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10-07-2006, 07:28 PM
In 2004,Leon Kennedy succefully destroyed Saddler and his plot to take over the world using the Las Plagas.He also returned Ashley,the president's daughter,home.Everyone thought they were off the hook,including Ada and Leon,but they were wrong.Even thought the sample was retrieved and safely held by Umbrella,something or someone has retrieved it.They took the sample and mixed it with remains of zombie bodies.Now the parasite has spread all through out the country,and the cure has been token as well.Leon took it onto his own will to set out to destroy the plagas once and for all.However the plagas has become way more powerful.He decided to get help,a pokemon.He caught a Feraligator quick and it helped him take out the plagas again.It came back.Leon went off once again to take on the parasite,and found his dead ally Lewis,wondering around a village.Once Lewis was tired out,something was in his back,wich was of course the parasite.Leon now he needed even more help because the plagas was in Europed,but now it happened to be in the USA,plus the only thing that could control the plagas was Saddler's staff.He trained a team of agents to help take down the plagas.Now they'll set off on a journey with their own pokemon and weapons to destroy the plagas before eveyone is dead.(warning:This is a action packed,blood and gory rp)
You can be a real character,or a made up character.
Here's the real ones:
Leon Kennedy,Lewis(zombie plagas),Ada Wong,Saddler's son,Saddler's daughter,or Krauser.
(if you want to be one of these characters,you don't have to do a profile,I'll do one for you,unless you want to,and you already know about them since you played the game.Saddler's children,I created them,but I need people to play them.

If you make a character,sing up like this:
sex:(male or female)
pokemon:(1-3 is the limit,you can even have any legedary you want)
arsenal:(the weapons and items you currently carry)
look:(how you look)
personality:(how you act)

here's mine:
name:Ken Sienta
pokemon:Mew Two
arsenal:Black Tail,Shotgun,Semi-Auto Rifle,(1)grenade,(3)flash grenade,knife.
looks:Short black hair,with a black jacket and jeans.He has a cell phone on his belt.His knife is in a sheath that wraps around his shulder as if it was a sword.
personality:Sometimes serious,sometimes laid back,loves to battle,never give up guy.
other:Somehow he's caught up in a web that relates to Leon and Saddler.

(I know that this rp doesn't have much of a plot,but I really wanted a bloody rp,plus I was watching my sister play resident evil earlier,and I wanted to be in a Resident Evil rp so please join,if you want a blood and gore rp)

10-07-2006, 08:07 PM
There also will be a thread where you chat,catch up on what's happening,and earn money to buy from shops to get weapons,pokeballs,and more.If it's to gory,I'll take it out,so it'll just be lots of action.I'll probably make another Resident Evil rp if you don't join anyways,until someone joins.There also will be more pokemon battles then shootings.

10-08-2006, 02:30 PM
For some reason, that plot doesn't ring a bell. I've played all of the games and watched all of the movies, so I pretty much am familiar with Resident Evil.

I guess I'll make up a character.

Name: Jade

age: 14

sex: female

Pokemon: Blaziken

arsenal: .45, knife, a couple of grenades and a shotgun

Looks: shoulder length black hair and green eyes. Wears a black suit with numerous pockets for weapons and other items, and matching black boots. Her shotgun is placed under some sort of strap that goes across her back, her .45 is in a small gun pocket on her side, her knife is held in a sheath that is placed on the other side of her, and her grenades are attached to the belt that goes around her waist. She also carries a cell phone to help her stay in contact with her friends. It's place is in a pocket on the upper part of her suit, for quick access.

Personality: Jade has a pretty random personality. She can be quite and laid back or the jump-in-without-thinking type. One thing stays the same about her all the time, though; she's always serious about what she has to do, and won't give it up until the mission is completed.

Other: One of her very close friends was turned into a flesh eating zombie. This makes Jade all the more anxious to get out there and stop the plagas (I think that's what you said).

That good? Oh, and I won't mind the violence. People that know me well enough she know that. :twisted:

10-08-2006, 06:40 PM
Accepted,and the plot was basically based off Resident Evil 4.

10-08-2006, 11:48 PM
Ooh, this sounds cool. I've never played the 4th one, so this plot is pretty new to me. I was wondering where Claire and all of the other characters from previous games were.

I guess I'll make one up too.

Name: Sierra

age: 14

sex: female

Pokemon: Sceptile, Feraligatr

arsenal: pistol (also known as a .45), knife, taser, and a rifle

Looks: Short, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a black shirt under a pink jacket with some logo on the back. He jeans/pants are black, along with her shoes. Her pistol is held in a small pouch on her side, her knife is held in a different pocket on her left leg, her rifle is strapped across her back and her taser is in a smaller pocket attached to her belt. A cell phone is placed in the pocket next to that.

Personality: Sierra isn't always serious about her missions, but will be if any serious danger is involved. Once she moves over to her serious side, she is a pretty good agent. (Or whatever they are) Really likes to use her pistol and taser.


10-09-2006, 01:09 AM
Accepted.If I can get two or three more people in,I'll start it.

Forget it,I'll start it now.