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01-21-2007, 02:31 AM
I'm thinking of creating a new RPG project / forum, and in need of serious help. I ran RPG's before, owned couple of websites, coded many layouts and good in graphics design, so I am a little experience.

But that doesn't mean I don't need help. I need:

-Co-Owner: Owns and manages half of the RPG
-Story Writer: Help me write the story of the RPG
-Graphics designer/layout: Layout coder or graphics designer for the forums
-Co-Administrator: Administers the forums, etc.
-RPGers: Whoever loves to RP any kind of RPG's, who can help contribute to this project.

If anyone is interested in helping, please PM me with a name, past webmastering experiences, and RPG experiences. Please I need help.

This RPG story/name is not yet determined. It may or may not be based on a Pokemon RPG or Pokemon at all. Thanks for reading!:happy:

NOTE: The RPG won't be posted in this forums, rather it will have its own.

Siilement: Role Play Legend

*Storyline is pending, we are looking for a story writer.

In the continent of Everdew*, many struggles to survive the island. Because of so many storms, many wondered if they were to survived. Everdew is a huge island, huge enough, in fact, to be claimed as a continent. But many horrible things happen on this continent. Animals goes crazy from time to time, volcanoes erupt, frequent storms, and fluent floods. It is each villager's responsibility to help themselves to survive in this continent they call home. With no transportation, air or sea, the citizens of Everdew* are helplessly stuck here. However, despite the dangerous events, we look on the beauty side of this continent. Its heavenly waterfalls, magnificent grass fields, and a healthy natural habitat of rain forest animals.

Now we ask you. Do you want to live up to the challenge? You want to live in a stranded continent with no transportation or communication from the outside world? Do you want to fight your way up to wealthiness and luxury, and fight the dangerous storms? It's up to you. Anything can happen in Everdew*, horrible things, but much more GREAT things and opportunities. In this RPG, you'll be able to experience a different kind of role playing. You will never know what will happen. It's a game of survival and competition to wealthiness and luxury. Who will be at the top?

You can open shops, restaurants, sell used junks, etc. Or just work, find any way to build your business and gain money to buy better homes, and better life. It's a new kind of role play. It's a role play legend.

*Everdew is a working name, all titles are pending.