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Bringing Judgment Day

Hey everyone. If your here then I hope you like reading about courage, mystery, suspense, killing, and a hella lot of action. This fic is made to be a very laid back fic with lots of mysterious twists while being funny at the same time being action packed.

I started this fic because of WAR Season III. Luckily this fic can bring in some points for Team Tri-Blade and yet still be fun for me to write. I do warn you of some bad words here and there with some gun battle scenes. I hope you enjoy the fic and replies would be greatly appricated!

07-06-2004, 07:48 AM
Chapter 1
La Restaurante

Twelve hours of rain and not a single sign indicating that the heavy drizzle would stop anytime soon. With the dark sky above, it seemed as if the rain were pellets darted right for the earth. No one was on the street because the many stores around were all closed. One restaurant remained open to the public, however.

A Hispanic cultured restaurant with a fancy set up for only the richest in town. The sign above the red tent leading to the entry door was flashing ‘La Restaurante’ in big, red letters. The usher, a small Tyrogue, was outside but decided to go inside, figuring he could help more inside then standing around hoping someone would come up.

Ah, but the usher was wrong. Two pokemon were across the street, standing dripping wet on the curb. A small street light made a bright reflect off of the blue Pokemon’s bald head. The pokemon wore a shell on his back and couldn’t have stood more then a little over a foot off the ground. A fairly heavy pokemon stood next to the shell pokemon, having a hair color of red and white. Two big eyes rolled towards the restaurant. In the Pokemon’s left hand, he held what seemed like a white bag that wrapped around to its back side.

“You sure this is the place?” the Squirtle questioned, looking like he was talking to the wall. The Squirtle didn’t get a reply so he tapped the small earpiece in his ear and suddenly the connection was back on. “Are you sure this is the right place?”

“My computer and me are always sure,” a voice answered through the earpiece. The Squirtle nodded to his self before taking a step off the curb and heading off towards the restaurant.

“Let’s go get ‘em,” the Delibird said.

“I don’t think so,” the Squirtle put his hand up and held it against the Delibird’s chest to stop him. “I don’t need a blood bath, I need info. You hear a shot and then, and only then, can you come in.”

The Delibird stepped back onto the curb and watched as his friend left to go into the restaurant. “I’m not the one that starts the fights, they are,” the Delibird mumbled to himself.

A rush of cool air hit the Squirtle’s face as he walked into the restaurant. The whole place was red, filled with small red tables and red roses covering the floor. “Fancy…” whispered Squirtle.

A small brown table stood in the entry way of the restaurant with a Sneasel sitting down behind it. “May I help you?”

“Yes, I have a table reserved for me. It should be under Ferris,” replied Ferris, the Squirtle.

“Ferris? Is that really your name?” smiled the Sneasel.

“Yes, you have a problem with that?” asked Ferris. The Sneasel quickly knew they needed the business so he nodded no.

“I don’t see your name on this list sir,” he replied.

“Well you seem to have plenty of tables empty so why don’t you just give me one of them?” Ferris said with a tone.

“Certainly, right this way… since you are properly suited for this kind of class,” the Sneasel said, referring to Ferris’ dirty face and the water dripping off his body.

Ferris was seated near the bathroom, the worst table at the restaurant. The waiter brought a glass of water and then went to the kitchen to get wine for the new customer.

“His name is Rico. It’s not just him though, it’s the whole crew of the restaurant,” the earpiece rung with a noise in Ferris’ ear. “Just like at the Torque Bar, every waiter and every cook will be on your ass in a second if you make the wrong move. They will be willing to give their lives to protect the whereabouts of Bosh.”

“I’ll find Rico, then I’ll make him give me info,” Ferris made a quick comment before anyone came close enough to hear him.

As the doors to the kitchen swung open as a waiter came out, Ferris caught a glimpse of a Grumpig in a red suit. He was directing orders as if he owned the place… or maybe he did own the place.

The Grumpig came flying out of the kitchen and smiled at customers as he made his way to the bathroom. Ferris was quick to act and sped towards the bathroom as well.

The bathroom door squeaked loudly as it swung open. Ferris slowly made his way to the urinals that laid across the wall. Ferris made his way to them and found a small one, since his Squirtle body was so small. Ferris acted like he was doing his business but as he noticed no one was around, he crept over to the stalls.

One by one, Ferris looked under each doorway to each stall. He was looking for small legs of a Grumpig. As he reached the last stall, he still found no feet. Ferris stood still, thinking about where this pokemon could’ve gone.

Right at that moment, the stall door came flying open! The Sneasel that talked to Ferris earlier came rushing out with a knife in his right hand. He slashed the air with the knife and directed it towards Ferris.

Ferris fell over on his back and his shell rolled him right over in a back flip motion to land him right back to his feet, making the Sneasel miss by inches. Ferris punched Sneasel while he held the knife in the air. The Sneasel dropped the knife and now it was all game.

Ferris kicked Sneasel right in the mid-section, dropping him to his knees in need of air. Ferris quickly moved his hands to where they went inside his shell where he found a weapon. He pulled out his silver pistol and slowly pointed it at the chest of Sneasel.

The bathroom echoed with the explosion of the gun. The bullet worked its way right into Sneasel’s chest and as he fell to the ground, it was seen that the bullet went thru his body. Rico, the one Ferris needed, was behind the Sneasel when the gun went off. As the bullet went thru Sneasel’s chest, the bullet also went into the Grumpig’s neck.

“Damn it. There goes my lead,” cursed Ferris.

He put the gun back into his shell so he could walk out of the bathroom like nothing happened and luckily get information from one of the waiters.

The door squeaked once again as Ferris swung it open. He brushed dirt off the front of his shell as he walked out. He suddenly stopped whenever he heard nothing but panicking. He turned his attention to the door way where the guests at the restaurant were running like their lives were on the line. And they were about to be.

Ten armed men stood facing Ferris as he walked out of the bathroom. Each one had a pistol or a small, hand machine gun. Ferris slowly started to step to his left, looking at the door way to see if his partner, Duce, was coming.

“Gee, what’s the rush?” laughed the big Delibird. People poured out of the restaurant like they had just seen Godzilla. Duce laughed and laughed, until that small thing in his head kicked in and reminded him that his buddy was inside that building.

“I don’t want to fight guys…” Ferris continued to step to his left, right towards a table. “All I want to know is where I can find the man that goes by Bosh… Mr. Bosh… The Bosh? I know you guys know what I’m talking about because I know you guys are connected, business-like. This restaurant pays him money for protection against Team Magma, right? So you must know where he is, right again?”

The whole crew just stood, staring down the tiny Squirtle. “Certainly we can come down to an agreement.”

One pokemon, a Sceptile, stepped in front of the others, “Here’s your agreement.”

He held up an old, western-like pistol where he had to pull back the lever on top in order to shoot off the gun. Ferris knew right away that this wasn’t the agreement he wanted. It didn’t take him long to hint that he needed to take cover.

Ferris jumped down on the edge of a table where the table would flip over. Ferris admittedly took cover behind the table and reached for his two pistols inside his shell. He took them out and took a deep breath. Bullets came exploding towards Ferris, blowing the table to bits.

Ferris jumped into the air at an angle, shooting off his guns in the process. One bullet sliced a Hitmonchan’s throat. Another one hit the Sceptile in the chest. Three more were to fall as Ferris fired off the 17 bullets he had left in his gun, one being gone from the bathroom act.

Ferris fell to the ground and slid across the floor. He took cover behind a huge block of cement that towered to the ceiling to help support it. Bullets knocked pieces of the corners of the cement off. Ferris tucked in tightly so that no bullets could get to him while he dug down into his shell for two more rounds of bullets. He took one round and stuck it into the bottom of the gun, then pulling back the top of the gun to ensure that a bullet would go into the chamber.

Bullets stopped flying into the air as Ferris reloaded his other gun. He was uncertain why they had stopped all of the sudden.

A burst of furry skin slapping together sounded throughout the wrecked restaurant. Ferris took a quick glimpse but then put his head back in for protection. He didn’t see anyone standing at all. He used his shiny, metal gun to see around the corner of his protection wall. He noticed something very familiar.

“Congratulations buddy. You successfully started a blood bath without my help,” laughed Duce, clapping his Delibird hands together.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Ferris said, aching to move.

Duce put his gun back into his bag, “See…”

He took a minute to take a bite out of a piece of cheesecake found on the floor. “This is why I didn’t go to that cookout with you last weekend.”

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Lol, I love it! :biggrin: It's funny, absurd, serious, bloody, 'to' much in a good way, etc... Its great.

And BTW, this really reminds me of the movie Pulp Fiction xD

Great job KCash! http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/images/icons/icon14.gif

- Ruben

07-07-2004, 10:02 PM
Great work KC, this is going to make my WAR fic look bad when I post it, but since you are in my team I don't really mind. Looking good so far though, violent, funny, and lots of guns. Kind of reminds me of a Pokemon version of James Bond. Keep it up!

07-16-2004, 02:28 AM
Chapter 2
The Planning

A Wartortle and his younger brother, a Squirtle, stood alone on a basketball court. The Squirtle was known as Ferris.

Ferris had always looked up to his older brother as a role model, mainly because he was always there for him. He was much stronger then Ferris because he had been evolved into a Wartortle. Ferris was still looking puny for being a small Squirtle.

“You couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat, Duke!” Ferris taunted his brother.

The ripples of a orange basketball scraped the Wartortle’s hands as he let go of it as he jumped. The basketball soared through the air at a fast rate, making Ferris think it would be an overshot. Duke was good though, making it without touching anything on the goal except the white net that hung from the rim.

That was the last time Ferris saw him. Last time before they took him away. Someone that needed him to break some kind of codes. Duke had always been good at computers, being able to hack through anybody’s computer in any region of the world. He was a genius and still learning.

Drug lords, criminals, thugs- that’s who took Ferris’ older brother from him. They needed him to break codes via computer, that way they could get into things that were probably highly illegal. Ferris knows this because he watched as they took him away in a black limousine. That was over a week ago.

All Ferris had to do was call my friend, Melvin, who is a computer genius like his brother. He was able to get a hold of information on a name that Ferris overheard the criminals say as they took Duke away. Bosh.

Within seconds Melvin had information about stores Bosh owned. Bars that he was connected with through drug deals. Restaurants that paid him for protection against wanting gangs. Ferris secretly packed weapons and high explosives inside his shell and then went after him, going through each list of places where he could find someone that knew where Bosh was.

Ferris called in for some help from his crazy friend, Duce. A weird Delibird that has started up trouble since he was two. Together they would find out where Bosh was. Then Ferris could be with his older brother once again.

“Oh my gosh! Its an earthquake!” screamed a very annoying squeak.

Ferris opened my eyes to the feel of my bed rocking back and forth. Was an earthquake really happening now? In this part of the region? Then everything made since as I saw Duce standing on the end of my bed, jumping up and down.

Ferris reached inside my shell and pulled out his Magnum, cocking it to put a bullet into the chamber. He then slowly pointed to the Delibird, making his eyes grow big and his feet to stop bouncing.

“Um…” he took a gulp. “Just kidding.”

Ferris smiled and put the gun away. “Geez…” Duce tried to keep his cool.

“How did you get into my room and why?” Ferris asked angrily.

“I talked to Melvin this morning. We have a small bar to check out but this one will be a bit more dangerous,” explained Duce.

“Everything that involves you is dangerous,” Ferris got out of bed and stumbled his way to the bathroom.

“Meet me on-” Duce started before Ferris slammed the bathroom door. “Meet me on Carter, the bar is called The Diablo. Don’t know what kind of name that is.”

“It means devil or demon, something like that,” Ferris said through the bathroom door.

“Oh…” Duce thought about it. “Cool, this is going to be fun.”

Duce had left and Ferris went back to taking a small nap before he had to head out to the bar. They decided to go in the middle of the day so they can get the littlest amount of attention towards them as possible.

Dirt covered Ferris’ face from the long walk over here, he wished he had a car. He stood outside The Diablo Bar. It was a small place on the corner of the street, painted with a dark vanilla color. Wooden doors swung open as people entered and left the bar. They were all men that looked like they were up to something no good.

“Here,” Duce walked up behind Ferris, scaring him a little.

He handed Ferris a small white card with red printing on it. He studied it but couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Hand that card to the bartender. He’ll go to the back of the bar to a small room where I’ll find out if the cards are real and get information on us. Once he gets that done he will come get us and then we will go to the back of the room where he is supposed to be paying us for selling drugs for Bosh. That’s when we will surprise him with a gun barrel in his face and find out where Bosh is,” Duce explained fast, like he was ready to go in there and act all ‘James Bond’.

“What if we have bad information or he finds out the cards aren’t real?” Ferris questioned.

“Then he’ll shot us,” Duce said, patting Ferris on the back with a smile and walking across the street to the bar. Ferris just rolled his eyes and hoped for the best.