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08-01-2004, 05:44 AM
Justin suddenly woke up, cold sweat pouring down his face. His breaths were shallow. The early sunlight poured in through the canopy of the forest. Birds were twittering cheerfully as the sun rose, grabbing worms. The large black lump next to Justin's bed sprung up and began trying to grab the birds. This large black shape was a wolf and her name was Erana. She was a loyal companion to Justin.
Justin slowly arose from his bed of leaves. He was 16 and a good six foot three in height. His clothes were all torn and hung loosely from his body. He picked his sword and belt of the ground and put them on. Justin lived only with Erana after being thrown out of his village at the age of 13 with nothing but these clothes and his sword. What he was kicked out for, he con't remember.
He staggered slowly over to the waterhole to have a drink and wash his face. Justin was exhausted. Breaking branches, most likely Elves, kept him up all night. He had always wanted to meet an Elf, but they were just figments of the imagination.
Or so he thought.
The tall skinny form of a women jumped down from a branche. She had sparkling blue eyes and long flowing blonde hair. But only then did Justin notice what was truely up with her. She was an Elf.
"The elders have summoned you to meet with them, Justin Fraucrutz.." Her voice was quite distant.
"You mean there's more of your type?" Justin asked, knowing how incredably stupid that sounded. She gave a slight smile.
"Yes, there are. But now is not the time for that. Come, we must go quickly before they find us."
So it is on this early morning that our story begins with a tall Elven maiden, a tennage boy and his wolf running into the heart of the forest to be at a meeting before an unknown evil finds them.

08-08-2004, 04:14 AM
Justin and Erana rushed through the undergrowth following the shadow tha was the Elf. She moved so swiftly he didn't think it was possible. Justin's clothes were constantly getting snagged on the thickets. Erana lept over most obstacles but walked through some. It was for some time that they emerged into a clearing...
It was nothing like Justin had imagined. Trees had doors and windows. A wide variety of creatures Justin had never seen before were tied out the front. The street was lined with stalls and at the far end there stood a large stone temple. He had forgotten the Elf was there with him, he had been watching all the other Elves talking.
"We must really be going. You can come back here later once the presence is gone." Her distant voice made Justin jump. "Quickly, to the temple at the end of the street."
Justin, Erana and the Elf ran down the street to get to the temple quicker. Elves pointed and talked in tounges as Justin and Erana passed, wondering what a human and a wolf was doing in the presence of their own kind.
"What is your name?" Justin asked, knowing he should've asked this earlier.
"My name is Kenesta, but that does not matter. It seems they have breached this fair glen."
Justin wondered what she was talking about. Going on about an unknown evil. It wasn't until he payed close attention to the temple did he get what she meant. A large black cloud hung over it and there was something ungiving about how the wind rustled the trees.
"Come now," Kenesta said quietly, "We must go inside."
So Justin, Erana and Kenesta walked slowly into the temple making Justin wonder what they were really going to face.