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03-04-2004, 03:42 AM
Episode 1: The start of a Master Quest

Nick woke up on a normal Saturday Morning. He grabbed his cell phone and walked down stairs. Nick lives in New Bark Town, Johto and wishes to be a trainer. He is now 15 and can't wait for the day Professer Elm calls.

He fell down on his couch and grabbed the black and grey remote and turned the TV on. He flipped it to kids WB and watched the full hour of Pokemon. The episode on now was when Corphish got sick and Ash had to go to the Pokemon Center. As soon as that ended, his cell rang. Nick quickly answered it.
Nick: Hello?
Elm: Come down to the lab I accepted your aplication.
Nick: Ok!

He ran off to his room grabbed his backpack, put his five pokeballs in there, and a Pokedex Elm gave everyone even if they didn't get accepted.

He started to run outside. Nick since he was on the Football Team at his highschool he ran all the way to the lab. Nick got threw all the bushes and houses. Nick had to jump over two fences, but he finally made it. As soon as he went up to the first step he started to gasp for air. He grabbed the handle and then turned it. The door quickly flew opened and Nick stepped in. As soon as he entered Elm jumped out of now where with a pokeball in his left hand.

To Be continued...

03-05-2004, 09:57 PM
Nick fell backwards and then Elm laughed. Nick stood up and looked around.
Nick: Wow this place is awesome.
Elm: Na...Too bad all you saw is my room doing that application. Well here is your Pokemon the one you said you want the most on your application. He handed it over and Nick grabbed it. Then threw it down. Out came small green Pokemon witha leaf on the top of its head. Then with its large red eyes it looked up.
Pokemon: Chikorita!
Nick: Wow I got a Cikrita.

He went down and hugged umm...
Nick: Hey is it a boy or a girl.
Elm: Wel [anime tear went down his back] Oh yeah girl.

Chikorita got red in the face, but Nick laughed. He then hugged her. She smiled.
Chikorita: Chiko.

Nick picked her up and then looked at Elm.
Elm: Well you are ready so I gues go and I hope you catch a lot of Pokemon.
Nick: Alright!

He spun around and peaced the air. Then walked out of the lab. He started down the route to Violat City.

Episode 2: Nick's first capture

It is about twelve or afternoon now and the sun is beating down Nick's back like crazy, he put Chikorita in her Pokeball when they first reach the route.
Nick: Wonder how much farther.

He pulled out a map and then looked were he was.
Nick: Um...about thre more miles. Oh well. I can take a break.

He grabbed Chikorita's pokeball off his belt and then threw out came Chikorita. She was very energetic. She started torun all over the place. To the right, to the left, straight then she tackled Nick. He just laughed it off and started to sit down under atree.
Nick: You are pretty tough Chikorita.

Chikorita jumped up and laughed. Nick looked around and laid down. As he was about to close his eyes a small purple monkey and then Nick jumped up startled.
Nick: Hmmm...what kind of Pokemon is it?

Nick pulled out his Pokedex and flipped it open.
Pokedex: Aipom: This Pokemon is very playful. It likes to hang on trees.
Nick: I must catch it. Chikorita ready.

Chikorita jumped besinds him.
Nick: tackle.

She started to run and then jumped up to tackle Aipom. The monkey Pokemon just went up and Chikorita landewd on her face. Aipom then fell to the ground, smacking chkorita with a pound attack with its tail.
Nick: Thats a pound attack. Ok use vine whip.

Chikorita shot two greens vines and they slapped Aipom in the face.
Nick: Tackle!

Chikorita started to run and tackled Aipom to the ground. Aipom got up and tackled Chikorita rite back.
Nick: Ok pin it down with a vine whip.

Chikorita shot her vines off and then wrapped one around its legs and then one around its arms. Aipom was pinned down.
Nick: Tackle.

chikorita lifted itself up with its vines and then started down towrds Aipom. Aipom smacked her in the face with its tail then the vines released. Aipom stood up and so did Chikorita.
Nick: Use tackle.

Chikorita started to run and hit Aipom in the gut. It gasped for air then KOed.
Nick: Pokeball go!

He grabbed a pokeball out of his backpack and the red and white sphere and it hit then closed. One..two..three..bing! Aipom was caught.
Nick: Oh yeah we caught Aipom.

03-06-2004, 12:04 AM
Episode 3:The question

Nick, Chikorita, and Aipom were walking down the path when they came in front of a huge hill. Over that hill was a city.
Nick: That must be Violat City!

Chikorita and Aipom bothed yelled their names. Then Nick smiled.

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03-06-2004, 09:42 PM
Episode 3 cont...

Nick continued to look down the mountain. His two Pokemon were in awe and wouldn't stop staring.
Nick: Lets go!

He ran down the mountain and Aipom jumped of his shoulder and ran ahead. All of a sudden Chikorita started to roll down the Mountain and hit Nick from behind and he started to roll. The two kept rolling faster and faster, Aipom looked back and tried to run faster. Then it was hit too and they all were rolling down the Mountain. When they hit the bottom Chikorita and Nick got up. They both were looking around. Aipom no where to be found.
Nick: Aipom! Where are you?!

He ran all over the place and so did Chikorita. Then all of a sudden a small laugh appeared behind Nick and it was Aipom. It had a bunch of bannanas around it. Then it grabbed one with its tail and handed it to Nick. Nick took it.
Nick: Don't do that again, but thank you for the food.

Chikorita came up and looked at Aipom asking for one with her looks. Aipom happily handed one over. After about five bannanas Nick was full, after about three for Chikorita she was full, and after about ten for Aipom he was full.
Then all three went to the city and looked around. After a while he saw a man on a corner, so Nick decided to ask him were the Pokemon Center is.
Nick: Aipom and Chikorita stay here ok I will be rite back.

He walked away and asked the man were the Center is. The man pointed straight and Nick thanked him. As he turned around the man asked.
Man: What is your purpose?

Nick turned around and the man dissapered. Then Nick got to his Pokemon and returned them to their Pokeballs. He clipped them to his belt.
Nick: Glad noone took you two.

Nick walked to the Poke Center and walked in. He handed over his Pokemon and Joy healed them. She gave them back.
Nick: Where is the Gym?
Joy: That way.

She pointed to the left and went to the back room.

Nick walked off towards the gym.

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