View Full Version : Too many ideas...

04-27-2007, 03:03 PM
Well, since it seems I had a few ideas too many, I figured... why not have the public of this place make their choice as to what may be the next game I'll put?

So, well... here are your two Pokémon options. (Be warned that it'll depend on a few outside factors to be posted, but hopefully it'll work.)

Premise #1: A crossover between Pokémon and Ultima. Medium-sized game(s). Maximum amount of available spots would be nine.

Premise #2: An adapted sequel to an idea of mine, set in an alternative universe's present day (about the same time as the official game canon). Rather mature and dark themes, rated PG-17 for non-sexual reasons (meaning it involves somewhat nasty things, such as slavery). All themes are treated in a serious, but non-realistic manner (meaning that it's not supposed to represent anything from real life). No restrictions on amount of available spots.

So, which one of these is more interesting?

Professor Cherry
04-27-2007, 06:59 PM
Well, I honestly have no idea what Ultima is, and even if I did... I'm not a fan of cross-overs. I can never seem to grow comfortable around them

Now, as for the second idea, I say that one sounds like an interesting RP. However, for this one, I'd advise to be rather picky when it comes to sign-ups. Sadly, there are too many bad RPers here who will not take the plot seriously. And if they will, it wouldn't be good posts. I've always liked mature, and dark theme roleplays. So I opt for that choice.

Though, personally, I'm not one for alternate-universe things. But that's your choice, I'll grow used to it. =P