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a/n: well, i've been wanting to post this here for a while now.
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Prolouge: Voices

~ What’s their status?

~ School is almost out. Naturally their focus is low and their energy is rather high. They are both restless. Now would be a good time. They’d be too preoccupied to notice.

“I agree but there’s one problem. They are in a pleasant mood. If one were to suddenly lose interest, it would be obvious.”

~ What do you suggest then?

“Wait. When they’ve been together for a while, they’ll begin to get bored. You watch.”

~ I don’t have time to just watch. Time is limited; I can only wait so long.

~ I suggest a week. Believe me, constantly side by side for that long, it’s demanding.

~ I hope you are correct. Because that is what I plan to do.

* * *
A brisk wind swept through the otherwise silent garden. The spirit sensor craved attention and spun wildly, indicating a source of disruption. Three figures were seated on the overgrown grass as the watefall swished behind them.

~ I am concerned. See the sensor? It’s been acting up lately. And the weather is all but cheerful.

~ Jhoto is a strange and mysterious island. It holds many secrets not understood to even the wisest of pokémon.

~ Alvar has good reasoning. Jhoto may be mysterious but I read the symbols and they tell of misfortune. Someone is meddling with something they ought not to.

~ Do the sisters sense anything? What do they feel?

~ The young one is very excited and has many things on her mind. While the older one contemplates her upcoming journey, she is influenced by her sister’s enthusiasm.
A breeze ruffled Alvar’s hair which fell loosely onto his forehead. There was sympathy in his eyes but confusion written across his face. His cheeks glowed a gentle pink as the wind died away.

~ I feel sorry for you, Alvar. Alvar looked down at the grass. Let’s go to school.

Alvar hopped onto Latias and with a flurry of wings, the bird-like pokemon dove into the canal and swam into the shadows.

* * *

A light blinds Abby, a red light. Black dots float around the room but there are too many for her to make anything out. Some disappear, revealing a faint figure floating toward the ceiling. Abby instinctively reaches out her hand without realizing she's doing it. The light dies away and she can hear a comforting voice speaking.

A week from ‘morrow’s eve,
as sun shines in fire’s way,
run, run, don’t lag behind,
for a lone sister’s tears
carry on for miles
‘twixt the right on the forked path,
she showeth thee the way
to you’re futures’ dismay.

Don’t lose your ground,
or forget this riddle,
once she’s taken in,
there’s only one way out,
and you shall recall what I have said,
when the time is ripe.

The voice is quiet and hard for Abby to make out yet, it's relaxing. Her fears, worries, and anxieties vanish and she feels weightless. She feels compelled to free herself and join the shadow near the ceiling. But something restrains her. Abby is anxious, impatient and unwilling to wait for anything. She can’t see who’s holding her back; they're consumed in the darkness. Suddenly, a powerful light floods the room and Abby shields her eyes, squinting through her fingers. Three silhouettes are carved into the light. The restraint is gone and the figure at the ceiling begins to fall. Abby calls out but her throat is tight and she has no voice.

Abby woke up in a cold sweat, hugging her body trying to keep warm. Her sheets lay sprawled on the ground. She glanced around her room which was shrouded in darkness. Slowly crawling out of bed, Abby reached the rails of her bunkbed and slunk up. Leen was resting peacefully.

Relief swept over Abby. She collapsed on her mattress and closed her eyes. Recollection wasn’t easy; it was draining fast. Focus, she thought. What did the dream mean? What were the figures blocked by light? What restrained her? What did she desire? The voice, what about it soothed her so? Who was talking to her?

The answers refused to show. Abby’s energy diminished and sleep overcame her. The dream vanished but there were no others to replace it.

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Very very very good start. I shall try to keep up with the reading.


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Very very very good start. I shall try to keep up with the reading.


thank you!! i was waiting for a response here... *hugs taro* :wink:

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[B]Chapter 1, Awakening

Abby felt a prod at her side and moaned. She rested her head on her arms and felt her eyelids begin to droop...

"Abby!" a voice nearby whispered harshly.

Abby’s senses rushed in and her level of alertness rose. She pulled out a pad of paper and acted as though she were taking notes. Her teacher was droning on about last night’s assignment which she had stayed up late trying to complete. She glanced at her paper which was neatly covered in an assortment of light sketches.

One of them caught her eye; it was a mixture of abstract letters that floated around her page. She had never seen the pokémon and wondered how the image had come to her. She studied it closely. They were black with large white eyes that could sight her in a crowd and know everything about her.

The teacher dropped silent which immediately caught the attention of her detached students. Near the edge of the desks appeared a red and white ball, a PokéBall. Abby eagerly snatched it and scanned over the text and the bottom of the ball. "Girafarig, psychic type."

"As you will notice on your desks, you have each been given one pokémon. You may recall noting the pokémon you were interested in earlier this month.

Abby brought the ball to her face and curiously turned it in her palms. She came across a button and without further thought, pressed it. The ball opened and a white light emitted from within and a form began to take shape inside. Beside Abby stood a giraffe looking animal who cautiously slit open her eyes and anxiously peered about. She was half yellow, half brown with pink spikes down her back and little white antlers on her head. The animal neighed softly and rubbed her head into Abby’s chest.

Other students around the room proceeded to do the same and a wide array of pokémon leapt from their balls. Abby tagged her pokémon and burst through the door and into the field. She slid on the grass and fell to the ground. Girafarig trotted up to her trainer and nuzzled her.

Abby sat up and saw a herd of students charge out of their classrooms. She searched the crowd until she found her sister who was already bounding toward her. Perched on her shoulder was a yellow pokémon with black-tipped ears.

"Abby! Who’d you get?" her sister asked as she plopped herself on the grass.

"This is Girafarig," Abby said gesturing toward her pokémon. She gazed at her pokémon thoroughly and raised her eyebrows. "But I think Girafa suits her better."

Leen nodded. Her pokémon landed stealthily on the ground and cautiously sniffed Abby. "His name’s Pichu. Isn’t he cute?" Pichu raised his head and hopped back to Leen.

Abby lied on her hands and gazed beyond the field. She seemed to be lost in her surroundings until Leen interrupted her silent contemplation.

"I’ll be right back," Leen said as she sprinted toward the playground.

Abby sighed and patted Girafa on the neck. She tensed and neighed but this time, it seemed to have a touch of apprehension. Abby looked to see what her source of fear was and noticed a student seated on the grass not far from her.

She knew him right away, his distinguishable features and cold eyes. She had always stayed away from him even though she barely knew him Travis, with his gray-slate eyes and silver-toned hair had a foreboding presence. She shuddered but because of her pokémon’s reaction was compelled to watch him.

He sat silent for some time and from deep inside, Abby hoped that Leen would not be returning shortly. Suddenly, a small black creature appeared behind Travis. He whirled around to face the pokémon. A thought struck Abby; it looked exactly like the drawings she had sketched earlier that day. He didn’t talk, but something was getting to their minds as the mysterious pokémon floated before Travis. Travis nodded his head periodically as if to indicated his understanding to a statement.

Abby blinked momentarily and the pokémon had vanished. She looked in every possible direction but there was no trace.

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Yay, you're posting your fic on PE2K!! Yay! I love this story! :biggrin:

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sutiivun: thanks...

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Chapter 2, Betrayal

Abby held her arms behind and her back and readjusted the straps of her backpack. "I don’t know how to describe it to you but it was almost haunting. I didn’t like the looks of it."

Leen was uninterested. "That’s too bad, wish I could’ve seen it," she said as she kicked a stone on the sidewalk.

Abby sighed inwardly. She thought this matter concerned her sister too but Leen hadn’t shown the least bit of attention. Perhaps she’d mention it later.

Abby threw open the door to their home and darted up the stairs. Leen mimicked her sister and upon entering their room collapsed on her sister’s bed. "Long day, I’m tired." Pichu jumped into her arms. "But I’m happy with my pokémon."

Abby stood before Leen and crossed her arms. "Off," she said crossly. Leen jumped off Abby’s bed and climbed the ladder to her own.

"What’s up with you?" Leen asked from above.

"Oh nothing," Abby replied sarcastically.

"Okay then," Leen landed on the floor and walked downstairs.

Abby thought for a moment. Leen didn’t seem ready for a pokémon journey; she wasn’t responsible enough. What would happen if she encountered something she wasn’t able to deal with herself? Would Abby be able to help?

Abby cast open her bedroom window and pulled herself onto the upper ledge just outside. From there she leapt onto the roof and stared down into her neighborhood. Abby imagined the vast neighborhood that spanned before her shrink as she mentally passed through the numerous towns that were to follow. A chill crawled up Abby’s back and she drew her legs up. She felt something slip over her eyes and tighten around the back of her head.

"Leen? Stop it," she joked.

She heard a soft laugh behind her. "This is not Leen," a dark voice said in almost a whisper.

"Shut up Leen, it’s not funny."

A knot was pulled at the back of her head and a hand calmly caressed her face. "Wake up Abby, this is no time to dream."

Realization his Abby: this was somebody she’d never seen nor heard and her position on the roof no longer proved safe. She felt her free arms still wrapped around her legs and immediately tried to rip blindfold from her eyes but as she tried to undo the knot, two hands slowly pushed hers to the ground.

"Anger and frustration will not rid my presence," the voice said as Abby felt him rise up. "Before you look, take a guess. Do you know who I am Abby Moore?"

Abby’s head spun and she felt weak from fear. Just don’t hurt Leen, just don’t hurt Leen... she thought. She had been identified which must mean there was a purpose to his arrival.

Weakly Abby said, "I don’t want to know, just leave me alone."

There was a laugh and suddenly Abby could no longer detect the person’s presence. She felt for the knot at the back of her head and deftly untied it. The colorful streaks in the sky had vanished and the trees below rustled in the wind. Hastily she made her way back to her room and almost tripped flying down the stairs.

"Mom! Have you seen Leen?" she blurted out.

"No honey, she must be around."

Abby dashed back upstairs and straight to the desk in her room. She scanned the paper piled clumsily in the center and came upon a seemingly new note. Scrawled on it was the message:

Have fun Abby.

Signed, Leen

After studying the note momentarily, Abby could tell the handwriting was not that of her sister’s.