arielle loved the colors that the fireworks made.It really made the night romantic.They both looked at each other.They turned away and looked back outside.They looked at each other again.They moved in closer to each other.Eventually after two minutes of stalling,they kissed.

6 am

Raine and Arielle walked downstairs as they held hands.When they made it downstairs they shared a kiss.Arielle sat down at the table and Raine went to the fridge."I've been wondering,"Ken started."what happens when I go out to fight the creatures who threathen the kingdom?""I don't know.I just want you to come back."Arielle said."I will,"Ken started.He kissed his girlfriend once again."I promise."

10-03-2006, 05:43 PM
Melody saw it all. She gasped quietly, when they left Melody snuck back into her room. She climbed back into bed, there was absolutely no noise, until something someone or something made a funny sound.
"Pekachi, you evil little thing!" Melody exclaimed, holding her nose. Pekachi giggled.

The mext morning Melody flew down the stairs. She skidded to a stop just before she collided into Machoke.
"Where's the fire?" He teased. Melody smiled and calmly walked into the kitchen. She saw her brother.
"Good morning, little brother," Melody said , "Did you see the fireworks? Beautiful, wern't they?"