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[Pokemon Academy]

Chapter 1: The First Day!

'Beep!' 'Beep!' 'Beep!'

An alarm clock went off. A boy’s hand clicked the alarm clock off. He sat up. He was only 8 years old. He yawned a little and looked at the clock. It was only 7:00am. Ever since his father had died his mother had been…distant. His mother felt bad and enrolled him in Pokemon Academy. School started at 8:00 and ended at 3:00. He had to go there four years!

He stood up and looked around. It was quite neat. He had his bed in the far corner and a nightstand next to it. On the nightstand was a lamp, it turned on when you clapped. Next to that was his digital alarm clock. It was black and the numbers were red. By that were his glasses. They were oval glasses. He had a dresser on the opposite wall. Inside were his clothes neatly folded. On top of that was a stack of his favorite magna. He had a small 13 inch TV next to that. He had dark green carpet and white walls.

He walked slowly over to his dresser, he opened one of the drawers and took some clothes out and closed the drawer. He walked over to the door and opened it. It creaked a little. He walked into the hall and into the bathroom. He closed the door and turned on the light. He turned on the fan, quickly got undressed, and took a shower. He dried off, put his school clothes on, and brushed his hair. After that he grabbed his toothbrush and brushed his teeth. After he was done he walked out and walked back into his room. He picked up his backpack and walked down the stairs and saw his mom fixing breakfast.

“Hello honey. Are you ready for school?” his mom asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be…” the boy responded.

“Chicko…” she began.

“I know mom, so…what’s for breakfast?” Chicko quickly interrupted.

“Well…” she said looking down at her mess. She had burnt pancakes and rock hard bacon. Just then toast popped out of the toaster. “Toast!” She grabbed a plate and walked over to the toaster and put the toast on the plate. She buttered them. She walked over to Chicko and put the plate on the counter. He sat at the “bar.” He began chewing on them. He soon finished and walked down the hall to the front door where his shoes were. He slipped them on.

“Okay hun, it’s time for school!” his mom called down the steps. Chicko sighed and walked into the living room. He put his backpack strap over his shoulder and walked downstairs, into the garage. His mother followed. Chicko opened the door and walked into the garage. He walked over to the car and opened the door getting inside. He mother walked over to the other side and opened the door, getting inside. He mom clicked the button and the garage opened. Chicko sat there in his light blue t-shirt that read, “I’m Bored” and in his baggy blue jeans. He also had his clean white and silver shoes on. His silver backpack slung over his shoulder.

They backed out of the driveway and into the street. His mom drove straight and made a left. Chicko saw an old man walking down the street. He felt kind of sorry for him. They continued on and he saw a young girl waving at an older sister who was leaving on her journey it looked like. This was the town of Littleroot.

(continued later)

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[Well...I REALLY want to continue on this, but I have half of the other part of chapter one done on a computer that isn't working...so...it might be a couple days... :rolleyes: ]

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[Chapter One continued!]

Chicko’s mother pulled up to the school. Chicko sighed. “Okay hun! Have a good first day!” Chicko nodded and he reluctantly got out of the car. He saw a few kids waiting and walked over to a wall, he leaned against it setting his backpack on the ground. He knew no-one here, he didn’t think this would be a great day and he didn’t even know where to go!

The bell rang a few minutes later. Everyone walked in, he followed suite. He looked around. It didn’t look SO bad. He saw a lady that had a sign hung above her reading “Registration” and next to her was a table with a stack of files. Chicko went behind a guy in line. There were three people ahead of him. After a while he finally reached the lady. “Name,” she said like a machine.

“Chicko Mahita” he said. The lady dug through the piles and finally pulled out a file ready “Mahita, Chicko.” She handed it to him.

“Next,” the lady said. Chicko walked away from the line. He opened the folder. In it was a piece of paper, the paper read:

Mahita, Chicko
Team: Ralts
Locker Number: 3827
Locker Combination: 38, 47, 40
Location: 4th Floor

1 Period: Basic Pokemon + Evolutions | Room: 410
2 Period: Pokemon Status | Room: 415
3 Period: Pokemon Battling/Gym | PB Room: 411 Gym Room: 510
4 Period: Lunch | Room: 500
5 Period: Pokedex Study | Room: 414
6 Period: Regions | Room: 412
7 Period: Pokemon English | Room: 413
8 Period: Pokemon Health | Room: 416
9 Period: Extra (Cooking) | Room: 310

Chicko looked confused. “Battling/Gym?” Chicko walked over to another Lady. “Hello, what’s this mean?” he asked.

“It means you switch every other day, today is Battling, tomorrow is Gym…etc,” she explained simply.

“Thanks!” Chicko said. He walked over to the stairs and looked up. It was an awfully long way to the fourth floor. He started up. He soon reached the second floor. It was the cafeteria. “Not yet…” He continued up and reached the third floor. It was for second and fourth years. “Nope…” He continued for awhile. Finally he reached the fourth floor. It was a giant room with doors. This was for first years. The fifth was for third years. Chicko walked inside and looked at the lockers. They were Navy Blue and White, the school’s colors. ‘3819’ he thought. He continued. ‘3825, 3826, 3827!’ He put in the combination and opened the locker.

It was empty. He set his bag in and took out a trapper keeper. He walked around and finally saw room 410. He walked in. Everyone was by the wall. “Umm…Braggs here…” The teacher said. After a couple more students the teacher said, “Mahita here!” She pointed to a seat. Chicko walked over to the seat and he finally saw the teacher.

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I like it. Write some more, your really good at it.

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Thanks! :happy: Chapter 1 STILL isn't done! :eek: I know! Next part coming!

EDIT: Once again, the next part is saved on another computer!
AND if this ever gets so far, he will go to first year, second year, thrid year, and fourth year! THEN he will start his journey.

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Okay, I decided to write this in SMALL parts...so here's the next part!


It was a female. She wore a long, tight, blue dress with buttons. She had a blue ribbon in her hair. She looked more like an 8 year old then a teacher. She had blonder hair and blue eyes. Her name was written on the board, Mrs. Macantafer.

Chicko set his trapper keeper on his desk and sat down. After a few more minutes she had seated everyone. She walked over to the board and underlined her name. “Hello class, I’m Mrs. Macantafer!” she said cheerfully. “Now…this is Basic Pokemon and Evolutions! You all know the rules so we don’t have to go over them! And you call all call me Mrs. Mac! Okay, now today we will pass out your books! Chicko,” said Mrs. Mac said looking at Chicko, “would you please go over to that shelf and hand out…” Mrs. Mac began to count, “18 books?” Chicko nodded and stood up. He walked over to the shelf and took 5 book out and handed them to 5 people. He went back and fourth until he had handed out 18 books. The books were small, about 300 pages. They were blue and said: Basic Pokemon and Evolutions. Volume 1. They had a Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko on them. It was a tad bit plain.

“Okay class, normally you would release your Pokemon, but your not getting one until Pokemon Battling…” Mrs. Mac quickly plugged her ears. Everyone screamed excitedly. “Okay, quiet down please, open your book to page one, today we’ll learn about a Pokemon named Rattata! It’s found in Kanto!”

Book: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/babie_blumaroo23/Book.bmp

Book Page: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/babie_blumaroo23/Page.bmp

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“Okay class, now we’re going to take a short quiz on what we read!” Mrs. Mac said. She passed out papers. When she finished the bell rang. “Okay, finish the test as homework, take the books and have them covered by Wednesday!” she yelled as everyone left. Chicko had 3 minutes to get to his next class which wasn’t very far away. But his stuff was so heavy. He was walking by a wall and a few boys leaned against it. One stuck his foot out and Chicko tripped. His book, quiz, and trapper keeper flew across the hall.

“Oops!” the boy said lamely. He grinned and left. Chicko lay there on the floor.

Another boy reached out his hand. “Here, those boys are such jerks!” He helped Chicko up. “Oh, by the way,” he said as he helped Chicko pick his stuff up, “my name is Thomas. Those boys were Jake, Adam, and Alex. Just ignore them.” He handed Chicko’s stuff to him. The bell rang. “Oh! I have to get to English! Bye!” Tom ran off in the opposite direction. Chicko walked into Pokemon Status. There was one seat left open, he figured it was his. “Sorry I’m late…” he muttered.

“Mr. Mahita! Late…usually you would get a detention but we excuse this on the first week. Take your seat.” He pointed to the desk. Chicko sat down.

OOC: Well that’s it for now, I got bored with writing and if that happens I write really badly!

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OOC: EEK! I haven't updated in quite a while! ^^U So...I might as well post...

The teacher walked towards a chalk board in the front of the room. "Now, after that rude interruption, I can continue. What I was saying was this year I am giving homework EVERY day. This will not be an easy class. So...normally you would release your Pokémon so we can test some status problems on it, but since you don't have then, we cannot do any tests. So we will hand out the books." He walked over to a shelf and pointed to the books and then to a boy.

"Mr...." He walked over to a podium and looked at a list of names. “Mr. Hadni, please pass out books for us today.”

The boy nodded and stood up nervously. He was shaking. He walked over to the books and took five and turned around and began walking back. He tripped and the books flew across the room. Everyone laughed. Everyone but Chicko, that is.

“Mr. Hadni, I asked you to hand out books, not go on a trip.” The teacher remarked. Everyone laughed even harder. Josh, Mr. Hadni, quickly jumped up and picked up the scattered books. He handed the books out and the rest.

Book: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/babie_blumaroo23/Book2.bmp

“As you can see, this book is Volume 1. You will have three volumes. On the cover of this book is three very simple status cures. In chapter 1, 2, and 3, you will learn what these are.” The bell rang. “For homework read pages 1 – 15.” Everyone quickly left taking there books with them. Chicko scurried to his locker and put in the combination. He placed his books inside and hurried to his next class.