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Poke Master
10-29-2006, 10:21 PM
Back in the time before dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth, Pokemon roamed the world. Then a strange thing was happening. Pokemon were dissapearing every day. The forces of evil. The legendary 3. Regirock Registeel Regice
something else was the boss. no one knew. Strong pervailed, but alas, weak
vanished. Suddenly teams were being formed in fact there were 3 major teams. Their names were Team Force, Team Flight and Team Blade.
There mission was to save the weak and defeat the evil forces.
Sometimes they will come accross each other and join. as they will be unbeatable. As the legend says when the evil forces fall, The good will clean the wreck and create the new world.


to sign up, use this form:

Name:(doesn't have to be your real name)
Age: (age of your pokemon)
Gender: (male/female)
Pokemon: (strong enough to be evenly matched with Sceptile)
History: (your character's background)
Personality: (your character's attitude, and feelings/actions)
Descritpion: (What your pokemon looks like)
Team: (Team Force, Team Flight or Team Blade)

No mini mods
No DoublePosting

EDIT: The real RP will be opened when there is 3 members.

Poke Master
10-30-2006, 11:00 PM
No one doing it? Oh well..
Here's mine:


Age: 14

Gender: male

Pokemon: Mew

History: Mew was born on a moutain far away from other pokemon and its mother was completely unknown. It had 2 friends: a Celebi and a Linoone.
It got seperated when Celebi died fromo a strong attack from the Regis' boss and Linoone died because he died. He decided to save pokemon because he wanted revenge of the Regis.

Personality: Mew is rather a quiet, and peacful pokemon - but at times it will become more powerful than it normally is and is reckless.

Descritpion: Other than a scar from a battle with Regirock, it looks like a normal Mew.

Team: Team Blade

Other: Mew holds an item that belonged to its mother - an item so sercret that Mew himself has no idea what it is.

Well.... I'll need more people than me.
You can be a Mew just different name.
You can be any pokemon, including 4th generation

Well thats mine!

Alex the Charmander
10-30-2006, 11:20 PM
I am going over a very big latias phase...

so can I play latias?

Poke Master
10-30-2006, 11:21 PM
I am going over a very big latias phase...

so can I play latias?sure anything you wanna be!

Alex the Charmander
10-30-2006, 11:32 PM
Name: latias?
Age: ?
Gender: ...female
Pokemon: latias!
History: she saved a city and fell into pitfall valley and now she's back!
Personality: she likes to play but she likes hanging out with her brother, latios, she never goes anywhere without him.
Descritpion: uh...she looks normal.
Team: team flight

Poke Master
10-31-2006, 12:08 AM
You can "Nickname the pokemon" if you want and the age doesn't matter ACCEPTED

Poke Master
11-03-2006, 12:13 AM
I need more members... Anyone? oh... well... sorry for double posting:sad: