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As everyone knows there are different types of pokemon.These pokemon have lived together since the begining of time,and now they're sick of each other.The pokemon have brutally attacked and killed each other.Now a war has broke out.It seemed there was no way to stop it.Days later,the legendary pokemon came down to stop it.The pokemon stood together to defeat them.Once they did,they returned to war.

Random peolple found the legendary pokemon at their feet.The legendary pokemon explained what was going on.The people offered to help because they knew if it didn't stop,it would bring opon the end of the world.The legendary pokemon stuck beside the humans to aide them in there quest.The pokemon informed them,they would need a all these objects in order to stop the pokemon.So join the quest,find the items,become a legend,and save the world.

items that are needed to find:

Red and Blue Orb:Most of you know about these but if you don't know...These orbs were created back in the day to control Kyogore and Groudon.The orbs eventually turned people evil,as well as the pokemon they controlled.

Green Orb:
Team Aqua took a shot a making a perfect orb.When they created it,(for Rayquazza of course)it backfired.Rayquazza became stronger and destroyed the base.Basically it amplified his power.

Articuno Orb:
Team Magma took a shot at creating an orb this time.It was perfect.It controlled Articuno,and it didn't turn the controller evil.However,Team Aqua came to still it.When they battled,the orb was lost,and Articuno was free.

Articuno Blade:
A sword that was created by Articuno while he was under control of Team Magma.The blade was created when Articuno fired an ice beam at a mountain.Articuno then tackled the mountain and the blade was created.

Zapdos Blade:
Zapdos and Articuno created this blade while battleling.The blade was reated from pure energy instead of an ice mountain.

Moltres Staff:
Moltres was captured by Team Aqua,but instead of trying to make an orb.They wanted a weapon.They made Moltres fire off attacks until the energy formed a sword.They ended up with a staff,and Moltres ended up flying off with it.

Kyogore Cannon:
A cannon developed by Team Rocket.They took a piece of skin off of Kyogore's wing and fused it with the cannon.The cannon may be one of the most powerful weapons,especially since it is long range.

Groudon Claw:
The Groudon Claw was made from skin as well.This weapon however is not long range.Since it goes on your hand anyway.It is still stonger than the Kyogore Cannon though.

The Entei Crown:
A crown that gives whoever wears it the power to use fire.Human or pokemon.If it is a pokemon that uses fire,the fire power will amplify it.

Suicune Crown:
It has the same effect as Entei Crown,except it gives the user water power.

Raikou Crown:
You guessed it,power of lightning.

Mew Two's Armor:
Made out of Mew Two's skin,this armor gives the user the ability to tap into the power of any pokemon they think of.It also protects the user,and it is almost inpentrable.

Mew's Spike:
A spike also made out of skin.This spike acts like an anttena(don't know how to spell)but instead of recieving sound or sound waves,it recieves power that charges up the body.It can even be used to bring someone who died recently back to life.

Lucario's Diamond:
Gives the wielder the ability to fight like a legendary pokemon.

Lugia's Diamond:
Gives the wielder ability to control weather.

Arcalico isn't a weapon at all.It's a legendary pokemon that has been sealed in the Earth since the beggining of time.This pokemon is only revived when all the items are retrieved and placed in the core of the Earth.The items will combine and create the pokemon.Only then will the trainers be able to stop the war.

Sign up like this:
sex:(male or female)
pokemon:(these are the pokemon you already had,1-3)
legendary pokemon:(the legendary pokemon that you get)
looks:(how you look)
personality:(how you act)

my sign up:
name:Ken Sienta
pokemon:Hitmonlee(Kicker),Feraligator(Fang),Snorol ax(Danger).
legendary pokemon:Groudon
looks:A black button up shirt with a white t under it.Jeans.His hair is black and goes down to his shoudlers.Blue eyes.
personality:Laid back.Except in battle when his fierce personality comes out.He never gives up until he achieves his goal.

(I forgot to say.The legendary pokemon can now use any attack of their choosing,but that type of attack can still be that pokemon's weakness.Also,if the items are used on the pokemon,legendary or other wise,they can become obsessed with power.All of them can talk too.)


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OOC:Hate to double post,but if I posted anymore in the first post,I'd have to log in to post this.Everyone will meet up in Pallet Town.It was the first place I tought of.

Ken looked out the window of the broken building.Pokemon were at war.Right now,it was only water and grass types fighting.Even though water was at a type disadvantage,they still put up a fight."You know we could break this up."Ken said.Groudon looked at Ken and turned away."Our main priority is to find the weapons and bring back Arcalico."Groudon said.

"Fine then.I just thought we'd have some fun before we went on this adventure."Ken said."Let's go to Pallet Town."

Ken got on Groudon's back."Groudon,what's the nearest weapon anyways?"Ken asked.Groudon continued walking."Articuno Blade is the closest since it's the mountain behind Pallet Town,but since we're getting together,we must learn to work together.So we're going after the Red and Blue Orbs.They're both hidden in and under water base used by Team Aqua."Groudon said."It'll be hard,but,we must learn team work early in this game.""Well I'll imagine it will be.If they sense us coming,they'll use the blue orb on you,then we might lose control over you."Ken said.

OOC:Just so you know,we'll be meeting in Pallet Town in your first post.After everyone is in Pallet Town we'll we're going to the base.Hate to rush though.

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Jordan woke up opening his eyes he looked around and sighed "Mewtwo you can be to goofy sometimes". Standing up he decided to jump off the cloud he was on. When he started to fall he saw his mewtwo hovering beside him slowly using psychic to levitate him to the ground. When he was almost to the ground he saw the building they were supposed to meet in today. When Jordan reached the ground he saw the pokemon fighting and frowned " this has to stop but we are not strong enough yet". Walking into the broken building Jordan saw Ken in it with Groudon and Raikou. "Well hello Ken wasn't expecting you to be hear this early". Jordan then looks down at his watch and it said four in the morning. Thinking in his mind he thought he should relax while he waited so he sat down in the nearest chair that was not ruined and started to nod off to sleep again.

10-22-2006, 03:45 AM
OOC:If you're in Pallet Town,you can chat with people who are already there,or explore.

Ken looked at Jordan."Well,I wasn't expecting him so early."Ken thought.Ken really wanted to get started.He couldn't wait to get the orbs and destroy Team Aqua's base.He knew that they'd be on their tails afterwards though,but that would make the adventure more fun.

Groudon started looking around as if he sniffed something in the air."We need to get to higher ground."Groudon said."What's wrond?"Ken asked.A gang of fire pokemon came rushing down from the hills."Too late."Ken said."We got to fight."Ken remebered that Groudon said he could use any type of attack,and since they were dealing with fire,he knew just what to use.

"Groudon,hydro pump!"Ken yelled.The water hit more than half of the pokemon,but they kept coming."Jordan,we need your help."Ken said.

OCC:Only the third post and there is already a little action.

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Jordan then heard Groudon use hydro pump. Snapping his eyes open Jordan sent out his Snorlax and Alakazam. Snorlax and Mewtwo use hydro pump and Alakazam use psychic. Jordan then saw the water shoot into the air and combine power with Groudons hydro pump while his Alakazams psychic made it move faster so it did more damage. As soon as the attack hit the fire pokemon group he heard the fainting yelps of a few Arcanines and the fainting roars of some Charizards. " I hate to do this Ken because it will harm the pokemon so much but lets have our pokemon use hydro cannon on those pokemon, my Alakazam will back them up when they are recharging now Mewtwo and Snorlax use hydro cannon".

10-22-2006, 04:08 AM
"Groudon use Hyper Beam!"Ken yelled.He knew that would hokd them off.For more than a few seconds.The hyper beam charged right next to hydro cannon."These guys are getting on my nerves,we need to get the guys here cnd get out."Ken thought.The hyper beam hit and hit lots of pokemon."Groudon,use tackle."Ken said.Groudon charged in and tackled all the pokemon that cames torwards themYet they were still coming.Groudon jumped back when more fire pokemon came."Extreme speed and dragon claw,but spin around with it."Ken said.Groudon charged and twisted around with dragon claw.He took out even more pokemon,but they seem like they won't stop.

"I got an idea."Ken said."Groudon,make a trench using dragon claw."Groudon swatted at the ground and made a trench."Now water gun!"Ken yelled.The water flooded the trecnh and stopped the fire pokemon in their tracks.T"hat'll keep them."Ken said."Now we just wait."

silent pokemon master
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jayten woke up sighing then checking his time sighed..."Mew i sense distortion where is ken and the others we must find them".Jayten looked out of the window gaping ken and the others where fighting off a horde of fire pokemon."We need to help them come on lets go mew"Jayten dashed out of his room and went stairt to help ken."mew focus now use rock slide and hydro cannon together"mew's attacts joined up with kens and cleared most of the fire pokemon
"One last attact should do it what do you say ken"
ken grinned looked at jayten
jayen sent out his starting pokemon dragonite "dragonite outrage now!!!!"
"nice work jayten"ken said
"no problem but it's really all your doing i just helped but what next???wait for everyone?" jayten replied

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I think sign ups are still open so.....

legendary pokemon:
personality:Raul is as brave as anything you've ever seen.Once when he was a child he saw a small touros getting picked on by 3 houndooms, he ran over to help the touros and got hit by an ember attack while he was protecting it. That describes how caring and brave he is to pokemon ever sience then touros has stayed loyal ot him.(sorry i think i made that a little more history than personality)

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Xaitan was awakened by his alarm clock it was six in the morning Xaitan gets up at the same time everyday and trains. He left his house without saying goodbye to his grandad who was in bed reading his daily book, Xaitan ran out of Pallet town and stopped in a small forest he trains at. "Go Gengar" they walked through the forest but no sign of any pokemon, he decided to walk further and further. Eventually he was lost in the forest and then a Beedrill flew straight u into the air and flew away followed by a pidgy and a spearow, Xaitan was confused but he continued walking. In the distance he saw a rustling bush he decided to check it out.

10-22-2006, 02:30 PM
Lorielle turned in her bed, someone was gently trying to shake her awake. Lorielle opened her eyes and saw Lucario. Lorielle looked at the clock, she shot straight up and dashed out of bed and got dressed in record time. She grabbed her Pokeballs and placed them on her belt. Then Lorielle grabbed Lucario's paw and ran out the door.
Lorielle sent out Charizard and swung herself and Lucario on board.

"Charizard, to Pallet Town!" Lorielle said. Charizard snorted and took off. Lorielle saw Jayten, Ken and Jordan fighting off fire Pokemon.

"Charizard, Flamethrower!" Lorielle yelled, Charizard shot flames at the fire Pokemon, they were startled at the air attack.

"Hey, guys," Lorielle called. She flew low and jumped off Charizard with Lucario.

10-22-2006, 02:49 PM
As Xaitan was close enough to the bush, a Primeape jumped out and was very angry, he must have drove the birds away "come on Gengar lets battle" Primeape used focus punch but it went right through Gengars body "Gengar Shadow Ball" the primeape was hit but dident give up he used thunderpunch and hit Gengar "stay in there Gengar, Psychic" the Primeape flew into a tree and looked badly hurt so we ended the battle. "Gengar that was brilliant! ill take you to the nearest pokemon centre right away" Xaitan withdrew Gengar but he was paralysed and his health was decreasing Xaitan ran and ran, finnaly Pallet town was in sight. "Gengar was hurt in a battle and his health is dropping" Xaitan exclaimed "ok ill take him" the nurse took him into a room and slowly healed him. "hes all done" Xaitan grabbed the pokeball and walked out.

silent pokemon master
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"Hey lorlielle mind lending a hand"Jayten said in a cheerfull way.jayten thought to himself why do the fire pokemon keep on coming we need more people hey look i should send out charizard and nintales.Jayren searched for his pokeballs then threw two of them out "charizard ninetales let's go mew stay here with ninetales and fend off the fire pokemon ok charizard let's go help lorllielle she looks like she's in trouble.With that Jayten soared in the air to help lorlielle.

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OOC:I know I neglected to put rules up,but no bunnying.I'm not going to say any names silent pokemon master,and yes we are in Pallet Town.

Pallet Town
IC:Ken's idea didn't work and there was alot more pokemon coming."If we can't get them to stop coming,we have to lead them to a different spot."Groudon said."Nice idea,but where?"Ken asked.Groudon looked around for places."There's a forest right down there."Groudon said."That's stupid,they could burn a whole forest down!"Ken yelled."Yes that's true,but there's a lake at the end of the forest."Groudon said.

"How do we get the fire pokemon to the forest?"Ken asked."It's simple."Groudon said."Everyone on my back!"Groudon yelled.Once everyone was on Groudon stomped his foot on the ground.A strong earthquake shook the ground,sending the pokemon flying."I get it,"Ken started,"finish it off with dragon claw."Groudon swiped his hand at the pokemon.The fire pokemon flew over the forest and landed in the water.Afterwards,they didn't see anymore pokemon."Wow,if that was hard,I hate to see how hard it is to get through the Team Aqua Underwater Base."Ken said.

OOC:If you can,please tell where your location is so we know when you're in Pallet Town.Oh yeah,Padman,you're accepted.You could've put that in the sign-ups though.

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OOC:I know I neglected to put rules up,but no bunnying.I'm not going to say any names silent pokemon master,and yes we are in Pallet Town.

Pallet Town
IC:Ken's idea didn't work and there was alot more pokemon coming."If we can't get them to stop coming,we have to lead them to a different spot."Groudon said."Nice idea,but where?"Ken asked.Groudon looked around for places."There's a forest right down there."Groudon said."That's stupid,they could burn a whole forest down!"Ken yelled."Yes that's true,but there's a lake at the end of the forest."Groudon said.

"How do we get the fire pokemon to the forest?"Ken asked."It's simple."Groudon said."Everyone on my back!"Groudon yelled.Once everyone was on Groudon stomped his foot on the ground.A strong earthquake shook the ground,sending the pokemon flying."I get it,"Ken started,"finish it off with dragon claw."Groudon swiped his hand at the pokemon.The fire pokemon flew over the forest and landed in the water.Afterwards,they didn't see anymore pokemon."Wow,if that was hard,I hate to see how hard it is to get through the Team Aqua Underwater Base."Ken said.

OOC:If you can,please tell where your location is so we know when you're in Pallet Town.Oh yeah,Padman,you're accepted.You could've put that in the sign-ups though.

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OOC:Bunnying is when you control someone elses character.For instance,in your post when you made me talk,that's bunnying.Just don't do it again please.

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OOC:Bunnying is when you control someone elses character.For instance,in your post when you made me talk,that's bunnying.Just don't do it again please.

ooc ohhhhhhhhhhh ok i get it now:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

ic Jayten look as ken's groundon caused a earthquake he sighed.Well atleast that's done."now to take a rest"he luaghed out loud when he did and lay back on groundon only to relise it was lorlielle.Jaten sat up quickly and blushed but then laughed again.It felt good bieng with his friends again even though what he had done was embarising and he wished he never did it

ooci tried to make it a bit funny it's not flirting!!!!!!!!but just funnyess hope you like it

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Pallet Town
Ken started to have second thoughts about going to the Aqua Base.Most of these people didn't even know each other.He thought he might lose Groudon."Hey Groudon,you sure we shoudln't just go and get Articuno Blade,then give shards of the blades to everyone,then go to the base?"Ken asked."That would be the easier route,but we need to learn how to trust in our true power instead of just the weapons."Groudon said."If we didn't,when we revive Arcalico,he'd destroy us."Groudon said.

"Why would Arcalico want to destory us?"Ken asked."Arcalico doesn't like people who steal his power.Using the weapons would be using his power."Groudon replied."That's a bunch of bull..."Ken was interupted by Professor Oak.Professor Oak was running down the street screaming.Ken thought that there was more fire pokemon.He was running from a block of ice.It wasn't actually chasing him,but it was rising up.Soon,more people were runnig down the hills.The icy mountain rose up around Pallet Town."I didn't think a mountain could grow,especially that quickly."Ken said."Mountains don't grow at all."Groudon said."Somebody must've shot a blast at the Articuno Blade that was imprisoned in the mountain.That can cause it to activate without someone holding it."Groudon said."Groudon,call on eveyone,we're going on our first weapon mission."Ken said.Groudon yelled out to everyone.Surely they heard it.Everyone in the region probably heard it.Now it was time to begin,this was where the adventure would start.

OOC:I know I said we were going to the underwater base,but change of plans.We're going for the Articuno Blade.I want to put a little mystery into the story.Get ready,because soon the adventure begins.

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OOC: uhh im confused you guys in the forest because before it said you were, know it says your fighting Groudon?

Xaitan headed back for the forest, he walked slowly through the thick grass. Behind the long line of bushes beside him were Lorlielle and Jayten battling another pokemon though Xaitan wasnt one to start conversations and decided to not bother and carry on searching. A small wild Caterpie was spotted, he withdrew Mightyena and Gengar and used Cacturne. "Come on Cacturne this is your perfect oppertunity to try out your new needle arm attack" Caterpie used tackle it hit but dident effect Cacturne very much "Cacturne needle arm!" Xaitan shouted "Cac-Turne" Caterpie was confused and lied on the ground. "Cacturne thats enough return! im so going to use that move again" Xaitan looked at Jayten's Charizard he wondered what pokemon he would use against it, probabely Mightyena for Cacturne was effected by fire and ghosts arent too good with fire either. "maybe i should get a water pokemon, hmm i might just do that" he said quietly so they dident notice he was there.

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OOC:Xaitan,are you in Pallet Town?

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OOC: yes im in pallet town forest, next to you 2 i thought.

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OOC:Okay.We're about to go to the icy mountains once everyone is here,if they already aren't anyways.

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OOC: uhh so were all in forest still at the moment?

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OOC:You have to rea my most recent post to understand what's going on.

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OOC: kk the icy mountains

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OOC:Sorry about that...i didnt know where the sighn up sheet was.

IC:Raul had been waiting for what seemed like days in the Icy Mountins. The only thing keeping him from freezeing to death was Touroses think fur."I hope the others come soon Touros", Raul said just to make sure his jaws hadn't froze shut. "Hrrrrrahoooooo" Touros howled back at him. Deyoxis was flying around above him and he had his other two pokemon in their balls. "i just hope they get here soon"...

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OOC: was to lazy to post =P


Jordan saw that the combined attack wiped quite a few of the fire pokemon out. Jordan then heard Ken say everyone hop on Groudon. Jordan was thinking in his head ok... hopping on Groudon he felt it use earthquake. Well time to go to the icy mountains I guess. Returning his Alakazam and Snorlax he decided to get a seat that wasn't so hot. He then hopped on his Mewtwo and said "head for the icy mountains Mewtwo" and off they went flying through the air feeling air push against his face he hoped that this group would do good.

10-22-2006, 10:15 PM
Groudon started walking torwards the mountain."You better be ready for this Groudon."Ken said."Who knows what's up there."Groudon looked serious,like there was no time for jokes.Then again,Groudon never really changed his face in any way,except if he was going to talk."A poweful Articuno could be up there for all I know."Groudon said."Well,what ever is up there,I can't wait to battle it."Ken said.The icy wind was strong and almost knocked Ken off.Ken held on to a spike on Groudon's back."So where exactly is the blade?"Ken asked."In the heart of the mountain."Groudon replied angrily.Ken was getting the feeling he asked that question before."For some reason,the heart of the mountain doesn't sound good to me."Ken said.

10-23-2006, 09:02 AM
As Xaitan watched lying down on the floor, Ken traveling to the icy mountain Xaitan got up and started to go up from a different direction to make sure they dident meet at any point. "All pokemon return" Xaitan had brought some things to help him on the way, but wasnt a very fast thinker and forgot to pack food, and he had forgotten his tent too. He had a sleeping bad, thick clothing and a chocolate bar he found in his pocket. And some useless things in his bag. He started walking up the giant mountain then he spotted, what looked like either a man or nature made path that looked easier than climbing it straight up. So he climbed to the path and began his long walk.

silent pokemon master
10-23-2006, 06:44 PM
"Ken i sense danger"Jayten said calmly"dragonite charizard nintetales return mew come with me"ken i am going to go adventuring to look for the bladei don't need help mew will assit me and my other pokemon too.You all look tired so i will go i ain't please don't argue i am going"with that Jayten walked slowly with mew to find the blade."And oh yeah keep your pokenav on i'll phone you if i am in seruis troble or i found it ok later guy's and girl's"jayten shouted cheerfully.,but as he walked slowly got colder.Then he saw the mountain "right mew follow me charizard let's go right charizard rose up and roared right we need to go to that mountain let's find a entrance".Jayten searched and searched eventully finding the entrance.Jayten started the pokenav and called ken explaining he'd found the entrance.he ventured deeply into the heart of the mountain and there was the blade except it was bieng gaured by articuno.Now what Jayten thought wildly.he started up the pokenav and this time called lorlielle.Jayten told her and the rest to come pronto,with that he started a battle with articuno

ooc he hope this post is good i won't really have the time except for a few hours a day to keep on going with thisroleplay so i expect i will be on this role play for about 7 hours or 5 hours

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Xaitan was too tired at half way and got Gengar to fly him up, he saw Jayten battling Articuno and decided to leave. Suddenly i spotted Suicune watching the battle it was wearing a crown the one Xaitan was hunting for "Gengar chase that Suicune" We started battling i chose Gengar. "Gengar Psychic" it hit but dident do much damage Suicune used Blizzard and it was a KO "Cacturne go!, Solar Beam!" it was super effective and the Suicune was weakend. Xaitan's Grampa gave him a very special pokeball when he was younger named the Masterball he always said only use it when you think the time is right "Masterball!". The Suicune was caught, "nice job Cacturne!". We all sat and watched the battle between Articuno and Jayten.

10-23-2006, 11:39 PM
Lorielle shivered in the mountain. She returned Charizard and walked on. Lucario never left her side.

"How long do you think goes on for?" Lorielle asked, shivering again, followed by a sneeze, then a cough. Lucario halted Lorielle.

"Rest, you don't look so good," Lucario said, Lucario gently tried to push Lorielle on the ground to rest. But Lorielle rufused.

"I'm fine, Lucario," Lorielle said, she sneezed again. Lorielle heard a bird cawing throughout the mountain.

"Sounds like Articuno," Lorielle said, she ran towards the sound. She saw Jayten battling Aritcuno. Lorielle pulled out Charizard's Pokeball, but a sneeze came upon her, she dropped her Pokeball, it rolled back down the path they had just walked up. Lorielle raced after it, Lucario right behind her.

Lorielle jumped and caught the ball. She stood and sneezed again. Lorielle ran back to Jayten.

"Charizard, go!" Lorielle yelled. Charizard flapped its wings and norted at Articuno.

"Charizard, Fire Spin!" Lorielle ordered, a harsh cough followed. Charizard shot out flames at Articuno. But they missed, Lorielle looked surprised.

"Why didn't it work?" Lorielle asked, her sneezing and coughing made it hard for her to see right. Lorielle almost fell down, Lucario kept her up.

"I told you you didn't look good," Lucario whispered.

silent pokemon master
10-24-2006, 01:37 PM
right now for this is time for extreme measure articuno is weak agaist fire pokemon that's it he called out all his pokemon "dragonite, charizard, ninetales and mew this is it everyone use blast burn!!!!!!!!!!"the whole mountain was engulfed by fire.The sword shot out of the mountain Jayden caught it but then he lay uncounsious by the most powerfull blast burn.Articuno had been defeated he had done what he was going to do......But Jayten lay there uncousncious badly hurt

After 6 hours he woke up seeing everyone someone was holding the blade but his vision was to bad and he went into a deep sleep.......He saw his mother urging him to get up......after a hour he woke up again he was going to ask ken if he was impressed with him....

10-24-2006, 05:29 PM
OOC:That was way to quick to get the sword Silent Pokemon Master,but I guess I can let that slip.Next time it should at least take about five posts before we get what we're after.

IC:The ice mountains had started to melt.That meant the blade was retrived."We're making progress Groudon."Ken said.Groudon looked a little angry."Don't think it'll be that easy next time Ken."Groudon said."Now let's split the sword into shards and give a piece to everybody.

Once everybody was down,Groudon politely grabbed the sword out of Jayten's hands.The sword slitted apart into little tiny versions of it.Groudon did a quick vine whip and made a sheath for everyone to put their swords in."Now,when we got to the base,use the sword when you're in danger.Not at any old time."Groudon said.Ken looked at Groudon hopped on."Let's move out everyone.To Team Aqua's Base!"Ken yelled.

OOC:Just so you know,I'll try to draw how every weapon looks like when we get to it.I'll try to put in on this rp as well,but if you want to know how the Articuno Blade looks like,just look at my avitar.

Fiery Houndoom
10-24-2006, 05:55 PM
ooc:im here now...so sorry i'm late

ic:ember gripped the places where moltres' wings joined its body and with a single flap of its fiery wings, they were off, soaring above the thin early morning clouds. she leaned forward a bit "why are we going to pallet town again?" she asked moltres "to meet up with the others and get the articuno blade." he replyed over the roar of the wind. they flew on for a little while longer and soon came apon the others battling the fire pokemon and hovered above them. ember scowled. she hated seeing them fight the fire pokrmon, even if they were only defending the town. in fact, she was so angry that she told moltres to fly off in the other direction towards the forest so that she could calm down.

a few hours later, she came back and found the others on the icy mountain just as ken was hopping on groudons back. moltres said "sorry we're late. little miss grumps here had to go into the woods and pout after she saw you guys fighting the fire pokemon" ember scowled again and crossed her arms, still in a bad mood. she released her houndoom, darkflame.

10-24-2006, 06:10 PM
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Fiery Houndoom
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ooc:No problem,you can just catch up to us.
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Groudon made his way out towards the sea.In about hour they'd be there so it takes a little while.Ken started to get more thoughts about the base.He knew they could use he orb at any time they wanted.That could jeopardize the whole mission.They would only do that if they knew they were coming.Last time Ken checked,he never talked to a Team Aqua or Magma scout,unless they were in disguise.

Groudon looked around the way.There was nothing around the place,when Groudon knew that there was a whole city there.Ken started to notice it to.It looked as if the people got up took their buildings and left.That was impossible though."Clearly what ever activated the sword was the one who must've did this to the city."Ken said."I guess we have a mystery on our hands."Groudon said."Maybe Team Aqua has something to do with it.""Or some information."Ken said.

Fiery Houndoom
10-24-2006, 09:41 PM
ooc:wait a sec, what? im confuzzled:confused:

10-24-2006, 09:45 PM
OOC:About what?Where we are?What we're doing?Where we're going?

Fiery Houndoom
10-24-2006, 09:47 PM
ooc: about what you are looking at...which i think is also where we are...

i think it's this sentence that is confusing me: "There was nothing around the place,when Groudon knew that there was a whole city there."?????

10-24-2006, 10:13 PM
(Yay, my first post here. Anyway, I already know how to account for Erik's absence, so don't worry. :wink: )

Pallet Town was a long way away from Johto. A lot farther than Erik had realized, anyway. Getting into Kanto in the first place had been a challenge due to the fact that none of his Pokemon were water types and they would have to surf over water. Thankfully, Reeah had the ability to learn the move, even if she wasn't good at it, and they finally made it. Still wet, Erik stopped to take a breath, but didn't forget to scowl up at the sky.

A large spikey bird Pokemon circled over head, looking impatient. Electrical sparks played across its stubby wings, sharp eyes and a sharp beak glinting in the bright sunlight. Of course, it would have been much easier to simply fly on Zapdos's back. Unfortunately, the bird Pokemon had utterly refused, and Erik was in no place to argue with it. Arguing with Legendaries in general was not a good idea, let alone one that hated humans with a passion.

It didn't take much more than a glance for Erik to see that everyone had already gone to retrieve the Articuno Blade.

"I told you we'd be too late!" He yelled angrily at the sky. "There's no way we can catch up now!" With a whoosh of air, Zapdos alighted gently upon the ground.

"Then we'll wait for them to return," it said simply, deep voice reverberating in Erik's ear. He cringed.

"It is also ill advised to try to vex me, human." The Pokemon's eyes glittered with malice. "You can be easily replaced." Erik simply frowned, not particularly daring to talk again. He did value his life, for what it was worth.


The two waited for nearly an hour, both casting anxious glances at the sky and one another. Erik had already had enough of this bird, and simply wanted this to be over with. Zapdos felt likewise.

Finally, the group passed over them in the sky. Much to their surprise, they weren't landing. They were going on ahead to the next artifact.

Erik watched as they disappeared over the trees, wondering how the heck they were going to catch up to them. Then, with more than a little surprise, he heard Zapdos say, "Climb on." Erik turned to it and blinked.

"Wha... What?"

"You heard me, human. I said climb on. There is no time to waste bickering or asking stupid questions; we must catch up with the others." Shaking slightly, Erik did as Zapdos bid and climbed onto his back. Readying himself for takeoff, he quite suddenly realized something. Compared to other birds, Zapdos's wings were incredibly small. It was amazing it could get itself into flight. Could it really fly with him on its back?

His question was answered almost immediately when they burst into the air, flying faster than seemed possible. They quickly caught up with the others.

(Okay, I'd just like to say this for everyone to know; you cannot change the point of view of your character in the middle of a roleplay, let alone the middle of a post. It's extremely bad grammar, for one, and can be hard to understand for people reading the post. It's really easier foreveryone if you refrain from doing so.

I'm only saying this because I saw someone do it in the roleplay. I won't harp or yell about it, but I may over the course of things point out a few things people may be doing wrong roleplaying wise.)

10-24-2006, 10:17 PM
(Sorry for the double post, but my other was so long that there was really no point in adding it on.

I believe what they meant was that the city was completely decimated. It was supposed to be there, and Groudon knew it was supposed to be there, but it was gone.

I would also like to know where we are, as in terms of the place. I think I understand what we're doing.)

Fiery Houndoom
10-24-2006, 10:35 PM
(Sorry for the double post, but my other was so long that there was really no point in adding it on.

I believe what they meant was that the city was completely decimated. It was supposed to be there, and Groudon knew it was supposed to be there, but it was gone.

I would also like to know where we are, as in terms of the place. I think I understand what we're doing.)

ooc:oh, ok

10-25-2006, 04:43 PM
Lorielle put the sword on her belt and sneezed again.

"I can't wait to get out of here," Lorielle muttered. She climbed on Charizard with Lucario and flew off. After awhile Lorielle felt her eyelids droop, she forced them to stay open. Lorielle saw Ken and Groudon making their way to the ocean. Lorielle didn't want to rush Charizard, so she kept him at the pace they were going.

"I think my cold's gone," Lorielle said, but then a sneeze changed her mind.

"Yuck," Lorielle muttered. Lucario was worried about Lorielle, he knew she wouldn't be able to fight in the condition she was in. But he didn't suggest her staying behind, she'd only say she was OK.

Lorielle's eyelids drooped again, she couldn't stop them. Lorielle soon fell asleep, Charizard slowed down a little. Lucario looked up, Ken and Groudon were getting farther away. Charizard quickened his flight enough to fly beside Ken and Groudon.

silent pokemon master
10-25-2006, 08:42 PM
Jayten was flying behind everyone he wanted to go to the front he dicided he would go near ken maybe they could talk.He thought to himself Articunos blade was hard enough emigine trying to inflitrate top gang's lair.Hmmmmm Jayten suddenly thought to himself why dos'nt half of us go to aqua and half go magma
Jayten,ken,lorlielle would go magma and the rest would go aqua seemed a good idea he would ask ken later and the other's to see if they agree on it.Jayten saw that lorlielle was falling behind a bit,she looked sad..Jayten being the cheerfull guy he is soared over to her "hey charizard let's go near the other charizard"His happyness grew having someone to talk with and while they set out for aqua lair
Ken looked rather sad from Jayten's proseptive and groundon would take risk of becoming under control of red/blue ord.Jayten thought to himself would he take a fight agaist kyogre AND LOSE CONTROL!!!.Mayby that's why ken is sad looking

ooc i tink we should split up in two groups one group goes to aqua and the other magma please this is just a idea don't get angry with it if you want to know the group look at my post

Fiery Houndoom
10-25-2006, 09:22 PM
ember jumped onto moltres' back and was soon flying ahead of jayten and lorielle. when they saw groudon stop moltres glided back down to earth to see what the hold up was. they didn't need to ask. it was very obvious from the state of the "town" why they had stopped. ember didn't stare for very long. she released darkflame "go sniff around over there darkflame" she ordered. the houndoom obliged and at first seemed to have found a sent, but eventually ended up going in circles, whining loudly like he always did when he knew he had dissapointed ember. she got the point and called him back but didm't return him to his pokeball. "well, it was worth a try" she said to ken.

10-25-2006, 10:51 PM
Zapdos landed beside the others, closest to Moltres. Erik didn't hesitate to jump off, fearing the shock the might result if he didn't leap clear quick enough. Leaving the moody electric bird to its own devices, he instead decided to introduce himself and walked over to Ember.

"Er, hi," he said, rather awkwardly.

Fiery Houndoom
10-25-2006, 11:02 PM
"hey" she replyed, still looking at the "town". she absent-mindedly reached down and stroked darkflame who was standing vigil beside her he glanced at eric and growled softly.

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(Nothing. :oops: I'm technically to old to, but I'm going to go to a friend's house to help hand out candy. I can't at my house 'cause I live out in the booneys.)

"Um, I'm Erik," he said, sliding away from the Houndoom. He watched her look around for a moment. "What are you looking for?"

Fiery Houndoom
10-25-2006, 11:29 PM
(Nothing. :oops: I'm technically to old to, but I'm going to go to a friend's house to help hand out candy. I can't at my house 'cause I live out in the booneys.)

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(I'm sorry that my life bores you. :tongue: Joking, joking... Anyway, we really need to stay on topic. People get mad if you don't. :oops:)

10-26-2006, 10:28 PM
OOC:Both orbs are at the Team Aqua base.Maybe eventually there will be a reason for us going to Team Magma's base though.Sorry for not being on.Draconic _Espeon we're in Pallet Town,after we came down from the mountains Pallet was mysteriously gone.Although you were by Pallet(I think)it somehow disapeared without you knowing.I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS

IC:Ken was still looking at where Pallet Town could've went.Groudon looked more serious than ever."Who could've done this?"Ken asked."Maybe Team Aqua."Groudon started."Who knows what they could've created to do something like this."

Ken thought of something.They did have both orbs,Kyogore coul've have possibly done it.He thought about again and that was impossible.It would take a tidal wave(and Erik would've saw it).

Groudon continued marching on torwards the sea.He looked at everyone beside him.This really would be hard.They barely know each other.Out of no whereGroudon stopped.Ken flew into the side of a spike on Groudon's back."Why'd you stop?!"Ken asked angrily.Ken turned around and jumped off Groudon's back.A big marking was carved in the ground.The sign was a big triangle inside a square.Inside the triangle was an eye.Around the whole thing was a fire(not real fire,just drawn)."Oh no."Groudon said."What?"Ken asked.You could tell Ken was a little scared."It's the sign of Ocilacra."Groudon replied."Who is he?"Ken asked."Arcalico's evil brother."Groudon said.

Fiery Houndoom
10-26-2006, 10:38 PM
"wait wait wait" said ember to groudon "before i go any further with this little masquerade i would like to know a little more about this arcalico character" she crossed her arms,making it clear that she would go no further untill she got what she wanted. moltres steped forward "actually, i feel the same way" he said "only not in those words" he glanced at ember " who is arcalico and what does he have to do with us?"

10-26-2006, 10:58 PM
"Although we should get going,I'll tell you."Groudon said.Groudon kicked dirt over the insignia.He turned around to tell everyone the story.Groudon began talking.

"1,000 years ago,a war similar to this began.The only difference was that humans were invovled.The war was going on for four years straight.We tried to stop them but they were stronger than what we anticipated.

We searched for a way to stop the war.We couldn't stop it though.We decided to just wait in peace for the world to end.We retreated to the center of the Earth.A year later,the world was finally approaching armageddon.We prepared for the worst.Then out of no where,a metalic looking pokemon descended from the sky.It was Arcalico.

When his feet touched the ground the pokemn immediately stopped.The leaders of the war stood up to Arcalico.Arcalico didn't move an inch and the pokemon in the war were all purified.Once purified the world returned to peace.However there were still souls on Earth.

Arcalico was the only one who could rid the Earth of these wandering souls.He did just that and he kept the world intact.

Soon his power was to much for Arcalico to bear.The souls that Arcalico turned into dark energy and fled from Arcalico's body.It turned into Arclico's brother.Who's name happened to be spelled the same way as Arcalico,except backwards.

Arcalico knew he had to defeat him quickly because Ocilacra was more powerful.He could destroy the Earth in just a snap of his finger.Arclico engaged in a battle in space with his brother.He defeated him,but with a price.Arcailco died.The people of Earth knew what Arcalico did for him so they desided to follow in his footsteps and keep the world in peace.It then got out of hand.That's why we need Arcalico,but since Arcalico and Ocilacra was created from Arcailco's body,Ocilacra must come back every time Arcalico does."Groudon finished."Hope that answers your question."Ken said.

Fiery Houndoom
10-26-2006, 11:52 PM
ember looked thoughtful for a moment, then said "yep, i think that covers it" moltres sighed "it seems that we have quite a job ahead of us" he said sadly

silent pokemon master
10-27-2006, 08:49 AM
"everyone i see it team aquas base but it's heavly gaurded we will need to think this through many more times for if team aqua catches us even with our pokemon we stand no chance that's why i suggest let's go in stealth and land somewhere near here we will have time to think of a plan"Jayten said with the confidance of a leader."Everyone let us land hear and plan our mission of the capture of the orbs i think groundon must stay out of the reach of the red/blue orb unless he can sustain and keep self control but that's up to you Ken for he is your pokemon as for me i am going to land everyone come on follow me but first we need to go away from this sigh away from the sign of Arcailos evil brother."Jayten said with a diffrent tone not his cheerfull one he moved away went somehwere private and then Jayten called out mew"mew i am so scared what happen's if one of us die's.....this mission shoud bring peace to this war scared land but i have a feeling it will backfire there will be betrayel i sense people being unloyal we must do everything in our power mew to get the items then and only then will we be able to revive arcalio hmmm i feel hungry let us go look for food..."

"ninetales let's go hmm try and catch us something you too charizard mew come with me we will try and get some cocoa beans do you think they even have it over hear enyways we need some chocolate and so do the other's"

suddenly they found some cocoa beans made for chocolate"yumm yumm let's go mew phyic" (sorry wrong spelling) Jaden put them in his bag mew phyic again this time use it on me and lift me up to that tree branch .Jaden saw that there was a secret opeing for team aqaus lair this would be handy later on he would tell Ken he ran away to find ken and the other's he found ninetales and charizard on the way they had got the some very good ingrediant's he found Ken and the other's "Hey guys and girls(smirking at Lorlielle)i am going to make dinner today"

in one hour it was done he dispatched it and handed the food to everyone hopefully everyone likes it Jayten waited patialy for a reply

10-27-2006, 04:06 PM

IC:Ken was the oldest out of a family of 11 sisters and 10 brothers.He was always use to being the leader.Groudon knew alot and nobody objected to it yet,so he just asumed he and Groudon would lead the way.He was now getting tired that Jayten turned into the leader out of no where.It really ticked Ken off."Who made you leader Jayten?"Ken asked.Ken wasn't about to let the person who got the first weapon take another fifteen minutes of fame.Ken never got that because his mom just continued to have babies and wouldn't stop.Matter of fact,he left before she had another.His real dad left soon after the third child.

Now since his mom was taking care of every other baby she had,she barely talked to Ken unles it was to talk about what chores he had to do.That's why Ken took the older sibblings and just went on adventures with them when he wasn't with his friends.He was the oldest so they looked up to him.He felt that they were the only ones who cared.That's why they considered him a leader.

Ken took a look at Jayten.He didn't accept his food.He went and picked some himself.Ken's mom never really took care of him,except when he was a baby,so he's use to feeding himslef without any help."Jayten,you don't even know if those are ready to eat."Ken said.He looked at the cocoa beans.Ken grabbed the beans and looked at Groudon.Groudon used pshycic to open the cocoa bean.A few bugs fell out of it."Those bugs drilled inside their.They could be poisonous and you almost fed it to us.It would be smarter if we found ripe berries,at the top of a tree.MAybe even some meat.So why don't you let me handle this?"Ken said.Groudon and Ken walked off to look for better food.He knew that he went a little overboard and started a rivalry with Jayten,but Ken just had to let his feelings out,and he wasn't ready to apoligize yet.

Fiery Houndoom
10-27-2006, 04:34 PM
ember could tell ken was jealous of jayten by his behavior. she rolled her eyes "boys." she scoffed. "i don't see why it's so important for us to even have a leader. why can't we all have an equal say in what we do? of course no one cares about my opinion because im not the leader" she spoke the last part with her voice dripping with sarcasim.

10-27-2006, 06:20 PM
Lorielle watched as Ken spoke, she didn't try to stop him. Lorielle just sat there. Charizard sensed the uneasyness in his trainer and wrapped his wings around Lorielle. Lorielle smiled gratefully at Charizard, she yawned and her eyelids slowly closed. Lucario sat next to Lorielle, he wtched as she drifted to sleep.

Later Charizard gently nudged Lorielle.

"Roawr," Charizard said quietly. Lorielle rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"How long have I been asleep?" Lorielle asked. Ken had disappeared. Lorielle stood and returned Charizard and walked through the forest, Lucario at her side. Lorielle was silent, she let the forest sounds sooth her. Lucario silently followed behind.

"Well, we should head back," Lorielle said finally, "The others will wonder where we went to."

silent pokemon master
10-27-2006, 08:54 PM
well Ken those were not poisenous they were they i put them in they take out bacteria out of the cocoa seed well i see when i am not wanted Ken i'll go and look for the other items when i am done i'll call you on pokenav and oh yeah tell Lorlielle i said good bye.Jayten went out he called out charizard and ninetales and dragonite come on everyone let's go well come on let's go to find the green orb first.He flew off towards team aquas base trying to find the orb/s(hopefully)

jayten looked he saw that he would need poitens better yet home made one's he made them out of his bag were the ingrediants.He went in the lair.He did'nt need the other's he was fine on his own... he battled the grunt's about 10 of them then he saw a admin he nearly alerted the boss he would have to stealth much more.he found a place he climbed out into a vent he saw the boss and the admin talking "we have transferered the green orb only to magma's lair"said the admin
"good good" said a cold hearted voice
hmm let's go find the red and blue ord and make it a bit trickier for Ken with the leadership of Ken they would find it easy.Jayten was furoius the way ken talked to him and utterly showed him up.He had thought of Ken as a friend maybe even a brother...he was depressed beyond mesure.he did'nt feel his ormal self he felt evil though he was not...He found the red and blue orbs he toke them and he would hide them somewhere in the forest but he was'nt evil he would leave clues to where they were but clues where so hard they woud'nt poberlly know what the meaned.Jayten was not at faulght here or atleast he thought Ken pushed him towards this.

He found the exit charizard and him flew toward's magma's lair.Mew remember what i told you i sensed betryael well here it is it was me a with a sad glance he stared backwords.He dropped the one orb with a piece of paper he flew proberlly 10 miles then dropped the other with another piece of paper.He was repenting but still furiuos!!! he would get the green orb but hopefully Lorleille woud'nt judge him for what he had done..his heart felt saddened he saw team magma's lair now the problem was to find the green orb!He flew done and set up camp Jaden cryed threw the night not getting to sleep untill 3'o clock in the morning..

ooc hey everyone i was angry before reading this so i took out my rage with my charecter it add's a element of touch to the story.And oh yeah my charecter might like someone dunno might make him or make him stop lol don't get angrry jaden this is just a new idea and you said no evil charecter's i think he is not evil he is just feeling a lot of pain and is caused by doing bad thing's hope you like my twist to the story:wink: :wink:

10-28-2006, 02:59 AM
OOC:Usually I'd say you're moving way to fast,but I like what you did,and I like this twist.Feel free to go evil for a little while if you want.I'm also changing the snoralax I had to a Tyranitar.I also don't know Tyranitar attacks,so I'll improvise for now.

IC:Ken looked around.Jayten should've known,anything around the mark of Ocilacra was posioned.

Ken tripped over something.He looked by his foot and found the two orbs.He realized that it must've have been Jayten.He probably blew off steam by storming the base.Ken thought for a little about where he would go next.Ken got up quickly.He'd be making his way to the magma base,since it had the green orb there.

Ken wanted saw a note as well.He grabbed it and began to read.He hopped on Groudon.They walked back to Lorielle and dropped the note by Lucario and continued.He looked at the orbs."I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I'll need help getting past through the magma base.It's way more elaborate and powerful."Ken said."You just have to make sure you use the power for good."Groudon said.Ken was suprised Groudon objected.He had grown use to it.He and Groudon were closer than anyone else was with their legendary.Ken thought of him as the father he never had.So when Groudon lectured him and told him what to do,he didn't mind.He still wasn't going to let this chance slip though.

Ken raised the blue orb."Kyogore,rise!"Ken demanded.Kyogore soon rose out of the water.Ken jumped on him."To Magma base."Ken said.Groudon followed them.

Ken,Kyogore,and Groudon arrived at Team Magma's Base."Good,we caught him before he went in."Groudon said."Kyogore,go and retrieve the green orb."Ken ordered.Kyogore fired a hydro pump at the base.The whole place was destroyed and the green orb flew into the air.Ken caught the orb and turned around."Kyogore,let's return home."Ken said.

After making back to where everyone else was,Ken dropped the orbs on the ground,not knowing what to do with them.If they destroyed them,Kyogore and Groudon would go crazy.Ken decided that he'd give the orbs to someone.He looke behind him and a boy stood in the shadows."Come on out Ray."Ken said.A boy that looked like a minutare version of Ken came running out.Ken just had a great idea.Ray had always wanted to follow in his big brother Ken's footsteps.If they were going to save the world,so was Ray.He told them it would happen.

Ken turned to Ray and picked up the blue and green orb."Which one do you want?"Ken asked.Ray's face lit up when he saw his favorite color blue.He picked up the orb."I know you're only six years old,but you are now in control over Kyogore."Ken said."Or at least until he gains your trust.""Really?"Ray asked.Ken nodded his head.The orb disapeared.Ray was about to start crying when it was gone.Kyogore then came and lowered towards the ground."That's odd."Ken thought.Groudon looked at Ken."They already trust each other."Groudon said."Yeah they do,but we still have a team member who still don't."Ken said.

OOC:Seriously,we have to slow down a bit.I will take control over Ray,but everyone else(if you want)can control him as well.I wanted someone to have Kyogore.

silent pokemon master
10-28-2006, 10:00 AM
Jaden watched smirking to himself noone knew that the green orb there was a fake and the real one was with him.now next item let's go charizard.let's go .we'll have no problem still i want Ken to feel humilation like me i must pick at them one at one if i destroy this orb then it will no chance of getting the arcalio thing out but what did Ken say or groundon can't remember the orcalio was just as strong but what would happen if i could get control of aorcalio.But first i must go with Ken again i will gain control of ocarlio and destroy arcalio!!it derserves it!Jaden suddenly englufed he was gaining a power he was bieng posseed(you know being controled by someone) the voice was telling him to get all the items then to go to orcalios spot cover it up with arcalios then when they placed all the items orcrcalio would be stronger!

Jaden skin was white his eye's had turned from brown to red he had the burning ambithion to go and kill ken!suddenly all returned to normal.he felt weak he must not give to the dark side his pokemon would hate him for that and more importanly so would lolrielle.He saw that if they were to revive arcalio orcalio would be stronger if i was to control orcalio and maybe make it my own i could use it agaist Ken!Jaden blinked he thought why only orcalio why not arcalio as well?i should destroy him i should destroy Ken he got jealous of me!!!I only do good things!Suddenly he found a power deep inside him that kept the bad out of him but then make him control thing's he could control other people's pokemon i must not use this power unless in great need

suddenly he heard a voice the voice of KEN taughting him and then the voice of lolielle telling him to come back these were inside his head they were just thought's but sounded so real.........

i'll go back and then i will help them but i must make sure that i get groundon's claw and kyogre's pump i have a plan for using them.I'll let Ken and the others get the other's i'll lay low for a while but i will and must get the claw and pump and then fuse them to make orcalio stronger there would still be the claw and the pump but there would also be a new weopen a combined between the two that only he would know of.If Ken got rude to him again he woud'nt hold back and would try and do whatever to kill or hurt and injure ken.

he flew toward's Ken and the other's i have been thinking i'll join this place again you lot need me cause look here the green orb you have it's fake i have the real one he tossed it toward's ken turned made camp and when to sleep

he smirked quitly knowing that hias plan was all going to plan

ooc hey thanks jaden and oh yeah i am not as evil but still angry!my charecter want's to kill you!lol and i said in last thing my charecter might get a crush on someone i chose lorlielle ramdomly lol:oops: and thanks for the compliments and we got to proges jaden only wa but it's a bit fast i know i helped:oops:

Fiery Houndoom
10-28-2006, 01:16 PM
ember turned her back on them "of course once again i've been left behind" she snarled, she was becoming more and more angry at the boys, and her anger was not a good thing. suddenly she whirled to face them "WHY DONT YOU THINK I CAN DO THIS?!?" she screamed "IS IT BECAUSE IM A ?!? BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME?!? WELL GUESS WHAT? YOU'RE WRONG!" she pointed at jayten "you, me, battle, NOW!"

10-28-2006, 04:58 PM
Ken thought Ember was going a little crazy.Ken put his arm out in front of Ember."No,if anyone is going to battle Jayten,I guarentee you it's going to be me."Ken said."Jaytn needs to blow off some steam,so just leave him alone.He's probably going to set up camp at a time like this,so instead of fighting,we should take this time to get a head start on finding the Kyogore Cannon before he does.If he does,he could use it on us."

Ken looked at Ray who was already asleep.His bedtime was 10:00,and it was at least 11:45.Ken picked him up and put him on Kyogore."Groudon,where is Kyogore Cannon?"Ken asked.As Ken boarded Groudon,he answered."In the ruins,at the bottom of the Lake of Rage."Groudon said."I didn't even know that there wer ruins at the Lake of Rage.Well that's a little ways away so I think we should just teleport."Ken said.Groudon closed his eyes and strained.The legendary pokemon knew how to do any attack but some attacks took more power.This one obviously did since they were teleporting a team of trainers and legendary pokemon.After three minutes of waiting,Groudon got them to the Lake of Rage."We need to make sure that the ruins is down there."Ken said."Go Fang."Fang returned up to the surface in one minute.He started growling.Ken understood what he was saying though."There's a whole civilization down there."Ken translated.

Fiery Houndoom
10-28-2006, 05:01 PM
ember gulped "a-are we going...down there" she asked, jesturing toward the lake. she was trying to hide her fear but it wasn't working.

10-28-2006, 05:05 PM
"Of course we are."Ken said."It's the only way to get Kyogore's cannon.But if you're too scared,I can see why you don't want to go."Ken left Fang out since they were traveling in water anyways.Ken looked at Ember."We have to go in now,so make up your mind."Ken said.Ken loved teasing Ember.Sort of like how Jayten developed a crush on Lorielle,Ken had one on Ember.He wanted to tell her but he wouldn't.Instead he wanted to show her.He had a feeling that someone else would let it slip though.He probably has that feeling because he had told his little brother,and Ray was known not to keep secrets,but the sooner Ember knew the better.No matter who told her.His only problem was that she probably didn't like him.

Fiery Houndoom
10-28-2006, 07:34 PM
"i'm not scared" she sneered, but she made no move towards the water and was still eyeing the lake and the feraligatr warily.

ooc: when i get a chance to really sit down and type (probobly tomorrow morning) i will respond to the crush thing:wink:

10-28-2006, 10:09 PM
OOC:HATE TO SAY THIS AGAIN,BUT READ THIS PLEASE."What ever."Ken said.He knew that there was some fear inside her,there was some inside Ken as well.Ken looked at Groudon.Groudon knew Ken couldn't breathe underwater,so he knew what he wanted.Groudon put a armor of water around everyone so they could breathe and talk underwater and wouldn't have to worry about air supply.

Ken and Fang were the first to dive in.They didn't wait for anyone.Ken grabbed hold of Fang.Fang zipped to the bottom of the lake.Ken was suprised at what he had found.It was Pallet Town.

Ken could hear a faint thumping noise."Someone must still be alive."Ken said.Fang swam torwards the noise.They could hear the bumping way better.They could tell where it was coming from."Fang,use Dynamic Punch on that wall!"Ken yelled.Fand started punching the wall.It eventually broke after 10 punches.A man was inside.The room was filled with water from a hole on the other side of the room.Ken swam down and picked him up."Ash."Ken said."Fang,find Pikachu.Return to the surface when you find him."Fang took off to look of for Pikachu.Ken went up to the surface.A few minutes later Fang came up to the surface."Did you find him?"Ken asked.Fang lifted his arm up and Pikachu was cradeled in it.Ash had already woke up.

Ash ran towards Pikachu.Ken thought if he got a hold of him,he would just hold him and cry.That wouldn't be good for anyone.Ken snatched Pikachu and tried to revive him with cpr.(I think that's what it's called)However,it was useless.Pikachu was dead.

Groudon looked at Pikachu."This pokemon didn't die from water in his lungs."Groudon said."Then what killed him?"Ken asked.Groudon picked up Pikachu's body."All his internal organs were sucked out of his body."Groudon said.Groudon dug a quick whole.Ash grabbed Pikachu and broke down.Fang had come back with another discovery.He had six crushed pokeballs in his arms.Fang layed them on the ground."Ocilacra did this."Ken said."No,"Groudon started,"I'm afraid it's something far worst."

10-28-2006, 10:17 PM
OOC: Jaden, do we have our legendaries' weapons?


Lorielle looked down into the water, she didn't have one water Pokemon, so she and Lucario would have to swim.
But then Lorielle remebered something Lucario had told her before.

"Alright, I'm going in," Lorielle said, she stooped and put Lucario on her shoulders.

"Hold on tight," Lorielle whispered. She glanced back at Jayten, who had already made camp.

"Hey, lazybone," Lorielle called teasingly, "You coming, or you sleeping?" Lorielle took a deep breath and plunged into the water. She came back up and gasped for air. She shivered and turned to the others.

"Its a little cold," Lorielle shivered. Lucario rolled his eyes.

"You might wanted to have thought of that before jumping in," Lucario teased. Lorielle playfully splashed him and climbed out, her clothes soaking wet. Lorielle sat down and shivered again. A sneeze overtook her.

"Great, my cold's back," Lorielle muttered. she queazed out the water from her hair the best she could. She looked over at Jayten. She smiled a small smile. Lucario noticed this and glanced at Jayten, hen back at Lorielle.

Lorielle saw Ken come back up with Ash and Pikachu. Lorielle gasped at what Groudon said. She was fuming, but managed to keep herself from getting angry. She truend to Groudon.

"What would 'far worse' be?" Lorielle asked. She looked down at Ash, he held Pikachu in his arms, tears streaming down his cheeks. Lorielle held back her own tears. She knelt down beside Ash.

"I'm so sorry, Ash," Lorielle said softly, she stroked his Pikachu's ears. It hurt to see a Pokemon like this. And their trainer so sad.

10-28-2006, 10:23 PM
OOC:Yeah,we have the Articuno Blade.

IC:Ken was once again a little scared."What could be worst than Ocilacra?"Ken asked."I don't know,Ken,but it is probably the most powerful thing that ever stepped foot on Earth."Groudon said.

Ash still was crying over Pikachu."Half of us should dive in,the other half stay here an tend to Ash."Ken said."You guys pick who should go."

Fiery Houndoom
10-28-2006, 10:32 PM
"i'll stay" ember volenteered emeadeatly.

10-28-2006, 10:41 PM
"I'll go," Lorielle started to take her Pikachu's ball. But remebered if Ash saw her Pikachu, it'd only make him feel worse. She put it back and She looked to Ash, wondering if she should leave her Pikachu behind. She finally decided it would be best, its electric attacks could electricute the water and hurt everyone down there.

Lorielle threw her Pokeball and out popped her Pikachu. Lorielle picked up her Pikachu and placed it next to Ash.

"I know my Pikachu won't replace yours, Ash. But it'll be here to keep you and Ember company," Lorielle said softly. She turned and jumped into the water with Lucario hanging on. Lorielle again gasped for air. She looked up at the others. Her Pikachu gently licked Ash's cheek comfortingly. Lorielle smiled.

"Hey, Jayten. You coming?" Lorielle asked.

10-29-2006, 04:41 PM
OOC:I forgot to say we can start catching more pokemon now.

IC:Groudon put an air bubble around Lorielle."I don't know.I'v read about something more powerful then Ocilacra,but no one has ever figured out their name."Groudon said."I guess that's what we're supposed to find out."Ken said."Okay,Fang.Lets get going."

Fang jumped in the water.Ken looked at Groudon."Better watch over them."Ken said.Ken dived into the water and all the way down to the ruins of Pallet Town.

"Fang,sniff out the cannon."Ken said.Fang started turning in all the directions trying to pick up a odd smell.Soon he smelt something and started to swim off.Ken followed and hoped Lorielle would as well.

Fang stopped when they reached Professor Oak's house."What's wrong Fang?"Ken asked."Gator.Ga.Tor."Fang said.Ken looked at Loriell."If you're wondering,he said there's something under here."Ken said."Try moving it with tail whip."Ken said.Fang's tail was bigger than other Feraligator's tail whould be.To be truthful,when Fang was a Totodile,his tail broke his ribs.Luckily it healed.His mom didn't know,and when she found out,she didn't even take him to the hospital.It was Groudon who did.That's actually how they met.More on that later though.

Fang's giant tail hit the house and broke it to pieces.Fang moved the rest of the rubble.Ken swam in the hole that was under it.There was no more water.It was a big room and on a pedestal at the end of the room was the Kyogore Cannon.

There were eggs everywhere on the walls."That can't be good."Ken thought.Fang took a step torwards the cannon and a giant snake came out.The snake opened his mouth and charged at Fang."Fang,hydro pump."Ken said.

The water hit the snkae but it didn't do much."Fang,return."Ken said."Danger,let's go."
The tyranitar was pumped up.The snake spit out some type of acid."Dodge Danger."Ken ordered.Danger jumped in the air to dodge the sludge spit out of him."Use skull bash."

It still didn't do much."Use a mega punch."Danger charged at the snake.The snake swung its gigantic body and hit Danger."Danger,return."Ken said."This thing is powerful.I don't know if I can beat it.Kicker is pure sp...."Ken stopped himself becuase he knew how to beat the snake.

"Go Kicker!"Ken yelled."Start off with high jump kick."Ken ordered.Kicker charged at the snake and of course the snake swung his body again.Kicker could easily dodge it.Kicker jumped over him and high jump kicked the snake in the head.The snake was knocked back onto the cannon.It hit the trigger.The cannon fired and killed the snake.

The whole room was crumbling.Ken quickly returned Kicker and sent out Fang.The eggs on the wal started hatching.The pokemon inside started crawling out.A giant piece of rock was falling torwards one of the pokemon.Ken threw a pokeball at it.Since it just hatched,it was easy to catch.he wasn't trying to catch it though,he was trying to save it.

A spike on the ceiling came down and hit Ken in the stomach.It didn't go all the way through though.Fang grabbed the cannon and Ken.He swam up to the surface before they were crushed.Fang reached the surface and layed Ken on it.

Everyone could see that a spike was in Ken's side.A pokeball that Ken had rolled out.The pokemon that as inside rolled out.It was a pokemon no one had ever seen before."Gorgo."The pokemon said.It walked over to Ken.Gorgo quickly took out the spike.Teh hole in Ken's chest was bleeding.The pokemon looked like it shot out a vine whip.It wrapped around Ken's chest tightly ans stopped the blood from pouring out.

Ken looked at the pokemon.It looked like it was a rock pokemon and a grass pokemon.His eyes were purple though.He looked like a pyshcic pokemon as well.Groudon looked at the pokemon."Gorgo.I remeber reading about this pokemon.It's one of the ruin pokemon."Groudon said."What's a ruin pokemon?"Ken asked."A pokemon that lives in a ruin that usually has one of the weapons in it.There's a guardian in each ruin,and what ever that guardian relates to,that's what the pokemon will be.Each one is also a psyhcic pokemon."Groudon replied."These pokemon are powerful and each of you need to get one in order to defeat who ever worse is.So let's get going."

OOC:Now we can really slow down.I just needed to talk about ruin pokemon.You'll all get one,and they'll be made up.You make them up,but they have to be psyhcic and another type,like the one I caught was psyhcic and grass.Sorry for typing so much,I was bored.

Fiery Houndoom
10-29-2006, 05:13 PM
if ember had known that ken had a crush on her she would have certainly hated him for it. she didn't like boys. not in the way that she wasn't interested in boys yet, but she really hated and despised male persons. this was mostly because her father had hated and despised her. embers mother had died giving birth to her and he could never forgive her for that. also, her mother had not really loved her father and her life had not been a very happy one because of it. ember did not believe in romantic love. sure, she loved her pokemon, but she couldn't understand how one person could love another. she loved no human being and in return she believed none could love her.

ooc: Cliché, i know but oh well:rolleyes:

10-29-2006, 06:33 PM
Lorielle climbed out of the water. She stared at the little Pokemon Ken had befirended. Her Pikachu was asleep beside Ash.

"That'd be cool to have a ruin Pokemon," Lorielle said. Lorielle turned to Ember.

"How were things up here?" Lorielle asked. Her Pikachu's ears twitched, it opened its eyes, it spotted Lorielle and jumped into her arms.

"Pika Pi," Pikachu said sadly, it pointed to Ash and his Pikachu. Lorielle returned her Pikachu and knelt down beside Ash.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Lorielle asked softly. Lucario stood beside Ken. He liked the way Lorielle had that affect on Pokemon and humans. She was so gentle. He remebered when Lorielle was a different girl. She was always getting mad at her Pokemon. She never praised them when they won a battle.
But when Lorielle nearly fell off a cliff five years ago. Her Pikachu saved her by tying a vine around her wrist and pulling her up. Ever since then Lorielle treated her Pokemon differently. She praised them and didn't get mad at them.
Lucario snapped out of his memories.

"Where to next?" Lucario asked Ken.

silent pokemon master
10-30-2006, 09:40 AM
jayten looked at lorlieele he wanted to tell her that he liked her but to embarssed mew i sense that lorlielle likes ash but i can be wrong mew laughed cause he was never wrong i best go help every one they need me.He found a wierd pokemon it was not it pokedex hmm Ken did say he found one of these thing's i best catch it it's one of my favourite types it a fire but look's phycic hmm well maybe this hex ball can catch it jayten threw the ball and caught it hmm here we go this pokemon look's strong i better go tell Ken hmm let's forget this evil plan mew and let's start again with Ken maybe we can fight him.

"Hey um Lorlliele um i have something to tell you"Jayten told her to come in the wood.he stumbled around saying 'umms and wells' then he finnly said "lorleille i have a crush on you well um i think you like ash but i want to get this out of my chest i just wanted to say i like you.....

Jayten waited worridly for an answear hopeing it to be of good new's not of bad

10-30-2006, 04:45 PM
Lorielle was surprised at what Jayten had told her. She placed her hand on his shoulder. She had that same feeling towards him, too.

"I like you too, Jayten," Lorielle said softly, "I can understand why you thought I liked Ash." Lorielle looked down.

"I do those kind of things when people or Pokemon are feeling sad," Lorielle looked like she was trying to find the right words to say.

"Its just, I felt sad a long time ago," Lorielle started, "When I first caught Pikachu we were really good friends. But two weeks later Pikachu turned ill. I rushed it to the Pokemon Center. The nurse told me Pikachu may not make it." Lorielle stopped, she swallowed the tears that threatened to pour.

"I was devistated. Pikachu seemed to get weaker and weaker. I wouldn't let myself be comforted. My parents tried everything they could think of.
two days later Pikachu almost stopped breathing, but somehow. It managed to find the strength to live. I had difficulty keeping myself from flying off the walls in joy. But then, Pikachu got worse," Lorielle sniffed, "But with care and love. I got Pikachu healthy again. I keep a close eye on Pikachu all the time. You may have noticed my hesitance to leave Pikachu with Ash. It wasn't because of its electric attacks. It was also because was worried it may fall ill again." Then Lorielle nearly broke down. She wiped away a small tear.

"Well, we may as well go and find the others," Lorielle said, she gave Jayten a light kiss on his cheek.

"And don't you dare tell anyone I did that, kay?" Lorielle said.

Fiery Houndoom
10-30-2006, 05:29 PM
ooc: do our ruin pokemon evolve?

silent pokemon master
10-30-2006, 05:55 PM
Jayten watched smiled then kissed her back blushed and told her in turn not to tell the other's .He took her hand and held it they walked down Jaden talked and talked then eventaully found the camp hey you go on ahead i'll meat you laters"
he told mew excatly what happens mew was overjoyed and a bit sad "hey mew don't worry you'll al way's be my number #1 mew gained a bit of haapyness i'll never forget you mew your like my mother or sister he went back to camp

"Ken Ken i am sorry for what i did hey Ken since i have givin you two of the items(real green orb and artcuno's) and i was thinking do me a favour for once let's battle some time and i see you like ember i could help you you know get her to notice you and that crap but enyway's i'm sorry"Jayten said all of this in one gulp Ken said nothing to Jaden(i can't make you say enthing that's bunnying)
maybe they could tak in private later

he went in and found lorlielle he closed the tent curtain's and engaed in a great talk which went on for a long time Jaden looked into her eye's they looked sad and happy he held her hand but then quickly let go of it seeing that someone had come in

ooc:hey everyone back lost the evil back together hey jaden your gettting aloada weopens why can't you let entai or fiery houndoom get like 2 each then i get some then you cause your getting quite a lotand i am slowing it down i liking entai and ken i think you like ember i think my charecter want's to help you for you two to go steady dunno hey my ruin pokemon gonna evolve so i expect you can evolve your one too fiery houndoom

Fiery Houndoom
10-30-2006, 06:14 PM
ooc: i drew pictures of my ruin pokemon and its evoloutions so if i get a chance to scan them on to the computer i will show them to you guys:wink:

silent pokemon master
10-30-2006, 08:11 PM
ooc: i drew pictures of my ruin pokemon and its evoloutions so if i get a chance to scan them on to the computer i will show them to you guys:wink:

ooc good good i can't draw to save my life so.... i won't

Fiery Houndoom
10-30-2006, 09:16 PM
ooc good good i can't draw to save my life so.... i won't

ooc: lol drawing is like, the only thing i'm good at

10-31-2006, 03:52 AM
ooc:Ruin pokemon do evovle and Entei and Fiery Houndoom can find a weapon now.

ic:Ken thought about what Jayten said.With all the few words Ken's mom said to him,somehow,"it takes a strong man to apologize."happened to be one of them.Ken thought that the heat between them would last the whole adventure,but it barely lasted a day.Ken looked at the cannon.

"We can't split this in pieces,can we?"Ken asked.Groudon shook his head no.That meant one person would have to keep a close watch on the weapon.Ken walked up to the camp that Jayten and Lorielle was in.He could hear talking."Wow,he got his girl already."Ken thought.Ken was about to drop the cannon by the tent,but they'd probably hear it.Instead,Ken waited to give it to him later.

Ken went back to the Lake of Rage and picked up a rock.He threw it into the water.The ruin pokemon he caught walked up beside him."Gorgos."The pokemon said."Gorgos,huh?Nice name."Ken said.Ken continued skipping rocks.He threw one in the air.Gorgos used razor leaf on it.The rock formed into a heart shape."You know,you're a pretty good artist."Ken said."Gor.Gorgo.Gor."Gorgos replied"Can you make a word on this?"Ken asked.Gorgos nodded."Use vine whip Gorgos."Ken ordered.

Gorgos lashed a vine out at the heart shaped rock.Apparently Gorgos already knew what Ken wanted it to say.Ken looked at the rock.the rock had EMBER inscribed on it.Gorgos hit the rock again.It had fire around it.

Ken walked back to the village and found Ember.He didn't want to give it to her directly,but that was the only way she'd really know it was him."We need something exciting."Ken said.Gorgos looked at Ken.Somehow Ken knew everything Gorgos was aying,just by looking in his eyes.

Gorgos had something already played out.Gorgos used vine whip to lift the rock in the air.It used petal dance to keep it in the air.He then used a solar beam that twirled around the petals to make the scene more beautiful.The rock landed right in Ember's lap.If she looked up she'd see Ken and of course she'd know it's from him."Come one Gorgos,I think all my pokemon need some pracitce battles."Ken said.

ooc:If I can,I'll put some pictures up of Gorgos and his evovled forms.

Fiery Houndoom
10-31-2006, 06:24 PM
ember picked pu the rock and examined it. she ran her fingers on the flames inscribed on it and ...for the first time since she had started this journey...she smiled, a small smile, but a smile nonetheless.

10-31-2006, 11:16 PM
"I'm gonna go stretch my legs for a bit, kay?" Lorielle said to Jayten. She stepped out and took a deep breath. She walked towards the forest, it was very quiet, except for a few Pidgey and Taillow singing softly. Lorielle leaned against a big tree and closed her eyes, letting the forest's clamness sooth her.

She sank down to the ground, she was almost asleep. Suddenly something smashed down into her face, she nearly had a heart attack. Lorielle stared at the thing. It was a blue-gray color, it had a finned tail and four webbed feet with fins behind. Its head had fins on both sides, and a fin behind its head. And all the fins were a very dark blue, it also had ice blue eyes. Lorielle guessed it was a ruin Pokemon. It looked like a water/psychic type.

The Pokemon looked angry. It took a step closer to Lorielle, growling fiercly.

"Hey now. Its not my fault you fell," Lorielle said.

"Mon, Nire!" The Pokemon growled. Lorielle's whole body shook. The Pokemon's ice blue eyes glowed a dak red. Lorielle's eyelids drooped, finally she fell asleep.

"Nire, Monire," The Pokemon growled. It pulled Lorielle to a cave and blew a blue bubble, it was shaped like a blanket. The Pokemon put it over Lorielle and walked out.

Lucario walked up to Jayten and asked, "Have you seen Lorielle lately?"

11-01-2006, 02:42 AM
Ken looked at Gorgos.Obviously Gorgos was goofy but knew how to battle.Now he just had to learn how to battle on a team.

"Go Kicker."Ken said.Gorgos would have to learn how to fight along the different atributes of each pokemon.Kicker was the fastest,Danger was the strongest,and Fang was a mixture of both.

Ken looked around and found a tree."Kicke,high jump kick.Gorgos,use vine whip on his leg to put some power behind the attack."Ken ordered.

Gorgos couldn't keep up.Kicker had past the range of the vine whip."Wow.This will be harder than I thought."Ken said.

silent pokemon master
11-01-2006, 03:41 PM
"Hmm not really i thought she was with you i best go find her"Jayten told lucario"you come too"Jayten walked though bush bush reaching a forrest he could smeel a familer smell it was Lorlielle she had been here "hmm um lucario i know i am ot your trainer but this is jurastic measure's do you have a bond with lorielle like me and mew Lucario nodded can you sense her lucario nodded hmm then she should be close by

after like 6 hour's it was getting darker and darker he sensed that something bad was going to happen he could see eye's suddenly a mod of bug pokemon jumped down on him"charizard let's go! use blast burn now engulf the forest and then mew use pyhcic to keep it off the landscape a sudden fire ungulfed the whole forest it was hard to see but mew strong as she was was keeping it back with a very extremaly strong phycic.eventually they all fainted charizard was weak so was mew dragonite let's go use refresh on everyone everyone was good except mew mew could barly fly dragonite refresh again but all the times he tried he could'nt get mew back to safty MEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Jaden screamed,started crying but then suddenly noticed that there was a pond nearby i wonder........ dragonite dive to the bottom you know what to get.dragonite emerged from the water magesticly."NOW we need all of us to use blast burn again and not to contain it but charizard's weakhmm Jaden looked at the newly aquired pokemon let's put you to use let's go ninetales and ruin pokemon both of them came out everyone blast burn jayten got covered and covered himself with a fire proof cloak.the whole place was engulfed with a mass of fire the tree's were rotting
jayten looked at the weed's he threw them in the air and cuaght it again then quicky pressed it Mew's body it did it Mew was fresh again Jayten hugged mew telling her how lonly he was without her even though it was only about 20-30 min's ...Mew let's go find Lorlielle he looked at the fossil pokemon it said
perupa wel that's what will call you perupa hey good job everyone especilly

he saw Lorlielle he ran with all his speed "hey lorlielle just thought i would come and see how your doing"Jaden said jokily"But really are you alright?"

Fiery Houndoom
11-01-2006, 05:24 PM
ember pocketed the stone and stood up. she looked around and saw ken training vigourously so she walked over to him "hey you," she said, adressing him "you want some help training?" she drew a pokeball from her belt and tossed it into the air. it opened and quilava came out "quilava is good at this sort of thing" her mouth wasn't smiling but her eyes were sparkling. "quilava! quil quil!" said quilava to gorgos wich in poketounge means "hello. what's your name?"

11-01-2006, 06:01 PM
Lorielle saw Jayten, she slowly sat up.

"I'm fine. Did you see a strange looking Pokemon anywhere?" Lorielle asked. Suddenly the water/psychic Pokemon jumped on Jayten. It manged to push all his Pokeballs out of his reach. Lorielle tried to jump on it, but ended up flat on her face.

"Minire! Nire, Mon, Mon. Nire! (Go away, human! Your not welcome here!)" The Pokemon gorwled at Jayten. Lorielle groaned and sat up again. For the first time she saw black symbols on the Pokemon's blue-gray body, making it look like a ruin Pokemon even more.

"Hey, calm down," Lorielle said softly, "He's not ging to hurt you."

"Mon, Nire, Monire," The Pokemon growled, it had completely ignored Lorielle. The Pokemon took a step closer to Jayten. Lucario edged his way around and knelt down next to Lorielle.

silent pokemon master
11-01-2006, 06:32 PM
"well i see when i am not needed your doing fine with what lookes like your new pokemon hmm just joking i am not going enywhere just outside to get my pokeball's and to get away from your um thing"Jaden pointed toward's her ruin pokemon oh but before i go what's your new pokemon name?

ooc nice and sweet

11-01-2006, 07:21 PM
(Do you mind if i join?)

Name: Trent Wood
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks: As i do in trainer card.
Pokemon: http://i12.tinypic.com/40djcko.jpg
Legendary: http://i11.tinypic.com/4htbjao.jpg
Personality: He is a shy boy but is very strong willed to accomplish his task. He always keeps a cool head and trains his pokemon skillfully and with pride.
Other: He is well traveled and knows many things.

Fiery Houndoom
11-01-2006, 07:57 PM
(Do you mind if i join?)

Name: Trent Wood
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks: As i do in trainer card.
Pokemon: http://i12.tinypic.com/40djcko.jpg
Legendary: http://i11.tinypic.com/4htbjao.jpg
Personality: He is a shy boy but is very strong willed to accomplish his task. He always keeps a cool head and trains his pokemon skillfully and with pride.
Other: He is well traveled and knows many things.

ooc: is that first pokemon of yours a made-up?

11-01-2006, 08:02 PM
ooc: is that first pokemon of yours a made-up?
Nope its a fourth gen pokemon that evolves from snorunt. its only female and its name isYukimenoko (Japanese name) its an ice type/ ghost and is fairly powerful.

11-01-2006, 08:04 PM
I have pictures of every new fourth gen pokemon in existance. and all the names and types of them. if you wnat i can send it to you. or go to serebii.net to see them.

11-01-2006, 08:06 PM
OOC: HEllo?????

11-01-2006, 08:10 PM
OOC: http://i11.tinypic.com/2ex32mx.jpg
This ones cool

Fiery Houndoom
11-01-2006, 08:14 PM
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11-01-2006, 08:16 PM
ooc: *sarcastic* thanks for quadruple posting:rolleyes:
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11-01-2006, 08:18 PM
OOC: THis is all of the fourth gen. They arnt in order but they are still cool.

11-01-2006, 08:21 PM
OOC: THis is all of the fourth gen. They arnt in order but they are still cool.
OOC: Bored i think il leave if you guys dont post faster

11-01-2006, 08:23 PM

11-01-2006, 08:26 PM
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Fiery Houndoom
11-01-2006, 08:32 PM
ooc: fyi no one else is on so stop being so imature! :wall:

11-02-2006, 02:36 PM
"Its not mine," Lorielle said to Jayten, but then the Pokemon sniffed Loriell's belt, and put itself in her empty Pokeball.

"Forget what I said," Lorielle said quickly. She sent out the Pokemon.

"What's your name?" She asked it.

"Monire," The Pokemon answered.

"Cute name," Lorielle said. She stood up and picked up Jayten's Pokeballs and gave them to him.

"Come on, lets head back," Lorielle said, she returned Monire to its Pokeball and walked out of the cave.

silent pokemon master
11-02-2006, 03:44 PM
OOc: well you type slow. i got bored

OOC: THis is all of the fourth gen. They arnt in order but they are still cool.

OOC: Bored i think il leave if you guys dont post faster


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If he's staying I guess he's accepted,but he's gone if he does that again he's gone.

IC:"I could use the help."Ken said.Gorgos looked at the Quilvilla in front of him."Gorgos.Gor.Gorgo.Go.(The name is Gorgos)"Gorgos said.

Kicker stood next to Ken again."Try slowing it down this time."Ken said.Kicker used high jump kick again,slowing down this time.Gorgos was able to wrap the vine around Kicker's leg this time.Gorgos threw him into the tree with enough force to cut the tree in half."Good,let's repeat on anot......."Ken was interupted by the sound of helicopters.He looked in the sky and saw a red R.Which meant one thing.

"Team Rocket."Ken said.Ken was angry.They interupted his training,while he was with Ember.The helicopters stopped when they were directly over Ken and Ember.They started sending down fire pokemon.Houndooms,Charizards,and Blazekins."I know exactly what to do."Ken said."Go Fang!"Ken yelled.

silent pokemon master
11-03-2006, 03:36 PM
"Lorlielle could you here that i reconise that sound when i was in hoean there was a team maga and aqua and team rocket kept interfering i beat giovani and maxi and archie but then only to find out those team's have new leader's i bet you enything team rocket iss there and by the rate and my feeling's i sense that Ken and Ember are in trobule.Come let's go help them if there captured i know the item's and everything but not as well as Ken but more then enough if they do get captured but enway come let's go"Jaden said

He ran for it but still his affection for Lorlielle kep him for not runnig so fast Lorlielle was'nt that fast he could'nt lose her again..............

He saw that Ken was having a bit of trobule fighting off all the water pokemon on his own with Ember "Mew let's go use hydro cannon with water pulse at the helecopter.A sudden jet of watery blasted out enough to take out a 6 story building now then a pulse of water shot out combined with hydro cannon and nearly took out Jayten woah i now why some pokemon get consuded with water pulse Jayten thought.Hmm Team Rockete's helicopter fell down harsly some rocket's were trying to get out "oh no you don't"jaden said "Perupa let's go! now use phycic and confusion blow them away!"Jaden bellowed!A sudden
purple auro shot out then another a smaller wweaker one which was just enough to set fire to the helicopter and bow away the team rocket's.It cleared all of them but the Jayten turned and said

"Hey guy's what do you think of my new pokemon kinda grew on me"shrugged and laughed waiting for a answear

ooc hey guy's if you could could everyone answear my last question it dos'nt all have to be good answaers lol but try and make it a bit nice

Fiery Houndoom
11-03-2006, 06:30 PM
ooc: here are the pics of my ruin pokemon and its evoloutions


sorry about there muddyness but mine is not the best scanner in the world:rolleyes:

i havn't thought of names for them yet so if you have any suggestions please tell me

silent pokemon master
11-03-2006, 07:33 PM
ooc there really nice pictures very nice it dos'nt matter if you scanner is'nt the best i hav'nt even got one.....and is your name emily? that was really ramdom!x and come on people let's continue this r/p

Fiery Houndoom
11-03-2006, 07:49 PM
ooc there really nice pictures very nice it dos'nt matter if you scanner is'nt the best i hav'nt even got one.....and is your name emily? that was really ramdom!x and come on people let's continue this r/p


silent pokemon master
11-03-2006, 07:55 PM
ooc just thought about it i once knew a emily..... lololol enyways don't worry:happy: :happy: i am not a kiddnapper or something like that:wink::wink:you can trust me:oops:oops: enyway's come on back on topic my charecter asked all you lot a question come on you to answear him back it's common manner's:hungry:

11-03-2006, 07:58 PM
Lorielle skidded to a stop beside Jayten. Lucario and Monire stopped beside her. Lucario pushed Monire and Lorielle to the ground as a Charizard flew over them.

"Monire, use Bubblebeam!" Lorielle ordered. Monire spewed a line of bubbles at the Charizard. It missed and almost hit Jayten.

"That was too close," Lorielle said, blushing with embarrisment, "Monire, use Water Gun, Lucario, ride through the Water Gun." Monire looked at Lorielle with a confused look on her face.

"Uh, OK. Use Hydro Pump!" Lorielle said. Monire shot out the attack and Lucario jumped into it and headbutted the Charizard.

"Yes!" Good job you guys!" Lorielle squealed in delight.

silent pokemon master
11-03-2006, 08:02 PM
OOC hey entai please answear my charecter question it add's a bit of interest seeing as my chaecter likes yours but enyway's please evryone answear and even a Jaden and you houndoom

11-04-2006, 01:06 AM
"Cool Jayten,but we got more things to worry about."Ken said.More helicopters poured over the skies.More fire pokemon."Hydro pump Fang!"Ken yelled.Fang fired off the hydro pump and sent a charizard flying into a Houndoom.

"Gorgos use sleep powder!"Ken ordered.The dust swept over the field."You have a guard that can protect those I want to protect?"Ken asked.Gorgos nodded and then shot out a shield to guard the Ken's friends.Most of the pokemon started to drift asleep,until Team Rocket threw out masks for the pokemon.

"Wow they're prepared."Ken said.Ken could hear faint talking in the distance.The helicopters started crowding around each other."I don't like the sound of this."Ken said.

The helicopters started linking together and forming a robtic version of a charizard.All the fire pokemon went inside the helicopters.The robot lifted its arm and fired a huge fireball towards Ember.Of course Ken didn't hesistate to jump in front of it,not thinking anyways.Ken's body was in pain.Somehow he wasn't burned but it felt like it.He layed there and tried to hold back tears but the pain was to excruticating.Ken realized they found out that Ken had a crush on Ember and used that to take them out,which meant Team Rocket had something on everybody.

Ken wanted to get up and fight but the pain stopped him.If he moved he knew he'd be hurt even more.He layed there and hoped for the best,but the best didn't seem to be coming,especially since Ken fainted.

silent pokemon master
11-04-2006, 11:28 AM
ooc: hey guy's this tell us about my charecter's history

ic:Oh no if they knew that ken liked ember then they would know that he in turn likes lorlielle he felt a rage like no other Ken had got hurt because of team rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jayten did'nt feel like himself he felt like when his mother was tortured and killed he felt the greif of when he alone had to look after his litlle sibling's how his father had abdoned them!!!wishing for them to die!!!!After that day he found a way he had told all his siblings to come with him to kanto he had won the championship and got loads of money then won jhoto hoean he left all the money with the second oldest and told him to look after them for he would help to revive arcalio!He had felt so much saddness for when his mother died and if Lorlielle would die......................."NO I WILL NOT ALLLOW IT! YOU ALL I TOOK OUT GIOVANNI WHAT WAR DO YOU HAVE WITH ME I ENDED TEAM ROCKET BUT IF THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH"So much rage was puring out of Jayten it was scary he called all of his pokemon "EVERYONE BLAST BURN AND MEW YOU USE HYDRO CANNON FRENZY PLANT AND BLAST BURN AND YOU TOO PERUPA"There was a sudden erge of fire heading for every single team rocket helicopter a then very second powerfully amount of fiolage lashed for team rocket and then the most dazzling but yet powerfull amount of water cascaded out of his two pokemon the last thing that Jayten saw was that team rocket were gone all had either fleen or just blew up or died.He was limp he was weak he fell down hard on the floor but felt someone had picked him up...........

11-04-2006, 01:28 PM
Lorielle stared at the robotic Charizard.

"Crud," She muttered. Monire and Lucario were back at her side.

"Monire, use BubbleBeam! Lucario, use Confuse Ray!" Lorielle said, she wasn't used to calling out orders to Lucario, she usually let him mae his own decisions.

Lorielle saw Jayten. She rushed over, but a Rocket (OOC: Was that who you planned to pick you up?) reached him first.

"Oh no you don't!" Lorielle said. She ran over, but a Rocket grabbed her. Monire and Lucario tried to free Lorielle. But more Rockets surrounded them.

"Let me go, you!" Lorielle yelled she stepped on his foot. He immediately let go. Lorielle pushed him away and ran to help her Pokemon. She threw three Pokeballs.

"Time to play, guys!" Lorielle said. Misdreavous, Pikachu, and Charizard came out. They knew what to do. Charizard flew up in the air and blasted fire at the robot. Monire and Pikachu warded off some of the Rockets while Lorielle and Misdreavous went to help Jayten. She found him and punched the Rocket and grabbed Jayten. She turned to Ember.

"Ember grab Ken and lets get out of here!" Lorielle yelled. She looked around, "Charizard go collect any of the items that we may have left in the open. Misdreavous, Monire, Pikachu. You three go ahead of us, we'll catch up later." Lorielle felt somethng hit her leg, she looked down, it was the sword that had been part of the Articuno blade. She carefully put it into her bag and saw Charizard flying in front of her. Lorielle turned to Jayten's Pokemon.

"Guys, come on. We've got to get out of here!" Lorielle yelled.

Fiery Houndoom
11-04-2006, 01:51 PM
"you're right there are too many of them, espeshally with ken and jayten out" she yelled back to lorielle she hoisted ken onto moltres' back and jumped on herself. moltres flapped onto the air and hovered, waiting for lorielle to follow

silent pokemon master
11-04-2006, 03:57 PM
ooc seeing as there's only you and ember i say'd one of you too but lets say it you lol


Jayten thought he saw his mother."mummm is that youuu"She nodded her head in agreement

"Jayten please listen to me you have to revive arcalio after that his power should destroy team rocket magma and aqua.You are a fighter arn't you just like your dad please Jayten don't stop now the fate of maybe the whole world rests at your and your friends hand if you don't revive arcalio"

"how how how do you know i am here to revive arcalio"Jayten said in misbelif

"i have been watching over you like a gurdian angel hav'nt you noticed every time you nearly die i just about save you from death the attact you did it would have killed you i saved you my power it allow's to live but not at full heath very weak.Jayten if you care for me your sibling's and Lorlielle you have to wake up and find the item's you must take charge of this i see Ken is alright
but i see you as a better organiser(leader)"His mother said

"NOOOOOOOOOOO"He woke up argh "Mew MEW Mew"!!!!!!!!!He saw Mew was beside him looking grave Mew use refresh.A sudden white light took over and turned Jaden to ok health he was badly hurt if he were to survive he would not do that again.He argened with Mew to take a refresh every hour in 6 hour's he might be alright again.He checked his belt "oh crap where's my pokemon"he got up and walked outside.Lorlielle had some pokeballs."Lorlielle are you alright(he nearly fell down due to the pain in his leg)where's Ken,ember
is that my pokemon"?He waited for a reply from Lorlielle

11-04-2006, 06:03 PM
Ken could see a body in his dreams.A big puff of black smoke."Do not worry Ken,I will revive Arcalico."The smoke said."Who are you?"Ken asked.The smoke looked at Ken."I am the thing that is worst than Ocilacra.I am Drahk."Drahk said."If you're evil why would you want to bring back Arcalico?""More questions,more answers.I want to bring Arcalico back,because I want to be the one to destroy him.Matter of fact,I think I'll hop out of this dream and do that now."Drahk said."Drahk,where have I heard that name before?"The name went through Ken's mind.It sounded familiar.Then he realized what Drahk had just said.Ken took off after him but Drahk was gone.

Ken woke up and saw his body on Moltres.He sat up quickly."Where'd he go?"Ken asked to himself.He soon got his answer.Drakh was running torwards the lake Drahk up and over it.Ken tried to run after him,but pain was still in his body and that alone stopped him."No,he got away!"Ken yelled.

Just then the sky started to blacken and the clouds turned red.Drahk's picture was in the sky and all the weapons rose up around it.Including the one they had found.Soon it formed a body."No way."Ken thought.Ken sent out all his pokemon.

"Arcalico,rise!"Drahk ordered.Soon that happened.A knight rised.The Kyogore cannon was on his left arm with the Groudon claw on the righ.He had all three crowns on his head,with the three orbs inside as well.The swords were in a sheath on his back.Every other item was on his body.

"It's Arcalico."Groudon said.He marveled at his appearance.A black version of Arcalio rose up as well."Ocilacra."Ken started."This is bad.They're all going to battle and that's going to do some damage to Earth.""I think there will be even more damage."Groudon said.Ken turned around and all the pokemon were soming down.Every type was.

"You know what,I don't care what happens here.I just know this might be our last battle,and if it is,then let us go down fighting!"Ken yelled."Arcalico has arrived,and so has an Armageddon!"Groudon shouted.All the legendaries were floating in the air,and asorbed by Drahk.

"Looks like we're fighting with our regular pokemon."Ken started.He turned to everyone else."And another thing,"Ken started,"this battle is going down in history."

OOC:I know this thing has happened quick,but I have another idea for the second installment of this rp and this one has made it to nine pages.That's the first time I've had an rp make it this far.Basically it's almost finsihed and I don't want to forget the second one.This battle will go on for at least a few more pages then it'll be finsihed.

Keep a look out for the second one.

silent pokemon master
11-04-2006, 08:20 PM
ooc will everyone who entered this be entered as well
ic: Jaden got up there he was but mew was gone Arcalio was here so was orcalio and so was drahk i know what to do he had this power deep down in him there was a thing he could do he could make his pokemon go in the avater stage(ooc lol got that from a show lol)in i had to make them really wweak thoguh so it's a battle to the end he had a feeling to keep perupa though he would need it later he thought.everyone lets go dragonite charizard ninetales everyone use hyper beam on orcalio then use blizzard and thunder on dhrak

perfect they thought he was weaking them but he was'nt he was weaking his pokemon he had a tough time he did'nt like to do this but he had hecould maybe put his pokemon in the avater state then he could send out perupa and use the ultimate attact on dhrake it worked to perfection dhrake was weakedned his pokemon were weaker everybody use the avater state all his pokemon started glowing then a huge white mist covered the area "

"everyone get on the ground"everyone got on the ground the force that isseued from Jayten pokemon sent dhrake hurtling and smashed in a nearby rock now everyone let's see how resistant to fire he is everyone use a full power blast burn a sudden fire went strait for dhrake now everyone fire blast a second phase of fire hit drhake now everyone use overheat a third more powerfull jet of flames shot out dhrake screamed in pain he was gone and dead now what layed rest was to take out and help arcalio take out orcalio

ooc drhak is not dead just pretending ok you see in my next ic post

11-05-2006, 01:53 AM
OOC:No way Silent,that was way to quick.Plus you did it by yourself and Drahk is the strongest out of the three.That would mean you could defeat Ocilacra now.Drahk can't even be hurt by your most powerful pokemon's most powerful attack.So killing him a three paragraph post is impossible and unless you reverse that postmyour pokemon are out of power right now.Sorry to sound so mean,but I want this to be over,just not that quick.

silent pokemon master
11-05-2006, 10:42 AM
ooc lolol you ar'nt mean and my charecter thinks his dead not actually dead lol he is not dead just pretending get my point lol i'll wirte that in my preveious post ok?

11-05-2006, 02:03 PM
sorry i havent posted been on an online game named Graal for ages.

Xaitan put the crown on his head for fun it looked a bit silly so he put it in his backpack and got Gengar to fly him down the mountain. Xaitan sat down with all his pokemon in the forest ot Pallet Town they were all testing there new attacks on wild pokemon, while Xaitan waited to see if there was anyone else around.

11-05-2006, 02:15 PM
"Lucario, no!" Lorielle yelled. Lucario had been absorbed.

"Monire, Hydro Pump!" Lorielle ordered. Monire shot out a strong jet of water, but it did'n't seem to do anything.

"Pikachu, Volt Tackle! Misdreavous, Monire, use Psychic! Charizard use Flamethrower!" Lorielle caled out. Her Pokemon obediently attacked. But they didn't even give any of them a scratch.

"This doesn't look good," Lorielle muttered, "Jayten, you OK?" Lorielle called. She suddenly had an idea.

"Charizard, can you fly me, Misdreavous, Pikachu and Monire near to thosethings?" Lorielle asked. Charizard nodded. Lorielle hopped on, with all her other Pokemon.

"Charizard, Fly!" Lorielle commanded. Charizard shot through the air. Lorielle hoped this would work. She glanced down and shivered. She'd forgotten she was afraid of heights.

"Just don't look down, just don't look down," Lorielle said to herself.

silent pokemon master
11-05-2006, 02:53 PM
Suddenly Jayten ws bieng strangled

"you thought you could kill me huh huh those fire just gave me burn markes"dhrak said mencingly.He tighted his grip on jayten neck i'll kill you right here right now i am much more powerfull then eny of the other arcalio or orcalio nothing can stop me".He ushered jayten to the air"Feel the pain mortal feel like your on the brink of life and death?Jayten thought to himself my strongest attact's did nothing on him......i am going to die........Suddenly he heard mew speak to him

"Jayten listen to me you must this is the only possible way to take out dhrak you must get everyone and yes when i mean everyone i mean everyone to use thier strongest attact stimutainly or else we will all die and life will cease to existyou are a fire user so make all your pokemon use blast burn get everyone else to get thier pokemon most strongest attact it will not take out dhrak then your ruin pokemon must use shadow bannish yes everyone dhrak will be banished and orcalio will be delt with damage for he is a dienty of darkness and hatred"mew's voice died down

Jayten looked up at dhrak "jayten join me we can rule the wold together"dharak said softly he lowered jayten down.Jayten back away "ok fine i'll join you but can i my pokemon come near me" jayten said dhrak nodded

"everyone use fire blast on dhrak"dhrak was suprised and numb for a little while
"you thought i would join you you had your chance to kill me you won't get another."Jayten spat on dhrak face.He has the charectistists of a human but the power of a pokemon jayten thought this would come in handy later.

He turned around and told everyone what mew had told him

ooc right dhark is not dead in my post he 'comes back to life' and everyone read my post let's go like 5 post's then everyone use your pokemon strongest then after one post you your ruin pokeon shadow banish it's my idea to end the dhrak but not that quick and everyone has to do it!so it lookes like everyone banished him together

Fiery Houndoom
11-06-2006, 10:47 PM
Suddenly Jayten ws bieng strangled

"you thought you could kill me huh huh those fire just gave me burn markes"dhrak said mencingly.He tighted his grip on jayten neck i'll kill you right here right now i am much more powerfull then eny of the other arcalio or orcalio nothing can stop me".He ushered jayten to the air"Feel the pain mortal feel like your on the brink of life and ?Jayten thought to himself my strongest attact's did nothing on him......i am going to die........Suddenly he heard mew speak to him

"Jayten listen to me you must this is the only possible way to take out dhrak you must get everyone and yes when i mean everyone i mean everyone to use thier strongest attact stimutainly or else we will all die and life will cease to existyou are a fire user so make all your pokemon use blast burn get everyone else to get thier pokemon most strongest attact it will not take out dhrak then your ruin pokemon must use shadow bannish yes everyone dhrak will be banished and orcalio will be delt with damage for he is a dienty of darkness and hatred"mew's voice died down

Jayten looked up at dhrak "jayten join me we can rule the wold together"dharak said softly he lowered jayten down.Jayten back away "ok fine i'll join you but can i my pokemon come near me" jayten said dhrak nodded

"everyone use fire blast on dhrak"dhrak was suprised and numb for a little while
"you thought i would join you you had your chance to kill me you won't get another."Jayten spat on dhrak face.He has the charectistists of a human but the power of a pokemon jayten thought this would come in handy later.

He turned around and told everyone what mew had told him

ooc right dhark is not in my post he 'comes back to life' and everyone read my post let's go like 5 post's then everyone use your pokemon strongest then after one post you your ruin pokeon shadow banish it's my idea to end the dhrak but not that quick and everyone has to do it!so it lookes like everyone banished him together

ooc:no offence silent pokemon master, but i don't really like your idea of how we banish dhrak:rolleyes: it's just too...simple and easy can we try to think of somthing a bit more ...challenging?

silent pokemon master
11-07-2006, 04:16 PM
ooc:hmmm dunno eny idea's enyone we don't have to do it just suggesting?

Fiery Houndoom
11-08-2006, 03:21 PM
ooc: how about we have to get all the quarreling wild pokemon to join together to fight on arcalico's side? that wouldn't be easy...