View Full Version : Is Fire Emblem's RNG set to be totally unfair?

The Crimson Rose
04-28-2007, 12:36 AM
Okay. I was playing on the Level called "Four-Fanged Offense" and I was using my level 10 hero Raven. I evolved him as a Lv.20 Mercenary and he got to Lv.10 fairly easily. Okay. I led the charge towards Lloyd with him, and of course, there were enemies waiting for him. He took out all the myrmidons and the mercenaries easily, but when it got to the ballistas and the Peg.Knights, that's when it all fell apart. The Peg. Knights were always getting hits and I was always missing with an axe equipped. Then the ballistas got two criticals on him. One turn later, he died from a ballista shot. So my question is, are any games with RNGs dsigned to be totally unfair?