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Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-19-2004, 12:50 AM

An ancient civilization of the Hoenn Mirror World used six mysterious stones for the advancement of their society. However, the stones fell into evil hands, and chaos began. The Mirror Overlord, displeased by what was happening, took the stones away from the people and banished them to the Shadow Mirror World. Five hundred years later, the stones were used for Pokemon, but only a certain amount of people knew the true origin about them.

As the legend unfolds, the adventure of Mariah Janvi, the Hoenn Mirror Girl, continues...

Also, it's recommended that you read HMWI (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1670) before reading this.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-19-2004, 12:53 AM
During the time of the Hoenn League, Mariah's grandmother was at home to cheer on her granddaughter to the top. Mariah's father worked at a TV station that showed live coverage of the competition and got with his daughter after the matches. However, one thing remained at the back of their minds: who was the mysterious "Hoenn Mirror Girl" that appeared during the opening ceremonies?

It has been two months after the Hoenn League. The Janvis were settling down after all of the excitement. Mariah's, cousin, Drew, have recently came to Littleroot Town with his parents and sister.

Drew was the older and mature (although a bit of a bragger) brother. He had short green hair and blue eyes and usually wears a purple sleeved vest over a black long sleeved shirt, jeans, and black shoes. His younger sister, Natasha, was more outgoing, but she can be a scatter brain at times and ends up going in the wrong direction or getting a false sense of something. She had reddish-brown hair that was almost the same length as Mariah's and dark green eyes, and she's often seen wearing a dark orange shirt, green shorts, and white sneakers. She also had an orange headband that wrapped around her forehead.

The family sat down for dinner one night to talk about the events that happened at the Hoenn League.

DREW: So, you ended up winning third, huh?
MARIAH: Yeah. I did.
DREW: I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.
NATASHA: We were watching the whole thing back home at Slateport City and were at the edge of our seats the whole time. You were totally cool!
DREW: Well, I could've done better, sis.
FATHER: Drew, be nice, please.
DREW: Okay, okay. Still, Mariah did pretty good.
NATASHA: I'm still wondering about that girl and that weird bird that appeared at the opening ceremonies...

Just then, Marian begins to feel nervous. She slowly turns to Natasha and acts like everything was normal.

MARIAH: Uh...what girl?
NATASHA: You know. During the opening ceremonies, the torch runner fell, and suddenly this huge bird appeared. Everything was in a huge blaze until that girl appeared. Who did she say she was? The Hoenn Mirror something...
MARIAH: [attempts to change the subject] So, I managed to have a lot of fun while I was there. Ever Grande City is a nice city. We should go there sometime!
DREW: I've been there. Very nice place.
NATASHA: Well, it would've been burned to a crisp if it wasn't for that Hoenn Mirror Girl. Hey, that's her name! The Hoenn Mirror Girl! I wonder who she was and where she came from. It'll be really cool if I could meet her...
MARIAH: Uh...may I be excused?


Mariah was in her room. She haven't told her family that she was the Hoenn Mirror Girl or about the Hoenn Mirror World, and she didn't feel that she should. She never looked at Pokemon the same way since then.

Mariah sat down on her bed and gets the Mirror Wand from her nightstand drawer. She looked at it and remembered all the adventures she had in the strange and mysterious world that was parellel to her own. She then holds the wand close to her.

MARIAH: [to herself] I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World... Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple...

Suddenly, all the gems but the green one began to glow and shot out five colorful lights that formed into Octillery, Jacrystal, Electabuzz, Shuckle, and Venomoth. Mariah became surprised as her Pokemon saw her.

SHUCKLE: Mariah?
JACRYSTAL: Where the heck are we?
MARIAH: Uh...this is my home, as well as yours.
ELECTABUZZ: This is the Hoenn region that you were talking about?
OCTILLERY: [looks around] Where's Sceptile?
VENOMOTH: Maybe Mariah didn't summon him.
MARIAH: Oh, Sceptile's here.

Mariah heads over to her belt of Pokeballs on the dresser and notices something bizarre. One of her Pokeballs was green. She gets it and presses the button to open it. A green light bursts out of the ball and forms into Sceptile. He sees the group and smiles.

SCEPTILE: It's good to see you guys again.
JACRYSTAL: Same here. So, we're in the Hoenn region...
MARIAH: That's right.
SHUCKLE: If you don't mind, could you show us around?
MARIAH: Maybe tommorow, Shuckle. It's kinda late.

After a brief chat, Mariah puts Sceptile back in his Pokeball and the oher five back into the Wand. Mariah looks at the wand and wonders what was happening.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-19-2004, 12:53 AM
In the middle of a murky forest, two girls with their Pokemon slowly approach something that have just caught their attention. One of them had a Roselia with her. The girl looked about to be in her late teens and has flowing dark brown hair with a streak of yellow in the middle. Her dark green lipstick matched the color of her seemingly emotionless eyes. She was wearing a flowing olive colored dress with black high heels.

The other girl, who had a Beautifly with her, was younger and looked about 12. She had green eyes, and her strawberry blond hair was in a braid that flowed behind her. She was wearing a pink shirt with lavender overalls, and her shoes were white Mary Janes.

The two girls stopped after a while of walking. There, they spotted the middle-aged woman (from chapter 27 of Hoenn Mirror World) and her golden furred Mightyena standing next to an old, corroded altar. Grins spread across the other two girls faces. The three girls, known as the Black Mirror Witches, have gathered. Sorah, the leader, folds her arms and smiles with confidence.

SORAH: Ivy... Hedga... I think we've found what we've looking for.
HEDGA: Good going, Sorah.
SORAH: Thank you. I think I found the ones who hold the Petaya and Apicot Magic.
IVY: You mean the Petaya Magic of Latios and Latias? As well the Apicot Magic of Jirachi? Where are they?
SORAH: In some world that they call the Hoenn region. All I know about it is that it's similar to this one. Anyway, we've still yet the find the other three. [to Ivy and Hedga] Any luck?

Ivy, the teen member, shook her head. Hedga, the younger member, begins to speak but kept to herself.

HEDGA: So far, I've checked Rustboro Ruins and Lavaridge Mountain, but I've yet to find the Ganlon Magic of Groudon there.
IVY: I couldn't find the Salac Magic of Rayquaza anywhere around Fortree Castle.
SORAH: Well, while I may be close to finding the Petaya and Apicot Magic, there was no sign of the Liechi Magic of Kyogre at Sootopolis Ocean.

The three witches suddenly became disappointed. In order for their recent master to gain ultimate power, the need to find the five objects that contain the power of the legendary Pokemon: the Petaya Magic of Latios and Latias, the Ganlon Magic of Groudon, the Liechi Magic of Kyogre, the Salac Magic of Rayquaza, and the Apicot Magic of Jirachi. Those, combined with the legendary stones, are enough to give a person power to control the universe.

After some moments of silence, Sorah announces the next plan of action.

SORAH: Well, we've already searched the Shadow Mirror World for those things, and there was no sign of them. I say we head to the Hoenn Mirror World and then to the Hoenn region.
VOICE: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Just then, the Black Mirror Witches saw Shadow Mariah flying above them. She sends out her Blaziken as she lands.

SORAH: Well, well. Looks like the Shadow Mirror Guardian wants to play with us.

Blaziken's fists were burning brightly which was a sign that she was ready to battle. Hedga steps up with a confident smirk.

HEDGA: I'll handle this bird. Let's go, Cream!

Cream, the Beautifly that was with Hedga, hovered right beside her. Shadow Mariah could see where this was going.

SHADOW MARIAH: Hedga, donít you know anything about type alignments? Bug-types donít do very well against Fire-types like Blaziken.
HEDGA: I donít care... but I think I should remind you that Fighting-types don't too well against a Flying-type like Cream here. Plus, Cream is much more worthy for Pokemon Contests than your Blaziken will EVER be.
SHADOW MARIAH: Too bad this is a Pokemon Battle and not a Contest. Blaziken, use a Fire Punch!

Blaziken heads toward Cream with a flaming fist. However, Cream dodges the attack in a style that made her look like she was dancing.

BLAZIKEN: Just what is with this thing?!
HEDGA: Okay, Cream! Flash!

Cream spreads her wings, which began to glow with a dazzling blinding light. Blaziken shielded her eyes and noticed that something was wrong.

CREAM: Still think that Bug-types aren't good against Fire-types?

Shadow Mariah was getting rather annoyed by Cream's taunting and showing off. She need to take down Hedga's Beautifly here and now.

SHADOW MARIAH: Flamethrower attack!

Blaziken breathes in deeply and blows a wave of flames at Cream. The Beautifly's expression immediately changed from gloating to panicky. The attack hits, and Cream was roasted before she landed on the ground.

SHADOW MARIAH: Looks like I won that one.
HEDGA: In your dreams! Cream, use Morning Sun!

Suddenly, a faint glow covered Cream's body as she slowly lifts into the air. A few seconds later, Cream was fully recovered.

HEDGA: Cream, Aerial Ace.

Cream flies into the air before zooming past Blaziken at full speed. It seemed that Cream was almost invincible, and Shadow Mariah was getting worried.

BLAZIKEN: What should we do now? That girl's Beautifly is pretty strong for something that likes to show off for Pokemon Contests.
SHADOW MARIAH: Uh...try a Blaze Kick attack!

Blaziken jumps into the air. Her foot was encased in flames as she headed down towards Cream. While Cream began to look pale again, Hedga chuckled, thinking she had won the battle.

HEDGA: Cream, String Shot!

With that, Cream have regained herself over her nervousness and extends her snout to fire a stick thread from it. The thread ties up Blaziken's feet and arms. Blaziken ends up falling down on her back.

SHADOW MARIAH: Blaziken, no!
HEDGA: Let's win this, Cream! Psychic attack with everything you've got!

Cream then closes her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could, and Blaziken suddenly rose fifty feet into the air. After a few seconds, the blazing fighter was plummeting toward the ground at full speed before landing with a tremendous crash. Shadow Mariah slowly approached her Pokemon, which was unable to battle. Disappointed that she had lost despite an advantage over her opponent, she recalled her Blaziken into her wand. Meanwhile, Cream giggles in joy while her trainer gave Shadow Mariah a taunting smile.

CREAM: I won!
HEDGA: Man, oh man! I thought the Mirror Guardian of the Shadow Mirror World would put up more of a challenge! It's already bad enough that you'll never win a Pokemon Contest, but seeing your ugly Blaziken losing to my much more superior Beautifly in a battle... it was priceless!

Shadow Mariah's rage intensified as Hedga pulls down her eyelids and sticks her tongue at her. She couldn't take the taunting any longer.

SORAH: Don't be a sore loser. Compared to me and Ivy, Hedga's a rookie. And seeing that she cares about those useless Pokemon Conests, there's nothing you should be mad about. At least let us give you a constellation prize.

With that, Sorah lets out her hands. Black energy forms around them for a few seconds, and a black Pokeball was in her hands a few seconds later. Sorah tosses it toward Shadow Mariah, who makes a dead-on catch. Wondering what the Black Mirror Witches were planning, Shadow Mariah takes a good look at the Pokeball. On the top were the words "To the Shadow Mirror Guardian", which furthers Shadow Mariah's suspicion.

SHADOW MARIAH: What's this?
SORAH: Let's just say that it's something that you'll connect with.

The Black Mirror Witches then leave. Shadow Mariah presses the button on the Pokeball to open it. An eerie red light emerges from the ball and forms into an Absol. The Pokemon then looks at her new Trainer.

ABSOL: Who are you?
SHADOW MARIAH: I'm Mariah, the Mirror Guardian of the Shadow Mirror World.

Suddenly, Absol and Shadow Mariah had a strange feeling of each other...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-19-2004, 12:54 AM
It was a normal day at Slateport Beach in the Hoenn Mirror World. Some Wingull and Pelipper were flying over the ocean and several Sharpedo could be seen swimming by. Some people played beach volleyball, some went swimming, some were having Pokemon battles, and others were sleeping in the warm sunlight.

Cascadia just appears on the ocean's surface with Vaporeon following. As she heads to the to the shore, something came to her mind. She gets out a strange sun-shaped stone that was a golden yellow and looks at it.

VAPOREON: What's that?
CASCADIA: Oh, this? It's something I've found at the Pacifidlog Rainforest.
VAPOREON: I thought you hated going there.
CASCADIA: I do, but there's something about this stone that managed to make me go there.
VAPOREON: It looks like a plain old Sun Stone.

Cascadia and Vaporeon made it to the beach's shore. Not too far away, Cascadia sees some familar faces. Lyoko, who was playing in the sand with Ulrich and Odd, runs up to Cascadia upon seeing her and hugs her. Her Pokemon followed.

LYOKO: Miss Cascadia!
CASCADIA: Long time, no see, Lyoko! [sees Ulrich and Odd] I see that those two are doing well. How's Yumi, Aelita, and Jeremy?
LYOKO: They're fine. Connie and Miss Mirror Mariah are with me. My mom let me come to the beach with them.

Lyoko takes Cascadia to their two friends. Connie and Mirror Mariah were catching a few rays until they saw the two.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey there, Cascadia. Long time no see!
CONNIE: Well, look who's here. It's Fish Face and Lyoko.

Cascadia lets out an annoyed moan. She then shows Mirror Mariah the sun-shaped stone.

CASCADIA: Hey, Mirror Mariah. Have you seen this before?
MIRROR MARIAH: I've seen lots of Sun Stones, but never like that before.
CASCADIA: I know. It's kinda weird...

Just then, Mirror Mariah felt something hold her back. Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko's necklaces began to glow, and the stone did the same thing a few seconds later. Suddenly, a bright flash surrounded the four right before they passed out...


After spending the remaining hours of the morning showing the Pokemon she had caught in the Hoenn Mirror World around Littleroot Town, Mariah returns home and headed to her room. Her father, grandmother, and cousins were out shopping, so Mariah didn't have to worry about them seeing the Pokemon. They seemed to have enjoyed their tour and were surprised with how similar Mariah's hometown was to Littleroot Village of their world.

SHUCKLE: You sure have a nice place here, Mariah.
MARIAH: Thanks. Being in the Hoenn Mirror World was fun, but it's great to be home.
SHUCKLE: So, what's Rustboro Ruins like in this world?
JACRYSTAL: What about Lavaridge Mountain?
MARIAH: Sorry, but here, it's Rustboro City and Lavaridge Town, and the only volcano around here is Mt. Chimney.
VENOMOTH: There's a Mt. Chimney in this world, too?
MARIAH: That's right.
ELECTABUZZ: That's pretty amazing.
SCEPTILE: You'd be pretty surprised to find out some other stuff here.

Suddenly, Mariah notices her visual phone going off. She heads to it and sat down in front of the screen as she picks up the receiving. Minamo was at home with her mother was watching TV on far left of the background, almost completely cut off.

MARIAH: Minamo. Haven't heard from you in a while.
MINAMO: Well, I have been busy lately. Congrats on winning third at the League.
MARIAH: Thanks.

Jacrystal then appears beside Mariah. Minamo notices her and suddenly becomes confused.

JACRYSTAL: League? What League?
MINAMO: Uh...Mariah? What in the world is...?
MARIAH: [nervous laugh] Oh, I meant to tell you about that incident back at the opening ceremonies.
MINAMO: Funny. I was about to ask a few questions myself. Are you really the Hoenn Mirror Girl?
MARIAH: Yeah. And I'm wondering about those presents that you attacked Shadow Wing with.
MINAMO: Huh? I thought that you had something to do with that!
MARIAH: Sorry to disappoint you.

Minamo looked rather surprised. Mariah then notices that Minamo is wearing a necklace with a charm that had yellow on one side, blue on the other, and green in the middle.

MARIAH: Hey, Minamo? What's that necklace you're wearing?
MINAMO: Oh, this? I don't know. I found it yesterday along with a basket of Apicot Berries. It was really strange.
MARIAH: Same thing happened to me while I was at the Hoenn Mirror World except I had Petaya Berries.
MINAMO: The Hoenn Mirror what?
MARIAH: For starters, all the Gym Leaders there are known as Mirror Elders, the Pokemon talk, Teams Aqua and Magma are some sort of freaky wizards, and the signs and stuff are backwards. But that's barely half of the story.
MINAMO: Wow...
MARIAH: Trust me, after what I've been through, you'll never look at Pokemon the same way again. As a matter of fact, I felt totally out of place when the first round of the Hoenn League started.
MINAMO: It's because you could understand what the Pokemon were saying, huh?
MARIAH: Yeah. Somehow my Mirror powers stuck to me.
MINAMO: Don't worry. I felt the same way. What I want to know is why? I've never been to the Hoenn Mirror World, and yet I've ended up with weird powers as well.
MARIAH: I'm sure we'll figure it out. Anyway, I'm going to go do a little Pokemon training...with the Pokemon I've caught in this world, mind you.
MINAMO: [laughs] I could've guessed. It was nice talking to you.
MARIAH: Same here. Bye.

Mariah hangs up the phone. She gets her Mirror Wand and recalls all her Pokemon except Sceptile. She then takes her belt of Pokeballs and left with Sceptile following.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-19-2004, 12:55 AM
Mirror Mariah wakes up and finds herself in the middle of a forest. The trees were so big that she could hardly see any of the sky. When she looked around, she noticed that Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were waking up and looking around as well. Cascadia then noticed something that shocked them. Not only was her Liechi Necklace gone along with Connie's Ganlon Necklace and Lyoko's Salac Necklace, but the sun-shpaed stone was gone as well.

CASCADIA: What happened to the stone?! And our Necklaces?!
CONNIE: Forget the necklaces. Where are we?

Mirror Mariah looked around her once more, and it was a little familar to her, but not much.

MIRROR MARIAH: I think we're in the Petalburg Thicket...or something like it.
LYOKO: I really doubt it, Miss Mirror Mariah. Somehow it doesn't feel like the Petalburg Thicket to me.
CONNIE: Okay... why do I get the feeling that we're probably nowhere near Rustboro Ruins?

Just then, there was a scream. The four girls turned around and saw a young trainer with his Zigzagoon running toward them. The boy takes shelter behind Mirror Mariah.

MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, kid. What's wrong?
TRAINER: Help me!

Surely enough, a Mightyena and an Ariados came toward the girls. Mirror Mariah and Cascadia wasted no time getting their Pokeballs.

CASCADIA: Don't worry, kid. You're safe with us.
MIRROR MARIAH: Connie, Lyoko, get this kid out of here!

Connie and Lyoko leave with the trainer and his Zigzagoon following.


Shadow Mariah finds herself at Littleroot Town. Confused, she looks at her somewhat unfamilar surroundings.

SHADOW MARIAH: What...? Where am I? Right after the Black Mirror Witches gave me that Absol, I remember going to Littleroot Village... but I've never seen Littleroot Village like this before.

Shadow Mariah then notices that she was holding the sun-shaped stone that Cascadia had earlier.

SHADOW MARIAH: Could it be that I might've ended up in the Hoenn Mirror World? And what kind of Sun Stone is this?

A man in a business suit walks by Shadow Mariah. Shadow Mariah, having some questions she wanted to ask, walks up to the man.

SHADOW MARIAH: Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me where I am?
MAN: Well, this is Littleroot Town, little lady.
SHADOW MARIAH: Littleroot Town? I never heard of it. Is it anything like Littleroot Village in the Hoenn Mirror World?

The man looks at Shadow Mariah as if she was crazy. He then checked his watch.

MAN: I'm sorry, but I'm running a bit late.

When the man left, Shadow Mariah walked around the town until she ended up by Mariah's house.

SHADOW MARIAH: Hmmm... maybe the people who live in that house can help me. I sense something from that house.

Just then, Shadow Mariah sees a familar sight. Lyoko lets Connie down gently before landing. Meanwhile, the trainer they were with was riding on Ulrich while the Zigzagoon rode on Aelita. As Lyoko's Pokemon landed and the trainer and his Zigzagoon were let down, they seemed shook up about something.

TRAINER: This can't be real! There's no way! That little girl flew! It's just not possible!

Shocked by Lyoko's ability to fly, the trainer runs off in a panic. Aelita seems almost as confused as Shadow Mariah was.

AELITA: That trainer's acting like he's never seen someone fly before.
CONNIE: I'd say. [sees Shadow Mariah] And it seems we're not the only ones that are here in this weird place.
SHADOW MARIAH: I know. It's been a while, hasn't it.
CONNIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you know where we are?
LYOKO: [looks around] This place looks a lot like Littleroot Village.
SHADOW MARIAH: But for some reason, it's not. It's not the Littleroot Village of the Hoenn Mirror World or the Shadow Mirror World. And if we're not in either one of those places...
LYOKO: Could that mean that we're in Mariah's world?

After that, the three didn't say anything. Shadow Mariah then broke the silence with a sigh as she looked ahead of her. Then she looked back at Mariah's house.

SHADOW MARIAH: Well, let's just find someone who can help us.


An hour later, Mariah returned home. She heads to the refrigator to get herself some lemonade when she noticed the pitcher was half empty.

MARIAH: Hmmm... Maybe the others are back. [calls out] Dad! Grandma! Drew! Natasha!

There was no answer. Thinking that they might have left, Mariah gets herself a glass, pours some lemonade, and heads upstairs to her room. When she got there, she sees something that left her surprised and speechless. Lyoko and Shadow Mariah were sleeping on her bed while Connie slept on the floor. The three then begin to wake up from their nap. Their expressions immediately went from drowsy to surprised when they saw Mariah.

MARIAH: W...w...what are you guys doing in my world?!
CONNIE: Mariah?!
LYOKO: Is this really your world?

Silence hung over the room...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-08-2004, 02:59 AM
Mariah couldn't believe it. There was Connie, Lyoko, and Shadow Mariah in her room, the very place were she least expected to see them again, and she has a feeling that Cascadia and Mirror Mariah weren't very far behind.

Lyoko told Mariah everything that has happened, starting at Cascadia finding the Sun Stone and ended at finding Mariah's home. Shadow Mariah told her story about losing to Hedga and somehow ending up in Littleroot Town. Shadow Mariah's story seemed to have piqued Mariah's interest.

MARIAH: So, this Hedga girl is from this weird trio called the Black Mirror Witches?
SHADOW MARIAH: Yeah. I've been hearing rumors that they're after the legendary stones.
MARIAH: Legendary stones?
SHADOW MARIAH: Yeah. There's the Leaf Stone, the Water Stone, the Fire Stone, the Moon Stone, the Thunder Stone, and the Sun Stone.
LYOKO: The Sun Stone? That's the stone that Miss Cascadia found!
SHADOW MARIAH: Uh-oh... If the Witches find out, then Cascadia is going to be in a heap of trouble. I'm trying to find the other five stones, but no luck so far.
MARIAH: There's something I don't get. Why would the Witches want the stones? We just use them to evolve some Pokemon.
SHADOW MARIAH: It wasn't always that way. There was an ancient civilization about five hundred years ago who used the stones to improve their lives, but those who were evil found the stones and used them for their own purposes. The Mirror Overlord at the time took the stones away and sent them to the Shadow Mirror World.
CONNIE: Wow... that's one heck of a story.
SHADOW MARIAH: Sure is. Aside from the stones, I also heard that the witches were after the Petaya, Ganlon, Liechi, Salac, and Apicot Magic... but I don't see what use those have for them.

Mariah, Connie, and Lyoko were now a little freaked out by those details. Not only are the Black Mirror Witches will be after the Sun Stone, but also after their necklaces as well.

CONNIE: You've gotta be kidding. Not only we don't have that Sun Stone, but we don't have the necklaces anymore.
LYOKO: I don't know what happened to mine, and the same thing happened to Miss Cascadia.

Mariah checked in the drawer where she kept the Mirror Wand.

MARIAH: I can't seem to find mine.
SHADOW MARIAH: Just as I thought. The power of the necklaces knew that something like this would happen, so they sent their powers in your bodies and vanished out of existence.
MARIAH: Well, that seems to make a lot of sense...but who has the Apicot Necklace...?

Mariah paused for a minute. She remembered the necklace Minamo was wearing and then the dream that she had before the Hoenn League.

MARIAH: Minamo...?
MARIAH: Somehow Minamo's in on all of this... She said she found a basket of Apicot Berries...

For those few seconds, Shadow Mariah felt a wave of relief for a few seconds before feeling a little anxious.

SHADOW MARIAH: For a long time, I was getting worried. I was having trouble finding this Minamo, but I noticed that she didn't come with you when you ended up in the Hoenn Mirror World. [pause] By the way, I've forgot to tell you this, Mariah, but I was the one who brought you there...on accident. I originally wanted you in the Shadow Mirror World, but it seems that Shadow Wing wanted to keep outsiders away from there.
MARIAH: That pretty much explains how I've got there.
SHADOW MARIAH: But...if you don't mind... do you know where Minamo lives?
MARIAH: In Lilycove City, but it's pretty far from here.
SHADOW MARIAH: Don't worry. I've got it covered. Find Cascadia and Mirror Mariah and I'll meet you near Rustboro Ruins.
MARIAH: It's Rustboro City...

Shadow Mariah lets out an embarrassed laugh before getting up.

SHADOW MARIAH: Sorry. I never been in the Hoenn region before. I barely get enough free time to hang out in my Secret Base now that Lord Steven is helping me look for the stones.


Back at the Petalburg Forest, Cascadia's Kingler opens his claw and a stream of bubbles was shot from it. The bubbles hit the already weakened Mightyena in the face and made her unable to battle. The Ariados then steps up and shoots string from his mouth, and Kingler was covered in sticky web within a few minutes.

KINGLER: Yeech! And I thought the stuff your sister puts on her hair was messy!
CASCADIA: No kidding...
MIRROR MARIAH: Don't worry. I have it covered. Azumarill, Iron Tail!
AZUMARILL: I'm already one step ahead of you!

Azumarill raced toward Ariados as her tail begins to glow a solid white. Before Ariados could respond, he was hit hard in the face by the aquarabbit's tail. Ariados went flying before he landed on his fallen partner.

AZUMARILL: Whew... glad that's over.
MIRROR MARIAH: You said it. Now take a rest.

Mirror Mariah gets out her wand and points it at Azumarill. A white light was shot from one of the diamond that hits Azumarill and sucked her into the wand. Cascadia follows by getting out Kingler Net Ball and recalling him as well.

CASCADIA: I never thought you had other Pokemon besides Swamira, Mirror Mariah.
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, after the Shadow Wing incident, I had more free time on my hands. I've got to go to new places, meet new people, catch a few Pokemon here and there.
CASCADIA: I've mostly been at Sootopolis Ocean and Slateport Beach.

Just then, the sound of two people clapping was heard, and Mirror Mariah and Cascadia looked around to see who else was around.

VOICE: Good job. I'm impressed. You put on quite a show...

Just then, a woman, who was revealed to be Sorah, suddenly leapt out one of the trees and landed in front of Mirror Mariah and Cascadia. She gets out two Pokeballs and recalled the Mightyena and Ariados. Then she puts the Pokeballs away, folded her arms and looked up at the two girls with a cold smile.

CASCADIA: Who are you?
SORAH: I am Sorah. I'm the leader of the Black Mirror Witches.

Sorah studied Mirror Mariah's confused expression and then lets out a soft chuckle.

SORAH: Hmm... you two must come from the Hoenn Mirror World.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. That's right.
SORAH: And if I'm not mistaken, you're its Mirror Guardian, right?
MIRROR MARIAH: Unless there's someone else who looks like me aside from two certain people, that'll be me.
SORAH: Heh. It's pretty ironic that someone who never heard of us managed to defeat the leader... and yet someone else who knows a lot about us was easily beaten by the weakest member of the team.
CASCADIA: What do you mean?
SORAH: I'm talking about the embarrasing defeat that Hedga handed to the Shadow Mirror Guardian. You can ask them about the details later.
MIRROR MARIAH: Enough of this. What do you want?

Sorah ran her fingers through her flowing hair for a moment, and then she looked at Mirror Mariah straight in the eye.

SORAH: We're on a quest to gather some very important items. Our main priority are the legendary stones: Leaf, Thunder, Fire, Sun, Moon, and Water. However, we are also looking for the key that will lead to the power of some of the legendary Pokemon to unlock the true power of the stones.
MIRROR MARIAH: And what are those?
SORAH: The Liechi Magic of Kyogre, the Ganlon Magic of Groudon, the Salac Magic of Rayquaza, the Petaya Magic of Latios and Latias, and the Apicot Magic of Jirachi.

Mirror Mariah and Cascadia's eyes widened at that moment. They knew that the necklaces were powerful, but they didn't expect for them to trigger a hidden power in the Evolution Stones. Something didn't seem right.

SORAH: We need those to bring our current master to gain the ultimate power to build a new world.
MIRROR MARIAH: And I'm guessing your master wants to destroy the Mirror Worlds to pull it off?
SORAH: Yeah. The Hoenn Mirror World, the Shadow Mirror World... and the Hoenn region, which is the world we're in now.

Mirror Mariah and Cascadia were even more surprised. Not only are they now in Mariah's world, but it'll be destroyed along with the Mirror Worlds unless they did something about it.

SORAH: I have a feeling we'll meet again...but this time, it'll be for more than just a simple Pokemon battle.

Sorah then walks off, and Mirror Mariah began to feel a bit nervous. Cascadia sorrowfully looks at Sorah before she vanished from view. After regaining themselves, they knew what they had to do...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 02:50 PM
Minamo was at the rooftop of the Lilycove Department Store. A soft breeze drifted across her face as she gazed at the sparkling blue ocean ahead of her. Her mind wasn't on the basket of Apicot Berries or the new powers. She was too busy enjoying the day.

Suddenly, she notices a faint glow on her Apicot Necklace. The glow slowly increased in brightness, causing Minamo to shut her eyes. The glow became brighter and brighter until it eventually vanished. Minamo opened her eyes again and tried to figure out what happened.

MINAMO: Huh? Where'd it go?

Minamo noticed that she wasn't wearing the necklace anymore. Thinking that something was wrong, she heads for home. She headed straight for her room and called Mariah on her visual phone.

* * *

Cascadia and Mirror Mariah have arrived in Littleroot Town, obviously surprised by their new surroundings.

MIRROR MARIAH: Wow... now I've seen everything.
CASCADIA: No kidding. We have a lot on our hands, so we should find Mariah to tell her all about this.

Fortunately, they didn't have to look very far to look for her when Cascadia noticed that Mariah saw them through the kitchen window with a surprised look on her face.

MARIAH: I knew it...

Mariah rushed out of the door and heads to the two.

MARIAH: What exactly are you guys doing here?
MIRROR MARIAH: Heh... long time no see, Mariah...
CASCADIA: Funny you should ask that. You see, there's this girl named Sorah running around and saying something about the Black Mirror Witches getting the stones and--
MARIAH: Shadow Mariah has already told me the whole story about them...

Without asking any more questions, Mariah goes back inside her home with Mirror Mariah and Cascadia following. By the time they've got to her room, Mariah noticed that her visual phone was going off and answers it. After picking up the receiver, Minamo's face came into view.

MINAMO: Mariah, something weird just happened. The necklace I had just disappeared and...

Minamo stopped when she saw Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko in the background. She could feel that her eyes would fall out of her head and her mouth dropping down at any moment upon seeing them.

MINAMO: Uh...Mariah...? Who... or what...?

Connie seemed annoyed and pushes Mariah a bit out of her way as she glares at Minamo.

CONNIE: Hey, what the heck wrong with you, anyway?
MINAMO: Uh... well... Anyway, m-my name is Minamo...
MARIAH: Uh...sorry about that. This here is Connie, one of my friends from the Hoenn Mirror World.
CONNIE: I'm otherwise known as the rock hard fighter extrodinaire, so if you know what's good for you, don't get me in a bad mood.
MINAMO: O...okay...
MARIAH: Trust me. It'll be the last thing you'll EVER do. I've seen it happen more than once.
MINAMO: Perhaps your other friends would seem less...intimidating...

After being introduced to Connie, Minamo gets the chance to meet Cascadia, Lyoko, Mirror Mariah, and Shadow Mariah. Once the introductions were done, Minamo resumed her talk with Mariah.

MINAMO: So, anyway, my necklace disappeared, and I'm just wondering... did you have anything to do with this?
MARIAH: No. My Petaya Necklace is gone as well. The same thing happened to my friends as well...
MINAMO: Really? Wow...
MARIAH: Yep. The necklaces did that after they sent their powers through us.
MINAMO: So...I still have those powers I had back at Ever Grande Stadium?
MARIAH: Seems like it.

Just then, Mariah hears the door openning downstairs. She hears the faint chatter of her father and grandmother and immediately gets nervous. She gets even more nervous when she hears footsteps coming in her direction.

MARIAH: Aw, shoot... My dad and grandma are back...and Drew and Natasha are coming!
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, why shouldn't we introduce ourselves?
MARIAH: Because they don't know anything about the Hoenn Mirror World!
MARIAH: Mirror Mariah, the last thing I want my family to know is there is a parallel version of the Hoenn region.
MIRROR MARIAH: And your point is...?
MARIAH: How could I simplify this further? Oh, I know... HIDE!!!!

After a brief hesistation, everyone quickly finds a hiding place. Lyoko hides under the bed, Cascadia shoved herself into a pile of stuffed dolls, Connie hides in the closet, and the Mariahs hid behind the curtains by the window. Mariah heads back to her desk and looks at Minamo on the screen.

MARIAH: Don't say anything about what just happened.

Drew and Natasha entered the room, and Mariah quickly spun around and greeted them with a nervous smile.

MARIAH: Uh...hi, guys.
NATASHA: Hey, Mariah. What's up?
MARIAH: Nothing much. Just taking a break from training. You guys remember Minamo, right?
DREW: Yeah. Hi, there.
MINAMO: Hello, Drew. Natasha.
NATASHA: So, how was training?
MARIAH: The usual... people to see, places to go, Pokemon to battle. Heh heh...

Suddenly, a Pokeball rolled its way from under the bed. It rolled toward Mariah, and the button landed on her foot. As soon as the button was pressed, a bright light burst out of the ball and formed into Odd, Lyoko's Farfetch'd. Mariah began to sweat in pure anxiety.

ODD: Huh? Where are we? [looks under the bed] And why is Lyoko under the bed?
DREW: Odd?
MARIAH: Yeah, Odd... as in how odd this Farfetch'd somehow came into my room.
ODD: What are you talking about, Mariah? It's me, Odd!
MARIAH: [whispering] Odd, be quiet!

Odd and Mariah began to argue. Drew and Natasha were confused because to them, Odd was saying "Farfetch far!" and Mariah was talking backwards.

DREW: Uh...since when did Mariah spoke like she's from another dimension?
NATASHA: I have no idea. Get Uncle Noah and Gran up here. They need to see this...

Drew slowly left the room as Mariah and Odd continued their argument until Lyoko gets out from under the bed and sees Odd out of his Pokeball.

ODD: Lyoko! Where are we?
LYOKO: We're in Mariah's world.
ODD: Huh? Really?

Natasha's mouth was now hanging open. Mariah then tells Minamo to call back later and hangs up. Connie, Cascadia, and the Mariahs also came out of their hiding places as well. Mariah was now ready to be sent to a mental hospital at any time now, and Natasha remained speechless. Drew came up to Mariah's room with the father and grandmother following. As soon as they caught a glimpse of the group, they were just as speechless as Natasha.

MARIAH: Aw, man... I'm in for it now...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 02:51 PM
In the living room, Mariah was sitting on one sofa. Her father was on a chair that was one side of her, and her grandma sat with Drew and Natasha standing by her at the other. Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, Mirror Mariah, and Shadow Mariah was in front of the staircase as they worriedly await the outcome of this.

FATHER: Mariah... you've been acting rather strange ever since after the Hoenn League... and, may I ask, is this what you've been hiding all this time?

Mariah didn't answer.

FATHER: I would like an answer.
DREW: I say we send her to the nuthouse and get it over with.

After some hesistation, Mariah looked up at her family.

MARIAH: Y...yes... You see... the Hoenn Mirror Girl that appeared at the opening ceremonies was... she was... me...

Immediately everyone was silent.

MARIAH: I didn't want you guys to know. I wanted to put that all behind me...

Mariah then gets out the Mirror Wand and holds it close to her.

MARIAH: Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger!

The jewels began glowing one by one and formed a light around Mariah. Her clothes start to change. Her shirt changed from bright yellow to red and a black ribbon with yellow at the end and a Pokeball in the middle of the bow appeared on it. Her skirt shrinks a little and turns white, her sandals turns into black high heels, she gets Pokeball barrets in her hair, and large white round wings form on her back. Once the light faded, Mariah was now the Hoenn Mirror Girl. The whole Janvi family was stunned by Mariah's new look.

DREW: Whoa... I can't believe this... Out of all the trainers... out of the entire human race... the Hoenn Mirror Girl...IS MARIAH JANVI?!
NATASHA: Sure looks like it...
DREW: This has to be a dream...
MARIAH: I wish it was a dream by the time it happened too, but it isn't.
DREW: Mariah Janvi... the very same Mariah who loves to scarf down Watmel Berries and is a little bit of a jynx at times is the Hoenn Mirror Girl... It'll take me quite a while to believe that, despite what I saw...
NATASHA: Yeah, but once you get used to it, it's like we're having a celeberty in the family.

The father was totally spellbound by this.

FATHER: Mariah... so it was you who fought off the giant fire bird?
MARIAH: Yes, dad...
GRANDMOTHER: In all my years, I've never seen anything like this...
MARIAH: Well, grandma, I'm about to add something else to that list.

Mariah gets her wand ready to summon her Pokemon.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Red! Orange! Yellow! Blue! Purple!

Five colorful lights were shot from the Mirror Wand's gems that formed into Octillery, Jacrystal, Electabuzz, Shuckle, and Venomoth. The family was even more surprised that in addition to the Pokemon she had in the Hoenn region, Mariah had Pokemon that appeared to be from another world as well.

MARIAH: Everyone, I'd like you to meet the Pokemon I had in the Hoenn Mirror World.

Natasha was the first one to take the chance to meet the strange Pokemon. She noticed how all of Mariah's Pokemon are in good shape, but she was mostly interested in Jacrystal, a Pokemon that she's never seen before. Natasha stroked Jacrystal's soft yet minorly bristly fur, and the fire rabbit appeared the like the treatment she's getting.

JACRYSTAL: Heh... not only is the place great, but so are the people.
MARIAH: Yeah... it'll take a while for my family to get used to you though.

Again, all the family heard was Jacrystal saying her name and Mariah sounding like a tape playing backwards.

NATASHA: Hey, Mariah... why do you talk so funny while you talk with your Pokemon?
MARIAH: Huh? What do you mean I talk funny when I talk to my Pokemon?
DREW: For some reason, you sound like a videotape rewinding. It gets kinda freaky after a while.
MIRROR MARIAH: Maybe it's because you don't have the same abilities that we have. In the Hoenn and Shadow Mirror Worlds, humans and Pokemon can understand each other perfectly, but it doesn't seem to be that way in this world.
GRANDMOTHER: Oh, I see. So, you can understand what Pokemon are saying. It seems that Mariah's new powers are more helpful than I thought.
DREW: Yeah, but what about those two girls who look like Mariah's good side and bad side? And that mermaid and school girl? And that other girl who looks like she's from prehistoric times?
CONNIE: Hey! Watch your mouth, 'cause it'll be out the window in a minute! I'd admit that I'm not the prettiest member of the team, but who needs good looks when you have all out pure power?
NATASHA: Some hygeine won't kill you.
CONNIE: Oh, I take a bath, all right.
CASCADIA: In your clothes, I bet.

Connie lets out a disgusted sigh.

CONNIE: One of these days, I'm gonna fry you, you little fish...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 02:52 PM
The setting sun caused the sky to flicker a beautiful blend of gold, orange, red, and purple. As night prepared to fall upon Hoenn, the houses lit up, and the wild Pokemon that were active during the day now headed home while the nocturnal Pokemon slowly woke up to begin their routines.

Three young Meowth near Oldale Town found some Oran Berries in a nearby tree. They began eating when a well-groomed Vulpix appeared in front of them. The fox Pokemon began to strut around the Meowth with his tail flowing behind him. He then stops, sits, and looks up. The Vulpix then breathes fire out of his mouth, and the Meowth were impressed by Vulpix's beauty and talent. As the Meowth gazed at the dazzling fountain of fire, the female Meowth began to approach Vulpix with hearts in her eyes.

FEMALE MEOWTH: Wow... that's really something.

Vulpix stopped his performance and looked toward Meowth with a warm smile. The other two Meowth approached the fox.

MALE MEOWTH 1: That was awesome!
MALE MEOWTH 2: How'd you learn to do that?!
VULPIX: Heh heh... the best is yet to come...

He then shoots his head behind him and his expression and tone changed.

VULPIX: Okay, guys! NOW!

As if on cue, a Jolteon, Hitmontop, Skitty, and Beautifly began to attack the three Meowth. The Jolteon shoots pins from his body that stung the three Meowth, the Hitmontop kicks the female Meowth after doing a cartwheel, the Skitty slams into one of the male Meowth, and the Beautifly squirts string out of her long mouth at the other.

MALE MEOWTH 2: Hey, what...?

The Beautifly then turns to Vulpix, obviously showing that the performance was just to lower their guard.

BEAUTIFLY: Okay, Tails. Take it from here.

The Vulpix, revealed as Tails, rears back his body as his eyes began to glow. A strange, dark ray was shot toward the three cats, and suddenly they appeared to be dazed and delirious.

TAILS: This has got to be the easiest mission yet!

Just then, Hedga appears and notices that the Pokemon have carried out the said mission with very little problem. She nods in approval as she saw the three Meowths.

HEDGA: Thanks, guys... I'll take it from here.

She outstretched her arms with her palms facing the Meowth. She glares at the cat Pokemon and began to focus as hard as she could.

HEDGA: By the power of darkness, surrender your free will to me!

Just at that moment, a dark purple light began to surround both Hedga and the Meowth. The Meowth began to slowly rise into the air and a purple sphere began to surround them. After a few seconds, the sphere appeared to crack apart and eventually breaks. When it did, the Meowth were transformed into large tiger-like creatures, one a bright pink, another a dark jade, and and the third a faint blue. Each of them have shimmering fur that glowed when the sun shone on them, their tails flowed behind them, and their eyes where a clear white color.

HEDGA: Now, let's take the stage...

With that, Hedga, her Pokemon, and the monsters that she had created were making their way to Oldale Town.

* * *

Minamo was in her room, wondering about what just happened. To her, Mariah was a strange girl, and now she's even more stranger to her with friends like Connie and Cascadia. To get the thought out of her mind, Minamo turns on the TV and notices that a news report was on. The three tiger creatures that Hedga had created were slashing houses apart, trampling over gardens, and doing as much destruction as possible. Minamo's attention was completely on the creatures. She wasn't even paying attention to what the newswoman has to say.

For some reason, however, Minamo felt that she was able to defeat them. Memories of her brief battle with Shadow Wing flashed in her mind. Remembering the strange presents that she attacked with, she wondered if that would be any help in what was going on in Oldale Town.

Her mind was made up. She gets her belt of Pokeballs, heads outside, and sends out her Flygon.

MINAMO: Flygon, I need you to take me to Oldale Town.
FLYGON: Oldale Town? Why?
MINAMO: There's something weird going on. I don't know why, but I feel there's something wrong there. I heard on the news about some monsters attacking.
FLYGON: Monsters? What kind of monsters?
MINAMO: We'll find out for ourselves when we get there. Now, let's get a move on.

Without wasting another second, Minamo gets on her Flygon. As soon as her trainer was ready to go, Flygon beats her wings and took to the skies a few seconds later, en route to Oldale Town.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 02:53 PM
Night has fallen in Oldale Town, which was slowly but surely turning into a wasteland by Hedga's monsters. The police have arrived to try to stop the rampaging creatures, but their attempts were rendered futile as Hedga used her powers to paralyze their bodies. Growlithe and Arcanine that were with the police headed in to stop her, but Hedga's Pokemon managed to defeat them with their flashy but strong attacks. It seemed that all hope was lost.

HEDGA: Ha ha ha! This is just too easy! At this rate, I'll get the stones in no time! It just too bad they weren't around here. Oh, well!

Hedga continues her gloating until she was hit in the stomach by a green shockwave. Its force managed to blow Hedga back a bit and caused her to land on her back. She was a bit stunned, but she quickly gets up.

HEDGA: Who was that?!
VOICE: I don't know who you are, but it's bad enough that this is the second time Hoenn gets attacked!

Hedga looked around until she had caught sight of Mariah and her friends, as well as Shadow Mariah being with them. Her Pokemon also noticed them, and they tried their best to look intimidating after realizing that they were the ones who attacked their trainer and coordinator.

TAILS: I don't believe it.
CREAM: Who do you think you are?! [to Shadow Mariah] And how could you show your face after I humilated you by beating your stupid Blaziken?

Shadow Mariah lowered her head at Cream's comment as Mariah turned her attention to the young girl responsible for all of this.

MARIAH: I'm guessing you must be Hedga.
HEDGA: And I'm guessing you must be a loser as well seeing that you look so much like the Shadow Mirror Guardian.
MARIAH: I'm no loser. I am the reflection of justice and the twin of truth, and I shall eliminate the illusion of evil! My name is Mariah, the magical Hoenn Mirror Girl!

Hedga's expression lessened a bit. She obviously had heard of the Hoenn Mirror Girl and how she defeated Shadow Wing. She also didn't expect her to look so much like the person she had beaten badly a while back in the Shadow Mirror World. After a few moments, Hedga shook it off.

HEDGA: Whatever. You don't scare us.
CONNIE: Well, I'm gonna give you something that'll scare you!
HEDGA: What? What could a little girl like you do against me?
CONNIE: I hope you're in the mood to get dirty because once I get through with you, not even a Feebas would think you look good!

Connie stampeded toward Hedga. However, Hedga just yawns and sidesteps out of the way. Connie ended up runing head first into the pink tiger, who gave her a violent stare.

CONNIE: Do you know how weak you look?

The pink tiger didn't seem to like the comment as she knocks Connie away from her.

MARIAH: Connie!

The other two tigers stared angrily at the other girls and attacked by blowing a grayish, sparkling wind at them. Some of them were blown back while others received heavy damage from the attack. Still, they were able to keep on going.

HEDGA: It looks like you want more.
SHADOW MARIAH: That's enough!

Shadow Mariah gets out her wand and begins to concentrate. Suddenly, a black flash was shot out of the gems of the wand and forms into her Absol. However, she appeared to have made some sort of mistake, for Absol wasn't the Pokemon she had in mind.

SHADOW MARIAH: Huh? I wanted Psudeon! What happened to her?
ABSOL: Is there something wrong?

Hedga's Pokemon were giggling uncontrollably as Hedga smirked.

HEDGA: I'm sorry. Were you saying something?
SHADOW MARIAH: You did this, did you?

The other girls appeared to be confused.

CONNIE: Since when did the Shadow Mirror Guardian had an Absol?
MARIAH: That's...unexpected.
HEDGA: [laughs] That Absol that the Shadow Mirror Guardian has there is a present from my sisters. I think it's rather suiting for her. Like Absol, Shadow Mariah could be considered a total disaster. But rather than tell you, I made it come out so you can see it for yourself.
SHADOW MARIAH: Enough of this! It's payback time! Absol, go!

With that, Absol raced to the blue tiger creature. As she prepares to strike, the blue tiger blew more of the sparkling wind. Absol moaned in pain as the beautiful but harsh wind was blown at her.

CASCADIA: Well, that isn't fair!
MIRROR MARIAH: And it looks like that Shadow Mariah isn't in good shape either!

Everyone was shocked as they watched Shadow Mariah as she collapses to the ground and holding herself in pain. Not only was her Absol was off to a bad start, but Hedga forced her out to mock Shadow Mariah in a really cruel way.

SHADOW MARIAH: I...can't...believe this!
HEDGA: I guess you never knew much about pain sharing, have you?

Mariah steps up. She couldn't let Shadow Mariah be tortured like this.

MARIAH: Let's see how you handle this!

Mariah glowed green for a few seconds as she gets her wand ready. She aims it at the tigers, and the wand fires rainbow colored seeds at them. The green and blue tigers have dodged the attack, but the seeds made a direct hit on the pink tiger. A few seconds after the impact, a strange rainbow plant starts to grow and wrapped itself around the tiger. The plant appeared to be sapping away the creature's energy, and it eventually became the female Meowth again. She appeared to be exhausted from losing so much of her energy.

HEDGA: What?! One of my creatures was defeated already?! I don't believe this!
MARIAH: You've just ran into a heap of trouble, my friend.

Hedga's Pokemon get ready to attack Mariah, but Hedga held them back and calls the remainnig two tigers. Absol appeared able to continuing battling, and Mariah notices that she needs some help.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Yellow!

The yellow gem on the Mirror Wand began to glow and shot out a bright yellow light that formed into Electabuzz. Mirror Mariah follows suit by sending out a Spinda. Both the muscular electric Pokemon and the wobbly panda were ready to help out Absol.

MARIAH: I didn't know you have a Spinda.
MIRROR MARIAH: I caught it a while ago. Now, let's go! Spinda, Dizzy Punch!
MARIAH: Electabuzz, Shock Wave!
SHADOW MARIAH: Absol, Razor Wind!

Electabuzz begins to charge up electricity and fires several swift sparks from his antennae that formed into one large lightning bolt that made a direct hit on the jade tiger. Despite the damage, he was able to continue and heads toward the group with his partner following.

ELECTABUZZ: They're coming straight at us!
SPINDA: Not if I can help it!

Spinda winds up rhythmically for a few seconds and waits as his target gets close. At just the right time, he delivers a hard punch in the blue tiger's face.

Meanwhile, Absol gave the jade tiger a harsh stare as she raced toward him. She leaps high into the sky as the sharp, blade-like horn on her head glows. She then fires a bright shockwave at the jade tiger, which knocks it down as well. Hedga became tense as she watched this.

HEDGA: Why you...!

While the blue tiger was able to continue on, the jade tiger collapsed and returned to a normal Meowth.

HEDGA: You're taking this too far... you won't get away with this. You're gonna suffer... YOU'RE GONNA PAY!!!

And with that, a faint purple smoke began to surround Hedga. Everyone began to wonder what was happening and found out thirty seconds later. Hedga was now wearing a dark purple dress with a ring of white at the end of it. She had on shoes with a white horizontal stripe through the middle, and her hair was much shorter and curled a little at the end.

HEDGA: I'm going to rip you up in so many pieces that no one will ever be able to identify you...
CASCADIA: And I thought Connie was threatening when she gets mad.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-14-2004, 02:54 PM
Hedga and the blue tiger were heading toward the group when suddenly a giftbox landed in front of her. It opens up, and light poured out of it and creates an invisible wall that blocked the assault as well as changing the blue tiger back to a normal Meowth.

HEDGA: Huh?! What's going on?!
VOICE: Up here!

Just then, all attention have turned to a familar looking girl riding on a Flygon.

MARIAH: Minamo!
MINAMO: Surprised to see us?
FLYGON: We came here as fast as we could, and it looks like our timing was good.

Flygon landed in front of the girls, and Minamo gets off.

MINAMO: Who would've thought I'd see you in person again?
MARIAH: Same here.

Hedga, however, wasn't too happy with the reunion and turns to her Pokemon.

HEDGA: Amy, attack that Flygon with Return! Pound that ugly thing to the ground and make her suffer!
AMY: You don't have to ask me twice!
HEDGA: Sonic, Knuckles... Take care of that horrid Electabuzz, and while you're at it, deal with Spinda and Absol as well! I'll deal with the rest.
SONIC: Heh... A chance to show off and cause some chaos? I'm there!
KNUCKLES: I hope these punks will see why I rule Tough Contest when I'm through with them.

And with that, Amy the Skitty, Sonic the Jolteon, and Knuckles the Hitmontop headed straight for their targets.

MINAMO: Flygon, attack Skitty with Dragonbreath!

Flygon takes a swift, deep breath before blowing strange green flames at Amy. The attacks hits, and Amy seemed unable to move after the attack.

AMY: Oh... not fair...
FLYGON: That was close.

Meanwhile, Sonic was racing toward Electabuzz at a very fast pace. Once his target was in striking distance, Sonic's spiky fur begins to shake. He then fired pins from his body as Electabuzz shot electrical energy in the form of stars at the Jolteon. The two seemed even after Electabuzz adds in a little extra charge to fire the Swift attack right through Sonic's Pin Missile.

SONIC: What?!

Sonic was then hit was a flurry of stars that knocked him on his side.

ELECTABUZZ: That takes care of him.

Absol was heading straight toward Knuckles, who dodges her by jumping. The Hitmontop then lands on his head and begins spinning on his top-like head. He begins to head toward Absol, but Absol just stood where she was. Her blade begins to glow, and a small whirlwind forms on it. Before Knuckles could land an attack, Absol rears her head and swiftly lowers it to fire a shockwave similar to the one for her Razor Wind but smaller and had a shield of wind around it. The shockwave hits Knuckles and did some heavy damage. Frustrated, Hedga recalled Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy, but she wasn't stopping yet. She then turned to Tails and Cream.

HEDGA: I'm going to attack these creeps myself! You two cover me!

Hedga began to race toward Shadow Mariah, who looked like she had quite a bit of damage done on her. Still, Shadow Mariah gets out her Fire Bow and Arrow and has her aim on Hedga. She rears back the arrow on the bow and lets it go a split second later, causing the arrow to soar toward her target.

HEDGA: Tails!

Tails immediately leaps into the path of Shadow Mariah's attack and seemed uneffected by it.

HEDGA: Heh heh... I knew Flash Fire would come in handy. Now, Tails, finish them off with a--
WOMAN: Hedga, that's enough!

Just then, a woman appears in front of Hedga. She was wearing a black cloak with a hood over her head. Hedga appeared to be nervous to see her.

HEDGA: I'm sorry, Xintas. These weirdoes got in my way and...

Hedga then stopped as she continued to look at Xintas's shadowed face.

HEDGA: I was trying to carry out the mission, but these girls...

Xintas then turned to take a brief look at the girls. Something about them struck her, but it didn't seem obvious.

XINTAS: Let's go, Hedga. They won this for now...
HEDGA: What?! But...!

Xintas outstretched her arm, and open her hand behind her. A black and purple portal suddenly appears, and Hedga slowly heads toward it, but then looked back at the other girls.

HEDGA: You're gonna be sorry. One of these days, you're gonna be sorry.

And with that, she enters the portal with Xintas following. The portal then closes, and the girls turned to each other.

MARIAH: Looks like my normal life as a Pokemon trainer have reached another dead end.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-18-2004, 02:14 AM
HEDGA: Okay, Tails! Finish it off with a beautiful, full-powered Overheat!

Tails exhales an explosive stream of fire. Before the other trainer could figure out a way to avoid it, his Metagross received heavy damage before collapsing on the ground.

TRAINER: What?! But how...?! I was in the Top 10 of the Hoenn League! I can't believe that I was beaten by a Vulpix!
HEDGA: I guess that's what you can expect from someone like me... Classy, but merciless.
TRAINER: But... but...
HEDGA: [giggles] Oridinary trainers are so hilarious when they lose.

The trainer angriliy recalls his Metagross.

TRAINER: Something's wrong with you. Something's EXTREMELY wrong!
HEDGA: I should be saying that about you. I can't believe someone as lame as you actually exists.

With that, Hedga boastfully walks off with her Vulpix following, not noticing that the trainer was still in shock about his humilating loss.

HEDGA: Heh heh... good job, Tails. And that Overheat attack was something else. If the trainers in the Hoenn region are this pathetic against our Shadow Spirits, the coordinators here should be easy pickings! This is one of the reasons why I love being a Black Mirror Witch. Of course, the Stones are the top priority, but who says I can't have some fun?

Hedga then stops when she spots the small town of Verdanturf up ahead. Letting out a soft chuckle and feeling that her first Pokemon Contest in the Hoenn region will be a pushover, she raced over to the town and headed straight for the contest house until she saw familar faces that she didn't want to see.

HEDGA: What? No way!

Mariah, Drew, and Natasha was showing Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko around the Hoenn region. However, upon seeing Hedga, the tour ended and everyone grew tense.

MARIAH: You again?!
CONNIE: Seeing you last night was bad enough!
HEDGA: Well, well, well... you might have gotten lucky last time, but this time, you guys are toast! Now, who's gonna be the first one to take a beating?

Lyoko, seeing that Hedga is up to something, steps up to the challenge. She gets Yumi's Pokeball and tosses on the ground. The ball opens, and a light bursts out of it and forms into her Murkrow. Hedga starts to laugh.

HEDGA: What a stupid looking Murkrow! And that is the WORST looking headband I've ever seen! Don't think you'll be winning any contests!
LYOKO: I'm not planning to enter any contests!
HEDGA: Good. I'll crush you so badly that even your mom would be humilated from looking at you! [to Tails] Let's beat this baby.

Tails steps up and glares at Yumi, and Yumi does the same. Suddenly, Lyoko gets a strange feeling.

LYOKO: [to herself] Something's not right with her...
HEDGA: Okay, Tails! Show that pathetic Murkrow a Fire Spin attack, and make it an eye-popping bullseye!

Tails rears back his head a little before exhaling a small stream of fire that surrounded Yumi. Lyoko had to act fast.

LYOKO: Yumi, try to blow the flames back at that Vulpix with Mirror Move!

Yumi rises up and begins to flap her wings at a fast pace to blow away the fire, and it ends up heading towards Tails. However, after the fire passed, Tails was left without a scratch.

YUMI: Huh?!

Hedga begins to laugh at Lyoko.

HEDGA: You're so pathetic! Tails's Flash Fire ability makes it immune to fire attacks!
LYOKO: Oh... I've forgot about that.
HEDGA: You're gonna regret that, little girl! Just wait till we see what we can really do.

Suddenly, Tails gave Yumi a fierce, cold stare. Before Lyoko could figure out what was happening, Tails's eyes began to glow as he exhaled three blue and white lights at Yumi.

LYOKO: Huh? Yumi, dodge!

Yumi flew up to dodge the strange lights, but they came right back toward her.

LYOKO: What's going on?!
HEDGA: [thinking] Perfect. That girl's Murkrow won't be able to dodge Tails's Will-O-Wisp. With my Shadow Spirit powering him up, there's no way she could win. If one Will-O-Wisp was dangerous, there's no way she can handle three.

Lyoko began to worry as she watched the three lights get closer and closer to Yumi and eventually made their impact on her.

LYOKO: Yumi!!!

Yumi crashed on the ground and rolled over on her back.

LYOKO: No...
HEDGA: Looks like you lose. HUH?!

Just then, Hedga's gloating was stopped cold before it can even begin. Yumi begins to glow a bright green color for a few seconds before she appeared to be healed from her burns. At the same time, Lyoko begins to glow as well. All of her senses began to become more powerful than before as she felt a strong and gentle presence within her. Lyoko and Yumi could then see a faint purple aura around Hedga and Tails.

YUMI: What is that...?
LYOKO: I don't know...but I can sense some dark powers within that girl...

Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia began to feel similar presences that Lyoko had as well as seeing the auras around Lyoko's opponents.

HEDGA: Wha... what's going on?
TAILS: I don't know...
HEDGA: Whatever. Tails, Flamethrower!

Hedga's Vulpix headed straight toward Yumi as he prepares to attack.

LYOKO: Yumi, use your Night Shade attack!

Yumi's eyes began to glow a light, eerie purple before firing black lightning at Tails, who retaliates by blowing a hot stream of flames. Both attacks collided and ended going back and forth, making them pretty even.

Suddenly, Yumi ended up feeling a new energy within her as well.

YUMI: [to herself] Lyoko Night Shade...

The black lighting begins to have a green hue almost immediately after whispering those words. It then teared through Tails's Flamethrower and makes a direct hit. Tails has fainted.

HEDGA: WHAT?! NO!!! This can't be happening! How can that girl manage to bypass my Shadow Spirit?!
MIRROR MARIAH: Shadow Spirit?

Just then, everyone gave Hedga a strange look, but she didn't care.

HEDGA: The only thing that can bypass any of the Shadow Spirits of the Black Mirror Witches is someone having the power and spirit of a legendary Pokemon...

Just then, there was a short pause before she began to give Lyoko a cold look and then turns to Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia.

HEDGA: Unless you have the power and spirit yourselves!

Hedga begins to focus hard as she looked at the four. Sure enough, all four of them have auras around them as well. Mariah's was pink, Connie's was red, Cascadia's was blue, and Lyoko's was green.

HEDGA: I knew it! [points to Mariah] You have the power and spirit of Latios and Latias... [to Connie] You have Groudon... [to Cascadia] You have Kyogre... [to Lyoko] And you, you disgusting little brat, have Rayquaza! And I bet that other girl that was with you last night has Jirachi's spirit and power! They were right in front of my faces last night, and I didn't see them until now! How could I been so stupid?!
DREW: Huh? What the heck are you talking about?

Hedga ignores Drew's question as she recalled Tails and begins to head to the contest house. Before entering, she turned to the group.

HEDGA: Don't think this'll be the last time we'll meet! I'll take your powers and find the stones no matter what! [to Lyoko] And as for you, little girl... You'll be first on the list. Whether you like it or not, we're arch-rivals now.

With that, she enters the contest house.

DREW: Okay... that still doesn't answer my question.
NATASHA: What does she mean by power and spirit of the legendary Pokemon?
MARIAH: I don't know...but I bet we'll find out along the way.
LYOKO: But one thing's for sure... this won't be easy...
CONNIE: Don't worry, Lyoko. I'll teach you everything I know so that girl won't stand a chance.
CASCADIA: Great... another Connie.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-20-2004, 06:39 PM
Shadow Mariah was flying over the Hoenn region and suddenly notices Minamo standing near the large department store of Lilycove City. However, she notices that she's not alone. A girl with green eyes and dark brown hair in a style similar to Mariah's approached her. She wore a pink shirt with a rainbow on it, blue denim shorts, and pink Mary Janes. The girl managed to get Minamo's attention by her presence.

MINAMO: Oh, hi there. What can I do for you?

The girl then goes through her backpack and gets out a sketchbook. She shows Minamo drawings of Mariah (as the Hoenn Mirror Girl), Mirror Mariah, Shadow Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko.

GIRL: Have you seen these girls?
MINAMO: Yeah. I've seen them yesterday.
GIRL: Great.

Shadow Mariah then lands near the department store and hides as Minamo explained what had happened the night before.

GIRL: Oh... so you think they're in some place called Littleroot Town?
GIRL: Well, let's get going. I'd like to meet the girl that Lord Steven is always talking about. Oh, and by the way, my name's Natalie. And you are?
MINAMO: Minamo.
NATALIE: Oh. Okay. Well, Minamo, are you ready to go to Littleroot?
MINAMO: Uh...it's rather far away. My Flygon, Delibird, and Togetic know the Fly attack, but it'll take...

Minamo was stopped cold when Natalie creates a mirror-like portal.

NATALIE: Come on. Let's go.
MINAMO: Uh...you sure you know where it is?
NATALIE: If this Hoenn region is anything like the Hoenn Mirror World, you bet.

Before Minamo could say anything else, Natalie grabbed her arm and takes her with her through the portal. Shadow Mariah creats a portal to head for Littleroot as well after remembering the similarites between Hoenn and its parallel counterpart.


Hedga left the Contest Hall in Verdanturf with a huge smile on her face. She gets out her Ribbon case and places the blue ribbon in it.

HEDGA: Heh heh... my first Contest in the Hoenn region was so pathetically easy. I almost didn't have to make those other Pokemon screw up their performances. And the Contest Battles are even easier. I swear, if all the other Pokemon Contests are this easy, the Pokemon Grand Festival will be a walk in the park in this world! That's the Beauty Contest down. [closes Ribbon case and puts it away] Tomorrow I'll deal with the Tough Contest. Knuckles will have no problem sweeping that after what I've seen!

Suddenly, Hedga felt something lifting her up as everything around her was absorbed into darkness. A black stoned tower began to form, and when it was completed, Hedga lets out a disgusted sigh.

HEDGA: Oh, boy... What does Xintas and the others want now?

Hedga opens the two large metal doors and went inside. The hall was long and almost pitch black with the weakly flickering candles on chandeliers as the only source of light, yet Hedga could see perfectly through the darkness. After a minute and a half of walking, Hedga stops at a wall with a lever on it. She pulls it down, and the rattling sound of chains could be heard as the elevator came down. It opened after it stopped, and Hedga walks in and lowers the lever inside. The doors made a soft screech as they closed. The rattling sound starts up again as the elevator began to move upward. While she was waiting to get to her destination, Hedga thinks about her battle with Lyoko earlier.

HEDGA: What was with that girl? No one should be able to bypass my Shadow Spirit easily...but that girl did. And she has the spirit of Rayquaza in her. I never expected that...but then why didn't I see it when I battled her pals last night? Those other girls have the spirits of legendary Pokemon too... but it's that little girl I'm worried about. Oh, well. I'll deal with her again soon...

The elevator stopped and the door opens. Hedga walks out and makes a short walk toward two metal doors that were slightly smaller than the ones at the entrance. She pushed the doors aside and enters the throne room ahead.

All the walls were made of black stone just like the tower itself. The floor was made up of black marble which made the room seem dark. On the marble throne sat Xintas, now wearing a black dress with her cloak. In front of her, were Sora, Ivy, and another girl who looks muscular and had a bit of a primitive look with her red face paint, dirty clothes with a leather belt around her waist and her bare feet. Hedga stood next to Ivy.

XINTAS: Glad you can join us, Hedga.

Hedga bows to Xintas.

XINTAS: Let's hear your report. Are they any signs of the stones yet?
HEDGA: No, Mistress Xintas, but I do know who has the other sources needed.
XINTAS: Really?
HEDGA: Yes. The spirits of the legendaries belong to some girls from the Hoenn Mirror World as well as two others from the Hoenn region.
XINTAS: Interesting...

The muscular girl gives Hedga a skeptical expression.

GIRL: Well, if you found them, why aren't they here?! Did you end up getting backside whooping from them?!
HEDGA: Stay out of this, Amazon! I don't need your comments!
AMAZON: Well. Well. It must've been pretty embarrassing.
HEDGA: Well, I DID managed to beat the Shadow Mirror Guardian, ya know!
IVY: Enough! [to Hedga] Who were they?
HEDGA: I don't know their names, but there were two girls who looked almost exactly like the Shadow Mirror Guardian, a mermaid, some dark girl, and some school girl that I can't wait to get my revenge on! There was also another girl with a Flygon, but I didn't see her today.
SORAH: Hmm. I've met the Hoenn Mirror Guardian and the mermaid as well. Mistress Xintas, do you know who these girls are?

Mistress Xintas looked down for a few minutes before looking at her subjects.

XINTAS: The girl who has the Petaya Magic of Latios and Latias is Mariah Janvi, who is also the Hoenn Mirror Girl. The one who possesses the Ganlon Magic of Groudon is a girl named Connie from Rustboro Ruins who declares herself as the the rock hard fighter extrodinaire of the Hoenn Mirror World.
AMAZON: Heh... I'd love to have a piece of her. Leave Connie to me!
XINTAS: A former Aqua Sorceress named Cascadia has the Liechi Magic of Kyogre.
IVY: Cascadia will be my responsiblity then. Her water-type Pokemon won't stand a chance against my grass-types.
XINTAS: The Fortree Castle Mirror Elder's daughter has the Salac Magic of Rayquaza. The Fortree Castle Mirror Elder in the Hoenn Mirror World, mind you.
HEDGA: That brat is Winona's kid? This oughta be fun.
XINTAS: And the most recent member of their team is a girl named Minamo from Lilycove City in the Hoenn region, and she is most likely to have the Apicot Magic of Jirachi.
SORAH: Then I'll handle her.
XINTAS: I trust that you will bring them here no matter what it takes.
SORAH: Yes. As leader of the Black Mirror Witches, you can rest assured that we will not fail under any circumstances.
XINTAS: Good. Now go.

With that, the four girls vanished. Xintas then gazes out of the only window in the room.

XINTAS: I'd like Mariah for myself. I'd like to see how her powers would benefit me... [evil laugh]

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-22-2004, 11:48 PM
Minamo and Natalie have arrived at Littleroot Town. Minamo was still surprised about how fast the trip ended up being. Before she could say anything, however, Natalie was already heading toward the direction of Mariah's house. Minamo had no choice but to follow her. By the time they arrived, Mariah and the others were just coming home and saw Minamo.

DREW: Huh?
NATASHA: What's Minamo doing here?! [sees Natalie] And who's the kid?
NATALIE: My name is Natalie. I was sent here courtesy of Lord Steven and Mirror Masters Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake.
NATASHA: Lord Steven? Mirror Masters?
DREW: Don't you mean the Elite Four and the Champion?

Mariah lets out a nervous laugh. Drew turns to her thinking that she knows about this, but Mariah could already figure out what he was thinking.

MARIAH: Well, they're know as the Elite Four and the Champion in this world, but in the Hoenn Mirror World, they practically run it. Well, Steven, at least.
MIRROR MARIAH: And there's no better person for the job.

Mirror Mariah eagerly heads toward Natalie.

MIRROR MARIAH: So tell me... Why did Lord Steven sent you? How is he doing? Did he say anything about me? Are you trying to steal him from me?
NATALIE: [nervously] Uh...First question, he wanted me to give you and your friends something. Second, he's doing fine. Third, he's wondering if you're safe. Fourth, I'm not into guys right now.
MIRROR MARIAH: Oh...okay. That's fine.
CASCADIA: So, what is it that he wanted to give us?

Natalie then reaches into her backpack and gets out five crystal-like orbs. They were pink, white, red, blue, and green in color. Mariah gets the pink orb.

MARIAH: What are these things?

Connie gets the red orb, Cascadia gets the blue one, Lyoko gets green, and Mirror Mariah gets white.

CASCADIA: They look like those orbs that control Kyogre and Groudon.
NATALIE: They may look like 'em, but they're not. They're called Spirit Crystals. Elder Wallace found them one day deep in the Cave of Origin.
CONNIE: Wow. Pretty cool.
NATALIE: That's the Earthspirit Ruby you have there.
CONNIE: Earthspirit Ruby...?
LYOKO: Which one do I have?
NATALIE: That's the Windspirit Emerald.
LYOKO: Do you have another one of these? I'd like to give one to my mom as a present.
NATALIE: Sorry. It's one of a kind.

Lyoko sighs as Natalie heads over to Cascadia.

NATALIE: That's the Seaspirit Sapphire right there. [to Mariah] And you have the Lifespirit Pearl.
MIRROR MARIAH: What about me?
NATALIE: You have a really special one: the Mirrorspirit Diamond!

Just then, a sixth yellow orb floats out of Natalie's bag and lands in Minamo's hands.

MINAMO: Huh? What is...?
NATALIE: I guess you were destined to have the Lightspirit Topaz.
MINAMO: Lightspirit Topaz?
NATASHA: This just keeps on getting weirder and weirder.
DREW: You're telling me. I thought Mariah being the Hoenn Mirror Girl was big news, but I don't think anything would top this.
NATALIE: Don't worry about it. If you're lost on something just ask me. I live in Littleroot Village, but I tend to travel a lot.
DREW: Okay. Should I start from the top of the list or just pick randomly?

Before anything else could be said, there was the sound of a phone ringing. It was coming from Natalie as she gets out a light purple cell phone.

NATALIE: Hello? Oh, Elder Wattson. What? Something wrong? I'll get on it.

Natalie then hangs up and gets out a wand similar to Mariah's but much smaller. The rod was a lavendar color and had a white Pokeball on top with the button being a diamond. On the sides of the Pokeball were hearts instead of wings. She then points it ahead of her and a bright light was shot out from the diamond. It forms into a portal that was similar to the Golden Gateway in the Hoenn Mirror World.

NATALIE: I'm ready when you guys are!

Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko seemed optimistic about going back to the world they lived in, but Mariah felt a little uneasy but told herself to be ready for anything. Minamo didn't know what to expect in the world she was about to go into, and Drew and Natasha felt the same way only five times more. Without asking questions, however, everyone except Mariah's cousins went into the portal. Natalie was about to enter herself but stops and turns to Drew and Natasha.

NATALIE: You guys can come if you want.

After a slight hesistation, Drew and Natasha followed Natalie into the portal. Shadow Mariah arrived just in time to see the portal closed but didn't seem upset about it. Instead, she creates a portal of her own by doing the same manuever Natalie used earlier.

SHADOW MARIAH: I think I stay out of your way. I have some matters to deal with.

Shadow Mariah enters the dark portal she created. It then closes after she went through.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-24-2004, 12:17 AM
A mirror forms above Mauville Palace, and Mariah and the others came out of it. While Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Lyoko stayed afloat by flying and Cascadia with her telekenetic powers; Connie, Natalie, and Minamo plummeted down and crashed on top of the steel palace with Drew and Natasha crashing on top of Minamo.

MINAMO: OW! That hurt!
DREW: Sorry. I'm not used to going through mirrors.
NATASHA: Natalie, would you minding warning us the next time this happens?!
NATALIE: Sorry. I'm kinda new at this. Lord Steven and the Mirror Masters have taught me everything they knew, but it's not as easy as it looks.

Just then, there was a loud ringing noise in the distance. It went on for a few seconds before it faded. Everyone wondered about the noise as Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Lyoko and Cascadia helped the others get down. The noise picked up again and, although louder than before, died down just as quickly.

NATALIE: It sounds like...some alarm clock gone haywire or something.
MARIAH: Sure does.

Wattson was rushing toward the group. He then stops to catch his breath. With him was a Manectric.

NATALIE: Elder Wattson. What's the trouble?

The noise starts up again, but it went longer than usual.

WATTSON: For a while, those noises have been going on and off a lot lately. The weird thing is that anyone that goes close to where it's coming from gets attacked by someone...or something.
CASCADIA: Where is it? And where it's coming from?
WATTSON: It's coming from over there...at New Mauville.

Wattson then points to a large rock in the distance.

CASCADIA: Doesn't look pretty far, and it seems pretty easy to get to.
CONNIE: Yeah, for those who can swim or fly.
DREW: And we don't have a clue what to expect.
MARIAH: Well, for that... A lot of stuff that's out of the ordinary.
MINAMO: Well, we're not gonna get anything done standing here. Flygon, go!

Minamo gets out Flygon's Pokeball and tosses into the air. The ball opens as a bright light pours out of it and forms into her Flygon. Cascadia follows suit and sends out her Milotic. Minamo gets on her Flygon, and Cascadia and Milotic get in the water. Drew and Natasha get on Milotic, and Connie gets on Minamo's Flygon. Seeing that Natalie needed a ride to New Mauville as well, Mirror Mariah sends out her Tropius. After everyone was ready, the group heads to New Mauville.

It didn't take them long to get there. When they arrived on solid ground, they were surprised by their surroundings. Despite being inside of a cave, the place looked more like a factory. There was crates of worn down equipment in crates, and the ceiling lights flickered due to their condition. There were some traces of assembly lines all over the metal floor, and an soft electric hum was heard whenever the ringing noise, which was much louder, wasn't going off.

Everyone recalled their Pokemon and the others looked around.

NATASHA: Wow... I wonder what happened here.
CASCADIA: I have a feeling that we don't want to know.

The ringing sound is heard again, but at a much louder level.

CONNIE: Aw, come on! Enough with the ringing!
MARIAH: I heard about ears ringing, but this is ridiculous!

The ringing then stops and everyone sighs in relief.

MINAMO: Whew. It stopped.
MARIAH: Uh...what did you say?
MINAMO: I said it stopped!
MARIAH: What slop?

Everyone sighed as they continued through the abandoned factory. The ringing sound gets louder as they continued, meaning they were getting closer to whoever's doing this. Everyone occasionally stopped to cover their ears before moving on. Eventually, they made it to a room with a large machine and a large alarm clock monster with small speakers on its side. On the back hangs a cord which is plugged up to the machine.

DREW: What in the world is that?!

The alarm clock monster begins to let his alarm go off. Up close, the sound was deafening. Mariah gets out her wand as she tries to endure the noise.

MARIAH: Magicial mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger!

The now familar surrounds Mariah and not only blocks her from the noise but drowns it out for everyone else as well. After a few seconds, the light died down and Mariah was the Hoenn Mirror Girl.

DREW: I really need to get used to that.
MARIAH: Don't worry. It won't take long for that.

The alarm clock monster then lets out a loud howl and looks ready to knock down the group in one shot. He then charges towards them, but Mariah manages to create a wall of wind that blows back the monster. She then gets her wand ready again.

MARIAH: I call upon the Rainbow of the Mirror World! Yellow!

A yellow light was shot from its corresponding gem on the wand and forms into Mariah's Electabuzz. Mirror Mariah, Natalie, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo got ready for a fight, and Drew and Natasha get their Pokeballs ready.

DREW: Roselia, go!
NATASHA: Let's go, Seviper!

Both Drew and Natasha threw their Pokeballs. They both open and shoot out bright lights. One formed into the flower Pokemon Roselia, and the other formed into the snake Pokemon Seviper.

ROSELIA: Ugh! That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life! I feel offended just looking at it!
SEVIPER: Doesssssn't he look friendly? I bet thissss piece of ssssscrap metal will fall apart with one blow!

Both Drew and Natasha gave each other surprised expressions.

NATASHA: Uh, Drew...? Did you just heard what I think I just heard?
DREW: If you mean my Roselia talking about how ugly the monster is and your Seviper making fun of it, then yes.
CONNIE: Hey! Let's stick with the program, all right?

The monster gets back up and heads toward the group again.

DREW: Roselia, use Magical Leaf!
NATASHA: Seviper, Poison Tail!

Roselia leaps into the air and starts to twirl a few times. From the roses on her arms shot shining leaves that managed to land a direct hit on the monster. It was a bit staggered but was able to shake of the attack.

ROSELIA: I'm guessing that's not a good idea.

Seviper slithers toward the monster as his sword-like tail was glowing purple. He then raises it and slashes the monster. The monster appeared to be poisoned, but somehow he was miraculously recovered.

SEVIPER: Hmmm... looksssss like thissss junk pile isssssn't a pussssshover.
NATASHA: I'd say.
CONNIE: Watch and learn, my friends! Fissure Punch!

Connie begins glowing as she balls her fist and punches the ground as hard as she could. A crack then forms and heads right for the monster. The ground starts to crack apart, and the monster was about to fall when the fissure was stopped cold and the ground returned to the way it was.

CONNIE: WHAT?! What the...?!

Unknown to the group, Hedga was secretly watch the group fight the monster. She has used her powers to stop Connie's attack.

HEDGA: Heh. Don't think that silly moves like that would help you. Now it's time to show them why I call my latest partner "Hyper Noise"...

The monster, Hyper Noise, begins to take a deep breath and lets out a loud scream as his ringer starts again. Everyone was blown back by the horrible noise as well as being knocked out cold, but Mariah and Electrabuzz managed to stay strong.

MARIAH: Maybe this will stop you! [to herself] I just hope this can work without the necklace. [out loud] Petaya Magic!

To Mariah's surprise, the attack worked, but differently. Instead of comets, there was a pink sphere of light that forms in front of Mariah. Two lights were shot out of the sphere; one for Electabuzz and one for Hyper Noise. The light appears to be transferring some of Hyper Noise's energy to Electabuzz.

MARIAH: Hey, Electabuzz! You okay?
ELECTABUZZ: I feel some sort of new power going through me...
MARIAH: I feel some new power going through me too...

Hyper Noise lets out a tremendous bellow to neutralize the Petaya Magic as well as attacking Mariah and Electabuzz, but they seem to be unfazed. Electabuzz notices the expression of Mariah's face. She seemed that something in her was telling her there was another way to fight Hyper Noise.

ELECTABUZZ: Mariah...?

Mariah then gets out her wand.

ELECTABUZZ: Are you gonna send out another Pokemon?
MARIAH: No. [gets out the Lifespirit Pearl] I have something else in mind.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-24-2004, 12:19 AM
Mariah holds the Mirror Wand at her arm's distance, closes her eyes, and concentrates intensely.

MARIAH: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake. Latios! Latias!

The Lifespirit Pearl starts to glow for a few seconds. A bright pink light then surrounds Mariah. When the light died down, Mariah was wearing a raspberry red shirt with a pink bow on it, and in the middle of the bow was a crystal that looked like the Soul Dew. Her white skirt with three triangles on it; two upside-down blue ones and one right side up red one. She had white high heeled shoes, and the barrettes on her hair were the same as the crystal on the bow. She then forms pink wings that looked like Latios and Latias's on her back, and the wings on her wand began to change to those as well. Electabuzz was rather surprised by Mariah's new look.

ELECTABUZZ: Whoa... Mariah...

The others began to regain their consciousness and saw Mariah. Drew and Natasha were shocked.

DREW: Whoa! Just when I thought this whole Mirror World was figured out, Mariah gets a new look!
ROSELIA: And she looks pretty good too.
NATASHA: Well, let's just hope she can handle that thing.
NATALIE: Wow... so it is true... The Lifespirit Pearl can connect with someone who has Petaya Magic in them as well as the spirit of Latios and Latias...
DREW: You mean...that is some sort of Mirror Spirit form?
NATALIE: You can say that.
NATASHA: Boy... looks like Mariah has some more explaining to do for her dad and grandma...

Mariah flies toward Hyper Noise. Hyper Noise attacks again by yelling, but Mariah managed to dodge the sound waves.

MARIAH: Nova Pearl!

Mariah spreads out her arms as bright pink orbs orbitted her, slow at first before increasing speed. Then the orbs were shot at Hyper Noise. The force of the attack managed to knock him down as well as disconnect the cable connecting him to the generator. Hyper Noise appears to be losing energy at a stedy pace, but he gathers his strength for one last final attack. Seeing this as an opportunity, Electabuzz charges up with electricity.

ELECTABUZZ: Mariah Thunder!

Electabuzz fires a pink bolt of lightning at Hyper Noise. The attack not only managed to paralyze him, but it destroyed the bells on his head as well.

ELECTABUZZ: How'd I do that?
MARIAH: I don't know, but now's not the time for questions! Time to finish this thing off! Mariah Flash!

Flashing pink rings surrounded Hyper Noise. He was suddenly shocked with volts of the pink electricity similar to that Mariah's Electabuzz attacked with earlier. After a few seconds, Hyper Noise collapsed on the ground and transforms into a normal Loudred.

MARIAH: Huh? It was a Loudred that was attacking us?
ELECTABUZZ: Sure looks like it.
MARIAH: Let's get it to a Pokemon Center.


Later that day in a Pokemon Center near Mauville Palace, Mariah (back to normal) was in the waiting room along with Drew and Natasha. The others were back in the real world waiting for them.

Nurse Joy has stepped up to the counter with a tray of three Pokeballs; two being the normal red and white colors, and one yellow. The three cousins head to the counter to pick up their Pokeballs. Drew and Natasha placed theirs back on their belts and Mariah's wand absorbed the yellow Pokeball.

DREW: So, you've got some new powers, eh?
MARIAH: Yeah...
DREW: It's still hard to believe that the Loudred was that alarm clock thing.
NATASHA: But it's over now. We have quite a story to tell when we get back home.
MARIAH: Actually, we don't have to worry about it. I bet Mirror Mariah will explain the whole thing...in her point of view... Oh, well.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-30-2004, 07:35 PM
Shadow Mariah lands near the Weather Institute of the Shadow Mirror World. She carefully looks around until she spots three figures. After noticing them, she immediately hides behind some nearby rocks. Meanwhile, the three figures, who appeared to be two men and a young woman, appeared to be looking to be looking for her.

WOMAN: Is she around her?
MAN: No. I couldn't find her.
WOMAN: Oh, not again. Ever since that meeting, she's been so bent on stopping the Black Mirror Witches.
MAN 2: Maybe she couldn't stop them.
MAN: Maybe so. She always takes some unnecessary risks.
WOMAN: While I appreciate everything she's done for us, this time she's gone too far. These Black Mirror Witches are no pushovers.
MAN 2: True. Let's look for her later.

As soon as the footsteps began to fade away until they were no longer heard, Shadow Mariah comes out of her hiding place. She heads to a large tree and gets out her wand.

SHADOW MARIAH: I summon Masquerain!

The gems on Shadow Mariah's wand began glowing, and a light was emitted from it and forms into her Masquerain.

SHADOW MARIAH: Masquerain, I need you to use your Secret Power on this tree.

Shining energy began to swirl around Masquerain and formed into orbs that are shot into the tree. The tree then grows long vines, and Shadow Mariah climbs them with Masquerain following. Suddenly, the vines were whipped back into the tree. Despite being inside the tree, it was more like a dark room. Shadow Mariah eventually reached solid ground and turns on a light. She was now in a room with a Pokeball rug on a wooden floor, and against a wall a dark green sofa on the right of the room. There was a Pokeball shaped table right in front with a bowl of cookies and candies, and a small green-blue stand with two glass ornaments of a Mudkip at the ends and a few books. Finally, there was a mirror on the wall resembling the black mirrors Shadow Mariah used to travel to places.

While there were some similarities to Mirror Mariah's Secret Base, there was differences due to the fact that Shadow Mariah was a bit more serious. She does have a little fun reading her books, but she spends more time hiding from her pursuers than hanging out.

SHADOW MARIAH: What is it that they want from me? I know that it was risky, but somebody had to stop Shadow Wing. The same goes for the Black Mirror Witches too...but I ended up losing to Hedga...

Shadow Mariah then heads toward to the drawers of the stand and opens one. Inside the drawer was the Sun Stone.

SHADOW MARIAH: ...but I ended up finding the first stone. There are still five more stones to go.

As Shadow Mariah gets the Sun Stone, Masquerain flies beside her and looks at the Sun Stone.

MASQUERAIN: Is there something wrong, Mariah?

Shadow Mariah creates a dark mirror portal.

MASQUERAIN: Where are we going?
SHADOW MARIAH: Wherever the next stone is.

And with that, Shadow Mariah and Masquerain entered the portal.


It was breakfast time at the Janvi house in Littleroot Town. The Janvi family, Mirror Mariah, Natalie, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko were enjoying a meal of pancakes, sausage, and slices of Watmel Berries. Minamo was invited after Mariah's grandmother talked to Minamo's parents, and Mirror Mariah and Natalie told them the details of Minamo's powers and her having the spirit of Jirachi.

DREW: You know, I never had breakfast with people from a parellel world before.
NATASHA: Well, there's a first time for everything.
CASCADIA: So, is this what land people eat for breakfast? I'm so used to eating my mom's seaweed salad and fish scales.

Drew frowns a bit after hearing that, but he shakes it off.

CASCADIA: Don't get me wrong. I only had a meal like this once with my dad when he took me and my sister, Tsunama, to a fancy restaurant in a village in Fallarbor Valley. You see, I mostly live in the seas of Slateport Beach. My mom and Tsunama live in Sootopolis Ocean, and my dad lives on the land area near it.
NATASHA: That's pretty cool. [to Connie] Where are you from?
CONNIE: I'm from Rustboro Ruins. I've been training with Roxanne's Pokemon for a long while.
NATASHA: You must be a tough trainer.
CONNIE: Trainer? I'm not a Pokemon trainer. I'm the rock hard fighter extrodinaire! I fight my own battles!
CASCADIA: I strongly advise not to get Connie in a bad mood.
DREW: What do you mean?
CASCADIA: I could go on all day.

Natasha then turns to Lyoko.

NATASHA: Where are you from, little cutie?
LYOKO: I live with mommy at Fortree Castle.
LYOKO: Fortree Castle is a castle that's always floating in the sky, so it's the perfect place for flying Pokemon.
DREW: Uh, Lyoko... from what you're telling us, your mom's name wouldn't be Winona by any chance, would it?
LYOKO: That's right.
DREW: I knew it.
LYOKO: Why did you ask?
DREW: Because there's a Winona and Roxanne in this world as well. It didn't take too long to figure that out.
MINAMO: [laughs] Well, I was pretty impressed by how the Hoenn Mirror World is so much like the Hoenn region.
MARIAH: I felt the same way as well when I ended up there for the first time.

Mariah gets another Watmel Berry slice, and Drew frowns a bit.

DREW: Thanks a lot for taking the last slice, Mariah!

Mariah too busy scarfing down the Watmel Berry slice, and she didn't notice everyone giving her strange looks.

DREW: There were twenty-four slices, and while we each had one, Mariah scarfs down the rest.
LYOKO: She sure loves those Berries, doesn't she?
CASCADIA: Well, those berries did help her out at one point.
DREW: Mariah's obsession over Watmel Berries being helpful?
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. I'll tell you the details later.

Suddenly, all of the Spirit Crystals began to glow and got in a circle with the Mirrorspirit Diamond in the middle. The other five gems shot out beams of light into it. A rainbow colored mirror appears above the Spirit Crystals and begins to pull in Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, Minamo, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie. Drew and Natasha tried to grab her, but they ended up being pulled into the mirror as well. After that, the mirror and the Spirit Crystals vanished.

FATHER: Uh...mother...?
GRANDMOTHER: Mariah didn't tell us about this.
FATHER: Which one?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-31-2004, 08:25 AM
Mariah has woken up and found herself in a flowery field on top of a small hill. The whole field was covered in yellow, pink, and white flowers. Just half a mile ahead was a city that appeared to be a hybrid of Lilycove City and the village near Ever Grande Cathedral. Every building was made out of pure gold, and the streets were a shining silver. The city itself was rather large and was right by the ocean. Mariah was asthonished by the sight of it.

Her Mirror Wand then appears and transforms into a mirror. When Mariah saw her reflection, she noticed that she is now in the same outfit that she wore when she fought Hyper Noise.

MARIAH: What's going on?

Mariah then noticed that she wasn't the only one who had her new look. While Drew, Natasha, and Natalie remained the same and Mirror Mariah was in her Mirror Form, everyone else changed.

Connie was now wearing a torn mahongany shirt, torn bright red pants, and velvet shoes. She had red face paint below her eyes on both sides of her face, two wristbands with a blue orb on each one, and her helmet was now red with gold blade-like objects on the side, a larger blue orb at the front with a symbol similar on the one on Groudon's knees, and three feather-like tassels on top with two matching her shirt and one matching her helmet.

Cascadia's new look included a sleeveless, cerulean shirt with a symbol similar to the one on Kyogre's fins and a short turquiose skirt. She had wristbands similar to Connie's except the orbs were red. She also had navy blue high heeled shoes and fins on the sides of her head.

Lyoko had on a yellow shirt under a green one with the outline being a lighter shade and a skirt that matches the green shirt. She also had yellow stockings with green bands on them, one around the ankle and the other just above it. Her shoes were green, and around her arms with long yellow bands with a green outline. She also had green circles on her cheeks that looked more make-up like than Connie's face paint.

Minamo's outfit was a bright yellow shirt with flowing ribbons on the back and a teal skirt. She had earrings that matched the colors of her clothes, wristbands and a necklace with a star on them, and boots that matched her shirt.

The five girls were shocked by their new looks and new surroundings. Drew, Natasha, and Natalie were shocked as well by this as well.

NATASHA: Good grief... Mariah, where are we?! And why are you wearing that outfit again?!
MARIAH: I am not the person to ask.
DREW: This doesn't look like any place in the Hoenn region. [to Mirror Mariah] Are we in the Hoenn Mirror World?
MIRROR MARIAH: It doesn't look like it.
CONNIE: Well, if we're not in the Hoenn region and we're not in the Hoenn Mirror World, then where the heck are we?!
VOICE: I'll tell you all the details. After all, it's been a while since we last saw each other.

Everyone turned around to see an odd looking teenage girl with fox ears and a tail who was dressed in orange-amber robes. One side of her short hair was black and another was dark blue. Her eyes appeared to be orange, but they were actually amber. Upon looking into them, Mariah immediately recognized the fox girl. It was Junia, the same girl that helped her at the base of the Aqua Sorcerors.

JUNIA: What's up?
MARIAH: Nothing much.
NATASHA: You know her?!
MARIAH: Yeah. She helped me out one time.
DREW: Oh, great. Next you're gonna tell me that you've ran into a giant Slaking.
MARIAH: Actually, I did.
CASCADIA: Uh...Drew? Remember when the Watmel Berries helped us out?
DREW: Yeah...
CASCADIA: Well, if Mariah didn't help herself to some, she would've died from hunger instead of Slakong's Hyper Beams.
DREW: What are you talking about?
CONNIE: Mariah ate a lot of Angit Berries and ended up getting huge, Elder Norman's Slaking somehow ended up the same way, they had a fight at one point but Mariah was starving, and Fish Face tried to fix things but Mariah ended up having a snack.
CASCADIA: Watmels, to be exact.

Drew's eyes widened and Natasha mumbles something to herself as Junia turned to Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko.

JUNIA: You remember me too, right?

The four girls nodded as Junia looks at Minamo, Natalie, Drew, and Natasha.

JUNIA: And who are you?
MINAMO: I'm Minamo.
NATALIE: My name is Natalie.
NATASHA: Uh...my name is Drew, and that is Natasha.
DREW: [nervous laugh] Reverse that.
JUNIA: It's okay. I get the picture. How about I take you to my home and I'll explain everything there.

The group eventually entered the gold and silver city, which was known as Hoshina. Some of the people who lived there were normal humans and dressed like any other normal person, some were similar to Junia from the way the dressed to the way they look, and others that the group had a hard time figuring out who they really were.

Later, they arrived at Junia's home, which was a large gold mansion. After unlocking the door, the group entered the living room. Mariah and Mirror Mariah were seated on a grayish-brown sofa in the center of the room. Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo were seated on another sofa of the same color facing in the opposite direction. Natalie, Drew, and Minamo were sitting on the floor beside the Mariahs, and Junia pulls up a chair and sits besides Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko and Minamo. Just then, a woman walked into the room. Her hair was a reddish-brown and her eyes were a sapphire color. She was wearing a lavender dress with matching sandals. She had a sparkling diamond ring on her finger of her left hand, a pearl necklace with an amethyst pendant around her neck and earrings similar to Minamo's but smaller.

JUNIA: Well, I've brought them here, Scarlet.

The woman, Scarlet, nods at Junia before facing the group.

SCARLET: You're here because I need to tell you something really important. Something that might determine the fate of our worlds.

Scarlet paused for a moment. She looks out the window and the back to the others.

SCARLET: You might have noticed that most of you have changed.
MARIAH: Well, you're not too far off.
SCARLET: The forms that the five of you are in now are your Spirit Forms.
CASCADIA: Spirit Forms?
SCARLET: Yes. Each one of you have the spirit and power of a legendary Pokemon within you. Mariah has the spirit and power of Latios and Latias through her Lifespirit Pearl, Connie has Groudon through her Earthspirit Ruby, Cascadia has Kyogre through her Seaspirit Sapphire, Lyoko has Rayquaza through her Windspirit Emerald, and Minamo has Jirachi through her Lightspirit Topaz. However, the Mirrorspirit Diamond of the Hoenn Mirror Guardian is the most important of them all. It keeps the Spirit Crystals in perfect harmony.
MARIAH: Huh? How'd you know all this? Natalie told us that she got the Spirit Crystals from Lord Steven.
JUNIA: Well, where'd you think Lord Steven got 'em from?
MARIAH: Wait, I don't...
SCARLET: No need to worry, Mariah. I practically learn a lot of things since the Spirit Paradise is what keeps the Light Universe in balance.
DREW: The Light Universe?
SCARLET: Yes, and it consists of this world known as Spirit Paradise, the Hoenn Mirror World, and the Hoenn region. Spirit Paradise oversees both the Hoenn Mirror World and its counterpart. Junia and I are the last of this generation as guardians of Spirit Paradise.
DREW: That's...intereesting. With the stuff about Spirit Paradise and all.
CASCADIA: Well, what about the Shadow Mirror World? What universe is that in?

Scarlet didn't seem to happy when Cascadia asked the question, but she felt like she had to answer it.

SCARLET: The Shadow Mirror World is part of the Dark Universe, a dimension that is more vulnerable to the forces of evil. The Dark Universe once had a world like this one as well as its own Hoenn region, but once the Shadow Trinity appeared... the only world left of the Shadow Universe is the Shadow Mirror World.
LYOKO: Shadow Trinity?
SCARLET: You're familar with one of the members...Shadow Wing. Shadow Terrian and Shadow Ocean haven't awakened yet. In order to revive Shadow Wing and bring forth Shadow Terrian and Shadow Ocean, one must find the six legendary stones as well as the Spirit Crystals.
MIRROR MARIAH: So THAT'S why the Black Mirror Witches are after us?
SCARLET: That's right. The Mirrorspirit Diamond and the Sun Stone are the ones that will awaken such great power, but in order for that to happen, the other stones and crystals accompanying them must be with them. If the Witches succeed...it'll be the end of life as we know it. Fortunately, the Shadow Mirror Guardian has the Sun Stone, and the six of you have the Spirit Crystals.
CONNIE: Looks like our works been cut out for us.
DREW: Okay...so let me get this straight. Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo are the only ones who can stop this Shadow Trinity from annihilating us?
SCARLET: That is correct.
DREW: Okay... after all of them, I'm ready to believe anything.
NATALIE: Are you guys always freaked out by stuff like this?
DREW: Well, Natasha's usually into this weird stuff, but I couldn't really picture someone like Mariah being the one who will save the world... I never thought that it was possible.
NATASHA: How would we explain this to Mom and Dad?

Scarlet then turns to the group.

SCARLET: Well, that is all I wish to tell you. Now I shall return you to the Hoenn region.

Suddenly, the room slowly lit up until there was nothing but light. The group began to feel like their floating and then everything went black...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-31-2004, 08:25 AM
The group were now in Petalburg City. Mariah then gets up and notices that she's back in her normal form as well as Mirror Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko and Minamo. Drew appeared to be confused by what has happened, but Natasha seemed interested that Mariah now have the power to fight the forces of evil.

Just then, Mariah sees something and begins to head toward it. It was her friends, Lisa and Mitch. Mitch sees Mariah and waves to her, and Mariah stops and hugs him first and then Lisa.

MARIAH: Hey, there! It's been a while, eh?
MITCH: No kidding.
LISA: It seems we don't hang out as much now that you're a Pokemon trainer, Mariah.
MARIAH: Yeah, well...
CASCADIA: Uh...hi there. My name is Cascadia.

Mariah wanted to slap herself after seeing the shock expressions of her best friends noticing a mermaid floating in midair. Lisa and Mitch became even more shocked when Shadow Mariah and her Masquerain appeared through the shadowy mirror portal and landed next to Lisa and Mitch.

MARIAH: Aw, man...
LISA: Uh...Mariah? Since when there were two girls that looked like angel of devil versions of you?

Mariah didn't say anything. To make matters worse, a shriek from a female trainer is heard from neraby. The group have hurried to the scene and noticed that several of the building had strange markings all over them. They then see the female trainer and Hedga.

TRAINER: Tell me...what have you done to my Smergle? What have you done to him?!
HEDGA: Nothing compared what he's going to do with this place... [sees the group] And it looks like I'm in luck...

Feeling the possiblity of a fight, Mariah steps up. Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo joined her.

HEDGA: Heh heh... not only that those girls are back, but the Moon Stone's nearby. They might've gotten lucky agianst Hyper Noise, but they won't stand a chance agianst Smear Roller...

Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo gets out their Spirit Crystals.

ALL 5: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake.
MARIAH: Latios! Latias!
CONNIE: Groudon!
LYOKO: Rayquaza!
MINAMO: Jirachi!

The five Spirit Crystals start to glow for a few seconds. Pink, red, blue, green, and yellow lights then surround Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo respectively. When the light died down, they were all in their Spirit Forms just like when they were in Spirit Paradise.

HEDGA: Looks like they're raring to go! Smear Roller!

Just then, a nerdy looking boy in artist attire who looked like a Smergle hybrid appeared on roller skates. He had a rather large paintbursh in his hand, and he begins painting circles on a nearby house. All of a sudden, the circle became large, bouncing balls that nearly crushed the girls if they haven't dodged them in time.

MARIAH: I have a feeling that this is not going to be easy.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-03-2004, 06:38 AM
Smear Roller skates his way toward the girls at a swift pace as he gets his paintbrush ready to attack. However, the assault failed as blue and yellow shields that were created by Cascadia and Minamo knocked him back upon impact.

MINAMO: Well, that's a surprise. I didn't think I could do that.

Shadow Mariah and Mirror Mariah get with Drew, Natasha, Lisa, Mitch, and the Smeargle trainer. The two Mariah motion them to get away while they still can until Hedga sends out Amy and Tails to stop them and joins them.

HEDGA: Don't even think about getting far.
DREW: We'll see about that!
NATASHA: Don't think that a little kid like you can beat us! Go, Jynx!
DREW: Let's do it, Masquerain!

With a bright flash of Natasha's and Drew's Pokeball, the Humanshape Ice and Psychic-type and the Eyeball Bug and Flying-type appeared before their opponents.

HEDGA: Don't make me laugh! Tails and Amy will wipe the floor with those bozos!
DREW: You wish!
SHADOW MARIAH: Be careful, guys. Hedga's pretty nasty when it comes to battling.
NATASHA: We can handle her. Jynx, attack that girl's Skitty with your Ice Punch!
DREW: Masquerain, use Bubblebeam on the Vulpix!

Jynx balls her fist as snow begins to surround it. She then heads toward Amy as Masquerain points the tip of his head at Tails and shoots bubbles from it.

HEDGA: Amy, use your Tickle attack on Jynx!
AMY: I thought you'd never ask!

Natasha, Drew, Lisa, Mitch, and the Smeargle trainer didn't understand what Hedga just said. Hedga wanted to laugh at their expressions when all they heard was her sounding like a rewinding tape and Amy meowing. They also didn't expect Amy pouncing on Natasha's Jynx and began tickling her. Jynx bursts out laughing as Amy continued her attack. Meanwhile, Tails was skillfully dodging Masquerain's Bubblebeam.

NATASHA: Jynx! Get up! Come on!
HEDGA: My turn! Tails, use Hypnosis on Masquerain!

Tails began to stare into Masquerain's eyes. Seconds after that, Drew's Pokemon fell on the ground in a deep sleep.

DREW: What?! NO!
NATASHA: This is bad!
SHADOW MARIAH: Hedga never plays fair.
HEDGA: Okay, Tails! Finish 'em off with Heat Wave!

Tails takes a deep breath before exhaling hot flames that hit both Jynx and Masquerain. Amy jumps out of the way and lands by Tails before the scorching attack hits. The worst part was that Jynx and Masquerain had a weakness to it, and it was even unfortunate that they were both knocked out by one hit. Drew and Natasha frustratedly recall their Pokemon.

TAILS: I thought that battle was never gonna end.
AMY: Thanks for the power boost like always, Hedga.

Hedga then looks at Drew and Natasha, still shaken that they have lost. Lisa, Mitch, and the Smeargle trainer was shocked by this. Shadow Mariah sighed as two new victims were added on Hedga's list, and Mirror Mariah was annoyed by Hedga's cheating.

HEDGA: Now, if you would get out of my way, I have a Moon Stone to find.

Hedga examines the five and stops at Lisa.

HEDGA: You...
LISA: Y-yeah...?
HEDGA: You have the Moon Stone.
MITCH: So what if she does?!
HEDGA: I need it. Where is it?
LISA: Why do you need to know?
SHADOW MARIAH: Hey, back off!

Hedga then glares at Shadow Mariah.

HEDGA: Tails... Amy... take care of these creeps and don't forget the Moon Stone.
TAILS & AMY: Right.

Meanwhile, Smear Roller was causing a lot of trouble for Mariah and the others. First, he painted a shield that he was able to use to absorb every attack thrown at him. Recently, he absorbed one of Cascadia's attacks and the girls were shocked when he painted a wickedly large tidal wave that later crashed down on them. The girls shook themselves dry, but they weren't going to give up despite the powerful attack. Just then, Mariah gets out her Leaf Sword and heads toward Smear Roller. She rears back her weapon before getting ready to attack, but the wacky artist skates away before Mariah's attack landed.


Smear Roller paints a weapon similar to Mariah's Leaf Sword, but a flame took the place of the leaf. Before Mariah could react, Smear Roller slashes her on the side and left a nasty burn. As Mariah tumbles on the ground, the pain of her burn got worse.

MARIAH: Whoa... this guy is tough.
CONNIE: Looks like I'll have to deal with this creep! Giga Punch!

Connie heads toward Smear Roller and prepares to punch him as hard as she could. However, Smear Roller extended his paintbrush and whacked Connie's legs, causing her to fall.

CASCADIA: Looks like I'm up! Minamo, let's go!
MINAMO: Right!
LYOKO: I'll join in too.

Cascadia and Minamo get ready to attack as Smear Roller skated toward them.

CASCADIA: Here we go! Ocean Chain!
MINAMO: Fireworks!
LYOKO: Tornado Twirl!

Lyoko flew high and begins spinning at a high speed as a rope of bubbles formed in the tornado. A light begins to increase in brightness with small explosions that began to get louder and louder. However, Smear Roller paints a vacuum which came to life and used it to suck up the combined attack.

MARIAH: Great! Now what are we going to do?!
CASCADIA: No matter what we do, that thing knows exactly how to make our attacks worth nothing!

Just then, Mariah gets an idea and gets out her wand. She aims it at Smear Roller and attacks with a jolt of electricity. Smear Roller swiftly dodges before it hits but suddenly encounters a sparkling blue powder and crumples to the ground asleep.

MINAMO: Hey, nice move there, Mariah.
MARIAH: Thanks. I knew he'd get away from the Thunderbolt, so I've used Venomoth's Sleep Powder right after that.
MINAMO: Great idea.
MARIAH: Now, time to get that thing back to normal! Mariah Flash!

Pink rings surrounded Smear Roller and almost immediately shocked him with pink electricity. After a few seconds, Smear Roller returned to a normal Smeargle. The female trainer then rushes up to her sleeping Pokemon.

SMEARGLE TRAINER: Smeargle! I'm so glad you okay. Let's get you to a Pokemon Center right away.

The trainer then hugs Mariah and thanks her before she left.

MARIAH: Whew... I'm glad that over.

Just then, the group heard laughter as Shadow Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Drew, Natasha, Lisa, and Mitch joined them.

HEDGA: Hah! You might've defeated one of my latest monsters, but I have THIS!

Hedga gets out a teal colored stone that was constantly glowing. Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko and Minamo began to get a strange feeling from it. The feeling was stronger with Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Shadow Mariah.

HEDGA: Well, I've got what I've wanted so I'm out of here. Seeya.

With that, Hedga disappears into a portal with Tails and Amy following. Shadow Mariah then turns to Lisa and hands her her wand.

LISA: Huh? What is...?
SHADOW MARIAH: You'll need this at one point. Trust me. It'll be better if you get your Moon Stone back.

Shadow Mariah then shuts her eyes. The gems on the Shadow Wand begin to glow and shot out six red lights. Shadow Mariah went from her Mirror Form to her human form with her dark green shirt with an olive vest, black pants, and black sneakers. The six red lights formed into dark brown and black Pokeballs that formed on Shadow Mariah's belt. Meanwhile, the three Pokeballs on Lisa's belt turned red and went into the gems of the Shadow Wand.

LISA: What happened?
SHADOW MARIAH: You'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, you'll have to do some things for me for a while.
LISA: Like what?
SHADOW MARIAH: For starters, get back the stones.

Shadow Mariah then creates a dark portal and heads through it. For a few seconds, everyone was silent until Mariah gets with her friend.

LISA: What's going on?
MARIAH: To be honest... I don't know anymore...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-07-2004, 07:00 PM
Winona was sleeping in her bed until lightning shot through the sky and the roaring thunder followed. She woke up in a cold sweat and held the bed covers close to her. The sound of a child moaning in pain echoed in her mind. The sound gets louder and louder until it was somehow heard for real. Without wasting any time, Winona headed for Lyoko's room to check on her daughter. However, what she saw greatly disturbed her.

Lyoko was tied up in ropes and chains and is trapped in a glowing cage. Beside her was a familar woman that Winona thought she'd never see again...

XANA HARPY: Glad you can join us. It's been such a long time since we were together like this.
WINONA: No... what are you going to do to my daughter?
XANA HARPY: Nothing serious... except get rid of her!

Winona could tell that Lyoko was scared to death by what's going on. Lyoko was about to cry in fear any minute.

WINONA: I thought you'd never come back...
XANA HARPY: Well, you've thought wrong, my friend...

Winona was now too scared to even move.

LYOKO: Mommy... help me... please...
XANA HARPY: Heh heh... All I'm here for is revenge...and now I'm going to get it!!!

Winona crumpled to the ground as she saw Lyoko's cage and then Lyoko herself dissolving at a single snap of XANA Harpy's fingers.

XANA HARPY: Now it's your turn... and this time...

Suddenly, a glowing cage surrounded Winona.

XANA HARPY: Your daughter's Pokemon, as well as that Grovyle, isn't here to help you!

Just before the cage began to dissolve, Winona shrieked before opening her eyes and noticing that she was in her bed. Her heart was pounding as she looked around for any signs of XANA Harpy. She then heads to Lyoko's room and sees her not there, but then she remembers what Mirror Mariah and Natalie told her a while back about Lyoko being in Mariah's world.

WINONA: Lyoko... I hope that you're okay. I really do...

* * *

Mirror Mariah and Natalie have paid a visit to the Hoenn Mirror World in order to tell Mirror Elders, the Mirror Masters, and Lord Steven the whereabouts of Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko. They had also told them about the recent events involving the stones and that the Moon Stone is currently with the Black Mirror Witches and Shadow Mariah has the Sun Stone. Mirror Mariah have also mentioned about Spirit Paradise, the true origin of the Spirit Crystals, and the Shadow Trinity. Everyone seemed rather surprised by the news.

Meanwhile, today was another sunny day in the Hoenn region. Mariah was in her room and looks at her Lifespirit Pearl.

MARIAH: Looks like this could be what happened in the Hoenn Mirror World all over again. Who would've thought I'd end up fighting Shadow Wing again if we don't stop those Witches? I've already seen what damage Hedga could do...and she ended up getting the Moon Stone. If we don't find the other four...

Mariah was cut off by a golden mirror portal appearing in front of her and a Skitty falling on her bed. The portal disappears, and the Skitty looks up at Mariah.

SKITTY: Uh, hi. Do you know...?

Mariah heads to her dresser and gets a Pokeball from her belt. Skitty, thinking that a battle is heading its way, becomes nervous.

MARIAH: What are you doing here? It's bad enough that your trainer stole the Moon Stone from my friend, but if you think you're getting the Lifespirit Pearl, you'd better think again.
SKITTY: Wait a second! I'm not here to steal anything! I'm just looking for Lyoko!
MARIAH: So you can take her Spirit Crystal as well?
SKITTY: No no no! I'm one of Natalie's Pokemon! You must've gotten me confused with some other Skitty!

Mariah, after noticing a folded piece of paper hanging from the blue collar around its neck and its masculine child-like voice, puts the Pokeball back on the dresser. She was rather surprised that the Skitty was male.

MARIAH: Oh...for a second there, I thought you were one of Hedga's Pokemon.
SKITTY: Hedga? You mean from the Black Mirror Witches? [sighs] Amy gives Skitty everywhere a bad name.

Mariah strokes the kitten Pokemon's fur as she admires his cuteness.

MARIAH: So, what brings you here?
SKITTY: I'm looking for Lyoko. I have a letter for her.
MARIAH: Oh... Lyoko's outside with Connie, Cascadia, and Natasha.

As Mariah began to open the door to leave, Skitty then hops on Mariah's head. Mariah then laughs and heads downstairs and outside, where Lyoko was having a battle with Natasha and Connie and Cascadia were watching.

LYOKO: Jeremy, use Hypnosis!
NATASHA: Aipom, use Doubleslap!

Jeremy spreads his wings and stared at Aipom. However, Aipom managed to evade Jeremy's hypnotic glare and rapidly slaps him in the face with the hand at the end of her tail. Aipom finished the attack with a hard slap that knocked Jeremy on his back.

LYOKO: Jeremy, are you okay?
JEREMY: Yeah... I guess...
LYOKO: Okay! Use your Take Down attack.

Jeremy then flies toward Aipom and bashed right into her, sending her up into the air.

AIPOM: That is one strong Noctowl...
NATASHA: It's time for our secret weapon, Aipom. Use Thunder attack!
LYOKO & JEREMY: Thunder?!

Aipom's body began to crackle with electricity before it was fired on Jeremy. The Noctowl tried to dodge, but the giant bolt of lightning emitted from Aipom stoped him in his tracks and fainting him with one hit.

LYOKO: Jeremy!
NATASHA: Looks like I've won that one, Lyoko.
LYOKO: Yeah. Good battle, Natasha. Your Aipom was tough.
NATASHA: Thanks, Lyoko. Your Noctowl was a good battler himself.

Lyoko and Natasha recalled their Pokemon and saw Mariah with Skitty coming their way.

NATASHA: Hey, Mariah! What's with the Skitty?
MARIAH: He has something for Lyoko.
LYOKO: For me?

Mariah takes the paper from Skitty's collar and unfolds it before giving it to Lyoko.


If you have time, come visit me at home. I'd appreciate it.

From Mom

Natasha leaned over Lyoko's shoulder to read the note.

NATASHA: So, the note's from your mom?
LYOKO: Yeah. Would you mind coming with me to visit her? You can come to if you want.
NATASHA: Okay. Drew's with my parents, so I'll ask them if I could go.
LYOKO: Make sure Drew comes, okay?
CONNIE: I'd like to go see your mom too, Lyoko. After that, I'll go see Roxanne. I just hope she hasn't softened up while I was gone.
CASCADIA: After seeing Winona, I'd like to see how my mom and dad are doing back at Sootoplis Ocean.
MARIAH: Okay. Looks like plans to go to Fortree Castle are made.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-09-2004, 04:42 AM
NATASHA: Uh...I suddenly remembered that I have a slight fear of heights.
LYOKO: Don't worry. You'll get use to it.
NATASHA: I sure hope you're right...

Mariah and the others have arrived at the floating Fortree Castle. Drew, Natasha, and Minamo didn't expect the castle to be endless floating in the sky, but Lyoko doesn't mind since this was her home. The thin air didn't bother Connie, and everyone else managed to get used to the situation. The castle has a small amount of land surrounding it, and there were some trees for bird Pokemon to perch on.

The Hoenn Mirror Lights, a team name Natalie thought up for Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, and Minamo a while ago; stood in front of the large wooden door with Drew and Natasha catching up with them. Lyoko steps up on knocks on the door.

LYOKO: Mommy, it's me, Lyoko! Hello?

There was no answer. Lyoko knocks one more time, and they were surprised to see Mirror Mariah answering the door.

DREW: Huh? What are you doing here?
MIRROR MARIAH: Natalie and I decided to meet you guys here. Altaria told me that Miss Winona sent a note to Lyoko. I see that you've managed to get it.
LYOKO: That's right.
MIRROR MARIAH: That's good, because your mom's down in the dumps.
LYOKO: What's wrong?

The group enters the castle and heads to the living room where they saw Natalie waiting for them and Altaria with her currently depressed trainer. Winona was gazing at a bowl of hot soup that was her lunch. She didn't appear to feel like eating, and she didn't notice that her daughter was in the room.

ALTARIA: Miss Winona...? Lyoko's here.

Winona didn't answer. Lyoko sighs and walks up to her mother.

LYOKO: Mommy...? Is there something wrong?

Winona still didn't answer. Everyone began to become concerned.

CASCADIA: Is she okay...?
DREW: Doesn't look like it?

Just then, a bright flash came from Lyoko and formed into Odd. The Farfetch'd notices his trainer's mother and flies on the table to greet her, but Winona just sighs and her troubled expression remained.

ODD: Oh... What's up with Winona?
CONNIE: We don't know.
ALTARIA: She's been like this since this morning.
ODD: Well, I have something that'll cheer her up!

Odd flies back a distance and begins to dance and twirls his leek.

ODD: Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Here we go!

Everyone began to get sour expressions, and Winona didn't seem any happier.

ODD: Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Here we go!
CASCADIA: Tell me this isn't happening...
LYOKO: I told him not to sing that song.
MARIAH: If Odd doesn't stop, I'll be forced to eat him.

Odd continues singing, but it didn't cheer up Winona or make the others less annoyed by the singing.

ODD: Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Here we go!
ALTARIA: [mad] STOP!!!

Odd's song abruptly stops by a barrage of Peck attacks from Altaria.

DREW: Odd, I'm not saying you're a bad singer, but...
CONNIE: I don't know. I kinda liked it.
DREW: I question your tastes, Connie.

Altaria, concerned, gets with her trainer.

ALTARIA: Miss Winona...

Winona sighs and looked at her Pokemon.

WINONA: I'm sorry... I'm so worried about that nightmare... I was so afraid... I'm so worried about Lyoko that I can't even think straight.

Winona finally begins to eat her soup when she noticed that the noodles were constantly falling of the knife that she was holding. She paused for a moment and immediately felt embarrased. Natalie took away the knife and heads to the kitchen.

NATALIE: I'll get you a spoon.

Lyoko stood by her mother and hugged her. Obviously, she wanted to know what the nightmare was about...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-11-2004, 10:10 AM
Later that day, Lyoko was outside with Aelita. She was wondering about what was wrong with her mother. It wasn't normal to see her so depressed.

AELITA: Maybe something really bad has happened in that nightmare. I've never seen her like this.
LYOKO: I know, and I'm getting worried.

Just then, Lyoko and Aelita noticed a strange light in the distance. They followed to the back of the castle where they saw Hedga. She was wearing the dark purple dress with its ring of white at the end, the shoes with their white horizontal stripes through the middle of each one, and her hair was much shorter and curled a little at the end. She was holding a strange yellow orb and had a wide grin on her face. However, the young witch saw Lyoko and Aelita and balls her fists in rage.

HEDGA: Oh, great... it's you.
LYOKO: What are you doing here?

Hedga didn't say anything. Instead, she gets out a Pokeball and presses the button, making it increase in size. Then, she threw it as hard as she can, and the ball opens up. A bright flash pours out of the ball and forms into the Hitmontop that specialized in Tough Contests named Knuckles.

KNUCKLES: What do you want, Hedga? Is that kid bothering you again?
HEDGA: She won't be when we get done with her!
LYOKO: We'll see about that! Go, Aelita!

Lyoko's Swellow flew to her trainer and lands in front of her.

HEDGA: Time to get this battle started. Knuckles, Rock Smash attack now!

Knuckles throws himself to a nearby boulder and shatters it with a mighty kick. The vibration and the flying pebbles managed to catch Aelita totally off guard.

HEDGA: Okay, Knuckles! Use Sandstorm!

Knuckles then flips over on his top-like head and begins spinning at a high speed. A tornado of sand surrounding him for a few moments, and suddenly it went flying all over the place. Aelita was buffeted by the powerful sandstorm.

LYOKO: Aelita! Try a Peck attack!

Aelita then managed to fly out of the sandstorm and dive down towards the spinning Knuckles. Within a few moments, Aelita was pecking the surprised Hitmontop in the face.

HEDGA: Don't take that, Knuckles! Use Seismic Toss!

Knuckles seized the opportunity and grabs Aelita's face. As he held Aelita while tumbling through the air, Hedga is steaming with confendence that revenge will be hers while Lyoko began to worry.

HEDGA: Ha ha ha! Looks like I win this time, Lyoko!

Lyoko gave Hedga an angry glare as Knuckles and Aelita plummeted to the ground. After a crash from the two making impact with the ground, Knuckles has pinned Aelita to the ground.

HEDGA: And the Swellow's down and out!

Hedga was suddenly proven wrong when Aelita's eyes shot open, and Lyoko's Pokemon was still able to battle.

AELITA: Think again!
HEDGA: What?!
KNUCKLES: How did you...? What the...?
HEDGA: Not again...

Both Lyoko and Aelita were glowing green and had looks of determination on their faces.

HEDGA: [to herself] Rayquaza's doing it again!
LYOKO: Let's show 'em we never give up, Aelita! Give Knuckles an Aerial Ace!

Aelita begins to flew high and circle above Knuckles.

HEDGA: Two can play at this game! Knuckles, use Revenge!

Knuckles balls up his fist and leaps towards Aelita, who was heading toward Knuckles for her attack. After Aelita's beak made contact with Knuckles's head and Knuckles's fist on Aelita's neck, both Pokemon landed and everything stood still. Aelita winces in pain a few seconds later, and Hedga smiles with glee while Lyoko begins to worry again. Thinking that he won, Knuckles smiles and laughs, but his victory was short lived. Knuckles received more damage than Aelita and fell on the ground. A frustrated Hedga recalls her Pokemon back in her Pokeball and runs off with the yellow orb. Lyoko, however, was determined to stop her. Two razor-sharp feathers formed in Lyoko's hands, and the young girl threw them at her target almost just as quickly. The Feather Cutter hits, and Hedga falls. The orb flies out of her hands in the opposite direction, and Lyoko managed to make a perfect catch.

HEDGA: Hey, give that back!
LYOKO: Sorry, but I don't think you should have this anymore.
HEDGA: Give me back my Nightmare Marble!
LYOKO: Nightmare Marble?
HEDGA: Uh, yeah. How else was I supposed to give your stupid mom all those nightmares about you? I WAS going to control her to get rid of you, but now I won't get the chance!
LYOKO: You mean...it was you who was giving Mommy the nightmares?
HEDGA That's right!
AELITA: That's cruel! You shouldn't ruin Winona like this!
HEDGA: I don't care about that stupid Winona! All I care about is getting Lyoko out of my face!

Before Lyoko could say anything, the Nightmare Marble begins to glow for a few seconds before absorbing itself into Lyoko's body. Suddenly, Lyoko fell on the ground.

AELITA: Lyoko!

Aelita heads to the castle to warn the others while Hedga walks up to the fallen Lyoko.

HEDGA: This can't be good. If the others find out about this... Aw, man. I need to get her somewhere where no one can find the brat!


It's now late in the afternoon in the village where Wally lives. He was getting ready to do his daily training routines with his Gardevoir, Altaria, Roselia, Delcatty, and Magneton. Things were peaceful until loud footsteps were heard. As the sound gets closer, Wally begins to panic. Suddenly, a large crowd of people appear to be running for their lives.

WALLY: What's going on?
GARDEVOIR: W... Wally...?

Wally notices that his Gardevoir had a nervous expression, and he finally knew why after a large shadow fell on him.

The shadow belonged to Lyoko, but something has happened to her. She was almost thirty feet tall, her skin had turned a pale green, short fangs grew in her mouth, her wings were crooked and spiky, and her clothes were tattered. Her eyes didn't have their normal friendly look but instead were filled with fear and hostility.

WALLY: What is that?
GARDEVOIR: Wasn't she the girl that was with Mariah?!

Wally slowly approached Lyoko in an attempt to figure out what happened. However, Lyoko becomes startled by this. Through her view, Wally and Gardevoir were two snake-like monsters with sharp fangs and tails. Their yellow, cat-like eyes and hungry smiles were enough to make Lyoko shake in fear.

LYOKO: Go away!

With that, Lyoko beats her wings at a high speed to create a wind powerful enough to blow Wally and his Pokemon back and as well as blowing his house down along with several others. After Lyoko stopped her attack, she felt even more nervous. She sees a large black sphere with a red eye that was getting ready to use her for target practice.

LYOKO: No! Leave me alone!

Wally looked around to see what Lyoko was so afraid of, but he saw nothing. What he did see was Lyoko's eyes starting to take the form of a cat's.

LYOKO: Please! Don't attack me!

Lyoko starts to run off crushing houses as she goes.

WALLY: What is going on...?!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-12-2004, 03:02 AM
Hearing the news about villages and cities being attacked, the Hoenn Mirror Lights along with Natalie, Drew, and Natasha have arrived in Wally's village. The entire village was in ruins. Where houses once stood were piles of broken wood covered in dirt, all the other buildings were destroyed, and there was no sign of any person around for miles.

MARIAH: And I thought I did a lot of damage when I was fighting Slakong.
CASCADIA: Wow... whoever did this went all out.

Just then, a Vulpix appears behind the group and begins sniffing around the remains. Wondering what it was looking for, Natasha picks up the Vulpix and holds it in her arms.

NATASHA: Hi there. Are you lost?
VULPIX: Put me down.
NATASHA: Oh...sorry.

Natasha puts the Vulpix down, but suddenly the fox Pokemon becomes aggressive and uses an Ember attack on the group. The group managed to dodge the fireballs, and Connie gets annoyed.

CONNIE: What's the big idea?!

The Vulpix gets even more aggressive toward Connie.

VULPIX: You again!?
CONNIE: What a sec... you're that girl's Vulpix!
VULPIX: The name is Tails.
CASCADIA: We don't have time to mess with you! We're trying to figure out who's behind this, although with you around, it should be obvious that your trainer is behind this!
TAILS: Hedga? You think Hedga is doing this? Hah! If you really want to know who's doing this...it's Lyoko.

Immediately the Hoenn Mirror Lights fume with rage.

CONNIE: That's a lie!
TAILS: It's the truth. You see, this whole mess started with Winona's nightmares. Hedga was trying to control Winona through the nightmares so she could get rid of Lyoko. However, Lyoko showed up and stole the Nightmare Marble from Hedga, but the little brat ended up absorbing it, so...
TAILS: Through Lyoko's eyes, the whole world is one big nightmare to her. What's even more is that she'll more or less try to fend it off, and the more she tries to fight the monsters she sees, the more intense her nightmare will get...not to mention that Lyoko will slowly be surely end up like what she sees. And before I forget, your little friend may not survive all of this.

Everyone was speechless by this until Drew steps up.

DREW: So what are we going to do?
CONNIE: Well, for starters, don't tell Winona about this. She's gonna have a heart attack if she finds out.

Mariah's wand appears and suddenly transforms into a mirror. Instead of Mariah's reflection, however, Mariah saw a battered up Winona lying on her back as she looked up at something.

WINONA: Lyoko... please...

She slowly begins to lose consciousness as the mirror returned to normal. Mariah becomes concerned about this.

MARIAH: I have a feeling that Winona will find out whether we tell her or not.
DREW: What do you mean?
MARIAH: My wand turned into a mirror and showed me Winona, and she was in pretty bad shape. We'd gotta save Lyoko before things get worse.

With that, the group heads off. However, Tails heads toward another direction until he spotted Hedga near a lake.

TAILS: She's attack the village over there too.
HEDGA: [sighs] Just my luck.

After getting out a small light green orb, Hedga creates a dark mirror portal that she enters just as quickly with Tails following.


The giant Lyoko has just wrecked another city. Several trainers attempted to stop her rampage, but the presence of the Pokemon made Lyoko even more scared as she slashes them all with her recently grown claws. The trainers recalled the Pokemon and felt totally powerless.

LYOKO: Why are they so many monsters around here? I want this to stop! No more!

Scales begin to form on Lyoko's arms, her hair began to turn white, and her eyes change to a dark red.

LYOKO: Please! Stop! Get away! I'm scared!

Just then, Hedga and Tails appear through the dark portal and saw Lyoko.

HEDGA: Whoa... that's pretty ugly. [puts away orb] Seems like those nightmares of her are making quick work of her.
TAILS: No kidding.

Tails's eyes began to glow as he looked in Lyoko's eyes. A strange ray was shot from his eyes and zaps Lyoko, and Tails thinks it was already over. Despite the exhausted expression Lyoko wore, however, she managed to gather enough energy to throw a razor sharp feather at Tails and knocks him out in one hit. Hedga, furious, steps up to battle Lyoko herself.

HEDGA: That does it. You're in trouble now!
LYOKO: Please don't hurt me!
HEDGA: You should've thought about that before you went crazy!

Hedga cupped her hands together, and a black heart begins to form and increase in size.

HEDGA: Charm Wave!

Hedga then shoots the heart at Lyoko. Upon impact, Lyoko was suddenly covered in black crystal for a few moments before shattering to pieces. Lyoko, unable to fight back, collapses.

HEDGA: Well, that takes care of her. Hopefully, the Windspirit is with her.

Before Hedga could approach the fallen Lyoko, a green flame was launched on the ground to stop her. The Black Mirror Witch looked up to see an angry Winona riding on her Skarmory with Altaria flying beside her.

HEDGA: Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Who would've thought that the fraidy cat Mirror Elder of Fortree Castle would show her face around here after seeing that her daughter wrecked a bunch of cities?

Winona was too angry to answer back. Instead, she has her Skarmory and Altaria land. She then gets out two Pokeballs that revealed her Swellow and Pelipper and motioned them to join Altaria and Skamory.

WINONA: What have you done to Lyoko?
HEDGA: What are you talking about? I didn't do this to your stupid daughter! Why don't you try to fly off a cliff instead of wasting your time asking me, bird girl?

Skarmory and Altaria surrounded Hedga, and both of them looked ready to attack Hedga in any minute.

HEDGA: Please. You think you two will beat me?
WINONA: I'll ask you again. What have you done to Lyoko?
HEDGA: [mocking Winona] "What have you done to Lyoko?". Why the heck should I care? I wanted your daughter out of my face, and I've got what I've came for. [to herself] If she haven't snatched the Nightmare Marble from me and continued with my business dealing with Winona's nightmares...

Upon hearing this, Altaria fires a green flame from her mouth at Hedga, and Pelipper followed by firing a jet stream of water. Caught off guard, Hedga was knocked down by the blast of breath and the powerful amount of water shot at her.

ALTARIA: How could you do something so cruel?!
SWELLOW: What did Winona and Lyoko do to make you hate them so much!?
HEDGA: They exist...

Just then, Lyoko slowly begins to wake up. Winona and her Pokemon began to feel relieved until Lyoko began to get a frightened look on her face.

LYOKO: No! NO! Not again!

A razor-sharp feather forms in Lyoko's hand, and Lyoko slashes her mother with it as well as Skarmory, Altaria, Pelipper, Swellow, and Hedga.

LYOKO: Just leave me alone!

With that, Lyoko leaves. Winona was shocked to see her daughter like this. She furiously turned to Hedga.

WINONA: What is wrong with my daughter?! TELL ME!
HEDGA: Bug off.
WINONA: You must have something that'll bring her back to normal! You must help me!
HEDGA: Just what is your deal with her anyway?

Winona felt offened by that question and glares at Hedga angrily. Hedga gets out the green orb and prepares to create a portal.

HEDGA: I'm outta here. I've got to deal with Lyoko.

Without warning, Hedga was ambushed by Lyoko's furious mother who made an attempt to take the green orb, hopefully for her a way to reverse Lyoko's condition. Hedga held on to the orb tightly, but Altaria and Skarmory's constant pecking made her let go. Both Hedga and Winona fall back, but Hedga yelps in horror as she saw that Winona managed to get the orb.

HEDGA: That's it! I'm gonna destroy you!

However, the green orb began to flash white, and Winona felt strange. Her Pokemon and Hedga shielded their eyes from the immensly bright light. She felt a bizarre tingling feeling going through her. When it stopped, Winona felt dizzy and short of breath.

WINONA: What happened...?

Meanwhile, the light died down, and Altaria lowered her wing. What she saw almost gave her a heart attack.

ALTARIA: Skarmory... Pelipper... Swellow... Don't look. Don't look, whatever you do.

The other bird Pokemon still had their eyes covered.

SWELLOW: I'll need to look at Winona some time or another, Altaria.
PELIPPER: Just tell us in words what happened.

Winona looked around at her seemingly unfamilar surroundings. She then looks down and becomes rather surprised.

WINONA: Altaria? Skarmory? Pelipper? Swellow? What happened to you? Why are you so small?
SKARMORY: Small? What's Winona talking about? And why does her voice sound louder?

While Skarmory were confused by what was going on, Pelipper and Swellow uncovered their eyes.

SWELLOW: Skarmory... you need to see this.
SKARMORY: What is it?
SWELLOW: Winona's...
PELIPPER: Winona's...
ALTARIA: Winona's...

There was some hesistation with the bird Pokemon's speech, but Winona managed to finish their sentence.

WINONA: I'm...humongous!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-13-2004, 03:27 AM
Hedga lowered her arms and saw the gigantic Winona.

HEDGA: This is not good...
WINONA: What have you done to me?

Hedga was about to answer her question, but Winona had a sharp feeling within her. Suddenly, she gets up and heads in the direction that Lyoko headed in earlier. Concerned about the situation, the four bird Pokemon glared at Hedga.

SWELLOW: All right. What just happened to Winona? Does it have anything to do with that Nightmare Marble?
HEDGA: I've made that other Nightmare Marble so I can track down Lyoko. However, that dumb trainer of yours managed to absorb the energy from it. The reason she just left is because she sensed Lyoko. If we follow her, we can bring the twerps back to normal. However, we'd better hurry. Lyoko's nightmares must be at their peak, and I bet her mom will stop at nothing to calm her down...like that's going to work.
PELIPPER: So we just have to follow Winona, right?
HEDGA: Pretty much.
ALTARIA: Okay, then. Let's get going!


Lyoko was once again making another progress in leveling a city, this time one on Lilycove Island. People was running for her life as Lyoko was beating her wings to create winds strong enough to blow down buildings.

The young girl's skin was fully covered in scales, and her ears have grown long and pointy. Her teeth and claws were long and razor sharp, a tail was forming, and she even occasionally growled.

The Hoenn Mirror Lights, Natalie, Drew, Natasha, and Wally have arrived just in time to see the beach resort destroyed. Lyoko falls to the ground exhausted but then saw the group.

LYOKO: Oh, no...

The group were shocked to see Lyoko's condition and that she was the one doing all of the damage.

WALLY: Oh, my...
MARIAH: I guess Tails was right.
NATASHA: Judging by the way Lyoko looks, I can't argue. That's gonna give me nightmares for a while.
CASCADIA: Well, we have to bring her to her senses. Let's go!

Mariah and Mirror Mariah flew toward Lyoko as they get their wands ready.

MIRROR MARIAH: Try not to hurt Lyoko, okay?
MARIAH: Got it.

The red gem on Mariah's wand began to glow, and a black haze surrounded Lyoko. Mirror Mariah fires a similar haze at Lyoko. However, Lyoko shrieks in horror and breaks free from the haze as she slashes the Mariahs with her feathers.

CASCADIA: Lyoko! You have to stop this! We're here to help you!

Through Lyoko's eyes, she saw Cascadia as a dark bluish-green sea monster with bright yellow eyes and sharp claws on her hands.

LYOKO: When will this end?!
CASCADIA: Lyoko! Calm down! We're here!

Lyoko begins to beat her wings to pick up a powerful wind that blew Cascadia back. Minamo, refusing to give up, sends out her Flygon. She gets on the bug-like dragon and Connie joins her. As Flygon prepared to take off, Minamo sends out her Delibird. The penguin saw Lyoko and became rather surprised.

DELIBIRD: What in the world...?!
MINAMO: That's Lyoko. We need to snap her out of her nightmare. Can you help us out?
DELIBIRD: I'm always ready to help you out, Mina!
MINAMO: Okay. Flygon! Delibird! Let's go!

Flygon and Delibird flew towards Lyoko who begins to throw feathers at them. Delibird used her Protect attack to shield herself, Flygon, Minamo, and Connie from the attacks as they continued to head toward their target.

MINAMO: Okay, Delibird! Blizzard attack!

Delibird began flapping her wings, and a snowstorm managed to stop Lyoko in her tracks. Lyoko growled and shivered from the cold.

MINAMO: Your turn, Flygon! Use Gust!

Flygon began to beat her wings to cause winds that sent the Blizzard attack at a single point, which was Lyoko.

MINAMO: I'm sorry I had to do this, Lyoko...

To Minamo's dsimay, Lyoko began to beat her wings again and the force of the winds sent the Blizzard attack right back at Minamo, Connie, and the Pokemon.

LYOKO: Just go away!

Lyoko beats her wings harder, and the blizzard hits the other Mirror Lights as well along with Drew, Natasha, and Wally.

WALLY: It looks like we're in big trouble!
DREW: No kidding!

After the blizzard subsided, everything was covered in snow. The Hoenn Mirror Lights began to worry about Lyoko, and Lyoko herself was exhausted from all of this.

MARIAH: Lyoko...
CONNIE: If she doesn't stop soon, she'll be in big trouble.
MINAMO: Lyoko... I just wish that there's someway to get her back to normal.

Just then, Winona's Pokemon arrived with Hedga close behind.

ALTARIA: Having any trouble?
CASCADIA: Yeah. Lyoko seems unbetable. How are we supposed to get her back to normal?
HEDGA: It's not easy. First, you have to snap her out of it.
CONNIE: That's what we've been doing, and Lyoko managed to take us down with one shot!
HEDGA: If she could do that, then there's nothing you can do from here.
MINAMO: What are you going to do?
HEDGA: What else? I'm gonna destroy Lyoko and get the Windspirit Emerald!

Connie gets enraged by that statement and gets out the Earthspirit Ruby.

CONNIE: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake. Groudon!

Connie's Spirit Crystal began to glow, and a fiery red light surrounds her. She then has on a torn mahongany shirt, torn bright red pants, and velvet shoes. She gets red face paint below her eyes on both sides of her face, two wristbands with a blue orb on each one, and her helmet was now red with gold blade-like objects on the side, a larger blue orb at the front with a symbol similar to the one on Groudon's knees, and three feather-like tassels on top with two matching her shirt and one matching her helmet. The light dies down, and Connie was now in her Spirit Form. She leaps toward Hedga and pins her to the ground.

HEDGA: Just what's so great about Lyoko anyway?
CONNIE: Simple. She's not a sick, evil brat like you are!

Connie gets up and grabs Hedga by the collar. She was about to beat her up until they heard a loud crash.

VOICE: Lyoko!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-13-2004, 03:28 AM
Everyone was shocked to find out where the crash came from.

MARIAH: Whoa! What happened to Winona?!
CASCADIA: I don't believe this.
NATASHA: I'd think I won't be forgetting this for a long time.
DREW: Giant Lyoko and giant Winona? Isn't there anything in this mirror world that's actually NORMAL?!
CASCADIA: Trust me, this isn't supposed to be normal. At least, not even for us.

Winona kept her sight on Hedga. Hedga wasn't the slightest bit intimidated by Winona's currently enormous size or the angry expression she wore on her face. Meanwhile, Lyoko began to wake up and saw her mother. However, Lyoko winced in pain and began to see a dark, reddish-brown harpy with shining white claws in Winona's place. Lyoko was currently frozen in fear. Hedga gets ready to attack Winona before moving on to Lyoko.

SWELLOW: I wouldn't do that if I were you, Hedga.

Hedga sighs in disgust of the fact that Swellow was right. If she attacked Winona, then the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder would crush her in a matter of minutes. If she attacked Lyoko, it would worse. Seeing there was no way out of this, Hedga stops her attack and gets out of Winona's way. Winona then looks ahead at Lyoko and heads over to hug her, but Lyoko screams and starts beating her wings to blow Winona back. Winona struggles against the winds to head toward Lyoko, but Lyoko beats her wings harder and faster.

WINONA: Lyoko! It's me! Your mother! Don't you remember me?

Lyoko didn't answer and continued to blow Winona away. Finally, Lyoko blew her mother of her feet and made her fall on her side.

WINONA: Lyoko, don't you remember your mother? I'm here to help you!
LYOKO: Get away!

Lyoko then throws razor sharp feathers at Winona and badly injures her with them. Despite the hits, Winona still heads for Lyoko but met another nasty encounter with the razor sharp feathers. Lyoko's mother falls on her side and looks sorrowfully at her daughter.

WINONA: Lyoko... please...

Mariah gaps her mouth wide in shock as if she was being struck by lightning when she noticed that what her wand prophecized is coming true. Winona appeared to be losing consciousness, but she managed to gather the last of her strength to approach her daughter once more. She was limping from the pain of Lyoko's attacks, but she managed to keep a warm smile on her face.

WINONA: Lyoko. Listen to me. No matter what happens, you'll always be my daughter. There will be no one to replace you, and no matter how many hardship we go through, it's never going to change. Never.

Lyoko prepares to finish off Winona. Everyone begins to cover their eyes.

MARIAH: This can't be good!
SKARMORY: I can't watch!
CONNIE: Winona, give it up already! One more hit from Lyoko and it's over!
ALTARIA: If Winona doesn't survive, I'll never forgive myself!

When Winona got close to Lyoko, she kneels down and begins to hug her as tears flowed down her face.

WINONA: Just remember... that I love you, Lyoko.

Another razor sharp feather forms in Lyoko's hand. She rears back her arm and gets ready to strike.

SWELLOW: This is too awful! [shuts her eyes] This is too awful to watch!
SKARMORY: Winona was a great Mirror Elder, so let's keep her in our prayers, okay?
HEDGA: Oh, please. This is getting so mushy, it's gross.
ALTARIA: You're at no position to talk!

Lyoko delivers the final blow but stops when the sharp feather was over Winona's head. Suddenly, Lyoko felt strange and begins crying a bit as well.

LYOKO: M...mommy... Mommy...

Everyone was surprised by what was happening. Lyoko was suddenly regaining her normal form as the yellow Nightmare Marble leaves her body. She then looks around and notices Winona hugging her.

LYOKO: What's going on, Mommy? What's happening?

Meanwhile, Winona's bird Pokemon have shut their eyes and covered them with their wings. They felt that they won't be able to bear to watch the inevitable outcome, but when they heard Lyoko ask what was going on, they slowly open their eyes to see that Winona was still in one piece. Skarmory, however, still has her eyes closed.

SKARMORY: Is Winona dead? I have a feeling that she's dead. I so hope she isn't dead, even though it isn't possible.
MARIAH: I don't think you need to worry, Skarmory.

Skarmory opens her eyes and sees Winona still hugging a confused Lyoko.

LYOKO: Mommy...?
WINONA: Don't worry, Lyoko. Everything will be all right.

Lyoko then noticed the cuts on her mother.

LYOKO: Mommy... are you okay?
WINONA: Yes... I'm fine. There's nothing wrong...

With the pain from Lyoko's attack still going strong, Winona lets go of Lyoko and falls backwards on the ground.

LYOKO: Mommy!

Lyoko heads to her mother and tries to shake her awake. Seeing that her mother is not waking up, Lyoko begins crying again.

LYOKO: Mommy...? Please be okay. Please be okay!
WINONA: I'm just fine, Lyoko. Don't worry. I did what I have to do. It was painful, but I managed to save you.
LYOKO: Save me? From what?
WINONA: You were fighting a nightmare you were having this whole time. Everything you saw wasn't really real. You ended up destroying a lot of things and severely hurt your friends along with me as well. When I ran into Hedga, I saw this strange orb with her. I managed to get it in hope to bring you back to normal, but...

Winona was immediately cut off by Lyoko's crying.

LYOKO: I can't believe I did that! I didn't know what was happening! I remember battling Hedga, some yellow orb, and after that...everything went blank. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I'm really, really sorry.

Lyoko continues crying and hugs her mother, and Winona does the same to her daughter. Everyone else was crying as well. Hedga, however, was digusted by the emotional moment and creates a dark portal to leave.

As Winona held Lyoko, a tear fell from her eye and a smile appeared on her face.

WINONA: No matter what...you'll always be Lyoko.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-24-2004, 03:42 AM
It has been nearly a week since the incident involving Lyoko and Winona. No one could forget how Winona put her life on the line to free Lyoko from the horrible nightmares from Hedga's Nightmare Marble. Of course, no one expected neither Lyoko becoming a gigantic monster and attacking villages nor Winona getting supersized herself as she nearly threatened Hedga to reverse her daughter's condition.

Now, the powers of the strange marbles have worn off fully, and Winona and Lyoko both returned to normal size. A while after that, however, Winona ended up staying in a hospital in a small town not too far away from Fortree Castle due to her injuries.

Meanwhile at Littleroot Town, Mariah and her family were at home eating breakfast. Drew and Natasha's parents were with them to spend some time with them. This time, the breakfast contained waffles in maple syrup, bacon, eggs, and the usual slices of Watmel Berries for Mariah. Connie and Cascadia were with the Janvi family as well, and their appearence struck Drew and Natasha's parents as odd at first, but Mariah explained the story to them. As the family ate, Natasha thought about Lyoko.

NATASHA: I wonder if Lyoko is okay.
DREW: I'm more worried about Winona seeing what happened to her. I'm sure they're okay.
D&N's MOTHER: Lyoko? Who's she?
DREW: She's Winona's daughter.

Drew's mother gave her son a confused look.

D&N's MOTHER: Really? I don't recall Winona having any children.
MARIAH: She doesn't have any kids in this world.
D&N's FATHER: Are you saying that the Fortree City Gym Leader has children in this Mirror Hoenn you've been telling us about?
MARIAH: Yep, but the Winona in that world is known as the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder.
MARIAH'S FATHER: Mirror Elder?
MARIAH: Yeah. All the Gym Leaders there are known as Mirror Elders.
D&N's FATHER: That's rather strange.
MARIAH'S GRANDMOTHER: Why do you say that?
D&N's FATHER: If what Mariah says is true, then I'd have a hard time picturing the Mossdeep Gym Leader in this world as elders in a parallel world. They ARE pretty young.
CASCADIA: That's because the Mirror Elders can't age if they really don't want to.

Everyone but Connie gave Cascadia confused expression.

CASCADIA: You see, the Mirror Elders have an ability to make themselves a certain age. While most of the Mirror Elders chose to be normal adults, there are some who prefer to stay as children, like Tate and Liza. Wattson chose to be an old man, and Flannery chose to be around my age. Another thing is that those who are born as a blood relative of one of the Mirror Elders have this power as well.
NATASHA: Like Lyoko.
CASCADIA: Yeah. That's pretty much how it works according to Wallace.
D&N's MOTHER: That's pretty out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, a golden mirror portal appeared in front of the group, and from the mirror came Mirror Mariah's Spinda. He wobbled a little as he heads toward his trainer's look-alike.

SPINDA: Hey, Maria, are you able to come to the Hoenn Mirror World?
MARIAH: It's Mariah.
SPINDA: Oh, yeah. Anyway, can you and the other Mirror Lights come to Trickster Park?

Upon hearing the words "Trickster Park", Cascadia gets a sour look on her face.

SPINDA: It's close to Slateport Beach near the Cycling Path. You can't miss it. It seems there's something going on over there...or at least that's what the Mirror Guardian and Natalie say.

Aside from Connie and Cascadia, everyone cringed in confusion as they listened to the conversation. Spinda repeatedly says bits and pieces of his name, and Mariah sounded like a rewinding tape. Before his parents could say anything, Drew stood up.

DREW: What did Spinda say, Mariah?
MARIAH: Spinda's saying that Mirror Mariah and Natalie have spotted something weird is going on over at this Trickster Park and we'd better check it out.

Cascadia begins to moan and tremble in fear.

CASCADIA: No... Anything but that...
CONNIE: What's wrong with you, Fish Face?

Cascadia didn't answer for a few seconds. Suddenly, she swiftly floats back.

CASCADIA: I'm scared.
CASCADIA: [back away] No.
MARIAH'S FATHER: What's wrong, Cascadia?
CASCADIA: No. I'm scared. Never... scary... Trickster Park gives me the creeps!
NATASHA: Uh...Cascadia? What's your problem?

Cascadia then lets out a scream as she "runs" around the house, expressing her obvious fear of Trickster Park.

CASCADIA: I hate that place! I hate that place! I hate that place! I hate that place! I hate that place! I HATE THAT PLACE!!!

Everyone was rather surprised that Cascadia was afraid. However, Mariah, Connie, Drew, and Natasha seemed rather annoyed by this. They gave each other a look before looking at Cascadia.


Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-27-2004, 11:23 AM
Trickster Park, while just a small amusement park to many, was a nightmare to Cascadia. She had several memories that she wanted to forget and yet remember them like they were yesterday...

It was on the day of Tsunama's eighth birthday. Cascadia, Tsunama, and their parents were at the event. Wallace was there with them as well since he was a close friend of Cascadia's father. While Tsunama and her parents were looking foward to the unpredictable madness they will soon encounter, Wallace felt a bit uncomfortable about it, but something about the place bothered Cascadia more than she wanted...and, in her view, she was right.

Several rooms in the funhouse involved certain things to be done. However, there was one that made the experience one Cascadia wanted to forget. It was in the seventh room, and Cascadia has had enough of the madness thrown to her. Wallace didn't seem to mind what was happening anymore, Tsunama was having a blast, and the parents were glad that Tsunama's birthday was going well but a bit concerned about why Cascadia wasn't enjoying herself. Tsunama was about to continue on, but Cascadia used the moment where her parents and Wallace turned their attention to the birthday girl to find an exit. However, she ended up stepping on a roller walkway. She suddenly slips and falls before finding herself rolling to another room with more roller walkways.

CASCADIA: You've gotta be kidding me!!!

Still, Cascadia still wanted a way out. She finds that all but one the of the strange walkways lead back into the room she's currently in. Frustrated, she gets out each on but ends up back into the room. Cascadia couldn't take it anymore.

Eventually, the whole family and Wallace managed to master the puzzles and met the Trick Master at the Park Enterance. The wacky-looking man gave Tsunama a headband with streamers that read "Happy Birthday" backwards.

TRICK MASTER: Well, little lady, did you enjoy yourself?
TSUNAMA: Yeah. I had a lot of fun!
TRICK MASTER: I hope I see you again.

Cascadia, filled with rage after what happened, looked at the Trick Master.

CASCADIA: I wouldn't come back to this place if my life depended on it!

Everyone looks at the girl in surprise, but then the Trick Master begins laughing.

TRICK MASTER: Aw, come on. Lighten up a bit.
CASCADIA: Go away.
TRICK MASTER: I'll give you some candy...and it'll be free from charge.

Cascadia didn't budge.

TRICK MASTER: Okay, then. How about you have a free toy from the giftshop?
TRICK MASTER: I'm guessing something must've put you in a bad mood. Everyone loves candy and toys, and everyone has fun here. I come up with tons of tricks to entertain the guests that come here. But if not, how about you get free admission for the next time you come here?

Cascadia rears back her hand, and shocked gasps were followed by the sound of Cascadia slapping the Trick Master in the face.

CASCADIA: Go away! I hate you and your stupid park!
[end flashback]

Mariah, Connie, and Cascadia had appeared with Drew and Natasha following. Minamo arrived a few minutes later, and the last one to arrive is Lyoko. They head over to Trickster Park where they found Mirror Mariah and Natalie.

MIRROR MARIAH: What took you so long?
CONNIE: We had to talk Fish Face into coming with us. Apparently, this place gives her the creeps.
CASCADIA: I refuse to go into that park. I have my reasons.
MARIAH: Come on, Cascadia. What's so bad about this place?
DREW: It's just some amusement park. No need to worry.
CASCADIA: I'm still not going.
NATASHA: Come on!

Cascadia creates a blue mirror portal and gets ready to leave when she felt a tug. She turns to see Connie pulling on her tail.

CASCADIA: Connie! Let me go! I'm not going!
CONNIE: You are too!
CASCADIA: I am not! Let go!
CONNIE: Oh, no you don't, Fish Face!

Just then, there was an explosion from inside the park, and people began to scream as they run for their lives. With Connie dragging Cascadia, the gang heads into the park. When they reached the center, they saw Hedga with Cream on her head. Hedga cringed at the sight of the Mirror Lights (Lyoko in particular). With Hedga was Sorah and Ivy with Mightyena and a Cacturne respectively.

HEDGA: Ugh...you again.
LYOKO: Hedga...

Lyoko wasn't the only who was tense upon meeting one of the Black Mirror Witches. Cascadia and Mirror Mariah immediately recognized Sorah, and she didn't seem that she watned to meet on friendly terms.

SORAH: So, these are the ones who have the Spirit Crystals...
HEDGA: That's right!
IVY: I'll take Cascadia. [to Sorah and Hedga] You can handle the rest.
HEDGA: Hey! I'm supposed to be calling the shots! Don't forget that it was MY idea to take over Trickster Park!
IVY: You're supposed to be getting ready for the grand finale while Sorah and I take care of the Mirror Lights.

Hedga scoffs as she watch Sorah perform one of her spells. Sorah shuts her eyes and crosses her arms for a few seconds. Then, she starts to glow as she slowly stretches out her arms and opens her hands.

SORAH: BInd and Seal!

A gray and blue ball of light forms in Sorah's hand before it was shot at her foes. Before they knew what was happening, the light ball turning into a ring around them, bunching them all together. Cascadia managed to escape in time but was unable to rejoice when she finds out that she was standing in front of Ivy.

IVY: Cascadia... I wanted to meet you for such a long time.
CASCADIA: Who are you? What do you want?
IVY: My name is Ivy, and I want a battle. We'll go into the fun house where I am keeping the Trick Master hostage. If you can beat me, I'll leave... But it won't be possible... At least not for you.

Neo Emolga
11-27-2004, 04:10 PM
Oh, now this should be interesting! Finally I see why Cascadia hates Trickster Park so much, but shouldn't be able to handle it now that she's much older?

This should be quite an intresting battle, since we haven't even seen how Ivy fights yet. I'm looking forward to see how this is going to play out.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-28-2004, 09:36 AM
Thanks, Junomeow. Cascadia's just couldn't get over what happened.

Anyway, here's more-nya!

Mariah, Connie, Lyoko, Minamo, Mirror Mariah, Natalie, Drew, and Natasha were brought onto the stage of an empty theater. They were still tied up, but now they were seperated. While Drew and Natasha were with Sorah, Hedga was with the Mirror Lights and Natalie.

HEDGA: You losers have nowhere to run.
NATALIE: What is it that you want, you little brat?
HEDGA: I don't want anything from you.

Natalie growls in anger as Hedga directed her attention on the Mirror Lights.

HEDGA: You, on the other hand, have the Spirit Crystals. There's no way you can beat us, so be smart and hand over the dumb jewels!

Connie managed to break free from her bindings and prepares to fight Hedga and Sorah.

CONNIE: If you think we'll give you the Spirit Crystals, you'd better think again, you miserable little brat! If you try anything, I'll beat you so bad, Roxanne would mistake you for a Geodude!
SORAH: Funny you should mention one of the Mirror Elders.

As Connie heads for Sorah with a raised fist, Hedga pulled a rope to raise the curtain.

VOICE: Connie, stop!

What was behind the curtain made Connie stop her assault and the others wordless. All nine of the Mirror Elders were in the same bindings that the Mirror Lights, Drew, Natasha, and Natalie are in. With them was a floating metal orb with a red "eye" and antennae on its sides.

CONNIE: Roxanne?!
LYOKO: Mommy?!
NATALIE: How could you?
MIRROR MARIAH: You think you can stop us by capturing the Mirror Elders? I'll show you!

Mirror Mariah tries to break free, but the bindings were too strong for her to break. Meanwhile, Connie was more concerned about freeing the Mirror Elders. The orb then floats besides Sorah.

SORAH: Well, having any second thoughts?
CONNIE: No. Let Roxanne and the others go. They have nothing to do with this!
HEDGA: How about this: If you win against our friend here, we'll let the Mirror Elders go and we'll leave you alone.
SORAH: And if you lose, you have to give up your Spirit Crystals!
SORAH: Okay, then! Let's go, Psuedo Ball!

The orb then flies in a loop a few times before heading toward Connie. She jumps to dodge but ends up getting hit. Connie then jumps up and prepares to deliver a kick to the orb called Psuedo Ball, but the metal monster counters by shooting a blast of fire from its eye. Connie was roasted by the attack and landed on her side, but she recovered and was still able to continue.

CONNIE: That thing is tough.

The antennae on Psuedo Ball began to glow and shot a bright beam at the ground. A few seconds later, Connie was sealed in a pillar of rocks but managed to punch her way out of them.

NATALIE: Those attacks that thing is using...
MIRROR MARIAH: It used Aerial Ace, Overheat, and Rock Tomb... Attacks that Winona, Flannery, and Roxanne's Pokemon have.
LYOKO: This won't be good...

Connie looked into Psuedo Ball's eye, and the metallic orb looked into Connie's eyes. Losing was not an option to either one of them...


IVY: I will give you one choice, Cascadia. You have magic and abilities acquired from the Aqua Sorcerors from what I've been hearing, but don't think it'll help you when you're up against me.

Cascadia and Ivy are in a room in the funhouse that is full of trees. The mermaid felt rather uneasy by her surroundings as well as her opponent.

IVY: The Black Mirror Witches have decided that something needs to be done about this world's happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Either you surrender, or I will force you to... But either way, we are going to change the way things are done around here and the other worlds as well.

Cascadia said nothing. She just looks into Ivy's cold eyes. Ivy appeared stronger and more serious than Hedga, so Cascadia tried to keep her guard up in spite of the fact that she was in a place that she called her greatest fear.

CASCADIA: I'm not scared of you. I'm not scared of you at all!

Cascadia slowly gets out a Net Ball with her trembling hand.

IVY: You're lying.
CASCADIA: No, I'm not! Go, Kingler!

Cascadia throws the ball into the air. The ball opens, and a white light burst out of it as it forms into the large crab Pokemon.

IVY: Oh, so it's a battle you want, eh?

Ivy turns to the Cacturne besides her. Cacturne chuckles softly and prepares to battle Cascadia's Kingler.

IVY: Cacturne, Absorb attack!

Cacturne outstreches her arms and aims them at Kingler and begins to glow a bright green.

CASCADIA: Kingler, Bubblebeam now!

Kingler locks his eyes on Cacturne and began to blow bubbles from his mouth. However, Cacturne dodges and still has her aim on Kingler. Suddenly, Kinger glows a soft green color and moans in pain. Cacturne's Absorb was taking affect.

IVY: Good. Now use Needle Arm, Cacturne.
CACTURNE: Heh, it's a shame that this'll be over soon...

Cacturne then leaps into the air. As she begin the land, she lets out her arm and prepares to attack Kingler.

CASCADIA: Kingler! Sidestep to dodge it!

Upon hearing the command, Kingler steps to the side as Cacturne was close to the ground causing her to crash. While Cacturne looked ready for more, Kingler was getting tired but was unwilling to give in.

IVY: I must say, Cascadia... You've raised your Kingler well... but Water-types can't contend with Grass-types, which is my speciality.

Cascadia gives Ivy an angry glare. Cacturne and Kingler had their eyes and focus locked on defeating the other for victory...

Neo Emolga
11-28-2004, 03:21 PM
Ah, I think Cascadia can pull through, even with a type disadvantage. And Connie can kick some serious tail, so I have faith in her.

Nice job on writing this, JIG. Keep it up, and I hope to read more soon.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
11-29-2004, 08:40 PM
CASCADIA: [to herself] What am I gonna do? This girl's Cacturne is strong. Kingler's disadvantage to it doesn't help either. Water attacks won't help me... but maybe a physical attack will! [out loud] Kingler! Vicegrip attack!
IVY: You think that'll help? Think again! Pin Missile, Cacturne!

Kingler heads toward Cacturne with open claws as Cacturne points her arms at Kingler and fires needles from her spikes. The needles hit the large crab right in the face, but Kingler slowly managed to continue towards the cactus Pokemon.

CASCADIA: Come on, Kingler! We can't lose to Ivy!
IVY: Time to end this.

Ivy shuts her eyes and begins to focus her energies on Cacturne. Her Pokemon gains an aggressive expression as the pins she was firing became larger. Cascadia was shocked by how powerful Cacturne has become.

CASCADIA: What?! No way!
KINGLER: Cascadia... I... can't take it any... longer!
CACTURNE: Ha ha ha! You might as well give up, Fish Girl! There's no way you can win with Ivy increasing my power!

Cascadia was beginning to worry. If she doesn't do something to turn the battle around, she would be stuck in this nightmare called Trickster Park. She doesn't know where her friends are, and none of her Water-type Pokemon is strong against Ivy's ruthless Cacturne...or any other Grass-type thrown at her.

Suddenly, Kingler felt a new energy going through him. He didn't know where it come from, but he had a feeling that it was something similar to what happened to Cacturne. While Cacturne was powered by dark energy, Kingler was getting powered by the opposite.

KINGLER: Cascadia Harden!

Immediately, Kingler glowed a bright blue, and his defenses sharply rose to its peak as well as healing him.

IVY: What?!
CACTURNE: What happened?
CASCADIA: Kingler?

Cascadia began to feel the same energy going through her as well. It was similar to the feeling Lyoko had with her battle with Hedga, and she was able to see faint green auras around Ivy and Cacturne.

IVY: So it's true... You DO have the Spirit of Kyogre! You're the holder of the Seaspirit Sapphire!

Cascadia just looked at Ivy, who was getting rather annoyed by this.

IVY: Cacturne! Focus Punch!
CASCADIA: Kingler! Metal Claw!

Cacturne reared back her arm as Kingler raised his massive claw which began to glow a bright blue. Both attacks landed, and everything stood still. Both Pokemon had their backs facing each other but had their heads turned to face each other, hoping the other one will fall. Suddenly, Kingler winced in pain.


Cacturne lets out a chuckle but suddenly lets out a loud moan as she falls on the ground.

IVY: NO! I don't believe this!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-02-2004, 03:43 PM
Cascadia couldn't believe it herself. Cacturne was lying on her back due to the heavy damage she received from Kingler, and she didn't know what was going on. However, Ivy appeared to know all the details, but she didn't seem impressed.

IVY: I don't believe you, Cascadia! You would've lost if it wasn't for the Seaspirit Sapphire!
CASCADIA: Wait. So the Seaspirit powered up Kingler?

Ivy begins to laugh at Cascadia's question.

IVY: You don't even know what it does?!
CASCADIA: All I know is that it gives me the spirit of Kyogre but I never thought it can help my Pokemon in battles as well.
IVY: Which is why I need it along with the other Spirit Crystals.
CASCADIA: Forget it!
IVY: [chuckles] Fine. But... I just like to let you know that you're friends are in quite a pinch.
CASCADIA: What do you mean?

Swirling leaves formed around Ivy's arm. They gathered in the middle of the palm of Ivy's hand and slowly forms into a green mirror decorated with vines and leaves.

IVY: See for yourself.

The mirror flashed a bright green, and the mirror was showing Psuedo Ball firing a jet stream of water surrounded by sound waves at Connie. She managed to hold her ground, but the force of the attack was pushing her back a bit and the sound waves were starting to make her dizzy.

IVY: Try to save her and your friends if you must, but you have to find a way out first.

With that, Ivy vanishes, leaving a frightened Cascadia all alone.

CASCADIA: Aw, man... Now what...? I'm stuck here... in this horrible place. What am I gonna do...?

Just when Cascadia was about to surrender to her fear, she felt something stopping her. She felt the spirit of Kyogre within her, urging her to find a way out of the funhouse. She then gets over her fear and gets out her Seaspirit Sapphire.

CASCADIA: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake. Kyogre!

Cascadia's Spirit Crystal began to glow, and a whirlpool of blue light surrounded her. When the light died down, she was wearing a sleeveless, cerulean shirt with a symbol similar to the one on Kyogre's fins and a short turquiose skirt. She had golden wristbands with red orbs. She had navy blue high heeled shoes and fins on the sides of her head.

The newly formed fins on Cascadia's head suddenly began to glow faintly, and Cascadia was able to hear Ivy's voice despite that she left a while ago.

IVY: There's no way Cascadia will find a way out of the funhouse. She might've beaten me, but she's too scared to continue on.

The voice then faded away, and Cascadia wondered what happened a moment ago. She never had anything like the ability before, but she could feel her psychic senses getting more powerful as she transformed into her Spirit Form. She finally realized that she must have read Ivy's mind as her Seaspirit Sapphire activated.

Her mind was now made up. Cascadia was going to stop being afraid and find her way out of the funhouse.

Neo Emolga
12-02-2004, 07:01 PM
Hmm, so Cascadia now has to overcome one of her biggest fears.

I love it! Keep writing, I like seeing this story updated.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-04-2004, 11:00 PM
A dazed and exhausted Connie was on one knee on the ground with Psuedo Ball looked like that it wasn't damaged at all. Everyone was beginning to worry if Connie could hold out much longer.

MIRROR MARIAH: Connie... you look pretty worn out...
CONNIE: Are you kidding? I never felt this good in my life. [pants] I'll show that thing a thing or two.
ROXANNE: Connie, you should stop.
CONNIE: Come on, Rox. There's no way I'm giving up now, and don't any one of you try to stop me.
WATTSON: Connie, don't be crazy!

Connie charges toward Psuedo Ball again, but the metallic orb charges up electricity and fires it at Connie. The attack hits Connie dead on and sends her flying across the stage.

HEDGA: Looks like the game's over!

Just then, Ivy appears besides the two witches and notices Connie struggling to get back up. Meanwhile, Psuedo Ball begins to circle around her.

SORAH: Looks like the finishing move is an Aerial Ace attack.
IVY: Looks like I'm in time for the finale.

Psuedo Ball begins to heads toward Connie at full speed. Connie was still trying to get up to fight, but it didn't seem that she would be able to land a hit. All everyone else could do is watch as Connie's demise gets closer at hand. However, Roxanne had other plans. She shuts her eyes and focuses on Connie as hard as she could.

ROXANNE: Dleihs! Cigam Rorrim Enots!

Just when all hope was lost, a rocky wall suddenly fades into view. The metallic sphere-like monster crashes into the wall and slides down to the bottom. Everyone was stunned by this and looked at Mariah, but she just shook her head.

MARIAH: Wasn't me.
MIRROR MARIAH: Then who...?

All eyes turned to the Rustboro Ruins Mirror Elder.

ROXANNE: I'm the one who made that shield, but it won't last forever.
WALLACE: I don't think it'll matter. None of us can break free, and we can't use our Pokemon.
TATE: That's not necessarily true.

Tate looks at his sister, and she nods. Then, they both shut their eyes and foucs as hard as they could.

TATE & LIZA: Sisenikelet! Cigam Rorrim Dnim!

Tate and Liza's Pokeballs floated in the air. Both of them opened and poured out bright white lights that formed into their trademark Pokemon, Lunatone and Solrock.

BRAWLY: Oh, yeah! I'm feeling a comeback in the works!
SORAH: It doesn't matter! Psuedo Ball, destroy them all!

Psuedo Ball begins to charge up electricity again and fires it at the floating rock Pokemon.

LIZA: Lunatone, Light Screen!

Lunatone's eyes glowed as a glass-like shield appears in front of it. The attack hits the shield and was negated just as quickly.

TATE: Solrock, we're gonna keep Psuedo Ball busy while Connie recovers.
LIZA: The same goes for us, Lunatone.


Cascadia had just arrived in the final room of the fun house. The floor was covered in slick tiles of glass. Upon stepping on one, she spent quite a lot of time sliding around all over the place. Eventually, she comes across a dead end.

CASCADIA: Oh... this is the reason I hate this place so much.

Cascadia then looks down on the floor and notices a scroll on the floor that ready "Trickster Park I love". She scoffs at it message as she picks it up and prepares to find a way out, only to slip and fall and slide across the maze of tiles again.

Fortunately, she was almost done with this crazy nightmare.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-23-2004, 07:47 PM
DREW: Okay, I have just one question... what just happened here?!
TATE: Roxanne made a shield for Connie and Liza and I got our Pokeballs using telekenetic powers. Then Liza had Lunatone use Light Screen when that thing attacked so Connie can recover. After that, you asked what was going on and--
DREW: Tate...? You can stop there.
LIZA: He was just answering your question.

Psuedo Ball was growing rather tired of the interference. It begins to fire a jet stream of water surrounded by sound waves at the two Pokemon.

LIZA: Light Screen, Lunatone! Hurry!

Immediately, Lunatone's eyes began to glow and the glass-like shield appears again, negating the power of the Water Pulse.

LIZA: Whew. That was too close.
TATE: We can't stall forever. Roxanne's shield is going to wear off soon and I doubt that Connie's got her energy back.
LIZA: You're right. Let's end this.
TATE: Solrock, Solar Beam!
LIZA: Lunatone, Ice Beam!

The top spike on Solrock's head shoots out a bright green beam as Lunatone's eyes glowed a bright blue and shot a beam that was a slightly darker shade of blue. The attacks headed straight for Psuedo Ball and made a direct hit, but unfortunately, there wasn't a scratch.

WATTSON: What's with that thing?!

Sorah, Ivy, and Hedga chuckled at the Mirror Lights and Mirror Elders' misery.

IVY: I'd thought you'd recognize your own special moves like Bulk Up and Calm Mind.
SORAH: Do you think that you can actually win?
HEDGA: Besides, we've made a deal. If we win, we get the Spirit Crystals.

Sorah gave the Mirror Lights a demanding look and notices the rock wall that Roxanne made earlier fading away. Seeing that Connie is unable to continue, Sorah walks up to Connie to claim her Earthspirit Ruby.

HEGDA: [to Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Lyoko, and Minamo] You'd better have your Spirit Crystals ready too.
VOICE: Hydro Pump attack!

The familar figure of a blue dog-like Pokemon with a mermaid's tail and fins on its head swiftly leaps in front of Hedga and blows a powerful jet stream of water that knocked her back. The figure was then revealed as a Vaporeon.

HEDGA: What the...?

Cascadia appears and lands near her Pokemon. Ivy couldn't believe her eyes.

CASCADIA: Looks like you're a bit surprised to see me. Well, guess what? Don't think you'll keep me down for good.
DREW: Whoa. For a second there, I thought that Vaporeon belonged to Wallace.
CASCADIA: I'll never forgive you or any of the Black Mirror Witches for what you've been trying to do! I'll make sure that you're stopped for the sake of Pokemon and humans alike, for I am Cascadia, the mistress of water!
VAPOREON: That's right-vapor!

Everyone just gazed at Cascadia with stunned expressions.

NORMAN: That entrance was...interesting.
WALLACE: I thought that was pretty good.
FLANNERY: I'd give her an 8 for the clothes, but a 5 for the speech.

Cascadia facefaults at Flannery's comment.

CASCADIA: I had to make it up as I go! Plus I didn't expect Vaporeon to wrap it up for me.
VAPOREON: Hey! You weren't the only one on the spot!

Psuedo Ball begins to head Cascadia and Vaporeon. Lunatone prepares another Light Screen, but Psuedo Ball attacks with another Water Pulse and knocks out Lunatone.

CASCADIA: [to Vaporeon] I'll free the others. You help Solrock.
VAPOREON: Done deal.

Vaporeon leaps besides the floating Solrock and Cascadia heads to the Mirror Elders and her fellow Mirror Lights to free them.

CASCADIA: Everyone hold still.

Cascadia takes a few steps backwards. Orbs of water that were surrounded by bubbles began to form in Cascadia's hands. Everyone assumed that Cascadia was going to try her usual Mermaid Tears attack, but Cascadia had something else planned.

CASCADIA: Sea Missile!

The bubbles were shot at the bindings and sliced them in a matter of seconds. Everyone was shocked and at the same time impressed by Cascadia's new attack, but it was far from the time to celebrate.

Solrock and Vaporeon were trying everything in their power to stop Psuedo Ball's assaults. Both of them just narrowly dodged a blast of fire from Psuedo Ball's eye, and they were getting pretty worn out.

As Cascadia starts to heal Connie, Mariah gets out her Mirror Wand.

MARIAH: Time to take care of this piece of metal!

Mariah aims her wand at Psuedo Ball. The orange crystal began to glow, and Psuedo Ball was suddenly engulfed with flames that were shot at it. Unable to handle the attack, Psuedo Ball begins to glow and split into two Pokemon as it falls to the ground. One of them was a Magnemite that appeared to be wild, and the other was a Shedinja. While the Magnemite heads its own way, the Shedinja flew towards Sorah.

SHEDINJA: Sorah... I failed... I didn't know that girl--

Sorah angrily recalls her ghostly bug Pokemon before it could say another word and looks down on the group.

SORAH: You might have gotten lucky, but we'll be back!

With that, the Black Mirror Witches vanished and no one said anything else.


The Black Mirror Witches reappeared in front of Xintas's throne. Amazon was standing by then when they arrived and gave them a cross look.

AMAZON: So, you screwed up, huh?

Hedga, Ivy, and Sorah didn't say anything. Amazon lets out a sigh.

AMAZON: Figures.

Xintas, on the other hand, didn't look too upset. She was gazing at the teal Moon Stone that Hedga retrieved a while back. It was now black as the night sky and has a crescent moon on it.

XINTAS: Yes... this is the one. Only five more to go.
SORAH: Mistress Xintas...?

Xintas just looked at Sorah before she went back to the Moon Stone.

XINTAS: Let's worry about the Spirit Crystals later. Let's focus on the stones. I can't wait to bring the Shadow Trinity back togeter.

Xintas then looks across the room to see a figure that was listening to everything...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-23-2004, 07:49 PM
A Combusken rushes and leaps toward her opponent. As she landed, she quickly lashes out her feet and kicks her opponent with her talons. The Cacnea fell and rolled over a few times before crashing into a nearby wall. His trainer turned to him, worrying that it might be over.

TRAINER: Cancea!

Silence fell over the audience, Contest judges, and hostess as they wondered whether or not Cacnea can continue. After struggling to get up, Cacnea collapses. Immediately following that were red X's lighting up on the judges' panels.

HOSTESS: Cacnea is unable to continue! That means that this Cool Contest is won by May and her Combusken!

The audience cheered as a happy May jumps in the air and raises her fist in jubilation.

MAY: Yes! [laughs, then runs up to Combusken and hugs her] Way to go, Combusken! You did great!
COMBUSKEN: Thanks! That's another ribbon for ya!

One of the judges walks up to May with a case. He opens it, and May stops hugging her Pokemon and happily turns her attention to the red and orange Contest ribbon. She picks it up and raises it high to show to the audience.

MAY: Thank you! Thank you so much!

[end dream]

May was sleeping in her bed. As she dreams of her contest victory, she laughs and begins tossing and turning.

MAY [mumbling in dreams]: Thank you, everyone... It has been a real pleasure...

May then raises the covers up to her head and continues her dream until Max enters with an annoyed expression.

MAX: May! Wake up! It's 9:45 already!

May then pops up wide awake and turns to her alarm clock. She was shocked. In an attempt to get out of bed, she falls over on the floor. Slightly injured, she crawls to her dresser and sits on the stool as she looks in the mirror to fix her hair.

MAY: I hit my hip... but I can't think of that now. No time for that!
MAX: Geez, sis. How could you fall asleep after stopping the alarm?!
MAY: You don't have to rub it in.

May suddenly squeals as the brush that she picked up broke in two when she dropped it.

MAY: Oh... I need a new brush.

Max lets out a moan as his sister rushed into the closet to get her usual red shirt, white and dark blue shorts and red shoes. She heads back to her dresser and struggles with one of the drawers.

MAY: I stayed up WAY too late planning what to do when we get to mountain area of Crystal Meteor!
MAX: Heh. That explains everything.
MAY: Just put a sock in it already!

After pulling hard enough, May finally gets the drawer open. However, the force of the pull makes May stumble and fall on top of Max. Pair of socks of every color flew all over the room scattering them.

MAY: Oh...
MAX: Now you've hit my hip!

Despite the mishaps, May managed to get dressed and was heading downstairs and into the hallway with Max following. The two made it in time to see their father standing at the other end.

NORMAN: I was wondering where you two were. The limo's already here, and your mother and I are ready to go.
MAY & MAX: Great!


Mariah, Minamo, Drew, Natasha, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie have just passed Fallarbor Valley and are heading through a grassy area. They were carrying backpacks, suitcases, and sleeping bags; and Mirror Mariah had a map with her.

MIRROR MARIAH: [lowers map from her eyes] Rainbow Route 14... Almost there.
NATASHA: Thanks for inviting us to spend your vacation with you and the Mirror Elders, Mirror Mariah.
MIRROR MARIAH: No problem. You guys deserve a break as well. Connie, Cascadia, and Lyoko are gonna meet with us when we get there.
MINAMO: So, what's this place like?
MIRROR MARIAH: Well, Crystal Meteor is actually a cave. It's covered in ice year long. There's the legend going around that a powerful blizzard long ago managed to freeze some of the areas the Kyogre flooded with its battle with Groudon, and Crystal Meteor was one on them. Surprisingly, while the outside of the cave was frozen, there were some people who saw waterfalls inside some areas of it. That's how it got its full name of Crystal Meteor Falls.
DREW: So, we're gonna be near a frozen cave? [shivers] I'm getting cold just thinking about it.
MIRROR MARIAH: Don't worry about it. Norman and I reserved a cabin so we don't freeze to death. [sighs] It's too bad Lord Steven couldn't come...

Mirror Mariah then gets out a picture of her and Lord Steven. Lord Steven was wearing a black jacket with a horizontal purple zigzag pattern with a red shirt underneath, black pants, and black shoes; the same attire that he wore in his Mirror Form. Mirror Mariah, however, was wearing a pink t-shirt with a white heart on it, a denim skirt, and white shoes. The two were sitting under a cherry blossom tree.

MIRROR MARIAH: [hugging the picture] Oh... I just wish you were here, Lord Steven...
DREW: Uh...does Lord Steven even know that you like him at all?

Mirror Mariah just gave Drew an annoyed look before turning her attention back to what was ahead. Drew, feeling like he had just ask a stupid question, kept quiet after that.

After a crossing a bridge over a lake, they saw the large ice cave known as Crystal Meteor. The bright sunlight in the clear blue sky made the cave sparkle with several different colors.

MINAMO: It's pretty.
MIRROR MARIAH: The cabin isn't too far.

Sure enough, the five had a five minute walk before they were in front of the cabin. It seemed more like a camping house with its large size. Natasha, Minamo, and Mariah were rather impressed by this, but Drew was just dumbfounded.

DREW: This is a cabin? It looks more like a condo!
MIRROR MARIAH: Hey, Norman is one of the richest people in the Hoenn Mirror World. What do you expect?
DREW: Uh...

Before Drew could say anything else, a bright light shined in the sky, and a Mirror Portal forms a few moments later. It was light blue in color with wings on that side and had a swirl of feathers surrouding it.

DREW: What the...?

Drew was even further baffled when he saw Lyoko flying out of the Mirror Portal with Winona following on her Skarmory. Altaria, Pelipper, and Ulrich flew out of the portal with their trainers' lugagge in either Ulrich's talons, Altaria's back, or Pelipper's pouch-like beak. The portal vanished, and Lyoko and the bird Pokemon landed. Ulrich lets go of the lugagge from his feet and lands by his trainer.

LYOKO: Hi, everyone! Glad you made it!
DREW: Lyoko... how'd you...
WINONA: I see everyone's doing well.
MIRROR MARIAH: Yeah. We've been okay. [looks around for the others] Hmm... I guess we've beat 'em here.
DREW: Excuse me, but how...

Just then, another Mirror Portal appears. However, this one had bubbles surrounding it and was dark blue in color. The frame appeared to be wavy like water. The glass itself had a ripple-like effect when Cascadia, Tsunama, and Wallace appeared from the portal. Cascadia's Kingler and Tsunama's Blastoise were carrying the luggage.

DREW: What...?
CASCADIA: Hi, guys! What's up?
TSUNAMA: [waving to Mariah and Lyoko] Mariah! Lyoko! Long time no see!

Mariah and Lyoko each gave Tsunama a hug. Drew, frustrated with confusion, went up to the two mermaids and the Sootopolis Ocean Mirror Elder.

DREW: How did you do that?!
CASCADIA: Uh... this is how we can travel between different places in the Hoenn Mirror World.
DREW: Maybe coming here was a huge mistake...
WALLACE: Is he all right?
TSUNAMA: [giggles] He's funny. I like him.
CASCADIA: Oh? I thought you liked Wallace, sis.
TSUNAMA: Of course. [hugs Wallace] I like that green-haired guy, but no one can replace Wallace.
CASCADIA: Tsunama...
WALLACE: [lightly chuckles] Don't worry, Cascadia.

A rocky framed Mirror Portal with a sandstorm swirling around it appears, and out of it came Roxanne and Connie.

DREW: [astonished] I don't know what to say anymore...
NATASHA: It's a real shame that you're not into this kinda stuff.
ROXANNE: [looking around, seeing that not everyone has arrived] I thought that we were going to be late, but it looks like we're not.
CONNIE: You should've let me sleep in, then.
ROXANNE: [embarrassed laugh] Connie...
NATALIE: How about we wait for the others in the cabin?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-25-2004, 02:18 AM
Agreeing with Natalie, everyone entered the cabin. The carpeting of the medium-sized room was a sapphire color, the walls are made up of smooth wood, and the light teal sofas were against the wall and one of them were underneath a window near the door. Everyone appears to like how the place was set up. The Mirror Lights (except for Lyoko, who sat on the floor) made themselves comfortable on the sofas.

MIRROR MARIAH: [sighs in relaxation] Looks like Norman went out of his way to get us a place like this.
DREW: Uh...just wondering... how much DOES this place cost anyway?
WALLACE: I'm guessing around 15,000 Mirrials.
DREW: And how much would that be in our world?

Wallace just gave Drew a blank expression, obviously not knowing the answer to that question.

DREW: [embarrassed] Looks like I've just asked another stupid question...
VOICE: There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.
DREW: [sarcastically] That makes me feel better. [pauses in surprise] Huh? [turns around to see who was behind him] No way!

May was standing next to Drew as Norman's Slaking and Vigoroth helped their trainer get the luggage from the limosine.

DREW: It can't be... May... what are you doing here?!
MAY: Excuse me, but how did you know my name?!
DREW: I believe that you-- [gets pulled by Mariah] Whoa!
MARIAH: [whispering] This is the May that lives in the Hoenn Mirror World!

Drew lets out an embarrassed laugh and turns to the light brown-haired girl.

DREW: Uh...sorry about that. It's just that there's another person named May in my world and I thought you might've been her.
MAY: [confused] Another May?
DREW: You... probably wouldn't understand.

A little while later after everything was put away, everyone has already picked out their rooms. The Mirror Lights, Drew, Natasha, Natalie, Tsunama, May and Max were in a large upstairs room while the Mirror Elders and Caroline were in a slightly smaller room downstairs next to the kitchen. The Mirror Lights were telling May and Max about their adventures and their progress on getting the stones until they heard a scream from downstairs. The five immediately head to the scene where they saw a firey red light from the Mirror Elders' room. It turned out to be a Mirror Portal where Flannery, the Lavaridge Mountain Mirror Elder, have fallen through. Her portal had burned a small portion of Caroline's dress, and she was trying to apoligize for the incident. When the Mirror Lights entered the room, they noticed that Flannery's skin was red, and Mariah was rather surprised by this.

CAROLINE: Flannery, it's okay. No need to worry.
FLANNERY: I know, but I still feel rather guilty.
MARIAH: [walking up to Flannery] Uh...Flannery... what's happening to you?
FLANNERY: [turns and sees Mariah] Oh, Mariah. Long time no see. And what do you mean by what's happening to me?
MARIAH: [gets close to Flannery] You're--

Mariah placed her finger on Flannery's skin, but it turned to be a mistake. Her whole body was set on fire, and she screamed in pain as she runs around the room.

CASCADIA: [to Wallace] You want to do it, or should I?
WALLACE: [sighs, then looks at Cascadia] I think I should do this.

Wallace gets up and brushes back the part of his blue that covered more than half of his eye at an angle. He then focuses his attention on the panicking Mariah as he opens his hands and his palms were shown in Mariah's direction.

WALLACE: Hsiugnitxe! Cigam Rorrim Niar!

Suddenly, Mariah felt a moisty and breezy feeling on her body. The fire died down until the only left of it were several char marks. Surprised, Mariah stopped running.

MARIAH: That... felt nice.
FLANNERY: Sorry. Whenever I get upset, my body starts to heat up. It doesn't happen all the time... [embarrased] ...but when it does...
CONNIE: Yeah. After what happened, you owed Lyoko that rattle I gave her when she was born.

Lyoko and Flannery (getting her normal skin color back) giggle embarrassedly. Another bright light flashed in the living room a few seconds later.

VOICE: Hang ten, dudes!
CASCADIA: Looks like Brawly's here.
MINAMO: Brawly?

Everyone in the lower room immediately head into room and saw Brawly on a surfboard and making an impressive entrance. He landed a few feet from the staircase leading to the room the Mirror Lights were staying in.

BRAWLY: [sees the Mirror Lights] Well, well. It's good to see some old pals. How are you two doin'?
MARIAH: I'm fine.
CONNIE: Same here.
CASCADIA: I'm doing fine too.
LYOKO: Me three.

Minamo softly laughs as Brawly turns to her.

BRAWLY: Who's she?
MINAMO: We haven't really met yet, but I'm Minamo.
BRAWLY: I never saw you before. I'm guessing you're from Mariah's world.
MINAMO: [laughs] Yeah...

Outside the cabin, Hedga's Pokemon were watching the happening through the window. Although they couldn't hear anything, they figured out that everyone was on a vacation.

SONIC: So... what do you think we should do?
KNUCKLES: Do you think we should have an all-out assault?
TAILS: Not really. If any of the Mirror Lights see us, we'll get beaten because they're the only ones who can bypass our Shadow Spirits.
KNUCKLES: You're right.
CREAM: I think a sneak in is more appropiate.
AMY: How are you going to pull that off?
CREAM: [winks at Amy] Just leave everything to me...

Just before Cream can tell the others her plan's details, a bright light nearly blinded them. Not wanting to risk being seen, the Beautifly hides in some nearby shrubs with her other Pokemon comrades quickly following. Blue and pink Mirror Portals with stars swirling around them appear, and Tate and Liza somersault out of the portal and land in front of the door.

TATE: This must be the place.
LIZA: Looks nice. But then again, Norman was the one who arranged it.
TATE: The others must be inside already. We don't want to keep them waiting.

The twin Mirror Elders entered the cabin. Cream immediately flies out of her hiding place and follows the twins. Once she was in the room, she flew up to one of the ceiling corners to eavesdrop on the group.

NORMAN: I'm glad that you two could make it.
TATE & LIZA: It's nice to relax once in a while.
TATE: You sure chose a nice place, but then again...
LIZA: ...all the places that you choose for a vacation are nice.
BRAWLY: That's one of the advantages of being rich. [elbows Norman]
NORMAN: [chuckles, then turns to Mariah] Your cousins are with you, right?
NORMAN: Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to meet them. The pleasure is all mine.
MARIAH: Okay. I'm sure that you'll like Drew and Natasha.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-28-2004, 12:58 AM
Later that day, Drew was in the living room with a blank expression on his face. The male Mirror Elders (including Wattson, who arrived a little late) were talking about their experience with Mariah and ending up talking about how their Pokemon were possesed by Shadow Wing and how Mariah and the Mirror Lights (minus Minamo) freed them from the dark force controlling them. As Wattson ends his story on the battle between Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Mirror Mariah against Magneton (who was then known as Magneton mkII), Drew lets out a nervous laugh.

DREW: Wow... I never thought... that could happen...
WATTSON: I never thought it could happen either, but it did. It's a good thing Mariah and the Mirror Lights brightened things up with their shocking moves! [laughs heartily]
DREW: Uh...yeah. Anyway, that was...interesting...
MAX: If you thought that was interesting, just wait till you hear what happened to my dad's Slaking and how Mariah managed to beat him! Even I didn't believe it at first, but then again I couldn't believe that Mariah eating a lot of Angit Berries could help us out so much.
TATE: Mariah ate Angit Berries?!
MAX: Yep. You had to be there to see it for yourself.
DREW: Uh... sorry to interrupt but... what are Angit Berries?

The male Mirror Elders and Max looked at Drew in surprise.

NORMAN: You mean Mariah never told you what they were?
DREW: She never said anything about them.
MAX: Well, Angit Berries are these huge dark Berries that can make anyone who eats them up to ten times their size. The trees that they grow on have been cut down, but they are still a few left.
DREW: And Mariah managed to find one?
MAX: Yep. It was also funny how those giant Watmel Berries helped us out as well. If it weren't for those, Mariah would've been too hungry to fight.

Drew gets a mental picture of a giant Mariah hungrily eating Watmel Berries as big as houses. He sees himself timidly approaching Mariah as the Black Mirror Witches sneak by with the Stones and Spirit Crystals. An annoyed Mariah notices this and began spitting giant Watmel seeds at the Witches in a matter similar to her Sceptile using Bullet Seed. The seeds also hits Drew as well as several houses that were in Mariah's range. Drew then shakes off his fantasy and lets out a sigh.

DREW: [to himself] I hope that'll never happen in our world...
BRAWLY: What was that?
DREW: [nervously] Uh...I said this is one unpredictable world! [laughs]
MAX: [to Norman] Hey, why don't you tell your story with Slaking now?
NORMAN: Okay. [to everyone, including Max] I was going into this city near the Petalburg Mansion...

Meanwhile, Caroline, the female Mirror Elders, the Mirror Lights (minus Connie and Lyoko), and Natasha were in the kitchen helping to make dinner. Like the male Mirror Elders in the living room, the female Mirror Elders passed the time by talking about their experience with Mariah and their friends to Natasha. Unlike Drew, Natasha was interested and impressed to hear the adventures. Flannery had just wrapped up her story with Mariah and Torquake, and Natasha looked eager to hear what Winona and Liza had to offer.

NATASHA: That is so awesome...! Getting special powers, fighting monsters... It's just too awesome!
MARIAH: You've been saying that throughout Roxanne and Flannery's stories.
NATASHA: [turns to Mariah putting down a stack of plates] I know, but it's so awesome!

Mariah sighs as she hands Caroline a skillet. Winona was putting bright blue lettuce in a bowl when Natasha goes up to her.

NATASHA: Hey, uh...
WINONA: [turns to Natasha] You want to hear my story with Mariah, don't you?
NATASHA: Yes! Yes!
MARIAH: [sighs as she heads to the oven] Here we go again.
WINONA: Well, in the end, Mariah didn't do all the fighting. It was actually her Grovyle that saved me from a virtual world along with Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd.
NATASHA: Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd? Those are Lyoko's Pokemon, right?
WINONA: Mm-hmm. She had them for a while.
NATASHA: So, how did you end up in a virtual world?
WINONA: I don't know exactly, but when I came to, I saw some bizarre woman there...
NATASHA: What happened after that?

As Winona continued telling Natasha about her encounter with XANA Harpy, Flannery turns to Mariah as she was seraching through a bag.

FLANNERY: Hey, Mariah? Would you mind if you put some Tomato pepper in my chili?
MARIAH: Uh, sure. Which one is it?
FLANNERY: The Totmato pepper is that red shaker shaped like a Tomato Berry.

Mariah gets the red Tomato-shaped shaker and sprikles the pepper into the gray pot of reddish brown chili. She stopped when a bubble in the chili popped and splattered on her arm. The burn stinged for a few seconds after Mariah wiped it off.

Minamo and Cascadia were cutting some strange looking vegetables. Minamo was cutting a blackish-purple leafless carrot when she looks out the window and notices a Pokemon battle was underway. A Bulbasaur and a Corphish were battling a Corsola and a familar Farfetch'd with a purple bandana. The Corphish aims his claw at the Farfetch'd and shoots bubbles from it, but the Corsola gets into the path of the Bubblebeam attack and creates a yellow glass-like shield to cut down the attack's power. Minamo finishes cutting the carrot before turning back to the window but feels someone touching her knife. Minamo turns to see who it was.

CASCADIA: Hey, I'll cut the rest of the vegetables for you...that is, if you don't mind.
MINAMO: Okay... thanks.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-28-2004, 12:59 AM
With that settled, Minamo heads outside in time to see the Bulbasaur, who belonged to May, receive a heavy hit by the Farfetch'd's Aerial Ace attack. The battle appeared to be a tag team battle with May's Bulbasaur and Natalie's Corphish against Lyoko's Farfetch'd (Odd) and Tsunama's Corsola.

MAY: Bulbasaur, Tackle attack on Odd!

Bulbasaur dashes toward Lyoko's Farfetch'd, but the attack misses when Odd flies out of the way. Bulbasaur slid on the ground a bit before heading towards her target again.

TSUNAMA: Corsola, use Reflect to protect Odd!

Bulbasaur heads toward Odd to tackle him again, but this time, Corsola appears and creates a blue glass-like shield that weakened the Tackle attack. The dumbfouned seed Pokemon turned to her trainer and her partner to see if they have an idea to get through Corsola's Reflect.

NATALIE: Corphish, Sludge Bomb on Corsola now!

Tsunama seemed a bit confused by this, for Relfect cuts down the power of all physical attacks. Despite this surprise tactic, she and Lyoko remained on guard as Corphish aimed his claw at the coral Pokemon and fires thick sludge at her. The glass shield then quickly appears and cuts down on the attack's power as the attack was just a fudge inches from Corsola.

MAY: Bulbasaur, Vine Whip on Corsola!

Bulbasaur then jumps into the air and lashes out long vines from her back. Before the attack can successfuly land, the yellow glass like shield appears, protecting Corsola from the Vine Whip attack. May, embarrased because she has forgotten about the Light Screen, sighed.

NATALIE: Don't worry, May. I have us covered. [to Corphish] Brick Break on Corsola attack now!

The crawfish-like Pokemon heads toward the coral Pokemon. He raises his claw, and before Corsola could react, the claw smashes through both barriers and does heavy damage to Corsola. Corsola moans in pain.

ODD: Corsola, are you okay?
CORSOLA: I guess...
MAY: Okay, Corsola's wide open, Bulbasaur! Use Vine Whip!
BULBASAUR: All right!

Bulbasaur lashes out the vines from her back and prepapres to whip Corsola with them.

LYOKO: Odd, use Mirror Move!
ODD: I thought you'd never ask!

Odd flies up and flaps his wings toward the vines. The vines suddenly stopped in mid air and heads straight for Bulbasaur. Before Bulbasaur could react, she was hit in the face with her own attack.

TSUNAMA: Thanks, Lyoko! Now, let's end this! [to Corsola] Rock Blast on Bulbasaur!
LYOKO: Odd, Fury Cutter on Corphish!

Corsola hurls large nearby boulders at the seed Pokemon, and Odd rapidly slashes the ruffian crawfish Pokemon with his leek. Neither of the opposing Pokemon were able to take the hits any more and were defeated. May and Natalie ended up recalling their Pokemon.

MAY: [sighs] We lost...
NATALIE: It's okay, May. We've tried as hard as we could.

The four suddenly heard applauding and turn to see Minamo.

MINAMO: That was a great battle.
TSUNAMA: Glad you enjoyed it.
MINAMO: Congratulations on your win.

As the five girls continued talking about the battle, Sonic and Tails left the bush they were hiding in and head to the front of the cabin. Then, they saw through the window to see Cream still on the ceiling. The Beautifly appeared rather annoyed that she has yet to be alone in order to search for and steal the Mirror Lights' Spirit Crystals. Fortunately, she was yet to be seen by the male Mirror Elders, Max, or Drew. Now, Drew have just finished listening to Tate's encounter with Mariah. Tate noticed the blank expression on Drew's face.

TATE: Uh...Drew? Are you okay? You look sort of pale.
DREW: [snaps out of his trance] What? Oh, sorry. It's just that Connie destroying a hospital was... well... uh...
TATE: It's okay. I couldn't really explain how I felt.
DREW: [to himself] Now I KNOW I shouldn't mess with Connie. [out loud] Anyway, these stories are rather... interesting. I never thought that Mariah would be so well-known here.
CREAM: [whispering as she continues to eavesdrop] Just get out of here already so that I can get to work!

Before anything else could happen, Roxanne enters the room.

ROXANNE: Dinner's ready, everyone.
MAX: Great! I'm starving!

Every left for dining room that was next to the kitchen. When everyone has left, Cream flies down from the ceiling to see Sonic and Tails. She then heads to the door and opens it for the Jolteon and Vulpix.

SONIC: What was taking you?
CREAM: The Mirror Elders were talking about Mariah. Now that they're gone, get Amy and Knuckles so we can carry out the plan.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-02-2005, 07:38 PM
The fancy dining room had a golden-yellow marble floor, and the walls bright yellow stone, and golden chandeliers were suspended from the ceiling over the long table where the food was placed. Mariah, Drew, and Natasha were speechless at the sight while everyone else seemed to have seen it coming due to Norman's wealth. As soon as everyone took a seat at the table, Mirror Mariah began to say grace. However, Drew felt a bit uneasy as Mirror Mariah said it backwards. After the grace was said, everyone began to gather their food.

Lyoko was helping herself to a salad made up of the bright blue lettuce Winona had earlier and some noodles. She then notices Drew uneasy expression and, since she was sitting in front of Drew, pushes the bowl toward him.

DREW: Uh...
LYOKO: Have some. Mommy made it.
DREW: What is that stuff?
LYOKO: It's Feather Salad. You'll love it. Try some.

Drew looked at the bizarre salad and laughs nervously.

WINONA: You don't have to eat some if you don't want to.
NATASHA: [to Drew] Share some for those who want to try it.

Without saying another word, Drew pushes the salad over to Natasha, who happily gathers spoonfuls on her plate. Drew then turns his attention to Connie, who was helping herself to Flannery's chili.

DREW: [to himself] At least there's some normal food here... [to Connie] Connie, would you mind passing me that chili when you're done?
CONNIE: Can you handle it?
DREW: I think I can.

After getting her share of chili, Connie passes the pot to Flannery who gives it to Drew. As Drew reached for the spoon, Flannery lets out a giggle.

FLANNERY: Good luck.

Drew wondered why Flannery said that, but he shrugs it off and pours a spoonful of chili on his plate. After getting what he wanted, he picks up his spoon. As soon as the chili was on his tongue, however, he felt his mouth suddenly gone on fire. His face turned red and his eyes began to water. He felt like screaming at any minute.

FLANNERY: So, how is it? It's a recipe that's been going through my family for years.

Drew gulped down the insanely spicy chili and moans.

FLANNERY: Are you okay?
CONNIE: I thought he couldn't handle it.
MARIAH: Hey, Drew? Drew?
MAY: Maybe he has heartburn or something.
BRAWLY: Either that or he's choking.

Drew couldn't keep it in anymore.


Wallace, completely calm about the situation, poured crystal clear water in a tall glass. He then motions Lyoko to pass it Drew. Lyoko does so, and Drew wasted no time drinking the water to cool dowl the burning feeling in his mouth. He was out of breath when Connie looks at him with an annoyed look on her face.

CONNIE: Here's a little advice. Never EVER try Magma Chili unless you can handle it.
DREW: Thanks for the warning.

While dinner continued on, Cream was spying through the kitchen door. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy were waiting in the living room. Seeing that everyone doesn't know they're watching them, the four Pokemon by Cream's signal immediately went to the upstairs room to begin their search. After Knuckles open the bedroom door, the Pokemon immediately head for the suitcases.

SONIC: They must be in here somewhere...

Sonic was looking through a laptop bag, then a dark green sleeping bag, and finally a backpack that was slightly larger than May's. After a thorough search, Sonic sighs in disappointment.

SONIC: [shaking his head] Nothing... [to the other Pokemon] What about you guys? Find anything?

Tails was looking through an indigo bag with stars on it. After a while of searching, he sighs and shakes his head.

TAILS: Not me.
KNUCKLES: [falling out of a large white backpack] Oh... I haven't had too much luck.
AMY: [sniffing through a lunch case] Nothing here. [sees a small bag of cookies and eats them]
CREAM: [poking her head into a pink sleeping bag case] No Spirit Crystals here either.
SONIC: Aw, shoot.

Before the Pokemon could do anything else, footsteps were heard and grew louder as they came closer.

SONIC: Quick! Hide!

Sonic and Tails hide under the covers of beds, Knuckles hides in a nearby closet, Amy hides into the pink sleeping bag case Cream was looking through earlier, and Cream hides in a dark corner of the ceiling. Just then, Mariah, Drew, Natasha entered the room. Natasha was in the middle of eating the Feather Salad, and Drew looked at her with a disgusted look.

DREW: [sits on a bed near the one Sonic was hiding in] Natasha, are you gonna keep eating that stuff?
NATASHA: [sits next to him] I think it's good.
MARIAH: Yeah, I liked it too. Roxanne's Earth Roast was pretty good too. Takes a while to chew though...
DREW: [sighs in digust] Ugh... I don't see HOW you even like that stuff. At least the Gym Leaders in our world eat regular food like we do. The Mirror Elders... well...
MARIAH: You may feel uneasy now, but you'll get used to it, Drew.
DREW: [scoffs] Oh sure, Miss Hoenn Mirror Girl. That was easy for you according to the Mirror Elders. I sorta zoned out for a while after hearing Norman and Tate, though.
MARIAH: You mean the Slakong incident and Connie destroying the hospital?

Drew's eyes grew wide at this statement. Mariah wasn't even in the room with him at the time, yet she managed to guess why Drew felt so uneasy.

MARIAH: I know you sorta feel rather out of place here. I did too, but eventually it became rather exciting in a way.
DREW: Hey, Mariah... since when... did you become a mind reader?

Mariah turns away from Drew and became lost in thought...

[flashback (Chapter 21 of Hoenn Mirror World I)]

LIZA: I believe that it would be best if...

Liza began to finish her sentence, but then she sat back down in hesistation. She then shakes her head.

LIZA: No. Never mind.
TATE: What is it?
WINONA: Tell us what you have in mind.
WATTSON: Millions of lives depend on this.

Just when Liza was about to continue what she was about to say, Mariah gets up.

MARIAH: I suggest we go to the Shadow Mirror World and attack Shadow Wing from there.

There was suddenly a long silence. Everyone just stared at Mariah in a very strange way, especially Liza.

LIZA: Mariah... how did you know what I was going to say?

Mariah didn't say anything.

[end flashback]

MARIAH: [sighs] Good question...
NATASHA: Mariah? Mariah?
MARIAH: [turns to Natasha] Yeah?
NATASHA: Do you think Uncle Noah and Gran would like Feather Salad?
DREW: [annoyed at Natasha] There is no way in the world that we're taking that mess called salad back to our world, sis!
NATASHA: But it's totally safe to eat!
DREW: Maybe here, but probably not in our world!

Drew and Natasha continued agruing as Mariah sat on a bed across from her cousins. She got out her Mirror Wand and spent a while looking at it, thinking about how her life changed from being a normal Pokemon trainer to the Hoenn Mirror Girl. Through her mind drifted the friends she met on her jounery in the Hoenn Mirror World, the adventures that she encountered, and the excitement that was always around the corner. But more importantly, what Mariah thought about were the powers she gained along the way. She was about to fall asleep until Max appeared with a piece of cake in his hand.

MAX: Hey, guys! Liza made her Sun and Moon Cakes for dessert! There's still some left if you want some!

Drew just looked at Max and turned away just as quickly, but Natasha wasted no time in heading back downstairs. Mariah began to leave as well, but she took a brief look at the Mirror Wand she placed on her bed before doing so.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-08-2005, 09:04 PM
The next morning after everyone went downstairs for breakfast, a groggy Sonic stumbled out of the bed he was hiding in.

SONIC: [moans] I thought that brat would never leave. That Groudon brat's snoring kept me up all night...

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream left their hiding places and noticed that the Jolteon was barely awake.

AMY: Maybe we'd better quit while were ahead. If we stick around, someone's gonna find us.
KNUCKLES: And Hedga's expecting us to meet her at the lake near here.
SONIC: Yeah... you're right... Let's go and... [in the middle of a yawn] ...wait for Hedga.

Meanwhile, everyone was at the living room eating breakfast. While Mariah and Natasha enjoyed what they female Mirror Elders made for the morning meal, Drew felt even more uneasy than he did at dinner the previous night. He looked down at the pink Lunatone-shaped pancakes on his plate as he hesistantly cut a piece off with his knife. He then looked up to Liza, the one who made the strange pancakes. Her nodding motioned him to begin eating her food.

DREW: Just one question... is this--
LIZA: [reading Drew's thoughts] Don't worry. It's perfectly safe to eat. It isn't anything like Flannery's chili.

Drew turned to his cousins and the Mirror Lights enjoying the pancakes before putting his fork into the piece that he had just cut off. Feeling that he had absolutely no choice, he ate the piece. After a few seconds, the ridiculously sweet taste made him addicted as he began cutting the pancakes and began eating it piece by piece.

LIZA: [giggles] I knew that you wouldn't hold back for long.

Mariah have already finished with her pancakes and helped herself to some Watmel Berry slices on a plate between her and Lyoko.

MAX: [annoyed that Mariah has taken four of the slices] Hey, save some for the rest!
NATASHA: Don't worry about it. Mariah does this in our world as well. She can't resist Watmel Berries.
MAX: I can see that. After the Slaking incident--
MAY: [turns to Max] Max, please. Ten times is enough.
MAX: [sighs] I guess you're right...
NORMAN: [chuckles] It's okay. Nearly all of the Mirror Elders can't stop talking about Mariah. She did save three worlds from being destroyed after all.
NATASHA: It must be so cool to do all of that. It's just like those magical girl series!
DREW: [scoffs] Well, I still find it rather weird that a girl like Mariah is the Hoenn Mirror Girl that everyone is going on and on about. But then again, just about anything goes here. I mean, Flannery's becomes a living fireball when she gets freaked out, Roxanne can make rock shields, Tate and Liza have telekentic powers... what next?!

Drew continued eating and was completely unaware of the tiny drop of syrup that fell on his jacket. The drop was unnoticed by everyone except Winona, who hands him a napkin.

DREW: [confused] Huh?
WINONA: You spilled a little syrup on your jacket.
DREW: [looks down at his jacket but doesn't see it] Um...
WINONA: Let me get it for you.

It only took the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder a few seconds to wipe off the near unseeable stain. Drew was baffled by this.

DREW: Uh... what was...?
LYOKO: Oh...sorry. I never told a lot of people say this, but we can see some things that other people can't.
WINONA: Sharp eyesight pretty much runs in the family.

Drew finished his food and laughed nervously.

LIZA: Did you like the pancakes?
DREW: They were great!
TATE: Wait till you try the Sun Waffles tomorrow.
LIZA: [turns to Tate] Don't you ever get tired of those?
TATE: [annoyed] You're the to talk! I'm sick of Moon Pancakes every day!
LIZA: You couldn't cook if your life--
TATE: [reading Liza's thoughts] I can too! I've only burned them once!
LIZA: And half of the whole kitchen!

Tate and Liza continued arguing.


Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream have arrived at the lake where they were supposed to meet Hedga.

SONIC: [looks around] Where is she?

Hedga approached her Pokemon from behind. She was wearing the dark purple dress, the shoes that matched the dress's color with a white horizontal stripe through the middle, and her hair was much shorter and curled a little at the end. She let out a digusted sigh as she saw that her Pokemon were empty-handed.

HEDGA: I'm guessing that you've found nothing.

The Pokemon just sighed in response.

HEDGA: Ugh... I can't believe this. They obviously couldn't bring them on a vacation.
TAILS: What are we gonna do now?

Hedga snapped her fingers, and purple smoke surrounded her. It clears a few seconds later, and Hedga was no longer in her witch form. A red headband rested on her short, slightly curled, pink hair, and her eyes was a slighty bright green. She wore a dress similar to the one that she wears in her witch form except it was red in color, gold bracelets on her arms, and red shoes with a vertical stripe going through the middle.

HEDGA: Just leave it to me. [to Amy] Come here.

The Skitty walked up to her trainer while the other Pokemon were puzzled by this.

CREAM: What good would that disguise do?
HEDGA: I'll tell you later. I only need Amy for now. [gets out Pokeballs] The rest of you can get back in your balls.

Red beams were shot out of the balls and reeling in the Jolteon, Vulpix, Hitmontop, and Beautfly upon making their impact. The witch in disguise put her Pokeballs away and began heading toward the direction of the cabin.

HEDGA: I'll get the Spirit Crystals no matter what. Just you wait...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-11-2005, 06:13 AM
Hedga and Amy stood in front of the front entrance of the cabin. The young witch knocked on the door before looking at Amy.

HEDGA: Check out any areas you might've missed. The Spirit Crystals have to be in the cabin.

Amy nodded before heading toward the back of the cabin. The Skitty was out of sight just in time for Hedga to see May answer the door.

MAY: Oh, hello there. May I help you?
HEDGA: Yes. How can I get to Fallarbor Valley from here? I'm trying to get there in time for the next Contest.
MAY: It's not too far. Just go through Rainbow Route 114 and you should be there in almost no time at all.
HEDGA: Thank you, miss. [runs off]
MAY: [calling out as she waves] Good luck in your Contest! [heads back inside]

When the back of the cabin was in Hedga's view, she stopped. She noticed Amy entering through the kitchen window. She headed to the window after Amy was inside.

Meanwhile, May was downstairs in the living room with Mariah, Drew, and Natasha. Everyone else has gone outside to enjoy the day, leaving them along with Roxanne (who was sleeping in the downstairs bedroom) in the cabin. Drew was nervously trying to figure out what to talk about, but Natasha immediately thought up a subject in almost no time at all.

NATASHA: You're a Pokemon Coordinator, right, May?
MAY: [putting aside the comic book she had just finished] That's right. Why do you ask?
NATASHA: What are the Pokemon Contests like in the Hoenn Mirror World? Perhaps Drew would like the compete in one!

Shocked and annoyed at what his sister just said, Drew pulled back his sister and covered her mouth before she could say anything else.

DREW: Natasha!
NATASHA: [removes Drew's hand from her mouth] What's wrong?
DREW: No offense, but I like competing in the Contests in our world, thank you very much!

Mariah's two cousins continued to argue. The Hoenn Mirror Girl tried to stop the argument, but May just laughed.

MAY: Hey, Mariah... Are your cousins always like this?
MARIAH: Well...
MAY: Because I think they're rather fun people. Plus I'd like to see what Drew's capable of. It's be rather cool to have someone from another world to compete against.
DREW: [turns to May, somewhat panicked] What?!
MAY: [laughs again] Come on, Drew. How about the next time we met, we'll compete in a Pokemon Contest?
DREW: [nervously] Uh... well...
MAY: Don't be scared. It's really simple. All you need is some good Pokeblocks, battling skills and, in your case, a Heart Pendant. A Pokemon Contest starts with the audience voting for the Pokemon they like best, and the best eight move on to the appeal round where they get to show off some awesome attacks. After that, the four that get the highest score will move on to the battling round. The last two compete in a victory battle, and if you win that, you win the contest. It's really fun.
DREW: Uh... yeah.
MAY: There are four ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master. In order to move on to the next rank, you need to win a ribbon in three or more categories.
DREW: The categories are Cool, Cute, Beauty, Tough, and Smart... right?
MAY: That's right. The best part is that when you move up, your Entry Charm changes! I now have a Star Ring, but I only need one more ribbon to get a Silver Bracelet to get to the Hyper Rank.
DREW: [notices a golden ring with a star-shaped jewel on May's finger] That ring on your finger must be your Star Ring.
MAY: Yep. I'd show you my ribbons, but my ribbon case is at home.
MARIAH: It looks like Pokemon Contests work a lot differently here.
MAY: What are the Contests like in your world, Mariah?
MARIAH: Well, you can ask Drew. He's much better at Contest then I am.

As the four continued talking, Amy dashed into the bedroom after she noticed that almost no one was around. Once inside the room, she began sniffing around the room for the Spirit Crystals. She headed to a bed and started to look there when a hand landed on her back. Confused, the Skitty named Amy looked up to see Roxanne in a deep sleep holding a book she was reading on her chest.

AMY: [to herself] Hmm... Maybe she has them...

Amy hopped on the bed Roxanne was sleeping on. She checked to see if there were pockets on the Rustboro Ruins Mirror Elder's dress but failed to find any. Amy then made her way to a bag with the symbol of the Stone Shard on it and looked in there. While she failed to find the Spirit Crystals, she did find some Geodude-shaped cookies which she wasted no time eating. She was about to continue her search when Roxanne began to wake up.

ROXANNE: [yawns, then stretches] Oh... [rubs her eys and then sees Amy] Huh?

Amy, afraid that she might Roxanne might send out one of her Pokemon, ran out of room by the window.

ROXANNE: [baffled] Okay...

Outside, Hedga noticed Amy coming toward her.

HEDGA: Did you find them?
AMY: [catching her breath] I think Roxanne caught me. I didn't want to take any risks, so I got away.
HEDGA: Aw, man...
VOICE: Hello there!

Hedga quickly turns to see Wallace, Cascadia, and Tsunama. The three looked like they had a serious splash fight.

HEDGA: [nervously] He... hello...
WALLACE: Excuse me, but are you lost?
HEDGA: Uh... I was on my way to Fallarbor Valley for a Contest, but...uh...my Skitty got away. And now that I've got her, I'll be going now. Seeya! [runs off]

The two mermaids and the Sootopolis Ocean Mirror Elder just watched the young witch in disguise run off until she was no longer able to be seen.


That night, everyone was getting ready for bed. As Mariah finished getting into her red and white pajamas, Natasha tapped her shoulder.

NATASHA: Mariah... what was it like being the Hoenn Mirror Girl here?
MARIAH: Well, it was weird at first. I didn't know how things work around here. After a while, I've got used to it. Of course, you'll never know when you'll be fighting a giant Slaking or a three-headed Milotic.
NATASHA: But it's really cool though!
MAY: [waving to Mariah and Natasha] Hey! I'm about to start the movie!

Natasha headed to the group to catch the movie on May's portable DVD player, but Mariah stood where she was for a few moments.

MARIAH: [to herself] I guess it is kinda cool. In some way, though, it's like I've been a part of this world all along.
MAY: [becoming impatient] Mariah!
MARIAH: Coming! [joins the others in watching the movie]


At the halfway point of Rainbow Route 114, an evil grin spreaded on Hedga's face as she got out a dark colored amethyst.

HEDGA: Heh heh... I might've failed today... but I'll get the Spirit Crystals one way or another.

She then took out the Moon Stone that she had stolen from Lisa and puts it together with the Moon Stone. They both began to glow and rose into the air. After a few seconds, they vanished in a flash of light.

HEDGA: Heh heh... the game's just beginning. [shouting] Watch out, Hoenn Mirror Lights! Once I take over, you'll be sorry that you've messed with me...ESPECIALLY YOU, LYOKO!

The last thing that was heard was the name "Lyoko" being echoed...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-21-2005, 09:36 AM
Flying in the dark skies of the Shadow Mirror World, Shadow Mariah arrived at the barren Fallarbor Valley where she saw a portal opening up a few feet away from a broken down house.

SHADOW MARIAH: Hmm... huh? [sees Hedga coming out of the portal] Oh... it's her...

Shadow Mariah landed near a crater and wasted no time hiding in it as Hedga, in her witch form, took out a dark purple amethyst like the one she had back at the Fallarbor Valley of the Hoenn Mirror World. The witch raised the bizarre jewel up high, and the jewel began to flicker in a dark purple color. Within a few seconds, the black Moon Stone that Hedga had in the Hoenn Mirror World appeared with a purple glow surrounding it. Hedga grinned softy as another portal formed behind her. When Hedga saw who it was, she quickly got the stone and kneeled down on the ground.

HEDGA: Mistress Xintas...

Xintas took the Moon Stone from Hedga. The strawberry blond witch looked up at her mistress and noticed the impassive expression in her eyes. She immediately knew that something was wrong and was almost afraid to ask what it was until Xintas began to speak.

XINTAS: Hedga... why are you taking so long to get the rest of the stones?
HEDGA: [angered sigh] It's those Mirror Lights. They keep on getting in the way. Especially that Lyoko--
XINTAS: Lyoko... I've been noticing that you've been spending a lot of time meddling with her instead of continuing with your mission.
HEDGA: If I had managed to get rid of Lyoko, I might've had the chance to get those stupid stones!
XINTAS: [angered] The only thing I want from that brat is her Spirit Crystal as well as the other Mirror Lights' and the Stones! I don't care about your personal feelings toward them, but your orders come first. [less angered, turning away from Hedga] I should have punished you for taking the Nightmare Orb without my permission as well as letting them get into the hands of the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder and her daughter.
HEDGA: That was the worst moment of my life! [enraged] I would've blown Winona to bits if I had the chance!
XINTAS: That would be impossible, Hedga.

Hedga calmed down a bit, seeing that Xintas, much to her dismay, was right.

XINTAS: No matter how powerful you are, you or the other Black Mirror Witches can never destroy a Mirror Elder. Only a few of them die by natural causes, but even then they can return to life if they choose to. Why else do you think that Flannery has taken over her grandfather's position as Mirror Elder of Lavaridge Moutain, or why Winona would put her life on the line to save her daughter from the influence of the Nightmare Orb?
HEDGA: Uh...
XINTAS: Hedga... the Hoenn Mirror World and the Shadow Mirror World have amazing mysteries that I would like to learn and harness. That is why I want to revive the Shadow Trinity. That is why I need you to get the remaining Stones and the Spirit Crystals! [looks at Hedga in the eye] This will be your last chance to do so, Hedga. If you fail... then your magic will be suspended indefinitely.
HEDGA: What?! What about my wish to be the world's best Pokemon Coordinator?! I need my magic for that! [in tears] I wanna be the best Coordinator! I wanna get whatever I want! I'll do anything! Just please don't take my magic away!

Xintas said nothing. Instead, she gave Hedga a pendant with a sparkling lavendar crystal. A baffled Hedga puts it on and looked at the jewel.

HEDGA: What's this...?

Xintas created a portal, but before she left, she turned to the young witch.

XINTAS: Use it well.

With those words, Xintas entered the portal which immediately disappeared as soon as she went through. Hedga looked at her new pendant for a few seconds then shook her head and shrugged. She mumbled something to herself as she quickly made a portal and went through it.

Shadow Mariah listened to the entire conversation. Feeling that something must be done, Shadow Mariah was about to get out her wand to create a portal of her own when she remembered how badly Hedga beat her. She disappointedly sighed when she heard footsteps approaching her. Upon turning around, Shadow Mariah didn't seem pleased by who just approached her...


Hedga arrived at Slateport City of the Hoenn region. To avoid having her identity exposed, Hedga disguised herself. Her usual strawberry blond hair has turned into a creamy brown color and half of it being darker towards the tips were in ponytails on each side of her head, and her eyes was a fudge-colored brown. The clothes she was wearing was a reddish-orange dress with a white collar and a light blue ribbon with its knot rested between the collar's triangular flaps. Her shoes were also a reddish orange as well as some yellow from the ankle and heal to the half point of the shoe where the other color began.

HEDGA: [looks around and sees a red building with a light blue roof] Heh heh... just my luck. A contest house. [gets out her ribbon case and looks at the blue, yellow, and pink ribbons] Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have already wiped the floors with the losers at the Verdanturf Contest... [heads to the Contest House] ...and now, it's Slateport's turn to see me in action!

Hedga entered the Contest House as the doors opened when she walked in and closed when she was inside. She saw the receptionist at the desk and wasted no time approaching it.

RECEPTIONIST: Hello, there. May I see your Contest Pass?

Hedga got out a white card with a blue ribbon on it and showed it to the red-haired woman behind the desk.

RECEPTIONIST: [shakes head, then looks up at Hedga] I'm sorry, young lady, but you have to complete the Super Rank Contest before you can move on to the Hyper Rank. I'm afraid I can't accept you.

Hedga's eyes began to glow a bright purple and looked in the receptionist's green eyes. The receptionist suddenly had a blank expression on her face as she was being hypnotized by the twelve-year-old Black Mirror Witch.

RECEPTIONIST: [trance-like] I'm sorry. I was mistaken. Go to the locker room. The contest will begin shortly.
HEDGA: Thank you very much.

After signing up for a Smart Contest, Hedga was in the locker room. Several other coordinators were looking forward to competing in the contest. While most of them had Psychic-type Pokemon, a boy who was about the same age as Hedga with light brown hair and indigo eyes came up to Hedga with a Paras.

BOY: Hi, there.
HEDGA: [uninterested in making conversaton] Hi.
BOY: You must be pretty good to get this far.
HEDGA: Whatever. Just expect a humiliating defeat.

The boy seemed uncomfortable with Hedga's rude comments. Hedga then looked at the Paras and became disgusted with it.

HEDGA: You do know that you won't stand a chance against me, right?
PARAS: [sarcastically] Aren't you the sweetest girl in the world?
BOY: [to Hedga] So, what Pokemon will you be using?

Hedga got out one of her Pokeballs. She pressed the button it increase its size, and the ball opened. A bright light poured out of the Pokeball and formed into the Beautifly named Cream.

HEDGA: Meet my Beautifly, Cream... [suddenly gets a cold expression on her face] She'll be the last Pokemon you'll ever see.
BOY: [getting nervous] Uh... yeah... well... Good luck. [quickly backs away]

Hedga let out a soft chuckle as she watched the boy get further and further away from her.

HEDGA: [softly] If you're scared now, wait till you see what I can do...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-21-2005, 09:37 AM
The audience awaited the beginning of the Smart Contest that will take place on the pastel colored stage. In the middle of the stage was a large picture of a Pokeball with a battlefield over it. In the center of the battlefield was a green ribbon. Near the back of the stage were the judges in their panels. The judges consisted of a man with black hair with some traces of white on the sides and top in a red suit, a shorter man with blackish browish hair in a navy blue business suit, and a red haired nurse. The hostess with light brown hair and bright blue eyes who wore a pink dress and white gloves appeared on the stage.

HOSTESS: Welcome, everyone, to the Slateport City Hyper Rank Smart Contest! This is where the top coordinators will show us some intelligent moves that will take our breath away! Without further ado, let's begin with our first contestant!

A girl with short, pink hair entered the stage with her Espeon. She waved to the crowd before she turned to her Espeon to begin the act.

GIRL: Okay, Espeon! Use your Psybeam attack!

The purple-silver dog-like Pokemon looked up into the ceiling and shot a rainbow-colored beam from the jewel on its forehead. The audience was impressed by the fountain of beautiful lights.

GIRL: Espeon, formation two!

The Espeon's Psybeam then began to form into a heart. As the crowd continued to gaze at the exciting light show, the Espeon formed him Psybeam into many different shapes, including a star, a diamond, and a silhouette of himself. However, Hedga, who was waiting backstage, was not pleased by the sight. She shut her eyes and appeared to be focusing.

GIRL: Okay, Espeon! Finish the act with a Shadow Ball attack!

The multi-colored light of the Psybeam was replaced by black lightning that formed into a ball that was small at first but eventually increased in size. When the dark ball was unleashed, it immediately homed into the Espeon's trainer in the chest. The force of the blow made her fall on her side, and her surprised Psychic Pokemon rushes over to his trainer.

GIRL: Wha... what happened...?

Everyone in the area was dumbfounded by this unexpected turn of events, but they were even more surprised when they noticed the sudden cold expression of the judges.

MAN 1: That was the worst performance ever!
MAN 2: Even a two year old could be a better coordinator than you!
WOMAN: I was insulted by just watching that!

The first man gave the girl a 1.3, the second man 0.7, and the nurse 0.1. On a screen above the judges, the score of 2.1 appeared. Crushed, the girl ran off the stage with her Espeon following.

In the audience, Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko, Minamo, Mirror Mariah, Natalie, and Natasha were just as shocked as everyone watching.

CASCADIA: I can't believe it.
CONNIE: There's something weird going on. There's no way anyone as good as her should get a score that low.
NATALIE: Something's up.

As the contest continued, the Mirror Lights, Natalie, and Natasha become more and more suspicious. A coordinator with a Natu ended up with a score of 2.8 after a failed Confuse Ray, and another received a 1.5 when his Golduck suddenly fell asleep. Hedga, the one causing the unexpected failures, was in glee as she watched her would-be opponents get frustrated or disappointed at their scores. After the Paras coordinator ended up with a score of 3.0, Hedga saw someone unexpected to compete against her...Drew.

HEDGA: [shocked] What?! What is he doing here?

As Drew walked onto the stage, he flipped the front of his hair and let out his trademark Pokemon Roselia.

DREW: Okay, Roselia. Use Petal Dance!

Roselia let out its "arms", and out of her red and blue roses were small pink petals that surrounded her. She then starts to spin around, and the petals swirled around her. The crowd, seeing this as the flawless performance they wanted, began to cheer for the Grass-type Thorn Pokemon. Hedga, however, became disgusted with this but suddenly got an idea. Figuring that Mariah and the others couldn't far behind if Drew was around, Hedga decided to seize the oppurtunity. She shut her eyes as Drew continued on with his performance.

DREW: Magical Leaf!

Roselia raised her arms and began to twirl. Bright, white leaves were shot out of the roses as she twirls, creating a dazzling whirlwind of leaves. Suddenly, the leaves were heading straight for the Mirror Lights.

DREW: What?!

Before anyone could react, Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, Lyoko and Minamo were hit by the flurry of shining leaves. Confusion arose in the audience, and Drew stood stiff in fear because he was going to suffer like the other coordinators. Out of the flurry of leaves, Lyoko saw a strange purple glow at the edge of the stage. Feeling that it may have something to do with the strange happenings, Lyoko gets out her Spirit Crystal, the Windspirit Emerald.

LYOKO: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake. Rayquaza!

The Windspirit Emerald began to glow, and a whirlwind of light green feathers surrounded Lyoko. The seven-year-old Mirror Light now had on a yellow shirt under a green one with the outline being a lighter shade and a skirt that matches the green shirt. She also had yellow stockings with green bands on them, one around the ankle and the other just above it. Her shoes were green, and around her arms with long yellow bands with a green outline. She also had green circles on her cheeks that looked like make-up.

Lyoko, now in her Spirit Form, flew to the stage and saw that the glow was coming from Hedga. The annoyed archrival of the seven-year-old girl appeared on the stage.

HEDGA: I thought I never had to see you again, you little brat.

Hedga transformed into her witch form, and Lyoko got prepared to battle her archrival. The Black Mirror Witch began the fight by crouching and suddenly rolling in place at a high speed. Lyoko had no clue what to expect until she felt a heavy blow in the chest. Hedga had shot off and rolled right into Lyoko at an incredible velocity. The Mirror Light with Rayquaza's power and spirit was blown to the other side of the stage but regained herself by flying with help from spiky lime colored wings that forms on her back. She managed to land before Hedga attempted to roll into her again. This time, Lyoko flew up to dodge Hedga's high speed rolling attack. The battle suddenly became and endless dodge fest when one narrowly escaped the attacks of the other. Connie, wanting to help Lyoko, headed to the stage just in time to catch Hedga and knock her out of her roll. The rock hard fighter extrodinaire then swing the Black Mirror Witch before letting her go to toss her. Hedga landed on her stomach, and the necklace she received from Xintas was knocked off of her.


The necklace was heading toward to Connie, who made a perfect catch. Hedga pounded the ground and yelled while the crowd cheered for the two Mirror Lights. Suddenly, the necklace began to glow a bright purple color. Everyone shielded their eyes to avoid from being blind. When the light reached maximum brightness, there was a small earthquake, but it was only felt by the Mirror Lights, Natalie, and Hedga. Before long, the small group of eight people were scattered in a universe of light...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-26-2005, 01:12 AM
After what seemed like falling through an endless void, Mariah woke up and found herself on solid ground. She turned and saw that Lyoko (who was no longer in her Spirit Form), Minamo, Cascadia, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie were behind her. However, there was no sign of Connie or Hedga.

Instead of the Contest House in Slateport City, the group were in a barren rocky area completely void of civilization. The ground was dry and jagged, making plant life obviously impossible as shown by the leafless, shriveled trees. The air around the Mirror Lights felt hot, dry, and dusty. Craters dotted the areas with some having pools of bubbling lava. The area below them was rocky with a small river of magma which, like the lava craters, contributed to the heat.

MINAMO: [looks around] It's safe to say that we're not in Hoenn anymore.
CASCADIA: I'm guessing that we somehow ended up in Lavaridge Mountain. I mean, it's insanely hot here.
NATALIE: I'm not too sure about that...
MIRROR MARIAH: Natalie's right. I pretty much know the Hoenn Mirror World inside out since I'm the Mirror Guardian, and I don't remember Lavaridge Moutain looking like this.
CASCADIA: Maybe we are in Lavaridge Mountain. We're just in the Shadow Mirror World.
LYOKO: I think I'll take a better look to be sure.

Lyoko's wings formed, and she took off until she could get a decent view. After looking carefully at the surroundings, Lyoko landed and her wings vanished.

LYOKO: [shakes head] I'm sorry. Even with my good eyesight, I couldn't find anything resembling Lavaridge Mountain.

Suddenly, a spear landed near Lyoko. The seven-year-old Mirror Light was startled by this and held Mirror Mariah's hand.

LYOKO: What was that...?
MIRROR MARIAH: [looks in the direction where the spear came from] Hey! Why'd you do that?

Jumping from a nearby rock was a girl who looked like Connie except with blond hair and in a leafy two-piece outfit. She grabbed her spear from the ground and points it at the Mirror Lights and Natalie.

LYOKO: W... who are you?!
GIRL: The name's Chaka, and I know who you guys are! [points to Mariah] You're that Hoenn Mirror Girl... [moves on to Mirror Mariah] You're the Hoenn Mirror Guardian... [continues to Minamo] You're that Flygon girl from this Lilycove City place... [moves to Natalie] You're that new girl who's being taught by Mirror Mariah... [finally stops at Cascadia] ...and you're that fish girl who used to work for the Aqua Sorcerors!
MARIAH: That's us, but how...
CHAKA: I heard all about you from the champion herself!
MINAMO: [baffled] Champion...?
CHAKA: You mean you haven't heard?! [folds arms] Connie calls the shots here. She is the strongest fighter around these parts!

Everyone's eyes widened at this.

CHAKA: [hitting Cascadia with her spear] That's Champion Connie to you, Miss Salt Water!
LYOKO: Since when did Connie become a champion...?

Chaka's hardened look softened as she turned to Lyoko. She then walked up to her, grabbed her leg, and checked for any wounds from the spear.

LYOKO: [nervous] Uh...
CHAKA: Don't worry about it, kid. You're okay. [puts Lyoko's leg down] Anyway, the champion told me that you're Winona's kid. Lyoko, right?
LYOKO: [nods] Yes.
CHAKA: Well, I'd suggest you head to a safe spot. [turns to the others with a hard look on her face] I don't want you getting hurt.
MINAMO: Are you saying that you're gonna fight us?!
CHAKA: Sure am. If you're thinking about getting to the champion, you have to get past me first!
VOICE: Stop it, Chaka!

Another Connie-like girl ran up to Chaka before the wild girl could begin the fight.

CHAKA: Tsuji, come on! These weirdoes obviously want to fight the champ!
TSUJI: Why do you have to pick fights with everyone?
CHAKA: Because next to the champion, I'm the strongest fighter there is! You, on the other hand, are like that creampuff who calls herself the Rustboro Ruins Mirror Elder!
TSUJI: Roxanne is not a creampuff! I know that you, like Connie, enjoy bragging about your fighting skills, but violence isn't the answer in this case.

Chaka growled at Tsuji. Unlike Chaka, Tsuji was dressed similarly to Roxanne. She wore a light blue dress with a pink ribbion at the collar, pink stockings, and shoes that matched the color of her dress. She was the obvious opposite of Chaka and her urge of fighting whoever she sees.

TSUJI: Besides, you can't fight them all at once.
CHAKA: I can, and I will! [starts to run to the group]
TSUJI: [getting in front of Chaka and speads out her arms] Oh, no, you won't!

After a pause, Chaka disgustedly sighed and began to head off. She then stopped and turned to the group.

CHAKA: You might've gotten lucky this time, but if you're thinking about fighting Connie, you won't stand a chance. [walks off again]
CASCADIA: [sarcastically] Boy, she's nice!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-26-2005, 01:14 AM
A while later, the Mirror Lights and Natalie were in a small cottage in a grassy area. Unlike the dry canyon, rivers flowed to a lake that was near the cottage. Near its porch was a colorful flower bed, and in the backyard was a large tree will lively branches that several Taillow and Pidgey perched on. Inside the cottage, Tsuji was in her bedroom drinking tea with the Mirror Lights and Natalie.

TSUJI: I'm really sorry about what happened. You see, this world is created from Connie's thoughts and emotions.
CASCADIA: [surprised] You mean... we're in Connie's mind?! But how...!?
TSUJI: Some witch with a purple dress said something about a pendant that can make realities from someone's mind. I didn't get her name though...
MINAMO: [sips her tea] A witch in a purple dress?
TSUJI: That's right.
LYOKO: Uh...I want to ask you something, Miss...um... Tsuji, right?
TSUJI: That's right.
LYOKO: I'm just wondering. Why did Chaka wanted to fight everyone except me?
TSUJI: Despite her love of fighting, Chaka doesn't want to fight innocent little kids. You see, me and Chaka represent different sides of Connie. Chaka is the side of Connie that likes to fight, and I'm the side of Connie who basically had gotten her sense of non-violence from Roxanne. However, I'm not very strong, so Chaka and her friends see me as a "creampuff".
MARIAH: I see. [eats a cookie]
TSUJI: There are other sides of Coonie, but Chaka and I are the best known around here. [hears the doorbell ringing] Oh. I'll be right back.

Tsuji headed to her living room to answer the door. Before opening it, she paused for a minute and thinks of the witch in the people dress that she mentioned. However, she shook it off and opened the door to she another version of Connie. This side of her appeared to be about Lyoko's age and had hair in almost the same color as Minamo's, light blue eyes, and light gray skin. She wore a bright yellow-green Chinese-styled jumpsuit and bright yellow Chinese shoes. She appeared to be in a very cheery mood.

GIRL: Hi, Tsuji! What's up?
TSUJI: Hello there, Nopa...
NOPA: Nopa wanna show this widdle twick to the champion! Wanna watch?
TSUJI: Uh... [nervous laugh] ...sure.

The Mirror Lights came downstairs just in time to see the begining of the cheery Nopa's performance. Nopa got out two long sticks and began balancing plates on them before rotating them. Then, she tossed the balancing plates into the air and swiftly switched the sticks before the plates landed.

NOPA: Nopa's been working on this twick aww day!
CASCADIA: [whispering to Tsuji] Who's she?
TSUJI: [whispering back] Nopa. She represents Connie's happiness... [quickly backs away from a stream of fire in her direction] AAH!

Nopa was no longer spinning plates. Instead, she had a long match and put it in her mouth to perform a fire breathing act. The fire had nearly burnt Tsuji, who gets even more nervous to hide behind Cascadia.

NOPA: [breathes fire again, then stops] Fire-bweathing act! [giggles]
TSUJI: [nervous] Uh...yeah.

After some acts with juggling, riding on a ball, Pokemon imitations (which were of Roxanne's Geodude and Nosepass), and shooting out of a cannon, Nopa looked at her audience with anticipation.

NOPA: How did you wike it?
MARIAH: [nervous] Uh...I loved it.
NOPA: Weawwy?
MINAMO: Of course! [scared giggle]

Just then, the clock on the wall chimed, and Tsuji appeared uneasy about this.

TSUJI: Looks like Connie will be looking for a fight now...
CASCADIA: How do you know?
NOPA: Connie awways goes off to battle someone wight now. Good thing Nopa got in some wast-minute pwactice!
LYOKO: Yeah. Could you please not do the fire act?
NOPA: But that's Nopa's favowite part!

Suddenly, there was a pounding noise. Soft at first, but became louder and closer. Tsuji, feeling that she didn't want to be involved, went back to her room. Nopa gathered her belongnings and headed outside, and the Mirror Lights and Natalie followed her. After a while of running, a huge shadow fell over them. Nopa appeared to be happy, but everyone else was shocked, especially Cascadia.

CASCADIA: N-no way...!
NOPA: [looks up happily] Connie! Hi!

Connie, who was over five times her normal size, looked down at the group with a menacing look. The intimidation didn't bother Nopa, however, as she began spinning her plates.

CONNIE: I thought I'd never see you guys here.
MARIAH: Connie... what happened to you?

Connie didn't answer. Instead, she glared at Cascadia.

CASCADIA: [gulps nervously] Uh... Connie? You're not...thinking about fighting one of us, are you?
CONNIE: Since I ran into you, I have to. [turns to Nopa who is imitating a Nosepass] Hey, you.
NOPA: Yeah?
CONNIE: You need get out of here. And take Lyoko with you.
NOPA: [sad] But... Nopa's not done with her performance yet. [brightens up] Can I do water?
CONNIE: Fine with me.
NOPA: Yay! [grabs Lyoko's hand and runs off while holding her] Wet's go! I wanna show you my bestest twick!
LYOKO: [nervous] Okay...

As soon as Nopa and Lyoko were out of sight, Connie was ready to fight.

CONNIE: So, which one of you is gonna fight me? As much as I don't want to do this, I have to beat all of you to stay as the champion of my world.

Cascadia noticed the pendant that Tsuji mentioned while they were in the cottage. She recalled what happened in the Contest House after Connie managed to get the pendant. The whole thing was now making sense.

CASCADIA: That pendant!
CASCADIA: Remember what Tsuji said? She said that there's a pendant capable of making a world from someone's thoughts. [points to the pendant] I have a feeling that's the pendant she was talking about!

Connie's sudden outburst have created an earthquake and everyone to close their ears, but even then it was a bit deafening. Minamo, desperate to do anything to calm Connie down, stepped up as she gets out her Spirit Crystal.

MINAMO: Spirits of the mirror world, please help me on this mission for everyone's sake. Jirachi!

With that, Minamo's shirt changed from black to a bright yellow shirt with sleeves having an inveterted triangular slit, and flowing ribbons on the back. Her white skirt changed to a flowery teal skirt. She had earrings that matched the colors of her clothes, golden wristbands and neckband with a star on them, and boots that matched her shirt.

Minamo then got out one of her Pokeballs and tossed it into the air. The ball then opened up and released a bright white light that formed into her Flygon. The Mystic bug-like but Dragon-type Pokemon looked up at the giant Connie and began to feel hesistant.

FLYGON: Uh...Minamo? I hope you're not expecting to fight her...
MINAMO: [gets on Flygon] Well, I can't just have her create earthquakes by her demands for someone to fight her.
FLYGON: [sees Minamo's clothes] What happened to your clothes?
MINAMO: Long story. Right now, we have to deal with Connie.

Flygon sighed as she flew into the air. Connie cracked her knuckles a bit as she looks at her opponents.

CONNIE: Well, this oughta be fun. I can't wait to see how tough Minamo can be...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-29-2005, 10:57 AM
Minamo, being the newest member on the team, didn't have a lot of opportunities to show her true powers. She was expecting a heavy battle after hearing about Connie's power. Still, she didn't want to back down. Both Connie and Minamo gave each other determined looks, and neither was intending to lose.

After taking a small breath, the yellow Mirror Light with Jirachi's power and spirit made her first move.

MINAMO: Flygon, Double-Edge attack!

Flygon went into a diving position and teared through the air at a high speed. Minamo shut her eyes, gritted her teeth, and held on tight to make sure not to be blown off as her Pokemon continued to dive toward Connie.

However, Minamo felt that Flygon has stopped in mid-air. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that Connie's giant hand was around Flygon. Connie then tossed the bug dragon and her rider up into the air before swatting both of them. When Flygon realized how fast she and Minamo was falling, she quickly recovered and flew toward her trainer to grab her.

FLYGON: You okay?
MINAMO: Yeah... I think so.

As Flygon let Minamo climb back up on her, Connie lets out a laugh.

CONNIE: No offense, Minamo, but you have to do a lot better than that!
MINAMO: Don't worry about it, Connie. I'll find a way to win.
CONNIE: I'm not called the champion for nothing, you know. Let's see how you handle this!

With that, Connie ran towards her target, completely unaware that her pounding feet combined with large size was making the ground vibrate and nearly made Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie lose their footing. Connie then jumped into the air and headed toward Minamo, getting ready to finish her by punching her with her large fists.

MINAMO: Flygon, dive!

Flygon followed the command and quickly dove in a diagonal left direction. Connie ended up missing her target and made a hard crash on her stomach. Flygon sighed in relief as Connie got up and looked at Minamo and Flygon. Connie appeared to be a bit tired.

CONNIE: [panting] Pretty good.
MINAMO: [softly chuckles] Thanks.
CONNIE: You have a lot of talent. However... [puts her hands firmly on the ground] I'm too much to handle!

No one expected what was going to happen next. Using all of her strength, Connie appeared to be trying to pull the ground apart. After a half of a minute, a small crack in the ground formed. However, Connie's immense power have turned it into a giant fissure. Everyone's hearts nearly stopped when they saw this. Once the fissure was long and deep enough, Connie went on one side a pulled a thin, small (to her) piece of rock from the fissure. Minamo gulped at this, knowing what was next.

MINAMO: Connie's... unbelievable...!
FLYGON: Minamo, I think we'd better stop.

Before Minamo could respond, the rock was suddenly heading toward her. When all hope was lost, Flygon suddenly felt a strange power. Despite the fact that this was her first time feeling it, she felt that she had it all her life. She concentrated intensely as she began to fly toward Connie.

FLYGON: Minamo Dragonbreath!

Flygon suddenly let out a blast of bright yellow flames from her mouth, and once the flames hit Connie, she was immediately engulfed by the attack as well as being serverely paralyzed.

MINAMO: [confused] Wow... since when could you do that?
FLYGON: [turning to Minamo just as confused] Just now?

Connie was struggling to fight the paralysis, but she didn't have much luck. Minamo saw her chance to fight back.

MINAMO: Flygon, get me close to Connie!

Flygon began to circle over the paralyzed Connie as Minamo got ready to attack.

MINAMO: Topaz Light!

The stars on Minamo's wristbands and neckbands began to shine a bright yellow light on Connie. At first, nothing seemed to be happening, but then it was getting harder and harder for Connie to fight the paralysis.

CONNIE: No... I can't lose like this...

Mariah, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie sighed in relief. They thought it was over, but then Cascadia began to notice that somethine was wrong.

CONNIE: I'm Connie, the rock hard fighter extrodinaire. I'm the champion. I can't lose like this. I can't... I can't... [slowly balls her fists] I CAN'T!

Somehow, Connie managed to suddenly break free from the attack despite her paralysis. Both Minamo and Flygon were surprised at this, and Connie was livid.

MINAMO: [covering her ears] Connie! Stop it already!
CONNIE: I WON'T STOP! [slams her elbow into Flygon] I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE STRONGEST FIGHTER EVER! [grabs Flygon] THERE'S SUPPOSED TO BE NO ONE BETTER THAN ME!!! [throws Flygon to the ground]

Connie was so angry that she was unaware that several cracks were forming on the ground. Both Flygon and Minamo nearly fell into one, but Flygon used the last of her strength to help Minamo out of danger.

FLYGON: I don't think we can go on much longer, Minamo. Connie's way too strong.
MINAMO: [weakly and in tears] I just hope that... Connie will stop... before... [looks up] No...!

At this point, Connie's anger was at its peak, and now she was about to finish Minamo off. She jumps into air and came back down like a meteor. Her fist smashed the ground, a poweful earthquake began and small cracks formed into one large one that was headed toward Minamo and Flygon. Once it was about a foot away from the Mirror Light and her Pokemon, it split into two and surrounded them. The uncracked land around the two began to wobble a bit. The land crumbled into a pile of pebbles and caused the two to lose their balance.

Minamo and Flygon have lost...


Meanwhile, Hedga was heading toward the direction of the battle. She sighed in digust about the recent events, and now she wanted to know what happened to her pendant. She was desperate, for her powers were at stake.

Suddenly, the Black Mirror Witch has seen the dust in the distance. Thinking that it may lead to some answers, she ran toward the area as quickly as possible.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
01-29-2005, 10:58 AM
Connie was exhaused by her hard breathing and sweating. Her clenched fists and tense expression were slowly being overridden by guilt as she looked at Minamo, but she tried as much as she could to fight it.

CONNIE: I won... I won... [panting] I... beat Minamo... [panting] So why does it feel like I'm the one who lost?

Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Natalie, and Cascadia all ran up to the injured Minamo and Flygon.

MARIAH: Minamo! Are you okay?!
NATALIE: Hey, Minamo! Come on!
MARIAH: Minamo! Minamo!

Connie suddenly became nervous. The feelings of guilt was so strong that she didn't know what to do. She wanted to be the best fighter, but now she thought that she went so far that she had beaten a new teammate and a new friend so badly.

VOICE: [sarcastically] Nice going, champion.

Connie suddenly froze at hearing the mischievious and cold voice. She looked around for it, but the champion couldn't find the voice's source.

CONNIE: Who's there?

Suddenly, a girl who looked like another one of Connie's sides appeared from the sky and landed between the giant Connie and the Mirror Lights. This one had night black hair and bright red eyes. She had long black fingernails, a tattered dress that matched her hair, and black high heel shoes.

CASCADIA: Who are you?

The girl turned to Cascadia with a hint of interest. After looking at her for a few seconds, she let out a laugh.

GIRL: What? You don't see me as a friend, my dear Cascadia? [continues laughing]
CASCADIA: Uh... how'd you know my name?
GIRL: [stops laughing] Oh... I guess you really don't know me. Forgive me. I am all of Connie's dark feelings. Friends call me Luna Diabla. [looks at Minamo] I can see your friend is in bad shape.
NATALIE: Yeah. Minamo and Connie were fighting, and Minamo was badly beaten.

Luna began to laugh again. Connie began to feel nervous, and the other Mirror Lights and Natalie found that Luna was rather eccentric.

LUNA: Ah, yes. Another pathetic soul that wanted to fight Connie.
MIRROR MARIAH: Pathetic?! Minamo only wanted to fight her because Connie...
LUNA: Connie loves fighting almost more than anything. However, there were sometimes where she did get carried away. I'm sure one of those moments seem familar to you. Let me see if I can help you remember... Mossdeep Constellation? Tate and Liza's Solrock and Lunatone making Connie into an enormous tower of destruction? Destroying a hospital?

Connie, enraged by Luna adding to her guilt and anger, reared back her fist and prepared to crush her, but the dark side of Connie simply vanished when Connie attacked and reappeared when Connie realized that she missed.

LUNA: Silly Connie. [pulls down her eyelid and sticks out her toungue]

Another massive earthquake started, but Luna stopped it by clapping her hands. She then turned to Cascadia and softly pinches her shoulder. The fingers on Luna's hand began to glow an eerie black color.

CASCADIA: Hey! What are you...?!
LUNA: [smirking] Don't worry, Cascadia. You'll be able to beat Connie.
LUNA: Make Connie lose so that I can be happy.
CASCADIA: What are you talking about?

Connie looked down at what was happening. Her body started to tremble in fear as she watch Cascadia surrounded with a bizarre glow.

CASCADIA: Luna! What is happening?!
LUNA: Good luck, my friend...

With that, Cascadia slowly rose into the air. Her body began to have sharp, tickle-like pains with started with her legs, her fingers, her mouth, and finally her whole body. As the pains continued, her stomach felt tight, and everything around her felt like they were spinning at a high speed. She shut her eyes to make the felling disappear, but it got stronger instead.

NATALIE: What is happening to Cascadia?
MIRROR MARIAH: I have no idea.
MARIAH: Well, whatever it is, I just hope it'll help us in some way.
LUNA: Oh, it will. It will...

Cascadia heard what was being side by the others, but their voices sounded tiny and far away.

CASCADIA: What's going on? What's happening to me?

The teenage mermaid suddenly had another strange feeling going through her. This time, she felt her emotions burning in fury. Her normal gentle expression became cold. She was beginning to have anger and sadness building up and blending in her. She felt confused about this, but suddenly she didn't care.

Just then, everything went back to normal. When Cascadia was out, she noticed that a lot was changed. Mariah, Mirror Mariah, Natalie, and Luna were rather small, and Connie seemed to be about normal size. Cascadia's fish-like fin has transformed into eight octopus-like tenticles, and her skin became a dark blue. Her fingernails were long and black, and in place of her pearl necklace was a pendent with a dark blue jewel. Cascadia's eyes were now blank, and her hair was now a pale blend of blue and black. Connie appeared to be scared of Cascadia at first, but then she shook off the feeling.

CONNIE: I'm not afraid of a stupid sea monster like you, Cascadia!
CASCADIA: Sea monster?! Who are you calling a sea monster?!

Out of nowhere, water gushed out from the cracks that Connie made earlier. Luna created a shield of dark energy to protect herself and the group from the gushing water.

LUNA: [soft chuckle] Heh heh... If I bring out Connie's dark feelings, I can bring out her rival's as well.

Despite her hesistation, Connie prepared to fight, as did Cascadia.

CASCADIA: [evil laugh] Don't worry, Connie. I'll give you a good fight...since I'll make you end up worse than Minamo!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-02-2005, 05:31 AM
Cascadia gave Connie a vile look as she lashed her tentacles out at the frightened champion. Connie managed to dodge a few of them, but one of them smacked Connie on the back, making her hit the ground hard. Cascadia then raised up three of her tentacles and sent them down towards Connie. However, Connie managed to get back up and evaded the assault, but only by a half a second before the tentacles hit the spot Connie was.

CONNIE: I'm not scared of you, Fish Face!
CASCADIA: [laughs] You're such a bad liar, Connie! How about trying to actually hit me instead of blabbing out your lies?!

Once the enraged Connie approached the monster that was formally Cascadia, she reared back her fist and punched Cascadia in the stomach as hard as she could with all the power she could gather. Cascadia winced in pain at this but retaliates by wrapping one of her tentacles at Connie and throwing her on the ground.

CASCADIA: That was good, but not good enough... [raises her arms up in the air] NOW YOU'LL GET TO SEE WHAT I CAN REALLY DO!

The sky was suddenly darkened with black clouds that flashed with thunder as soon as they gathered. Everyone except Luna grew afraid of what was going to happen, but Connie, despite her best effort to hide it, was the most nervous about this. Cascadia took note of Connie's expression and scoffed.

CASCADIA: You should be afraid. After what you did to Minamo... YOU DESERVE THIS!

A drizzle began, but then it became a menacing rainstorm. Puddles were quickly forming and increased in size, and eventually the area was becoming flooded. Luna created a near-invisible platform that was a few feet above the flood and motioned Mariah and the others to get on it. They did so with Mirror Mariah's help in order to avoid an enormous tsunami that splashed on Connie. After watching this, Mariah turned her eyes to Luna.

MARIAH: I think you're making Cascadia go too far. [looks at the injured Minamo] I understand how badly Connie has beaten Minamo, but... does Connie deserve this sort of torture?
LUNA: Yes. Yes, she does.

Connie began to rapidly punch the mutated Cascadia, but every single punch was blocked by the bizarre, tar-black tentacles. Two of the tentacles then wrapped around Connie, and the next thing that happened shocked everyone. Cascadia repeatedly slammed Connie into the water. All Connie could do was shiver and moan in pain as the Cascadia's punishing poundings and the freezing cold water were beginning to get to her.

MARIAH: Okay. Enough's enough! Stop this now!
LUNA: But why? Connie deserved this since she hurt Minamo!
MARIAH: Why do you want to make Connie so miserable? Why do you think Connie deserve all this for the times she got carried away? Connie can be a handful at times, but that doesn't mean that she's nothing but trouble! She helped me and the rest of us a lot more than you think! Do you think that the person that you happen to be a part of wants to be treated like your personal toy?!
LUNA: Well, I... [hesistates] Well, uh... Connie... she... [regains herself] Connie always has me in the backseat, so now's my chance to show her who's boss! "I'm the rock hard fighter extrodinaire." "I'm the champion." "I'm unbeatable." Doesn't she have anything to do with her life than brag about how well she fights?!
MARIAH: Connie may not seem like it, but she does have a heart. She wouldn't have helped me save the Hoenn Mirror World if she hasn't.
LUNA: [growling] You little...

A loud splash cut Luna off. Everyone turned to see some areas of Connie's body submerged in the water as Cascadia watched her trying to get back up.

CASCADIA: [evil laugh] Well... now it's time to end this. GOODBYE, CONNIE!

Cascadia raised up all of her front tentacles and sent all of them down on Connie. Connie, unable and unwilling to continue fighting, shut her eyes and waited for her painful outcome. However, once the tentacles were just above Connie's forehead, Cascadia was stopped by an unknown feeling. Part of her wanted to finish off Connie and end the rivalry once and for all, but another part said otherwise.

CASCADIA: [shakes her head furiously] No! What am I doing?! I don't want to hurt Connie like this! I don't even know why I'm even fighting her in the first place! I mean, Connie can be a pain at sometimes, but... I didn't mean to hurt her like this. I didn't... and yet... having the upper hand over her for once IS pretty cool. I mean, Connie can think she's invincible at times, but... [shakes her head again] Cascadia, what are you saying?! You can't keep on beating up your teammate like this!
LUNA: [seeing Cascadia not attacking Connie] What?! Cascadia?! What are you doing?! Finish off Connie!
MARIAH: [knocking over Luna] Cascadia, don't do it! Please don't do it! She's our friend, isn't she?!
LUNA: [pulling Mariah away] SHUT UP! [to Cascadia] Destroy Connie now! Do it for the good of all of us!
MARIAH: If you destroy Connie, we may never get out of her world!
LUNA: [pushing Mariah back while facing Cascadia] I'll make a new world where we could be rulers! That could happen if you give Connie the punishment she deserves!

Mariah then pulled Luna's arm, making the dark side of Connie lose her balance and fall on her side.

MARIAH: [jumps off the platform and dives toward Cascadia] Magical Mirrors of Hoenn, please give me the power to protect all from danger!

Despite not having the Mirror Wand with her, Mariah was still able to transform. Her yellow shirt and skirt became the red shirt and white skirt that was part of her magical outfit, and her sandals became the familar black high heels. The Pokeball barettes formed in her hair, and her transformation finished with the round wings appearing on her back and black ribbion with its yellow ends and Pokeball in the middle appearing on the shirt.

Just when Mariah was about to crash into the water, she flew up towards Cascadia.

CASCADIA: Mariah... you're just in time to see me win over Connie!
MARIAH: Cascadia, listen to me! This is not the way you are! You'd never do anything like this! This whole thing has gone way out of hand! Has anyone ever told you that violence makes more violence?

Cascadia gasped at this and began to feel her cold expression fading away by Mariah's words.

MARIAH: If anyone's to blame for all of this it's both you AND Connie. Connie wanted to prove that she's the strongest fighter, so she wanted to fight one of us. I never expected Minamo to be the one to fight Connie, but the fight went totally out of control when Connie was losing. She went totally crazy and ended up beating the stuffing out of Minamo. Who do you think lost that battle?!
CASCADIA: [growls] That's easy! Minamo ended up losing, so now I'm gonna beat Connie for her sake!
MARIAH: You're wrong. They BOTH lost. Yes, Minamo did lose because she was badly hurt, but Connie was just as guilty as well because she went out of control... LIKE YOU!
CASCADIA: Mariah...!
MARIAH: In reality, it wasn't Luna who made you go out of control like this. She was just helping you get mad at Connie. I knew that you'd be the first to feel mad at Connie.

Cascadia suddenly became anxious at this. She then looked at Connie and became so ashamed of herself that she wasted no time attempting to heal her with her psychic abilities. Luna became extremely livid at this.


Luna was suddenly cut off by a sharp blow on her back. Connie's dark side suddenly lost her balance and fell into the water.

LUNA: [gasping for breath] What the...!?

A flash of purple light suddenly zipped toward the exhausted Connie, and as soon as it passed over her, the pendant that she was wearing was gone. The purple light then stopped and revealed itself as Hedga.

HEDGA: It's about time this party was broken up.

Suddenly, the water and Luna vanished, and Connie and Cascadia returned to their normal sizes and forms as Minamo, Mirror Mariah, and Natalie fell on the ground. The sky and the ground suddenly went blank, and everyone but Hedga passed out...


At the barren area where the Mirror Lights and Natalie met Hedga, the happy side of Connie named Nopa was riding on a ball while juggling three hula-hoops. Lyoko was totally speechless by Nopa's neverending energy and love of performing, but she suddenly wanted to scream. Nopa began to vanish into thin air, and the sky and the ground lost their color.

LYOKO: What's happenning?! What's going on?!

Just then, Lyoko could feel herself falling. She tried to get out her Spirit Crystal to transform, but a bizarre feeling that made her pass out prevented her from doing so...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-05-2005, 10:29 AM
Instead of floating in the sky like usual, Fortree Castle was now floating in the ocean and was near Lilycove Island. Along with a change of location, Fortree Castle also had a new look. It was now a darker blue aside from its usual lighter shade that nearly matched Winona's pilot outfit, and the light purple cones were now a bright red. At the entrance hung a banner with the words "Long live Hedga, future mistress of Pokemon Contests" in fancy, blue handwriting.

On a small rock area near the castle, a Pokemon battle was in progress.

FLANNERY: Torkoal, Mustard Inferno!

Torkoal concentrated all of his energy toward the Beautifly he was battling. His shell then glowed a bright yellow, and almost immediately, he exhaled a bright yellow stream of fire that was headed right for the Beautifly. However, the butterfly Pokemon quickly dodged before the attack hit.

HEDGA: [scoffs] Oh, please. [points to Torkoal] Cream, Silver Wind...with Lovely Rush power.

Flannery, the Mirror Elder of Lavaridge Mountain, was gasping in shock as she watched Hedga's Beautifly glow a bright purple color and managed to knock out her Torkoal in one hit with a sparkling purple wind. She ran up to her Pokemon to see if he was okay, but the tortoise Fire-type Pokemon just moaned in pain.

FLANNERY: No way... There's no way! [recalls Torkoal] How could a Beautifly beat a Torkoal?! There's just no way!

Hedga just scoffed and waved her finger at Flannery in a very pompous way. The other Mirror Elders (minus Winona) weren't going to take insults from Hedga.

HEDGA: [softly laughs] Who's next?
BRAWLY: [stepping up with a Pokeball in his hand] I will! Hariyama... [throws Pokeball] ...TAKE OFF!

The ball opened, and the bright white light burst out and formed into Brawly's trademark Pokemon. Hariyama then stomped the ground with his left foot first, and then his right.

HEDGA: [laughing] Looks like another easy win for me. And I thought Flannery would be a loser at Contests!
BRAWLY: You won't be laughing for much longer! Hariyama, Cabbage Chop!
HEDGA: Cream, Lovely Rush Aerial Ace!

The Beautifly named Cream began to dive toward Brawly's Hariyama at a high speed. Seeing that Cream was heading for him in a straight line, Hariyama raised his hands which suddenly sparkled with a soft green color. When Cream was close, Hariyama sent his hand hurled down on the butterfly, but the attack failed when Cream, glowing bright purple again, dodged and rammed into the Fighting-type Pokemon's stomach. The force sent Hariyama on his back.

BRAWLY: [stunned] Shoot! Hariyama, return! [recalls Hariyama] I don't get it. How did you...?
HEDGA: How did I win? I'm a natural. Now, who's my next victim?

Roxanne was the next Mirror Elder to battle. Seeing what had just happened with her fellow Mirror Elders of Lavaridge Mountain and Dewford Canyon, the Rustboro Ruins Mirror Elder knew that she had to be careful. She tossed her Pokeball into the air, and the bright light that poured from it formed into her trademark Pokemon, Nosepass.

HEDGA: ["yawns"] I don't think that Cream should have all the fun. [turns to her other Pokemon] Let's see how you'd handle it, Sonic.

With that, Cream went back with Hedga's other Pokemon while the Jolteon named Sonic jumped to battle. Once he saw his opponent, he knew it would be over quick.

ROXANNE: Don't think that your Jolteon won't get away from this! Nosepass, Radish Trap!

Nosepass jumped up a short distance and quickly landed on the ground. After a short earthquake, reddish-brown rocks rose from the ground. However, Sonic was too fast to be completely caught in the trap.

HEDGA: Lovely Rush Thunderbolt!

Sonic stopped running. He put his paws firmly on the ground as he glared at Nosepass. His spiky fur began to charge with electricity, and before Nosepass could do anything, it was too late. Sonic fired all of the electricity he had charged up (which had turned purple) at the compass Pokemon and knocked him out in one hit as well.

ROXANNE: [shakes her head in shock] No! [recalls Nosepass]

Hedga pulled down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue at Roxanne. All the Rustboro Ruins Mirror Elder could do was just sigh in frustration.

NORMAN: [stepping up and points at Hedga] Hedga, your scheme ends now!
WATTSON: [does the same] Norman and I will take you on next!

Hedga shook her head and laughed as she called a Ninetales and a Delcatty to take over for Sonic. Norman and Wattson got out their Pokeballs and sent out Slaking and Manetric.

HEDGA: [laughs] Oh, is that all?
NORMAN: You... [shakes fist] Slaking, Moonlight Punch!
WATTSON: Manetric, Mint Spark!

The giant gorilla Pokemon headed toward the Delcatty with a glowing fist, and Manetric charged up electricity in his bright yellow mane and prepared to fire it at the Ninetales.

HEDGA: Do you think THAT can stop me? Think again! Tails, Lovely Rush Fire Blast! Amy, Lovely Rush Covet!

Tails the Ninetales gave Manetric a harsh stare. He arched his head back before swiftly leaning and breathing out an explosive amount of purple. Manetric then fired aqua green colored eletricity, and the two powerful attacks collided. Both sides were expected to take damage, but it didn't turn out that way. Manetric was laying on his side moaning in pain while Tails was unscatched.

Meanwhile, Slaking was about to punch Amy in the face when the Delcatty jumped out of the way. A confused Slaking looked around and noticed that Amy was rubbing his leg. After seeing that there was no available item, Amy bit Slaking. The gorilla Pokemon fell over by surprise and suddenly was rendered unable to battle.

NORMAN: What the...?!
WATTSON: This can't be!
TATE: Don't worry about a thing!
LIZA: We'll do our best to punish this witch!

Tate and Liza both sent out their trademark Pokemon, the sun Pokemon Solrock and the moon Pokemon Lunatone. Tails and Amy looked ready for more mass destruction as their next opponents stepped up to fight.

TATE: Solrock!
LIZA: Lunatone!
TATE & LIZA: Candykinesis!

The spikes on Solrock's body and the tips of Lunatone's moon-shaped body began to glow with swirling with various colors. After charging up, the two meteorite Pokemon shot a bright, colorful beam with a swirling pattern that was similar to a lollypop. Once it made impact with Tails and Amy, both of them began to rise into the air. However, the Ninetales and Delcatty both started to glow a dark purple and safely landed back on the ground.

HEDGA: [sarcastically] I was so scared. [points at Lunatone and Solrock] Tails, Lovely Rush Overheat! Amy, Lovely Rush Assist!

Tails spreaded out his paws and breathed out a powerful stream of fire with a purple hue. The flames slammed into Lunatone, and the attack managed to knock it out in one hit.

Amy's tulip-shaped tail began to glow purple as well, and a few seconds later, Solrock was on the receiving end a bright yellow and orange beam that too knocked him out in one hit.

TATE: Solrock!
LUNA: Lunatone, are you okay?!

Wallace wasted no time in sending out his Milotic in hopes to stop Hedga's harsh cheating. However, Hedga wasn't too intimidated by this and substituted Tails and Amy for Sonic.

WALLACE: Milotic, Olive Pulse!

Milotic focused intensely on Sonic. She then glowed a bright yellowish-bronze color and immediately attacked by shooting olive colored water from her mouth. Sonic almost laughed at Milotic's attack, but he didn't.

HEDGA: Lovely Rush Agility!

Before Milotic's attack could hit, Sonic dashed off at light speed and began running around Milotic. Both the peach colored serpent and her trainer were trying to figure out where the spiky Lightning Pokemon was but were suddenly shocked when they saw the Jolteon right above them.

HEDGA: Lovely Rush Thunder!

Sonic's eyes began to glow a bright purple and charged up dark purple electricity. After a few seconds, he shot down a giant bolt of lightning at Milotic. Wallace could only watch his Pokemon shriek in pain from the massive electric attack.

WALLACE: No... why?

Hedga recalled all of her Pokemon. She then transformed out of her witch outfit and was now wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and purple skirt. She was wearing blue bracelets on both of her arms and blue hi-tops with a purple horizontal stripe on it. She flicked the front of her hair and gave the Mirror Elders a holier-than-thou smirk.

HEDGA: How does it feel? How does it feel to be utterly humilated just to waste your little Winona rescue? You can't even beat me with your little Mirror Checks!
WALLACE: Tell me... what have you done to Winona?
ROXANNE: Where is she?!

Hedga said nothing and snapped her fingers, and the Mirror Elders instantly felt like falling. However, they noticed something very strange.

FLANNERY: What now? [pauses] WHAT?!

Flannery was shocked by how her voice suddenly sounded like a young child. She, along with the other Mirror Elders, noticed that were about Hedga's size and looked much younger, especially Wattson with darker hair in a similar style as Max's and his beard was gone. Tate and Liza looked to be about Lyoko's age while the others looked to be around Hedga's.

As Hedga began to laugh again, the truth have finally dawned on the Hoenn Mirror Elders. Not only that they failed to rescue Winona from Hedga's tormenting, but they had to suffer themselves as well.

They were changed into young children and were stripped of their pride...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-06-2005, 09:40 AM
Winona was in a dark room that had only one small bed with a very old blanket. With her were her flying Pokemon, and they looked just as uncomfortable as their trainer.

The Fortree Castle Mirror Elder was watching the battle through the only window of the room. Seeing that all of the Mirror Elders were easily wiped out by Hedga and morphed them into seven- and twelve-year-olds only furthered the pain.

The whole mess started when Hedga mysteriously arrived in Fortree Castle while Winona was doing the dishes after lunch. Hedga came for one reason: revenge for the Nightmare Orb incident.

[flashback to outside Fortree Castle]

HEDGA: I'm still ticked off at you for making me look like a big fat loser! The other Nightmare Orb that YOU took was for me to look for Lyoko!
WINONA: [gets out one of her Pokeballs] So that you can destroy my daughter?
HEDGA: You've read my mind... [gets out a Pokeball] And now, it's payback time, Winonazilla! Sonic, go!
WINONA: Come out, Altaria!

Both trainers tossed their Pokeballs in the air. The two balls opened and shot out bright lights that formed into Winona's trademark Pokemon from one and Hedga's Cool Contest star from the other.

HEDGA: Don't think you'll be getting out of this one, bird girl! Unless you have some Angit Berries stashed somewhere, you're pretty much screwed against my new set of tricks!
WINONA: I don't care if I'm a hundred times larger or a hundred times smaller... I will NOT let you get away after what you've done!
ALTARIA: [to herself] I'm beginning to wonder why Winona didn't crush the little brat when she was a hundred times bigger.

Suddenly, Altaria was barraged by a flurry of needles. When she noticed that the needles were coming from Sonic, she began to get irritated by the obvious cheating.

HEDGA: Okay, Sonic! Use Thunder!

The Jolteon began to charge up with electricity and then fired it at the cloud-winged Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon. Winona knew that she had to fight back.

WINONA: Altaria, Dragonbreath!

Altaria flew high into the air and locked her aim at Sonic. She then took a deep breath and shot out a green flame that hit the surprised Jolteon in the face. Before Altaria could catch her breath, she noticed something weird. Sonic's eyes began to glow a dark purple color, and he began racing toward Altaria at light speed. Suddenly, Altaria felt a sharp pain in her side and fell on her side. Winona was wondering where Sonic was, but then she saw him with an agressive expression. Noticing his position then from earlier led Winona to the fact that Sonic's Quick Attack was somehow enhanced.

HEDGA: Lovely Rush Shock Wave!

Winona watched her Pokemon get blasted by a lightning bolt that seemed to have homed into the helpless Altaria. After the attack finished and Altaria was no longer able to battle, Winona fell to the ground.

HEDGA: [evil grin] Yes.
WINONA: How did you managed to use a move so powerful?
HEDGA: [scoffs] None of your business.

Hedga took off the pendant she was wearing and raised it up high. The jewel glowed, and Fortree Castle have suddenly changed from its original color scheme that matched Winona's pilot outfit to the darker blue and bright red color scheme.

Winona ended up changing as well. Her pilot suit had dissolved and in its place was a cross between a bodysuit and a dress, green in color. There were puffy cuffs wrapped under her shoulders and a neckband that matched the color of the bodysuit dress. A legband and boots also green in color also faded on Winona, and to finish, her usual ponytail was bounded up and two streamers came out of her hair. Hedga laughed at Winona as the trainers recalled their Pokemon.

HEDGA: Revenge can be so sweet...

[end flashback]

Winona took another look at herself in an old mirror and shook her head in disgust.

WINONA: Why...?


Mariah, Connie, Cascadia, and Minamo were locked in a cage. Mirror Mariah was chained to a wall, and Natalie was tied to a stretcher. All of them had their Pokemon, weapons, and Spirit Crystals taken away, leaving them unable to escape. While Mariah, Cascadia, and Minamo tried to figure out a way to escape, Connie was lying on her side near a corner of the cage alone. She still had the immense guilt of beating Minamo and the humilation of nearly losing to Cascadia.

Mariah just took one look at the guilt-ridden rock hard fighter extrodinaire and didn't say anything.


WOMAN: Lyoko, wake up.

Lyoko slowly opened her eyes and found herself in an alley. She began to look around when she felt someone holding her. When she looked to see who it was, she was rather surprised.

LYOKO: Miss Glacia...? What are you doing here?

The Mirror Mistress of Ice then put Lyoko down and put her hands on her shoulders.

GLACIA: Lyoko... I have some bad news.
LYOKO: What is it?
GLACIA: I'm afraid that... one of the Black Mirror Witches managed to conquer Fortree Castle...
LYOKO: What? No way! What happened to Mommy?

Glacia didn't say anything. Instead, she created a golden mirror portal and entered it with Lyoko at tow.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-08-2005, 06:53 AM
Lyoko and Glacia have entered the golden temple known as Ever Grande Cathedral. Lyoko sat at the golden pew at the front, and Glacia went up to the altar. A few seconds later, the other Mirror Masters and Lord Steven have entered and joined Glacia.

LYOKO: What... what is going on?
LORD STEVEN: Lyoko... [hangs his head] Your mother was captured by one of the Black Mirror Witches.
GLACIA: Hedga... to be exact.

Lyoko just looked down at the mentioning of Hedga's name before looking at Glacia.

GLACIA: Fortree Castle has landed near Lilycove Island. Luckily, Wallace and I were nearby and managed to stop the resulting tidal wave from flooding the whole island.
LYOKO: Fortree Castle fell?
GLACIA: Yes. Wallace sent out for the other Mirror Elders while I went out to search for Mirror Mariah. However, there wasn't any sign of her. I couldn't even find those other girls either.
LYOKO: Well, what did Mommy do?

Glacia then shook her head. It was almost like she didn't want to tell the daughter of the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder the painful outcome.

GLACIA: I was heading back to the area where the castle fell, and the other Mirror Masters were with me. After that...
SIDNEY: Your mom lost, Lyoko. Not only that, but she was wearing the most bizarre outfit. You can see for yourself.

Sidney then snapped his fingers, and a flash of light quickly filled the cathedral. When it died down, they saw Hedga with several young girls surrounding Winona. Lyoko became shocked and disgusted by this.

GIRL 1: I never thought Hedga would pull it off.
GIRL 2: Lovely Rush is extremely powerful.
GIRL 3: Let's see what we can make our new comic relief girl can do.
LYOKO: Comic relief?!
GIRL 4: I have an idea. Let's make her ring a gong!
GIRL 5: How about breathing fire?
HEDGA: Well, the more ideas I get, the better.
GIRL 6: Let's make her lose in every single Pokemon battle against us.
GIRL 3: Good idea. And even better... she can't substitute Pokemon, but we can!
GIRL 2: And we'll always use Pokemon that's strong against her pathetic Flying-types!

The girls continued to snicker and murmur about as tears flowed down Winona's face.

The hologram of the scene then fades away, and Lyoko started to cry as well.

PHOEBE: I'm sorry you had to see that, Lyoko.
SIDNEY: What you're gonna see next is really gonna make you cry.

Sidney snapped his fingers around and there was a flash, but when it died down this time, everyone saw eight young children in a cage. Lyoko recognized the clothes they were wearing, and suddenly got a sick feeling when she figured out who they were.

LYOKO: The Mirror Elders?!
SIDNEY: Yup. Not even with their checks that they couldn't beat Hedga.
LYOKO: [confused] Mirror Checks?

The Mirror Masters then looked at each other. However, Lord Steven just walked up to Lyoko.

LORD STEVEN: Lyoko, your mother didn't want us to tell you this until you were a little older, but this is for the good of everyone in both the Light and Dark Universes.

Lyoko got up and nodded, ready for anything Lord Steven might tell her.

LORD STEVEN: Mirror Checks are special Pokemon attacks that the Mirror Elders use. In order to use a Mirror Check, the Mirror Elders give off a small portion of their energy to their Pokemon. That energy converts any Pokemon move into a Mirror-type attack.
LYOKO: Mirror-type attacks? So Jacrystal, Psuedeon, and Swamira aren't the only Mirror-type Pokemon who can use them?
LORD STEVEN: Any Pokemon can use Mirror-type attacks if they have the energy to do so. The main source of that energy is a powerful bond between the trainer and his or her Pokemon.
LYOKO: Oh... I see...
PHOEBE: There was also some mentioning of the Mirror Lights being caught by Hedga as well...
LYOKO: Really? I thought at least Connie would get away.
SIDNEY: Well, it didn't look like that she could.

Lyoko sighed as she sat back down. Her mother and friends are captured by Hedga, and now their fate was in her hands. Despite her abilities, Lyoko felt that she couldn't do it. Just then, Phoebe sat down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

PHOEBE: Don't feel that way, Lyoko. I know how you feel, but a big girl like you shouldn't give up so easily.
LYOKO: Miss Phoebe... you..
PHOEBE: I sense that your spirit is troubled. But there is a way to fix this.
LYOKO: Really? How?

Phoebe went into her pocket and pulled out a bright pink flyer. The flyer contained a picture of a Jolteon shooting off electricity at a Wigglytuff with a reared back fist and looked ready to attack despite the shock. Near the bottom were the words "Lovely Charmy Tourtament" and below were "This Saturday after Hoenn Black Bird Girl!" in fancy handwriting.

LYOKO: What's this?
PHOEBE: Hedga's planning this tourtament, but we've yet to figure out what it was for.
DRAKE: There might be a possibility that she's trying to lure you in, Lyoko.
LYOKO: I bet she's after my Spirit Crystal since she probably got the others.
LORD STEVEN: [to himself] Spirit Crystals... If she manages to get them all...
GLACIA: Lord Steven?

Lord Steven paused for a moment and then shook his head.

LORD STEVEN: Nothing. Something just came to my mind.
PHOEBE: [reading the flyer] "Pokemon Trainers 12 and under are invited to compete in the Lovely Charmy Tourtament where looks as well as power matters! Up to sixteen Pokemon trainers will be able to enter, and the two top trainers will battle it out in the finals. If you have any good-looking and powerful Pokemon, come to Hedga Castle on Saturday. The battle will begin five minutes after the premiere episode of Hoenn Black Bird Girl, a series of the pathetic misadventures of Winona."
SIDNEY: As you can see, all of us are too old. Even if we disguised ourselves as children, Hedga would probably spot us and kick us out.
DRAKE: Lyoko... you know what you have to do.

Lyoko nodded.

LORD STEVEN: We're counting on you to win that tourtament on Saturday. Today is Wednesday, so now would be a good time to practice your Mirror Checks with us.
SIDNEY: I have to warn you, though. We're pretty tough. Ever stronger than the Mirror Elders.

Lyoko responded by getting out her Pokeballs. She tossed them up all at once, and they released white lights after they opened. The white lights each formed into Aelita, Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd.

LYOKO: I'll still try my best!
LORD STEVEN: [smiles] That's the spirit.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-11-2005, 08:27 PM
Inside the castle formerally known as Fortree Castle, Hedga was in her throne room (which used to be the living room). She was speaking to Xintas, who was wearing the black cloak from the first time they met.

XINTAS: Good job, Hedga. However, do not forgot that the Windspirit Emerald and the other five stones are a priority.
HEDGA: It's okay. I'll manage to get 'em. Winona's stupid daughter will probably be competing in my tournament, and when she loses, I'll be sure to get the Spirit Crystal. After that, I'll work on getting the other stones.
XINTAS: [nods] I see. Don't fail me, Hedga.

With that, Xintas vanished.


Later that day, Hedga, her servants, and Winona were in a large indoor stadium. Hedga was sitting on her throne with two of her servants on each side of her. She was getting ready for the upcoming mayhem in a Pokemon battle.

Winona got into her position and faced her opponent, who was an attractive young girl with short, light brown hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a black bodysuit with a heart at the chest area, white gloves with pink bands on the bottom, and boots in the same style as the gloves except with a pink heart at the end.

HEDGA: I want this to be a sudden death match with both trainers using only one Pokemon each.
CHALLENGER: I'm guessing there's an emphasis on the "sudden death" part... [chuckles] This ought to be interesting...

Winona didn't care about her challenger's comments. She quickly grasped a Pokeball and tossed it into the field.

However, something very strange happened. When the Pokeball landed and opened up, Winona was shocked. Out of the Pokeball came her Pelipper...and she had a nasty burn on her left wing. The burn caused a sharp pain that made Pelipper collapsed on her side.

PELIPPER: What...happened?
WINONA: Pelipper?!

The challenger couldn't help but laugh at Winona's plight.

CHALLENGER: This is gonna be easy! Prepare to suffer, Mew Winona! [gets out Pokeball] Go, Zapdos!

The light brown-haired challenger threw her Pokeball. With a flash of light from the Pokeball, Winona saw the legendary bird of lighting and thunder. Obviously, Hedga wanted to humilate the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder as much as humanly possible.

HEDGA: Without further ado... let the torture begin!

Winona knew that she couldn't do much with Pelipper in her current situation. Electric-type Pokemon resisted Flying-type moves, and Pelipper's burn wouldn't help much either. What was worse that the burn was eating away her energy, so the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder had to do something to the challenger and fast...


In the dungeon area, a large blast of water was shot at the bars of the cage. However, it failed to break them. A giftbox appeared and exploded at close range of the bars, but it, too, failed to break them. Cascadia and Minamo moaned in frustration when they noticed that their escape plans have failed.

MINAMO: Looks like Hedga's playing for keeps.
CASCADIA: No kidding. We can't even get out of the cage. [hears Connie moaning, then turns to her] A little help would be nice!

Connie didn't say anything and turned away from Cascadia.

MARIAH: Connie... will you stop it already?
CONNIE: Go away.
MARIAH: Connie...!
CONNIE: I said, go away!

Mariah saw that Connie was still shaken up about the battle between her and Cascadia.

MARIAH: [gets a little closer to Connie] Connie... I'm sorry about what happened... but you can't be like this forever.
CONNIE: Whatever. Just get away from me.
MARIAH: So you lost to Cascadia. Come on. Everyone has to lose sometime.
CONNIE: Shut up.
MARIAH: Connie, please. I'm trying to help you.

Connie remained still and quiet for a few seconds before looking up and Mariah. Suddenly, Connie's expression was filled with rage. She grabbed Mariah by the arm and slammed her on the ground.


Everyone was shocked by what happened. Cascadia and Minamo went up to Mariah to make sure that she didn't receive any heavy injuries. While her back and left arm were hurting and she had a scrape on her lower side, there was no sign of broken bones or anything serious.

MARIAH: Wow... I'm surprised that I survived that.

Mariah's eyes met those of Connie's, completely filled with rage.

CONNIE: I know what you want! You want to fight me, don't you, Mariah?! Well, come on! Let's go!
MARIAH: I don't want to fight you.
CONNIE: You do too!

Connie reared her fist back and prepared to strike when Cascadia stopped the fist with her hand.

CONNIE: Oh, so you want to fight me again, Fish Face?! Fine! I'll fight all of you then! [loudly] And I'll accept any and all challenges of those who want to fight me! Let's go!

Cascadia and Minamo restrained Connie on the ground. Cascadia held down Connie's arms, and Minamo held Connie's legs. The twelve-year-old "rock hard fighter extrodinaire" struggled to get free as she continued screaming that eventually became crying.

CONNIE: Why won't you let me fight?! I just want to fight someone! Anyone would do!

Before the madness could continue, an old TV set at the top corner of the opposite side of the cage came to life with a broadcast of Winona's battle. Everyone was surprised to see Zapdos letting out a sharp shriek as it spread its wings and blasted Pelipper with electricity that was aimed right for the burn on her wing.

With only one Thunder attack, Pelipper was heavily injured was unable to battle. Everyone began to laugh at how quickly Winona lost. Even the referee had a hard time not laughing.

REFEREE: [snickering] Pelipper is... unable to battle! Zapdos... wins! [bursts out laughing]

Hedga was rolling with laughter while her other servants and the referee where holding their stomachs that were hurting from laughing so hard. Even Zapdos couldn't help itself by lying on its back, kicking its legs, and laughing its head off at the oppossing trainers' loss.

Winona, on the other hand, didn't find any of this funny at all. She furiously recalled her fainted Pokemon and ran out of the stadium in tears. This only made everyone else laugh harder.

After watching the broadcasted battle, the Mirror Lights and Natalie became just as upset as Winona.

MINAMO: I can't believe they did that!
MARIAH: That wasn't even a Pokemon battle! At least, not a real one. I sure hope Lyoko wasn't watching that...


Outside of Ever Grande Cathedral, an Absol leaped over a Farfetch'd wearing a purple bandana to avoid an incoming attack. When the Absol landed, he raised up his glowing paw and scratched the Wild Duck Pokemon in the face. The Farfetch'd was forced backwards from the attack, but he managed to get a solid landing and was able to continue battling. He then flew toward the Absol and reared back his leek to strike, but the Absol once again swiftly dodged out of the way. The Absol then headed toward the Farfetch'd with open jaws, but the duck-like Pokemon was prepared. Just when the Absol was about to bite the Farfetch'd on the wing, the opposing Pokemon flew away at a high speed. Just then, the Farfetch'd became too fast for Absol to even see.

ABSOL: What?! [looks for the Farfetch'd]
LYOKO: Odd, Fudge Beak attack!

The Farfetch'd, revealed to be Odd, was right above the Absol. He then dove down towards him as his beak began to sparkle. Absol tried to dodge the attack, but the attack came too fast. Suddenly, he felt Odd's beak making impact on his back.

SIDNEY: Absol!

Absol landed on his side hard.

STEVEN: Absol is unable to battle! Farfetch'd wins!

Drake and Phoebe applauded Lyoko on her victory. Lyoko's Pokemon was also impressed by the battle's outcome and gave a small cheer. Sidney gave Lyoko a smile as he recalled his Absol.

SIDNEY: Wow. Winona must've taught you everything she knew.
LYOKO: [embarrassed giggle] Well, that's pretty much true, but you almost beat me. Plus, I didn't know whether that Mirror Check was going to work.
STEVEN: Okay, Lyoko. One more battle, and this will be a double battle.
LYOKO: All right. [turns to her Pokemon] Aelita! Jeremy! Let's go!

The Swellow with the pink ribbon and the Noctowl with glasses responded to their trainer's command and flew to their places. Phoebe took her place on the field and got out her two Pokeballs. Before she could send them out, Glacia suddenly ran out of the Cathedral with a panicked look on her face.

GLACIA: [gasping for breath] It's an emergency! Come in the Cathedral! Quickly!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-14-2005, 06:33 AM
Once the Mirror Masters, Lord Steven, and Lyoko with her Pokemon entered the main room of the cathedral, they saw something that shocked them. There was a muscular young man who looked about 16. His hair was in dreadlocks and was soft red in color, and his eyes were a dark purple. He wore a red karate suit that almost matched his hair and had a white downward-curved line under the collar, and his gloves were white and had spiked knuckles. His red and yellow shoes were under the tops of green socks. He was standing next to a wrecked altar, and everything behind him was also destroyed. Drake was the first to step up as he leered at the stranger with a cold look.

DRAKE: Who are you?!

The stranger just put his fists together and gave out a light chuckle at the Dragon Mirror Master before turning his attention to Lyoko and her Pokemon.

STRANGER: Well, well... I thought I'd never see you and your Swellow again, Lyoko. I'd like to pay you back for that loss at Fortree Castle.
LYOKO: [short pause, then gasps] What?! No way...!
AELITA: It can't be!
GLACIA: Lyoko... do you know this person?
STRANGER: You bet she does. I used to be the Hitmontop that Hedga competes in Tough Contests... But thanks to her new powers, Hedga can make us human as well. I was sent by her to get Lyoko's Windspirit Emerald. Looks like I'll be killing two birds with one stone... or six in this case.
STEVEN: Who are you?!
STRANGER: [chuckles] You can call me...Knuckles.

Everyone was shocked. No one couldn't believe that the young man was once Hedga's Hitmontop. From what he said, he obviously wanted Lyoko, but she and the Mirror Masters and Overlord intended not to give Knuckles what he wanted.

SIDNEY: Don't think we won't take you on!
KNUCKLES: Oh, really?
SIDNEY: You won't get away from this! [shuts eyes and spreads out arms] Wodahs! Cigam Rorrim!

Suddenly, all of Ever Grande Cathedral went into pitch black darkness. While Knuckles couldn't see his hand in front of his face, he wasn't too intimidated. Meanwhile, Sidney and Phoebe could see perfectly in the dark. The two Mirror Masters got out their Pokeballs. There were white flashes, but Knuckles couldn't tell what Pokemon was just sent out.

SIDNEY: Mightyena! Raisin Fang!
PHOEBE: Banette! Pumpkin Curse!

A black and gray hyena-like Pokemon was heading toward the former Hitmontop. The Mightyena opened his mouth, and his teeth began to have a dark glow around it. Just when Mightyena was in striking distance, Knuckles shut the Mightyena's mouth. Knuckles then, while holding the mouth shut, began to spin around a few times. After a few seconds, Knuckles threw Sidney's Pokemon right at the trainer, knocking him down.

Meanwhile, Phoebe's puppet-like Ghost-type Pokemon was hovering over Knuckles. Her eyes began glowing as a red pumpkin with a silhouette of her victim appeared on it. Then, several needles appeared and each one stuck on the silhouette. After a certain number of needles have stuck themselves on the pumpkin, it popped like a balloon. Almost immediately, Knuckles collapsed on the ground but got up just as quickly.

BANETTE: What?! How did you break free from the curse?!

Knuckles began to spin around at a very fast pace. A sandstorm surrounded him, and the fighter immediately sent it toward Banette. The puppet ghost was caught off guard by this assault, and Phoebe, noticing that it wouldn't be a good idea to keep her Pokemon out, recalled her.

KNUCKLES: Don't think sneak attacks will help you. You're not the only ones who can see in the dark.

Knuckles then slammed his foot on the ground, and the ground began to violently shake. Everyone, especially Sidney, tried to keep their balance while Lyoko and her Pokemon evaded the tremor by flying.

LYOKO: [whispering to her Pokemon] I'll distract him while you get ready to attack.

Lyoko flew above Knuckles just seconds before pointing her body straight down for a diving attack. Knuckles was quite vulnerable after making the vicious earthquake, so Lyoko was able to attack by throwing her razor-sharp feathers at him. The attack managed to take Knuckles by surprise, but he managed to dodge Lyoko's dive. However, he wasn't able to dodge a consectutive dive from Ulrich, which knocked him back.

KNUCKLES: Hey... how did you and your Pokemon managed to see me in the dark?!
LYOKO: Sharp eyesight runs in my family, and Ulrich's Keen Eye ability enables him through anything that might ruin your sight.
GLACIA: [chuckles] Like mother, like daughter. [gets out Pokeball] Go, Sealeo!
DRAKE: Flygon, go!
STEVEN: I choose you, Skarmory!

Bright lights briefly lit up the room as Glacia's Sealeo, Drake's Flygon, and Steven's Skarmory came to form after being released from their Pokeballs.

KNUCKLES: Do you really think that this darkness can help you forever?

Knuckles raised up his foot and slammed it down again to create another earthquake. This time, it was enough to make Sidney lose his concentration. The darkness faded away, and everyone was in full view. However, Skarmory, Flygon, and their trainers were nowhere to be seen.

DRAKE & STEVEN: Fly attack!

Knuckles quickly turned around to see that Steven and Drake were riding on their currently airborne Pokemon. Both of them flew up high and then dove down toward their target, but Knuckles grabbed Flygon around the neck and slammed him against Skarmory. Steven and Drake managed to get off of their Pokemon before they both made impact.

GLACIA: I'll put a stop to this! Sealeo, Vanilla Blizzard!

Sealeo glared at her opponent as she inhaled deeply and released a sparkling blizzard right at Knuckles. However, the former Hitmontop wasn't intimidated by this. Instead, he jumped up, headed for the blubbery seal Pokemon, and kicked her in the face. Sealeo was sent flying across the room and crashed into a wall underneath a picture of Brawly in a stain glass window.

KNUCKLES: Heh... ready for the hospital. [looks up at Lyoko] Now, just hand over your Spirit Crystal and I'll be on my way.
LYOKO: No! [forms sharp feathers in her hand]
KNUCKLES: Well, then... I guess we know what this means!

Before Knuckles could attack, Ulrich and Odd flew in front of Knuckles and began madly flapping their wings. The sudden gust of wind managed to knock Knuckles back but not too much. Just then, Aelita glided toward Knuckles and managed to knock him back as well with a sudden slap with her wing.

KNUCKLES: Why you--! [suddenly feels a chill] Huh?
HEDGA'S VOICE: Knuckles, change of plans. Get back to the castle now!
HEDGA'S VOICE: No time to talk! Just hurry and get here!

Knuckles just sighed at this. He looked at the Mirror Masters and Lord Steven, and then to Lyoko.

KNUCKLES: I have to go. Let's call this battle a draw!

Without saying another word, Knuckles vanished into thin air. No one said anything for a moment until Lyoko got out her Spirit Crystal and stared at it.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-21-2005, 04:24 AM
The next night, Hedga was in her throne room. With her was a teenage boy about 15 seated next to her. He had dark blue hair an emerald green eyes. Over his peach-colored shirt was a dark blue jacket that almost matched his hair perfectly. His jeans were the same color as the jacket, and red hi-tops with a horizontal stripe in the middle were on his feet. He raised his sunglasses so they rested on his forehead as he faced the large doors.

BOY: Sheesh... is the entertainment coming or not?!
HEDGA: Don't worry, Sonic. It's coming. [pause, then claps twice when facing doors] Okay... let her in!

The doors opened, and Winona was seen. She had an embarrased expression on her face as she felt the crowd watching her with an Aipom tail and ears (though you can't always see them) and wearing a yellow body suit. She had purple, furry fingerless gloves, a leg brace on her right thigh, yellow knee high socks, and purple furry shoes. Hedga already had a laugh just looking at how she stripped the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder of her pride.

HEDGA: Well, let's go.

Winona sighed before she began doing cartwheels and backflips. When she was 5 feet away from the cake, she jumped high into the air and prepared to do a cannonball into a giant chocolate cake that was on the dinner table.

WINONA: For freedom-na no da!

And with that, Winona splashed into the cake and was covered in it in less than a second. It was a disgraceful event for her, but Hedga was rolling with laughter.

HEDGA: That was hilarious!
SONIC: And Mew Winona does it again!

Winona just let out an annoyed sigh as she wiped the chocolate frosting from her face.

WINONA: I'm getting really tired of this!

Hedga and the servants just laughed at her.

WINONA: Just how much longer do I have to put up with this?!
HEDGA: Until you're dead... but that probably won't happen in the next few thousand years. I'm hoping for earlier.
HEDGA: I can do whatever I want, loser! Now I want you to stand in the cake and sing one of my favorite songs.

The Fortree Castle Mirror Elder wanted to refuse, but then she realized that Hedga was right. Towards the end of the song, the servants and Sonic began to throw their food at Winona...just for fun.

Winona didn't want to take this madness anymore...


After dinner, Winona was taken to a dressing room. Against her will, she had to wear a frilly pink dress with a two layered skirt, puffy shoulder cuffs lined with raspberry colored lining of the same color, and a slightly darker pink choker around her neck. Aside from the bizarre outfit, Winona also had Meowth ears and a tail.

SERVANT: How is it?
WINONA: [annoyed sigh, then turns to the servant] It's horrible.

As if wanting to hear that, the blond-haired servant laughed as she headed to a nearby closet.

WINONA: [mumbling] I have to wear this Strawberry Cat outfit on Mondays, the Lettuce Fish on Wednesdays, the Pudding Monkey on Thursdays, and the Pomegranate Wolf on Fridays.
SERVANT: Wait till you see the Mint Bird outfit you have to wear on Tuesdays.

And there it was. With the opening of the marble closet door, there was a rather short dress that was light blue in color hanging in the closet. The servant took out the dress and headed toward a nearby drawer. Iside the top section was blue puffy shoulder cuffs that were similar to the one Winona was currently wearing with the cat outift, a pair of dark blue wings, a bird's tail matching in color, and a light blue choker.

SERVANT: Take off the cat outfit and put this on.

Winona suddenly collapsed before she had a chance to even get the outfit. The annoyed servant then walked up to her.

SERVANT: Huh? Hey! I said try on the bird outfit!

Aggrivated. It was the only thing the servant felt, not only because Hedga's comic relief was lying on the floor, but also that the servant wanted to laugh at the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder wearing the seemingly skimpy bird outfit that was attended for Hedga's amusement. Suddenly, the servant's anger suddenly transformed into nervousness as Winona woke up and looked at the servant with cat-like red eyes as she slowly increased in size.

SERVANT: What the...!?

Outside of the dressing room, two of Hedga's servants were talking as they ate hamburgers. The conversation suddenly got interrupted when the dressing room's door got blasted open and blond-haired servant that was with Winona was flying out of the room and crashed into the wall. The other two servants headed to her to make sure that she was safe. Before the two could do anything, a large shadow fell over them.

VOICE: Tell Hedga that this won't be the last time...


An hour later, Hedga came back to the castle. From her flashy Hawaiian-style shortset, one can assume that she spent some time at Lilycove Island. On her way to her room, she saw the three servants lying on the ground. All of them looked like that had lost a brutal battle. A shocked Hedga then noticed the red-haired servant getting up.

SERVANT 2: Hedga... it's Winona. I don't what happened to her, but it's something serious. She said something about this not being the last time and just attacked her.
HEDGA: The last time for what? What are you guys talking about? [begins to go into the dressing room]
SERVANT 2: NO! Winona's gonna...!

Nearly the whole dressing room was destroyed. Hedga was even more surprised, but she then saw an exhausted Winona lying on the ground. Hedga turned to her servant with an annoyed look.

HEDGA: Winona's right there.
SERVANT 2: [comes into the room] What?! No way! Winona was--
HEDGA: Don't EVER say something like that to me again!
SERVANT 2: But Winona was attacking us.
HEDGA: What did I just say?!
SERVANT 2: Winona was attacking us. I'm telling the truth.
HEDGA: Yeah, right.

Just then, Hedga snapped her fingers. The servant let out a high-pitched scream as she noticed her whole body slowly vanishing. Within the next minute, the red-haired servant was completely gone.

HEDGA: Serves her right.
WINONA: [waking up] Wha... what happened?
HEDGA: Oh, good. You're up. Time to get back to work, loser.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-21-2005, 04:26 AM
The next day, a mirror portal appeared at the beautiful Lilycove Beach. Out of it was Lyoko followed by five other children (who were actually the Mirror Masters and Lord Steven in disguise). A large dome shaped building caught their attention, and the six children headed right for it. Upon arrival at the blue and peach-colored stadium, Lyoko went up to a desk and saw a clipboard. Seeing the list of names and ages from 12 and under, she figured that it was the tourtament list.

As Lyoko signed in her name in the sixteenth slot, a tanned ten-year-old girl turned to her with a grin.

GIRL: I thought you'd never show up.

Lyoko just put the clipboard back on the desk without saying anything.

GIRL: The tourney starts at 11:00 after the premiere of Hoenn Black Bird Girl. Be here or get disqualified.

After leaving the stadium, the group were at Rainbow Route 21. As the currently nine-year-old Lord Steven created a Mirror Portal, he turned to Lyoko.

LORD STEVEN: From this point on, Lyoko, you're on your own. Remember what we taught you and prepare for tomorrow!
LYOKO: Okay!

And with that, the Mirror Overlord and the Mirror Masters went through the portal. As soon as the last person went through, it vanished.


SERVANT 3: Hey, loser! Hurry up! You've got five minutes! [slams now fixed dressing room door]

Winona was just putting on a pair of thigh-high purple boots to complete her Pomegranate Wolf outfit for Friday. Aside from the boots, Winona had the ears and tail of a Mightyena and her outfit consisted of a purple tank top and shorts. Her Pokemon were there, and they were just as disgusted about the outfit as their trainer.

ALTARIA: I can't believe that you're letting this creep do this to you!
SKARMORY: Yeah! Why didn't you crush her when the whole Nightmare Orb incident was happening? If Hedga was smashed into goo, none of this wouldn't happen!
PELIPPER: Actually, I don't think that this outfit that Winona's wearing is half bad.

Ticked off by the comment, Altaria smacked Pelipper in the face with her wing.

ALTARIA: I can't believe you just said that!
PELIPPER: I can have my own opinions, can't I?
SKARMORY: As long as they're appropiate.
PELIPPER: [angered] What do you mean by that?!
SKARMORY: [turns away from Pelipper] Oh, nothing.
PELIPPER: If you think I'm some sort of pervert or something, forget it! I just have a strong fondness for purple!
SKARMORY: [sarcastically] Ha ha. Very funny.
ALTARIA: Will you two just calm down?
SKARMORY: [turns to Altaria with a vein showing on her head] How can I calm down?! Just look at Winona and all the stupid stuff she has to do!
ALTARIA: Uh...well, yeah. I do agree that the monkey thing was pretty stupid.
SWELLOW: May I say something here?
SKARMORY: No offense, but I don't think that maternal advice would help us.
ALTARIA: Skarmory!
PELIPPER: Quit acting like this!
SKARMORY: I still say that if Winona got rid of Hedga while she was super-sized, this would've happened. No offense or anything, guys, but I think all of you have low standards if you let Hedga get away with all of this.

Altaria, Swellow, and Pelipper all had angry expressions at this.

PELIPPER: Well, excuse me, Miss Steel-type Armor Bird Pokemon, but since WHEN did you get the right to declare our standards low?!
SWELLOW: We care as much as Winona, the other Mirror Elders, and the Mirror Lights as much as you do!
ALTARIA: YOU'RE the one with low standards since you're being so headstrong about Hedga!
SKARMORY: Oh, yeah?!

With that, all four bird Pokemon began pecking, smacking everyone with wings, shooting flames, water, and bright beams at each other. Winona tried to stop the fight but narrowly escaped a bright beam from Swellow that whizzed right by her and went right into a wall.

After five minutes of the Pokemon fighting, a different servant entered. The fighting then stopped as the servant crossed her arms.

SERVANT 4: Hedga wants you in the living room, loser.

As soon as Winona came into the living room, the worst day of her life began.

First off, she had to make a giant three-layer chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cake fall on her. The worst part was that she had to use a whip and yell "Ribbon Winona Spear!" as she hit the cake to make it fall.

Later that day, things got worse. Winona had to wear a dress similar to the Mint Bird outfit, but it was black instead of blue and there were no shoulder cuffs or leg bands. The wings on her back and the birds tail were longer in length, and the gloves were fingerless and also black. Winona, along with Hedga and several servants, were rehearsing for the premiere episode of Hoenn Black Bird Girl. Because they were lacking villians, Hedga had to use Winona's Skarmory and Wattson's Manetric to play the part.

The scene involved the young Flannery being attacked by the "monsters" as she was trying to find her way out of a forest. Just when Flannery was cornered, she saw Winona standing on a tree branch above her.

WINONA: Sorry, you two! Lunch will have to wait!
SKARMORY: [unenthusiatically] Oh, look. It's the Black Bird Girl.
WINONA: That's right! [pauses, looks at Hedga who was grinning, and sighs] Black Bird Style! Black Bird Grace! Black Bird Power in your face!

Hedga and the servants laughed at Winona's idiotic entrance speech (that THEY wrote), Flannery gave Winona an annoyed expression with slightly puffed cheeks, and Manetric and Skarmory shook their heads in disgust.

MANETRIC: [to himself] This is pathetic... [out loud as he faces Winona] I think THIS will be in your face!

Manetric's body began to glow and spark with electricity. He has a sour expression on his face as he turned to his target...which was Winona. He obviously didn't want to do this, but Hedga gave him no choice. Within a second, he sent an electrical blast right at Winona. The blast came so fast that Winona didn't have time to dodge and got shocked. After the Thunderbolt attack from Manetric ended, Winona fell from the tree and landed near Flannery. Hedga and her servants were rolling with laughter.

Will the madness and torture end?

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-27-2005, 09:12 PM
Hedga had just woken up in a cold sweat. Her heart raced as she gasped in air. Her eyes were wide with fear as she tried to calm herself down.

A few minutes ago, she saw Winona. However, she wasn't the slave that was degraded of her pride. When Hedga saw Winona, she was her worst enemy.

Her red, cat-like eyes... Her sharp fangs and claws... Her dark purple wings... Her large size...

Out of fear, the young Black Mirror Witch couldn't do anything but await the monster's wrath.

When Hedga finally calmed down, she lied back down in her bed but didn't fall back to sleep until a few hours later...


After spending the majority of the morning training, Lyoko arrived at Stadium in Lilycove Island. She was guided to the locker room where fifteen other trainers were preparing their Pokemon for the preliminaries. All of them were around 7 to 12 years old, and all of their Pokemon were in top shape.

Lyoko took another look at the card she received. It had a listing of the current trainers and who their opponents will be in the first round, and her first opponent was a trainer named "Ojamajo Fasola". As it turned out, the opponent in question was sitting by her with a Clefairy with a eighth note pin on her head.

Lyoko's opponent looked about eight. She had a bright orangish-yellow witch's hat on top of her blond hair. The girl had teal-colored eyes, and her earrings matched the color of her hat as well as her clothes, which was a dress with puffy round sleeves and a skirt with leaf-like pleats in several shades of orange an yellow. Her boots and gloves matched the orangish-yellow color scheme as well.

The girl named Fasola turned to Lyoko and gave a friendly smile.

LYOKO: Hello.
FASOLA: [gets out a card that was similar to Lyoko's] Oh... you're Lyoko, right? I'm your opponent.
LYOKO: I noticed.

Before the conversation was continued, there was a clicking sound on the PA that signaled that there was an announcement. All the trainers stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the PA.

VOICE ON PA: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Lovely Charmy Tournament! I'm your host, the great Black Mirror Witch Hedga, and I'm glad that you managed to give up a Saturday morning just to show off your skills as a trainer...and rather early too! [giggles]

Lyoko appeared rather tense to hearing Hedga while Fasola, unaware of what Hedga had in store, wasn't fazed.

HEDGA: However, before the tournament begins, I'd like to keep Saturday morning tradition despite the upcoming battles, and what better way to do that than with-- you guess it-- cartoons? So, for your viewing pleasure, here's the first episode of Hoenn Black Bird Girl! Enjoy!

As soon as the PA clicked off, the TV in the right corner of the room clicked on. After a short intro of various Pokemon in obviously bad costumes attacking Winona in her Black Bird Girl outfit, the show itself started. The episode title "Pecked" appeared on the screen as the much younger Lavaridge Mountain Mirror Elder woke up and found herself lost in a spooky forest at night. The trainers began to chat about the girl's resemblance to Flannery (not knowing that it actually WAS Flannery) as they watched the young girl now worriedly running through the nightmarish forest. After some moments of running, Flannery collapsed but ended up falling into a muddy puddle. Everyone except Lyoko laughed at this.

FLANNERY: What am I going to do now?! I'm lost and scared! Where's my mommy?!

The trainers in the room laughed even harder, and Lyoko has grown more upset at this. As the episode continued, the laughter grew more and more as the trainers (minus a rather annoyed Lyoko) saw Flannery get pecked by a Swellow, burned by a Slugma, and shocked by a Magneton (which were some of the Mirror Elder's Pokemon doing this against their will). Finally, Flannery found herself being chased by Manetric and Skarmory. Just when Flannery was cornered, she saw Winona standing on a tree branch above her. The Fortree Castle Mirror Elder was wearing a short and somewhat skimpy black dress with matching puffy shoulder cuffs and boots, and on her back were short, black wings.

WINONA: Sorry, you two! Lunch will have to wait!
SKARMORY: Oh, look. It's the Black Bird Girl.
WINONA: Black Bird Style! Black Bird Grace! Black Bird Power in your face!

At that moment, everyone in the room was roaring with laughter. It even made a girl's Shiftry named Pie laugh for the first time in his life. When the Shiftry collapsed from laughing too hard, the red-haired girl returned her Wicked Pokemon.

MANETRIC: I think THIS will be in your face!

Manetric then charged up his electrical energy for a Thunderbolt attack that came too fast for the unfortunate Winona to dodge. The "Hoenn Black Bird Girl" fell from the tree and landed near Flannery. The laughter and Lyoko's annoyance intensified.

As soon as the show ended, half of the trainers went into one room two doors down from the locker room and the other half went to the room right across it to get ready for the battles.

The rules of the preliminary battles were that each trainer was allowed one Pokemon. After a coin toss from the referee (who were usually Hedga's servants), the losing trainer has to send out his or her Pokemon first. The battle ends when the Pokemon of either trainer is unable to continue battling.

And with that, the battles began.

In Lyoko's battle, Fasola lost the coin toss, so she had to send out a Pokemon before Lyoko does. The witch-attired eight-year-old got out a bright pink Pokeball with an eighth note on it.

FASOLA: Go, Doremi!

Fasola's Pokeball opened up as soon as she threw it. Out of it came a bright light that quickly formed into the Clefairy she had earlier. Knowing that Pokemon like Clefairy are full of surprises, Lyoko remained on guard.

LYOKO: [gets out a Pokeball and throws it] Come out, Odd!

The pawprint-patterned Pokeball opened and released a bright light that formed into the Farfetch'd. Both Pokemon stared at each in determination to win, Odd more than Doremi knowing that he must win at all costs to stop Hedga.

REFEREE: Begin the match!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-27-2005, 09:13 PM
Fasola pointed ahead of her, motioning Doremi to carry out an attack on her order.

FASOLA: Doremi, Water Pulse attack!

Doremi inhaled as deeply as she could before she unleashed a blast of water surrounded by ultrasonic waves right at Odd. However, the Farfetch'd managed to dodge the attack by flying upward and then heading for his target, which was the Clefairy named Doremi.

LYOKO: Odd! Gust attack!

Odd focused on Doremi and began swiftly beating his wings. The sudden blow of wind managed to knock Doremi on her back and made her tumble backwards a few times.

FASOLA: Doremi!
DOREMI: [moans] It hurts...
FASOLA: Go to Magical Stage Sharp Formation right away!

With that, Doremi laid flat on the ground. Lyoko was confused about her opponent's motives but decided to take the chance to use a direct attack.

LYOKO: Okay, Odd! Use Fly attack!

Odd stopped flapping his wings and began to dive towards Doremi at a very high speed. Doremi was knocked off from her position and Odd slammed his beak on Doremi's head. However, after executing the attack, Odd suddenly blushed and started to laugh goofily.

LYOKO: Odd?!
ODD: The Clefairy's kinda cute... [laughs]
LYOKO: Oh, no! Doremi's Cute Charm must've made Odd attracted to her!
FASOLA: That's right. I made up several formations for Doremi and my other Pokemon to trick my opponents. It won't be easy getting past me! [to Doremi] Let's not stretch this out any longer! Blizzard attack!

Doremi the Clefairy inhaled again, but instead of water, a harshly frigid blast of wind was blown out of her mouth and right at Odd. Lyoko could feel the chilling attack herself, and the frosty attack was doing a lot of damage to her Farfetch'd.

LYOKO: Odd! Try to fight back! Use your Mirror Move attack!

Odd, still heavily infatuated from Doremi's Cute Charm, questioningly turned to his trainer. He seemed unwilling to do any more damage to the Clefairy and was immoblized by the harsh Blizzard attack. Odd was completely disabled from doing anything at this point.

FASOLA: Okay, Doremi! The Farfetch'd doesn't look like he can fight us now, so let's end this! Switch to Magical Stage Dokkan Formation and use Rollout from there!

Doremi's harsh Blizzard attack had subsided upon that order. The Clefairy then jumped into the air and curled herself into a ball. As she fell, she started to roll, and the Fairy Pokemon began to gain momentum once she landed on solid ground. She was swiftly rolling toward the Wild Duck Pokemon, who was totally immoblized by his "love" for his opponent. In short, Odd was literally a sitting duck.

LYOKO: Odd! Dodge!

It was too late. The rolling Doremi have already bashed into Odd. The Farfetch'd was knocked back quite a distance and landed a few feet in front of his trainer.

ODD: Whoa... that Clefairy is tough. I think we should use the Mirror Checks now, Lyoko.
LYOKO: Not just yet. There's one trick I haven't tried. Get ready to do a Quick Attack at the very last second.

Doremi was heading toward Odd again, this time a bit faster than before. As Odd's opponent was heading toward him, he suddenly felt his emotions being tangled up. He felt uneasy about attack Doremi, but something happened. The fake emotions began to slowly began to fade away and suddenly became focus on the reason Lyoko was competing in the tournament. Doremi, however, was very confident that the match was hers, so she picked up her pace. Unfortunately, it lead to her downfall.

LYOKO: Okay, Odd! Go!

Immediately, Odd flew at mach speed toward Doremi. Fasola's expression suddenly changed from confidence of being the victor to surprised from the tide shifting when she was that Doremi was knocked off balance, uncurled, and had fallen on the ground just by a single Quick Attack. She noticed a bright green stream flowing from the Farfetch'd as he was executing the attack... as well as Doremi taking a lot of damage from it.

DOREMI: What...?! What in the world?!
FASOLA: What just happened?!

When Odd returned to his area of the field, he was glowing a bright green and was miraculously healed from his injuries. Lyoko began glowing as well. Her senses became heightened to their peak, and she could sense that Hedga was somehow watching the battle.

Just then, Lyoko was surprise that she had transformed into her Spirit Form which further confused their opponents. Fasola and Doremi had no idea what was going on between their opponents, but they knew that the battle was not in their favor. Part of them felt like Lyoko and Odd were cheating, but another part felt like there was a reason they had to do this. However, the referee appeared to have expected this to happen.

LYOKO: Odd, Lyoko Aerial Ace.

With that, the Farfetch'd with the Emerald glow flew up high and made a few loop-de-loops. The awe-stricken Doremi doesn't know what to expect at this point.

FASOLA: Doremi, hurry and use Blizzard attack!

The fairy Pokemon suddenly shook off her shock and inhaled as deep as she can. However, before she can unleash the snowy attack, Odd homed into Doremi beak first in her soft chest. Doremi's Blizzard attack has backfire, and the pink Pokemon was thrown against a wall by the force of the attack. Doremi then landed on the ground on her back.

FASOLA: Doremi!
REFEREE: [raises green flag] Clefairy is unable to battle! Farfetch'd wins! Therefore, the winner of this battle is Lyoko!

Lyoko fell on the ground and sighed in relief. Her Farfetch'd flew to her, and the seven-year-old Mirror Light hugged her Pokemon to congratulate it. As Fasola recalled her Clefairy, she curiously looked at Lyoko before walking up to her and shaking her hand.

Meanwhile, Hedga was in her throne room watching the battles. She saw Lyoko's battle had just ended and suddenly clenched her fists.

HEDGA: I had a feeling you'd show up... but after I get done with you, you'll be worse than your mother.

Winona, who was also watching the battles and still in her Black Bird outfit, could do nothing aside from sincerely praying for her daughter to win the tourtament...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-27-2005, 09:14 PM
After a short break to heal her Pokemon, Lyoko, no longer in her Spirit Form, has learned that her next opponent would be an eleven-year-old girl named Mew Fudge. She was very strange looking young trainer.

Mew Fudge has short, Pichu-like ears that are light shade of brown in color and her tail was a shorter version of a Raichu's. She had dark brown hair in short pigtails and dark brown eyes that were in a similar shade of Mariah's. She wore puffy shoulder puffs that were light brown in color and they matched her gloves and dress with shorts underneath. Her shoes, however, were a darker brown and were laced.

This time, Lyoko lost the coin toss, so she had to send out her Pokemon first. She decided to go with Ulrich, and Mew Fudge sent out a Delcatty named Ichigo.

Mew Fudge was a tougher trainer than Fasola. Not only did Ichigo knew a wide variety of attacks (especially since she had Assist), but she was also a faster opponent than Doremi. After a tight battle, Ulrich managed to help Lyoko get to the semi-finals...

...which was one of Lyoko's biggest challenges yet. Princess Panyo, a green-haired ten-year-old with a pink dress and had Meowth ears and a tail, was a very strong trainer. Her Persian, which is named Digiko, had a real strong point in speed as well as power. Lyoko, who was using Yumi at the time, often had her strageties thrown off because of Digiko's speed. Fortunately, Lyoko won, but just barely.

Still, the real test has yet to come...


When day has ended and night has finally begun, one of the servants went to the room were the Mirror Lights and Natalie were held captive. The servant asked them to come with her to the stadium at Lilycove Island, and girls were rather confused by this. However, they felt that arguing is useless and decided to go with her.

When they were inside the main battle room of the large stadium, they were rather surprised and annoyed that the crowd were only a bunch of young children. The servant then took the Mirror Lights and Natalie to the reserved front row where they saw the child Mirror Elders.

MARIAH: [surprised] What happened to you?!

The servant gave Mariah a death glare, and Mariah sat down in her seat and said nothing more.

Two rows above the group were the Mirror Masters and Lord Steven (who have once again aged themselves into children), and on a balcony to the right were Winona in her black bird outfit and three other people.

ANNOUNCER: And now... enter the challenger! The Mirror Light, Lyoko!

Lyoko entered on the challenger's side of the field upon hearing her name. She was taken by surprise by the crowd (The preliminary rounds and semi-finals were fought in private rooms). However, the crowd only greeted her with sarcastic clapping and taunts. Some even laughed because her hair style was similar to Winona, who they know is the Hoenn Black Bird Girl.

BOY: Hey! It's the Black Bird Girl's little sister!

Lyoko ignored the taunts.

ANNOUNCER: Now, give a warm welcome to Hedga, future mistress of Pokemon Contests!

The entire crowd cheerly loudly and wildly as the twelve-year-old Black Mirror Witch entered on her side of the field. She had golden earrings, a flowing golden dress with matching gloves, and dark red high heeled shoes. Obviously, she wanted to be in style when she beat Lyoko.

The referee, who was a twelve-year-old dark skinned boy, took his place in the upper area of the center of the field.

REFEREE: We will now begin the final battle between the Black Mirror Witch Hedga and the Mirror Light Lyoko from Fortree Castle. Each trainer is allowed two Pokemon with no substitution from either side, and the battle ends when both Pokemon of either trainer is unable to battle.

After the rules were stated, Hedga got out her first Pokeball.

HEDGA: There's no way you can win, Mommy's Girl. Go, Knuckles!

Hedga threw her Pokeball. A light burst out of the ball upon opening and formed into Hedga's Hitmontop. When Knuckles saw the oppossing trainer, he let out a soft, taunting laugh thinking that this match would be over despite Lyoko's abilities.

LYOKO: For the future of this world and others, I won't lose! [gets out her Great Ball] Lyoko chooses Jeremy!

With a flash of the seven-year-old Mirror Light's Great Ball, the Noctowl with his trademark glasses appeared on the field.

LYOKO: I'm counting on you, Jeremy!
JEREMY: [fixes his glasses a bit with his wing] Gotcha.

Nearly everyone in the crowd felt disgusted that Lyoko has chosen a Pokemon that had a type advantage over Knuckles. The Mirror Lights, Mirror Elders, and Mirror Masters felt otherwise.

NATALIE: So, Lyoko's going with her Noctowl and Hedga's going with her Hitmontop.
MIRROR MARIAH: Lyoko basically has a clear advantage since Jeremy is a Flying-type as well as knowing some Psychic-type attacks.
FLANNERY: [overhearing] Yeah, but Lovely Rush could turn out to be a problem.
MARIAH: Lovely Rush? What's that?
TATE: You'll probably see it for yourself.

Just then, the referee raised Red and Green flags to signal that the match will start.

LYOKO: Jeremy, Hypnosis!

Jeremy's eyes began to glow a bizarre red color as he attempted to look at Knuckles in the eye.

HEDGA: Use Dig to dodge, Knuckles!

Knuckles then got on his top-like head and started spinning at a fast pace to drill into the ground. Realizing that the Hypnosis attack was evade and his opponent could appear from anywhere, Jeremy felt tense.

LYOKO: Jeremy, fly up so you can avoid that Dig attack!

Jeremy nodded and took flight right before the spinning Knuckles popped out of the ground and headed for him. However, something unexpected happened. Knuckles was glowing a bright purple and suddenly managed to land a hit on Jeremy with very little trouble.

LYOKO: What? No way! How could a Dig attack do any damage to a Flying-type?

Hedga just softly laughed to herself as she saw Lyoko's shocked expression. Jeremy then fell on his back with his wings outstretched.

HEDGA: Okay, let get this loser out the way. [points at Jeremy] Knuckles, Lovely Rush Body Slam!

Knuckles jumped into the air and aimed his body straight for Jeremy. He began to glow purple again, and his descend began to speed up. Finally, he landed right on Jeremy and completely immoblized him.

Everyone immediately thought the battle was over, but Lyoko decided to put what she learned from the Mirror Masters to good use.

LYOKO: Jeremy! Use your Blueberry Confusion attack!

Upon hearing the command, Jeremy shut his eyes and the comb that rested on his forehead began to glow intensely. Suddenly, Knuckles saw that everything in the room had turned blue and appeared to be spinning at a fast pace in a blue whirlwind. This gave Jeremy time to fly away as Knuckles wobbled around.

HEDGA: [angered as she starts to glow faintly] Knuckles! Snap out of it and use Lovely Rush Seismic Toss!

Knuckles then snapped out of his confusion and jumped into the air towards Jeremy. Much to Lyoko's dismay, the Hitmontop had a secure hold on her Noctowl. As Knuckles continued to fall, he started tumbling until he was close to the ground. Then, he put Jeremy ahead of him and slammed him on the ground.

LYOKO: Jeremy!

Knuckles did a backwards flip after doing his damage to Jeremy to land safely on his side of the field. However, Jeremy was on his back again. His winds were spread out, and he moaned in pain.

REFEREE: Noctowl is unable to battle! Hitmontop wins!

While everyone who was on Lyoko's side was upset about Lyoko's loss, all of Hedga's fans were cheering wildly.

JEREMY: Sorry, Lyoko...
LYOKO: It's okay, Jeremy. You tried as hard as you could, and you earned yourself a nice long rest.

Lyoko took out Jeremy's Great Ball. A red beam was shot out of the ball and at Jeremy, turning him into a flash of red that was quickly sucked into the ball. The young girl put it away and looked at Hedga as she got out Aelita's Pokeball. She tossed it onto the field and it opened upon landing on the ground. The bright flash emerged from the ball and formed into the Swellow with her pink ribbon on her neck. When she noticed her surroundings, she figured out that this was the tournament that her trainer was telling her about and didn't intend on losing.

LYOKO: Aelita, you're my last Pokemon in this battle. We need to do our best no matter what!
AELITA: Right!
KNUCKLES: Oh, please. You might've beaten me a couple of times, but this time will be different.
HEDGA: Come to us with everything you've got, Mommy's Girl!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
03-03-2005, 06:24 AM
Everyone who was cheering for Lyoko were wondering what the youngest Mirror Light would do while those who were cheering for Hedga just yawned in boredom.

Despite having a small number of supporters, Lyoko knew that she had to go all out to win or suffer trying.

LYOKO: Aelita, Sky Attack!

Aelita immediately zoomed up into the air. Once she reached her desired height, she spread out her wings and her eyes began glowing as she looked at Knuckles. Knuckles was wondering what Lyoko was planning, but Hedga just laughed.

HEDGA: Oh, please! This is a Pokemon battle, not a staring contest! If you ask me, this Sky Attack must be worse than Splash! [laughs]

A nasty and unexpected surprised, however, cut Hedga's laughter short. Her attitude went from mocking to panicky when she saw Lyoko's Swellow has dove right into Knuckles and knocked out the unsuspecting Hitmontop in one hit.

LYOKO: What the...?! Knuckles!
REFEREE: Hitmontop is unable to battle! Swellow wi-- [gets hit in the face with a purse] Ow!
HEDGA: Don't you dare say that Lyoko beat me! Who do you think has already ruled chunks of the Hoenn Mirror World, huh?!

The entire crowd began booing at Lyoko and Aelita.

GIRL: You big, fat cheater!
BOY: She should be disqualified!
BOY 2: She'd better get her sorry butt off the stage if she knows what's good for her and her stupid bird brain Pokemon!
LYOKO: Wh... what?

Hedga recalled Knuckles in his Pokeball as the crowd continued chanting.

LYOKO: I feel sorry for you. You're so into Pokemon Contests that you only care about the attacks that YOUR Pokemon have. Otherwise, you wouldn't have made that comment about a powerful attack like Sky Attack. It's true that I train Flying Pokemon just like Mommy, but at least I learn about other attacks outside of that type in case I ever have to battle a trainer's Pokemon that may not be a Flying-type. There are lots of Pokemon attacks that Mommy, the other Mirror Elders, the Mirror Masters, or even Lord Steven may not know about... but at least we take the effort into learning about them, which is one of the many important traits of being a Pokemon trainer.
BOY 3: [throws a soda at Lyoko] Aw, shut up! We didn't come to hear you talk! We're here to see you LOSE!
BOY 4: Save your lecture for Roxanne's Trainers School!
GIRL 2: At least the Hoenn Black Bird Girl knew when to shut up!
GIRL 3: Yeah, when she knew that she was gonna get fried!

The chanting and rude comments came to a close when Hedga clapped her hands to get the audiences' attention.

HEDGA: My fellow Pokemon lovers... I do agree that Lyoko has cheated, but rest assured that she will be punished. [gets out a Pokeball] Not only that she will NEVER beat the Pokemon I'm about to send out, but her losing will earn her a role in the second episode of the humilation of the Fortree Castle Mirror Elder in Hoenn Black Bird Girl! Imagine the Mirror Light Lyoko being the pathetic sidekick of her just as pathetic mother, Winona a.k.a. the Black Bird Girl!

The crowd cheered upon hearing this, but Winona hid her embarrased look in her face while Lyoko clenched her fist in tension.

HEDGA: Lyoko, your fate is now officially sealed! Go, Sonic!

Lyoko balled her fists even tighter when the saw the bright light that spewed out of Hedga's Pokeball form into her Jolteon. The same Jolteon that competed in almost every Cool Contest. The same Jolteon that went by the name of Sonic.

Sonic took a look at his opponent. He wanted to laugh knowing it was a weak Flying-type, but he turned to Hedga instead.

SONIC: I'm guessing you want the record for the shortest Pokemon Battle in history, Hedga.

The three people up in the balcony where Winona was snickered at Sonic's comment. A young girl about 12 was getting ready to watch Lyoko's demise. The cute but snobby girl had green eyes and pink hair with a red headband on it. Her dress and shoes were also red, and gold bracelets were around her wrist.

Next to her was an eight-year-old boy with orange hair and blue eyes. His outfit was similiar to Wallace's except his shirt was slightly shorted and was all orange and the pants were white, and his shoes were white and red.

By Winona was a six-year-old girl. She had cream colored hair that was in a ponytail and glasses were in front of her dark brown eyes. She wore a bright orange dress with a blue ribbon that hung under the white collar and wore yellow and orange shoes.

GIRL WITH GLASSES: Looks like Lyoko's going to be co-starring with you.
PINK HAIRED GIRL: At least you'll have someone to share the embarassment with.
ORANGE HAIRED BOY: Don't waste your time being in denial.

Winona didn't say anything. Instead, she saw her daughter on the stage with her Pokemon. Finally, she exhaled and put her hands together to pray for her daughter to win once more.

PINK HAIRED GIRL: Give it up, you pathetic little bird. Lyoko's not gonna win. Not with Sonic as Hedga's last Pokemon.

Everyone's attention turned to Sonic and Aelita as the two Pokemon prepared to give it their all.

REFEREE: Jolteon vs Swellow! BEGIN!

Hoenn Mirror Girl
03-06-2005, 11:00 PM
As soon as the referee raised his flags, the two trainers' rivarly have rose to the peak with their intention of winning and either saving or conquering the Hoenn Mirror World.

LYOKO: Let's do it, Aelita! Wing Attack!

Aelita flapped her wings and a few seconds later, she was off the ground. The Swellow then glided toward Sonic with outstretched wings.

HEDGA: Give me a break! Sonic, Quick Attack!

Sonic the Jolteon nodded, and he suddenly became a blur as he headed toward Aelita. Being much faster than her, Sonic jumped up towards Aelita and bashed into her. Aelita was knocked upwards a bit, and her Wing Attack was through completely out of balance. She landed on her back a few seconds later.

LYOKO: Aelita!

Sonic leaped into the air again, but this time he leaned his body towards Aelita and shot a flurry of pins from his body. Despite being resistent to the Pin Missile attack, Lyoko's Swellow was already in bad shape. Once Sonic has finished his attack, he landed back on the ground and scoffed at Aelita and her seven-year-old trainer.

SONIC: I've only just started, and the old bird already has nothing left!

Just then, Aelita slowly got up from her back and back on her feet. She was breathing a little hard, but she was still able to continue.

HEDGA: Looks like Aelita wants more. Sonic, show the old bird why you're the star of this party with your Thunder attack!

Sonic, thinking that the battle will be already over after his attack, leaned back nearly to a sitting position as he charged up electricity in his body. A few seconds later, Hedga's Jolteon unleashed a giant bolt of lightning that headed straight for Aelita.

LYOKO: Double Team now!

Just when Sonic's massive electric attack hit, Aelita split into two and doubled in every passing second. Before Sonic could figure out what was going on, he was surrounded by over a dozen copies of Aelita. Lyoko sighed in relief knowing she has some time to regroup. Hedga, however, didn't let this bother her.

HEDGA: Shock Wave, Sonic!

Sonic then shut his eyes and started to charge electricity in his body again. After he gathered the needed electricity, he shot out a smaller bolt of lighting that managed to home into the real Aelita and nullified all of her clones. Lyoko began to worry as the young Swellow cried in pain.

LYOKO: Aelita...! No!

As soon as the electrical blast had ended, Aelita began plummeting toward the ground again.

HEDGA: It's over!
SONIC: I can smell victory!

Unwilling to give in to the two overconfident foes, Aelita managed to pull up just in time to avoid a crash. She was then flying toward Sonic again, but the Jolteon leaped over her to dodge when she came close. Aelita noticed that she missed Sonic and doubled back towards him.

SONIC: Will you just give up? Your Flying-attacks are no match again me!
AELITA: Whoever said that I'll be using a Flying-type attack?

With that, Aelita began to have a weird dark green aura around her as she continued to fly toward the haughty Jolteon. Sonic just shook his head as he softly laughed and got ready to dodge. When Aelita was close, he managed to slide under her, but she made a sharp turn and Sonic felt a blow on his abdomen before he was sent upwards a bit and landed on the ground.

SONIC: Hey! [looks up at Aelita] What..?!
HEDGA: Heh... that weak little bird knows Pursuit. That's unexpected...

The Swellow with her trademark pink ribbon landed on her side and battlefield and faced her opponent.

LYOKO: [sighs in relief] That was way too close. [to Aelita] Thanks.
AELITA: You're welcome.

Hedga began to laugh again, this time in a more pompous manner than last time.

HEDGA: I'm sorry. It's just so funny that you think that your little bag of surprises can actually beat me in this battle... a battle where your reputation, as well as your stupid mom's, is on the line. Can't you just face the fact that I'm just better than you? I'm older than you, I'm more powerful than you and your pathetic friends and family, and I'm a better Pokemon trainer than you. I'm always number one, and you'll always be dead last. So what if you have the spirit of Rayquaza in you? My powers can overwhelm everyone and everything that gets in my way... and now, I'll prove it to you! [to Sonic] Finish off Lyoko and her stupid Swellow with Lovely Rush Thunder at maximum power!

A violent glow of purple surrounded Sonic as he glared with anger and overconfidence at Aelita. His yellow, spiky body began to charge with electricity. The sparks around him began to crackle louder as they turned from a bright yellow to a evil dark puple color. The crowd became still as they watched the wild electricity building up around Sonic.

Then, it happened. The Jolteon fired all of his electricity right at Aelita.

LYOKO: No! Aelita!

Lyoko could only watch as the massive blast of thunder made impact with her Swellow. The pink-ribboned Swallow Pokemon could do nothing but scream in pain from the electricity stinging her body. When the bright lightning died down, Aelita plopped on the ground. Small amounts of electricity still crackled her body as she shuddered from the still stinging pain. Just watching this brought the seven-year-old Mirror Light to tears.

LYOKO: Aelita...

The other Mirror Lights, Mirror Elders, and Mirror Masters gawked in devastation. Everyone else, however, felt that Lyoko got what she deserved.

Seeing the Aelita can't continue in her condition, the referee began to declare Hedga and Sonic the winner when something unexpected happened.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
03-06-2005, 11:01 PM
Aelita slowly opened her eyes, and her body suddenly began to glow a bright green. She slowly rose into the air as the glow covered her body. A few seconds later, the Swellow was completely revitalized. Her eyes began glowing a bright green as she looked at Sonic with a new determination. Hedga and Sonic were shocked by this, but Lyoko was more surprised than both of them combined. Suddenly, she noticed that the Windspirit Emerald was glowing as well.

LYOKO: What's going on? How did Aelita...?!

Aelita suddenly dashed toward Sonic as pink and green lights began to surround her.

HEDGA: [panicked] Uh... Sonic... stop Aelita with... uh... er...

Before Hedga could let out her command, Aelita bashed right into the unsuspected Jolteon. Sonic slid back on the ground and stopped when he was close to Hedga. The Black Mirror Witch and her Pokemon were completely baffled at this.

HEDGA: What the...?!
SONIC: Was that susposed to be a Quick Attack?
HEDGA: [to Lyoko] Would you mind tell me what the heck is going on?!

Lyoko just stared at Hedga for a few seconds. Hedga was beginning to worry even more about how Aelita suddenly recovered and just knocked Sonic into the near end of his energy so quickly.

HEDGA: Just what are you, you little brat?!
LYOKO: [eyes glowing, appearing to be in a trace] Do you really think that you could get away with everything that you've done?

Now Hedga didn't know how to respond to the sudden happenings. She just looked at Aelita, and then to the exhausted Sonic.

LYOKO: You're the type of person who cares only about themselves. You'll do anything to get what you want. You manipulated fellow trainers and coordinators by using your powers to make yourself come up on top. You don't care about any other opinions except yours.
HEDGA: What are you talking about? I just want to be the world's best Pokemon Coordinator!
LYOKO: I'm sorry... but if you intend to deceive everyone by your powers, then you don't deserve to be the best.
HEDGA: Shut up! Just shut up! Sonic, use Lovely Rush Thunder!

Sonic began charging up his electricity, but nothing happened. He tried again, but it was the same result.

SONIC: What?
LYOKO: You've been wasting your energy trying to gain the upper hand. Now, it's time to end this! [to Aelita] Aerial Ace attack!

Aelita followed the command and started to make a midair loop with a green stream trailing behind her before heading towards Sonic.

HEDGA: Sonic, Hyper Beam now!
SONIC: [out of breath] I can't... I don't... have the energy to... [sees Aelita coming closer to him] ...fight back.
HEDGA: Just try to dodge it or something!

Sonic couldn't. Aelita was coming too fast. A few seconds later, a loud wham was heard. Hedga looked up in shocked when she saw that Aelita rammed right into the helpless Jolteon. Sonic tumbled a few times before he crashed into the wall behind Hedga. After falling off the wall, he landed on his side. Everyone was silent until the referee raised the green flag.

REFEREE: Jolteon is unable to battle! Swellow wins! Therefore, the victor of this battle is the Mirror Light Lyoko from Fortree Castle!

The Mirror Lights cheered at this.

MARIAH: Way to go, Lyoko!
CASCADIA: Great job!
MINAMO: I can't believe that she won!

Mirror Mariah and Natalie just applauded laughed at Lyoko's victory. Connie, who was watching the whole thing in silence, noticed how serious Lyoko throughout the battle. However, she didn't say anything.

The Mirror Elders were equally estatic, especially Winona, who was at the point of tears. Suddenly, her face became stern feeling that she had some unfished business with Hedga and left the balcony through the back entrance. The three children that were with her were too in shock to notice.

The Mirror Masters and Lord Steven were proud of Lyoko for her victory over Hedga, and the crowd was on Lyoko's side after the impressive victory.

Hedga, however, was furious. She recalled Sonic back into his ball and prepared to attack Lyoko, who was snapping out of her trance.

LYOKO: Huh? What happened? [looks around] What's going on? Is the battle still on?
AELITA: [out of her trance as well] What...? Lyoko?
LYOKO: Aelita. What happened?
AELITA: I don't know.
CROWD: We love Lyoko! We love Lyoko!

Lyoko and Aetlia's eyes were widened upon hearing those words from the crowd the hated them so much.

LYOKO: [to Aelita] Uh... all I remember was that you were badly hurt. Then I had this warm feeling, and everything suddenly went blank.
AELITA: The same thing happened to me too.
LYOKO: Really?
HEDGA: SHUT THE HECK UP! ALL OF YOU! I'M SICK OF THIS! [to Lyoko] You little brat! I just can't stand you!

Hedga then let out her hand so that her palm was facing the confused Lyoko. A black and purple orb suddenly formed in it and increased in size.

HEDGA: Lyoko and Aelita... DIE!

And with that, the orb was shot at the little girl and her Pokemon, and the two hugged in fear. Just when their lives would quickly end, a gust of wind appeared and negated Hedga's attack. Hedga demanded where the attack came from and instantly received a clue when a black outfit was thrown at her. Upon seeing who threw the outfit, Hedga knew that she was in trouble.

Winona, back in her normal outift, looked at Hedga with sterness.

HEDGA: What do you want?!
WINONA: I want to let you know how much of a spoiled brat you are. You always try to control everything so it'll be in your favor. You don't take the time to think about what you need to improve on as well as your high points. Your stubbornness and your inability to take your loses led to all of this.
HEDGA: Will you stop it already?!
WINONA: No. I think it's time for me to do what I should have done a long time ago.
HEDGA: Wait!
WINONA: Laes! Cigam Rorrim Rehtaef!

Suddenly, a small gust of wind began to surround Hedga while increasing in power. It then became a large tornado that left Hedga immoblized. When the wind died down a few moments later, Hedga fell on the ground.

HEDGA: [weakly] What did you... do to me? I... I... I can't get up.
WINONA: I hope that one day, you'll understand.

Winona went up to her daughter.

WINONA: [softly] Are you two all right?
LYOKO: Yeah.
AELITA: Me too.
WINONA: I'm so glad... [hugs Lyoko] Thank goodness.
LYOKO: Mommy, what was the whole Black Bird Girl thing about?
WINONA: [embarrassed laugh] Something I really don't want to talk about.
AELITA: I was about to ask the same thing...especially during some parts of the battle where I saw this weird woman that looked like you but in some weird black dress and--

Winona quickly closed Aelita's beak shut as she let out another embarrassed laugh.

WINONA: Let's help the Mirror Lights other Mirror Elders so we can go home, okay? Then we can talk about the Black Bird Girl... [to herself] despite the fact that it's embarrassing.

Isaac Gravity
03-06-2005, 11:45 PM
(Listens to the Gundam Seed Destiny second opening "Pride") Intresting theme during the boiling points of the battle none the less Winona's messsage to Hegda... Almost like you reflected it off of an actual yet valuable life experience. :wink:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
03-25-2005, 08:39 AM
Thanks. I ended up learning the hard way.

However, I think it's time to let this story die for the time being. Thanks everyone, for the support... but I feel that the story could be better. I thought it was fine the way it was until I posted the original at PokeCommunity. At first, I thought they were putting down the story, but in reality, they were trying to help me.

To be honest, I basically wrote all of the original and what was up of the sequel on the spot. I almost didn't plan this story out properly, and what was the result? Every single character being copies of each other. So, it was the empty praise that led the story to its downfall.

Rest assured, though, that there will be a better version of HMW 1 and 2 here at where it all started. For now, I'm trying to get it to the best it could be.

Thanks, HMW fans, but I think it's best to start all over and try to fix the errors that were supposed to be fixed a long time ago.

*Story locked.