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07-01-2004, 04:13 AM
Dream Higher Then Ever Before

If you were ever looking for a farm then Violet Daisy Ranch would be your best guess. The ranch was located somewhere beyond Violet city. It was, perhaps, a mile out beyond the Bellsprout Tower that swayed but never toppled over. The trees that surrounded the beloved Violet City only went so far before naturally coming to a slow hault so the land could tilt lightly to create a small hill. If you walked down the spring green hill you'd find an small, wooden fence and then if you went passed it you'd find herds of Pokemon grazing in the morning grass. That was where Violet Daisy Ranch, nicknamed the Daisy Ranch, stood.

The ranch was old but protected from wind by the hills that caved in around it. The paint was freash and green while the 2 story ranch's roof looked new as day's break. The bottom story was for the Pokemon to stay in with many stalls and the freash scent of hay while the top floor was for living it. The cooking was done in a seperate house off to the left but there were bunkbeds on the wall for people to sleep on and a table in the center of the one, large room for meals.
Next to the house was a large tree that the Treecko cared for and it was always heavy with berries that were cooked into bubbling pies.

The ranch housed many Pokemon. The Torchic there were used by Birch as starters sometimes and the Treecko refused to leave their tree. In the tree hid a mother Nocowl and her family but the father of the nest belonged to a trainer who had recently left to work at Falkner's gym.
A gentle stream that inked through the field was home to a family of Wartotle who trained to be the best and protect a young Mudkip who had gotten lost one day.
But the most life was on the lower level of the ranch building and in the fields. The ranch was best known for its Miltank. The large, lazy, pink cows produced lovely Moo Moo Milk and their healing bell move was heard for miles, even in Violet City, and healed injuried Pokemon in the forest nearby.

The workers there were super friendly as well. Mother Fuji, a distant realitive of Mr. Fuji, ran the ranch with every bit of her love and her lovely daughters helped too.
Kim Fuji cooked wonderful stews that were enjoyed by the family and Pokemon and was also very good with the Eevee that sat on the window sill while she cooked. She was 16 years old with curly black hair and amber eyes.
Sara Fuji was the family's housekeeper. She cleaned the upper level of the house with her Jumpluff friends and the help of a couple other Pokemon. She was 15 with short brown hair and brown eyes.
But of all the children it was the 3rd that seemed overworked. 13 year old Tenchi was always working. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes with a sunny smile that never faded. She was cheerful and always working, with dreams too high to be touched at her present level of education. Tenchi usually cleaned the stables and brushed the other Pokemon but none of the Pokemon ever really showed her extreme affection.

Daisy Ranch was always full of trouble but love shined through. All the Pokemon were nice and there was a pattern of life... But the pattern was soon to be broken.

[I]Don't Ever Stop Reaching To The Stars

It was another day at the Ranch. The sun's rays pressed through the trees and struggled to warm the fields of Daisy Ranch while the dew drops sprinkled themself across the grass and clung tightly to the blades of emerald grass.
The day was starting and the loud mooing of Miltank was waking the whole Ranch. There were tons of workers there. Tons of people spent their time at the ranch. Sally was only 8 years old but she gave milk to the Meowth and spoiled the kittens well. Kate was a great mother and the 35 year old spent time in the Nursy will Stu, Tom and Phil. There were at least 20 people up on the upper level of the Ranch and they were all just waking... Except for one.

Tenchi was sitting on the roof, watching the sunrise. Her soft, blue gaze was as cheerful as ever though in side she was struggling not to cry. Every morning she saw a Meowth wander over to Sally and give her a morning's kiss to wake her up. A Blissey was always waiting for Stu and Phil when they came down after breakfast too. Even the new girl, Chii, had a Ponyta to ride now. But Tenchi had never been very popular with the Pokemon they just accepted her warm love but gaze nothing back. They weren't used to her.
Tenchi always dreamed of having a Pokemon friend. She scolded herself for not being happy with what she had too. She had a loving family and a great life but she wanted more. She was being greedy and couldn't help but feel that way!

"Tenchiiiiiiiii...." Sarah was mocking her again. The older woman walked across the roof and poked her sister in the sides.
"C'mon downnnnnn. We're gonna eeeat sooooon." She yawned and rubbed one of her eyes free of sleepy dust before walking down a ladder on the side of the house and crawling into a window.
Tenchi blinked and slowly pushed herself up to her feet and wandered over to the ladder. The morning dew slid down the slick, black roof and splattered on the grass below. It was the start of another day and she wasn't looking forward to it.

07-02-2004, 05:08 PM
Monday Morning

"Tenchi! Here's your chore list!"

It was long past breakfast time and all the workers were standing in a straight line, awaiting a list of their Monday morning chores. They had until noon to complete at least half the list but if they completed the whole list they'd have time to fool around with the Pokemon. No one at the farm expected pay because just to hang out with Pokemon was a treat. Most people got a pet Pokemon by the end of the day too. That was Tenchi's goal... At least kind of her goal. By the end of the week she'd have her very own Pokemon pal to spend day and night with!

Tenchi scanned her list of chores and groaned. She was to clean the first 5 stalls in the Stable and that was only the beginning of her duties! Then she had to collect Pokemon Eggs from the breeding house and label which Pokemon they'd come from so the eggs could be shipped off to Pokemon Labs and to schools. The day would be pretty hard but she'd her jobs down so she could play with the Pokemon for a while! That would be tons of fun and worth all her efferts!
"WELL THEN! Like my motto says, Never give up!" Tenchi said firmly under her breath as she walked off to the Stables, which weren't very far away.

The Stables were rarely messy and there were maybe only 30 stables in all so 6 people could do 5 stalls and that'd be it. The Stables were also rather large but that was ok since all the mess went in one corner and then the boys would shove it all into a cart and take it down to a little ditch were it decomposed and turned into beautiful soil used later for the spring flowers. Everything was well organized and girls really got off easy when it came to the stables.

On that particular day the 6 girls cleaning were all Tenchi's age. It didn't really matter because the girls never talked in the foul smelling stables, all eagar to get away, but it made Tenchi more comfortable to know other girls her age were going through the same work that she was.
Tenchi's clothing was almost always the same. She wore a brown tanktop and brown shorts every day. No one liked to be caught in the heat wearing jeans, they simply weren't very comfortable. She put on her brown leather gloves and made sure her boots were on tight before putting her hair in a bun and putting a little piece of cloth over her hair to keep it clean. Then it was time to work.

Work wasn't normally very hard but Tenchi's mind was caught up in the facts. She'd worked at the stables since she was 7 years old and the whole time she'd never been loved to death by a single Pokemon. It was like the whole world was against her and all she could do was work harder and harder until she finally managed to befriend a Pokemon.
With her week's goal being making a Pokemon friend she was now facing a tough choice. Which type of Pokemon to befriend? She wanted a loyal Pokemon that worked hard and that she could visit alot. Something small so it could wake her up every morning and could comfort her when she wasn't feeling great. Something like a Meowth!

But how would she find a Meowth? Maybe after she finished all her chores she could go make friends with one of the Meowth in the stable? Yeah. Afterall, she was already on her 2nd stall so she'd probbly be able to collect eggs after lunch. If she finished all five stalls within the next hour she'd have 2 hours before lunch time and then she could go play with the Meowth. There was supposed to be a new litter in the hay stack, which was way no one was allowed to feed Pokemon using the old hay stack but from the new stack behind the house.

So it was decided. After she finished her first chore she'd go play with kittens and then collect eggs. Maybe the day wasn't going to be so hard afterall.

07-03-2004, 04:56 PM
One Hour Later

"Alrighty. All done." Tenchi said cheerfully as she cleaned her hands in a sink. The stable wasn't as stinky as before but it was cleaner and probbly alot more pleasent to sleep in. Tenchi really didn't want to find out for herself.
It was 10 o'clock am so Tenchi had 2 hours before lunch. After lunch she would do her final chore, collect eggs, but she was too lazy at the momment and too excited about meeting the Meowth kittens.

She quickly walked to the large stack of hay near the final stall and instantly noticed how insane the crowd of girls around it was. EVERYONE wanted to see the new born kittens! There were no spaces in tight circle of girls for Tenchi to peek through so as to see the kittens! It simply was not fair!
"Aw! So cute! Wanna hold a kitten, Sally?"
"This kitten really likes me, Suzy. I feel like a mother!"
"I bet I'll get to keep this lil'fella! He's adoreable! I'll call him Kuro!"
Every word the girls said stabbed Tenchi's dreams like a knife so she just stared sorrowfully at the crowd. She was too late to get a kitten... She'd never get her dream Pokemon now!

"Ah! Gina, your Meowth!" One of the girls yelped in surprise as one of the Meowth kittens jumped out of a girl's arms and started running out towards the pasture. Girls were beginning to scream in horror and some were holding their kittens tighter then before. A baby Meowth could easily be stepped on by a grazing Miltank!
Tenchi looked around, only to notice that most of the girls were in flip-flops so couldn't run fast enough to catch up with a lively young Meowth. She was wearing boots and she was a good runner. This was her chance to prove her love for the kitten and earn its trust! Then it'd be her little Pokemon for keeps and she wouldn't be lonely anymore!

Tenchi dartted after the frightened Meowth, her feet touching the ground for less then a second before she lifted them again and continued her fast pace of running. The Meowth was still scared and running closer and closer to the Miltank. Tenchi knew from experirence that Miltank were quick to anger when they grazed. They would kick or stomp on anything that annoyed them and were probbly leveled 20 or 30 in battle. One stomp could quickly drain a baby Pokemon of all its HP and leave it injuried for a long time.

"Miiiiil!" Growled one of the Miltank as Tenchi hurried forward. Considering the looks of things this was not going to be a pretty ending for the MEowth if it didn't get away fast.
The baby Pokemon was growing weaker and weaker from running and the gap between it and Tenchi was closing. One of the Miltank growled again and joined Tenchi in her chase for the Meowth. The Meowth mewed something at Miltank and Miltank harshly spat sounds back at it. The large pink cow was getting closer to Meowth and looked ready to stomp it unless Tenchi did something fast...
"Look out!" She screamed, jumping forward and grabbing Meowth. Miltank tried to stomp Meowth as the Pokemon made one last comment before Tenchi grabbed it and the girl rolled out of Miltank's way before the large Pokemon could touch her.

Meowth hissed and scratched Tenchi's face, leaving 3 open wounds. One of the girl's fore head, one on her cheek and one across her eye. Tenchi yelped in surprise but didn't let Meowth go.
"Stop it! Please!" Tenchi said, nearly sobbing as more scratches brought sudden jolts of pain through her body. "I was only trying to help!"
The hissing fit didn't stop and the scratching begain to intersect and become deeper and deeper.
"Please stop! I was only trying to help!" Tenchi sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks and stinging the wounds on her face. Why was everything turning out like this? Wasn't Meowth greatful for what she'd done?!

Tenchi closed her eyes and let the scratching continue, too miserable to fight back. No Pokemon could ever like her. She just wasn't a PokePerson. She'd die without ever having a Pokemon friend. She'd die lonely and afraid of ever seeing a Pokemon again...
Suddenly the scratching stopped and Meowth was screaming angrily. Tenchi opened her eyes to the best of her ability, wincing so she could see what had happened. The Miltank from before had took Meowth by some loose skin and lifted it away from Tenchi.
Tenchi gulped, noticing the angered look on Miltank's face. What was going on?

Then, in a split second, a scene was displayed before Tenchi that she'd never forget. Meowth hissed and reached a claw out towards her in attempts to scratch her and Miltank flung the annoying kitten all the way back to the stable where the baby landed in the hay stack.
Tenchi stared in a cross between confusion and surprise, lips partted and eyes wide. Everything had happened so fast that she couldn't stop it.
The Miltank then moved towards her and started to lick the wounds on her face, as a mother kissed a child's "boo-boo" to make it better. Tenchi just stared and, for the first time, notice that Miltank had a large scratch under its eye that was bleeding freely.

07-03-2004, 05:04 PM
"A-Are you ok?" She asked softly, not sure who deserved her attention more. Meowth or Miltank. Miltank looked at her happily and licked her again, perhaps saying "yes" or some other positive expression given after someone was concerned about you. Miltank's ears then perked up and the cow sent a stern look in the direction of Tenchi, only eye contact was made on something behind her.
Then she felt a hand across her face, a powerful slap that made her wound tingle in pain.

Tenchi paused for a momment to let both the words and the slap sink in. Why was everyone so mad? Hadn't they seen what had happened to her?
"Miiiiiiiil!" Mooed Miltank angrily with a look on its face that easily translated into "I am mad so leave now.". The girl who had slapped Tenchi, who Tenchi now recongnized as Gina, looked at Miltank in a way that showed she understood before running off.
"Just you wait, Tenchi! You'll see!" She yelled back at Tenchi. "No Pokemon could ever like you but a stupid cow anyways!"
Still, all tenchi could do was wait for the words to soak in. Gina was at least 5 yards away before she realized that Gina was referring to Miltank as a 'Stupid Cow'.
"SHE IS NOT A STUPID COW! IF ANYONE'S STUPID IT'S YOU!" Tenchi yelled angrily at Gina, eyes filled with anger. How dare she call Miltank stupid! After everything that had just happened Tenchi knew just who was the idiot around these pastures and that was Gina!

"You wanna say that again?" Gina asked before turning around to give Tenchi a dark glare.
"That's right! Miltank is stronger and smarter then any Pokemon that could ever like you!" Tenchi said firmly, balling her fists and moving closer to Miltank.
"Put your money where your mouth is. I challenage you and the dumb cow to a Pokemon battle." Gina said in a sly voice. The expression on her face sent goose bumps down Tenchi's spine but Miltank looked more ready then ever.
"Miltank, you wanna fight her?" Tenchi asked Miltank firmly. Miltank nodded and stomped the ground.

"Alright then! But don't come crying to me when you lose! Go, Nidorina!" Gina tossed a Pokeball at the grass in front of the Tenchi with a smirk on her face. The Pokeball rolled across the ground and then a bright light erupted from it and blinded Tenchi and Miltank for a split second. In the place of the Pokeball, which had floated up to Gina's hand, there was now a Pokemon. The Pokemon was neon blue with floppy ears and a rather small body with barely any space between the two sets of limbs. The creature was standing on its hind legs with its stubby arms out in a T-Rex like fashion and red eyes fixed on Miltank in a slight glare. Nidorina, as Tenchi remembered, was like Miltank and always female.

"Alright, Tenchi. Send your cow out so Nidorina and I can kick its butt faster." Gina said with a yawn, looking bored and mildly impressed by Miltank's size. Compared to Niodrina, Miltank was almost a giant.
"Where'd you get the Nidorina?" Tenchi asked in awe upon remembering that Nidorina evolved from a female Nidoran.
"When I first started working here at age 8 my Papa got me a Nidoran for protection. So I trained her until she evolved." Gina said in a brag-voice. "Now I've just got to wait for a Moon Stone."
Tenchi nodded slowly as if to head the fact she wanted to cry. Gina had had a Pokemon when she was 8 years old! Both girls were now 13 but Tenchi had never touched a Pokeball in her whole life!

Miltank's gaze softened and the pink cow nudged Tenchi's cheek with her nose and mooed softly. The words "It's all right" seemed to be whispered in the wind in a female's soft, loving voice and something told Tenchi that Miltank had said that.
"Miiil taaa miiil ank." Miltank licked Tenchi's cheek and then walked out to stand in front of Nidorina.
Tenchi was completly bewildered. Something in her heart told her that Miltank had just said "I'll do my best for you." but then again she couldn't say that was what Miltank had said since Pokemon didn't speak english. What was going on?

"Are you going to attack or what?" Gina asked in her usual snotty voice. "Or should I end the battle now?"
Tenchi gulped. She could tell that color was draining from her cheeks and that Gina could tell. She didn't know what kind of attacks Miltank knew!
She had to think. Usually, all Pokemon had one basic move that they knew no matter what. But what was that move? Charmanders knew scratch, Treecko new Pound and lots of newborn Pokemon knew charm... Squirtle knew... Tackle! Miltank had to know tackle, right? A Miltank couldn't scratch but it probbly could pound... Yet most Pokemon who could pound weren't able to learn the move so tackle was her best choice at the momment.

"Miltank-chan! Use your tackle attack!" Tenchi commanded in a firm voice, acting as if she knew just what she was doing.
Miltank's ears perked upon hearing the order as if confused but Tenchi sure did seem serious about tackle. Why not a stronger move? But it was more Tenchi's battle then her own... She was helping Tenchi prove that the two of them weren't useless!
"Miiiiiiiil!" Miltank's battle cry was attracting the attention of the rest of the Miltank herd, all of who were now gathered around the battle like loyal fans to a sports star or music idol. Miltank's hooves had been planted in the ground but not every ounce of strength in the pink Pokemon's body had pushed her forward towards Nidorina. The blue Pokemon squeeled in fear, having never battled such a huge Pokemon, and Miltank's tackle landed a near fatal blow on Nidorina.

Tenchi looked at Gina with a puzzled expression. How could Miltank's tackle do so much? Gina had trained Nidorina from a Nidoran when she was about 8 years old. That was nearly 5 years ago. So shouldn't Nidorina be a bit stronger then that?
"So I trained her until she evolved. Now I've just got to wait for a Moon Stone."
The words echoed in Tenchi's head for a mere second before the answer hit her. Had Gina only trained Nidorina until she evolved and then left it at that? That would make Nidorina only 16 or 18 levels! The Miltank on the farm were super strong and most people said that were in the 30's or 40's. Was Gina just going to leave Nidorina at level 18 her whole life, even after getting a moon stone?

"Nidorina! Use Scratch!" Gina ordered angrily, her expression serious but a hint of worry could be seen in her eyes. Nidorina struggled to her feet and then stumbled over to Miltank. The Pokemon's footing was weak and only hit from Miltank might send Nidorina flying...
Tenchi was now in a 2 second thinking mode while Nidorina stumbled over. She needed an attack that would have enough power to send Nidorina flying. She needed something stronger then tackle. Nidorina's footing was weak and wobbly so Gina's Pokemon might not be able to move out of the way in time so a slow attack would be perfectly ok. But all she needed at the momment was an attack.

Miltank stomped one of her front feet angrily, wanting to get the battle over with. The simple movement triggered a thought in Tenchi's brain and the girl swung her gaze to Miltank. Of course!
"Miltank, use stomp attack on Nidorina's feet now!" Tenchi ordered quickly. Miltank quickly moved forward and stomped on Nidorina's feet. Niodrina sreeched in pain, taking a few quick steps back and howling louder in a cross over of fury and pain.
"Nidorina! Use Posion Sting!" Gina yelped in surprise, realizing that Nidorina's scratch hadn't even hit Miltank yet. This battle was one sided in Miltank's favor! One sided in the favor of an idiot cow and idiot girl!

Nidorina, though, refused to attack and simply fell to the ground in an instant knock out. Gina's eyes grew wide in horror and she quick recalled her beaten Pokemon to its Pokeball.
"Tenchi, you cheater!" Gina shouted angrily, pointing an accusing finger at Tenchi. "My Nidorina should've won!!!"
"How long have you been training that thing, Gina?" Tenchi snapped back angrily. Miltank walked back to Tenchi and sttod protectivly in front of her, eyes narrowed at Gina.
"When she evolved I stopped, of course. No point training her anymore if she won't evolve!" Gina snapped back with her hands on her hips. "I know Pokemon basics, unlike you, ya lil'cheater!"
"You need to train your Pokemon longer! Miltank won because she's more experirenced in battle, unlike your Nidorina!"

Gina gasped, looking a bit offended and disappointed. Why was everything Tenchi said so painful to her?
"You don't really love Nidorina, do you? You think it's a waste of time to make Nidorina stronger!" Tenchi yelled at Gina, who was now hanging her head a bit. Gina's whole body trembled and Tenchi gave herself a little mental victory praise. She'd beaten Gina and her Nidorina! Gina must feel really stupid now after calling Miltank and her all those names!
"You.hic.. You're wrong..hic.. You're wrong... YOU'RE WRONG!" Gina said in a trembling voice as her neared crying. Tenchi jumped a bit in surprise and Miltank lowered her gaurd a bit when the sorrow and pain in Gina's voice reached Tenchi and her.

07-04-2004, 06:39 PM
"I l-love my Nidorina... hic... sob... I didn't want to... hic... put her through the pain of training any more after I evolved her... hic... It hurt her so much to battle so she could evolve so I decided that we wouldn't do all that any more... hic... I'd just give her those rare candies that she gained levels eatting and then use a moon stone on her... hic... I didn't think she'd get so hurt because she wasn't training any more..." Gina said sadly, trying not to cry. When she finished explaining Gina finally starting to cry and covered her face in her hands. "It hurts... hic... It hurts to lose... But losing after all those mean things I said about Miltank and you makes it hurt more... I really am sorry, Tenchi... I really... hic... am so sorry."

Tenchi sighed, suddenly feeling really bad for Gina. She hated to admit it but Gina really was a nice girl...
"I'm sorry too, Gina." Tenchi admitted, trying to seem brave. "No Pokemon has ever cared for my like Miltank did so I got really happy when someone finally loved me. I didn't want to lose a friend in Miltank by letting you bring her down with those insults."
"But people do love you, Tenchi. You're got your sisters and mother who love you very much. My mother didn't want to have a free loader like me in the family so I came here to prove that she can love me and I wasn't a free loader... But she died... And she never, ever said she loved me, even before she died...." Gina started to cry again and fell to her knees, not wanting to look up. "She never loved me... Never. And the Pokemon here hate me. They hate me, Tenchi. So I wanted Meowth to love me, but he didn't. He hated me too."

Tenchi blinked, a little tear rolled down her cheek when she remember Meowth's hissy fit. Only when she revisited the memory she could understand every.
"I don't want to go back to that ugly lady! Get away from me, you witch!"
"Meowth, stop that! This girl is trying to save you! You ungrateful brat!"
"She just got hurt saving you from a stomp attack and you still call her a hag!?"
Miltank had defended her the whole time from a bratty Meowth... Meowth had hated her and Miltank had saved her from pampering the Pokemon that hated her guts...
"Tenchi...?" Gina murmered as she forced herself to stop crying. "Can we be friends?"