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10-11-2006, 08:24 PM

The year is 2006. The world of pokemon is gearing up for the International Tournament. All of the best trainers from around the world are going to a remote island just south of Shinou called, " Tourney Island ". After they leave the boat however, the trainers must pass through a trap-filled forest. Some of the traps include: Pitfalls, Wild Pokemon, and Native People. For those you make it to the stadium, the test just gets worse. The trainers who survive will battle each other until one is left standing. That person will be known as the " International Champion " ! Now enter the test of your life.

1. No cussing is allowed. If I see any, you will be banned from this tournament.

2.You can not control another person without their permission.


4.In the first part of the role-play, you must reach the end of the forest. You must run into at least 3 traps and in order to get out, you must post a good, long post. If I accept, you will escape and live on. When you reach the end, you must wait for me to start the second part of the rp. Only 8-16 people will make it to the end. Also, make your posts realistic.

5. On the second part, the Tournament, I will split up the remaining people into pairs. Those pairs will battle each other until there are 4-8 people remaining. We keep doing this until there are two people left. Then they will fight for the International Championship Title.

6. For those who battle, you will have to make your own thread and wait for me or a judge to start battling. The battling system will be different from the URPG. There are three things. First, your pokemon will be given a set amount given my me. Also, all pokemon are Level 100 automatically. Second, only me or a judge can judge battles. YOU DO NOT START A BATTLE UNTIL EITHER ME OR A JUDGE IS PRESENT! I will be in battles too, and if I am in one, I will PM a judge with the HP counts on each pokemon. Finally, neither you, or your pokemon can hold or use items. That is a big rule.

7. Your pokemon can only use moves by Leveling up. NO TM OR HM MOVES! Baby moves are fine.

8.If you lose a battle, you can not post on this thread anymore. You are considered BANNED.

9. You can chose how many pokemon you battle against. Whoever starts the thread gets to choose.

10. Write in the FIRST-PERSON please. Thank you.

Those are the rules. Here is the form you must fill out ( this is my form too ) :

Name: Deon Sasuka

Age: 14

Trainer or Judge ( Judges do not have pokemon, do not participate in the first part of the role-play, and will judge ALL battles ) : Trainer

Pokemon ( 3-6 ) : Raichu, Alakazam, Arcanine, Golem, Mantine, Espeon

Looks: Deon is 5'5" and weighs 130 pounds. His long, dark-brown hair is as shiny as a newly cleaned Steelix or a shiny coin. He covers his dark-blue eyes with dark shaded sunglasses that completely conceal his eyes from view. He wears a black T-Shirt and dark-blue jeans. He has a watch on his left wrist that always tells the correct time. He wears sneakers that are worn out, old, and dirty all the time.

Personality: Deon is an easily angered person who loves to fight. He is hard to make friends with, and if you actually befriend him, he will protect you from anything. He is very protective of his pokemon and anybody who manages to befriend him. He is an aggressive battler and will sometimes battle without thinking at all. He can be friendly at times, but that is very rarely. He almost never smiles and is very dark.

History: Deon was born to a wealthy family in Fortree City. They lived in a mansion on the tallest tree in the main city. In his first 3 years of life, he played with the pokemon that came to his window while his mother and father worked. by the age of 6, he knew almost everything about bug Pokemon. At the age of 9, he and his family was attacked my a team of thieves inside his house. They lost everything. Deon and his family had to leave the mansion and live in a small hut on a scrawny tree. A year later, he befriended a Pikachu and ran away from his home, never to return. For the next four years, he battles the Elite Four and won in many major championships. Now with his Raichu, he will beat the International Tournament and get enough money to help his Mom and Dad.

Sign up now and begin the International Tournament.

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