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Lord Celebi
07-06-2004, 07:35 PM
Hiya, This Summer, I decided to make PKMN Folk Tales (Based on Folk Tales from our world) so each week there will be a new Folk Tale here.

Story 1: Phenac Bill

Chapter 1: Growing Up

Now, back in the old West Orre, Many people became Cowpokes and Miltank ranchers, of course, the Miltank Ranchers are why there are no pokemon in this here region. But this story has to do with the first Cowpoke, the inventer of the Miltank Drive, and was the one who made Phenac so beautiful, Phenac Bill.

Phenac Bill is a baby right now, and he will always be in his heart. He has 9 siblings and two parents. That is until they came.

Construction Worker: We bought this area to build Pyrite Town. Now hand over the area.
Ma: Who'dya buyit from?
CW: The president of Orre who lives at the top of Mt. Battle, Inity III.
Pa: Now Ma, calm down.
(Construction Worker drives Wrecking Ball through Bill's house)
Ma: Now I'm really angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry! *Roars*
Pa: I've already got the wagon loaded up with everyone... EXCEPT BILL! BILL!
(Bill is fishing in Phenac River)
Bill: Googa!
(A Two-Ton Phenac Whiscash hooks onto Bill's line)
Pa: Aw Dagnabit.
Ma: Let's just go.

Bill held onto that pole all the wat down the river until he was at the Agate Bay Island. There he lost the Whiscash, his parents, and the pole.
Bill: Waah!
But, lucky for Bill, a tribe of wild Vulpix find him and raise him, making him think he's a Vulpix.
Bill: Vul, Vulpix.
Bill lives his life as a Vulpix until he meets a person (Finally)...

Next: Chapter 2: A Man named Cacnea Chuck.

Lord Celebi
07-08-2004, 11:30 PM
Chapter 2: Cacnea Chuck

Now, Bill grew up with the Vulpix, allright, only wearing his diaper, and only knowing how to say Vul, Pix, Vulp, ix, Vulpi, and ulp. That was until he met Cacnea Chuck, a Chuck wagon driver.

Chuck: Its a man, in a diaper!
Bill: Vul
Chuck: Cant you speak English?
Bill: Huuu-miin.

And Bill was as bright as a brand new Registeel, so he caught on.

Bill: Me not Vulpix?
Chuck: Hell no. You're a full grown man. Howabout you come with me, and be a Chuckwagon driver?
Bill: Sure.

So, Chuck gave Bill his extra cowpoke clothes, and they went into his wagon.

Chuck: So, whaddathey call ya?
Bill: Pix. But I think my real name is Bill.
Chuck: But you need a Orrean name, like Orre Otto, seeing as we're here by the Phenac, Bill *Snaps* Hey that's it, Phenac Bill!

When Chuck said that behind Bill was the biggest, Orniest Arbok you'd ever seen in Orre. So Bill grabbed the Arbok and twisted it until all the venom came out of it and it was rope.

Chuck: Wow! You really are Phenac Bill.

So, Chuck and Bill camp out for the night until someone tries to bushwhack them.

Next Chapter: The Beautifly Bandits